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Over 1500 Copies a Week 01 1 ED IN HER THE WANT COLUMU A L D OF THB
Briefs o n nnnu 8
Personal mention t t
Marshal Parsons says revenge actuates his
malgcrsuuu unun 8
The charges of Jarvis et at against the Salt
Lake Street Car company squarely met 5
Mayor Scott parleys with the police Some
of the latter say their lives are threatened 8
Bennetts and Browns resignation affirmed
and denied A lodge oJ car men formed
Superintendent Torey of the RapId
Transit company presented with a tea I
Mt nU uuu uunun 2 I
Courts Intricate question of apex in tho
Jordan Niagara mining suit Ericltson
t liles a crosscomplaint against his wife
Judge Anderson will leave for Milford
Marshal Parsons belore tho grand jury
Criminal cases will be called today S
Amusements The Oli Homestead Gui 1 I
tar and Mandolin Hal Southern Society I j
Meeting Sons of 5t George and Progres I
bive Spiritualist Entertainments8 1
Among the CrooUs A Girl Robbed of all
Her Saungs Young Scott Routs a Hold
tin One ailva Held upC P Wilcox Ar
roted for Forgiry Two Men Attempt to
Hold up E L Thomas An Attempt to
Burglarize Hattie ONeils Dive A Wife
beating case and a grist of others uu S
Articles and Paragraphs
orulamics 4
Weather Predictions 4
SiUcr and Lead Quotations 4
Ogden Police Justice Smythe Utters
VorthlebS Checks A Fireman Hurt at
Drill u 3
Provo Death of a Consumptive Stranger
Courts up to date 3
Loran Death of Miss Katie fenelling Bus
iness Briefs 3
Tintic Body of Charles Walters identified 3
Business and Mining A New Salt Com
pauj Organized Postal Notes Pavson
Jilectric Light Company Incorporated
The Vest SiQurs Lbtablish an Agency in
Pttsburg Pa to Interest Manufacturers
Oil and Gab men Worlds Fair Liter
ture Coming 7
Financial by Telegraph o
Garfield Park Races
A Horse sale In Chicago
Chcago Anarchists fined
Secretory Foster is improving
November Weather Crop Bulletin
Coal Miners in Indiana win a strike
Archbishop Kendricks Jubilee Closes I
More Incendiaries Arrested in Su Paul
Casualties from Natural Gas in Detroit I
Thu New York board of canvassers meet I
Little change in the speaiership contest I j
The Hopkins Ky bank i robbed of 50000 i
John L Sullivan is drunk in San Francisco
Three children burnt to death at Dewitt Ark
The Graves trial will begin in Denver today
Wis Two boys crusTied to death at West Superior
writ Saml 0 Posen tries to get out of jail on a
Crookedness in the Maverick bank discov
An offensive partisan sues Senator Brice for
the McKmley act still before the supreme
Disastrous Prairie Fire in Lyons county
United States armored cruiser ram New York
Depew says Blaine can have the nomination
I IL next
The Union Pacific is a heavy loser in the
Field failure
The train robbery at Glendale Mo mounts
up to 573000
The Secretary of the Worlds Fair denies he
iab resigned
The C B Q October earnings are 8S69000
hx Men Killed nad Injured a Railroad Ac
cdent at Harlem
c a
Sam Pollak Philadelphia shoots himself and
hs liejealousy
The government bought G29000 ounces of silver
ver for 9100 to 9475
Fanny Davenport is Suffering from Severe
Hirvous Prostration
Steam barge Peaso burned at Cleveland ditto
engineer and freman
The interstate commerce Investigation in i
Omaha proves a fizzle
A dynamite factory and five men in Nyack
N Y blown Jo pieces Nyack
Ex Bank President Eno will return from ex
ile ana deliver himself up
Two Nebraska men are expelled from the
Airerican Trotting Association
roubles of the FieldsDeath Sickness In
t sanity and Failure come together
DnscolL of the St Paul PioneerPress be
comes publisher of the New York World
J I Fisher once the most prominent opera
tor on the Chicago board of trade i dead
Steele Mackay contemplates the building of
a mammoth theatre in Chicago for the fair
The United States Treasurer and tho Comp
trotter port ot the Currency render their annual re
Dom Pedro is i
Yellow fever at Santos
Influenza Is increasing in Berlin
Uealy Munro for the Irish funds
The Societe des Metaux Is sold for 3600000
The insurgents in Honduras are aggressive
Minister Egan is In fresh trouble with the
Germany voles 900000 marks for the Chicago
exL bit
Famine prevails In the main cities of Chiopes
The Russell scandal divorce suit niredThe
earl hissiL
Wholesale deaths from Influenza in Paris
Hi nlng Strike ended
Trouble between the Frenohand America
consuls in Madagascar
Pamelutes and McCarthyites engage In a
serous fight at Limerick
A Priest Doubts the Reported Massacre of
Missionaries in Manchooria
Steamer Empress of China Arrives at Van
coiuer after abtormy Voyage
A crazy address by the Kaiser You must
shoot even Jour parents at my command
An AeriCRI Sailor Is Unable to Testify Con
cerning the Chilian Massacre on Account of
The Persecution of French Archbishops The
prpe will Protest Against It the Figaro
Cnliscated for Opening a Subscription for tho
Church Dignitaries
Chines Affairs The Engagement in the
Port of Shanghi Between lement Chinese
Boats Doubted The Revolution was Exag
gerated Christians The Vatican Urges tho Protection of
The auciete ties Hetaux Sola Out I
PARS Dec 2The factories plant and good I
will of the SocIete do Metaux were sold at I
auction to day for S3 WOCO I
Chicano BurlIngton Quincy October II
BOSY Dec 2The Chicago Burlington
uincy October statement shows net earn II
ingb of Sfc9000 increase of 523000
J K Fisher Dead
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
CHICAGO Dee 2A cablegram received here I
today from Londonderry announces the death
there of J Ii Fisher Mr Fisher was once tho II
most prominent member of the board of trade
and the largest operator In both gain and pro
TibiOns aud became especially prominent In
what lb known as the Keene wheat deal He I
remained ic business until 18UI when ha retired
on un ample fortune Since then he t ro I
sided most of the time In Ireland though mak
lag frequent visits t Chicago i
EuiKtin Sold at Kellopca Sale
CHICAGO Dee 2At the Kellogg horso sale
today the best price realized was for the Elec
tioneer mare Suisun she selling for 15 to
I tnazoo her previous hal owner Sam Brown of Kala
lZooA Dipsracetnl Row at Limerick I
DUBLIN Dec 2A disgraceful row occurred I
at Limerick station today Tho McCarthyites
had a convention among the prominent speak
ers being William OBrien and John Dillon
When they cached the station after the meet
Ing large number of Prnellltes present In
sulted them Trouble followed and a lively
fccnmmsge with sticks ensued many Parnell
ites bins hurt several so severely that their
wounds had to be dressed at tho hospital
The Feeling Against Them
Continues Hostile
The investigation Proceeding American
Sailors Guaranteed Protection in Val
paraiso Brazil Still Upheaved
NEW YORK Dec 2Correspondence of tho
Associated press by mail from Chi under date
October speaks of the renewal of tho agi
tation against Americans and particularly
Minister Egan Since the arrival of New York
and other papers to September 2 the papers
of Santiago and Valpariaso have been publish
ing American press comments
are still bring kept up and tho papers are mak
ing much of the dispatch from Admiral Vial
former intcndente to Balmaceda the day after
the landing of the troops at Quintero In it
AdmIral Vial informs Balmaceda that
Admiral Brown expressed tho belief
the Congressional troops would not
reembarkiAtthat time tho government forces
were inclined to believe the landing of the
troops at Quintoro was merely a feint and that
they intended to reembark and effect another
landing soath of Valpairso The objest In pub
lishing this dispatch Is to give the impression
Admiral Brown gave information to Vial in regard
gard to what he has seen on his visit to Quin
turo and expressed an opinion or suggestion in
regara to the movements of the trQops there
which assisted Balmaceda in arranging his
plans to resist attack arrangng
American residents of Chili whose sympa
thies were with tho Congressional party during
the war express indignation a the conduct of
tie provisional government in regard to certain
matter is which the American government is
interested and also the hostile attitude of the
public toward the United States Rolerring to
the correspondence says the attack was
brutal and cowardly in the extreme and it is
believed it was made merely becavso the men
vi ere Americans There is also good reason to
believe the affair was premeditated The at
tack was made not only by sailors of the ChUan
war ships and boatmen and other rough char
acters who infest low saloons along the water 1
front but also by the police of Valparaiso who
made no effort to stop the disturbance but
oined in the assault upon the American sailors
Up to date of the letter tho correspondence
was still going on regarding the refugees in the
egation the American and Spanish legations
b elnf the only ones containing refugees The
panish minister has five of Balmadedas sup
porter under his protection and has taken the
s arne stand as Egan and during the cotroversy
a cted in harmony with him at nl times
A sensation has been created by the publica
ion of a notice by three brothers of Alduseate
minister of foreign relations under Balmaceda
who surrendered alter the fall of Valparaiso
and who was afterwards killed and his dead
body left on the roadside mutilated in
a horrible manner A explanation was
made at the time by those in
whose charge he was that he had been
hot while attempting to escape H three
brothers who were active members of the Con
gressional party now announce they have dis
covered beyond a doubt he was deliberately
murdered They demand an official inveatiga
ion and clam that it will show their brothers
death was caused by the order of persons now
i n authority in the provisional government
Protection Assured American Sailors in Val
NEW ORK Dec 2Valparaiso advices to
he Ihrald says Commander Evans of the
United States cruiser Yorktown visited the
ntendente i today in reference to the advisabil
i ty of permitting his sailors to come ashore
The intendcnte assured Commander Evans ho
he would insure the safety of American seamen
but advised that they be not allowed to land In
large numbers at a time
At an examination of the Baltimore men
last night Dr Hill American
ht HU ship surgeon
asserted it was his positive belief coatswains
Mate RIggin was shot with a rifle bullet The
Chilian burgeons have given an opposite opin
ion The Chilian police are armed with rifles
Advices from Buenos Ayres say the Argen
tine republic has declared 1 will be the only
port of entry allowed vessels during the preva
lence of the yellow fever epidemic id Brazil
Rio de Jenelro advices state the governors of
Rio Grand do fbi and Panama have been de
The town of Huasco 110 miles north of Co
quimbo is threatened with destruction Melt
inn snows bare swollen the river of the same i
name and it i now sweeping everything before
it Tho authorities have forwarded an applica
tion to the government to promptly supply en
gineers with funds to build dams to prevent im
minent disaster
Word reached here tonight from Montevideo
I that the Uraguay government has published a
denial of the report it proposed t put forth a
paper issue
At Azul an Argentine town 140 miles south
I of Buenos Ayres an armed mob led by govern
ment officials attacked tho Radical club tho
members which offered resistance Five per
sons were wounded
provinces of Tufama Salto SanJuan and
San Luis in the Argentine republic have de
clared for Mitre for president
A yellow lever epidemic at Santos Brazil is
said to exceed all previous visits of scourge
Captain Schley has famished the Valparaiso
intendcnte with the names of the keepers of
saloons who witnessed the attack on the Balti
mores men so these persons may be examined
I Curtis Sues Out a Writ of Habeas Corpus
I SAN FRANCISCO Dec 2Actor M B Curtis
Samlo Posen who shot Policeman Alex
indqr Grant has sued out a writ of habeas
I corpus returnable before the supreme court to
morrow night Curtis is nowin the county jail
I awating trial for murder and wants to 03 roo
leased on bail which was refused him by Judge
Troutt the committing magistrate
I Secretary Foster Slowly Improving
WAShINGTON Dec Secretary Foster
I continues to improve slowly but does not gain L
1 I strength as rapidly as his friends expected
He will go to some point In the south early
j next week for a few days recuperation before
I resuming his official duties
More Incendiaries Arrested
ST PAUL Dec 2Julius Rosenthal and Miss
Ida Gees were arrested today as accessories in
the plots of the incendiaries arrested last night
The evidence secured showed Michaels and his
accomplices have been engaged in their crim
inal work for the past year
Fatal Accident on tho Harlem Railway
Nnw YORK Doc 21n crossing at the switch
II at Fortyninth street this evening the rear car
of a train on the Harlem railway was thrown
I from tho track on its side An unknown man
I two carcleaners and another employee of the
company were killed Two others were In
I jured
Almost Asphyxiated by Natural Gas I
DETROIT Dec 2Last night through some
machinery getting ont of order the flow of
natural gas was suddenly shut off remaining so
for somo time When the flow resumed the
gas permeated many houses the inmates of
which were all asleep Although patrolmen
were at once sent out to notify tho people of
their danger from asphyxiation several persons
were not reached until they had suffered greatly
It is thought there will be no fatalities geaty 1
Jlurdpr i and Suicide
PHILADELPHIA Dec 2Samuel Polish
aged 51 a restaurant proprietor this morning
shot and fatally wounded his wife and then
Idled himself jealousy
American Fire Engine Company Incorporated
AlBANY N Y Dec 2Vhat appears to bo
a combination of four companies who manu
facture hand and steam engines etc was In
corporatedtodny under the title of tho Ameri
can Fire Engine company with principal
offices Seneca Falls and works at tho samo
place Hudson and Waterford in this state and
Cincinnati Onto The capital stock is 000000
The Chicago Anarchists Fined
CHICAGO Dec 2ustice Woodman before
whom the cases of the Anarchists arrested at
the meeting held Novembor 1 are being tred
today decided tho assemblies raided were un
lawful ones He fined the loaders SlOO each I
and the others 10 each These fines at the
instance of the city prosecutor were at once
suspended This action is presumably taken
for the purpose of averting an appeal to the
higher courts I is understood however the
defendants will appeal nevertheless
Charles Walters Found Dead
PROVO Dee 2Speclal telegram to TIE
HERALD The man who was found dead near
Tintic Charles Walters a grader on the Tin
tic Range railway His death is thought to
have resulted from drunkenness
A Dynamite Factory Blown Up
NYACK N Y Dee 2The dynamite factory
at Haverstraw was blown up this afternoon M
Wadsworth Peter Carlos Joseph Yilllams
Joseph E Adler and Perry Lounsberry were
instantly killed The first four who were em
ployees were literally blown to pieces The
last named who was in a boat nearthe factory
was Instantly killed while his companion sit
ting within a few feet of him escaped injury
After the explosion the building which was a
frame structure caught fire burning to the
ground Other buildings i of works 130 feet
from the explosion in which was also stored
dynamite escaped destruction Tho property
belonged to the Clinton Dynamite company
Tho explosion broke glass in buildings in sev
eral adjoining villages The cause is not yot
At the coroners barn tonight were the body
of the dead Fisherman Lounsberry and horse
blanket full o parts of human bodies including
one arm of Wadsworth two legs part of the
back a lot of entrails and numberless bones
with burned flesh The remains presented D
terrible sight all being black with powder
marks and he flesh burned oft Parts of the
bodies are supposed to belong to Wadsworth
and two Italians In the gelatine packing
housn were O pounds of gelatino being packed
in tins In tho powder house were 7500 pounds
of giant powder and o pounds of dynamite
The Baltimore Affair Feyer Investigation low
LONDON Dec2Advicos from Santos state
owing to the prevalence of yellow fever at that
port 120 vessels arc delayed there waiting to
discharge cargoes Some of the vessels are
departing for other ports with tho cargoes with
which they were laden on their arrival
The Times today prints a dispatch from San
tiago de Chili which says during the hearing
before Judge of Crimes Foster who is Investi
gating the attack on a number of sailors from
tho American cruiser Baltimore a witness
from the Baltimores crew appeared in court in
such a state of intoxication i was necessary to
remove him forcibly Captain Schley com
mander of the Baltimore apologized to tho
court for the condition of tho witness
John C Eno Will Return from
Canada to New York
A Fugitive from Justice Seven Years ills
Connection With tho Skull and Bones
Society Said to Havo Helped Him
Specialto THE HERALD Examine Dispatch
NEW YORK Deo 2It is understood in club I
circles that John C Eno expresident of the
Fifth National bank who has been a fugitive
from New York justice In Canada for seven
years has arranged his affairs and will be able
to return to New York early ia the winter or
not later than March Dr Enos father Amos
R Eno i the owner of the Fifth Avenue hotel
property which was mortgaged in 1SS4 for
about 52000000 to save tho Fifth National bank
dents from failure as a result of its fast young presi
After sensational Grant Ward and Ma
rine bank failures i was found that the Fifth
National was about insolvent Its president
Johnny who had been hail fellow well met
for years was found to be practically a de
faulter for nearly SCOOOuO Though Enos
father and William Walter Phelps pledged
their fortunes to save the creditors from loss
Eno was obliged to go to Canada t escape ar
rest Now Yorkers traveling near Toronto
have since seen him living in luxurious exile
following every foim of social pleasure and dis
sipation as of old and as popular in a
fast Canadian set as he used to
be among New York club men He has never
however feared criminal processes of the
courts but has always felt that Ithe could com
pound with bis creditors he would bo able to
escape criminal prosecution I is reported
that Eno has recently visited New York sev
eral times in the past nine months and mot his
creditors or their representatives and made
and managed to escape the vigilant detectives
who were watching has always been a mystery
Those who know huh best assert that it is duo
almost entirely to the fat that young Eno was
a member of the Skull and Bones society of
Yale college This is an organization which
I has something of tho strength of Free Masonry
I professes to elect fifteen of the leading man
of the senior class to its membership every
year Its Influence in Yale college though
quiet is prodigious No member of this society
has ever brought scandal upon It until Eno was
indicted for dishonesty The membership of
the society includes some of tho most influ
ential men who have graduated from Yale col
lege in the last sixty years Mr John
C Eno was a member of the class
of 1869 at Yale He was the recipient
of the wooden spoon which was given to
the man who by popular vote was regarded as
the finest gentleman in his class That honor
insured tho election of its recipient to the Skull
and Bones society Whottiorjthe society exerted
its influence to save itself from the disgrace
which the prosecution and imprisonment of
Eno would have entailed Is of course a question
which only the members know but it is certain
that since Enos arrest and his umpinghis ball
and his residence in Canada somo influences
have been brought to bear which cannot be at
tributed entirely to the wealth or his family If
Eno returns he vU probably be arrested al
though it is understood that it Is his Intention
to deliver himself to tho district attorney
as it was in the cases of tho boodle aldermen
when they returned and Mr Enos friends
think that this will bo tho end of the criminal
prosecution because in seven years it is almost
impossible to get the evidence which was in tho
possession of the district attorneys office when
Boo escaocd Eno has made a good deal of
money since he has been in Quebec and it is
gossip at the Manhattan ciub that he is now
worth not far from 81000000
Expelled from the Trottlnc Association
CHICAGO Dec 2The board of appeals of
the American Trotting associoation in session
here has rendered a decision expelling J W
Wigton and F M Dorsey of Ponca Nob for
ringing the pacing i gelding Luclen W under
the name of John W
Tho delegates from the western and southern
trotting circuits have arranged a programme
I for next year with purses aggregating 560000
State Hoard Canvassers Meet
ALBANY 1 Y Dec 2The stato board of
canvassers was called t order this morning
All the members wore present After canvass
ing the vote for Congressman the board ad
journed until tomorrow
Hcnly Sues Munro for the Irish Funds
DUBLIN Dec 2Timothy Healy has com
menced an action against Munro to compel him
to restore the Irish funds to those entitled to the
possession of the money
Secretary Dickinson Denies Ho Has Resigned
CHICAGO Dec 2 John T Dickinson secre
tar of the national commission of tho Colum
bian exposition denies ho has resigned his po
pany sition to accept an office with a railroad com
Silver Purchases
WASHINGTON Dec 2Tho director of tho
mint today purchased 629000 ounces of silver
at figures ranging from 9100 to 9175
Indiana Coal Minors Strike Settled
INDIANAPOLIS Dec 2 A special to the Sen
tinel from Washington Ind says TIe strike
is ended here at last At a meeting today
Cabel t Co and representatives of their men
an agreement was reached on tho b BIB of 70 c
a con scroned coal miners equivalent and
laborers proportionately advanced This is a
virtual concession to the miners demands
F Driscoll Jr to World Publish the New York
ST PAUL Dee Frederick Driscoll jr
for some years secretary of the Pioneer Press
company has gone to Now York to assume tho
duties of publisher of the New York World
Reports Concerning Their Num
bers Conflicting
The Hevolutionsts Said to bo Marauders The
Vatican Wants the Powers to Inter
fereA Missionarys Views
PEION Dee 2 Advices received by the gov
ernment as to the strength of tho insurgents in
the field place the total number of men at only
1500 To judge from the activity In military
circles however the imperial authorities donot
place implicit confidence in the reports reaching
them and they aro making prepara
tions to deal with a much larger force
than that which is said to be heading
toward the capital There are now 00000
Imperial troops guarding places along tho great
wall whore 1 Is expectedtho rebels will attempt
to force a passage Advices received by the
government further state tho movement in
stead ef being a concerted rising against the
Emperor is nothing more than a scheme of
private vengeance The wife of the leader of
an armed band of mandarins was forcibly ab
ducted whereupon he started through tho
country on a mission of vengeance Instructing
itants his followers to make reprisals upon the inhab
No Dispatch About a Skirmish Received
WASHINGTON D C Dec 2It is stated at
the Chinese legation there has been no dispatch
received there stating a preliminary skirmish
had recently taken place at the port of Shang
hai between two Italian gunboats and the
Chinese navy and tho two former were sunk in
deep water
The minister said ho believed the story to be
without foundation
A Priest Doubts the Stories from China
PARIS Dec 2A priest who has long been
engaged in foreign missions recently returned
hero from a mission in Manchooria In an in
terview in regard to the startling events which
have occurred of late in that laid ho expressed
doubts as to the truth of the reports telling of a
massacre at the Belgian mission Ho Is unable
to believe the story that the insurgents are oc
cupying towns and not meeting With any resist
ance Tho government continued the clergy
man had loU troops at Lead Long all armed
with the latest and most Improved style of Eu
ropean weapons They are also supplied with
Krupp guns and thoroughly dri led in military
tactics I is estimated the number of Chris
tians in Manchooria amounted 15000 persons
TIio Vatican Wants Christians in China Pro
LONDON Dee 2The Chronicle says the Vat
ican is making semiofficial overtures to the
powers to protect Christians in China
Report of Chinese Disturbances Exasperated
BERLIN Dec 2Dispatches received here
today from Pekin state It Is officially an
nounced there the reports of disturbances in
Mongolia are grossly exaggerated Tho move
ment tho dispatches add is a purely local one
and entirely devoid of danger to the imperial
government Notwithstanding receipt of
these dispatches it is believed the revolution
ary movement of much greater Import than
the Chinese government would havo the out
side world believe
The Uprising a Marauding Expedition I
LONDON Dec 2The Chronicles correspon
dent at TienTsin legraphs as follows IL 1
Chung Informed me through the British con
sul he has no doubt the rising inMongolia Is a
marauding expedition promcteoonly by greed
of plunder and there is no reason to regard it
as a revolution All Is quiet here and in Pekin
The American gunboat Palos arrived today
The port Is about to close for the winter
The Uprising in Manchooria
LONDON Deo 2A cable dispatch received
from the British consul at New Chenang a
treaty port of China in tho province of Man
choorian states rumors were recently current
in New chenang that the people in the country
5 miles to th west had risen in revolt against
the authorities Tho dispatch adds however
the rising is now reported to have been sup
pressed Tho consul fnrther says the Presby
terian missionary reports a band of bandits re
cently looted a village in tho province of Shing
King The missionary says sucha n occurrance
is nothing unusual in the winter season The
people as a whole throughout tho province are
friendly peans t the native Christians and to Euro
Chinese Rioters not Punished
VANCOUVER B C Deo 2The Shanghai
correspondent of tho Japan Daily Mail under
date of November 4 says nothing has yet been
done to punish the leaders in tho Ichang out
break Tho viceroy of Nanking and the gov
ernor of Kianshu jointly sent a memorial tho I
throno expressing their horror at the recent
outbreaks against foreign missions and their
condemnation of the abandoned wretches who
dared take part in them Europeans look upon
this document as prepared for the purpose of
deceiving the ministers of foreign countries and I
In face of this comes a manifsosto issued to the
people of Hunan and translated by Rev GnU
lith John D D This document contains no
reference to the Koalo Hlu nor to any dlsloy
ally to the existing dynasty dispelling the ex
cuses put forward by tho Chinese government
and bringing the matter to a simple Issue and
that Issue Is tho exclusion of foreigners Mr
John points out that LI Hung Chang promised
that there would bo no more riots and
destruction of foreign property but the
Huaneso manifesto declares foreign
mission buildings shall not bo burned
but they will be confiscated to the uso of the
Chinese Li Hung Chang tho correspondent
says diverted the fleet to some point on the
pretext of inspection and never sent a vessel
near Yangize during the outbreak Tho magis
trate in his report to the viceroy exonerated
the real offenders and
ofenders throw the blame on
suppositions dead men The correspondent
concludes The Hunanese aro certainly de
fiant and they will not be effectually curbed
until part of the province is opened to foreign
trade whether they like i or not There would
be no difficulty In opening Ajoh Chow and
teaching these braggarts that they cannot defy
the strength of Europe
Attitude of the French Catholic Bishops
PARIS Dec 2 In the chamber of deputies
today Hubbard gave notice of his intention to
question Minister Fallieres in regard to tho at
titude of the Catholic bishops and demand that
the government notify the Vatican of the ter
mination of tho concordat at the end of the I
year Tho newspaper Figaro has been fined I
f hones for opening a subscription for the
henellt of the condemned archbishop of Rix
The lope and the French Bishops
PARIS Dec 2The SUcte today says it un
derstands the Pope will issue a declaration disapproving
approving the agitation being carried on against
tho government by tho French bishops
Tho NBW York Launched
PHILADELPHIA Dee 2The United States
armored cruiser ram New York was launched
this afternoon from the yard of the Cramp
Ship Building company in tho presence of 15000
people included among whom were the sccroi
tories of tho navy treasury and interior depart
ments United States Senators Congressmen
high naval officials representative business and
professional men from all parts of the country
Miss Helen Page daughter of Senator Pago
secretary of the Union League club of NOv
York broke tho traditional bottle of wine upon
tho great steel cruiser as she slid from her
wooden cradle into Delaware river and Christ
ened her New York For weeks past prepar
ations havo beon making by Messrs Cramp for
todays launch Unusual interest was excited
in the construction of the cruiser by reason of
the vessel marking an era in tho annals of
American ship building Through Secretary
Tracy about five thousand invitations were sent
out President Harrison Secretary Blaine
Secretary Rush Goer Hill Governorelect
Flower and Governor Patison were forced to
decline the invitation owing to the pressure of
When tho New York is finished she will be
the most formidable cruising vessel that has
ever hewn the stars and stripes and in addition
she is the largest and most powerfully engined
steamship ever built outside of European ship
yards I the designs of her builders are ful
filled there Is nothing afloat today of her class
that will be able to steam from her to engage
A <
I with her with any great hope of victory Tho
New York will carry a battery of six 8inch
I breech loading rifles twelve 4inch rapid fire
guns eight 6pounders four Gatlings and six
I torpedo tubes Tho following are the principal
dimensions etc of tho New York Length of
water line 3SO feet623 inches breadth of beam
64 feet moan draught 2 feet 323 inches dis
placement 8150 tons maximum speed SO
knots sustained sea speed 185 knots comple
ment of officers and men 475 coal endurance
total capacity 13000 miles The New York
will be a twinscrew vessel propelled by four
separate engines each having the power of 4500
horses The electric light plant will have a
capacity of 10000 amperes and will include 7
incandescent lights In addition there will
also bo four search lights
The Hearing Postponed
OMAHA Dec 2 Tho charges preferred
against the Missouri Pacific and Barlington
Missouri roads inter
Mlssour alleging violation of the
state commerce law which were to be Investigated
gated before the federal grand jury seem to
have fallen short of the mark on account of the
inability to procure necessary witnesses I
has hearing been decided to indefinitely postpone the
The Honduras Insurgents Aegrcsslve
CITY OF MEXICO Dec 2A telegram from
Honduras received here today states Domingo
Vasquez commander of the Honduras insur
gents at Nalcome has said i President Leyva
does not attack him he would march on the
capital tonight and make another attempt to
capture Leyvawho is intrenching himself at Te
gucigalpa where he is awaiting reinforcements I
before following Vasquez The same telegram
also states a number of American miners are
coming to the aid of Leyva being expected to
arrive tonight while the rebels count on the
Salvadorean refugees to aid them Another tel
egram however states Vasquez is retcating
Treasurer Nebekers Report
Shows a Falling Offi
Surplus Revenues Cut Down Over SixtyEight
Millions Comptroller Laceys Ueport
on National Bank Operations
WASHINGTON Dec 2Treasurer of the
United States Nebeker has submitted his an
nual report to Secretary Foster Tne ordinary r
revenues of the government for the past fiscal I
year were 5293412147 or 10408533
The net ordinary expenditures exclusive of
amounts paid in premium on bonds purchased
8355813634 an increase of 457638103 The sur
plus revenues were thus cut down from S105
344493 to 837839769 which last summer was
applied to the reduction of tho public debt
Tho postal revenues amounted to 85762903 3
and the expenditures to 872007550 an in
crease of about 55000000 on both sides
The reduction effected during the year In the
principal of the bonded debt and circulating
notes which cannot be reIssued amounted to
110590273 and required an expenditure of
1126991994 including premiums on bonds pur
chased This sum was made up by taking
5fe9751731 from tho reserve In the treasury In
addition to the surplus revenues of the year
Tho consequent reduction In the annual interest i
charge was 14332092
According revised figures tho
on the SOth of June exclusive of certificates in I
circulation for treasury held deposits was
Sl070178102 of which 3183412019 belongs to the
treasury and 1 < l4 was 9i circulation
There was a net loss of 49030000 of gold a net
gain of upwards of 40OCOOJO of other money
and a consequent contraction of about 9COUUUO
in the whole volume The treasurer computes
during the past ten years there has been an
average increase of 52200000 from the end of
June to December In the amount of money ac
tually in circulation followed by an average
decrease of SUHKJOOO from the end of Decem
ber to the end of June The increase
realized in the past year has been
nearly double this average of 838000000
and In the last two the average has been ex
ceeded by 43000003 Unusually large amounts
of notes of small denominations have been sent
out to the west and south since the 1st of July
chiefly For deposit In the subtreasury In New
York the aggregate up to the middle of
November rescued upward of 219000000 as
against 61003003 for the whole preceding year
Moasnreably I an improvement In the condition
of the coinage particularly in silver has been
effected nearly 1003000 of uncurrent coins in
the treasury having been
treasurJ restored to full
weight As a result of this and borne special
efforts in other directions the amount of frac
tional duced silver In tho treasury has beon much re
specify now coins I is believed but for the
prejudice against small coins showing any
signs of wear tho treasury would long since
have been relieved of a good portion of its lad
fractional silver The treasurer points out
that this prejudice in tho case of silver coins
is altogether groundless since they derive their
currency not trom weight but from the stamp
of the mint and are received at the treasury
for full value so long as tho stamp can be
recoanlzod provided loss of tho metal Is due to
natural wear Nearly J67000000 of national
bank notes have been redeemed an amount
much above tho average Deposits of new 2
per cents exceed withdrawals of old bonds
and there was an issue of new notes amounting
to about 7500000 amountng
Not Increase in the Circnlatinc Medium
WASHINGTON Deo 2A statement pre
pared by the treasury department
shows there I
has been a net increase of 12789909 in the cir
culation since tho 1st of
November The I
circulation per capita December 1 is stated at
Comptroller Lacey Report on Banking Asso
WASHINGTON Doo 2Tho annual report of
Comptroller of the Currency Lacoy shows that
during the year ending October 31 193 new
banking asoclations were organized with an
aggregate capital of SO700000 thus exhibiting
a growth largely in excess of tho annual aver
age of past years
Fortyone associations went into voluntary
liquidation and twentyfive became Insolvent
leaving the number of gain for the twelve
months 1S7 with a capital of 2135r > JCOO
was 3694 having a capital stock of 084755843
Bonds deposited to secure circulation 5153113
830 Bank notes outstanding J1713i588 in
cluding 35420731 represented by lawful money
deposited for their redemption Of now asso
ciations ninetyone were located west of the
Mississippi river and ninetyfive In the southern
states The increase well distributed how
ever new banks having beon organized In
fortyone states
In the number of failures the present exceeds
any previous joar Six banks which wero
closed during tho year were restored by volun I
tary contribution of the stockholders Tho af
fairs of 10 insolvent banks have been closed
at an average expense of 928 per cent with an
average dividend to creditors of 7417 per cant
Attention is called to the need of legislation
more clearly defining
Also to tho need of some further restriction
upon accommodations which may bo lawfully
afforded to officers and directors
alordod ofcers by way of
loans and discounts
The comptroller discusses tho causes of the
monetary stringency of 1860 and the issue of
clearing house loan certificates in New York
Philadelphia and Boston The failures re
corded aro looked upon as the result of tho col
lapse of the speculative spirit which has been
generally prevalent for tho past live years and
were greatly aggravated by the monetary
stringencies experienced by most of the
nations lations with which we sustain commerclrl re
The Dr Graves Trial I
DENVER Doc 2The Graves jury was nearly
completed this afternoon I Is expected tho
arguments will be begun before tomorrows
adjournment Two wouldbe smart talesmen
wero today sent to jail for several hours for
giving contemptuous replies to questions asked
I Another was lined 5
Fanny Davenport III
KANSAS CITY Dec 2When the curtain went
up at the Coates opera this evening where
Fanny Davenport is engaged in t Cleopatra it
was announced Miss Davenport was too ill to
attempt to play Afterwards it was learned
she was suffering from nervous prostration due
to the high altitude of Denver whoro she had
been playing last weo
His Son Robs Him of All His
A Distinguished Career Closinj in Sorrow
o The Family Plunged in Mourning
An Honorable Life Disgraced
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
NEW YORK Dec 2Edward M Field who
wrecked the firm of Field Lindley Weichers
i Co who has stripped his father Cyrus W
Field of all his possessions houses lands and
securities and upon whose lifo there i an in
lUranceof 8630000 has attempted suicide In
what manner ho sought to kill himself is not
I recIted in the papers on which he was com
mitted yesterday to the Vernon house at Mount
Vernon as
Judge McAdams of the superior court when
he reached his home last night was met by two
reputable physicians who asked him for a com
mitment to enable them to take Mr Field to
he asylum In the affidavits presented the
doctors swore that E M Field had tried to
kill himself The judge Issued the necessary
papers and Field was formally committed to
he asylum at Mount Vernon
Cyrus W Field who Is now it is feared
dying in his house on Grammercy park which
was his so long has been stripped of his pos
sessions by his mad son The following story
came from the lips of the Impoverished man
himself on his sick bed and is repeated by
the friend who heard it to illustrate
at the same time Mr Fields
integrity and the strange conduct of
Edward This friend attended the funeral of
Mrs Field At that time Cyrus had an idea
that the firm of which his son Edward was the
senior partner was In trouble He had no
clear Idea of the extent of the trouble but he
felt that disaster was impending His son Ed
ward had not given his father his confidence
but three days after the funeral
and told his father some of his difficulties As
the friend relates it Cyrus Field told metha
his son Edward came to him and said he must
have money to save him from ruin and dis
grace Ho must have money Immediately Hi
said he did not tell his father the extent of his
troubles He said he must have money to tide
him over for a short time Cyrus Field di
rected that the key to his private box should be <
handed to Edward and he told his son Then
is tho key to tho box containing my securities
Take enough of them my son to help you
through your troubles Edward Field took the
key and he furthermore took every security li
the box and Cyrus Field told me that he was
now as poor as on the day he entered the world
The mystery Is where all the money has son
on this occasion by Edward from his father was
in the noiehborhood of 300000 Assignee
Gould heard thestory of the skinning of Cyrus
W Fields strong box by his eon and expressed
his amazement Still he was prepared to be
lieve almost anything now Mr Gould paid a
high tribute to John F WIechers who had ap
parently lost aveay dollar he hd through Ed
ward Field The loss of Mr Weichors is put at
500000 and that of his father and uncle at
about 300000 more
Cyrus Field is Dying
NEW YORK Dec Fiftyone years ago to
day a New Englnnd youth knovn as Cyrus
West Field stood at the mama go altar full of
vigor hope and sturdy ambition His strength
made its Impress upon the century his hope
bore him up In his work and his ambition has
been rewarded with medals with knighthood
and with the thanks of the United States Con
gress Hand in hand the New England youth
ind his helpful wife came honorably down
through a half century of time almost to the
present day Little more than a week ago
however the woman he wedded on the day of
his majority died Tonight bereft of life and
wrecked In fortune and made penniless by the
hand of his Ingrate and disgraced son
at seventytwo years of ago in the handsome
homo that no longer shall DO his Edward M
Field the son who wrecked the firm of Field
itndley Welohers Co Is an inmate of Ver
non house a private asylum near the village of
Mount Vernon Mrs Edward M Field lies
dangerously ill at the home of her brother Dr
Lindley Mrs D A Llndley daughter of Cy
rus W Field is believed to bo on her death
bed This expresses in a few words the pitiful
condition of a family which a few weeks ago
was envied for Us wealth happiness and social
eminence The fact that today ia the
adds new sadness to the story of today Mem
bers of the family tonight came from the bed
side of Cyrus Field and raid Ho is com
pletely broken in health and spirit Bereft of
his wife his fortune and crushed by the fact
that his favorite eon financially ruined the
family and made a mental wrock of himself
the unfortunate old man feels that death would
be a welcome solace to him He feels his name
has been tarnished notwithstanding the fact ha
has sacrificed his all to keep his son from bank
ruptcy Dr Fuller the family physician
said Ho may linger for several days and he
may die in t few hours
Edward Field appealed to his father recently
for assistance to prevent the falure of the firm
all his resources having been used up His
father consented to assist him and authorized
him to take certain securities from his strong
box for that purpose The son however
there was in the box but even that did not pre
vent the firms downfall It is believed that
all that remained of Mr Fields once great for
tune before this fresh fall did not exceed 41000
000 and of that not a dollar Is left How much
Edward succeeded in getting from bin father Is
not known but it is said to have been WOOOOO
The balance was believed to have been In un
encumbered real estate of which his house
which ho sold this week formed part
That Cyrus W Field is now penniless recalls
the fact he was supposed to have been a special
partner in the firm of Field Llndley Welchers
Co for 500000 until March 1 last On that
date the firm reorganized and the senior Field L
is supposed to hove withdrawn this 1500000 It
Is now believed that this 1300000 if it existed at
all in that way was never withdrawn but was I
lost and that its loss brought about the reorgan
ization and Introduction of new members and I
that Edward M Fields speculative course con
tinued with the result that
as well as half a million belonging to his father
The statement frequently made by the assignee
that two partners Llndley and Witchere were
Innocent of all knowledge of the firms condi
tion and that it had been going on until failure
Is laughed at by bankers and orokers The re
mark made by Assignee Gould has been the sub
ject of much comment today Mr Gould said
It seems to mo that the greater part of the
money lost by the operations of E F Field was
lost right here by the partners in the firm
Still Gould could not begin to give any estimate
of the assets and liabilities of the defunct firm
To show the difficulties he labored under ho
said Suppose parties should come hero and
pay largo sums of money to one of the partners
and suppose this money was paid right out
again by that partner to other parties then
these transactions might not appear in the
books Now I have a suspicion this very thing
was taking place
Edward M Field after an alleged desperate
attempt upon his life has been removed to a
private Insane asylum at Mount Vernon by
order of Judge McAdam In their affidavits the
physicians declared Edward M Field Is a
lunatic dangerous to himself and to others
Members of the family deny that ho attempted
The Russell Divorce Case
LONDON Dec 2 Interest In the suit of
Countess Russell against her husband Earl
Russell for judicial separation was enhanced
by the publication of the proceedings yester
day Long before the opening of court every
seat was taken Immediately upon the open
ing of court Sir Charles Russell took up his
cross examination at the ooint where it was
broken off yesterday by the adjournment of
court Sir Charles put many questions to the
witness rgarding the relations between the
earl and Roberts and tried In everyway to lead
her to contradict herself Witness however
persisted in the statements she made yetter
day regarding Roberts She also repeated the
statements she made CQaoarnlng information
furnished her by Dowager Countess Russell
Lady Agatha Russell ana Rollo Russell
Dr Godson then took the stand and In ro
sponse to a question by Sir Charles said the
co was suffering from spasmodic djsmen
o a disease often accompanied by
hysteria The countess however was a strong
minded woman and the trouble was not likely
to cause hysteria in her case
Eliza Vale the maid who found tho countess
la a faint on the floor in her room testified on
this occasion she heard the countess pleading
with the earl Afterwards witness found her
mistress lying naked on the floor With the
presentation of this testimony evidence for the
countess closed
Sir Charles Russell then spoke In defense of
the earl Sir Charles in substance said ho
would limit himself to the broad issue of the
case The solo object of the present suit was
to force the payment of alimony by the earl
Sir Charles then proceeded rebut the charges
of cruelty He asked the jury not to be carried
away by the clever and engaging woman telling
them n story untrue in all Its essential details
The woman was so perverted as to put forward
the Roberts incident In order to support a hope
less case by odious Imputations These impu
tations Sir Charles declared wore made not
only against another man but whose name and
reputation might have been blasted by them If
he had not stood high in the opinion of his cot
leagues At this point the court adjourned
A mob surrounded the law courts at the close
of the days proceedings and as the earl left
he was hooted at and attempts made to strike
him The police endeavored to protect him
but the crowd overpowered them and the earl
was obliged to soak refuge in the temple Be
ing still followed however he jumoed Into a
cab and succeeded in getting away amid the
jeers j and hisses of the mob
Union Pacllle loss by the Field Failure
NEW YORK Dec 2The loss of the Union
Pacific by the hypothecation of securities by I
Field Lindley Weichers Co is estimated
this morning to be 200000 of which it is said
the road has recovered the greater part
The Texas Express Robbery Was Heavy
PARIS Tex Dec 2The through Texas ox
Dress which was robbed Monday night at
Glendale Mo reached hero last night The
express messenger who relieved Messenger
Mulrenen says the haul made by the robbers
may run up Into the hundreds of thousands ot
dollars The run was a heavy one as at this
season southern banks are getting large sums
for cotton payments
The Robbers Got About 75000
ST Louis Dec 2The Adams Express
company it Is now stated will lose about S75
000 by the robbery of the Frisco night express
car near Glendale Monday night by six masked
men Superintendent Damsel refuses to deny
or confirm the story that the total loss reaches
875000 but admits it exceeded 520000 the
amount he first gave out as the companys loss
The robbers seem to have gotten safely away
as the detectives failed to find any trace of
The Investigation of the hail
roads at Omaha Ended
Evidence Was lacklnR The United States
Attorney Admits the Cases Have Failed
No likelihood Reopening Them
OMAHA Neb Dee 2Speclal telegram to
Tho Interstate commerce
commission prosecution of western railroad
officials was a grand flzzlo and today the whole
matter was dropped The whole business has
been dismissed abandoned or thrown over
board said a gentleman last night who la on
the Inside The charges will never come be
fore thft fprtprnl crmnfl Inr tViot fa a + oM i
When pressed era definite answer as to the
actual status of the charges United States
Attorney Baker gave It out cold that the
charges were practically dropped for want of
evidence Mr Kretschmer became convinced
that the companies could not be prosecuted
upon the evidence In reach and he requested
that the matter be dropped rather than an
unsuccessful effort to prosecute
Special Agent Kretsohmer of the Interstate
commerce commission was In the city again
this afternoon and in rpcaking of the com
plaints against the railroads said An im
pression seems to have gone ont that these cases
have been abandoned That is a mistakeat least
so far as my complaint is concerned which is
that against the Missouri Pacific It has
merely been postponed until we can get the
witnesses we need This is no unusual ex
perience In the Swift cases in Chicago in
dictments were returned about two weeks ago
The examination was postponed once and in
the Memphis cases there wero two postpone
But this statement Is overshadowed by the
United States attorneys contrary remarks
Germanys Exhibit at the Fair
BERLIN Dec 2The budget committee or
the relchstag voted 900000 marks to be devoted I
to providing a proper German exhibit at the
Chicago Columbian exhibition
Three Children Burned to Death
LITTLE ROCK Ark Dec 2Capt Max I
wells store at Dewitt was burned last night
Three children perished
An Engineer and Fireman Burned to Death
CLEVELAND Dec 2Two men an engineer I
and fireman lost their lives today by the burn
lug of the Steam barge James Pease
The Speakenhlp Contest
WASHINGTON Dec 2There seems to ba
practically little change in the speakership
situation this afternoon All five candidates
continue to express cheerful confidence There
are no signs of any withdrawals prior to the
first ballot and there Is nothing as yet to
demonstrate the ability of anyone of the candi
dates to transfer his strength to another in the
event of his withdrawing Crisp and Mills
friends continue very sanguine of winning and
are working for an early termination of the con
test They still say they expect to see a breali
among the supporters of Springer McMillin
and Hatch after the first or second ballot At
Crisps headquarters it Is said two or three
votes have been transferred to him from the
doubtful column Mills is hopeful of a con
siderable accession of strength to come between
now and Saturday
There seemed to be a general disposition this
afternoon to admit Crisp at present Is doing ex
ceedingly well but his opponents insisted ho
had reached his limit of strength and would be
unable to obtain a majority of the total vote
McMillin and Springer say they will keep In
the fight to the end believing the contest be
tween Mills and Crisp will have no result ex
cept to necessitate the chice of another candi
date in which event each of these gentlemen
hopes to be the choice of the caucus Hatch
thounh not vet so active in the canvass ex
presses a similar opinion and hone
During the afternoon estimates were made
of the strength of the several candidates
Crisps friends counted between ninetythreo
and ninetysix names for him on the first bal
lot A conservative supporter of Mills said he
had nearly seventyfive votes This he thought
would be increased by Saturday Tho chief
work today was directed against Springers
forces and reports were current of a break in
favor of Mills Springer however said he was
holding his own The Illinois candidate has
shown more strength than any one was willing
to concede him at first and one of his lieuten
ants said Springer had at least forty votes to
be cast in hid favor on the first ballot
Hopkins County Ky Bank Burglarized
CINCTNNATI Dec 2A dispatch from Madl
sonvllle Ky says Burglars last night rob
bed the safe of the Hopkins County bank ot
56000 In gold coin and bills The stockholders
held a meeting soon as the loss was known
and voted to reimburse the bank
Senator Brice Sued for Taxes
LIMA Ohio Dec 2The treasurer of Allen
county filed a suit against United States Sen
ator Brico this morning for 817250 delinquent
taxes The senator has constantly refused to
pay taxes here the last few years alleging
whenever pressed for a settlement he had no
residence m this city
Depew Says Blaine Can Have the Nomination
ChICAGO Dec 2The Vanderbilt party or a
rived tocignt on the regular tour of inspection
of their lines In an interview Chauncey
Depew touching on politics says there is no
division of sentiment in the Republican party
ss to Blaine if he becomes a candidate for nom
ination nothing on earth can prevent his nom
ination if he desires it If ho doesnt Presi
ident Harrison will be the nominee As to pros
nt relations i between nthesa two gentle
men I am told by each of them that they
perfectly understand each other The idea
restored by disappointed offlqeseekera
that President Harris was a esi

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