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The Stock Exchange Will Be aI I
Big Success
1r V
The Articles of Incorporation Will be
Ready for Signatures at 11 Oclock
This Morning
The idea of forming a mining exchange here
which was taken up by a number of public
spirited citizens but a short time ago has
crown and expanded until Salt Lake now has a
stock exchange
At the meeting of the mining exchange held a
week ago a committee was appointed to pre
pare a constitution and bylaws After consid
t S ering the matter for a week the members of that
committee came to the conclusion that thetimo
hj had come for the establishment of a regular
S stock exchange here Last evening about a
hundred prominent citizens met at Colonel
Murrays office when Judge Bennett tho chair
bylaws man of the committee submitted tho following
Section 1The parties named as incorporators
in the articles ol incoration of the Salt Lake
stock exchange and all other persons duly
elected and admitted shall constitute tho memo
bership of this exchange
b i
The number ol members is hereby limited to
Section 14fl powers necessary for tho gov
ernment and management of the exchange and
its concerns shall be vested in the board of di
rectors of the Salt Lake stock exchange They
shall have power to try all offenses against the
laws of the exchange and all charges in refer
ence thereto against members on due represen
tation thereof and their decision in all cases
shall be final They shall lix the amount of sal i
ary that shall be paid to any ofllcer or employee
of the exchange and shall have power to termi
nate the contract of the exchange with any such
salaried officer or employee at any tie
Sec 2The board of directors shall meet reg
tilarly on the last Saturday of each month at
n J2 oclock noon and at such other times as they
U may gci called together Tho president may
r call special meetings of the board at any time
on his own motion and he shall call such meet
ings whenever requested by three members of r
the board of directors or in the absence of the
j president or vice president any three members
of the board of director may call D special I
meeting by announcement from the rosttum I
one days notice being given of all such meet
lags gen meetI
S Sec 3At the regular meeting of the board
of directors on the last Saturday i April of r
each year a nominating committee consisting
of seven members to be selected by the presi
dent from the body of members of the exchange
Mial be appointed whose duty it shall be to
nominate and report within ten days thereafter
the names of members of the exchange being I
stockholders In the corporation as candidates
for directors to be elected at the annual meet 1
ing following on the second Monday in June
and a copy of such nomination shall be posted I
5 on the bulletin board of the exchange for at
least ten days prior t the annual meeting of
the stockholders of the corporation
Section 1 Special meetings of the stock
holders of the incorporation may be called by
the president at the request of a majority of
the board of directors The notices of such
meetings shall state the objects for which they
y are called and shall be posted on the bulletin
1 board of the exchange for at least ten days
nrior to the holding of such meetings
The president of the corporation shall ap I
point the following standing committees to
hold office for one year thereafter unless
sooner removed subject t the approval of the
board of directors 1 A finance Committee
t consist of three members in addition to
which the president and treasurer shall be
members exonlcio 2 a membership commit
tee to consist three members 3 a stock
listing committee to consist of five members
members 4 an arbitration committee to consist of thee
Section 1It shall be the duty of the president
to see that the provisions of the articles of in
corporation and these bylaws are enforced and
he shall have a general supervision of the affairs
of the exchange he shall preside at all meetings
and appoint all committees
Sec 2In the absence of the
See absnce ofhe president the
vicepresident shall perform all the duties per I
taming to the office of president
Sec 3In case of the temporary absence or
inability to act of both the president and vice
president the board of directors may choose
S from their number a preslJent pro tem
Sec 4It shall be the dutv of the caller to 1
preside over the business sessions of the ex
L change for dealing in stocks to call the stocks
t and other securities maintain order enforce ie
rules and perform such other duties as the
board of directors may regard as properly per
taining to Ids ollcc He shall not be permitted
t operate in any stocks or securities during the
time that he i presiding In the absence of the
caller the president may appoint or the mem
bers present may choose a caller pro tem with
full powers
Sec 3It shall be the duty of the secretary
to keep minutes of the proceedings of the ex
change to record the same in a book kept for
that purpose t take chare of the books and
papers and to conduct the correspondence of
the exchange He shall keep a record of the
Dpening and closing of the transfer books for
dividends elections etc of the various corpo
S rations whose stocks are dealt in on the ex
change the amounts of dividends and assess
l ments and when payable and delinquent an d
post statements of the same on the in
board of the exchange from time to tie buletin
shall keep ledger containing the names of al
the members with the dates of their admission
by succession otherwise and all transfers of
membership a list of suspended members and
an account of all membership fees and dues of
all fines imposed collect the same and pay over
to the treasurer all
al moneys received and make
report thereof at the end of each month to the
oar of directors He shall perform such
other duties as the board of directors may re I
gard as properly pertaining to his office
See GIt shall be duty of the treasurer t re
eeivc and take charge ot all moneys and render
a statement of the accounts at every monthly
meeting of the board of eer at such
other times as the directors may require He
Khali pay all orders drawn on him by the presi I
dent and countersigned by the secretary He
shall give a bond for such amount as may be
required by the board of directors with sure
j ties to be approved by the president and secre
f tary conditioned for the faithful performance
C of his duties and the perorance
dutes payment of l moneys
and the delivery of ail books and papers of the
exchange in his hands to his successor in office
Section IIt shall be the duty of the finance
committee to supervise the finances of the ex
S change and examine and audit all claims and
acunt against the same and audit the ac
counts of the treasurer and t direct the invest
ment of any fnnds in his hands In such mann er
j as they may deem advisable for the best tat r
ests of the exchange subject to the approval of
the board of directors
Sc 2It shall be the duty of the member
ship committee to consider all applications for
admission to membership and t report the
same with recommendation t the board of di I
rectors They shall investigate all cases of in I
solvency of members as soon as practicable
k after the announcement thereof t tho ex
change with a view of ascertaining the cause
S and extentof the failure and report the result
of investigations to the board of directors
They shall also consider and report on all applications
cations for transfers of membership and all
charges brought against any member properly
k a subject for investigation by tho exchange
Sec 3It shall be the duty of tho stock lit
ing committee to examine and report on all
mining and other stocks and all securities for
which applications may be made for entry on
the list of the exchange and all applications to
place such stocks and securities upon the list of
the exchange shall be referred to them They
shall report to the board of directors on all
such applications within thirty days after they
ehall have hcen received and i said board of
directors approve such application upon pay
ment of the listing fee the application shall be
allowed and the stock or stocks security or se
curities listed on the exchange
See 4It shall be the duty of the arbitration
committee t investigate all matters of differ
ence between the members of tue exchange
which may bo brought before them and also to
consider and adjust such claims as may be pre
ferred against members by nonmembers when
such nonmembers shall agree in writing to
abide by the decision of the committee No
member of the arbitration committee shall take
part in the trial of any cause in which he 1
personally interested
Section l Every applicant for membership I in
the exchange must be at least twent
twentyone ear
of age solvent and of good business repute
Sec itAU applications for membership shall
be made i writing signed by the applicant
with the recommendation of at least one memo
ber of the exchange and shall be referred to the I
membership committee On receipt of such
application a notice of the same with the I
name of the applicant shall be posted on the
bulletin board of the exchange If at the end
of one week after said application shall have
been posted a majority of the committee shall
report favorably on such application and the 1
fame shall be approved by a majority vole of
the board of directors such applicant shall be
i declared duly elected and upon the payment tof
1 the membership fee and signing the by laws
I ileges he shall of membership be admitted t the rights and priv
S eges membershp
4 See 3TIe signing of the bylaws of this ex
S change shall be construed as an obligation and
pledge of each member to abide by and support
the same and any amendments that suppor mal
made thoreto and also to observe all bylaws
rules and regulations which may bo thereafter
adopted and any member who may refuse to
comply with the bylaws rules and regulations
bylaws reglations
of the exchango shall bo reported to the board
of directors and i after proper hearing by the
board they shall Und against him by a majority
vote he shall be declared suspended or ex
polled i the discretion of tho board
Sec 4The paymentof membership fee shall
bethe an absolute contribution to the exchange for
the privilege of membership therein and shall
confer no right of property except t members
at the tie of any dissolution A membership
not forfeited to the exchange shall confer the
right to transfer the same to a successor sub
jectto an election as in the case of a regular
See All property of tho exchange shall be
helil by the president and his successors in
office 1 trust for the Salt Lake stock exchange
and no member shall have any individual right
or use in the same apart from his privileges
while and as a member under the prhieges
exchange rues I
Sec 8 Every member shall have tho right to
withdraw from the exchange and to sell and
exchange seI
transfer his membership When such transfer
i desired the name of the successor shall be
submitted subject to election as in the case of
a regular applicant and i he shall be elected
the transfer shall be made provided the trans
fcm ming member has no unsettled dues claims
or contracts in the exchange
See 7In every case where a member is de
prived of his membership by forfeiture or
otherwise by reason of any offense against or
under the laws of the exchange his member
ship shall be disposed of by tho board of direct
ors for the benefit of the exchange
Sec 6Any member reported to the board of
directors for refusing to comply with the rules
and regulations of the exchange or for any
violation thereof shall be allowed an opportu
nity to be heard before them and
i on such hearing they shall find
against him they shall inflict such
penalty as may be prescribed by the bylaws or
wh en no penalty is spacitted they may censure
fe suspend or expel as they deem proper
according t the gravity of the offense
Sec 9If any member of the exchange shall
be guilty of obvious fraud in tho opinion of the
boar of directors upon trial and conviction
thereof by a vote of twothirds of the members
of the board he shall be expelled and his mem
expeled hs
bership forfeited to the exchange
Section 1Any member who falls to keep his
contracts or becomes insolvent shall be sus
pended until be has settled with his creditors
Such member shall immediately inform the I
president in writing that he is unable to meet
his engagements and it shall be the duty of the
president thereupon to give notice of the sus
pension of such member and the secretary shall
keep a record such failures in a book kept for
that purpose
SeciJ A suspended member may apply for
readmission and oven maltin such applica
tion he shall be required to furnish to the board
of directors a list of his creditors 3 statement t
of tho amount of his debts and an account of 1
his settlement in each case On receipt of such
statement the board shall give notice for three
consecutive days by posting the same on the
bulletin board of the exchange staling the
tie and place of meeting to consider the appli i
cation of the
suspended member and the claim
of creditors Upon tne applicant presenting
satisfactory proof of his settlement with all
his creditors the board shall proceed and bal
lot forhim in accordance with its prescribed
rules and regulations Failing of reelection
the applicant shall be entitled Jto be balloted
for at three consecutive regular meetings of E
the board andif finally rejected he shall cease
to be a member of the exchange his name
stricken from tho roll and his membership for
feited to the exchange
Section Whenever a member of the ex
change shall form a partnership for dealing in
stocks and securities with any other member or
person he shall immediately give notice thereof >
t the secretary In like manner notice must
be given of any dissolution of partnership and
i shall be the duty of the secretary to keep a
record of all such
recr < al partnerships dissolutions
ICo member shall be allowed to take as a part
ner any suspended member of the exchange
during the period of his suspension or to for
a partnership with any insolvent person or with
any person who may have previously been a
member of the exchange and against whom any
member may hold a claim arising out of trans
actions made during the time of such member
ship and which has not been sfttled released id
to accordance with the laws of the exchange
Section ITho fee for membership i this ex
change shall be 10
See 2The transfer fee of members admitted
as successors of other members shall be 20
but the board of directors may change the
amount of such fee from time to time
Sec 3The fee for placing stocks and other
securities on the call list of the exchange shall
not be less than one hundred dollars for the
first and for each thereafter
fst year year thereafer as may
be fixed the board miv
e fed by of directors to each com
pany or corporation person or persons and the
directors may increase the amount of such fee
at any time
See 4 Tho fee for calling unlisted stocks
shall be 100 per year unless otherwise ordered
b y the board of directors
See 5The annual dues of all members of the
exchange shall be 825 payable quarterly
Section 1The exchange shall be open for
business daily except Sundays and legal holi
days from 1 oclock am to 12 oclock noon
and from 1 oclock to 2 oclock pm
Sec 2Al applications for listing of stocks
shall be made according to form furnished by I
the secretary and all such applications allowed
shall be filed by the secretary and preserved far
Sec SAt the of each
3t opening session there
shall be a call of all stock dealt in on the ex
change The right is reserved to suspend the
calling of any stock at any tie by a majority
of tho board of directors majoriy
Section 1All bids for stock made and ac
cepted and all debts thereby incurred shall be
binding on the parties concernea and the
boar of directors will take cognizance of them
upon complaint properly made and presented
Sec 2ill offers t buy or sell stock when no
specified number of shares is
specfe i mentioned shall
be construed to be for one hundred shares shal
Sec 3No party t any transaction in the
exchange shall be compelled t accept as prin
cipal any other party than the member offering
to deal unless the name proposed to be sub
stituted shall be acceptable t him or unless
the party shall be declared at the time of mak
ing the offer tie
Sec 4No competing bids or offers shall be
made to buy or sell stock at a less variation than
1A cent per share when such stock has a market
value of less than 15 cents per share or at a less
variation than 1 cent per share when such
stock has a market value of 15 cents to 81 per
share or at a less variation
variaton than 2 cents per
share on all stock having a maret value of
over one dollar per share
Sec 0No fictitious sales or trifling bids shall
be made and any member violating this rule
shall be subject to such penalty as the board Lof
director may impose or direct
Section Brokerage commissions shall be
charged and paid in ail transactions in the pur
chase or sale of stocks at the minimum rates
following towit
Up to and including 5 cents per share 8250
per 1000 shares 5
Over cents per share up t and including 15
cents per share 025 per 1000 shares S
Over 15 cents per share up to and including
7 cents per shire lii cents per share
Over 7 cents per share up to and including
Ii per share 2 cents per share
Over 81 per Share up to and including
5 per share 2yt cents per share
Over 5 per share up to and including 85
per share 5 cents per share
Over 85 per share up to and including 810 per
share 1 cents per share 1
Over 310 per share up to and Including 515 per
share 815 per share
Over 815 per share up to and including 523
per share 2 cents per share
Over 23 per share 5 cents per share
Sec 2he members of
a linn with which a
member of the exchange may be connected
shall have the right to appear on the floor of the 1
exchange but shall be prohibited from taking
any part in the transactions
Sec 3 Every member of the exchange must
have a place or business outside of and within
five squares of the exchange room where
exchang cc mi
parisons may be made and all notices semi red
during each daily session and for one hour after
adjournment thereof and it shall be tho duty
of every member to file a wIitten notice with
the secretary of the exchange designating such
place of business and any change thereof
Sec 4All purchases and sales of stock shall
be settled for on delivery and all deliveries shal
less otherwise provided shall bo mado before 12
oclock in on the first business tiny following
the transaction
te trnsacton and when dolhcries are not
made by that time the contract may ho closed
under the rules for defaults after due notice to
the defaulting party such notice however
must bo given not later than 12 oclock noon
and the contract must be closed without delay
unless the time fpr so doing be extended by mu
tual consent I the absence of any notice or
agreement the contract shall
agement contrct bnl continue without
Interest until the following day This rule shall
apply to the receipt and delivery of borrowed
and loaned stocks and any party failing to per
form his contract in such stocks shall be liable
for the
damages that may occur All contracts
running over three days shall require one days
notice at or before 12 oclock m Any stock or
securities may be delivered through the clear
lag house both parties agreeing cear
Sec 5In all transactions
See 51n al trnsactons exceeding one hun
dred shares where delivery i by power of at
torney and certificates and where the company
issuing such certificates shall have a transfer
office in Salt Lake city the purchaser shall have
the right to require tho delivery in amounts of
not more than one hundred shares each and in
all transactions by power of attorney and certi
ficate the receiver shall have the right t cert tieS I I
mand that the certificate shall bo in the name of
or the signature of the assignor witnessed or
guaranted by a member of the exchange Upon I
the delivery of any stock exchange hoiibo
dealt in on the exchange the seller may require
payment in a duly certified check on a city bank
or In lawful money upon delivery
Sec Reclamations for irregularities in de
liveries of tock when such irregularities do
not affect their validity but only currency in the
market will not bo considered unless made
within ten days after the date of delivery
Sec 7No contract for the purchase or sale of
stock shall bo made for a longer time than sixtv
day and all contracts maturing on Sunday or a
legal l holiday shall be settled on the preceding
day except when the legal holiday shall occur
on Saturday or Monday when settlement shall
be made on the next business day following
Sec 8All contracts maturing during the re
gular closing of the transfer books of any com
pany shall be settled by the delivery of a certifi
cato and power of attorney and contracts at the
option of the buyer or seller may be notified for
settlement as I the books were open
Sec Whenever the transfer books of any
company shall bo closed by any legal impedi
ment so as to render their being opened again
doubtful or uncertain the delivery of the stock
of such i company in satisfaction of contract
shall be mado by a certificate and power of at
torney irrevocable with notarial acknowledg
ment and seal containing assignment and bill
of sale such papers to be satisfactory to the re
cipient or to be approved by the board of directors
Section IIn any contract either party may
cal at any time during ho continuance of the
same for a deposit of 1 per cent and whenever
the market price of the stock shall change so as
to reduce the margin of such deposit either way
either party may call for a deposit sufficient to
restore the margin to 10 per cent And this may
be repeated as often as the margin may bo so
reduced Margins must be called before 1130
oclock am and must be deposited before 130
oclock pm
Sec 2In case either party shall fail to com
ply with the demand for a deposit in accordance
with the provision of the preceding section of
this article the party calling after giving due
notice in writing may report the failure to the
presiding officer of tho exchange who shall pur
chase or resell tho stock forthwith on the
board and any difference that may accrue shall
be paid over to the party entitled thereto
Section Should any member refuse to fulfill
his contract on the day it becomes due the party
contracting with him may employ the presiding
officer of the exchange to buy or sell the stock at
the business room of the exchange during open
session and he shall in all case where stocks or
other securities are bought or sold under this
rule buy in such manner as i his judgment will
secure the same at the lowest price and when
instructed to sell stocks under this rule to sell
in such manner as in his judgment will secure
the highest price Provided That such con
tracting party shall first have notified the other
party personally or by leaving written nottat
his office of the intended time of sale or i
ch ase accounting to ho member in default for
an y surplus or charging him with any defic
len Should any stock thus sola not be deliv
ered until the next dar tho contract shall con
tinue but the narty defaulting shall be liable to
pay such damages as may be assessed by the
arbitration committee I such party has no
office and cannot be found after suitable search
such notice may be given to the caller of the
board No party shall be permitted to supply
offers to buy or sell securities closed for his ac
count under this rule
Sec 2No order for the purchase or sale
of stocks under this rule shall be executed un
less made out in writing over the signature of
the party giving the order who shall state the
reasons therefor anti it shall be the duty of the
officer who executes this order to endorse
thereon the name of the purchaser or seller the
price and hour at which the contract is closed
and hand the same to the secretary of the ex
change who shall within twentyfour hours
thereafter ascertain whether the party for whose
account the order was given has paid the differ
ence i any arising from the transaction i not
paid the secretary shall report the default te
th e president The duties devolving upon the
officers of the exchange under this rule shall be
performed without chare When a contract is
closed under this rule any action of the de
faulter direct or indirect by which the prompt
fulfillment of such contract is delayed hin
dered or evaded to the detriment of the other
contracting party shall subject the offending
party to suspension for not less than thirty
days or expulsion from the exchange in the
discretion of the board of directors by a majo
ity vote
Sec 3The same rule as to notice time and
place shall apply to borrowed securities and on
nondelivery they must be borrow or loaned
in open market except incase of actual default
in receiving or delivering after notice to close
the loan then the same are to be bought or
told as the case may be for the amount of the
SecJ 4Ia case of a creditor neglecting to
close the contract herein provided the price
shall be fixed by the price current at the time
such contract ought to have been closed under
the rule
Section 10n the day of closing the transfer
books of any company for a dividend transac
tions in the stock of such company for cash shall
be for dividend on up to the time officially
designated for the closing of the books all
transactions other than for cash shall be I divi
dend off after the closing of tho morning
board or after the closing or the books should
they be closed before that time Any stock that
has an assessment on shall be so announced by
the caller
Sec 2Any party entitled S to a dividend of
any company during the closing of the transfer
books of any company shall receive therefor a
due bill signed or endorsed by the seller of the
stock and he shall liave the right to require a
deposit in the bank of the amount of such bill 1
payable to tho joint order of tho buyer and
Sec 3 When a dividend is declared on the
stock during the pendency of the contract the
seller snail collect hold and pay the same to 1
tho buyer on the settlement of tho contract
Section INo member or this exchange shall
be a member of any other stock exchange in the
territory of Utah under penalty of immediate
bee 2Any member who shall during the
session of the exchange use indecorous lan
guage to another member orwho shall be guilty
of conduct subversive of good order and decorum
tC vu f wt
rum or of any act or acts l whereby the personal
comfort or safety of other members is
seriously interfered with may be fined
at tho discretion of the president in i
a sum not exceeding 810 or he may upon
complaint being made be summoned before the
borrd of directors who may suspend him for a
period of not more than thirty days A repetition
tion of the offense may subject him to expulsion
and he shall not be readmitted except by con
sent of two thirds of the members of the board
of directors
Sec 3Any member interrupting caller
by speaking or otherwise shall pay a fine of 1
for each offense at the discretion of the caller
from which there shall be no appeil
frs n
Sec Betting of all kinds is prohibited do r
l ug the session of the exchange and the punish
ment for such offense shall be the same as in
section three of this article The punishment
shall apply to persons offering wagers of any
kind 1
Sec 5If a member injures or destroys the
property of the exchange it shall be repaired or
replaced i by the hoard of directors and the ex
pense 1 charged to such member in addition to
any fine which may be imposed by the pres
Sec 6If any employee of the exchange shall
defaco tho building or injure the property of
exchange he shall be discharged forthwith
I any employee of a member of the exchange or
i any visitor shall deface the property ot the
ezchange or be guilty of rude or improper con
duct he shall be excluded from the rooms of
the exchange
Sec 7Any member who shall neglect to pay
his dues and fines five days after they become
payable shall after due notice be suspended
until they are paid and if not paid at the end
of three months he shall no longer be con
sidered a member and his membership shall be
forfeited to tho exchange
Sec SNo communications having a tendency
to influence the market shall be read to the ex
change without the consent of tho president
Sec Members shall have the privilege of
introducing strangers to the rooms of thu ex
change but such strangers shall not be allowed
to participate in the transactions
After a brief discussion the report was adopted
and the committee discharged and the matter
of the organization recommitted to a commit
tee of Judge Bennett W E Van
Home and W M Kaighn to get the matter in
proper shape for legal incorporation
Judge Bennett stated that tho articles of in
corporation would be at Colonel Murrays office
by 1 oclock this morning and urged all pres
ent t call and sign them
The meeting then adjourned until 730 to
completed morrow night when the organization will be
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ar money refunded Price 2 cents a box
For sale by A C Smith fe Co
C Ihildrpn Cry for Pitchers astoria
251 South Main Street
Iron Works
Machine Shop and Foundry
Steam Engines
Mining Milling and
c tt S Heavy Store Fronts
and Building Work
General Machine
t Work
1 i No 149 W
h5c j Steet
t l HiJtlPHREYS9
For Horses Cattle Sheep Dogs og
OOFngo Book on Treatment Animals
and Chart lent Free
CURES C Fcver8Conlesten Inflammation L
AA 1 Spinal Meiiingitis Milk Fever
JlBStraino Lameness Itlicunnuism
CC Distemper Nasal Discharged
DDDobl or Grubs Vorms
EJLCoughs Heaves Puce mania
FF Colic ov GrU > ce Bellyache
fiG Miscarriage IlcmorrbaKCs
H1I Urinary and Kidney Diseases
II ErnptiTO Diseases Mancc
JK Diseases of Digestion Paralysis
Single Bottle over 5 doses 60
Stable Case with Specifics ManuAL
Veterinary Cure Oil and Medlcator S7 0 0
Jar Veterinary Cure Oil 100
Sold by Druggists or Sent Prepaid anywhero
and in any quantity on ReceIpt of Price
Humphreys Medicina Co 109 Fulton St NY
In use 30 years The only successful remedy for
Nervous Debility Vital Weakness k
Bad Prostration from overwork or other causes
31 per vial or 0 vials and large vial powder for 5
SotDBXJDnuaoiSTSorscnt postpaid on roceiptol
price Iluffijjtoja1 cues < to itO Vcltoa JJC C X
I r
The importance of purifying the blood can
not bo overestimated for without pure blood
foil cannot enjoy good health
At this season nearly every one needs a
good medicine to purify vitalize and enrich
tho blood and we ask you to try Hoods
Pecullar Sarsaparilla strengthens
t CUMai and builds up the system
creates an appetite and tones the digestion
while it eradicates disease The peculiar
combination proportion and preparation
of the vegetable remedies used give to
Hoods Sarsaparilla pecnl pft Itself
iar curative powers No I v I LOCI I
othermediciuehas such arecord wonderful
cures I you have made upvour mind to
buy Hoods Sarsaparilla do not be induced to
take any other instead It is a Peculiar
Medicine and is worthy your confidence
Hoods Sarsaparilla is sold by all druggists
Prepared by C I Hood Co Lowell Mass
JOO Doses One Dollar
The Herald Census Bureau
Guess How Many People there arc in Salt Lake
No Guess Registered Unless on this Coupon
Two city lots in centre of town mostly in
orchard new 4rocm house cellar well
haysbcds etc 0
10 acres in town big orchard good rock
house barns wells plenty of water etc
bargain at 60
1 acres twenty rods east of depot rock
house barn over three acres good orch
ard 0
20 acres near town at S52 > 0 per acre
145 acres on the county road 1O
2 acres northwest of town inclosed 13 1
acres pasture 9 acres farm and 4 acres lucern
at 8 0 per acre
City lots at various prices
r acres one mile east of the resort 2 acre
young orchard two good Mowing wells granerj
etc Very cheap at 81100
20CO acres at various places on Sand Ridge
much of which Is in grain Can sell you what
ever amount you want ranging from 15 to 5 i
per acre
A 40aere farm in South Jordan onehalf mlo
south of coop 2EOD
Apply at 103 E Fist South street
JL stockholders of the Salt Lake Soap
company will be held on May 8 at 2
pm at the companys office room 69
Culmer block S lt Lake city for the
election of officers and directors t serve
during the coming year and such other
busines as shall legally como before the
me tng
April 1018CO
S C EWING Proprietor
Opened October 3d 1887
Rates 300 per Day I
General Real Estate Business Transacted
S pedal Attention to the Forming of Syndicates Agents for Eastern Capital
We do not Handle SNAPS but GOOD BARGAINS I
E XPEPJENCED OPERATORS and Members of the Real Estate Exchange
179 Main Street corner Second South
4 Bicycles Tricycles and Sporting Goods of Ever Description
t WESTERN AGENTS GonnnllyJefferys American Rambler Safetj
Bicycle Send for catalogue Wright Ultsons Lawn Tennis Spald
I Ii bt intjs Gmt Baseball Powder supplies Etc uuPonts Sporting and Blasting Powder Atlas
Gs R Pst01s A m X1ox
I ishing Tackle Uucket Goods Tents Oar Hammocks Hammock Chair Pocket Cutlery
Fencing Foils Etc Wholesale and Retail Illustrated Catalogue Freo
155 S Main St Salt Lake City Utah 2461 Washington Ave Ogden Utah
C2 NOTICE Wo do not offer to sell guns at cost or below cost but we will guarantee to
s ell them lower than parties who seek to deceive you by advertising to this mI
The VZoiI1igxxexi are reoIx at
TIle Ieceiver Sae
Is enormous They are buying with SI 5 worth of goods Call and convince yourself
Ig Everybody is irivited to come and examine tho goods and prices This price list will
jive you an ideaof how the goods are slaughtered
Selling at Worth Selling at Worth
Mens Overalls 8 15 8 0 Sheeting 4 Worh
Mens Suspendersu 10 50 Worsted Dress Goods 8 21
Mens WoolenShirts32 E Cashmere Dress Goods 40 9Q
Mens Cassimere Pants 115 2SO Ladies Jerseys 75 0
Mens Suits 483 1100 LadlesStylish AllWool Jerseys 150 400
Mens Worsted Suits Fine Mer White Damask Table Coths5 150
chant Tailoring r 4000 TowelIng 8 SO
Childs Knee Pants 30 115 Ladles White Skirts 3 150
Childs Suits 123 aOO Ladles Chemise 30 150
Childs Fine Wool Worsted Ladles Night Gowns 40 250
Suits T 400 950 Needles per paper 1 20
Boys Long Pants Suits 325 tSO Pins per paper 2
Gents Shoes 110 2 W Gents Caps 10
Ladies hoes IJ23 300 AH latest styles Dress Buttons
Gents Fine Calf handmade per dozen 2
shoes 350 aOO Embroideries per yard 2 23
Ladles Fine French Kid shoes Misses Gloves 5 23
the best makes 250 000 Toilet Soaps 5
Gents Stetson Hats 175 503 Looking Glasses Bisque Figures
50 Gasses Bquo Rogers Cut
Figres Cut
Boys Hats 23 100 lery Albums Crockeryware Glassware all
Ladies Hose 4 25 kinds of Kitchenware Dolls Masks al
Childrens Hose 5 r bins Stationery Castors wU be sold forts
Calicoes 2 6 cents on the dollar 2
70 E FIRST SOUTH ST Directly Opposite Salt Lake Theatre
Special Discounts wi be Given to Dealprs and Storekeepers
rsmoN Us flUl lZr V5flit
j 3C
dmrs ngUsh Gatar
M The Event of the Season
9 Wednesday Thursday April 16 17
ID L 1 9
5spe1tionthe pp rp rtorUioheau ReMedy where flow inoet to da Dee front eai A N I G H T OFF g
n Arabian Night
Dr Pren1ioe NIghtH
The Successful Catarrh Specialist Use Pronounced by the entire press of New
and Recommends this Remedy York Comedy and San Successes Francisco of The
FOR SALE BY SALT DrugStores LAKE C the season
Superb Company of Comedians
Plumbing Steam and Hot NO ADVANCE IN PRICES
Stea ad Water Heating
Vatr Heatng 2r Sale of seats begins Tuesday morning
Gas F1 at 9 clock begns
Jobbing Promptly Attended to
Te ephone 200 137 Main Street
Office 7 W First South Street Salt Lake City REAL ESTATE AGENCY J
Post Office Box M3 L Booms 4 i 5 Cuimer DIode E 1st South St
i All ores bought by us will be sampled at LANS REAL ESAT MiNING STOCK
our sampler free or charge DENR BRNcn Court House Denver Cl
ggflTffil A 5TP1AR
MEARS lanlpl
S S In Blools ICS Fie = Acre Plat A
On Slope 1 of East Bench and Only One Block from Liberty Park
iiuin1uuirwiiut r ± rI jn
S P 4NT 5uTH sr
With Eacl Lot
S i 0 3 Now on the Market
S V I 5 l Only a Nice horning Walk in
Onethird Cash YYA S to the City or
Onethird in Sixteenths S t I 3 h
Onethird in One Year Yw 6 I Two lies from the Postoice
At EightPer Cent E
Reasonable Discount T o Will be running1 to this Addition
e i tj
dition during the summer
PL4TN so Li TW s rOUT
2 Contracts arc lot to have
t 3 ujri MuMMjl
SPECIAL TERMS i iR S 1 IWpJ 1 flJflllil9t
For Purchasers of Four or flirroiffiMife
More Lots = I 5300 TO 600 PER LOT
Alsq Choice Business Residence Acreage Property

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