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I Idal oiExosed to the Public
I Session at Boise Accident at the Vienna
Mine at Saw ToothA Fatal Giant
Powder Explosion
EAGLE ROCK Idaho Od 14ESPecial
to THE HInALDJOn the 31th of July
the Tims of this city published in the edi
torial columns the record of the renowned
judge of the Third district for Idaho C H
Berry who was apponted to that position
by President Cleveland together with Hon
orable H W Weir and Honorable John L
Logan The two latter were bodily fired
for partisanship on the coming in of Presi
dent Harrison but the paper alleges that
Berry was retained after making promises
which more than satisfied the Repulicans
And the Time further stated that he had
gone to an adjoining county with Dubois
for election schemes and that he had be
come the tool of dear Freddie In the
July court the judge had informed the
Democratic lawyers there was nothing
else before the court that Monday morn
ning and these men left but not so with
the RepublicansThe scheme was on foot and
was then sprung United States Attorney
Fremont Wood and Clerk of the Court
Richardson being the only ones in the I
room then Mr Berry announced in this
open court that on the following Monday
he would appoint election supervisors bu
this business was kept a dead secret until
4 the following Saturday when the mater
nal leaked out On the following Mon
day James H Hawley read the law and
decisions to the court and showed wherein
that power was vested in the judge of the
Ninth district which is now composed of
California Nevada and Idaho and Fremont
Wood did not deny the matter but this dis
trict judge made the appointments anyhow
The Eagle Rock Time severely criticiset
the judge and seemed to hint that Berry va
not living up to the law as the inportant
position of a judge demands The
Time editorial closed as follows Bury
Berry and let the name be forgotten We
should not attempt to pull him down but
S a parting memorial exalt his name
Selah H
This thrust was humiliating to Mr Borl
and he investigated the matter to see what
he could do in the way of a libel but things
did not float in his direction as anticipated
so a charge of contempt of court was mad
against the manager R C Bonney for
writing the editorial and a he of course
ivould try this kind of a case the result
would be in Berrys favor whether right
or wrong The papers were out for the
arrest of Mr Bouncy to appear before his
honor on September 25 but lo and behold
the bird had flown and when that day had
arrived the papers had not been served
Then a writ of attachment was gotten
out for his body dead or alive to
e produced in court on October 29
Mr Bonney returned from the Pacific
coast yesterday morning and in tho after
noon gave himself up t United States
Deputy Marshal Hapson promptly fur
nishing bonds and is now at home on the
paper His partner W Dannis formerly
of the Indianapolis papei s has also been
lately showing up the additional record of
the judge Judge Berry is reported to have
1 received a stroke of paralysis and is now
lying probably at deaths door in ont
jjelier and in 1 likelihood will never re
cover sufficiently to bold the term October
23 The stroke is supposed t have been
caused from worriment over the chagrin
brought upon himself after bragging
about being able to secure Mr Bonney in
Abont the Sale of the Midland
telegram to THE HIRADJIn relation to
the sale of the Midland rosd Mr Hage
man says there is no truth in the reports
that a hitch has occurred in the transaction
Everything is going ahead exactly as agreed
when the deal was made He says the road
will be turned over t its new owners early
in November when the last payment for
stock will be made He says urcher that
the Midland meeting which was fixed for
October 7 was adjourned by agreement
with the Santa Fe people until early in
November when a board of directors
named by them will be chosen In regard
to the Junction road between Rifle Creek
and Grand Junction he says the Midland
owns half of it and has the same rights
there a the Rio Grande Mr Colban will
continue in his present position on the Mid
land at the request of the Santa Fe people
Idaho Grand Lodge of the 1 00 F
BOISE Idaho Oct 14Special telegram
to THE HEUtLDThe grand lodge of the
Independent Order of Odd Fellows of
idaho commenced its eighth annual session
in this city today The
n thi tay attendance was
very large The dedication ceremonies
took place in their new hal the officers
for the next ensuing will be
net year wi elected
tomorrow morning A banquet will take
place this evening and ball at the Capital
tall on Thursday evening next
Several persons left the city this evening
with a view of attending the Republican
Jollification meeting at Pocatello on Wed
nesday evening
This city has two water companies one
Df which announces today it will furnish
water for domestic purposes free of ex
The side tracking of freight cars on the
Oregon Short Line is giving the merchants
Df this city much annoyance
Accident in the Vienna Mine Idaho
KETCHUJI Idaho Oct 1Spceial tele
gram t THE HERALD An accident oc
ΒΌ curred at the Vienna mine at Saw Tooth
esterday In which two Slavonian miners
1 working in the face of the 2300foot tunnel
ivere severely injured by the premature
pxplosionof a blast One of the men man
t nged t get to the mouth of the tunnel after
bo shock while the other was so ladlj
bruised thathe had to be carried from tho
works A surgeon was sent for imme
fliately but up t this time the extend of
the injuries t the miners has not yet been
Ascertained About a year ago Joe King
and a miner workingin the same tunnel
tvas injured by the accidental explosion of
blast losing the sight of both eyes
George Thatcher ofSan Francisco tr v
> Hnc for the house of Lenormand Broth s
0S the abovenamed place died suddenly at
S hoshone about S oclock last night of
eart disease Mr Thatcher was well and
avorably known upon the Pacific coast
R e visited Ketehum last Saturday appa
r ently in good health
A Fatal Giant Powder Explosion
LEADVILLE Oct 14ESpecial telegram
t o THE HIRALDlA I terrible accident oc
c jrred at the entrance of the New Busk
vanhoe tunnel at 9 oclock this morning
and caused the instant death of two work
men and injuring eight others six of whom
will probably die One of the workmen
ntered the tunnel carrying a box filled
with giant powder cartridges He acc
d entally struck one of them against the
vail exploding it killing him instantly
and mangling his body in a frightful
manner The other cartridges immediately
exploded killing another workman and in
uring fatally six others Two other men
were less dangerously hurt A special
train on the Midland road was sent from
here with surgeons and railway officials to I
care for the injured men No names have
yet been furnished I
Charged With Bobbing Uncle Sam
HELENA Mt Oct 14Special telegram
THE HIRALDE R Norcross formerly
assistant postmaster at Butte was arrested
tonight and brought to Helena by United
States Marshal Furay and taken before
United States Commissioner Kinsley when
he waived examination He is charged
with stealing 150 from the government
He is well connected and the arrest caused
a sensation
The Very Peculiar and Mysterious Disappear
ance of Dr Clinton T Cooke of Chicago
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
CHICAGO Oct HThis city has another
Cronin mystery Dr Clinton T Cooke
residing at 126S Madison street has been
missing since Thursday last and all the
efforts of the police and his friends to as
certain his whereabouts have been futile
From the circumstances attending his dis
appearance i is feared he has been foully
dealt with He left his office Thursday
afternoon and viited Mrs Wythea cousin
in Evanston Ho had his case of obstetri
cal instruments with him and was greatly
excited He said he had to attend
a case of which he was extremely
doubtful Returning here he met Mr
Yytbe He said he had to visit a
a teu h locality meaning the west side
and that he was afraid that his mission
would turn out disastrously Cooke was
last seen at 630 in the drug store near his
offlcei where he took ten grains of bromide
of potassium and four or chloral hydrate
Hewas very nervous and an hour later he
telegraphed the pharmacy that he would
be absent all night and asked that his
brother with whom he lived should be so
informed The most diligent search has
failed to discover the slightest clue of him
The President in Washington
WASHIGTON Oct HThe President and
party returned to Washington this mor
ning at 9 4
The party returned to tho capital well
pleased with lha hospitality which they
iflery where received As soon as the Pesi
dcut breakfasted heand Mrs Harrison
paid a visit of condolence to the family of
the late Justice Miller The President
also ordered the flag on the White House I
at half mast i
Field < L Co BankerSj iii the Bankruptcy
LONDON Oct HThe barkruptcy court
has Issued an order stopping the payment
on a draft for LTCO drawn on an American
bank by James H Field Co the London
bankers Tvho recently failed
A Chateau Burned
PARIS Oct HThe Countdela Granges
chateau near Domfront has been sacked
and burned and the entire building de
stroyed There were many valuable works
of art in the chateau all of which were
lost The police are seeking the culprits
British Boats Did Eater the Zambesi
LImo Oct HThe governor of Mo
zambique in a dispatch dated the llth inst
confirms the reports of the entry of Brit
ish gunborts into the Zambesi river The
Portuguese protested against the advance
of the British fleet
Why the Corcorans Refused Stanfords Check
Special t THE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
BOSTON Oct HThe Traveler tells this
story Senator Stanford leases from Pro
fessor A Graham Bell the house in which
he resides at Washington but he owns the
stable connected therewith He leased the
house and wanted a stable As the owner
had no use for one he decided to build it
The Senator thereupon bought the land
and built one himself The Senator does
his banking business with the Corcorans
and generally has on deposit thero sums
that vary anywhere from 75000 to 400000
The parties who owned the land he desired
for his stable took tho deeds to John Mc
Carthy who wired the Senator then in
California to send a check in payment
When the check arrived it bore on its face
these words Payable in case the deeds
are found to be all right When the check
was presented to the Corcorans it was re
fused upon the ground that If we accept
that check we guarantee the deeds to be all
right and we are not doing business that
way and the check went back and an
other was substituted before the transfer
a made
Hear Storms on the Upper Lakes
DETROIT Oct HThe worst storm of
the season is reported fromup the lakes
this morning At Oscada many vessels
have taken refuge in the harbor and are
dragging their anchors and are in imminent
danger of going ashore At Port Arthur
the wind is blowing forty miles an hour
A considerable portion of the new break
water is gone Men working on the
breakwater were rescued this morning
with difficulty At Alpena a barge was
blown ashore and went to pieces A
schooner went ashore in White Fish bay
Pigeen An immense bay Lake fleet Erie has taken shelter in
Farmers Alliance Stock Yards
KANSAS CITF Oct ltAn intended ex
tension of its business by the Farmers
Alliance of the southwest was discovered
today when it was learned they were
about to establish an independent stock
yards in Kansas City Texas stc
and Iowa are back of the scheme Fifty
acres of land adjoining the present stock
yards Is the site of the new yards By
maintaining their own yards the farmers
believe they can save much money in
marketing cattle by doing with
away com
mission men and a great part of other ex
General Rben Davis Dead
HUNTSVILLE Oct14 General Reuben
Davis aged 8 of Aberdeen Miss
died to day He was a first cousin of
Jefferson Davis a prominent figure in the
Mexican war and ranks as the most cele
brated criminal lawyer in the south Ho
Congresses carved in the Thirty and Thirtysixth I
On the Mormon Manifesto Re =
nouncing Polygamy
Both are Mild and Conservative Statements
The New Educational Commission
and the Utah Question
NEW YORK Oct 14The Independent
will publish tomorrow articles Teceived by
telegraph from President Woodruff of the
Mormon church and Governor Thomas of
Utah concerning the action of the Mor
mon conference October 6 forbidding poly
gamy President Woodruff says The
action of Congress is conclusive The
church has no disposition to violate the I
laws or defy the government The revela
tion of God requires us to obey the consti
tutional laws of the land Judge Zane
has recognized the action of the church as
sincere and final and has rescinded the
II rule excluding Mormon aliens from
Governor Thomas says iTho manifesto
of the president of the church has now
been confirmed by the conference It
comes with the force of a new
revelation and whatever doubt may
have existed as to the purpose
and effect of the manifesto as first sent out
they now seem removed The gentiles re
joice that tho contest begun so many years
ago against polygamy has finally trium
phed for they believe that never again will
pOlygamy flourish on American soil
This is the most important event that
ha occurred in the Mormon church in
years And it is believed it will result in
greatly advancing the material interests
and prosperity of the territory
New West Educational Commission
CHICAGO Oct HThe Now West Edu
cational commission held its tenth annual
meeting today The reports show there
are thirtytwo schools affording education
to 3234 pupils and the total valuation of
property owned is over one hundred thou
sand dollars Nine academies are estab
lished disseminating knowledge of higher
order over territory where educational
facilities are most needed The total re
ceipts last year from contribution aggre
gated 23000 Rev Frank Gunsaulus in a
speech asserted that the Mormon question
is not settled and any pronunciamentos
President Woodruff gives forth should not
lead Christians to believe polygamy i at
an end
President William E Hale was reelected
Death of Celonel Herbert A Hascall
CHICAGO Oct 14 Colonel Herbert A
Hascall United States army retired died
in this city today after a long illness
Colonel Hascall served in Florida during
the Seminole outbreak was in Utah during
the Mormon trouble served through the
civil war and was at one time professor of
mathematics at Vest Point
Construing the Favored Nation Doctrine I
WASHINGTON Oct HA dispatch from
London asserts that Spain cannot negotiate
reciprocity treaty with the United States
for the cotton trade without violating the
favored nation clause in existing treaties
with other nations I i said at
the department of state that this point
was finally decided in 1S34 when
Minister Foster negotiated a reciprocity
treaty and i now revived not by Spain
but by the commercial interests of Great
Britain for obvious purposes The United
States also has a favored nation clause
in most of her commercial treaties but
this will not embarrass the government
in the negotiation of reciprocity
treaties or arrangements with other
nations because the department of state
uniformly held favored the nations
clanse applies only where the privileges
are granted fully and without considera
tion but wherever special consideration is
made the condition of the favor granted or
received the favored nation clause does
not apply cause
European Conferences on the McKInley mIL
PARS Oct HThe Temps commenting
on the Berlin Posts statement that the
European governments are conferring
about the McKinley tariff declares such
conferences amount merely to an exchange
of ideas that no precise proposals have
been formulated
Spains Protection Tariff May Restored
MADRID Oct HThe commission ap
pointed by the cortes to consider Spains
commercial relations has advised the gov
ernment at the expiration of the treaties in
1S92 1877 to restore the old protection tariff of
Timothy Harrington Refused
DUBLIN Oct 14The Irish Times says
William A Graham and Timothy Harring
ton who were appointed members of the
committee to visit the United States to so
licit aid for the Irish cause refused to ac
cept the appointments
Ohio Legislature in Extra Session
COLUMBUS Ohio Oct HThe legisla
ture convened in extra session this morn
ing After reading the call joint commit
tee waited upon the governor who submit
ted his message which was read and re
ferred to the judiciary committee A re
cess was taken till afteraoon The message
sets forth that the session is called because
of the deplorable condition of the public
service at Cincinnati and for the purpose
or securing the necessary legislation to
give the people an opportunity to select
members at certain boards at the Novem
ber election Ho says it is unnecessary to
enumerate the charges of crookedness
which have been made ana concerning
which they are informed and that the time
has come to adopt a new charter for Cin
cinnati as already proposed
The Dutch King Officially Unfit to Reign
I TUE HAGUE Oct HThe prime minister
today informed Parliament that a con
ference had decided that the King is unfit
I to reign by reason of his illness
Grand Duke Nicholas
ST PETERSBURG Oct 14 Grand Duke
Nicholas who became insane during the
recent army man uvers in Colhyinia will
be conveyed t Crimea to spend the winter
Heavy Bains In West Virginia
WHEELING W Va Oct Dispatches
from the interior from Weston
intrior Grafton
Philippi and other points on the tributaries
of the Ohio say the storm reported Sunday
night extended overa wide area Every
where the heaviest fall of rain over known
occured amounting to a waterspout All
tho streams < are swollen and traffic is en
tirely suspended Great damage is done
Weston is flooded and the > loss runs into
thousands Jgg
LATER Further report regarding Sun
day nights floods indicate great damage in
the interior counties In Broxton
interor countes county
especially many farmers lost a great deal
of property and many hundred head of
cattle were drowned I will be some time
before reports are received from all points I
l Frank Woodruff Wanted In Kansas j
CHICAGO Oot14A deputy sheriff ia
here to try to take back to that state
Frank Woodruff of Cronin case notoriety
when he is discharged tomorrow from
Bridewell where he was sent a year ago
by the criminal court Woodruff is wanted
in Kansas for horse stealing but it is
doubtful owing to some legal technicalities
if he can be extradited
The Chief Justice Announces Cillers t Death
WASHINGTON Oct 14At the meeting of
the supreme court of the United States to
day the chief justice and all the
justices except Mr Justico Field were
present The chief justice said ll is
with feelings of profound sad es that I
announce the death of the senior Associate
justice of this court Mr Justice Miller No
business will be transacted and the court
as a mark of respect to the memory of its
eminent associate will adjourn till Monday
t All the district courts adjourned today
out of respect to the deceased jurist
Messages of condolence wero received
from Justice Field and wife Judge Gres
ham Senator Edmunds General Sherman
C C Waite son of the lato chief justice
Mrs Thomas A Hendricks and many
others I
Arrangements for Justice Millers Funeral
WASHINGTON Oct 1 Arrangements for
the funeral of the late Justico Miller will
not be completed until the arrival of his
danghter Mrs Tousalin this afternoon
Among the telegrams received by Mrs
Miller today was the following from ex
President Cleveland Accept my sincere
sympathy and condolence in this sorrowful
hour May you receive consolation and
pity from Gods unfailing store and may
you find a ray of comfort in remembrance
of your husbands uoble devotion to duty
and his priceless services to his conn try
The arrangements for Justice Millers
funeral were completed tonight The
services will take place Thursday after
noon between 2 and 3 oclock in the su
preme court room at the capital and in
accordance with Mrs Millers desire the
the ceremonies will be of tho simplest
character At the conclusion of the ser
vices the remains will be placed on a
special car attached to the regular train of
the Pennsylvania road leaving here at 740
p m arrriving in Chicago the following
evening and at Keokuk at 10 a m
Saturday The funeral at Keokuk will
take place from the Unitarian church im
mediately after the arrival of the train
The honorary pallbearers will probably be
Chief Justice Fuller and the associate
justices of the supreme court
General Belknaps funeral will take
place Thursday at 10 oclock from St
Johns Episcopal church after which the
remains will be taken Arlington ceme
tery sor interment
He Raves the Locks of the Lasses of Detroit
thereby Causing Consternation
fSDCcialto THE HERALD Examiner Disoatch 1
DETROIT Oct HJack the Haircutter
has found another victim and the sixth
name has been added to his list Mattie
Morice and her sister Nellio both work in I
this city and lye in the suburbs Nellie
has beautiful black hair while Mattie has i
rather short brown locks I was the cus I
tom of the two girls to go home together
but Saturday afternoon Nellie received
Saturdavafernoon Nele a
message telling her not to mee Mattie as
Mattie was to have company home
It so happened that Mattief went home
II first Shehad traversed hal the distance
when a man stepped up boated her and ho
threw his arm around her head in such a
way that she could neither seenor scream
A bright blade gleamed and Miss Mattie
was thrust aside She ran screaming to
ner home and a party was organized to
search for the man but the search was fu
tile They however found the hair cut
from Matties head on tho sidewalk He
had evidently mistaken her Jor Nellie and
threw the short hair away in disgust
People are greatly excited and will handle
Jack roughly if they catch him
The Damaze by the Storm
PITS UIG Oct HThe storm in West
Virginia Monday night did great damage
to crops buildings and railroads particu
larly along the Monongahela river and
tributaries Near Ciarksburg a cloudburst
drenched the country and all the small
streams became rushing torrents immedi
ately Traffic on the Baltimore Onio
between Pittsburg and Wheeling was
closed until morning Communication
with the upper Monongahela has been en
tirely suspended Only one life was lost
by the storm so far
Limerick Dock Laborers Win
DUBLIN Oct14 The strike of the dock
laborers in Limerick ended in a victory
for the men
Attorney for the Northern District of Cal
WASHINGTON Oct HThe President
today appointed Charles A Carter United
States district attorney for the northern
district of California
Commander C L Huntington Dead
SARATOGA Oct Commander Charles
L Huntington in command of the Pen
sacola navy yard died here this afternoon
Ho had been ill several months He was a
native of Springfield l
St Louis 1 Louisville 13
The Rochester game was postponed on
account of rain
Newark N J Goes Democratic
NEWARK N J Oct HThe new ballot
reform law was tried today at the city
election for the first time and worked sat
isfactorily There was a falling off in the
voting onethird less votes being cast than
last year This falling off is attributed to
the new system many supposing i com
plicated and being desirous of displaying
their ignorance remained away from the I
polls The city went Democratic by a large
Preparing to Attach Suakim
CAIRO Oct 14 Osman JDigna is prepar
ing to attack Suakim Arrangements are
being made t send reinforcements
Sir William Gosset Accidentally Killed
WINNIPEG Oct HSir William Gosset
was killed yesterday at the Mission station I
of the Canadian Pacific railway the
Pacfc raiway by ac
cidental discharge of his gun while out
Three Servants Burned t Death
BERLIN Oct 1 In a fire on the
Schmachthagen estate near Schwerin to
day three servants were burned to death
Many cattle perished
Order Concerning General Belknap
WASHINGTON Oct ActingSecretary P
Grant today issued a general order in re
gard to the death of General Belknap The
war department will be draped in mourn
ing thirty days Upon the day after the
receipt of the order at each military post
seventeen guns will be fired
Conservative Government i Jlclno Restored
BERNE Oct 1 Colonel Kuenzili
federal commissioner in the canton of
Jicino has Quitely reinstatedihe Conserva
withdrawn tive government and the federal cavalry i
Mrs Booth of the Salvation
Army 1 i Forever Laid
Was the Funeral in the Olympia and also
Impressive Strange Manner of
Conducting the Services
LONDON Oct 14By cable to the New
York lVorldNo woman ever had a more
curious funeral than Mrs General Booth
high priestess of the Salvation army The
services lasted two hours and it was from
first to last a singularly grotesque spec
I tacle full of carefully arranged theatrical
effects Still it was wonderfnlly impres
sive Mrs Booth herself before she died
prepared a liturgy All day long Salva
tionists from various parts of Great Brit
ian and Europe came pouring into London
and all the early morning trains were
loaded with them singing shouting and
praying in public after the manner of their
organizations At 3 oclock yesterday
afternoon 20000 of them were swarning
about the Olympia which next to the im
mense Machinery hall of the Paris exhibi
tion Js believed to contain the largest area
under a single roof Though the funeral
servicesdid not begin until 6 the doors were
thrown open at 4 oclock and by 580
oclock 15000 people mostly women were
seated in the immense auditorium
Everything inside was pretty much as
Barnums circus left it The mammoth
glass roof was decorated with gaudy
streamers the galleries were adorned witn
huge fans and umbrellas in gorgeous
colors catchpenny booths refreshment
bars inappropriate placards and numerous
other things that detracted from the solem
nity of the occasion were allowed to
remain Till within two minutes of 6
oclock the place had the appearance of a
country fair Men and women strolled
about hawking coffee buns sandwiches
and whiskey which were greedily pur
chased by the hungry and thirsty people
A brass band of GOO pieces played tune after
tune scarcely pausing for rest till the din
was deafening but promptly at one minute
of G all this changed as i by magic The
i doors were shut the refreshment bars
closed the hawkers suppressed and 15000
Salvationists fixed their eyes on a weak
looking little man with a baton who
mounted the dais just in front of the colos
sal brass band Ho lifted his baton and in
stantly every voice was hushed Promptly
at 6 the funeral services began by the band
playine the familiar church tune Rock
ingham At this point the dis
cipline of the Salvation army became ap
parent It was not possible for any single
human voice to be heard over even half
that building Barnum once tried to make
a speech there Those who were present
know what a ridiculous mess he made of it
The Salvationists made no such mistake
The man who directed the ceremonies never
spoke a word except to five men gathered
close around him These men hauled up I
huge painted signs which were worked on
pulleys They toll the people hundreds of
yards away quite out of the reach of human
voice when to sing and when to bow in
silent prayer when t rise and when to
kneel Everybcdy present had a printed
copy of the songs and words of the liturgy
corresponding with the directions on the
signs Everything moved like clockwork
The conductor had simply to lift his baton
and the vast audience was either hushed in
silence or singing in wonderful unison
After tie band played the tune Rock
in ham once through the entire audience
I rose and RHTirrn hymn tn thA camo tnno wit
words The terrific volume of sound seemed
as though would lift the roof After sev
eral prayers and hymns the funeral pro
cession entered the building By this time
the dense fog outside had penetrated the
I auditorium so that the chandeliers of elec
I tric lights in the roof were quite indistinct
and the funeral procession was half way
up the main aisle before the people on the
main platform knew it had started In the
front rank of the funeral procession were I
officers of the Salvationists from various I
parts of Great Britain who had been able
to reach London in time for the ceremonies
These were followed by men and women
bearing Salvation army flags the stars and
stripes union jack German and French
colors and the crescent from the orient
Almost every nation where the Salvation
army has gained a foothold was repre
sented by men and women in costumes
characteristic of their locality These peo
ple were picturesquely grouped on raised
platforms around the band There was a
pause for a moment and then a plain oak
collin came in sight borne by twelve men
dressed in red jerseys All the Salvation
women in the building sobbed and shrieked
Many of them were carried out in a dead
faint to the anterooms Mrs Booth had
insisted that her coffin should be as plain
as her Salvation army bonnet Immediately
following the coffin was General Booth
who walked with tottering steps and his
face hurried in his hands Over his shoulders
drooped the Salvation army flag which
hung over Mrs Booths bed when she
died This flag was immediately adjacent
to a large flag the stars and stripes which
was placed at tho foot of the coffin and was
held in position by a man who sat among
the chief mourners
This remarkable preference for our flag
was explained in the printed programme
that Mr and Mrs Ballington Booth who
bad been unable to get from America in
time for the funeral were thus represented
by our flag
After the coffin had been placed in posi
tion where the thousands of eyes could
look upon it and General Booth with his
family had taken places on the platform
the services proceeded Hymns were sung
and prayers said in perfect unison all pre
arranged by the woman who was lying
there in her coffin and all guided by the
men who worked the printed signs on pul
leyso Towards the end of the servicee the
fog became so dense in the building that
people 200 yards away could not see the
signs but there was no perceptible confu
sion at the conclusion of the services
General Booth and his children clustered
around the coffin and sang the identical
hymn which they sang around Mrs Booths
death bed This song was the signal for
thousands of sobbing women to rush for
the coffin and prostrate themselves in the
sawdust There was no sham about it It
was all hysteric devotion to the I
woman who was literally mother of their
army After the building was cleared
the coffin was removed and
coln pre
pared for interment today This will
afford an equally marvellous spectacle
Though the cemetery procession has been
limited solely to the officers it will be at
least two miles long Ranks will be formed
at 1 this morning Blackfriars bridge
along the Thames embankment to Chelsea
The procession will move through the
busiest parts of the city by the Mansion
house along Bishops ate street Sboreditch
to Abney Park cemetery which is in the
east end of the city
The Ceremonies at the Grave
LONDON Oct HThe remains of Mrs
Booth weretaken from the Olympia during
the night conveyed to the headquarters of
the army on Queen Victoria street Here
the coffin was placed upon a kind of gun
carriage on which were the deceaseds
bonnet and Bible When the procession
has been formed today the guncarriage
was drawn into position in line The mem
hers of the Booth family took their places
and the procession started from the em
bankment There were fifteen bands in
line All those who took part in the pro
cession were officers of the army privates
and friends not being allowed to march
Thousands of persons entered the cemetery
to vines the last rites The gloominess
of the scene was added to by the dense fog
which never lifted during the proceedings
When the procession entered the cemetery
the guncarriage was drawn beside the
open grave the coffin was removed by the
offlers of the army and lowered into the
earth General Booth stood at the head of
the grave and read the burial services
Officers of the army from various points of
England the British colonies Ameeica
the continent and Asia delivered orations
Destructive Prairie Fires in North Dakota
FARGO N D Oct HT S Sander
hill one of the railroad commissioners for
North Dakota resides at Antelope west of
the Missouri river He reports a deplor
able condition of affairs among ranchmen
in his district resulting from the recent al
most unprecedented prairie fires between
the Hart and Cannonball rivers and in the
valleys of both the dastrnction has been
almost complete while about Kill Deer
mountain and east of there nothing is left
for the stock live upon At Riverside
ranch at the mouth of Little Hart river
500 tons of hay and 300 head of cattle were
burned At Parkins ranch on the Cannon
ball river the loss was the heaviest Wickes
ranch lost everything except the buildings
In all the settlements and valleys of the
Hart Cannonball and Knife rivers the loss
has been heavy the fire traveling with
such fury as to go completely through the
villages In almost every instance in the
valleys small farmers have lost their crops
and feed for the winter The wind blew a
hurrioaneat Riverside ranch There ware
fire breaks Silo feet in width and it made
the flames leap over them Ranchmen are
inclined to lay thesQ urea to Indians from
Fort Yates reservation who come up into
the valleys and drive the game south and
burn the prairies behind them to prevent
the game from going back The ranchmen
propose to take the matter before the au
thorities to prevent a repitition
A Young Man by Making His Index Finger
Supersensitive Feels the Combination
CHICAGO Oct 14A safe opening test
which in sensational accompaniments dis
counts the wonderful feats of Johnston
the mindreader took place in Hotel
Wayne early this morning The operator
was Henry E Adams a young man from
Minneapolis who came to Chicago some
weeks ago and took rooms at the Wayne
where he became acquaited with a young
man who although Adams did not know
this was a cousin of the proprietor Within
the past few days Adams proposed to him
to rob the hotel safe He was to get up
at 4 oclock in the morning and do this
The hotel orooriotor was advised by his
I cousin wh at the same time pretended to
be to Adams Two detectives
an accomplice Adas plot de
tectives were hidden in the office last night
and this morning at the appointed time
Adams came in The wondering officers
watched him without tools or explosives
prepare to open the massive safe Although
it was evident he did not know the combi
nation he pared the nail of his index finger
on the right hand until the blood vessels
were exposed Then by placing the sensi
tive wound on the knob of the combination
lock he could distinguish the movement of
the tumblers as they fell For an hour he
worked while the detectives scarcely dared
breathe At last there was a sharp click
and Adams swung back the door With a
sigh of relief he reached into the safe and
laid his hands on a packaze of bills but
much to his discomfiture officers stepped
forward and placed him under arrest
Sale of a Racing Stable
Bruce today sold all the horses in training
the property of S S Brown and a number
of yearlings from the Faunstine stud of
Missouri Demuth was the pick of Browns
horses and after keen competition between
J McDonald and F S McLudley Co
he was knocked down to the latter for
10000 Among the other high sales were
Defaulter by Spendthrift 3500 Budd
hist by Hindoo ISjOOO Reporter by En
quirer Bonnie Mead 54100 Long Run by
Longfellow Rosemary 4000 I
Latonia Races
LATONIA Oct 14 Mile KingLikewon
Harry Weldon second Polemus third
Time 140
Mile and onesixteenth Clair H
won Hy Dy second Barney third Time
Mile and seventy yards Prince Fortu
naus won Miss Leon second Rogers third
Time 147
Latonia prize threeyearolds mile
Blarney Stone jr won Mildalo second
Virgo dOr third Time 143
Fiveeighths of a mile Colonel Wheatly
won Eli Kindige second Tenor third
Time 0t4
Fiveeighths of a mile Roseland won
Yale J second Anne Elizabeth third
Morris Park Eices
MORRIS PARK Oct Threeyearolds
Salyator won Luther second Guildean
fly third Time110K
Seveneighth of a mile Belle dOr won
Ballyhoo second Druldess third Time
Threefourths of a mile Michael won
Reilley second 3 B third Time 117
Santa Amta handicap mile and onesix
teenth Fitz James wonMy Fellow second
Chesapeake third Time 151
Champagne stakes twoyearolds mie
Hoodlum won Peter second Russell third
Time1 45
Five furlongsSusie S won Mamie sec
ond Vivid third Time 103
The Trotting at Lexington Ky
LEXINGTON Ky Oct 14Interest to
day centered in the 5000 stakes eight
horses starting The first heat of the day
was complete the Blue Grass stakes of yes
day Angeline was first New York Central
second Early Bird third Mattie H fourth
Time2 21J
Lexington stakes twoyearolds 1370
mile heats best two in three Vaustine
won Betsy Britton and Promoter dis
tanced Best timo 226
The 226 class 1000 Kenwood won
Keagan second J W Gilford third
Catherine Ley bur fourth Best time
22The 21Q class 5000 best three in five
But three heats were trotted today and
the race will be finished tomorrow In to
days heats McDoel stands first Allertion i
second Hendryx third arid Stevio fourth
Best time 213
Dillon and OBriens Movements
PARIS Oct HIt is reported that Dillon
and OBrien have left Chateaugrif for
Paris and will go to Havre on Friday and
embark for America on Saturday
Said to be En Route t Rome
LONDON Oct HThe Standards Paris
correspondent says It is reported that
Dillon and OBrien have just passed
Parisearoute Rome
through Pars en rout to
Disastrous Consequences of Australias Strike
STDNET Oct HIn a speech in the
chamber today the premier declared the
present strike in Australia had been almost
a disastrous the country as a bombard
ment would be The government he said
was determined to be supreme
Of Montreal are Shocked by a
Clergymans Fall
Although He i Not Married The Abduction
of a Little Girl In Austin Texas
Causes Great Excitement
MONTREAL Oct 14 Religious and so
cial cirles were shocked today when it
became known that one of the most popular
and polished clergymen in Montreal had
been leading a double life Last summer
RevA B Crachetappearedma French Ca
andian village and introduced himself a
Mr Benjamin Ho was accompanied by a
young woman of twenty years Som e timo
afterward he disappeared from the village
leaving the woman behind and a few days
agoa child was bornCratchet has confessed
his wrong and will quietly accept his pun
ishment church explusion from the Presbyterian
Abduction of a Little Girl
HOUSTON Tex Oct 14Great excite
ment prevails over the abduction today by
a man and woman of Celeste Gaines the
sixyearold daughter of Colonel William
Gaines of Austin They snatched her
from her nnrso when the latter was out
walking with the child and drove rapidly
away in a carriage No trace has yet been
Presbyterian Church Revision Committee
PiTTauuRG Oct 14The revision com
mittee of the Presbyterian church will ad
journ finally tonight The revision of the
chapter on foreordination was finally
finished yesterday and though it is not
ready for public inspection Chairman
Roberts vouchsafed the Information that
there were some radical changes made
The tenth chapter referring to the final
disposition of talents and idiots was
under consideration today
The revision committee of the Presby
terian general assembly closed its session
today The chief discussions of the com
mittee were upon chapters three six nine
and ten Many of the questions were re
ferred to committees to report at an ad
journed meeting in Washington The dis
cussions of the committee were thoroughly
harmonious and the agreements reached
thus far practically unanimous The com
mittee is confirmed in the belief that a re
port will be finally adopted which will re
ceive the approval of the general assembly
and be adopted oy the Presbyteries
The Case Against Oilahoney Dismissed
TIPPERART Oct 14 Ronan prosecutor
for the crown dismissed the case against
OMahoney whose illness prevents him at
tending court
Timothy Healy argued that the evidence
given against OMahoney equally affected
all the defendants that the charge against
him having been dismissed the charge
against all the defendants should also be
dismissed The court took note of Healys
objection and allowed the crown to proceed
with the prosecution
Constable Levane one of the witnesses
testified that ho was employed by the gov
ernment to shadow various persons and in
the course of a severe crossexamination
was forced to admit that John Morleys
name was included iu the list
Socialist Congress at Calais
CALAIS Oct 14A large Socialist con
gress of Collectiveists is in session hero to
consider the question cooperative organi
The congress agreed to appoint commit
tee to inquire into the disputes between the
Socialists parliamentary leaders and the
Berlin opposition Resolutions were
adopted declaring the Socialist deputies in
the reichstag should continue to urge the
demands of the Social Democrats against
ruling middle classes their legislative ac
tivity should be directed toward the im
provement of the position of the working
classes both politically aud economically
The party should also maintain the exist
ing right pf coalition until full liberty of
meeting and association has been reached
Leibnecht attributed the onslaught
against parliamentism in the press to a
misunderstanding The nation found
fault with parliament not because the peo
ples rights were not better studied by that
body but because of the stupidity of its
indifference to the subject
Several foreign delegates made their first
appearance today and were received with
enthusiasm An especially warm welcome
was given to Frau Marx daughter of Karl
Marx and Mme Guesde and Ferroul who
represent the French Socialist congress
A Dutch Socialists Manifesto
AMSTERDAM Oct 14A meeting of So
cialists was held hero today to discuss the
manifesto issued by an agitator named
Tindall formerly an officer in the Dutch
army regarding national defenses The
King recently refused audience to TindeR
who thereupon charged the ministry with
violating the constitution basing his ac
qusation on the ground that the King if
sane ought to bo visible otherwise a re
gency should be established Tindall to
day made a speech demanding the estab
lishment of a regency A resolution to the
effect that royalty has been seriously
prejudiced and the crown has lost prestige
was adopted
Socialist Coiiirreaa at Belle
HALLE Oct 14At todays session of
the Socialist congress a resolution declar
ing that Socialists should seek to obtain
their objects only through the enactment
of laws by parliament passed
A Decline In London in Sureties
LONDON Oct 14 Prospects of political
complications growing out of the difficulty
between England and Portugal caused a
decline in London this morninjrin all sorts
of securities and Americans suffered with
the rest It is rumored that a large outside
house is in trouble
Comstock Tunnel Companys Shareholders
Special THE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
NEW YORK Oct 14The first annual re
port of the Comstock Tunnel company was
presented at a turbulent meeting of share
and bond holders yesterday There were
about sixty shareholders present out of a
total of nearly two thousand The report
did not tell enough to suit several of the
stockholders and they asked questions
One of them wanted to know on what
grounds 22328075 in royalties due from
mining companies had not been paid
President Sutro said a suit by three share
holders of the old Sutro company was the
pretext for withholding the royalties Then
another complained that the president
promised the stock would go to 4 after as
sessments was paid Now it was worth 16
cents Anyway the report was adopted
and the officers elected
Justin s Merrill Reelected
MONTPELIEB Idaho Oct i4In the sen
ate today Justin S Morrill received 27
votes for United States Senator Edward
J Phelps 1 In the house Morrill received
157 votes Phelps 56 Both houses will
meet in joint session Wednesday and form
ally announce the election of MorrilL

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