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The LOOK Christinas FOB OUT Herald THE SiLT LAKE HERALDe The Christinas TOR Herald
It Meets and the House and
Senate Organize
They are Very Quiet but Very Anxious
Shoups Chances not so Good I
Dubois Pretty Sure I
Boisn Crrr Idaho Dec S rSoecial tel
egram to THE HIUALDJ me nrst state
senate and bouse of representatives went
into session here today at noon In the
house the proclamation was read and the
L1 called by the exclerk of the last terri
torial house and the members were admin
istered oath by Judge Martin The
Rev L W Gowan offered a prayor thank
ingthe Lord for his blessing and goodness
andhsking a continuance of favors for the
new stat and her officers After this the
speaker pro tern made a few brief remarks
and called for nominations for speaker
Erank A Fenn Republican of Idaho
county was nominated and elected by a
good majority the Republicansjvoting in a
body for him Upon the announcement of
bis election Mr Fenn was escorted to the
platform and after Judge Martin had ad
ministered the oath he took the chair Tho
members applauded and the speaker re
sponded with a short speech thanking them
for the honor conferred upon him and ask
ing them to adopt a policy of charity and
The next in order of business was the
election of a chief clerk This office was
secured to Mr Charles H Reed of Ada
county by a small majority The house
then adjourned for one hour
At the afternoon session of the house the
business of the day was continued and the
following house officers elected Sergeant
atrarms John Hunter of Ada county as
sistant chief clerk Miss Carrie Sweet of
Ada connty doorkeeper Wesley Jackson
of Bingham county enrolling clerk W S
Duneway of Custer assistant enrolling
clerk Miss Florence Hunt of Alturas
county engrossing clerk Teresa OFarrell
of Ada county assistant enrolling clerk
Williams of Ada Mas
1IayViiams county page llas
tcr Tompkins messenger Master Shell
worth This closed the business of the
day and the house adjourned
In the senate LieutenantGovernor
Villey took the chair tho proclamation
and certificates of election were read and
a secretary pro tem elected The open
ing prayer was offered by Rev Mr Skid
more who in a brief but eloquent manner
asked the blessing of the Father on the
senate its officers and members after
which they adjourned till 280
At the afternoon session the senate ap
pointed two committees one on organiza
tion and the other on rules after which
they adjourned for the day
The senatorial fight continues to be four
cornered and is about as badly mixed as
possible It is claimed by his friends that
Dubois will poll 21 votes on the first ballot
but the majority of the people do not give
Win more thai 17 and all but 4 of those are
in the house In the senate Shoup is
the favorite and will poll enough votes t
make a deadlock between him and
Freddy The talk continues t be all for
McConnell from tho north and it is pretty
generally allowed that he will be elected
from the north in pretty short order Still
with everything so mixed and dark horses
continually coming in it is almost an im
possibility for any one to secure the neces
sary 2 votes
In the house today the officers elected
were all Republican the six Democrats
being unable to do much more than pay a
compliment to their friends The house
can congratulate itself most heartily on its
officers and very especially on the young
ladies who are not only very pretty but
have damonstrated their ability to fill tho
RRveral nositions
A Sensational Murder Trial at Cheyenne
CHEYENNE Wyo Dec SSpecial tele
gram t TnE BE1tALDOf about forty
sensational murder trials had in this city
ia the last ton years none has carried so
much interest as that of the state vs
Charles Miller which opened today A
jury was not I secured till evening Ten
witnesses have been examined bringing
out the story of the box car mystery Ross
Fishbaugh and Waldo Emerson two young
men of S1 Joseph Mo left home and po
sitions at that place last September to try
their luck in Colorado They expressed
trunks and valises to Denver and with a
fund of 120 essayed to beat their
way At Grand Island Neb they
were joined by Charles Miller an
impecunious dishonest and witless
professional boy tramp now sixteen years
old Soon after entering Wyoming as the
occupants of a box car Miller shot his
companions a they slept One died at
once the other survived several hours but
was never conscious Emerson it was
who ceased living at once and Fishbough
received his fatal wound standing when as
Miller said he fell like a hog Miller left
the freight at the station twenty miles east
of Cheyenne and boarded a passenger for
Cheyenne He went from there t Man
hattan Falls Kas where he after a silence
of two weeks told the story of murder to
I brother The bodies were found before
the train reached here and the names
of the young men learned by marks on
their clothing and a pocket book Millers
long peaked nose is the end of a slope be
ginning at the middle of his head He talks
of the double murder as though it were a
petty offense and once said he would as J
soon have killed them for cents as dollars I
The preachers say he is devoid of moral
accountability The court proceedings I I
seem t bore him He expresses sympathy
for the parents of the murdered young
men One day he talks of being hung and I I
the next of spending the remainder of his
life in prison He will be placed on the
land tomorrow I
Roberts Cushman Co Assign
NEW YORK Dee S Roberts Cushman
li Co importers of hatters materials
have made assignment Roberts this after
noon said the failure was not caused by the
tariff but was the work of several firms
who dragged them down He could not
give figures beyond the general statement
that the failure was in the neighborhood of
OOOOO He was sure all creditors would
be paid in full
Their capital was from 730000to 1000
000 and their credit good A member of the
firm said tonight that tho failure was due
10 the fact that the Philadelphia firm of
Pnce Sherman Co was under heavy I
financial obligations to them and asserted
their house had been virtually carrying the
Philadelphia concern until it was impossible
ble to do so longer hence the suspension
He also asserted that Roberts Cushman
S Co hope to meet all claims even though
the individual property of the firm mem
bers be used t meet indebtedness
Bequests to Colleges I
NEW YORK Dec SThe will of Daniel
B Fayerweather the millionaire leather
dealer was filed today I gives 2000000
to are
colleges The lollowing bequests
made Yale for the Sheffield Scientific
school 300000 Columbia 200000 Cornell
VOOOOO Bowdoin 100000 Amherst
8100010 Williams 100000 Dartmouth
100000 Weslyan 100000 Hamilton
3100000 Hanover of Rochester 81000
Lincoln 100000 University of Virginia
100000 Hampton 100000 Marysville
100000 Union Theologicial seminary
oO000 Lafayette 0 Marietta
0000 Wabash 50000 Pach 550000
WASHINGTON Dec Confirmations Li
B Kinney probate judge of Sovier county
Utah to correcterror in name andG W
Broant receiver of public moneys at Los
Angeles California
Bold Bobber in San Francisco
SAX FRANCISCO Dec SThree masked
men last night bound and gagged the night
watchman of the Wigwam theatre and then
forced the safe securing 1900 and 1000
worth of jewelry
A Prospect of Some Interesting Litleation
Arising Over Them
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
BIRMINGHAM Ala Dee SThe rewards
offered for the capture of Rube Burrows
the train robber who was killed near Lin
den Ala October 9 have not been paid
and there is a prospect of some interesting
litigation over them The rewards aggre
gate 75000 and are worth fighting for J
D Carter who shot and killed Burrows
claims all the money while John McDuffln
and two negroes who assisted in the cap
ture of the robber claim their share of it
After his capture Burrows escaped from
McDuffin and the two negroes and hunting
up Garter who had his gun and money he
was shot and killed by him Carter now
claims that as Burrows had escaped from
his other captors he was again a free man
and an outlaw at large and therefore he
Carter who killed him alone and unaid
ed is the only man entitled to the rewards
The Southern Express company it is said
has placed the money in the bank to pay
their part of the rewards but insist tnat
the claimants must settle among them
selves who is entitled to it The rewards
were all for the capture and conviction of
Burrows none for him dead or alive The
Southern Express company announces it
would waive this and pay its proportion
Condition of the Silver Market
NEW YORK Dec SThe Heralds Den
ver Col special says The unsettled con
dition of the silver market is causing
serious trouble among Colorado smelters
and mines producing low grade ores Un
less something is speedily done by Con
gress hundreds of low grade mines in the
state will be compelled to close down
When the price of silver went up under the
present silver bill lowgrade producers
sent thousands of tons of ore to the
smelters which was purchased at an ad
vanced price The smelters are now
loaded down with low grade ore which can
not profitably be treated at the present
price of silver They figure their loss since
the decline at 10 cents per ounce on 4500
000 worth of mineral Hundreds of mines
in the west are expecting to shut down 1
The Long and Short Marriage
Special THE HERALDExaminer Dispatch
PARKERSBURG W Ya Dee The tallest
man and the shortest woman in West Vir
ginia were married in this city Thursday
evening 1 V Collins of Dais ie who
is forty six years 6 feet S inches tall is the
bridegroom and Miss Martha J Farns
worth of Walker nineteen years old and
only 3 feet 1 inch in length is the bride
The wedding took place at the court house
in the presence of an immence crowd The
bride is a pretty little thing about the size
of a sixyearold girl while the groom
stood crowd a head taller than anyone in the
Lucky Baldwins Racing Stable
Special t THE HERALDExaminer Dispatchl
NEW YORK Dec iThe determination
of Lucky Baldwin t winter his racing
stable at Morris Park race course is liable
to cost him dearly None of racers have
ever experienced the rigors of an eastern
winter before Tho same climatic trouble
lung complaint that so nearly proved fatal
to El Rio Rey a year since at Westchester
attacked Sinaloa I one of the best animals
in his stable Wednesday of this week
this noted threeyearold filly was taken at
Morris park with symptoms which alarmed
the man in charge Dr Shephed was
called Thursday and pronounced the filly
ill with pleurisy He prescribed the usual
treatment but the filly so much
tratment fly grew worse
that Dr R A Finley was called in on
Friday morning but Sinaloa died yesterday
Joe Coburns Career
Specialto THE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
NEW YORK Dec 7Joo Coburn the
once famous champion pugilist died at his
residence last night of consumption He
had been suffering from the disease for
over four months Coburn was born July
4 ls35 in Armagh county Ireland When
eight years of ago he came to New York
where ho has since resided
Coburns first real fight was with Awful
GardinerCoburn defeated his man in six
rounds He next met Ned Price at Still
Pond Mass and after four hours and
twentyfive minutes of boxing the referee
declared it draw on account of darkness
Coburn fought Harry Gribbin at Har
pers Ferry in 1858 and won
One of his greatest fights was with big
Mike McCoole They fought in 1863 for
2503 a side and the championship of Amer
ica It was a hard fight and lasted one
hour and ttn minutes McCoole was terri
bly punished while Coburn escaped with
I out a mark After the battle Coburn chal
lenged Jem Mace of England to fight for
5000 a side and the championship the
world The American after putting up a
forfeit of 1000 started across the water
but the men did not meet on account of a
hitch in the arrangements Afterward
Mac and Coburn were matched for 5000
a side and met on Canadian soil They
were in the ring two hours and not a blow
was struck up to the time a sheriff ordered I
them to leave the country They met again
in Pennsylvania but did not fight They
were again matched and fought near Bay
City Mich in the fall of 1887 After they
had been fighting for three and a half hours
the referee declared the mill a draw
When under tne Influence of liquor Coburn
was excitable and quarrelsome He once
shot policeman and served a term in Sing
Sing for that offense
More Worlds Fair Troubles
CHICAGO Dec 8It is reported at the
Worlds fair headquarters that a number
of prominent Germans have protested
against paying their subscriptions until
such time a they are given positive infor
mation as t whether the exposition is to
be closed Sunday or not They are decid
edly opposed to Sunday closing
1 3
Of the InterState Commerce
Railway Association
Among the Roads Annual Report of the Inter
state Commerce Commission Gould and
Fred Ames Interviewed
NEW YORK Dee 8 The Journal o
Finance today made public for the first
time a lengthy letter which was rec3ntly
written by Chairman Walker of the Inter
state Commerce Railwry association to
various railroad presidents on the general
condition of railway affairs and a plan for
reform the present methods He says
the present legislative attitude of Congress
and the states is injurious but the railroad
difficulties are not wholly due to that
cause Competition as it now exists among
carriers is ruinous is simply war The
situation he says pleases the un
reflecting public and the nesec
sary inference is that the railroads
are playing their adversaries a game He
refers to the fact that during the pasl
fifteen years about onethird of the railway
mileage in the United States has been re
organized or passed through foreclosure
proceedings He does not believe this
suicidal process is beyond control but says
radical changes are required
He points out that wars in passenger and
freight rates are brought about by scalping
secret agreements rebates etc and says
that 90 per cent of all tariff changes made
are a reduction He assures them of sys
tematic passenger ratecutting and calls it
competition gone mad Such wild and reck
less methods are not in the interest of the
public and are ruinous to railway systems
He calls on the presidents to recognize the
essential unity of railway interests and
make based disarmament
a new treaty se on
He says the first few months of life of the I
Interstate Commerce Railway association
is commonly referred to as a period
of comparatively successful administration
among western roads and it was really
armed neutrality every line maintained
its fighting force fully armed and equipped
Lines should rid themselves of the ma
chinery for ratecutting either open or
secret The fundamental principles of
the association should be concen
tration authority and unification of
interests A traffic division should control
the actual handling of business a rate
division should have the exclusive right to
contract with connecting roads in respect
to exchange of business division of joint
rates and with shippers at all points out
side the association territory joint agen I
cies should replace innumerable separate
agencies now in vogue This might be
extended ultimately to competive
points upon Hues of members
In the work of the traffic division
also might be very properly embraced the
clearinghouse idea under which i would
receive copies of all billing adjust accounts
between companies settle all loss and
damage claims etc Under euch a concen
tration of methods the danger of ratecut
ting oither secretor open would be sub
stantially ended not revenues of every line
protected and the public better served
Jay Gould Interviewed
Special THE HERVLD Examiner Dispatch
NEW YORK Dec Preliminary ar
rangements for the western railroad agree
ment are practically completed The
meeting for perfecting an agreement will
be held at the home of J Pierrepont Mor
gan one week from today the 15th Presi
dent Huntington of the Southern Pacific
has signed the agreement and the execu
tive committee of the Rock Island has sig
nified its concurrence The Burlington
Quincy and tho Alton are tho only roads
which have not formally announced their
willingness t join in the agreement
The agreement will go through without
a hitch said Jay Gould tonight Once
it is adopted it will not be a question of
asking dissenting roads to join but as to
whether they be permitted to join There
will be no receiver for the Union Pacific
The road has an income of 1000000 a
month and in good times its obligations
would give it no trouble The floating
dpht is taken care of The former mnnnirn
mont bought 75000 tons of steel rails and a
lot of firstclass equipment but made no
provisions for paying for that I spent all
last week and neglected my own individual
interests in straightening this matter out
Some of the concerns which furnished the
new material would have failed had not a
change been made in the management of
the road We raised the money and paid
Fred Ames on the Union Pacific
BOSTON Dec SDirector Ames of the
Union Pacific says in an interview The
floating debt of the Union Pacific was fully
explained in last years report I has been
reduced tho past year by 4000000 and is
now about 4500000 Mr Gould knew all
about the floating debt when he entered
the directory and has discovered nothing
new about it He agreed to take care of it
and has provided for the January 1 require
ments which are less than 2000000 Mr
Gould expresses great satisfaction at the
appearance of everything in connection
with the property Ho has no more idea of
a receivership for the property than I have
for the Ames building 1 do not know of
any scheme for funding the Union Pacific I
debt We can easily pay it when the railroad
road bond market revives
The Trouble on the Baltimore Ohio
PITTSBURG Dec S The threatened
strike of the employees of this division of
the Baltimore Ohio railway did not ma
materialize today and a general strike is
not regarded as probable Five through
freight trains were moved this morning
and the officials claim they will have
enough switchmen at Glenwood by tomor
row to entirely clear the yards of accumu
I lated freight
Some oflilttle Wounds Hand Raiding
OMAHA Dec SA special from Cedar
City S D says A band of Indians from
Little Wounds camp has been raiding de
serted ranches killing and running off
stock burning hay and grain and stealing
household goods Today twenty armed
men left Rapid City for the Indian camp
They will joined by a number of ranch
ers and if they aro not intercepted by the
troops will attack the Indians
A special from Custer says Not far from
Buffalo Gap T M Warren a ranchman
with four of his men were attacked by a I
raiding party of Indians and killed four
3Chis story is not verified
S H H Clark Appointed General Manager
of the Union Pacific
NEW YORK December SAt a meeting
of the executive committee of the Union
Pacific today it appointed S H H Clark
now general manager of the Missouri
Pacific as general manager of the Union
Pacific At a meeting later of the Union
Pacific board of directors Clark will be
elected vicepresident
H W Halcomb the present general
manager has been made assistant to Clark
Clark Avill retain charge of the operating
department the Missouri Pacific but re
ceive tne help of the assistant general
manager who has not yet decidedmpon
Effects of Delamater Cos Failure
MEADEVILLE Pa Dec SReports con
tinue to come in of now sufferers from the
collaese of Delamater ii Cos bank A
banker of this city said a cautious estimate
of the liabilities would not be less than
5CO000 and they may reach 500000
Nothing positive is known about the
assets but the most sanguine do not hope
for EC ore than 5 cents on the dollar The
whole city is restless and excited
The assignee of Delamater Co made a
a statement this afternoon showing tho
assets to be47300 and liabilities 545000
How much the assets may shrink cannot
be told ana how many obligations the firm
may have not shown by books is not yet
known All the members of the firm have
surrendered all their personal property
Washington HcLean Dead
WASHINGTON D C Dec Washington
McLean formerly of Cincinnati died
tonight aged 74 His wife his two
daughters and his son John McLean
proprietor of the Cincinnati Enquii were
with him at the time of > his death Mr
McLean was a native of Cincinnati He
was proprietor and manager of the Enquirer
until 15 years ago when his son assumed
active charge During his residence in
Ohio Mr McLean was a prominent factor
in the affairs of the Democratic party in
Ohio yet never held nor was a candidate
for public office
To Form a BarbeLl Wire Trust
CHICAGO Dec Representatives of the
barbed wire manufacturers of the United
States met this morning in response to a
circular sent out by J W Gates repre
senting the St Louis wire works Gates I
said the object of the meeting was to form
a trust and raise the price of barbed wire
1 cent a pound
American Live Stock Association I
CHICAGO Dec SThe American Live
Stock association of the United States
assembled tis afternoon in regular session
Queen BcKdit Emma Tales the Oath of Office
I THE HAGUE Dec 8 Queen Regent
Emma today took the oath of office
King Milan in London
LONDON Dec SKing Milan of Servia
has arrived
National BeaniE of Trade
NEW ORLEANS Dec SThe national
board of trade met this afternoon seventy
five members were present representing
the leading boards of trado including Port
land Ogn Mayor Shakespeare welcomed
the delegates Fred F Raley was re
elected president After electing num
ber of vicepresidents he convention took
a recess
Prime Minister of Corea Greathouse
SAN FRANCISCO Dec 8A resident of
this city recently fromJ pan says Consul
General Greathouse has resigned his posi
minister tion to accept of Corea the appointment 1 of prime
Pariiell to Hake Addresses
DUBLIN Dec S During tho coming
week Parnell wilUmako addresacsatDub
lin Cork Limerick and t Waterford
LONDON Dec SThe Cork Examiner
says Parnells English career is closed
The Examiner thinks Parnell has over
rated his ability to secure tho return of men
to parliament to take the place of the mew
beas who opposed his leadership Parnell
will be accompanied on his coming tour
through Irelandby the most active of his
followers Before his departure from E g
land for Ireland he will issue a manifesto
to the people of the latter country which
will be signed by his supporters
Recommendations of the Freemans Journal
DUBLIN Dec SThe Freemans Jourimi
in which Parnell is understood tohave an
interest advocates on its own responsibility
ity without recommending the plan to
ether side on grounds beyond its reason
ableness that efforts be made by the fac
tions of the Irish party in the direction of
conciliation and peace It urges Dillon and
OBrien to return from the United States
to Paris forthwith and that all National
ists or delegates from each section of the
party assemble in that city
Hcnly Requested to Support Parnell
LONDON Dec SThe Gaelic Athletic as
sociation has adopted resolution request
intr Healy to abandon his preaens position
and support Parnell
In the House of Commons
LONDON Dec 8rhe antiParnellite
members of the commons made an early
appearance in the house Thirtyone en
tered the chamber in 0 body and took the
principal places in the first four benches
below the gangway with a view to prevent
the Parnellites from occupyingtheir usual
seats Colonel Nolan and John Deasy en
tered later and contrived to secure seats
Parnells seat had also been reserved he
having at an earlier hour affixed a ticket to
it Healy arrived later than his colleagues
When he entered he took Parnells ssat
but McCarthy warned him to vacate TrI
party seemed in excellent spirits Tney
cheered loudly when Deasy antiParnellite I
who advanced t the speakers chair
moved the issue of a writ for I new elec
tion in North Kilhojny tonlt the vacancy
in the house caUsed oy mu death of Ed
ward Marum The writ was issued
McCarthy amid the cheering of his sup
porters gave notice that upon the reassem
bling ot the house he would call attention
to the circumstances in connection with the
recent arrest ant prosecution of Dillon and
OBrien end would move a resolution in
relation to the case
William Henry Smith government
leader announced that when the house
went into committee on the land purchase
bill he would move an adjournment until
January a
Balfour moved a second reading of the
land department Ireland bill
Healy moved to adjourn the debate on
the ground that the government was treat
ing the house with contempt not explain
ing the provisions of the bill Baltours
Irish relief bill which asks an appropria
tion of 5000 to enable him to supply seed
potatoes to distressed farmers passed its
third reading I
A motion by Healy was defeated and I
the bill passed its second reading Paruell
and all the other Irish members voted
against it i I
News from China I
SAN FRANCISCO Dec 8The steamship
China arrived this morning from China
and Japan bringing details of the blowing
up November 2 of the government
powder mills at Tai Ping Foo Three
hundred lives were lost All the houses in
the vicinity were wrecked One half of
the city of Pa Chow province of Anluvei
is reported destroyed by fire originating
from another powder explosion
Parnell to OBrien
LONDON Dec 8 William OBrien sent I
a cable dispatch to Parnell today appeal
ing t him to suggest some way by which
Ireland might be say d from destruction
arnel replied I is now too late to res
cue sects from their false position I shall
be Europe glad to consult you on your arrival in
Hoar is Anxious to Fix a Day for
the Force Bill
Voting on Bil
Gray and Gorman Oppose Secretary Win
dom on the Financial Situation Bond
and Silver Purchases
WASHINGTON Dec SJones of Arkan
sas offered a resolution which went over
calling on tho attorneygeneral for infor
mation as to the supervisors of election ap
pointed for tho First and Second congres
sional districts of Arkansas for the con
gressional election November 4 the sums
paid out and called for in connection with
the election or with proceedings since the
election etc
Casey I offered a resolution wbich
was referred te the committee on agriculture
of agricul
ture calling on the secretarv
tune for a statement of the progress made
luthe investigation for irrigation pur
Dawes read portions of a letter written
by Lee census Indian agent from Pine
Ridge agency to the interior department
going to show there was no lack of food
among the Sioux Ho said he read this to
relieve the public anxiety and show the
Indians were not on the warpath on ac
count of wantof supplies
The discussion was continued on the
joint resolution appropriating 5000 for in
vestigating the Indian outbreak It was
finally referred to the committee on Indian
A resolution calling on the secretary of
the treasury for a statement of the moneys
paid Davenport chief supervisor of elec
tions each year since 1S71 etc Agreed to
Hoar moved to proceed t the considera
tion of the election bill but on the sugges
tion that Gray was temporarily absent
withdrew his motion and asked unanimous I
consent to have the time fixed Friday
next for taking a final vote on the bill
Gray in the meanwhile came in and the
bill wap taken up Gray yielded to Gorman
who argued against the proposition to fix
the time for taking a vote He recalled the
statement of Hoar at the last session that
i the election bill were not then taken up
and disposed of there would not be time to
do so in the short session 1 had been the
firm conviction of the Democratic side that
after what had occurred at the last election
the Senator from Massachusetts would not
press the bill so tbe Senators on his side
had not prepared themselves to discuss it
intelligently Gorman continued We
stand today on a volcano We have heard
a discussion as to the starving Indians
but take no note of the fact that the farm
ers of the land are meeting and resolving
that there Is danger and trouble i not
starvation among them the faces of
bankers and merchants are blanched with
fear No man can tell whether tomorrow
or next day every bank in the centers of
commerce will not be closed by suspension
of payment nod now in the midst of such a
state of affairs we who come here flushed
with victory had hope that the majority of
the party would give us an opportunity to
join with it in preventing the wreck which
is now impending Lay aside this bill
which the country has pronounced against
and let us take l matters which all classes
of our fellow citizens ure looking to us > to
consider I you do not i you persist in
the course marked out by the Senator from
Massachusetts the responsibility must rest
with the party in power I the Senator
from Massachusetts insists on considera
tion of this partisan measure while bank
ruptcy and ruin are going on when he goes
back to Boston ho will find that merchants
and oankers and men of affairs as well as
farmers and laborers will tell him while
he is attempting hostile legislation legisla
tion against a section of country that i it
had not beenfor the products ol that sec
tion if it had not been for the money of
the cotton crop there would not be a bank
in Massachusetts able to pay its depositors
Tiie only thing that has saveU them has
been that they have been able to draw on
the cotton crop and on the oil
Hoar replied that for four days the
Senate had been listening to Democratic
speeches etc made for mere delay and
obstruction I the Senator from Mary
land had another measure which ne
thought would allay the panic 01 menace
to the commercial prosperity of the coun
try which had begun when the elections
were declared in favor of the Democratic
party the country having been before that
in a position of unexampled prosperity
why should ha not after a lair and proper
statement of the reasons for voting against
the election bill let the Senate vote upon i
Tho election bill was a measure whose sole
purpose was to submit to the judges of
courts of the United States against whose
integrity and official honor no man could
bring any charge the question of who had
the prima lacie title t a scat in the House
of Representatives instead of having it de
clared by ruffinism fraud or violence ar so
often was the case in the past
Gray spoke briefly in line with Gormans
remarks then concludad his argument
against the bill Berry obtained the floor
and after a short executive session the
Senate adjourned
In the House
WASHINGTON Dec SThe committee on
judiciary reported back the Enloo resolu
tion for the arrest of George Minot one of
the doorkeepers for attempting violently
to prevent Enloes exit from the House
during the cal of House in August last
The committee reports the case calls for
no action on the part of the House The
resolution was laid on the table
McKinley reported from tho ways and
means committee and the House psssed the
bill providing for a rebate on tobacco in
stock equal to the reduction made in the
internal revenue law by the last tariff bill
McKinley merely stated the bill was simi
lar to the provision in the tariff bill sec
tion 30 which had been omitted in forming
that measure ana on a declaration by Mills
of Texas that it was all right no oppo
sition was made to its passage Adjourned
Ways and Means Committee
WASHINGTON Dec SThe ways and
means committee voted to report without
amendment the bill authorizing the secre
tary of tho treasury to refund so much of
the lax collected on tobacco which shall be
in the hand of dealers and manufacturers
January 1 as was abolished by the recent
tarf act The committee also voted to re
port a resolution declaring nothing in the
tariff act should be constructed to impair
the provisions of the Hawaiian treaty Tne
Democrats opposed the resolution I
I 1 Bond and Silver Purchases
WASHINGTON Dec Srhe treasury de 1
part eut today purchased 685000 ounces
I of silver at from 51023 to 11350
j Theamouiit of 4 per cent bonds accepted
today was 4591000 for which u disburse
ment of about 0350000 in money will be
made The secretary of the treasury said
this afternoon in view of existing condi
tions he would accept an additional offer
tons at a reasonable price of sufficient
amount to make the total purchase a000
000 for which he said tao expenditures
would be nearly 10000000 The secre
tary said further it is manifestly impossi
ble under existing conditions for him to
uso the fractional currency now in the
treasury in the purchase of bonds for the
reason that it would at once be returned to
him in exchange for greenbacks and leave
him With a deficiency instead of surplus
There are now about 10000000 fractional
currency in the treasury of which all but
2000000 is in silver half dollars As i is
legal tender to the amount of 10 only it is
not regarded as part of the available cash
balance The secretary said he would like
very much to get it into circulation but hs
certainly should not do so at the expense of
the limited available surplus
Bland today introduced a bill authoriz
ing the secretary of the treasury to prepare
a new series of legal tender notes or green
backs which when the ordinary revenues
of the government are not sufficient to
meet the requirements ho is to pay out in
sufficient dues sums to meet all demands and
WIndom on the Financial Situation I
I NEW YORK Dec Srhe Situ prints a
long report of an interview on the financial
situation held by its Washington corres
pondent with Secretary Windom The
secretary says the treasury department is
doing all it can to relieve the present strin
gency and will continue on the same line of
policy followed to this time The strin
gency he says is not the result of a coni
iract of the currency and there has
never been a time in governments his
tory in an era of p3ace when so much I
money was flowing out of the treasury into
the country Tae treasury Las put out
over 100000000 within the last nineteen
months wiih no appreciable effect and he
thinks the money is hoarded The 100
OOOOuO in gold held as a legal tender reserve
will never be disturbed with his consent
Ho might possibly call out the i4000000
deposit3d tin national banks but he does
not think this would be a very popular
proposition at the present time In con
ciusion he says whatever he may do to
ward altering the uueasines in monetary
circles he does not propose to let the
treasury become bankrupt
TheLondon Slanders Concerning it Hunted
Down and Apologies Offered
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
NEW YORK Des SThe Suits
London cable says Some weeks
ago John W Mackay published ad
vertisements in the London papers offering
a reward for information concerning the
identity of certain persons in London who
had circulated unpleasant rumors concern
ing Mrs Mackays early career The ex
planation of this circumstance furnishes an
amusing illustration of the facility with
whlcl rumor augments itself under favor
able conditions It seems that u lady of
high position near court Mrs Chain some
years ago was annoyed by the escapade of
a favorite maid who ran away from her
employer and her home and went to New
York with a wealthy Australian not un
known to the turf Her mistress interested
terested in the girls fate heard she had
eventually gone to the Pacific coast and
there married n Scotchman or Irishman by
the name of Mackay When Mrs J W
Mackay first came to London and attracted
the attention of fashionable society by I
giving splendid entertainments some I
thoughtless or illnatured person in Mrs
Chains circle of J rends threw out the
query as to whether the Mr Mackay
wOhse name was then in allpeoples mouths
as the shyer king in America could possibly
be the person who was reported to have
married Mrs Chains maid
Who this person was I do not undertake
to say although it is attributed to two not
very prominent men more or less addicted
to fashionable gossip But as in the case
of the three black crows the query once
started went from mouti t mouth until it
grew into an assertion and it was so often
repeated that it came at last to the knowl
edge of Mrs Mackay as proceeding from a
wellknown American lady now resident in
London Then Mr Mackay thinking the
time had come for tuklngdeci5ive measures
issued the advertisement referred to and
called in the service of George Lewis who
has been effectually settling the matter
right With explanations and apologies from
alt concerned
An interesting relic of the early days of
the American press was yesterday sold
under the hammer at Sothebys I wus
the Pcnnsylrania Gazette for the year 1740
printed in Philadelphia
The VIe V Amers 1 Safe
BRUSSELS Dec SThere is no truth in
the report that the Belgian training ship
Villed Anvers has foundered The vessel
is safe
Death of Senator Millers Widow
Specialto THE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
NEW YORK Dec SMrs Miller widow
of the late Senator John F Miier of California
fornia died at her residence in Washington
early yesterday morning Mrs Miller
spent last summer at her country place at
Napa California Iud returned to Wash
ington four weeks ago when serious evi
dences of abccss of the live began to mani
fest themselves She had baen ill ever
since and death was looked for every hour
for the past three days Mrs Clover wife
of Lieutenant Clover of the navy her only
child came east with her mottier and I
watched by her mo oners bedside till death
The funeral will probably take place Tues
day Mrs Miller was widely known and
admired in highest official mind social cir
cles of Washiugtoa and her hospitalities
during her huslands term in the Senate
made her home one of the centres of much
that was the char of that period
A Drama by Lonise Kicnel
Special to TIJCHERALD Examiner Dispatch
NEW YORK Dec 7A Herald special
from Paris says At she Theatre
National in LArillette an ex
terior boulevard was performed last
evening La Greve a play by Louise
Michel I completely confused all its
hearers who came away with a vague idea
that they had assisted at a revolution in
which urama Russian policemen god
desses and Polish martyrs wero so mixed
that at the end of the piece they could
hardly tell which was which Tue play
contains some references to the Polish ris
ing 20 yeais ago which interwoven with
the story of u general strike against the
power of capital The strikers in one scone
rush into the drawing room of a rich mans
house everything sack the whole place and set fire to
Olyect of Kalakiiuas Visit
SAN FIUNCISCO Dec SA special dis
patch from Washington published here this
morning intimated that the real object of
King Kalaknas visit to this country was
to open negotiations for the annexation of
Hawaii by the United States Colonel Mc
Farland the Kings cnamberlain denies
the truth of tne statement buton the other
hand interviews are printed with a number
of Hawaiian residents in this city ueclar
big their belief that there is some grjunt
for the story
Minister Carter Talks
WASHINGTON Dec 8Carter minister
from Hawaii left the city tonight for San
Francisco to consult with King Kalakaua
To a reporter expressed the belief that
the story from San Francisco that thoKung
I is here on a mission of annexation is an ab
surd invention He said The Kings I
am free to say is anxious for an extentio
of the reciprocity plan to all the products
of the island and It is no doubt on that
subject that he wants to talk to me He is
a firm believer in the benefits of general
reciprocity and eager to see it consum
mated I should be glad also if the thing
could be done but I do not think it wise to
take any steps in that direction at present
in view of the attitude of political parties
The late election effectually blocks us for
the present
Dr Newman Relates the Story
In Conclave in WashingtonThe Talk la Still
Blaine for Presidential Candidate Inl89i >
Aiders Place
SpcLim to THE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
NEW YORK Dec SThe Thirtyseventh
street Methodist Episcopal church which
has been undergoing repairs was reopened
yesterday Popular interest centered in
the service of the afternoon the feature of
which was the dedication of the Grant
memorial window Mrs Grant and Mr
Ulysses S Grant and his children were
present occupying seats in the front of the
Ample justice was done to the memory of
General Grant in the evening meeting by
the Rev Bishop John P Newman Dr
Newman preached the memorial sermon
which he particularly addressed to a dele
gation one hundred strong from the U S
Grant post Grand Army of the Re
public of Brooklyn He spoke from
his knowledge of General Grants
character and life and portions of his ad
dress were thrillingly interesting There
were many tearful eyes as he told the story
of Grants conversion and baptism
One evening said Dr Newman en
tering the room where General and Mrs
Grant were seated I said General three
hundred Metodist churches in Now Jersey
stood up today and prayed for you
Yes said the general I have heard that
a number of men and women in Boston
have banded themselves together to pray
for mo and little children have sent in e
notes saying they have added my name to
the names of their papas and mammas in
their prayers And then I saw his big grey
eyes till with tears What do you iay
general said I shall we not join in a uni
versal petition l
It was while they prayed Dr Newman
said that the general became a converted
man and in a deep solemn voice uttered re
peated amens to the petition that was
offered in his behalf The baptism took
place Dr Newman said at a time when in
the opinion of attending physicians it was
thought the general had but five minutes
to live though as a matter of fact death at
that time was so remote that the general
lived to go on and complete the story of his
The Republican leaders in Conclave
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
NEW YORK Dec 8A Washington spel
ciat says Politicians who have been watch
ing the movements of a group of Republi
can leaders arsisking tonight if James G
Blaine is to be the head of the ticket in
1S92 and if General Russel A1 Alger is to
be the running mate One of the most dis
tinguished visitors hero is General Alger
himself other are ViceChairman James S
Clarkson and Secretary J Sloat Fassett
of the Republican national committee Gen
eral John N Knapp chairman of the New
YorK Republican state committee Chair
man Michiner of the Indiana Republican
state committee and M M Estee national
comaitteman from California ExSenato
Thomas U Platt is due and has engaged
rooms at the Arlington the headquarters
of the other politicians named
It was long afternoon before the clerk
at the desk notified visitors that no mori
cards were to be sent to the three until
evenincr General Alger slipped over to
see Secretary Blaine and remained nearly
an hour Senator Fassett toolr a walk with
Senator Hiscook and before he returned to
his hotel had a chat with Senator Quay
Then General Alger and Measers Clark
son and Fassett got together in the for
mers apartments and remained in consul
tation until dinner hour General Clarkson
accepted an invitation to dine with es
oatmasterGeneral Frank Hatton Gen
ral Alger has had as his guests several
AJ prominent Republican said We
re acre aiscussmgwhat is best to do to
place the party in lighting trim for 1892
Before we talk of candidates itis necessary
to solidify the rank and file Other party
leaders will be here and I believe that the
result of our conference will be productive
of great benefit to the party Every one of
them of course regrets the November
disaster but it has inspired them to get to
gether and mark out a policy for the coni
ng campaign and take measures to retrieve
our laurals Yes there has been consider
able talk of Blaine and Alger today
Would Geneal Alcer accept vicePros
dential nomination
Most assuredly he would if Blanc were
to head the ticket You will recall the fact
that he refused tota become a candidate
for the presidontal nomination in Isbb
until he received positive assurance that
Blame would not accept
Price Sherman Co Hatters Assign
PHILADELPHIA Dec SThe ha s manu
factoring firm of Price Sherman Co assigned
signed today Their assignment precipi
tated the failure of Frederick Sherman re
ail dealer in hats and furs Price Sher
man Co were rated from 5200000 to 300
000 and their general credit is high
Destitution in South Dakota
PIERRE S D Dec LisutenantGor
ernor Fletcher confirms the reports of des
titution in South Dakota and declares that
boomers are trying to conceal the facts He
says that in seven counties on account oi
loss of crops through drought the past
three years the farmers are destitute and
will starve unless aided Aid is being con
tributed by the citizens of the state butha
thinks general appeal should be made
Pension Deficiency Estimates
WASHINGTON Dec 8The secretary oi
the treasury has transmitted to the House
an estimate for 34500000 by the secretary
of time interior to supply the deficiency fos
the payment of the army and navy pensions
for the current fiscal year
The Indians on time Bad Lands
OMAHA Dec SA Bee special from Pine
Ridge says A scout came In tonight
and reported that no sooner had the hostile
chiefs returned from the council held yes
terday than they proceeded to move their
camp severatmiles deep into the bad lands
instead of moving therefrom as advised by
General Brooke
skirmish between Indians and Eancamen
CHICAGO Dec 8 General Miles this
morning received a telegram from Buffalo
S D saying ranchmen and Indians had a
slight skirmish The situation is becom
ing serious for the settlers are unarmed
Can you send fifty good rifles and am <
munition so that the settlers can defend
themselves The general will leave fop
I the scene of the Indian troubles tomorrow
British Gold for New York
LONDON Dec 8It is stated 100000
gold will bo shipped from London to Nert
York this week for the assistance of bank
there It is doubtful if any assistance will
be sent by the Bank of France

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