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F FREE OOnUN LOOK WANT AT THE THE SALT LAKE HERALD I What is 10000 Salt the Lake Population of I
On His Animal Tour Inspection
of the G A E Post
k Celebration i PhUa ellhaThe Address of
t l General R B Hayes Evarts Chinese
Enumeration Bill Amendments
OMAHA Neb April 15jSpecIal telegram t
true HERALD General Russell A Alger
Michigans governor lumber baron and comman
I derInchief of the Grand Army of the Republic
V accompanied by r Alger h two daughters
Francis and Fay Mrs John A Logan Miss
Henry Mrs Algers sister Mrs Tucker
daughter of Mrs Logan and Miss Whittenmcyer
national president of the Womans
Relief corps
have been guests of the city of Omaha during
the day having arrived from St Louis early
this morning At 1 oclock the party as above
accompanied by a number of the state officers
of the Grand Army of theRepublic visited Fort
Omaha where the general reviewed
the troops with General Wheaton the com
mandant of the for General Alger after
battalion drill addressed the regiment being
the e Second foot as follows ComradesI
kindly thank the officers for this splendid exhibition
bition I am proud to review such a fine body
of troops and pleased beyond measure to find
them so well and efficiently officered This is
one of the oldest regiments i the service being
In its ninetyninth year One more twelve
months and i will be 109 years old and my fer
vent hope i that it may exist for a century
1 more
After the review the lades were escorted
1 back to General Wheatons delightful home
where a dainty luncheon was served
alien the party drove back to the
I city This afternoon from 3 until C
Hon and Mrs J M Thurston tendered the
general and his party a reception which a
uttended by upwards of a thousand people the
Thurston establishment at Twentyfourth and
3arnam being crowded during the entire period
If the affair MrsGeneral Logan was the centre
bf attraction even with a presidential aspirant
by her side and the crowd lingered around the
Jhine who largely made the career ot General
C Logan so famous
From 7 to S this evening another reception
vas held at the Paxton hotel from there Cen
tral Alger being escorted to the Grand opera
k house where a big camp fire was held
V Governor Thayer of this state official
V fcig I was enthusiastic i the ex
ireme and the days of 05 were led over
egaln by thousands of veterans Tomorrow the
1 party will continue to wend their way west
ward Denver being the next stopping place
I General Alger is making h annual tour of
l tho Grand Army of the Republic posts and i
C route t the Pacific coastnlt is the intention
Df the general t visit Salt Lake before his re
turn cast
Governor Thayer has issued a call for aid for
the unfortunate people living i Cheyenne
Denver and other far western counties who are
sufferers from the recent wind storm which
cassed over that section of the country
Evarts Chinese Certificate Plans
WASHINGTON April 15 Senator Evarts to
day presented the amendments he proposed to
oter to the Chinese enumeration bill He pro
I poses to make certificates sufficient evidence of
the lawful right to remain i the United States
Instead of tne sole evidence and to except all I
children of Chinese parents born i the United
States from the provisions of the bill Another
amendment strikes out the third section which
provides for the arrest and deportation or im
I prisonment for five year of Chinamen found
I 1 nfter September 1 ISU without proper certifi
cates i the section is not stricken out Evarts
will move to make the term of imprisonment
I fcix months
I Section seven requires that Chinamen leaving
UI the United States hall surrender their certifi
cate for cancellation To this Evarts proposes
an addition that any Chinese person other than
a laborer who has or may hereafter lawfully
I enter the United States and who departed or
thereafter departs shall be entitled to reenter I
J upon evidence satisfactory to the collector of
customs that he or she heretofore has been i
tIle United States and i not a Chinese laborer
And the collector of customs shall issue a cer
tificate t such persons on reentry which shall
have the same force as a census certificate
Senator Cameron today introduced a service
t pension bill approved by the Pennsylvania Ser
C vice Pension association It provides that all
1 persons who served in the late war shall re
t ceive a service pension of 53 per month and in
addition a per diem pension of 1 cent for every
t days service Widows of these persons shall
be entitled t 312 a month
l Service Pensions
WASHINGTON April Representative
J I Martin on behalf of the minority of the commit
tee on invalid pensions submitted a report on
1 the Merrill service pension bill criticising the
age qualification of the bill as being neither
responsive to the public demand nor in com
pliance with the request of veterans
I rlance minority urges that the age
qualifications be eliminated and the
limit of service made not to exceed
sixty days
A bill was passed by the House today to de
J fine and regulate the jurisdiction of courts of
A the United States It withdraws nil original
jurisdiction now vested in the circuit courts of
the United States and vests the same exclusively
elusively in the district courts of the United
t States and also provides that the circuit courts
shall exercise such jurisdiction by writ of error
and appeal as they have exercised under the ex
isting laws The circuit court i made an ap
pellate court exclusively except it has ap
t issue all remedial process The circuit
courts shall consist of the present circuit judge
and two others to be appointed i each circuit
by the President by and with the advice and
courts consent record of the Senate Circuit courts shall be
Loyal Legion Celebration
PHILADELPHIA April 15Two days celebration
I tion of the twentyfifth anniversary of the
ie military order of the Loyal Legion began this
morning All incoming trains this morning
brought coramanderies from various states I
is estimated that when all havo arrived the
attendance will number about three thousand
five hundred companies At a meeting of the
commander in chief this morning Rutherford
B Hayes Commanderinchief of the order pre
sided General Wager Swayne of New York
offered a resolution that at the next annual
meeting the constitution bo changed to permit
the formation of a commandery in London for
the benefit of companies residing abroad The
matter was discussed till recess without action
JgAt the afternoon session General Swavncrs
7eM > lutkm was withdrawn because of the belief
expressed many that it will be a dangerous
precedent to change the constitution The re
solution for an abolition of grades was voted
At the Academy of Music tonight the cere
monies incident to the celebration of the twenty
k llfth anniversary of the order were held The
building was profusely and beautifully decor
ated There were many distinguished len on
the stage and the building was crowded with
tn audience of the companions of the
j order and invited guests Several brief
addresses were made including one by
I EX President Hayes commander in
f hief He spoke briefly of the many
tributes to Lincoln and said they bring us to
the question Our beloved society of the Loyal
Li 1 t Legion what is it doing What can it do
I 4 worthy of Lincolns fame Our highest striving
must be the support and advance of the work
f which Lincoln did in behalf of his country and
I fill the world What were the ideas by which
Lincoln became forever the type representa
tive very incarnation of the spirit aadpurposes
pf the divine war Our reply is Humanity
anxious solicitude for the welfare of his fellow
man sympathy with the oppressed and suffer
ing hatred of wrong to the humblest human
being of our common brotherhood These sen
timents and sentiments like these lining his
i fccul and guiding his life are at once the secret
and sure foundation of the enduring place which
Lincoln holds in the affections all remained
i Nowhere can the lesson of his wonderful life
k be more fitly studied nor more fondly cherished
than in this army society which traces its or
ri ganization to that awful time when the ending
of that lie was felt as a personal bereavement
by all who fought the good fight that
r was s ennobled and consecrated by the death
t a
of its martyr chief That lesson while it con
tains almost the whole future of our country
i sbort and simple Our America today Is
drawing near t the parting the roads Daz
zled almost t blindness by contemplation of
the unrivalled swiftness and splendor of her
march t prestige to power and to riches our
country may bo tempted to reject or may
neglect the message of Abraham Lincoln That
message was often repeated by him i
words and always exhibited in his life I can
be easily given in a simple sentence His whole
life seemed t say to his countrymen See to it
that every son and daughter of our republic so
far as human laws and human conduct avail
shall have an equal chance and a fair start in
the race of life Rejoct or neglect this and our
government ceases to be republican except in
name and that doom which the Almighty has
appointed for all shams i not far off On the
other hand let the American people especially
all who stood by Lincoln on tho perilous
edge of battle in support of the rights
of human nature remain steadfastly
true to the ideas for which they
fought and we shall thus do all that in us lies to
M 1 destiny ii our country to the stars and i
ft at1
entitle her institutions to share in that immor
tality which under the allotment of Providence
in the affairs of nations belongs always and
only t eternal justice The speech was re
ceived with great applause
A feature of the evening was the beautiful
musical programme rendered by the Marine
band At the conclusion of the ceremonies the
companions went to the Union League club
where serenade was tendered them I
The Object Glass for the 40Inch Telescope
Arrives at Clarks Cambridge
Special to Tint HERALD Examiner Dispatch
BOSTON April HAn express wagon which
crossed the bridge to Cambridge carried in i
hat which the world i interested in I was
nothing less than the object glass for the 40inch
telescope which will be mounted at the univer
sity of Sountbern California This will bo the
largest refracting telescope ever constructed
and from its lofty position in the pure atmos
phere of San Diego i pierce further into the
recesses of space than any instrument hereto
fore designed by the brain of man or fashioned
by his hand The great glass was taken to the
establishment of Clark Brothers who will spend
nearly two years upon it before i will beready
for use I came trom the establishment of
heaters in Paris and is the bigges4 niece of
work which they have ever done or which has
ever been done any where The glass is a
superlatively pure and beautiful circular plate
of crown glass 40 inches in diameter or
more 10 feet in circumstance i114 Inches
thick and so clear that when balanced upon its
edge it i invisible I interposes no obstacle
whatever to the rays of light which fall upon it
and they pass through absolutely unchanged
that is it so appears to the unprofessional eye
Whether it is thoroughly annealed in every
part is to be determined by the practised eyes
of the Carks When completed it will have an
exact diameter of 40 inches and an exact thick
ness of about two inches The curves of its
double concave surfaces have not yet been cal
culated The complementary glass the piano
convex lens which will be placed about eight
inches behind the object glass is not yet cast
The tube of the telescop will have a length of
about sixty feet thus exdeeding the Lick tele
scope in length a the object glass exceeds it
in lengh
C The glass for the 20inch telescope for the
university of Denver i now undergoing the
first grinding nroces The crown plate in this
instance was twice as thick a was necessary
so i was to be split
McCalla to be CourtMartialed
WASHINGTON April 15The judge advocate
general of the navy today submitted a preliminary
mary report t Secretary Tracy in the McCalla
case recommending that Commander McCalla
of the corvette Enterprise be tried by court
martial on cherges cased on facts developed
during the recent investigation by the court of
inquiry The secretary has approved the
recommendation and ordered a courtmartial to
be presided over by Admiral Harmony the
court to meet at New York Tuesday next
No decision was promulgated in regard to
other officers of the ship but it is thought prob
able Lieutenant tried
Ingersoll may be tred
Resignation of H 1 Stone
CHICAGO April IhH B Stone vicepresi
dent of the Burlington road has sent in his
resignation to take effect June 1 Stone leaves
I the road he has so long and successfully man
aged to assume a flattering offer from several
telephone companies here and he will assume
the presidency of the Chicago and other tele
phone companies
Tho Republican Tariff Bill
WASHINGTON April 15I was understood
yesterday that the tariff bill was to be reported
t the House at noon today but it appears
matters of importance remain to be settled and
the report is thereby delayed The sugar men
are here in force and were heard this morning
by the Republicans in secret session The air is
filled with rumors of changes in the sugar
schedules One of these stones is that the Re
publicans have at last decided to place sugar on
the free list da provide a bounty to sustain the
industry in this country The subject of carpet
wool is again open to further adjustment
Chairman ported today McKinley says the bill will be re
Indianapolis Carpenters Strike
INDIANAPOLIS April 15 Eight hundred car
penters struck today for eight hours and 35
cent per hour in accordance with the notice
given to the bosses three months ago Only
about one hundred carpenters in the city are
not included in the strike The bosses have
taken no action toward meeting the demands
though some contractors have verbally agreed
t concede them
I Against the Butterworth Bill
NEW YORK April 15The Cotton exchago
has passed resolutions strongly protesting
against the passage of Butterworth bill tax
ing all trade dealings to England in futures declaring it would drive
In Faor of Eight Hours
LONDON Al ir 15The societies affiliated
with the London trades council have declared
hi favor of eight hours as a working day
The Sugar Trust
BOSTON April 11The senate committee on
mercantile affairs reported against instructing
the Sugar attorneygeneral trust t proceed against the
California Pioneers In Santa Fe
SANTA FE N M April I5Tho New
England Society of California Pioneers arrived
early this morning and spent the day in visiting
historic localities The party contains seventy
five pioneers with their families and friends
about two hundred in all At 10 oclock a
formal reception was held at the
governors palace and Governor Prince
welcomed the party Captain Thomas
president of the society responded and
Introduced Hon H F Whittemore of Boston
who returned thanks for the reception Judge
Axtcll who was a pioneer in early California
and a Congressman also welcomed the guests
Most of the party then visited the governors
residence and by order of Colonel Snyder the
military band gave a special concert Promi
nent in the party is General Papin the hero of
the Black Hawk war The party resumed their
journey west this evening
Montana Municipal Elections
I HELENA Mont April 15At the municipal
elections Great Falls and Livingston voted Re
I publican for mayor ami aldermen and Butte
and Missoula Democratic for the same offices
I all by narrow majorities
Revision of the Presbyterian Creed
NEW YORK April 5The Independent has
returns from 12 Presbyteries of which S favor
revision and s to be heard from I is esti
twothirds mated that the vote for revision will be nearly
New York Presbytery Delegates
NEW YORK April 15The New York Presby
tery yesterday selected delegates to the gen
eral assembly at Saratoga May 15 to consider
the question of the revision of the confession of
revisionists faith New Yorks entire delegation are strong
The Sailors and Firemens Union
NEW YORK April 15The second days ses
sion of the Sailors and Firemens union bad a
full attendance A motion was adopted that a
committee of two be appointed to draw up a
constitution under which the various unions
can work in harmony anti n committee to con
fer with the local unions on the Atlantic and
Pacific coasts and the Lake Seamens union
Arthur Van Hove of Philadelphia and J F
OSullivan were elected such committee
A Woodenware Factory Burned
BAY CITY Mich April 15 Bonsfleld Cos I I
Loss woodcnmaro 5150000 factory uninsured was burned this morning
The Threat of the Western Ee
publicans i Case
The Panama CanalA Tribute to Randalls
WorthA horrible Assassination i
Mississippi Tho Bemvell Murder
WASHINGTON D C April 15Special tele
gram to THE HERALD The western Republicans
cans on the silver committee are threatening
tonight that the east must take the compromise
they offer or a free coinage bill will be put upon
its passage and railroaded through both houses
The caucus committees of the Republicans of
both houses were in session a long time today
and at the morning session a subcommittee of
five on the part of each house was appointed to
reach an agreement between the two houses
The subcommittees had a long conference and
the Senators succeeded In convincing
the five Representatives of the wis
dom of their plan for issuing
certificates redeemable in lawful money and
purchasing 4509000 ounces of silver per month
The Houso conferrers did not succeed so
easily in convincing their associates The east
ern men resisted because they argued it did
not provide for a certificate representing a full
dollars worth of bullion The Senate proposi
tion was carried 9 toO but so narrow result did
not satisfy the eastern men and the House com
mittee adjourned until tomorrow morning The
six who stood out against the report were
Messrs Walker of Massachusetts McComas
of Maryland Knapp of New York Bayne of
Pennsylvania Taylor of Illinois and Conger
of Iowa McKenna did not vote and General
Wickham of Ohio who would have voted with
the majoritp was absent
Tho Republicans and Silver
WASHINGTON April 15The Sen ate and
House Republican committees on the silver
question were i joint session two hours this
morning Very radical differences in the views
of Senators and Representatives were dis
closed but an earnest purpose was shown to
harmonize their differences i possible One of
the chief points upon which the committees
could not agree was the proposed increase in
the national bank circulation Such a proposi
tion it was said could not secure a majority in
the House I was finally decided that the com
mittee sublet the matter to a subcommittee of
five Senatoia and five Representativeswho will
continue tho work of for
contnue hunting a common
ground on which they can stand
Two subcommittees consisting of Senators
Aldrich Allison Jones Sherman and Teller
and Representatives Bayne Bartine Conger
McKinlcy and McKenna this afternoon prac
tically came to an agreement although no
formal action was taken The measure which
found acceptance deals with silver only The
two principal provisions are
IThe secretary of the treasury is to be di
rected to purchase monthly 4500000 ounces of
2The notes issued therefor sh all be redeemed
in lawful money
The PanAmerican congress today adopted
Fi gao Wts
the report of the committee on arbitration
Chili did not vote and Mexico voted in the affirm
ative with a reservation as to certain articles
as to the proposed basis of a treaty The report
of the committee on arbitration was also
A Tribute to Randalls Worth <
WASHINGTON April 15The Hous commit
tee on appropriations today adopted a lengthy
tribute to the memory of Mr Randall setting
forth his great worth reviewing his public life
especially as a member of that committee etc
I was entered upon the records of tho commit
tee and a copy will be sent to his family
Considering Silver in New York
NEW YORK April 15A meeting of the cham
ber of commerce was held today to receive the
report from the committee on finance and cur
rency on silver legislation by Congress The
report adopted is as follows The committee
find it impracticable to unite in any special
recommendation They can only in
recommendaton agree dep
recating any measure by which this country
shall accumulate in Its treasury so large an
amount of silver in any form as shall disturb
our financial relations with other peoples but
that any law enacted upon the subject should
have respect to our commerce with the world at
In the discussion which followed much praise
was accorded Secretary Windom for his plan of
measuring the value of silver from tbe gold
standard Further discussion was postponed
cus until at after Washington the decision of the Republican cau
The Bemvell Murder JTystery
BRA FOnD Ont April 15 A discovery
which may further complicate the Burcholl
murder case has been made Tho name of F C
Benwell on the hotel register supposed to have
been written by Burchells victim it is now
learned was placed there by another younc
Englishman the same who came to this yount coun
try a few weeks before the Princeton tragedy
As Burchell insisted the supposed murdered
Benwell is still alive an effort will now be made
to identify the murdered man as tho one regis
tered here
San Francisco Races
SAN FRANCICO April Mile dash Almont
won Daisy D second Colomo third Time
Five furlongs free handicap sweepstakes
Homer won Parapet second Joe Walman
third Tune 101 J
Mile and onesixteenthSpurt won Kildare
second Dave Douglas third Timel 1814
Mile and a half Racine won Flambeau
second Sacramento third Time 211
Races at Memphis
MEMPHIS April 15 Today the atteddance
was good the weather cool and the track
Half a mile Rose Howard won Royal Flush
second Nettle Wolf third Timei1 1
Threoquuvtcrs of a mile basis First heat
Chilbowie won Kate S second Skobeloff
third Time 120H Slwbelof
Second heat Clillhowie won Skobeloff
heatCblhowie 51mbeloJ sec
ond Jack Cocks third Time 1U1H
Twoyearold fillies hal a mile Lady Wash
ington won Monta Rosa second Drift third
Time 52
Mile Lady Blackburn won John Sherman
second Dol kens third Time 484
Mile and onesixteenth Bonnie King won
Boaz second Carlton third Time 3Y
New Jersey Jockey Club Races
ELIZABETH N J April 15The spring meet
ing of the New Jersey Jockey club opened hero
Fiveeighths of a mile Beck won Tipstaff
second Jim Gray third Time 103V4
Mile Judge Morrow won Driftwood sccozid
Kings Bridge third Time 140J
Threefourths of a mile Monmouth won
Clay Stockton second King Volt third WOI
1 1I1i 1
Handicap mile and an eighthBadge won
Graydawn second Castaway third Time
Hal a mile Relation won Avoca second
Highland Lass third wol tf
I Mile Alum B won Eon second Silleck
third imeIAH Sieck
Congressman Wiley Harried
INDIANAPOLIS April Congressman John
M Wiley of Buffalo and Miss Virginia Em
limo Cooper were married in this city this I
afternoon The ceremony was attended by an
assemblage of 1200 fasbionablo people among
tho guests being Hon W S Bissell and among
Buffalo The presents amounted in value to
fully O
A Collision
KANSAS Crrv April i5A t vestibule train on
the Chicago Alton collided with a freight car
on the Mexico Missouri this morning Firq
man Howard was killed The passengers were
badly shaken up but none injured
The Iowa legislature Adjourns
I DES MOINES April 15The legislature ad
journed sine die tonight
Frauds in the lister Silk Works
LONDON April 15A sensation has been
caused i Bradford by the arrest of Francis
Stubbs who wa at the head of the dyeing de I
partment of the LifaterSilfcworks said to be the
largest in the world his alleged he has com
mited frauds amounting t thousands of pounds I
I is expected others will be arrested for com
plicity in tho frauds
No Gas in Madrid
MARI April 15All efforts to extinguish
the fire in the gas works have proved unavail
lag The city was without gas light last night
and will be so tonight
Editor E L Godkin Arrested
NEW YanK April 15E L Godkin manag
ing editor of the Evening Post was arrested to
day on a charge of criminal libel on the com
plaint of Peter Mitchell lawyer Godkin gave
bail to await examination i
The Panama Canal
PAlS April 15At the Panama canal lot
tery drawing today Mon Chicourt liquidator
announced that the report of the committee of
inquiry would soon be published but said there
could be no question of the
queston arresting thl liquidation
in order to form a new company to complete
the canal The new company administered by
men of firm character and integrity with the
tO J tt aJI fo W g
work under the direction of practical men could
alone inspire confidence He did not consider a
competition canal impossible
Postofllco Inspector Sackett Finds Jones is
Short in His Accounts
BUTTE Mont April 15JSpcctal telegram to
T E HERALD Postofllcc Inspector Sackett
been in this city tQday examining the accounts
of Acting Postmaster W S Jones who was
last seen here a week ago Saturday Tonight
he claims to have found a shortage of 31960 in
the money order department Jones was
brought here a short time since from Lan
sing Mich to take the place and
came highly recommended He had been
in the postofflco service ten years and was
thoroughly competent as his work for the first
month showed He then began to be sick for
days at a time and his accounts became sadly
in arrears and i is now thought he took ad
vantage of his unbalanced accounts to draw
heavily nnn on the cash drawer Ho suddenly dis
appuiucu a WCOK ao Saturday anu
the most earnest efforts of the police
have failed to find a single clew
as to his present location The inspector thinks
lie has sought shelter in Canada Jones highly
connected in Lansing and has stood well here
coming most highly recommended The inves
tigation tonight shows he was in the habit of
visiting fancy women and spending money on
them with a lavish hand I
The Iowa Legislature
DES MOINES la April 15Tho house re
fused to suspend the rules for the passage of the
joint resolution for a resubmission of the pro
hibitory amendment The matter goes over for
two years as this is the last day of the session
Anniversary of Lincolns Death
I SPKINGETELD I April 15The twentyfifth I
anniversary of the death of Abraham Lincoln
was appropriately celebrated today under the
auspices of the Lincoln Memorial league Thero I
were thousands of strangers in the
city including large delegations of
the Grand Army of the Republic and
one of the Turnvenn The city was decorated
with Hags and mourning There was a large
procession to the Lincoln monument where
memorial services were odd The monument
and sarcophagus were handsomely decorated
President Harrison and other prominent men
sent letters of regret
Murdered in their Home
MADISONVILLE Texas April 15CaptaIn
John Richards and wife were murdered at their
countr residence near here this morning Rob
bery wasjirobably the jfibtive Thero i no
clue to the perpetrators
A remarkably clever girl Is Ida Zenoma Gray
who last evening appeared before a Salt Lake
audience as a reader reciter and disciple of
Delsarte and not only that but engineered
through one of the chastest neatest and most
enjoyable concerts listened to in Salt Lake for
a long time past Several years ago when she
was a mere child Miss Gray appeared before a
Salt Lake audience and excited strong wonder
ment for the possession of decided talents at
that time She went to California where she
has been of late and where she engaged In a
long course of elocution and a study of tho Del
sarte system She returns with her talents al
most matured with a fine full voice and with
every motion the acme of gracefulness Sho
rendered half a dozen pieces last evening
evincing her powers in the grave and gay light
serious and emotional and was encored as many
times as she appeared Of all her work prob
ably the graceful leather motions and posing
during the Delsarto interpretations was the
best The musical numbers were of decided
excellence and were warmly applauded by the
audience The quartette comprised of Weihe
Youngdale Koruame and Olson with McIntyre
a tho piano did some classic work the Easton
Whitney Spencer and Goddard quartette sang
two selections and were twice encored They
never sang to better advantage Miss Pugsley
was in beautiful voice as was also Mr Easton
though we have heard both render the Traviata
duet better Mr Stephens was ill and unable
to appear Mr McIntyre accompanied
appreciative The audience was light but very select and
goes at the theatre tonight by Mr Surbridges
the celebrated sensationthe boys part In
which was one of Miss Ada Dwyers successes
comes to the Grand next week
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The Journalistic Jack of Provo Likes to Hear
Itself Bray
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tions to my correspondence in Sundays
I heads its article Scurrility and then to
verify the appropriateness of the title it refers
to me as the dizzyheaded real estate corres
pondent of THE SALT LAKE HERALD and to
m item as a dirty mess of perversion his
trash nauseating dose etc employing its
choicest terms
I should have felt hurt at these accusations
had not the Enquirer quoted me in full As
it is I am perfectly satisfied to let
its readers judge of the scurrility as
well as of the truth of my statements
In my correspondence on Sunday I said among
other things And moreover the Enquirer in
attempting to sustain its position by quoting
the alleged opinions of representative citizens
places itself 1 an unenviable light by inserting
words that were never uttered and giving
views of persons who were never approached on
the subject I speak advisedly when I say this
is trUe in one instance at least
While in point of fact this was scrupulously
true tho l bnqtiircr having reported an Inter
view with your correspondent when none was
hadany inference that it was willful I have
found was a mistake As the reporter
explains it it was simply a typo
graphical error in an initial letter
Still that paper does not acknowledge its error
but savagely says The correspondent Is a
deliberate falsifier when he culls those opinions
alleged etc The writer of tho criticism evi
dently docs not understand the meaning of the
word alleged to base so strong a charge on so
gentle a term Again I say I am satisfied as
the matter stands stji > satsleq
The wife of Bishop Evan Wrido of the Third
ward dice last evening
lncf Judge nvnnirtcr Blackburn returned from Salt Little
L A Wilson Is wreathed in roseate smiles
causeten pounds of the feminine gender
I The teachers of the district schools gave a
most enjoyable ball in the opera house Satur
I day evening In the afternoon the children had
I been whirled In the mazy dance to their hearts
j content
The town i dotted with foundations and
buildings in course of erection
W D Roberts is just Jutting a roof or an
elegant thirtyroom addition to his Roberts
PROVO April 15 I
The Perplexity casioned by
Wool and Sugar
Vance Reads an Interesting Telegram An
nouncing the Death of the G 0 P
In the House of Representatives
WASHINGTON April l5Special telegram to
T E HERALD The Republicans say tonight
that they hope to report their tariff bill tomor
row They were in session for a long time this
afternoon and will meet again in the morning
A largo delegation of sugar men hasbeen here
and several sorts of rumors are afloat as to
the changes to bo made i the sugar
schedule The probabilities point most
directly in the direction of free sugar
with a bounty to the American product
of 2 cents per pound Another proposition is to
Hx the duty at threeeighths of a cent per pound
and pay a bounty of onehalf In connection
with these reports the rumor is revived that
sixteen Republicans members from Louisana
Nebraska KanSas California and other sugar
producing districts have signed an agreement
to vote against any bill which reduces the exist
ing duties more than 25 per cent The Re
publicans on the committee aro as much
at sea now as they ever were
and i they make a decision tomorrow it will
be the result of sheer desperation rather than
the mature judgment of the committees Ru
mors have been afloat about another removal
of the duty on hides and another change i the
rate on clipped wool but the last indications
tonight are that neither of these changes will
be House made before the bill is reported to the
A Republican Protest
WASHINGTON April 15A protest signed by
sixteen Republican Representatives has been
presented to the committee on ways and means
against the sugar and wool schedule as pub
lished These Representatives urge upon the
commit e that a reduction of 25 per cent in
sugar and an increase of the duty on low grade
or carpet wools from 21A to 3 910 cents a pound
is as great a change as should be made
Manufacturers of Ingrain carpets say the
change of duty contemplated in the sched
ule will increase the price te their
product from fifty to ninety nIne
cents and practically wipe out the business of
4000 looms and enforcing idleness upon rc
workmen The signers of the protest it is un
derstood are from all portions of the country
and while nothing of the kind is contained in
their documents an understanding exists
among them that in its present shape they will
not vote for the bill in committee of tho whole I
of the House Another Republican member
Coleman of Louisiana says that unless further
adyised by his constituents he will not
vote for any reduction of sugar The
Republican members of the ways and
means committee were in session
this afternoon considering the sugar and wool
schedules A bounty proposition as applied to
sugar was presented definitely by the sugar
manufacturers They will accept a bounty in
place of tho present duty i they can be assured
it will be continued fifteen years The Republi
can members of the ways and means com
mittee have been in consultation all the even
ing on the tariff bill 1 which will be reported to
morrow There will be no change in carpet
wools but the sugar schedule it i believed has
been revised
I the Senate
WASHINGTON April 15 Among the petitions
presented and referred was one from the Bos
I ton Executive Business association for the priv
ilege of purchasing ships abroad for ten years
Among the bills reported from committee and
placed on the calendar was one providing for
the return of second class mail matter
The Senate bill to allow California to make
certain grants to educational institutions
Sherman offered a resolution agreed to direct
ing the secretary of the interior to communi
cate to the Senate the report of Jesso Spauld
ing government director of the Pacific railways
ways as t the general management of such
Wilson of Iowa offered a resolution agreed
to calling on the secretary of the treasury for
information as to whether since the adoption
of the treasury regulation of September 28
lisp in reference to the transit of Chinese
through the country and their departure there
from and Chinese have entered for transit
under such regulation and have failed to depart
from the United States in due course
Hawley gave notice that he would call up the
Chicago worlds fair bill Friday
The Montana election case was then taken up
and Morgan addressed the Senate
He referred to the recent Democratic success
in Helena and Butte as the response to the
attempted fraud in seating the Republican
claimants I these elections he said had
gone the other way there would have been no
trouble in referring the case back to the peo
ple However he supposed that was impos
sible He declared that i Montana were now
coming asking for admission as a state with I
al that filth clinging to her skirts she would
be kicked from the thrashhold and he insisted
that no man had a right to claim a seat as Sen
ator from Montana unless he could do so with
the certificate of the governor of that
state The certificates had to be signed
by the governor and countersigned by
the secretary of state The Republican claim
ants had not such certificates the Democrats
had certificates signed by the governor but un
fortunately not countersigned by the secretary
of state 1 would not be very long he said
until the little cloud in Montana which seemed
no bigger than a mans band would speed like
a cyclone and tear the Republican party all to
Daniel argued against the majority report
Vance created amusement by reading the fol
lowing telegram received irom Butte this morn
ing Hurrah for the honest citizens who vin
dicate the right side Hurrah for law and lib
erty The people won the fight and the Repub
lican corruptionists went weeping to their fate
for the voters placed the ban upon the men
who stole the state The mourners spealt in
whispers theres crapo upon the door T
G O P was killed by stealing Precinct ai1
Hoar said as he understood the facts the
Democratic majority in Butte which a year
ago was 8 the Republicans reduced to about
two hundred and fifty and that at Precinct
there was not a single voter left All of those
apparent voters had gone like last years snow
VanceMy information is entirely different
Butte gave a Republican majority lat year and
there has been a great turn over in conse
quence of subsequent proceedings
Without concluding his speech Daniel yielded
fora motion to adjourn and after an agreement
that a vote would be taken at 2 oclock to
morrow the Senate adjourned
In tho House
WASHINGTON April 15 Boutelle of Maine
called up the naval appropriation bill The
pending question is upon the amendment
adopted in committee of the whole striking out
the clause providing for the construction of
three coast line battle ships The action of the
committee was rejected yeas 101 nays K2
Holman of Indiana moved to recommit tae
bill with instructions 10 the committee on naval
affairs that I be reported back with an amend
ment providing for one battle ship Lost yens
103 nays 123 The bill then passed The com
mittee on rules reported v resolution for the im
mediate consideration of the bill to define the
jurisdiction of the courts of the United States
the provisus question to bo considered at 5
oclock today The previous question was or
dered yeas 118 nays 101
Carlisle moved TO recommit the resolution
with instructions to report It back with a pro
vision for two days debate on the court bill
The matter was lost yeas 108 nays 121
After two roll calls the resolution was finally
adopted yeas 118 nays 03 After a short dis
cussion Mills offered an amendment providing
that of the additional circuit judges seventeen
in number onehalf be appointed from each of
the political parties Lost
The bill was then passed yeas lIt nays 13
the speaker counting quorum Adjourned
McKtnlCy presented in the House a resolu
tion providing that the marble bust of the late
Ulysses S Grant tendered by the national en
campment of the Grand Army of the Republic
bo received and erected in statuary hall in the
United States capitol
A Horrible Assassination in Mississippi
JACKSON Miss April 15 Governor Stone
has been notified of a horrible assassination in
Lawrence county thirty miles from this city
The stable of Jerry Bass colored was fired by
unknown parties and when Bass and his son
Charles went to extinguish the flames they
were fired on in the darkness The boy was
killed and Bass badly wounded Their dwelling
house was then burned to the ground There is
no clue to the murderers A reward has been
offered for tho capture and conviction of the
Governor Jackson Appoints a Treasurer
ANNAPOLIS April 15 At the trial of Stevens
Archer treasurer of Maryland today the at
torneygeneral acting as prosecutor read a
statement from the governor saying he had re
viewed the testimony and declared the office of
treasurer vacant Governor Jackson today
appointed Edwin H Brown state treasurer
Chicago Carpenters Strike
CHICAGO April 15The numerous efforts
made by the masters today to place nonunion
carpenters on jobs were for the most part fu
tile The Masons and Bricklayers union has
come out in an official notice supporting them
Trouble With Chief Big Foot
PIERRE S D April 15A runner from Chey
enne seventy miles west of the reservation
says Chief Big Foot with about forty braves
refuses either to take up land or vacate for set
tlers audhas commenced to make trouble Two
companies of infantry and three of cavalry dis
patched from Fort Mead have cornered the
Indians and are awaiting orders for their dispo
sition Big Foot refuses to capitulate
Will Not Utilize the Old Circle Track to Enter
DENVER Cola April 15Speclal telegram
to THE HERALD After much tribulation the
ordinance granting the Santa Fo road the right
to utilize the old Circle railway track was
lulled by the aldermen this afternoon The
mayor vetoed it last week but the board of
supervisors passed it over his veto and the de
cisive battle was with the aldermen They
were expected to act last night but interested
citizens besieged the council chamber and the
aldermen fled In the absence of a quorum the
meeting adjourned until today Despite
rain and muddy streets the citizens again
rallied and the friends of the ordinance absented
themselves A majority however was present
and they killed the matter amid the the shouts
of the throng The Times has been fighting the
measure vigorously and prints a sensational
leader tonight declaring that one alderman
had been making threats to shoot the editor It
denounces him in heated language as a bully
and braggart and defies him It is not believed
the affair will end without an encounter unless
the alderman is chicken livered
A few weeks ago a wealthy widow residing on
Capital hill found a baby on her door steps
and handed it over to the authorities who found
a kind foster parent for the youngster An in
quisitive reporter has located its mother at
Colorado Springs and the inference is drawn
that it is the fruit of that illegitimate Sunday
school union which was reported to THE
HRHALD at that time
The Lively Races at the Utah Driving Park
The summer races were Inaugurated yester
day and the sport could not have been better
The impromptu races are often more enjoyable
than the big affairs as there Is less jockeying
and more blood The blood is not always in
the horses but in their owners who after ban
tering and betting on their flyers during the
winter go out to settle their differences by the
mettle of their steeds
W Preston has a gray mare which he named
after McGinty and he will have no reason to
regret naming her after the man that was al
ways in the soup as A S Kendals Black
bird flew away from her in a mile dash at such
a pace that McGinty might as well have had a
ton of coal on her sulky us a driver The time
of this gallant performance as indicated by the
stop watches was 242j McGinty would have
won this race had she not been outclassed
Roy Mayne has a royal racer in Prince and
the way that the bay gelding threw the dust into
the foaming nostrils of Sid Hoopers Jim Crow
in two straight heats while the talent were
fooling away their dust was a caution Prince
cot away with Jim Crow in 245VS
The knowing turf sports said that Jennings
mare could draw a buggy twice around the ring
in 350 and John Beck fell into this way of think
ing to the tune of S100 but when the Jennings
marc came tearing down the home stretch in
333 Beck went home to hide from his friends
Fin Brooks has a sorrel mare which his ene
mies said could not make a mile in three min
utes unless put on the cars but Fin had faith
in Belle Mahone and put up 125 that she could
outfoot Brig Littles Nellie W Belle struck
out at a clip that Nellie couldnt quite straddle
though he hugged bard and came under the
wire just a neck short of winning the race
Time 300
It was a great day for the boys and betting
was lively considerable money changing
The boulevard leading to the Utah Driving
park is a dissrace to the city and should be re
paired at once to prevent toe race horses from
being knocked out before getting to the track
P A DROUBAY is in from Tooelo
MRS E SENIOR Is up from Payson
JED STRINGHAM is down from Bountiful
LAMONI CALL was in Salt Lake yesterday
Miss NETTIE KERR of Springville is in Salt
THE CONTINENTAL Charles P Brooks Utah
J C Bloomer Omaha C Dimmock Den
ver Cob Mrs J T H Hall Colorado Springs
F R Mackintepe and wife Cincinnati Victor
Swaine Germany Mrs D C McLaughlin W
V Rice and wife Park City Mrs H R Lacy
Miss Lacy Wilkesbarre Pa Ferd 1C Rule
Kansas City Frank Knox F A Earls Utah
W J B Walker and wife Sandy D Wilder
PeterboroE D Shrevp Bueyrus O J T
Davis Omaha A M Peterson Detroit R L
Cole Chicago David A Zeagier Denver
THE WALKER G Wilcox F E Wilcox
Chicago John D Morris Des Moines la W
M Kayley Omaha S A Harnicksen Scotleld
H C Disston Philadelphia T W Paxton and
family S Heinam M N Stone Cincinnati L
Benjamin Philadelphia J P Terrill St
Louis J J McGrath and wife Chicago Dr G
D Gregor Park City J H Temple Chicago
E E Leion Denver R Coote New York W
It Watt Scotland F W Royce Chicago fl
S McCausland Detroit J H Mauney Chi
cago E D Squires Wichita Kan
THE CLIFT Dick U Rlef Muskegon Mich
J S Jenkins F Finerty Lincoln Neb W R
Bartlett Cincinnati C A Wing W O Wing
Lower Crossinz J L Beck Union Pa Miss
E J Colby Miss M J Hill Sandy C E
Brainard Jos Clark Ogden James Walters
Omaha A W Jones Eureka Jesse Sbamlin
Silver City A Stewart Sandy E H Darling
Ogden ME Rice and wife Kansas City A
Falls N Y G W Bartholomew Wichita
THE WHITE E M Wilson Clarks Neb
D C Reed Deseret Mrs Julia Batt Park
City T N Hayden Frank A White E H
Dunsmore Ogden John McReady Rock
Springs A Barry Miss Lottie Severn Miss
Lillie Severn Ogden M LaHorton Denver
Charles Peterson Ouray Cob William Rud
chell Pleasant Grove W T Gregory Osceola
Nov A W Butts M Fitzgerald Bingham J
N Sleeper American Fork H Nelson Mount
Pleasant Miss A R Rice Ogden J Young
Clarks Neb C W Shearer Jackson Mich
G M Cropper Deseret James A Ross Mil
ford G M Young Ogden C A Ross Seattle
Chancellor Caprivi Mokes his
First Speech
Toward the Government The IllFeeling Be
tweenEmln antI Stanley A Portuguese
Expedition to Shire River
BERLIN April 15The Prussian diet was
opened today by Chancellor CaprivL In his
speech he said It is not my intention to state
the governments programme but having hith
erto held aloof from political life I now wish
to speak a few words in order to approach you
personally Cheers The chancellor then
referred to the important position which had
been held bv Bismarck and exnressed the hope
that in the future the empire would continue to
secure tae edifice of state He said it was ce
mented firmly enough to resist wind and
weather Moi cover The noble personality ot
the monarch had already manifested Itself at
home and abroad He alarmed his undying be
lief in the future of Prussia and of the German
empire on Prussias shoulders both for a long
time to come would bo a historical necessity
both could anticipate a future full of nope The
Emperor had said his course would remain the
same the inauguration of a new era therefore
was not to be expectedalthough a more harmo
nious solidity would be manifest among the
members of the diet In conclusion the chan
cellor said he would allow the widest range to
practical criticism and would adopt what was
good wherever found Ho would cooperate
with all persons having at heart the inteiests
of Prussin antI aiming to fostortho monarchic
feeling in Prussia and a national feeling
throughout the empire Cheers J
Bismarcks Attitude
HAMBURG April i5The Hamberger Ifacfinch
ten says Bismarck does not intend to assume the I
attitude of a faultUnder toward the govern
ment although he will not refrain from express
ing his views on momentous occasions
Emin anti Stanley
BERLIN April 15The National Zeituny pub
lishes a communication indirectly from Emin
Pasha in which he seeks to rectify the state
ments recently made concerning him by Stan
ley It says that when Eniin left the equatorial
province with Stanley ho was accompanied bv a
few soldiers only but this was because the
period of twenty days fixed by Stanley as the
time for leaving the province was too brief to
allow the men to be reenlisted that Buttle ro
malncd in the bands of the Egyptians when
Emin left and that Stanley brought Em n
only twenty boxes of ammunition when Emin
at that time had in his possession 13 boxes
Additional Porters for Eniin
ZANZIBAR April Additional porters to tho
number of ecu have left hero to join the cara
van which Emin Pasha is fitting out at Baga
moyo for an expedition into the interior Major
Wissmann is equipping five other caravans
one intended to proceed to the country north of
Lake Tanganika
Telegrams from Delagoa bay confirm the re
port that a Portuguese expedition 14X10 strong
hficj rrnrte nn Shim rivnr tn attack TWnnmLi
A Denial by King Leopold
BRUSSELS April 15Ithig Leopold sovereign
of the Congo free state denies that any propos
als were over made by Germany looking to the
purchase of that state
German Socialistic Manifesto
BERLIN April 14The Yalteblatt publlhi 5 a
manifesto by a meeting of Socialist delegates at
Halle Sunday It unanimously recommends
the observance of May 1 as a general labor
demonstration day provided the workmen do
not come in collision with the police The dem
onstration it says ought to take the form of a
day of iresi Meetings should also be held to
urge the establishment of an eighthour day
and organize petitions for presentation to the
reichstag asking the enactment of an eight
hour law The manifesto further says that
after the victories achieved by the Socialists at
the recent elections it is not necessary to hold
a public review All Socialist members of tho
reichstag except one who is In prison signed
the manifesto in which they urgently appeal to
the workmgmen to avoid conflicts with th
authorities which they declare are hoped foi
by the bourgeois
Where Randalls Funeral will beHeld
WASHINGTON April 15in accordance with
the wishes of the deceased and of the wldowthu
funeral services over Randalls remains will be I
held in the church instead of the hall of the
House of Representatives as many members ol
Congress wished
Fidelity National Bank Compromise
CINCINNATI O April 15 Judge Sage of the
United States district court today approved
the compromise in the suit of Receiver Arm
strong against the Fidelity National bank The
claim was for 13000000 by the compromise the
receiver obtains 130000
Complete Democratic Victory in Butte
BUTTE Mont April 13Tho election yester
day for the selection of seven aldermen and a
mayor was a complete victory for the Demo
crats only one Republican was elected and
that by a majority of only three The only is
sue before the people was whether they would
sustain the action of the canvassing board In
throwing out Precinct M The election was
under the Australian law and proved a grantJ
success The city is very quiet
Orders to the Alliance
WASHINGTON April 13The secretary of the
navy this morning cabled the commander of I
the United States steamer Alliance at
Gibraltar to wait there until the arrival of
unueu states uonsui iuuttnows meii au witu
him to his post at Tangier It seems there are
certain diplomatic reasons which the officials
are not willing to disclose that make it de
sirable that the consul should make his ap
pearance at Tangier on a manofwar He is
expected to reach Gibraltar today

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