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The LOOK GbristHerald OUT i TIlE SALT i > L1E HER ALD liThe il LOOK ChristasHerald OUT
The Cabinet Discusses the Mone
tary Situation
frantically Free CoIiu Will He Inslsteil
Upon Secretary Wlntlom Goes to New
York to Discuss Various Plans
WASIIINGTON Dee 12Special telegram
to THE HERALD J The special Senate com
rattee appointed to consider some measure
cl financial relief held their first meeting
1 j day Two of the pronounced silver men
11 lones of Nevada and Mr Plumb of
Kansas were absent In view of this fact
Ur Mitchell of Oregon asked that no bus
ness bo done until he should be reinforce
Lj their presence He explained that Mr
Plumb whom business has called to Philadelphia
delphia would be present tomorrow but
stated that Mr Jones return was very in
a unite lie requested therefore that an
other gentleman who represented the silver
idea as strongly as the Nevada Senator
s oul be appointed to fill the vacancy He
suggested the name of Mr Teller of Colo
rado a selection which was at once agreed
to The committee did nothing toaay of
practical interest they remained in session
one hour and a quarter There was a gen
t eral exchange of opinions but nothing
more The eastern men showed a dispo
sition to agree to the purchase of the I
surplus silver estimated at about thir
teen million ounces but intimated that
tins was as far as they could go
Some of them in fact said they would not
co this unless assurances were given them
that no further legisation would be asked
of Congress The silver men will not be
content with this They not only want the
surplus product absorbed but they want a
material increase in the monthly purchases
of silver a well
I asked one of their number today a
Senator who will exert a strong inlluence
at tomorrows and the subsequent meet
ings how much increase they desired He
could not say he replied but it must be
material Half a million ounces a month I
suggested More a million at least was
the serious reply I asked if that would
not be practical free coinage He nodded
Ids head approvingly and said that they
would agree t no compromise that was
ibuch short of that point
At tomorrows meeting propositions and
counterpropositions will be very plentiful
Mr Power of Montana who represents a
silver state but who is less extreme than
the majority of his Rocky mountain col
leagues will offer compromise in the form
of an amendment to the Sherman bill
which he hopes will be accepted Mr
Teller will put forward a measure so will
3ur Mitchell andpossibly several others
The eastern men are not saying much they
are waiting to see what the opposition will
be when they state their ultimatum
Senator Teller of Colorado who is with
the exception of Mr Plumb the most ad
anced silver man in the chamber told me
tonight that he had little hope the confer
ence would accomplish anything He sees
no middle ground between the ultra con
tcrvatism of the gold bugs and the free
coinage advocates I no compromise be
reached he will favor the introduction of
a free coinage bill and that too without
further delay He is beginning t believe
that continued debate on the force bill is
part of the scheme of the eastern men to
delay silver legislation He says if some
thing is not done with the bill by the firs
of next week the silver men will move
that it be laid aside and the Senate proceed
to the consideration of some of the pend
leg financial questions The Democrats
wuo H embrace any opportunity to rid
themselves even temporarily the hated
f urcc bill will gladly join with them and
their united efforts will be sufficient to ac
complish their purpose Even the pros
1 Let of a presidential veto will
not be sufficient to prevent the pas
sage of a free coinage bill The
scr men say that the exeut ve
11 ay do a he pleases I he chooses to eto
n free coinage bill he alone is responsible
they will have done their duty in passing
at and sending it to him Of course in
reaching this conclusion the western Sen
ators are counting upon concurrent action
by the House What that body would d
with a free coinage measure is problcmati
cau Last session Speaker Reed so man
aged matters as to prevent the adoption of
the free coinage amendment which cam
over from the Senate He will use his best
efforts to bring about a similar result at
this session He may again succeed but
the silver men think not
The financial situation was the subject of
an extended discussion at the cabinet meet
ing to day President Harrison and Secre
tary Windom both agreed that it would be
well t purchase the surplus silver on the
market but the generally expressed opin
ion was that the administration could en
courage no further movement in the direc
tion of silver legislation Secretary Win
dom left for New Yorh this evening to re
main until Sunday His purpose it is be
lieved is to consult with leading Wal
street men regarding tho pending string
J ency and obtain their views a to the best
plan oj relieving it
In the House
WASHINGTON Dee I2After the read
ing of the journal the House went int
committee of the whole on tho private
Jn the House today Representative
Flower of New York introduced for
reference a joint resolution directing tie
secretary of the treasury to extend the
bonded period for goods in bond custom
houses from February 1 until July 1 ltq
The military affairs committee toda
ordered a lavorable report on the bill to re I
vive tho grade of lieutenantgeneral of the
army and the bill to increase to seventy
I five the number of army officers whom the
President may detail for duty at educa
tonal are taught institutions where military tactics I
The ttrikiutf Miners at Monejrha
C i CINCINNATI Dee 12A telegram from
Monegha W Ya says the situation among
the striking miners is becoming more ser
ous hourly Jenkins the murderer of
Jason Hall will bo lynched if caught
There troubles is no prospect of a settlement of the
The Worlds Fair Proclamation
WASHINGTON Dee 12Thomas W Pal
mer president Benjamin Buttenvorth
secretary of the Worlds fair commission
Tht X Peck of the local directory
waited on the President this morning and
requested that he issue and forward pro
clamations inviting foreign governments to
participate in the Worlds fair They sub
mitted documents to prove that all requisi
tions and conditions prescribed Congress
had been fully complied witn The Presi
dent assured them that the proclamation
would bo issued as soon a the necessary
formalities were observed
Worlds Fair Appointments Announced
CUICAGO Dee I2Three important ap
pointments were announced tonight by
DirectorGeneral Davis at the meeting of
the local directory of the Worlds fair
Moses P Handy of Pennsylvania the
wellknown newspaper man was named
chief of the department of publication and
promotion Hon W 1 Buchanan of Iowa
chief of the department of agriculture and
Joseph llerst of Florida secretary of the
installation Ail these nominations were
concurred in by the board of directors
They will leave two vacancies in the
national commission Messrs Herst and
Buchanan being members of that organiza
tion Membership of the local body cor
responding to the board of control of the
I national commission was also made public
I The members are Lyman J Gage T D
I j I Bryan Ferd W Peck Edwin Walker F
T Jefferey Potter Palmer F S Winston
1 and DeWitt C Cregier Owing to lack of
time the directory decided to dispense with
any competition of architets for designs
for buildings The committee was author
zed to select five architects or firms of
thitects each chosen for such work as
would be most nearly parallel with his best
I previous achievement These architects
will meet in conference
What Delamaters Creditors Will Get
MEADEVILLE Pa Dec 12It is under
stood that Delamater Co will propose to
creditors dollar a compromise of 50 cents on the
Silver Purchases
WASHINGTON Dec 12The amount of
silver offered to th j treasury today was
100030 ounces The amount purchased
00000 at 1044 to 61059
Natalies Memorandum in the Skupsktlna
BELGRADE Dec 12In the skupshtina
today the majority refused to debate the
memorandum recently submitted by ex
Queen Natalie relative to her husband
eKing Milan The Liberals left the
chamber in a body and the majority
dopteda resolution requesting the govern
ment to take steps to prevent further
trouble Milan over the differences of Natalie and
Mian I
Marks Denies Mrs Koppels Story
LONDON Dec 12 Marks was on the
stand today and vigorously denied most
of Mrs Koppels allegations He produced
duced receipts t show he paid her 1000
for the New York Jewish Reformer besides
various other sums He denied he ever I
got any jewelry from Mrs Koppei but ad
mitted she gave him her dead husbands
JBoekm the Sculptor Dead
II LONDON Dec 12 Joseph Edgar Boehm
the sculptor died suddenly this morning
presumably of heart disease Ho was en
raged on a bust of Princess Louise and
the latter called at his studio in relation to
the work and found the dead body of the
artist reclining in a chair Boehm was
born Vienna in 1SSM He had executed
many works for the roysl family
George F Work Arrested
Work who was the master mind of the
Work MacFarlane Pfieffer syndicate
which it is alleged wrecked the Bank of
America and the American Life Insurance
company has been arrested on a warrant
sworn out by the district attorney and in
default of 20000 bail was committed to
jai Warrants are also out for the arrest
of other members of the syndicate but they
have not yet been found The warrants
charge a rehypothecation of stock and con
spiracy to cheat and defraud depositors
and others interested Hundreds of people
lost tutions their all by the ruin of the two insti
High Wind Fatality In Brooklyn
NEW YORK Dec 12During the high
winds in Brooklyn this morning a two
story brick house in course of erection was
blown down I fell on a brick structure
occupied by an Italian shoemaker and his
13yearold daughter was killed
Judsrfi Jlittheil of Indiana Dead
INDIANAPOLIS Dec 12Judge Mitchell
of the supreme court of Indiana died sud
denly at his home at Goshen this morning
of congestion of the bowels His age was
Treasurer Houston Called to Indiana
WASHINGTON Dec 12Treasurer Hous
ton has been called to Indiana by the seri
ous illness of his wife
Russia anti flaring Brothers
CHICAGO Dec 12It is reported on the
board of trade this morning that Russia on
the advice of the Bank of England had de
cided to deposit her funds with the reorga I
nized Baring Brothers This is regarded
by Brokers us a most significant indi
cation of national confidence abroad I
I Prince Lnbeskys Porcelain Factory JBnrned
WARSAW Dec 2The porcelain factory
at Cheilow owned by Prince Lubesky is
I death burned Eight employees were burned to
investigation of the Immigration Question
WASHINGTON Dec 12 Senator Squire
chairman of the subcommittee investigat
ing the immigration question speaking of
the investigations made on the Pacific
coast says it was shown that only 5 per
cent of the Chinese who are remanded by
the courts in San Francisco have been act
ually returned to China This is owing in
many cases to a failure to identify fugi
tives To remedy the evil of the influx of
Chinese over tho boundary between Wash
ington and the British possessions the Sen
ator believes more stringent surveillance
should be kept on the line and better meth
ods adopted to prevent them coming over
For this purpose he thinks a larger appro
priation should be made for the employ
ment of detectives and other officials to
keep closer scrutiny on the border A
large number of Chinese seek entrance into
the United States through the archipelago
in Puget sound a a convenient and com
paratively safe way of entrance and to in
tercept them successfully steam launches
should be employed The Senator believes
tho fault IIPS Tint sn miinh in existincr laws
as in the methods of enforcement t em
ployed and trusts that before the expira
tion of the ten years exclusion limit its
provisions should be extended for another
period of years
Kochs Lymph Received in Philadelphia i
PHILADELPHIA Dee 12A supply of
Kochs lymph was received today by the
the commissionappointed by the university
of Pennsylvania to investigate the method
of cure All cases selected will be ad
mitted to the university hospital and a
critical scientific study made of each
The Grave of August Belmont
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Dispatch 1
NEWPORT R Dec 12The grave of
August Belmont is in a lonely portion of
the cemetery which is completely hidden
from passers by on the Middletown road
Two guards have been placed at the tomb
who will keep vigil there night and day
The Voting for Senators Will
Probably Begin Tuesday
A Discussion in the Senate on Them Vest
Trips Up Dolnh Neatly on the Color
Question In Politics
BOISE CITY Ida Dec 12Special
telegram to THE HERALD The usual
opening proceedings were gone through by
the house this morning A resolution was
offered by Peoples of Shoshone county
II asking that the houso now proceed to vote
for a United States Senator for the state of
Idaho ho to hold tho full term of six years
beginning with the Fiftysecond Congress
An amendment to the above was intro
duced as follows That the house on Tues
day next proceed to elect two Senators to
the United States Senate 1
An amendment to this fixing the time for
starting voting to be just at 12 oclock on
that day was defeated the members for
the north and the Democrats vbting for it
and the members from the south against it
In the senate a resolution to proceed to
the election of the two Senators next Tues
day was introduced and adopted I is
believed the Claggott men originated the
idea of electing the one Senator for the
six year term today with the idea of rush
ing their man through as predicted last
night but the movement proved a failure
as the Dubois and Shoup men were not
willing to let anyone else have the prefer
ence but insisted on holding the election
for the two Senators together and the other
one afterward This election of three Sen
ators gives tho Dubois and Shoup men the
chance they desired I is caused by the
term for which one of the two Senators will
be elected being so short that another Sen
ator must now be elected to succeed him I
was originally intended that the gentleman
shouU succeed himself but the need of
a combination and the inability of aty two
to secure the necessary voej The scheme
of thr e consolidating s now the order
The governor realiiig the sirioasness
of his omission of mining matters from his I
message handed in today an additional
message enthely on this subjcc in which
he advocated the free coinage of silver and
high tariff on eal He predicted that
within te next cecada Idaho would
become the leadiup silver producing state
At the afternoon sesoa of the house i
the reference in regard to the election of
Senators was withdrawn and it is now a
sure thing that no vote will be taken until 1
next Tuesday tll
In the Senate
WASHINGTON Dec 12A number of un
important bills were reported from com
mittees and placed on the calendar after
which Plumbs resolution fixing the hour
for dally meetings taken up I was
was agreed to after being amended by
striking out the clause for evening sessions
and making it take effect after tomorrow
The reappointment bill based on a repre
sentation of 350 members of the House of
Representatives as originally proposed bv
Frank of Missouri was favorably acted
on by the House committee on census and
it will be reported to the House today or
The resolution offered yesterday by
Dolph instructing the committee oh
n privi
leges and elections to inquire and report
whether the right to vote at any election I
for presidential electors members of Con
gress legislatures or officers is denied to
any American citizen of any state or is
abridged except for participation in rebel
lion or other crime was taken up Dolph
said he particularly wanted the committee
to give attention to the question whether
some states had not provided in their con
stitutions or laws such voting Qualifica
tions as were not permitted by the four
teenth amendment to the constitution
without an abridgement of congressional
representation He said the constitution
recently adopted in Mississippi did impose
such qualifications and tho representation
of that state should be abridged He sent to
the clerks desk and had read the recent
inaugural message of Governor Tillman
of South Carolina which he said was an
official declaration that the great mass of
colored men of the south fit
were not ft to
exercise the elective franchise that the
white people of the south were in control
of the state government and proposed to
maintain control at all hazard These
propositions showed clearly Dolph said
that the colored people of the south would
not be permitted to vote as long as they
voted the Republican ticket or where their
voting would secure Republican control
Vest moved an amendment instructing
the committee to inquire further
whether by any state legislation any citi
zen of the United States was denied the
right to worK on public improvements by
reason of his color He read a clause
from a recent statute of the Oregon lie
poblican legislature authorizing the build
of a bridge and providing that none but
while laborers should ho employed on the
work It might be Vest said that the
provision was intended tcexclude Chinese
labor but the language of the statute ex
cluded Mongolian Indian and negro The
Democratic states had never denied the
negro the right to earn his bread by honest
Dolph replied and in further discussion
in allusion Tillmans message brought
out the declaration from Buttler that he
was perfectly willing to stand by tha mes
sage Dolph said he was informed that the
Senator Butler himself had h threatened I
colored men in his employ that he would
discharge them if they voted the Repub
lican ticket
Butler replied that whoever made that
statement was guilty of a deliberate and
willful falsehood
Hoar arose and said he had made the state
ment having read it within twentyfour
hours in a public oocument in the reply of
the Senator from South Carolina before a
committee in which he baid ho had told
the colored people on his plantation that ho
should discharge them i they voted the
Republican ticket
Butler then remarked I made the re
plies of course to the Senator from Massa
Hoar replied he was not to be deterred I
from saying what he had to say either by
the manner of Butler Tho resolution then
went over until tomorrow
The election bill was then taken up
Blodgett and Walthall spoko in opposition
to it
Hoar then referred to tho incident of the
morning again and had read the testimony
in question which was from a minority re
port which was made to the House in 1870
In it Butler is represented as saying that
he gave tickets to his colored men and told
them they had a right to vote the Republican
can ticket i they pleased that they were
free men but if they exercised that right
and juiposed taxesupon him that would de
stroy his property and prospects he should
throw himself back on the same rights he
had and see that they left his plantation
Ho intended to inform himself how they
voted The question was asked with a
view to turning them off if they voted the
Republican ticket
Butler Not for voting the Republican
ticket if they had an honest ticket but for
voting for those thievesand robbers But
ler said this testimony was garbled Ho
had never seen the report before but said
now ho had never at any time attempted to
influence a single negro on his plantation
in the exercise of the franchise
Messrs Hoar and Butler then expressed
great respect for each other and the matter
dropped Jones of Arkansas then took
the ate adjourned floor on the election bill and the Sen
P JIcGurn < fc Co Assign
CHICAGO Dec 12P lc urn Co
grain and commission assigned today with
liabilities of 522000 and assets 25000
Died Short audaEankrapt
TIFPIX 0 Dec 12It has been learned
that State Representative Brandt who
died two days ago was 55000 short as
treasurer of Venice township Seneca
county He was also bankrupt with liabili
ties of 30000 assets only 10000
Big Treo Lands Withdrawn from Entry I
WASHINGTON Dec Instructions have
been issued to registers and receivers of
land offices in California to withhold from
entry lands containing tho big trees
The intention is to ask Congress to reserve
such lands for national pirk purposes
The GarnerDo Breteuil Engagement
Special to THK HERALD Examiner Dispatch
NEW Yom Dec 12The announcement
of the engagement of Miss Lita Garner of
this city to Marquis de Breteuil has just
been made in Paris by word from Pau
Miss Garner is the oldest daughter of Mr
and Mrs Willihem Garner who were
drowned in the yacht Mohawk Thursday
July 20 187 She is also the niece of Mrs
Fred Lawrence with whom she has been
living abroad The Marquis de Breteuil
is the head of one of the oldest families of
Lhe marquis has been the social repre
sentative of the Comte de Paris A few
years ago ho made a very interesting jour
ney in company with Henry Ridgeway of
Philadelphia to Central Asia The Mar
quis do Breteuil is an intimate friend 01
the Prince of Wales Should the Comte de
Paris ever come to the thrbne the Marquis
de Breteuil would probably bp offered tho
portfolio of minister Of foreign affairs or I
the embassy to the court of St James
The Sawtelle Murder Case
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Disnatch
DOVER N I Dec 12 On the 16th
instant the trial of the great Sawtelle
murder case will begin I Isaac Sawtelle
is found guilty of murder in the first degree
in New Hampshire ho will be hanged He
wants to plead guilty to murder in the
second degree in Maine and thus escape
the gallows for capital punishment has
been abolished in Maine but the district
attorney will not accept that plea and the
charge of murder in the first degree in New
Hampshire will be pressed backed by the
strongest kind circumstantial evidence
The defense will be a denial that Hiram
Sawtelle is dead That the prosecution
should have succeeded in advance in forcing
this line of defense demonstrates to the
popular mind the absolute lack of faith
counsel feel in then ability to save Isaac
from the callows The governments evi
dence as regards the identification of the
body found in tim Berwick woods is
despite the absence of the head considered
conclusive There is another contention
certain to arise on the trial which has not
yet been touched upon This is the ques
tion on which doctoirdUj free and inas
much as it is of muclf importance to tho
governments theory of the killing tho
subject will be exhaustively investigated
Tho question is How long had the victim
been dead when the head was cut from
the body It is believed that upon this
question will hinge one of the most interest
ing arguments of the case
The Drummer Boy of Rappahannock Arrested I
PORTLAND Or Dec 12Major H H
Hendershot the drummer boy of Rappa
hannock has been arrested on a charge
of passing a worthless check on I hotel
keeper He refused to settle or give bonds
and went to jail
Suffering Amont tho Esquimaux
SAN FRAXOISCO Dec 12Captain Dr
Sheldon Jackson United States commis
sioner of education for Alaska who has
been in Alaska recently intends to forward I
to the Washington authorities a report in I
regard to the condition of the Esquimaux
of northwestern Alaska They are suffer
ing great hardship and in some cases bor
dering on starvation owing to the scarcity
of doer He will suggest the introduction
and propagation of reindeer from Siberia
Pee for Gettinjr Increased Invalid Pensions
WASHINGTON Dec 12The House com
mittee on invalid pensions today agreed to
report favorably the bill limiting to 2 the
fee allowed an agent or attorney in prose
cuting an application an increase pension
on account of increase of disability The
maximum fee now allowed is 110
G otls > in Bonded Warehouses
CHICAGO Dec 12Before the McKin
ley bill went into effect importers bought
very heavily The recent financial strin
gency has made many of them doubt their
ability to take their goods out of bonded
warehouses February 1 as required by law
without serious difficulty money being so
tight A number of merchants and banks
in this section are preparing a petition to
Congress to extend the bonded period to
October 1S91 A dispatch from New York
says the Woolen Goods asociation recom
mends an extension at least till July 1 and
has so notified the treasury
Investigation of African Explorers Asked
LONDON Dec 12At I conference be
tween the Aborigines Protection society
a number of members of the house of com
mons and leaders ot several religious
bodies a resolution was adopted demanding
the appointment of a committee to inves
II tigate and inquire into the atrocities com
mitted in Central Africa by English ex
plorers and other adventurers
Are Much Excited by a Rumor That Anthon
Rubenstein is About to Leave
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Cablel
VIENNA Dec 12 Musical circles are
much excited by a rumor that Anthon
Rubenstein is about to leave His popu
larity here which for half a century has
been unbounded has of late declined
through the progress made by antiSemitic
sentiments Rubenstein is a Jew by paren
tage and as such has been exposed to the
virulence of the Jew haters in Russian so
ciety The hope is entertained that the
composer may be induced to spend his de
clining years in Vienna among his many I
musical friends
Ranker Prett man Indicted
CHICAGO Dec 12The grand jury this
afternoon indicted Banker Prettymau
whose bank went to the wall a short time
ago and his cashier C S Johnsonon a
charge of embezzlement and capiases for
their arrest were at once issued Tho basis
of the indictment is the receipt of money
from depositors after the insolvency of the
bank was apparent Prettyman was sub
sequently taken into custody
Increase of the French Tariff Recommended
PARIS Dec 12Tho tariff committee has
reported to the chamber of deputies n
recommendation for 1 general increase of
duties on stationary and locomotive en
I gines machinery and tools
The Address of the Parliamentary
Fund Association
By a Priest to Debate The Surreptitious
United Ireland Damped in the Lilley The
Delegates Sail for Europe
NEW YORK Dec 12The Irish Parlia
mentary Fund association has issued an ad
dress in which they say while not seeking
to dictate to the people of Ireland they feel
it a duty of conscience that Irish political
life should not be imperiled by personal in
terest or factional strife While grateful
for Parnells services they cannot consent
to have all that has been purchased for Ire
land at such cost shattered and lost in an
hour of passion The address continues
While it pains us to take a stand against
him whom we have heretofore recognized
as Irelands leader we unhesitatingly as
sert that the cause of home rule is superior
to any man or set of men We therefore
endorse the position taken by the visiting
parliamentary delegation and unite with
them in asking Parnell to recognize the will
of the majority and by a personal sacrifice
save the country from being cast into civil
strife which gives comfort to Irelands
hereditary enemies disheartens her
friends alienates her allies and must re
sult in total destruction of all that has been
gained by our race since tho present con
stitutional movement began
Among the signers are Eugene Kelley
Joseph J ODonohue William R Grace
I John Coleman Byrne James F Daly and James S
Parnells United Ireland Burned
DUJJLIN Doc 12On the arrival of
Parells Untied Ireland at Castle Ireland
a crowd seized the papers and burned
The AntiParnellites Organizing
DUBLIN Dec 12The committee repre
senting the antiParnell section of the Na
tionalist party secured an office today
Numerous applications for membership
were received They include letters from
clergymen and others expressing their
readiness to subscribe funds if necessary
for the organization and founding of the
contemplated new paper It was decided
t publish the first number of the paper
Monday next under the title of The Sup
pressed Vailed Ireland with the name of
William OBrien as publisher
A Priest Pulls Down ParncUa Placards
DUIILIN Dec 12 Although Bishop Os
sory yesterday advised the electors at Nil
kenny to cast their ballots at the coming
election according to the dictates of con
science he and the priests of the diocese in
which Kilkenny is situated are supporting
the canvass of John Pope Hennessy The
clerks of parliamentary division of north
Cork and east Limerick are actively en
gaged in organizing public opinion against
Pprnell A priest at Mitcliellstovvn tore
down a number of placardSjalaced ibout
Parnell town calling upon the people to support
Michael Davkfc in Kilkenny
KILKENNY Dec 12 Davitt upon his ar
rival here was greeted by a large crowd of
his friends who cheerod him loudly but
Parnells adherents in the crowd hooted
and jeered him
Wants to Criticise Parnell in Ills Prcsente
Com Dec 12Canon By ran OMaho
lies administrator of the cathedral has
written a letter to Parnell asking him to
call a meeting of his constituents to give
him OMahoney an opportunity to criti
cise in Parnells presence his treason to the
Irish parliamentary party
Parnell in Cork
CORK Dec r2At 2 this afternoon Par
nell drove in an open cab to the railway
station where he boarded the train for
Kilkenny He was cheered all along the
route to the station
Parnell this morning received the Cork
branch of the National league In an ad
dress to the committee he said he looked to
the workmen to support him and that in
return he would support them
Parnells Visit to Limerick
DUBLIN Dec 12 Parnell has accepted
an invitation from the mayorelect of Lim
erick to visit that city Sunday
Surreptitious Edition of United Ireland
DUBLIN Dec 12It coming to the knowl
edge of Leainy appointed editor of Cnitcd
Ireland by Fame and other Parnellites
that another edition of that paper would bo
issued today from the office of the Na
foitol T Sullivans paper steps were I i 1
taken to secure an injunction against the
IVafoiiafs publisher The court granted
the writ Nevertheless the forbidden edi i
tion made its appearance this morning I
contains an article written by Bodkin act
ing editor during the absence of Editor
William OBrien and who was deposed by
Parel when he seized the paper Wednes
day The article is addressed in OBriens
name to every true lover of Ireland the
world over I declares tho sole alterna
tive now is Parnell or home rule and home
rule is impossible under Paruells leader
ship The Purcell edition of the paper
was also issued from the regular oflice It
qUQtes legal opinion justifying the seizure 1
of the pap r by Paruell
A wagon loaded with copies of the anti
Parnell edition of United icrtidwas driven
to Kings Bridge railway station today it
being the intention to send them for dis
ttibution in the south of Ireland As the
wagon drew up at tho station two men one
of whom had a mask cm his face and tho
other with a drawn revolver sprang upon
the vehicle and compelled the driver to
proceed with his load to the Island bridge
Arriving there the two men flung all the
papers into Liffey river
An attempt was made to seize a second
wagon loaded with papers standing at the
entrance to the depot and would probably
have proved successful had not the police
interfered to protect the driver Under
their guard the papers were loaded upon
I the train
OBrien and Others Sail for Europe
NEW YoRK Dec l William OBrien
and S F Gill will sail for France on the
steamer Obdam to mortov Timothy
Harrington sails for England on the Etru
ria Dillon Sullivan and OConnor will
remain behind with the object of continu
ing the appeal for the evicted tenants fund
in the event of the consulationln France
proving successful
Parnclls Reception In Kilkenny
DUBLIN Dec 12 Parnell left Cork to
day for Kilkenny As the train was draw
ing cut of the station he expressed thanks
to a body of Queens college students for
the sympathy shown him by coming to wit
ness his departure The journey was with
out incident till the train reached Athray
Here the crowd hooted and groaned
Parnell They shouted To h with
Parcel and gave three cheers for the
bishops and priests and cried Long live I
Dillon and OBrien
At other stations the people cheered
Parnell At Kilkenny a torchlight pro
cession headed by tho corporation officials
was in waiting and escorted Parnell to his
hotel where he addressed tho crowd briefly
Paid Demonstrations for Parnell
COUK Dec 12At D meeting of the
National committee of Cork county to
ni ht Canon OMahoney made an address
declaring Parnell had left the city with
out replying to his challenge to call a meet
i ing to give him an opportunity to show
Parnells treason He said money had been
I distributed to organize demonstrations in
favor of Parcel I
Comments on the Kilkenny Campaign
LONDON Dec 12The TUnes referring
to the Kilkenny campaign says the efforts
of the priests to obtain a cheer for Davitt
failed and Healy was vigorously groaned
and would probably have been handled
roughly had not the police held the crowd
back At the hotel Healy tried to address
a crowd but his voice was drowned by
hooting and yelling Healy shouted Who
paid you for this I 1 and was answered with
cheers for Parneli He retorted by yell
lug Three cheers for Mrs OShea
A dispatch to tho Dally SelLs from Nil
kenny says Davitt was received with
tempests of cheering but hissing Iud hoot
ing wore only too audible from boys and
youths Its alleged that all over town tho
I Davitt boys were paid by the Parnellites to hoot
The Federation of Labor Convention
DETROIT Dec 12At the convention of
the Federation of Labor this morning
greetings were sent to the Farmers alli
ance convention and the International
Labor congress at Brussells Its support
is pledged to the painters who will strike
for an eight hour day next Congress will
be petitioned to forbid United States en
listed musicians from competing for busi
ness with free musicians The convention
decided that only bona fide members of
trades can hereafter be delegates
Republican Senatorial Caucus
Republcan I
WASHINGTON Dec 12 Members of the
Republican senatorial caucus committee
appointed to draw up some measure of
financial relief were in session for an hour
this afternoon In the absence of Plumb
and Jones no proposition was laid before
the committee formally and the subject
will be furtherconsidercd tomorrow
i The KilrniuGodfrey Match
I SAN FKANCIRBO Dec 12 Regarding tho
reported matching of Godfrey to fight Nil
rain President Fulda of the California
Athletic club states the announcement is
substantially correct but that the direct
ors will probably endeavor to arrange so
that the fight will take place earlier than 1
March as the winner would be matched if
possible against Sullivan
Railroad Employee Kemp Acquitted
READING Pa Dec 2he jury in the
case of Henry C Kemp the Reading railroad
road brakeman charged with criminal neg
ligence in causing the disaster at Shoe
makersville by which twenty people wore
killed and many injured this ac
quitted the prisoner
The Poor Will Feel Their Effects In theRise
in the Price of Groceries
Special to TUE HEUALB ExaminerDlspatchl
NEW YOKK Dec 12From this timo for
ward the poor will have a hard time to
supply tllemselves with groceries although
the summer has passed vegetables and
fruits are still growing in prices With
strange unanimity the retail grocers have
marked up their prices something like 20
per cent Tho only excuse they offer is
that the time for the tin plate tariff to go
into effect is approaching and they are
obliged to keep ahead of the anticipated
rise of tin cans They are sorry of course
so they say but they cannot afford to lose
money on tin cans when they can so easily
make it up on vegetables The grocers are
simply anticipating coming events The
advance in the price of all canned and dried
fruits is vastly greater than that in canned
vegetables The following are some of the
prices Dried peaches last year 12 to 13
cents today 20 to20 cents dried plums
last year 12 to 15 cents now 20 to 23 cents
dried cherries last year 20 cents today 40
cents dried apples last year 12 cents to
day 20 cents evaported apples last year 9 i
cents today Ii to 20 cents raisins last
year S to 1 cents today 0 to
10 cents tible raisins last year
20 to 23 cents today 2j to 30 cents A
great proportion of grocers say that the
increase in prices is to be attributed
directly to the effects of the McKinley bill
They also prophesy an advance of every
household article
Preferred hanging to Imprisonment
SHEHIIUOOK Que Dec 12 William Wal
lace Blanchard was hanged here this morn
ing for the murder of Charles A Calkins
the ISth of November ISbJ The drop fell
at 905 and at 930 the surgeon pronounced
him dead The execution was performed
by Radcliffe whohangedBurchall Blanch
ard was a tramp and became acquainted
with Calkins They had a carouse in the
latters house during which Blanchard
produced a revolver and boasted of his pro
ficiency with the weapon Calkins remon
strated A scuffle ensued in which the
weapon was discharged Calkins was in
stantly killed At the trial i came out
that there was no premeditation but
Blanchard asked to be hanged rather than
imprisoned for life
Another of Joiillns Victims Dies
FORT SMITH Ark Dec 12Mrs John
Miller one of the victims of Charles
Toplins gun died this morning and this
evening her father mother and daughter
and Dr Stewart wore buried at the samo
time At last accounts the body of Mur
derer Joplin was still lying where he fell
Joplin has a wife somewhere in Missouri
Investigation brings to light the fact that
Joplin seduced Miss Miller and called on
Stewart to perform a criminal operation
Stewart refused and told of the affair It
was reported that Jopliu was going to be
arrested and the shooting followed
Gold for New York
LONDON Dec 12Tbe steamer Lahn
sailed this morning with 501003 of gold for
New York
Mrs Andrew Carnegie Out Danger
NEW YorK Dec 12Tho physician of
Mrs Andrew Carnegie today announced
that the lady is out of danger
Bidding for the Cherokee Strip
WICHITA Dec 12Tho following dis
patch was sent from here last night to
Chief Mayes Tahlequah Indian territory
1 will see Williamson and Blairs twenty
million for the strip and go fifteen million
better I hold a royal flush Send deed
and abstract to Wichita National bank
D Signed W W LEVY
Levy is acting for a company organized I
here within the last few days that is in
earnest about the purchase of the Cherokee
strip I is not known positively whether
they were acting entirely on their own
judgment and capital or not
Brazilian Loans
Rio DE JANEIRO Dec 12The statement
that the government has authorized the
issue of a loan of 600000000 milereis was
erroneous It authorized the new bank to
issue notes to the value of Coo ooo milereis
against 200000 in gold
Between Troops and Indians
North of Pine Ridge Agency
With the Hostiles This 31ornlns White Swan
Seeks Government Advice Oklahoma
Settlers arc Excited
Ririo CITY S D Dec 12Specal
telegram to THE IERALOjA special by
courier from the camp of the troops of the
Sixth cavalry stationed on the south fork
of the Cheyenne river says a squaw man
named Rider brought in a report to the
commanding officer that there had been a
bloody encounter four miles north of Pine
Ridge agency batween the United States
troops and four or five hundred Indians
under Kicking Bear and that a number had
been killed on both sides that the Indians
had been put to route and a large number
captured including Kicking Bear A cou
rier from the mouth of French creek savs
that the latest authentic reports from Cap
tain Wells are that a large party of Indians
attacked eighteen men four miles below the
creek this afternoon Several were
wounded and it is thought four Indiana
were killed An engagement is expected
with the hostiles in the morning neaa Bat
tle creek
Indians Returning to Standing Rock
OMAHA Dec 12 Nearly six hundred
lodges and some three thousand Sioux in
cluding the bands of Two Strikes and Short
Bull are marching in from the bad lands
to Pine Ridge agency in obedience to Gen
eral Brookes orders and will report to
him tonight unless they are stampeded by
fresh rumors
Troops After Indians
WASHINGTON Dec 12 General Scho
field received a telegram this morning from
General Brooke through General Miles at
Chicago saying a few Indians in the bad
lands had broken away and were moving
north across the Cheyenne river but the
troops are on their trail and it is hoped will
intercept them
General Brooke to General Miles
CHICAGO Dec 12 General Miles today
received a dispatch from General Brooke
at Pine Ridge saying from reports received
he is of the opinion that Two Strikes and
most of the other chiefs are coming in
Short Bull and Kicking Bear with a small
following went back into the badlands
There was quite a fight and some Indians
were hurt He will try to get them into
the agency but they may gee beyond reach
Indian Excitement in Oklahoma
Nnw ORLEANS Dec 12A special from
Oklahoma City Oklahoma to the Picayune
says A courier rushed in this morning
and reported that 1000 Indians had gone
intO camp three miles east of Choclow City
this morning The inhabitants of that
place are alarmed and Hocked to Oklahoma
City to ask protection of the trodpsT CaDJ
tainlsteele telegraphed to Washington
Slept on Their Arms
MINNEAPOLIS Dec 12The Journal
New Rockford N D special says New
Rockford people slept on their arms last
night A party of Sioux camped near the
town and kept up the ghost dance all night
The Indians stole flour front here until an
armed guard was placed in the building
A few cattle were also killed The settlers
are coming in from all directions this
White Swan Seeks Government Advise
MINNEAPOLIS Dec 12The Tribune
special from Pierre says White Swan
head chief ef the Minnekenju tribe of
Sioux at the Cheyenne agency came to the
city today to secure counsel from the gov
ernment as to the best way to disarm Big
Foots band of Cherry Creek hostiles stat
ing his entire tribe of 000 strong vera
ready to assist White Swan stands high
in the esteem of the whites being one ol
the most advanced and intelligent Indians
He wants the Messiah notion dispelled
stating many of the ghost dancers are suf
fering and even dying now from a form of
the grippe induced from dancing out doors
during the cold weather As no agency
phssicians are allowed to go among them
the disease is spreading rapidly
The Indians Fighting Amony Themselves
CHICAGO Dec 12A special from Pine
Ridge S D indicates that the fight be
tween the peace and war factions in Two
Strikes band was more sanguinary than
indicated in the Associated Press dis
patches It says that Yankton Charley a
lull blooded Sioux and government scout
who has come in from the Indian camp in the
bad lauds reports a bloody fight among the
followers of Chiefs Short Bull and Two
Strikes Each claimed leadership aud each
tried to secure it by force The result is
twenty to fifty dead Indians This report
is verified by several who have been wait
ing for some time to escape to the agency
As the spies took advantage of the fight to
make their escape it is not known which
chief conquered Large reinforcements
have come in from Standing Rock and
other agencies The depredations of the
Indians have been extended to the foot of
the Black hills Flying Bulls herd in the
hills has teen captured It is useless to
talk of peace There has been no attempt
on the part of the hostiles to move out of
their intrenchments the peace council
was held None of the promises made then
have been kept There is great excitement
here It is said when the chiefs returned
from the agency a council was held and
Two Strike and his followers favored
peace but Kicking Bear Short Bull and
other chiefs composing the majority of the
camp took decided grounds The council
lasted several hours during which the ex
citement reached the highest pitch and
finally broke up in a fight The troops
have received orders to be in readiness to
march to the bad lands
Peck Martin Co Assign
NEW YORK Dec 12Peck Martin
Co brick dealers assigned to clay Lia
bilities about 30D000 assets 400000 In
ability of the firm to collect money due
them is the cause of the failure There are
also individual assets amounting to 5100000
above individual liabilities Liabilities to I
300000 are secured by good collateral
which cannot be immediately realized on
The Strike on the Midland
DENVER Dec 12The general manager
of the Colorado Midland has notified the
striking trainmen they must return to work
at once or their places will be filled At
Leadville the condition of things is un
changed and the men are still out
Failure of Collier Robertson Hambleton
KEOKUK Iowa Dec 12The liabilities
of Collier Robertson Hambleton whole
sale grocers who failed yesterday are
now stated to be between 175000 and
200000 The assets are variously esti
mated at 75000 to S1000CO Individual
investments in western mining stocks by
members the firm precipitated the crash

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