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FREE WANT ir What is the Population of
The Outlook for the Pubife Build
ing i not Favorable I
Gay Times i Richmowl Accompanied by the
1 Eibcl 1 ell ana ncIitor Shep
ards Crazy Comments II I
I i
1ASIINCTO N D C liljy 3Speea1 tele
Cram to J HnuAJD The outlook for layer J 1
an j kgislatiuu in the House at this session on I
the Salt Lake public building bill i not en
couraging WJiic it is true that the bill is well
down on tic calendar it is cquiLi true that it
as wcl ac all the otherscould be easily rcachea
if Spc > Atr Reed and the oibtr Republican i
lcn < c s dcilred As a mutter cf fact tho Rc
pllwacs are alarmed the enormous apnro i
1 ra ens whlMi c hive been made at this
tevion and thuy think the public build
in bills are a very good place at
niJcu to flaw the line I is a safe
prMliMwb t nut twenty ol the Ii > 3 public
b1 cjps lJs that have been already favorably
r < > o yJ Klluo I passed between now and ad
j a jnfLt Next viator hen the scare
si I h1o somewhat abated a number of others
v ol probably I through among these may be
tlvt Salt IHle I 111 andthc problem of the Mo
Ix nicy ariff bill shall have bccora a law The
probabilities nrc that the revenues will be so
laigdy reduced that no money for publIc build
ings will be available for a dacsde or more
4 IJic 10 5Ionnmoit Dedication
RICHMOND nlJn 2Tho weather is clear
tr and beautiful Store daylight knots of tHose
who are tc take part in the parade have been
gathering npru the streets Confederate camps
military and civilian continue to arrive The
c < untry folks pouring into town i ancient
as wen Ls modern vehicles Now and then a
band of music starts the crowds
cheering by playing The Bonnie Blue
Flag Dixie and Maryland My Maryland
As some favorite commander is recognized by
J the crowd a yell arises which is carried
along until be halts or turns off into some side
t street As various commands reach their start
inc points with some familiar officer at the
head cheer after cheer rends the air Chier
Marshal General Fitzhugh Lee Generals Early
Johnston and Longstreet receive similar ova
tons as they move about from place to place
The Mene today in connection wiih the cere
monk incident to the unveiling of the Lee
equvanun statute were unprecedented From
e rty morn till night the tap of the drum and
the tramp of soldiers
thl forcibly reminded the
l oluer citizens of the stirring days of 61 Never
I Were there so many people gathered within the
pates of the city never were tho decorations so
elaborate never were there so many old
veuruns and military organizations on the
strt1 in time of peace and never was there
a fctnuje and general enthusiasm over any
event While thousands of lags were wafted
t the breeze the national fug was displayed
in the proportion of fifty to one of the stars and
bars I was truly a confederate day how
ever as the presence of the many confederate
camps and the airs pled by the bands at
The procession started promptly at noon and
was composed of representatives of nearly all
the old confederate regiments i the south
U he Imo of march was densely crowded As the
oil chieftains of the confederacy were recog
nic J 1 hats came off and the
nZ lats ol old yell came from
thousands of throats On arriving at tho statue
the dktiuguiheu gucste were seated Gover
nor McKinncy called the assemblage to order
After prayer General Early was presented as
chairman of the meeting He introduced Col
o > i Archer Anflcrson orator ofthe day
Andersons address was an eloquent one in
lucV while abating no jot of his line all ad
mn ation lor Lee so couched it
r alan lr Lee curhtll in words as
not U ar upon the sensibilities of the most ar
C at unionists He began with a statement
tim t a people are Imown by their monuments
auJ that r coAl the world always gave its most
ut oted admiration to warriors lit sketched
in a masterly way th transcendent Dualities
uc ssarUy usiiud 1 a great genera making
bUCJ an osuuute ay the world just Lee how
4 eur vvs not merely one of the greatest cap
tauN but a man of absolutely unblemished
C ti1ifl life It jaas the singular felicity
j Vi C h to have produced two great stainless
L tary leaders Washington al Lee
The orator gine an elabonite biographical re
i n olt egvatraTslif dwelt upon the pain
f l t r lo Which it cost him to decide whether
t v I aUejrianca to the nation or to his na
tvo < h1 itilly in the face of ambitious
t mn ittt M the face of tho offer of the com
m of jioi army he decided that duty
ca i il 1 h stand bv Vir2inia >
The a5 UcV then sketched Lees campaigns
i illus11 icn of Isis military genius touched
tlu itt mtderatlon and iwo 1 sense of the
a r1h a T le cl3C of fhe struggle and its happy
l Ul poke of Lees sulscqut nt quiet dijni
t ire ld closed with a brilliant peroration
i o oiel Andersons address aroused great en
tl tME
< c ral Joseph E Jolmston thn unveiled the
1 tie umid shouts and the boom of cannon
In tontihued
itc Lee monument is situated at the inter
s tion of two broad streets in lisa fashionable
r sidence section 1 consists of avhitc gran
ite ijcdotal forty feet high with six pedestals
ff r statues of Lees generals to be placed hero
lior Upon the pedestal stands a bronze
Oi strian statue of Lee twenty feet high I
i resents Len upon thJ battlefield of Gettys
Lui white the ngurcs of both horse and man
sire m repose all theatrical effect being avoided
It i full of life and spirit it is the work of
M rc a French sculptor
¼ hen the statue was unveiled the crowd in
1L icisiity AVIS estimated at r0000 Those
vL participated 1 the procession numbered
l aiiW 1 I There were 7 0 000 strangers in the city
I uur nr tin day
A brilliant display of fireworks took place to
m nt the most striking features being
strldn fetures bl repre
sriiVtiour the eiucstnan statue of Lee and
IC s ures of Jefferson Davis and Stonewall Jack
liuJtor Sho ards Crazy Comments
Specilto Tils HciLiLD IZsamincr Dispatch
liW Yom May 29All New York was in the
tLit of excitement yesterday afternoon just
aiicr oodOoScnel Shepard Mai all JCxvres
I r uo is appearance Tne news boys cried out
I fcsyour treason in the south Another re
btlUon Firoeaters marching through Rich
m od with loaded guns
Tne cause of the panic was the publication of
three columns of doubleleaded articles about
cI the intended Lee cclcbritioa in Richmond to
day Tacru was a big doubccoluuin SMC head
v t er alL Oh but the special tolezrriri under
da eof Richmond which the colonel intinirtts
be ha tllo telcgiaph tolls for and that it was
not fccnfiices rttcn in his oHce Here are the opening
TC confederacy is alive today Not a
single dray not a sugle building on the entire
leofh of Main sticet i without rebel cattle
Tiien the dispatch goes on Tic Stjrry cav
alry are new rulig up tue strstcsc3rtIby a
11UIG of horspguiiras Taos aro loaliog for a
liatlvra rmctiic Jar r0cr from lOW
or jpty came in this moruinfr hey ate a fero
cors body The pan > are playing Tixie
s > horl Stib arc boin mnucuveraa out l the
cic > iiongr iuni1s iinl are rehearsing old
re c 3 clJ The parade toinorrcsv nll shIer
d dly snrve U show the colore picplethe fti
tL5 of piislsitig against oisfaistr
Tcy InI tfct any piotext may be used to call
Cj f d SfiMrd puMLshed an Invitation he
re t c to witness the ceremonies of the un
vcl t of tee 6t but in r Isuit column ex
p whr he dors not accept Several men
ru jeJ to toe rcsriutiiij oftics when they roast
tic hc Jilyes of te paper aid offered their scr
vces t suppresT tne uprising in i the south
Tic Tvouldht soldiers seemed surprised to hear
tty wa nu need for their fsenices and were
tgnnrt witcH told tao Uerv article was only
enb ol the biblical editor Jai
In Vry lsd Taste
New YOHK May t9 A Richmond Va
special says some 00 climbed the statue of
George Washington this moruing and put con
federate flags in the hands of tho figure Sev
eral pretests have been entered against the
Hags being iillmved tu remain there but the
authorities refused to take them dom About
noon they wei s till there
Tcrd from TftrnelL
Lrcr Xeb May 23 President Fltzgcr
I i J aid of tie Irish National league receive a
I gf cablegram from Tarnell saying Your action
DO oninc the convention has my entire ap
proval I cablegram had reached me in time I
would have advised the recent meeting of tho I
council Fitzgerald hopes to be able at an
early dalo to announce a definite time for the
convention and ha sirong hopes of securing I
O13rien the attendance of Dillon Harrington and
ren 1
Arrest of 1 Chicago Anarchist
CniCAGoMay2D Anarchist named Kaiser
has been arrested charged with complicity in
the na market dynamite affair It was alleged
he was an intimate of Herr Most and has been
talking in a very revolutionary mannerKaiser
denies any connection with Herr Most saying
they have been enemies for years He also de
nies emphatically any connection t the dy
asiatic scheme
Illoyal Thames Jlegatta
LOSDO May 2i1In the Royal Themes re
gatta today the Yarana was first the Thistle
sfon ian the Valkyrie third Distance fifty
irnles Jamesons new crack yacht the Iverna
was net placed She did not use a center board
The Christian Scientists
NEW Yom May 29The Christan scientists
I aCjoiirnea sine die after the adoption of a
resolution providing for the disorganizalon of
the national association This retains all the
local bodies and charters and the real work
will go on as usual The time wasted in pre
I paring for annual meetings will bo better em
ployed by various societies
Inipivesiro Ceremonies at Notre Dame Uni
NOTHE DAMn ted May 2The great dome I
of the university of Notre Dame the elaborate
decorations of which is justcompletcd was for
mally opened this ° cuing with impressive ceremonies
monies in the presence of a distinguished as
senjpliigc The decorations were by Lindi
Grcgoria a celebrated artist sent over by the
Pope especially for this work Their unveiling
I HIS followed by a tremendous burst of enthu
siasm from the assembled spetators Bishop
I Keann rector of tha Catholic university
Vasbtngton pulled the cord revealing the
gioup After this there was the programme and
I speechmaking I
Farther Details of His Arrest He Talks of His
Love For La Bompard
Special to THE HEIUXD Examiner Dispatch
NEW YORK May 29Further details of the
capture of Eyraud have been received by tho
Courier C StatS Utiis from Havana Tho day
after the murderers interview with M Gautier
tho police formed a cordon around the store of
K Pu ben At twilight they hid behind every
available tree in thp vicinity
One night about 1 oclock the vigil of tho of
ficers was rewarded by the sight of a suspicious
looking character walking past Puchens store
on Campostele del Key Good evening of
fleer said Eyraud for it was no other than tho
Where are you going asked the officer
stepping up to him To Hotel Roma where I
lye said the Frenchman attempting to push
forward The officer attcmptng signal
to his hidden confederates and in
stantly much to the surprise of tho doomed
captivo dark figures glided quickly from be
hind all the trees Before ho recovered from
his astonishment he was pounced upon and his
arms pinned He was instantly searched on
the spot and only a revolver was found on him
When brought into the lighted room of the sta
tion his face was as white as death his lips
trembled and cold beads of perspiration stood i
out on his forehead A second search revealed I
the fact that he was armed with a glittering
poniard He was taken to Puchens store
again and the boy proprietor and wife identified
him In his cell that night Eyraud tried to
cheat justice by opening the veins in his leg and
teeth arm withhis eyeglass which he broke with his
There i one subject on which Eyraud seems
much inclined
more iclned to talk freely than on any
other This is h intimacy with Gabrielle Bam
pard Whether from cynicism or from a spirit
boasting orto awaltninterst by posing asthe
victim of an overwhelming passionate love
Eyraudlikes to recall the story of his intrigues
When some onQasked him i he did not hate
Gabrielle Bompard because she had denounced
him he said I adore her more than ever
She is the most intoxicating most fascinating
woman I ever met I was too happy with her
to be able to complain of the harmshe has since
done me Then he told with evident compla
cency and in great detail the story of his rela
tions withTLa Uompard
Tariff in the Senate
VoSIXGIO x May 21The Senate finance
committee this morning took up the tariff bill
and considered it by paragraphs subject to sub
sequent action The chemical schedule was
the fiist taken up I was decided first not to
recommend free alcohol r the arts as that
question affected many other items in the
schedule After going over thirtyeight items
thirteen of the most important being passed
without action the noon hour arrived and the
question of future meetings was broached
Senator Sherman suggested daily sessions of
ten hours each in order to hurry matters
through sides This met with opposition from both
Carlisle and Voorhees said it was a waste
of time as the matters must be discussed in the
Senate anyhow Voorhees thought the Repub
licans could agreo on the bill and the Demo
crats i they thought best could present a mi
nority report
Hicock Jones and Morrill spoke in a similar
strain Hiscock moved that a subcommittee
on each side be appointed to prepare such
schedules as would be advocated by its party on
the poor of the Senate that each side submit
its schedule to the other as soon as prepared
Adopted No change was made as to the ques
tion of giving oral hearing Changes made in
the chemical schedule today arc all reductions
they were proposed by reductont sup
ported by a solid Democratic vote and the vote
of the member making the motion None of
them are of any significance
The committee will grant hearings to repre
presentatlves importers Tuesday The Dem
ocratic members wil not formulate a bill but
will express thel v ows in a report
Senator Plumbt day proposed as an amend
ment to the Mold aley bill the bill introduced
by him for tho appointment of a permanent
customs commission to investigate and report
I upon all matters affecting the tariff
Chinese From Mexico
WAIGTLN May 29 United States Consul
James Vissea at Lapaz Mexico in a letter
dated April 21 reports the arrival of the
steamer City of Sydney at Mazatlan on the ISth
o April with 123 Cinnec destined for various
puU ports in Mexico Twentyseven landed at
Masutlan and eightyfive transshipped on the
Alciandro for Guvyraas FJ om authentic infor
maticn received from officers at A jaaare
Vissca says there 1 no doubt the Chinese going
toGuaymas are going with the oing
being mtrruaecd into the United States A
I unmoor of them speak English having resided
i Australia
II I The Petit Journal and Bismarck
PArS May 2gThe Petit Journal declares
I hat la a recent interview Bismarck said he
I would return to oKloe i asked that Germany
would never attack France and that the real
I I enenv of Europe WS Russia
I A Possible Suicide
PmrADELllL May 2Mrs Hettie Sehuy
lur S3 years of age who lived alco in a fashion
able house at No 73 Eighth North street was
I j found dead today None of the many valuables
I in her room bad been disturbed and the coion
i crs jury will decide whether it was natural corn
I i death orsuicide naturl
I Approaching 1 Crisis
HAUFAX N S May 2fiThe Edo this oven
1 tag says it seeing that matters on the socalled
I French shore on the western coast of Newfound
j land is rapidly approaching a crisis in conse
quence of the action of the commanding officer
II of the Frerch war ship at Bay St George in re
ouirlng tIe Inhabitants to take up their nets
I The return duties illegally imposed for the last
II thirty years were also recently discussed by the
indignant people who number nearly twelve
I thousand A Bay St George correspondent
says i the commander of the French war
ship blue has ordered the inhabitants to
take up their herring nets Tie people
I refused The French otflccrs then came armed
and took up the nets destroying some of them
The people applied to the local magistrate
I I established by the St Johns government on the
coast for protection He informed them he
was powerless to lend them any assistance
Herring fishing is one of the principal means of
livelihood of the people and if prevented from
prosecuting that occupation i means complete
ruin to them Resolutions were telegraphed to
the governor of St Johns and the emerald has
been ordered to proceed to the scene for action
Excessive Rains In Cuba
HAVANA May 29AU telegraphic communi
cation and nearly all railway traffic is inter
rupted by foods resulting from excessive rains
The weather continues threatening rais
Congress Listens to a Very Able
Address on
Prof Brace Is No Heretic The Supreme Court
of Maine Delivers an Original Pack
age Decision
PrrrsutmG May 2The great ScotchIrish
congress of America opened today with prob
ably one thousand delegates and visitors from
all parts of the United States and Canada
Robert Bonner of New York president of the
association called the conoress to order Amnncr
the delegates were many well known people
including Alexander Montgomery of San Fran
cisco and Rev Robert Burnes of Tacoma
Mayor Gourlay welcomed tho members of the
convention on behalf of the city and Governor
Beaver on behalf of the state Bonner re
The report of the executive committee showed
a wonderful growth of the society during the
nast year
Rev Dr McIntosh of Philadelphia delivered
I an address on The Making of an Ulstcrman
At its conclusion Rev Dr McIntosh of
Philadelphia delivered tho stirring address on
The Making of An Uloterman I was
greeted throughout with bursts of applause
He described the advent of Scotchmen into
Ulster and their forced emigration from that
place and landing in America as ScotchIrish
He dwelt at length on the I origin ot the race in
the lowlands of Scotland In conclud
ing he said Gods moment to let
the ScotchIrishman use all in his
yet untried strength has come and op
pressed man leaps to the front place in tho gap
to bar the old oppressor Tho martyr for con
science takes his champion stand beside the
fresh worlds flaga free church and free state
The landlords quondam slave will win a free
ballot and save the homestead lover of learn
ing robbed of years of schools and college
will wage the fiercest battle till he stands se
cure on a free school in every district and an
open college to all comers and the cxuatriatcd
and exasperated Ulsterman will never surren
der the struggle till the old wrongs are lost in
his new and abiding rights
At tonights meeting Prof Terry of Williams
college delivered an historical address on The
Scotch Irish 1 New England Rev Dr
Kelley of Tennessee spoke on General Sam
Houston the Washington of Texas
The programme for the entire congress has
not yet been arranged Many wellknown
orators will speak during tho sitting of the
congress and a number of men of nati on
prominent marks will make extemporaneous re
Maine Supreme Court on Original Packages
AUGUSTA Maine May 2The supreme court
today made a unanimous decision in the noted
Burns liquor case reversing the decision of the
lower court which convicted Burs under the II
statute Burns a few years ago opened up in
Augusta an original package business sel
ling only liquors imported from the provineesor I
other countries claiming the state had no right
under the United States constitution to inter I
fere with his business The case was
ieditP step by step until now
it i decided in Burns favor The court
says in part The Iowa case just decided by
the supreme court of the United States clearly
settles the question Wo are bound by that
decision to reverse the ruling below and sus
tain the point contended for by the respondent
The minority opinion in the Iowa case as re
ported commends itself to many as contain
ing the better conclusion Qur obedience is due
to the judgment which prevails Our statute I
prohibits only unlawful sales Its interpreta
tion must be constitutional
Professor Brace is no Heretic
LONDOKMay29 The general assembly of the
Free Cherch of Scotland by a vote of 237 to SIt
rejected motion i favor of prasecuting Prof
Bruce of Glasgow for heresy The ballot was
taken amid great excitement and the announce
of tho result was received with cheers
I the Senate
WASHINGTON May 29 Stewart rising to a
question personal privilege had read an ar
ticle from a local paper containing a statement
by Major Powell director of the geological sur
vey in reference to Stewarts recent res olution
in which Powell spoke of the movement as in
stigated by land sharks and speculators for the
purpose of gobbling up the irrigable lands and
establishing a sort of hydraulic feudal system
Stewart sketched an outline of what had been
done in the work of stimulating irrigation in the
i t1 ft
west recently and the appropriations Powell
he said had used more than half of the appro
priation in vast and expensive surveys of no
practical use for the object in view and intimated
mated that Powell had enormous power in both
houses from his giving employment to a lot of
young mel sons and relatives of members of
Congress and that he kept an enormous lobby
in Washington to control tho action of Con
gress The bureau of geology and mineralogy
was nothing Stewart said but a mass of hum
bug and foolishness
Gormau defended Major Powell as a valuable
nubile officer who discharged his duty faith
Teller introduced a jointresolution setting
forth that it is the determined policy of the
United States government to use both gold and
silver as full legal tender money under the
ratio now existing in the United States or which
may hereafter be established by the United
States alone or acting in accord with other
nations Laid on the table and ordered printed
The imported liquor bill was thcn printed
the question being on the following substitute
offered by Gray to the substitute from the judi
ciary committee That fermented distilled or
other Intoxicating liquors transferred as an
article of commerce or into
atIle brought any stat
or territory from a point or place outside such
suite or territory for usa consumption or sale
therein should not be exempt nor should the
owner or person in possession thereof be ex
empt from the operation of the liquor regula
tons control policj or taxing power of such
state or territory affecting or applicrblc to all
other like property by reason of Such liquors
being in the original package of importation or
transportation as subjects of interstate or for
eign commerce
Grays amendment was agreed to yeas 2
nays 23 The nays were Allen Allison Bate
Blair Blodgett Coke Dawes Edmunds Eus
tis George Hoar Ingalls Moody Morrill Pad
dick Plumb Power Sherman Vest and Wil
son of Iowa
Vest moved an amendment substitute by
making it apply to fresh beef veal mutton
lamb and pork and argued i the bill was to be
come a law it should not be conllned to intoxi
cating liquor This was the first time he knew
of the supreme court suggesting remedies The
proposed law would produce chaos but i he
wIns wrong in his position and the friends of the
bill were right thoa he wanted to give tho cat
tle raisers of the west the same privileges
granted the Iowa legislature in regard to the
exclusion of alcoholic stimulants He served
on the Senate committee relating t the beef
business and found an alarming state of thIngs
in the inspection of beef cattle The th1ls on
Vests amendment was yeas 5 nays3 the
Vest yeas being Call Morgan Payne Stewart and
Wilson of Iowa offered a substitute for
Grays amendment providing that liquors trans
ported into any state or territory for use con I I
sumption or sale or shall
storage shal on their ar
rival be subjeot to tho operation and elfect of
the laws of such state or territory enacted in
the exercise of its police power and should not
be exempt therefrom by reason of their being
enclosed in original packages Wilsons sub
stitute was adopted 53 to L Tho bill then
passed Slto l The vote was as follows Yeas
Allen Allison Blair Call Casey Colquitt
Cullom Davis Dawes Dixon Dolph Edmundi
George wley Hiscock Hoar Ingalls Jones
ofNevada Mc Hlau 1Ich l Moody Morli
Paddock Platt Plumb Power Pugh sawyer
Spoonor Stewart Stoelbndge Wallal I
Vaskbuln and Wilson of Iowa
NaysBate Blodgett Cockrell Coke Harris
Jones of Arkansas Tuvpic Vance Vest and
Voorhees moved to amend the title by mak
ing it red A bill to overrule the decision of
the supreme court of tho United States in its
interpretation and construction of the constitu
ton en the subject of commerce between the
several states and thereay relieve the state of
Iowa from the consequences of her own mis
guided legislation1 Rejected
The title was then amended on motion of
Wilson of Iowa to read A bill to limit thc ef
fect of the regulation of commerce between the
several states and with foreign countries in cer1
tain cases
The river and harbor i was received from
the House and referred to the committee and
the Senate adjourned until Monday
The President in Cleveland
CLEVELAND May 29President Harrison ar I
rived this afternoon an received a salute of
I twentyone guns The cityis handsomely deco
rated and thousands of people arc in the streets
I The first City troop of horse escorted the Presi
dent to the residence of Dan P Hells the Vice
President and cabinet going to other privato
I houses r
The first person to great President Harrison
at the depot was exPresident Hayes
General Sherman arrived jthis afternoon and
is the guest of his nephew Henry Sherman
Tonight the President wasncndered
a public
reception at the Stillmaa house at which there
was an awful crush The city Is gayly decorated
from one end to the other The exercises at the
Garfield memorial begin at 3 oclock to morrow
Trouble Anticipated
MAYS LANDING N JI May 2JThis after
noon at Rlchland Italian laborers on the rail
road who claim not to have received pay for
several weeks struck an built obstructions
across the track They are armed with picks
stones and clubs and willnot allow further
work until they are paid The sheriff went to
the scene but could do nothing Ho will go out
with a posse tomorrow and ruble i feared
Unity Club Election
BOSTON May 50The national bureau of
Unity clubs today elected officers Among
them is Rev C tV Windtc of Orkland Cal
Vice President The report showed the clubs
doing efficient work
Alabama Democrats
MONTGOJiEiiy Ala May JQTho Democratic
convention today settled on an organization
which appears cnfavorablo to Kolb Three
Ballots were taken for governor and the con
zentlon adjourned until tomorrow
A Firs in Seattle
SEATTLE May 29A block of frame buildings
occupied by cheap lodging houses
beer halls
and restaurants was burned this morning
Two hundred out of 300 inmates of the block
barely escaped with their lives I is thought
that live at least perished Total loss S3JOJO
Atlantic it Pacific Directors
NEW YORK May WThe directors ot the
Atlantic Pacific met this afternoon and
elected tho following officers Chairman of the
board of directors George C Magoun presi
dent Allen Manvel first vicepresident and
general auditor J W Ferhart second vice
president A A Robinson general counsel J
J McCook The new officers all represent the
Atchison company
At a meeting of the St Louis San Fran
cisco directors today E F Winslow tendered
his resignation and Allen Manuel president of
the Atchison was elected his
company successor
Severe Storm in Nebraska
LINCOLN Neb May 2t1At 7 oclock this
evening a furious wind and rain storm swept I
over this part of Nobraska breaking trees
overturning light buildings and demolishing
fences and chimneys Reports are coming in
slowly but up to 10 oclock no advice of any se
rious damage had been received
Bankers Indicted
PHILADELPHIA MayiQThe grand jury re t
turned indictments against President r
and Teller Pancoasf of the Bank of America
for embezzlement crea
Nine Hound Fight
SAN FRANCISCO May 25Robert Fitzslm I
mons of New Zealand tonight defeated Billy
McCarthy of Auftralia in nine
AUftrla rounds at the
California Athletic club It was Fitzsimmons
light from the start to the finish and McCarthy
I was badly battered The light was a great sur L
prise to the sports L
Fight Among Students
BLOOMINGTON Ind May 29A serious flght
occurred last night owing to the senior class do
elding on giving an annual serenade to the
faculty despite the opposition of a large num
ber of juniors When they started out with a
band the juniors followed them blowing hors
etc and a fight soon rolloptJ in which clubs
and pistols were lo One rnh man was
badly hurt by a blow upon tho head and an
other received bullet the thigh Both will
be laid up some time The police finally ar
rested several students and put a stop to the
disgraceful row The faculty will take decisive
steps in the matter
Billiard Match
SAN FRANCISCO May 29The straight rail
billiard match of 3000 points 1000 per night
between Jacob Schaefer and J B F Mc
Cleary began at the Bijou tonight Schaeffer
missed the first and third shots making four in
the second McCleary made two points when
Schaefer again started and getting the balls on
the rail carried them around the table four
times stopping when he had made 1000 points
The position was marlted and Schaeffer will
positon Schaefer wi re
sume to morrow night
Fatal Land Dispute at Kingfisher Oklahoma
KINGFISHER Oklahoma May 211Joe Walsh
tonight killed John McNeal in a dispute over a
claim during the festivities attendant upon
escaped Governor lynching Steels reception Walsh narrowly
Edward Spelnmnns Sonia Burglar
PEORIA May tlA sensation has been cre
ated here by the arrest of John Speimann the
oldest son of Edward Spelmann the IrishAmer
lean who became quite widely known during
the Cronin trial at which he was a witness
During the past two months a series of bur
glaries have been committed in this city and
the police have been absolutely unable to ob
tain a clue to the perpetrator as nothing but
money was taken in each case Last night a
policeman discovered a man working on a safe a
I a large wholesale house and succeeded in
effecting his arrest I was young Spelmann
He has confessed that he was the perpetrator
of all the recent burglaries
France Makes Overtures to Italy
ROME May 29It is reported that Franco has
made overtures to abolish dlfferental duties i
Italy will support the neutralization of the Suez
canal and consent to the conditions of the
capitulation of Tunis
Ballot Reform Law Signed
I TRENTON N J Ray 29 Governor Abbot to
day signed the ballotreform bill
At Port Gibson
VICKSBURG Miss May 211The blue and
Grey veterans banqueted at Champion Hill and
Port Gibson today returning this evening Ap
propriate addresses were delivered by several
prominent men and veterans Fully six thous
and persons were present A grand barbecue
was held on the hill that was the centre of tho
fight at Champion Hill and the old veterans
thoroughly explored the battle Held Tho day
passed in a similar manner at Port Gibson
Reformed Church Synnod
LEBANNON Pa May 29The trienniel ses
sion of the general synnod of the Reformed
Church of the United States began today
Passenger Agent E 1 Wilson Resigns
CHICAGO 29E P Wilson general passen
ger ageiu of the Northwestern road has re
signed 1 > 0 passenger and ticket departments
will now be consolidated under the manage
ment of W A Thrall
A Move to Suppress Anarchy
LONDON May WThe governments of
Europe are negotiating with a view to common
action for tho suppression of Anarchism Ger
many is taking a leading part in tho negotia
tions and the only obstacle encountered is the
objection cal offenders of England to the extradition of politi
A Wolff Within tho Fold
NEW YORK May Complaint is made at
police headquarters tonight about the disap
pearance of Exchange Broker Wolf with > O
money which aboul one hundred Hebrews had
entrusted to lam to send ta relatives in Europe
to pay their passage to this country
tA i Fight at JfineiRivcr Agency
DENVER Colo May 2A telegram from Du
rango Colo says Indian Agent Bartholow
mow of the Southern Utes arrived hero from
I laclo xnt5 this oeuin and late this evening
received telegrams stating that a fHht had
taken place between cowboys and Inclans on
Pino River agency this afternoon and that two
Indians were killed and several injured The
agent left for the scene tonight A full account
of the trouble is expected tomorrow
Railway Commissioners Convention
WASHINGTON May 29 The Railway Commis
sioners convention today adopted resolutions
favoring uniform classification greater uniform
ity in annual reports and railway accounting
On the matter of safety appliances the manag
ers of tho convention almost unanimously
favored legislation requiring railroad to be sup
plied etc with the latest improved couplers brakes
Miss Tessie Fair Will Marry One
f i Herman Oelriehs
A Becomes n Man of Wealth and Social
Position He Is at Home in Society the
Sea or the Ranch
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
NEW YpiitCMay 21In Herman Oelriehs of
New Yank Mlss Fair of San Francisco mar
ies a man of the world I can be truthfully
said of Mr Oelrichs that hitherto very few men
have enjoyed their lives so thoroughly and few
have known so well how to enjoy them He has
been a constant but uuobstruslvo figure in New
York social life many years He i exactly
forty years of age yet he is as much the Alci
blades some might say the Mark Antony as
ever No detail of his personality indicates how
much puzzled is the average man about him
is that of his age CEven during the last few
weeks this has been placed at all sorts of
figures from thirtysix to fifty years Let this
doubt be set at rest June 8 1850 in Baltimore
was tho exact date of his birth and he is young
for his years Ho became prominent In social
political and financial Circles by no startling
episode or heroic actions but by average
traits of character and gifts of temperament
which won for him prestige in various direc
tions He became the head of the firm of Oel
rich Co almost before any of his friends or
relatives realized i He is exceedingly quiet
in his business methods but effective In attain
Ing substantial results The social prestige of
his mothers family gave him the entree to
New York social life The DeCoureys came
over with Lord Baltimore and the Mays who
married Into that family have not forgotten the
fact nor allowed others to forget it Although
educated in quiet Baltimore he grew up as a
boy inNew York and after an elaborate educa
tion In Germany returned to tho city of his
adoption to till what has really been his most
important role that of a man about town His
career in this capacity dates from 1871 The
foundation of his reputation as an early poll
ticianbonvivant and financier were all well laid
when Miss Fair had attained the grandiose age
of one
Among Mr Oelriehs early affinities was the
beautiful Miss Fannie Work now Mrs Burke
Roche Oelriehs has always been a passionate
admirer of beauty and Miss Work was exceed
ingly beautiful About the same time Mr Oel
richs was paying attention to the daughter of
his banker friend the late Mr Montague the
actor was also in attendance The cause of
Oelriehs break with Miss Work was character
istic He was an intimate friend of Montague
as was also the young ladys father Frank
Work I was Miss Works disdain of Mon
tacue account of his profession that angered
the spirited young Herman and caused the t
glamour of her beautv to fade from his eyes
Miss Work married Roche out of pique and L
Oelriehs went west oftener than ever A fear
less rider with a spirit for adventure that noth
ing could subdue Oelriehs became the hero ol
many an incident mythical and true How
ever he kept up his membership at the differ
ent clubs and although being for the time a
cowboy he never forgot he was a city man His
return to New York was always an event with the I
gay set of which ho was the most prominent
member Archie Belmont James Gordon Ben
nett Ikey Bell jr afterwards minister to the i
Netherlands Schuyler Crosby who had that
little difference with Russell Harrison Martin I
and Travis C Van Boron grandsons of the fa
mous President Van Buren and Wright San
ford Oelriehs made himself both useful and I
entertaining to this merry crew The Oelrlch 3
cocktail is still known all over Manhatta 1
island and its fame has crossed tho water It
is a favorite beverage with the Duke of Beau
forts set in London
As a married man Mr Oelriehs ought to be
able to maintain an excellent cuisine as the
following incidents will show About Christ
mas a year ago during the course of an after
dinner conversation Colonel John R Fellows
district attorney of New York remarked that
no one ever tasted a perfect dish of terrapin
unless it had been prepared by Mr Oelriehs
There were quite a number of local politicians
present who thought they knew some t
thing about terrapin Frank L Palmer
Judge Maurice J Power Fred PaimexS
and a gentleman only known to fame
as Terrapin Tom These worthies of New
York local politics disputed Mr Oelriehs
rights to the palm Then let us have a contest
and decide this matter quietly remarked Fel
lows Each of you shall bring a dish and the
most famous terrapin you can obtain and I am
willing you should all be judges of the feast
Terrapin Tom sent to Philadelphia for his
sample procuring three different samples from
Philadelphia caterers There was also a dish
of terrapin from Washington one from Baltl
timore and two from New York restaurants
Including the famous Travers variety Mr
Oelriehs cooked his terrapin at home and
warmed it over in a chafing dish at the private
apartments where the contest took place Each
dish was numbered by an outsider and the
judges wrote their opinions on a card Number
U was the winning number and i was soon dis
covered that No 0 had the name of Herman
Oelriehs after i on the list which had been pre
pared before the beginning of the contest This
prize winning dish strange to relate did not
contain one drop of Madena or any other wine
Terrapin butter salt and pepper were the only
ingredients used
A prince in trifles is Herman Oelriehs I
pass over little episodes of Mr Oelriehs gal
lantry which have connected his name with the
beauty and genius of the stage I Is quite
unnecessary to say however that Mr Oelriehs
chivalry has always been quite equal to his ap
preciation ot charm Living In the hot bed apf
luxury hehas remained a trained athlete and
prudent man of business for surely a man to
whom ocean swimming Is a pasttime Is not to
bo confounded with the green room lounger
Most New York men of fashion think just from
Seabright to Long Branch long enough for a
ride and quite too long for a walk Oelriehs
thinks nothing of swimming this distance in the
ocean in 1888 he came near having
been carried out to sea by the
tide but he was entirely oblivious
of the fact He was rescued by a friend who
happened to be cruising about at the time I was
with quite some difficulty he was induced to go
on board On his return to shore he was asked
whether ho was alarmed at his narrow escape
No said ho quietly but I was hungry and it
was lunch time Besides escaping n watery
grave Miss Fairs future husband narrowly
missed being burned to death and this in the
very midst of his wooing Last year his bachelor
quarters near the Union club the property of
James Gordon Bennett took fire and had it not
been for the promptness of tim fire department
there would be no wedding to celebrate or
chronicle The death of Wright Sanford was a
great blow to Oelriehs The Monday suppers
given in their apartments were a feature of
the gayer side of New York lire They
were such affairs as Theophile Gauthler and
Catullq Mendes would have delighted to de
scribe in Paris Sometimes these suppers were
chaperoned and sometimes they were not The
two hundred quite as often as the four hun
dred were perfect In matters of this kind
Oelriehs is more than a man he Is an artist
Will the husband ot Senator Fairs heiress ever
be mayor of New York city The best judges of
political fortunes here ssiynot Oelriehs Is a
politician for the same reason that he is every
thing elseit is a part of his manysided char
acter as a man of the world but he will never
sacrifice pleasure to ambition He may
be minister to Paris or Vienna
but he does not really aspire to be
mayor of this city or President of the United
States yet he has frequently been namedfor
the former position and several of his devotees
have been rash enough think he might some
day be the dark horse in a presidential race
As it is however ho represents the Demo
cratic party in its national committee and no
doubt pulls an athletic stroke during important
political campaigns
He fell In love with Miss Fair in 1887 and
has since been continuously devoted to her It
Is undoubtedly a fact that it was tho persistency
and tact which ho displayed iu his courtship
which won the day Mr W H Gilberts saying
la amply vindicated in his case His not so
much the gallant who woos as the gallants
tray of woofnir
A report reached the city from California to
day that Herman Oelriehs who is to marry Miss
Tessie Fair in San Francisco on June 0 had or
dered a 250ton steam yacht to be built for him
in this city and to be ready for him upon his ar
rival in New York his intention being to taKe
his bride on a cruise along the Mediterranean
coast It Was also reported that Mr Oelriehs
had engaged a cottage at Princess garden
Cowcs for the summer
Mr Thomas Manning of Mannings yachting
agency when shown the telegraphic message
containing the above report said There is no
truth what ever in it as I have chartered for Mr
Oelriehs the steam yacht stranger belonging to
Mr GeorgeS Scott The Stranger is now un
dergoing extensive repairs at South Brooklyn
and will be ready whet Mr Oelriehs reaches
here July 1 He and his bride will then start on
ti cruise along the Atlantic coast stopping at
New London Newport and Bar Harbor I have
also engaged Mr Scotts cottage at Seabright
for Mr Oelriehs who will spend the summer
there with his bride
thd Just now Mr Herman Oelriehs in Mr Van
derbllts private car Cupid an appropriate
name which had been placed at his disposal
is speeding across the continent accompanied
by Mr George Palmer who will be his best
man Mr Isaac Townsend and Mr Davis
Barnes Mr Oelrlch has selected as his com
panions for the purpose of forming a formid
able body guard around the priceless presents
which he carries to the his bride for their com
bined weight Is 890 pounds and if they were to
stand on one anothers heads they would make
a column 24 feet 6 inches high He was prob
ably moved also by a pardonable desire of con
vincing San Franciscans that the east is not as
effete as they think and that his fair bride will
be quite safe under their protection The
bridal party will come east immediately after
the wedding From the Grand Central depot
at Fortysecond street they will take carriages
to the Fortysecond Street pier on the Hudson
river where the Stranger gay with flags and
glistening with polished brass and new varnish
will be waiting to receive them Then they will
steam down to Sandy Hook and take the train
for Seabright on Shrewsberry river where
Oelriehs has taken a cottagp for the summer
The Stranger will be kept in readiness for fre
quent picnic parties and on or about the tat of
August Mr and Mrs Oelriehs and a few friends
will start on a cruise up the New England
coast stopping at Oak Bluffs Newport Bar
Harbor and other resorts
The bridal state rooms are daintily finished
all in white and gold with glass mirrors and
brocaded hangings and upholsterings There
aro commodious closets and luxurious bath
tubs and lockers In which each of the brides
yachting costumes can be spread out without
fold or wrinkle The rest of the boat is finished
fi finishedI
in mahogany with brocaded hangings and plush I
upholstery It is lighted by electricity and will L
carry a party of eight persons
Two Distinguished Englishmen are Escorted
About New York Ly a Forger
Special to THE HERALD ExaminerDispatch
NEW YORK May 29 Three men were dining
at Delmonicos Tuesday evening and apparently
enjoyed themselves They were watched by
two detectives and when the trio left the table
and passed out oneof the party was tapped on
the shoulder by a detective who said ho placed
him under arrest The two other gentlemen
who had been dining were dumlounded at the
unexpected arrest of their companion Why
that man exclaimed one of the two gentlemen
is Inspector Byrnes chief detective We met
him aboard the Aurania as he was returning
from Europe and he told us so There must
certainly be some mistake The detective as
sured aim there was no mistake and invited
him to call next morning upon Inspector Byrnes
and learn who the prisoner really was
One of the gentlemen had to leave town and
yesterday morning the gentleman who re
mained in the city called at Inspector Byrnes
office and said ho was Sir Robert Peel a de
scendent of the illustrious English statesman
His companion he said was Clifford Talbot a
wealthy young Englishman who left Tuesday
night lot Chicago on business They had come
over to America to cruise along the Atlantic
coast His yacht would be here in a few drys
when they start from the city It was his in
tention to accompany Mr Talbot to Chicago
but he had decided to remain to find out who
was the man that had been arrested in their
The prisoner explained the inspector is a
very clever swindler who is wanted for defraud
ing a widow of 8125J His name is John Mc
Dermott He was formerly a hack driver Sir
Robert appeared very indignant at the way in
which he had been taken in
We met the man aboard the Aurania he
said He totd us his name was John Russell
and that he was chief detective of Inspector
Byrnes staff and he was just returning
from Germany where he had taken a
forger He said that as soon as we ar
rived in New York he wanted to see t
tho German consul and get from him 550J
for the work He seemed a very pleasant and L
intelligent gentleman and as he promised to I
show us around New York we soon became c
good friends Upon landing on Monday morn
ing we all went to the Hoffman house and since
theatre have been dining at the Brunswick and
Delmonicos Wehavejpald the expenses and
he has done the entertaining Several times I
have asked him to take us to Inspector Byrnes
but he has put us off We thought so well of
him in fact that I presented him with a diamond
cravat pin worth S600 or 700 I intrustea to
him the checks for my baggage and gave him
four fivepound notes to change into United
States money The prisoner was then brought
into the office and identified He returned the
cravat pin the fivepound notes and the bag
gage checks
Some Distinguished Marriages
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Cable
LONDON May 29Mr Ballard Smith will be
married on Tuesday next to Miss Kitty Butter
field daughter of the late Fred Butterfleld of
New York The bride elect is a charming girl
and very wealthy They sail for New York the
day after the marriage
A fashionable wedding took place yesterday
at the Protestant church in Paris when Miss
Marguerite AVaddlngton niece of the French
ambassador to England was married to Marcel
Delvas There were present at the ceremony
the French ambassador and Mrs Waddlngton
Minister Whitelaw Reid United States Consul
Rathbone and many of the prominent members
of the American colony Miss Macondry niece
of Consul Rathbone was one ot the six brides
The public prosecution has Issued a notice to
the effect that the guessing competitions on
racing circuits as carried on by certain London
puolications no longer be permitted as in
his opinion any competition which is decided by
the merest chance which he considers these
are is practically a lottery and consequently
The Inman steamship City of New York ar
rived at Liverpool yesterday at 210 having
made the passage In days and 0 hours on
a southerly course She had splendid weather
and her engines worked without a bitch
Mitchells Challenge to Slavln
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Cable 1 1
LONDON May 29 Charlie Mitchell has Is
sued a challenge to Frank Slavln offering to
back an unknown against him for from 1000 to
5000 The challenge is insultingly worded
Mitchell insinuating that Slavin is all wind and
talk and accusing him of gulling the public
Slavln is indignant He says he will teach
Mitchell to speak the truth and put an end to
his bluffing
Al Mitchell middle weight today issued a
challenge to Jack Dempsey to fight for a nurse
with bare knuckles at the California club
Nihilists Plot Against the Czar
PARIS May 29The police here have re
ceived information that a number of Nihilists
were organizing a plot against the Czar The
information was followed up and the result was
that fifteen persons charged with being impli
cated In the plot were arrested today A num
bar of incriminating documents were found at
the lodgings of the leader in the plot a Nihilist
named Mendleshon A quantity of explosives
was also secured A numberof other Nihilists
were arrsted this afternoon Among the
explosives seized at the lodgings of Mendle
shon were a number cf finished bombs Material
for the manufacture of explosives was also
seized at the lodgings A number of other
persons were arrested
In the House
WASHINGNON May 29The committee on
public lands reported back the Senate bill with
amendments for a general forfeiture of land
grants Ordered recommended
The Senate bill passed for the relief of the
widow of Rear Admiral David McDougal The
house then went into committee of the whole
on public buildings Tho following public
building bills were laid aside favorably Stock
ton Cal 5750CO Pueblo Cob 13000 Port
land Oreg 100COO
There was a lively tilt on the question of pub
lie building bills brought out by a bill for the
public building at Bar Harbor Maine 75000
Mills had asked what the direction of the com
luittee was and Milllkcn replied that two Re
I publican bills would be called up and then one
Democratic bill Mills thought this unfair and
that the committee should alternate between
the two sides
Alien ueciarea an me system wa vicious
and that politics should have nothing to do with
tho question The committee finally arose the
agricultural bill was reported and the House ad
journed until Monday
A bill for the erection of a public building at
Walls Walls was 540000 reported to the
House today
The grantforfeiture bill reported to the
House to day by Payson of Illinois is made up
of the Senate bill and of the bill originally re
ported by the House committee Section 2 of
the original House bill allowing settlers to
make entry oa forfeited lands under the provi
sions of the homestead law is part of the new
bill The cost to settlers of restored lands is
fixed at 125 per acre
Replies to VieeConsulGeneral
Dunstons Criticisms
He Says Dunston Dont Kno What He la
Talking Abont He Cites Russian
Ofliclal Documents
Special toTEm HERALD Examiner Dispatch
BUFFALO May 29Mr George Kennan who
is now In this city was asked by a reporter of the
Commercial today whether he had anything to
say with regard to the recently published Inter
view in which Mr Dunston viceconsulgeneral
of the United States in
return for having ac
cused him of making exaggerated and sensa
tional statements concerning Siberian prisons
and the exile system I have this to say that
Mr Dunston does not seem to have the most
rudimentary knowledge of the subject upon
which he talks As for the Siberian prisons in
particular I do not know what Mr Dunston can
possibly know about them since he has neither
inspected them himself nor read the reports ot
officers who have inspected them He thinks
that I misrepresented and exaggerated their
views It Is unnecessary to discuss that ques
tion since their condition has been fully and
frankly described by the governor ceneral ol
eastern Siberia in three official reports to the
Czar copies of which are In my possession la
first of these reported GovernorGeneral Ant
chin says During my journey to Irkutsk I in
spected a great number of prison institutions
and I regret to say that with the exception ol
the prison castles in Krasnsyork and Cikoutsk
they are all that id the circuit prisons forward
Ing prisons and etapes in a lamentable condi
lion The etapes are particularly bad
In a later report the governorgeneral de
clares that not notwithstanding the long prac
ticed exile of criminals the exile system is In
tne most unsatisfactory condition The etapes
forwarding prisons and other prisons now with
the very fewest exceptions are tumbledown
buildings in bad sanitary condition cold in
winter saturated with miasma and to crown
all affording very little security against es
capes The prisons in NizshnI Udnlsh China
Nerchinsh Blagovescuchinsk and NikblaeTsh
astound one by their bad condition Tne rea
sons for such a melancholy condition of the
prisons are many They are bad because all
the prison buildings in the empire except the
principal ones recently built are bad and
especially because they were built rapidly with
insufficient means and almost entirely without
sunervisioneither administrative or technical
Speaking in the same report of the life of tho
exiles on the road the governor general says
Parties of prisoners under guard of A convoy
command go on foot from etape to etape and
are whole months on the way while the hard
labor convicts who must go to the upper Aiaoor
do not reach their destination in less than a
year from the time when they enter eastern Si
beria In the etapes the criminals and theirfam
nles who voluntary accompany them are kept
as far as possible in separate cells but they
spend the greater part of the day together The
scenes of debauchery to be witnessed hero can
not possibly be described All the shame and
conscience that a prisoner has left are lost here
completely There go to Russia also the fami
lies that voluntarily accompany criminals into
exile without regard to ago or sex The sub
sistence of the prisoners on the road Is very ex
pensive to the government but the exiles are
badly fed Receiving food money In the shape
of cash in hand they rarely have warm food and
are very scantily subsisted although jnnmnT
able rules have been established by law for the
regulation of the exile system such rules be
come for the most part dead letters from the
very day of their enactment on account of their
impracticality and the absence of supervision
In the light of these extracts from official
S rpnfr il rf cnqtrn
Siberia to the Czar I should like to ask Air
Dunston in what respect he thinks the Russian
prison system Is better than our own and what
raises the prisoners described by Governor
General Autchin to an equal plane with any in
our own country But perhaps he thinks the
governorgeneral of eastern Siberia is also a
sensationalist given to exaggeration Such is
not the opinion of the better Informed and more
competent judges than the American vice con
sulgeneral on the very report from which I
have just quoted The present Czar Alexander
III has endorsed in his own handwriting the
significant words A melancholy but not a new
Will Mr Dunston try to maintain that the
Czar of all the Russias is also a sensationalist
exaggerating the defects of his own system of
government I would only add that if Vice
ConsulGeneral Dunstons report to the consular
nureau with regard to trade and commerce in
Russia are made with as little knowledge of the
subject as his statements concerning the Rus
sian prison system they are not likely to ho
of much value to American merchants
Murder and Suicide
NEW YORK May 29 Jacob Epstein a Rus
sian cigarmaker shot his wife in the back this
morning and then fired a bullet Into his mouth
Both wounds are supposed to be fatal
Pickle Works Burned
CHICAGO May 29Five acres of frame build
ings comprising the Lyraan A Budlong Pickle
works Bowmanville were burned last night
Loss 5200000
The Bare Gorge
Special THE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
NEW YORK May 29 Senator Hearst is of the
opinion that the mare Gorge will nevermore
compete in races She will bo returned to Sen
ator Stanford and go on the farm at Palo Alto
Mrs Whitelaw Keids Ball
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Cable
PARIS May 20The sumptuous apartments
occupied by Mr and Mrs Whitelaw Reid la
Avenue Hoche were ablaze with light last even
ing and gay with music and dancing It was tha
occasion of a ball given by the ministers hos
pitable wife and designed especially for the
pleasure of her young friends both French and
American The scene In the ball room was very
brilliant The Parisian dressmakers had been
given carte blanche and had covered themselves
with glory at the same time covering partially
at least their graceful clients with combinations
of satins and silks and laces wonderful to be
Shot an ExPngillst
DENVER May 29John P Clowe an ex
pugilist and Garret Hughes quarreled at Mur
phys exchange at 4 this morning over money
matters and Clowe knocked Hughes down when
the latter pulled a revolver and fired five times
The last snot took effect In Clowes groin The
wound Is thought to be fatal Hughes who Is
connected with one of the most prominent fam
ilies of Colorado gave himself up and is now
in the city jail
Brazil Accepts the Arbitration Agreement
Rio DE JANEIRO May 29The cabinet has
determined to accept the arbitration agreement
of the InterNational American conference and
will send a mission to Chili to endeavor to se
cure the adherence of that country to the idea
The projected public meeting against the fin
ancial policy of the Argentine government was
held at Buenos Ayres April 13 No disturbance
occurred The ministry resigned the evening
before and with it a director of the Banco Na
Vermont Democratic Nominations
BURLINGTON Vermont May 20The Demo
cratic state convention made the following
nominations for state officers Governor H D
Brigham lieutenantgovernor George W
Smith secretary of state G O Kimball trea
surer D A Pollard auditor Elisha May
Found Dead in His Yard
CINCINNATI May SIFred Miller was found
dead in his yard tonight with a knife wound in
his heart His wife and John Pierce have
been in company considerably lately
The Manchester Meeting
LONDON May 29At the Manchester meet
ing the Breeders fool stakes 1500 sovereigns
for twoyearolds were won by Smiths colt
The Restoration of Rates
CHICAGO May 29The genesal passengei
agents of the western railroads met today and
in accordance with the presidents understand
ing agreed to restore rates June 9 to the basis
in effect December 31 last It Is understood
that the TransMissouri association will order
a restoration of rates from the Missouri river to
i Colorado points

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