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TEEMINGwithlive advertisement1 THE I L rKE HE R A L D
Snd not one of them of the class a man COMPARE the number ot adver
wouldblush t lay Lefore his family k 4 t e those tisements of any in other todays Salt HEKALD Lake paper wltn
I i i
Chairman Heeds Speech Before
the Boise Convention Ij j I I
Are Set Forth as the Only True anti SafeN I
Guide for Popular Go eminent The i
Nominee Names
BOISE CTY Ida Aug 2GfSpecial tele
gram to Tan HERALD The Democratictick i
tt convention was reconvened this morn I
ing at 10 oclock when a report on perma
nent organization was had The report
which was adopted made Reed of Nez
Perces chairman After PresidentReed
was escorted to his seat he made a speech
as follows
Gentlemen of the Convention
The distinguished honor you have con
ferred by the election of me as permanent
chairman of this patriotic and intelligent
ronvention the first Democratic conven
tion in Idaho calls for the most profound
gratitude J cannot fully express to you
my high appreciation of this mark of your
esteem and confidence It is a great privi
lege to be permitted to serve even ns a pri
vate in the ranks of the Democrats of
Idaho but to oe selected preside overtime
highest councils of the party is a pro emi
nent distinction of which the most exalted
might well bo proud I is fit and appro
priate fellow Democrats as we gather
around the camp fires of our party t
take council for the contest and conse
crate ourselves to the peoples cause to
run back in memory to the morning of
March 4 1S01 when its great founder
without pageant or parade gave utterance
S t the fundamental principles that under
lie the Democratic party On that memor
able day Thomas Jefferson rode on horse
back clad in studiously plain clothes with
out attendant to the capitol dismounted
tied his horse t the fence and walked un
ceremoniously into the Senate chamber and
in his inaugural breathing boundless phil
anthrcdhy uttered these remarkable
words I am about to enter fellowcitzens
t entr fclowcitzens S
on the exercise of duties which comprehend L
everything dear and loyal to you It is
proper that you should understand what I
deem the presidential principles of our
government and consequently of those who
seek to shape its administration I will
compress them in the narrowest compass
They will be equal and exact justice t all
men of whatever state or persuasion re
ligious or political Peace commerce and
honest friendship with all nations entang
ling alliance with none Uhe support of the
state governments in all their right
a the most competent administration of
our concerns and the surest bulwarks
against antirepublican tendencies The
preservation f the general government in
its whole constitutional vigor a the sheet
anchor of our peace at home and safety
abroad a zealous watch of their right of
election by the people a mild and safe cor
rection of abuses which are lopped by the
sword of revolution where peaceable
means are unprovided absolute acquies
cence in the decisions of the majority the
vital principle of republics from which
there is no appeal but to force the vital
principle and immediate parent of despot
ism A well disciplined militia our best
reliance in peace and for the first moment
of war till regulars may relieve them
The superiority of the civil over the military
tary authority economy in the public ex
pense that labor may be lightly burdened
the honest payment of our debts and the
sacred preservation of the public faith
the encouragement of agriculture and of
commerce as its handmaid the diffusion
of information and the arraignment of all
abuses at the bar of public reason freedom
of religion freedom of the press freedom
of the person under the protection of the
the habeas corpus trial by jury impartially
selected These form the bright constella
tion which has gone before us and guided L
our steps through the age of revolution and
reformation The isdom of our age and L
the blood of our heroes have been devoted L
to their attainment They should be the
creed of our political faith the text of civic
instruction the touchstone by which to try
the services of those we trust and should L
we wander from them in moment of error
or alarm let us hasten to retrace our steps c
and t regain the road whioh alone leads to
peace liberty and safety
His accession to the presidency and the
delivery of that inaugural marked not only
an era in the onward march of the republic
of civil and religious freedom but
the opening of a glorious epoch in
human progress A few years ago
in correspondence with that noble friend
of liberty that grand tribune of the peo
ple a statesman a Democrat grounded jn
the faith and tried in the cruciablo of his
5 party by service and for seventeen years
practically a leader in the House of Repre
ir sentatives Sauiuel J Ran alto whom I
put the inquiry where should I find the
clearest exposition of Democratic faith I
his reply was I sincerely believe Jeffer
sons first inaugural delivered
frst March 4
1S01 contains the clearest and most inter
esting statement of the Democratic faith
And then I turned tho pages of history
again and found that these same principles
constituted the best elements of the free
government of ancient times that they
shone along the succeeding ages through
the annals of the British government that
are found in Magna Charta the Declara
tion of In dependence the constitution of the
United States In the farewell address of
Washington in the state papers of the
early Presidents in the speeches of great
statesmen and in the platforms of party
conventions down to tho present day For
sixty years before the civil war great and
good men guided by those principles gov
erned this country added to its domains
along the Atlantic seaboard the magnificent
cent territories of the almost boundless
west stretched across the Rocky mountains
t the far off shores of the Pacific opened
up t the sea the borders of tho land t the
south through which flows the Father of
Waters on the shores of which are laid
deep the foundations of mighty states
numbered among their advocates a Jeffer
son Madison Monroe
Madisont Jackson
Polk and a
host of noble and patriot statesmen and
made this a hind of liberty and an asylum
for the oppressed of every clime I find
I these principles enunciated in the plat
forms promulgated by the Democratic
party and on these principles let u lay the
foundation of Democracy i Idaho upon
them win a glorious victory for the main
tenance of free government I now declare
this convention duly organized for the
transaction of business
The Names of the Nominees
5 BpiSE CITY Idaho Aug 27 Special
r tek gram to THE HERALD The Demo
I cratic convention adjourned this afternoon
at 320 The following is the entire ticket
For Congress A E Mayhew governor
Ben Wilson lieutenantgovernor S F
Taylor secretary of state E A Sherwin
state auditor r H Wickersham treasurer
JT A Rngan attorney general R Z John
son superintendent of public instruction
M A Kelley judges of the supremo court
J N Maxwell F E Ensign H W Weir
The enthusiasm over the ticket is im
mense Most of the delegates have gone
home The Democratic county convention
meet tomorrow to complete a county
ticket The ticket is generally considered
tol b e the strongest that could have been
The Charleston in British Columbia Waters
OTTAWA Ont Aug 27The department
Of fisheries has received no official intima S
tion as yet of the object of the United
States manofwar Charlestons visit to
British Columbia waters
The Meetings at Helena and Jlonmouth and
the Bicycle Met at Niagara
HELEN Mont Aug 2iSpccial tele
gram t Tun HERALD The races today
we interesting and exciting The favor
ite won except in the 220 trot which af
for ded a seriesvot surprises
First event three furlongs Starters
Bob Wade b g ItS Cyclone ch g 120
Jew b g 120 Cyclone holds the
words record 3434 seconds made here
last year Bob Wade beat him easily to
day in 343i Cyclone second Jew third
Second last chance handicap mile audI
quarter guaranteed value of stakes 1000
Starters Guido ch c 125 Olympia bg
105 Dainty br m 110 Guido won in a
canter Olympia second Dainty third I
Time 211
Third event purse 1000 trotting Start
ers J H Butlers Manning b g B H
Bennetts Little Joe b g Charles Dutts
Gaorge Moshier ch g Ed Daffcrtys
Contractor b g J P Stoneroads Con
dee ch g Manning sold a hot favorite in i
the pools at the start big odds being given
Little Joe a short horse who took the first
heat creating great commotion among bet
ting men Mutuals on Little Joe paid 2ft
Condee 4 2 1 3 1 1
Manning 02 1 3 1 2 a
Little Joe 001 34443
Contractor 5 4223
George Hoshier 3
Time 223 222 223225i 225 227
Fourth event half mile heats Starters
Red Elm White Elm and Sunday
Sunday 1 2 2
Red mm 2 1 1
Vhste Elm 3 3 1
Robert Bonner Talks About his New Marc
and Gives a Point on her
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
NEW YORK Aug 27 Robert Bonner
owner of Maud S queen of the turf had
something to say today about horses and
trotting horses in particular Mr Bonner
said I dont expect to see any horse trot
in 204 Mr Stanford and I agree on a
number of things especially on the subject
of Sunols career Considering her age I
believe the mares performance last Satur
day at Chicago when she trotted without
break in 2lO U to be the greatest feat yet
accomplished on the turf Ill give you a
point that was not published about that
race The time she made on the lat quar
ter was not printed It was 31M seconds
Add this to her time for the first quarter
and youll see she was going at a 207 gait
for the half mile and at a 200 gait for the
last l quarter She trotted against a strong
wind for the first and second quarters
making them in 32 and 3 seconds respect
ively and between the half and three
quarter mile posts she went with the wind
This shows what
a remarkable feat it was
for a fouryearold Sesonds are brief
periods of time but in this kind of racing
they mean a great deal Just think Sunol
a baby almost beside horses that have made
the records came within a second and
threequarters of heating the best one made
by Maud S when she was eleven years old
I consider that a fouryearold the spring
is not any better than a threeyearold in
the fall because there is a resting time dur
ing the winter when they are out of trim
So Sunol has all the time between now and
November to train and the result may be
an improvement in her speed °
Referring to a recent statement printed
in a daily New York paper that Sunol
would not be likely to trot in public after
passing into Mr Bonners hands the latter
said That is a mistake for I am now in
correspondence with Marvin with a view of
having him handle Sunol next year in her
fiveyearold form
Saratoga Races
SARATOGA Aug27 First race five and
a half furlongs Ben dOrStrategy colt
wun Mirabeau second Jeannette third
Time Hi
I Second race mile and onesixteenth
Mora won Cecil B second W G Morris
third Time Io5if cZ3
Third race five furlongs Fay F Dee
won Marie Level second Red Fellow
third Time OiH
Fourth race one mile Pliny won Major
Tom second King Hazem won1aor
Fifth race threequarters of a mile
Mcckio H won Little Crete second Fan
nie P third Time 120 > <
Boston S Chicago 7
Boston 2 Chicago S
Philadelphia 5 Cleveland 6
New York 10 Pittsburg 5
Brooklyn 9 Buffalo 10
Boston 16 Pittsburg 7
S Boston 1 Pittsburg 3
Cincinnati S Brooklyn 1
Cleveland 2 Philadelphia 3
New York 1 Chicago S
The Peace Protocol Signed
S Cm OF MEXICO Aug 27 Dispatches
from San Salvador states the protocol for I
a peace was signed today Similar advices
were received from Simiar
S j
Defining His Poscionon theN Y
Central Strike
The Leader of the Knllhts of Labor Docs not
Appear in I Very Favorable Light The
Engineers ijtziml I
NEW YORK Aug 27The letter given
below vas written by P M Arthur chief
engineer of the Grand International
Brotherhood Locomotive
Engineers to
n engineer on the Third Avenue Elevated
road The letter is in response to a letter
on the subject of the New York Central
strike and tho first uttrance of Arthur
which fully defines hisposition towards the
Central strikers and Knights of Labor
The letter is as follows
CLEVELAND Ohio August 23
11 H Holmar t
of the 23d inst with Powderlys letter and
other clippings from New York papers en
closed is received In rojlv I will say I
have not received any letter from Pow
dery He claims to have written me a
private letter on the trouble and wants me
to define my position If he considers his I
letter that
which appears in the news
papers a private one 1 eon know that I can
answer a letter that reaches mo in that
wayIt is unnecessary for Poxvderly or any
one else to ask me to define the position of
the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers
in the present troubles on tho New York
CentralDThe policy of the brotherhood is
well known to him and the
public as it has been repeatedly
explained from the public platform and
published in the newspapers He says
Some time ago I telegraphed him mean
ing me that I would meet him in Cleveland
and when I arrived there I could not find
him high or low My telegram had been
received by him but my efforts t locate
him were fruitless
Now the facts In the case sn far as I
can recollect are these Some four years
ago I received a telegram from Powderlj
requesting me to meet him at the Union
depot in Cleveland on the arrival of a cer1 I I
tain train on the Lake Shore road Owing to
m absence from my office did not receive
his mesrage untill afttr the departure of
the train and I so informed him by letter
addressing it to him at Scranton I do not
believe he stopped over and looked forme
If he had ho would meS
I have had no difficulty
in linring me at my office or at my home
as 11m always at one or the other when in
Cleveland He tells a wilful false
hood when he says others have
been unable to find me when they tried
todo so Any man who tries to find me
when I am in Cleveland can do so with so
very little effort and no man whether I
leader or private in the ranks of labor ever
came to my office that he a not treated
courteously While differ with men a to
the best methods to be employed secure
a certain end I always have been liberal
enough to concede to every man the lberq
riirhts and nrivileffps T rmlr for mv
self When the troub
sel present trouble on
the New York Central A first occurred
I advised the engineers to abstain
from all participation in it and to
attend strictly to their own business Igave
tho same advice when the strike occurred
on the Gould system a few years ago My
advice to the Brotherhood of Engineers
when the men employed in the other
branches of the railroad service had been
on strike was to mind their own business
and not to anything that did not properly
belong t them as engineers Can Pow
derly say the same I think not When
ever the engineers have been on
strike we never asked any other
labor organization to assist us I is trne
some of the members of the ordgr during
the Chicago Burlington Quincy strike
asked the switchmen to quit but they did
it on their own responsibility not by tne
authority of tho organization Conso
quently I hold we are perfectly justified
perfecty justfed
in maintaining a strictly neutral position
when others are engaged in a conflict
with their employers Pow erly accuses
the members of the Brotherhood of
Locomotive Engineers of taking the
places of the striking firemen I that is
true the division of which they are mem
bers will deal with them I is not within
the province of my authority to deal with
individual members I wonder if Powderiv
had the knights expelled who Powderv
places ot our men on the C1 B Ql 1
Yours fraternally
P M AirrnuR
AntiTillnmnlte Conference
COLUMBIA S C Aug 27Thestate con
ference antiTillmanites met last night
Resolutions were adopted condemning tho
action of the August Democratic conven
tion as tyrannous and usurpatory and
Ind ap
proving the withdrawal of the delegates
who seceded Tillmans charges and as
persion upon the party in power were con
demned and asserted to have been utterly
refuted every instance I is thought by
many persons that there will be no further
attempt to organize tho opposition to the
The Alton Switchmen Strike
CHICAGO Aug 2ZThe strike of the
switchmen on the Alton railroad continues
This morning the firemen and engineers
decided not to go out in support of the
switchmen Later in tho day a number of
nonunion switchmen were secured and set
to work under police protection
The Knights Last Card
NEW YORK Aug 2iThe Knights of
Labor have played their last card against
the New York Central All they can do
now is to await
await theresult By tonight
they will have cal d Qut every man who i
owes them allegiance aud the strike will
be enforced as strongly nsthe organization
can enforce it The railroad officials laugh
at the efforts of Powderly to tie up the road
and say they are managing the business
better than ever notwithstanding the
shouting of the strikers
Strikes in Australia
MELBOURNE Aug 2Tbe gas stroker
went out on a strike to day Their griev
ance is that tho
company employs non
union men The Now Zealand Steamship
company hands will strike tomorrow
stopping all seaboard traffic A dispatch
from Sidney says that great excitement
prevails among the strikers at Newcastle
ana troops have bean dispatched to that
town in anticipation of trouble The lead
ing engine fouL ry in Ballarat has been
closed owing to lack of coal arising from
the strike of the coal miners Tho associa
tion of mine owners will close all coal pits
In Newcastle The men having broken
their agreement with them
Chicago Stockyards Switchmens Strike
CHICAGO Aug 2iAt the stockyard
this morning while business is not at a
standstill operations are not being con
ducted with their former facility The
engines except those of the Lake Shore
road are manned with the officials of the
respective companies All the packing
houses are killing today There seems to
be a difference as to whethe
the Switchmens association dissolve
Its secretary and manocer asserts that it S
0 rtt
pdP J
y l 1 i qR i l
haIl s not dissolved while an official of the I
Illinois Central railroad said it has The
striking switchmen are inarkfng every
cam r that leaves the yards with a private
mark and they claim t believe it will
not be handled by the regular men of
the various roads
It is rumored this morning that tho
switchmen on Pittsburp Fr Wayne Sr
Chicago road had struck
The general managers of all the roads
centering in Chicago were in ssession
nearly all day discussing the strike in the
Stock Yards Switching association The
Dost positive action taken during the day
was the adoption of two resolutions touch
ing i a kindred subject The first declared
that under no circumstances would
the demands of striking switchmen
be increased pay be granted and
second they reemphasized the action
of Monday dissolving the Switohingassp
ciaion While it may have been held in
abeyance up to this time it Is now certainly
d lissolved and it is hoped by the general
manager that this will offer a speedy solu
ion ot the strike As the roads are doing
their own switching considerable time was
consumed in the discussion and adoption of
certain needful regulations to control the
interchange of freight traffic Che gen
eral managers declared their i tioi in re
gard sine die to the strike to be final at adjourned
From Quebec to the Labrador Coast Thence I
to Milford Haven Ijy Boat
Special to TIE HERALD Examiner Dlspatch1
NEW YORK Aug 2121 Quebec L
ays the most pigantlc rallwtfy scheme
ever proposed in Canada outside of the
Canadian Pacific railway is now about
engaging a very large share of public at
tention The promoters are chelly French
and English capitalists though Sir Hector
Langevin minister of public works of
Canada and Sir Chares Tupper high
commissioner for Canada England are
largely interested Tho schQmQ is to build
a railroad eastward from Quebec some 850 t
miles to St Charles bay on the Labrador
coast from which point large steamships
are expected to make voyages to Mlllord
Haven in Wales in three and a half days
By this route it is said passengers and
perishable freight can be carrie from
Cnicago to London within seven days It
is propose by the company which calls
itself the North Canadian Atlantic Railroad
Steamshij company to construct a new
railway mom Milford to London The
capital is S OUOOUO but it is also author
ized to bond th roai and issue debentures
for the purchas ol steamships
I The head office of the company is in En L
gland and the English directors have sen t
out Mr Balch
to make preliminary arrangements
rangements while Mr Alfred Palmer an
engineer has been sent to superintend tho
necessary surveys accompanied by M
Duval an engineersent out by the French
shareholders Mr Palmer left Saturday
for > Tadonssac at moulhjof the Sagunay
river whence he will commence immediately I
ately a long exploratory journey along the
coat to Labrador aided e a large staff of
assistant engineers andattendants It is
said the difficulties in fchls way of the execution
cution of the all
scheme w be easily sur
mounted Premier Mercier approves of
ho scheme <
Irs Jlfickay Takes Guthrie Castle
Special to THE HERALD Kxamlncr Cable 1
LONDON Aue 2TMrsMeckay has
taken Guthrie castle Forfarshirc for the
autumn and will entor ainJ nnroerous
friends in her usual hospitable manner
juthriccastle is notfarfrom the Grampian
his and the shooting and fishing are excellent
lent Dalton in his exhibition performances in
the tank at the
Aquarium swam a quarter
of a amilpin ten minutes while ho claims ho I
swam sixty miles in the channel in twenty
four hours The wimmcr
declines to accept
cept any challenges until his exhibition en
gagement has been finished Ho offers
then to perform his channel feat again if
paid > 2000 to be put up as the reward for
his achievement J is stated that fisher
mdn who were out at sea on the night in
question assert that the feat which Dalton
claims to have accomplished was impossible
at that time owing to the tide Plenty of
men offered to accompany him had ho
chosen to have witnesses but he managed
to go out virtually alone
The Charleston Ordered to Honolulu
WASHINGTON Aug 27 Orders were to
day issued for the llagship Charleston
which has just arrived at Seattle Wash
from Honolulu to return immediately to
that port to assist in the protection of
American interests in the Hawaiian islands
This action is based upon Acting Real Ad
miral Browns report of the serious aspect
of affairs in Hawaii at the time of his de
parturo for this country
Locomotive Boiler Explosion
MANSFIELD Ohio Aug 27 The boiler
of a locomotive on a freight train on tho
New York Pennsylvania Ohio exploded
this morning The engineer and fireman
were instantly killed The fire communi
stroyed cated to the oil cars and fifteen were do
Official Kottenness at Rosebud Agency
WASHINGTON Aug 27 Tho Indian
bureau recently received the report of A
T Lea who has been
engaged in taking a
census of the Sioux tribe of Indians Ho
completed the count of tho Indians on
Rosebud agency in South Dakota and finds
there are 5lbG men women and children
located there As the Indian office for the
last several years has been distributing
rations at the agency on the basis of a
population Qr 7500 the natural inquiry
arose as to what has become of the 2334
Indians and their rations This query was
put to Indian Agent Wright who reporte
the number who drew rations and in reply
asked to be allowed to take the enumera
tion himself At this enumeration only 125
more Indians were found than in Leas S
count Thereupon he accounted for the dis
crepency by stating that an epidemic among
the Indians last year had taken oil a large
number The agency physicians however
report only 19 deaths aunng the year An
investigation will be had
Confirmations Colonel J H Baxter
surgeon general of thearmy
Receivers of public moneys W P Hall
Susanville CaIn A C Cable Buffalo
Wyo R T Monroe Lewiston Idaho
The Bicycle Meet at Niagara
NIAGARA FALLS Aug 2iOn account of
mud the time in the wheelmen league races
today was slow and no records were
broken The results are as follows A
W Palmer of Hamilton Ont won the
mile novica safety Time 349 >
Mile handicap fifteen starters was won
by S B Bowman N J A C Timo300
A G Harding won the mile safety 3
minute class Time 31325
W D Banker won tho mile safety
championship Time 259 35
The other contestants in this race with
drew because Banker rode a larje tired
Death from Drownlncr
CALDWELL Ohio Aug 21A heavy rain
in Noble county yesterday caused floods in
which Mr Stephen Archer Dias Kuk
budge wife and child Bill
chid Bil Bach and a
child wore drowned
Ashore In FnnUy Bay
HALIFAX S Aug 2iThe Furless
line steamer Ulunda from London via
Halifax for S Johns N B went ashore
last night awthe entrance to Westport
harbor Bay di Fundy Her forward com
partment is full of water This morning it
is expected it will be patched up at low
tide and the steamer floated
The Wisconsin Democrats De
nounce and Condemn it
They Want Their Patent Medicine Money
Policy Adopted Declaring It a Panacea 1
for All Financial Ills ji j i
MILWAUKEE Aug 27The D3mocratic
state convention met at noon J M
Morrow of Sparta was made temporary
chairman The mention of the name of
Givvor Cleveland in his opening speech
was iccived with the greatst enthusiasm
I His denunciation of the Bernett compul
sory school law was also vociferously up
I ilaudcc
The convention wi without doubt de
mand its repeal The usual committees
vere appointed with Honorable W F Vi
las ehairmam of the committee on resolu
tons Recess till 3 p m
Upon reassembling the platform was
presented by oxSecretary Vilas I de
nounce the McKinley bill and declares
hattho force bill is an attempt to per
petuate t e policy and power of the Repub
ican party denounces Speaker Reed for
the acbtrary assumption of authority in
his attempt to disfranchise political oppon
ents demands thai the present tariff be
reduced and that taxation should be low as
also public expenses
The following are the planks bearing on
the Bennett school law ot Wisconsin Wo
oppose any diversion of the public school
funds to sectarian uses The Democratic
party created the public school system of
this state and will always zealously guard
and maintain it The Bennett law is a local
manifestation of the settled Republican
policy of paternalism favoring laws providing
viding for the compulsory attendance at
hpol of all children We believe the law
n force prior to to the passage of the Ben
nett law guaranteed to all the children of
state an opportunity for education and in
this essential feature was stronger that the
Bennett law
The underlying principle of the Bennett
law is a needless interference with parental
rights and liberty of conscience The pro
visions for its enforcement place the ac
cused at the mercy of school directors and i
deny his right to trial by jury according to
the law of the land
UTo mask this tyrannical invasion of in
dividual and constitutional rights the shal
low plea of a defense of the English lan
guage is advanced The history of this
state is largely peopled with foreign citi
zens I is a demonstrated fact that the <
nature of the case and the necessities of
the situation are advancing the growth of
the English language to the greatest pos
sible extent Wo therefore denounce thai
law as unnecessary unwise unconstitu
tional unAmerican and undemocratic and
demand its repeal
The platform was unanimously adopted
No opposition whatever was offeacd to the
plank demanding the repeal of the Ben
nett law and the speakers in their ad
dresses nominating the various candidates
for governor all denounced the law as an
unnecessacipieco oLpatQrnalism While
declaring they oJPlt favor of teaching
Ehglish in all the schools they said thoy
wero opposed to compulsion
The nominating speech was not finished
till 0 oclock The ballots did not show aay
great change untilthe sixth when a stam
pede set in and when it became certain he I
would be nominated some one moved to
make it unanimous General Bragg im
mediately protested and insisted on a roll
call The vote showed George W Peck
227 Gabriel Bouckdl9 John Knight 47
Winans 1 It was moved to make the t
nomination unanimous and again Bragg
objected and then the motion was put he
and a law friends voted nay and were
loudly hissed by the convention Pack
was sent for and soon appeared and
thauked tte delegates for the honor con
ferred upon him ar Jones of Racine m
was nominated for lieutenantgovernor
and the convention adjourned until tomorrow
Washington Stall Democratic Clubs
TACOMA Wash Aug 21The conven L
tion of Democratic clubs of Washington
assembled here yesterday for the consol L
dation of tho democracy of the state in an
association of clubs A temporary organi
zatibu was effected Letters of S
fectd LeteIs regret were
read from exPresident Cleveland and
The convention of Democratic clubs re
assembled this afternoon The committee
on resolutions reported a series of resolu
tions declaring object of the association
is to foster the formulation of permanent
Democratic clubs and societies throughout L
out the state of Washington and
insure their active operation in
desseminating Jeffersonian principles of
government The committee on permanent
organization reported a constitution and L
bylaws similar to those of the national
Democratic association The official tile
of of the Washington organization is Democratic Society
Michigan Republican Convention
DETROIT Aug 21After organizing the
Republican convention adjourned until to
National Farmers Congress
COUNCIL BLUFFS la Aug 2iAt the
second days session of the National Farm
ers congress today Hon Josiah Wheeler
of Kansas presented the first paper of the
morning His subject was Legislation
for Furmer5 President Kolb then in
troduciu Hon Edward Rosewater editor
of the Omaha Dee who spoke on the silver
question At the afternoon session Hon
W O Freeman of Maine spoke on the
agricultural interests of New England and
Hon W F Work of
WO Indiana delivered an
address condemning the protective tarf
policy as hostile to the beat interests of
the country
National Greenback Convention
IXDA roLls Aug 21The National
Greenback convention convened to day
About fifty people assembled and outside of
Indiana New York sent the largest tie le
gation sixteen in number The remainder
are scattered pretty evenly over the house
Colonel Jones took charge of the convention
He pointed the dangers of sectionalism and
scored both tho old parties for both what
they had and had not been He ci
a financial policy based on a fixed volume
of paper money regulated by law He said
the business of the convention was to put
candidates of the old parties in districts
where the Greenback party had none and
lastly to bring aboutacomplete reorganiza
tion of the National Greenback party
throughout the whole country A love
feast followed
Illegally Held in Mexico
Special to THE HERALD Esamlner Dispatch
PmSBHim Aug 27 Charles T Rainey
a former Pittsburger illegally restrained
of his liberty in Torado state of Chiapas
Mr Rainey is a cousiu of E V McCandless
of this city To day McCandless received
a letter from Rainey He has been in
Mexico several years and is a civil engi
neer He was employed in running a line
of the Mexican Pacific railway in the south
west of Mexico He sayssome months ago
during a dispute with some of the Mexicans
employed on the road he in selfdefense
dew a revolver and threatened to use it j I
i j S
I He was at once set upon by the crown and
he was arrested wimout warrant of law
and thrust into jai where he has since been
in solitary contineraeut He has been
treated he says to every indignity the
lowest felon is subject to This letter is
the first communication anyone has had
from hm in u month Mr Rainey implores
aid of his friend and urges him to secure
the aid of Secretary Blaine in releasing
him from imprisonment or demand 1 trial
fo r him The matter will at once be < aid
b Blaine
A Probaljly Fatal Duel
PARS Aug 27Lieutenants Millot and
Banuti fought a duel with swords atBel
fort today The former received a slash
on the arm which severed a largo blood
vessel He is not expected to recover
Lieutenant Augustiu lie ItilrbUles Sentence
CITY OF MEXICO Aug 2iThe court
martial to hear the retrial of the case of
Lieutenant Augustin do Iturbide for criti
cising his superior officer was convened
here yesterday morning and Iturfaide was
found guilty of the charge and sentenced to
340 days imprisonment dismissal from the
army and i 1h1 ic from holding public
office for the period of ten years
Iturbides case hus attracted more than
ordinary attention owing to his high so
cial position both here and in Washington
I He was in fact the adopted heir of Maxi
millian to succeed to the thrown of Mexico
A Young Italian Engineer Has Invented a
Vessel That i is Claimed Will Solve I
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Cable
HOI Aug 271t i expected that a
submarine vessel invented by I young
Italian engineer named Balsamillo will S
when perfected solve the problem of sub
marine navigation The machinery of
the new craft which is spherical in shape
will propel and steer her with ease as well I
also as sink her below or raise her to the I
the surface Both on tie surface and
under it she can be steered in a straight
line or turned with the greatest ease
This peculiar denizen of the waters has
been christened the nautical ball aud I
government will prcbly be purchased by the Italian
In the House
WASIIIXGTOX Aug 2iWhen the House
met this morning the opponents of the lard
bill led by Mason of Illinois at once began
filibustering The illfeeling developed led
to a personal affray this afternoon between
Representative Beckwith of New Jersey
and Representative Wilson of Washington
The roll was being called upon a ruling
by Speaker Reed respecting the calling to
order of Representative Cannon of Illinois
by Representative Enloe of Tennessee for
words spoken in debate
Representative Mason was criticising
Cannon for the tone of his remarks which
Enloe objected Between them sat Repre
sentative Bockwith and Wilson on the
other side of Representative Lehlbach
They all took part sotto voce in the con
troversy when suddenly Wilson and Beck
with were seen to rise and the former
struck at the latter lightly touching himfi
on the breast Lehlbach sprang be
tween them and Wilson
Wison was
unable to reach around him
Representative Williams of Ohio anxious
tostop tho affray seized Beckwith from
behind and forced him to his seat with con
siderable vigor At this Beckwith turned
hIs I attention to his supposed assailant in
the rear and it required tho efforts of two
or three Republicans to prevent a collision
Williams succeeded in assuring Beckwith
that he had no hostile intentions and the
latter resumed his seat The incident was
over in a few seconds and added but little
to the excitement then existing on the
floor but it was the occasion for jeering
and laughter among the Democrats who
witnessed it The eagle and mace of the
sorgeantutarms were hurriedly borne to
the of conflict and atits
scene confct atts appearance
all was quiet Wilson said afterwards in
explanation ofthe difficulty that Beck
with had applied a most offensive epithetto
him aud on the spur of the moment he had
struck him
McAdoo attacked Cannons resolutions
bitterly What right has the latter to in
dict his peers and hold them up to the
country as leaving the hall for the purpose
of evading resnonsibility After ridicul
ing Cannons statesmanship and historical
knowledge he cast his store of ridicule
upon Cameos love for the farmer
Cannon rose to reply He admitted he
was not a great stMcsuian andafsaad
mitten the superiority of the gentleman
from New Jersey His friend abounded in
one thing and that was wind and under
pressure it went out Loud laughter
There was instantly great confusion and
disorder McAdoo shouted out that he
wanted the words to go upon the record as
a specimen of Cannons vulgarity Caruth
of Kentucky suggested the propriety of
clearing the galleries ladies
Again McAdoo shouted out to Cannon
I you can afford to let that go on record
as a specimen of your stable jockey wit I
can atTord to have it there I can not in
dulge in blackguardism with you You
ought to argue with stable jockeys Thats
your size
Later in the day Cannon apologized fOr
his statement saying he hoped a vulgar
construction would not be put upon it
The speaker then stated that the vote re
curred upon the question of sustaining the
decision of the speaker holding lard un
finished business
McAdoo rose toss question of privilege
The gentleman from Illinois Cannon had
made what he called an explanation but
what he McAdoo and those around him
construed as an additional attackupon him
He asked two minutes in which to reply
but at the speakers request withdrew his
remarks for tho present On sustaining
the decision the House was once more left
without a quorum The two minutes
granted to McAdoo were then accorded
him Ho said he had hoped the gentleman
from Illinois by a frank and manly state
ment would have purged himself of the
suspicion of having injected vUlgarity
into the debate But he had not
cone so A gentleman was
justified under no circumstance in ever
descending to vulgar indecent and black
guard remarks or remarks that could be
construed as such
Cannon said he could add nothing to
what he had said He had disclaimed the
intention of saying anything that would
wound the feelings or propriety of the most
A call of the House was ordered and dis
closed the presence of 19S members A
lost to dispense with further proceedings was
Brosius offered a resolution for the ar
rest absentees directing sergeantat
arms to telegraph for absent members and
revoking all leaves of absence except those
granted on account of illness Agreed to
and the House adjourned
The Car and Emperor WlllFam
LOXDOX Aug 27The Standards St
Petersburg correspondent says It seems
certain the Czar has declined to discuss
Emperor Williams proposals It was
remarked the German Emperor was in a
hurry to leave his haste compelling a
curtailment of the manouvrss and court
fetes His hurry is attributed to Socialist
activity and rumors of insubordination in
a Hanoverian regiment
The Standards Berlin correspondent
says It is reported that influences due to
the mediation of a friendly court are at
work which point to an approaching recon
cilliation between Prince Bismarck and
Emperor William
Hartford Grand Circuit Races Postponed
HARTFORD Aug 27The races were
postponed on account oLrain
The Mystery Surrounding It ft
Finally Solved
flow the Debt to the Government Was to ba
Paid BnlHss Goes to New York
Charged with Arson
Sioux CITT Iowa Aug 27Special
telegram to THE HEKMD A special from
Chicago says The Pacific Short Line was
o iginally a scheme of the Union Pacific to
connect it with their lines over which the
government has no control and then turn
over the subsidized lines to the govern
ment The subsidized lines are the main
lines from Council Bluffs to Ogdeiuand the
old Kansas Pacific from Kansas City to
Denver and Cheyenne The scheme fell
through and the Manhattan Trust com
pany which bad charge of it for the Union
Pacific now thinks there is a big thing in it
to sell out to some company needing a trans
Missouri connection This was conceived
by thin alliance of the Union Pacific with
the Northwestern thus shutting out all
eastern roads from Union Pacific traffic
The Rock Island and the Burlington
Missouri Pacific have Denver connections
and with the Southern Pacific by way of
the Rio Grande to Ogden the Milwaukee is
frozen out at the Missouri river President
Roswell Miller of the Milwaukee is now
in Now York negotiating with the Manhat
tan Trust company for the road The lat
ter company is also contemplating operat
ing the Short Line independently with the
Southern Pacific at Ogden the Illin
ois Central and Chicago Milwaukee
iS St Paul and Hock Island at Sioux
City The Great Northern and Union
Pacific are also trying to secure control
President Miller of the Milwaukee has se
cured the refusal of the road if sold and
therefore it is almost a sure thing that it
will be completed either by the Manhattan
Trust company or the Milwaukee road
Thus the veil has been lifted from the mys
terious road
The Champion Jap Wrestler Beaten
BUTTE ML Aug 27ESpecial telegram
to THE HERALD wrestlingmatch be
tween Peter Schumacher local wrestler
and the Jap champion middleweight of the
world was held in this city tonight and
resulted in a victory for the former Schu
macher won the first fall in 19 minutes and
the third in 8 minutes The match was for
250 a side and gate receipts making the
victory worth at least seven hundred and
fifty dollars
Bnlllss Leaves Washington
WASHINGTON D C Aug 27Speciat
telegram to THE HrntrnjJt is now
known that Robert G Bulliss left this city
yesterday afternoon and has probably gone
to New York city He left his boarding
plac3fct the Ashton house early in the af
ternoon and drove to Laurel on the Balti
more Ohio railroad where he took the
train It is understood that Turner was
taking steps to have him arrested again
and he thought it the wisest policy to leave
Arrested for Arson
BUTTE Mont Aug 27Special tele
gram to THE HERALD Sheriff Lloyd re
turned from Granite today bringing Peter
Trondell who is charged with burning
2500 cords of wood belonging to the Colo
rado smelter ou the night of June 29 last
Shortjy after the fire Trondell disappeared
and the detective working on the case hear
ing i that he had threatened to do the burn
ing because his claims for chopping part of
the wood had not been allowed followed
him in the disguise of a wood chopper The
officer gained his confidence completely and
claims to have secured a full confession
Trondell claims to be innocent but the case
looks l dark for him He will be arraigned
Honmouth Park Races
MONMOUTH Aug 27Five furlongs
Rancoas won Vivid second Matterson
third Time 139
Twoyear olds threefourths of a mile
Bertha Campbell won Mrs Bennett
second Benjamin third Time 115
Mile Anne Boieyn won Kings Own
second Ed Hopper third Time 157J
Mile and furlongs Judge Morrow won
Eric second Newcastle third Time 203
Threeyearolds ana upwards five fur
longs Maid wen Radiant second Souriro
third Time 0134
Three yearolds and upwards seven
furlongs Count Dudly won Eleve second
Penzance didnt finish Time 129
Purposely Jumped from the Train
niDADELFHiA Pa Aug 27 Stephen
Beck of St Clair county Ills jumped
from a rapidly moving New York train
today and was at once followed by his lit
tle daughter Lola The lather was in
stantly killed but the daughter lived a few
hours No cause is assigned for the deed
They were bound for Germany On the
fathers person were found checks for1
12000 marks
An inspection of the dead mans effect
was made Prom letters it was learned
the deceased was held in 300 bail for a
feloinous assault upon a little girl and ho
had given a check to his bondsmen to
cover the amount and then prepared to flee
the country The man was evidently In
toxicated as there was a strong smell of
whisky noticeable on the corpse
A Flood in Juarez I
DENVER Aug 27A special the Newl
from El Paso Texas says a flood visited
the plaza of Juarez yesterday destroying
fifty five adobe houses and rendering
seventy families homeless The loss wit
reach 15100
The Worlds Columbian Pair
WASHINGTON Aug 27An informal
meeting of the members of the board
of control and management of the
Worlds Columbian exposition was held to
day An hour was spent in an examination
of the law and in a comparison of views
with respect to the best methods of opera
tions and it was determined that the first
formal meeting for the organization and to
enter upon active work and preparation be
held next week when it is expected that
representatives of all branches of the gov
ernment will be present
The game of baseball between the Cen
tral and Liberal drum corps which was to
have been played at Syracuse on the occa
sion of the Central drum corps excursion
tomorrow August 29th will not be played
us the Liberal drum corps decline to play
out of respect to their late member T A
Tail who was buried yesterday afternoonL
A game will be played by the drum corn
and a picked nine for a prize v f 5
I 5
z S C

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