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For Domineering the House Fails I
for Once
A Undertakes to Bulldoze Democrats and Re
publicans Alike by Treating the SHyer
Bill as His Own
WASHINGTON D C June 18Special I
telegram to TUE HERALD The Reed pro
gramme was defeated today and the House
resumed the control of its own business I
wa the first time this session that Speaker
Reed has stood helpless before a House
which refused to be bound by the gag of the
previous question and insisted on ac tally
debating the matter before it The speaker
tried one of his bold assumptions of power
and i he could have draggoncd his own fol
lowers intovsupporting him it would have
been a clever trick of political merit when
lie referred the silver bill to the committee
on coinage without the consent of the
House As I telegraphed you last night
lie took the heroic course to smother it He
took a position in which no Democrat
whether a believer in free silver or a gold
basis could sustam him He sought to
draw the party line and t place on the Re
publican side of it the opponents of freo
silver and on the other side the whole
J Democratic party The assistance which
7 the eastern Democrats stood ready to ren
der him in any fight against free coinage ho
deliberately threw away in the hope of mak
ing up the loss from his own party In this
ho faded Many of the eastern Democrats
those who would have looked upon the
fight Detwcen the silver men and the
speaker with absolute indifference a they
did not much care which won although
they could not but resent the speakers
extraordinary action towards those who
voted to leave the silver bill in the posses
sion of the House But as one of them
Mr Turner of New York expressed it
after adjournment I am a good free
coinage man until the votes come to be
taken on the bill The House refused to
7 leave the silver bill in the hands of the
J tl committee on coinage and adjourned with
out making final disposition of it
The vote was not a test of the relative
strength of the friends and opponents of
free coinage for no Democrat who opposed
free coinage would vote to sustain Speaker
Reed and on the other hand a number of
free coinage Republicans did vote to sus
tin him The probability is that the bill
will soon get into conference and that from
that conference will be evolved a bill
which will make the purchase of 4500000
ounces monthly mandatory and make the
notes legal tender while taking away from
the secretary a discretionary power
in the matter of redemption Such a
measure Senator Teller informs me to
day will be entirely satisfactory t the
free coinage men They will he added be
satisfied with nothing less preferring t
return empty handed to their constituents
upon the record made by them and try it I
over again in the next Congress
question of concurrence in the Senate
amendments Rules which it was claimed
were intended to allow the majority to do
business and produce results were now
prostituted to the base purpose of gaging
the majority
Bland of Missouri held that no other
course was open but t strike the errone
ous reference of tho bill from the journal
That would place the bill on tho speakers
table and again allow the House to get
at it
Butterworth of Ohio said the time had
not come when the Republican party was
willing to abdicate its control over the
business of the House The question
would be put next fail not in time to affect
this question
McMillin of TennesseeBut will be in
time for this question to affect it Demo
cratic applause
Continuing Butterworth held that tho
real question before the House was
whether or not the speaker referred the
bill to the committee not that it was or
was not properly referred A question
arose whether the spaaker was authorized
to make the reference He contended that
he was so authorized Rule 21 gives the
speaker authority r refer public bills to the
appropriate committees
Springer argued that the silver bill was
not properly unacr the rules before the
House yesterday because the business on
the speakers table had not been reached
Butterworth said the pending proposi
tion sought to unhorse the Republican ma
jority and to put tho Democratic minority
in the saddle The Republicans should not
abdicate in favor of the Democrats until at
least they should determine they were un
able to conduct the business of the major
ity Republican applause Ho was in
favor of an early consideration of the silver
Anderson of Kansas while declaring
himself an earnest advocate of free coin
agemaintained the correctness of tho speak
ers ruling He wanted to ask the chairman
ol the committee on coinage weights and
measures whether the committee would
give the House a chance to vote upon the
Conger of Iowa chairman of that com
mittee replied that so far as he was personally
sonally concerned he would make every
effort to secure legislation on this subject
Crisp said the committee on rules might
interfere as it did toprevent a vote on the
free coinage of silver
Mills of Texas said the point ho made
was under the existing rules that the silver
bill remained upon the speakers table to
be disposed of as the House and not speak
er should determine
Breckinridge of Kentucky argued that
i the speaker went beyond the scope of his
authority iu the reference to the bill his
action was not only erroneous but illegal
aud void Tho speaker in rendering his
decision said he desired members of the
House to divest themselves of the idea that
any unusual procedure had taken place in
connection with this bill The reference
of bills of this kind and in this way had
been a daily occurrence since the adoption
of the present bills The chair desired also
that the house should know that this par
ticular transaction did not take place in a
corner In the regular course of business
the journal clerk informed the speaker
that among the list of bills to be referred
under the rules to the appropriate committee
was the silver bill with the Senate nmnnd
ments The speaker had been asked
whether he had any particular direction to
make in regard to it Knowing the bill to
be one of grave public importance and
anxious that he should have all possible
light on the subject the chair had consulted
Democratic members of the committee
on rules Blount and McMillin and the
gentlemen from Missouri and Illinois
Bland and Springer not for the purpose
of throwing any responsibility upon them
but in order that he might upon by any
light they might be able t give After
conversing with those gentlemen it had
seemed clear to the chair that the rules of
the House covered the question and that
his duty was to treat the bill a he would
treat any other Accordingly the clerk
was not directed to make any change in
regard t reference The House must bear
in mind that this was not a question of policy
I not satisfied with the reference directed
by the speaker under the present sytem of
rules the House could change the system
of rules and the House could change the
reference did this bi contained provisions
whicn under the rules ought to be con
sidered in committee of the whole There
was a provision in tho original House bill
by which certain bullion was to be pur
chased and certificates issued thereon Tho
Senate amendment was an amendment for
free coinage and for this an appropriation
was mare I anything was clear in par
liamentary law it was that the bill was one
of those which would bo properly con
sidered in committee of the whole and this
being so it was the obvious duty of the
chair to refer to it in the same manner in
which hundreds and thousands of bills had
been referred during this session The
point of order raised by the gentleman
from Illinois Cannon put the chair in an
embarrassing position because it proposed
action by the House and was a declaration
that an error had been made in parlia
mentary law It was proposed to erase
from the journal a question of fact While
the chair might have some doubt about the
point of order he felt it was a question the
House ought to determine and he would
therefore overrule the points of order and
submit the question to the House
Cannon moved to table Mills resolution
On a standing vote this was carried 120 tollO
Morrow of California Bartine of Nevada
and Townsend of Colorado voted with the
Democrats They were overlooked by the
speaker in the first count but Morrow
called attention to the omission and it wa
On a vote by tellers the motion was lost
yeas US nays 123 The question then re
curred on Mills resolution and it was
agreed to yeas 121 nays liT At the con
clusion of the roll call the vote stood yeas
119 nays 117 A change of one vote would
be necessary to defeat the resolution by a
tie vote and that change was made by
Funston of Kansas amid the decisive
cheers of the Democrats This left the
vote ea IIS nays IIS but the change
proved unavailable Abbott of Texas and
Bullock of FJord whose names were not
recorded stated that they had voted in
the affirmative and the speaker accepting
their statements the vote stood yeas 120
nays 118 Then McKinley arose and
changed his vote to the affirmative and the
vote was finally announced yeas 121 1
nays Hi lueiuniey was ten recognized
to move a reconsideration and also to move
an adjournment Mills managing t sand
wich the motion to reconsider on tho table
On a motion to lay Mills resolution on the
table tho following Republicans voted
with the Democrats in the negative Bar
tine Carter DeHaven Ewart Kelley
Marrow and Townsend of Colorado On
the resolution itself Ewart did not vote
but the others named voted in the aflirma
tive McKinley also voted in the affirma
tive but only for the purpose of moving a
reconsideration of tho motion to adjourn
Lost yeas 119 nays 120 The vote then
recurring on Mills motion to table tho mo
tion r reconsider it was agreed to yeas
121 nays 114 Mills then moved t ap
prove the journal as amended asking to
withdraw the preamble which recites that
tho order of reference made by the speaker
referring the silver bill to the committee
on coinage weights and measures was in
correct under the rules of the House and
done without authority under said rules
McKinley objected and the question re
curred on the adoption of the preamble I
was applauseJ lost yeas 109 nays 121 Republican I
Springer moved tho approval of the jour I
nal as amended pending which on motion
I of McKinley the House adjourned
In the House
J WASHINGTON June 19Mills objected to
J the approval of the journal on the ground
that it had not been read in full by the
The speaker ordered a full reading Tho
clerk was proceeding to read that portion
of the journal which disclosed a reterence
of the silver bill t the committee on coin
age weights and measures McKinley
moved that the journal be approved and
L demanded the previous question despite
Mills protest that he was entitled to rec
ognition t move t correct the journal
Springer raised the point of order that
the journal contained a record oT some
thing which never happened
The speaker replied that was for the
House to decide and directed the clerk to
call the roll
The clerk proceeded while Springer
amid the applause of his party colleagues
entered a vigorous protest addressing the
speaker sajing You can ignore the
lights of the representatives of the people
but the people will pull you down sir at
the polls next November and
pols your party
with you
The House refused to order the previous
4 applause question 102 to 117 amid loud Democratic
f The following Republicans voted with
the Democrats in the negative Messrs
Bartine DeHaven Kelly Kerr of
Bartne Kel Iowa
Lind Morrow and Townsend of Colorado
Mills offered a resolution reciting that
the order of reference made by the speaker
referring the silver bill r the committee
on coinage weights and measures was
incorrect and against the rules of the
House and made without authority under
the rules and resolving that the jour
nal be corrected by striking therefrom this
Cannon of Illinois argued that the Sen
ate amendments would require to be
ut t con
sidered in committee of the whole and that
being so it was the speakers duty to refer
it to the committee on coinage weights
and measures The resolution sought to
strike out the recital of this fact
Mills of Texas characterized Cannons
position a the boldest most reckless and
absurd position he ever heard maintained
l a legislative uoay under the constitu
tion the journal was to be kept by the
House not by the speaker or his clerks
He charged the Republican party
with being false to its pledges on
the matter of silver and said the
Democratic party would give people free
unlimited coinage of silver On the
hustings people would ask the Republicans
why when they were sent here as friends I
of silver they voted t the death to pre
vent the consummation of the peoples
wisbe and the fulfillment of their prom
ises I
Peters of Kansas though declaring him
self a free coinage man sustained the
speakers action contending that under the
rules it was the speakers duty to refer the
bill as he had done I
Biggs of California put an inter
rogatory with such vehemence a t draw
forth the laughter of the House which was
renewed when Biggs in perfect good
i nature but totally oblivious of tho
speakers gavel continued to put his ques
tions Finally the speaker asked sternly
order Will the gentleman from California be in
I will replied Biirgs in a meek pleas
ant voice which again gave rise to merri
Crisp of Geogia submitted an argument
t show that under the rules the speaker
had not the power r refer the bill as he
had done
Springer of Illinois contended for the
right of the House r revise the journal
and make show what a majority of the
House decided it should show The pur
pose of referring the bill to the committee
on coinage weights and measures was to
vent the House rfrom voting on the
j l = <
I Census Deficiency Bill Approved
WASHINGTON June 10The President
has approved census deficiency appro
priation bill and the act providing for the
exportation of fermented liquor in bond
without the payment of tho internal
revenue tax
Salisbury on the Transfer of
He Praises the Settlement of the African Dis
pute With GermanyGold Shipments
From New York
LONDON June 19 Replying to ques
tions regarding the transfer of Heligsland
to Germany in the house of lords tonight II
Lord Salisbury said there were no grounds
for supposing the inhabitants objected to
the transfer except as regards conscrip
tion and this was provided against in tho
In the commons the government is
nearly defeated in the vote on the first
clause of the licensing bill it stand
ing 22S yeas to 224 nays The
Conservatives had expected Storoy to
continue his speech today but he
did not resume and a division was taken at
once During the count there was a panic I
on the government side several Parnell
iles were and absent a number of government members
It is stated tonicht that Archbishop
Walsh has written a letter to the Freearms
Journal severely lecturing absentee Par
nelliles who saved the government from
defeat He says unless they can give a
satisfactory explanation of their absence
he will find it hard to place further trust
in the Irish party
An Address to Stanley
LONDON lStanley was presented
with an address at Berwick today In
reply he spoke in the most enthusiastic
terms of the wisdom of Salisburys settle
ment with Germany of the African ques
tion By the agreement 500 square miles
of territory are added to the British pos
sessions in Africa Instead of a dolorous
tirade against the prime minister Stanlov
said now is the time to sing a pean in his
honor I is now possible to realize the
great dream of those concerned in the ex
ploration and civilization of Africa from
the Cape of Good Hope to Cairo
Stanley in receiving the freedom of
Newcastle repeated his laudations of Sal I
isbury dwelling with enthusiasm upon the
prospects in Africa Ho said ho was confl
Ir p conf
uent tnat I ne couiu muster an me chiefs
of the regions that England had acquired
they would acquiesce in the opinion that
the date of agreement would be a red letter
day in the African calendar
The Shipment of Gold to Germany
NEW YORK June 19A local paper
says The recent shipment of 2234000 in
gold to Germany 750000 of which went
on the steamship Columbia this morning
has been followed by the circulation in
banking circles of several disquieting
rumors one reaching government officials
to the effect that tho shipments are on
direct orders trom the German chancellor
One of the leading bankers here said
The recent advance in exchange in Ber I
lin and the lower rate of sterling exchange
in Germany arose from the policy of ox
tending the German export business and at
the same time placing such restrictions on
imports as to practically pIohibit them
The reason for this policy i i that the Ger
man government is hoarding gold and no
matter what excuse the bankers acting as
its agents may make it is well under
stood where orders comefrom and where
the gold goes to
I is estimated that 10000000 will be
taken by Heidelbach Ickelhelmer Co
on present orders from this city and Eng
lish bankers said today that sterling ex
change and exchange on Paris was just
at the gold shipping point and an y further
advance in the rates would bring out large
export orders The worst feature of the
situation is the fact that the gold bars in
the assay office which two years ago
amounted t 90000000 have decreased to
832500000 I they should be all absorbed
a drain on the double eagles in the sub
treasury will follow and the banks will lose
part of their special holdings The opinion
on Wall street is freely expressed that
the law allowing the withdrawal of gold
bars for export should be amended and the
treasury officials should insist on paying all
checks in coin This would limit the ship
ment of gold to a small figure for it would
take wide difference in exchange for ship
pers to realize a profit in shipping coin
Gold bars are of known fineness and
charged for accordingly On the other
hand gold coin often fallsl per cent below
the standard of fineness and in addition
there is always a loss by abrasion
or Last March has Done Great Damage to the
Countrys Fruit Crop
Special to TiE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
NEW YORK June 19 American commis
sion merchants say that tho cold snap of
March last extending from Florida to Can
ada and taking in the eastern and middle
stats nipping the blossoms of trees will
result in a large shrinkage of tho fruit sup
ply Mr Goodsell informed your reporter
that the peach crop of New Jersey and
Delaware which last year amounted to
considerably over n million bushels would
this year hardly reach five hundred bush
els and these would be of inferior quality
He also said that the large shrinkage
though not to such a great extent in some
directions extended over the entire fruit
supply of New England and the middle
states and that tho loss to agriculturists
was estimated at not less than four or five
millions of dollars
Ten said Mr
years ago Goodsell
this blow would have been irreparable
and the country would have had to endure
a fruit famine with what grace it could
but this year the gate of deliverance is
opened in California The crop of that
state this season is unusually large and
the unprecedented energy expended in
fruit culture during the last decade has
produced a supply equal to the present de
mand As an indication of the increased
yield of fruit in California Mr Goodsell
instanced Riverside which shipped in 1SSO
fifteen carloads of fruit while in 1888 the
fruit shipped from there amounted to 920
Miss Rose Farewell Married
CHICAGO June 19Rose Farewell the
youngest u daughter of United States Senator
Farewell was married at noon at Lake
Forest to Hobart C Taylor member of an
old and wealthy Chicago family and one I
of the editors of the weekly paper America
A Party of Mormons Arrive I
NEW YORK June 19The steamship
Wyoming landed 250 Scandinavian and
Welsh Mormons in charg of Bishop
Wiley They leave this afternoon for Salt
Lake city A special registration of the
party was made so if the government I
should wish to interfere on tho ground of
I imported labor the arrivals can be located
Blames Amendment to the Tariff Bill
WASHINGTON Juno 10The President
has transmitted to Congress a letter from
Blaine upon the subject of a customs union
and the recommendations in respect thereof
by the PanAmerican conference Blaine
suggested an amendment to tho tariff bill
1f ii
> >
authorizing the President to declare the
ports of the United States free to the pro
ductions of any American nation upon
which no export dues are charged so long
as such nation shall admit free to its ports
the manufactures and products of the
United States
The President in transmitting the com
munication says So often and persist
ently has it been stated that our tariff
laws offered an surmountable barrier to
a large exchange of products with the
LatinAmerican nations that I deem it
proper to call especial attention to the fact
that more than 87 per cent 01 tho products
of those nations sent to our ports are now
admitted free I sugar is placed upon the
free list practically every important ar
ticle exported from those states will be
g en untaxed access to our markets ex
cept wool Tho real difficulty in the way
of negotiating profitable reciprocity treat
ies is that we have given freely so much
that would have been of value in the
mutual concessions which such treaties
imply that I cannot doubt however that
the present advantages which the product
of the near and friendly states enjoy in
our markets though they are not by law
exclusive will with other considerations
favorably dispose them to adopt such
measures by treaty or otherwise as will
tend to equalize and greatly enlarge our mu
tual exchanges It will certainly be time for
us to consider whether we must cheapen the
cost of production by cheapening labor in
order to gain access to South American
markets when we have fairly tried the
effect of established and reliable steam
I communication and convenient methods of
money exchanges There can bo doubt I
think that with these facilities well estab
lished and with a rebate of duties upon im
ported raw materials used in the manufac
ture of goods for export our merchants
will be able to compete in the
ports of the LatinAmerican nations
with those of any other country I after
Congress shall have acted upon the pend
ing tariff legislation it shall appear that
under the general treatymaking power or
under any special powers given by law our
trade with the states represented in the
ponferenca can be enlarged upon a basis
of material advantage it will be promptly
Secretary Elaine today received a tele
gram from the chairman of tho National
Millers convention Minneapolis which
says the millers are greatly agitated over
the report that an additional duty of SO
cents per barrel will be imposed Amer
ican Hour in Cuba thus prohibiting
tho American flour trade and asking
information Secretary Blaine replied he
had no official advice but if correct the
advance would make the duty 3 per
barrel and was evidently intended by
Spain to be a prohibition He added It
has been constantly said heretofore the
last six months that the western farmers
demand an unconditional repeal of the sugar
duty I is within the power of the west
ern farmers by encouraging a system of
reciprocity to secure in exchange for the
repeal of this duty the free admission of
their bread stuffs and provisions into the
markets of 40000000 of people including
Cuba In my opinion this is the most pro
fitable policy for the western farmer
A Very Thin and Improbable Story Concern
ing the Presidents future Intentions
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
NEW YORK Juno 19A Press special
from Washington says ExCivil Service
Commissioner Oberlys oran prints a
double leaded large headed story contain
ing the following alleged exclusive infor
mation from the White House A gentle
man who enjoys the most intimate relations
with President Harrison and with whom
tho executive talks concerning important
matters in the most confidential manner
called at the White House one day during
the past week The conversation turned
upon the silver question and the probabil
ity of the passage of a free coinage bill by
Congress The Presidents visitor urged
upon him the benefits of such an acb and
the great popularity to be gained by sign
ing it as well as the advantages which
would accrue to the Republican party by
reason of such legislation The President
listened to his friend patiently and seriously
ously and then replied in these terms
lam not here for the purpose of acting
in the interest of myself or of my party
but in the interest of the whole country
and the people When my term is out I
expect to return to Indianapolis and re
sume tho practice of the law
These declarations were made in the
tone and manner characteristic of Presi
dent Harrison and which indicated plainly
to his friend that ho had thought long and
deeply on the subject and had made up his
mind upon it Having arrived at a delib
erate determination in this way the
Presidents decision is unalterable 5 i can
not be shaken by persona appeals nor can
he be driven from it by partisan considera
tions So his friend came away fully con
vinced that President Harrison was not
and would not be a candidate for renomi
nation and reelection but that he had
reached the final and settled conclusion to
serve out his term doing what seemed best
to him in all matters as they arose and
then to return to his quiet life as a practic
ing lawyer in the courts of Indiana
The Republican leaders here generally
ridicule this talk Chairman Belden of the
congressional committee who is exceed
ingly close to tho President declares that
MrHarnson is not in tho habit of discuss
ing such questions with persons who would
tell the newspapers all about it as it is so
long before campaign begins Ho believed
the article was a faite Senator Hale char I
acterized it as nonsense and Senator His
cock agreed with him
interState Commerce Violators
CHICAGO June 19A McKay general
freight agent of the Michigan Central rail
road E L Homer agent ot the Blue Lino
and Nichols local agent of the Michigan
Central were put on trial in the federal
court this morning charged with violation
of the interstate commerce law last No
vember in carrying grain to the seaboard
at cut rates Slude agent for Charles
Conselman t Co testified that a contract
was made between defendants and Consel
man Si Co under which a number of cars
of grain were shipped to New York at about
two cents per hundred under the regular
Ambushed In Crete
CANEA Crete June 19A few days
ago a number of Christians ambushed and
shot three Turkish soldiers and Cretan
Mussulmen A body of the Mussulrnen in
revenge killed the Christians and threat
ened further reprisals
Ohio Prohibition Convention
I COLUMBUS Ohio June 19 Prohibition
state convention adopted a platform de
mantling Congress to pass a prohibition
law arbitration to settle labor disputes
a tariff for revenue enly and the free coin
age of silver
The following ticket was nominated
Secretary of state Rev 11 C Lockwood
of Hamilton county supreme judge O J
Ross of Highland member of tho board of
public county works S M Scott of Licking
Premium on Gold Bars
WASHINGTON June i9 Secrolarv Win
dom has applied r the attorney general for
an opinion as to whether he has authority
to place a premium on goldbars withdrawn
from the Now York assay oflice for export
Champion Robert A Vaid Dead
HILLSDALE Mich Juno 17 Robert A
I Ward champion half mile amateur runner
of noon the United States died yesterday after
Shows Signs of Coining to an
End at Last
The Dunbar Mine Disaster Some Hope Still
for the Imprisoned Jliuera
The Excitement
DENVER Colo June 19Spccial tele
gram to THE HERALD Signs are begin
ning to show that the long continued strike
of the carpenters is nearing the end Tho
bricklayers masons and plasterers declined
r assist by striking in a body and this
tends to keep up work on many buildings
Mill owners report daily accessions to their
working force and some strikers aro re
suming work Tho effort to stop all trades
proved futile and although tho leaders
still maintain a bold front the indications
are that the strike will prove a failure
Hillj ard Richardson Verdict
I BATON ROUGE La June lTbe coro
ners jury today found that Hillyard Rich
aidson who was killed during Tuesdays
election was assaulted and killed by the
Ta lor gang The latter comprising five
men fired ten or fifteen shots at Richard
son They completely surrounded him and
shot him from the back front and both
flanks Richardson in defense drew his
revolver and fired wounding Eugene
Taylor It is stated tonight that Taylor
is dying I is learned that last night a
crowd of men went to the residence of Dr
A R Holcombe in Jackson East Peliciana
parish La and fired a volley of shots into
his front door Dr Holcombe is treasurer
of the state insane asylum and is a Repub
lican physician
The Dunbar lilac Disaster
DUNIIAII Penna June 19The progress
made last night by the rescuing party has
not been as satisfactory as hoped The men
are still working steadily but there has
been a great deal of fallen wreckage en
countered I has been decided to attempt
an entrance through another lead It is
barely possible the men are still alive as
the draft last night suddenly increased
which can only be accounted for by either a
fall of rock or men digging to meet the
The town is wild with excitement to
night I The rescuing party heard coming
through the wall of the coal and slate on
which they were working a faint sound oft
repeat which was unmistakably that of
a miners pick The news spread like wild
fire to the surface and thence through tho
village In a short time a thousand men
women and children were crowded about
the entrance to the mine Mean white the
rescurors set to work with renewed vigor
Only two men at a time can work in the
passage where they are and these are
being constantly relieved The miners I
express varying opinions as r the length
of time it will take them to reach
the imprisoned mensomo saying ten hours
others twentylotir The rescurers fear no
danger and are not likely to meet with any
trouble There is the wildest speculation
as to how many of the unfortunate men are
alive The miners express a fear that
most of them were killed by the explosion
Late tonicht General Manager Haggard
said they have hopes of reaching the men
before daylight A corps of physicians is
waiting in readiness and every provision
is made to tako care of such as may be
alive The suspense among the anxious
watch rs above is awful
I Jay Gould Fined
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
NEW YOlK June ilLJay Gould the
great railroad operator disregarded a sum
mons to serve on a jury yesterday and the
judge in general session ordered that a fine
of a hundred dollars be collected from him
Figaro on the Fisheries Dispute
PARIS June 19Figaro in an article on
the Newfoundland fisheries dispute de
clares that Salisbury British prime min
ister will not accept arbitration that if
France refuses Salisbury will repudiate
the treaty of Utrecht and open negotia
tions for a new treaty giving the French
to a reasonable extent cod and lobster
fishing grounds and to tho colonists ex
clusive rights on the coasts and banks
International Prison Congress
ST PETEUSBUKG June 19The Interna
tional Prison congress in session in this
city apopted resolutions declaring
1 That in future treaties between no
tions the general principle of extradition
should be recognized and an agreement ar
rived at as to the nature of cases to be
deemed exceptions to the rule
International associations shouldbe or
ganized to assist discharged prisoners and
3Tho action of charitable bodies both
punitive preventive should bebrought
into general agreement
Inebrity accompanied by disorderly
conduct should be punishable that sellers
of alcohol should be responsible for crimes
resulting from serving drunken men that
the sale of liquors on credit or to children
should be prohibited
Randall of Michigan will address the
congress ers on the subject Young offend
Cincinnati Carpenters Strike
CINCINNATI June Following the ex
ample of the bricklayers tho plasterershod
carriers and ironworkers have endorsed
tho carpenters strike and refuse to work
unti the trouble is settled Almost a gen
eral result tieup in the building industry is the
A Fatal Collision
CHICAGO June 119A collision occurred
between a pay and freight train on the
Kansas City St Joseph Council Bluffs
road this morning Engineer L W Yo
cum of the pay train was killed and sev
eral others injured Eighteen horses were
In the Senate
WASHINGTON June 10The following
Senate bills wero reported and placed on
the calendar To adopt regulations for
preventing collisions at sea
To authorize corporations to become
surety in certain cases in courts of the
United States
The Senate resumed consideration of the
legislative executive and appropriation
billAll I
All the committee amendments having
been disposed of tho bill was opened for
general amendments Paddock moved to
increase the salary of the commissioner of
the general land office from 4000 to 5000
and of the assistant commissioner from
3000 to 500 Without action the bill
was laid aside
A message of the President in relation to
reciprocal commercial treaties with the
LatinAmerican nations was laid on the
table In connection with it Hale pre
sented an amendment to be offered to the
tariff bill as follows And the President
of the United States who is hereby author
ized without further legislation to declare
the ports of the United States free and
open to all products of any nation of the
American hemisphere upon which no ex
port duties are imposed whenever and so
long as such nation shall admit to its ports
free of all national provincial municipal
and other taxes four cornmeal and other
breadstuffs preserved meats fish vege
tables and fruits cotton seed oil rice and
other provisions including all articles of
food lumber furniture and all other arti
cles of wood agricultural implements and
machinery mining and mechanical machin
ery structural steel and iron steel rails
locomotives railway cars and supplies
street cars refined petroleum or such
other products of the United States as may
be agreed on
After eulogies on the deceasedNew York
Representatives Nutting and Wilber tho
Senate apjourned
Ascot Races
LONDON June IVSt James Palace
stakes at Ascot were won by Janissary
DelavanJ second Frontainbleau third
The New Bienniel stakes were won by
Rosseau Forrester second Warrington
The gold cup was won by Gold Philomel
second Vasistas third
The New stakes were won by Orvieto
Grace Conroy second Noverte third
The All Ages stakes was won byi
Mephisto Juggler second Blavatoky third
The Rouse Memorial stakes were won by
St Serf Martagon second Golden Gate
The New Biennial stakes were won by
Amphion Lord George was the only other
Sheepahead Bay Races
eighths of a mile The Foam stakes two
yearolds Ambulance won Sale McClel
land second Terrifier third Time
Mile Major Daly won Kenwood second
Eon third Timel 4015
Volunteer handicap threeyearolds one
mile and a fourth Judge Morrow won
Admiral second Banquet third Time
208 45
Sheepshead Bay handicap mile and an
eighth Loantake won Strideaway second I
Castaway third Time 155 35
Mile Fordham wonSalvini second I
Defaulter third Time 142
Mile and a fourth Philosophy won St
Luke second Zephyrus third Time
Kansas City Races
KANSAS CITY June 19This was the
closing day of the Kansas City Jockey club
Handicap twoyearolds six furlongs
Ed Leonard won Minnie Elkin second
Time 11815
Threeyearolds and upward mile Ham
let won Cashier second Spalding third
Time 14345
Stock yards stakes threeyearolds and
upward mile heats First beatLe Pre
mier won Brown Duke second Friendless
third Time 14525
Second heat Le Premier won Brown
Duke second Friendless third Time 14G
Threeyearolds mile and seventy yards
Pilgrim won Melbourn second Kehomo
third Time 132
Consolation stakes all ages mile and
onesixteenthJohn Daly won Osbourn
second B T third Time 154 43
Mystic Park Races
BOSTON June 19 Mystic park races
240 class 500 Early Bird first Maggie T
second Taragon third Pickerel fourth
Best time22S3
time22S3 Boy first
Country Girl second Gay third J K
fourth Best time 219
ct tie2193
St Louis Races
ST Louis June 19MileSena won
Nina Archer second Mary K third Time
Half a mile Linwithgow won Carroll
second Yale 91 third Time 31
Brewers cup mile and a half Heron
won Newcastle second Elyton third
Time2 42
Threefourths of a mile heats First
Heat Dousman won Annie Burge second
Harry Ireland third Timei 10 120
Second Heat Harry Ireland won Dous
man second Annie Burge third Time
11GThird Heat Harry Ireland won Dous
man second Time 119
Mile and a fourth Carter B won Lulu
B second Progress third Time 2 l0
xln the fourth race third heat Dousman
ran off by a good head but the judges after
listening to the yells of Irelands backers
gave the race to the hcrse that was beaten
The Dousman men gathered at the judges
stand and protested against the injustice of
President Green who had Mayor Noonan
in the stand beside him to order a squad of
police to keep the men quiet No arrests
were made by them Green and Noonan
retired from the stand amid the jeers of
tho crowd
Baseball I
New York 12Keefe Vaughn
Philadelphia Cunningham Cross
Pittsburg 19 Galvin Carroll
Buffalo G Krock Mack
Chicago 20 Baldwin Farrell
Cleveland 9 McGill Snyder
Pittsburg Gunbert Decker
Cleveland Wardsworth Zimmer
Second game
Pittsburg Zeigler Sowders Decker
Cleveland Lincoln Zimmer
Cincinnati Duryea Keenan
Chicago Hutchinson Kittredge
Brooklyn S Terry Bushony
Philadelphia 6Smith Cements
Rochester 3 Brooklyn 1
Athletics 20 Syracuse 2
Columbus 7Louisville 1
Toledo 3 St Louis 7
Madame Tschbrikova Removed
ST PETERSBURG June 19 Madame
Tschbrikova whoso recent letter to tho
Czar protesting against the system of gov
ernment in Russia led to her arrest has
been removed with fifteen others to the
village of Yarenskam in tho remote north
ern part of Vologdta
The Silver Bill Referred
COICAGO June 19A Washington specIal
to the Herald says that while ninetenths of
the members of the House of Representa
tives are expecting a fight over the ques
tion of reference of the silver bill today
the bill is reposing calmly in the custody
of the committee on coinage weights and
measures and no ono knows when it will
be reported As the committee is said to
be unfavorable lo the measure it may be
presumed that the bill wil not be reported
in a hurry The speaker under one of the
new rules quietly referred the bill with
out laying it before the House Reed is
opposed to the bill but he made a careful
canvass of the House yesterday and de
clared a free coinace bill would be carried
To Defeat the Tin Plate Clause
PITTSBURG June 19Tho Tin Plate Re
cord editorially claims that every tinned
plate importer in the country has bee
assessed 10000 the English syndicate
which controls the manufactures and mine
of Monmouthshire and Cornwall has aug
mented this sum to nearly ono million do
lion dollars in order to defeat the tin plat
clause in the McKinley bilL
The Citizens of Bozeman Visit
the City of Butte
Montana the Scene of a Heartrending
Accident Colonel Ingersoll Denounces
Vivisection as the Hell of Science
BUTTE Mont June 19Special tele
gram to THE HERALD Today will long
be memorable in the history of Butte it
being the occasion of a visit from the citi
zens of Bozeman in a body The recent
completion of a branch of the Northern
Pacific between these two places has
resulted in much closer commercial and
social relations of which toJays visit was
but the expression The train bearing too
excursion consisted of eight coaches and
each one was loaded to the door the total
number being over eight hundred They
were mot at the depot by the mayor and
city council and members of the board of
trade besides hundreds of ciiizens gathered
to extend a general welcome to the
visitors After Mayor Valiton had
extended to them the freedom of the city an
eloquent address of welcome was delivered
by Hon W A Clark The visitors were
then taken over the city in carriages after
which lunch was served in the Lyceum
theatre The day was then given up to
sightseeing and in getting better acquaint
ed The excursion left shortly before mid
night tonight more than pleased with
Butte and her citizens It was a complete
success and will result in a feeling of
friendship which will be of great benefit to
both places
Heartremlering Accident at Whitehall
BUTTE Mont June i9Speeial tele
gram to THE HERALD The little town of
Whitehall about thirtytwo miles from
this place on theBozeman branch was the
scene of a terrible tragedy shortly after
G oclock this morning Mrs Hubbert a
comely young French woman undertook
to hasten the breakfast fire by pouring
kerosene upon it from a large can In
some way the oil was ignited and in an in
stant the unfortunate woman was deluged
in burning fluid Frightened beyond con
trol she ran screaming into the yard and
made such a frantic effort to escape the
flames that all attempts of her husband to
save her were futile Her clothing was
burned entirely from her body by the time
she could be brought within reach of as
sistance and nothing could bone to savo
her life She lingered on until 11 oclock
suffering most horrible agony until almost
the last moment when death came to her
relief The entire community is in mourn
ing over the sad affair as Mrs Hubbert
was ageneral favorite
Vivisection The Hell of Science
Specialto THE HERALD Ezsiainer Dispatch
BOSTON June 19 Vivisection is the in
quisiti onthe hell of science The cruelty
which the human or rather the inhuman
heart is capable of inflicting is in this one
word Below this there is no depth This
word lies like a coiled serpent at the bot
tom of the abyss
This is the powerful way in which Cole
aol Bob Ingersoll began a long letter to
Philip M Peabody of this city The Colo
nel further remarks We can excuse in
part the crimes of passion we take into
consideration the fact that a man is liable
to be caught by whirling passion and that
from a brain on fire the soul rushes to
crime But what excuse can ingenuity
form for man who deliberately with un
accelerated pulse with the calmness of
John Calvin at the murder of Servitus
seeks with curious and cunning knives in
the living quivering flesh of a dog all the
throbbing nerves of pain
In the remainder of the letter Colonel
Ingersoll alludes to physicians who practise
vivisection as scientific assasians and ho
says he does not wish to touch the hand of
a man who would do such a thing
A Lady Returning from Honolulu Killed by t
Train in Cheyenne
CHEYENNE Wyo June I9Specinl telegram
gram to THE HERALD Mrs J M Den
mon who made her home at Honolulu in
S4S and who was returning to Spring
field Mass was injured beyond recovery
at the Union Pacific station here this after
noon She stepped from her car while it
was being switched and fell beneath the
wheels Her right arm was ground so that
amputation was made necessary and her
lead was frightfully bruised
L A Milbnrn Dies
DENVER June 19L A Milburn who
was shot by George G McCartney on Sixteenth
eenth street last evening died at 3 oclock
this morning Mrs Jones who was shot
by > her husband yesterday morning is still
living but very low in condition
Come Into Collision in West Denver With
Very Serious Results
DENVER June 19Special telegram to
THE IERALDA collision occurred at 9
oclock this morning on the Curtis street
crossing of the Circle railroad between an
engine and a West Denver street car The
latter was overturned and its three occu
pants hurled from their seats Two escaped
with slight injuries the other William
Pennie aged fiftysixty years was severely
cut about the head and shoulders and in
ured internally and the surgeon thinks his
wounds are dangerous Ka came here
from San Francisco about seven months
ago and is a brother of Judge Pennie of
that city
The Millers Convention
MINNEAPOLIS Juno 19At the annual
conventional the Millers National asso
cation today the principal resolution
adopted was an endorsement of the Butter
worth antioption bill Ark James of
Buffalo was elected president William
Sanderson of Milwaukee first vice H L
Holiday of Cairo second vice S Sea
mans of Milwaukee treasurer
Mormons Detained In New York
NEW YORK June 19 Among the 230
Mormons that arrived by the Gufon
steamer Wyoming today was Andreas
Oleson his wife and four children They
were all detained on a charge of violating
the alien contract law Oleson admitted
that a Mormon missionary promised to
give him work when he arrived

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