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J V t J > rc 1 T4 iIJ F
liThe 1 LOOK Christmas FOB OUT raldr II THE A LJV lLi i E 1 q HERALDS I Herald <
A Tribune Interview Appears in
the Congressional Record
Business of Minor Jmportanae only Trans
acted The Position of the Various Sena I
torial Candidates Still Doubfnl
telegram to TIE HERALD The readers of
that usually dull official reporter of de
bates the Conorcssfonal Record were very
much astonished to find in this mornings
issue the following spicy interview at
tached to some remarks of Senator Paddock
upon tho Indian question which was yes
terday under discussion in the Senate
I While the Tribune is taking no part in
the interesting senatorial fight in Idaho it
is due to its many readers that state that
they should be informed of the sentiment
prevailing in Congress in reference to the
struggle I have taken the trouble in the
last few days to personally interview more
than fifty Senators and Representatives
here upon the subject All without excep
t on expressed surpijbe that any contest so
fur u Dubois was concerned was in pro
J gress Speaker Reed says Why there can
rot be any question about Dubois can
tlicrei His remarkable personal influence
nd popularity made Idaho a state I con
less that he very strongly influenced me
Senator Platt said Why of course
the state of Idaho will select Fred T I
Dubois as its first Senator He has earned
i Jiy the most earnest faithful and intelli
gent of labor for his people Western
electors are not ungrateful He is a clear
unfratefuL cear
active brain and doubts
lUt act c brainy man no one
his election
Senator Culloai Doubt about Fred T
Dubois election Nonsense His people
are not built that way Au abler territorial
Delegate has not sat in Congress in the
last twenty years I have known him
since a boy and his record is a remarkable
one Mark my word he will be the first
Senator chosen
Senator PaddockWhom will Idaho
select Why Dubois of course I they
dont I will most regret my vote for state
hood Idaho would have been a dismem
bered territory today if it had not been
for Dubois
That the readers of THE HERALD may
fuiiy enjoy the joke they must understand
that the Washington correspondent of the
Salt Lake Tribune is also Senator Pad
docks private secretary whO while revis
ing the Senators speech for publication
got the matter mixed with his dispatch to
the Tribune published the latter in the
Congruslnnal Record as part of Senator Pad
docks remarks and doubtless telegraphed
the Senators Indian speech t the Tribune
Speaker Reed and the Senators interested
were surprised to read in the Record opin
ions reluctantly drawn from them by the
correspondent intended for publication in
his paper the Salt Lake organ of Fred T
Dubois for the purpose of influencing the
Idaho legislature to elect him as the first
Senator from the new state Like Little
Buttercup the Tribune correspondent
mixed those babies up but that the I
rantling may not be lost I give it the
i benefit Idaho of THE HERALDS large circulation
In the Idaho Legislature
BOISE CITT Idaho Dee 9fSpecial
telegram to THE HERALD The senate
met this morning at 10 am for the offer
ing of the opening prayer The report of
the committee on organization was read
and accepted This report called for the
fiection of the necessary officers of which
the following is a list Secretary M C
i Athcy Shoshone county assistant secre
tory Robert Larimer Idaho county en
grossing clerk F B Smith Kootenai as
sistant engrossing clerk Miss French of
Logan enrolling clerk Mark Leonard
Washington county assistant enrolling
clerk Margaret Reeney Bingham county
On the nomination of the candidates for
this office there was I bolt from the slate
as prepared at the caucus last night but
the attempt was a failure and tho abo e
young lady was elected
Sergeantatarms G W H Hunter Lo
gan pages Sidney Field Alturas county
W Gazzer Ada county doorkeeper P F
Callahan Elmora county janitor James
Lawson Elmore county chaplain Rev
L W Gowan of Ada countp
This is the complete slate as nominated in
the caucus last night giving tho north the
proper representation a guaranteed in the
party platform The first three officers
the most important are from the north and
the balance from the south This is a de
liberate black eye to the Statesmans idea
of ignoring the north and sending two Sen
ators Shoup and Dubois from the south
The house met this morning at 10 oclock
and after the usual opening exercises pro
ceeded to elect by acclamation Rev Mr
Bartlett chaplain All the attaches were
called t the bar and administered the oath
and on a motion by Price of Alturas a
committee on rules was appointed by the
speaker The members then drew for
seats and the house adjourned until 2 p m
At the afternoon session of both houses
very little of importance was done In the
house a motion offering the courtesies of
tho floor to exmembers and newspapers
was carried and in both the house and
the senate committees were appointed t
wait on the governor and ask him for any
communication which he deiired to submit
The committee on rules in the senate
made a partial report recommending tie
appointment of numerous committees on
the affairs and needs of the state Both
houses adjourned until 1 am tomorrow
when the governors message will DC read
i The entire action tcday of both houses i
points very strongly to the bursting of
Dubois bubble and the shelving of Freddy
by his party The action yesterday of the
Louse in electing Hunter and breaking the
slate as prepared by his henchmen showed
their feelings and the election today to
the three principal offices of parties from
the north was most convincing proof of the
feeling among the members of not recog
nizing the norths claims in the Senate
New candidates are to como in and it will
then be more difficult than heretofore to
name the two fortunate men But taking
everything into careful consideration it is
pretty safe t say that McConnell will and
Dubois wont be elected It is generally
agreed that his arbitrary policy and the
publishing of his speech in the Tribune I
killed him A man who can talk fast
enough to render a speech of a page closely
printed in an hour and a quarter talks too
fast for Idaho
Massacre of Chinese Christians
SiN FRANCISCO Dee 9 Advices from
Chung King China say the troubles at Ta
Chu Tsien arpso from the massacre of
Chinese Christians at Loong Tuyn Tsin by
members of the Loo Huy Sos society during
the celebration in honor of the patron
deity After the celebration several days
the brotherhood consulted the gods as to
whether it would be safe to plunder the
Christians The reply was affirmative and
the brotherhood raided a number of well
todo Christian families and carried off a
lot of booty A few days after theymade
a fresh attack and massacred many Nine
teen bodies were counted in the streets
several are known to have been cut to
pieces and thrown into the river The
mission building and many others were
burned and corpses thrown into the flames
Funeral of JOG Cobnrn
NEW YORK Dec GThe funeral of Joe
Coburn an oldtime pugilist took place
this morning from the church of the Holy
Innocents It was atteuded by a largo
gathering of sporting men The interment
was in Calvary cemetery
The New York Herald Favors Him as the
Successor to Evarts
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
NEW Yom Dec 0The Herald besides
publishing a column of extracts from
papers commenting on Charles A Dana to
be United States Senator from New York
publishes a doubleleaded editorial advocat
ing his candidacy and election by the legis
lature This is the concluding parapraph
It is the rankest folly in the Democrats
to dream of sending a nack politician to the
Senate The times call for the best we
have breadth and width of view brains
statesmanship in a word a man who can
fully represent the highest political culturA
and the enormous commercial interests of
the Empire state For these reasons and a
thousand more we urge Mr Dana as the
first and only choice of the people
Cleveland Will be a Candidate
MINNEAPOLIS Dee DA special from
Sioux Falls S D says J Leslie Thomp
son one of the wheel horses of the South
Daksta democracy has just returned from
New York where he had an interview with
exPresident Cleveland Cleveland said
he would surely 10 a presidental candidate
in 1S92 and wanted his South Dakota
friends to stick by him
Jay Gould and the Union Pacific
NEW YORK Dec 9Jay Gould said in
reference to tho rumors as to the Union
Pacifics floating debt The company had
to pay 3000030 for new equipments Then
the people wanted their money That will
all be arranged The company receives
130 new locomotives and between four and
five thousand freight cars which will en
able the road to more than move the wheat
in the northwest which could not be han
dled on account of scarcity of cars
Atchison Earnings for November
BOSTOX Dec 9The gross earnings of
the entire Atchison system including St
Louis A San Francisco approximated for
November were 3050000 an increase of
Sidney Dillon Announces Clarks Appointment
NEW YORK Dee President Sidney
Dillon of the Union Pacific today issued
an official order setting forth that by con
sent and direction of the executive com
I mittee S H H Clark is until further or
ders appointed general manager in place of
W H Holcomb resigned All depart
ments of the company are subject to the
appointment Mr Clark issues an order I
appointing Holcomb assistant general man
ager of the Union Pacific railway and con
trolled and operated lines with headquar
ters at Omaha It is understood Mr Clark
will soon be elected vicepresident
Director Ames on the Union Pacifics Condition
BOSTON Dec 9 Director Ames of the
Union Pacific in an interview today said
I believe the October earnings are the
worst the Union Pacific will show for many
months They tell us from Omaha that
November should show an improve
ment and I feel sure Decem
ber will continue that improve
ment But I have been so much
disappointed in the monthly returns that I
dont like to prophesy Tho trustees have
cancelled during this year 7367000 bonds
reducing the annual fixed charges by
nearly 000000 but only half this reduc
tion will show in this years report This
leaves outstanding only 6636000 of these
S per cent bonds and at maturity in Sep
tember 1S93 the company will cancel the
entire issue and when all the land notes
are paid there will be a balance from land
assests to be covered into the Unibn Pa
cific treasury The trustees of this land
money have now 1000000 on hand for in
vestment in bonds Besides this the
trustees of the Kansas Pacific con
solidated mortgage have another 1000000
nh hnh
The Rock Island Will Sign
KEW YonK Dec 9 President Cable of
the Rock Island road said his company
will sign the agreement now being circulated
lat d preliminary t the formation of a
new railway association
I The Usual Western Union Dividend
NEW YOYK Dec 0Dr Norvin Green
president of th Western Union says the
usual dividend of 1 per cent will be de I
clared tomorrow at the quarterly meeting
of the board of directors and that the
statement will be one of the best ever
issued by the company
Mexican Lottery Circulars In the Mails
WASHINGTON Dec 9It is stated at tho
postofiice department that the mails sent
from Mexico into the United States re
cently bave been burdened with circulars of
Mexican lotteries enclosed in sealed enve
lopes the covers of which were clipped
and postage paid at the rate of 1 cent
which is permissable under the Mexican
postal laws Under the laws of the United
States the enclosure of such circulars in
sealed envelopes would require them t be
I held for postage and refused admission to
the mails us printed matter The postmas
ter general has been in correspondence
with the directorgeneral of posts of Mex
ico on this subject and it has been acreed
that the lottery circulars referred to shall
no longer be cried in the mails or deliv
ered to their address in this country
The Republican caucus committee to
frame a closure rule for the Senate today
discussed various resolutions I is said
the report will be ready in a few days
The President has approved the joint
resolution authorizing the sectretary of
war to issue 1000 stands of arms to North
and South Dakota Wyoming Montana and
The Three Cs Road Receiver
KNOXVILLE Tenn Dec 9The railroad
known as the Thhee Cs to rum from
here t Minneapolis Va now in course of
construction has been placed in the hands
of a receiver The Massachusetts and
SoutbernConstruction company building
the road also toes into the hands of a re
ceiver McDonald Shea Si Co conractors
are creditors to the extent of 500000
> f
Young Miller Tells How lie Killed
Fi4baugh and Emerson
The Salt lake Public Building Bill The
Tooole City Poatouiec Matter Settled
An Ogden Appointment
CHEYENNE Wyo Dec DSpecial tele
gram to THE HII LDUU houses were
in attendance all during the second day of
the trial of Charles Miller the boy killer
ol Ross Fishbough and Waldo Emmerson
the dead men of the box car mystery The
defendant a frail subdued lad of fiend
ish face was heard today He repeated
his confession and told his entire life story
as one would relate an ordinary happening
The first mention of the actual killing by
him was when he said that at Sidney Neb
he divided a lunch ho earned by carrying
some coal for I baker with two young
welldressed tramps Who were those
men inquired tho attorney conducting the
examination Why said ho with a
falter the men I killed next day I
Miller offers no justification for the
double murder beyond the statement that
he was heartsore over his impecunious con
dition He says he thought of the crime
but a moment before carrying his plan into
effect Emmerson who was instantly
killed slept soundly but Fishbaugh dozed I
and survived the shot several hours On
viewing his victims Miller said he felt
badbut searched tho bodies and found 10
a new revolver and watch and a couple of
knives In Cheyenne he had a shave and
hair cut at Grover Colo he bought a hat
and gloves and marked them Kansas
Charlie his stage name A newspaper
story of the crime induced him to tell the
story to his brother Miller has served a 1
couple of years at ths printing business i
The Salt Lake Public Bnililinc Bill
telegram to THE HER LDThe House of
Representatives today took up and passed
three public building bills which were con
sidered in committee of the whole and re
ported to the House with favorable recom
mendations at the last session of Congress
Chairman Milliken of the committee on
public buildings and grounds expects to
get another day during the present session
for the consideration of the public build
ings bills and has promised Delegate Caino
to then do all in his power to have the bill
for the Salt Lake city public building
taken up and passed e
Ale Emerson Appointed Customs Inspector
telegram to THE HCRUDA Emerson
of Ogden Utah has been appointed inspec
tor of customs at that city to fill the va
cancy caused by the death of C L Hoi
Tooele City Postoflice
WASHINGTON Dec 9ESpecial telegram
to TiE HERALD First Assistant Post
master General Whitefield wrote Delegate
Caine today in reference to the Toocle
city postofflce where a change of location
has long been asked for that the report of
an inspector who was ther to investigate I
the case had just been received and on his
recommendation and that of other United
States officials Mrs Scott the present
postmistress has been removed and Mr
D T Hedges appointed Referring to the
complaints that have been made relative to
the location of the Tooele city postoffice
General Whitefield says I
UIt is believed that this appointment will
lead to the selection of a site that will be
entirely satisfactory to all citizens and I
trust that the change will inure to the
benefit of the service at that place
The London Times On The Gold Shipments
LONDON Dec DThe Times in its finan
cial article says an other million pounds in
gold will soon be sent to New York I
repeats that Paris berlin and in minor a
degree Amsterdam ought to assume their
proper responsibility It urges Berlin
bankers to send gold to America and points
out how such action is called for as much in
the interests of German investors as to
prevent the difficulties in New York be
coming overwhelming
Federation of Labor I
DETROIT Dec 9 The Federation of
Labor reassembled this morning I was I
annnunced that the National Association of
Retail Clerks and Waiters and Bar Tend
ers union would be organized The an
nouncements were received with applause
Among the resolutions submitted was one
that each member of a local national or
international union be assessed 1 cents
per quarter for a strike fund from which
all men on strike are to have J per week
Referred to the committee on constitution
Among the resolutions offered was one
to take the telegraphs out of tho hands of
monopolists aud place thon in the hands
of the government This resolution was
applauded as was also one for a worlds
labor congress in Chicago in 1S93 A reso
lution looking to opposition toj police ag
gressions especially the armed bands
known as the coal police of Pennsylvania
was greeted with applause The federa
tion was asked to endorse womans suf
Various resolutions looking to boycotting
manufacturers supporting various union
strikers and requests for cooperation and
assistance to organize a large number of
the federations were offered The report
of the special committee on the admission
of Laniel representing the New York Cen
tral Labor federation was called for
Secretary Foster arose and reported We
have concluded that we cannot admit any I
political party without admitting others
In short the committee reported unfavor
ably on the general ground that Laniel
came from an organization without a char
ter from the federation
August Belmonts Will
NEW YORK Dec 9The wi of August
Belmont was filed today The first clause
provides for the selling of all horses used
for racing and breeding purposes aud all
breeding establishments owned by the de
ceased Walter Luttgon is given 15000
in lieu of commissions as executor to Ann
Cole is given 10000 and to every clerk aud
employee of August Belmont Co who
has been there five years a sum equal to
one years salary l household furniture
and town and country houses are given
absolutely to Mrs Belmont who also re
ceives a yearly income of 52000 The
principal of this will be divided among her
children after her death To his daughter
Frederika he gives an annual income of
25000 the principal of which goes to her
children at her death Securiiies producing
an income of 19400 are left in trust for
Perry Belmonts heirs The same amount
is set aside for Oliver H and August Bel
J 1
moat jr The conversion ofJail there
remainder of the property ito cash is
ordered the proceeds to be divided equally
among his three sons
The Southern Utes Excltffl I
Utah Dec DThe Southern Utes ars
great excited over the news from Dakota
regarding the coining of the Shine or
Christ and have commenced dancing and
painting themselves
The Dclaniater Bank Statement
MEADVILLE Pa Dec 9T3 statement
of the assignees of tho Delamater bank is
satisfactory and gives no great degree
of hope to depositors I is said a warrant
has been issued for the arrest of Victor M
Delamater late cashier of the bank he
being charged with accepting money de
posits after banking hours and with full
knowledge that an assignment was to be
I announced in less than twontyrfour hours
I WASHINGTON Dec 9 C9ufirmations
Receiver of public moneys Thomas A
Starr Halley Idaho
Frank C Marshall Kills Jojm P Cow
DENVER Dec 9John P blow an ex
pugilist was shot and killed in a saloon
this morning by Frank C Marshall The
men had some trouble over a horse which
Clow claimed Marshall had sold him This
morning Marshall walked i t C saloon
where Jlow and a barkeener ero standing
and shot and killed Clow The barkeeper
shot at Marshall three timesjf but without
effect timei
Williams Makes Bonner an Oftflr for the Use of
the Marc to 1
Special to THE HlRALDExq n Dispatch
NEW YORK Dec 9Rott Bonner has
received the following letter from C W
Williams of Independencegowa Aller
ton has proven himself tho greatest race
colt yet produced I am v sry anxious to
give him the best opportunity in the stud
which prompts mo in makiiig you the fol
lowing proposition I will give you 10000
for the use of your mare Sunol to raise
one colt by Allerton It is the opinion of
the writer that she could be bred in the
spring and trot faster next fall than she
would were she not bred
That is the largest price I ever heard for
the use of a mare to breed said the fa I
inotis patron of trotters but of course I I
have declined as I would do i it was
It is Bonners intention to give Sunol an
opportunity not only the next year but the
year following to lower her record and t
raise a colt from her would necessarily
throw her out of training for part of both
seasons As she is only four years and
seven months old and hasuilready wiped
out all the records made by horses and
mares of all ages except thb2OSM of Maud
S and the 210 of Jay JEyo See it seemed to
Bonner it would be I pity to handicap her
at this early period of her career by raising
a colt from her Williams was the breeder
who raised Ax tell
Plumbs National Bank Bill
WASHINGTON Dec DThe bill intro
duced in the Senate today by Plumb rela
tive to national bank deposits and silver
coinage provides in brief as follows That
the compulsory requirement of deposits of
United States bonds with the treasury by
national banks be limited tcfelUOCO for cacti
bank This is to apply to deposits of bonds
to secure public moneys That United
States mint certificates shall bo issued
equal in amount to the national bank notes
retired since 1SS2 and hereafter retired
That the present silver coinage law l shall
be amended so as to direct the secretary of
the treasury to purchaso all silver bullion
offered at the market price not to exceed
1 1 for 27123 grains pura silver and issue
treasury notes in payment When the
price is for six months in excess of tn
above figura purcnases are to be suspended
and all coinage to be free bullion owners
being privileged to receive standard dollars
or treasury notes at their own option No
certificates are to be used and those in use
are to be replaced with treasury notes
When the mints of France Belgium and
Italy are opened to free silver coinage at a
ratio of fifteen and onehalf ounces of
silver to one ounce of gold the President
by proclamation shall prohibit the further
coinage of the standard 4121 grain dollar
receive deposits of silver bullion for coin
age at the rate of SI for 300 grains of pure
silver coin or treasury notes therefor to be
issued within a year after the proclama
tion The new dollar is to contain 00X
grains standard silver to be lull legal
tender to bo coined at the rate of not less
than 2500000 monthly until 5300000000
are coined when monthly coinage is to be
continued at thediscretion of the secretary
Tho recoining of the present standard dol
lar and bullion on hand is at the discretion
of the secretary He may also cause
standarsiver burs to be paid in redemp
tion of Untted States treasury notes at the
rate of 1 for 100 grains The amendment
proposed by Plumb the same in terms as
the bill above described is offered in lieu
of all after the enacting clause of the Pad
dock bill now on the Senate calendar to
amend the statutes to providef the or
ganization of national banks with less capi
tal than 50000
National Board of Trade
NEW ORLEANS Dec 9The national
board of trade resumed its session this
morning The report of the committee on
uniform commercial legislation in the
United States read a report which was
adopted The body then discussed a reso
lution that the government should take
charge of the improvement of the naviga
tion of the Mississippi river and the pro
tection of its levees The advantages and
improvement to commerce in connection
with the Nicaragua canal were urged
A Young Gill is Engazcd to a Widower But
Runs Off With Her Best Fellow
Special to THE HEIIALD Examiner Dispatch
GOSHEN N Y Dec 9There was a ro
mantic elopement from Campbell Hall sta
tion Tuesday night last John Lord is a
welltodo farmer there having three chil
dren two boss and a girl The girl Jennie
Lord is a bright well educated and pretty
blonde of nineteen years For a year or so
previous to her elopement she had had two
devoted suitors One was Asa MoElroy a
young widower of the neighborhood The
other was her cousin Samuel Ewing The
girls parents favored the widower and
she apparently acquiesced in their choice
The wedding day was set for last Tuesday
Monday afternoon the wedding gown was
brought home to the expectant bride Miss
Lord put on her bridal robes and showed
hersel to a number of ladies In the even
ing the expectant bridegroom called upon
her She had retired to her room an hour
before Mrs Lord went to her room to
call her and found no ono there Jennie
I had fled hastily in her bridal garments car
rying off tho rest of her wedding trousseau
with her When she fled from the house
young Ewing was in waiting near by with
a fast team The pair were driven rapidly
to this place where they wero married and
then boarded the fast Erie train westward
bound I is conjectured that they have
gone to California where they hav near
relatives living
Whiten ii roungWholesale Clothiers Asslzn
j BOSTON Dee 9 Whitten Young
wholesale clothiers have assigned Lia
bilities 700000
12 t
Proceedings of the Senate and
House of Representatives
Dunnells Reapportionment EU is Accepted I
by the Repnbllcnas Berrys Argument
Against the Force Bill
WASHINGTON Dec 9The Senate bill to
authorize the First National bank of Fort
Benton Mont to change its location to
Great Falls and its name t that of North
western National bank of Great Falls
The Senate bill introduced last session to
establish a public farm in each county
within tho limits of the republic was re
ported back adversely and indefinitely post
Plumb introduced I bill to reduce the
amount of United States bonds required of
national banks and to replace their sur
rendered notes and provide for the free
coinage silver Referred to the commit
tee on finance He also offered an amend
ment in the same terms to the bill on the
calendar so that the matter can be brought
before the Senate independently of any re
oorc from the finance committee In doing
so he gave notice that if the election bill
was not disposed of at an early day he
would move to lay it aside for the time
being in order that the bill just introduced
by him and all other measures relating to
the financial condition of the country might
be considered
McPherson offered a resolution which
was agreed to calling on the secretary of
the treasury for a certified copy of the
accounts of John S Davenport chief
supervisor of elections for the southern
district of New York for the elections of
13811S86 and 18SS
A resolution by Jones of Arkansas call
ing on the attorneygeneral for a statement
of the moneys paid or called for by the
i supervisor of the First and Second con
gressional districts of Arkansas in connection
distrcts Armnsas
1 nection with the late election was agreed
to af tor a statement by Jones that ho had
seen a newspaper report to the effect that
the supervisor presented an account for
The election bill was then taken up and
Berry spoke inopposition As an illustra I
tion of the bad effect of such a law he re
ferred to the recent appointment by United
States Circuit Judge Williams in Arkansas
of John McClure as chief supervisor of
elections Judge Williams had he said
lost the confidence of a large portion of the
people of Arkansas on account of his im
posing on them the very worst man in all
Arkansas to exercise the high functions of
that office The same thing might occur
in all the other states the supervisors hold
ing their office for life I the circuit court
judge were Democrats as they are now
for the most part Republicans the bill
would not be advocated on the other side of
the chamber I was therefore a partisan
measure Berry savagely scored Super
visor McClure and entered an earnest pro
test against the bill as a measure designed
to legalize fraud
Daniels spoke briefly after which George
obtained the floor
Aldrich from the finance committee re
ported the House bill to authorize the pay
ment of rebate in certain cases to correct
tho enrollment of the tariff bill and asked
unanimous consent to have it considered
but Plumb abjected and the bill went on
the calendar
In the House
WASHINGTON Dec 9 Morrow of California
fornia presented the credentials of W S
Thomas Gray from the First congres
sional district of California to fill the va
cancy occasioned by the resignation of J
J De Haven Gray took the oath of office
The committee on apnropriations re
ported a bill making a deficiency appropri
ation for printing binding etc
The same committee reported a fortifica
tions bill
The House resumed consideration of
Plumbs resolution looking to the removal
of the remains of General U S Grant to
Arlington After some discussion the res
olution was defeated yeas 92 nays 153
I The House then proceeded to the disposi
tion of public building measures Among the
number of bills passed were tho Stockton
Cal 75000 Portland Ogn 400000 and
Kansas City Mo 1200000
The Republican members of the House
held a short caucus after adjournment
today to select a postmaster to succeed
Wheat Mr Carter of Montana secured
7IJ votes for his candidate James W Hath
away of Montana against 39 for the other
four candidates Hosuier of Massachu
setts at present assistant postmaster
Reed of Minnesota and Barnes and
Rolph of Illinois Hathaway is a native
of Ohio He entered the One Hundred and
Fifth Ohio and was permanently disabled
at the battle of Perryville Ky He re
moved to Montana at the close of the war
and has held several federal and county
offices and at present is secretary of the
Republican state committee
Dunnells Reapportionment Bill
WASHINGTON Dec 9 Dunnell chair
man of the House committee on the elev
enth census introduced in the House today
a bill making a reapportionment of Con
gressmen under it The bill provides that
after March 3 next the House shall consist
of 350 members Tho following states lave
follows Ala
increased representation as folows
bama 1 Arkansas 2 California 1 Colo
rado 1 Georgia 1 Illinois 2 Kansas 1
Massachusetts 1 Michigan 1 Minnesota
2 Missouri 1 Nebraska a J New Jersey
1 Oregon 1 Pennsylvania 2 Tennessee
2 Texas 3 Washington 1 Wisconsin
The other states are unchanged
The bill is very likely the one introduced
by Frank of Missouri The Dunnell bill
is understood to have been agreed to by the
Republican members of the census com
mittee Among those features similar to
tho Frank bill is a provision that members
shall be elected by districts composed of
contiguous territory and containing a
nearly as practicable an equal number of
I inhabitants I
The Army Appropriation Bill
WASHINGTON Dec 9The House com
mittee on military affairs has completed
consideration of the army approprirtion
bill for the next fiscal year I appropri
ates 24642029 being 435553 more than
the appropriation for the current year
The most important difference is the in I
crease in the appropriation for army trans
portation of 250000
Two bills imposing a tax on compound
lard were reported without recommenda
tion by Senator Paddock from the com
mittee on agriculture One is the bill that
passed the House last season and the other
the bill introduced in the Senate last Jan
uary by Dawes Both provide for the
imposition of a tax and the regulation of
I the manufacture of compound lard
Ghost Dances in Indian Territory
GUTHUIE I T Dec gH D McKee a
courier who arrived here yesterday from
Frisco a small town on the border states
there are 4030 Indians in different sections
vest of his place engaged in ghost dances
and that they are trading off their ponies
blankets and trinkets for and
guns am
munition Never before during the recent
craze has the aspect in the Indian territory
tory looked so serious Arrangements
have been made to give the border towns
every assistance possible and Oklahoma
settlers are fully aroused I
Arkansas City National Bank Falls
KANSAS CirY Mo Dec 9A special from
Arkansas City Kans says The Amer
ican National bank has failed Stringency
of money and inability to collect caused the
suspension The assets and liabilities are
unknown They claim they will be able to
I resume in a few days
Dean Church of St Panle Dead
LONDON Dec 9Dr Richird William
Church dead dean of St Pauls cathedral is
A Type Foundry Syndicate
KANSAS Crrr Dec DAn English and
American syndicate is here negotiating for
the type foundry It is said they are try
ing to buy all type foundries in the
country The syndicate has OOOOOO
back of it
An Appeal to Balfour for Ail 1
I DUBLIN Dec DThe priests on Achill
I island have appealed to Balfour to aid 400
families reduced to distress by failure of
I the potatoe crop They are compelled to
eat Hnn diseased potatoes tokeep from starva
Arch Duke John of Austia
HAMBURG Dec DA bark arrived at
this port reports that July 31 near Cape
Horn she spoko the bark Saint Margurite
commanded by Captain Johann Orth Arch
Duke John of Austria which is supposed
to have been lest while bound from Buenos
Ayres Valpraiso Terrrible weather was
prevailing at the time the vessels spoke
each other
The President is Expected to Nominate Alter
neyGeneral Jliller to I Shortly
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
NEW YORK Dec 9A Press Washing
ton special says The President is ex
pected to send to the Senate within a very
few days the nomination of AttorneyGen
eral Miller to succeed the late Justice Miller
leI upon the supreme bench This infor
mation revived tho report that General
Clarkson wH be made secretary of the interior
terior and Secreeary Noble attorneygen
eral GeneraljClarksonsays however hejis
off for Europe within avow weeks Friends
of Senator Spooner now think he will be
made attorneygeneral
A Cyclone In Georgia
ATLANTA Ga Dec Yesterday near
Monroe Walton county a cyclone cleared
a space several miles long and a hundred
yards wide blowing down houses and kill
ing several people Jack Henderson was
killed his wife hurt a baby carried 300
yards and killed The family of a negro
named Jackson was buried in the ruins of
his cabin and two killed
Thirty Degrees Below Zero in Vermont I
LYDOVILLE Vt Dec DThe mercury 1
here zero this morning was 30 degrees below
Parncll Starts for Dublin
LONDON Dec 9 Parnell started for
Dublin tonight A large crowd of Irish
men residents ofthis city assembled at the
railway station and cheered Parnell wildly
He spoke briefly expressing gratitude at
the demonstration which h said would
help fight ne undertakes They would
haveno cause to regret that they stood by
him and together slimy would win for Ire
land what God determined she should get
Parnell will bo the guest of the lord mayor
of Dublin There will be a large proces
sion on his arrival and ho will address the
people He has been invited to visit
Mitchellstown and assured of an audience
of 2UOOO there A number of the McCarthy
faction were on the same train
At a meetlng of the antiParnell section
today the manifesto was discussed but
nothing definite wasdecided upon A tele
gram was received from the delegates in
America saying they are cooperating by
methods they believe best to secure Par
party nells withdrawal and a reunion of the
The OBrlenParnell Correspondence
NEW YORK Dec DIn consequence of
the publication of misleading versions of
the cablegrams between Parnell and
OBrien on the subject of negotiations for
a reunion of the Irish party OBrien
makes the whole correspondence public
Under date of New York December 7
OBrien cables Parnell as follows I
shrink with sorrow from taking sides
against you in the struggle which opens
such an appalling prospect of ruin and dis
grace to our cause Throughout this un
happy business I have abstained from one
word personally offensive to you and have
read with the deepest pain and disgust
some of the personal attacks made on you
And now before Ireland is irretrievably
committed to a ruinous conflict I ap
peal to you as the leader I have for ten
years been proud to follow and as a friend
for whom Jl 1 still feel warm affection can
you not see some way by which while safe
guarding your own reputation the country
may be saved from the destruction which
threatens 11
Parnell replies December 8 as follows
Had you wired prior to Saturday some
suggestion fromme might have succeeded
I is now too late for me to reserve the
seceders from the false position I shall
however be very glad to see you and con
sult with you on your arrival in Europe
OBrien replied to this today t Your
reply shows a total misunderstanding of
my message which was prompted by re
gard for your past services and I still ex
isting personal affection and with the
knowledge my colleagues in the earnest
hope that you might in consonance with
the will of the majority of the party whose
election of 1 chairman we have endorsed
find a way by which the country might be
saved from ruinous conflict The tone of
your reply leaves little ground for hope
but having regard to the horrible conse
quences to the country of a prolonged in
ternicine struggle I am still anxious to
have an interview and shall start Saturday
for France on my way to Ireland I
Tho Irish envoys have decided to send
Gill with OBrien Havre on Saturday
They antiParnellites will consult with Parnell and the
Gladstone on the Irish Crisis
LONDON Dec Gladstone has written
a letter regarding the crisis in the Irish
party He says it appears there is no ques
tion affecting himself only an unexplained
contradiction between the Parnell of No
vember 1890 andthe Parnell of all former
dates since the Hawardon interview
Bond Purchases
WASHINGTON Dec UBond offerings
today footed up 2548000 All those at
123X aggregating SlS41000 were accepted
necessitating the disbursement of over
i 2000000
Cabinet Meeting
WASHINGTON Dec 9The cabinet met
today It is understood the financial
situation was the principal question con
sidered The President and others ex
pressed satisfaction at the success of Sec
retary Windoms efforts towards relieving
the money stringency
British Gold for New York
LONDON Dec 9 Bullion to the amount
of 50000 was withdrawn from the Bank of
England today for shipment to Bahia and
487000 for shipment to New York
Annual Report on the Industrial
Christian Home
Why the Women of Utah Dont Ran Their
Legs Off to Become Beneficiaries of
This Benevolent Abode
WASHINGTON Dec Thelinnual report
of the board of control of the Utah commis
sion of registration and elections of the
Industrial Christian Home association of
Utah says the fewness of inmates of the
house is in the opinion of the commission
due to the restraining influence of the Mor
mon church and that female pride which
interprets a position in the institution as an
evidence of degraded pauperism The com
mission is also of the opinion that if Con
gress would make an appropriation to en
able them to purchase fixtures and appli
ances such as sewinir machines etc and
employ competent teachers that industrial
departments could be opened in which gins
could be taught selfsupporting vocations
The report recommends that some discre
tion be given to the commssion in the mat
ter of the admission of beneficiaries and
that they be permitted to pay their trans
portation expenses from different parts of
the territory the home by which means
they would secure large number of in
mates Regarding the success of the un
dertaking the report states that the com
pletion of the home building is so recent
that the association has not yet bad an op
portunity to demonstrate its success
International Press Club Association
PITTSBURO Dec 0The Pittsburg Press
club by virtue of a resolution passed at a
secret meeting of the club has issued a
call for an international convention of
press clubs to be held in Pittsburg Jan
uary 27 ISJl The object is the formation
of an international association of press
Divorce Made Easy
SpeciaUoTnu HERALD Examiner Dispatch
PITTSBURG Pa Dec 9Mrs John
Morris has deserted her husband and is
now living with a young man named Frank
King Mrs Morris did not go through the
formality of getung a divorce The
spirits have separated usshe said today
and through their chosen medium have
told me my true husband is Frank King
I fully believe in spiritualism It is the
only true religion and governs my every
act King is the son of a middleaged
widow who poses as a medium between the
dead and living She lives in a small house
alone on the Ohio river and supports her
self and her twoyear old son with money
secured from the practice of the mystic
art Her patrons are generally women
Mrs Morris is about twentyfive She has
been married two years Her husband la
The Worlds Fair
CHICAGO Dec 9Mayor Cregier has
signed the ordinance providing for the
issue of 55000000 of bonds in aid of the
Worlds fair and it will with the other
necessary documents be placed in the
hands of President Harrison tomorrow
The President can then issue his proclama
tion to foreign nations
President Palmer of the national com
mission Director Ueneral Davis and
Director Fred W Peck will carry the
official documents to the President
Hesing who subscribed fcoOOO to
the Worlds fair stock lor the
StiMts Zeitung very positively refuses to
complete the payment unless assured that
the fair grounds will be thrown open Sun
day and liquors allowed and sold in the
restaurants and on the grounds
Progress of the Nicaragua Canal
WASHINGTON Dec 9The annual report
of the Maritime Canal company of Nicar
agua covering the year ended December 1
1890 shows during that time work has
been prosecuted with energy and great
progress made Final plans and detailed
surveys have been completed and verified
Parts of the San Juanello Deseado San
Francisco and other navigable streams
have been cleared of snags and other ob
structions and several miles of the route
of the canal have been grubbed and made
ready for dredging About one hundred
thousand cubic yards of the canal are
already excavated and several miles of the
aqueduct to supply fresh mountain water
to the companys headquarters have been
completed Very satisfactory progress has
been made on the breakwater to protect
the Atlantic harbor from shifting sands
During the year the company purchased a
dredging plant at Panama and the greater
part of it has been transferred to Grey
There was great improvement in tee flea
pital service during the year The very
important work of dredging the harbor of
San Juan del Norte is being energetically
prosecuted The health of the employees
is very good and no deaths from fever for
the past three months have occurred
Since the organization of the company
10145 shares of the capital stock have
been subsribed for aggregating 1014500
of which l104OoO has been paid in Since
the organization the company has expended
for work and material 772i63 in cash and
2000000 of lull paid capital stock and is
obligated for 4295000 of its mortgage
bonds The liaoilities of the company con
sist of amounts still due under the conces
sions granted it and the 42sG000 of bonds
above mentioned and cash liabilities not
exceeding 50000
General Carr at Rapid City S D
RAPID Cm S D Doc 9 General Carr
with ten companies of the Sixth cavalry
arrived here this morning from Fort Win
gate Small bands of Indians from the bad
lands have been running off stock and
burning deserted ranches on French and
Battle Creeks coming within twentyhva
miles of this city
The Crow Commissioners Finish Their Work
FOIT CUSTEK Mont Dec 9The work
of the Crow commission was successfully
concluded at the Crow agency yesterday
the Indians selling to the government
nearly twenty million acres of the western
side of their reservation The considera
tion is 945000 The Crows take no inter
est in the Messiah craze
Killing Vicious Elephant
CINCINNATI Dec 9Old Chief a vicloufl
elephant that has been several years in the
Cincinnati Zoo garden broke his chain to
night and began a general destruction Ha
tore his house to splinters and was pro
ceeding to make a general ruin of the gar
den whereupon sharpshooters were
brought in and began firing at him with
muskets The first shot brought him to
his haunches and ten other shots were
fired into him without apparent effect At
10 oclock tonight the killing was given up
to be resumed in the morning The els >
phantis blowing in a fearful manner
Bostons Democratic Mayor t
BOSTON Dec Complete returns from
the city election show Mathews Demo
cratic candidate is elected mayor byalarg

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