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I I TEEMING BOOMING withlive advertisements 11 j THE i SALT LAKE HERALD I LOOMING COMPABE the number of advertisements I c
HERALD wltli
and would not blush one of to them lay before oi the his class family a man J I I r i l P i I 1 tisements those of any i other todays Salt HRD Lake paper
A Nice Young Man Plays a Very I
Slick Game I
LKi i
Terrific Storm in ColorailoThe Population
of Utah Iocatello Deinocmtlc Dele
gates Michigan Editors
Special telegram to TiE HEUALD Some
tLrco mouths ago a man with a woman
registered at Hotel Barlow as E F G
Hall and wife They were iourg well
dressed fluent talkershad plenty of money
and soon formed acquaintances and became
quite popular Hal made large drafts on
banks in small towns in Kansas and Ne
braska which were always paid and this
fact being noised around gave him finan
cial standing Ho represented that he was
connected with the Nicaraguau Canal com
pany but was on leavo of absence for his
health He became infatuated with Glen
wood and expressed a desire t own a por
tion of it and negotiated for some real
Business ho said called him to California II
and after a long absence he recently re
turned after writing from San Francisco
that he was coming Ho came back alone I
stating his wife was sick at Manitou He
losed his deal in tuj real estate giving a
New York draft similar to those which ht
iad used before and which had been doubly
lonored purchased a diamond and some
Uher things always paying in drafts and
eceivingbalances then he stopped Since
hen parties in Colorado Springs have tele
Taphed hero offering 200 reward for him
and his drafts have been returned marked
no funds He probably secured a couple
of thoubBnddollars hero
A Very Smooth Young han
DEXVEII Colo Aug 11Special tele
gram t TiE HEUALDJ Just before the
Mystic Shrines made their pilgrimage t
Dallas Tex last spring a very dashing
young man accompanied by a handsome
woman appeared here He was a Mason
became acquainted with members of that
F order joined the Mystic Shrine went to
Texas with them spent money freely was
introduced at the banks by Masonic
bretheren opened an account deposited I
drafts which came back paid and fully
established himself Then he left and was
not seen again until last week Again he
went to his bank and deposited a draft on a
Kansas bank for 3500 He went immedi
ately t the paying teller and drew out
1500 in cash and got a certified check for
a thousand more Of course it was al
right but the cashier as a precaution tele
graphed the Kansas bank and next day re
ceived a reply that the draft was a forgery
but Hall had fed next day A prominent
jeweler presented a draft given by Hall for
SI200 having sold him thai amount in dia
monds but it was no good Now the bank
officers are distracted for their losses and
the diamond dealer has made himself bald
in tearing his hair I the smooth youug
man comes t Salt Lake let the people be
The Population of Utah I
telegram t TEE HEIULDIt will be
early three months before the official
count of the census of Utah will be com
pleted After the rough count of the states
and territories has been completed the
work of settling the counts of the enumera
tors will be taken up I will require
nearly two months to dispose of this work
and then the third and last count of the
population will begin The states will be
taken up alphabetically and a Utah i
well down on the list she will be among the
last reached I tried today to secure
through Superintendent Porter an un
official report of the population of Ogden
Provo Logan and other Utah towns but
for some reason the returns even at this I
late date arc singularly incomplete and it
is practically impossible more than to ap
proximate the population of the foregoing
Pocatello Elects a McConnell Delegate
POCATELLO Ida Aug lOSpecial tele
gram to TUB HEKALDJ A Republican
primary t elect a delegate t the county
convention was held her yesterday There
were five tickets in the field The name of
Colonel Hanniford who represents the
Dubois faction and is the most unpopular
man in Bingham county was on every
ticket There was n small vote polled and
lot of scratching done which resulted in
the colonels being badly beaten and places
Dubois stock below par while McConnells
interest is advancing I
Poet John Boyle OKiclly Dead
BOSTON Aug 10ohn Boyle o Rely
I j Cthe poet and editor of the Boston Pilot
died this afternoon His death is supposed
v t have been caused by an overdose of
chloroform taken for insomnia
Fatal Parachute Accident
PORTLAND Ogn Aug lOSpecial tele I
gram to THE IiE1LLDA baloon ascension
and parachute jump which took place in
Albina i suburb of this city today was
attended with a fatal result Charles Cogs
well the balloonist aged 28 married who
leaves a wife and two children made the
ascension the wind blowing strong in a
southerly direction at the time of the ascen
sion When the parachute was cut away
at a distance of nearly two thousand feet
from the ground it commenced t fall very
slowly and nearly in a southerly direction
make descent
before it began to a rapid
When within a distance of 200 feet from the
earth Cogswells arms relaxed his strength
having given out and he fell to thQ earth
striking on his right arm and hip Death
was instantaneous
Terrific Storms In Colorado
DENVEK Colo Aug llSpccial tele
gram to Tun HIUALDA terrific storm
uccompanied by much lightning passed
along the range last night doingsome dam
age among tho foothill cities and mining
camps The rainfall was enormous and
the railway below Central in Clear Creek
con was washed out in several places
Further north at Gold Hill a small stream
which runs through that camp became
a furious torrent and the resident sought
high ground for safety W J King was
in the pobtoflico with his wife and endoav
orcd t reach places of safety Ho carried
the postmistress safely through the stream
and returned for h wife The latter
fainted in his arms and the couple were I
swept away and drowned The bodies
were recovered a mile down the stream In
the southeastern portion of Larimer county
Hail fell in great quantities destroying
six miles wide
crops on a strip mies
and a dozen or fifteen miles long Every
thing was cut down and some buildings
damaged Two or three people were
struck by lightning but none killed
Another storm today struck Denver
from tho north swinging around to the
southwest and came back through the city I
with great fury Rain fell in torrents and I
a number of basements were flooded Four
persons were struck and some very
severely injured The electric cars became
unmanageable and could not bo operated
Two buildings were struck and fired but
the flames were quickly subdued Elec
tric light wires also interrupted and the
rendered in
streets impassable by u deluge
the gutters and sidewalks The signal of
I fice reports twofifths of an inch of rain
fell in five minutes and the total fall in two
hours and 1 half an inch Cherry creek is
I rising rapidly and some apprehensions are
felt of a flood there
Guilty of Murder in the First Decree
ASTORIA Ogn Aue llSpecinl tele
gram t > THE HERALD Arguments of
counsel in the case of John Rose on trial
for Fredericksons murder t Oysterville
closed on Saturday night The judge de
livered h charge immediately and sent the
jury out Yesterday morning jury sent
for further instructions and at S oclock
last night returned a verdict of guilty of
mu rcr in the first degree Counsel argued
tu motion for a new trial today
Pocatello Democratic Delegates I
POCATELLO Idaho Aug 1 Special I
telegram to THE HIlALDAt a Demo
cratic primary held here this evening Dr
Rooker R P Sims M D Landis James
Hand John Price 1 Randall George
Bradley and Ed Carlisle were elected del
egates t the county convention They are
sent unpledged and their only instructions
1 are to nominate good men
OneSided Prize Fight Battle
BOTTE Mont Aug 10Special tele
gram to THE HEIDA prize fight
took place near this city at G oclock be
tween Joe Hogan of Pittsburg and Joe
Dougherty of Chicago both light weights
The fight was known only to a few sport
ing men and but a small crowd was at the
ring side From the first Hogan demon
strated that he was much the better and
that his opponent was entirely putclassed
Dougherty was whipped at the end of tho
first round and only stood up again in re
sponse to the curses of his backers At
the end of the second round ho was so evi
dently don for that the referee gave the
fight t Hogan The latter was not struck I
in either round
They Are Both Expelled From the American
Trotting Association
ANACONDA ML Aug 1lSpecial tele
gram t THE HERALD The sensation in
racing circles hero yesterday was the ex
pulsion of Matt Cullen and his horse Don
Angus from the American Trotting Asso
ciation The trouble arose from the pacing
race of last Friday when the driving of
Don Angus was such that the judges dis
qualified him on repeated frauds and gave
the race to Bowley owned by Helm Cul
len then published a card challenging Helm
to match for 5000 a side and reflecting
seriously upon the judges at Fridays race
These reflections settled the matter as man
and horse were expelled under the rules o
the association
The question will bo appealed to the sec
retary of the association but pending his
decision Cullen and his pacer wlUbe barred
from all association tracks
New York 3 Brooklyn 0
Cleeland 7 Cincinnati 9
Boston 1 Philadelphia 4
Pittsburg 6 Chicago 4
New York 1 Philadelphia 15
T o
C LuA u
Cleveland 1 Pittsburg 2
Boston Brooklyn 1
First game
Chicago 9 Buffalo 5
Second game
Chicago 7 Buffalo 8
Toledo 6 Athletics fi
St Louis 15 Brooklyn 9
No English Minister at the Vatican
ROME Aug TheEnglish government
has informed Cardinal Hampolla papal
secretary of state that it i impossible for
England to receive a papal envoy or send 0
minister t the Vatican It has been sug
gested by the Vatican that a secretary be
attached to the British legation at Vienna
whose duty it should be to conduct negotia
Rome tions with the Vatican and sometimes visit
I An Ant Lottery Bill t be Reported
WASHINGTON Aug 11The Senate com
mittee on postolfices and post roads today
ordered an antilottery mail bill be re
ported to the Senate with a recommenda
tion that it pass The vote upon the action
seems t have been practically unanimous
Mrs Harrison Shocked at Horbart Brooks
Special t THE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
WASHINGTON Aug 10Mrs Harrison is
shocked that Hobart Brocks who married
her niece ba purchased an interest in the
New York farce comedy The United
States Mail and is actively engaged in
preparing it for the stage Having learned
this Mrs Harrison closed the White
House doors against both Mr Brooks and
his wife The relations hitherto existing
between the two families have been very
frindly Mr Brooks i a well known j
Washington > correspondent As i
a newspaper man howassll right but his
descent into theatrical business ap I
peared to be an unpardonable offense i
I Collision Near 1Yt rt4wn N Y
V TE TOW N YM Aug nThe west I
bound flyer on the Rome Wateriovn
Ogdensburg this morning collided at i
Adams Centre Four freight cars an I
engine baggage car and the first coach
wera damaged Though tho front of the
coach was torn completely away iiot a pas
senger was injured The fireman sus
tained severe bruises The trains were
j delayed but a few hours and the track is
now cleared
The Debate in the Senate on
Its Provisions
Thinks it Will Undoubtedly PassThe
Grand Army Encampment at Boston
The Presidents Arrival
WASHINGTON Aug 1 After prelimi
nary business the Senate resumed consid
eration of the tariff bill the pending ques
tion being Plumbs amendment to reduce
the additional duty on iron or steel hoops
cut to length for bailing purposes from
2110 to 1110 cents per pound Tho amend
mendment was rejected three Republican
I Senators Ingalls Paddock and Plumb vot
ing in the afllrmative
McPherson moved an amendment by
making the duty on iron or steel hoops 50 I
per cent ad valorem instead of 1 cent
1110 cents and 1310 cents per pound
Sherman spoke of the little progress that
had been made with the bill Nearly three
weeks he said had been spent upon it and
not onefifth had been disposed of Unless
tho Senators on the other sido would bo
satisfied with one vote upon a question and
then co right along the Senate would have
to continue in perpetual session He
dIJ not wish to seo any change in the
rules of the Senate if it could be
avoided and if the other side would forego
a needless repetition of amendments and
of yea and nay votes the Senators might
soon see daylight and soon be ablo to go to
their respective homes The bill had been
passed over and been considered by a
committee of the Senate its general out
line being on the scale of a protective
tariff even of a high protective tariff
Republican Senators did not deny that it
was a tariff that would protect American
industries and build up newly what could
bo emDlcved in this onuntrv It was 1
pretty high protective tariff and there I
were some points in it on which he would
be willing to yield to Still in several im
portant particulars it was below the bill
passed by the Senate two years ago I
Deemed the Senate ought to make more
progress with the bill
Vest said the Senator from Ohio had
stated the bill was acceptable to his sido of
the chamber The records do not show that
to be tho fact On the other hand the
most aggressive attacks made upon the bill
had come from that side of the chamber
and from the state that gavo the largest
majority for the Republican party in the
late election The record would also show
that proportionately a large number of
Democratic Senators responded every time
the roll had been called He gave notice that
every item in the bill would be discussed if
necessary unless it was prevented by force
applies in some sort of a fashion The dis
cussion having turned dn farming property
the statement wasjnado by Vest that there
was much degradation in some of the best
farming counties in Pennsylvania and
Cameron remaaked that while the state
ment was correct the tariff was not in his
opinion the cause of it its cause was the
demonitization of silver in 1ST8 Ever since
that act the price of land andarm products
had decreased Since tho passage of the
silver cent bill prices had risen some 20 per
Teller said that as to the question of haste
in passing the bill ho was not disposed to
deny its opponents a fair and free discus
sion He was willing to stay and discuss
the tarf question or low it to be dis
cussed because he believed the American
people wanted to know whether the bill was
a proper revenue tariff Finally a veto was
reached on McPhersons amendment and it
was rejected 1
The paragraph relating to tinned plate
having been reached Vest said it was a
bold naked attempt by the Pittsburg man
ufacturers to create another monopoly in
their own interests against the consumers
of the United States He moved to reduce
the rate from 2 210 cents per pound to 1
Edmunds asked leave t offer an order to
bo printed and go over It is to the effect
that during the consideration of the tariff
billno Senator shall speak more than once
and not longer than five minutes on
one amendment without leave of the Senate
Such leave is to be granted or denied with
out debate and without any other motion or
proceeding cuept such a relates to pro
viding a quorum until tho bill shall be
ready pass to it third reading No gen
eral motion in relation to it other than to
take it up is to Do in order all appeals are to
be determined at once and without debate
Finally Edmunds withdrew the order say
ing he would present it again tomorrow
A conference was ordered on the Indian
appropriation bill and Dawes Plumb and
Call appointed conferees
Allison from the committee on appropria
tionsreported amendments the House
bill for additional clerical force in the pen
sion office and gave notica that he would
some time tomorrow ask the Senate t con
sider it Adjourned
Conference of American ConsulsGeneral
PARIS Aug 1 The conference of
American consulsgeneral held in this city
was concluded today The conference
adopted several resolutions among whi h
is one favoring hency in Iho provisions of
thoMcKinley tariff bill
Colorados Exhibit at Chicago
PUEBLO Colo Aug l1he unique idea
given outlrora Milwaukee that the brew
er of that city would erect a beer palace
atihe Worlds fair of beer kegs bottles
and other paraphernalia of the beer in
dustry has given additional interest to the
wish that tho Colorado universal palace
just a it is now being erected in this city
maybe rebuilt at Chicago as an important
part of the Colorado exhibit The columns
would each be built of a different stone
while upon the inside the native splendor
of mineral specimens taken from hundreds
mines would be heightened by the rays
from 2500 electric lights The only hind
rance would be the cost which including
the value of the specimens would be in tho
neighborhood of half u million dollars
There is a genuine working order for the
first part of tho programme and it is safe
to say that no attraction at Chicago would
be more generously visited The advance
in silver has put the miners and mine own
ers in splendid humor and it is safe to pre
dict that the scheme will be worked out
A Fire at Dayton Wash I
DAYTON Wash Aug llSpecial tele
gram to THE H lALDAt 130 this
gam I I
morning a fire broke out in the rear of 11e I
Clearys restaurant The flume on which I
the city depends mostly for its water in i
case of firewasblockcd onaccount re
pairs being dona to tho flouring mill The I
city water workswere then tried but the
water was found to be insufficientand to
acid alhthls for some unknown reason
the steamer aefnsed to steam more than
thirty pounds this pressure being alto
gether too small t throw water Twhero it
would be cf any benefit and the flames
could not be controlled The firemen
worked nobly with buckets and axes
Tho fire raged nearly twelve hours
before vas under control Two saloons
four brick buildings occupied by a restaur
ant a clothing store bakery and genera
merchandise Meinhardts > saloon and ICQ
stQon cQ
I c
factory a large packing establishmentl
about adozen Chinese laundries and stores
and several other small buildings were con
sumed The fire was fortunately checked
before the business portion was entirely
destroyed but the loss was over ninety
thousand dollars Tho insurance is estim
ated at seventy thousand dollars
Glasgow Iron Market Excited
GLASGOW Aug 11The iron market
here today is excited South Warrens
have advanced from 47s 10 < fd to 48s lid
on the rumor that an American syndicate
I intends to buy up Warren
Engagement With Rebel Arabs
LONDON Aug nAn engagement has
taken place between a force of rebel Arabs
and the army of the Sultan of Morocco
One hundred and twenty prisoners were
captured by the rebels and all massacred
Among the captives was a son of the gov
ernor of the province in which the rising
took place Portions of hisbody wore cut
off while he was alive and rcastedJHe was
then compelled by the leader of tho rebels
to eat his own flesh
Further and more serious trouble has oc
curred among the troops in the garrison at
Chatham Four days ago harnesses of
the horses belonging to the artillery were
so badly cut that it was noceHSjiry to aban
don the proposed parade To day it was
discovered that the harnesses had again
been hacked in such a manner as to render
them entirely useless Tinve of tho men
who were leaders of the mutinous move
ment have deserted
The Marquis of Havtington Will Marry the
Dowager Duchess of Manchester
Special to THE HEHALD Examiner Cable
LONDON Aug 10L rd Hartingtons
marriage to the Dowager Duchess of Man
chester is fixed to take tplfcco l next April
when her late husband tho duke will have
been dead about a year In popular par
lance he ought to have been her husband
long ago He has followed hor with perti
nacity for many years When she married
the duke she did so in a fit after a lovers
quarrel with Harti ton Then the Duke
of Manchester came along laid siege to her
and with tho aid of her family won her con
sent t marry him I was a marriage
against fate and against her inclination
The inevitable result foliowed She was
not happy All her thoughts were on
Hartington who was carefully invited to
I the receptions Eventually with tho
aid ot the dukes influence Hartington was
elected to parliament ana as all the world
know secured in reputation for himself
Scandals innumerable were started about
the duchess and Hartington The duke in
vestigated them and declared them base
less so far as wrong was concerned He
only found ho had secured the hand of his
wife at the altar but nether heart and he
nursed this as one of thegreatest misfor
tunes of his life
Tvo Schooners Sink in Lake Erie
CLEVELAND Atlg 1 Two schooners
in Lake Erie lew miles
went down within a mies
of Cleveland last night in a gale They
were the Fannie L Jones and the Two
Fanies Captain E O Jonps of the former
was drowned Th others vere rescued
Wyoming Democratic and Republican Con
ynt j c
CHEYENNE Wyo ugusfLCiieJ1ifit
convention of Democratsand Repub
licans was held in this city today
In the Democratic convention George W
Baxter of Cheyenne was nominated by
acclamation for governor The remainder
of the ticket consists of John S Harper
Crook county secretary of state J C
Miller Carbon county treasurer George
A Campbell Albany county auditbrN
V Quinn Vineta county superintendent
of public instruction George F B Clark
Sheridan county for congress Samuel T
Corn Vineta county for justice of the
suprc court
Jill ilepublican ticket is headed by
Francis E Warren of Cheyenne the pres
ent governor of the territory Otto Gramm
Laramie treasurer C W Burdick Car
bon county auditor Dr A W Barber
Converse county secretary state Hon
Farwell Johnson county superintendent
of public instructions Clarence D Clark
Vineta for congressman Willis Vender
vanter Laramia county present chief jus
tice H V S Groesbeck Albany county
and A B Conoway Sweetwater county
for justices of the supreme court
Terrific Thunderstorm on Lon Island Sound
NEW HAVEN Conn Aug lIThe most
terrific thunderstorm that has visited this
section in twenty years swept up Long
Island Sound yesterday afternoon and
created havoc all along tho shore At Himble
island trees were uprooted and the win
dows of cottages blown in Hailstones as I
largo as walnuts fell for half an hour
The steamer Margret with 200 excursion
ists on board was caught in the storm
A panic ensued but the steamer weathered
storm safely From all along the east
shore as far as New London reports of the
terrific storm are received Tree wore
prostrated and windows in dwelling houses
ruined were blown in crops and potatoes and corn I
Trouble Among West Virginia Republicans
war that was waged between George Nut
ter and William Dils for the Republican
nomination for county clerk has been fol
lowed by an attempted assassination of
Nnttor Primary conventions wore held
for the selection of delegates and in nearly
every district there wore many fights In
tho case of the Eleston convention there
were five in another ten so hot was the
political battle Late Sunday night Nutter
went to seo one of his delegates and on re
turning was shot by an unseen party the
ball striking near his heart Physicians
who were called pronoance the wound
dangerous There is no clue to the perpe
Cholera in Spain
MADRID Aug nThere were nine new
cases of cholera and seven deaths at Villa
joyosa yesterday six new cases and one
death at Llerena two new cases and seven
deaths at Argio There is a slight decrease
in the number of new cases and deaths in
Valencia Since tho outbreak there have
been 1600 cases there 7SS fatal
Troops for the Chlkcasirw Nation I
ST Louis Aug nFour companies of
troops from Little Rock and Fort Reno en I
route to the Chickasaw nation are to be dis
tributed at the polling places election day
next Wednesday Captain Babcock at the
scene of tho expected trouble telegraphs I
General Merritt that he does not think any
difficulty will occur now it is known troops I
will be on the ground
I IHnll to a Tree
I tho sheriff captured William Beavor the
negro who is wanted for an assault upon a
young white lady As the officer was tak
ing the prisoner to jail ho was met by a
mob who took Beaver and hung him to a
The Ameer at Cabul
CAHUL Aug nTho Ameer Afghan
istan has arrived here Ho was given eu
thuslastic reception Ho was visited by a
deputation comprising tho principal chiefs
citizens and military officers who presented
him with 6000 rupees t bestow charity
The Union Pacific is About to
Make More Changes
Comprising the Western Passenger Assocla
tion Jfaniinilatlon Now Beats PreInter
state Commerce Act Days
OMAHA Aug 1lSpeciat telegram to
TUB HERALD The announcement of the I
coming removal of R F Baxter superin i
tendent of the Wyoming division has
caused much discussion in Union Pacific
circles I appears that tho general manager
wants Baxters position vacated but has
been at a loss to know how to accomplish
it without making trouble Baxter is re
markably solid with the employees on tho
Wyoming division and if ho was ruthlessly
fired it would undoubtedly create a nice
little muss To avert anything of this
kind Ressiguie wrote a letter conveying
the information that President Adams and
VicePresident Holcoinb were after his
scalp and advising him to send in his
resignation to take effect September 1
Rcssiguie also kindly advised him that that
was better than being discharged and
thought that it would bo a nice thing for
him t give out that ho resigned for the pur
pose of accepting a position under Ed
Dickenson on the Baltimore Ohio
Baxter however couldnt see it that way
and wroteback to Mr Ressiguie that he had
no intention of goins into the wholesale
lying business and he positively declined
t resign and stated moreover that if they
wanted to discharge him they knew how to
do it
This is the story told by one of Baxters
intimate friends and it is substantiated by
a letter from Baxter himself Tho local
Union Pacific officials are very reticent on
the subject and profess to know little or
nothing about it although one or two ad
mit having heard a rumor to tho effect
that it was coming I creates more or
consternation among tho old employees
of the company and some wonder is mani
fested as to who will go next Mr Bexter
is one of the most popular men in the com
panys employ and his removal will cause
general dissatisfaction among the men
undr him
Western Passenger Association
OMAHA Neb Aug lISpecial tele
gram to THE HERALDA Bee special from
Chicago says The ninety days in which the
Western Passenger association agreement
is pending expires September 9 and it is
i becoming more and more doubtful i the
association will outlast the agreement
Certain it is that the Alton and St Paul
roads express tho utmost dissatisfaction
with the agreement and they together
wjth alI if notall l tho other members
declare they will not longer continue the
farce Q living up to the terms of agree
ment at the end of ninety days In no in
stance is the fault laid at Chairman
Goddards door The agreement itself and
the conditions made by many of the roads
in signing it renders it impossrible to im
pose penalties which will stick I is
agreed on all hands that Chairman God
third could nave conducted matters more
satisfactorily had there been no agreement
whatever Tho result of the inoperation of
the agreement has been that every road
has done practically as it saw fit render
ing the passenger situation more shaky
even than i was before break in rates i n
January Each road has cause of griev
ance sgainst its competitors and there is
no way under the agreement to St tao
difficulties Especially is there war among
the roads competing for Colorado
busness One road claims the Mis
souri Pacific is to blame for
the whole trouble while other roads lay
the blame on Rock Island and approve
every act of the Missouri Pacific From
every side comes the admitted fact that the
roads are doing exactly as they please and
are cutting rates in a way to put tho manip
ulation of prointerstate commerce act days
to blush Many of the lines are willing and
anxious to withdraw their memberships
today but none has mustered up courage
to take tho iniative
The New York Central Strike
I NEW YORK Aug 11All through the
night and early this morning it looked as
though the strike on the New York Central
was slowly but surely petering out Nev
ertheless both parties are as stubborn as
ever The Buffalo express or newspaper
train moved out on time at 5 a m and be
fore 7 two trains had been sent out over the I
Harlem division Soon after the announce
ment was made that all trains will be run
today The police arrangements remain
the same as yesterday except the men were
told not to leave their posts for oven an in
VicePresident Webb contradicted the
statement made last night that the firemen
had struck Ho declared that all the pas
senger trains running were fully manned
Everything ho declared was in flue shape
all along the road except at Syracuse
where proper protection was not accorded
Ho had telegraphed Governor HilL for
troops He added that arrangements were
being perfected for moving freight today
The first freight which has moved since
tho strike left the yards for Albany at 9 a
in No opposition was made by the strikers
as a heavy guard of police was on hand
Tho officials of the Now York Central
Hudson River railroad announce the fact
that there is no now interruption to pas
senger traffic Trains are being run on
regular schedule time
The Chicago mail due at G 45 this morn I
ing reached here at 230 this afternoon I
contained Chicago mails that were due
to arrive Sunday evening The train from
Chicago duo at 2130 this indrning and
which contains western mails and those for
trans Atlantic connections had not reached
here up to 5 oclock All the other mails
are more orless late
During the afternoon and evening the
Grand Central depot was as quiet as
though no strike hal occurred
Trains are continually arriving and leav
ing The entire business at the had
resumed its normal condition Vice Pres
ident Webb said at oclock this evening
at midnight the situation is the same
that the strike so far as the New York
Central was concerned was a1 an ed The
entire passenger and freight service will i
bo resumed tomorrow andaiL trains leave I
on schedule time A the freight yards
will bo open for tho reception of western
The Slxtvfffth Street Dopot 1 I
NEW YORK Aug iLThe Sixtyfifth
street yard from which tho first shipment
of freight was made is tho most important
in tho city The freight train passed Spuy
ten Duyvi at 1039 Everything to that
point was a right At 10 oclock every
thing was in good shape at tho Grand Cen
tral depot The police arrangements are
tho same as yesterday There no excite
ment around the depot except that laege
numbers are applying for work at the tem
porary employment bureau
The Situation at Buffalo
BUFFALO Aug nThe situation on the
Central road is unchanged Tho strikers
are few in number and quiet Trains from
the east are coming in several hours late
The Chicago limited due at S3Z last night
got here this morning and at 1030 oclock
I was still standing ih the depot
Hiring Brakemen in Chicago
CHICAGO Aug nThe agents of the
New York Central are hiring brakemen
and switchmen hero and sending them on
Pinkertons is also hiring men to guard
tho Central track
General Master Workman Powdcrly Talks
SCRANTON Pa Aug 11 Genoral Mas
ter Workman Powderly says the New
York Central strike will probably be con
sidered at a meeting of the general execu
tive board in Detroit Wednesday He be
lieves if necessary the Brotherhood of
LOCOOIOUVO Engineers ana Ilreuieu will
join the strike
VIcePresIdent Webb Talks
NEW YORK Aug VicePresident 1
Webb said regarding the statement 1 the
morning papers that the firemen had been
called out that the order calling them out
had been issued a few days ago but both
the firemen and engineers had disregarded
the order cJ have every reason to be
lieve Webb added that neither
engineers nor firemen will go out The
number of trains to leave the Grand Central
depot today is 120 the customary number
leaving on week days is 133 The trains
which have been suspended are local trains
and of little importance So far today no
incoming freight has arrived atany of tho
yards The West Shore road is handling
New York Central incoming freight
Every train which left the depot this
morning was promptly on time and sche
dule time will be observed all day
All Quietat Syracuse
SrRAcasn Aug HAl is quiet The
railroad trouble is confined to the yards at
East Syracuse which seems to be the pres
ent key to the situation
Tho Central authorities today began
running all passenger trains over the West
Shore Pinkerton men acting as deputy
sheriffs and three companies of militia at
the armory in this city awaiting orders The
Fifth battery moved out this morning but
was ordered back I is reported at East
Syracuse an order ha boon issued order
ing the engineers and firemen out and that
Chief Arthur is expected here within tho
next twelve hours The reports lack con
The Knights and Plnkertoua Men
ALBANY Aug 11A committee from tho
Knights of Labor waited upon Deputy At
torneyGeneral Whittaker today and in
quired a to the right of the Central road
to employ Pinkerton detectives to guard its
property Whittaker told the committee
the company had a perfect right to protect
its property and hire agents for that pur
pose prominent knight said at noon as
the trains came in from the west the fire
men were dropping from the service here
He said eigh so farhad dropped off und
the Brotherhood of Engineers refused
work with any but union firemen and
would not go on to New York with green
men Superintendent Bissell was asked
about the matter and emphatically denied
the rumor He said every train which
came either from the west or south passed
through Albany with the same crew with
which it came in Not a passenger fireman
had left the service today
Waiting for Pinkerton Men
ALBANY Aug 11A freight train which
left New York at 1 oclock today arrived
at East Albany at 6 oclock and will not be
sent any further west for the present
When the train drew In the station there
was a crowd of 600 but they did not molest
the train or crew No attempt will be made
to move freight out of the West Albany
yards until additional Pinkerton men ar
rive The train which blocks the upper
railroad bridge i still lying there and the
stench which arises from the decaying
dressedbeefis sickening
No Change i Jersey CIt
jERSYCrrr NJ Aug 11There was
no change today in the situation at any
railroad in this city and there not the least
i sign of troble Men employed in the yards
I said a strike was not probable
Strikers See Governor Hil
ALBANY AugGovernor Hill had a con
sultation with some of the strike managers
today and after listening to their griev
ances he called their attention to the situa
tion at DeWitt and asked that all hostile
demonstrations there be stopped and they
promised that his request would be com
plied with f
The company has now peaceably re
sumed posseesion of its property at that
place and its trains are running through
there without molestation I is doubtful
whether any troops will be now needed un
less an unexpected change in the situation
Chief Arthurs Views
CLEVELAND Aug 11Chief Engineer
Arthur of Brotherhood of Locomotive
Engineers when asked today concerning
his views of the strike said There is
really nothing can say on the part of the
engineers because they are en valet We
have no official information here whatever
not even as to the causa oi the strike The
engineers would not necessarily be in
volved even if the firemen should join with
tho strikers
A Falling House Calamity
BERLIN Aug 11 During I storm at
Crefeld today 1 house containing fifty in
habitants r611 Thirteen persons were
killed twenty of tho injured were rescued
and twelve ara still Buried in the wreck
the crief for help from some of whom were
audible to the rescuing party
Palo Alto Wins
BUFFALO Aug HPalo Alto won the
unfinished freoforall race this morning
in 215
Parneltlte Sorrow for OHeilly
LONDON Aug 1 The Parnellite mem
bers of parliament held ameetingthis even
Ing to record their sorrow that John Boyle
ORrielly was not spared to return from
his trys patriotic freedom exile on the day of his coun
Cardinal Newman Dead
LONDON Aug 11 Cardinal Newman is
dead The cardinal became ill Saturday
whenha haiL asovere chill He passed in
to comatose state Sunday and remained
unconsciousuntilhe died
Catholic Eibertyin England
LONDON Aug 11In the commons to
day Ferguson under foreign secretary in
response to I question stated that the
Pope in receiving the Dukeof Norfolk as
a private envoy in 1S87 expressed great
satisfaction because of iha liberty enjoyed
by the Catholic religion throughout t Great
Britian The fact that such liberty existed
he said ought to incite Catholics t be
loyal to the Queen
Thomas Stevens Interviews te
Great Novelist i
Are Humbugs According to the Count EI3
Views on Temperance The Relations
of the Sexes
Special to THE HERALD Examiner IMspatctu
NEW YORK Aug 10In view of the
prominence which Count Tolstois last
last work Kreutzer Sonata has lately
received by being prohibited transmission
through the mails an interview with tho
famous author undoubtedly will be read
with interest Thomas Stevens who
is traveling through Russia stoppad at tha
country estate of the count and tho cor
respondent sends a four column account of
that isie which is published in this morn
ings Sunday World Stevens says 4Ib
needs only a few minutest social inter
course with Count Tolstoi to discove
that like the rest of us he has his weak
points The count does not disdain notoriety
riety though he may not bo conscious of
i it He possesses a fair share of au
thors vanity in spite of the humiliation oi
spirit and suppression human exaltation
that i the chief foundation of his creed
Tolstoi likes Americans because of all tho
English speaking world they were tho
first to translate read and appreciate his
productions In the matter of land owner
ship Tolstoi is a great admirer of the theo
ries of Henry George He considers
George the greatest American citizen of the
present time Ho believes however in u
system of communal rather than
of national ownershp of land
The count believes that all forms of gov
ernment are humbugs and that tho whole
machinery of law and lawyers courts and
judges is barbarity and Js an excuse for
setting one man above another and enabl
ing the privileged few to rob the many
One cannot talk with Tolstoi for any length
of time without the subject of religion corn
ing to the top Only foolish people he
says trouble their heads about whether
there is or is not a personal God or whether
Christ was or was not more than human
People are mistaken in doing good here in
the hope of future reward This is the es
sence of selfishness to put the best in
humanity on the level of commerce There
is no merit In making a bargain by which
you are to receive double some time in the
future in return for giving a poorer brother
a Kopecs or a crust oi oreau touay Tnis
is not charity but usury pure and simple
Priests ministers and churches the count
holds in no sort of esteem The priests are
part and parcel of the governmental machin
ery for grinding the faces of the poor and
living without work To swing a censor
and chant senseless masses is in his opin
ion stage acting The time wasted on thi
builoonery if devoted to planting and dig
ging potatoes would suffice them to earat
their bread and then there would btmone
of preying on the ignorant and superstltirf
According to the count a minister of
gospel who accepts a salary and lives
is rjohber The only difference betvi
him ana the footpad is that whereas
latter knocks you down and rifles y
pockets the minister gets at the pockets of
honest people by a more ingenious if less
violent process In both cases the results
are tha same both ministers and footpads
eat food that they never produced and
which consequently cannot possibly ba
theirs by right Such is the counts creed
Temperance finds in the great novelist
an enthusiastic supporter He neither
drinks Intoxicating beverages nor smokes
and includes in the term many other indul
gences that the ordinary advocates of tem
perance consider apart from their creed
To him romance has from all time been the
theme of the poet and novelist Tolstoi
deems it a species of moral depravity on a
par with gluttony smoking of opium or in
dulgence in strong drink A person find
ing himself or herself in love should fight
against it as against the opium
habit or any other poisonous thing
Theater going dancingromantic literature
of all kinds anything in short that ex
cites the imagination to c thoughts of love is
intemperance uupiais the aeviiin his
most awful guise
In speaking of the relations of the sexes
Tolstoi talked with the same freedom from
restraint as if he talked of digging potatoes
or mowing hay The countess and her
sister from St Petersburg sat at the other
end of the table on one occasion when the
count was particularly inquisitive about
the natives of East Africa To an ordi
nary mortal the situation would have been
embarrassing in the extreme The ladies
however were busy chatting together and
their ears of course were closed to any
thing the count or I might have said His
interest in the relation of the sexes seemed
to your correspondent abnormal almost
morbid Men and women ho insisted
snouia love one anoiuer umjr as inenas or
as brother and sister Matrimony brought
about by romantic love is an unholy and
unnatural alliance that in nine cases out
of ten resulted in unhappiness for both par
ties to the contract The views expressed
by Posonicheff in Kreutzer Sonata un
doubtedly are those of Tolstoi
Previous to his conversion the count had
been an athiest After ho said he become
convinced that salvation lay in living a
christly life In a truly unselfish sense
the count was for getting lid of his pro
perty forthwith by distributing it among
the peasantry His plan was to descend at
once to the level of the poorest of those
about him and earn a living with the plow
and hoe That this was not done Is due en
tirely to the countess and friends of the
family The wife of Tolstoi Is a buxom
lady who looks about forty She has a
broad matronly figure a kind motherly
face and was the daughter of a St Peters
burg physician She is the mother of
thirteen children of whom nine are living
The eldest daughter and two youngest
children were at home the others were
traveling or away visiting and the eldest
son was officiating as secretary of the com
mission at the Prison congress The
countess acts as her husbands amanuensis
and copyist The copies and corrects all
his manuscripts She seems to be a most
excellent woman Their family life appears
to bo altogether charming both the wife
and children idolize the count The eldest
daughter is I think inclined to be a dis
ciple of her father His nieces also think
their uncle the embodiment of wisdom and
goodness and the only point on which they
openly take issue with him is on the sub
ject of romantic love as denounced in the
Kreutzer Sonata
Rains in Kansas
KANSAS CITY Aug 11 Specials report
general and very heavy rains during the J
improved past fortyeight hours Corn will be greatly
Trouble with the Mormons at South Alberta
OTTAWA Aug 11 Advices received by
the government from Southern Alberta
Northwest Territory are to the effect thai
the Mormons who came into that country
from Utah are coraupting the Indians with
their doctrines The government has beeii
to great pains to impress on the Indians the
necessity of monogamy and refused them
supplies f or mo re than one wile but tho
Mormons are teaching them the many so
called advantages of a multiplicity of wives I
There is every indication that the Mcrmou
evil in tho west Is liable to grow into wi
lous difficulty
n a

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