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V TLOOK liThe Christmas OUT Herald THE SALT TAKE H ER 1 LD II The LOOK Christmas FOR OUT Herald j
War Between Mountain Home
and Rocky Bar
The Chief Justice Beatty Had No Rleht to Is
sue the iJandamus Fatal Railway
BELLEVUE Idaho Dee 4Special tele
gram t THE HmtALDAt Halley today
Judge Stockslager of the Second judicial
district rendered a decision in the man
damus suit brought by the Mountain Home
people compelling the county commission
ers of Elmore county to remove the county
seat from Rocky Bar to Mountain Home
The writ was issued by Chief Justice
Beatty under the old territorial regime
being returnable before Judge Stockslager
the newly elected judge under the state
constitution The latter today decided
that Judge Beatty had noright to issue the
writ as he had been legislated out of office
The decision is not necessarily adverse to
the claims of Mountain Home only the
people of that town will have to commence
suit over again when the court clerks for
Elmoro county have bern appointed in
Attorney General Roberts has decided
that the county officers recently elected had
but thirty days in which to qualify al
though they were not to take office till the
first Monday in January Alturas county
and state generally officerselect have
failed to qualify within thirty days and in
the lightof the attorneygenerals decision
they dont know whero they stand These
technicalities are embarassing to all con
cerned but gratifying to lawyers in quest
of fees
A Fatal Railway Accident at Thistle Utah I
PROVO Dee 4Special telegram to
THE HERALD Stephen Allred of San
pete county was the victim of a terrible
accident at Thistle station at about 3
oclock this morning While waiting the
arrival of the westbound passenger train
Mr Mired was taking walk down the
track and failed to notice the approach of a
freight train which struck the unfortunate
man frightfully crushing both legs He
vas conveyed to Provo where the ampu
tation of both legs was effected by Drs
Pike Simmons Shores and Rickford He
died about G oclock tonight
J F Thompson was convicted of
flourishing a dead weapon in a threaten
ing manner in the face of George Peay
Sentence will be passed tomorrow at 10
A South Omaha Prize Fight
OMAUA NEB Dee 4Special telegram
to THE HrnLA large crowd wit
nessed savage fight between two light
weights named C B Davis and WO Dorc
nell at the South Omaha Atheletic club
tonight for a small purse 75 and 2 per
cent of the gate receipts Two ounce
gloveswere used Both men were knocked
down repeatedly After the opening rounds
Davis had the best of it and was fast put
ting his man to sleep when he was
awarded the fight on a foul in the eleventh
Two Important Money Measures I
WASHINGTON Dec 4Senator Stewart i
to day introduced a bill for the free and
unlimited use of silver as money He
amends the first section of the present law
by repealing the clause limiting the pur
chase of bullion and requires the secretary
of the treasury to purchase all silver bul
lion offered at a price not exceeding 81 for
821J4 grains of pure silver I also amends
the third section by requiring the secre
tary to coin at least 2000000 ounces per
month after the 1st of July next and as
much more as necessarv to redeem treas
ury notes issued in the purchase of bul
In the House Bland introduced a bill re
quiring the secretary of the treasury to
prepare a new series of treasury notes
commonly called greenbacks and issue
them in sums equal to the amount of na
tional bank notes from time to time sur
rendered for redemption or cancellation
Bland also introduced a bill authorizing the
issue of a series of legal tender notes t
meet any deticiencs in the revenues of the
goernment The preamble to the bill re
cites that a deficiency in the revenues is
now threatened and the country is not in a
condition to bear any further taxation
A Blast Furnace accident
JOLIET Il Dec 4A terrible accident
occurred at the Illinois Steel companys
works tocay A blast furnace which had
been blown out for repairs suddenly fell to
the ground without warning Eleven men
were at work inside and six on top when
the accident happened The masonry
work and furnace linings were piled upon
each other in a confused heap mingling
with the dead and dying workmen Rela
tives of the unfortunate men quickly gath
ered about the scene ofcdisaster and urged
the rescuers to renewed efforts Within
half an hour the men had taken out eight
bodies Five of the unfortunates were
dead and the other three apparently fatally
injured The killed were Gus Loos Nels
Larson John Pederson Theodore Larson
and Satis Nevench The fatully injured
were Pat Killien Peter Erickson and
August Swanson
General Miles Reports All Quiet
CHICAGO Dee 4At army headquarters
tonight General Miles reported all
Mies al advices
today indicate everything quiet at the
scene of the Indian troubles
Snow In Minnesota and the Dakotas
MINNEAPOLIS Dee 4 Reports from
nearly all parts of Minnesota and North
and South Dakota say snow has been fail
ing all day
General Brooke to General Schofleld
WASHINGTON Dee 4General Schofield I
received a telegram from General Brooke
this afternoon saying that forty lodges of I
Indians have left Rosebud agency since the i
removal of the camp across White river to
the edge of the bad lands and that there
are strong symptoms of disintegration a
about half the Indians seem willing t come
back t the agency General Brooke also I
says from all he can gather as to their in
tentions majority of the Indians want to
come back The war department officials
are much gratified by this intelligence
Troops Leave Leavenworth
LEAVENWOUTH Dee 4Two companies
I of infantry leave Fort Leavenworth this
evening for Omaha and the Indian agency
One of the companies will be mounted for
the United States as cavalry
General Miles Talks
CHICAGO Dee 4 General Miles said
this morning he would go in a day or two
t direct military arrangements in the In
dian country The general said he had
overwhelming evidence that the Indians
had been suffering for want of food for
two years arid one of the principal causes
of the disaffection was this fact One ob
ject of his visit to Washington was to urge
the necessity of immediate relief An
order willbe sent from the interior de
partment to Indian agents instructing
them during the Indian troubles to obey
the orders of the military officer command
ing troops on the reservation I
Death of E Dnnbar Price
PHILADELPHIA Dee 4A private dis
patch received here today announces the
death in New York of E Dunbar Price
whose wealth and extravagance made him
well known in this country and Europe
Price was born in this city in 1S59 and by
the death of his grandfather in 1877 he
inherited an income of 42600 A year
after he launched into wild extravagance
one of his fancies being a racing stable
In 1SS1 he married Miss Sarah C Burton
but in a few months she returned toher
fathers home A reconciliation was after
wards effected but in 1SSG they separated
Finally in IfeSS the wife filed a
bill to compel the payment of a
monthly allowance of 900 which Price had
promised her He paid this up to about a
year ago since when he refused to pay any
more and another suit is now pending
By the terms of the grandfathers will the
income of about half the estate will pass to
charitable institutions
Prices lawyer said today the young man
executed a will nearly two years ago de
vising all the property he might be pos
sessed of to a young woman named Poly
I Booker who has been his companion for
I the past few years The death of Price
removes all claims of his widow on his
estate there being no issue
He Arrives on the Charleston in San Francisco I
Object of His Visit
States steamer Charleston has arrived with
King Kalakaua of Hawaii on board The
Charleston was met and saluted by the
Swatara The forts in the lower bay also
fired a royal salute The King left tho
Charleston in the admirals barge late this
afternoon and was landed at the Clay strent
wharf The Charleston and Swatara again
fired a royal salute as the King left the
seip Upon arriving at the wharf he was
received by General Gibbon commanding
the division of the Pacific and Consul Gen
eral McKinley of Hawaii A battalion of
United States cavalry was drawn up in
line Great crowds of people surrounded
the landing place and as the King left tho
barge he bowed right and left in acknowl
edgment of the cheers of the spectators
King Kalakaua entered a carriage and was
driven to the Palace hotel where he held a
reception attended by Governor Water
man Mayor Pond representatives of com
mercial organizations and prominent citi
zens Colonel McFarlan the Kings cham
berlain stated the King visited California
for the benefit of his health and his eyes
which are somewhat impaired The King
will probably remain in California five or
six weeks but will not go east Princess
Lillinokalani is regent during the Kings
absence from Hawaii
Failure of a London Firm
LOXDOX Dee 4Bevis Russell Co
merchants of London and Bombay have
failed Liabilities 230OCO
Bank of England Rate of Discount
LOXDOX Dee 4The Bank of England
rate of discount has been reduced to 5 per
Big Theft of Diamonds
KANSAS CITY Dec Detectives are
puzzled by the theft of 10000 worth ef
diamonds belonging to Mrs Kirk Brower
from a private box in the safe deposit
Passenger Rates t be Advanced
CHICAGO Dec 4The Western Passen
ger association has decided to advance the
rate from Chicago to Pacific coast points
December 15 from 7250 first class to S75
and from 4750 second class to 50 in
conformity with the demand of transcon
through tinental rates lines fcr increased proportions of
Fatal Chemical Works Explosion
CIXCIXXATI 0 Dec4By the explosion
of a tank in the chemical works in the east
ern part of the city this morning three men
were fatally injured two slightly The
tank was used lor making yellow prussiato
of potash No one knows what caused the
explosion The fatally injured are Louis
Schluss John Printy James Fehl Slightly
John Wecker and Sidney Cloyer
In the House of Commons
LOXDOX Dec 4The government today
introduced into the house of commons a
supplementary estimate of 5000 for the
purpose of inquiring into the situation in
the western part of Ireland arising from
the failure of the potato crop and for mak
preparations for relieving distress among
the inhabitants of that section
In the commons today Balfour made a I
motion that parliament vote 5000 to pro
vide seed potatoes for distressed land culti
vators m Ireland the seed potatoes not to
be given the people gratis but as a loan
and anyone paying ready money would
obtain 20 per cent discount This was
only a small part of measures t bo taken
by the government to meet the impending
distress in Ireland Ho spoke of railways
and other public works to be undertaken
The appropriation asked for was approved
InterContinental Railway Commission
WASHINGTON Dec 4The InterContinental
nental Railway commission composed of
representatives from the United States and
other American republics met for organi
zation at noon This commission was re
commended by the International American
conference for the purpose of reviving a
survey for a line to connect the railway
systems of North America with those of
South America Elaine called the meeting
to order and made a brief address of wel
come in which he pointed out the magni
tude importance and far reaching results
of the proposed work A J Cassatt of the
United States was chosen president After
routine Thursday business noon the meeting adjourneitill
The Rittenhouse Manufacturing Companys
PASSAIC N J Dec 4The Rittenhouse
Manufacturing company which went into
the hands of a receiver yesterday with
liabilities of 1000000 and assets of 800
000 employed SOO hands in the manufac
ture of woolen blankets shawls and plush
Edward H Ammidown president of the
American Protective Tariff league owns
ninetenths of the stock and is president of
the corporation The company has been
running at a loss for two years storing a
I great deal of their product in anticipation
of the passage of the McKinley tariff
What Ammidown Smith Say
NEW YORK Dec Ammidown
Smith dry goods commission merchants
assert that the failure of the Rittenhouse
Manufacturing company will not cause
any trouble to them The firm had no
interest in the Rittenhouse company
further than selling its products but
Ammidown was a large stockholder in the
Three Men Killed by a Train
PHILADELPHIA Dee 4 James Helferty
William McGown and Michael Newtine
were instantly killed this afternoon by be
railroad ing run down by a train on the Reading l
Healy Causes a Tremendous
Parnell Asks What Broke the Alliance With
the Liberals and Healy Said rh
Stencil of the Divorce Case
LONDON Dec 4The report from Cork
last night that the municipal authorities
had adopted a resolution against Parnell
was erroneous On the contrary the reso
lution was in support of Pam el
The Nationalists met at noon to further
consider the question of Parnells leader
ship All the Irish members in London
were in attendance Parnell occupied the
chair After the meeting had been called
to order one of the members read the
manifesto issued yesterday by the Catholic
hierarchy in Ireland declaring that in con
sequence of the revelations of the OShea
divorce case which convict Parnell of one
of the gravest offenses known to religion
and society Catholic Ireland cannot ac
cept as leader a man wholly dishonored
that the continuance of his leadership
would imperil the cause of Ireland The
reading of the manifesto was greeted with
cheering by Parnells opponents
Clancy offered his amendment which
provides in view of difference between
t r r Darnell 1
ulam OnO ana rarnCl tne party wmps
be instructed to obtain from Gladstone
Morley and Harcourt before any other
consideration of the question information
on the departure from the bill of 1880 made
by Gladstone in his suggestions affecting
the control of the Irish constabulary and
the settlement of the land question A pro
longed debate took place on the amend
ment Parnell intimated that if the party
took the responsibility oft his shoulders
and insisted upon the Liberal leaders pro
mising to carry a respectable home rule bill
through commons in the face of all opposi
tion he would retire from the leadership I
He asked the meeting to accept Clancys
resolution whereupon he said the alliance
between Nationalists and Liberals would
be renewed Healy refused to sumbit to
Parnells stipulation Ho declared they were
even beyond the lines of compromise sug
gested at yesterdays meeting Sexton
declared a majority of the members were
firmly determined to adhere to the main
question and would simply vote that Par
nell must resign
At 6 oclock p m the meeting adjourned
till noon tomorrow
A rumor was circulated this afternoon
to the effect that Clancys amendment had
been rejected Inquiry proved there was
no truth 1 the rumor On the contrary
the latest phase of the situation bids fair
for an agreement A committee has been
appointed to wait upon Gladstone and en
deavor to obtain from him the assurance
desired by Parnell The committee con
mittee consists of Parnell Sexton Healy
Justin McCarthy John Redmond Deasy
Power and jLenmy Parnell will take no
port in the negotiations with Gladstone
Before the appointment of the committee
Parnell asked the meeting for an informal
show of hands on Clancys amendment
This disclosed the fact that only Barry
and Clancy continued to hold out against
the amendment Besides Gladstone the
committee will also see Harcourt and Mor
ley and endeavor to conclude negotiations
The committee decided to entrust Healy
Redmond Sexton and Leamy with the
conduct of negotiations with Gladstone I
is reported that at a meeting of his adher
ents last night Parnell promised to abide
by the decision of the majority of the Irish I
members on the value of Gladstones as
surances The supporters of Parnell are
inadequate confident Gladstones assurances will prove
At the opening of the meeting today
Sexton denied ho had ever proposed Par
nells retirement from public life and
said he only meant he should retire from
the chairmanship of the party Parnell
proceeded at length with the Clancy pro
posal He decided he could not bind him
self to retire until he could see Gladstones
reply His position has been grantedhim
not merely as leader of the party but as
leader of the nation This has been derived
from circumstances in which speaking
with the greatest respect his hearers had
no share After speaking of his services
in assimilating and soothing the prejudice of
the discordant elements of the Irish
throughout the world Parnell said You
know and I know there is no man living
if I am gone who could succeed in recon
ciling the feelings of the Irish people to
the cHawarden proposals As you
wish to withdraw from me this re
sponsibility I think it only reason
able that you should give judgment
on those matters for the benefit of your
constituents Therefore I submit this
That the party accept no home rule
bill unless it gives immediate control of
the police and power to deal with land
Mr Gladstone is capable of working to
secure a majority at the elections which
will render him Independent of both the
Irish and Conservative parties I you
throw mo to him get my value by securing
a pledge of a satisfactory home rule bill
Healy expressed amazement at Parnells
speech and protested against adding new
conditions to the Clancy resolution Par
nell ho said wanted to withdraw the
question of leadership and substitute a dis
cussion of home rule They could get
neither straight conduct nor straight an
swers from him
Parnell replied he had given his answer
He regretted i was not considered
straight but by it he would stand or fall
Healy Then you bill fall Whats the
use of further discussion A tremendwous
uproar followed Leamy shouted Away
with him John OConner yelled Crucify
him and a scene of wild disorder
followed When quiet was finally
restored Healy said the meeting
could notchange his determination to de
pose P rneU The latter was no
greater than the majority of his party yet
he talked of defying it Healy believed
there would be enough statesmenship left
in the benighted majority who opposed Par
nell to take a course as statesmanlike as
that of 1SS6 Then Healy read portions of
Parnells speech delivered at his birthday
banquet six months after the Hawarden in
terview declaring the independence of tho
Irish party and eulogizing the alliance
with Gladstone An angry duel of
words followed Healy repeating Par
nells recent remarks about Glad
stone and finishing by asking Who
broke the alliance Parnell and
Nolan both exclaimedThe Gladstone I
Healy retorted It perished from the
stench of the divorce court
Parnell replied that if Gladstones letter
had not been written the alliance would
have been maintained
Healy defended Gladstone He said
Parnell had bespattered that gentlemans
gray hairs with mud and now wanted the
Irish members hat in hand to go and ask i
favors of Gladstone I Parnell succumbed
he was only one man gone The heads
of greater leaders had been stricken off at
the block before now for Ireland but the
Irish canse remained
Sexton said he had listened to Healy
with regret Would Parnell resign he
asked if the majority voted for the accept
ance of Gladstones reply I
Parnell Certainly
Barry asked for further explanation and
Parnell vehemently replied tif have stated
with distinctuess that I will not give a fur
ther reply
Gladstone Willing to Negotiate
XONDON I Dec 4The committee ap
pointed by the Nationalist members has
sent a letter to Gladstone asking him to
open negotiations for la future home rule
bill Gladstone expresses his willingness
to interchange views yith the committee
but reserved the right to choose the mem
bers with whom to negotiate
Caucus Pamelas Opponents
LONDON Dec 4At a caucus this morn
ing of the opponents O Parnell a resolu
tion was adopted not to accept the Clancy
compromise which would be offered at to
days meeting but to force matters to a
decisive issue forthwith
Judge Fitzgerald to Parnell
LINCOLN Neb Dec 4The executive
council of the Irish National league of
America comprising President Fitzgerald
Lincoln Judge Fitzgerald Cincinnati Dr
OReilly Detroit M V Gannon
Omaha and Secretary Sutton Lin
coln will hold a meeting in this
city tomorrow Judge Fitzgerald
who is now here today cabled the follow
ing to Parnell The hasty notion of the
Cincinnati Parnell branch misrepresents
the Irish sentiment You have ever been
faithful to Ireland while Gladstone until
lately was among her oppressors Hence
the Irish race rejects his dictation and de
mands you retention as leader
The Pope and the AntiSlavery Movement
ROME Dec 4The Pope has issued an
encyclical address to the bishops engaged
in the antislavery movement He ex
plains the mission of Cardinal Lavigerio
and expresses thanks to the soverigns
who assisted in the work of the Anti
Slavery conference In addition ho ad
vises continued missionary efforts in the
east and announced he had istituted an an
nual collection in behalf of the antislavery
movement to be taken up on the feast of
the Epiphiauy January G
The Great Electioneer is Dead
Six FRANCISCO Dec 4Senator Stan
fords famous trotting sire Electioneer
died yesterday
CorbettSIavin Fight About Arranged I
SAX FRANCISCO Dec 4 Preliminary ar
rangements are about completed for a fin
ish fight in New Orleans in April between
Corbett of San Francisco and Slavin of
Australia Jack Dempsey goes to New Or
leans in a few days to fight Fitzsimmous
January 4
Russell Seibold Co In Trouble I
OTTAWA Ont Dec 4 Russell Seibold
Co wholesale dealers in dry goods are
in financial difficulties Liabilities 250
000 assets about the same
A Chicago li Alton Wreck
ST Louis Dec 4The southbound
Chicago Alton passenger train was
wrecked at Jacksonville Ills early this
morning Fred Smith Pekin Ills and
Judge J R Riffle of Kansas City were in
hurt stantly killed Half a dozen others were
A London SIlk Importer Falls
LONDON Dec 4Petrus Mandan silk I
importer has failed Liabilities 500000
American Trotting Association
CHICAGO Dec 4 The board of appeals
of the American Trotting association fin
ished it business this evening Ifrlecided
the Emery casein favor of the complainant
and tho application that winners of guaran
tee stakes be paid the excess accruing from
moneys placed in the hnds of tho associa
tion as such stake This decision will es
tablish a precedent A number of other
cases were decided and a number of men
and horses expelled
In the case of the Anaconda Racing asso
ciation of Anaconda Mont vs Mat Cul
len of Salt Lake city Utah the petition
for reinstatement from expulsion was
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East I
Novelties in full dress shirts I
BASTTJSURV Man Co 14 Main St
Bookmaking on all eastern race tracks
Odds laid on first second and third place
Big odds laid on combinations White House
Turf Exchange 203 Main street city
The Peoples Equitable Cooperative as
sociation gives onethird of its profits to its
purchasers every six months and sells
goods atlowest market prices
J H FOULGER Superintendent
Dr Ira Lyons 42 West Third South
Dr Jaegers sanitary woolen underwearof
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catalogue BASTTERRY MER Co
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duce Goods delivered promptly at lowest
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W First South >
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few doses of Dr Henleys English Dande
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James G McDonald S Co candies i
New currants raisins lemon and citron
peel at Peoples Cooperative association
Our fruits are all cleaned
41 H FOULGER Superintendent
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for diphtheria it can be had at 6S West
First South street
41 D L DAVIS Agent
The Troy Steam Launary is famous for
its excellent workTROT
Telephone 192 142 Main St
Wisdoms Robertine is the only thing
now used by the fashionable women to par
potuate a beautiful complexion
No 149 West North Temple
Go toBarratt Bros for furniture
Smoking jackets dressing gowns and
bath robes
Silk derby and soft hats all grades
Becks Hot Springs wagonettes leave
terminus Warm Springs car line at 10 am
1 230 and 4 pm S F BROW Manager
SALT LiKE < CITY Utah Dec 4 I89D
Signal service
Time C 0 Drec < m
of p g ton <
obser S of g
vaton 8 so wind tO
p i 0
6 I a m 2518 45 6t E 1 Cloudy
6 p m 226 42 3 NW C tom1y
Maximum temperature 490
Minimum temperature 380
Mean temperature 435 for 12 years ex
Deficiency ot temperature since January 1
Excess or temperature since November 1
Rainfall Inches mean daily 12 years
Inches deficiency Inches
Deficiency of rainfall since January 1 1890
Deficiency inches of rainfall since November 11890
P H FiTZMAunicE Observer I
Sergeauj glgnal Corps I
Secretary Noble Devising a Plan
to Reduce their Fees
I the Matter of Pensions to Soldiers Who
are Totally Disabled The Scheme
is Gigantic
WASJMVGTON Dec Representative
McKinley today introduced a bill in the
House similar to the ono presented in the
Senate providing that the present tariff
law shall not affect the operations of the
Hawaiian reciprocity treaty
Secretary Noble has been paying consid
erable attention lately to the subject of at
torneys fee intension cases and is formu
lating a plan by which claimants for pen
sions not represented by attorneys may be
placed upon the same basis as those who
are In speaking of attorneys fees Secre
tary Noble with some warmth said
Tne pension bureau is now issuing
between fourteen and fifteen thousand cer
tificates a week This means the attorneys
are receiving every week out of money ap
propriated to relieve the necessities of old
soldiers an amount estimated between one
hundred and fifty and thron hundred and
seventyfive thousand d iirA largo
number of cases are adjusted under the old
law which allowed a fee of 25 The new
law allows but 51 but even at this rate
attorneys would realize 5150000 aweek I
look over the list of attorneys added the
secretary and find many of them are men
who upon their knowledge of law could not
practice before a country justice of the
peace but here in Washington they manage
in a few years to accumulate a million dol
lars or more acting as attorney for pen
sion claimants
Quays Pension Bill
WASHINGTON Dee 4 Senator Quay yes
terday introduced a bill granting all per
sons on the pension list 01 hereafter placed
on it who lost both eyes or both feet or
who are otherwise totally disabled a pen
sion of 10 per month Also to all persons
who lost an arm at the shoulder or a leg at
the hip 60 a month and to those who lost
an arm below the elbow or leer below the
knee 555 a month To those who lost a
hand or foot or have been totally disabled
in some way 50 a modth The bill pro
vides further that persons who contracted
two or more disabilities shall receive a sum
per month equal to the total of the rates
for all of the disabilities mentioned
In the Senate
WASHINGTON Dec 4Among the bills
introduced and referred was one for a per
manent tariff commission and one by
Stewart for the free and unlimited use of
silver as money
The joint resolution reported yesterday I
by Hawley to issue arms to North and
South Dakota and Nebraska was taken up
flawloy urged the necessity of prompt ac
Voorhees quoted an interview with Gov
ernor Foster of Ohio exmember of the
commission to treat with the Sioux in
which Foster said the whole trouble in fact
was that the Indians were starving Give
them enough to eat and there will he no
further trouble
After a lengthy debate on the Indian
question the joint resolution was amended I
so as to apply to the states of North and i
South Dakota Wyoming and Nebraska
and passed
Morgan introduced a joint resolution
which went over until tomorrow appro
priating 5000 for an investigation under
the orders of the Senate as tohe cause of
the trouble among the Indians
The election bill was then taken up and
Pugh addressed the Senate in opposition to
it The bill he said was never intended to
be put in operation in Republican districts
I was founded on one proposition aud that
was that the state election officers might be
watched guarded and overruled because
they were Democrats The whole concep
tion of the bill was a transparent and auda
cious scheme haying no other end or pur
pose than the capture of Democratic dis
tricts and their transfer to the Republican
party in Congress to be used in perpetuat
ing its supremacy in defiance of the will of
the people
Gray explained ho did not desire to
speak this afternoon
Blair moved to lay the election bill aside
until tomorrow and take up the displaced
labor bill
Hoar gave notice that after today he
would endeavor to press the election bill
without having it laid aside for any other
purpose whatever until a final vote was
Cockrell objected to the labor bill being
taken up and after a number of bills on the
calendar were passed the Senate adjourned I
I the House
WASHINGTON Dec 4In the House the
unfinished business in the morning was the
bill for the punishment of every guardian
conservator curator tutor or other judic
ial agent for the embezzlement of the pen
sions of wards The previous question was
ordered yeas 113 j nays 92 and the bill
On motion of Morrow of California the
House went into committee o the whole on
the pension appropriation bill
Morrow explained that the bill appro
priated for payment of pensions 133173000
to be distributed among 654516 pensioners
This was the largest number of bene
ficiaries ever provided for in any single
item in the statues of the United States I
was estimated that the gross cost for the
United States of these pensions for the
year 1892 would average 20040 each He
believed there would be no deficiency next
Cooper of Indiana got the floor and re
viewed all of the charges made against
Commissioner Raum which formed the
basis of investigation last session Ho
asserted they all had been proved The
pension bureau should be presided over by
a man above criticism and above reproach
During the last campaignthe commissioner
had gone to Indiana and had invaded his
Coopers district Thecommissidnersonly
excuse was that he might defeat Coopers
election The commissioner had gone to
Indiana to prostitute his high office for par
tisan ends He Cooper had great vener
ationfor the pension bureau and protested
that the institution should not become a
spawning place for corporations or a state
for the sale of patent rights nor should it
be presided over by a moribund and
malodorous politician likened by a Re
publican paper to a bad egg
Sawyer of New York was surprised
that Cooper should make his speech at this
time before the case was closed Cooper
had said the committee had abandoned any
further investigation but it had beAn thn
clear understanding that the committee
should hear further testimony this season I
Sawyer further denied that the charges
against Raum had been proved After
further debate the committee rose and the
House adjourned I
The Grand Duke of Mecklenburg
Special to TUB HERALD Examiner Cable I
BERLIN Dec 4The body physician of
the Grand Duke of Mecklenburg who was
sent hither for the purpose has held a con
sultation with Prof Koch on the advisa
bility of treating him with the newromedy
The grand duke until he knew that the in
jection of the lymph had caused the death
of a few patients was very anxious to try
the remedy but he now desires to have a
guarantee from the discoverer of tne fluid
of his safety from fatal result This Prof
Koch naturally refuses to give but advised
the grand ducal physician to attend a post
mortem of a former patient and see for
himself the changes caused by the working
of the lymph and then if after this practical
observation of the effect the physician is
willing to risk the experiment of the inoc
culation Prof Koch has promised to fur
nish the lymph required The general
opinion is that the grand duke is too far
gone to stand the effects of the lymph He
is now at Cannes and is a helpless victim of
The patients at the Charity hospital are
greatly annoyed by the constant going and
coming of doctors who call to see them by
day and night in order to observe the ef I
facts of injections of lymph Most cases are
reexamined about twenty times a day and
the nervous condition of the patients is
thereby feverishness greatly aggravated and there is increased
The Dickson Flat Fire
PITTSBURO Dec 4It was nearly 3 this
morning before the fire in the Dickson flats
was subdued No more bodies were found
All the occupants are accounted for There
were about forty and many had narrow
escapes Mr Irwin perished in an at
tempt to rescue his wife after giving the
alarm to the inmates on the other floors
Mrs Irwin was suffocated in an attempt to
reach the entrance to the building Loss
840000 The building was four stories high
with no fire escapes and no water main
The department of public safety will prose
cute the owner of the building for failure
to put up fire escapes according to law
The AttorneyGeneral Renders an Opinion
that Much Alarms them
HAILEr Idaho Dec 21890 Special to
I THE HERALD The official opinion of At
torneyGeneral Roberts at the capital
carries consternation among the officers
elect of Alturas county That officer holds
that every person who claims an office by
virtue of the October election in Idaho
should have qualified within thirty days
We understand that no one in Alturas
county has complied with this constitu
tional requirement thinking that they had
until the second Monday of January when
they were supposed to enter upon their du
ties as county officials What the outcome
of this will be remains to be seen but it
presents some interesting questions to
legal minds even as to the power of a leg
islature to remedy the defect or neglect
Getting into the union involves many com
plications overs not objected to by some hold
The Catholic Church at Homestead pa
PITTSBURG Dec 5 115 amSt Mary
Magdalen Catholic church and school at
Homestead Pa caught fire at 1 oclock
and the church is already totally destroyed
There are no hopes for the buildings on
either side The convent is now burning
as is also the dwelling house I now
looks as if three other buildings near will
also go as there is absolutely no water to
be had on the hill
AttorneyGeneral Millers Annual Report I
WASHINGTON Doc 5AttorneyGeneral
Miller in his annual report says vigilant ef
forts have been made to enforce the legis <
lation excluding Chinese immigration By
the cooperation ot the treasury depart
ment it is believed most attempts to cross
the border have been frustrated as have
attempts to bring Chi ese directly through
to ports of the United States upon the Pa
In regard to the reorganization of tho ju
diciary it is earnestly hoped the legislation
now far advanced will not be permitted to
fail In regard to the difficulty of enforc
Inc the law the attorneygeneral says
The enforcement of the internal revenue
laws and United States election laws is
particularly resisted Several assassina
tions of officers with tho purpose of im
peding tho execution of the lavs and or
ders of the United States occurred during
the past year Within the last ten days
a deputy marshal attempting to serve
a warrant for the arrest of a man
for violating tUe postal law was shot and
instantly killed by the man sought to be
arrested and onthe preliminary examina
tion before a magistrate of the state the
prisoner was promptly discharged I is
certainly an anomaly in government that
those who have committed murders for the
purpose of stopping prosecution in the
federal courts should not only not be
punished but not even be put upon trial in
the state courts So long as persons who
kill officers witnesses or jurors fprithe
purpose of escaping the administration of
justice cannot be tried ana punished in a
federal court as for minor offenses the ad
ministration of United States laws and the
laws themselves in many districts will have I
little respect The supreme court recently
decided there is a peace of the
United States I is the duty of
Congress to provide by law for the
preservation of this peace everywhere
and at all times In prosecutions for vio
lations of election laws in several districts
conviction and pleas of guilty have been
obtained in a large number of cases As an
illustration however of the difficulties
met in such psosecutions the district attor
ney for one district reports that in a cer
tain county a number of whose citizens
were convicted of violations of the election
laws the county court ordered all the fines
and costs assessed against them in the
United States court to be paid out of the
county treasury and in another county a
number whoso citizens in like manner
were convicted or pleaded guilty of such
offenses in a United States court 8130
was actually paid out of the county treas
ury upon such fines and costs in rne day
These facts speak for themselves
SurgeonGeneral Baxter Dead
WASHINGTON Dec 4Dr Jedediah H I
Baxter surgeon general of the army who
was stricken with paralysis Monday died
this morning He never regained con
sciousness rfter the attack
Lord Thomas Francis Eremantle Cottesloo
LONDON Dec 4Lor Thomas Francis
Cottesloe is dead Lord Cottesloe was
twice secretary of the treasury also secre
tary of war and chief secretary for Ireland
I 92 old
He was 92years
An Appropriation for the Sioux Asked
WASHINGTON Dec 4The secretary of
the treasury has sent to the House a re
quest for an immediate appropriation of
100000 for the purchase of beef and other
provisions for the Sioux Indians
Valuable Express Package Stolen
I ZANESVILLE 0 Dec 4A package con
taining several thousand dollars and ex
press matter was stolen from the Balti
i more Ohio depot last night
Fire in l Workhouse
LONDON Dec 4There was a fire in the
workhouse at NowcastleonTyne last
night in the whmans dormitory which
was crowded with women and children and
I caused lost a dreadful panic Six lives were
Board of Indian Commissioners Appointment
WASHINGTON Dec 4The President has
reappointed Joseph T Jacobs of Ann
Arbor Michigan amember of the board of
Indian commissioners
The Late King William Interred at Delft
TIE HAGUE Dee 4The body of the
late King of Holland was interred at Delft
today wiJijnpresjiJYe cfijgmonies
Of South Carolina Discusses th
Race Problem
And Says all Men are not Created Equal
Domination of the Whites The
farmers Alliance
COLUMBIA S C Dec Governorelect
B G Tillman elected on the reform ticket >
composed of Farmers alliance and other
Democrats who wanted a change govern
ment was inaugurated today in the pres
ence of a crowd from all parts of the state
In his inaugural he referred to the national
Democratic party In regard to the elec
tion in his own state he said It is grat
ifying to note the fact that this was at
tended by a political phenomenon which
was a surprise to all of us Our colored
fellow citizens absolutely refused to be led
to the polls by their bosses When it is
clearly shown that the majority of our col
ored voters are no longer imbued with Re
publican ideas the vexed negro problem
will be solved and the fear of a return of
negro domination will haunt us no more 4
Can I not pledge in your behalf that wo
white men of South Carolina stand ready
and willing to listen kindly to all reason
able complaints to grant all just rights
and safe privileges to those colored people
and guarantee fair treatment at our hands
We whites have absolute control of the
state government and we intend to retain 4
it The intelligent exercise of the right of
suffrage at once the highest privilege and
most sacred duty of the citizen is beyond
the capacity of the vast majority of
colored man We deny tnat All men are
created equal It is not true now and it
was not when Jefferson wrote it But we
cannot deny it Is our duty as the governing
power in South Carolina to insure to in
dividuals black and white the right to
life liberty and the pursuit of happi
ness < l
It is now believed that Senator Hampton
will be defeated by Irley the Tillman can
didate for United States Senator
National Farmers Alliance
OCALA Fin Dec Tho National Farm
ers alliance received the National Colored I
alliance in a body The visit is one of fra
ternal greetings and introduction
General John H Rice of Kansas is
drawing up a call to the Farmers alliance
and all industrial unions of America which
favor the principles of the St Louis plat
form to meet in Cincinnati February 23 to
consider the information of a third party
At the afternoon session the delegation
representing the Citizens alliance of Kan
sas were introduced by Colonel Livingston
of Georgia and all made addresses the
substance of which was that their organ
izetion was deeply interested in the success
of the Farmers movement that both
bodies were practically working on the
same line and they saw no reason why
merchants traders druggists etc should
not unite in promoting this movement
They asked for a couniittee of conference
to arrange for closer relations between the
Citizens1 alliance and the National alli
ance The request was granted and a com
mittee appointed
Delegates from the New York Working
mens Reform league and AntiMonopoly
league addressed the convention saying
among other things the mechanics and
laborers in the city were as much depend
ent upon the financial and industrial con
dition of the country as the farmers were
and should bo eligible to membership in the
Colonel Livingston in reply said they
would best keep their own organization as
at present but should fraternize more
closely and confer more frequently upon
measures of public policy He recom
mended cooperation and fraternity with
other national bodies but not consolidation
In an interview with an Associated Press
representative this afternoon Delegate
Davis said the call of a national conference
to beheld February 23 next with view to
forming a now party had been drawn up
It endorses the alliance platform adopted
at St Louis and invites all organizations
in sympathy to send delegates to Cincin
nati It lays down four propositions with
reference to national reforms Finance
transportation land and labor Farther than
this its contents are not to bo made publiu
yet Davis thought the convention would
undoubtedly result in placing a presiden
tial candidate in the field in Ib92 The call
will not be presented to the National alli
ance but will be circulated for signatures
in thirtysix alliance states and perhaps in
all the states of the union
There is considerable indignation among
correspondents over the failure of the
press committee which was to give out in
formation to perform its duty vigor
ous protest was made to President Polk
today The policy of the alliance seems
to be one of the strictest secrecy
The National Colored alliance this after
noon discussed a resolution condemning
action of the white alliance in passing a re
solution yesterday in opposition to the
federal election bill because such action
has no reference whatever to the aims and
purposes of the organization The opinions
expressed were not so much in favor of the
federal election bill as in condemnation of
the white alliance for going out of its way
to middle in politics
A resolution will probably bo passed to
morrow condemning the Conger land bill
and praying for the passage of the Paddock
pure food bill At an open session of the
National alliance tonight a delegation of the
colored alliance was received and several
speeches made all indicating the leaning of
the colored alliance toward the now politi
cal party Treasurer Tracy of the white
alliance in his speech said pointedly
Before wo leave this place we must
establish a political federation with the
Colored Farmers alliance I mean busi
ness There must bo no foolishness about
A Negro Burglar Uses a Razor
NORFOLK Va Dec 4 Surgeon William
A Wheeler of the United States marine
hospital service and his wife were
seriously slashed with a razor in the hands
of negro burglar this evening They had
just finished tea and going into another
room found a burglar calmly looking
through their effects The doctor grappled
with him and was getting the best of him
when the negro drew a razor and
began slashing right and left with
terrible effect Mrs Wheeler rushed
to her husbands assistance but was soon
slashed ia a terrible manner Though
faint from loss of blood she rushed into
her husbands room secured his pistol and
handed it to him The burglar broke away
and escaped although the doctor thinks
one of the shots he fired hit the man The
doctor and his wife are not fatally injured
but will be laid up for some little time
The police are searching the negro
The Russian Fly in Illinois
SPRIXGFIELD Ills Dec 4 Reports of
crop correspondents of the Illinois board
of agriculture show the Russian fly has
been discovered in the fields in nearly all
of the counties where winter wheat is
grown The extent of the damage already
done is not yet known
Vermont Railways Impeded by Snow
LYXDONVILLE Ver Dec 4 Railway
traffic is somewhat impeded by snow
trains reaching here being from three ta
lour hours lal N

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