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their office tho All enumerators names who THE havo and CENSUS not addresses will been please seen to send this by THE S ALT LAK E HER L D e Records the THE mails leads will a POSTOFFICE show competitors that THE through HERALD
Rives His Views Upon the Pend
ing Silver Bill
t 1 Condemned Gold and Silver Certificates
m Being Preferable Tlie Importance
of an International Ratio
Special t TiE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
PUtS June 20By cable to N Y
World Manton Marble in a long letter
toys The Democratic Representatives
who hesitated t vote for free coinage a
impracticable in the face of an executive
Veto may well reconsider their position
jow that free coinage so clearly hangs
upon Democratic votes chiefly both in the
Senate and in the House Any silver pur
chase bill complicates the silver problem
Without solving it any free coinage bill
ihould be male as perfect as possible so
that the President the more easily may
tbstain from a veto which it would be
bsurd to anticipate and in order the more I
> urcly to defeat his party at the coming
Elections if a veto i interposed Some
features are still retained in the silver bill
that excuse even justify an executive
Veto others will paralyze an eastern
Democratic effort to override a veto For ex
icinlc the new fangled treasury notes have
Opi better warrant of legality than a
7 > uprome court decision reversing a rightful
flccision therefore righteously reversible
But such notes even if lawful are inferior
to silver certificates and worse than a need
less sabstitute Our silver and gold cer
tificates are paper currency so admirable
that they need no change Free bimetallic
Coinage without other help will perfect
that paper currency of ours making it un
Soubtedly the best in the world
I Another defect in the silver bill invites
t p veto Why should Congress cast away
f Into foreign hands that large profit inci
I tent to rccoinage which is itself incident
t free metallic coinage at one ratio on both
ides of the Atlantici Let it be granted
hat there will be free bimetallic coinage
by the great American republic at
Either ratio and it will at once con
join 1 again in renewed efficiency
two now almost adverse ratios and the
rtiionometallists of the world will create
gain their bimetallic and will
bimetlc par wi perma
J ocntly give dominance to that adopted
ratio between the two monitary metals in
domestic trade and foreign exchange
around the globe from China to Peru Ex
isting gold monometallic coinage can pro
ceed unchanged the silver monometallic
coinage can proceed unchanged Any re
forming of the lost link by free metallic
coinage at whatever ratio will suffice them
t our free bimetallic coinage does not
spread prevail and become international
It i apparent that our gold may be prof er
red t our silver as foreign remittance
The New York Democrats can defend no
such blundering toward silver monometal
lism Adherence t oar eccentric ratio will
absolutely inhibit now and will certainly
postpone if not finally prevent the re
sumption of free bimetallic coinage by
X rnnce at any ratio Our republic is great
but two republics are greater
Any silver legislation should adopt a
coinage ratio of 1 to l5 > midway between
pur earliest error of 1V2 1 to 15 and our
latest error of 134 1 to 1 thus conform
ing to the ratio of all other great nations by
its metallic coinage That rni retains the
present gold dollar and reiuirts a silver
dollar of 40J grains The let l1ge either
of silver in the United States or of gold
to I Europe being the only possible way to
fle together upon a common ratio of
> fyca metallic coinage we who take its
Visks should Keep and not cast away to
1oresgn holders of gold coin the profit incidental
dental t recoinage With the ulti 1
mate cooperation of France that I
of every other foreign bimclalic
coining power would thereby be assured
The dreaded silver inundation would be
visibly precluded when free bimetallic
coinage became international and recog
4wcl by the United States at a ratio thus
Jt l s universal would insure its interna
tioaahty The dreaded drain of gold would
be visibly precluded when silver became
equally acceptable and frequently prefer
nbk for remittance under one unvarying
bi metallic par The slow and steady with
drawal of greenbacks would not only ful
fill the nations pledge but would also
transform all our paper currency into one
of the best kind and in due time release to
private ownership all our immense treas
ury reserves save an ample working bal
JJaby Francis MarIon Whalers Guardian
Wants 3000 a Year for His Expenses
Special t THE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
NSSuv YORK June 20The interesting
question whether Baby Francis Marion
Whaley shall have 5OOO a year for his care
and maintenance will be decided this week
by Lawyer William H Willis referee
The iiilaut was two years old April 29
Although his father William Vhaloy is
poor young Francis inherits an estate of i
SCCOOOO from his grandfather Nathaniel L I
McCready The babys guardian is his
aunt r Marie Whaley Chisholm His
mother Mrs Chisholm lives at
Edisto Island off the Carolina coast
She wants to take the baby away for the
summer Several New Yorkers who had
lived in North Carolina testified that
Edisto island was unhealty in summer
A schedule of prospective expenses and
other information was recently obtained
from Mrs Chisholm In her report she
states that the baby is unusually preco
cious and so passionately fond of driving
that he begs every day for a drive Drives
cst 2 each and one every other day foots
up yo a month Baby needs two rooms
one for sleep and one for play Then he
must have ice in his own refrigerator I
and wax candles t burn all
night The midday dinner is another I
accessory to his general comfort as well
a a cow specially fed that he may have I
milk of one certain cow that eats only cer
tain feed There must be a separate I
table for his nurse to eat at because Mrs I
Chisholrns other servants were colored I
Babys toys last Christmas were 6 and
pinns powders and ruffs 85 more A hair
cut for baby costs 30 cents at Edisto and
a bathtub S3 Various articles of under I
and winter clothing arc specified along with
the statement that t keep up the infants
wardrobe in the Parisian style which he
wasoised to before he became the charge
of jMes Chisholm will require GUO a year
Wrjen baby comes to take a summer trip to
Abbeville he will have to have extras for
he is teething In addition there are travel
ing expenses telegrams drugs for babys
use and finally 600 for physicians All
these things are concisely expressed by
4330 and as Mrs Chisholm devotes one
third of her time to the infants interests
she thinks she can reasonably claim the
rest of the 5000 The Farmers Loan and
Trust company advances the opinion that
82500 a year will tide Master Francis
through the age of safety pins and rattles
Sullivans Play Will be Moral
ipeclaltoTnE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
WASHINGTON June 20Jonh L Sulilvan
J in Washington Wednesday on his way
tQTrlississippi to answer for taking part in
< y C
the prize fight with Kilrain at Richburg
last July He continued his southward
journey yesterday morning accompanied
by Duncan B Harrison Jack Barnett and
Johnny Cusock What about the new
play you propose t star in next season 1
Sullivan was asked
Im to have a sort of freeandeasy char
acter t do A mans got to live some way
and I am going to try the stage I dont
know whether Ill be successful or not but
I guess I wilL It will be a play where you
can bring your wife and children without
question You see a great many people
object to sparring in tights on the ground
that it is approaching a display of the nude
but when you spar in dress suits it is dif
ferent The piece will draw I think and I
hope to make money out of it 1 will be
the central figure of the play but the rest
of the cast will be good actors the best we
can get We shall start to tour the country
in the fall and go from one end of it to the
the other
A Peculiar Case of Voting
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
ST Louis Juno 20A peculiar fact
leaked out today in the cas ° s of William
Wallace and William Cameron clerks
charged with grand larceny by the A F
Shalpleigh Hardware company A petty
systematic steal was discovered and the
men named were accused Owing to their
very respectable connection the firm was
disposed to drop the matter quietly and the
men were discharged The next morning
the president of the company received a
round robin protesting against the action
as unlust to the other employees The
question was considered by the directors
and it was decided to hold an election of
the sixtythree clerks in the same depart
ment who voted Sixty were recorded as
in favor of prosecuting and warrants were
accordingly sworn out
Accident t a Load Seminary Girls
Special TIE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
READING Pa June 20 Yesterday morn
ing while fifteen young ladies from the
Schuykill seninary at Fredericksburg were
on their way to tho railroad station at
Jonestown in a coach drawn by four
horses the harness broke and the animals
becoming unmanageable plunged down a
twentyfoot embankment the coach and its
occupants falling on top of the horses All
the ladies were more or less seriously in
jured Miss Kate K Reed of Mahoney
City had her nose broken and was badly
bruised about the body Miss Laura Swann
of Ashland was picked up unconscious
seriously hurt Miss Lizzie Wanner of
Flatwood was injured in tho head and
face Miss Bombergcr of Lebanon had
her shoulder broken and arm injured Miss
Waldorn of Mahoney City had her arm
and shoulder hurt William Hart the
driver was cut about the head and seri
ously injured he was tangled among the
horses and badly trampled on
A Customs House Employee Addresses Abusive
Letters to Public Functionaries
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
Nnw YORK June 20The queer perse
cution t which Postmaster Joseph C
Hendrix of Brooklyn has been subject for
several months was revealed by a visit
which Mr Hendrix paid to collector Joel
B Erhardt Postmaster Hendrix brought
with him a big bundle of letters which had
been tent to him by his annoyer a pecu
liarity about them being that both sides of
the outer envelope were covered with
denunciations of the postmaster The man
comnlmcd of was Azariah Jackson Orton
employed in the custom house Orton has
bedti in the custom service lor seven years
Orton claims that the let ers addressed
to public oflicials should be permitted 10
pass through mails free of charge and he
therefore never put any stamps on his
letters and he lupt the postofiico people
busy in returning undelivered letters to
Orton lives in Brooklyn and he filled the
mailboxes of that city with unstamped
communications addressed to President
Harrison PostmasterGeneral Wanamaker
and other high dignitaries Postmaster
Hendrix notified Orton to stop sending
them or else pay postage and this advice
aroused the letter writer Then he de
voted all of his leisure time to inditing
abusive letters regarding Postmaster
Hendrix Orton is perfectly sane upon
every other subject and Collector Erhart
will try and convince him that a livelihood
depend upon his dropping the pen and
permitting prominent men to run their de
partments in their own way
HcAuliffe in Qaeenstown
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
NEW YORK June 20 The following
cablegram has just been received by your
Billy and I arrived today on the Wis
consin feeling fine Tell San Francisco I
expect to do Slavin Signed
Another Louisiana Lottery Bill
BATON ROUGE June OThe new Cass
bill offering 1250000 yearly for lottery
privileges was introduced in the house It
is said that Newman of New Orleans is
ready t bid 5000000 annually It is be
lieved the governor will veto the measure
if passed and that it cant be passed over
his veto
Disappearance of Mount Shastae Peak
REDDING Gala June 20The disappear
ance of Mount Shastas peak is still the
subject of discussion At the lower soda
springst some liteen miles distant from the
mountain the water in the spring rose
rapidly Monday overflowing the floor of
springs house A party who arrived yes
terday says the appearance of the moun
tain on the east side indicates considerable
I commotion Largo quantities of smoke and
vapor are rising
Mackay Sues Edward Stokes
NEW YORK June OJohn W Mackay
of Virginia City has begun an action in
the United States circuit court against Cas
sus H Reed and Edward Stokes for the
recovery of 353000 loaned with interest
I from January 7 1589
Park National Bank Trouble
CHICAGO June OBy order of the comp
troller of the currency the national bank
examiner this morning took possession of
the Park National bank It created no
surprise in financial circles as President
Packard is not a trained financial man and
it is understood its loans are of poor char
acter The bank is capitalized at 200000
Its statement May 17 showed loans and
discounts 030000 due depositors and
banks 02SSOO surplus fund 21000 undi
vided profits 18400
Why the Bank Wa Closed
WASHINGTON June OThe comptroller
of the currency says he closed the Park
National bank of Chicago on the report of
the bank examiner that it had large loans
en doubtful security and that a receiver
will bo appointed unless the management
is changed and additional money put in
Londons New Chief of Police
LONDON June 20 Colonel Sir Edward
Ridley Colbourn Cardford political under
secretary for the India office has been ap
pointed to succeed Monro as chief of
Mrs Delia Parnell Gets a Pension
WASAINGTON June OThe President
has signed the bill granting a pension to
Delia nell Parnell mother of Charles S Par
His Highhaniled Course on the
Silver Bill
He Is Relying on the Eastern Democrats to
Help Him They Hold tho Key to
The Situation
WASHINGTON D C June 20rSpecial
telegram to TIE HERALD The contest
between the friends and opponents of free
silver was continued in the House today
but with no more decisive result than fol
lowed the long and acrimonious discussion
of yesterday The situation is full of po
litical and economic nnomolies Certain of
the eastern Democrats are wholly out of
sympathy with the majority their party
while certain of tho western Republicans
differ quito as widclv from the
majority of their party in the pre
liminary skirmishing During the
past two days however tne party
lines have been rapidly drawn and judg
ing from the votes cast one would imag
ine the situation to be only a difference of
politics without any economic consideration
tion being involved The Democrats find
in the present case an opportunity to em
barrass and metaphorically set upon Speak I
er Reed and this accounts for the unan
imity with which the two opposing silver
wings of the party get together while on
the other hand they desire to sustain the
speaker From these results the animat I
ing purpose which cements tho equally di
vergent extremes of the Republican
can party The speaker meanwhile pro
poses to prolong the agony if
possible until he can get all his absentees
back to the House again before allowing
anything looking to a test vote to be
The discussion today grew out ofa reso
lution introduced by Mr Bland of Mis
souri directing that the original House
bill with the amendments added by the
Senate on Tuesday last be taken from the
speakers table and the amendments con
curred it A point of order was made that
the resolution could not be considered in
asmuch as Friday of each week is known
in legislative parlance as private bill
day and further that the bill was not on
the speakers table but that it was in the
committee on coinage weights and meas
ures where It was referred under the rules
on Wednesday last During the debate
the Democrats repeatedly taunted their op
ponents with cowardice in refusing to test
the relative strength of tho two parties on
a motion to concur in the Senate amend
ments and they cheered t tho echo the ut
terances of Representative Morrow a California
foria free coinage Republicanin attack
which he made upon the speakers action
in referring the bill without first consulting
the wishes of the House Under the leader
ship of Mr Buttcrworth of Ohio who
has found an ample field for the display of
his splendid debating qualities during the
past two days the Republicans cleverly
evaded a direct vote on the main proposi
tion and an adjournment was reached with
out material change in the situation The
fight will be renewed tomorrow upon re
assembling and the belief tonight is that
several days will elapse before the subject
may bo even temporarily disposed of I
Speaker Reed had chosen to act upon the
suggestion made to him by Mr Pa son
one of the free coinage Repre
sentatives from Illinois a settle
ment of the silver
siver controversy would
speedily reached Payson proposed that
the speaker should recognize him to move
that the pending bill and amendments
should be recommitted to the committee on
coinage weights and measures with in
structions to report a substitute making
the purchase of 4500000 ounces monthly
dominating the bullion redemption feature
and making the notes a legal tender Such
a motion Mr Payson said would be
carried by a large majority Mr Reed
however declined to consider the propo
sition intimating that he would ultimately
mately find a more satisfactory
way out of his embarrassment not
witstanding Mr Paysons denial to the
contrary The New York New Jersey
and Massachusets Democrats hold the key
to the situation I ever the opportunity
occurs with their free coinage friends
they can with the aid of a dozen or more
extreme silver Republicans send the Pres
ident a free coinage bill which he will un
doubtedly veto and which would be mani
festly a serious injury to the party perhaps
in the west and northwest On the other
hand their sympathies are with the op
ponents of free coinage and the expecta
tion is that they will so vote notwith
standing the probable political advantages
which would follow from adopting the
other course Speaker Reed I know is
counting upon their support and by its aid
ho hopes to defeat all legislation unsatis
factory to himself and the element of the
party he represents
In the House
WASHINGTON June 20Yesterdays con
test was renewed The speaker announced
the pending question to be tho ordering of
the previous question on tho motion made
by Mills of Texas to approve the journal
Wednesday as amended by tho resolu
tion of yesterday The previous question
was ordered yeas 120 nays 122
McKinley changed his vote to the affirma
tive and moved a reconsideration
Mills moved t table tho motion to recon
sider Carried yeas 131 nays 129 The
question recurred on approving the journal
of Wednesdays proceedings as amended
The motion as amended was agreed to
yeas 132 nays 130 The clerk then pro
ceeded to read the journal of yesterdays
proceedings The journal was read and
ttewart of Vermont presented the con
ference report on the antitrust bill
Bland of Missouri raised the question of
consideration to offer a resolution that the
House bill directing the purchase of silver
bullion and the issue of treasury notes with
the Senate amendments bo taken from the
speakers table and the Senate amendments
concurred in The House determined yeas
144 nays 102 to consider the conference
report After a short debate the report
was adopted yeas 243 nays 0 Bland
then offered a resolution to take up the sil
ver bill
McKinley made the point of order that
the motion was not privileged
Conger of Iowa added a further point
amidst sarcastic Democratic laughter that
the bill was not on the speaKcrs table but
in thhands of the toinage committee
Bland held the bill was on the speakers
table A long discussion followed as to
whether the Senate amendment t the bill
was a new matter and such a would re
quire consideration in committee ot the
Conger of Iowa said that notwithstand
ing the action of the House in correcting
the journal the bill had been referred to the
commute on coinage and the chairman of
that committee had actual possession of It
Crisp of Georgia said that was no evi
dence of any reference the journal did not
show it
Morrow of California said the action of
the House yesterday was exceedingly sig
nificant of its disposition The fact was
there was no reference at all tho speaker
had no authority to refer tho bill His ac
tion was not voidable but void Thu fact
was the bill was upon the speakers table
The mere physical fact that tho gentleman
from Iowa Conger or his clcrkhad actual
possession of the bill made no difference In
its parliamentary position
Buttcrworth denied that the House by
adopting Mills resolution declared the bill
had not been referred
Henderson of Iowa asked if Morrow
would contend i the House being under
Democcrathnanagement for the time being
should burn up the record of the passage
of the Senate bill the bill would full
Morrow insisted there was a material
difference between the fact and this sup
Buttcrwdrth declared that there were
not twentyfive inca under the dome of the
capjtol who believed the bill incorrectly re
plause ferred upon their oath Repu6llcan ap
Morrow replied that the majority of the
House declared otherwise
Williams of Illinois said yesterday that
while the motion to reconsider was pend
ing and the resolution had been adopted
the chairman of the committee on coinage
walked up to the speakers desk took up a
bill that ho Williams believed was the
silver bill and handed it over to the clerk
of the committee on coinage This looked
like a conspiracy to obtain physical posses
sion of the bil
Couger of Ipjva chairman of the com
mittee on coinace said the bill was de
livered to his clerk before 11 oclock
1 ocock yes
terday morning During tho afternoon
upon the request of thejournal clerk it
had been put in his possession for a short
time in order to make some clerical en
dorsements but he Couger had again
taken it back to the committee clerk
McCreary maintained that under the con
stitution the bill never had been properly
in charge of the committee on coinage The
constitution required the House to keep the
journal until that journal was approved
and it was not proper to send the bill any
where The entry in the journal was void
He held the bill was on the speakers table
and should be placed before the House for
action After further discussion by Bland
the speaker and others Bland modified the
language of his resolution to direct that the
speaker under rule 241 lay matters on his
table including the silver bill before the
House for action
The speaker said perhaps he could sim
plify the matter and suggested to Bland
that he understood his wish to be simply
to Jet at this matter when it would natur
ally come up supposing it was upon the
speakers table not passing upon the mat
ter at this time What the chair proposed
to do was that when the bill or its hiatus
or whatever it might be was reached it
should brought before the House but the
gentlemen did not seem to consider that
this was private bill day and that private
bills alone were in order
Bland asked whether the bill would be
laid before the House tomorrow morning
The speaker declined to answer that ques
tion until thepropeitime
McComas demanded gtho regular order
Tho speaker saul the regular denvas a
private bill which he passed to the reading
Springer asked to know when the chair
might be expected to decide whore the bill
wasThe Speaker Whenever the bill would
be in order providing the views of the
other side were correct about which the
chair presents no opinion because he d s
not thmkit is a proper time
As Bland and Springer finallyinsisted on
specific ruling the speaker finally ruled
that Blnnds resolution to proceed to the
consideration of the silver bill was not in I
order under tie rules
Bland appealed McKinley moved to
lay the appeal on the table The yeas and
nays were ordered pending which Crisp
moved that the House adjourn The motion
was defeated but the hour of 5 arrived
and the House under the rule took a re
cess the evenings session to be for pen
sion business No business was transacted
at the evening session however
Irs Harrison and the Ladles of the White
House go to Spend the Summer In it
Special to TIE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
WASHINGTON June 20The White House
ladies babies and nurses and nearly a
dozen trunks left Washington yesterday
for tile cottage at Cape May The party
had planned to go on Thursday but little
May McKee who is having a bad time with
her first crop of teeth was not thought
well enough for the journey so Mr Har
rison postponed it until yesterday Wednes
day the private car of President Roberts
of the Pennsylvania road came over from
Philadelphia and it was attached to the
regular New York express leaving here at
9 a m Mrs Harrison was accompanied
from the White House by the President
and the whole Cape May party were
escorted to the private car Those who
went were Mrs Harrison Mrs McKee
Mrs Dimmick Master Benny McKee and
little May McKee There was also a ladys
maid and the childrens nurse Grandpa
Scott also accompanied the party To
avoid the necessity of change of
cars at Philadelphia the private car
was run to Trenton from whence a
special engine took it down the cast bank
of the Delaware to Camden where t was
attached to the regular Cape May express
It is understood the President will go every
Saturday to the cottage returning the fol
lowing Tuesday until Congress adjourns
when he will go to remain until adjourns
the season
The many criticisms that have ap
peared respecting the gift of the Harri
son cottage front Mr Wanamaker and his
friends have not in the least disturbed the
serenity of tho White House ladies Mrs
Harrison is very happy in the possession
of so delightful a summer home She told
a friend the other day with charming
frankness and simplicity that she did not
believe that the fact that Mr Harrison
was President had in the least degree in
fluenced Mr Wanamaker and the other
gentlemen who had acted so generously
Oh yes she added they find fault of
court they find fault but so they did
with General and Mrs Grant and so they
did with Mrs Hayes and Mrs Garfield
and other wives of Presidents to whom
their friends lave shown kindness
Postal Telegraph Bill
WASHINGTON Juno 20The House com
mittee on postofflces and post roads has
postponed further consideration of the
postal telegraph bill until next session
A Worlds Fair Reception
CHICAGO June Arrangements are
completed for areception and banquet to the
worlds fair commissioners by the citizens
of Chicago next Thursday evening Be
sides the national and stato commissioners
there have been invited the members of
President Harrisons cabinet Chief Justice
II Fuller Justice Harlan and Governor Fifer
I Where do you buy your drugs Remem
ber that Johnson Pratt Co carry a full
stock of everything usually found in a frst
I class drug store including the purest and
best wines and liauors > t Main street
Some Good Reasons for Foi bid
ding Aid to a Railroad
An Important Move in the direction of Subsi
dies The Diplomatic Approyria
Hon Bill
WASHINGTON June 2D President Har
rison to day returned to the House with
out approval the bill to authorize the board
of supervisors of Moricopa county Ari
zona to issue oounty bonds at the rate of
1000 per mile in view of the construction
of 1 certain railroad He says The bill
seems to have passed the House under a
misapprehension of its true scope and ef
fect In the report of the committee on
territories it is said that by the terms of
the bill the county reserves the bonds in
payment of the money proposed to be ad
vanced In fact the bill did not provide
for the loan to bo secured by bonds but lor
a subscription of stock How far this mis
take may have affected tho passage
of the bill of course canuot to
known The bill does not
mit tho question of granting aid
to a vote of tne people of the county or con
fer direct authority upon the supervisors
to issue bonds It ia said however in
April 1SS9 an election was held to obtain
the views of the people upon the question
It does not appear from any paper sub
mitted to the committee who tho managers
of the socalled election were what notice
if any was given what qualifications on
the part of voters were insisted upon i
any or in what form the question was pre
sented There was no law providing for
this election the thing was wholly ivol
untary The election of course was under
the management of those who favored the
subsidy and was conducted without any
legal restraint as to voting or certification
1 have asked for a statement of the vote
by precincts and have been given what
niirnorts to be the vote at twelve points
The total affirmative vote given
was 1795 and the negative vote
134 but of the affirmative vote
1543 were at Phoenix and 183 at a town
very near Phoenix I there were no otner
objections to the bill I should deem this
alone sufficient that no provision is made
for submitting to a vote of the people at an
election after due notice and under the
sanction of law the question whether this I
subscription shall be made The condition
of things in the county of Yavapai lying
immediately north of Maricopa and through
which this road is also to run while not
directly affected by this legislation is very
instructive in this connection by an act of
the legislature of Arizona passed the year
before last
But again the bill proposes to suspend
for this case the provisions of the act of
July 30 1866 forbidding municipal corpor
ations subscribing to the stock or loaning
their credit to other corporations Also
forbidding corporation creating a debt in
excess of 4 per cent of the taxable prop
erty at the last assessment This law was
intended to give the people of the territor
ies that protection against oppressive
municipal debts which was secured to the
people of most of most of the states by con
stitutional limitations The wisdom of this
legislation was not contested by the friends
of the bill but they claim the circum
stances are so peculiar as to Justify
the exception I do not think sOnly
Only a belief that the limit is inflexible
will promote care and economy in adminis
tration Maricopa county is one of creat
extent and this great area is to be taxed to
construct a road which can in the nature
of things be of advantage to but a fraction
of it There is no unity or advantage It
may very well be that a section of these
lauds along the line of the road especially
town lots in Phoenix would have added
a value much greater than the increase
burden imposed But it is equally
clear that much property in the county
will receive no appreciable benefits The
existing bonded indebtedness of Maricopa
county is 272000 the assessment about
five hundred thousand dollars and the
population estimate about twelve thousand
I will be seen that the bonded debt to say
nothing of the floating debt which is said
to be small is already largely in excess of
the legal limit and it is proposed to in
crease it by a subscription that will cer
tainly involve 200000 and probably 250
000 I the bill becomes law the bonded in
debtedness will very closely approximate
10 per cent of the assessed valuation the
pruperty of the county
By the act of Congress to which
I have referred Yavapai county was
authorized to subscribe 4COO per mile to
this line of road The total length of road
in this county was 147 miles and seventy
four to Prescott had been constructed
The government of the territory
states the debt of Yavapai county at
753000 and the assessment between six
ahd seven hundred thousand There are
seventythree miles of road yet to be built
from Prescot to the south line of the
county for which Yavapie county must
make a further issue of bonds of 292000
making a county debt of 855000 or about
I 13 per cent upon the taxable propertytak
ing that at 050000 and a per capita county
debt of nearly eightylive dollars taking
I the population at about ten thousand six
hundred as stated in the report of the
Senate committee Surely no one will in
sist that the true and permanent pros
perity of these communities will be pro
moted by loading their energies and their
industries with this debt I feel the force
of the suggestion that the freight
charges now imposed upon the farm and
orchard products of Maricopa county
by the railroad now in operation are
oppressive But this bill does not afford
much relief Even in that direction there
would be but one competing point viz
Phoenix At all other points than the one
proposed road the people would be subject
to the exaction of just such rates as are
demanded by tao other lines I this con
tained some effective provision to secure
reasonable freight rates to those people
who are to bo taxed to build the road it
would go far to secure my favorable con
I have carefully examined the commit
tees and every argument that has been
submitted to me by friends of the bill but
I cannot bring myself to believe the per
manent welfareoi the communities affected
by it will bd promoted by its passage I I
Important Postal Departure
I WASHINGTON June 20The postofflce
appropriation bill reported to the Senate I
today appropriates 73401699 an increase
of 473000 over the amount appropriated
by the bill as it passed the House There
is an increase of 300000 for compensation
of postofflce clerks and 48 000 for tho
transportation of foreign mails This last
increased appropriation is important as it
will if incorporated into law mark a de
parture in the postal policy of the country I
A provision in tho bill authorizes the postI
mastergeneral to expend this 48000 in
covering the half cost of transportation
compensation and expenses of clerks to bo
employed in assorting mails in transit on
steamships between the United States and
other countries in the international postal
Consular and Diplomatic Appropriations
WASHINGTON June 20In the cousular
and diplomatic appropriation bill a number
of amendments are made in the bill as it
the House The missions to the Argentine
republic and the United States of i
Colombia are raised from 7500 to 10000 <
and the Danish mission from 5000 to 7
5 0 The committee also incorporated in
the bill the suggestions made by Secretary
Blaino to enable the President to carry
into effect the recommendation of tho Pan
American conferenct They are 75 for
the compensation of employees miscellane
ous expenses and printincc and the distribu
tion of the proceedings and reports of the
conference 15000 for the compensation of
commissioners and expenses of the commis
sion to meet in Washington in January
1S91 to consider the establishment of a
international commission or commission
ers SG5000 for the payment of tho share of
the United States in a preliminary survey
for intercontinental railways 35000 for
the organization and establishing Tho In
ternational Union of American Republics
for the prompt collection and distribution
of commercial information and 10000
for thacompilation and publication in Eng
lish Spanish and Portuguese of a uniform
nomenclature of imported and exported
Representative Dalzoll today reported to
the House from the committee on Pacifia
railroads the bill agreed on by the com
mittee authorizing the secretary of the
treasury tr negotiate with the Sioux City
Pacific railroad company for the settle
ment of its indobtncss to the United
States I
W I BurUlmrt is Endeavoring to Recover
Valuable Property Near halley
HAlLEY Idaj June 20Special telegram
to THE HERALD J Tho testimony was taken
today in the ejectment suit of W H Burk
hart et aI brought to recover possession of
a saw mill and yard situated on Wood
river at Hailoy together with a dam
across the river the ditch and mill etc
Burkhart occupies the mill and all the
premises adjacent under a lease from John
Hunter Henry White and one Roe The
mill ditch and dam were formerly sold at
a nominal price at a sheriffs sale in a suit
against John Hunter Brew claims by the
sheriffs deed The defendant supposed
the judgment and execution invalid and
did not redeem the property There was
much excitement among the parties during
the taking of tho evidence The premises
involved are very valuable
The Salt Lake Team Do as They Please with the
Nine Nephites
NEPHI Utah June 20Special tele
gram to Tun HERALD The wreck of the
freight train at Payson this morning de
layed the arrival of the Salt Lake Nation
als but they got hero at 4 oclock and at
once proceeded to the grounds headed by
the brass band both clubs in uniform
The game was called at a quarter past and
lasted two hours The Nephi Athletics
could not touch Barker Two men only
got to third base but did not tally nor
did they get a run The Nationals
scored thirtytwo Two of tho
Nephi team their best play
ers got crippled this week and
poor substitutes had to play in their
places This accounts for tha large num
ber of runs made by the Sat Lakers To
morrow Clark and Platts will bo the bat
There is a grand ball tonight The Na
tionals are being treated in grand shape by
the people here
The Brotherhood and National games
were postponed on account of rain
Pittsburg 4 Maul Carroll
Philadelphia SSanders Milligan
Buffalo 14 Paddock Mack
New York 8 Crane Vaughan
Cleveland OBrien Brennan
Boston 4 Kilroy Kelly
Philadelphia 11 Vickery Cement
Pittsburg 2Baker Decker
Cincinnati 2Rhines Harrington
Boston Clarkson Bennett
Cleveland Garfield Zimmer
Brooklyn Caruthers Daley
Sneopshead Bay Races
Threefourths of a mile Tipstaff won
Geraldino second Tanner third Time
Threefourths of a mile Sir John won
Major Daly second Druidess third Time
Mile and an eighth Tea Tray won Sir
Dixon second Adamant third Tiine155
Mile and a fourth Galhiet won Mon
tague second Badge third Time 209 35
Mile and five sixteenths Vengeur won
St Luke second Sorrento third Time
St Louis Races
ST Louis Juno 20 Mile Hockseye
won Mike Watson second Chestnut Bell
third Timcl43K
Directors handicap twoyearolds three
fourths of a mile Rose Howard won
Ethel second Ethel Gray third Time
118Gr nie Mountain Mining company handi
cap mile anda fourth Glockner won Car
ter B second Rhody Pringlc third Time
212Eles Wainwright stakes threeyear
olds EH won Little Crete second Mary
K third Time 14t
Adolphus Beach pure milo and onesix
teenth Blarney Stone jr won Carnegie
second May Horoy third Time153
Alderman McAbee Acquitted
CHICAGO June 20The jury in the case
of Saloonkeeper Corcoran and Alderman
McAbee on trial for alleged election
frauds this morning returned a ac
quitting the prisoners
Hanged for Murder
BELLEVILLE Ont Juno 20Peter Ed
wards Davis who on September 10 mur
dered his paramours husband was hanged
here this morning Ho declared his inno
cence to the last
At Quebec Fritz Dubols was hanged this
morning for the murder of his wife two
children and motherinlaw in February
hacking them brutally with an axe He
confessed on the scaffold
Executed inElko
ELKO Nov Juno 20 Josiah Potts and
his wife Elizabeth wero hanged this fore
noon for the murder of Miles Fawcett in
January 1SS3
Minneapolis Census Enumerators Trial
ST PAUL June 20The trial of the sev
en arrested Minneapolis census enumera
tors came up before the United States
commissioner here this morning on the
charge of concocting false returns to swell
Minneapolis population The defendants
made affidavit that United States Commis
sioner McCafferty was prejudiced against
them The matter was argued till the
noon recess
In the census case Commissioner McCaf
forty denied the motion for a change of
venue and continued the case to August 20
She is Seeking in Washington a
Fourth ot July Orator
They Are Pleased With the Great Mining City
The Dispute Between Gompers
and Powderly
WASHINGTON D C June 20Special
telegram to TUB HERALD Ogden city
has an envoy here seeking to secure the
services of an orator of national reputation
to deliver the Fourth of July oration at the
approaching anniversary of the Declara
tion of Independence Mr Richardson
who is entrusted with this delicate mis
sion approached Hon W C P Breckin
ridge of Kentucky and tried his per
suasive powers to induce him to undertake
the herculean task of firing the patriotism
of Ogden with his thrilling flashes of ora
tory but that statesman could not see it
Ogden he said was too far off and the
congressional tactics of Speaker Reed too
uncertain to permit him to accept the flat
tering offer even though it were money in
his purse
Minnesota Capitalists Visit Butte
BUTTE Mont Juno 20Special tele
gram to THE HEItALDA special train
bearing sixtyfive of the most prominent
business men of St Paul and Minneapolis
reached this city at noon The gentlemen
have been visiting the cities of the Lorth
west to familiarize themselves with the
wonderful resources of this country and to
become personally acquainted with the
men who have developed those resources
They were met at the depot here by the
Butte board ot trade and representatives
of all the great mining properties After
introductions all around the visitors were
taken in carriages to see the more import
ant mines and smelters After making
these rounds the day was spent seeing the
city and growing better acquainted with
the business men A small party of thn
excursionists took a special train and
spent a profitable hour in Anaconda
viewing the greatest smelter on earth
A reception was given the visitors by
the Silver Bow club tonight which
closed what has been to all concerned a
pleasant and profitable meeting The
party left at a late hour tonight on their
return trip expressing themselves as be
ing both surprised and delighted with the
wonders they bad seen in Montana but
most of all with Butte which they are
now certain deserves its title of the great
est mining camp on earth
Powderly Sends Gompers a Letter
NEW YORK June 20 Powderly this af
ternoon sent Gompers a letter in which ho
agrees to meet Gompers in the Cobpei
Union tonight
Gompers says Powderlys answer does
not comply with his proposed terms for dis
cussion and unless these terms are agreed
to he will not attend Powderly added
that Gompers was in error in his letter of
yesterday in saying the Knights had been
preparing this meeting for several weeks
Ho Powderly had no intention until
Monday evening of taking up
the subject of charges against the Knights
emraating from the headquarters of the
Federation He said he would talk on
other matters but in defense to Gompers
wishes will first discuss the subject at
issue allow Gompers the same time to
reply and then take up other matters He
denied emphatically that his invitation to
Gompers was in the nature of a challauge
Gompers issued a written reply to the
effect that he believed Powderly never ex
pected his challenge to be accepted or
if accepted the idea was to entrap him
Gompers into a packed meet
ing He accused Powderly oi
being a pettifogger and double faced He
adds ho was ready at the meeting or any
where else to repeat and prove what he
had said about the Knight Gompers was
not present at the meeting of the Knights
of Labor tonight The Cooper Union was
crowded and many people were unable to
gain admittance and attended an over
flow meeting outside the hall Powderly
then spoke on the insinuations made against
the managers of the Knights and read
documents showing they were the firsT
to suggest the eiglithour principle H
Powderly was ready to resign in farm
of Goinners if the workingmen of thi
country would unite under him Tht
Knights of Labor have borne insults and
and misrepresentation in silence lon
enough Hereafter they will strike bach
when attacked
Chlcasoa Population
CHICAGO June 20The Journal from an
admission dropped by the supervisor oi
census says the population of Chicago ia
Pucilism In California
SAN FRANCISCO June 20 The govern
ors letter to the attorney general demand
ing a suppression of pugilism in the state
has called out a letter from the president
of the California Athletic club He sug
gests that the attorney general as a test
bring suit for forfeiting the clubs fran
chise for permitting illegal acts
Severe Electrical Storms
KANSAS CITy Mo June 20 Severe elec
trical storms accompanied by much rain
and heavy winds prevailed last night in
northeastern Kansas and western Mis
The safe of Lewis Biler a bookmaker
was opened last night and 4000 in cash
and valuables stolen
lockout of Cloak Makers
NEW YORK Juno 20 Twelve firms of
cloak makers have declared a lockout
against their 7000 employees The strik
ers say they can hold out all summer
Utahs New Associate Justice
vTASHiNGTON Juno 20The President
has nominated James A Miner of Mich
igan as associate justice of the supreme
court of Utah
Bishop Keane Badly Hurt
WASHINGTON June 20 Bishop Keane
who was injured in the Baltimore Ohio
wreck today is badly bruised and shaken
but no bones were broken
A Baltimore Ohio Accident
BALTIMORE June 20The New York ex
press was wrecked this morning at Childs
station on the Baltimore Ohio Bishop
Keane of the Catholic university of Wash
ington and Harry E Kelly son of Con
gressman Kelly of Arkansas were among
the seriously injured Two sleepers were
thrown down en embankment Charles
Ackermau chief engineer of the Staten
Island Rapid Transit road and fireman
were killed Bishop Keane is cut about
the head and body and badly bruised
Ralph Ingalls a son of Senator Ingalls ia
among the slightly injured Another ac
count of the Baltimore Ohio accident
says that Charles C Kennett of New
York and John McNamara of Philadel
phia were the persons killed A dozen
were hurt none seriously

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