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The Christmas Herald > Ar A j The Christinas Herald
The Chances for its Formation
Not So Flattering
The Prospects for Silver Lcsislation The
Purchase of the Twenty Millions Surplus
Probable The Boise Railroad
OMAHA Dee 13Spccial telegram to
THE HEIIALD The chances for Jay
Goulds pool were more Haltering a week
acothan they are today The more Goulds
plan is considered the more tho conserva
tive western presidents become convinced
that there is a colored individual in Jay
Goulds woodpile His placing tho Union
Pacific under the same general manage
ment a the Missouri Pacific has made
them suspicious and several of them have
come to tho conclusion that the Union Pa
cific is to bomjlked dry in the interest of
the Missouri Pacific and when that object
has been accomplished by Gould ho will
again drop his interest in the Union Pa
cific Another thing that created an im
pression tluit Jay Gould is animated by
the best of motives in urging the forma
tion of a trust or pool i his
acquiring a large i not con
trolling interest in tie Richmond
terminal By this acquisition Gould se
cures a connection with bis Missouri Pa
ciic at Cairo Ills and Arkansas Cit
which will enable him to direct the bulk
of the Missouri Pacifics through freight
from points west of Missouri river via the
abovenamed points The proposed pool is
not to extend west of St Louis and conse
4 Jentr all freight for Goulds Missouri
Pacific direct via Cairo and Arkansas City
and the Richmond terminal will be out
side of tho pool and at the same time ho
i 1 demand a largo proportion of the
traffic in the pool although he proposescto
put but little business in it He not only
proposes t keep all the traffic the Mis
sean Pacific commands out of the pool bj
sending it via Cairo and Arkansas City
but expects t get a full proportion of the
traffic commanded by the Missouri Pacifics
For this reason it is probable that a
pooling proposition will not go through but
that instead another gentlemens agree
mont will be adopted which is to cover al
the existing western associations with a
board of arbitration which is to decide al
disputed qnestions and the decisions
which they give shall be final
Purchase Silver
WASHINGTON D C Dee 13Special
telegram to THE HERALD The Senate
special committee which is wrestling with
the subject of financial legislatien had its
second meeting today It was finally de
cided after a two hours discussion that al
tho propositions advanced should be referred
ferred t a subcommittee of fe who
should report t the full committee of
eleven on Monday The subcommittee
cnsists of Sherman Aldrich Allison
Teller and Plumb They were in session
this afternoon and at a late hour this
evening they were still unable t
reach an agreement Senator Sher
man is showing a marked willing
ness to treat the silver men liberally
bat will hold out strongly for his inter
convertible 2 per cent bond scheme The
proposition is regarded with general favor
by the majority of the committee Mr
Power of Montana after some discussion
of the Sherman bill today offered an
amendment which he thinks will
strengthen the measure wilh the conserva
live classes The Power amendment pro
vides i that whenever notes retired under
the existing laws by national banks shall
aggregate 51000000 it shall be tho duty of
the secretary of the treasury to purchase
silver bullionjto the amount of 1000000
and pay for the saTne in United State
notes t be issued as provided for in
the act of July 1 IbCO Senator Mitchell
of Oregon who represents tho extreme I
silver idea proposed today that the secre
tary of the treasury be authorized t pur
chase the 20000000 ounces of silver surplus
immediately and increase the monthly pur
chases to 0000000 ounces which would be
15U003 ounces more than now required by
law The silver men are doubtful a to the
lorm of the compromise which may b
reached but from the best information ob
tainable they will be satisfied with a 20000
0 immediate purchase and such monthly
purchases as may offset tho retirement of
national bank notes from circulation
Seattle Boise A Salt Lake Railway
Boise CITT Idaho Dee i3Special
tclcgriin to TIE HERALDJ substantial
agreement has been reached by tho Seattle
Boise Salt Lake railway company and
the Boise Central railway company by
which the latter gives to the former prop
erty valued at SKOOOO in consideration of
the construction of one hundred miles of
railroad between Boise City and the Seven
Devils mining region Work is to be com
ircnced at Bake City within thirty days
tid continue till completed The entire
route has already been surveyed and proc
tically located
A Noted Uontaua Horse Thief Captured
OMAHA Neb Dec 13Special telegram
to Tnu HBUALIJ A deputy United State
marshal passed through here last night with
lack Hawley who is wanted in Montana
for horse stealing Hawley has a remark
aoie record and a large reward was offere
for his capture Among his other
Vonderful exploits it is said tha
t tte years ago last summer he stole
LM i head of ponies drove them t
Texas and sold them for 25000 Later be
soic fifty horses from a ranchman near
1 ks City Mont and sold them in southern
C ahiornia This exploit was performed in
broad daylight Later he was in the act of
ruaning olf a herd of 2iX blooded horses
blunging t a ranchman near Gardner
Mont when he was discovered by the
owner who opened fire on him llawlc
escaped and has not been heard of since
until he was captured at West Libert
Amateur Steeplechase Contest
NEW YOKE DIc l3A R George N I
T Young and Conrad Marks of tho Man
batten Athletic club contested today for I
the twomile steeplechase championship ot
tho Amateur Athletic union It was a
compi ritively cosy victory for Young Th e I
first mile was made in 5 minutes 10 35 sec
onds all three keeping well together
Young came in at the end of the race 2V
yards ahead of George His time was 10
minutes 525 seconds George 11 minutes
16 25 seconds
The tenmile championship was contested
by six men T P Connefl of the Mnhat
tan Athletic club won He took the lead
after the third mile and finished onefifth
of a mile ahead of W T Young second
man seconds ConnefTs time was 5 minutes 3245
Governor West in Washington
telegram to Tlc HERALD ExGovernor
Vest arrived here last night and will
probably remain during the rest of the
The Fontenelle la Farmers Bank Fails
CUKSTON la Dec 13 The failure of the
Farmers bank at Fontenelle In yester
day caused great excitement many mer
chants and farmers being depositors It is
reported the liabilities are 00000 assets
Feathers Mills Failure I
CLAUKSVILLE Tenn Dec 13 Peachers
mills have failed Liabilities JS3000 assets
set about the same
Bell Miller Co Receiver
CIXCIXXACT Dec Application was
made tnis afternoon for tho appointment of
a receiver for the largo drv goods house of
Bell Miller C and for a dissolution of
partnership The petition alleges the
I firm is insolvent Estimated liabilities
203000 assets 350000
Georgia May Have a Duel on Its Hands Be
fore Adjournment
S cial to THE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
ATLANTA Ga Dee 12Tho farmer
egislature Georgia may have a duel on
ils hands before adjournment caused by a
personal encounter in the house at last
nights session between Colonel Hum
ihrcys and Dr Baldwin The tax bill has
been under discussion for two days The
rural members led by Humphreys an attorney
torney are antagonizing all appropriations
They succeeaed in defeating the items for
even branch colleges which will have the
effect of closing them During the session
last night Humphreys secured the floor and
said he had been informed that some one
lad said the farmers were being led in op i
position to the colleges by adrunken little i
measly lawj er He denounced the author
of the statement as a liar Dr Baldwin
said he had mado tile statement and re
peated it He went further and expressed
his readiness tc whip Humphreys that and
there The men rushed for each other and
were in the Greek wrestle when the
sergeantatarms took possession of them
and ended the trouble for the time being
Friends of the legislators have the mater
in hand and there is no telling what negoti
ations may lead to
To Stop Whisky Selling in Washington
WASHINGTON Dee 13The House com
mittee on the liquor traffic today agreed to
report favorably a bill to prohibt the man
ufacture and sale of spirituous and intoxi
cating liquors in tho District of Columbia
except for medical and scientific purposes
In the Senate >
WASHINGTON Dec 13 Among the bills
ntroduccd and referred were the follow
jug To establish a record and pension of
fice in the war department
To establish a board lor the advancement
of the interest of the merchant marine
Casey offered a resolution calling on the
secretary of agriculture for information as
to the progress made in the investigation
for irrigation purposes under the deficiency
act last session The resolution was
finally agreed to
The Senate resumed consideration of the
election bill Jones of Arkansas mnlrim
an argument in opposition to it
At the conclusion ot Jones remarks as
no other Senator took the iioor the presid
ing officer stated the question was on
Grays motion to strike out the House
clause and asked if the Senato was read
for the vote After a long discussion no
action was taken Wilson of Maryland
obtained the floor to speak against the bill
and the Senate adjourned
In the House
WASHINGTON Dec 13In morning the
House passed the Senate bill providing
that in open tseam launches of ten tons or
under one person may act in the double
capacity of pilot engineer
The Senate bill for the inspection of
cattle and hogs and pr duct thereof which
are subject to tha interstate commerce
law was called up
Mills of Texas oppsed its passage I
characterizing it as one of the most ro
markablo measures ever represented to
Stockbridge of Maryland advocating
the measure said its object was to give the
people meats in condition for human food
and to take out of the markets those meats
having a tendency to cause disease among
customers The bill was referred to the
committee on agriculture
A resolution was reported from the
committee calling on the postmaster
general for complaints on inefficient
postofhco service in Texas and other states
The House then went into committee
of tho whole on private land claims
The bill establish a court to adjudicate
private land claims in Colorado Wyoming
Arizona New Mexico Utah and Nevada
was taken up After debate the committee
roo and the bill was agreed to with an
amendment excepting Arizona from the
McKinley reported a joint resolution t
correct tho punctuation of the tariff act
relative binding twine
Dunncll gave notice that Tuesday he
would ask the House to consider the ap
Confirmations C A Dougherty Penn
sylvania secretary of legation Mexico
J B Prince postmaster at Healdsburg
A quorum of the House committee on
merchant marine and fisheries today form
ally agreed to report the composite bill pre
pared by the majority of the members of
the committee as a substitute for the Sen
ate subsidy bills The motion was carried
by a party vote with the exception of
Cummings of Ne jv York who voted by
proxy for it Chairman Farquhar later re
ported the bill to the House The commit
tee appends to the report a letter from the
commissioner of naviealion showing the
total payments under the bill for the first
year would aggregate 2103850
Short In His Accounts
HIAWXTHA Kan Dee 13 Robert
Sweeney of Reserve an alliance man
who sold grain for farmers is short in his
accounts over 610
Arrested for Tascott
Tnscott I
PORT HUKON Mich Dee 13 The
police have arrested a man agreeing with I
the description of Tascott the murderer of
Millionaire Snell at Chicago
Closed by tie Sheriff
CHICAGO Dee 13 Tho Morrison and
Alien Paint company has been closed bj
the sheriff on confessions of judgements
aggregating over 28000 The liabilities are
placed at 30000 and the assets are in ex
cess of that amount
Charles Couzhlau Bankrupt
LONDON Dee 13 Charles Cougblan
the actor has been declared a bankrupt
A Farmers Alliance Plan to
Break i Up
The Conservative Members arc Azninst i
Federation otLabor Convention Finishes
its Business and Adjourns
JACKSONVILLE Fla Dee 13The Times
Union will publish tomorrow a lengthy ar
ticle concerning the recent Farmers alli
ance convention It says in part Since
the final adjournment at Ocala incontesti
ble proof has been brought out to show tho
existence of a gigantic plot to use the
national organization as a means of pro
meting a third party scheme The significant
cant fact is the vote of tho northwestern
I alliance men who aro mostly Republicans
i and who came to Ocala with the purpose of
forcing tho alliance to endorse their pet
scheme for a third party It soon became
apparent however that the indorsement
could not be secured and when the sub
treasury scheme came up tho northwestern
men were found solid in their support of it
although their political affiliations and the
sentiments of tho people they aro supposed
to represent wculd naturally have led to
open opposition to the measure The lead
ers in the third party movement from that
section are McGrath of Kansas Loucks of
North Dakota Warden of South Dakota
and Willetts of Kansas and they are
warmly supported by the delegates from
Wisconsin and other near by states
During a tour of the state which has
been progress the past four or five days
says the TuncsUmini these third party
plotters have unbosomed themselves to a I
certain extent in conversation with their
fellow excursionists and their admissions
laid bare tho political scheme
which has prompted their statements
which are to this effect They are really
opposed to the sub treasury bill regard it
as wrong in principle and as a legislative
devise which can bring only financial ruin
to the farmers and every other industrial
class that tho people of their section are
opposed to it and teat they as delegates
I were particularly charged viih a mission
to defeat the measure when they left
I their homes They say also that upon their
return home they will explain their action
in this way that tho subtreasury demand
is of such a nature that it can never gain
the support of the Democracy of
the southern states and that un
attempt to secure such Democratic
support can end only in a split in the Dem
ocratic ranks in the south This they say
will break up tho soiid south and this is
the end they had in view
In support of this general policy says
the article several of these plotters have
been placed upon record
Prtsident McGrath of Kansas is quoted
as saying We saw that by making tho
subtreasury bill the issue in tho south we
could break up the Democratic party
Willetts of Kansas is i quoted as saying
We supported the subtreasury bill to
I divide theoutbau4brelc uptbc bouiboir
lemocracy 2
The Reform Press association is also
dealt with at great length The article
states the third party men held
a meeting yesterday on the steamer going
to Louisville when it was resolved
to shut out newspapers which do
not advocate the subtreasury bill
and providing for the organization
of a legislative committee to designate
from tmo to time measures and demands
to be advocated by the Reform Press The
article goes on to say that conservative al
lance men were excluded from this meet
ing and that the reform press combination i
is only ono of many means by which the
third party issue is to bo forced upon the
alliance with the nope of dividing the
Democratic party of the south
The TllUI on says the determinrtion is
strengthening among southern Democrats
in the alliance that a desperate effort must
be made to pull the Farmers alliance away
from the subtreasury folly before the
next annual meeting A long interview is
published with one of the conservatives
who was excluded from the association in
which he states the Reform II CS association
tion is made up of third party men
Federation of Labor
DETIIOIT Dec 13At the last session of
the American Federation of Trades this
morning it was decided to influence the ap
pointment of women as factory inspectors
and the organization of women A resolu
ton aiming the sweating system in New
York asking that a congressional com
mittee be asked for to investigate passed
Another for the of tho
asking repeal con
spiracy law of New York also passed The
Trades and Labor council of California
was suspended until the subordinate union
paid up its assessments
The committee on the eighthour day re
ported that the plan of campaign adopted
in 1SCO will be f lowed and the federation
will assess each union 2 cents per week to
procure funds the coal miners to lead next
years fight by a unanimous vote The con
vention adopted the report A delegate
took occasion to remark tuat tho miners
light would not be like that of the carpen
ters the iron and steel workers would be
affected and so also the euclueers The
amended constitution was adopted and the
salaries fixed tho same as now
The afternoon session was held with
closed doors considering boycotts and
other matters After a short open meeting
the convention adjourned sino die
Walter Barttelot to the Times I
LONDON Dee 13Walter Barttelot
brother of the late Major Barttelot writes
the Times a follows All that Stanley
said about mo is untrue I is also untrue
that my brother wrote mo to prevent Troup
divulging anything or that Stanley or his
officers warned mo not to publish my
brothers dairy Bonny told me some not
all of the tales but he at the same time told
stores to the discredit of nearly every
officer of the expedition including Stanley
The latters book and all suosequent ac
cusations are full of irreconcilable contra
dictions and inconsistencies largely mado
up of scourings of camp gossip Stanley
has done this to his
cover up own culp
Ho encloses a letter from Lieutenant
Baort testif vinir to Major Barttolots in
doinnltable ors and courage Lieutenant
Baert was on the spot but never heard tho I
accusations Stanley mad
fcecretarv Noble Goes to Ohio I
WASHINGTON Dec 13 Secretary and
Mrs Noble left Washington last night for
Columbus Ohio in obedience to a telegram
I announcing the death of the secretarys
brother there I
Plttsbiire Lumber Company In Trouble I
I PiTTsnuKO Dec l3An execution for
530000 was issued against the Pittsburg
Lumber company The trouble grew out
of a dispute among tho partners and tho
application for the appointment of a receiver I I
The Switchmens Strike at Evanston Wyo I I
CnntENNE Wyo Dec l3Tbe Urion
Pacific switchmen at Evanston to tho num
ber of fifteen went on a strike yesterday
and there in ablockaeo there The officials
say the men demand shorter hours and
more pay but the men say they hovo been
ill treated and are in sympathy with tho I
Ogden and Green River switchmen
Forged Utah Divorces In Chlcaco
CHICAGO Dec 13udKO Blodcett in
tho United States district court today
sentenced George R Sims to fifteen months
in Jail He was found guilty of issuing
fraudulent decrees divorce purporting to
be issued by tho probate court of Box
Elder couaty Utah In this way he di
vorced hundreds of people throughout the
The Puet Sound Ship Canal I
WASHINGTON Dec 13 Secretary Proc
tor sent to the House a report from Captain
Symons the results of a preliminary examination
between Fort
amination for a ship channel
Townsend bay Puget sound and Oakbay
Captain Syaions reports a hip channel
to connect the two bays might bo of con
siderable importance in time of war but
the commerce which might be benelltted
by the proposed canal is and will bo for
some time not at all commensurate with
tho cost of opening and maintaining the
same 1 the proposed iron and steel
works at a near date aro established the
benefits to be derived from the canal In
future may justify its being built but he
cannot at present believe they will
Louis K Metier Arrested
PHILADELPHIA Dec 13Louis E Pfief
fer president of the Bank of America and
vicepresident of the American Life Insur
ance company against whom a warrant
was issued yesterday charging him with
conspiracy with George F Work and
others to defraud depositors and others in
terested in the bank and insurance com
pany was arrested in this city this morn
ing The cashier has not been arrested
lExConsressnian Hiestanrt Dead CT3
LANCASTEH Pa Dee ExCongress
man John A Hiestand died this morning of
paresis after long illness
Minden Nebraska on Fire
LINCOLN Neb Dec lTho town of
Minden Kearney county is on fire Eight
lousiness houses inolving a loss of 2000
arc already destroyed and there is little
hope of controlling trio flames
Tim Worlds Fair Idjiera i
eral Miller today returned the President
all tho papers in regard to the
Columbian Worlds fair with the
statement that they met all tho legal re
quirements necessary for the Presidents
proclamation The President will investi
gate the financial sufficiency of the sub
scriptions before issuing his proclamation
Fatal Boiler Explosion
BIG RAPIDS Mich Dec13 Tho boiler of
a saw mil at Tibbets Siding exploded this
morning The engineer and two others
were instantly killed and two more prob
ably fatally injured
Torrey Bankruptcy Bill
WASHINGTON Dec 13 Senator Vest
presented a memorial from the National
Bankruptcy convention miuestingthe pas
sage of the Torrey bankruptcy bill
The cabinet meeting yesterday consid
ered the financial condition of the country
und as a result the President it 1 under
stood will send a message to Congress next
week suggesting as a measure of relief the
enactment of legislation for the isaue of
sdilltloual silver purchases currcBejWaicd onthe hnIIiiset1
The Alleged Silver fool Senators
WASHINGTON Dee 12 Representative
Dockery of Missouri today appeared
before the committee on rules and made a
statement relative to his resolution for an
inquiry as to the allegations that twelve
Senators and fifteen Representatives were
parties to the silver pool prior to the
passage of the silver bill through which
pool 51000000 profits were obtained Dock
cry stated he had no personal knowledge oi
the facts in the case His resolution cited I
a statement made in a tpeciai Washington
dispatch the St Louis GlobeDemocrat I
Dockery thought the latter deserved an
investigation and the committee took the I
subjectunder advisement
Messrs Stevens and Apperson the
Washington correspondents of the St
Louis GlobeDemocrat were asked the names
of the Senators and Representatives in the
and the of their information
alleged pool an source Ifor
mation They declined to give either Tie
committee took the matter under advise
ment Monday and will hold another meeting
The House committee investigating the
charges made by Cooper of Indiana
against the management of the pension of
fice by Commissioner Rium resumed its
inquiry this morning after an iutcruption
of three months Several officials were
examined but nothing sensational was
The Cruiser Newark
PHILADELPHIA Dec 13Tho new cruiser
Newark started out again yesterday morn
ing for a trial During tho first trial Wed
ensday thero was a break in the machinery
which necessitated repairs When she
headed to sea Friday morning there was a
uf north wind on and the official trial had
been ia progress three hours when the two
bolts which had been repaired broke again
and for a serene time the trial was stopped
greatly to the disappointment of all on
board as the cruiser was doing mag
One of the officers on board says she had
logged an average speed of ninteen knots or
about twentythree miles an hour and the
indications were her horse power would be
about ninetyfive hundred The officer also
said she was one of the steadiest ships in
a heavy sea ho had over been in The run
up to tuo ship yards this morning from the
breakwater 103 miles was made in 5 hours
and 5 minutes with only ono engine work
I ing Another trial will be made soon
Wimlora Consultation < with Financiers I
NEW Yoiu Dec 13 Secretary Windom
who arrived in New York this morning
held a conference with a number of bank
ers on the financial situation A full ex
pression of views of financiers on tho
financial situation the effect of additional
silver legislation and other matters was ob
tained The only statements the secretary
would make was that he was gratified
at the news of the movement of gold from
Europe and that the government would do
all in its power to give relief to financial
and mercantile communities He refused
absolutely to be interviewed hut parties
close to him state that he will not untie any
immediat action as the result of tbe con
Frightful Accident to Young Ladies
AKKON 0 Dec 13A terrible accident
occurred in Buchtel college this morning
A number of lady students were gathered
in the library building and ware being en
tertained by eight of their number who
wore masks and loose flowing garments
with high hats covered with cotton In
some manner the hat of one of
tho young ladies caught fire and the flames
rapidlv darted to all the others Aid was
summoned as quickly possible but when
tho names were extinguished it was found
Miss Mary Stevens of Clifton Springs N
Y and Aurolla Steigmler of Utica N Y
had been fatally burned Mary Baker
of Fort Plane N Y Aurelia War
wick Storm Lake Iowa Diana Haynes
Abilene lOss Myrtle Baker Peru 0
Eva Dean Storm Lake la Addle Buch
tel Columbia Kas Estclla Mason
Magado 0 and Dora Merrill Williams
port Pa were painfully burned but not in
a dangerous condition
Now Stare The Irish National
League in the Face
Ilcaly Attacks Parnell for Using 3lob Vio
lence to Prevent the People HearIng
Arguments Against t Him
Special to TiE HEIULD Examiner Cable
PARIS Dec 13 Parnell recently wrote
to the French bankers of the Irish parlia
mentary fund requesting them to remit to
to him whatever cash balances there might
be standing to tho Irish parliamentary
credit The letter was written and sent
without the knowledge of the cotrustee
Justin McCarthy who as soon as he I
learned of i took steps to prevent the
withdrawal of fnnds by Parnell Legal
proceedings have been instituted the effect
of which is that Parnell cannot withdraw
the funds from Paris The McCarthyites
have only about 1000 and they have with
them all the paid members excepting eight I
Parnell therefore Das the built of money
and very few of the paid members to take
caroof This indicates the immense ad
vantage of his position
Refuses to Pay League Olliclals Salaries
DUBLIN flee 1lTh Freemans Journal
says F X OBrien treasurer of the
National league refuses to uay the salaries I
of league officials on tho ground they aro
not neutral
c Parnell Speaks at Kilkenny
KILKENNY Dec 13The mass meeting
in the interest of Scully Parnellito parlia
mentary candidate was addressed by Par
nell today He warned electors not to
trust Sir John Pope Hennessy the candi
date of the McCarthy faction Hennessy
he said was well qualified to be a leader in
I a party of renegades there being no party
to which he had not belonged save the
I Irish party Parnell spoke but briefly
showing signs of great fatigue and his
voice bung so hoarse as to be at times al
mot inaudible
Reporters are intensely annoyed by the
mysterious changes he makes in nit plans
He has now abandoned his proposed visit
to Limerick and will remain in Kilkenny
until after tho election notwithstanding
everything has been arranged for his v it
AntlPnrnelllte Resting
KILKENNY Dec 13 The committee
appointed last night to conduct tto cam
paign of John Pope Hennosy nominee of
the McCarthy faction for parliament
held d meeting today Timothy Healy
mado an address in which he attacked Par
null for employing mob violence to prevent
the arguments of his opponents from reach
ing the ears of tho people Healy and the
late Bigger knew tho facts in connection
with tho Elthum outrage and they should
have strangled it when Captain OShea
was nominated by Harnell to parliament
Uhtqrtunatcly it wn alowea to grow
l It Tory poInt o vlcssf Parnel wai
thdsarlbtof t l Tories aM Mrs OSl
Was the Jean dArc
Trouble Over Nationalist Funds
DCIILIN Dec lThe dispute in regard
to the right of drawing upon the funds of
the National league has caused the bank in
which the leagues moneys are deposited
to order its branches not to honor checks
sent to evicted tenants oy the organization
In consequence many families are deprived
of the sustenance they received weekly
from the league and must either suffer
greatlyorigo to the poorhouse
The laborers on the railway being built
from Galway to Cliffden have struck for an
increase of wages The road is being built
by the government and the work was
started as part of Balfours scheme for tho
relief of unemployed workmen
Dillon and OBrien Hopeful ot a Compromise i
DauLiNDec Valentine B Dillon jr
has written a letter to the Freemtns Jour
nal stating that John Dillon and William I
OBrien are still hopeful of effecting a I
compromise with Parnell
Father Murphy parish priest of Kilmon
monagh County Kilkenny in a letter to
the Fi cemans Journal remonstrates against
the clerical attacks made on Parnoll
The Dorrance Uuilctlus Burned
PnoviDCNCE Dec 13The Dorrence
building occupied by the Barnaby Clothing
company was destroyed by fire this after
noon A portion of tho wall fell in on the
adjoining building doing considerable
damage to that Two firemen were pain
fully injured Baruabys loss 100000
insurance about half Other losses bring
the aggregate up to half a million
Atlantic i Pacific Accident
Los ANGELES Gal Dec 13A report
has been received of a fatal accident on the
Atlantic Pacific railroad near Needles
Thursday morning The westbound pas
senger crashed into the caboose of a freight
Particulars are meagre It is reported the
fireman of tho passenger and MA Thomp
son a wealthy cattle breeder of Iowa City
were killed I is also stated five passen
gers were fatally injured
Strike in the Tier Mine
was received last night that the Tiger mine
at Burke Idaho in the Occur dAlene has
closed on account of a strike of tho union
miners who demand tho discharge of all
nonunion men I is feared there will be
I trouble in the other mines
A Train Strikes a Wagon With Six Ieople in i I
BIUSTOL Pa Dec lSAt Mill street I
crossing this afternoon the safety gates
which had been down for a freight train
were raised while an express train was
coming A wagon in which wero six per
sons started to cross the track and was
strUCK and demolished Njal Mcllvaine
Joseph Hussey Hugh Doer and Joseph
Johnson were killed John Mcllvain
fatally hurt injured and John McGee seriously
Franco Trying to Arrange a Monetary Con
PARIS Dec 13It is believed the govern
ment Is endeavoring to arrange an inter
national monetary conference England
and some of the other powers may object on
tho ground of futility of previous confer
ences In such an event powerful influence
will be brought to bear upon the government
ment to invite delegates from the Latin
union United States and other silver cou
tries to discuss the silver question with a
view value to the international regulation of silver
The tariff bill as now shaped under the
hands of tho committee of tho chamber out
does the McKinley bill in protection The
Girondo Commerce league the leading free
trade body has Issued a strong manifesto
denouncing it ao tending to surround France
with a Chinese wall the inevitable result
of which will be the ruin of the country
nKreulturl commercial and shipping in
terests for tho temporary profit of the great
manufacturers It is believed however
i the government can assure the safety of
tho Bordeaux wine trade under reciprocity
the opposition of the league will disappear
Lt Matin announces the formation of I
I bank under the auspices of the Vatican I
with capital of ICO000000 francs of which
the Jesuits will subscribe half
The faction against the Koch treatment
in France has increased in violence Eicht
patients died soon after an injection of
lymph and this combined with the factthat
I there is np verified cure has intensified
i public feeling against experiments I
The Trow Printing Company In Trouble
NEW YORK Dec 13It wps repo tedin
financial circles today that the Trow
Printing and Publishing company had
asked an extension of four imontls on
some of its paper bearidjr the endorsement
of H K ThurUcr which < has been readilj
granted by the banks holding i The
amount could not definitely learned but
it is supposed will be over SICSOOO 1 The
president of one of the banks said he w as
sorry the matter had become pvbliclgr he
considered the company perfectly ol ent
All the notes discounted he said h nd I
Thurbers endorsement and the bankwas
not worried because Thurbers statement
of assets foots up between 3000000 uud
540UOOOO Tie officers of the Trow comr
pauy 0UOOo coull not be seen but frqm tlther
i sources it was learned the company doe
very extensive business The toial as
sets are considerable over a million which
greatly exceeds the liabilities and the
opinion is expressed there will be no trou i
ble after the of the year collections
Mr Thurber declined to talk on iho mat
Minister John 1 Vnshburn
BcRNn Dec 13John D Washburn the
newly appointed American minister to
Switzerland today pesented credentials
Located Cor Main acl i ThIn l Sooth Streat
The Clift is the best S3 per day housa
west of Chicago Rooms large cool and
airy new and handsome furniture electric
i lights and a the latest conveniences and
accessories Dining hall spacious and per
fect in its appointment Table first class
I Rooms may be secured by telegraph I
corner of Main and Second South Most
central location of any hotel in the city
Opposite postoffice Union ticket and
Pullman office in the hotel Newly re
medied and furnished throughout Table
unsurpassed lilectric light bells and all
modern conveniences Terms 53 to 250
per day H L HALL Prop
18 Commercial street The only firstclass
European housein the city Rates 75 cents
nd 5100 French Sowers proprietors
Work Will Probably be Suspended for at
Least 1 Month
Shortly before 9 oclock Friday evening
a terrible explosion occurred in the D < L I
R G coal mine at castle Gate and in a fen
moments clouds of smoke poured from the
mouth of the coal mine Several miners
were in the mine at the time and a party
was speedily organized to rescue thorn
They found that John Dickson chief
blaster and Joseph Berry and J McGar
dell miners had been killed while several
others whoso names have notbeeii learned
were severely Injured Dickson was mar
ried and had a family but tho
other two were unmarried The explosion
knocked out all the props and destroyed
the ventilating fan This will render it
necessary t shut the mine down for a
month and will cut down the coal supply
of this city materially In order to pre
vent a famine the company will send the
miners from the Castle Gate mine to Sco
field and increase the output there as much
as possible
The explosion was caused by a combina
tion of fire damp and inflammable coal
Thirty houses and cottages for sale cheap
Come in and make tho terms We have
the houses Chas L Crane Co under
Bank of Salt Lake
For rent in the now CulmerKen net block
IS and 20 East First South Best locatloi
in the city Apply 7 Culmer block
Is now ready for business in the new store
A most complete and elegant line
Sohmer Pianos
Secondhand goods bought sold and ex
changed at 127 and 129 E First South
Opposite City Hall Tel 1UO
Twentyfive per cent saved at
JAMES KIRKIUM is up from Lehi
E HAKTVIIWEX is up from Sandy
J THOKAS of Bountiful is with us
OltsoN SANDERS of Cottonwood is In Salt
W L PICKARD has returned from his visit
asJon MORRIS of Albuquerque New MexIco
Is in the city and Is so well pleased that he will
locate here
G F MCKNIGHT and family of Chicago arc
n the city 11 McICnlght is a member of the
illinois state board of equalization
THE WALKER K AshIer St Louis J C
Joins uinghara F 1 Heed Ogden Thomas
Jonn jr Denver James Norman New York J
M Wood C I Gillett Chicago John Con
lisle Ogden W f K6wlesagentClnra Morris
J H Waaman Miss S WaUman Nevala T
l KieLards Boston W K Stone and wife
Duluth J I Yonng St Paul D McGregor
anti wife O W Bariow and wife Tacoma J
S Blymyn and wire Chicago Frank B Bow
man East 81 Louis J Winstanley Littleton
CONTINENTAL Angus Rose Cbnrlcdton lss
Jennie Tourteloote atPaul J S Nave Louis
yule KyJ F Buzlell Alliance O Mls
lee Newcomb Delroit W A Wilson Pant
ityFWv nark Ogden 1 W Fowler Chi
aggC O Veness Chicago G C Howett A
vtndall Hock Springs J F Parker at au
lv M < llalnliiTid vrtfrfSopeka Albert Samite lea l
San Francisco Harry Goldman and fm Chi
mice S C Hrof nnd wife E Hoof and wife
New York Ben Feltenstela Logan Ad Felt
caste In Chicago 1 Sellsman Cincinnati Sid
toy Dillon New York Ed Murphy San Fran
ebeo l Charles U KooUlelge Park City Chas
Goo tcin San Francisco Louis Laplner Og
den James Collins Binfhim
TiE WHITE FreJerickson Topeka L
Mailman Sacramento A S cnarcns Chicago
J 1 E Taylor Juab John BockhllL Spanish
> rkW A Thcmus city J 1 Earnbrack
Tacoma Isaac Web Denver John
linen Denver Ed Lame Denver
51 P Hooper St John Mo J E Hooper St
Louis Mo J W Craes and wife Provo Jerry
tichley Jiureka JerryGucnison IV I Cassa
day Grantsville John McDonnough I Hays
g tF g fio d 8 fs
Bingham T Clifton Ogden GGlllfspieDcnvr I
i rut L Glene Thomas Loyd ScovilS William
Bird Robert Forester S Harfuss Scoueld P
McGuire Anaconda 1 W Marthis and wife
1 BissbcH and wfe Bozeman Mont T Han
nah Provo M J Whitney Pamlna Iowa
Tire CxIFTE H Hoof New York J N
Barr Park City W J Browning Odin L
Jollery Charles Leton WmSymos Par City
W K Smith Chas Wurr Umgham OEpram
J A Neville A I Barcon Jackson Mich
E C Sylbert Vernal S Phillips W W Mc
Cevy ganas City J Harmon Omaha F Wil
ur C Adams Bale City A L Robinson
Chicago G Brooks Lemma N T Driseoll P
feasaa Council Bfuffs J Blakestey Littleton
H Holmes A Nelson Worcester L Martin
Louisville Ky
TIE TgiPiEToNH Libman and wife Chi
cago Mrs J C Koyle Mts Royle Master
Hoyle J F Galeni J Westheiner San Fran
cisco L E Gill Pittsburp W Reilly Ogden
Hlhlip lanas City W T Calgan W C
Greford New tork J C Simpson Chicago
S F Winford Denver Cob J C Thomas M
onnsou Provo Dr T Jenkins A J Smith F
Lipman NewYork
I The Emperors Criticism of ThenF
is Producing a Change
An Anti Loclalist Association The Anarchist
Labruyerc Tells how he Assisted fell
verskoiTs Murderer to Escape
BERLIN December 13 Copyright 1S30
ay the New York Associated Prsssj M e
bundesrath has rofusjj to approve the
resolution adopted by the reichstag by
which theological students uroperroitted to
pass the last six months of their array ser
vice in hospital work The Centrists con
sider that this refusal indicates the buncles
ruth will not pass a measure for the recall
of the Jesuits unless Caprivi uses his in
fluence with the government to support
their demands
The Vullnliatt has obtained and is making
the most of a circular of an association
formed to comiat the destructive teuden
des of Socialism Tho circalar winch Is
private Dears the signatures of Von
Moltke Miguel Puttkammer Krupp the
bishop of Troves and otbera caieily be
longing to the old Cartelparty
The recent speech of Em leroc William
upon the educational system has hail a
marked effect upon school methods The
school reform committee has voted to sub
stitute modern for ancient languages in all
lower classes in places where there
are only gymnasia and iilso make
such ctianges ii the present sys
tem of the realschulen und high middle
class schools as will enable the course to
beiontinued in the upper realscbulen la
Hamburg the town council has decided to
establish a higher middle class school in
accordance witn tho Emperors ideas
The Frankfort Zeftunu announces the
ight of a banker named Hales He ein
ezled > to the amont 01 40010 marks
Many medical men who came from
abroad to study Kochs treatment areleav
lug with their hopes of its success abated
specialists continue their demonstra
liens but others have ceased to offer in
uirers facilities Prof Berginann upon
concluding his demonstration announced
he would not pronounce dellniiely upon the
results for a year but reaffirmed his be
ef in the value of the treatment
Probate Judge of Garfield County Utah j
WASHINGTON Dec IRThe President toj
day sent to the Senate the nomination or
William O Orton to bo probate judge of
arileld coanty Utah
A London Stock Broker Fails
LOXDOX Dec 13 Edward Elliota stock
broker failed today Liabilities are considerable
derable Several jobbers in the American
department ot the market arc reported to
> e involved Later it was learned tha
failure was unimportant
Assignee for WilliamEl Co
Boctex Deer h3rne er litors oTtho
defunct woolen urns of WiflT3ra Bloom Sf
Co have appaintel W M Bowcn
Cashier Danran Caught
PniLADELPin Dec 11James L Dun
jan who was cashier of the broken Bank ot
America was found today at New Castle
Del and brought here this morning and
in default of 20000 bail locked up
The Chess Contest
Nnw YORK Dec 13The third game of
the chess contest resulted in a draw
Probably a Nihilist Murder
Moscow Dec K Madame Kcrtzoff C
member oi the aristocracy was found
dead in her residence in this city today
All evdence points to murder and it is bc
ieved the crime was committed by Nihir
sts as nothing was stolen
A Big English Strike Impending
LOXDOX Dec 13The Boltos Common
Operative association has voted in favoc of
OIUK on a strike next week unless waget
nrc advanced 5 per cent Tue strike wil
affect 250i0 hands
Anarchist lelabni era
PARIS Dec ilLThe AnarchIst Dels
ruyere has written a letter to the newspaper
paper LeClair in which he states lie as
slated Padlewsky the Russian Pole ns
peeled > of being the murderer of Genera
jeliverskoil to make his escape from
Paris to South America
jJelabruyerea statement is the topie of
he hour According to it General Seliver
koff tried to pump Padlowsky in icgan
to the frequenters of Btrnhoff5 house
where Padlewsky was employed and con
eluded bp proposing to Padlowsky to ace as
a spy This proposition Padlewsky re
seated by shooting the general Dela
bruyere tells how he disguised PadlewsSy
and afterwards accompanied him to Traei
Madam Kartzo who was found mur
dered at Moscow today was aunt of the
Russian consul general in this city towan
whom the Nihilists have long entertainet
hostile feelings
A Deed of Tru t to Solace Depositors
PHILADELPHIA Dec 13The Girard Life
Insurance and Trust company today tttei
a bond for 3200000 as security for a truss
resigned last week by the bankers It is
claimed that the trust was for tho benefit
of certain depositors Should the claim
prove well founded it will take from the as
sets of the firma securities of the par value
of 5200000 but whose market value is real
ly less than the 183730 of deposits io
which the securities were to be hejd as
Failure of a Big London Broker
New YORK Dec ILA London dis
patch this morning says A broker faIled
here today with heavy liabilities He wa
a large trader in American railway se
Gambnll Manufacturing Company Creditor
BALTIMOUE Dec 13At a meeting of
the creditors of of the Gambnll Manufac
turing company which failed yesterday
for 520JOOu today it was shown that they
were forced to sell at SOc on the dollar
The amount realized will pay every dollar
of the indebtedness
Montana CaUIo la Canada
OTTAWA Out Dec 13The northwest
mounted police are experiencing difficulty
in preventing Montana catJc from enter
Ing Canadian territory in search of food
Over live thousand head aro lino vn to be lit
the Milk river region and the police ari
busily engaged in driving them away from
Canadian quarantine district
the It auP
pears Montana ranchers are short of feed
Whittier Bardettei Youngs Liabilities
BoaTOX Dec 13At a meeting of the
creditors of Whittier Burdette t Young
today the assignee made a statement
showing the liabilities sl077X0 witfr
contingent liabilities of SJKMKX Asspr <
Senator 1uw ere Silver Aniendment
WASUINGTON Dec 13 Senator Poj
today introduced an amendment to the bill
to reduce the amount of tho United States
bonds required of national banks so as to
provide that whenever the notes r tired
under existing laws bv national bunks shall
aggregate 1UIOX0it shall be the u7
oi the secretary of the treasury to Pir
chase silver Bullion to the same amount and
to pay for the same with United States
Welsh Jb Lea Assign
PmiADKPHiA Dec 13 Prank H
Welsh of Welsh Lea manufactuaing
machinists against whom execution yes
terday was entered upon judgment on a
note for 40000 said late last night the
firm would probably make an assignment
today There is no statements of assets
or liabilities They claimed a capital of
OU000 in their business They exported
Dardward hardwood woodenware and ira
ohinory to all parts of the world TiQ
arm made an assignment today No state
ment of the liabilities or assets is obtain
able yet
Elm InPottEtown Pa
POTTSTOIVN Pa Dec 13A lire in the
business section of this city this morning
destroyed several stores causing a loss of
about u3lSoooo partially insured
News of the flight Conflrmcd
CHICAGO Dec 13A dispatch from
Pierre S D confirms the report that set I
tlers had a light with Indians on French
crack yesterday There wore three lndi
ans killed but no white
The City of Baton Resize Passengers Saved
BATOC SANA La Dec 13Clerk Bur
goyne this morning states that ever jdy
aboard the City of Baton Lougc ivhita
was sunk yesterday was saved
A Man Who Has an Insane Idea That H8
Must Kill the President Arrested
Special THE HBBALD Esamlaer Dispatchl
NBW Yontr Dec 13A World special
from Washington sags At 10 oclock last
night Edward S Miller who over since
the assassination cot President Garfield
has given the commissioners chief of
police district attorney and many others
considerable annoyance was arrested al
lis home by Detective Mahan and United
States Marshal Joyce
Miller has been under the constant
watch of the police department ever since
last May and for the past six weeks a
specaI > man has been detailed at the White
louse to see that he did not attempt to in
ure the PresUent While apparently ra
lonal in every other respect Miuer
labored under the hallucination that it do
vol red upon him to assassinate the Prcsi
dent and Secretary Blame Colonel
Moore chief of police and the district
attorney concluded that it was no longer
safe to allow him to remain at liberty
There is probably no one with whom the
government has had to deal except Guiteau
hat has given more cause for worry than
has Miller After the assassination of
arneld Le suddenly developed the idea
that it was his duty to kill President
Arthur and place Secretary Frealmehnsen
in the presidential chair He bunted tco
White House for some weeks and during
that tune he was carefully watched
A number doctors were consulted and
under their advice Miller was detailed
from quarterwakUirKEnsraPa office icr
I duty in Vancouver British Columbia w
I remained there some years and perform I
his duties very satisfactorily He wrote
the department here that he was going
into the interior of British Columbia bus
instead of doing so returned to Washing
ten and began to mace threats against the
Resident saying that two men had sent
him here to kill him
Miles Dont Believe There Was a Fight
CHICAGO Dec 13 General Miles does
ot place any credence in the report of a
battle between troops and Indians in the
northwest He had a telegram from Gen
oral Brooke yesterday to the effect tnat the
rumor that Indians were lighting among
themselves had reached the agency but
nothing further was received A dispatch
from Omaha says no battle occurred be
tween troops and Indians near Pine Ridge
agency as reported
Two Strike After Short BulL
ports of a fight between Indians in the bad
ands is confirmed Two Strike and Lis
party were victorious and left the bad
ands for Pine Ridge agency The chief
seat to General Brooke for help to capture
Short Bull and his warriors and fully three
hundred warriors are now on their way to >
ring > in all who remain in badlands
Fight Between Cowboys and Indians
DENVER Dec 13A special to this
Bofy Mountain News from Rapid City
South Dakota says that reports have
cached there of a fight between a band of
cowboys and Indiana at a ranch west of
Cheyenne river The Indians were trying
to get in to stampede cattle when the cow
boys who were secreted fired on them
A sharp skirmish ensued and the IncLana
were compelled to retreat leaving three
dead Ono of the cowboys received a
serious wound
Ambushed by Apaches
TOMBSTOXE Ariz Dec Information
was received today thit Jack Bridges and
Bark Robinson were killed by Apaches in
the Guadeloupe mountains yesterday
ThEy discovered the Indians had killed
some cattle and went out m search of them
They were ambushed by the Indians and
killed Soldiers are out now
The Royal Salt Company
KxiroLt5 Nan Dec 13Tho Royal
Salt company has struck salt hero at tha
depth of WO feet The vein is 240 feet
An Elevator Company Assigns
MixsEAPOiw Dec iLA dispatch front
Luverne Minnesota to the Tribune says
Tho Iowa Minnesota and Dakota Eleva
tor company operating warehouses on the
Burlington Cedar Rapids Northern
railway has assigned Liabilities 1500 JO
assets unknown
John Butler a banker of Ellsworth was
manager of the company Two days ago
special trains were run on the Burlington
road and all the grain taken from the
elevators to ChIcago and disposed of lh
Metropolitan and German American banks
of Minneapolis are said to be losers Tho
elevator companys accounts in the Rock
County bank at Luverne are all right A
few Luverne merchants are involved for
small amounts
Chester Bltclicock Dead
NEW HAVEN Conn Dec 13 Cheste
Hitchcock aged few died last night of
paralysis Hitchcock was well known on
the Pacific coast and In the northwest la
isIS he went to California and engaged in
mercantile and shipping pursuits and
invested largely in real estate Later bar
Trent into Minnesota and with othera
founded the settlement that is now St
Paul As the city grew ho invested lie
buildings and engaged in the carriage bust J
ness He leaves two sons and three daugh4
The Baseball Conference
NEW YOKK Dec 13As a result of that >
baseball conference which has been in this
city a couple of days it is announced thatt
Syracuse and Rochester will retire from
and the clubs inl
the American association j
Boston and Chicago take their placeaj
Svracuse and Rochester wUl go into the InJ
ternational or New York State league J

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