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I FREE WANT THE SALT lAKE HERALD What is 10000 Salt the Lake Population of
He i Exceedingly Wroth at
Delegate Caine
Scenes of Distress and Desolation Along the
Broken Levees The EightHour
T Movement
WASHINGTON D C April 24Spccial tele
gram to THE HERALD
gm HEUALD1Goveror Tomas re
turned from New York this morning He is
boiling over with wrath at Delegate Came for
using his name in his argument before the
on territories yesterday
wherein lie said that Governor Thomas had em
phatically stated t him that he Thomas was
taking no part either for or against the Baskin
disfranchise bill He charges Delegate Caine
with a breach of courtesy i making use of a
private conversation Delegate Caine when
asked about the matter spurned the charge of
breach of courtesy He says that when
ho inquired of Governor Thomas i
lie was making any effort i behalf of
tho disfranchisement bil he told the
governor that he did not wish t do him any
Injustice that he had heard certain rumors
and he came to him frankly and made the in
quiry telling Thomas at the same time that he
could please himself whether he answered him
or not Thomas then stated he
was taking no
part in the matter either for or against the bil
Mr Caine says further that between himself
as Delegate and Mr Thomas as governor there
I I could be nothing of a private or confidential
X character any conversation concerning a bill
pending hi Congress which s vitally affected
the people of Utah It is
leopl Utah i strongly suspected
that the governor i wrathy because he has
been unmasked which was unwittingly done
by Delegate Dubois before the committee es
ter a
The Eljrhtrhonr Movement
CHICAGO April ELIt was originally the in
s tention of the American Federation of Labor
I that the carpenters only should at present
make a demand for the eighthour day but de
velopments today and yesterday show that
other trades are not likely to conform to the in
structions of President Gompers Nearly every
prominent trade of the city has hrou ecr
union declared its intention to also demand an
eighthour day on May 1 Gompers desired
the other trades to hold off and contribute finan
cially to the carpenters assistance until the
t latter had gained their point then the other
t trade were to come in turn by turn but Presi
dent Gompers ciru ar letter has been entirely
disregarded and in addition to the carpenters
the stockjyards and packing house
stoekyards employees
g is Utter iron moulders stair builders mill
carpenters and harness makers have already
declared their intention to fight and their example
fyi 1 g
ample ts likely to be followed by the tailors
shoemakers and other trades plasterers lathers cornice makers
A conference of strikers and bosses not mem
hers of the Master Carpenters association to
night agreed upon a plan of action The bosses
E d r ff
showed they could provide for 4000 journeymen
and agreed that a committee from the bosses
and strikers should call on the old Masters
strlter cal Master as
sociation before Saturday and place that body
on record I is understood in any event the
strike will be declared off Saturday as regards
the new association regr
Demands of Union Pacific Trainmen
BOSTON April 24A Special from Cheyenne
says a conference has been called to consider
the demand of the Union Pacific trainmen for
an increase of wages Nearly all of the officials
arc now at Cheyenne I some solution is not
reached today a strike will ensue taking in the
Denver Texas Fort Worth Oregon Short
Line Kansas Pacific and the Union Pacific
A Warning t AIx Workmen
PARIS April 4Not1ce has been issued by
I the manufacturers of Aix warning employes
that i any of them remain from work May I for
any reason other than sickness or other disabil
f ity they will be discharged dsabi
A NineHour Day Refuted
LANCASTER Pa April fi4The bosses of the
various trades of this city have refused to grant
the probable ninehours day after May A strike i
prbableChleJo Labor Strike Statistics
CHICAGO April 24 Joseph Gruenhut who
J has long held a prominent place among the So
cialistic labor agitators of this city now tene
ment house inspector and statistician of the
health department has compiled a table of fig
ures of the number of laboring people in this
city who will either strike for eight hours on
the 1st of May or be made idle by strikes in cot
lateral industries According to this table the
number of wageworkers male and female who
will not be at work at that time reaches the
surprising aggregate of 223000 This calcula
tion covers only the city as it was previous to
last years annexation of the towns of Hyde
Park Lakeview Cicero Lake and Jefferson
The town of Lake alone contains 33000 people
directly affected by the strike now contem
plated Of this great aggregate 19900 are
male 24000 females number of lirms involved
The Overflowed Country
BAYOU SAn La April 2tThe real condi
tion of things In the overflowed district I just
coming t light No pen is equal to the task of
l picturing the devastation of the country or the
1 desolation of the people The entire front of
Pointee Coupee is under water Most of the
levees are gone and the water back of the
levees i so deep that hundreds of lives are in
jeopardy The small stretches of the levee still
standing are crowded with men women and
children side by side with horses mules and
cows In an old raised gin house 500
raied gi 5 negroes
were found huddled together The con
dition of the unfortunate blacks was
pitiable They were piteously begging to
be taken to some place of safety
The crevasse at Allcndale will overflow thirty
of the finest plantations on the river and will
reach to Reiche county several days in advance
of the Morgansca water and Colonel Rivers
says that when this water joins with the Mor
gansea it will flood the entire Atchafalaya La
Fourche and Teche counties The damage is
incalculable The distress in the overflowed
district cannot be told The Texas Pacific
boat succeeded yesterday in saving 203 people
from the back country around Morgansca
Later Ruin and desolation meet the eye on
every side In Pointee Coupee parish the de
struction is complete Not a plantation is left
above the water not a levee is unbroken while
hundreds of families are homeless thousands of
stock have been drowned and from the meagre
reports received from the interior it is quite
probable that human life has been sacrificed to
the 100d Standing on the deck of the relief
steamer Dacotah last evening the full
extent of the disaster could be seen Group
ing together on the little knoll between
the broken levees through which the water
rushed with unmanageable fury were scores of
people both white and black some with babies
i their arms while others had dogs secured by
cord Many of them had nothing else in tho
world except the clothes they wore on their
l rOlg
E hvd cg
backs Whenever the Dracotah discovered a
scene like this the stage was swung out and the
stricken ones taken aboard Equally l as sad a
scene was the poor dumb cattle standing in the
water actually starving
The Levee at Point Pleasant Breaks
NEW ORLEANS April 24 United States En
gineer Douglas telegraphs that Point Pleasant
f levee Tensas parish gave way this morning
I The water from it will no doubt overflow the
greater part of the parish Captain John A
Grant superintendent of the Texas Pacific
railroad speaking of the Morganza crevasse
fays This is one of the worst calamities and I
could have been avoided the people had only
made an effort They are to blame
for it Now they arc creating a big
hubbub about sending relief up there and all
that sort of thing while before the disaster oc
curred they seemed utterly unaware of the
impending danger 1 need be they should have
raised X030 t hold that levee and it could
have been done too and been well invested
L as there is 20OJOOCK worth of property that
Kill be irretreivably damaged which a little
display of energy would certainly have
u Jy Republican Executive Committee I
1 WismsGios r2 A call will be Isaisi I
tomorrow for a meeting of the executive com
mittee of the Republican national committee to
be held in Washington May 7 Among the
members of this committee are Senator Quay
T S Clarkson of Iowa W W Dudley of
Indiana Samuel Fessenden of Conneticut
GeorgeL Davis Illinois andM H Diamond
of California Damond
Montanas Creditors Only Hope
MINNEAPOLIS April 24A special from
Helena Mont says the only hope of the credi
tors of the state is an extra session of the
legislature The supreme court has decided
the action brought against the state
auditor 1 recover tho money for the state print
pany ing adversely to the Journal publishing com
NonPartisan Temperance Women
CHICAGO April 21The Illinois NonPartisan
Womens Christian Temperance union this
morning changed the name to the Temperance
Alliance and inserted a clause in the constitu
tion forblding any of its officers t do campaign
work for any party
of Sir W A r
age t the ext
A Fire in London
pril 24A fire in the oil refinery
lose Co last night caused dam
mt of J120O
The Trial of Secretary Kiel Married In Haste
Storms Kealty Sales
DENVER Colo April 2tSpeeial telegram
to THE HERALD No jury has been obtained L
in the trial of Secretary Kiel and the state
printers Catechisms on both sides were very
close but i is probable the unlucky twelve will L
be finally selected by tomorrow noon
Ten days ago a man giving the name of r
Howell arrived at Colorado Springs claiming i
to bo a member of a prominent firm at Topeka
and sought a housekeeper whom he wanted at
the Kansas capital Mrs Reed keeper of a
restaurant met him in the employment r
and an hour later married him They billed I
and cooed for a week and then he fled I is
hinted he was after boodle and the widow had
Storms have been prevalent since yesterday
noon A strip of country near Boulder was vis
ited by a hard hailstorm and the fruit trees
damaged Two horses were killed by the light
ning Longmont reports a deluge there over
three inches of rain falling i three hours The
heavy rain has changed to snow this afternoon
A large area is thoroughly irrigated The
weather has checked the realty sales The total
for sand two dollars days i a trifle over two hundred thou
The Arguments on the Appointment of an Ad
ministrator Have Closed
BUTTE Mont April 24Special telegram to
THE HERALD Argument in the A J Davis
estate case closed at noon today and Judge
McHatton took it under advisement to report
at 10 am next Monday The point at issue bas
been the appointment of an administrator and
as the estate is worth 57000000 the contest for
that position has been bitter between the five
different applicants At last the fight
applcants fght nar
rowed down to John A Davis brother of the
deceased and Henry A Root of New York his
nephew and betting on the two i about even
tonight A J Davis jr nephew and con
fidential advisor of the deceased admits having
in his possession 9 per cent of the stock i
the First National bank in this city which he
claims was given him by his uncle last
clais h hi ucle winter
As the bank has 8700000 of undivided profits
that stock respresents a pretty good plum and
will doubtless play 1 prominent part in future
Death of JB Coulter
BUTTE Montana April 2LSpecial telegram
to THE HERALDJ B Coulter an old and I
highly esteemed citizen of Butte was found I
dead in his bed at the McMara house in this I
city this morning His death was unexpected
The deceased was i his usual health and I
spirits at bed tie last night He had been
suffering from heart disease and death is I
thought have resulted from that cause though
no post mortem was held to determine the I
cause Mr Coulter had been a resident of I
Butte for fourteen years and had held many
positions of trust and responsibility He was
also a prominent member of the Masonic and I
Odd Fellows fraternities The funeral will beheld
held under their auspices unless his only son
now in St Paul should request otherwise
Linden Park Races
LINDEN PARK N J April 24 Mile Silleck
won Autumn Leaf second King Idle thid
Time l44J
Seveneighths of a mile Sea Drift won I
Esau second Parseburg third Time 130J
Seveneighths of a mile Major Daly won
Stonemason second Watterson thid Time
1 20l Tie
Mile and onesixteenth Castaway won Gol
den Reel second Salvinia third Time 148J
Seveneighths of a mile Bohemia won Count
Luna second John Arkins third Time 130M
Four and a half furlongs Lottie won Best
Boy second Favora third Timet04
Both National league and Brotherhood games
postponed on account of rin
The league game was postponed on account
of rain
The brotherhood game here and the league
game rain i Brooklyn were postponed because of
The league game forfeited to Boston New
York refused to abide by a decision of the umpire
Boston Radbournc Kelly
Brooklyn Murphy Cook
Buffalo Haddock Mack
Cleveland Heanings Sutcliffe
St Louis 6 Toledo 5
Princess of Wales Handicap
LONDON April 21The Princess of Wales
handicap at Sandown park was won by L Ab
besse de Jouare L Al
The Belle Meade Sale
NASHVILLE Term April 24Tle twenty
third annual sale of the Belle Meade stud began
this morning Sixtyone yearlings the get of
Luke Blackburn Iroquois Bramble Great Tom
and Inquirer passing under the hammer for a
total of 501305 Twenty brood mares also sold L
for a total of S1SGOO The sale will be continued
tomorrow Among the highest sales were
Bay colt brother of Egment Dwyer Bros
Brooklyn J1503 bay colt brother of Inspector
B DwverBrof Brooklyn 53000 brown colt
by Iroquois Sam Bryant Louisville S2000
bay colt brother of Miss Ford Jake
Johnson Fort Worth Tex 0 bay colt
brother t Uncle Bob Blackburn Sam Bryant
1000 brown colt Iroquois iliarcusDaly Butte
City Montana S3 000 bay ftS by Iroquois
Jake Johnson Forth Worth Texas 51803
chestnut colt by Iroquois Marcus Daly Butte
City 25 brown colt Iroquois John Daly I j
New York 1800 chestnut lllly sister of i
Blackburn by Luke Blackburn Marcus I
Daly Butte City SlGOO bay filly sister
of Hantiscoff by Luke Blackburn Marcus J
Daly Butte City S3CCO bay filly by 1
Iroquois Sam Bryant 51500 brown fllly by
Bryant 15 brwn
Iroquois J M Brown Fort Work Texas I
I 51700 chestnut fillv by Luke Blackburn C
Mueller Kingsley Iowa 575 bay fllly by En
quirer Robert Campbell San Francisco SSW
Broodmares Bonnie Lawn b mC Mueller
Kingsley Iowa 51000 Brileslv b m General
W H Jackson Belle Meade Tenn 1500 Ban
danna c IL m General Jackson Belle Meade
1800 Bricabrac b m General Jackson Hello
Meade 1500 Boulette c 1 m General Jack
son Belle Meade 83030
Central Traffic Association
CHICAGO April 2LAll tho western roads of
the Central Traffic association have written to
Chairman Blanchard agreeing t insert in their
rate sheets the differential fares of eastern
lines The Missouri Pacific has also acceded to
the proposition
to propiion
a a
The Reasons for the Removal of
Postmaster Barratt
I the House RepresentativesHoars Fed
eral Election Bill Tlie Penalties for
Violating Its Provisions
WASHINTON April 23ESpecial telegram to
THE HERALD At a late hour last evening and
after a long conversation with the President
PostmasterGeneral Wanamaker decided to ap
point Irving A Benton as postmaster at Salt
Lake to succeed Mr Barratt the present in
cumbent Tho reason given by Mr Wanamakcr
for the selection of Mr Bentotf that tho ofllce
has been under Democratic control for the past
four years and three months and under the cir
cumstances there was no impropriety iu making
the change I may be doubted however if the
administration would have reached this con
clusion but for the persistent efforts
of the several members of the Utah
commission now in the city No later than yes
terday these gentlemen called upon Mr Van a
maker and assured him that Mr Barratt ex
pected to go that he wanted to go and thai i
would be in short a personal favor to him to
be permitted to step down and out The post
mastergeneral knew the commissioners to be
truthful men and he believed them and so to
day Mr Bentons nomination was sent to the
Senate and he will no doubt be promptly con
firmed I may be said in passing that there is
no truth in the statement that the report of the
inspector who recently visited Salt Lake so
verely censures Mr Barratts management of
the office The report I am assured contains
no reflection upon Mr Barratt that would in
the remotest degree furnish a pretext for his
enforced withdrawal from the service
A Debate on Civil Service Reform
WASHINGTON April 24The Senate bill was
passed creating the customs collection district
of Arizona The House then went into committee
of the whole on the legislative appropriation
billWhen legslatve appropriaton
When the clause appropriating salaries for
the civil service commission was reached Cum
mings of New York made a point of order that
it was not properly in the bill as the commis
sion was neither legislative executive judi
cial After some debate thb point of order was
overruled A motion by Dorsey of Nebraska
to reduce the number of commissioners from
three to one was overruled as was also one by
Perkins of Kansas exempting exsoldiers irom
tho provisions of the civil service law
Honk Tennessee moved to strike out the
entire clause He desired the government to be
rn on business principles he desired to see
merit recognized but he did not believe in this
fifth wheel to the wagon Furthermore the
commission was under Indictment and no ap
propriation should be made until the commit
portMoore the charged with the investigation made are
Moore of New Hampshire announced him
self ton as a civil senice reformer without qualifica
Biggs of California denounced the civil ser
vice law It was he said conceived in sin and
brought forth In iniquity Pendleton was its
father George William Curtis its granny and
Doran B Eaton its nurse and clout washer
Lehtbach of New Jersey McComas of Mary
land and Cutcheon of Michigan opposed
Houks motion
Cheadlo Indiana opposed the whole theory
of civil service reform
Grosvenor of Ohio was opposed to tho con
struction and operation of the present law while
ho favored reform
Hopkins of Illinois said Houck was out of
joint with the sentient of h party as ex
pressed in its platform
Dunnell of Minnesota said that under the
civil service law intelligent men did not enter
the service I was the dudes that were going
in under the present system
Hitt of Illinois characterized the motion as
an effort to do by indirection what neither of the
great to do openly political parties has the desire or courage
Greenhalge of Massachusetts made a vigor
ous speech in favor of civil service reform
Coleman of Louisiana opposed It
Henderson of Iowa said civil service reform
had come to stay and the political party that
deserted i would not stay in power and ought
not I is not true that this administration had
not enforced the law President Harrison i
enforcing it and thats what tho matter with the
boysMcKinley of Ohio earnestly opposed the
motion to strike out I the Republican party
was pledged to one single thing more than
another it was the maintenance of the civil
senice law was not only according to the
best sentiment of the Republican party
throughout the United States I was sustained
by the best sentiment of this country Republi
cans and Democrats alike The Republican
party must take no backward step
Butterworth endorsed every word his col
league had said Nothing smacked of mon
archial forms as much as the spoils system
The motion to strike out was lost 6 to 120 and
pending further acton the committee rose and
the House adjourned
Hoars Federal Election Hill
WASHINTON April 24The federal election
bill reported by Senator Hoar to
bi today provides
that the chief supervisors of elections shall be
charged in their respective judicial districts
with the supervision of Congressional
wih elections
with the enforcement of national election laws
and with the prevention of fraud
wih preventon frud and irregular
ties in naturalization Whenever in any city
having 20000 inhabitants or upwards or in any
Congressional district one hundred qualified
voters shall petition the city super
visor alleging there is danger that
unless the election is guarded it will
not be fair and free it shall be the duty of wi
judge of the United States district court to open
his court for the purpose of transacting all
trnsactng al
business pertaining to registration or election
matters as may by any United States law there
be transacted The court shall be always open
for the transaction of such business until the
second day succccdng the election and the
judge may exercise his 7 > owcrs in open court or
in chambers The chief supervisors may verify
registration lists and in any city of 50000 inhab
itants or upwards may cause a house to house
canvass but gsJ ru a11h be made su to
the political opinions of any person Every
person charged with any duty with regard to any
election of a member of Congress who shall
commit any fraud thereon shall be liable to a
fine of not exceeding 5000 or to imprisonment
not exceeding five years or both The same
penalty is provided for bribery or attempted
bribery of voters
Mr Karl of Iowa today reported to the
House a bill to prohibit the transportation of
liquor into any state or territory contrary to
the law of such state or territory contrr
The bill reported favorably by Senator
Cullom today from the committee on inter
state commerce givcsthe interstate commerce
commission authority to prosecute inquiries
into alleged violations by means of special
agents to be appointed by the commission and
I who shall have power to administer oaths and
send for persons and papers
In the Senate
WASHINGTON April 21 Among the bills re
ported from the committees and placed on tho I
calendar were the Senate bills to ratify certain
agreements with the Couer dAlene Indians in
Idaho territory and to provide for the compul
sory education Indian children
Pugh said every Democratic member of the
committee opposed a favorable report on this
I bill which he said applies to Republican super
visors 1o oversee state officers thereby insult
I ing and degrading these state officers I is
subversive of the fundamental principles of
I local selfgovernment I the bill becomes
law its execution will insure the shedding of
blood and the destruction of the peace and
good order of the country
I Hoar replied that the bill is in substance a
modification and perfection of the system which
has been the law of the United States many
years and which has secured in the main
honest elections and honest counts in the city
of New York where before it 00000 fraudulent
naturalization papers had gone out from two
judges within three yearebefore election The
bill is but an assertion of a constitutional
power expressly asserted that the United
States may regulate tho manner of electing the
members of its own Congress or alter the regu
lations in a state reg
Consideration of the revenue cutter bill was
resumed and Sherman opposed i
The land forfeiture bill was then taken up as
unfinished business and the amendments re
ported from tho committee on public lands
agreed t
Berry moved to amend thefirst section of the
bill by striking out the word now and insert
ing the words within the time specified in the
act of Congress makinggrant The effect of
the amendment ho said < would be not only to
forfeit portions of the land opposite lines not
now constructed but would forfeit all lands
granted the railroad companies where the lines
were not completed within the time fixed in the
act or in the subsequent extension of it After
some debate 4he amendment was rejected the
Republicans voting i the negative Some other
amendments were considered and laid on the
table and tho Senate then adjourned
The Murderer of John 31 Clayton
LrrxLr ROCK Ark April 24It is learned
from a reliable source thatGovernor Eagle has
collected through a private detective agency
evidence which it is claimed will convict the
assassin of John M Clayton Governor Eagle
refuses to make any statement concerning the
evidence he has secured and no part of it will be
made public until the whole is submitted to a
congressional investigating committee I is
said the proof will show the crime was com
mitted by a man who mistook John M Clayton
for exGovernor Powell Clay ton and believed he
was avenging the death of a relative killed
while Powell Clayton was governor
To Investigate Arkansas Elections2
LITTLE ROCK Ark April 2Tbe suf > m
mittee of the House election committee ap
pointed to investigate the alleged frauds in the
Second congressional district arrived here this
afternoon C R BrcckinridKO contestee came
along with the committee The parties to the
investigation arc represented by Judge McClure
tho contestec by J H Hanod and W I Mc
Cain County Clerk Ferguson of Woodrvff
county and County Clerk Wright of Conway
county were placed on the stand Ferguson
produced the poll book and ballots of Riverside
Augusta Cotton Plant and White River town
ships for tho election November ISiS After
some examination adjourned until tomorrow
Evidence of the Clayton Mnrder
Los ANGELESCala April 24Last winter a
rancher named Thomas Hooper died at Ran
chits in this county I is learned tonight that
prior to his death the sheriff here collected suf
ficent evidence it is alleged t implicate I
him in the murder of John N Clayton
of Arkansas I is alleged that the deceased I
told a friend he had killed two men in Arkan
sas who were concerned in lynchuig his father
r h gng pi hh
and that there was another man whom he
would kill That man was John M Clayton
Ho Comes into Court and Asks for n Receiver
for His Indians
Special to Tire HERALD Examiner Dispatch It I
CHICAGO Apr Lieutenant Frederick
Schwatka yesterday fed a bill in tho superior
court in which he announqed the financial fail
ure of his discovery and importation of the
band of Tarahumaria Indians or cavedwellers
and asks the court to take steps to enable him
to i keep his promises and send to their home
the remaining five Indian of the band who are
still in this country He shows in his bill that
he was enticed intoa partnership in the enter
prise With W D Boyce who was to contribute
3000 while Schwatka was to put in 82000
Schwatka alleges that he has spent more than
his stipulated sum while Joyce has not con
tributed the amount due from him The In
dians are now in a museum in Minneapolis and
ask to be sent home I is asked that a re
ceiver be appointed to wind up the enterprise
and that ho be instructed to return the Indians
to their home He also asked that Boyco be
ordered to render an Accounting and to pay
be Schwatka due whatcuer sums the court may find to
A Clergyman Objects to Eeadlnc Certain Por
tions i the Public Schools
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
NORWICH Conn April 21The Rev EW
Jenkins of this city pastc of the Universallst
church has caused a breeze i town by publish
ing an open letter to the Norwich board of edu
cation demanding that teachers in the public
schools refrain from reading aloud any passages
from the Old Testament at the openjng exercises
in schools For some months says the clergy
man a certain teacher In one of our city
schools has been reading repeatedly from the
Old Testamentaccounts of murder I Samuel
iii human sacrifices Leviticus Xi torturing
Judges iv lire falling from heaven I Kings
xiil human beings stoned and tortured to
death I Kings xxi threatening to cut the
children to pieces Daniel i the pieces burned
Daniel iii to her scholars
i as an opening exer
cise Now I claim there is enough that is i
beautiful hopeful and enoufh the Bible
without reading such selections as have been
read by this teacher the last six months to her
scholars and I claim moreover that your hon
orable body ought to honestly face this mater
and settle it and settle i right
I is likely some action will be taken by the
board of education proscribing the reading of
the most obnoxious biblican passages
Stores Destroyed
BINGHAMPTON N Y April 24This morning
flames were discovered in a store at Deruyter
Madison county Four stores and eighteen i
dwellings were destroyed Loss 875000
Gladstone Balfourg Bill
LONDON April 24 Gladstone resumed the
debate on the land purchase bill In the com
mons this evening He was opposed to the bill
under the overwhelming conviction that it was
complicated without undertaking to solve the
difllculty He had been encouraged to hope for
a solution by Lord Salisbury declaring the
measure would not Impose a burden upon Brit
ish taxpayers He was disappointed however
when Balfour Informed the house that the
measure pledged the country to the ex
tent of 3000000 without mentioning
the possibility of further amounts being
asked Regarding Parnells plan it
was new In principle Its general purpose was
clear but he was not certain that he compre
hended the details Conservative laughter
He strongly sympathized with one object of
Parnells plan whereby landlords would not be
expatriated but would be retained I would
be a sorrowful conclusion of the life of the land
lords i when local government was established
in Ireland they did not take part in adjusting
affairs Balfours bill ought to be confined
to the landlords already in possession
I should not encourage the landlords to
become buyers of land in order to take advan
tage of the enormous bonus offered Hear
hear The provision respecting the two years
arrears also required justification which It
would be difficult find Cheers Coming to
what he called the constitutional objections ho
urged that it was obvious Ireland opposed the
measure in view of the fact that fivesixths of
its members deliberately and determinedly op
posed i Cheers As t the government was
going to make Ireland its debtor it was im
portant to consider what was the attitude of
the persons about to be subjected to the debt
State landlords implied the use of soldiers
against tenants the use of every weapon of
state to enforce unpopular law
G schsn said Gad ton sl Contention that
the tenants would be deprived of the benefits
intended for them destroyed Morleys argu
ment that the nonpurchaslng tenants would
agitate to get their rent lowered to the same I
scale us the purcuasers rents He agreed with
both Gladstone and Parnell in their desire to
retain landlords in Ireland but the bill did not
necessarily have to epropriate them
S W Russell Liberal Unionist approved the
bill on all points Dillon Nationalist said if
the contested districts were a disgrace to the
country during the past century it was a re
proach to the imperial parliament arguing that
the guarantees were illusory Ho said that
during a period famine or distress the tenants
might refuse to pay their installments and the
government would be utterly powerless to
force payment t en
Result of tho PanAmerican Congress
CHICAGO April 21 Anselmo Morago who
roprcsented Chi in the PanAmerican congress
arrived here yesterday The PanAmerican
congress he said will not lo this country
one bit of good We are more than satisfied
that the United States doc not want the trade
of Spanish countres Some of the merchants
are in sympathy with us but they aro pjve >
less Your g jverumen tdoes not want to trade
with us ana if we had known that eight months
aJ 0 the invitation to look over your industries
wojld never have been accepted Today tbo
United States stands with a massive stone wall
around i We see no place to enter and we
tint very well tear it down to bring over goods
IT 10 cry of pi election has heartily disgusted all
of the Spanil delegates and we will be only
too glad to get home and begin tho work of bet
I teeing tries our t ade regulation with foreign coun
Freddie and Llllio are Out
LONDON April 24It is openly announced
that Mrs Langtry and Freddie Gebhardt are
out and that tho Jersey Lily is receiving the
ueer attentions of Lord Lurgan an IrishEnglish
What Senators and Representa
tives Say of the Bill
Senator Teller Is the Most Uncompromising
His Bill Tho Democrats of Oregon
Favor Free Coinage
WASHINGTON April 21SpecI31 telegram to
THE HERALD It is expected that the silver
bill will be called up In the House next week
In general talk today with Senator and
Representatives regarding the measures agreed
upon at the House caucus last night I find tho
ioncensus of opinion on the whole very favor
able to i A few of the radical silver men like
Senator Teller of Colorado and Stewart of
Nevada are dissatisfied with what is called tho
bullion feature of the bill and will endeavor to
have it modified Senator Jones of Nevada on
the other hand and Senator Manderson of No
iraska both of whom are equally strong adher
ents ot a free coinage policy express their sat
isfaction with the bill which they regard as a
substantial victory for silver as do a number of
western Representatives with whom I talked
The New York and Now England people have
but little to say concerning the matter They
prefer to wait they tell you until their constitu
Cuts have had an opportunity to study the pro
posed plan and impress them the Republicans
ivith their views
Senator Teller of Colorado said I shallfl
oppose any measure that pays silver certill
atesfn bullion that makes possible for the
government to secure a wholesale or retail
dealer in the community I the government
buys silver it ought to put it in its vaults as a
money metal to remain there until it comes out
in the shape of coin No good reason can be
given why these certificates should be payable
in bullion and the whole scheme in my
judgment originated in New York city among
the monometallists so that they might
prevent the coinage of silver and so
ar as possible its use either directly or indirectly
rectly as a basis for the issue of paper money
The present situation is really fight between
the double and the single standard classes I
for one am ready to accept the challenge thrown
down by those gentlemen I would have
been satisfied with the Jones bill which pro
vided for whatever amount we needed for circulation
lation but which did not allow tho bullion to
get out again Now I shall be satisfied with
nothing less than free coinage and to that end
I have offered an amendment to the Jones bill
when i shall come up for consideration I we
dont get free coinage at this session we shall
try It again next year and the next and so on
until we do
Senator Jones of Nevada said The meas
ure is a compromise and the most satisfactory
settlement of the question we could have made
I will increase the value of money sufficiently
to meet the growing demand for money Free
coinage of course would suit me better but I
think that when this measure comes to be en
forced the silver men will see that its effect
will be practically all that the most radical
could ask We regard i as a most aubstantia
victory and while we have not gone at one
stride fromthe house of bondage to the prom
ised land cec the promised land m sight am d
are satisfied
Senator Manderson Nebraska said hI am
a free coinage man but I regard this measure
as a fair compromise I in the face of present
conditions the extreme silver men hold out for
free coinage it may prevent us getting any
Representative Carter of Montana said I
is not such a measure as I would cave outlined
i I were untramelled but it is on the whole
very good and I am gratified that the great body
of the Republican party has seen fit to adopt
i I
Representative Bartine of Nevada said
The bill is a compromise I the Senate
stands by itthe House will if the Senate re
cedes then the House will go with them The
House in other words is not taking an inde
i dependent stand in the matter You ask if w
are satisfied That after all is a relative term
I is a step in the right direction but the silver
men never will be satisfied with anything less
than free coinage
Conger Introduces the Bill
WASHINGTON April 24Chairman Conger of
the coinage committee today introduced in the
House the bill agreed upon by the Republican
caucus last night I was referred to the coin
age committee which will have a special
meeting tomorrow to act upon the bill
Pacific Eailroad Silver etc
WASHINGTON April 24The House commit
on Pacific railroads today completed the de
tailed consideration of the pending bill to se
cure a refunding of the Indebtedness of the
Pacific railroad to the government The amend
ments made this morning are of small import
ance being intended principally to make
clearer the principles of tho measure with the
exception of one extending from seventylive to
one hundred years the period during which the
Central Pacific may extend the life of its
first mortgage bouds in the event of refunding
Chairman Dalzell will prepare a new bill em
bodying all of the amendments made by the
committee and will submit to the full commit
tee at its next meeting for approval
Senator Teller today introduced the fol
lowing bill as a substitute for the Jones
silver bill now on the Senate calendar
That any person may deposit at any
mint or assay office of tho UnitedStates either
gold silver bullion or both in quantities of
not less than five ounces of gold or eighty
ounces of silver and demand and receive coin
or coin ccstiflcates thersfor at the rate of 51 in
coin or certificates for 258 grains troy weight
of standard gold and at the rate of Si in certifi
cates for 4l24 grams of standard silver That
the coin certificates provided for shall be re
ceivable for all taxes and dues to the United
States of every description and shall be lawful
tender or the payment of all debts public and
Section 2It shall be the duty of the secretary
of the treasury to cause a sufficient number of
coinage certificates of the various dcnomina
tions hereby authorized to be prepared and dis
tributed among the United States depositories
and to enable them to comply with tho provi
sions of this act > Q is hereby appropriated
to enable him to prepare and distribute said
Section 3This act shall take effect thirty
days after its passage o of the appropria
tion however to be immediately available
What theSLondon Times Says
LONDON April 21 The Times in its financial
article says America is practically committed
to the adoption of the silver
open sier standard at a
not very remote date This is an odd position for
one of the richest nations of tho world to oc
cupy but only a currency fanatic will allege
that it is necessarily bad for Americans though
possibly when the full consequences of the situ
ation are perceived the Americans may not I
altogether like them
Oregon Democrats Favor Free Coinage
PORTLAND Ogn April 21The Democratic
state convention this evening nominated R R
Miller of Jacksonville for Congress Sylvester
Pen 0yer was rcnomlnated for governor The
platform favors eight hours as a days labor
the Australian system of the ballot and the free
coinage of silver
New Yorks Ballot Reform Bill
ALBANY N Y April 21The senate recalled
from the assembly the ballot reform bill and
again passed i changing i to agree with the
amended bill agreed upon last Friday by the
governor and others I ib understood the gov
ernor will sign the bill and tho long fight over
ballot reform will be at an end
Siberian Exile Petition Association
PHILADELPHIA April 24At a meeting of the
Siberian Exile Petition association of this city
George Kennan the Siberian traveler said the
petition promised to be oneof the largest ever
presented any ruler He did not anticipate it
would have any effect i making the Czar ac
quainted with any new facts but by showing
the intense feeling abroad i relation to the un I
effect fortunate exiles would exert a great moral
Diseentions in tho French Cabinet
PARIS April 21It is rumored that there are
serous dissentions in the French ministry A
early collapse of the cabinet is feared
Tho Modus Yivendl with Canada
OTTAWA April 24In the house of commons
today the bill extending the modus vivendt
with the United States another year passed its
third reading There was hardly any opposi
A AntiSemitic Demonstration in Gallcia
VIENNA April 24A serious antiSemitic
demonstration has occurred at Baila in Galicia
Aqu mob numbering 4000 attacked the Jewish
quarter wrecked and sacked a number of dwel
lings and shops Troops were called out but
did not succeed in restoring order before eleven
of the mob were killed Many were injured
The Duke of Orleans
PARIS April 21 IIt is stated that tho Duke of
Orleans has refused the proffer liberty made
bIt the government on the conditions imposed
It is expected the duke will bo married while
undergoing imprisonment
The Very Remarkable Statement that exCon
vict Jacks Hakes About Richardson
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
BOSTON April 24In Isaac Sawtelles re
markable confession he made an attempt to I
implicate an exconvict whom ho called Jack
who according to the document met Isaac anti
Hiram nearer in Springville got Into the buggy
when Isaac got out and drove Hiram to the i
place where the murder was committed Jack
was a fellow convict with Isaac in the Massa
chusetts state prison This convict has been I
lr located He is In the Middlesex house of cor
rection and he makes an absolute and unquali
fied denial Ho insists that he knows nothing
of the case except what he has read in the news
papers but ha makes this interesting state
The last time I saw Sawtelle was when I
left state prison I was In a certain store on
Market street in Lowell on Saturday evening in 1C
the latter part of December or the first part of
January when Mr Richardson came in and got
an introduction to me Richardson asked mo if
1 knew Sawtelle and upon iny replying I did
wanted me to go to his Richardsons house
next day and meet Sawtelle I told him didnt
have any clothes to go In I mot Richardson a
short time afterwards Ho told me Isaac had
left the city The moment that I saw Richard
sons name used in connection with the Sawtelle
murder I had a premonition that I should be
worked into it some way or other partly on ac
count of my talk with Richardson and partly on
account of the fact that the Lowell police will
bring me into everything they can I have not
seen Dr Blood since leaving state prison some
three or four years ago I dont know why
Richardson asked roe to meet Sawtelle at his
house as I never saw Isaac out ot state prison
It was at Mr Richardsons house Isaac stopped
over Sunday when he was taking his mother and
niece to Rochester In order to carry out his
murderous plan I suppose
It Is Not Jiurderor Eyraud
NEW YORK April 24 Coronor Wood of Port
Richmond L L said today that he felt sure
that the body of the Billow Brook suicide was
that of Michael Eyrand the Parisian strangler
who killed Deputy Marshal Gouffe After the
inquest was adjourned last night the jurymen
looked on the body The coroner found marks
on the body such as Eyraud was said to have The
left leg gave evidence that it had at one time
been broken The French stranelers leg is said
to have been broken in the same place The
large and peculiar shaped eyes similar those
Eyraud the forehead nose and hands all cor
respond with those of the French murderer
Before the coroner and his jury left the court
house at midnight they were fully convinced
that the body of the suicide vas that of Eyraud
Coroner Wood came specially to the city to
inform the French consul that the suicide was
the French strangler Eyraud and to Inquire as
to what action the French government intended
to take In the matter That gentleman later
viewed the remains with two persons who knew
Eyraud and they declared the remains not his
Attempted to Assassinate Judge
TOPEKA Kas April 24News has been re
ceived of the attempted assassination of Judge
Botkm at Ulyses Grant cemetery It is re
ported the attempt was made to make him de
cide a point in the preliminary hearing of the
county commissioners implicated in the Wolf
bounty frauds in opposition to his judgment
His refusal resulted in this attempted assassi
Drowned Three of His Children
SHELBDRNE Ont April 24 Word reached
hero that a welltodo farmer named Morrison
after drowning three of his children in a barrel
rainwater attempted to drown himself in a
creek The neighbors found him lying by the
creek in a precarious condition There are
hopes of his recovery No reason is assigned
KJMiss Morrison had gone away from the house
for a few days leaving her husband in charge
of the children The oldest was a girl of fif
teen and the youngest a boy of three When
the girl awoke this morning she was surprised
to find her brothor missing and on searching
found his body and those of the two other
children laid on the kitchen floor beside the
water barrel It is thought Morrison was
Counterfeiters Arrested
CHICAGO April 111An important arrest of
counterfeiters was made today Robert Thomp
son and William F Furber were caught in the
act of passing dangerous counterfeit 110 silver
certificates purporting to be issued by the Ger
man National bank of New Orleans with which
portions of the country have been Hooded for
months the counterfeiters outwitting the detec
tives everywhere Thompson and Furber had
over two hundred dollars in bogus stuff on their
persons when caught They were passing the
bills on saloon keepers who have identified the
General Middleton and Battlefords Furs
OTTAWA Ont April 24The special commit
tee appointed to investigate the charges made
concerning furs taken from A Battlcford a
half breed by order of General Middleton dur
ing the Rid rebellion has presented its report
The committee considers that while the gen
eral acted under a misconception the appro
priation of the furs for his own purposes was
highly improper
Some Interesting Communications Received
by Mr 3Iusser
The following communications were recently
received by Mr A M Musser acting fish com
NEOSHO Mo April 201S90
A M Musser Esq SaltoLake city Utah
My DEAR MR MUSSER Your very kindly let
ter of the 14th inst reached me this morning
About my work Have something over twenty
thousand rainbow trout salmo irideus and
10000 brown trout salmo fario These are
healthy fry and will be ready some time this
fall We have in ponds carp cyfrinus carpio
channel catfish ictalurus punctatus black
bass mlcropterus dolomiei teach tinea vul
guns goldcnlde idus melanotus red eye
perch ambloplites vupcstris and some Jap
anese gold fish We hope for a crop from all
of them but who can say Maybe we will and
may be ve wont Two months from now ought
to tell the tale
I hope you will not forget the intimation that
you may come to see me this summer Very
truly yours WILLIAM F PAGE
An experienced pisciculturist in Iowa also
writes Mr Musser as follows
If you will allow mo I will make some sug
gestions in regard to your getting suitable fish
for your mountain streams
I have worked in the Colorado and Wyoming
hatcheries and from experience I believe that
the lake brook rainbow and brown trout will
do well in your territory Out of these several
kinds of the best fishes that swim the lake
trout Is the only one that may not get along
quite as well In Utah as elsewhere The spawn
of any or all Of these can be obtained in almost
any quantities from eastern dealers My Idea
would bo for you to obtain the impregnated
eggs by express and hatch them out yourselves
and when old enough plant them in the most
suitable public waters
Now Mr Musser > l may be meddling with
something that is none of my business but I am
quite enthusiastic over the artificial propaga
tion offish and as trout is the most valuable of
food fishes hence I makq the suggestions
Any information you want to know in regard
to pisciculture I will gladly give It you
New stock of lumber at lowest prices at
Angcll Bros State road Telephone 433
An Expose of the Business in Neif
York City
How Should Female Customers be Addressed
Young and Old Alike are Very Touchy
o Hiss or Madame
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
NEW YORK April i11That San Francisco Is
not the only city where divorces can be pro
cured by unscrupulous lawyers is shown by an
expose which is made in todays Yorhl Ono
of that journals female reporters Inserted two
advertisements in the morning papers for the
services of tr female detective and the address
of a lawyer who made a specialty of divorce
cases The responses were many and especi
ally insinuating were those from women of all
temperaments conditions and complexions who
wished to act as female detectives Some of
them openly declared that their charms were
such that any man especially married one
would surely succumb Others of these female
sharks offered to give recommendations to show
that they had been previously successful in that
class of work One of them a Mrs Gordon
taught in a Sunday school and she intended to
introduce one of her young pupils who was a
mother but not a wife to the advertisers bus
band and said Mrs Gordon she was sure of the
result The scheme of one lawyer called on
was to have a woman entrap the unsuHpecting
husband into a hotel and register as man and
wife This lawyer was to take the wronged
wifes case and the lawyers silent partner
would appear for the husband This lawyer
was for years assistant pastor of St Annes
Episcopal church in Brooklyn The lawyer
finally engaged by the female reporter was ono
who had male and female detectives who would
do anything Another World reporter acted the
part of his fellow journalists husband and ho
was shadowed and the utmost done by the fe
male detective to entrap him
Etiquette Among lady Shoppers
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
NEW YORK April 25How lady shoppers aro
to be addressed has become a serious question
with the managers of some of the emporiums
and with the car conductors of this great
metropolis In an uptown store yesterday a
lady of mature age felt aggrieved at being ad
dressed as miss and In the same store a
young lady was offended by being addressed as
madame It was intended to make the ladies
feel flattered but the shot in each case went
wide of the mark The superintendent of a
wellknown Sixth avenue store said
We leave it to our salesmen to do what is
right they are men of tact and if they do not
know intuitively how to address a lady of any
age we have no no need of them To my mind
a capable salesman will know at once wnether a
lady shopper should be addressed as madame or
Another superintendent said We generally
address all ladies as maam It does not sug
gest mature years like madame and is there
fore a safe noncommital word
I th nk madame fitethe bIt said Super
intendent I itt or Ma ys Ms dame as i is
now undeistocd de not mean a ma ronly
woman New o kl die rover srowold In
speaKintD ave yma urelao it is very safe
to say she wi l not 1 e offer fled if von call her
miss but madam T the word for u Q
The Troorleiorof a fashionable store on West
Four enrich s reet said As the mean n < of
worcs jnvariably changes so do peoplela tastes
Itis a tc < llsh thine with us tow to address a
lady of uncertain rge
SP enu car conuuctors were seen who said
isC men passengers were being offenced at being
called lady One of them said Formerly
every lacy felt pleased when I bald Lady here
is n sent or Lady your fare bat it appears
thy have found something offensive in it
California and the Worlds Fair
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
NEW YORK April 24 Frank S Johnson oC
the JohnsonLocke Mercantile company of San
Francisco Is now in New York In discussing
the objects of the worlds fair Mr Johnson said
that its being held in Chicago would greatly
benefit the merchants of that state who are
asking the legislature to appropriate 3500000 ia
aid of the fair Then the big exhibit of the Gol
den states products could be shown to great
advantage Undoubtedly if such a sum were
appropriated by the state private subscriptions
would also swell the amount
Earthquake In San Francisco
SAN FRANCISCO April 21One of the moss
severe shocks of earthquake experienced hero
for a long time was felt in this city and neigh
boring localities a little after 3 oclock this
morning Buildings were shaken perceptibly
and persons aroused from their sleep Plaster
ing fell from the walls In some places No seri
ous damage is reported yet A dispatch from
Mayfleld states that the shock was very severe
there The railroad bridge was rendered im
passable The piers sixty feet high settled a
few inches and the rails spread apart about a
foot The ground inplaces settled six to twelve
Inches Railroad travel will be delayed a few
Distressing Accident at a Funeral
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
SYRACUSE April 24 The funeral of Frank
Hotchkiss who was killed by a falling elevator
at Cortland was held Tuesday afternoon and
an exciting scene took place at the grave into
which the body and coffin a pall bearer and
part of the monument were dumped The
family monument had been undermined and
fell just as the coffin was about to bo lowered
The base went into the grave followed by the
shaft which crushed the coffin and carried
James Robinson with it It was some time De
fore ho could be taken out He was badly cut
One woman fainted and there was much excite
ment The body had to be placed In a nsw
coffin and the ceremonies had to be postponed
for an hour
The 3Iajestica JIaiden Voyage Eastward
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Cable
LONDON April 2tThe Majestics maiden
voyage eastward islbetter by 1 hrs and 33
ms than her maiden voyage westward Her
maiden voyage eastward is second to but one
that of the City of Paris The City of Paris1
maiden voyage was 6 ds C hrs 8 ms or 2 hrs
SO i ms better than that of the new White Star
liner The Majesties westward maiden voyage
however was 8 hrs 10 ms bettor than that of
the City of Paris so that the Star people are
pretty well satisfied
Fire in the Unicorn Silk Mill
ALLENTOWN Pa April ZiAtG30 this morn
ing a fire was discovered In the dye house of the
Unicorn silk mill at Catasaqua The flames
spread with remarkable rapidity and destroyed
the building together with the machinery a
quantity of silks plushes ribbons etc The
loss is estimated at two hundred and fifty thou
sand to three hundred thousand dollars Many
employes had already gathered In the mill to
begin work John Cooper Charles Frick and
John Tottejeaxi an Italian lost their lives ana
about thirtyfive more were injured Three or
four may die
While the firemen and employees were work
ing hard to control the fire an explosion ot
vitriol and other acids took place and before
the firemen could escape several were caught
by the falling walls and many injured by flying
debris The fire is supposed to have been
caused by spontaneous combustion Loss
The Body of Banker Morgan
Special THE HERALD Examiner Dlspatch1
LIVERPOOL April 2lJ Pierpont Morgan
and J B Morgan sailed yesterday for New
York by the steamship Britannic The cost of
shipping the body of the late Mr Morgan via
Havre was 810000
A Gypsys Crime
TRENTON N J April ilLThis morning Noah
Palmer aged seventy member of a band oti
Gyypsies shot his wife killing her instantly
He also attempted to shoot his daughter and
then turned the pistol on himself and put a > >
bullet into his head inflicting a mortal vround
The McCalla Court Martial
NEW YORK April 24In the McCalla trial
to day the testimony as yesterday was largely
I a reproduction of the preliminary hearing and
I for the most part strongly against McCalla
= c

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