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I 0
Senator Faulkner Thinks it In
creases Party Power
The Question of Its Wisdom and Expedi
ency The Verdict of Gcorcc W Cable
and Thomas Dixon Jr
WASHINGTON August 6 ISJO Special
correspondence of THE HEUAID The I
most important dangerous and novel bill
which will be presented for the considera
tion of Congress at the present session is
that reported from the select committee
on the election of President and VicePres
ident and Representatives in Congress
which seeks through federal legislation to
I take control of the elections held in the
H states for the Representatives in Congress
H The bin shows clearly a design which must I
k at all times and under all circumstances be
L The abuses consequent upon the enact
ment of such a law can hardly measured
VA swarm of partisan workers throughout
HHw every state in the Union would be paid
1 with money drawn from the taxation of the
whole people to strengthen party organiza
tion to secure witnesses whoso testimony
before the returning board created by said
bill will enable it to grant certificates to
the candidate representing its principles
furnish the evidence to justify the clerk of
the House of Representatives in placing
upon its rolls for the purpose of organiza
tion a majority of members politically in
accord with him and by these means to per
petuate the power of the dominant party in
the legislative branch = of the government
It is not my purpose to discuss the con
stitutionality of this measure it is sum
cient to say that the framers of the con
stitution iie cr contemplated the exercise
of < uch a powerupon the part of Congress
unless compelled to do so as a matter of self
preservation the states Having previously
neglected or refused to appoint representa
Tile convention of New York as an evi
dence of its caution proposed the following
amendment That the Congress shall not
make or alter any regulations in any state
respecting the time place or manner of
holding elections for Senators and Repre
sentatives unless the legislature of such
state shall negtect or refuse to make laws
or regulations for the purpose or from any
circumstances be incapable of making the
same and then only until the legislature
of such state shall make provisions in the
This view was concurred in by South
Carolina Virginia Massachusetts North
Carolina Rhode Island and New Hamp
shire and also by such men as John Han
cock Mr Madison Mr Jay and Mr Jones
No state has neglected or refused to ap
point its representatives nor have any reg
ulations been adopted by any state ifib
versive of the right of the people to a free
and equal representation in Congress
If the leaders of majority in Congress
could curb their partizan zeal for power I
and calmly reflect upon the patriotic views
and sound wisdom of Uthe Fathers of the
Republic as expressed in expounding this
provision of the constitution they would
pause before entering upon this novel ex
11 II W W
periment to perpetuate party power But
patriotism and statesmanship seem to exer
cise no influence in guiding the policy and
controlling the actions of those who are now
responsible for the administration of public
Is it wise or expedient that such a change
in the manner of the election of the Repre
sentatives in Congress shall > e made
Under the terms of this bill at the re
quest of one hundred citizens in any city of
over twenty thousand inhabitants or in any
congressional district or in arty county or
parish upon the application of fifty citizens
it is made the duty of tho chief supervisor
to appoint three inspectors of election for
each preinct in the said city district or
county whose duty under the bill it will be
to guard scrutinize and supervise all regis
tration preceding the election and be pres
ent at tho precincts at the election of Rep
rceutrtivcs ic Congress The chief super
visor is further authorized without limit
to appoint special deputy marshals all of
the same political party to act both prior
to and on the day of the election
This would add to the number of federal
officials hundreds of thousands of active
reckless partisans all under the control of
one political party
The compensation at o a day of this in
crease of officials including the ooard of
canvassers if appointed for all the pre
cincts of the country would amount to
over six millions of dollars which with tho
compensation to each chief supervisor of
each judicial district for salary printing
records required to be kept and certifica
tions to be given would run the amount UP
to full Ss000000 This would be an addi
tional tax upon the people for the perform
ance of the same duty for which they are
now taxed by the state authorities
The federal law giving to the federal in
spectors supreme control over elections
held at the same time and place as the elec
tions for state and county oniccrs and the
character of the men that under a partisan
administration would bo placed in these
positions would necessarily produce fric
tion confusion and disturbance between
the canvassers representing the stale and
inspectors representing the federal govern
mel t
The returns of each precinct arc required
to lie certified to by the federal inspectors I
duplicates forwarded to the chief supervis
ors to the clerk of tho circuit court held
within the district and these returns to be
tabulated and laid before the board of canvassers 1
vahsors appointed by federal authority
whose powers are not confined to the tabu
lation and canvassing ot the retunis made
by thofederal inspectors but they have Ibe
authority under the bill to summon wit
nesses before them and reach conclusion
as ii the result based upon extraneous
IrstluJOfc In other words the worst form
ol the returningboaids of carpetbag
glInt days in the south is to he approved
and adopted a the policy for elections for
numbers of the House The governors
certificate of the election of a ruember of
Congress is to be absolutely ignored an
t Je certificate of the returninpooard is
made prima facia evidence of the title of
the person declared elected and tho clerk
of tho House of Representatives is re
quired to place his name upon the roll for
the purpose of organization
The 120000 federal officeholders of any
ndministration would hold the balance of
power in this country add to this uuuibor
the two or three huuared thousand active
energetic partisans whose enthusiasm
would be stimulated by tho pay and rcwarl
pi following party sordid and wo can realize
he danger that threatens representative
overnment should this bill become a law
Thcprinciple upon whicJUhe bill rests is
that every person or tribunal even includ
ing the federal courts who in any manner
participates in any act that tends to qualify
the elector or to preserve the purity of the
ballot is corrupt and untrustworthy and
that the only safety to the country is to have
their acts supervised biaclass of men who
ate willing for the compensation of 5 a
day to act the detective and forward party
endsNo namecan be put on or dropped from
the registration list except in tho presence
of these federal agents the records of
courts must be open to their criticism the
demeanor and conduct of both federal and
state judges must be observed by them per
sonally and to their critical ear and legal
knowledge must be submitted the evidence
upon which courts shall admit aliens to
Paternalism and centralization find their
broadest illustration in the policy sought to
e fastened upon the republic by the enact
ment into law of this bill
The details of the scheme inaugurated
b V it are cumbrous filled with technicali
4es overflowing with the ideas of imprac
tical doctrinarianism The act is so framed
that in tho counting and the certification of
election results under it multitudinous
errors must necessarily occur upon which
a willing and subservient canvassing board
could easily find foundation upon which
to rest a decision throwing out sufficient
precincts to return the represeatative of
tho party in power
In many of its provisions the bill
changes alters or repeals the wisest pro
visions found in the laws of the states reg
ulating and controlling elections and it
claims supremacy and requires the officers
of the state to conform to its provisions
although it is a wellknown fact that in tho
elections held in almost ever state the
members of Congress voted for are upon
the same ballot which contains the names
of all other state and county officers In
this respect it does not in its practical
operation stop at the control of the elec
tion for members of Congress but its influ
ence will be felt and its control will be su
preme in any conflict between the two
Classes of officers or the state and federal
law of elections in tho vote that may be
deposited for purely state and county offi
cers from governor down to magistrates
If at an election under the laws of the
state a special box for the ballots of each
officer voted for is required under the pro
visions of this bill all ballots found for
Representatives in Congress in any of the
boxes may be3 considered in the count made
by the canvassing board This would en
able a multiplication to the extent of the
number of boxes by any voter and yet we
are informed that this bill is for the pur
pose of securing the purity of the elective
franchise and of < seeing that every man
who casts his ballot shall have the same
counted not once as was the oldfashioned
way but as often as he desires to put it in
The marvelous progress and unexampled
development of thesouth inull its great in
dustrial and material interests through the
efforts of her loyal sons and the confidence
inspired by the holders of capital in the
ability of her people to work out satisfac
torily the great problem which surrounds
them is not to be permanently checked by
the efforts of a few politicians to throw her
social organization into confusion and
Temporarily it may be possible for that
conception statesmanship which is pur
posely limited to the horizon of partisan
advantage to work not a little injury to her
people and to those who have invested their
capital in our great industries but an en
lightened public sentiment will soon be
aroused in the north and west by the en
forcement of this iniquitous law at their
doors which can hardly fail to react upon
its originators
The public mind is already awakening to
the dangers which threaten our institu
tions and an attempt now to stifle the voice
of the American free man by centralizing
all the powers for the exercise of the elec
tive franchise into the hands of any single
party the wires to control the result in
every parish to be pulled from the central
power at Washington will if nothing else
convince the American people that a wrong
sentiment is predominant that many of
the leaders of the party that once claimed
to be the representative of freedom and the
champion of the true principles of popular
government canno longer be blindly trusted
jo guide the interests and control the destinies
tinies of this great and expanding empire
NORTHAMPTON July 10 1890 Special
correspondence of THE HERALDJI favor
Mr Lodges federal election bill It will be
a forcebill in the south only to electoral
systems confessedly designed and operated
to outwit the weakest ana most defenceless
classes of lawful voters the destitute thou
sands who can least afford to lose the pro
tection of the ballot
The nation has waited for some sign of
the reform of these things for fourteen
years in vain These systems have year
by year fortified themselves stronger and
strong in constitutions and statutes
and so far from passing away are receiv
ing more today than ever before the open
approval and support of the party now in
power throughout the Southern States
I do not belong to the party supporting
this bill but I find no reasonable ground
to suppose that that party will commit such
a self ruinous blunder as to allow this
measure to be used as to bring back the
abuses of the reconstruction era There
are thousands of white men who though
loath to commend the measure are never 1
theless willing to see it tried and would be
glad of its success I hope the bill pass
CROWS POINT Dongan Hills Staten
Island July 101S50 Special correspond
dence of THE HEHAID Mr Lodges bill
is another step in the natural evolution of
national life since Appomattox At Appo
mattox theold federation of states perished
and the nation was born Every Congress
that has met since the war has put the gov
ernmental plowshare into new soil One
by one the rights so called that once were
vested in the states are abridged by Con
gress or absolutely abolished by the breath
of the supreme court Washington which
is in fact now the only supreme court in
America I do not personally object to all
this I like it
It means a now natfonnltem in which gov
ernment will play a magnificent role tho
like of which has not been seen in human
history The men who are doing this dont
know it but it is being done just the same
The opijliralfrm of this particular bill will
be sectional not nationalandthereore its
results will be evil and only evil It will
result in bad feelings and race riots in the
south and blood shirtism and a carnivalof
ghouls in the north It is a bitter party
measure and will be used for partisan pur
poses It will hurt the negro most of all
The Australian ballot system would have
been a manly statesmanlike measure and
ought to bs passed by Congress for the
whole nation
Of Utah
JL Utah located at
Logan Utah
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I It io a lrritorialjnst1utaia founded upon a
luitad Htatcs attl Irant 1I1l by ttrrltonal a
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young mou and young women of UUh a liberal
I and practical edusatum iu the several pursuits
and professions ol lfe it has courses In Agri
I culture Domestic Economy Mechanic Arts and
Mechanical Engiiertag Civil Engineering ant
I I other special courses
It has a modern equipment sad specialists in
its several llcliib of Instrucrion l
I Its moans of illustration include the United
i states Experimental Statun and its work of
i lesearoh in Apiculture a tins farm including
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i appliances a coGKing dairy cutting and sowing
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I I illustration of schoyhocm teachings through
out Its four years courses
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I f 1J ti r
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roil SALE uv
Kcom 23 Utah Stove and Hardware Buid
far Salt Lake city
JL the Third Judicial district of Utah territory
county of Salt Lake Isaac Jackson plain tilT
S lary lackon defendant Summons The
people the territory of Utah tend greeting
To Mary lackson defendant You arc hereby
icquired to appear in an actjoi brought ngf nit
you by the above named pialntlft in the distrIct
court ol the Third jwVcil distrct I I
of the territory of Uta uui to ui I I
swcr the complaiut tiled tUoiotn within i i j
ten days exclusive of the day of service I
aftcrtuc service on you of this simmons if 1 I
served within this cnilnrv Oi If skived out of
this county but 3n thin district within twenty
days otherwise wlthn Tony Osiys or judgment
by default will be taken against you according
to the prater of sad loiaplaat
This action is brought to have a fieree of this
court dissolving tile bonds of maliinosy be
tween plalntift and defendant aoove relief
7 > raycdon th ground that about the year lb > vj
I defendant willfully deserted and abandoned this
I plaintiff and has ever since continued to so
I willfully and without cause desert and abandon I
I this plaintiff against his will and without his
coaicnt farther thai for years before dcfond
ants said desertion of plaintiff defendant
I treated him with great cruelty to the extent of
causinghtm both great bodily Injuty and men
tal distress
I And you are hereby notified that if you fail to
appear and answer the said complaint as above
required the said plaintiff will apply to tho
court for DIP rellfcf demanded therein
Witness the Hon Charles S Zane judge
and the seal ef the district court of tho
Third judicial district in and for the
snAt territory of Utah thlsLlst day of JUlie
In the year of our Lord ono thousand
ckht hundred and ninety
Deputy Clerk
= rsci
1 14ii1 AlL
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sH a
cP ° >
S c r
c a
I i C

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