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I TJieSemiIeeWy Herald > d Tie Sunday Heralfl
I Contains B H ROBERTS all the cream or EDITOR the Dally THE STJNBI1TY I HERALD Full of Special Articles sent any
and specially edited matter where in I the world
They are Indulging in the Ghost
To IloveThe Assassins of FewTails Affairs
at Pine Rid < Lieutenant lay
lors Scouts
CROOKSTON Minn Tan 24An out
break is reported to have taken place
among the Indians at Red Lake reserva
tion A number settled near there arrived
today and reported having been driven
out by the Indians who they say have
caught the Messiah craze and are indulging
in ghost dances and threatening the white
settlers near the reservation Many set
tlers have already left through being
brightened by hostile demonstrations
I AdjutantGeneral Miles is investigating
The military Ordered Ready
MINNEAPOLIS Jan 4A special to the
Tribune from Fergus Falls Minn says
II The military has received orders to be
eady to move at a moments notice to Red
Lake reservation The Chippewas are in
dulging in ghost dances and other excitement
News of the IndIans
PINTRIDGE Jan 2The Second regi
ment returned to Omaha and the the Sev
enth infantry to Cheyenne this morning
Colonel Heyl inspectorgeneral of the
division of the Missouri with Colonel I
r Henrys corps of engineers left this morn
ing to make a survey of the battle field
near the mission on the 30th of last Decem
ber I was in this battle in which it is
claimed Colonel Forsyth transcended his
instructions in going beyond the mission
The serious illness of Agent Pierce has
necessitated the appointment of Captain
Dougherty of the First infantry to act
in his stead
All persons regularly employed about
the agency are ordered to leave the reser
General Miles is holding daily talks with
the Indian chiefs with a view to selecting
Vjn of them to go to Washington
The sick and wounded of the Seventh
cavalry will be forwarded to Rushvllle
whence they will travel with their ron
ment to Fort Riley There are now only
lour wounded soldiers in the fieldhospital
General Miles expects to leave hero in a
few days and will take with him about fifty
I Brule Indians whom he will quarter at
Port Sheridan Chicago The Indians will
be under the command of Lieutenant Tay
lor and of civilized the Ninth cavalry and will be drill
Canadian Indians Want Supplies
OTTAWA Ont Jan 24Boucher chief
of the St Maurice Indians near Three
I Rivers is here to appeal to the Indian de
partment for supplies for the Indians on
that reservation who are claimed to be in
a very destitute condition
J The Assassins of Few Tails
WASHINGTON Jan 4In a telegram re
ceived by the war department from General
Miles giving an account of the recent kill
ing of the Indian Few Tails by citizens he
characterized the incident as a useless out
I rage and said steps should be taken for the
prosecution of the assassins The telegram
was shown to the President He had sent
Miles an inquiry whether or not the out
race was committed on a government res
crvation and whether the assailants are
members any state organization The
object is to determine the question of jurisdiction
Orders to the First Infantry
WASHINGTON Jan 24 Orders have been
issued from the war department for the
First infantry Colonel Shafter to return
to it former station on the Pacific coast
Perkins of Kanses introduced a bill in
the House appropriating 9OOO to ratify
and confirm the agreement with the Crow
Indians of Montana
Commissioner Morgan of the Indian
bureau has written a letter to Father
Crafts the Catholic priest wounded in the
battle near Pine Ridge agency asking him
in view of his writings t religious news
papers to formally prefer charges against
1dm Morgan so that a thorough investi
gation may be made of the working of the
Indian bureau
Honest Ben Nordike Skips
BELLEVUE Ida Jan 24Special tele
gram to THE HIRLDB K Nordike
assessor and collector of Logan county has
skipped He was settling with the county
commissioners and could not make both
onus meet He is reported 4400 short
with a rebate of G on account of double
taxation To offset this he is entitled to a
credit of i on account of fees territorial I
taxes collected and 1870 on account of
cojimissions due from Logan county
Practically his shortage was but 139D
To offset this he had 1200 in the bank t
Ins credit ycsterdsy This was presum
ably county money He was therefore
really only a 103 defaultervwhen in an evil
moment he was moved to draw out his
balance in the bank and skip
Nordike was supposed t be an honest
man at heart He is known as Honest Ben
ICordike His old friends are shocked to
know he should round out such an honest
official career so peculiarly when his real
bhortige was so trifling Gambling win
end women tell the story very briefly
Crime from a Religions Craze
PiTTsncRG Jan 24The shooting or
Mrs W T Faulk by her husband yester
day in 1 fit of religious enthusiasm has re
suIted in a warrant being issued for one
George Ivauff as an accessory before the
fact Faulk declared his religious insanity
was inspired by hypnotic influence by
Kauff who claims to be another Messian
and ordered him t kill his wife
Arrested for Farmer Reeds Murder
SALEM N I Jan 24Mrs Elsie Reed
Don Murphy and Frank Woods have been
arrested charged with the murder of Far
mer Reed Thursday nignt The police as
sert the woman for some time has been in
iatuated with Murphy and the latter
boasted he would soon be owner of the
farm Thursday nignt Murphy went
tho house with Woods and as the police
claim beat and kicked Reed t death polce
Lyman Uajre Will Decline Reelection
CHICAGO Jan 21 Lyrnan J
ident of the Worlds fair
I nounced today that on April next when
the annual meeting will be held he will
decline reelection because of the pressure
of private business
The G A R Petition for Injralls
TOPEKA Jan 24The memorial from
the Lincoln post Grand Army of the Re
public Topeka praying for the reelection
of Ingalls was reported back by the com
mittee today with a recommendation that
It be spread on the records but that there
be made an adverse report on the prayer of
the petitioners The report a adopted
us an offset to it A number of old soldiers
today presented a petition condemning 1
ngalls This was also spread on the
records Ingalls who arrived last night
Republican was in conference all day today with the I
Republcan managers
Legislative Bribery In South Dakota
ST PAUL Jan 24A Pioneer Press
Pierre S D special says At the after
noon session in the house in voting on the
Davidson county election contests sena
torial bribery charges were made Repre
entative Converse announced he had been
threatened with the defeat of the bill i he
did not vote a certain way
Kelley stated be had been offered 1000
to vote for Moody for Senator
Hall said he had been offered a bribe of
1000 by a prominent Democrat to keep out
of the Republican caucuses and could pro
duce witnesses
JLne committee on bribery announced
their report would be ready next session
Bird one of the contesting Independents
was seated The charges of bribery made
today were referred to the committee
The decision of the first five Lawrence
county contests against the sitting of Re
publican members is a decided defeat for
Two ballots were taken for Senator to
day without material change
Heavy Snow In Southeastern Russia
ST PETERTHCRG Jan 24A terrible
snow storm prevailed recently in the
southeastern portion of Russia whole vii
lagos and numerous issolated houses were
almost buried in snow Railroad tracks are
useless and the only communication is in
sleighs Numbers of people were frozen
to death and it is feared as the snow disappears
appears there will be further loss of life
revealed The city of Charkow the capi
tal of the government Kharkow on Khar
kova is so completely issolated that a fam
no is feared among the poor Charkow has i
00000 inhabitants I
Exlliuister Mizner Arrives
xminister to Central America arrived by
the steamer San Jose today Ho states I
there wore no hostilities between Guate
mala and San Salvador when he left but
fighting might take place any time I
flow the Company Lost One of its
Pretty Coryphees
Minnie Curtis Unexpectedly Meets Her Hus
band Who had been a Long Time in
the WestThey are Happy
Specialto THE HERALD Examiner Dispatchl I
BOSTON Jan 24The Ship Ahoy
company lost one of its pretty chorus
girls Thursday night A black whiskered
sturdy looking man asked for one of the
best seats in the Park theatre where the
company were playing and was given a
coupon calling for a sent in the first row
of the orchestra When the curtain rose
his eye did not roam over the bevy of
pretty and shapely chorus girls but rested
gris I
on one particular beauty who stood near
the stage He started to rise but seeing
hat his neighbor was watching him the
man dropped back into his seat At the
close of tho act he hurried to the stage
door and asked Pop to give a note to
Miss Minnie Curtis and he would cal for
call for the answer
The nextuctfound the black whiskered
man in his seat Close observers could see
when the curtain rose that Miss Curtis was
somewhat pale and that glances of recogni
tion passed between her and the man in the
front row At the end of the second act
another call was made on Pop No
written answer was given but tho words
The lady said yes seemed to have a
soothing effect on the stranger
At the end of tbe play Miss Curtis was
escorted to her hotel by him and the man
ager of the company was sent for Then
the whole story was out Mr Thompson
the strapger had married Miss Curtis four
years ago in Chicago They lived happily
for a year when to better his interests
Thompson went west While he was gone
Thompsons motherinlaw who never
approved of the marriage induced her
daughter to secure a divorce on the
ground of desertion Mrs Thompson
regretted her action almost as soon
as she obtained her decree and quar I
reling with her mother went on the stage I
Thompson returned from the west to Chi
cago three months ago with plenty of
money and instead of finding his wife met
her mother The latter refused to say any
thing about her daughter and Thompson
was obliged to enlist the services of detec
tives It was found Mrs Thompson was
with the Ship Ahoy company then play
ing in Boston and Thursday ni ht Thomp
son arrived here The couple were glad to
meet again The lady resigned from the
company and both took the midnight train
for New York
Gladstones Home Rule Guarantee
PARIS Jan 24The Sicclc announces that
William OBrien has received a home rule
guarantee on the part of Gladstone and his
colleagues sufficient to satisfy Parnells
conditions upon which ho consents to retire
Hartington on Home Rule
LONDON Jan 24The Marquis of Hart
ington in reply to inquiries concerning the
contradiction between the views of Joseph
Chamberlain Lord Derby and other Union
ists as to whether home rule is dead writes
today The contradiction is more ap
parent than real Home rule may be ap
as a practical policy and so far a it ever
possessed any chance of the country accept
ing it in definite form but political neces
sity especially to retain the Irish National
ists support may compel Gladstones fol
lowers for a long time to include it in their
Lord Derby writes My speech was in
tended to warn the Unionists against being
unduly sanguine
The New Irish Organization
DUBLIN Jan 24The Irish Catholic says
the formation of a new national organization
to replace the discredited National league
is nearly concluded
A letter from Archbl hop Walsh
DCHLIN Jan 24Archbishop Walsh has
written a letter to the Frcedmcus Journal in
reply to statements made by that paper in
connection with the archbishop The arch
bishop says it is not a question whether
English or Irish opinion is t decide the
leadership but the question is as la 1 whether
Parneli is morally fit to lead Catholics To
this the Journal retorts by remarking that
Parnells business with Ireland is only
The Insuppressible Stops Publishing
DUBLIN Jan 24The Insuppressible the
newspaper started in this city as a rival to
tbe United Ireland and upon the supposition
that William OBrien would assume edi
torial control of its columns has stopped
A Girl Scalps a Footpad
CHICAGO Jan 21 MissM E Wilmount
was stopped on West Lake street tonight
by a footpad named Frank Peterson who
attempted to take her purse containing 00
Miss Wilmount held her purse with one
hand and screaming grasped the fellows
hair with the other hand He managed t
escape with the loss of part of his scalp
which he left in Miss Wilmounts fingers
Peterson was arrested shortly after the
police having followed his bloody trail over
half a mile from the scene of the scalping
Of the United States Will Soon
be Admitted
ThIs Is the Opinion of Minister PhelpsThe
Government Bid for the Center Vote
Social Questions
BERLIN Jan 24 Copyright 1S91 by
the New York Associated PressJ The re
peal of the prohibition against American
pork is regarded as near the weight of the
speaking in the recent debate was all on
the side of a change No prominent do
fender of the prohibitory law in the reich
stag ventured to deny that the repeal would
benefit the masses 01 the people Several I
members have congratulated United States i
Minister Phelps on the prospects of the
early abolition or moderation of the law
Phelps said todaythere would not even
have been a majority of twentyseven
against the motion i the opposition had
waited a little The government could not
let a combination of the Freisyinnige and
Socialist parties dictate its policy on such
an important question Ho had long known
the government ready to modify its re
strictions as soon as the precautions taken
by the American authorities seem suffi
cient to insure the health of the German
people The government was not afraid of
cooKCd American porK out ouiy 01 me un
cooked article Dr Windthorsts declara
tion is that the Center party waited only
for the taking of sufficient precautions in
America to bring the end of prohibition
within sight It is now probable at any
rate that the prohibition against ham and
bacon will be removed
The lower house of the Prussian diet to
dry commenced the debate upon the gov
ernment bill for the restitution of the sti
pends of the Catholic priests confiscated
the laws Chancellor
during kulturkampf Chancelor
von Caprivi stated the government hoped
the bill would reconcile the opponents of
last year He protested against the re
proaches leveled at the government for
having bargained for the support os the
Center party
Guna National Liberal protested the
bill was a political move by the govern
ment to gain Center votes It was a com
plete overturn of tbe former policy to hand
over 160J0030 marks for distribution
among the clericals The ministry do not
fear defeat of the measure
The bulky report of the committee hav
ing in charge the labor bill has been dis
triouted among the members of the reich
stag It provides for the enforcement of 1
Sunday rest rejects fixed working hours I
in all trades increases the protection to
women and children who labor and pro
hibits the retention by employers of more
than weeks wages in the event of a
breach of contract by workmen The gen
eral feeling is in favor of the report
Interest in the Koch treatment is abat
ingI is reported that Major McKinley will
visit Germany tho coming summer and
will call on Prince Bismarck
A general thaw has set in in western and
northern Germany Themelting snow and
heavy rains are causing thp rivers to rise
rapidly Reports from Cuxhaverf state tho
Elbe is entirely free from ice
The Nebraska Legislature
LIKCOLN Neb Jan 2LA joint resolu
tion was passed by the house instructing
the Nebraska congressional delegation to
demand the immediate foreclosure of the
government mortgage against the Union
Pacific railroad
A bill was introduced by Rohan appro
priating 150000 for the Nebraska exhibit
at the Worlds fair The bill provides for
nine commissioners three each to be Repub
licans Democrats and Farmers alliance
The Colorado Legislature
DENVER Jan 24Both factions of tho
house of representatives met in one body
this morning After apprpvingthe journal
of yesterday the house adjourned till Tues
day morning
Kansas Alliance Senatorial Caucus
TOPEKA Kan Jan 24The first causus
of the Farmers alliance members on the
senatorial question was held to night The
members are pledged to secrecy and little
is yet learned of the prceediugs The Al
liance senatorial candinates wore called
before the caucus one by one and permitted
to give a statement for their candidacy
All Alliance Congresstnenelect and per
sons who have joined the alliance since
the last election were barred as candidates
This rules out Congressmanelect simson
who was one of the most popular candi
dates as well as exGovernor St John and
others The can idates who spoke tonight
were Speaker Elder Judge Pleffer editor I
of the Alliance Advocate Judge Doster of
the district court at Polton John F
Willets Alliance candidate for governor
S M Dott a farmer C M Sott state
lecturer Frank McGrath president of tho
state alliance Judge Hiram Stevens and
Re A J Cole representative from
At 1230 there was no nomination and
the proceedings are still being kept secret
In the House
WASHINGTON Jan 24 Before the read
ing of the journal Brecldnridge of Ar
kansas raised the point no quorum A
call of the House was ordered A hundred
and ninetyfive members more than a
quorum having responded t their names
the clerk proceeded to read the journal
Breckinridgo demanded its reading in
full and after some debate this was done
Breckinridgo mado further attempts to
cause delay but on motion of McKinley
the previous question was ordered on ap
proval of the journal it was approved
The Housejthen went into committee of the
whole on tho naval appropriation bill
Pending the disposition of the bill the
committee rose and the House adjourned
Exterminating the Fur Seals
Special THE HERALDExaminer Dispatch
NEW Yom Jan 24A Herald Paris
cable says The European edition of the
Herald publishes an interview held at
Cannes with Herman Liebes on the Bob
ring sea question He approves Blames
course and asserts the seals are being
hunted to death and will be exterminated
unless prompt measures are taken En
gland will then suffer also as 5000 persons
in London live by preparing the skins The
poachers with whom England sides are not
English tho crews of the Canadian sealers
are American amen Last yen fiftyone
vessels were engaged in poaching Next
season if England gives her protection
150 ships will be in the business This
means destruction to the seals
Liebes Mills and Tevis pay the govern
ment HL for every seal they kill or capture
with support for the inhabitants of the
Leopold island with medical attendance
fuel and schools The inhabitants are In
dians from Alaska numbering 400 But
for the sealing they would starve
Mr Liebes says his firm would bo willing
to abstain from killing the seals for five or six
years in order to give the animals chance
provided the others were forbidden also
The reason the seals are being extermi
nated is that those that are killed are
moBly females with young Out of 53000
skins brought to London this season by
poachers 99 per cent belonged to females
Mr Liebes does not believe there is any
danger of war in the matter It is too
small for England to fight about Last
season thirtynine Victorian vessles killed
over forty thousand seals while fourteen
American ships killed under fourteen
thousand He holds the American rights
in the sea are unquestionable as those of
Russia were never questioned A Russia
shoots all poachers caught on her side of
the sea there is no poaching there I
Canada and teSe l Question
LONDON Jan 24Tlie Chronicle says
A high authority declares the government
exercised no pressure on anada in regard
to the pending negotiations While it
would rejoice to see Canada and America
again commercial friends it does not desire
to depart from the policy of allowing the
colonies a free hand in commercial matters
Nor is it right to imply any intention on
the part of Canada to niaks a reciprocal
commercial agreement tbe basis of a settle
ment of the questiouslinvolved in the
Behring sea matter which must be decided
on their merits
The Workington Works Close
LONDON Jan 24 TheWorkington Iron
and Steel works at Workington Cumber
land have closed throwing 1400 men out
of work
No Choice Illinois Yet
SPRINGFIELD III Jan J24 Eleven more
ballots were taken for United States Sen
ator but no choice was made Adjourned
till Monday
A Kentucky Lottery Law Decision
LOUISVILLE Jan 24 Judge Jackson of
the circuit court today decided the lottery
cases before him in favor of the lotteries
One Monsier was indicted for selling
Frankfort and Henry academy lottery
tickets Judge Jackson held the Kentucy
act of May 23 last repealing lottery licenses
is void he knowing judicially there are other
lotteries in the class designated and ad
ding that the legislature may select a class
and legislate in regard to it but cannot
discriminate between those who compose
it The case will be appealed
Canada not Invited to the Fair
OTTAWA Ont Jan 24rA prominent
official calls attention to the fact that
Canada was not invitedto take part in the
Columbian exposition and says Canadas
exhibits bitions will be confined private exhi
Princess Henrlette Informed of Baudonins
BRUSSELS Jan 24 Princess Henriette
sister of the late Prince Baudouin was in
formed yesterday oveningof her brothers
death At first the news affected the
princess in a dangerous manner but she is
improving today
The Arrival of Her Theatrical
Will he Bade the Occd ion for Decidlns
Whether Such Things Are Liable to
Custom House Dues
Special TiE HERALD Examiner Dlspatch1
NEW YORK Jan 24Th custom house
officials have decided to decide the question
whether theatrical cost nes scenery and
properties are tools of tiiie or not The
directions under which this aecrressive
move is to be made were contained in a let
ter received yesterday from O L Spauld
ing assistant to Secretary Windom Spe
cial Treasury Agent Wilbur has limited his
legal inability to the seizure of large
amounts of scenery and kindred threatri
cal necessaries which have been passed
duty free through the custom houso from
time to time This time Henry Abbey or
rather the firm of Abbey Schoefel Grsu
is to be made an unwilling participant in
that annoying bugbear a test case and the
theatrical property to be levied on that to
be used in Sarah Bernhardts New York
Agent Wilbur has kept his eye open and
when he heard that a large amount of
scenery properties and costumes were to
be sent over with the divine Sarah he im
mediately telegraphed to Washington for
orders When the theatrical effects arrive
they will be seized if the duty levied be not
paid Then Abbey of course will appeal
to tho hoard of general appraisers which
sits as an appellate body in this city Los
ing his case before the appraisers Mr
Abboy may carry the question into the
courts until a correct reading of the law
shall be decided by the United States su
preme court The scenery and accessories
are valued at a large sum The duty if
collected will be a substantial account
item in Mme Sarahs American expenses I
The Industrial Delegates I
WASHINGTON Jan 24The conference of
delegates to the Confederation of Indus
trial organizations was resumed this morn
ing the question under discussion being
the best method of instructing and reach
ing the industrial classes and the most
feasible plan for educating them in the doc
trines of the organizations
The Industrial federation today deter
mined that the national committee should
consist of the chairmen of the different or
ganizations of the confederacy iu each
state Its duty will be to determine upon
the best method to perfect the work of the
organization and carrJ out its demands
Each chairman has power to appoint as
sistants to aid in any way in carrying out
the views and impressing upon the mem
bers of his organization the principles of
the confederation The president was
authorized to invite all industrial
al organiza
tions to send representatives to meet and
exchange views with the confederation at
the next meeting which will be held Fob
ruary 22 182 unless sooner called
President Jerrill leaves Sunday night for
Omaha to meet the National alliance of the
northwest in conference in matters per
taining to the organization Ho says the
confederation contemplates no third party
movement would always give its support
to persons who supported its principles and
I would further pledge itself to support no
one for federal office who rL refused to use his
I uesbeuubavors w penuuu legIslation that
would accrue to the benefit of the organiza
Chairman Burrows from the House com
mittee on levees and improvement of the
Mississippi river to day submitted to the I
Houso a favoraolereport on the bill drafted
by the committee to appropriate 10000000
to repair and build levees on the Mississippi
from the head of the passes to Cairo
ForfeKuau of Unstamped Opium
WASHINGTON Tan 24 Assistant Secre
tary Spaulding has written a letter to Mc
Kinley chairman of the House committee
on ways aud means in regard to the difficulties
culties experienced in securing the forfeit
ure of unstamped opium He invites at
tention to the suggestion made by the col
lector of Sau Francisco In order to obviate
those difficulties the secretary of the
treasury should order all opium on hand to
be stamped and says inasmuch as that
provision of the law authorizing the secre
tary to take such action on importations
made prior to the passage of the present
tariff act the suggestion that a joint res
olution of Congress be passed giving the
necessary authority to the treasury de
partment is commended to the considera
tion of the committee
ExSenator Wadleteu Dead
BOSTON Jan 24Hon Brainbridge
Wadleigh the wellknown lawyer arid ex
morning Senator from New Hampshire died this
I i Vigorously Opposed by Sen
ator Stewart
The Silver Pool Investigation Director of the
Mint Leech Testifies Owenby Is
Found in Chicago
WASHINGTON Jan 24The Senate met
at 11 in continuation Thursdays session
The journal showed that but fortyfive
Senators were in attendance exactly a
quorum Stewart took the floor to address
tho Senate on the closure resolution but
yielded to I motion by Fry for executive
session on an assurance that it would not
occupy more than five or ten minutes
The legislative session was resumed at
1125 when Stewart offered an amendment
of which he had given notice on Thursday
last It contains three propositions the
first being to strike out of the proposed
rules the words and the question shall be
put upon the amendments if any are then
pending and upon the measure in its suc
cessive stages according to the rules of the
Sent but without debate And to sub
stitute the words and debate on pending
amendments and such amendments as may
be offered while the measure is under con
sideration shall be limited as provided un
der rule 8
Second to insert in the sentence provid
ing that no motion shall bo in order but I
motion to adjourn or take a recess the
words to recommit with or without l
instructions to lay on table etc
And the third being the clause that pend
ing proceedings under the proposed rule
rule 17 shall be suspended
Rule S referred to in the first proposi
tion provides the order of business after
the morning hour and rules 17 and 18 that
when an amendment proposed to any pend
ing measure is laid on tha table it shall bo
without prejudice to such measure
Faulkner demanded the yeas and nays on
the amendment and they were ordered
Stewart then argued against the rule and
election bill The principles of the latter
i carried into effect would be more preju
dicial to human liberty than secession
itself because secession would have still
retained the local governments He went
on to argue at length against the constitut
ionality of tho bill
The proposed rule he said could not be
adopted without violation of all rules and
without taking the floor from some Senator
entitled to it Those who opposed such pro
ceedings stood by the precedents of the
United States for one hundred years and
the precedents of Great Britain for five
hundred years And these precedents never
had been violated except in one single in
stance when violated to suppress the home
rule struggle in Ireland I the rules of
the Senate were violated Senators would
hear a louder voice than they heard in the
last election In conclusion Stewart ap
pealed to the Republican Senators to pause
in their mad career before they stepped
over the precipice and destroyed their I
At tho close of Stewarts speech
Sanders took the floor but yielded
Aldrich who asked unanimous consent
first to limit debate t half nn hour then to
limit the length of speeches one hour
each and then to have a vote taken Mon
day next TO eacn or these requests as
made objection was made on the Demo
cratic side Sanders then proceeded with
his speech
Sanders then proceeded with his speech
in advocacy of the proposed rule and of
the election bill He reminded the Dem
ocratic Senators that there was a differ
ence between freedom of debate and un
limited debate He declared the election
bill was a bill of peace I might be beaten
but that would be simply postponing the
question beaten then Congress would
adjonrn on the 4th March next leaving a
deep and grievous wrong rankling in the
bosoms of 10 per cent of the people of the
country and with a consciousness that in
justice was being perpetrated in the light
of day
Referring to the newspaper opposition
to the bill Sanders said no newspaper had
been appointed a tribunal to express the
popular will Their opinions were as va
viable as the shades by the light of the
quivering aspen made He did not know
how better to characterize the condition of
the public sentiment which they produced
than to call it a condition of moral clammi
ness The people themselves had how
ever expressed with no uncertain sound
in the national platform of the Republican
can party their purpose and desire that
the amendments to the constitution shall
stand as a bulwark and shield against all
forms of nnnrpsqfnn A mnttpr hnnr tinm
ble the individual oppressed might be
Morgan spoke in opposition to the pro
posed rule Some Senators made them
selves conspicuous in uttering calumnies
against the south but the south has not
used money in their elections although
silver dollars would do much in carrying
elections there because what was it that
could not bo bought of the Republican
party in the south I How was it on the
other side of the line What was the
meaning of those disgusting expressions
which emanated from a Republican per
haps a Senatoras to frying fat out of
manufacturers and blocks of fvel What
was the meaning of those enormous sub
scriptions of money made by men and to
men Jas trustees who stood at the very
head of the church 1 What a wonderful
development of modern piety sanctity and
purity What use was made of that
money I There could not be any question
I was for corrupt use
Recess was taken until Monday
The Silver Pool Investigation
WASHINGTON Jan Representative
Dorsey of Nebraska testified before the
silver pool investigation committee today
He had no knowledge of any Congressmen
or other government officials being inter
ested in the silver pool or silver pool specu
lation Witness never did have any inter
est directly indirectly in silver bullion
or suver specuiuuou
H B Parsons of Brooklyn was called
to the stand but before he testified Stevens
correspondent of the GlobeDemocrat said
ho wished to withdraw one or two names
which he had at the request of the commit
tee given from recollection They were
those of Nowland and Parsons Since
testifying be had received from Owenby
a letter dated Chicago saying he was in er
ror as to Parsons Stevens said he re
ceived the letter from Owenby two or
three days ago that he had shown it to
Dockery who suggested that he hold it for
a while
Parsons the New York agent of Wells
Fargo Co said he knew nothing about
any silver speculation by government offi
cials Parsons said he knew Owenby
slightly Owenby frequently came to the
office of Wells Furco Co and witness
made his acquaintance in that vay He
said Owenby stated he had an interest in
silver given him in consideration of the in
formation furnished Owenby said the
cashier of a New York bank was his asso
ciate in the enterprise afterward
Leech mint director submitted a state
went of the visible domestic supply of silver
tier On December and January last On I
tho former date the visible supply Leech
placed at 11692200 ounces the largest I
holdings being tho Mercantile Safe De
posit company New York banks and
western refineries He also submitted a
list of concerns that since the last silver
act was passed had offered 10000 ounces or
more of silver to the government
Director Leech gave among the regular
sellers the Consolidated Kansas City
Smelting and Refining company of New
York Clark IJodgo Co Handy 8r Har
man Zimmerman Forshav the Fourth Na
tional bank the Boston and Colorado
Smelting company of Denver J W
Seligman Co of New York Nesslagc
Colgate Co the American Exchange
National bank of New York the Bank of
California tho Nevada bank the Anglo
California bonk the Selby Smelting and
Lead company and W Loaiza Co all of
ban Francisco Wells Fargo Co of New
York J i Watimeser Herdelbach
Ickelheimer Co and L A Cole of New
Leech gave an outline to the committee
of the manner in which silver speculation
was carried on and said the deposit of bul
lion and issue of certificates were largely
matters of convenience to the western refin
ers who did not want to throw their pro
uuuu uu Lit marKeT at inopportune unit
Like most of the previous witnesses
Leech had no knowledge of speculating by
persons connected with the government
DChairman Dingley for the benefit of the
newspapers from which the people must
obtain their information of the investiga
tion he said remarked that his attention
had been called to a publication charging
that in some way the committee had man
aged prevent the evidence which Senator
Vest gave respecting Senator Cameron
from coming before theconntry until after
Camerons reelection and that the com
mittee knew what he would testify to The
fact was the committee sent word t Vest
on Saturday to appear He replied he
could not leave the Senate At the in
stance of Oates wno stated ho had busi
ness in New York an adjournment bad
been taken until Wednesday Had the
committee had any intimation of Vests
testimony it would have insisted on his
appearing Saturday
J A Owenby Summoned to Testify
CHICAGO Jan 24J A Owenby who is
supposed to know about the silver pool was
found here today by adeputy sergeantat
arms and summoned to appear before the
investigating committee in Washington
next Thursday Talking of the matter he
said I I permitted to tell all I know
something ing interesting will be forthcom
William Degan Returns from
Belln t
Where He Went to be Treated for Consump
tion by Kochs Method He Says He
Received no Benefit
Special to THE HERALD Examiner DIspatch
NEW YORK Jan 2 William Degan
the first American treated at Dr Kochs
labrotary for consumption returned Wed
nesday on the Rotterdam and reentered
St Francis hospital Ho is thirtyeight
years old and his case was considered
hopeless He went Germany with Dr
William D Taltavall November 25 and on
his arrival at Berlin was admitted to the
Florentine hospital All his expenses were
paid by W J Arkell During his stay in
Berlin Degan never saw Koch but re
ceived his inoculations from Dr Erhart an
assistant Degan said that after receiving
the first injection of the lymph he felt a
smarting sensation and trouble around his I
heart but in general he experienced de
cided relief
Three millogrammes was the dose daily
During the three weeks remained there
he had a bad hemorrahge toward the end
and lost all benefit he had gained Degan
was the only American at the hospital
Among the other patients were two Ger
mans from Philadelphiaone of whom it was
discovered did not have consumption and I
the other of whom died Many deaths oc
curred among tho patients and Degan said I
that he had not heard of a single cure
However thu physicians pronounced his
case severe tuberculosis and two ulcers in
his throat disappeared after using the
lymph Degan has no faith in the lymph
Two bottles of it were brought over with
him to be used by Dr Shardy who will
continue the treatment
Alabama and the Force U
houses of the legislature unanimously
adopted resolutions protesting against the
passage of the force bill
Comments of Congressmen
WASHINGTON Jan Congressmen are
commenting upon the action of several
southern legislatures In declining to take
steps to participate in the Worlds fair
pending consideration of the election bill
Senator Cullom of Illinois says he did not
believe the proceedings would have any ef
fect upon Senators favorably disposed to
ward the bill
Representative Butterworth of Ohio
said the question was a grave one and if
ten or a dozen states should decline to par
ticipate in the fair its success might be
jeopardized He hoped the fair would be
out of politics
Representative Candler of
chusetts chairman of the Worlds fair
committee said he did not think the senti
ment of the people was fairly represented
in the proposed action
Representative Taylor of Illinois
Iinois be
lieves the fair will be a success even if all
the southern states decline to participate
He does not think the action of the south
ern legislatures will influence any votes
on the election bill
Senator Berry of Arkansas said he had
not attempted to influence the Arkansas
legislature in the matter but fully en
dorsed its proceedings Arkansas pro
posed to make liberal appropriations for
an exhibit but if the election bill became
law the business of the state would be im
paired and the flow of immigration and
capital stopped
Playwright Belasco Sins With Manager
Specialto THE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
NEW YORK Jan 24H C Miner yester
day closed a contract with David Belasco
by virtue of which Mr Miner secured the
playwright for his new Fifth avenue the
atre Belasco has been In negotiation with
Miner for several months and it was the
offer which has just been accepted that
caused a rupture of the relations that ex
isted between the dramatist and Daniel
Frohman Mr Belascos new relations
will not begin until the engagement of
Leslie Carter
The Revolution in Chili
BOEXOS AmEs Jan 24News is re
ceived here from Valparaiso that a confer
ence between President Balmacedaand the
Chilian deputies has taken place Many
people believed the president would take
advantage of the meeting to tender his
resignation Ho did not do so however
and the conference had no result
The insurgents continue to gain strength
and confidence The workmen employed
in the factories of Valparaiso are joining
the insurgents in large forces and their
sympathy seems to be with the rebels
Regular railroad traffic is at a stand
still and business is paralyzed The gov
ernment has declared the large towns in a
state of siege
A Hermit Murdered for His Honey
KANSAS CITY Jan 24The body of Wil
liam Harnman who has been living the
life of a hermit in a squalid hut near Ar
gentine Kan was found there today
Evidently he had been murdered He
was known to have had a lot of money
some placing the amount as high as 20000
but uo trace of it can be found
n n g
m AIR OF imm
Still Surrounds Case of Jennie
So Soon as the Search For Her In New York
Began She Suddenly Disappeared
A Family History
Speclalto THE HERALD Examiner Dispatchl
NEW YORK Jan 24The story of the
search made throughout this city by Count
George of the Hungarian house of Szirmay
for a young girl who before her marriage
in this city with a barber went by the
name of Jennie Szirmay has not yet been
fully told In fact there Is much about the
case that is enveloped with mystery as with
a garment Yet the following facts are
beyond cavil or dispute
There was until New Years day in this
city a young girl for whom the count was
searching To find her the count landed in
New York on January 3 Within ten days
of his arrival her whereabouts were known
When he looked for her he could not lint
her And just here arises the mystery
The Count Szirmay who was a chamber
lain to the Emperor of Austria could not
be the reputed father of the girl in question
for firstly this Count SsSrmuy whose
proper name is Szirmay Bezenyo never
had any children Secondly ne has been
dead for some years His history Is welt
known He was detested by the Hunga
rians because together with Count Zirchy
he conducted the Russian army into Hun
gary to suppress with barbarous ferocity
the gallant struggle for liberty which the
Hungarians made in lb4S under Kossuth
Zichy was murdered by Hungarian gypsies
and Szirmay fled to Paris but returned
after many years and was created a
chamberlain by the Austrian court Ho
died leaving a widow Gabrielle who live
in BudaPesth but mostly in Vienna her
palace being in Frankenberg gasso S A
branch of this family a younger brother
whose name is Josef hadlanded possessions
in the immediate neighborhood of the
chamberlain possessions namely at Szirma
a few miles from Miskole in Hungary
This Count Szirmay had a daughter named
Zanka which might be translated into
Jennie in English This girl went to school
at Miskoiez This Count Josef Szir
may also had a wife from whom
he was separated and who together
her husband were of doubtful morality
He also was much in debt He is not iden
tical with either Alfred Szirmay and
George Szirmay both members of the
Hungarian second chamber living at Buds
Pesth Furthermore there are three more
noblemen of minor degree who live in
BudaPesth One is Andre Szirmay a
high police official another is Antal Szir
may a professor and a third is Alex Szir
may a post official It seems therefore
the Count Szirmay who was in New York
seeking for his child answers the descrip
tion of thcjyouneer brother orj relative of
Chamberlain SirinayBezenyo and whose
landed possessions were at Szirmay and
that his daughter Zanier may be the girl
According to this officiall statement
Count Szirmay is not married United
States Marshal Bernhard believed when
he was working up the case and still be
lieves that the lost girl he was seeking
was this counts daugnter He says too
that the case was put into his hands by the
Austrian counsel in New York who had
received advices from abroad with instruc
tions to learn if possible whether she was
in this city
Marshal Bernhard located the girl Its i
question and told her her father was
coming to this country to reclaim her She
told the United States marshal that she did
not care to go back to Hungary Evi
dently she was in earnest for she disap
peared entirely The Austrian consul Mr
Anton Von Polutisrhek does not deny the
tact that uount ueorge Szirmay was m this
city two weeks ago But ho is unwilling
to throw any satisfactory light on the
mystery All the investigation on foot to
day only fortifies her strange life here
That was partly told yesterday She was
a public charge in the Charity hospital at
least three times in the past two years
and ever since her landing In this city in
July 1SS3 she has lived tho erring
migratory life of a woman against
whose face all decent doors are
shut No wonder the count went back
home after its conclusion with the feeling
that it was better never to look upon the
girls face again After such a story as
tho search revealed it was impossible ever
to redeem her What was his object To re
deem her She was not nis child
Joseph Monderer is the barber who says
he married Jennie and showed a certifi
cate to prove it They lived together four
months when Jennie left the house and has
not been seen since by her husband Tho
barber seems to enjoy the notoriety his
wife has attained
No said Mpnderer I have no cause
to ask for a divorce and even if I had I
would not seek one I love her dearly and
know that she loved me so I um ready to
stick to her through thick and thin Now
that I learn she is a countess very natur
ally I do not want to separate from her
added the barber with unconcious numor
because I honor her for her position
Did she ever say anything about her
former life
After we were married replied Mon
derer I 1 asked her to come home with mo
to Europe but she did not seem to want to
go Today I wrote a letter to my parents
and enclosed all the newspaper clippings
about the story Of course I have not
written to my fatherinlaw the count
continued the barber willingly and import
antly because I do not know him but T
am sure he would change his opinion if be
knew Jennie was honestly married He
may recognize me as his soninlaw but if
he does not choose to do so and wishes to
procure a divorce why let him pay for it
I am willing to take the cash
It is said Jennie is now in Philadelphia
Stanfords Horses In New York
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
NEW Yont Jan 24The big American
institute stalls near Seventythird street
and Third avenue were full of stamping
and neighing horses yesterday Senator
Leland Stanfords horses arrived there nt
5 oclock in tho morning with an army of
men to toue care of them The horses al
together number 124 including four geld
ings one of them Express with a record
of 221 and another with a record of 230
The youngsters looked as well as could bo
expected after their long trip As some of
them had to stand most of the time their
joints were swollen and many spent the
day lying down in their stalls The trip i
was without incident Only one horse was
taken sick and he was left at Cheyenne
The horses will be sold at auction by M
Peter C Kellogg Co Tuesday Wednes
day and Thursday next
Opposed to the Panama Ship Canal
ST PAUL Jan 24The state senate this
afternoon adopted a memorial to Congress j
opposing government support or endorse
ment to the proposed Panama ship canal
International Coin Commissioners
WASHINGTON Jan 24The Senate baa
confirmed the nomination of N P Hill of
Colorado William A Russell of Massa
chusetts and Lambert Free of Illinois at
commissioners to consider the establish
meat of an international coin or coins

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