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J 4 S
5 S 4
S Is now making a tremendous effort to close out the entire stock of Dry Goods and Gents Furnishings at a price wherein the actual cost of the goods Is not considered at all The stock is one of the largest and the very choicest In this city amounting to 5125000 and not r
wishing to continue the expense of selling the goods any longer than absolutely necessary hence S
at prices absolutely less than onehalf of their actual value Look and see the prices quoted and remember that every article in the house has been gone over carefully and remarked in the same ratio This is not a
question of closing out some particular department but the prices of the goods have been so reduced as to quickly sell off every dollars worth of goods in the house Housekeepers Boarding House and Hotel Keepers will
find hundreds of articles that are absolutely staple and which they will need right along and on which they can save fully onehalf Merchants desiring to buy goods in quantities at wholesale I will quote them prices
way below the manufacturers or importers cost I have a lease on my store which I will dispose of
Gents Furnishings
PrcMln Reduced
Price prom
Mon1u Mills UJ1der8brttl and
Drtwers each 75 1 50
Australian LAm s Wool ShirtIJ
and Drnwers 100 175
Extra QnIity Crnela Hair
Shirts and rawers M 1 75 8 00
Ihe Very FiRG5t Black Suony
Undershira and Drswors K 3 I 45 l 00
The Van Best Unlaundried
Shirtn u 49 85
Euor Quality Launc1t1od
Shirts u 55 lllO
VerrQcod7ghtshirta I 60 100
FaDer Nightshirts 11150 250
Penlau Sateen NightahlrtsuU 2 25 4 00
Silk Nlghtdilit ilS 10 00
S Wool SOOk6 4erar 15 25
Wool SookJi I 25 40
CaahI1tto Seekilo 4 25 45
SlUt h1nffien each 75 1 50
SilkMucza a + 125 250
BathRobes It 42 700
Gents Bmolrlng Jackets II 50 85
Gents Smolclng Jaokots 10 00 7 50
Gents Smok1n J aokets a I 16 00 ro 00
Genta White FnUDrBu Vests 19 400
Genls White Silk FUllDr
Vests 525 900
Gents Black Sill FullDreu
Vests 04 475 851
Cur deals rnlKhiajrDepartmontla ill one ofr the beat in
the oity and you will therein find many beautiful things
that you ca now buy for holidAY presents
Ladles and Childrens Hosiery and Knit
Present Reduced
Prico Prom
Ladles Naturtll Wool Ribbed Vesta each 25 50
B laok Wool Jersey Ribbed
Vasts 50 100
44 Dr Warttefs Genuine Cam
clo Hair Vests 100 825
4 DrWlruaras Gen tn UIl10n
cr faints a 275 r oo
n blue tLD = 1 on 50 1 25
II a II 295 00
Children Merino Underwear email
oisss larger proportion > 10 SO
Natural Wool Underwear
smal sizes larger In pro
portlottT 4 20 40
125 flaioaSn1ta L10 8Q
II Wool Hog 30 50
Ladies aa a 15 30
II Cashmere Hose II
25 55
41 aa aa ii 47K So
We have everything that can be desired in either Ladies
or Childrens Underwear We have a full of Dr War
ners Camels Hair Healtn Underwear likewise Yypsi
anti Saxony Wool Underwear and every garment oJ
which has been similarly reduced in price
Laces for Trimmings and Flouncings
Present Reduced
I Price From
linen yard 1 5
1 Is h 5 a 3 10
a h u 25 50
Reel Duchess with Genuine
Point Lace S Inches wide 4 25 10 00
Valenciennes Flouncing Lace II 60 2 00
Black Silk II h a 2 25 6 00
fancy Flouncing Lace 1 25 2 75
It is impossible to quote here any great Quantity of Laces
for in ordor to do that we would have to use an entire
pogo for that department alone but our quotation here is
simply to give you an idea how cheap we are going to sell
off our otock of Laces and Embroideries
Present Reduced
5 Price From
White Blanket extra goodper pair 95 2 00
h II a aa a ios 3 00
II I a 3 50 6 00
h II ii i a 475 800
Colored II 135 2 75
a I a 223 4 00
I II I 4 75 800
We also have a full liDO of Comfort bles and White Bed
Dress Goods and Robe Patterns
Presont Reduced
Price From
Worsted Dress Goods peryard 03 15
English Cashmere a 14 30
Novelty Dress Goods ill wool 85 75
48Inuh SUk Finished Henrietta I 61M 1 25
6 Broad Cloth s 75 1 50
Robe Dross Patterns each 250 700
n 1 700 1 1800
u a a ii 10 00 22 50
I 4 It a 12 00 SO 00
II Silk Dress Patterns Embroidered
f i broidered u 20 00 45 00
WO show fully One ThousandvStyl03 of Dress Goods in
Black Plain Colors Evening Shades and Fancy Novelties
iftll of which have been reduced In price In proportion to the
Present Reduced
Prica FrOm
Fancy India Drags Silk petard 85 75
iC01QtedSUrah5I1k8H 30 55
Black U II good quality 40 75
InokFdllo Francalse very good 95 1 75
Eztra quality Black Gros Grain
SUb 98 175
bho Very Best Black Silk Made 1 90 4 50
J I We have Black Silk of every description likewise col
ored Silk Lu i plain and fancy and some of the most Magni
ficent Silks for ftvenlnc wear including valours for
pombinatlons all of which you can buy almost at your own
price Come and see our Silk Department
Ladles and Childrens Jackets Capes
and Cloaks
Present Reduced
Price From
Ladies AllWool Jacketseach 200 500
a h a a
500 950
u u u a 785 1500
I u a 1000 20 00
I II II II 1000 SO 00
II a a II 28 00
50 00
I Plush Jackets u 7 50 15 00
II a a a 11 50 22 00
II a aI 1 20 CO 40 00
a aa II a 34 00 62 50
a u Cloaks 10 00 18 00
a a a aa 15 00 25 00
I 1 II a 2000 85 00
II II 26 50 45 00
II Cloth Newmarkets 3 75 7 50
II a a II 8 00 15 00
II II II i 13 50 25 00
a a a 26 00 50 00
a Capes 1 4 00 7 50
aa a II 9 25 17 30
a h 1150 2250
Childrens Cloaks 95 3 00
a aa I 3 00 600
a a II 700 1400
a a a 11 50 20 00
We are safe in saying that our stock of Cloaks is one of
the most complete wen of the Missouri river Wo have
within the past week received additional Garments that e
were on back order Every lady should visit this De
partment for nothing can be of moro interest to her than I
to buy the latest style of a Cloak especially so when they
can buy it for leas than any merchant owus them for
Present Reduced
Price From
Cotton Flannel per yard 08 t 2 > I
White Shaker Flannel a 12 2t
a All Wool Flannel 1 35 65
II Embroidered Flannel u 1 40 2 50
Red Twill Flannel 1 37 f 65
a a h II 55
We have all kiods of Jersey Flannels Iderdowns Navy
Manuel Colored Embroidered Flannels for Skirts
and a host of all kinds of Flannelo Which will pay you to
look at Do not buy a dollars worth ot that kind of goods
elsewhere until you have priced ours
Lace Curtains and Lace Bed Sets
Present Reduced I
S Price From 1
Lace Curtain per pair 90 200
a a a 175 350
II U U 700 1500
U a a 1800 4000
a aa a 5000 10000
Lace Bed Sots per set 200 450
a a 850 750
u a a 4 g50 1750
a II a a 4 1250 2500
Handkerchiefs Gloves and Fans
Present Reduced
Prica From
Ladies Hemstitched Handkfs each 03 10
II tl a 1 It 1Q 20
Ladies Embroidered Hem
atiched Handkerchiefs 07X SO
Ladies Embroidered Hem
stltohcd Handkerchiefs M 20 40
Ladies Embroidered Hem
stitched HandkerchIefs II S3 75
Ladies Silk Hemstitched
Handkerchiefs 1 23 50
LGUen Duchess Laco Hand
kerchiefs II 123 t 50
Ladies Duchess Lace Hand
kerchiefs 4 00 7 50
Ladies Duchess Lace Hand
kerchiefs SCO 10 00
Ladies Jersey Wool Gloves per pair 15 30 i
Ladle 6Buttoa Kid Gloves S3 1 25
Ladles 2 Button Opera 2 25 4 50 i
Fans Very Handsome each 1 25 2 50
Real Duchess Lace u 11 00 CO 00 I
Very Hatjdomo Real Ostrich
Feather Fan 12 50 25 00
Very Finest Duchess Lao I
Fans Pearl Handle and
Inlaid with Real Gold h 3375 71 00 I
I All of our Handkerchiefs Ladles and Childrens Mitts
and Gloves havo received the came cut and you should buy I
now whatever you may need in that line for tha winter
Ii Table Linens Towels and Napkins I
Present Reduced
Price From
II I Pure Linen Llntless Towelseach 04 iD I
a a Damask a 12K 23
Very fine U u 20 40
Hem edge towels II 8fi C5 I
Genuine Turkey Red Table Linen par yd 17K 85
I Extra quality a U 40 75
i Bleached Table Linen SSM 65 I
i Double Damask Table Linen II GTJ 125 I
Very finest Damask do 175 350
5 Dinner Napkins per dor 75 125
a a t a 110 175
I I a4 a a 200 375
Bleached Tablecloth and Napkins >
to match per Gob 3 80 700
I Bleached Tablecloth and Napkins
tojnatoh n 700 1500
j Bleached Tablecloth and Napkins
match A 1000 2000
Our Llneu Department is one of the very largsa lo the
city and no housokcopor should pass this department
withoutiave5llSSia Ik
Dress Linings
Present Reduced
Price From
Dress Cambrics all colcrs per yard 03f OGU
Linen Duck > f 10 20
The very best Crinoline U G 10
Threeleaf Twill Seliclas ull colors 15 25
Fancy Cellcias u 20 40
i And all other Goods pertaining to Dress Findings
will be sold at the same ratio
Ladies Muslin Unaerwear
Pteaent Reduced <
Pica From
Ladies Corset Oovcr u eo o ch 16 30
a u u u 65
Ch m18o A 19 40
4 a 40 75
II U 4 83 1110
U NIght Gowns a ro 1 00
u u a a 125 225
a u 4 eo 1 175 800
U Drawers per pair 20 40
u a u 75 125
U u 4 125 225
a White 43 00
U sa aI 100 900
a a a 2 25 4 00
II U S 50 650
U Black SllkSklr u 575 1000
14 I h U II 115 2000
We have an elegant line of IndIa Silk Chemise In all col
I ors likewie Night Goww and Drawers all of which wlU
be sold off along with our very largo tocit of Muslin Un
I derwear at prices that will interest yon
Loneialo Cambrics f per yard 09
84 and 04 wide veryboat Bleached Sheeting U 15
I Genuine Scotch Apron Check Gingham
S double width n OG >
I And everything else In the Dometlo Goods Departmeut
will bo aold at tho same reduction of prices
I i Ladles ReadyMade Dresses and Tea Gowns
I Eroaent Reduced
S Price From
i DomesticChalllo GOvD3c1cl1 65 2 00
Preach Caallle with Silk Front
Tea GOWM 10 00 CO 00
I Faaoy Wcol Tea Gowns 11 00 20 CO
Worsted Dresses u 550 1000
Very Handflomo Wool Dressoa h 11 50 22 50
Black Bilk Drfcsaas II 1050 40 CO
We have quoted no prices in Yarns Fur Trimmings Fur
Sots Poriumerios Handbags Pcclre boo Ladies
Miacos1 and Childrona Hoods and Fascinators Shawls
Dross Trimmings Jewelry Aprons and thousands of
other goods being that It is impossible to do so with the
space wo here have but nevertheless you will find ono
article s 3 cheap as the other
Gossamers and Umbrellas
Present Reduced
Price From
Ladles and Childrens Gossamerseach 50 1 03
Ladies Umbrellas 90 1 05
a a a 2 00 303
a a a 300 SAT
Mens Umbrellas 1 00 1 00
a a u 125 253
a a I a 1 90 305
a aa u 575 9 05
I have now added a very large force of help so as to be able to take care of the large number of people likely to come and have systematized everything so as to avoid any confusion whatsoever All goods
will be delivered if so desired The doors will open at 830 a m sharp
Wasatch Block S I ELLNER 205 and 2O71Iain St
HooperEldredge building 49 S Main
ii l
M B Kilborn left the west and settled
in Orange valley New Jersey He now
finds that his favoritb remedy for croup is
not sold there and is anxious to get a sup
ply Hero it is in his own words Can
you let me know if Chamberlains cough
remedy is to be got in New York city or is
sold by anyone in Now Jersey I want to
get some it being tho best remedy I can
find for croup Since leaving the west I
have not required any but cold weather is
coming and I may need it and am only
sorry I did not bring some with me For
sale by Z C M L drug department
Sanitary plumbing a spepialty Prompt
attention given to all kinds of jobbing
Store 60 E Second South street Salt Lake
City Utah Telephone 348
S Readings under Utah National bank
I e
I 26 28 30 32 E First South
1 down with a great surplus of WIT R IOODS which
i must be moved before the holidays therofore wo will make
The Greatest dUGtioD Sale Em Known
j See Our Prices on Wraps I
Cloth Wrap 325 worth S 750
Cloth Jacket 50 875
1 Cloth Circulars 375 600
I Cloth Ulsters 475 900
q a Plush Capes 975 210
II i Plush Wraps 975 2000
Iii i I I Plush Jackets 1650 u 3000
Silk Wraps Fur Trimed 475 1500 I
H i
I i
i i
Ir = = = = = = o J
G q
Invite their friends and patrons to call and see them at their new store In ths
Whore they carry a much finer and larger line of FURNITURE and CARPETS
5 than theirxld atpr would allow them to do Prices Low and FinaGo oda
On Classic Ground in Southern
Taldivias Town and Beautiful River
Villa Rida and Its Volcano
Remarkable Islands
Special correspondence of THE SUNDAY
September 10 lS9l J
About midway between Coronel and the
entrance to that perilous passage known as
Smyths channel is the port Corral one of
tho quaintest and most picturesque places
it has been my good fortune to find Upon
a high bluff overlooking its placid bay
which is said to be the safest as it is the
most commodious in Southern Chile are
the crumbling walls of a battlemented for
tress a fortress of a dream or of a pic
ture entirely unlike the prosaic forts of
nowadays This was constructed more
than three centuries and a quarter ago by
Pedro de Valdivia one of Pizarros fol
lowers the same doughty adventurer who
founded Santiago and left the mark of his
iron hand upon all Chile Inside the fort I i
are rusty cannons of queer pattern totter
ing stairways that lead to grassgrown
passages and mouldy vaults below where
door ways open to the waters edge Just
back of the fort an odd little village strag
gles up and down the steepest streets whose
weatherbeaten cottages ancient churches
and dingy saloons look zs if tired of cling
ing to the cliffs and ready to let go their
precarious hold and sUp quietly Into the sea
Having several hours to wait here the two
or three artist passengers hastened ashore
with enthusiasm in their eyes and sketch
books in hand while your correspondent
foolishly relied upon her camera Put not
your trust in kodaks when traveling in
strange places where photographs are par
ticularly desired and cannot be bought As
everybody knows who has tried those ex
asperating instruments the youpressthe
buttonandwodothercst idea is non
sense unless one is a modern Joshua and
or bid it beam at all SCPJODS Not only
must it be shining brlgUtly to make any
impression on the pesky little films bu
must be in such a position as to throw its
rays directly on the object to bo photo
prapheduever obliquely or into the camera
Unfortunately the orb of the day happened
to be in the wrong direction at Corral and
we could get no picture at all The time
worn battlements overlook classic ground
which many a Spanish poet has celebrated
in epic verse Almost wlthin sight of the
fort Valdivia was taken prisoner and
killed in the year 1553 Readers of history
will remember how that famous Spaniard
and his army sometimes victorious and
sometimes defeated gradually advanced
as far south as Corral and under pretence
of spreading the Christian religion inflict
ed all manner of cruelties upon the aborig
ines i and how for more than ninety years
the Chilian Indians called Araucanians
armed only with wooden spears lances
bows and arrows waged war with the in
S vaders who wore well supplied with Euro
pean fire arms and constantly reenforced
from Poruand that the Indians wero never
conquered Caupolican the greatest Ar
aucanian chieftain who besoiged more
Spanish fortifications destroyed more
S Spanish cities and drove the invaders of
tenest from place to place died within a
S stones throw of CorraL Ho had bean do
feated in one of the innumerable battles
between the Spaniards and his people
fought on the banks of the Valdivia rivar
and for some months afterwards remained
in hiding until one of the natives being i
tortured by the soldiers beyond endurance
revealed his secret retreat It is related
that when Caupolican was captured after
a terrific struggle his wife who had ex
horted the chief to die rather than surrend
er threw her infant son at his feet declar
ing that she would retain nothing remind
her of a coward As among all Indian na
tions the women of ths early Chilians were
noted for
I beliove it was in 1590 that Chief Guopo
tau who had long defended a pass In the
Andes came down to Corral to visit his
wife and was murdered by a party of Span
lards whereupon his wife whose name
was Janequeo burning with a desire for
revenge placed herself with her younger
Brother at the head of a small band of In
dians and made many inroads into the
Spanish settlements killing every hated
paleface who fell into their hands For
nearly a year the most experienced Span
ish generals were no match for her When
the rainy season came on she was compelled
to retire to the mountains farther up the
river where she fortified herself in a place
surrounded by precipices from whence
she daily harrassed the neighboring cityso
that nobody dared to leave it She was
finally driven from the stronghold by a
fflrtA nf nrtl1nry hnt cnvprl horanlf Viv
f flight It was in this neighborhood that
Lautaro the sSrteenyearold Indian whom
Valdivia had captured in one of his incur
sions baptized and made his page in a bat
tle between Caupolican and the Spaniards
when victory seemed to favor the latter
seized a lance turned against his master
and rallied his dusky countrymen when
so says the good Abbe Molino The Chil
ian ashamed at being surpassed in valor
by a boy turned with such fury upon their
enemies as to put them to rout and destroy
them so that of tho whole splendid Span
ish army but two men escaped Though
the conquered Valdivia begged hard but in
vain for his life after that fatal fray with I
the youthful Lautaro and promised if
spared to leave the country at once and for
over with all his followers and though five
of the eight cities he founded now lie in
ruins this part of Chile is full of him The
river bears his name as well as tho fertile
province through which it runs and its
capital city Properly speaking it Is the
Rio Calla flowing from the Andes to the
sea and only that portion of it between
Corral and Valdivia city is entitled to the
name of Valdivia The capital of Val
divia provinco is the most important town
in Southern Chilethe centre of a consider
able trade in flour timber hideS and wool
and is settled almost exclusively by Ger
who gave it his name about the year 1551
forty years later it was taken and plunder
ed by the Araucanians and in 1837 was
again completely ruined by an earthquake
Some of us chartered a steam tug and
vent up the river to Valdivia city So
narrow and winding is the channel full of
snags and shoals that it is navigable only
for a craft drawing less than nine and a
half feet of water and oven they requIred
the assistance of a local pilot All the ad
jacent country is hilly and heavily timber
cd and the river looks barred a littlo way
ahead by the green untrodden solitude
that crowd close on every side while the
perspective is closed by the great white
volcano called Villa Rica which stand
175 miles inland but whose snowy dome Is i
distinctly visible from the ocean The city
of Villa Rica at its case which Valdivi
built 340 years ago has been so many times
destroyed by Indians and earthquakes that
but little trace of it remains Valdivia city
is only about one thousand feet above the
sea level and is completely surroundedby
dense forests The chief object of interest
in it is an old round tower a relic of the
Conquist doreR which shows up beautiful
ly from the river On landing we made a
run for it for the captain gave us only
fifteen minutes ashore and it would not ba
pleasant to have the Osiris sail away and
leave us in this lonesome region We found
it another case of where distance lends
enchantment to the view and wore sorry
we had disillusioned ourselves A rough
board fence is built close around the an
cient tower at the top of the little hill upon
which it stands Ascending a flight of rick
5 5 < I
ety wooden steps we pounded upon a rick
ety wooden door with visions before our
eyes of knights and troubadours halberds
and coatsofmailand were answered by
the angry barking of a dog inside Pres
ently the door was opened by an
who lives within the temporary enclosure
in a little wooden hut loaned against the
rumbling citadel which appeared to be
conjointly occupied by a numerous colony
of pigs and chickens A pile of boards ob
structed the entrance to the tower in front
of which the angry dog tugged frantically
this chain so that there was nothing to
be done but scamper back to the landing
with all possible speed
Though we were three days In passing
through Smyths channel coming to
anchor every night at sunsetit is baroly
oveatyfive miles long beginning just beyond
yond Chiloo which is the northermost
Island of that wonderful chain of islands
and archipelagoes extending from about
latitude fortytwo degrees southward to
Cape Horn Chiloe by itself is a province
of Chile 120 miles Jong by 50 miles wide
with a total area of 5200 square miles
Though Its Interior has never been explod I
ed the Island is divided into five compart
ments or districts of which Ancud is the
capital It is a tolerably well built town a
bishop seat with some pretentious of ole
gancA which in times not long past had a
population as high as 8000 In the year
1875 the total population of the province
was estimated at 61536 Garcia de Men
doza discovered the island and its adjacent
archipelago in 1558 and took possession in
the name of the King ot Spain On the I
expulsion of Spanish forces from the rest
of ChileISISthey fled to Chiloe but
abandoned the island about eight years
afterward The whole southward coast of I
the island is an inaccessible precipice
3000 feet high against which the Pacific
thunders with ceaseless uproar The
island is hilly and mostly covered with
dark forests of Chilian cedar tho Fitzroya
Patagonica known to commerce But a
comparatively small portion of it has boon
cleared and though its scanty population
enjoy considerable trade with passing ves
sels money is almost unknown among
them all business transactions being con
ducted by barter
is the cedar above mentioned which is ex
ported in small planks Next in Import
ance is the indiginous potatoe which is an
nually produced in increasing quantities as
the forests are cut away I am told that
coal beds of considerable size and value
have lately been discovered which promise
to give Chiloe a new importance The
largest island off the coast of Chilo is Well
ington a good deal farther southward
which is 140 miles long by from 30 to 50
vide The home of the penguin and the
sea lion where cold winds blow and snow
storms prevail during the greater portion
of the year it has never been explored to
any great extent and seems to support
nothing better than Antarctic beeche and
several kinds of evergreens growing am d
soft spongy moss into which those who
venture ashore sink to their knees The
Patagonian channels of which there are
many besides this one named Smythe aro
remarkably alike in general features
some broadening out four or five miles
others narrowing to a ships length All of
them have high abrupt shores showing
innumerable peaks and headlands whose
dark and rugged shapes lend an appearance
of gloomy grandeur rarely to be seen else
where Probably the weather has much to
do with the prevailing dreariness for the
sun never smiles brightly upon this forbid
den corner of creation where it snows or
ruins every day in tho year and twilight
falls at 4 oclock The only opecles of ver
dure found so far from the equator arc
evergreens and Antarctic beeches and
those are everywhere blackening the
mountain sides from the waters edge to a
height of several thousand feotand always
a tangled undergrowth springing out of
deep moss soaked like a sponge with cease
less moisturo By and by we come to gla
ciers mountains of green and blue icewith
crests of snow stretching ten fifteen and
twenty miles in unbroken grandeur beside
which those of Switzerland and Norway
dwindle into significance
I of this region is Mt Sarmiento in what is
known as Cockburn channel which rears a
cone of spotless snow nearly 7000 feet
straight up from the blue Pacific at its feet
Its beauty is enhanced by numerous blue
tinted glaciers descending from its sum
mit as Darwin who once saw it said
Like a hundred frozen Niagaras
On the southern coast of Chile as on that
of Norway the fiords are not only narrow
but very deep and the tides run with rust
less force Before entering the English
narrows every vessel swings out its boats
lflowered to be ready in case of run
ning upon rock or reef The entire crew is
told off for special service in case of any
emergency A number stand in tho stern
prepared to rig the auxiliary steering ap
paratus in tho twinkling of an eye should
that in customary use give way The boat
swain and carpenter remain at the wind
lass in the prow ready to let go the anchor
at a moments notice In one place this
channel barely 600 feet acrosswith slack
water on one side and a powerful current I
on the other Messier channel is not much
wider with walls of perpendicular rock on
both sides from 2000 to 3000 feet high
Near its farther end is a huge domeshaped
mountain a mass of solid granite without
a sign of verdure down which cascades
trickle someof them frozen into miniature
glaciers Every afternoon immediately on
coming to anchor so as to make the most of
the short twilight the captain allowed his
passengers to go ashore himself selecting
the best landing places Sailors were de
tailed to take care of the picnicers build
huge fires by piling brushwood around
some tall pine tree and to roast in its ashes
the mussels that literally line the rocks
On these uncanny excursions nobody ven
tured far inland deterred as much by fear
of prowling Patagonians as by tho deep wet
moss There are neither reptiles nor dan
gerous beasts to be encountered hero for
animals know bettor than to make their
homes so near
But one has reason to be afraid of the in I
digenous human species though raroly not
unless his party outnumbers theirs One
windy afternoon in the half hour between I
sunset and darkness I wandered alone a
short distance from the signal lire and
found a cluster of deserted huts set close
to the beach euch surrounded by a mighty
pile of stfelle The nomadic Indians of this
section subsisting upon berries and raw
sea food roam from place to place accord
ing to the season They build huts in fa
vorite localities for use whenever they re
turn theretoskeleton houses mado by
planting both ends of lithe poles interlaced
in tho ground on top of which skins can be
spread when the owners wish to occupy
them Each hut was about three feet high
by perhaps five feet across shaped precise
ly like an inverted circular basket Trying
to fancy how It would feel to be a Patagon
ian I crawled Into one of them and was
rewarded for my lowlymlndedueaa by
finding a fishing spear made of a long bone
notched on one side like saw tooth and a
boglike baskot of woven reeds
i latest Stationery
The prevailing fad for stationery Is old
rose Nor does tho color end with the
letter Young unmarried women use it
for their luncheon and tea cards Their
names and the word toa or luncheon in
the right hand corner engraved in old
English and the day and hour for the
gathering written in black ink These go
through the mail or are delivered by mes
sengers gummed up in rosecolored en
velopes There in a craze by tho way in
Paris just now for everything that com
bines black with old rose or pink gowns
bonnets and wraps alike whatever thc
material the colors are tormucod There
is a marked departure in the size of the
rose envelope It corresponds in width
and length to the letter paper which
comes in a narrower and shorter sheet
than formerly The street and number in
black type are placed straight across the
top and toward the right of the letter paper
and the sheet is inclosed in its covering un
folded There Is but one objection to this
style of inclosure however and that is
that Miss Dolly in her eagerness to possess
the messages IS apt to leave part of it in its
dainty colored envelope Philadelphia
Franklin K Laao Tho Next Democratic Con
vention will Probably be Held at Tacoma
The portrait is of Franklin Lane a
representative man of Tacoma the ruling
city of Puget Sound He is working lUre a
beaver to procure from the Democratic Na
tional committee the promise that the next
National convention of the party shall be
held in the city which boast of having the
finest harbor on tho Pacific coast and is the
young giant of American towns
The inducements offered by its enterpris
ing citizens are of the most liberal charac
ter They are willing to bear the total ex
pense of providing four sumptuous trains
for the conveyance of delegatesone to start
from Portland Me another from New
York one from Washington and another
from a point Florida Delegates would
be picked up all the way alongbut arrange
ments would be so perfected as to insure
that nobody would have to stay on his train
longer than four days Mr Lane as the
originator and promoter of this scheme of
travel is notable among the supremely en
ergetic Americans of the day Tacoma
guarantees more than sufficient accommo
dation for all delegates and other visitors
to the convention Her great million and a
half dollar hotel will bo ready for the recep
tion of guests be ore the date of tho con
vention and her hospitality extends to tho
offer to pay all hotel bills incurred by peo
ple having business there The city boasts
a hall large enough for a meeting of 10000
people and offers to place a certified check
for 520000 with the Democratic National
committee as a guarantee of good faith
The facts cited speak eloquently of the
enormous development and prosperity of
the new commonwealth of Washington
Mr Lane who may be described as the
personification of the youth and splendid
energy of that state is only twentyseven
years old He is a newspaper man who re
ceived his professional training in New
York city An accomplished writer he is
also apolitical orator of mark and is known
widely as the Grady of the West

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