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The Car Famine and How to
Avoid It
The Kernel of the Gould Programme Uneasy
Lie the HeadsThe Third ManThat
Obnoxious Alliance
Cars cars cars continues to be the
cry all along the Union Pacific and yet if
wo may accept the word of a Salt Lake
shipper empty freight cars burden the
tracks hero and in Ogden for three and
four days without being moved Said this
gentleman to a HCUALB reporter yester
day The other day while bound for Park
City I missed a train in Ogden and laid
over at the depot there intending to take a
freight train I judge there were from one
thousand to fifteen hundred empty cars in
the depot and I was told a freight train
would go out at 11 oclock Eleven came
and there was no train At 11 was told a
train would go in a few minutes I waited
till evening and then took the passenger
and up to that time there had not been a
attempt in the yards to move any of the
empties What is that duo tol Echo
answers what
The Union Pacifics New President
Whatever may be said of Sidney Dillon
In other respects hereafter it cannot be
said that ho is or ever has been a dude as
will be seen from the cut below
Av2qg J4c51
He is about three score and ten stands
six feet two has a square massive jaw and
I a stern mouth He is full of fun is always
willing to give and take a joke and his for
tune is said to reach somewhere in the
neighborhood of i000000
The Kernel of the Gonld Programme
A St Louis general manager said yester
day The general public will be apt to
misinterpret the Gould movement for put
ting rates on a healthy solid basis Mr
Gould should not be understood as advocat
ing a general advance in rates but as in
sisting upon stability of tariff The exist
ing schedule of rates on freight would ba
good enough if the lines would only live up
to it That is what Mr Gould wants It
f s the cutting and the meeting of cut rates
that plays havoc with the earnings
Uneasy Lies the Head
Uneasy lies the head that wears a
crown it is true and it may be stated
just at this particular juncture there are
other heads than those adorned by preci
ous metals and glittering stones that are
not resting any too comfortably Decapita
tion may or may not meet them and it is
the suspense attendant upon the uncer
tainty that is causing all the mental worry
that is being indulged in by the employees
of the local offices One of these said yes
terday that TIlE HERALD was giving too
much prominence to the supposition that
radical changes were about to occur and
seemed to be inviting the guillotine to come
and take up its residence among us All of
which is far from correct Tnc
HERALDS railway man is a personal ac
quaintance of most of the railroad boys I
with all whose positions bring them into
contact with the public With probably
two or three exceptions he has ever founa
them to be gentlemanly courteous and
obliging and any change would be re
gretted At tile same time the powers
that be do not take any of these qualifica
tions into account when a change is de
cided upon That a man has spent the
greater and best part of his life in the ser
vice of a railway company that he has
sacrificed his health in their interests that
he has worked early and late matters not
Out ho goes and his position is very often
filled by a youngster whose greatest recom
mendation is that he happens to bear the
lame name as the boss of the road
The Third Man Question
The putting of an extra man on each en
gine whose duty it shall be to ke p a sharp
lookout is agitating eastern roads Soxe
look upon the idea as entailing useless ex
pense but a majority of the practical rail
way men are said to be in favor of adopting
it A prominent railway man who was re
cently asked for his Ideas said It is well
to bear in mind that railway practice Is
undergoing a general change ami that new
methods machinery and appliances are an
absolute necessity in order to keep pace
with the glowing demundsof puolic for
faster transportation and more of it The
causes and nature of railway accidents are
constantly changing and new methods are
required from time to time for their pre
vention Years ago when there were only I
about three trains each way daily on roads I
doing an average amount of busincs and I
trainmen took their own time to a greater
extent than is admissable with the
present crowded conditions incident to
heavy and fast traffic a third man on
an engine would have been superfluous
Then all an engineer had to do between
stops was to watch for live stock and flirt
with the damsels along the way but now
things are decidedly different There is
hardly a day but some manner of signal is
added to the already complicated system
which requires the constant strain of vision
and mental faculties of the engineer which
lead to confusion of ideas and the very I
means adopted for safety may prove to be
the cause of the accident The multiplicity
of signals now in use requires the special
training of an acute mind to maintain a
clear perception and read their Indications
at all times and under all circumstances
The ordinary duties of an engineer are a
sufficient load for one human organization
to carry l and it is decidedly dangerous to
worry him with the responsibility of get
t ting his own train through on time and
watching for the blunders of an army
of careless mortals who are supposed
to warn him of any danger that
may by chance be in his way It is very
likely that the signal system of this country
will soon be simplified and made uniform
a condition which is absolutely necessary
for safety but the coming signals will re
quire the presence of a brain in the cab that
is not distracted by the care and necessary
performances of the locomotive Anything
unusual that requires the immediate atten
tion of the engineer or fireman or perhaps
both at the same instant may cause them
to pass a signal unnoticed whereas a look
out 1ould prevent disaster and earn his pay
a thousand times over Misunderstanding
of orders might also be prevented by a
third man who would look after everything
connected with the safe movement of
trains leaving the engineer and fireman
free to attend to other matters that will
I occupy all their time if their duties are
properly performed
An Obnoxious Alliance I
Probably when the traffic alliance be
tween the Union Pacific and the North
western was entered into not the remotest
idea was entertained by the contracting
parties that such alliance would give of
fense to the managers of competing lines
The alliance certainly seemed perfectly
natural in view of the tendency which ex
isted toward a greater concentration of
railroad interests Indeed it appeared to
have the merit of securing all the benefits
to be attained by actual consolidation while
preserving the identity and independence
of the separate corporations Unfortu
nately however the compact aroused an
tagonism and created illfeeling almost
from the first and Mr Gould in particular
assuredly a most powerful factor in rail
road affairshas been outspoken and pro
nounced in his opposition to it having ac
cording to current reports declared that it
was an obstacle in the way of harmony in
the west If the statements of those who
now succeed in control are to be credited
the sole motive which has actuated them
has been the desire to remove this obstacle
As concerns the general situation there I
lore the immediate effect of the change is
to simplify the railway problem in the
west It may not be desirable or necessary
to annul the alliance in question but the
difficulty real or supposed in the way of
complete harmony with other lines will no
longer exist or if it does exist will be
capable of removal since the new directors
of the Union Pacific are also large owners
in such other lines And this is very im
portant at the present juncture For never
was confidence in railway affairs so essen
tial as now while at the same time nothing I
will so tend to promote confidence as the
knowledge that there is to be a common
united effort to improve the situation Mr
Gould seems to bo strongly in favor of the
joint agency plan recommended by Chair
man Walker of the Interstate Railway
association If agreement for division of
business can be reached and a method for
effecting such division be devised no plan
et suggested can be considered as possess
ing so many strong points as this It
would remove all motive for cutting rates
while the saving in expenses through the
abolition of separate agencies and the dis
continuance of unnecessary train service
would be enormousEr
The Union Pacific is now running a
through Pullman sleeper from Salt Lake
to Butte Mont Persons going to Portland
Butte Helena and other northern points
can purchase Pullman tickets at the Union
Pacific office 201 Main street
t 1 General Prssenger Agent
Wasatch building 201 Main street
Ballards Snow Liniment
This invaluable remedy is one that ought
to be in every household It will cure your
Rheumatism Neuralgia Sprains Cuts
Bruises Burns Frosted Feet and Ears
Sore Throat and Sore Chest If you have
Lame Back it will cure it It penetrates
to the seat of the disease It will cure
Stiff Joints and contracted muscles after
all other remedies have failed Those who
have been cripples for years have used
Ballards Snow Liniment and thrown away
their crutches and been able to walk as
well as ever It will cure you Prica 50
cents10 f
The attention of those desiring to open
savings accounts is called to the Deseret
Savings Bank which allows interest on de
posits at the rate of 5 per cent per annum
compounded quarterly Money to loan on
approved real estate security Its officers
are as follows
Jonx SHARP President
E A SMITH Cashier
Yeu have heard your friend and neigh
bors talking about it You may yourself
be one of the many who know from per
sonal experience just how good a thing it is
If you have ever tried it you are one of its
staunch friends because the wonderful
thing about it is that when once given a
trial Dr Kings New Discovery ever aftei
holds a place in the house If you have
never used it and should be afflicted with a
cough cold or any throat lung or chest
trouble secure a bottle at once and give it
a fair trial It is guaranted every time 01
money refunded Trial bottles free at A
C Smith Cos drug store G
From the Kimball S D Graphic
While the columns of the Graphic are
open to any and unobjectionable adver
tisements yet it is quite impossible for us
to speak knowingly of tho merits of the
various articles of merchandise advertised
Particularly is this true of patent medi
cines But there are exceptions occasionally
and a noteworthy exception is the cele
brated Chamberlains Cough Remedy
This now universally known medicine
has been advertised in the Graphic for
four or five years but not until recently
had we any personal knowledge of its won
derful efficacy which has come about
through the prevailing influenza and the
stubborn cough that has so often attended
it In the writers family this medicine
has on several occasions this winter cured
a cough that baffled any and all other
remedies and the number of families in
Kimball and vicinity in which this remedy
has been used with like effects attests to
its value as a specific for coughs and colds
of every nature For sale by Z C M I
drug department
Judge John Chancy of OsceolaIa says
I contracted sciatic and muscular rheu
matism in the army and suffered most ex
cruciating agony for years Dr James
Roberts of Osceola advised me to take
Hibbards rheumatic syrup I have used
eleven bottles and find that it keeps me in
good health I cannot recommend it too
highly For salo by Johnson Pratt Co
i In a few wellchosen words tells what
she knows of a celebrated article
June 4To Mr W M Wisdom Dear
Sir1 have tried your famous Rober
tine It is excellent and I shall be pleased
to recommend it to all my lady friends
Believe me yours truly RHEA
The Best Salvo in tho world for cuts
bruises sores ulcers salt rheum fever
sores tetter chapped hands chilblains
corns aud all skin eruptions and positively
cures piles or no pay required It is
guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or
money refunded Price 25 cents per box
For sale by A C Smith Co t
Your liver
Is the Oriental salutation
knowing that good health
cannot exist without a
healthy Liver When the
Liver is torpid the Bow
els are sluggish and con
stipated the food lies
in the stomach undi
gested poisoning the
I blood frequent headache
1 ensues a feeling of lassi
I tude despondency and
I nervousness indicate how
the whole system is de
I ranged Simmons Liver
Regulator has been the
means of restoring more
people to health and
happinessby giving them
a healthy Liver than any
agency known on earth
It acts with extraor
dinary power and efficacy
As a general family remedy for Dyspepsia
Torpid Liver Constipation etc I Hardly
ever use anything else and have never
been disappointed in tho effect produced
It seems to be almost a perfect euro for aU
diseases of tho Stomach and Bowels <
1 i 1 i p I
26 28 30 32
East First South St
Special attention is called to my immense importa
tion of
he very latest cuts in PLUSH JACKETS as well as the usual
staple shapes Big drives in
About onehalf of last seasons prices A large assortment of
At popular prices to suit all pockets A special lot or
A New Feature this season is
In all shades about 500 garments Also a large line of
Childrens Plush Hoods Hats and Bonnets
In all shades All now being opened in the basement
where we are using ten electric lights Great Bargains
in Ladies Cloth Jackets and Sills Wraps for early fall
wear Inspection is solicited
I = r ii
J r
Ir t
= e = a
= = = = = t I = = Ed R iI
lr i = = = rt t H S = = T It H = X ES = J gl j V
= = = gj Eii I = = = = I = = = = = j i bs I
= E w
1jJjj = ilt w =
tt = = H aE eA G f T f Y
2 i
o B Ku Shoe Clothing
COfr1p eiri9
11L 1ailtJl St1qeeto 11t D
Owing to our goods having been at the depot for
the la3t two months at which time we expected to
open our place of business b t for some unforsEen
accident could not obtain pas ession until now
We therefore have on hand an enornieus stock of
C1tothth lg and Furnishing Goods
Of Different Styles and Grader which we now offer at
or in other word from
25 to 30 Per Cent Cheaper
Than they can b 3 bought for in any other
I store in the city
Jfi1 st rne LRit SerVed
Strictly One Price to AU
I No 117 ltTa1 t S11eeteo
That famous McKinley tariff bill which recently became lawhas been framed by
a distinguished American and for the American While it deals severely with tho
foreign manufactured article the tariff acts leniently with all materials imported for
the benefit of our manufacturing industries and American labor For an illustration
allow us to touch the subject of Clothing
Who directly import every yard of Cloth and Suitings used in tho manufacture of our
= E High Art Clothing
Also being custom duty payers undoubted authorities upon the pending question
HIGH TARIFF BUGABOO which serves to impress upon many fashionably dressed
gentlemen that the advanced tariff will greatly increase the price on the garment we
manufacture for his wear This argument we are fully prepared and able to discuss
Using past experience to act as criterion we issue the following common sense argument
for your consideration
FIRSTAdmitting that the Suit and Overcoat manufactured in our Baltimore
tailor shops are far superior than the the ones made in foreign countries but we are
compelled to acknowledge that In order to maintain our reputation for the
Who render the best of satisfaction we are obliced to import our Cloths and Suitings
especially the famous English Worsteds and Meltons Scotch Chevots and Tweeds
French Cassiraeres etc which beyond a shadow of a doubt are not only superior to our
home manufacture but positively the finest on the face of the globe
SECOND Admitting the increased duties on the readymade garments admitted
to our ports are large and severe yet the material necessary to each garment scarcely
advanced the paltry sUm of Soc Hence the advance wo deem perfectly ridiculous and
the most skeptical will readily coincide with us
THIRD Although threefourths of our total Clothing stock we handle are of
imported materials duty paid on the old tariff schedule for all these goods were made
up long before October 6 at 12 p m when tbeMcKinley took effect yet we frankly
assure our friends and patrons that we will at all times continue to serve you with the
finest the market afford Tariff or no tariff we will at all hazards be able to discount
nnmnaiiMnn and sell von a finer Suit or Overcoat for 51000 Sin01 or S20 00 than the
one you pay 8500 more for elsewhere and as to our u
D Bn n fvit Art 7
High Clothing
Wo are at all times ready and able to distance your Merchant Tailor fancy prices and
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Wholesaler Mannfactrs
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Seasonable Woolen Goods
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Mail Orders Solicited and Receive Prompt Attention
FineShoe tor Gent Wear
The Turner Shoo requires no breaking In Ifc
leads in accurate stvles flr tolacia workman
i ship and durability These are points which
S t commend themselves to eyery gentleman wear
ing a fine shoe
Perroot in Style and orkmanship
ZIC C M L Sole Agents for Utah
Sears and Liddle Co
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Manufactures and Importers Wholesale and RetailDealers in
Guns Tistols Ammunition and General Sporting Goods
Thomsons Waterproof Boots and Shoes We have just received for the Holiday
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These are Firstclass Goods and we invite the public to call and examine our
ffi 1 PI snd for Ilnatratcd Cam1o7u °
A Little Girl Loses Her Life Through Her
Brothers Criminal Carelessness
A horrible tragedy occurred at Moroni
Sanpete county ou Sunday afternoon in
which a little girl bj the name of Marks
11 years old was shot and instantly killed
Charles Abbott conductor on the San
pet Valley railroad related the account of
the sad affair to an Lnafii representative
as follows It seems that tile unfortunate
girls brother Phillip Marks had been
out hunting having with him a team and
wagon When he had returned home his
older sister Tillie went out to meet him
Taking his rifle from th3 wagon he offered
it to his sister with the request that she
carry it in the house for him She how
ever refused to touch the gun and
asked her brother if it was
loaded In a careless offhand
manner which seems to be his custom ho
answered her that there was no load in the
gun and again urged her to take it in the
house Losing all fear of the weapon upon
her brothers assurance that it was harm
less she took it threw it carelessly over
her shoulder and sauntered into tho house
Just as she stepped into the door her little
sister who was standing near the cup
board was heard to remark that she would
get a piece of bread and preserves These
proved to be her last words for just as the
knife was thrust into the bread tho sharp
report of a rifle rang out upon the air and
the little girl fell dead without a groan
amidst the terrified shrieks of her now half
maddened sister When the smoke from
that fatal shot cleared away a fearful sight
met the horrified gaze of those spectators
which no pen can describe and no mind can
Imagine unless it has experienced similar
soenes Stretched upon the floor welter
ing in her own blood lay the lifeless and
almost headless body of the unfortunate
child while the floor cupboard walls and
ceiling were smeared with blood and
brains mingled with particles of skull and
locks of hair which the leaden messenger
of death had strewn ruthlessly about
Assistance was immediately summoned
but all to no avail as death was instantane
ous It was found that the batl had entered
at the upper part of the fdrehead arid as
the childs head was bent downward had
ranged toward the base of the brain tear
ing the Tipper and back Dart of the head to
It seems that just as Tillie tho girl who
carried the gun entered the house tho
hammer of the weapon caught thn door
frame and drew it back far enough to cause
the fatal discharge as reported above
The parents and other relatives are al
most heartbroken over the dreadful catas
trophe and the whole city seems to ba
wrapt in gloom The funeral at 10 oT lock
yesterday morning was extremely solemn
Our informant further says that about
a month ago the same man came very near
shooting his little brother on account ui
carelessness a gun having been discharged
accidentally while he was in tne granary
the ball from which barely missed ti I
boys face The carelessness in handling
firearms is becoming far too common Ln I
laws restricting the use of the saDe
should be mado and strictly enforced I
KepM Eiisfn
The Hard and Generally Thankless Lot
of the Redskins Squaw
The women of all Indian tribes doomed
to a hopeless bondage of slavery the fate
of their sex in every savage race have but
few amusements They accept their con
dition stoically however by the unerring
law of heredity through ages of abuse aud
servile obedience The lower the tribe in
the scale of humanity the more degraded
are the women Among tim Diggers of
Oregon aud Washington with which sav
ages I passed three or four years the poor
squaws are to be pitied Living on roots
and insects which the WCTUMI must fur
nish their existence as a tribe may well be
imagined to be a very precarious one
If the camas a bulb growing deep in the
ground and very sweet should fail or the
acorn and black cricket crop be not plen
tiful in any year their winter is liable to
he one of pinching poverty and starvation
I i have often looked with profound pity
upon troops of their old and young squaws I
under the hot summer sun wandering
day after day over tho prairies the moth
ers with their little ones strapped to
their backs armed with u long iron with
vrhhli they sometimes dug the hard soil
for the roots which furnish a large portion
of their support haggard broken down
but never complaining of their wearisome
Among many of the tribes however the
women are allowed to have some amuse
ment The Dakotas frequently permitted
their women to indulge in a game of ball
which however differed entirely from
that played by the men When the men
had worn themselves out with their own
games but wanted to have a little more
fun they would notify every one that the
squaws were going to have a game of ball
of their own Then when the game began
the bucks would roll over on the ground
and laugh at the curious antics of their
squaws in their awkward playing
Frequently when the men had been very
lucky in their trapping or had been suc
cessful in making good trades with the
whites they would open their hearts and
donate piles of gnady goods uicli as cali
coes ribbons and strings of beads besides
many other bright colored things known
only to the Indian trade and found only
in the stores of the traders These things
which were the prizes to be contended for
would be put on stick which itself rest
ed on two crotched poles upright in the
ground and over which an old man kept
guard The old man was also the umpire
of the game
The women were thin divided into two
equal parties and the baHor rather two
for they play with twofastened to the
ends of a string eighteen or twenty inches
long Every squaw engaged in the same
holds in each hand a small stick on which
she must try to catch the string to which
is attached the two balls and when she
succeeds in doing this she throws them to
and over the goal of the siclo of which she
is playing It is n remarkably comical
sight to see the women roll over in the
dust and dirt in their frantic efforts to
catch the string on their sticks while the
men lie flat on the ground and roar with
laughter at them
Notwithstanding the women are kept so
degraded there is as ranch affection among
them for their husbands and children as I
have ever witnessed among the Caucasian
race I will relate one instance here which
came under my own observation though I
could present hundreds
During the campaign of 1SGSC9 I was
riding with a party of men and officers
south of the Arkansas We had been watch
ing some of the cavalry unearth three or
four dead warriors who Imd been killed by
some scouts in a terrible fight some weeks
before and as we rode into a small ravine
in the sand hills we came to a rude lodge
inside which on a rude platform or bier
fashioned of green poles reposed a dead
warrior in full war dress his shield of buf
falo hide pipe ornamented with eagle
feathers and his medicine bag lying on
the ground beiide him
At his head on her knees her hand
clasped in the attitude of prayer was a
squaw frozen to death Which had first
succumbed whether the wounded chief
her husband or the devoted wifeto the
awful cold of that winter prairie will never
be known but it shows her love for the
man who had perhaps beaten her n hun
dred times Cor Kansas City Star

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