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I I FOR 250 2 II Tie Cleanest Ms I
I We your lay doorstep the SUNDAY a Whole HERALD Year on 11 I TFIIE f SUNDAY J HERALD Tb6 Most Brightest ExcInsiYS News ArticlQSl I II
How Claggett McConnell Shoup I
and Dubois Stand
And He Has the Most Chances for BasIn
the GameIlls Plans i the Event
of Defeat
BOISE Idaho Dec 6 Srecial telegram to
THe HERALD Nearly all the members of
Idahos flrst state legislature are her The
question of the Senatorship overshadows all
olhers At the various headquarters each of
the four candidates cipher out a sure success
but there r at least three uneasy heads upon
zs ninny pillows During tho morning hours
Judge Claggett assumes the role of a dignified
statesman talks of what a really eminent man
can do for Idaho and Trill get down to tho
probabilities of the legislative ballot only when
closed with a few intimate friends
Mr McConuell 3s = louder and less direct can
udatc and unless his money saves him will be
badly beaten
Governor Shoup bases his claims upon the
fact that he has used his present position to the
advantage of his party and of the state and tat
while he is ready to reward those who vote for
nun in every legitimate way after he is elected
yt not 1 dollar will bo invested to purchase
this often and il i
rotes I ho did not protest so
his lieutenants wcrs men of incorruptible
mould his position would command greater r
Mr Dubois hasno boasts t make ot his
virtue or his statesmanship he simply claims
t know his men and the influences under which
they live His senators and representatives
were selected and trained before they were
nominated and they will obey him It is discovered
covered that north Idaho i not unit that two
Dubois and
members are uncompromising men
are Interested in making Shoup Senator that
IVilley may be governor Dubois is inclined to
malt Shoup his associate at Washington but at
the first sign of disloyalty to himself is ready
throw the governor over In this case Captain
Delamar of Owyhec county the rich miner is
ready to take Shoups place in the race and is
said to have expressed a willingness to put up
00000 to win The leaders are surprised to
Had that Dubois has plenty of money They
believed that at the last moment Dubois
might be defeated for the want of ready money
but Dubois has not tailed to learn the value b r
money before reaching the great crises of his
Ide In the event of defeat which now seems
unlikely Dubois Is to return home to Spring
feld Illinois and will not revisit this scene of
li s elevation ana fall The Democratic mem
brs arc secretly urged to take part in this con
lest but so far seem determined to remain out
of the fight
The Coenr dAlene Reservation
WASHINGTON Dee GSpeclal telegram to
THE HEIIALD Representative Sweet of
Jdaho believes he can secure the passage next
wpek of the bU purchasing the eastern part of
the Cur dAlene Reservation The Indian
committee by whom1tis favorably reported
has had Wednesday next set apart for the con
iteration of their tills and the Idaho bill is the
first on their calendar
Republican Census Committee Apportionment
WASHINGTON Dec iLIt i understood the
Republican members of the census committee
have reached an agreemen upoa the reappor
tionment bill based upon a representation of
avi members of the House At present the
House consists of 332 members The ratio of
representation is one member to each 173931 of
population This is about the lowest number
which will permit each state during the next
cecade t retain its present membership The
stateswhich will gain in representation are
Alabama I Arkansas I California 1 Co
orado 1 Georgia It Illinois 2 Kansas 1
Massachusetts 1 Michigan 1 Minnesota
Nebraska 1 Missouri it New Jersey 1 Ore
ron l Pennsylvania 2t Texas 2 Washing
1 n d ni
The secretary of the treasury has issued a
ircular inviting proposals for sale tc the gel
erment of 5OO of 4 per cent bonds
The roads deposited by the navy deparment
t 1he credit of diburing oncers for quarterly I
payments and during the week ending Deeem
tr fllfleJOuOwill be pad out on account
c pensions Thi together with 53000000 to
be paid for bonds under the above call will
1 ke 200300uO to b put into circulation with
n the next we k or ten days
Snator Sawyer today introduced a bill to
n cud section a of the Interstate commerce
1 t pride agreements for the apportion
z cn of traffic lU b enter into between
t < mtuon carriers subject to the provisions of
t act
rk McPhern of the House of Repreen
1 ye has just had printed an unoftlcial list of
t emheneot of trw House showing Ito
lHl 214 0 Democrats rd S Farmers al
One ditrct he Tentylghtl New
k io set down IS uncrtai and one the
bond boe island Is marked nt
In the Senate
WAsniNOTOs Dcc Paddock presented n
rr tst Irom the Farmers alliance now in con i
t nion at Ocala JIa against the passage of
tbf Conger lard bill
Shrmoa Introduced three bills cad one
amendment all of which wore referred to the
rjtfc committee The new bills are as lot
j > u > To amend the law relating to tho refl
i g und partIn or bullirn to amend the act au
Ihtying the iccoipt of cold coin in exchange
I T n > id i bars and a bill l authorizing the rcooi
6e J subsidiary i coins of the United State I
The amendment is one to the Senate bill to cc
Cucc iiio amount or United States bonus cc
qed of national banks
Sherman introduced an amendment to the bill I
to reauoe the amount of United Slates bonds 10
be required of national banks and to restore to
tbe channels of trade the excessive accumul
1 on of raoccy in tbe treasury The amendment
1 uts its compulsory requirements of deposits I
crruitcd States bonds to the amount of 5000
of oomlb for each and national banI
onts fCr cact every na1onnl pro
rifled that the luntaiy withdrawal or bonds
l < v the retirement of national bank notes shall
not exceed 63OJOOU in any month The act
f aJ no apply t deposits of bonds t secur
crposlts ol public money upon United State
bonds deposited or which may be deposited
bearing interest Any national deposied
elation making a deposit shall be entitled to re
rfive tram the comptroller of the currency clr
Cu sting notes not exceeding tho
catig xceeln par value of
the bonds deposited or actually paid in capItal
ttocl of the back
Another section authorizes the secretary of
the treasury to issue United States notes coua
t the retirement of national banks below a dir
culation of 130OOJOOO cr
Section 4 authorizes issue of United State
bonds to an amount not to exceed 100000030 to I
be redeemed at tho pleasure of the government
an J to bear 2 per cent Interest They are t be 1
cold for lawful money or coin certitlcatcs and
the proceeds to be applied to the redemption or
purrhase of United tales bonds
fo l btn
The House amendment to the Senate joint I
resolution for the issue of arms to the states of
North und South Dakota Wyoming and N e i
branka extending its provisions to Montana
was concurred in The election bill was then
taken the Senate up but adjourned before Gray finished his speech I
In the House i
WASHINGTON Dec C Saturday next is set
for consideration of bills reported from the
committee on private land claims
The Senate blue appropriating 100020
for the enal rapErp additional ra
tions for ins Sioux Indians passed
The Senate bill for the retirement of Genera i
Stone with the rank of colonel also gassed
The Senatejolct resolution directing a reqnc t
to the widow of General Grant for permission
1 remove her husbands remalus to Ar
llngtoncemetery taken a called up but no acton
V A A Meyer Cotton Jlerchants Fail
ChIcAGO Dee 6A special from New Or
leans says The cotton house of V A Meyer
has suspended Liabilities S25DQ030 asset
83000OX This is tho largest cotton house in
the country They will aMc for u suspension
and say they will pay dollar for dollar The f
I Inc slowness of collections and de
QUne in the price of cotton are the chief canses
The firm i interested in many cotton and sugar
plantations It is feared the wreck will involve
several other firms Solomon Meyer managers
Is in New York The firm is part proprietory of I
the Port Gibson cotton mills and the Handel
man Plains and Stripes Manufacturing com
pany of North Carolina
The firm was one of tho oldest cotton factor
age houses In the city and has done a very large
business for years past both under the present
inns name and as Meyer IVies Co The es
tablishment enjoyed a high reputation and had
a large trade in neighboring states In cotton
The firm also controlled several fine sugar es
tates Amoag their assets are 16000 bales of
cotton The firm has an office in New York and
re agents here for the Natchez and Port Gib 1
son 1S5 cotton mills and for another mill
in North Carolina Victor Meyer i vicepresl
dent of the Union National bank and Adolph
itterur another partner the commander of the
First brigade of the state national guard and
Congressmanelect district scorn the First Louisiana
Disarmament of the Indians
WASHINGTON Dee GIn response to a SEn
ate resolution asking for information respect
ing the disarmament of the Indians in the
northwest tho secretary of war today trans
mitted to Congress a letter from MajorGeneral
chofleld and a mass of official correspondence
eneral Schoficld in his letter says
There can bo no disarmament of the Indians
except by making them actually prisoners of
war and holding them under such restraint that
it would be Impossible for them to secure arms
or ammunItIon Ts would seem to require
such a change in the general policy followed in
he treatment of warlike tribes of Indians as
would continue military control over those who
may live been subdued until such control becomes
comes manifestly no longer necessary and this
it Is suggested may possibly be done by joint
action between the war and interior Depart
ments la such manner as not to interfere with
measures of the interior department deemed
the best Indians for the civilization and material welfare of
The Great Joy of 3 Negro Who Through
Prayer Learned to Had His Bible
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
JACKSONVILLE Fla Dec 6 Samuel Rowth
employed in the lumber yards of John De
rocher has always taken great interest in
religious matters but his greatest drawback
was the fact that he could not read Mr Dc
rocher was much surprised the other morning
when he noticed Sam exceedingly happy
With great exultation he told Derocher he
could read and upon being furnished with a
Bible read with ease Sam is well known and
this caused great excitement Sam told your
I never had any education and envied the
ministers and I determined to learn to read I
studied and studied but it was all Greek to me
1 never could learn one ord so 1 took to my
knees and prayed t be made able to read 1
prayed and prayed every night on my Knees
asking God to teach me The other nignt 1
felt a curious feeling I as if an old rag was being
unwrapped from around my head and some
thing told me I could read so I got a Bible of a
neighbor and all was plain I can read it
plainly and can pronounce all the words right
oeverybody in prayer tells me DI tell you boys I believe
Derocher his employer says Sam is a truth
ful darkey polite and industrious and was
lever detected in anything wrong I Is welt I
known that Sam could not read a few days ago
and now he can read well
Flora Chester end Katie Wells Murphy Have a
Game HairPulling Match
Special to THE HERALD Examinar Dispatch
NEW YOIIK Dec 6 Dutch Murphy the
comedian took the skirt dancer Flora Chester
into a Broadway retaurantj after the show
raph I
Wednesday night Mrs Chestswfar6 silks and
diamonds Seated at the table
damonds was Katie
Wells Murphy who began a suit for divorce
against the comedian last July Sho was
plainly dressed The women bad a halrpul
ing match at Coney island last summer and
they began to quarrel at once This is no
place for you remarked Murphy and he left
by a bide door just as the women came to blows
Mrs Murphy succeeded In geitng a hal Nelson
lock on Floras psyche knot and Chester
secured a neckhold with her right arm und was
trying to gouge out an eye with her left thumb
She cad not Been prop ly taught nowever
and did not succeed Mrs Murphy handled her
heavier opponent like 1 skilled athlete and
Miss Chester was in a fair way t be worsted
The lioaess thought herself or a new scheme
She said in a stage whisper Irs
Murphy your back hair is coming down
Womanlike Mrs Murphys hands went in
stinctlvely on an exploring expedhijn after
hairpins Now i Lava you cried Miss Chos
ter and proceeded to use the fair tresses of
Mrs Murphy as a mop Mrs Murphy fought
desperately She grabbed the solitaire in Ches I
ters right ear Chester screamed but Murphy
hal no pity and out came the diamond and with
It the lobe of Chesters ear Then Murphy se
cured a throat hold and soon the niagnilicen
diamond broach was lost in the folds of torn
llnry scattered on the floor Neither woman
would cease lighting Blood flowed from the
wounds of both Their back hair was down and
to entwined that they were unabie to separate
and 8 they fought punching biting and turn
bling about until that fainted side by side
disheveled and bruised So tightly were they
held by their interlocking tresses that two men
spent several minutes untwining their braid
Then Murphy sent an emissary to Miss ChEster
to escort her to a carriage while Mrs
t cscrt crIage whie Mr Murphy
was placed in a cab and sent her home
An Unknowns Grave
Special to THE HEKALD Examiner Cable
CAMDES N J Dee 5Whlfe hunting for a
cottin which was t bo removed from John
sons cemetery this afternoon the grave dig
ger struck an old pine box which he opened and
discovered in it the nude body of a colored man
packed in hay Huhastlly replaced the lid and
notified the authorities who had the box and
contend exhumed It was found the body had
been burled face down while a round the neck
was a rope with a blip knot attached Indicating
that he had been chocked t death Under his
bead was a black vest and trousers the later
cutoff at the Icnees A thorough search failed t
aisolrsed anything to lead to the mans iden
Tlietheorys that the man was hanged and his
body buried at night in the place where found
The cemetery is only a short distance from
where Annie Leconey was murdered and Mrs
Annie Miller met a similar death only a short
time ago No colored men is missing from this
vicinity but the theory aCoat is that he his
been a victim of vijrflants I who regarded him as
murdered guilty ot one or both of the above mentioned
A Great Financier
Ticks You remember young Grabber
who went west a couple of years ago dont
you Wicklcs Yes howd he do
TicksDoP Why simply great Ho
cleared 5000 the first year
VI want t knowl And how did he
do the second year
TWefl the second year he cleared the
country Boston Courier
His railing
Why dont you join our athletic club
The initiation fee is only a hundred and
the monthly due only ten dollars
I am afraid that I could never be nn
Why not hortncss of breath
Ah no merely shortness of funds
Texas Sittings
Ho Did That Welt
There is something about your new
book that Hovells himself could have
done no better remarked a critic 1 nn
ambitious young author
Indeed WW the delighted reply
The capitalization oftbe proper nouns
I Epoch
I Too Cultural
Airs Fnngle IIov do you like your new
maid Mrs Jingle
Oh shed b all right if she were not so
overrelinedJ >
what way
She never breaks anything but the
most costly Dresden chinaSt Joseph
j Sews
A Important Meeting of the
Executive Committee
Before the Farmers Alliance iii Which He
Denounces the Use of JIachinery The
Use of Electricity
NEW YOHE Dec GThe executive committee
of the Union Pacific railway held a meeting at
the office of Jay Gould today Gould said
fterthe meeting The < fueation of consider
Ingthe floating debt of the Union Pacific has
not been altogether the subject of the execu
tle committees deliberations The Union
acilic Is all right and the earnings of the road
are greater than over The nature of tne
meeting today was la fyna gre discuss
the advisability of calling a con
ference ot tho various railroad pres
ents The object of a conference would nave
no other signillcance than the promotion of har
mony and good lelloivshlp among railway of
ficials bo they would be a unit in the event of
cmoralization in rte Such a conference
oud be a power in precluding the possibility
of a recurrence of any sort o demoralization
Many days will not pass when that conference
will be held
The Farmers Alliance
OCALA Fla Dec GThe Farmers alliance
this morning discussed the amend cents t the
platform adopted yesterday looking to restrict
lag the powers of the president in disciplining
editors of alliance papeis
Complaint was mare that the government
crop statistician relied too much upon informa
tion furnished by uninformed Congressmen
The committee upon agricultural statistics re
ported proposing a committee of live alliance
Congressmen to make arrangements to get
statistics so that the people will not be depend
ent on reports from thi government statistician
They are to cooperate with tho alliance crop
Turner said that during the Kansas cam
aign Senator Ingalls had offered ST > OGO for a
osier of the Kansas secretaries alone the in
terence being that such rosters would largely
increase value as the alliance extended into
other states
Powuerly addressed the alliance delegates at
Exposition hall this alternooa Hi advocated
reform In the employment of child labor in
isted that the government had a light to con
trol railroads and then made a holy at a tie 1 upon i
the employment of labor saving inacuinery as
lefrauding workiagmen of the rght to work
He was especially bitter against an electric ae
ices declarng that capitalists in their greed
had even cornered Gods wrath and compelled
it to do thelrbiddlng He denounced sectional
ism and said No mater what the politicians
may say we of the two actions are together
again und together we will tight monopoly
This sentiment brought forth great applause
Father Jute anil the Indians
ous a mission as a man of God has undertaken
for many days in the interest of averting great
bloodshed was completed yesterday when good
Father Jute tho Catholic priest whom General
Brooke requested to g out and talk with the
rampantly hostile Indians returned to the
agency He was tho only white man who might
even think of ever making the trip and living
get back The revercni father was ajcom
lauiedby Jack ICed Cloud who went by reason
of being widely respected as the son of the
famous chief Ten miles from the hotlle camp
they were halted by pickets and conducted to
camp under cover of Winchesters A confer
cnee followed There were present Two Strike
Turning lear Short Bull High Haw
Crow Dog Kicking Bear Eagle Pipe Big Tur
key and nigh 1ipe Father Jute opened the
council by asking the chiefs to state their griev
mce Tneir replies were substantially as fol
low We oojcct to thy recent census returns
made by Lee His enumeration would not give
food sufficient lor us to live on Lea put us
down many leas tor each tepee than the tepee
contains We hal starve we will have one big
cut before starving time comes After that we
shall lignt our la3t light and the white man
shall see more blood more dead than ever be
fore Then wo will go to the last hunting
ground happy I the white man did not mean
to cheat us out of our food the great father
never would have sent the soldiers There i
no need of soldiers i the great father
intended to be fair with us The
great father has done another wrong
lie has put a new boundary line between
Rosebud and Pine Ridge agency that makes
many ol us leave our homes and Rive them to
others The great father broke the old treaty
when he did this We can no longer believe the
great father He says to us children you
shall never be moved again unless you want tn
move and tnen he goes right ahead and moves
us We are done with promises and now we
make a promise that we will light and the great
latin r will and that we must not break our
promise We 1 now be very plain with you
Cbristain father and tell you another thing
something of which you may have already
thought I is this We arc not coming in now
and will not lay down our jules because we are
afraid of the circumstances We have done
wrong we know it i we stop now we will be
punished The great father will send many of
us to his big iron house to stay many moons
We would die
Father Jute urged them to be peaceful ex
plained that the soldiers were not there to harm
the Indians out to protect the agency that the
rations had been increased and i they came
General Brooke would telegraph to Washing
ten and get permission for tnem to stay ou this
agncy as they desired So far as depiedations
are concerned the father told them they had
better stop committing them and they would
more easily be forgiven Finally ho urged the
chiefs to all comeback wltn him To this some
of the older ones made favorable answer but
the young ones who were heavily in tho ma
jority said no but the old men finally agreed
they would comic in to Father Juteshouse four
miles northwest of the agency this morning and
there meet General Brooke and tel him in per
son jut what they told Father Jute This
brought on a renewal of bitter opposition from
the majority Finally the young chiefs cooled
off and Two Strike addressing Father Jute
said Hold your hands up to the Great Spirit
and tell us as though you were about to start on
the journey to the last hunting groucd of the
red men whether what you say to us from
General Brooke be true and that we will not be
harmed if we come in simply to talk to General
Brooke Father Jute says ho complied with
the request All the chiefs extjnded th ir
hands toward heaven and with great solemnity
promised they would come
A Howard for Tascott Offered
CHICAGO Dec C Mrs Smell widow of the
murdered millionaire Amos J Snell has re
newed here offer to pay Sr > 0000 for tho arrest of
Tascott and his detention until identltied
An Epidemic of Diphtheria
CHOOKSTON Mine Dec 6An epidemic of
diphtheria is reported at Lessor Minn twenty
miles east with tweaty cases and three deaths
so far The disease is spreading
All Were Drowned
HALIFAX Dec 0The schooner which drifted
ashore at Ponbuet Forks Thursday was the
drowned Woolred of Lockspott N S All hands were
Demand for Gold for New York
NEW YOHK Dec 6A London special says
There is a heavy demand hero for gold from
New York The first shipment Is just an
nounced fciSOKM in gold being lorwarded today
It is probable additional parcels will be
shpped next week
The Board of Review of the National Trottnc
Association Decides the Case
NEW YORK Dec 6 The board of review ot
the National Trotting association rendered a
decision in the Nelson Alcryon case today ox
pelllngNelson and the horse Nelson from tho
association Accompanying the decision was a
confession made by Nelson Tie confession
states that Nelson had his horso entered in tho
race that came off at Beacon park Boston on
September 2 1B90 Frank Noble owner of
Aleryon made overtures to Nelson to arrange
the results and divide the winnings Nelson
refused ex day within two hours of tho rage
he learned that Budd Doble who was to dilvo
the hose Nelson was Unable to bo there He
asked John SUan to drive but Splan had been
paid 650 by Noble not to drive Nelson The
upshot was that Nelson had to drive himself
although he says te 3was much heavier than I
the regular weight This with a bad track
constituted a serious handicap to the horse
Just after the rae an intimate friend of his
camo t him and said heoad been seriously con
cerned about tho outcome of the contest and
had promised iu case of the race being awarded
to Nelson that Noble might have the premium
won by the victor Nelson he knew this
friend was influenced by a desire to protect his
Nelsons horso from combinations and bo
agreed to tho arrangement Nelson won the
race and Noble took the money The 5000 a
won by NcUoa and second mocey bSOd was
woniyAlcryon Nelson asserts that in i spite
t all doubts exprcssedNelson the racoon
his merits
The case of H E Lewis of Loyalton vs L
Levp of Sierra Valley California and the b I
were Grover continued alias Captain Jack case of ringing
The Marylands hooch Voyage
LEWES Del Dee C The British steamer
Maryland from Baltimore November 27 for
London arrived here this afternoon On the
morning of December 1 about sx hundred miles
off shore tho ship encountered a terrific gale
and the decks were swept by a tremendous sea
which killed Captain Luckhurst th boatswain
und second cook broke First Officer Lloyds
leg and severely injured several others
of tho crew Nearly everything movable
was swept away including the bridge three
boats and much deck material Of KM cattle
on board SCO were klled and many moro SD in
jured as to be worthless The second officer
who is in charge now says the storm was the
most awful ever witnessed by him Tho condi
tion of the ship alter the waves struck her tbe
sufferings of the mangled men and frantic
cattle were terrible United States marine
hospital surgeons have taken charge of the
wounded men
Hostile Cliiels Visit General Brooke
ST PAUL Dcc GA special from Pine
Ridge agency says several of the hostile chiefs
accompanied by a number of armed warriors
came into the ngency this morning and held a
conference with general Biooke He told them
to camp back of the agency and cease hostilities
and they would get all the provisions they
wanted Tney went back to their camp to re
port to their followers
Ineralls Denies Turners Statement
I WASHINGTON Dec 0 Senator Ingalls said
tonight that Turners statement mentioned in
the Ocala dispatch is without foundation
Mr Stanley in his description of finding
Emm Pasha says We celebrated our
meeting in some of Mumms best which
had been carefully treasured for the occasion
sion This is a deserved trlbuto to the
excellence of G H Mumm Coos Extra
Dry held iii i such high favor by connois
seurs throughout the world for its excel
lence and purity
Located Cor Main and Third South StraaS i
The Clif is the best 3 per day houss
west of Chicago Rooms large cool and
airy now and handsome furniture electric
lights and all the latest conveniences and
accessories Dining hall spacious and
hal per
fect in its appointment Table first class
Rooms may be secured by telegraph
Cones JESSES is up from Elsinore
FRANK TUTTLE is up from Mauti
J HOAGLAXD of Manti is in Salt Lake
Lake Jin MOHGUAHDSOX of Elsinor is in Salt
J F DAVIS of Salt Lake isat the Parker
DKBAscbMU has removed his office to his
Hulmcr JOHN C Chicago CUTLER ol Salt Lake i at the
W L KENHAM and S B Gidden of Salt
Lake are at the Tremont Chicago
O D FiiAltY general western manager of
the Walter A vood company at Portland
Ogn wuo is here to clcsc up next seasons con
tracts with the Coop Wagon ana Machine com
pany made Tun IlKHALB a pleasant call yes
terday in company with George 1 Odell
Tm VALLEY Don C Walker Lcwisville
Idaho G Myron Farmington James Howell
Tooele Jahn McUermott Omaha Henry
Wheeler Chicago GD Snell Spanish BorIc
K W Stevens George H bandford Ogden
Harry E Franks Mexico Sidney Scott Pom
eroy Wash g K C Ridding Coalville M I
Parker Portland Ore
THE UINTAU H Midletou Ogden E Ander
son Ketchuai A B Hobson Prcvo H 1C
Miller B Andrews Ogden J F Bell C
Danforth L Bliss Seattle II Miller A
Anderson Ogden J Green Bountiful N
Douney L C Henry N Brown J Brown
Kansas City
ton C H Johnson A Bernsteur Denver AG
Barber Logan 3d Feltenstein Chicago 1 C J
White F P lay on New York W A Van
Cannon St Louis W I Butler Boston J T
W Jennings Baltimore S F Price Jim Cox
Milwaukee C II McMahon Umaha Joseph
llause Pataaoma S A W D Dwyer and
wife Maryland E F Ripley Chicago F J I
Badger Frisco Gustavo Myron 0 E Farm
ington Pasevitch Ogden George G Robin
son Wilmington Del T I Young Kalama
zoo S P Quinccy St Louis T K Tasmcr
Oregon S J Conney Portland S F Olson
Denver Miss A RSmith Philalelphia
THE WALKERG J Stichtenosh W Farns I
worth F A Staples H Heatley P I Adams I
Denver C J Reed Portland I Col and Mrs
1 gl JtlIO I
Stocklcy England W J Austin Omaha I F
E Jones Wells J S Peer G C Holloway
Ogden J D PerKins Miss Perkins Coatesville
J F Fisher Worthington J W Barney
Missouri PO Baler Seattle US Kirken
flail and wife Helena C A Hogoboom J
If enf row Baker City IE r Cackles Edwards
vilks A J Cross W F Kirk C S Kirk
Chicago S Nave SU Joseph D II Moon K
B Swisgait St Paul C W Thompson
Omaha D B Galvin New York J Murphy
Idaho J Werthoimer San Francisco E l
Lee Pocatello
THE CLirr P Matthews Isaac Kinman
Mrs D A Fuller PiocheT A Wheeler New
York N C Caamberlin W Allen Chicago E
J Sohtnan and wife Omaha J Fullerton anti
Wife fcalida J Coyle F Selgiaph Binghiiui
I H Mel ersmith Nebraska S F Holfman
Thos Cragin Kansas City Wm Becker ana
wife Nebraska E D Brant and wife New
Mexico Miss E Johnson Jacksonville ill c
S Foote John Blair Montana Cuss Stone
W Fitch D NeUon J W Parsons Boise City
J L Irons Pocatello 1 W Lindslcy
Lincoln Neb D Stewart Denver
M LMorrison Portland Ogn F C Carl H
Warren Albany N Y F Robbins Butte II
Farnsworth Chicago Franklin Field A An
derson Providence H 1 1 Flagon Carbon
Vpoj O DInsmore Provo L Bntton Grand
Junction W M Drake Omaha S N Locke
Ere Pa A J Scott E Skinner George Dus
tin Price C Taft Boston 1 Holmes E Ad
ams Helena E A Hill Cheyenne Ed Pierce
Poll Pierce George Bunker Spokane Falls P
A Small Philadelpeia W Dillon Evanston
A Kline San Francisco G M Horrick Chi
lIE WHITE Frank Christensen Gunnison
S Nielbon William Aitkin Fairview
Vliam Aikin Falrlew Thomas
Kendruck Gorden Joseph McRea Denser
Samuel Gerrard Chicago J Meyers Ft Doug
lasst W A hlotvtey Ogden ha Harry Fergus
Denver Fraalc McCoy Omaha H Benzlng
P V Junction l Ward tty Hy tz1gi
Clair ill Lon lapln John hindu P V Junc
tion F Dandey California P Courvy P V
Junction E Dixon Carbondale Ili F K
Mayer C H Williams Whitewater Col A
Saddler Washington Robert IIimilton White
water C V Strutter Rock Creek John
Smith Picysoa J J Gleasou Mt Pleasant
Henry Adams Nephl Charles Strut
ter Whitewater J I Wilson
Omaha Dr Franklin Philadelphia Pa
P A Zay George McGIll Ogden F Grand
son Stockton D A GKcbarton A J Gush
ing Sandy W Sweeks Dr Wallick Provo H
Browdlch Bingham P Conroy P V Junc
tion Waltsr Gessner Ogden Fred Rich Will
iam BajleyT V Tillson I D Hazelgrove
Bingham G Stenbins Sioux Oily la N O
Holly Stockton J N Savage Binghum U BAngle
Angle Hiram Utah Dan C Robbing Helena
D J Lindsey Bingham Homer Dean Peter
Andrus Juliu Kremer and on Colon Utah
corner of Main and Second South Most
central location of any hotel in tho city
Opposite postofflce Union ticket and
Pullman office in the hotel Newly re
medied and furnished throughout Table
unsurpassed Electric light bells and all
modern conveniences Terms 2 to S250
per day H L HALL Prop
IS Commercial street The only flrstclass
European house in the city Rates 73 cents
1 d 100 French La Sowers proprietors
AT about I oclock this morning W C Jacob
son and Hans Rasmussen followed an officer
Into Nystroms saloon In order to pet a glass of
beer When they got inside however they
found Captain Lange and four policemen there
having a good time They were informed that
this was a private party and invited to leave
As they left Officer Sullivan was admitted to
see Captain Lange The boys naturally felt
aggrieved that other people should bo permitted
to got 11 glass of beer while they could not as it i
was Against the law
His Conduct Becomes More Domi
leering and Inexplicible
Quit the Meeting and Form a Sep rat Organi
zation Position of the American Dele
gates Gladstones Letter
LOKDOX Dec GThe Irish members of
parliament reassembled this afternoon de I
liberations being conducted with extra pre
caution for secrecy The first business tran
sated was the reading of Gladstones letter in
reply to the committee Gladstone remains
Inn in his determination in ho way to recog
nlze Parnell as leader of the Nationalists and
his position i emphasized by his letter In
which he offers to conduct negotiations with a
now Irish leader oa a footing of confidence equal
to that which he ones accorded to Parnell
The reading of tho letter sees greeted with
cheers by the section of the party oppos
ing to Parnell and ironical cries
by his supporters A stormy debate
followed Barney Sexton and Healy made a
determined attempt to bring about a final
settlement of the question They insisted
there should be an immediate division of mem
bers on the main question before tbe meeting
namely the retirement of Parnell from the
leadership Finally Sexton gave Parnell his
u tlmatum to the effect that If a decision on
the question was delayed by Parnell after I 1
oclock this etcnlng the majority would hold a
meeting of their own and depose him from
office A scene of great excitement followed
v 115 oclock a recess was taken for
halt an our
When ths meeting reassembled the report of
the confering delegntes was read at length Mr
dJ If hihC
Abraham and John OConnor rose from their
seats simultaneously when Paraett declared
tIle latterhud the floor Abraham persisted in
his effort to move a resolution but could not
amid the clamor Ho then handed it to Justin
McCarthy who rose from his seat and was ap
parently about to read i when Parnell grasped I
the resolution from his handsaynghu wouldnt
receive it tremendous uproar followed and
when quiet was restored Parnell said until the
party deposes him ho would remain cha rman
Berry retorted You are not our chairman
ana added that Parnell was a dirty trick
ter which caused another uproar
Arthur OConna appealed to his friends to
show every possible respect to their late
Mccarty said he had only risen to a point of
order Some one handed him a paper and tho
chairman struck it out of his hand
Pirnell said he took it from McCarty but the
latter insisted the paper was struck from his
Healy moved that Abrahams motion be
heard out Paraell refused
John OConnor then moved that the meeting
call the attention of the country to the fact that
thojigh the original resolution was altered to
meetGladstone and his objection he still re
fused to confer with the party unless Parnell
bo removed This he said proved Parnells
contention that it impossible to get a direct
answertrpm Gladstone He believed Ireland
would resent this
Timothy Healy caused another tremcndlous
raw by shouting Who is the mistress of the
1 Cries of shamacame from all narts of the
room and Parnell referred to Henley as
cowardly little scoundral who dared in an as
sembly Irishmen to Insult awomen
Abraham got tho floor ind said since Parnell
refused to resign members would 10 wanting in
respect to themselves i they longer delay
bringing matters to an issue tho chairman
having ignominiously treated and torn Mc
Carthys resolution
Parnell Thats untrue
Abraham daclined to enter into an altercation
but repeated It would be shameful to allow tho
minority to continue making the party a laugh
Ing stock Ho proposed an amendment that
Parnells chairmanship be terminated
Another squabble ensued and Paracll decided
Abraham sects out of order whereupon Healy
shouted Bravo
Healy said Parnell 1 wont stand much
more rom you The amendment i only admis
sible as a substantial motion
ArthurOConna proceeded amid the uproar to
argue that he had avowed to cease talking and
to put an end to what was rapidly becoming
dl disgraceful I ask the majority this party
hu concluded at once to record their decision
If not hero then elsewhere
Parnell You know i Is not an amendment
Justin McCarthy took the floor He had
hoped up to last night that Parnell would still
help them out of their terrible dlfliculty He
was disappointed and it would be a waste of
time to discuss the matter further He sug
gcsted that all agreeing with him withdraw
Justin Huntley McCarthy followed the major
ity saying ho was sorry for the decision nut
must go with them Parnell was left in the
room with John and William Redmond Lcamy
OKelly Byrne Blanc Corbett and Joseph No
lan Mrgulre HarrIson Dalton William Mc
Donald Conwa Qutnn Clsnrs Yahnn 11n
den Fitzgerald Harrington R cl rc Pow r
Shell Campbell John OConner Dlkenly and
McKenna and the meeting was ie
sutned Colonel I Nolan argued t1tSt
Parnellites would hold tho key
to the position and concluded by saying what
ever Parnells position was in the next two or
three years he would be ranked with OConnell
as tho greatest Irishman of tho last three
centuries iCheers Others having spoken
Parnell said They descried knowing were
golncto Chelsea to morrow they clamored for
a decision because they dreaded the lightning
of public opinion in Ireland Gentlemen we
have won today Although our ranks arc
reduced I hold this chair still Cheers Al 1
though many comrades have left us Irelaudhas
the power to fill their places and send ns good
men and true for every one of those who have
left us and I little know our gallant country
i I am mistaken in the opinion that
when she gets an opportunity she will
freely exorcise her power They stand in
a most contemptible position that of men
who pleagedthemselves to be true to
their party to their leader and to their country
have been false to it I La ml cheers John
OConnors resolution I was then put and carried
by acclamation and the meeting dispersed
Tie proceedings of the McCarty section was
conducted in private
The AntlIarncllitfs Elect McCarthy
LONDON Dec 6The opponents of Parnell
who withdrew from the meeting in a body held
a meeting in the conference room today The
antiParncll meeting by a unanimous vote
elected Justin McCarthy chairman and pro
ceeded to consider the following resolution
We members of the Irish parliamentary
party solemnly renew our adhesion to the
principles in devotion to which we have never
wavered that the Irish party is and always
must remain independent of all other parties
Further we declare we will never entertain any
proposals for the settlement of the home rule
question except such as satisfy the aspirations
ofhe Irish party and Irish people
The resolution WhiCh was proposed by Healy
and seconded by Sexton was unanlmoasly
adopted The result was immediately com
municated to Gladstone Upon hearing what
had been done Gladstone exclaimed Thank
God home rule is saved
Gladstone to the Nationalist Hcetlnsr
LONDON Dec Gladstone In his letter to
the Nationalist meeting acknowledges the re
ceipt of the resolutions adopted by the Irish
conference and says in part that the question
raised by the publication of his letter to Morley
was a question of leadership which Is separate
from and has no proper connection with home
rule When the Irish party settles this ques
tion in such a manner as will enab e me to
renew my former relations with thee Irish
party it will bo my desire to enter
without prejudice into such confidential
communication as may serve all amendments
and suggestions of improvement in my plan
lor a home rule measure I assure you it is my
desire t press forward at the flrst favorable op
portunity ajust and effective measure for home
rule I recognize and earnestly seek to uphold
the independence of the Irisu party no less
than that of the Liberal party acknowledge
with satisfaction the harmony prevailing be
tween the parties since l j When the present
difficulty is removed I know no reason to antici
pate its interruption I look forward with con
ndcncc as do my colleagues to the formation
and prosecution of a measure which In meet
ing all just claims ol Ireland will llkewlsa
obtain tile approval of the people of Great
Britain Finally I will remind you of coy
declaration that apart from personal coon
dunce there is but one guarantee that can bo of
real value to Ireland It is that recently pointed
out by Harconrt when he called attention to the
unouestionable political fact that no party nor
no body could ever hope to carry a scheme for I
home rule that did not have the cordial con
currence and support of the Irish nation
Position of the League In America
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
NEW YdllK Dec 6The Irish members of
parliament now in this country will make no
more speeches in American cities until the
Parnell leadership question is decided St
Louis excepted where they will speak next
week They will not abandon their American
tour unless there Is u split in the Irish party
abroad after the committee conferring with
Gladstone shall report
Patrick Gleason mayor of Long Island city
and president of the municipal couccll of the
Land league last night said the Irish American
leagues had nothlngto gain by nctingly hastily
while the Parnell affair was yct a combat on
the other side
First the policy of the members of the
lIngo here said he is to insist upon unity of
action on the other side Instead of urging the
support of Parnell as leader of one faction or
organization the vital question to be decided
is should there or should there not be a united
front The league horn does not want to advo
cate thS clams of a fiction singly and when the
welfare and future Ireland are at stake no man
no matter haw he has been beloved by the peo
ple should stand in tho way In piaee then
of advocating one or two fragments cl a party
every effort should ho made to heal all dEer
cnccs What if Parnell persists in his claim to
leadership after the Gladstone meeting
I see nothing but chaos All the gi eat work
accomplished during the past ten years would
have to bo begun over again and in he face of
far more adverse circumstances than ever
Thus far the Land league has said nothing
formally abody regardingtho deplorable situ
ation of affairs bat unless the Irish party de
cides on unity ihe league will declare itself
very emphatically
If there is a split of the party abroad after
the Gladstone conference what would be the
use of the Irish envoys remaining here They
would be foolish to go before the Parnell com
bat is ended II the party does not unite under
some leader and remains with Mr Pared at
the head of one Irish faction and Mr Some
body else at the head of another it must do
what it can to live and thrive on wind when it
needs help from this side of the Atlantic The
league will not contribute any more money acd
win openly declare that not a dollar will go
abroad for the use ot the party until it comes to
its senses With unity over there there is no
fear of cc split here With the party split on
the other side there will be unity here against
sending help to factions
The Delesates Going to New York
CHICAGO Do 6The Irish envoys have de
cided to leave for New York this evening unless
later advices from London shall make it ex
pedient for them to remain longer Their ob
ject In going to New York is to get close to the
American end of the cable They decline to
make any comments on the results vof the pro
ceedings ot the Irish Nationalist meeting at
London today pending the receipt of intelli
gence of the haul action of the Parnellite and
antlPamell factions
The Irish envoys left for New York this even
ing Shortly before their departure Dillon on
behalf of himself and associates said to an As
sociated Press representative We have up to
the present time maintained silence and ab
stained from inviting any expression ol opinion
on the situation at home out of respect for the
deliberations of our colleagues We have to
day however received assurances that the Par
liamentary Fund association of New York
otherwise known ah tbeHoffman housi commit
tee which raised 5300000 and turned it over to
Parnell personally at the time of the last gen
eral election heartily endorses our action and
that the municipal council of the league in New
York also supports us
What the Freemans Journal Says
DDBLIN Dec eThe freemans Journal says
Gladstones letter was received last night and
was considered by the committee for three
hours The document wont very much beyond
the question of granting an interview being
something in the nature of a countermani
Dr Russell of Edinburgh Has Eecnred One
and Traced Its Life History
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Cable
EDINBURGH Nov 6Dr Russellsenlor path
ologist Edinburgh Royal intirmaryjafter
studying cancer for many years and testing be
tween forty and fifty cases has seuured a para
site and traced its life history He finds it to
be of the fungus or yeast ty0e Dr Russell has
expressed himself cautiously saying the dis
covery could not be definitely accepted until
tested by others Then If conarmed the doc
tor would know what to attack and kill
Making Money Out of Kochs lymph
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Cable
BEHLIN Dec 6Thcre is proof that Kochs
lymph is being utilized by outsiders Yester
day a janitor named Jlyer was accused of sell
in to foreign doctors five grammes of fluid which
it Is alleged was Kochs lymph for ItO marks
Dyer denied the theft but he lives In good style
in the same house as Koch and is worth half a
million marks which ho has not earned in reg
ular service at tho hotel
The OJfcial llnzettf prints a dispatch from the
Russian minister at Berlin warning consump
tives against coming here on account of the ex
orbitant fees which physicians are charging for
treatment and tho remarkably high prices hotel
proprietors demand for accommodations
Sunday the Emperor received a barber
named RIeger who lives in Glogau to obtain a
report of Uiegcrs secret diphtheria cure which
is stated to have worked wonders among pa
tleuts of Glogau and neighborhoodQ srhe
Kaiser has promised RIeger an opportunity of
making an experiment with the remedy at the
Charito hospital under the supervision Profs
Koch and Bergman
Besieging Lr Foster for Lymph
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
NEW HAVES Coon Dec Consumptives
and their friends are besieging physicians for
some of Dr Kochs lymph in the possession of
Dr Foster who experimented on three pa
tients Ito only had about a hundredth part of
an ounce und some physicians claim he wasted
some of that U says all his patients are doing
Dr Jacob ReceIves Some lymph
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
NEW YORK Dec itDr Jacob has not re
ceived the lymph so long expected from Berlin
Parisian Physicians and Kochs Remedy
PARIS Dec 6After a long discussion of
Kochs treatmerft today the Parisian medical
faculty concluded it was still difficult to decide
as to the value of the remedy
The tariff committee continues to Increase the
duties proposed by the government despite the
protests of the minister of commerce The
chairman ot the committee defends the many
increases on the ground that they give the gov
ernment further reciprocity
Minister of Finance Rouvicr in the deputies
today announced his intention of consulting
with the Hinted States and Europe with refer
ence to holding a monetary conference next year
A Railroad Foreclosure Suit
COLUMBUS Ohio Dec 6Suit was entered in
the United States circuit court today by the
Merchants Trust company of New York
against the Zanesville Wooster t Marion rail
road to foreclose mortgage to seem e i3ksgOtO of
Strike on the Baltimore t Ohio
PITTSBURC Dec 6Tho strike of yard brake
men and switchmen at Glenwood on the Balti
more Ohio railroad still continues The
Wheeling and Connellsvflle divisions are badly
blockaded This morning the railroad company
attempted to move freight but so far has suc
ceeded in sending out only two trains The
officials of the road say they will be able to
raise the blockade within the next twentyfour
Mamie Starr Gets a Life Sentence
CHICAGO Dee a Tho jury in the ease of
Mamie Starr poisoner of the Newlaad family
tonight rendred a verdict of guilty with a
penalty of Imprisonment for life On hearing
the announcement the young woman screamed
and fainted away in court remaining uncon
scioas some time
Emperor William Says Too Much
of Them is
In the Hlsher Schools and That the Study
of the Uernian Laneuase anti History
Should Be Extended
BERLIN Dec CtCopyrlght 1SGO by the New
York Associated PressJThe JItKfaaKiisor
Emperor Williams lectint
gives passages from
One point tho Ein
speech on school nfjrm
peror especially empnastees is tim time lost In
the higher public schools in cramming youths
with Latin and Greek instead of the German
language and Gorman history especially
growth of Gorman institutions and the idea or
national unity Modern history ho declared
if rghtly taught woUd become infinitely more
chronicle of antiquity
vausble than the
asks were so
tiquity How he
manyyount Germans sedawd from the path of
political virtue How is it Csiinany produced
mea nagging lit
reformers of society so many
their own government while commending the
governments of other nations It was nmple
defective education on
Ignorance arising from
the genesis modern Germany She n > SDer
schools must mend their methods tney must
make their studies bear upon practical me re
duce the boys book work tlid give more kune
for healthy recreation and twining of the bod
The present system fenuea toward oc
production of highly educate people Jour
ualists he said were high schoo1 products run
to seed Heapprotei thesayingol kmartk
ancnt the proletariat whoniN to called
the thunder candidates and ltSm whom
the ranks of journalism were largely recruited
forming a class dangerous to society fl ° yg
he declared he wooed not license any mpi o mgu
schools until their methods were amended
The newspapers generally sharply resent
the Emperors references to journalism dMa
Jfai Sal iale says instead ot their pcin
andidates otatu oftlciais are
hungry t aodidatesmsny hign
only too willing to exchange their posts for
positions on thepress if they can get them
The latest development of Kocns dlocoiery
of a cure for diptheria and tetanus have been
limited to test experiments with animals tenth
yesterday when the remedy was applieu 10
of blood from animals LO suv
to dptheria oacillus or tetanus It seaS
found that the blood of rats und mice hart
destructive died on the vims of dipntKitia
while the blood of rabbits transfused hail i
similar effect on tetanus Before transfusion
the blood must bo freed from conpulum ami
otherwise prepared Profs ZieMbseu ana
Bauer lecturing before the Munich MeiLcai
society expressed themselves as opposed to
the use of Kochs lymph in private
practice until the chances of cure were
better calculable A patient ia a
Vienna hospital who was under treatment by
the new method iliad sudLOily ns soon as the
reaction following inoculation set In ana a
seven < ei yearold girl who was Inoculated
with the lymra for lupus yesterday at Inns
bruck died froji paralysis of the heart
Lobdells Apnlicitlon for a JIamlamni Denied
TOPEKA Kas Nov 6The supreme court
this moninfr refused to grant the writ of mar
darnua applied for by O E Lobdellwho de
manded a certificate of election for representa
tive from Lane county Lobdell Sisedhis clijims
on the state constitution vjhlch gives etch
organized county in the state casting JlO volts
a representative in the legislature The caio
was ore of great importance for If Lobdell hail
been admitted eveutein other KeptitUeaoj
elected m delegates would laavebeeu entitled
to the same privilege Most of them wore
Ingalls men and they would have given th
Senator a majority of two on Joint ballot The
supreme court held that In no tvjat could the
membership of the lower house exceed Vi
members until there was a change in the con
Worlds Fair Regulations Completed
CBtCAttO Dec DiiectcrGeneral Dari of
the Worlds fair has completed the regulations
tbe sent to foreign countrie4 with the Presi
dents proclamation The rules are an epitome
of the experience of successful expositions ot
the past The financial report of directors
will be ready next Tuesday and all necessary
dec jments will then be sent to the President
Edward H Ammtdown Assign
New YoRK Dec 5 Edward H Ammidown
dry pocds 5S and CO Worth street made a per
sonal assignment this morning
Aiomldon said the assignment was made Jor
the purpose of protecting the firms creditors
and his personal creditors from anyunnoyanc
likely to result from his connection with the
Rettenhouse Manufacturing company of Pas
Joe Coburn Dead
NEW YORK Dec 6Joe Coburn the pugi
list died this evening of consumption
A Failure in haute
LivEiisiOBE FALLS Me Dec 6 William
Furnell propristor of the woolen mills at Wit
ton has failed Liabilities STOOOu assets
A Few of the Nuisances that Should Keceive
Proper Attention
To the Editor of THE HEIIALD
Much as I admire and am interested in
the growth of our beautiful city 1 cannot
help but notice some vcry seriouB and flag
rant evils and 1 think it is high time to
have a stop put to them The first evil
to which I wish to call attention is this
zig znr shameful and furious driving wltu
out any order or system as to which side to
pass an opposite team paying no regard to
the pedestrian who has tho first rightof
way in all civilized countries I will
venture an assertion that there is
scarcely a cay passes but what some
teamster comes in contact with
a pedestrian without any regard
to lameness sight hearing or ape For
partial proof of this read our daily papers
and then take into consideration the scores
of cases that never are reported to the
Again two teams meet one loaded the
other not whether it contains women
children a cripple or otherwise the
teamster with his load pays no more heed
to the rights of the other than if ho wens
not driving As for pass by the right
that is just as it suits the driver ol the
heaviest load Thus the many collisions
which do not end without the hard feelings
and hard words such as are not used in
churches or Sunday schools broken
wagons buggies ana sometimes broken
Another evil is the shameful and
furious driving of bucpics butcher
and delivery wagons in general and it
seems to be mora reckless in tho center
and thronged part of the city thin else
where C3
A third evil is the lack of deference and
rospoct and reverance paid to funeral pro
A fourth is the breakneck pall melt way
of driving on our public drives Now you
need not go tn the Liberty park or the
drives in that neighborhood to see this
Take a walk on BrIgham street east of
Main on a Sunday afternoon or evening
and if you dont see soma highflying races
it is because tho weather is too stormy So
much for team driving
And now let me call attention to the
street car system of driving on our princi
pal streets and especially when they come
in contact with others at crossings
Now I grant wo are living in a fait age
and that ail must have a good deal of ket
up and get in them but where electric
cars meet at the Bade Gate South Temple
Second Tnird Fourth
First south on
Main and other parts ills simply appalling
to see the speed at which they ore run and
the risks that are taken but little regard
being paid to thepedestrian teams or any
thing else Yet ontheseprinihpallcrossings
there are scores andsomottmea hundreds
of pepp1ej ll under the electric wires
which if broken carry death and destruc
tion wherever they strike
Another evil is the lack of heed
paid to tho pedestrian rights upon
our crossings Look at our crowded
streets on the busy days confer
ence or fair days when the bathing
trains arrive or depart on somo excursion
day The masses under these various sur
roundings arc simply in the centre of tiho
city carrying their lives in their hands so
to speak
The last complaint I wish to make is that
with the pedestrians tnemselves I ques
tion if a more blundering lot of people cite
befound in any city of its size than in this
and yet perhaps it is the most cosmopoli
tan city of its size in the United State
Keeping to the right is never dreamt of Is
is a genuine goasyouplease Blunder
blundering scrambling helter skelter is
the style Over goes a parsol down comes
a mans hat I beg pardon Dear me >
Well did you ever Well really etc
etc aro the apologies offered and we go on
to blunder again It is easy to find fatal t
but I propose to find tho remedies
To the remedy of the first evil Let the
mayor and city council pass an ordinance s
on the driving of teams if none such is on
the docket defining which side to pass
the right of all teams the speed they shalj
not exceed and defining explicitly tli
pedestrians right and then instructing tha
marshal to enforce the law He with hia
corps of efficient men on the crossings svhl5
noon bring about a better order of things 1B
think an ordinance to this effect will cover
and remedy the first four evils so apparent
to everyone
And now for the electric car system Pre
scribe these companies to a certain speed
and compel them to furnish flagmen at thero
and all necessary crossings and thee VTO
shall have a safer transportation of life
Now for a very simple connection oft
travel for the pedestrians themselves Sus
pend a sign say at tho corner of each
block Keep to the right as is the caso
in our great cities east and in GreuQ
Britain and my word for it in a short time
everything will go as smooth as it does se <
the cities named
Let the police force be instructed to pro
tect while crossing tim streets the ladies
the lame halt deaf blind and the aged and
we will all feel better safer and prouder
mir orderly nitv TTvrrf
This hypnertizin blzniss is working harm thcyt
say 55
But for my part Jes let er dpi twont cum
along my way J
Some feller who has lois o brains they steal Ills
great idee tj
But thar Im safe and sound you bet they won
git none Im mel l
Some tellers has inventions arovln through their
Ahypnertizer grabs ferem and out their schemea
he pulls v
And when the feller gus awake his schemes are
gone ye see
But Ill bo sale through all o that they wont
pull none Im mel
One has a novel or a poma jest ready fer tee
But when hes hypnertized he finds hos lost the
precious thing
Its published soon the thIeVe own name 13
bitched to ityo see
Bat thar I will escape agin theyll git no ponieS
Thars just one thin that could be tooka secreS
no one knows
An ef a certain gal I know will put me la a doz
Shell find what Im afraid ter tell what shes
neer understood
If shed come oa and hypnertba I think twould
do both goodh
New York EveningSun I
The Resistless Magnet
Professor Smythe plain John Smith to
commence with was once lecturing in a
Texas town on natural philosophy and in
the course of his experiments he introduced
a most powerful magnet with which he
attracted a block of iron from a distance
of two feet
Can any of you conceive a greater at
tractive power demanded tho lecturer
with an air of triumph
Reckon I can answered a voice from
the audience
Not a natural terrestrial object
Yes indeedy1
The lecturer somewhat nettled chal
lenged the man who had spoken to name
the article
Then up rose old Laertes Quinley Haiti
I can give you the facts professor and
you can judge for yourself When I war a
young man there war a little piece o nat
ural magnet done up in kaliker and dim
ity as war called Betsy Mariah She could
draw me fourteen miles every Sonday
over plowed land jlst as natural as alidia
down a greased plank Thero wasnt no
resistin her That ere magnet youxn is i
pretty good but it isnt a circumstance
Betsy Marian Texas Siftings
A Trite Bill
Theres a young minister in this towt
who is courting a girl in one of oursaburb1
an adjuncts Her name is Katharine andy
she bus a sister Grace He wens out to sea
her one day last week and her father very
kindly invited the young man to tea
Will you say grace asked tho old gen
tleman when they had seated themsetrea
at the table
IIbeg your pardon stammered tha
minister blushing violently IIhadnt
thought of saving Grace It wasXathenngi
I was after Washington Star
Settling a Doubt
Miss Summit facetiously am not going
lag to meddle with your affairs Mr DashJ
away but as I was driving by a wels
known pawnbrokers yesterday I saw oi
certain gentleman who I must confesai
bore a strong resemblance to you
Dashaway Indeed Did you see hia
face Miss Summit am afraid that I did S
Dashaway Then it couldnt have been
I I had my back turned Munseysi
One Touch of Nature
Leopold say now Algy lend ma a
dollah wont ye Id like to give arms to >
that blind fellah I feel so sowry for blind
men yu know
Algernon So do I mo boy We dont
wealizs what an affliction it is nevah to see
the twees and woses and all that ye know
Leopold And latency selecting twousera
when youre blinu Life
Unappreciated Vocalists
Old Griggs What is all that noise
Clara Nothing papa only these two
gentlemen are singing Home Sweetr
Old Griggs Well they had better finish
it on the way there Munseys Weekly
Didnt Understand Slan
What uncleanly people they seem to b >
out west said Mrs Da Lite of Boston
Here is a case of a man starting to clean
out a town and they actually shot him 4
And she never could make out why her
husband buried his head in the newspaper
St Joseph Xews
The Other Tiling
Mabel looking at a dude smoking a cigat
ette How detestablel
Amy Yes a cigarette Is very objection
able >
Mabel I didnt refer to the cigarette
but to the object at the moist end ol iU

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