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Lead and Silver Both Show Down
ward Tendencies
1i is Ore and Bullion Ontput Alscw Find of 1
Ozokerite The Financial Situation
in the East I
Business during tho week past has been
very good Tho money market remains
tight nutit has produced no ill effects so
fur as known The holiday trade has com
menced in earnest and the dealers who
were prepared the earliest got in on the
ground floor
Heal estate has shown very encouraging
Lead and Silver
Lead in Salt Lake has show a down
ward tendency Opening a week ago at
44 to i closed last evening at 130
Silver has declined during the week from
f 1O64 1 to 10
In New York tie Journal says lead
looked somewhat firmer after our last re
port but transactions not being large the
market again became rather dull closing
with little doing and prices somewhat
nominal Further arrivals of foreign lead
have come in which had also a depressing
influence Carload lots are not obtainable
below f 1 SOt < tS4 S but larger quantities
might be bought at a trifle less
Of the Chicago market Everett Post
say Trading has been light and sales
will foot up less than 200 tons Desilv er
izea lead is held firm at ti i o but soft
Missouri has been offered at considerably
lower figures The closing is fairly steady
at 45O bid for December delivery
Of the St Louis market John Wahl
Co have this The unsettled and per
plexing condition of our lead market ex
Isting as described in our last necks re
port has been reversed and lead has now
many friends In all probability vv e shall
not witness lower alues for the present
Probably GOO tons were sold at from 4 dO
t 4 50 At tn close both Missouri and
argentiferous brands are unobtainable be
low 450 We predict higher rates again
vithm a short time
The Salina Gold and Silver lulU Company
The above is the name of a mining cor
poration organized at Salina on the 3d inst
The capital tock is placed at 53000000
divided into 400COO shares face value of
j each The incorporators are as follows
H J Gottfredson O H Rollins W H
Pollard L C kelson J D Woods D G
Brown R Jacobson J Christenson Chris
Madson J Knighton W Lund b O N
Bennett and O R Zit 11 I
Early nest the will
Eary spring company wi com I
mence to work by means ol iijdraulics
their placer grounds which ire located in
Mill Creek canon and join the celebrated
Sevier gold mine All l the bar1 found in
this cafion prospect nugget gold from the
grass root growing cier with del th
The company has acquired some 1 acres
of placer grounds and cold bearing ledges
he powers of the corporation will enable
itto take hold of other mining property
now lying l idle for want of capital and busi
ness management and with a small out
lay of time and money put i upon a paying
basis 1
The gentlemen interested in this enter
prise are well known and influential busi
ness men of this count with the excep
lion of Messrs Bennett and Ziff who come
from Salt Lake city HAl
In the Deep Creek Country
Writing from the Deep Creek countij
under date of November 25 Dr Faust con
tinues his experiences as follows Dolly I
Tarden district is thirty miles from Deep
Creek with a good wagon road all the way
The are and silver lead and copper the
silver ore goes high showing as much as I
O silver and 20 per cent lead to the ton I
The copper ore goes from 15 to I per cent
per ton and carries a little gold Here is
located one of the largest copper mines in
the est In the early 70s the then owners
put in a smelter that cost 20 000 It ran
out tons of copper matte but for some
reason was not the success it should have
been and was attached bj creditors The
nine is now bonded to a Pennsylvania
company and it is understood the com i
pany will commence work just as soon i
a railway facilities are provided These
oaes will all pay to freight to Deep Creek
Work can be prosecuted twelve months In
the year in any of the camps in the Deep
Creek country There is but little snow
and cedar and pin on pine in abundance
just the camp for a poor man Tao mines
are easily accessible the ores are easily
line Transportation is the only diffli
cult Many of the claims ara patented
the owners having thus secured their prop
erty and gone elsewhere to await the
coming of the railroad which is sure to be
built sometime
Cherry Creek is ninety miles from the I
wells on the Central Pacific and fft tj fo
miles from Deep Creek It is tributary
countrj t bait Lake or will be as
soon as railway facilities are secured It I
is one of the best camps in Nevada The
mines shut down in the 70s
because the miners refused to
work for S3oO per day Considerable
litigation has also done much to hold back I
the camp Louis Martin of Salt Lake
owns some very fine mines here He is
down COO feet on one of them and the ores
continue to increase in richness He also I
has three quartz mills ono 5stamp one
S stamp and ono 20 stamp The Star just
sold t Mr Cleveland of Nevada with
Charles Kearney as superintendent will
make a great showing A new quart mill
is now being erected To give you somo
iuea of the difficulties of transportation it
is but nec < rsaj to say that fiftj two
Louses have made three trips t and from
the railway t get the machinery here
Egan cafion is four miles further on In
the past it has been a great camp With
railway front facilities it will again come to the
Shcllburn has mines and prospects that
Will furnish thousands of tons of are t the
railroad first to push it nose this
Bide the great Sahara of America
Muncie has large bodies of lowgrade
ores but they can never be handled until
the advent of cheaper transportation
These mines lie west and south of and
within sixty miles of Deep Creek 1o the
north and just where the iron hoise will
make it appearance on this side of the des
et is the Dutch Mountain district The
mines have large quantities of ores ready
on the dumps
Ferguson Spring three miles distant
will prove a valuable adjunct
The White Horse mountains are covered
with prospects und these will be developed
just do so as soon a there is encouragement to
More Mineral Wax
A extensive deposit of ozokerite or
mineral wa has been recently discovered I
In Hurricane Yale about twentyfive
miles south of the Rio Virgin in Southern
Ltah The salt mountains located on the
banks of the Rio Virgin an affluent of the
Colorado river in Lincoln count Nevada
cover an area of tw entj flv e miles extend
ing to within seven miles of the junction I
of that stream with the Colorado The
salt they contain is pure and whit and
clearer than lass and
cearer glass it is said that a
piece seven or eight inches thick is some
times clear enough t see through to read
a newspaper Over the salt is a layer of
sandstone from two to eight feet thick and
when this is torn away the salt appears
like a huge snow rift How deep it is
has not yet been ascertained but a single I
blast of giant powder will blow out tons of
it Under the cap rock have ben discov
ered charred wood and charcoal and mat
I ting made of cedar bark which the salt has
preserved evidently the camp of pr his I
toric men Ltonfau
The Eastern Money Market I 11
Of the eastern money market Henry
Cle vshas the following The demand for
currencj has exceeded all precedent and
the special supply of sixt millions from
the treasury has scarcely produced any
Visible impression upon the scarcity
Where the money has gone and why it is
not returning in the usual course are ques
tions that no ono seems able t satis
factorily answer We are at the end of
November when the south usually begins
to draw upon New York and yet of all the
xmllious the west has drawn from us no
currency is returning t do service in the
I southern states There is reason to hope
I however that the local pressure may so I
affect the western exchanges as to bring i
bacK a portion of what we have lost and a
sharp risein the rate for New York ex
change at Chicago gives good encourage
ment for that hope Moreover it remains
to be seen whether other institutions may
prove as excessively war about time loans
as the banks now are The fact that Pond
leg the present crisis the banks have
sea celv lost a dollar on loans t stock
houses is beginning to have its effect upon
trust companies and other important
lenders and it would not be surprising
should the banks find at a later stage tnat
lacy have lost considerable of their toek
exchange business as the result of their
present timidity
The crisis has hid one valuable indirect
result It ha brought to a very sharp ic
cuuntabilitj the reckless mismanagement
that has landed some of our best railroad
prop ° rtics in their present sorry financial
condition It has also created an opportun
ity for buying up stocks so as to enable
capitalists ol greater ability and favoring
better methods to get control of a large
mileage of important roads The virtual
cutting in two of the prices of such stocks
ns Rock Island Chicago Burlington X
Quincy Illinois Central 1 Paul Union
Pacific Atchison X Topeka eta has
aroused a deep feeling of discontent among
stockholders who will be satisfied in
future with nothing short of a manage
ment that secures satisfactory net earnings
as well as large tonnage Mr Goulds lead
in a new polIcy of cooperation among the
southwestern roads gives promise of being
a valuable lesson in the direction of con
servativo management These facts are
suggestive of an improved future condition
of the railroad interest and they lie likely
to lead t a lasting Improvement in stocks
when t1 the money market becomes more set
The Busmiss allures
The business failures occurring through
out the United States during the last seen
days as reported to R G Dun i Co num
ber for the United States 1 and for
Canada J or a total of J4l as compared
with a total of J74 last week and 2 tithe j
week previous to tho last For the eories
pondiutr week of last year the figures were
lllt representing 210 failures in the United
States and W in the Dominion of Canada
At the Banks
The ore and bullion receipts at the banks
in this dt foi the week ending Saturday
Dee I IbJO were SKH tOO
They wen reported as follows
> jkruri t < 0
iiTiauerbaHlou j 4343 O
t > il er aud lead oreb J3 00 OJ
1 oal nnuuun 7G O o
Iv nU < Faro E Co
nuiiio uuununn j 4170i i 00 I
Ov un n 177ISOO
Flee tiara un iS3 W
Total 0 GOT 0
J r II Hintt < t C
D9SI bu1innuu f tin 00
Silectcd load n jil 0 <
Silver bais f 9 0
Ore no 00
nunnn nn Jt0 0
Total 41 OO > 0 f
I Total shipments for the eelen 1103 112 W
At the office of Mr llanauei the week
was reported as a very good one Bing
ham Tintie Park City Cottonwood anti
American Fork were all heard from
The Horn Sliver
Five hundred tons represented the Horn
From Tintie
The liallion Beck I
Regular shipments came in
Golden Treasure
A four Joot bin of 70 ounce ore is said
t have been struck in tl e upper workings
of the Golden Treasure on which Tohn A
Shcttle has a bond and lease and it is
said he only hit 1 the high places in going to
Salt Lake after the
Chief discovery was made
The Indine
A carload of Undino ore was rcceiv et
during tho week The exact assay was
ounces not learrieQ bat the ore went at last 200
HIP Carisa I
The Salt Lakers interested in the Cans
received during the week that
o news durn good
ore had been struck in the south shaft t
The Mormon Chief
The Chief has been closed down temper
arilj Improvements will be made
Centennial IEurela
Is o shipments are icpoited but much are
is being mined
Time Spy
Shipments though light continue
The Gemini
There was a shipment during the week
1i I 1111111110111
The regular shipment continues Stock
holders mar reasonably count ou a Christ
muss sift in the shape of a dividend
From ln bamhe
The Brooklyn
Four hundred and fifty tons came from
the Brooklyn i
South Gilein
Steady and large arc tho shipments
Yosemite 01
I After silence of some titnelhc Yosemite
No1 was heard from
Yosemite No2
I Light > five tons of good ore came in
I bSUcr Gauntlet
A shipment of forty tons was made
Hie Niagara
I A big shipment of concentrates repr
seated the Niagara
The HomcEtfikc
A shipment showed 50 silver and I
ounces gold
Rough and Head
J shipment of low grade oro camo in
Old Jordan
01111 I
Sixtj live tons represented tbcold time
The Highland
Sixty tons going Z lead and 1 silver I
came in
From American Fork
The Hidden Treasure
A carload of are camo from the Hidden
From Park City
The Ontario
Stock is quoted at 44
The DnlT f
No Daly sales quoted on the exchange at lS7i I
The Anchor
Shipments of concentrates aro lively J
The Mij How er
Quietude reigns but som6 shipments I
have been made
The oortside
Some firstclass ore cane in I
The Crescent
Several lots of concentrates were shipped I
Northland Jn > aila I
Twentythree men are now employ ed
From Stockton
The Honorine I
I A carload assayed 5a i lead l and 20 silver
Utah Gem
I A carload came from the Gem
Legal Tender I
I One hundred and forty tons came from
the Legal Tender
From Cottonwood Q
Tho Maxfield
The Maxfleld was the only shipper from
Cottonwood I sent in sixty tons
< rom Nevada
I Nevada sent in several large shipments
of good ore
The Contract for the Asses oie Main
AwardedA Tramp I Bounced
The Security abstract company was
awarded the contract for maps to bo used
in the assessors office Consideration
In tho matter of the complaint of Bogne
et al the reduction asked for was made
The petition of tho Utah Central railroad
company asking the right of way along
ono of tho county roads in East Mill CreeK
was referred to committee of the whole
and they will visit the point in question
It was ordered that lists of all uncan
celled mortgages bo prepaiedbj the county
recorder for tne use of the county assessor
County attorney was instructed to draw
a lease for William Jones for a gravel bed
which the county has leased from him
It was ordered that the sheriff purchase
I ticket for William Baker to Montrose
Co1 and see him off on the train
James Young ot East Mill Creek ap
peared > in reference to a complaint of the
supervisor that he is fencing the county
road A committee two were appointed
to visit East Mill Creek and report on the
matter Howe and Canoou were nameu
Taunt Thompson the lamous American
Sculptor in the Jefferson Market 1olice
Special to THE HGK LDLxamlner Dispatch
New Yom Dec 5Taunt Thompson
the sculptor and academician stood yester
day in the pen of the Jeffoison Market
police court One would have hardly
singled him out as different in any way
from his companions in misery His un
shaved face was adorned with a moustache i
and long thin imperial his clothing was I
of common quality and ho wore a soiled
flannel shirt Yet his artistic hand has
chiselled many famous pieces of sculpture
Thompson had been drinking with
wore than usual abandon for the
last two or three weeks and Tues I
day night had an attack of delirium
tremens After smashing things up pretty
general he was seized with the idea that
10 was being pursued by beetles aud barr
ended his door to keep them out A
lolicemans aid was invoked the door was
broken open and the sculptor was irrosted
A friend of Ihompsons appeared against
him and he was sentenced to Blackwelli
island for a month at tho expiration or
which time he will be examined as to his
f have known Thompson since So4
said his friend and am about the only
friend he has left It is another case of a
man of genius sacrificing friends fame and
toitune to drink JCnompson is connected
with some of the best people in New York
He has been drinking to excess for fifteen
years His wife who is a sister to Bishop
Potter still sticks to him although they
have not lived together for years Thomp
son was an Irish lad who came to this
country when very young He studied
anatomj in the Albany Medical college in
Iboo aud later studied sculpture after
which be line to New York Soon becom
ing a member of the Academy of Design
ben he went to Florence Italy in 1S70
taking his wife and their two children His
life there was an odd one He kept aloof
from other artists and sculptors Ho
would go on sprees dospite the most
earnest efforts of nis wife to prevent him
He had many orders from American pat
rons vvhilotneie but neglected his work
This was part duo t drink and partly be
muse of his habits of procrastination I
have known him to spend six or eight
months over a small piece that ho could
esilj have done in two 10lths Thompson
son vs very intimate with the elder Ben
nett of the Htrnii and made a bust of
Elaine a character in lennvsons Idyls of
the King for Tames Gordon Bennett who
has it in his housa m Paris now Ine
statue of Napoleon now in the Metropolitan
tan Museum of Art is his work as also is I
head of William Cullou Brjant in the
same place Perhaps his greatest work i
an equestrian statue of General Burnisdc
It is 13 feet l inches high and has been
pronounced bj experts to bo one of the
most excellent pieces of equestrian statu
ary ever produced bj an American sculp i
tor I was made for the state of Rhode
Island He was not prolific but his work
was of the kind that would make him
famous if he had not taker to drink
Among other works of I hompson are the
statues of General Sedgwick at Wes
Point Gcncial Dupont unu General Scott
in Washington a head of Morse T bust of
the elder Booth for Edwin Booth the
statue of Abraham Picrson first president
of Yale college for which Thompson re
ceived the honorary degree of A M and a
bust of Govcinor bchujler Crosby of
Mnntnn 5
Successful lijnn li Treatment in Connection
Special TiE HEHALO Examiner Dispatch
New HAVE Conn Dec 5Dr Foster
who Wednesday injected 1i consumptive
with Kochs lymph l said today of the ex
periment Tho lymph has done all that
has been claimed for it and I am happy to 1
say that the patient this morning is greatly
improved The fever has entirely left him
and ho slept well I uood portion of the
night Ever since the injection a radical
chaugo for the better has been apparent
alUvough the full effects of the lymph can
not bo accurately determined until after
another injection has been made The of
feet of this treatment I will make public as
soon as it can bo fully determined The
case must bo given a thorough trial befor
we can speak unhesitatingly upon it The
patient upon whom we have already open
atcd has given us great aid for he is a sc
enlist himsel and can therefore more ac
euratelj describo his symptoms I had re
eeivcd with tho medicine tho directions of
Dr Koch as to its use and I followed them
closely The lymph was injected in the
back beneath tho shoulder blade The dose
1 administered was somewhat smaller than
that prescribed because its strength
Died After BeIng Injected With Lymph
Special t TiE HERALD Examiner Cable1 i I
BEHLIN Dee RobertLowenstem died
yesterday at Frankfort after being inocu
lated with Kochs Lymph His death
struggles are said to have been terrible in
their fury and evident suffering
Daring Train Robbery France
PAns Dee 5Another daring railroad
robber has been committed in the south of
France The thief made an attack with a
knife upon a passenger in ono of the com
partments and after seizing his money and
valuables jumped from the train The
train stopped and after a long chase he 1
was captured
With the famous Rochester burnerbe
I quality silver plated und Mexican onyx at
+ DA lusoi LEYSON A McCusE
Our stock in this line is complete and are
constantly adding the latest and best
Wisdoms Kobeitino is the only thing
now used by the fashionable women to par
petuato a beautiful complexion
I Can be supplied by the Utah Manufac
turing and Building company Mill Creek
P O box 1010 telephone 348 city
Because thej never disappoint
Because they produce a pleasant ca
thartic effect
Because they not only physic butceanso
the whole system and regulate the liver
and bowels
For sale at 25 cents per oox by Z C M
1 drug derailment w
You hav e no appetite ior DreaUiast A
few doses of Dr Henleys English Dande
lion Ionic is what you need
Angel Bros lumber yarn No 61 First
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Largest second hand store in the city
Buys all kinds of second hand goods at the
highest prices and sells at the lowest Al
kinds of goods exchanged
Opposite City Hall
127 and 120 East First South
Telephone 190
The decoctions served to the thirsty and
cold at the Occidental are delicious pure
ana superior First class wines liquors
specialty beers ales and cigars Family supplies a
AUEI Mcuriir Proprietors
1 Take it before breakfast because it
will give you an appetite regulate the
bowels and cleanse the sjstem of all im
purities Dr Henleys English Dandelion
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liows I
YOL1r live
Is the Oriental salutation
knowing that good health
cannot exist without a
heal thy Liver When the I
Liver is torpid the Bow
els are sluggish and con
stipated the food lies
11 the stomach undi
gested poisoning the
blood frequent headache
ensues a feeling of lassi
tude despondency aId
nervousness indicate how
the whole system is de
ranged Simmons Liver
Regulator has been the
means of restoring more
people to health and
happiness by giving them
a healthy Liver than any
agency known on earth
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dinar j power and efficacy
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Torpid Liver Constipation etc I hardly
over use anything else and have never
been disappointed In i the effect prodnceJ
It seems to be almost a perfect cure for all
diseases of the Stomach antI Bowels t
Vf J MCELROY Macon 0 ft
o rg
r 6
i i 9
< i
1 1 y m l f
J t
s r
Ijjl t 1 i
r j
1 f A
1 =
1 i1 tt O V
m n 11 1 Irresrctlvo of price the Qi
ts 60 I best sind most complete V t60
14J U 1 I writing machine made i
t gT Send for Illustrated Circular
76 W Second South Street Salt Lake City
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The attention of storeroom the public is called to the
23 W First South Street
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a Fine Double seated Carriage and a Doable
Harness seized from Mes < r Felwell Barlow
Jensen amounting about 53000 was
placed to bo closed out at public auction within
twelve days to the highest bidder
I therefore the undersigned Auctioneer will
commence to hell In JOO and tO ddzen Jots to
the highest bidder on
Wedl63day December 3 all pm
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I whole stock in Cash or to Trade for Real Estate
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PLANiNGllLL t I Mill Satisfaction Contracts Work Given a Guaranteed Specialty Steam I
L C TRENT Salt Lake City Utah
General Western Manager J J Helena Montana
Electric Light Plants
I 1
A Budget of News From theCity
on the Hill
The Fislitinjr Strength at the Fort Interestinc
Items Front FortDnciesneUtes Heed
lag For PIne Milge
The boj s aro still under re arching orders
Aboutal men represent the Fort Doug
las lighting strength
ExSergeant Major Kolster has applied
to be transferred to company D Twenty
first infantry
Divine services at Post chapel on last
Sunday A large and attractive crowd and
a good sermon
Quito a musical coterie wero in durance
vie on Thursday last Just ten windjam
mers in the mill
And now its Sergeant Major Bond and
First Sergeant Dudley I congratulate the
gentlemen upon their merited promotion
Musician Bretzloff of D Sixteenth in
antry has transferred to tHe band and will
hereafter blow his cornet in lieu of bugle
The usual canteen dividend has bocmde
cared for the past month and will be used
to assist the mess of the different compa
Rations clothmir tents and all the neccs
fares for camp life hie been issued the
troops and now the force can move at an
hours notice
Owing to the expected order to leave for
North Dakota dress parades are not quite
so frequent yet drills daily for an hour are
on the programme
To arms would not be a surprise just
flew and at any moment that call can bo
expected and then oh then for the home
of the Messiah we will go
I the boys go to that land whore the
thermometer indicates not tho weather one
noncommissioned officer and one private
to each company will remain to look after
company effects
Owing to the retirement of Fritz from
reportorial labor at least for the present
us he is in durance vile for an absence
without leave I will endeavor to give the
Fort Douglas happenings
The band is looming up not only in musi
cal proficiency but in numbers and tho
band leader Professor A Feussell now
smiles tho smile of genuine satisfaction
The airs are timely and well executed
Gad to see my friend Driscoll back to
his first love the snare drum His tem
porar retirement from the drum was
caused by the bass drummer being furloughed
oughed but since that time Pnv ato Buck
man of D Twenty llrot infantry effected
a transfer to the corps musical
Tho menus on Thanksgiving were simply
immense Sixteenth infantry and F
wenty tirst infantry took the lead in
preparing > a dinner lit for a king All the
companies had extras and the day was well
spent in giving thanks and dismembering
turkey The bal at Recreation hall fn the
evening was a rochercho affair and well at
The hospital corps and litter bearers are
being drilled with stretchers and are taught
ho inodiid opcianill of bandaging how to
stay blood from bullet wounds the way to
use a Springfield rife in setting broken
lImbs elm This corps is under the immedi
atc supervision of Major Wolverton post
ugeon who is very painstaking in in
structing thorn
Pay day was on tho ad inst and the boys
felt better after settling up with Uncle
Sam for services rendered in November I
trust Congress will fully satisfy itself that
a soldiers pay should be at least doubledas
who can foresee the dangers to which an
enlisted man is exposed worn to do their
duty few indeed arc they who take a back
seat or retire without authority when or
tIered to face the leaden messengers of
On the 2d inst the battalion under Major
Andrews our commanding officer was I
treated to a sham bittle Sitting Bull had
better tale in his shingleif the boys charge
as well under lire as they did ou the
above occasion Blank cartridges were
used and the sound of tho combat
was indeed of a natuio of a
real fight The tattle was one of the
skirmish line and was of the exact kiud to
which we will be treated should our pres
ence be desired in tho Bad Land country
Rumor has It that the soldier desirous of
retUning to civil life cannot purchase his
discharge the order or part of geueral
order No S0current series having been 10
voked Of course the cause of such means
that too many aieshowing tbeir abhorrence
for the army bj purchasing their freedom
I have not seen the order lev okiug tho pur
chase clause und am inclined in the belief
that the order emanating as it did at first
by reason of the act of uongrecs of June
LU IbJO cannot be altered unless Congress
declares yet in these troublous times it
may have become necessary for who can
ell the final in the redskin fracas now on
The excitement on the evening of the 3d
nbt was somewhat immense A message
of 140 words was received at the telegraph
omco for the commaudlng oflicci The dis
patch was too lengthy to ce accurately re
Reived over the telephone and it seems the
purport of outline from the phone in
dicated an immediate march for the front
The rustling was great Messages sweet
scented and bumfull of affection were
quickly indited to the fair sex AV ills were
made by tho boys including Fritz When
it v astound that the message was from
Fort Du Chesne and relative to camp equip
age tho throbbing pulso of the warriors
attained a noimul beat And yet the fact
stars us in the face that wo ire here and
if the prayers of our good boys availoth
wo wont go to the freezing northwest
Six male teams left on the 30th ultimo for
Pine Ridge agency
Quito an addition to the company quart
ers in the shape of porches are being built
by the government department
Services at post chapel every Sunday
morning and evening by Rev Mr Scott
post chaplain hose services aro well at
Captain Wedemeyer Sixteenth infantry
has left fpr Fort Leavenworth Kansas to
be examined with a view to Isis promotion
to major
Lieutenant Alexander Ninth cavnlryhas
returned from government saw mill Slao
Town with lumber for the sidewalks to
bo erected around the post
Considering the amount of work in pro
gress here guard duty is light indeed All
in all b Duchesno is a good post and jilt
are pleased who do duty here
We have an excellent brass band which
docs the grand evenings at parade com
post d of NInth cavalry boys Lieutenant
Young Ninth cavalry has charge of the
General Miles aidedo camp Captain
lugging isited the Indian agencies dur
ing tho last week in November on oftlcial
business What his report will be is hard
to tell
From Gus I have tho following items I
from Fort Duchesno Tnc HEIUI corres
pondent at this post promises a weakly l con
tribution Those itoms are up to the JOth
Sergeant S Breman Sixteenth infantry
left on JOth ultimo for Fort Omaha in
charge of Prisoner Hart formerly private
of Ninth cavalry who goes to miiitarj
for one ear
prison year
The officers of the garrison gave a very
pleasant entertainment at post theatre on
the evening of tho27th ultimo The attend
ance was large and appreciative The
music was furnished by the string band
composed of members of troop B Ninth
cavalry under the leadership of Private
On November 26th Johnsons Dramatic
company a fair outfit of actors entertained
us with Out of His Sphere and Tho
Tempter two good dramas The theatre
of course was crowded This is a good
point for trav oliug troups t strike as full
houses nro sure
Sergeant N Wolfs company F i Six
teenth infantry has been detailed in charge
of company mess and the boys are jubilant
as Nick is the only and original rustler of
the Sixteenth infantry This compliment
to Sergeant Wolfs is only his by right as
it were I knew him as a rustler here at
Douglas and it seems from the above Nick
gripped tight tho respect of his new coin
pany Mj congratulations Mac
Two hundred Utes are reported as absent
from the Ouray agency twelve miles irom
the post These redskins are supposed to
bo ou a hunt yet the general impression
prevails that thoj too are Messiah struck
and have gone to south Dakota Hole > this
is not the case as an uprising around Du
chesne will need the Douglas garrison
These agencies Ouray and Uintah are
respectively twelve to eighteen miles dis
tant from Fort Duchesne and their com
bined lighting strength is nez far from
The post guard house millin soldier
parlance is without a doubt the finest in
the land I is located in the centre of the
administration building between the com
manding officers oftice and library It con
sists of one large prison room and three
cells all ventilated In the large room the
prisoners are provided with mattrbsscs
have benches and a neat dining table The
guard room is large and comfortable The
bunks Jar the guard are suspended from
the wall which gives them the appearance
of folding beds Each relief sleeps in its
separate section and the name of each occu
pant is placed ever his resting place when
ho is mounted on guard For cleanliness
it outranks any guard house jour cores
Dondcnt ever saw The woodwork is neatly
painted and walls ealsomiucd The old
guard room where tho old guard fatigue
parties report is after the samo order as
the euad room save the absence of bunks
and in this wintry weather is a treat to
t he soldier
A word in reference to the canteen and
I am through The canteen situated on the
right as you enter the garrison is elegantly
furnished Pool and billiard tables of the
newest makes are hero whilst pictures in
profusion ornament the walls Of course
chairs ample to scat the patrons as well as
tables sufficient are in the room The at
tendants are prompt and polite Beer is
sold at ten cents a glass and at thirty cents
a bottle and must be drank in the canteen
building Billiards or pool ten cents a
game or forty cents an hour The restau
rant a large and well appointed room is off
to itself and anything laquired to nil up
the inner man can be had on short notice
and at low tieuics This admirable a
rangeme is duo to the personal supervis
om of Lieutenant George of the Sixteenth
who seems indefatigable in his efforts to
please Considering tbe position of this
post our long distance from the railway
tbo prices charged at the canteen more
than bear favorable comparison with west
ern towns located on the line of the railroads
roads and it can be borne in mind that
freight costs something startling between
here and Price station fl trust Gus will
not forget to speak a word to the boys at
Fort Duchesne and secure subscription to
inn HEUAI n tho paper of the intermoun
tain region which recognizes an enlisted
man as a human being besides publishing
the latest and best news Rustle up some
names and send them direct to the manager
of Inn HrRAiii MAC
December l IbOO
The Railway Heading for Sallni It Will be
As the Rio Granite Western railway is fast
coming this way the future pro pects for Sevier
county are very Haltering Vo really I
believe that when the railroad begins
running through this region resource
will here bj developed that huve
hitherto been undreamed of and Charles
Francis Adams will regret that the Union Pa
title was not extenuel through here earlier
that the road might have had a better oppor
tunltj inc of making a s itlsf ictory financial show
Up to the present time we have had tho most
deli > ntful weather bearing no irdl
catiOiib whntovcr of the appruah of Winter
this morning however the saow Is gently
Scarlatina has been quito prevalent in our
settlement for the last fee months but thus far
only three children have succumbed to the
Word was wire her yesterly that Stephen
llred of GooseOciry had had his legs severed
from his body while on his way to Provo to
attend court N > particulars have been re
I cehed but the suppoaliion is that he must have
fallen mom the train settle tinder the influence
of liquor BAR
SMIN December 4
The Newest Ideas in Wraps Sent Out hj
New YORK Nov 3 180Special cor
respondence of Inn HcaetmsAn article
in a Sunday paper of recent date gave an
interesting account of some of the most
important and costly items which go to the
formation of the debutantes coming out
wardrobe Ruled and lace bedecked with
petticoats by the dozen silk underwear
and hosiery satin corsets the most fetch
ing of shoes and gloves gowns of every
description and hats to match all these
things were enumerated and criticised and
then cost averaged but in the matter of
wraps the writer was very remiss for she
idnt bestow upon the fur damsel even a
single opera cloak although the fashions
ble society woman of the period has now
almost as manv elaborate confections for
evening msear as she has ball and dinner
toilettes Some of these cloaks mo long
and flowing so that the lovely gown be
neath is quite concealed and protected
These are made of matollasso and brocaded
silks mixed with plush and vo1 oooi of the
new figured faced ebbs and the French
fancy eloakings A few are ill of plush in
delicate colors such as Spanish j olio wand
shell pink or else in the vivid light tur
quolse tints Full feather bands and light
colored fur trim these luxurious wraps
which are lined with rich Ponpadour bro
cades Smaller wraps on the capo order
with fitted backs and full fronts falling a
little below the waist are more youthful
and less burdensome and are therefore very
popular with the owners of slender petite
figures A couple of the wraps just finished
bj Hedfern for a blonde beauty are
sketched below
Ono is dome blue cloth with yoke and
I middle back form of golden brown velvet
I brrided with gold and set with t irquoises
The hIgh velvnt collar is finish d with a
fluffy ruche of turquoise ostrich feathers
The other as here pictured is even more
elaborate being a small dolman of shell
corded silk with sleeves and part of the
front of water greemi velvet braided it sI
ver and Ilnishee with a fringe of pink sik
mixed with silver pendant A nil ot sit
ver grej cocks feathers covers the should
cr8 and upper arm

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