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T z 7j > r n fp
The South Temple Street Pave
ment Not Accepted
Estimated Cost of Paving Main Street Re
ports Appropriations Increase in
the Fire Department
The city council met at S oclock last
evening and transacted the following
J A Fritscb Co asked t bo relieved
from laying sidewalks in front of their
premises in plats A and B as they contem
plated building there at ones Committee
on streetsWANT
M Reiser and others asked that the
drive well at the cornor of Third West and
Fourth Scuth streets be repaired and
placed in good condition Committee on
Carroll Kern were granted permission
to pie building material in front of the
opera house while repairing the same
C E AVantland and his associates sent
l an acceptance of the franchise granted
them on July 21 Piled
The Enterprise Brick company asked
permission to lay a sample square of brick
pavement of their own manufacture on
any street the council might designate
Committee on streets with pou er to act
1V G Martin and J C Watson asked
that Fifth South street between Fourth
and Fifth Yest be graded Committee on
N S Larson represented that some time
ago h e fell into a trench left open by the
city and received injuries which laid him
up for ten weeks lie asked that he be
jnven pecuniary aid Committee claims
Oscar Groshcll and others asked that the
ditch on the east side of bloc 8 in plat
I be repaired Committee on irrigation
Josephine M Spoar called atteution to
tho dangerous condition of abridge across
the ditch in the Sixth ward Committee on
John M Whittakcr asked permission t
lay a pipe along the Jordan river to convey
water from a spring to his premises Re
ocd t the water master
J IJ Walker and others asked that Main
street between Eight i and Ninth South be
graded Committee on streets
William Leibter was granted permission
t pile building material in Iront of his
premises on Third Vest street
The Union Pacific Railway company
asked for temporary permission to stand
and unload cars on it side trackon Fourth
west street representing that the increase
in freight business had almost blockaded
that line
William Ridd and others residing in the
vicinity of Fourth West street entereia
vigorous protest t this petition and the
F matter was referred to the committee on
Councilman Parsons stated that both the
Union Pacific and Utah Central claimed the
right of way on Fourth West street and
ho offered a resolution ordering the sus
pension of operations on this street until
the rights ot the companies could be in
vestigated The resolution was adopted
The city engineer submitted profiles of I
First South engneer between East Temple
and Seventh East streets and stated that
there was a difference in elevation of
diagonal block corners amounting to eleven
feet Experience had taught that a trans
verso grade of more than three per
cent was objectionable in paved
streets and this would dispose of
jive feet The remaining six feet
would have to be overcome by cutting and
iilllne and this would necessitate the de
struction of many shade trees By terrac
ing or dividing the street into two road
ways making the north half from one to
six feet higher than the south half and
supporting the one above by a retaining
wall along the centre of the street this dif
Ierence would be equalized The report was
referred to the committee on streets
The city engineer reported that he had
made a final inspection of the cement pave
ment on South Temple street by Elias
Morris and found that while the general
appearance bf tie work was satisfactory
tnere were places which pointed to serious
L defects He had therefore refused to ac
1 cept the work until it was put in such con
dition as the contract called for Mr Mor
iw ris however had offered to guarantee the
l pavement for two years and gave bonds
securing the city and property owners
against loss He recommended that this
proposition be accepted
Councilman Hall was opposed ate the
adoption of tho report This was the first
piece of contract work that had been done
and he thought that it should be recording
to contract He thought this should be the
policy of the council and was opposed to
any compromise I I
Councilman Parsons thought that it I
would be well t accept the contractors
guarantee for two years I there were
any serious defects in the pavement they
would surely develop within that time and I I
it would be more advantageous to have the
work guaranteed for two years than to
compel the contractor to repair defects now
After tome further discussion it was de
cided to defer action for one week
cded acton
The health commissioner reported that
hs attention had been called to the exist
ence of many large cowyards and stables
in doss proximity residences endanger
ing the health of manypersons He there
fore suggested the passage of ordinance
limiting the number of cows kept in any
one yard in this city to five Committee
on quarrantine
The committee on fire department re
ported that in order to make the Preston
aerial ladder effective it would be necessary
r to employ six additional men to
sari t additonal oper
ate it a set of Hale harness and two horses
ana they recommended that the chief of the
department be authorized to employ the
additional men and make the purchases
suggested Adopted
The committee to whom was referred the
claim of William Carroll for 1500 for
erecting a stand on Washington square
reported that the city was in no wise liable
for Mr Carrolls loss all recommended
that the claim be not allowed opted
The city engineer submitted the follow
J ing estimate oi the cost of pin curbing
and guttering Main street from South
Temple t Third Soutn with granite blocks
and asphaltum
Grading 5 iftX
Curbing 393
Gutters I yjTTi
PAVillg iCM
Conduits UXJ
Total SfXWM
CITYS rnoroiiTiox
Grading u 0 S 1032
Curl n u 00 4hO
Gutters u ilO I
Paving lOtXO
Ctch Lasins and conduits ir < x
Total u 13527
Total cost u u n 79506
AnrnthcxuiuurrcLts PROPORTION
Grading hn S 49SO
Curbing 3y0
Outlets 2li5
Paun KVTiM
Conduits irOGO
t Total u 13
CITYS rnorOKTiox
Grading 1 S 102
Curbing l O
Gutters aiO
Paring u llTJ5
C c babins and conduits 150J
Total 313X97
Total CStn 00 SS9232
The engineer was instructed to furnish a
further report as to the cost and durability
of macadam brick and other
I < brlt paving ma
terial by next Tuesday night wnen a corn
ait ec will bo appointed t ascertain the
views of tho property owners
Ihc cOmmittee on water works recom
mended tint the pctltions Clark Eldredge
Ati 41 Co John Morgan and II Harris for ex
f tr > SAOns of tim wnter mains bo granted
Councilman Hal reported that a crcma
ary for burning Bight soil and earbaee
was needed Ho had a proposition from a I
CincInnati tirin to furnish t crematory for
20000 and tho matter was referred to the
sanitary committee for consideration I
The city attorney submitted an ordinance
continuing the assessments of lots blocks
and panels of land en Commercial street
i for the purpose of constructing sidewalks
which was passed
Councilman Pembroke offered a resolu
I tion requiring i railroads running
through this city t erect safety gates at
the intersection of all streets with such
tracks tho work t be elope within ono
year Referred t tho committee on mu
nicipal laws
Councilman Pembroke also offered a
resolution instructing the city attorney t
prepare an ordinance restricting the use of
gongs on all vehicles street cars etc ex
cepting the engine hose carts etc of the
live department Committee on municipal
The city attorney reported an ordinance
I in regard to burning garbage hay and
straw within the limits of this city The
ordinance restricts such burning from G
oclock a m until 12 m Referred to the
committee on municipal laws
An ordinance in regard to storing hay and
straw within the city was reported by the I
same oflicer and referred to the committee
municipal laws It provides that nohay
or straw sbal be stacked within sixty feet
of any house in which fro is kept except it
Te covered to protect it against sparks
An ordinance providing for the increase
of the lire department force by tho council
when ever necessary was read the second
time An ordinance extending the fire limits
was referred to the committee on muni
cipal laws
Councilman Parsons submitted an
ordinance relating to uniforming the
police which was passed Tho ordi
nance provides that during the months of
June July August and September the
police force may wear as uniforms a single
breasted blouse with six police buttons
Councilman Parsons offered a resolution
authorizing the engineer to prepare a map
showing all water and gas mains electric
light and telephone poles street and steam
railway s Adopted
The street supervisor asked that an ap
propriation of 200 be made to provide a
house for the steam roller Adopted
Councilman Hall offered a resolution requesting
oferec resoluton
questing tho expert water commissioner to
complete the map showing t ic distribution
of water by the present system as soon as
possible and furnish recommendations for
improving the same Adopted
Portable house for street roller S 200 0
121C Iod on accoant of cemetery
builiuag 800 0
Fire cartmentu 5Wn 0
Salaries 100CO 00
Total 15500 0
Adjourned for ono week
How the People of Franklin Celebrated
Pioneers Day
FRANKlIN Oneida Co Idaho Jujy 27
Correspondence to THE HKIULT > Al
though we live away in the north far from
theomp and splendor of your farfamed I
city we in our humble way celebrated
the fortythird anniversary of the entrance
of that noble band of pioneers into the I
valley of the great Salt Lake
At break of day the roar of cannon was
heard mingled with shouts of welcome to
the dawning of the auspicious day by the
boys of Franklin Again the cannon at
suniise belched forth its welcome an
nouncement that the glorious stars and
stripes waved triumphantly over our
enterprising town According to the
programme the people old and
young assembled on the public square
at 9 oclock a m to witness the entrance
of the pioneers into camp weary and dusty
While preparing their dinner the Indians
made a raid on them and overcame them
and while in the act of driving away their
stock and robbing and scalping some a
brave band of mounteers rushed to the res
cue and a terrible battle ensued At last
the Indians were overcomb and taken
prisoners The performance was grand
well portrayed and was greatly applauded
by a who witnessed it After tbis was
over the brave band of mountaineers es
corted the pioneers into the Great Salt
Lake valley First the pioneers second
mountaineers third Indians as prisoners
fourth mountaineers as guards fifth Utah
as it was in ISIS and 184J which was well
represented sixth Utah in 1S90
The Oneida Mercantile union was repre
sent in fine style They had a
large new wagon with platform
built trimmed with red white and blue
the whole decorated with flowers ribbons
and resells two counters full of merchan i
dise of all descriptions with two young
gentlemen and two young ladies acting as
clerks This was a grand display worthy
of praise
Then came a decorated wagon with a
largo platform on which was seated
twentyfour young ladies dressed in white
This wagon was beautifully trimmed with
rosettes ribbons flowersjand flags with a
banner on top and was a grand sight
Then came the Relief societytin carriages
with banner Following came Evans
Gibbs Davis firm of wagons buggies and I
agricultural implements such as self
binders TeaperSj mowers rakes sulky
plows etc all trimmed with flags and red
white and blue This firm was well repre
Tho Franklin Roller Flouring mill made
a good display Then came citizens in bug
gies carriages carts etc
The procession marched from the public
square down Main street and back when
they were met by the Sunday school sing
ing a song of welcome after which all
entered the meetinghouse The assembly
wis called to order by Charles D Gaaslind
marshal of the day The choir then sang a
beautiful song Prayer by the chaplain
Father John Albiston Singing by the
chair Oration by President George C
Parkinson orator of the day Song com
posed for the occasion by I B Hask
bpcech by Mr Joshua Hawks Song by
James Herd Speech by S I Parkinson
Song by Thomas Durant Speech Ely
President Solomon H Hale Song by tho
choir Toasts and sentiments Song by
Joseph Stones A short tbeech by Bishop
L L Hatch Song Oh Ye Mountains
High etc by the choir all the congrega
tion joinintr in the chorus Benediction by
the chaplain
In the afternoon we had a dance for the
children on our new pavilion floor which
the committee erected by tne aid of some
of the citizens I is 40x10 planed and put
up in good stylo It is erected on the meet
inghouso grounds under the shade of tho
trees We also had races for prizes and
other amusements
At night we had a dance for adults
Everything went off harmoniously and all
felt well 3 c c i
I fonrqt to mention that when we had as
sembled in meeting the Weston brass band
caino and played a tune They came over
to spend the day with us but did not come
in time for the parade and during the day
they played for us and made good music
They are all young men play well consid
ering the short time they have been learn
ing and will soon be tie leading band in
our northern country
Harvest is upon us and everybody busy
ana the prospect is good for a bountiful
cropWo are having a new depot built nearer
town Tho foundation is now laid ready
for the carpenters
The Mercantile union is now under the
management of Prank C ParKinson The
union a grand institution anil worthy of
patronage and if managed right will be a
access N
I world HOUTESS COCOA Largest sale in the I
I handle all kinds of grain in carload lots
I dealers and guarantee t meet eastern lotl I
i fU
Wo will pay 4H cents per pound gross
weigit for stock hogs delivered at our
yards WHITE As SONS Co
33 W First South street
Bonded Kentucky whiskies 213 Main
street next P O I
The nobbiest and best straw hats at
Noble Wocd Co 15 Main street
Proposals will bo received at the office of
Louis Hyarns city recorder of the city of
Salt Lake Utah territory uu to 1 oclock
IlL Monday the llth dav of August 1SGO
Said proposals are for the furnishing of all
material and labor for tho erection of a
joint city and county building in Salt Lake
cIty Said proposals to be for tho entire I
building complete or for separata parts
thereof stonQ and brickwork cast iron
columns steel beams etc hollow tile
> <
fejasi j < t6tH Ii >
fireproofing plumbing7 plastering encous
tic floor ting and mosaic floor ting and I
cniuent workall to be In accordance with
plans and specifications en file in the office
of tho architect C E Apnonyi No 141
Second East street Salt Lake city Utah
All bids to bo accompanied by a certified
check for 2U per cent amount of bid
Said check to be made payable to George
M Scott mayor of Salt Lake city and if I
the successful bidder whom the contract
is awarded shall fail t enter into a con
i tract within ten days after said award is
I made to him and fail to furnish a good
and sufficient bond in the sum of 15 per
cent of his bid the said check is to be for
feited to the city and county of Salt Lake
otherwis to bo returned The city and
county committee reserve the right to re
ject any and all bids Loris HVAMS
City Recorder
Can only bo had by regulating the liver
and bowels and removing the surplus of
bile Garfield Tea does it and quickly too
The handsomest ladies of America endorse
it Z C M I drug department
Where do you buy your drugs Remem
ber that Johnson Pratt Co carry a nil
stock of everything usually found in a first
class drug store Including the purest and
best wines and liquors 4 Main street
The Descret Savings Bank
The attention of those desiring to open
savings accounts is called t the Deseret
Savings Bank which allows interest on do
posits at the rate of 5 per cent per annum
compounded quartcily Money to loan on
approved real estate security Its officers
are as follows
13 A SMITH Cashier
8 l
A bare Cure for Piles
Itching Piles are known by moisture like
perspiration causing intense itching when
warir This form as well as blind bleed
ing and protruding yield at once to Dr
Bosancob Pile Homed which acts directly
I rectly on the parts affected absorbs tu
i mors allays itching and effects a perrna
I neat cure 50c Druggists or mail trea
tise free Dr Bosanco Piqua O Sold by
I Z O M I drug store I
A Great Liver Medicine
Dr Gunns Improved Liver Pills are a I
sure cure for sick headache billions com
plaints dyspepsia indigestion costiveness
torpid liver etc These pills insure per
fect digestion correct the liver and stom
ach regulate the bowels purify and enrich
the blood and mako the skin clear They
also produce a good appetite and invigorate
and strengthen the entire system by their
tonic action Sold at 2 cents a box by Z
C M I drug store
Ballartla Ilorehound Syrup For Whooping
There is no remedy in the world which
will give such prompt relief in whooping
cough as Ballards Horehound Syrup It
will positively cure it I you will try it
lour children will not keep you awake all
night coughing Ballards Horehound
S rup is the most cooling and soothing
remedy for consumption coughs colds
bronchitis and asthma In the world It is
free from opium It builds up new tissue
strengthens the lungs and is an incom
parable remedy made of the best and
purest materials I your lungs are weak
and you have D tickling in your throat you
need itll
grocer excel all for other it fours in quality Ask your
Thread for hand 01 machine sewing use
Clarks mile end white thread wound
on black spools Black and colored on
white spools For sale by S Kellner New
Dry Goods store 205 and 207 South Main
Dimples AND l I I
ARE EVIDENCE That the blood is
wrong and that nature is endeav
wrong off the impurities
Naming is so beneficial in assisting
nature as Swiffs Specific S S S
It is a simple vegetable compound Is
harmless to the most delicate child yet
itforces the poison to the surface and
Eliminates itfrotn the blood
i I
I contracted a svere case of blood poison
that unfitted me for business for four es oion
few bottles of Swifts Specific S S S cured I
me J C JoNEs City c
Fulton Arkansas
Treatise on Boo and Skin Diseases mailed I
treeSTfirr v SPECIFIC Con Atlanta Ga
I I Contractor and Builder
I All Kinds of M5on Work a Specialty
Address Sal Lake nil
I j
Q tb
i Slr 1 1
I Many peculiar points make loads Sarsaparilla
sapanlla superior to all other medicines
I Peculiar in combination proportion I
and preparation of ingredients t
Hoods Sarsaparilla possesses
the full curative value of the i
I best known remodies ffl of
the vegetable king dom
Peculiar In its strength
1 strengh
I and economy s < rHoods Sar
saparllla the only medi
cine of which can truly
besald OncHundrcdDoscs
Onef Dollar Medicines in
larger and smaller bottles
require larger doses and do not
rproduce as good results as Hoods
r Peculiar in its metilcinal merits
Hoods Sarsaparilla accomplishes cures hith
erto unknown and has won for itself
the title of The greatest blood
purifier ever discovered o
Peculiar in its gc od namo j at
home there is nev c moio
of Hoods Sarsaparilla r JT sold hi
Lowell whore V J Vit is made
than of allV < Mother blood
purifiers r VVlecaliar in Its
phcnome S Zjriizl record of sales
abroad r > Xno other preparation
has r V cvcr attained such popu
larity in BO short a time
and retained its popularity
and confidence among all classes
rt > t people so steadfastly
Do not be induced to buy other preparations
but be sure to get the Peculiar Medicine
Hooc23s SarsapariHa
Sold by all druggists SlsIxforS5 Prepared only
by C I HOOD t ApothecariesLowell Jlosa
100 Doses One Dollar
Is Row Open for the Season
Those who like Mountain Scenery and lovo to
breathe pure air are invited to come along
Terms 200 per Day
It i situated Seven Miles from PARK CITY
and Three Miles fronvALTA
Telephone Communication Salt Lake City
For further particulars Inquire at Johnson
I i Pratt c Cos wholesale druggists 43 Main St
W S BRIGHTON Proprietor
Merchant TailorQ
At COt
43 and 45 East Second South Street
FACTURER between the Missouri
River and California
Buy Homemade Goods
Everything in the Undertaking Line kept
i stock
Factory and Warerooms No 2 E FIRST
SOUTH Sextons Office in same
building Telephone No ro
Manufacturer the celebrated brandCIgara
And Other Brands Factory and Salesroom
171 173 S Main St Salt LaKe City U T
I1j I
Eicws e 0 X aton
Best Grades of Boiler Process
mae Grades i Utah n warranted a good a any
Wheat THE HIGHEST CASE PIIICH paid for Good c I
FirSt Telephone Sout Stet 1 the MillSr 10 Office 45 Z545
3 CO X w
1 a
il < f
Cholera Jlorbiis at Cedar Rapids
CEDUI RVPIDS Ia Juno 3011r George
Johnsons boy about eight years old was
taken with cholera inorbus and given up to
die by tho attending physician Mrs Mar
liert called at the house with a bottle of
Chamberlains Colic Cholera audDiarrhoca
I Remedy and they gave tho boy two doses
of it The effect was a prompt recovery I
and the next day he was up and about Ev
erybody in that neighborhood now uses it
I THOMAS department TIIEISEX Sold by Z C M L drug
FIVE m TlfflTY
The Odd Fellows Celebrate the
Twentyfifth Anniversary
Tho Interesting Exercises at the Theatre 3Ir
H C LettY Oration A Trip
to the Lake
The Odd Fellows 61 Salt Lake did them
selves proud yesterday and made a big
success of celebrating tho twentyfifth
anniversary of the establishment of the
order in Utah or the birth of Utah lodge
No 1 which occurred twentyfive years
agoThe procession was a very imposing one
and tho line of march was from the hal up
Main street t South Temple counter
march to First South and thence east to I
the theatre where the exercises were hold
These consisted of a speech by Governor
Thomas music by a string quartette com
posed of Weihe Rordam McIntyre Olsen
and Youngdale oration Mr H C Lott
vocal baritone aria Mr Grant Hampton
recitation Mr Jotm E Evans vocal so
I prano Mrs V M C SUva selected read I
ing history of Utah lodge NO1 J J
Thomas P G M string quintette Apres
le Bal Bosquett vocal contralto Miss
Jonnio Hawley remarks by T W
Whitely grand master string quartette I
AlFresco Zervatel violin solo Mr W
All of tho exercises were very pleasing
and interestincr The following is the
interetins Ihe folowing i ora
tion delivered by Mr H C Lett
Brethren Ladies and Gentlemen
I had my doubts when your committee
requested me to address you on this occa
sion that they did the right thing I now
am quite sure i it is expected of me to
entertain or edify Yet 1 will promise as
much zeal as is possible to be given by any
one who has given a lifetime of love to tn
principles of this order an institution
whose beneficent hands have reached out
to the needy everywhere When we look
about us and see the great work done by
this order wo are made glad that we are
recognized as a member of this order and
that a kind providence has permitted our
lots to be cast in such pleasant places We
have read of a certain man once on his
way from Jerusalem to Jericho who fell
amongst thieves was beaten robbed and
left for dead One of his own countrymen
passed by on the of her side A genuine I
Odd Fellow who was passing that way
picked him up placed him upon his beast
and bore him to an inn put up means to
pay ordered him cared for until well if
not enough he would pay the balance on
his return My friends the man who
passed by on the other side is the world
who cares for none unless remuneration is
assured The good Samaritan who ex
pected no reward is like the true Odd Fel
low his reward was the consciousness that
he had done something for his fellow man
at the same time laying up treasures where
moth nor rust doth corrupt Odd
Fellowship my friends has one
common plane where the peasant
king and potentate meet on a level bound
by the golden chain of three links whose
motto is Friendship love and truth We
claim that none can be a true Odd Fellow
only when they act the part of honest men
What a delight what infinite pleasure it
must give t the man who possesses a soul
full of human kindness when he can reach
out his hands and with his strong arms
raise up a fallen brother and see him take
his place amongst tho virtuous and the
good Dr Vincent a celebrated divine
narrated a story once in my hearing of his
travels in Italy the sunny land land of
statuary paintings s and music While there
he visited one of the old cathedrals in Rome
On entering he beheld with delight pic
tures the work of the most stalled artists
of the old world While drinking in these
pleasures he moved up the long aisle Near
the sanctuary he noticed a painting repre
senting a cross upon it the crucitedSavior
at the foot a woman upon her bended knees
cl n lng to the cross with both arms eyes
turned imploringly upwards I stopped
he said and in my fancy I could see ser
mons yes books that could be written
from what I could see and draw from that
picture A poor heartbroken being cling
ing to the cross looKing to herRedeemer
for personal salvation Looking to tho
right there I beheld the companion picture
A similar cross a like female instead how
ever of clinging to the cross with both
arms one was about the cross looking to
the same source for salvation while the
other was around and beneath a fallen sis
ter raising her t her feet again
My friends what a sublime picture for
the Odd Fellows What a noble example
for the world Lot us not be satisfied with
saving ourselves or helping those of our
own fraternity but let us cling t our
order and reach out with one hand and
raise the fallen everywhere to noble man
hood Let our motto be We not only
strive t save arselves but others
May tho tim soon come when the prin
ciples of Odd Fellowship shall prevail in
tho mine and hearts of the people of the
world war be known no more swords be
beaten into plow shares spears into prun
ing hooks all the nations of the earth live
together in one common brotherhood The
noble work of relieving the distressed edu
cating the orphan shall continue until tho
fawn of that day when tho sun of
righteousneso shall be enthroned and
crowned king of the world
And when we have passed through all
tho degrees of the subordinate lodges on
earth may we be permitted to enter the
grand celestial lodce above where no more
or better passport will be required than
our banner on which is inscribed the I
heavenborn words Friendship love and
The oration was well received and the
gentleman was frequently interrupted by
Park City Ogden Bingham and Provo
were all represented
Mayor Scott and the membersof tho city
council were in the procession
The platoon of police made a line showing
and gave a metropolitan air to tie pageant
Tho reading of the history of Utah Lodge
No 1 was a most interesting feature of the
In the afternoon a large number of the
visitors and residents visited Garfield
Beach and enjoyed thcmselver in various
other ways
Held Johnsons band and the Liberal
band furnished the street music for the oc
casion and it was very satisfactory
The attendance at the theatre was very
large and the building would have been
crowded to its utmost capacity had tickets
or invitations not been exaoted from those
who applied for admission
Chapman Whytock Si Tripp dentists
desire to announce that they have secured
rooms No 204 and U05 Progress building
second floor front where j they will be
pleased to meet their many patrons and
friends and resume the practice so sud I
denly broken off by tho lato fire I
I Dynamiter James Mooney Drowned
Special to TIE HFHAHD Examiner Dhpatchl
NEW YORK July 20he Jlorufncr Jour I
nal saysJames Mooney known as the
dynamiter was drowned Sunday in the I
surf at Far Rockaway Mooney attained
his greatest public notoriety a few ye irs
ago by his attempt to blow up the British I I
steamship Queen while she was at her
wharf about to sail for Livcrppol He ap
preached the ship in a rowboat and the ex I
plosives which he fired under bows cre
ated a panic aboard but did no serious
damage Mooney is credited with boing
concerned in the Clorkcnwell and other
dynamite explosions which terrorized Lon
don some years ago He was a tan of line
education and at one time was secetary of
the Irish National Land league
A City Clerk Short I
TERRE HAUTE July 2A special from
Paris 111 to the Express says Abert
Geoghan city clerk of Paris is missing
and his accounts are short between five
and ten thousand dollars Efforts are
being made to overhaul him
Shipments of Silver Bullion to London
NEW YORK July 29 An evening paper
says The large shipments of silver bul
lion to London in the past few days have
given rise to much comment because it has
been predicted that as soon as the silver
bill passed this country would be flooded
with the silver of foreign countries The
actual facts have been precisely
the reverse The head of a leading
bullion brokerage house in this
city said today There has been
a great deal of talk relative to tho cause of
tho present movement of silver to Eng
land The truth of tile matter is just this
Every England demands a large
amount of silver to be sent to India to pay
for wheat and cotton The demand usually
comes in August or September This
year it has come earlier presumably
owing to the fact after August 13 the gov
ernment will begin to buy 4500000 ounces
of silver per month for coinage under the
now silver bill The public only hears of
part of the silver which goes abroad
Furthermore much is bought for ship
ment which is not shipped for
some weeks afterward our own
house holding a large amount so
boughtThisIis to be shipped later When
the silver bill becomes law we shall shall
see two contending foaces fighting for sil
ver The result will be the price will be
advanced The silver bill may eventually
result in an increased production of silver
dy working mines which have no hitherto
been profitable
lleport on Internal Revenue
WASHINGTON 29Commissioner Mason
submitted to the secretary of the treas
ury his preliminary report on the opera
tions of the interna revenue bureau during
the last fiscal yean The total collections
from all sources of internal revenue were
8142594606 increase of 11760262 com
pared with tho preceeding year Owing to
a lack of reports in some cases it is not
possible exactly to tell the cost of collec
tion which is estimated at 4100000 a de
crease of 35000 aj Compared with the pre I
ceeding year The tables appended to the
report show the receipts in detail during
the year and compared with the proceed
ing year were a follows
Spirits 381687375
Spiris u u u 00 81GS3
Increase 7375168
Tobacco n 33958991
IDCreaSennu 00 2092ieO
Fermented liquors 20008534
Increase un u n 2284899
Oleomargerlne n n 1 788291
Decrease uu I0rej9
Banks and banker 70 I
Decrease f 0614
Miscellaneous 153334
Miscelaneous m u m 153
Increase 62363
Increae n nn 0 3
Under the head lof tobacco the tables
show the receipts from chewing and smok
ing tobacco inczensed 1248531 from
cigars 601513 and from cigarettes 40796
Among tho larger collections were
Illinois nn 539878601
Indmnauunn u 0250981
Kentucky 17059043
uu n 0 n IjI 1
New York u 0 16224321
Ohio nnn 13430972
Pennsylvania nn 0 9732217
California and Nevada 2014624
Belo Bilton on the stand
Special to TUE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
LONDON July 20Mr Gill counsel for
Wertheimer corespondent in tho Dunlo
divorce case delivered a vigorous address
to the jury yesterday afternoon against
Lord Dunlo and his two witnesses
Lady Dunlo entered the witnessbox
looking pale and exhausted She detailed
the of her laison with
history Weston and
solemnly declared she had never been
Wertheimers mistress After her marriage
age she begged Lord Dunlo to take her to
Australia as he promised but ho said if ho
went alone his father would allow him
upon his return to live with her if he re
mained in England his father would have
nothing to do with him Dunlo loft imme
diately Wertheimer never kissed her
after her marriage but did once before it
and that was on his departure for America
On returning to London from a visit to
Franco with Wertheimer she continued to
accompany Wertheimer from place to
place but did not live under the same roof
One of the documents handed to the
judge but which was not read was from
Lord Albert Osborne who took that method
of denying on oath the testimony of Mar
maduke Wood that ho was one of three
who tossed pennies t see who should
marry Lady Dunlo
A DonVer Ticket Cilice Burslarlzod
DENVER July 29 Burglars entered the
local ticket office of the Union Pacific
railroad company at Seventeenth and Lan
mer streets some time after midnight last
night blew open the safe and robbed tho
cash box of about one thousand livehun
dred The police arrested four montoday
who are suspected of being implicated
Do Lenvllle Will Prosecute the Entire Press
Special to THE HHRATD Examiner Oablol
LONDON July 2UThe Marquis do Leu
I vie intends going to America to prosecute
all the newspapers which have published
libelous statements about him in
llous con
nection with his infatuation for
Mrs Frank Leslie
Harvesting in Manitoba I
WINNIPEG July 29 Wheat harvesting
began at Emerson Man today Corn re
ports to the Fiee ness from all parts of tho
province state the wheat yield to bo one of
the greatest Manitoba has yot had
Should the Premier be Foreign secretary
LONUON July 28In tho house of lords I
today Baron Strahedeu raised the ques
I tion as to whether the office oJ premier
I ought to bo combined with that df foreign
secretary Lord Salisbury replied that 1
Gladstone had asserted it was Impossible
for one man to discharge the duties of both
ollices unless possessed of superhuman energy
This be true when the fm
ergy Ihis might prem
ier was time leader in the commons but
when tho premier was in tho lords the case
was different
Railroad Bridge accident I
CnATANoorA Tenn July 2SYhlle men
were placing a trestle in the new railroad
bridge near here today the bent broke i
and fell striking a barge containing
twentyfive men Ono was drowned and I
two fatally hurt
t c
The County Court Cannot Reduce
School Taxes
The County Attorney Also Gives His Opinion
on This Important Question in A
swer to Mr lloile
The county court sitting as board of
equalization heard large number of cases
yesterday ah of which were applications
from widows and indigent persons asking
that their tax bo remitted There was
nothing tion of special importance in their ac
Answering the petition of the Eleventh
Ward school trustees and others who
asked that tho school tax of 1 per cent
< sqool
levod upon tho valuation of 190 reduced
to 4 mills because tho assessment had been
made upon the f l valuation
of 1890 and as a result they
would be compelled to pay about
three times the amount that was absolutely
necessary for school purposes the county
attorney Moyle l submitted the following
I have the petition of the trustees of the
Eleventh school district asking for a re
duction of their special school tax and re
port thereon as follows That the county
court has not the power to reduce the taxes
as prayed for by said petitioner except in
special instances provided for by our
statute As a board of equalization the
court can equalize taxes but it cannot
change the tax itself
Some few days since Mr J C Royle the
attorney fed the following petition with
lisa county court and made a rather ex
tended argument in support of the points
The undersigned your petitioner complains
that taxes have been assessed against him on
the following described property towit Lot
2 block 31 plat F Salt Lake city survey that
before said property was assessed to him to
wit on the 12th day of February he had sold
and conveyed said premises to F W Little
that the assessment was not made for territor
ial county and school purposes until June 1
nor has It yet been made for city purposes that
before there was any valid assessment on said
property he had conveyed the same and was
not the owner thereof
Wherefor your petitioner prays to have the
tax list corrected by striking out said assess
ment on said lot
The question was refered to the county
attorney and yesterday that gentleman
submitted the following opinion
The time given me to report to you on the
question When does a tax become a lien on
real estate under our statute of HIS is insuf
cent for a careful and exhaustive examination
of tho subject but I am very clear that such a
lien attaches from the date of the assessment
Our statute fixes this section 2012 vol 1 com
pil3d laws of Utah 18J
The difficult question is to determine when
the assessment was made The decisions of
the courts are somewhat different in the uiffer
ent states An assessment as the word is com
monly employed consists i two processes
First listing the property persons etc7 to be
taxed second estimating the sums which are
to he the guide in the apportionment of the
taxes When this listing and estimate are
completed in such form as the law may have
prescribed nothing remains to be done in order
to determine the individual liability but the
mere anthmeticalprocess of dividing the sum to
be raised among the several subjects ot taxa
tion in proportion to the amount which they
are respectfully assessed Sometimes the word
assessment is used as implying the completed
tax list that is implyng the list of
persons or property to be taxed with
the estimates with which they are
chargeable and the tax duly apportioned and
extended upon it but this employment of the
word is unusual except in the cases in which the
levy is apportioned by benefits and in those
cases the act of determining the amount of tho
benefits of itself under most statutes a de
termination of the individual liability and its
entry upon the roll is an extension the tax
Cooley on taxation page 20d
From the foregoing and other authorities
which I deem it unnecessary to quote I am of
the opinion that when the assessor has duly
listen the property in the name of the owner
with its value attached we have the date of
the assessment impractical as such a rule
would seem to be unless an entry was made of
record on such date wnich would seem to be
unnecessary and unreasonable still the
rule is well established that a
tax shall not become a lien without express
legislative authority and that such authority
Shall be strictly construed
Considering the uncertainty if not the impos
sibility under present circumstances of deter
mining when the assessment was actually made
and in the absence of any fixed legislative date
I am of the opinion that the court if it deems It
necessary to determine this question though I
am of the opinion that it is unnecessary snail
take the date of the completion and nlinsj of the
assessment rolls
As to the consideration of transfers of real es
tate made after listing property I will quote
from Cooley on taxation page 2CO Assess
ments are made periodically and in many of the
states every year The customary regulation is
that tho assessment shall be made or completed
on a certain day or that it shall be made as of a
certain day This fixes the liability of persons
and property to taxation for the year There
are some inconveniences and Inequalities result
Ing from this but some regulation of the kind
is mdispenslble A force of tax officers cannot
be kept employed for the year watching the
transfers of property the movements of persons
and the vicissitudes of business in order to
equalize the charges upon them periodical
assessments if they produce injustice in one
case may correct them in the next and on the
whole are likely to be fair At any rate they
constitute the best regulation the law can es
tablish In the imposition of taxes exact and
critical Justice are absolutely unattainable If
we attempt it wo might have to divide one
years tax upon a given article of property
among a dozen different individuals who owned
it at different times during the year
and then bo almost as far from
time desired end as when we started The pro
position is Utopian The legislation must adopt
some practicable system and this practical
system is found to bo the one which has been
indicated Every person is theiefore to be
taxed for the year upon his personality esti
mated as of the time of the assessment and
every parcel of land according to its value at
that time Subsequent changes cannot he
noticed until another assessment
Leprosy in New York
N1riv YOKK July 28There is a genuine
case of leprosy in this city The victim is
Manuel Garutial twenty years old scion
anoblo family in Spain who has been
attending the military academy at Chester
Pa For a week he has been stopping tit a
SpanishAmerican boarding house East
Twentyfifth street making liable to his
loathsome contagious disease numerous
I boar i < rs
located Con Main and Third South Streets
The Clift is the best 53 per day house
west of Chicago Rooms large cool und
airy new and handsome furniture electric
lights and all the latest conveniences and
accessories Dining hall spacious and per
fect in its appointment Table first class
Looms may be secured by telegraph
E R ELLjSoxcamo down from Layton yes
RARItY HAYSES came up from Murray yes
J 15ouREGAni and wile of Bingham are at
the White house
arc at the Cullen
Bit G V V SHOKES or Provo is attending
the I O O if celebration
liingham are atihe Culleu
nes Lewis Co returned from Helena yester
day delighted with their trip
the city the guests bt lion F S Richards
They left for California last evening
JODGK A H FIELD wile and daughters of
Dallas Texas are ai the Cont nental ana were
prominent among the guests at the hop last
Miss MINERVA ANDEKSOX the Beautiful and
accomplished Queen Hex II of the Monte Crls
tos of the Kocky Mountains u > visiting friends
in this city
THE WAiKnis E B Penney Lexington
Neb IV Bits Hartford Conn A C Widen
blcy Kansa UitjvMo D u Dall Muwuait
Ills E Summers Martlasville ills a A
Cool Colauiuub K W Meaner New Yet
G If Gaylor Denver b Lietts San Fran
cisco StStiut O ienJ 1 JLMrusy Provo J
W Clark Ogden N Samllnier New York
C H Schafer Fort Wayne Ind
CULLEN D Clays und wife Bingham ED
Goodrich New Yonc J S Woodruff Chicago
John Tnnen Jwimn Sparks Wells Nov E
Homer Provo J 1 J litgerild Omaha K J
Cooley Ketchun J 0 Jones Provo G W
Switt Opair Thomas Byrne Green River
DrO L Seobright Lehi M Van Burn and
wile Denver Mr ana MM McClelluu W H
McMurray and wife D T Clara and wife Miss
McClellau opringvlllo James Broder New
York K D AlebonalU Jones Vltcti J Jones
and wife Mls > S H Jones T B McBurney Bing
ham J Comban Part City W Harrison and
wifeBurlington F J Keens Kearney Neb
THE CUPT d Reaugh M Peterson Moab
Utah A Wall Iijht W Viiliams Provo C
anyder Ogden J J 1 Suee ey C J riheeley
liot Atglni S J Suegarka Park city D J
Uangrove and wife T O Edwards and wife
BinxQim K Hanskacht Job Japan K Hicks
ana wife Miss C Rogers L J Rogers A
Mann Bmgham A L liaunge Chicago Mrs J
W Hiclue Miss Lizzie itichie Mrs L K Wit
cox Warsaw W H Cooper St Louis
Mrs S Allen and two daughters Portland
Ore Mrs 18 E Jenkins and uaughter Hunts
ville lad Miss H ri Alexander Georgia Gus
Ehrenbery Wm Tabket Jicng Kiig China
Henry Proober and daughter Ouo John C
FreUhway and wile Park City L A Ellis
El Paso Texas SaBuekwater Sjuth Dakota
B Dunn Cmcago U HornerIna L Morrison
San Francisco G W Akinb St Joe Me Miss
Kate Martin Illinois J W Walters Denver
H F Few stone and son Park City j ur F
Kitchardson Winsor Kansa B F Swift
Chicago J A Bennett Mrs Adams Idaho W
C Meaghan and wife Ogden
WHITE HOUSE Mrs E C Watson Park
Citar it S Monought Rock Springs Joseph
Fares and wife ParK City R S Julian wife
and children J Bougard and wife Biiighain
C N Kendall Jackson Mich N J Garrett
Guthuana Kansas J O Bonn and wife J C
Manworey Ogden J D Outers Kansas City
William 3lliekS Bingham H B Anderson
Murray George L Wilt Bingham A Gill
espie jr Provo R T Williams Denver W
Wnghtman Payon Frank ChrIstensen Gnu
nlon JH Brown Kingston Oat Dee Heck
William J C Miller Denver William M
Gerrard A Brow N J Denssy credmont
Wyo William NishrolRO J D stark Omaha
J B Atter O H Tracey Grand Island Neb
J H Gallagher N J Brown Jefferson Iowa
M J Kelley Aspen Gel
Denver S W Kearny Kansas City Mo O O
McReynolds Colorado springs M Coblentz
San Francisco A J famitn and wife Daven
port la Miss A Russell Miss M Russell Mrs
W W Russell Blrham Tax Dr GW Shoiej
Provo S C Knoxand wife Independence Mo
James Torrenb Chicago Dr J P Henry In
dependence John V A Henry Kansas City
Misses J and M Field A H Field and wile
Dallas Tex J O iUCart Montpolior J M
Vhittield Taconmi HW Mackirdy Liverpool
Eng J M Clark and wife Kearney Neb G
W Lyons San Francisco John Q Crosby
ColoraJy springs J W Laing New York A
H Curtis Montreal G W Akers St Joe Miss
Hattie Blair Mrs W H Blair Cincinnati
J B Snow Topeka L Meredith Lima O B
L Meredith Van Wert O J L Pmeo Wash
ington D C Mrs E G Hunt Provo George
Beard Coalnllo P McGeorge Philadelphia
G Stone Milford Mrs G J riimons Mrs W
T Schaeffer Evanston W A C Bryan Mrs
Campbell Miss Campbell Denver Mrs F
Bennett Ogden Mrs J G Sheppard San
Francisco G B Ferrel A Sanders Park
City JW Levy Sacramento A S Bennett
and wife Ogden A Brown St Louis C E
Gawdy Chicago W C Stone Nephi S H
Blood Denver
corner of Main and Second South Most
central location of any hotel in the city
Opposite postoffice Union ticket and
Pullman office in the hotel Newly re
medied and furnished throughout Table
unsurpassed Electric light bells and al
modern conveniences Terms S3 to 5250
per day H L HALL Prop
SALT LAKE CITY Utah July 291S90
Signal Service TI S AMax
I l
Titas L2u
of StatAot
observ n S c > Weather
mitton n 2
i 8047 SE 4 Cloudless
6 pm 2553 9020 NW1 7 Cloudless
Max temp 9iO mm temp 709
Mean temp 5 for 12 years 75 excess 7
Deficiency temp since January 11890 7
Excess of temp since July 11890 I 75
Rainfall 000 mean dally 12 years 003
Inches deficiency 002 Inches
Deficiency of rainfall since January 1 1890
3 27 Inches
DeHcicncy ot rainfall since July 1 1890 049
Sergeant Signal Corps

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