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A Victory for the Esher Faction
CHICAGO Jan 4Judge Blodgett in the
federal court today rendered a decision
which i u victory for the Esher faction of
the German Evangelical church in its fight
against the Duds faction The case came
before the court on a bill filed by the mis
sionary society of the church of which
William Yost of Cleveland is treasurer
Yilam Yost
to enjoin Michael Kunkel irom acting as
such treasurer His only claim to the title
rested in the fact that he was elected to I
the position at the Philadelphia confer 1
ence which Yost asserted was a represen
tation of the minority Judge Blodgett
entered an order restraining Kunkel from
acting as treasurer
Rev John Schneider of this city who
represents the Duds faction said tonight
the decision did cot affect the merits of the
case They never intended to collect any
funds of the missionary society but only
the free contributions of those who adhere
to Bishop Duds Judge Blodgett granted
Kunkel the privelege of receiving such
contributions to pay missionaries in the
west This is all that is contested for until
the main controversy is settled
Sly Identified as a Postoffice Robber
ST Louis Jan 4Sly the suspected
Glendale express robber has been identi
fied as the perpetrator of the postofflce rob
bery at Station C November 24
General Joaquin Garcia Dead
CIT OF MEXICO Jan 4Joaquin Gar
cia noted as the general who was General
Taurezs righthand man died here Satur
day in abject poverty
Republicans Ready to Do Anything to Beat
NEW YORK Jan 4The corridors of the
Fifth Avenue hotel wore crowded all the
morning with Republican senators and pol
iticians They spent all yesterday devising
means to overcome Hills majority in the
senate Nothing was done at 1230 today
at which time the meeting called to order
at 1 oclock was still going oi The gcu
eral opinion seems t be anything is fair
that can prevent the success of Hill in his
efforts to seat enough Democrats to control
the upper branch of the legislature
Sullivan Signs the Pledge
PORTLAND Ore Jan 4John L Sulli
Van in an interview says he has taken a
pledge to quit drinking for a year He de
clares he is anxious to meet Slavin but it i
Is apparent the latter is trying to evade
the issue His tour Sullivan said close
the first week in June and he would like
I the match to take place about the middle of
September before any responsible club in i
the United States offering the largest
purse but would prefer New Orleans
Johnston Take Down the Forfeit Money
NEW YORK Jan 4Neither Frank Sla
vin his friend Charles Mitchell nor any
representative of theirs put in an appear
ance at the Herald office today at the hour
they appointed to meet Charley Johnson
John L Sullivans backer to cover the
2500 put up by Johnson some weeks ago
After waiting half an hour for them to ap I
pear Johnston drew down the forfeit
money He says he is ready to put it up
again at any time the Australian can in
duce some one to back him against Sul
Slavin interviewed I
CHICAGO Jan 4Slavin and Michel I
were in the city today Slavin in an in
terview denied that his match with Jack
son is off as has been asserted in some
quarters As to the Sullivan match he said
the terms proposed by Sullivans backer
were unfair and that Piesse didnt care to
tie up money so long Slavin added he had
cabled friends in Australia for backing and
if he received a satisfactory reply a match
would be arranged
John B Carson Dead
CHICAGO January 4John B Carson
expresident of the Chicago Western In
diana Belt Line railroad expresident of
the Louisville New Albany Chicago
railway and who had held many other im
portant railroad positions died this morn
ing after an illness which compelled him
t retire two years ago
George C Hitt Resigns
LONDON January 4George C Hitt I
I American deputy consul general has re
signed and will shortly resume the busi
nal ness management of the Indianapolis Jour
A Negro Mob Terrorizes a Town
PINE BLUFFS Ark Jan 4 Linxvood a
rillage twelve miles from here is in a fer
cent of excitement cuused by the work of
a mob of a dozen negroesiedby a whit man
named Puryear This band has been ter
rorizing the town for some time Its mem
bers have been circulating petitions for the
removal ot the railroad station but they
are strongly opposed by Dr Bryan In re
venge they went to Dr Bryans gin and
fred it and then burned the depot They
then went through the streets firing their
Winchesters to keep the villagers indoors
The sheriff immediately organized a posse
and at last accounts had lodged Puryear
and three of his gang in jaiL The pecu
niary loss will not be very great but the
citizens are determined to rid the commu
nity of this band and have thoroughly or
ganized themselves into a vigilance com
lr Mackay Will Endow a Maternity Home
ISpeclalto THE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
LONDON Jan 4Mrs J W Mackay has
conceived a grand and humane idea which
she intends to put into practical shape
shortly She intends to build and endow
an imposing maternity home in this city
for the benefit of those women whom pov
erty or misfortune compels to seek such a
retreat Mrs Mackay has been greatly
moved by the difficulties which have beset
poor women in this alt babylon In order
t properly endow the proposed institution
she intends to set aside a certain sum
yearly which hitherto she has expanded on
entertainments etc She wants to erect a
lasting monument such as the late George
fl Peabody left i his buildings
Governor Willey May Call an Ex I
tra Session
Important Matters Need Consideration
Tax Question Annie Campbell Sen
tenced Swindler Squires Caught
BOISE CITY Idaho Jan 4rSpecial tele
gram to THE HEIULDNo little interest
is manifested in this state over the proposi
tion to call an extra session of the legisla
ture It was rumored on the streets that
Governor Willey has under advisement
such an action and your correspondent
ailed at the capitol building this afternoon
to interview him on the subject Governor
Villey was free to talk on the subject and
admitted that he had been meditating call
ng an extra session
were clear and many things seemed to de
mand it He said in substance quite a
number of important matters were pro
vided for at the last session besides recent
decision of the state board of equalizations
as touching railroad assessments by
county assessors left this subject in
a great state of uncertainty Section
4S3 of the revised statutes of Idaho
gave the board of equalization full power
to assess any taxable property that has es I
caped assessment or increase the valuation
or add to the amount number or quantity
of property when
have been rendered I vas under this
provision of the statute that the state
board of equalization took action in read
justing railroad assessments in certain
counties The recent decision of the state
supreme court looked to the abrogation of
this power on the part of the board of
equalization The state is left in a queer
position as some railroad corporations
may hold that the county assessors have
no power to make assessments and others
may claim that the state board of equaliza
tion has no power and thus elude paying I
taxes as 1
is derived from taxable property of railroads 1
roads this will seriously cripple the state
Then again an extra session of the Legis
lature seems to be necessary to readjust
the apportionment of Senators and Rep
resentatives The last Legislature created
the counties of Alta and Lincoln and gave I
each its quota of Senators and Representa
tives The decision of the state supreme
court declared such action void and this
makes a reappointment absolutely neces
Then again the Legislature might look
into the matter of prison management and
set the public mind at rest Your cor
respondent asked Do you think it ad
visable to call an extra session I
I am not quite clear yet in my own
mind said his excellency The present
situation seems to demand i I am advis
ing with prominent men in various sections
of the state and will give matters careful
consideration before taking action
So far as you hava consulted public
men governor what seems to be the con
sensus of opinion
Well there is a difference of opinion
though many are not very favorable
The governor will be disposed to look
favorably to calling an extra session I
called it will be done in a few weeks and
the legislature will meet in February to
hold for twenty days It is probable
will be made 14000 as estimated by Gov
ernor Willey Several counties will be put
to the expense of holding extra elections
notably Ada that will have to fill a va
cancy caused by the death of Hon John S
Gray and Elmore by the death of Hon D
B Ethel It is an open question whether
or not an extra session will be called
Latah and Kootenai counties will not have
to hold an extra election io fill the place of
State Senator Wells at present Worlds
leir commissioner Opposition to calling
an extra session is very pronounced in
official quarters but the strong probabilities
ties are that it will be done
Fremont Wood United States attorney
has received information by wire that
recently indicted by the grand jury for
fraud in connection with the educational
bureau had been arrested in New Orleads
at the instance of the postal authorities
and is being held to await the arrival of a
warrant of arrest Mg Wood forwarded I
the warrant last Friday to the United
States attorney at New Orleans and at the
same time requested the chief postoffico in
spector at Helena to have his department
cooperate in securing Squiers arrest with
the above results
was sentenced in the United States court
today to two years in the national reform
school at Detroit Mich United States
Marshal Pinkham will leave for Detroit
with the woman in charge in two weeks
District Court at Idaho
BLACKFOOT Idaho Jan 4Special tele
gram to THE HERALD The district court
convened today Beyond impaneling the
grand lury and calling the calendar
nothing of importance transpired
As already foreshadowed the case
againstTex for the murder of Dutch John
is the absorbing topic and considerable
quiet speculation is being indulged in the
matter Some people believe an effort will
be made to clear Tex for fear of develop
ments Others believe it is the policy or
Hake to prosecute Tex vigorously in order
to vindicate himself In any event a con
tingent of Hakes friends from Omaha
were on the ground for some purpose
Hon Thomas Sparks one of the largest
and best known stockmen of Idaho resid
ing at American Falls died this evening
at Pocatello of inflammation of the intes
tines Mr Sparks was a very prominent
citizen had been a member of the territor
ial council and was highly respected be
ing a man of great integrity and a pioneer
He leaves a large family
Street Car Strike in Bernrineham Ala
motormen and conductors in the employ of
the Bermingham Railway and Eleotrio
company struck at noon today for 15 cents
per hour instead of 12 cents Their de
mand was refused by the company and no I
street cars are running Much excitement I
Colonel Gilmor Dead
TORONTO Ont January 4Colonel Gil
mor recently appointed deputy lieutenant
governor of Ontario is dead
A Wreck on the JJcKeesport
PITTSBOHG Jan 4The Commercial Ga
zettes West Newton Pa special says I
is reported the New Haven express on the
Pittsburg McKeesport Youghlogheny
railroad ran into a freight train at Rock
Bottom tonight Both trains were
wrecked Two persons are reported killed
and several injured Rock bottom is jUteon
miles from Newcastle and there is no com
munication by wire
Crisp Will Not Call the House to Order
WASHINGTON Jan 4It is definitely
settled Speaker Crisp will not call the
House to order tomorrow when it recon
yenes Tho speaker continues to improve
in health but his recovery is very slow
and has not yet progressed far enough to
make it safe for him to leave his room
There seems to be a general belief on the
part of the Democratic members that Mc
Millin will be selected as speaker pro tern
Efforts will be made today to ascertain
the speakers wish and preference as to his
temporary successor and custom has
made the speakers preference almost a de
termining factor in such cases
I I Mrs Brown Potter Starts for Africa I
Special to THE HERALDExaminer Dispatch
Brown Potter and Kyrlo Bellow sailed
Saturday in the steamer Garth Castle
xvhish left here for the cape where they
are soon to start on a starring tour under
the management of Luscombe Searelle
the Australian manager Before leaving
I she said to a reporter Ihave not much to
say Had things been favorable I should
have been leaving now formy own country
instead of for Africa Tell my friends
that actress or no actress I am a woman
and one who loves her own kin and coun
try Just now in starting for an unknown
land so far away I feel a little sad
Kyrlo Bellow is greatly changed He is
no longer the dapper well gloomed Bel
lew who was known by the matinee girls
as Kyle There is now a touch of the
shabby genteel about the once debonair
beauty and he has aged greatly the hair
whicn used to be only streaked with silver
being now almost entirely grey
After I Rich Jlaus Money I
Special to TilE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
NEXV YORK Jan 4A Sun London spe
cial says I the Italian papers are to be
trusted a man named Martini died intestate
at San Francisco some time ago leaving a 1
fortune of 34JOO000 The sum is large
but so also is the Italian imagination The
facts which are beyond question are that
Martini is one of the commonest names in
Italy and from all parts of the country
hundreds of letters are being received
daily by the civil state department in Rome
from Martinis in all stations of life some
modestly requesting further particulars
and others who form a large majority
boldly claiming kinship to the dead million
a re There is talk of forming Martini
syndicates and many simple peasants will
be swindled out of their savings unless the
bubble is pricked by somebody in authority
in San Francisco
Minister Pedro Montt Instructed i
to Make a Sincere Apology
To the United States for the Unfortunate
and Deplorable Attack Upon the Bath
mores Sailors October 16 Last I
NEW YORK Jan 4The Heralds Val
paraiso correspondent says he hears tho
I Chilian government has cabled orders to
Minister Pedro Montt at Washington to
make a sincere apology to the United
States for the unfortunate and I
deplorable attack upon the Balti I
more sailors October 16 last The I
apology is unqualified in character
Other matters which have oeen in dispute
between Chili and the United States are
speedily to be considered by the new ad
ministration From semiofficial sources
he learns the reason xvhy the Santiago police
are kept in the vicinity of the American
legation is the intendente of the city is in
daily receipt of letters containing threats
to burn and sack the legation The
correspondent asserts it is no
secret those who cherish ideas of
war oeiween tne united states and
Chili are the friends of Balmaceda
The correspondent learns the German
minister Guttschmidt offered the services
of his country as mediator on his own per
sonal responsibility This is in line with
his course of action ever since the present
government came into office He has pur
sued it with a view to getting up a reputa
tion for himself as a diplomatist
feThe Yantic has arrived at Montevedio
The British bark Ravens wood Captain
Hull from San Francisco has put in here
with the loss of her mast and yards
The Correspondence With Chi
WASHINGTON Jan 4The correspond
ence which the President promised to send
Congress relating to the attack upon the
Baltimores sailors at Valparaiso will not
be sent now In fact there is reason to be
lieve some days will elapse before the pub
lic may know officially just what passed
between the department of state and Minister I I
ister Egan on the one side and the Chilian I
minister of foreign affairs and Minister
Montt on the other
The unofficial announcement of the prac
tical completion of judicial proceedings in
Valparaiso and the intention of the Chilian
legal l authorities to punish the three
Chilians convicted of participation in
the assault has given satisfaction
here and is generally regarded as
a distinct concession by the Chihans to the
Uuited States as showing there will not in
all probability be further unduo delay in
the disposition of the case These tidings
have not so far as learned been officially
made known to Secretary Blaine by Min
ister Montt and it may be the latter will
await the sentence of the convicted Chili
ans before he presents to the secretary the
conclusions reached by the judicial author
ities of his country With matters in this
promising condition it is unlikely a disturb
ing element will be introduced in the nego
tiations by the publication of the complete
An Aged Couple Murdered
GRIFFIN Ga Jan 4An aced couple
Dr Barrett and wife were found last
night in a pool of blood at the old home
stead The doctor is dead and his wife is
dying A bloody coupling pin lay beside
them Robbery is supposed to have been
the motive for the crime There is no clue
to the murderer
Strike of llllnoli Central Express Messenger
ST Louis Jan 4The Republics Jack
son Tenn special says In October in a
wreck on the Illinois Central James
Horner express messenger was killed On
the ground of danger the messengers de I
manded more pay which was granted
Last veek the Southern Express company
discharged Committeeman Gardle who
presented the demand then reduced the
pay to the old figures The messengers
asked Gardles for reinstatement and the
restoration of the recent scale The com
pany refused Today a strike of messen
gers from Cairo to New Orleans was or
dered No express left here today
Caucusing at Albany
ALBAUT N Y Jan 4The Democratic
assemblymen tonight caucussed
Robert Bush of Chenning Governor Hills
county speaker The Republicans named
General J W Husted which constitutes
him eader of the Republican minority
The Democratic senate caucus named
Senator Cantor for president pro tern
hot His Wife
ST Louis Jan 4This afternoon
Charles Debear a cripple drunk and jeal
ous fatally shot his wifo and then himself
on account of a long standing domestic in
Missouri Tax Law About Express
Companies Valid
The Northern Pacific Is Not Bound to Main
tain 8 Station ThreeThree
Justlcees Dissent
WASHINGTON Jan 4The United States
supreme court today affirmed the decision
of the lower court in the suit brought by
the Pacific Express company against James
M Herbeat and John 1 Wood auditor
and attorney general respectively of Mis
souri By this suit the express company
sought to restrain and enjoin the collection
of a tax of 2 on each 100 of receipts lev
ied by the act of the state legislature
I against express companies doing business
within the state The companys bill at
tacked the constitutionality of the act
as an interference with interstate
commerce and declared it violated
the fourteenth amendment giving equal
protection to all and also as contrary to the
provision of the Missouri state constitution
requiring all laws shall be uniform This
court in an opinion by Justice Lamar says
the contention that the tax is levied upon
interstate commerce is unsound It says the
tax does not relate to interstate business
but entirely to state business and is ex
pressly limited to receipts for business done
entirely within the state and that it was
not the intention of the legislature to inter
fere with or tax interstate commerce In
any way whatever The o her points
raised it also holds are not well taken for
ho i reason the tux applies equally to all
companies doing express business
The United States supreme court ren
dered a decision today in favor of the
I Northern Pacific railway company in the
mandamus suit brought against it by the
Territory of Washington ex rol Hiram
j I Dustin prosecuting attorney of Yakima
county to compel the railway to maintain
a station and stop its trains at Yakima
The bill set forth that Yakima City at
the time of the building of the road was the
county seat and largest town in that
county and the object of the railroad com
pany in refusing to make Yakima City a
railway station was to ruin the town and
enhance the vaiue of the townsite of North
Yakima which it had located on unim
proved lands belonging to the railway com
pany Justice Gray in ihe op mon of the
court says a writ of mandamus to compel a
railroad corporation to do a particular act
nnot nnn to ni hnI o n
111 lUUOLL UUllUg 113 AUUU UL UUlIUlll S UL
running its trains can be issued only when I
there is a specific legal duty on its part to
do that act and clear proof of a breach of
duty The courts have so held even in
the matter of establishing a station
at the terminus of a road The difficulties
in issuing a mandamus are much increased
when it is sought to compel a road to stop I
trains at a particular place The location I I
of stations and warehouses for receiving I l
and delivering passengers and Ireixut in i
volves a comprehensive view of the inter
est of the public as well as of the corpora
tion and the consideration of many crcum
stances concerning the amount ot business
and convenience of a particular locution
from which complaint comes are more ap
propriate to be determined by the directors
of a company or in case of the abuse of
their discretion by the legislature or by
administrative boards entrusted by the
legislature with that duty than by ordi
nary judicial tribunals
Justice Gray says the charter of the com
pany does not impose any specific duty as
to the maintenance and size of stations
and that to compel the directors to be con
trolled by the courts by writs mandamus
in establishing stations would be inconsistent
establsbing statons
sistent with many previous decisions The
findings below he says show people living
in i the surrounding country considered i ns a
community wouiu oe uetier accommoaatea
at North Yakjma than at Yakimi City
The company ueuies the Iraudulent intent
chrrged by Yakima City and it was not
found by tie jury The fact that the town
of North Yakima was laid out by the com
pany on its ou n land cannot impair the in
habitants of that town
Justice Brewer rendered a vigorous oral
dissent which was concurred in by Jus
tices Harlan and Field He said when the
railroad built its line it found a city al
ready established the county seat and the
largest place along its roap for many miles
Every public interest required a station
should be established there Instead the
railroad company went three or four miles
further along and laid out a town on its
own land No reason was given for such a I
course The railroad neglected and aban
doned its public duty to subserve its pri
vate ends Anyone who knoxvs the process
of railway building knows it is a common
thing to build up a town and pull down
another in this manner An established
town offers an insufficient bonus for a sta
tion sometimes the dissenting justices
he said thought the courts had sufficient
power to restrain in such proceedings
The court sustained the law of the state
of South Carolina which provides that the
expenses of the state railway commission
shall be borne by railroads doing business
within the state each road being taxed a
I proportionate share of the expenses of
I maintaining the commission on a basis of
mileage within the state
No Decision in the BojdThnyer Case
WASHINGTON Jan 4The BoydThayer
case involving the question of the citizen
ship of Boyd and as 1 consequence his eligibility
I gibility to the office of governor of Ne
braska to which ne was elected was not
decided oy the supreme court today Inquiry
quiry into the matter developed the fact
that only eight justices sat in the hearine
of the case Justice Bradley being absent
on account of illness The premature an
nouncement that the court had decided the
case in favor of Boyd by a vote of 6 to 3
cannot be correct therefore so far as re
spects the majority by which the decision
is said to have been reached The justices
of course would nothing whatever
say as
to the case in advance of the announce I
ment from the bench of the decision
A curious coincidence in connection with
the publication in advance of what the de
cision of the court would be and the re
spective number of justices in favor of
Boyd and in favor of Thayer was devet
oped in court today The case of the
Northern Pacific against Hiram Dustin
prosecuting attorney of Yakima county
Washington was decided today by a vote
which the publication referred to alleged to
be the decision of the justices in the Boyd
Thayer case In this case the court re
versed the decision of the state then terri
torial court as would be the resultif Boyd
wins hs suit Jn the Boyd announcement
two of the members of the minority were
said to be Republicans and one Democrat
In the Yakima case today two justices are
Republican namely Brewer and Harlan
and one Democrat namely Justice Field
v hether or notsome chance utterance with
respect to this case was overheard and mis
taken for an expression with regard to the
Nebraska governorship contest perhaps
will never be known as the justices con
sider ita violation of the official proprieties
to speak of such matters and anyone giv
ing out news which is supposed to be an
inviolable secret until officially proclaimed
from the bench will naturally not wish to
be known as the author
Silver Verelnlhalers to Be Demonetized
WASHINGTON Jan 4Director of tho
Mint Leech speakingof the arrangement
said to be completed between Germany and
AustriaHungary to demonetize the silver
coins known as vereintbalers said All
the Austrian union thalers are now in
Germany and are considered national
coins in that empire In fact all verein
thalers are now in Germany and
amount is variously estimated at from
400000000 to 5COOuO000 marks or about
100000000 The Austrian vereinthalers
which it is proposed to melt down are em
braced in this amount They are variously
estimated at from 18000000 to 23000000
From the dispatch it would seem as i
AustriaHungary had decided to buy those
coins and melt them into bars for the rea
I son that silver forms are quoted below
their value on change
Sir William Gordon Cummine May Reenter
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Cable
LONDON Jan 4Sir Wiliam Gordon
Cummings may berehabilitated in society
Since the soldier baronet returned to his
highland home with Miss Garner as his
bride he has not been much in London Ap
pearances are now that strong efforts are
being made by the highest nobility to
take the baronet back During his ex
ile he has kept his mouth shut The Duke
of Cambridge punished him without in
quiry according to the usual army methods
Society seems to think he has expiated
his offense I is understood that
through the influence of Ladies Mydlet
and Thurloxv that a number of persons of
position have decided to invite Sir William
t their houses and also to visit him This
will of course break the ice and give his
wife the opportunity she desires of reen
tering the haute monde
Prince Michaels Declared Insane I
NEW YORK Jan 4Printz Michaels
to the
who caused so much annoyance
family of Jay Gould by his insistance that
Miss Helen Gould should marry him was
pronounced insane today and will be sent
to an asylum tomorrow
Reports Heretofore Sent Out
Were Not Exaggerated
Political Trouble In Cklaraalhe Garcia Kcx
olution Becoming a More ImpO taut Mat
ter I roops After the Kpxolutioiiists
CITT OF MEXICO Jan 4The latest news
from Durango is very sad Though the
government is trying to conceal the facts
and giving out contrary accounts it is nov
well Known the stories heretofore received
were not exaggerated and many people are
suffering from starvation I is said i the
government continues deaf to the cry of
I the sufferers a rising of the people may be
exuected Tn tn Inn ivnrils nf n mnn nf
influence among the common people I
prefer to die fighting than from hunger I
In the state of Chiapas there is political
trouble The new governor Rebus is try
ing to set the people against the late gov
ernor Carrasacosa but the latter who
knows tho people well has created decided
cided hostility against Habits and the state
is said to be ripe for revolution not against
Dlaz but his appointee Rabas In
Puebla revolution was only avoided
by the general government backing down
after arresting the priests in txxo monas
teries in Puebla which is the most Catho
lic and religious State in the republic Ills
stated it was the intention of the govern
ment to arrest all priests and if the people
rose to shoot them down but Bishop
Moraby very prudently preached by him
I self and throughout his subordinates
avoided what seemed to bo a trap set for
him A prominent government official
says the affair was a sad mistake The
government was not to blame and the state
authorities did not knoxv how to carry the
orders given This has given rise to the
opinion that tho whole thing was a plan to
oust Governor Marquez who is a moderate
Tho finryn rmrnliitirm ia Tipnnmlnfr
more an i important matter
than the government Is willing to concede I
I is an open 6 cret hero that Garza IB re
ceiving money from persons in both Mex I
ico and the United States and the contra
bandists of all classes on the border line of
both countries are contributing to carry on
the work Speculators in Mexican
bonds are also said to be lend
in a hand There is no doubt
but the goxernment xxill finally
triumph but it is possible the present
movement may be complicated with an up
rising by the hungry people in some suffer
ing states in which event and in the bands
of a competent leader the revolt would
have a much greater force and perhaps tar
the power of the government I
Troops Scattering Uarzixs Men I
SAN ANTONIO Jan 4Official telegrams
received at military headquarters today
from the commandants at forts Riogeold j
and Brown are to the effect that Garzas
men are being scattered by the United
States troops and will be prevented from
mobilizing any thing like a formidable force
on American soil Captain Wheeler at
Fort ln gold discredits the as
sertion of the Mexican minister at Wash
ington that a prominent Mexican
citizen is being held at Garza at a point in
Duval county Captain Johnson at Fort
Brown has just returned from a scout
fortyfive miles from Rio Grando but met
no revolutionists Fresh detatchments
went out today All the forces are suffer
ing much from lack of forage and water for
their horses
Garza lid to be Surrounded
LAREDO Tex Jan 4It is stated here
the Mexican revolutionist Gnrza is sur
rounded in the chapparal in the extreme
northwestern corner of Zapta couuty by
United States troops and rangers and that I
it is almost impossible for him to escape
either of Mexico to the northward or in the direction I
Scattering tho Revolutionists
WASHINGTON Jan 4A telegram from I
General Stanley dated San Antonio Tex
January 4 received by General Schofield
tonight leads him to believe the trouble
is nearing an end The telegram reads as
follows The commanding officer at
Ringgold today reports a courier in from
Lieutenant Beach at Pineno passed Cap
tain Hardie at Salenno All information
from that direction and from scouting parI
ties in the vicinity indicates the breaking
up and scattering the band The revolu
tionists are beginning to form into large
forces Reliable information received con
vinces me the reports mentioned in your
telegram of December 29 are incorrect
All stage lines and travel here continues
unmolested Captain Johnson at Fort
Brown telegraphs Returned last night
with my troop from fortyfive miles up
the Rio Grande where a large ranch
was searched No bandits tLere The
situation of troops on the Rio Grande is as
follows Cavalry scouting in Encinal
Duvall Rapata and Starr counties River
well protected from Ringgold and McIntosh
toshThe telegram from General Schofield
December 29 above referred to called the
attention of General Stanley to reports
current in Mexico that several large ranch
I owners in Texas were harboring and aid
ing bands of revolutionists
De Maupassant Attempts Suicide
PARS Jan 4The Do Maupassant the
wellknown French author who Is seeking
at Cannes to recover from the nervous dis
orders from which he is suffering made
two futile attempts to commit suicide last
Friday night
a e
Edwards Will be Present at the
Senates Organization
Willing to Do Anything to Beat Him Tho
Ohio Contest Still Undecided Iden
Declares for 8herman
NEW York Jan 4Senator James T
Edwards who defeated Perry Vedder in
the Chautauqua district is today the big
gest link in the political muddle which en
gages the attention of the political leaders
of the state He is bigger than the legis
lature itself for without him the senate
cannot organize with a legal quorum The
Democrats have sixteen senators but it I
takes seventeen to make a quorum Sena
tor Edwards designates himself an Inde
pendent Republican but has been quoted
as saying ho would sit with the Democrats
to organize the senate tomorrow Fifteen
out and out Republican senators said to
favor a plan of absenting themselves
tomorrow to prevent a quorum held a
I meeting here today in conjuction with
Platt and other leaders to determine what I
to do Snnntnr Hiscn k was also nresent
I Edxvards has been i invited tom t with
them but his failure to respond is re
i garded as ominous After a lengthy dis
r cussion all the Republicans seemed
I agreed on one point and that is unless Ed
wards refuses to aid the Democrats in or
ganizing the senate it will be useless for
I the other Republican senators t remain
away Some philosophical Republicans
cans profess to be indifferent as
to Edwards attitude As to
hi standing in the contest between
Walker Dem and Sherwood Rep in
tHe Twentyseventh district Edvards is
said to haye stated he would not vote for
Walker that no man should admitted to
tho senate who had 1MO votes less than
his opponent and that the electors of the
district should have another election Most
of the senators left tonight for Albany
Lite tonight an Associated Press reporter
the lat
porter met Senator Edwards and
I Icr said he would certainly attend the sen
ate meeting tomorrow
Ohio Senatorial Contest
COLCMUUS 0 Jan 4The senatorial
contest this morning shows hopeful evi
dence of an early solution One by one the
doubtful assemblymen are being forced to
yield to public pressure or the clamor of
their constituents and declare themselves
until the doubtful list is becoming so small
thai the result can soon be safely declared
irrespective of their positive action
I Last night Senator Parker of Cuyahoga I
declared irrevocably lor Foraker and this
morning Senator Rawlins of Clark county I
comes out for Sherman This is distinct
gain of one for the Shermanites as
Rawlins had been constantly claimed by I
both sides I
I The1 Sherman people this morning in I
sisted that they would have the support
of Senator Lampson president pro tern of
the Senate hub the Foraher people also
claim him while the Senator himself still
maintains his position of uncertainty
Senator Sherman on oeingquestioned said
1 have received assurances that Lampson
will cast his vote for me
I Strong efforts are being made by the For
aker men generally to induce the labor or
ganizations throughout the state to declare
for Fprakec and against Sherman
I A little excitement was occasioned this
morning by the claim of the Foraker people
that the Sherman forces were endeavoring
i 1 to secure the vote of Representative Rud
noy of Cleveland through the influence of
Chauncey Depew who they said had con
sented to take a hand in the tight for Sher
This meant that Rudney would be de
prived of his position as attorney for the
Lake Shore Michigan Southern Railroad
company at the town in which he resides if i j i
be fails to vote for Sherman The Sher <
man people denounce this statement as ma j
licious and state that neither Del ew nor
any other corporate representatives are
endeavoring to coerce men into supporting
St nator Sherman I
The two houses of the general assembly
met at 10 this morning and organized by I
electing Senator Lampson of Ashtabula i
president pro tern of the senate and Rep
resentative Laylin of Huron speaker of
the house The regular caucus nominees I
for the minor positions were also elected I i
In his message to the general assembly
Governor Campbell confined himself to a
renewal of suggestions and recommenda
tions mado by him to the sixtyninth assembly
tops I
sembly and not acted upon by that body
Sherman Republicans made no attempt
to seat Iden in tho IdenGaumer contest
this morning so the anticipated conflict be
tween the Foraker and Sherman forces in
the senate did not take place The only
dispute was over tho question as to whether
I the case should be referred to the regular
j committee on privileges and elections when
appointed or to a special committee consist
ing of Nichols and Carpenter Republicans
and Forbes Democrat
The latter was the proposition of the Re
publicans and it prevailed by a strict party
vote As the Republican members of the
committee are both Sherman men there is
no doubt they will report in favor of seat
ing Iden without delay The Foraker sena
tors refuse to indicate what course they
will pursue in case the committee reports
in favor of seating Iden
A Republican joint caucus will bo held i
Wednesday evening It looks now as
though the announcement of the standing
of the doubtful ones would not be made
until the evening of the caucus and this
with the possibility of a secret ballot still
leaves the ultimate result uncertain While
a deadlock is not probable it is not im
possible the contest may drift into a con
dition by which neither of the pronounced
candidates can secure a majority of the
Much dispute is created by an open let
ter of Colonel H V Boynton the Wash
ington journalist defending Shermans
labor record and ridiculing the labor com
mittee now striving to defeat the Sena
tor This afternoon the committee sent
Boynton a telegram saying in part
The Republican platforms of 1SSO 84
and S3 pledged the passage of
acts for the exclusion of the
Chinese and by voting against them
Sherman sot himself above party Would
bo have changed it had he been nominated
for the presidency or tried to deceive peo
pie in the Pacific slope Will you inform
us why ho voted against the equalization
bounties in 1875 and against the arrears of
pensioners in 1S84 which big party pledged
itself to pass Why did he oppose the pass
age of the bill to increase to 21 a month
the pension of soldiers who lost an arm and
were only receiving 18 per month and
why did he vote against the bill to limit
the pension of any soldier sailor or marine
to a minimum of IQ per month
The Sherman people the efforts of this
selfappointed labor committee as they
term it with contempt and express indig
nation that Sherman should be accused of
unfriendliness to oxunion soldiers While
all these charges and their refutation
serve as a subject for lively discussion it
is becoming apparent that neither the
labor organizations nor the Farmers al
liance are a factor in the present campaign
The IdenGaumer contest was brought
to a hasty conclusion this afternoon with
out a protest from tho Foraker senators
against the seating of Lien This assures
Sherman ten more votes Five minutes
after the oattx of office was administered
Iden announced to the Associated Press
Im for Sherman for Senator and want it
distinctly so announced
Prince von Michaels Arrested
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
NEXV YORK Jan 4 Prince von Michaels U
was arrested Saturday He is the man
who thought ho could elope with Miss
Helen Gould Michaels was making some
inquiries about Miss Gould from the cook
next door to the Gould house when ar
rested Edwin Gould made complaint
agaiust tho prince At the station his
pockets were found filled with rubbish
The prince will appear in court this Mon
day morning It was learned at the Gould
house that Von Michaels had been there
four times Saturday morning and several
times within the last few days
The Slavery Treaty lgnetl
BRUSSELS Jan Plenipotentiaries of
the powers had a meeting here and signed I
the protocols and slavery act which goes
into operation sixty days hence The
United States was not represented
Strike of German Miners
BERLIN Jan 4The miners of Holzap
pel district near Wiesbaden have struck
Troops are keeping order
The Sinking of the Chlldxvell
LONDON Jan 4The steamer Nordland
which was in collision with the British
bark Childwell the latter going down with
fifteen of the crew returned to Antwerp
with the bows stove in The pilot of the
Childwell says he saw the steamers light
fifteen minutes before tho collision She
suddenly starboarded her helm ap
parently intending to cross the bows of
the bark The pilot shouted a warning
to the crew but before they could get up
the vessels met The Childxvall was cut
from the port side through to within six
feet of the staaboard side and sank in two
minutes The sea was high and there was
no chance to lower the boats Nine of the
men climbed into the rigging part
of the mizzenmast and end of
the bowsprit remaining above the water
Of fifteen drowned twelve perished
in the ship the other three washed off the
bowsprit when the tide rose The pilot
says the Nordland stood by an hour and
lowered two boats which failed to reach
the shipwrecked men owing to the rough
sea He thinks the men on the bowsprit
at least might have been saved After
being four hours lashed to the mizzen mast
in bitter cold the steamer Ipswich hove
in sight and they were rescued
At Eastbourne Eno They Are
Attacked by a Furious Mob
Police Powerless to Protect Them The Enemy
Capture the Standard It is Gallantly
Rescued An Orderly Retreat
LONDON Jan 4The troubles between
the Salvation army and the authorities a
Eostbourns resulted yesterday in a riot of
unusual violence For a longtime there
has been open war between the Salvation
ists and police The former assert th < j
Eastbourne officials displayed a feeling of
religious intolerance in their treatment of
the army and so determined were the mem >
bers of the Salvation army to maintain
what they deemed
they proposed to introduce a bill in parlia
ment to repel or amend the Eastbourne im
provement act under which the town offi
cials prevent the Salvationists from hold
ing meetings on the streets Yesterdry
the Eastbourne contingent of the Salva
I I tion army was divided into four sections
stationed in different parts of the town
I The police broke up these meetings with
some trouble but in the afternoon sixty of
the army again sallied from the barracks
and proceeded to preach followed by an
immense craxvd who menaced tnem with
all manner of ill treatment Once upon
the beach
in prayer As they did so they linked
arms the better to resist the assaults of the
irreligious mob should the latter take it
into their heads to charge The mob
hooted and yelled and finally made an ugly
rush Some of the Salvationists were
thrown to the ground but immediately re
sumed their kneeling position and contin
ued praying Several times the rushing
was repeated but the Savationists paid no
more attention than necessary to avoid
being seriously hurt A number of police
were present and the mob reviled them
for not dispersing the Savationists As
soon as the praying was concluded the
Salvationists rose to their feet This
seemed the signal for a preconcerted at
tack for the mob immediate y
scattering thorn in wild disorder Many
were struck kicked and otherwise ill
treated The musical instruments used by
I the Salvationists seemed especially to ex
cite the ire of the mob and persons bearing
them were singled out for more than usual
I brutal treatment The mob got possession
of the instruments and after smashing
them throw them into the sea Then a do
i tachment of mounted police charged upon
the crowd They made no distinction be
tween men and women They rode down
i upon the crowd trampling the rowdies
male and female alike under the
feet of the horses Many of the
crowd were seriously Injured The
Salvationists declare the police instead of
protecting them deliberately struck them
and rode over them Their clothes were
torn and hats lost A number of women
lost their skirts and jackets in the wild
rush following the charge of thopolice the
garments being torn off of them in their
desperate struggle to escape being trampled
on by horses During the melee the
standard of the Salvation army
Some Salvationists charged to regain the
flag and a fierce fight resulted Finally
the Salvationists regained their standard
and under a rain of blows succeeded la
jottine away from the mob with the flag
tn their possession After some little
time the Salvationists their clothing
bedraggled and faces showing marks of Ill
treatment rallied around their standard
They formed in regular lines and sur
rounded by the police
Despite this protection they were not safe
from attack for the mob several times
charged upon them and the police were al
most powerless to prevent Injuries being
inflicted Some of the more rabid of the
mob got possession of vehicles and paying
no attention to the police drove deliber
ately into the Salvationists ranks with the
object of running over them
Chief Joseph Going to Washington
SPOKANE Wash Jan 4Chief Joseph
of the Nez Force Indians his nephew the
young chief Long Hair a Umatilla Indian
and Moses Misthorn an educated Christian
Indian accompanied by Agent Crawford
ot tho Umatilla reservation in east
ern Oregon are expected to leave
for Chicago and Washington tomor
row Joseph goes to Washington
to plead with the Indian authorities to
allow him to return with his people to their
old home in the Blue Mountains of eastern
Oregon The Nez Perces it will
be remembered rebelled against the
aUemjjt to remove them from tha I

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