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J i >
The Past Week Satisfactory and l
the Future Bright
The Heavy Ore and Bullion Output The Bait
ways Attitude American Fork
and Lincoln Districts
It goes without saying that the week has
i been a most satisfactory one in busincss
Vcirclcs With the activity in building the
street car movements and the thousand
and one avenues open to those who seek
employment it could not well be other
Wise The tin bucket brigade is at work
ergo the merchants rejoice
MthoutAi in operation but a trifle over a
week the stock exchange has given evi
dence that It like the country newspaper
fills a longfelt want and has come to
sty and grow up with the community in
which it has been established Although
the greater proportion of the members are
somewhat inexperienced yet they are cut
ting their eye teeth at a most satisfactory
gait and will ere long prove formidable
competitors to those of longer years in the
pit Seriously though there can be no
doubt but that the organization and suc
cessful operation of the stock exchange is
another move in the right direction and it
is one that will help to attract the attention
of the outside world to the fact that Salt
Lake has within her boundaries business
men of nerve pluck and energy men who I
Jinow how t do a thing and go the right
3pray about it I
f Our clearing house report for the week
makes a most excellent showing and Salt
Lake again leads dozens of the cities that
have been and would be boom towns The
steady solid growth as indicated by the
clearing house returns must be satisfac
tory t all who have the material interests
of Salt Luke at heart
i I was with no little satisfaction that we
I printed the interview lately had by a
J Hnnui > representative with First Vice
President Peabody of the Rio Grande
Western Although there are some who
will shrug their shoulders and say Rail
way promises we are inclined t the be
lief that Mr Peabody means what he said
about it being the intention of the Rio
Grande Western t build up the section
through which it runs and Utah in gen
cral Nobody doubts the power of the rail
way company t either boost a town to the
top notch of prosperity or sink it so deep
that it will never be seen This has been
exemplified in more ways than one That
the Rio Grande Western runs through a
rich country there is no room for argu
ment That it has a big field t develop
there can bo no doubt That the promises
made by Mr Peabody will be carried out
we believe There was a time in the his
tory of the road when such promises could
not from the nature of things have been
fulfilled That time has passed With a
road bed and equipment second to none in
the Tnited States with unlimited capital at
its back the Rio Grande Western can be
made a powerful factor in building up
Utah and no city will feel the benefits t a
greater extent than Salt Lake
The real estate sales daring the week
liave been active but there has been little
i any improvement over the week prcvi
s Lead unit Silver
7 1 In Kew York the lead market is reported
fjas dull nevertheless quotations have been
jjigh during the week ranging from J423
In St Louis lead presents no novelty
Offerings have not been large and yet they
appear to be sufficient to supply current
requirement neither buyers nor sellers
show any anxiety to trade to any extent
in deferred deliveries and appear to be
ing that the future should take care of
ifegl r
In Chicago about the same condition of
fairs exist
In Salt Lake there has been a decided
upward tendency in the market Opening
at 5432 the metal closed last evening at
4 f
Silver S1W 4 I
In American Fork District
I Major Wilkes of Salt Lake and formerly 1
manager of the Millar mine was in town 1
The Xorth Star
Good ore Is now being taken out of this
American Fork property
the otner evening ana was uccumpuuiuu uy
I 11 Garnick of Colorado They both
were quiet and closemouthed a t their
business but by daylight Wednesday
morning they were seen moving up the
caiion reporter of the Independent was on
their trail all the evening and ascertained
fjtani their conversation that they will pro
ceed to the Silver Bell then will examine
the Live Yankee Austin and the famous
cia Mllar mines The Colorado party will
purchts the first three and obtain a lease
on the iLllar and the old times will be r
ncwcJ In this camp within ninety days
Our reporter learning that Major Wilkes
was formerly nianascr of the Millar group
skd luui what kind of a camp this was in
oil J tia > s The major said There
n > o a p today in Utah as good as tho
Jer can Pork and it is bound to como t
tif font again before long There never
was a richer body of ore struck anywhere
than n the Malar We worked for weeks
j I and weeks upon one pocket of ore and
never used pick nor blast The ore was so
rch and easy to work that we could scoop
It out with j a shovel and that is what we
did It run 40 ounces silver 40 per cent
lead ana S10 gold and smelted so perfectly
that it ran like water At one time we had
tOO worth of bullion corded up like
wood There was about 1500000 taken
out of this mine in seven months I
understand major that the ore in this
camp generally is of a high dc and the
surface croppings s are very rich Yes
There are many places where you can take
a pick and sack and gather wagon loads of
rich ore ri h on the surface Hero an
interruption occurred and we were unable
to nrndrnL obtain any further information Inde
The Lincoln District
M Cullen ono of the original owners of
the famous Horn Silver mine at Friscohas
visited Lincoln camp He is a man who
knows ores and formations when he sees
them He i a millionaire and has made it
out of mines He is an owner in Lincoln
mile and will spend a large sum of money
ln < Lincoln in the near future P Denny
treasurer and attorney for the December
Gold and Silver Mining company has also
visited the Lincoln mines in company with
M Cullen who is the president of the com
pany Mr Louis Lessing I director
and owner of the companys stockswas
also present He i also a heavy owner in
mines at the headof Lincoln company and
has been extracting and shipping ores from
his mines the lust seven months which is
of a high grade in gold silver and lead
Assajmg from 8 to S per tontlonfaii
At the Bank
j to
J The ore and bullion receipts by the earl
itts banks in this city for the week end
yesterday were 20310389 as compared
with 32137900 for the week previous
They were reported a follows
Sy McCornick A Co
Silver and lead oruuu 8 G19DQ 0
Hanauer bullion 11950 0
D Total 73830 0 j I
By Welli Fargo 0 Co
Bullion u 5 3S15 0
Ore uu u C8001 O
Total uu 8107540 0
Ty T 72 Jonet Co
Lead and silrer orsu uu 22V 47
Lead u 421 42
Totalu uu 20709 5
Total shipments for the weekf205163 5
Notwithstanding the ruling prices of
silver and lead comparatively few of the
smaller mines were heard from during the I
week just pat All the big shippers are on I
deck however and the table given below
shows that they are doing some very lively
Frisco was represented by the Horn
Silver only
Bingham holdup her end
Stockton was inclined to be quiet
The Cottonwoods are still voiceless
Park city h taken on a new lease of
Tintic is booming a she never boomed
American Fork has not yet been heard
from this season but it is quite probable
she will be just as soon as the wagon road
washed away by the recent bursting of the
Silver Lake reservoir has been repaired
which will be within the next few days
The Horn Silver
There were three or four shipments dur
ing the week
The Ontario
The Ontario is sending down oceans of
ore The stock is quoted in another
The Daly
The Daly is shipping as usuaL
The Crescent
I A lot of concentrates came from the
The YToodsiae
I One hundred tons of concentrates came
from the Woodside
The Mayflower
After being shut down for a couple
of weeks the Mayflower is again
a shipper The cause of the shut down was
trouble from surface water
The Alliance
I There is a 10 cent assessment on Alliance
The Brooklyn
I Three hundred tons of first and second
class ore came from the Brooklyn
The Spanish
I class The Spanish shipped fifty tons of second
The Buckeye
I Thirty tons came from the Buckeye I
had not passed the assayer yesterday
Ioseralte 02
I One hundred tons went 45 lead and 16M
The BullionBeck
I The BullionBeck had its usual heavy
I The CenteimialEnreka
The CentennialEureka is also a shipper
I The Eureka Hill
Ore is pouring out dividends flowing in
The Spy
The Northern Spy is shipping at the rate
of about twenty cars per month
The Caroline
Shipments from the Caroline have been
rather lghthe
The Mammoth
The heavy output continues
The Gemini
One hundred and sixty tons went 25 lead
and 45 silver
The Kalamazoo
I is said the proprietors of the Kalama
zoo in American Fork cafion will be ready
t ship ore just as soon a the road and
bridges damaged by the recent bursting of
the reservoir are repaired
The Wasatch Kins
This mine has been renamed the Ontario
and unwisely so it would seem The
bonders Chadwick and Winn are clearing
up preparatory to taking out ore
The Treasure Consolidated
Samoles of ore from the Treasure Con
solidated silver run as high as 3 lead and BOO
The December
The December Gold and Silver Mining
company of Minersville are making
arrangements to put their mines in good
condition These mines have been lying l
idle for some time past
The Jlinnio Moore
Work has been stopped in the Minnie
Moore mine below the 000foot level above
that tho mine will be worked by leasers
I good health of himself his wife and
children I you have not this fortune
qnd are not able to pay for tho services of
a competent physician to cure you of your
sad affliction go see Dr Hand the poor
mans friend I you can only raise a few
dollars just enough to pay the wholesale
cost of medicine Tr Hand will give you
his services free r rovided you are worthy
and will call upon him Sunday June 15
1690 between the hours of 10 a m and 2 p
m Remember Dr Hand does not ask
any one not even the rich t pay him for
his services until after you are cured Dr
Hand natient makes no mistakes He cures every
Choicest building lots the
buiding on market
cast side of Liberty park SfcOO to 100 market
Lots near corner 6th West and 7th
South 473 to o2o
Lots near corner Gth West and 9th
South 200 to S300 Flowing wells may be
had on any of the above lots
First class business prospective busi
ness and acreage properties
Office 02 S Main street
Sixtyfive acres farming meadow and
pasture hind quarter mile from Rio Grande
Western depot Woods Cross 150 per
aero flowirgjwell good building site or
will sell in part Address H Herald
Our entire stock of this seasons Impor
tation of Canton Shanghai and Japanese
Lyons printed silks is now offered at
lrintd siks i ofer a re
duction of 23 cent Ourl
ducton 2 per cent quality at
175c Our 125 quality at 51 l Cons Bnos
No Cure No PayA Written Guarantee Given
Until Next Tuesday Only
Dr Hnnd tho great medical electrician
has now under written contract for treat
ment two hundred and seventynine pa
tients in Utah territory Tho doctor wants
an even three hundred and then ho will
take no more cases for treatment until he
gets some of his first cases off his hinds
Now in order to twentyone more cases
to make out the three hundred at once Dr
Hand will until next Tuesday give con
tracts with each case taken for treatment
making his pay for services duo one year
after you are cured and no cure no pay
Now who are going to be tho next twenty
one patents I Dont all come at once but
those intending to come on Tuesdays had
better call and secure tickets for admission
as the crowd will be so large by Monday
afternoon you will not bo able to see the
doctor and all those who wish to be one of
the three hundred patients should call
Sunday afternoon and make your
wants known Remember you do not have
to pay Dr Hand a dollar for his services
until one year after you are cured j and i
not cured you have nothing to pay him for
his services Do not fail to read Dr Hands
big advertisement in this issue of TIE
ElniuLD headed No Cure No Pay
Byron Hsxrtwell has reopened his shop
with a new stock of material and desires
all his old patrons and friends to call on
him First class work guaranteed 127 W
South Temple
To secure health and happiness make
your family purchases of Barnes Lewis
excel grocer all for other it fours in quality Ask your
John C Cutler Bro agents Provo
Deseret Woolen mills have removed tern
porarily to No 73 West First South street
east of Herald building
All kinds of woolen goods Gents suits
made to order from our celebrated cassi
meres spring styles just received from the
Dinwpodey has come to the front again
with quite an assortment of furniture and
carpets in Calders music store
invites all his old customers and the pub
lie generaly to call and examine his fine
stock of furniture carpets linoleum baby
carriages refrigerators etc at his show
rooms in Calders music palace 45 W First
South street Telephone 218
Com Bnos offer bargains in parasols
I hosiery blouse waists jerseys laces and I
embroideries announcement elsowhem Wo direct attention to their I
Ladies wraps at the Western Shoo and
Dry Goods C
A big stock of childrens waists at the i
I street Western Shoe and Dry Goods Co Man I
Opened June Otis Rebuilt and newly
furnished throughout Centrally newlY
A lovely summer resort surrounded with
beautiful lawns and trees Headquarters
for commercial men The finest sample
provements rooms in tho territory All modern im
I You should see those new Afghans in
our carpet department Z C M I
NOVELTIES in summer neckwear
142 Main street
New ready made teagowns at the
Western Shoe and Dry Goods Co
Gents hosiery ties underwear at thE
I Western Shoo and Dry Goods Co Main t
I street J
I Have your silk and alpaca ulsters made
by Alfred H Cohn the ladies tailor 6 E
Second South
Des Whitney and Sachets dental parlors
Ion next to Cullen hoteL
A Few Facts About Leading
TIme Camp Is Booming and Bids Fair to Be
come a Rival of tie Great Park
City Mines North
To a HEPALD reporter Simon Bamberger
gave the following interesting intelligence
Tintic i going Who thQ mining district of
territory and a rival of the Park The
strong point in its favor is that the mines
can be worked very cheaply there being
no water to contend with the mines being
a dry as a powder horn and the railroads
arc at their doors As to the number of
mines that are paying there is the Eureka
Hill which has shipped for yours from
10000 to 13000 tons some of ranging as
high as 5100 to the ton mid none of it is
likely to sail for less than 150 1 is a
private corporation and while the amount
of > dividends cannot easily be ascertained
yet it is known that the owners are classed
among the millionaires
are really twin mines and the lawsuit
grew out of the claim that they were from
one and the same great source but they
are now split and separate Next in the
lode southerly cames the
Which is not a twin mine as it con
centrates into one vein They
own about 3000 feet in length
along the vein and have rivaled the Eureka
Hill and BullionBeck in shipping even
larger quantities of high grade ore tuat has
been shipped by the other mines The
company is only beginning to show the
public what they can do in producing ore
and i is estimated that ere long they will
produce from two thousand
to three thou
sand tons month and it wouldnt aston
ish anybody who is familiar with mining
to find that the working expenses are so
small for the amount of ore produced will
be even larger The principal owners Ire
W W Chisholm Fred Woodman Simon
and Jake Bamberger and Ben tt Harness
and Bradley There are about uJOOO shares
in the company the balance 175000 shares
are in the bank to the credit of the com
pany At the rate the stock is selling for
on the market it would make the property
worth S70000 and it asserted by borne who
ought know that half of that is already
in sight in the mine 1ue ore assays from
SCO up t SGOO in silver and from 10 to 33
in gold beside considerable lead and
Next on the belt i
which has a great reputation for the va
riety of ore it has produced and is still
producing I produces copper smelting
ore milling orealso lead silver smelting
ore and gold ore so rich that they have at
times shipped it in tin cans to prevent any
serious loss Tons have teen shipped
from here that have yielded many thou
sands of dollars per ton They have at
present in the treasury 230000 and have
been paying 1 per cent per month on
JOOOOu snares This stock is selling on the
exchange nt4 per share making the valua
tion of the mine 1000000 Sam McIntyre
William McIntyre and Mr Cunningham
are the principal owners
that has recently been purchased by the
BullionBeck people is also going to make
a great showing for itself It is under
stood that it will be listed on the
stock exchange and there are now a num
ber of people watching it with the intention
of getting some of the stock The great
advantage of the Tintic mines is i that when
the ore is shipped to the market they
find a ready sale for it at good
figures and thus avoid the uncer
tainty of treating the oro in va
rious processes which do not always prove
satisfactory There are a number of pros
pects being developed that promise well
and there is
a probability that as
soon as they show sufficiently to show
permanently they will be placed on the
stock exchange as prospects These are
the class of mines that the people will be
looking for t buy stock in for the others
have become so valuable that the stock can
only be purchased by those who have ample
A Rich Ore Developed in the Mountains to
the South of Logan
As will be remembered by the readers of
the Journal a mine situated In the moun
tains in the southern part of the valley was
workEd to a considerable extent about three
years ago by Messrs Edwards Scott and
Suarr At that time some thousands of
dollars were spent upon the mine and a
tunnel near 200 feet long was constructed
Through some apparent miscalculation
however the tunnel failed to strike the
silver ledge which showed so plainly on
the surface Becoming disheartened the
proprietors quit work
Early the present season Mr Edwin
Rowland of this city became convinced
thai there was paying ore in the mine and
in company with Mr J R Edwards who
had never lost faith in tho enterprise and
Mr Trewhela of SaltLake relocated the
mine and work was begun at once The
miners followed the ledge from the surface
fifty feet where the ledge of freemilling
ore was discovered to be ten feet wide It
is feet believed the ledge extends hundreds of
Of course several assays have been made
of the ore and the owner of one of the
smelters at Park City took from the mine
here 300 pounds of average ore and after
putting it through the mil i was found it
yielded fortyseven ounces t the tona
rare yield indeed and one that would bring
an enormous sum to its owners i the mine
held good along the ledge
Mr Edwards one of the proprietors
states it is the intention to dig another fifty
feet along the ledge and i the ore lasts
every effort will be made to establish a mill
at the mine There are many tons of ore
already at the dump and a lingo
amount could of course hemmed in a short
time The proprietors of the mine are ex
cusably jubilant over the prospect they
hive and feel satisfied that it will not fail
as the rock can be worked for three ounces
to the ton and the smallest yield ouncs by
assay was ten ounces to tho ton
There is a widespread opinion that i a
full investigation proves the mine t be all
that is claimed for i the county and tire
community hero should contribute t the
purchase of an ore mill a the development
of the mine would bring another railway
through the mountains as there is a ex
cellent opening for a road through the
cafion passing the mines and a railway
would add to the wealth and progress of
the valley I Is believed that were contri
butions toward purchasing a stamp mill
furnished it would result in the develop
ment of other mines and would cause an
era more prosperous than ever to pass over
this section The proprietors have worked
hard and spent a large sum in the develop
ment of tho mine and now that their labor
about to aid the valley It is urged they
should be encouraged and that being long
residents hei e and as interested as other
citizens they should be given the prefer
ence of encouragement and pecuniary as
sistance over new comers who will ag
surely come and locate claims a this mine
succeeds Further the owners living her
the wealth will remain here and
wi here not ho I
Journal used to build up other sections Logan
A Region Larger than the At
lantic States
More Red Headed Girls than any City In the
United States and I White horse
for Each of Them
J W Whitehoad gives the following as a
few reasons why Salt Lake is the best place
to locate in the word
The capital of Utah having a population
of over 50000 is the largest city between
Denver and San Francisco is situated on
the east coast ot Great Salt Lake in the
most fertile valley in the world
Has tho healthiest climate and finest
mountain scenery in the world
Has an unlimited water supply from the
snowcapped peaks of the Wasatch range
Has unlimited and inexhaustible coal
fields close at hand
Has a region larger than the Atlantic
states from Maine to Maryland
sttes lar as a com
mercial centre with a population of over
This region contains gold silver lead
copper iron coal hard soft and coking
sulphur marble granite slate alum as
bestos gypsum quicksilver saltpetre an
timony mercury mineral wax and grap
hite mines petroleum and natural gas
Springs of the different mineral waters
both hot and cold abound in this region
Has a large white lead works four smel
ters and many stamp mills and sampling
Has woolen mills paper mills shoe hat
clothing and silk factories glass and chem
ical works four large flour mills and ma
chine shops and foundries
Has eight railroads entering the city and
seven in course of construction
Has near at hand the finest building
stone and marble quarries in the United
States i
Has a Tabernacle with the
abernace largest organ
and greatest seating capacity of any build
jug In the world
Has tho finest Temple on the globe forty
years under construction
Has more redheaded girls than any city
in the United States and a white horse for
each Ole of them
Has four daily and several weekly and
monthly papers
Has a magnificent military post
Has a most complete stemof irrigation
Has more children than any city of Its size
in the world
Has most magnificent bathing far super
ior to that of the ocean
Has a demand for men with money to
build brick blocks modern residences
street railway and motor lines
Mining stock raising and agriculture are
the principal resources of tho country
The assessed valuation of our city prop
erty will be about fCO000000
The actual valuation about 120000000
The assessed valuation of Salt Lake
county will be about C3000000
The actual valuation 130000000
The total tax levied is 12 mills but this
will probably be reduced this year
The bonded debt of the county is 5330000
The bonded debt of the city is 430000
Securities held by nonresidents are not
subject to taxation
The total output of the mines in Utah for
89 was about 12000000
The fruit and farm products were over
Our live stock Is valued at about
There were 0000000 pounds of wool pro
duced in Utah inS and only about 2000tOO I
pounds used by homo manufactories
which fact calls for more woolen factories
here where water is plenty and pure and
fuel and labor are cheap
There is a demand for more farmers and
fruit raisers as Utah produces outside of
the flour interest only about 23 per cent
of the agricultural and fruit product con
sumed in this intermountain region the
balance is shipped from the eastern states
and California We produce only about 10
per use cent of the butter and cheese that we
useThere are grand opportunities here for
men of energy brains and a little money
Overheard on the Street
Child Papa I had just a lovely time at
the park today who put up all those
swings down there
Parent Tho city my dear
Child Whos the city papa
Papa Well tho city
Child Its the Lord isnt it papa
Parent Well not under the present gov
i I ernment
Men Who Amassed Fortunes by
Investing in Sal Lake Realty
A Few Facts That Will be News to Many
PeopleHow Some Starts
Were Made
There is perhaps no city on this continent
in which so large I number of its citizens
became millionaires in such a short time as
Salt Lake
Men who but a few years ago were reck
oned worth 50000 by a single turn of the
wheel of values now rank as millionaires
and can take a tour of the world every year
without cutting much of a figure in their
annual income
The freak of fortune touched every land
holder in the city and many poor people
suddenly became rich As nearly every
old resident owned the house in which he
dwelt the appreciation in values fell line a
benediction upon all the old inhabitants of
the city in more or less degree
County Recorder George M Cannon
who has watched the current of fortune
carry every man who stood in its way to
the haven of affluence imparted such in
formation as foil within his iihaprvntinn to
n n
a HEUALD reporter
After the Brigham Young estate which
has been largely sold and divided among
the numerous heirs the William Jennings
estate is the richest in the city I includes
property in almost every part of the city
Main street and First and Second South
streets The Emporium building is the
most valuable block owned by this estate
The Walker Bros I think rank next
their property including somj of the most
valuable corners on Main and Second South
street besides a good line of very valuable
suburban property
Next to the Walkers comes the Groes
becks who have a gold mine of Main street
frontage and good business property on
First and Second South street
The Eldredge estate holds a great deal
of realty much of which is in acreage the
most of the business property being on
Main street
John E Dooly is quite wealthy in
realty and owns the old Gilmer tract
cast of Liberty park being one of the best
tracts in the whole valley and some very
valuable property on West Temple near
the Ontario hotel
d L S Hills cashier of tho Deseret Na
tonal oanir has extensive real estate interests
terests both personally I and in corporations
in which he holds stock
W S McCornick holds considerable
real estate though the bulk of his vast for
tUne is in mining and other industries
T G Webber superintendent of the
Z C M L who formerly owned the site of
the Hotel Ontario is quite well off in realty
though the bulk of his fortune is in stocks
ExMayor Francis Armstrong who is
president of the Utah Commercial and
Savings bank never sold a foot of ground
until year or two ago except one piece
and tbativas in a case where he made a
give OKj take offer and the other fellow
took him With his fellow directors in the
bank he represents f2C03000
The Richards family had a short time
agobefore Levi W Richards sold his land
to McCornick the neighborhood of
three hundred feet frontage on Main street
located north of First South At the rate
he sold to McCornick tho balance would not
sell orlesstban COOCOO
Auerbachs came here in the early
days with a load of merchandise and made
their start from a very humblo beginning
Today their realty in Salt beginning
represent close to a millionwhile their mer
chandise and
other property would net as
much more He once told me how the
blankets he brought here that cost him but
little sold like hot cakes yielding him from
300 tojlOO per cent profit
One of the most unpretentious men in
Salt Lake city is George Romney You
will find him all all over town superintend
ing buildings and he never indulges in a
carriage but either takes his legs or a
street car at a nickel a fare He has ono
piece of property on Main street just south
of the White house that would alone be
enough to keep a halt dozen men in ease
He is apartner of Geo H Taylor and is a
heavy holder of stock in Z C M I
George H Taylor is partner with
Romney and Armstrong in the lumber
business and these three with Thomas
Larimers established the business that has
since grown into that great commercial
enterprise known as TaylorRomney
Armstrong Co This firm were all poor
men when they came here and today
without a doubt represent the greatest
amount of wealth among the Mormonpeo
pie found in any one firm
W H Rowe assistant superintendent
of the Z C M I and in charge of all her
manufactures is largely interested in real
estate also in stocks
Geo M Scott is a large holder of real
estatcowninsr tho ScottAuerbach building
and the building just westof the proposed
postofllce site
Spencer Clawson has probably made
more money than any other young man
among the merchants and has built up a
large wholesale dry goods house besides
Investing heavily in real estate about the
I Mrs Wm Jennings is the richest wid
ow in the city and the yearly income on
the property that stands in her name
would yield a sum that would mike many
men think they were very rich
The Foramorz Little is another rich
estate though he sold a large amount
property just before his death The estate
owns over onethird of the ten acre block
in which the new county and city building
is being erected The estate is incorpora
ted and is now held in the name of the
Grand Hotel company
There are more poor people owning
their own homes here than in any other
city in the world of its size It is not onlv
the poor who own property here either as
we have some of the most noted persons in
the world including Lilly Langtry whoso
holdings have increased at least 300 per
cent There was one tract that was of
fered to me for 510JO of which she purch
ased a part that could be readily sold at
present values for S50000
A favorable method of outsiders in pur
chasing land is to hold it in the name of a
trustee I think that the most money 1
recently made out of real estate was on
Third South and First East tho parties on
West Temple holding on to their holdings
with great firmness
Among real estate agents I think
Kesey Gillespie made more money by
buying for themselves than any other
One of the first men who showed
any faith in Salt Lake property was
Louis Ehrichs of Colorado Springs who
came hero in March 1SS7 and invested
every cent he had and all he could borrow
He bought one block for 512000 just north
of Liberty park and you could not touch
the same block to day for S130000 That
was only ono of the many profitable trans
actions he made
Alex Q Smith an old soldier from
Burlington Iowa followed Ehrich and
while he put in more money
ho did not take more out
Ho boughtonlSecond Southwest of Mulloy
Pauls livery stable that twostory row
of buildings for 1 > 00 which 5200000
would not touch today He also bought the
the corner south from tho St Elmo at what
was conslderedfa big sum then from tho
Walkers and several hundred acres across
the Sixth wart bridge Ho bought that at
a price that would enable them to sell it
at an advance of 100 per cent
There are along list of others but pre
sume this will do for tho present
A nipping frost fell last night
The poles for the electric light wires are
strung along the streets and soon wo may
bathe in the effulgent rays of electricity
The county jail built by tho Pauly Jail
Building company and warranted to keep
in any climate was the subject of an at
tack by four of Us inmates a few days ago
With a couple of small pieces of file an old
butcher knife and two or three other little
irons they cut a man hole through the
supposed impregnable cage and were dis
covered in their little same just before
they had succeeded in breaking the outside
bar and making good their escape
Tho county court met this week and
shuffled off a good deal of business The
assessors report showed a total valuation
of property in the county of 810210910
A tax of ono and onehalf mills for county
purposes and onehalf of one mill for
school purPoses a levied J A Rees
of Spanish Fork and Prof J E Merrill I
of Provo were elected members of the I
county board of examiners
The joint teachers institute to be held in
Pleasant Valley will bo attended by a great
many persons other than teachers A fine
programme has been prepared The place
selected is one of loveliest elevated val
leys in the territory and a glorious time is
There is another hitch in the street rail
way business Contrary to the advice of
your correspondent given in TIIE HEKALD
some time ago tho directors of the road
concluded to run the line to the lake in
stead of building through the streets of the
city Well thoy had gotten about half a
mile beyond the west end when the ques
tion arose as to which of the two or three
resorts on tho lake shore they were to
build to A committee of five stockholders
was appointed to examine the matter and
report which they did recommending that
the terminus for the present be fixed at
the crossing of the Rio Grande Western
track about a quarter of a mile short of
where tho road is already constructed to
And her the matter lies smoldering I is
to bo hoped that this recommendation will
be adopted and that the road will be con
fined to its legitimate purpose i e the
accommodation of the people in the city
This is the season of excursions and pic
nic parties Hardly a day passes without
some association organization club or com
pany hies to one of our many inviting
groves to while away the day in mirth and L
song W
PROVO June 141S90
Handed for Wife Murder
LONDON Ont June 14 Henry Smith
was hanged this morning for the murder of r
his ary wife last during a drunken quarrel Febru
Eastern Buyers Thick as Bees in
a Hive
The Railroads All Make Another Cut from
Utah Common Points to the
I never saw so many eastern woolbuy
ers in Salt Lake at one time in my life be
fore said a prominent railroad man last
evening and they appear to be bidding
strongly against each other too Why I
know ole case today where wool was sold
for a mere fraction under what the same
grade is now quoted in the eastern mar
What effect did the meeting of the rail
way agents have today J Were the rates
on wool reduced I
Well yes We all will now bill baled
wool from Utah common points to the At
lantic seaboard for 200 the former figure
being 183 reduction of 12 e per hun
And on sacked wool the figures are
Exactly the same a they were before
What caused the cutthe reduction
II was made simply to meet water com
petition that Is all
petton u
We offer 100 pieces English cashmere
umbre sateens at lG > c per yard The
styles are the newest and the quality the
very best The regular selling price of
this sateen was tile
75 pieces wide corded challies at Sc per
yard This I is the best bargain in challies
we have offered this season
32inch sateens in good French designs at
lie per yard our regular 15c sateen
Cons Buos
Miss Wilkinson and Miss Papin from
St Louis are visiting Lieutenant and
Mrs Johnstone
Lieutenant Blount Fifth artillery wife
and children also Miss Ecclcston are visit
ing Lieutenant Blounts father and mother
Colonel and Mrs Blonnt
Miss Wedemeyer daughter of Captain
Wedemeyer Sixteenth infantry from Fort
Dusohene is visiting Colonel and Mrs
Parke who also have their nieces Miss
Levins and Miss Nightingale with them
Lieutenant Styes will join his company
at Fort Douglas next week for duty from a
detail as instructor at tho military
academy at Ogden Everyone will be glad
to see him back for ho has ahostof friends
at the post and in the city
Lieutenant Thurston who is detailed at
Ogden as quartermaster enlivens the post
by his presence about once a week
Target practice closes within the month
of June Some excellent results have been
produced on the rifle this
rife range season
and wo have some first class shots among
the officers and enlisted men
The post canteen is a great success here
The soldier can get good beer and a lunch
at cost price also free games and free billiards
lards in a comfortable club room
Dress parades and band concerts as
usual The Sixteenth infantry band is now
in excellent condition and there are few
better military bands in the country
Bandmaster Fucssel has been with the Six
teenth infantry some twentyfive years
< is considered a first class aedee and
There are a great many visitors to the
fort from the city daily and crowds will
come and enjoy the benefits of the lort as
soon as the electric railway is completed
it Is contemplated to run from Main street
through the opper wards Twentieth and
Twentyflrst Fort Douglas and Terrace I
Heights to Main street forming a horse
I shoe This will be a favorite ride and a
bonanza to the company a
A Big Boom During the First
Week of the Exchange
Bamberger Slashes Tretveefc Thrusts Warn
pier Mauls Stevenson Caps and Hyams
Balls ap the Blood
The first week on change has been as
full of interest as a bull fight There were
passes and thrusts many severe
no mortal wounds The men were on their
metal sizing each other up And it was
curious to seo the number of feelers put
out to draw an opponent off his guard
Each man was taking the measure of every
other man as accurately as if he expected
to meet him on a Frenchmans terms
Bamberger slashed right aed left Trc
week made keen thrusts Wampler mauled
Stevenson made neat cuts While Louis
Hyamu stood by to bail up the blood
That was how it looked to a man who
dropped in and didnt know what it all
And yet that battle of the giants was a
commercial transaction which will affect
tho market values of the mines of Utah and
other territories I was tracing in
stocks representing many of the mines that
have yielded 130000000 and speculating
on those that may so far exceed these that
the great Ontario will be looked upon as a
very tame affair
The weeks business was highly credit
able and far in excess of the most sanguine
Monday 6 5C
Wednesday Tuesday j jj jjjj j jj 11110 3fiO
Friday J fj 57T 95CO
Saturday 5t
Totaluuu uu u 43323
Yesterdays business like that of Friday
was confined largely to Apex of which
Bamberger seems to have an unlimited
quantity He however braces up the mar
ket by bidding 21 for any number of shares
and then turns around and sells all he can
find takers for at 22c
The Sales Yesterday
i d
toz 0
Alee 2 b 223b 3SOb 0
Anchor 0 4750 4 COb 475a u
Alliance u 280 b 270b 2 70 b 11
Apex 22 b 16 b liJb 31CO
Darnesu 12 a 10 b lib iceo
Camas No1 1 CO a r b SOs
Crescent 0 SO a m b Sob 10
CentEureka 2 Oj a as 0 a 2300a 0
Daly2300a saoob tS 10 a
Horn Glenco Silver 200 a 1 lOb ISOa 100
King of West 0 0 0 u
Mammoth 0 4 C b 4 0 b 4 10 a u
MaladCon 2 a 25 a 2 uuu
Ontario4300b 41Mb 3550a 0
PClit Co uu uu nn uu
s LLPCO IS 0 b 14 0 b 2 0 a u
Utah LCCO 7 2 b 7 El b 7 iS a uu
u u 0
Totalu u 5000
Treweek controls 80000 shares of Alli
ance and wants more
The brokers do not trouble Ontario
Barnes Sulphur company showed up in
good shape
Treweek bid S14 1450 515 816 and 17
for S L L P Co but found no seller
Mammoths books are closed
Stevenson caught up 1000 Crecent of
fered by Matthews alliS cents very neatly
Wampler offered to sell Apex at 30 when
it was on the board at 22 and Jake Bam
berger flew up and asked What are ire
hero for Jake is decidedly in earnest
and will stand no fooling when the spell is
on It is all business and with a rush
Wamplers big Barnum face glistens
under Texas beaver
Stevenson wears a polka dot fourin
hand about the neck
Woolley is the only broker in a silk tile
Stevens crush hat can stand a load
Trewceks carnation bouton hole was
Louis Hyams light tile was tilted
Simon Bambergers negligee shirt can
not be said to be stock
Real Estate and Business Notes
The articles of incorporation of the Co
lumbus Building and Loan association of
Denver were filed with the clerk of the
probate court yesterday
A J White bought 510000 worth of prop
erty yesterday twenty acres in section 30
about a mile and a halt west of the Jordan
Auerbach is erecting threestory brick
addition to his Main street store in the
rear of McCornick Cos bank
lesterdays Clearinss
The clearings yesterday were 230o4
and the cash balances 94512 The weeks
clearings were 1607971
The Sales Made Yesterday
D Gaze to L A Thurstcn northwest
quarter section 17 township 1 south
range 1 east 3 3
J H llunnel et al to F G Brooks part
161ock37 pistil 1
IV H Folsom et al to C L Libby all lota
12 to 14 block 17 Folaoms addition 475
H P Folsom and wife to C L Libby all
lots 12 and 13 block 11 Folsoms addi
tion SO
L P Kelsey to J B Walden 10 feet by
10 rods lot 2 block 74 plat A 500
S A Smith to G E Blair part los 3
blocks liveacre plat A 1
P W Madsen and wire to C E Ailten
part lot a block 70 plat A Second
tiouth between East Temple and First
East 15730
Emily A Tyrrell to C Bagley northwest
quarter of section 32 township 7 south
range 5west 200
D Stout et alto F Armstrong northwest
quarter of section 30 townsnip 7 south
range Sweat 03
Sarah Staweli et al to F Armstrong
northwest quarter of section SI town
ship 7 south range 3 west 200
J O Rockwell to C Bagley northweot
quarter of section 31 township 7 south
ranges west 00
C Rockw ell to F Armstrong northwest
quarter of section 32 township 7 south
ran eo west 1500
C Stewart to F Armstrong northwest
quarter section 32 township south
rangeS wess 503 I
O e itockwell to C B gey northwest
quarter of section 31 township 7 onth
ringo 5 west 210
Luttla Stevens to F Armstrong north
west quarter of section 32 township 7
south rangoS west 200
J OConnor T P Dunham oil of lots
to 32 block 2 Earl D Grays subdlvi
slia I
S Dinsraoro to A J 1 WhIte all of lots Otis
14 block Vand other property C 503
J S Smith to BP Scolleld all of lotssi
and 2B Noel 3 View City plat COO I
J JIacKeil to Annio MacXcil northwest
quarter of section 13 township 1 north
range 1 west 1 I
G Easier et al to II Wells half interest
inEo ulodc I
Sarah 1 Taylor Ct oh to W Cobble ot al i
53jxlurocis lot2 biOCli53 Inst n
J F Cobble et al to 13 3 Cobbie ci aL
4bxl0 rods biimeaa above
F Caminottt to E Feranfio all of lot
49 block2 Hunters subdivision 4CO
R A Brighton ct al to L r Karrlck 10r
13 rods section 33 township 2 south
range cast 150
G V Harvey ot at to A G Ilerzinrer
43UXI9H lot 6 block K5 plat ATlitrtl
South between Firs and Secnnrt East S3 000
C Il Mitchener to lubE lurrs all of
Diets 13 and 30 block 19 Buena Vista ad
dition 150
H K A Grieve to MacthaT Ensign iix
rods lot 2 block 08 BlutD 1
Martha T Ensign to F C Sanders 2Kx7
rods lot a block 06 plat D 1931
31 T Lamb ot al to A L Williams all
of lots 17 and IS block 30 Kinney b
Gourlays Improved plat 600
B Iinclsey to L Birkcnhead lot 4 block
8 plat D ICO
Total 71507
Have the largest and best selected stock of
pianos and organs in Utah Prices low
Call antlsee us atSilMain street
SAW LAKE Crrr Utah Juno U 1830
Signal Service U S AMax
of State of
observ l E cU Weather
S am 23711 5382tT Cloudless
S pm 2559 741m N 7 Cloudless
Max temp 740 mm temp 480
Mean temp COO for 13years 650 deficiency
5 Deficiency of temp since January 11S9021
Dellciency of temp slnco June 11S909
Rainfall 000 inches mean dally 13 years
C03 Inches deficiency 003 Inches
DeficienCy of rainfall since January 1 1SOO
235 inches
Deficiency of rainfall slnco Juno 11S90 010
Sergeant Signal Corps
Indications In New York Regarding Legiti
mate Business Continue Encouraging
All indications regarding legitimate
business continue encouraging At the
same time there Is a renewal of speculative
excitement based on the prospect that a
silver bill will speedily pass both Houses
and in such form that executive approval
can be expected It is difficult at times to
distinguish between the merely speculative
and the more substantial Improvement
but in this instance there is no room to
doubt that the conditions aro improving for
productive industries and for legitimate
trade Crop prospects have brightened
wonderfully and those who look for better
times are no longer forced to account for a
hopeful and confident tone in the face of a
short crop outlook The general average
of prices has not been affected much as yet
but has turned upward and manufactured
products with breadstuffs show a general
tendency to advance
The reports from other cities are almost
without exception favorable Boston
notes not much change but higher prices
obtained for boots and shoes with even
more advance in hides and leather and
largo sales Wool is quiet but firm and
manufacturers are looking for some ad
rnncn nn litrhtTrMrrht trnnfl fnttnn goods
hold the late advance and lumber is i firm
with good business Philadelphia has re
ported three mill failures in the neighbor
hood and CO per cent of the spindles ecu
idle but the situation in wool is ono of
waiting Iron improves coal stiffens the
liquor trade is more active and the leather
and boot and shoe trades are pleased In
building May showed a decline of more
than a third from last year Pittsburg
notes improvement in iron and no expecta
tion of trouble about tho new scale of
wages Cleveland finds tradegood and iron
improving and at Detroit trade brightens
with crop prospects In general through
out the west the rains have made the out
look very much brighter and business
everywhere improves accordingly Chicago
notes increase in movement of all grains
and meats better trade in dry goods and
fairly good in boots and shoes with good
pgyments in sUSt Louis finds the sltua
tion generally xavbhlvihgtrjzear
logs exceeding all past ± a
waukee St Paul Kansas City and Omaha
the improvement in crop prospects stimu
lates trade At Salt Lake trade Is active
for the season with real estate firm and
at Memphis decided gain in the cotton pros
pects gives now activity
The great industries show clearly the
general tendency toward improvement
The wool manufacture does not improve
so clearly and sales at Boston last week
were but lhS2000 pounds but there is dis
tinctly more confidence that some improve
ment in prices of goods which are now sub
jected to foreign competition may be real
ized if the House tariff bill passes the Sen
ate also The cotton manufacture con
tinues fairly active and a decline in raw
cotton during the week has helped a little
The business failures occurring through
out the country during the last seven days
as reported to R G Dun Co number
for tho United States 170 and for Canada
25 or a total of 205 failures as compared
with 213 last week and 223 the week previ j
ous to the last For the corresponding
week of last year the figures were 225
representing 200 failures In the United
States and 25 in the Dominion of Canada
Old Sol is getting down to business
The district schools close a week from
Jack Frost nipped all tho tender plants
and seeds have since been in demand
Mr E Andersons portable photograph
gallery is now located on Main street and
from indications he is doing a rushing busi
ness M G Rolph has just put in a soda fonn
ain This is the first fountain put up In
Mount Pleasant
Mr J F Dorms of Ephraim is now so
liciting subs for the new county paper
tVe congratulate the management on the
eat and newsy appearance of the first
Load after load of wool is now passing
through here for Nephi Now that wo are
assured of a railroad in the near future
people are getting more anxious for it to
make its advent
Hon W K Reid of Manti was here yesterday
erday prosecuting a case of obstructing
he public highway
There is a perceptible diminishing ot the
water within the last few days This In
dicates that the snow is melting and as a
result the boys are oft to the caflons to be
gin work on the saw mills
Attorney Jacob Johnson of Spring City
will revise the ordinances of Mt Pleasant
city preparatory to publishing them
Our city is unusually quiet just at pres
ent Business is not booming and saloons
complain of dull times 4
Mr W B Foster representing the Nor
wich Union Fire Insurance company is in
town looking up business Mr A Al
drich will act as local agent for lit Pleas
Since the consolidation of both wards
the Sabbath schools have also united and
are preparing for the coming jubilee to be
held at Fairvietr June 201S90 The smiling
faces of the juveniles returning from prac
ticing their various parts tell us how they
enjoy these annual jubilees
The removal of the county seat from
Menu to some other place more central
seems to hava died out Mount Pleasant
and Manti were each competing for it and
trying to outdo each other to obtain it
The former two places were each striving
hard to pet it removed from its present lo
cation Will Manti retain it or will Mount
Pleasant work for Its removal heroi
THE HERALD receives encomiums every
day and is duly acknowledged The Giant
of the Rockies AMA

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