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Briefs n 8
Personal 8
Amusements 8
Jackson Day 8
Society Notes 2
Municipal Maters 5
The Sons of St George 2
Among the Criminal Gentry 5
Home Rule for Utah and hat is Thought
oUt 8
What Sbairth oPayoTthe Receiver and
Counsel 11 the Church Property be C
The Salt Lake Record of P L Patterson
Who hlfledthe Mailsln Butte 5
The Did Jordan s Niagara Case Will be
Argued in Court Today 5
The Eureka Townsite Case on Hearing in
the Land Office is Proceeding 5
Death of the Mother of Nat M Brigham in
Massachussetb and ol Mlss Janey Hender
son in This City u S
Owing to the Bright Prospects the Business
Men t ill Give a Banquet at the Knutsford
Hotel on Monday 2
The Suit of the Proprietor 01 the Franklin
Avenue Theatre against the City for S10UOO
Damages is hied 8 I
The Rickets property on State Street is
Sold for over O and Real Estate is
More Active 5
The New City Charter will Provide for the
Abolition of City and County Collectors
l fdtbe 1
Their Duties to Performed by the Re
spective Treasurers Fire and Police
Commission t Control Those Depart
f ments Tho Council is to Consist of Two
Branches Etc unu uu °
Work on the Gas Wells The Sherman In
terest In the Godbe Pitts Drug Company
Changes Hands Descret Directors
etau Meeting ior the Transportation
Bureau and Directors of the Chamber of
Commerce ToDay
Politics A Rousing Meeting of the Young
Mens Democratic ClubAttend the Jack
son Celebration Tomorrow The Jeffer
son Club The Scandinavian Democratic
Club Will Elect Officers Members of the
Lenislature Arriving 2
Judge McBride Defines His Poslonu 2
Articles and Paragraphs
Winnowings of The Wits
Lead and ailver Quotations
Weather Predictions
Railroads 2
The Markets by Telegrpbu 6
1Inesn un uuuu 2
Ogden Provo and Park City
Remember the Jackson celebration at the
I federal court room tomorrow evening and at
tend eighth i column See the programme at the head of the
The B o < k 31 May und Into Montana
DENVER Col Jan 6Special telegram
to THE HERALD Tho Burlington Mis
souri River railroad management is con
templating an extension of their system
into Montana and a move in that direction
will most probaby be made sometime in
the spring Their lines already run to
Lead City and Deadwood in South Dakota
and to Gillette Wyo They propose to 1
push on westward from these points with
Helena most likely as the objective point
The road has been surveyed and it pre
sents attractive features for an enterprise
of this character
Chances In the Kio Grande Offices
DENVER Jan GSpecial telegram to
THE HEUALDJ Several important changes
have taken place in the offices of the
Denver Sc Rio Grande and Rio Grande
Western Agent A N Oliver who has
been connected with the Rio Grande for
some five years was offered and ac
cepted yesterday the position of city
passenger and ticket agent for the Rio
Grande Western at Salt Lake Joe Brinker
the companys agent at Salt Lake being
promoted to the office of issistant general
freight agent W R Peck a commission
and voucher clerk in Colonel Hoopers
office takes Mr Olivers place
as city passenger agent for the Denver
Rio Grande Mr Peck is a smart intel
ligent young man and his appointment as
well as the other meets with unanimous
Frances Note to Ambass adors In Paris
LONDON Jan 6It appears the French
government has sent to the different Euro
pean ambassadors in Paris in a circular
asking them to point out t their govern
ment in what an exceedingly false light
Ribot foreign minister and the whole
French cabinet would appear if Bulgaria
should not give satisfaction to the French
government In such case it was pointed
ont the cabinet would be forced to resign
under the reproof that it acted rashly
Russia it seems admitted this view of the I
affair while England and Austria tacitly
agreed Bulgaria must give some sort of
satisfaction to prevent France from being
bumiated Germany and Italy main
tained a reserved attitude
Evidences of an Earthquake in New York >
ROCHESTER N Y Jan Evidences i of
an earthquake were noted here at 1 oclc > ck
and at intervals during the afternoon A
suspended magnet swung like a pendulum
and was also greatly agitated magnetically
moving over an area of at lest 1C degrees at
1 oclock
Will Be Reported Favorably
WASHINGTON Jan 6The Senate ci rai
mittee on interstate commerce has decli led
to report favorably to the Senate the nom >
ination of McDill of Iowa Lindsay of
Kentucky and Morrison of Illinois as in
terstate commerce commissioners
American Art at the Worlds Fair
IBpccial to TEE HERALD Examiner b
ROME Jan 6It may be reasonably
doubted whether American and other
artists here will be satisfied with anything
less than the transportation of their work
free to and from the Columbian exposition
There are ague rumors afloat that the
United States government will send ships i
for the precious marvels and paintings II
that will be embarked at European ports
and unladen at Chicago but no one I in
authority can volunteer any guarantee bat
this will be the case Unless some promise
of the sort can be given the magnificent
palace of arts by the lake front may stand
tcncntless W W Story the sculptor
said that the putting of a duty ou art pro
ductions was a matter of deep regret to
all American artists living in Rome They
call it a tariff for protection ho
cal tarif re
marked Whom do they wish to protect I
Wo do not wish to be protected I the I
government or management of tho exposi
tion takes a large and generous view of the
matter I am sure their invitation to
American artists abroad will meet a res
ponse but we must have a definite promise
to rely on
W E Ezekict of Richmond Va said
No promise has been made to us et lidI
exhibited works cf mine in Berlin and
Buda Pesth and in both cases the German
and Austrian governments bore the ex
penses of packing and transportation The
Italian committee wished to send my work
to Philadelphia but I preferred to go as an
American JUG centennial committee sup
posed that the United States would pay the
cost of transportation to Philadelphia and
back but rather thought I should have to
bear the cost of packing myself I took
the chance and my works got mislaid
Not only was I compelled to pay transpor
tation back on a collossal head of Washing
ton the lanrest I believe ever made
which got stranded in the custom house
where it remained during the whole time
of the exhibition but I was compelled to
pay storage for a year Some of my works
that had taken prizes in Berlin were sont 1
to the Centennial and brough back at the
1 cxnense of the German government I
Senator Morrill Speaks Against
Free Coinage
He Pays the Law of July 90 Was n B
JIctalHst 31 ensure Predictions Concerning
Its Operation Unfulfilled
WASHINGTON Jan 6In the Senate a
large number of papers were presented and
referred One was from the chamber of
commerce of Seattle Washn praying
Congress by more liberal appropriations
to enable the war and navy departments to
place the country in a thorough condition
of defence so as to be prepared to maintain L
its national dignity and protect its humb
lest citizen in any part of the world
The VicePresident laid beforo the Sen
transmitting the agreement made by the I
commissioners with the Indians of the Col
vie reservation Washington
Among the bills introduced and referred Lr L
was one granting pensions to soldiers of r
tho Seminole and other Indian wars
Morgan offered a resolution directing the
committee on foreign relations to inquire
into the progress made on the work of the
Nicaragua canal The resolution was laid
on the table Morgan stating that he would
call it up tomorrow
The Senate hill introduced by Stewart to
provide for the
bullion was taken up and Merrill proceeded
to address the Senate Morrill criticized
the speech heretofore made by Stewart on
the same subject and spoke in opposition to
the bill for the free and unlimited coinage
of silver Ho was now and ever in favor
of maintaining both gold and silver in cir
culation and silver to the ex
tremest boundary that it could
maintain on a parity with gold
He had notvoted for the silver act of 1890
for the reason that silver bullion was
neither to be paid for nor paid out in ac
cordance with the safer proposal of Secre
tary Windom and that the silver to be
purchased was fixed as appeared to him
at too magnificent an amount and also
that the full price was to be paid for a
commodity which the government could
neither sell nor part from to any consider
able extent without a financial revolution
and serious loss
Morri went on to say the national bank
notes were rapidly being made to
to give room to silver paper The original
United States notes or greenbacks were
likely to be the next sacrifice demanded in i
order to give the whole field to silver paper
No expedients have been untried and no
cost withheld to push or carry silver dol
lars into circulation but it was demon
strated no more than about 000000 over
four hundred million coined could bo 1
coaxed or kicked outside tho treasury
The weight was objected to as too heavy
and the value too light In the treasury
today there is over
and more coming in monthly when and
where was this silver deluge to end 1 In
ten years more under existing statutes
the government might have locked up in
its subterranean vaults silver to the aggre
gate amount of perhaps more than S1OJO
000000 for all of which its obligations
payable in coin would be outstanding and
by free coinage No silver certificates or
treasury notes issued for silver bullion had
boeen presented for payment in silver but
they were paid in gold when so demanded
How long they could be thus kept on a
parity with gold was already a matter of
public and profound concern and largely
dependent upon the honest and proper in
terpretation of the law and the coinage and
skill of the secretary of the treasury
Whenever the gold of the treasury should
vanish these certificates and notes could
then be paid only in silver dollars and
those as money were known to be not
worth their face value As security for
the silver certificates or treasury notes
which were to circulate at par with gold
they were notoriously inadequate as 412 >
rains of silver ninetenths fine would
fetch no more than i cents It would be
hardly less safe and certainly equally hon
est to base such certificates and notes and
circulate them as good money
or upon wheat or tobacco purchased and
accumulated in like manner at 33 per cent
above the market value as to base such of
the circulation upon the socalled standard
silver dollars
Under free
coinage whatever advantage
from the unlimited free coinage of silver
might accrue to the corporate owners of
silver mines when gold advanced to a
premium would be brief and not perma
nent as then no secretary of tho
would bo willing to sell United States
bonds in order to obtain gold to keep any
paper currency paid out for
silver on a
parity with gold These corporations
therefore at no remote period would have
to plague the inventors and find the sil
ver certificates or treasury notes received
for silver bullion when unsupported by
gold of no greater value than that of the
silver contained in the free coined silver
dollar siver
The experiment which was now being
made to have the
government purchase
compulsion a fixed monthly amount of silver
ver had ho feared
complicated and more
or less
relative to silver and perhaps contributed
to the degradation of its value by largely
restricting the demand to one country
alone and by the practical exclusion of
any popular demand from any other The
menace of unlimited coinage with the I
swelling accumulations of coined and un
coined silver in the treasury which might
in some financial contingency be thrust
upon any or all other markets not only
tended to perpetuate its present uncer
tainty of value but might further tend to
sink it to a lower depth Certainly unlim
ited coinage would indefinitely postpone all
hope of an international compact The al
preciation of silver had been accelerated
not only by its greatly increased abun
dance but also by Its diminished use as
money by the leading commercial nations
The silver miners had natons
in case of the free coinage of silver and
silver as standard money must for all the
world stand or fall upon its intrinsic mer
its and not unon the merits of tha ntnn
whence itoame rw
The silver propagandists declared they
only sought to have silver placed on an
equality with gold knowing as they did
that their inequality had been displayed
from age to ago In conclusion Morrill
said I attempted to demonstrate Morri
I preciation of silver was both so great and
universal that unlimited coinage could not
be maintained on the present standard
with gold but would suddenly wreck tho
country by a silver revolution that un
limited coinage would interdict all inter
national silver compacts that there was
no scarcity of money in circulation
that the silver circuiaton
I be equivalent to aUaorizontal reduction of
the tariff of 35 per cent if not more and
an equal reduction of all pensions that the
par ties to first profit by free coinage would
be incorporate owners of silver mines
only and the parties to finally suffer the
re2t losses by it would be the great mass
of our people into whose hands the de
reciated coin and treasury notes would
nally pass We have paid off more than
ireefourtns of our great debt in gold
wh en our resources were far less than
now and I am unwilling to forfeit our
roll earned reputation and lose public con
fide nce and all the ancestral prestige of our
history by paying the sorry remnant of
this debt in a legal tender of much less
At the close of Merrills speech which
coupled about an hour and a half in its do
live ry Teller took the floor and called attention
tea tion to the fact that the Senator from
Vermont as well as the President of the
United States in his annual message
reated the silver bill of July 1 1S90 as the
work of the bimetallists in Con ress Ho
Teller denied that assertion The bill ho
aid was not the work or product of the
committee which had been known to bo for
many years deadly hostile to bimetalism
He did not intend to quarrel with the act
of July 11S90 but he did intend to show it
was not a silver act It was a money act
das such it received the approval of 10S
Se nators wLo had voted for free coinage
an d received the condemnation of 25 Sen
tors who voted for free coinage
After quoting a sentence from the Presi
dents message to the effect that the bill L
had been expected to bring the price of sit
er up to 129 per ounce
for the ground of that statement and I
asserting only one Senator alluding to
Jones of Nevada had intimated the act of
S90 would bring silver up to par On the
other hand more than twenty Senators
asserted it would not bring silver to par
I disaster came as it would come if that
olicy was persisted in it would have to
be laid at the door of the men who for nf
teen years steadily resisted the general
ublic demand for the use of silver on
equal terms with gold But there was an
other proposition coming from the execu
ive What was itI It was that the
United States should accumulate all the
gold of the world and the money centers
of Europe would say the United States
having got all the gold they would join tho
United States in the work of using silver
oming as it did from the executive of the
natipr he Teller was bound to speak of
it with respect whatever he might think or
feel How was the United States to a cu I
mulate the gold of the world We even
when this country had
and was enjoying great prosperity gold
left the country at the rate of million dol 1
lars a day The United States was tho
debtor nation owing to Europe more than
2000000000 How was the United State
to get Europe unload her coffers and send
gold here Teller referred to the fact o If
the President having sent a New York
banker Seligman to Berlin in connection
with the silver qupstion and said the Pres t
ident had not selected for that trip a prominent
nent b silver man He Teller could name
twenty men in public life who could have
g one to Europe and made
but no such report would be got from
bankers or monometollists He entered a
proest against the declaration of the
executive and the Senator from Vermont
that the silver men were responsible fi or
th e legislation of 1S90 Every American
statesman ought to direct his attention in
Teller said to see how the two metals l
could be tied together so they would never
be parted That could not be done by hav
in g silver put down to 50 cents an ounce
Nor could it be done by accumulating gold
from Europe I could only be done by
taking a heroic step and passing a free
coinage bill in the hope it would
or else lead to an international agreement
Dolph sent to the clerks desk and had
read an extract from the speech of Stewart
to the effect that the purchase by the gov
ernment of 4500000 ounces of silver per
month would use all the silver produced in
the United States and put up the price of
silver to par Stewart admitted this proph
ecy had failed but pleaded that the condi
tions had been changed and it had been
proven nothing would do but free coinage
No action was taken on the bH and after
a short executive session the Senate out of
respect for the memory of tho late Repre
sentative Gamble adjourned
In the House
WASHINGTON Jan GThe House dis
cussed at length the question of referring
the Senate joint resolution authorizing the
secretary of the navy to transport contri
butions for the relief of the suffering peo
ple of Russia and the petition to the effect
that the United States extend its aid to the
Russian sufferers A motion to refer it to
the committee on appropriations was with
drawn and another to refer it to the naval
committee defeated The question then
recurred on the motion to proceed to imme
diate consideration of the resolution This
was agreed to and the resolution was con
sidered in committee of the whole The
resolution was indefinitely postponed
This is equivalent to a defeat
The report of the superintendent of the
census was received by Congress accom
panied by a deficiency estimate 1000000
for continuing the work of the census
Superintendent Porter says the work of
the census office is well advanced and if
tho appropriations asked for can be made
immediately it will bo possible to bring the
work practically to a termination by the
close of 1892 or the spring of 1S93 Appro
priations for the census thus far aggre
gate C400000
WASHINGTON Jan Confirmations
Interstate commerce commission
W McDilb of Iowa William R Morrison
Kentucky of Illinois and William M Lindsey of
E G Rathbone of Ohio fourth assis
lantpostmas torgeneral
French Alarm Over British Aggression In
PARIS Jan 6Tho troubles at present
existing in the Tangier district of Morocco
and the despatching by the British govern
ment of two war ships to protect British
interests in Tangier have awakened a
feeling in some French quarters that
England has the intention of adding to her
territory by forcible acquisition part of the
Sultan of Moroccos dominions This
feeling is not in any degree allayed by re
ports from Tangier which state the
British minister has warned the governor
i he cannot guarantee the safety of the
city against rebel tribes sailors will be i
landed from the British war ships This
is taken by the alarmists to mean aggres
sions on the part of the British and the
Siecle today demands that the government
dispatch the entire French Mediterranean
squadron to Tangier to prevent the British
from carrying out any designs of an aggres
sive character they may have formed I
The Matin in an article on the same sub
ject says it is rumored the French Mediterranean
iranean Tangier fleet has already been dispatched to
Crisp Slowly Improving
WASHINGTON Jan 6 Speaker Crisp I
continues slowly to improve in health
Clagcett vs Dubois
WASHINGTON D C Jan 6Special i
telegram to THE HERALD Tho contested
election case of Claggett vs Dubois has
been set for the 12th instant Claggett has
been trying to secure a postponement of
the hearing but this will not be grantee
until he before
unti appears the elections com
mittee and
formally prefers a request
when it will probably be complied with
He Gives His Opinion of the
Faulkner Bill
He Would Vigorously Object to Statehood for
Utah Fears the Mormons Are Not Act
ine With Perfect Candor
WASHINGTON Jan 6Special telegram
telegram to THE HERALDSenator Fred
Dubois spoke with great freedom today of
be bill introduced by Senator Faulkner
esterday providing for selfgovernment
for Utah he said I have not examined it
carefully and in detail and am not prepared
to say that it should be passed without
change Generally however it seems to
m e to be
We cannot completely ignore and whistle
down the events of the past eighteen
months when considering Mormonism and
Utah affairs The professions of the Mor
mons have been too frequent and unani
mous and earnest to be set aside with a
wave of the hand I they are utterly
lacking l in sincerity and are merely playing
a subtle game
On the other hand their past conduct
completely belies their present attitude
In the minds of those familiar with their
history and methods there is and must bo
a lurking suspicion that they are not honest
I they were honest it would be the height
of cruelty to refuse to allow them to put
themselves in
I they are not honest it would be a far
reaching calamity to give them absolute
selfgovernment in Utah The present bill
is u a compromise Between the two Juris
diction over the territory would still re
main with the general government and if i
the Mormons abuse the added power and
privileges given them the general gov >
ernment can again restrict the franchise
take it entirely away or otherwise restrain
them All attempts for statehood will be
given up until it is seen what dispositici
they make of the enlarged franchise
gtanted by the Faulkner while I should
I see no reason for objecting to this mea
sure I am one of those who fear that the
Mormons are not acting with perfect can
dor and without mental reservations in
their declarations against polygamy and
burch rule in temporal matters Yet I
should be loth to take the responsibility of
utterly disregarding their professions
This bill puts them on probation as it
were and to mo is in the nature of a relief
Graves Denial of a Uonfession Sustained
DENVER Jan GDr Graves has been
sustained in his denial of the confession he
is alleged to have made On the night
Graves was taken to jail John Adams
vicepresident of the Dillon Adams
Manufacturing company followed the ofti
cers curious to see how Geaves would act
He heard the language used but the words
were those of the deputies who Mr
Adams says plied Graves with questions
and at the same time suggested answers
Graves seemed to be surprised by the ver
dict he did not know what the
men were saying Mr Adams say
Graves merely auswerd Yes or No to
questions in an absent minded manner
Mr Adams waited until now without
lying anything because he did not wish
to get mixed up with the affair
Mrs Graves had a relapse today raving
wildly at times Tomorrow Judge Fur
man will make a motion in the state I
supreme court for a new trial though it
s not thought it will be granted I case I
it is not he will be sentenced Saturady and I
he will be taken to the penitentiary to I
await the result of an appeal to tho United I
States supreme court
Mrs Graves Is Dying
DENVER Jan 6fSpecial telegram to
TIE HERALD Word just received from
the bedside of Mrs Graves is to the effect
that she cannot live All night
lve Al the phy
sicians have worked with her but without
success for she is becoming weaker every
minute I she survives the night her hus
morning band will be permitted to see her in the
Ballon Disbelieves Graves Made 1 Confession
Ballou today made a statement to the
newspapers asserting his disbelief that
graves had made any confession implicat
ing him and denying he left Denver last
Saturday secretly or in a hurried manner
and declaring his associate counsel knew
of his intended departure and expressing
lie surprise at the verdict He would say
nothing about the possible action of the
grand jury against himself
The South Australian Cabinet Resigns
ADELAIDE Jan GThe South Austra
lia ministry has resigned and a new cabi
net has been formed
Earthquake Shocks in Italy
I ROME Jan Earthquake shocks have
been felt in different parts of Italy
Judge Wallace and the Grand Jury Thanked
SAN FRANCISCO Jan GAt a largely at
tended meeting last night resolutions were
adopted thanking the late grand jury and
Judge Wallace for their efforts in trying
to put an end to corruption in the city and
state governments and denouncing the in
terference of tho Southern Pacific railroad I
company in politics A committee of thirty
was appointed to further the work begun
by the grand jury
Resolutions adopted at tho Citizens
mass meeting last ni ht
night requesting the re
election of Judge Wallace to the
Walace supreme
court were presented to the court this
afternoon The court held an executive
meeting in chambers and the ballot re
sulted in electing Judge James W Trout
by 9 votes Judges Wallace Flint and
Hunt each receiving 1 vote
Strike of German Printers Virtually Over
BERLIN Jan 6The strike of printers
in this country is virtually over
An Unknown Vessel Wrecked
LONDON Jan 6An unknown vessel
was wrecked off Papa sound Shetland
islands Sunday night I is feared every
body on board is lost A quantity of the
wrecked vessel drifted ashore
drited including a
piece bearing the letters A L The
size of the spars indicated the vessel was a
large one
A Bill Filed to Prevent a Butterinn Monopoly
PHILADELPHIA Jan 6United States
District Attorney Reed today filed a bill
In equity in the circuit court on behalf of
the government to restrain certain firms
engaged in manufacturing buttering from
I creating and maintaining a monopoly The
defendants are the Chicago Butterine Co
Pennsylvania Armour Packing Co Kan
sas City Armour Co Chicago Brown
Fritz Friedman Swift William M
Moxley J J Murray Ic Co G H Ham
mond di Co all of Chicago and the Philadelphia
delphia National bank The bill declares
the defendants violaled the antitrust law
Peter Jackson in Denver
DENVER Colo Jan 6Speciai tele
gram to THE HERALD Peter Jackson the
pugilist is in the city tonight He is on
his way to England to train for his fight
with Slavin When asked by THE HEKALD
representative if he would tight Sullivan
he hesitated and coughed once or twice
before saying that was too far in the future
to say anything about Billy Woods who
lately was run down by Choynski in San
Francisco was one of the party and said
Jackson will whip Slavin and Sullivan will
fight the winner of that match This is
positive When Jackson goes into training
it wi be for the Sullivan fight and his con
test with Slavin will be but an incident of
his training Jackson will certainly whip
John L Sullivan and whip him hard
A Great Catholic Congress to be held in
WASHINGTON Jan 6Monday Sep
tember 5 1893 a great catholic congress
which will embrace in its representation
prominent catholics from every country
in I the world where the Catholic religion
flourishes will meet in Chicago and
continue in session five days This was
determined upon this morning at a meet
ing here of the executive committee of the
congress which has the matter in charge
After the meeting today Secretary
Onohan said theyexpect this congress to
be the greatest representative Catholic
gathering ever held in the world
Will the Pope attend in person 1 was
asked That is anticipated said Onahan
Wo know the Pope feels very kindly
toward the congress Of course Pope Leo
is very old he may pass on before that
time and possibly a new pope might not
have so far to come because you know he
may be an American
The honorary presidency is to be tendered
Cardinal Gibbons and the honorary vice I
presidency to Archbishop Feehan
Mexico Cnernavaca Pacific Railroad
CITY OF MEXICO Jan 5At a meeting
of the Mexico Cbernavaca Pacific railroad gI I
road Construction company here yesterday
the following officers were elected for the
ensuing year President Philip Zang of
Denver first vicepresident and general
manager General Harman Sturm of
Indianapolis assistant general manager
and second vicepresident J H Hampson L
treasurer A B Hertb Denver secre
tary Charles Wheeler Denver It was
voted the work should be pressed with
vigor on the City Belt and Mexico Cuerna I
vaca Pacific railroads as far as Cuerna I
vaca The chief engineer of the two roads
was also instructed by the railroad com
pany to close contract for the entire road
from this city to Palisade bay the Pacific
terminal of tho line on conditions that it
should be completed to Cuornavaca by
January 1 next
Seven Desperate Prisoners at
Butte Make Their Escape
Two Murderers Among Them Bolts of the
Steel Cage Sawed Complete Kits
Found in Their Cells
BUTTE Mont Jan 6Special telegram
to THE HERALDA jail delivery by which
seven prisoners made good their escape oc
curred in the county jail in this city about
3 oclock this morning They are Charles
G Price who murdered P Cunningham
on the 18th of last month J B Smith
colored who attempted to murder Police
Officer Mike Donovan a short time ago E
Stafford aud Dan Crowley charged with
safeblowing and the attempted murder of
an officer William Burke Frank Sparks
and Thomas Cosgrove highway robbery
The escape was effected by cutting
the bolts and bars
away of the steel cage
in which they wer confined and then de
scending by the floor elevator to the
kitchen after which theyard was easily
reached and the high board fence scaled
Two others were captured by Sheriff
Lloyd who had been awakenod by the
barking of dogs in the yard Tho latter
were the last to descend to the kitchenand
did not have time to get away
An examination of the cell later on re
vealed the presence of a brace and three
bits a bottle of acid three fine saws
and a fortyfoot ropo the later
ot which had
been used as a
means of descent through the
elevator hole How
these implements were
secured is a matter of doubt but the sup
position is that they were carried into the I
jail jai by friends of Price who had import import impc rt I
ant business with him during the day I
Up to a late hour tonight none of the I I I
fugitives had been captured but the officers
wero scouring the country for them It is
believed friends have secreted Price in the
city The sheriff will offer a reward for
the of the
capture men and the governor
of the state will be requested to increase
the reward
A Fatal Railroad Collision
UTICA N Y Jan GEarly this morn
ing a freight and accommodation train on
the New York Ontario Western rai
road at Smyrna was run into by a light
engine The engineers of both locomo
tives were killed One man is missed
three men were killed
kied Engineers Young
of Utica Sheedy of Oswego and Fire
man Cady of Norwich The boilers tof
both engines exploded soon after they
struck The explosion was terrific It
shook the ground like an earthquake
rattled the windows of houses some dis
tance away and awakened people gener
ally The engines were twisted and
broken into scrap iron
Fatal Accident on the B i 0
FAIRMOONT W Va Jan 61he Bal
more Ohio Chicaeo limited passenger I
train was derailed near hero today Ex
press Messenger Charles Applegate and
Baggage Master George Halsane were
killed and Engineer Scham fatally injured
Thirteen passengers were more or less
George Hathaway Pleads Guilty I
CHICAGO Jan GIn the criminal court I
today George Hathaway pleaded guilty
to the murder of Alderman William
Whalen October 26 1890 and was sen I
tenced to three years imprisonment
The shooting was the result of a per
sonal and political quarrel Hathaway
was found guilty on the first trial and L his
punishment was fixed at imprisonment for
life but his attorneys found certain evi
dence had been suppressed and secured
suppresScr a
new trial As a result an argreement be
tween the attorneys the prisoner was to
day allowed to plead as above on the
ground that the killing was the result of a
drunken brawl and not premeditated
Pacific Mail Company to Build Bigger Ships I
WASHINGTON Jan 6Postmaster Gen
eral Wanamaker today had a long inter
view with Huntington and Houston i of
the Pacific Mail Steamship company on
the subject of increasing the size of their 1
vessels to be put into the China trade un
der the aid bill The
postal bil company now
nroposes to build firstclass 10000 ton
ships instead of second and third class
ships under the terms of the present con
He Will Succeed Himself as
United States Senator
Fornkers Gallant Fight Sherman Compliments
ments Him The exGovernor Does Not I
Want to Cross Swords With Him Again I
COLUMBUS Ohio Jan 6The Republicans
cans of Ohio have spoken and John Sher
man is to succeed himself in the United
States Senate Foraker is defeated but
even defeat his leadership excites tho ad
miration of the opponents and ho is to
night more than over the
who have given him such noble allegiance
For three days thero has boon but one
result staring these hardy enthusiasts in
the face the ultimate election of Sherman
But even tho inevitable was unable to
dampen their enthusiasm and they found
glory in going down to defeat with their
leader and attesting a devotion which none
but the fiery Foraker could havo Inspired
in the young Republicans of Ohio
With the expiration of thcsenatorial
term to which Sherman is to be elected he
will have completed fortyfour years of
continuous public service I will be
in tho history of American statesmanship
for every year will have been spent in
Washington and in the service of the
federal government John Sherman is
sixtynine years old He was elected
to Congress in 1S54 at the time
of the KansasNebraska troubles and tme was I
a member of the congressional committee
on the question of the extension of slavery
In 1854 he wrote the famous antislavery
report which thrilled the nation and made
him one of the prominent leaders of the
day How well ho has maintained his
prominence in a service of six years in the
lower house four years in the cabinet as
secretary of the treasury and an aggre
gate of twentyeight years in the Senate
the pages of American history bear record I
When the joint caucus convened by ac
clamation Speaker Layiin was elected
chairman He made a felicitous speech
abounding in
Every Republican was present except
Representative Jackson After some de
bate a motion was adopted directing the
sergeantatarms to clear the galleries The
vastaudience hissed this action roundly
and it was only after great trouble tho
sergeant performed tho task The first
division of sentiment took place ontho reso I
lution of the
Foraker men for a
secret ballot Immediately the
Sherman forces moved a substi I
tute providing an open ballot A
lively l debate followed Representative
Griffin of the Foraker forcss insisted a i
secret ballot was necessary in order to
protect men from intimidation and
coercion Tho only argument against a
secret ballot said he is the desire that
he who dares vote as his conscience
and convictions dictate may bo exposed to
bulldozers Applause
is one of the greatest prerogatives of a
free public and that right is rigidly
presented at the polls by every law upon
the statuo books
Representative Taylor warned the caucus
it was by secret ballot Democrats a few
years ago nominated Coal Oil Payne for
United States Senator and irretrievably
wrecked their party and doomed them
selves to private life ApplauseJ
Representative McGrews argument was
little short of sensational
said he Twice has notice been served I
upon us that the calamity of private life i
may be our portion if we fail to respond to I
that side which has been the greatest
strength and threats It wont do to talk
about looking people in the face We say r i
to them let somebody else look somebody
In the face Sensation We havo nothing
to hide but demand that men be protected I
against coercion We object too that I
anyone in a powerful position in the nation
shall cast his shadow upon this assembly to
hover over men here and make them do
something in accordance with the dictates
of their own conscience Applause
After hour of impassioned debate a sub
stitute providing for an open ballot was
adopted by a vote of 47 to 44 three mem
bers not voting
In an eloquent speech Senator Nichols
of Belmont
Representative Griffin of Lucas nomi
nated Joseph B Foraker His speech was
frequently interrupted with applause
Representative Welch placed Governor
elect McKinley in nomination and Repre
sentative Dicks of Hamilton nominated
Secretary of the Treasury Foster The
nominations of Sherman and Foraker were
seconded by several gentlemen There was
intense excitement during roll call Re
sult Sherman 53 Foraker 33 j Foster 1
McKinley 1 and amid tremendous ap
On mation of a Foraker man Shermans
nomination was made
as unanimous and a
committee appointed to wait upon Sher
man and Foraker and invite them to ap
pear Long cheers greeted their appear
ance Senators representatives and fellow
citizens said Senator Sherman on being
introduced I return my heartfelt thanks
for the very high honor conferred
I am under obligations I can
not express in the language at
my command Wo have just passed
through quite a contest the most formid
able I ever encountered in Ohio and I hope
more formidable than 1 shall be called I
upon to encounter hereafter Laughter
and applause In the contest raughter
language and heart the highest
Applause He is entitled to the love and
affection of the people of Ohio Though
you have been engaged In a contest we
are all Republicans and I trust ever will
be Republicans true to the cause and
and principles we advocate Cheers I
again return my thanks for this almost I
unequal honor Applause and cheers
Mr Chairman and gentlemen said ex I
Governor Foralter I am informed that so
far as you are concerned the sonatona
caucus is ended laughter and I came in
response to your kind invitation to say so
far as I am concerned it is also ended
Applause and cheers You did not end it i
as I had hoped you might laughter but
unto me and mine Prolonged applause
There has been possibly some grasping am
friction among us but at this hour it Is
our highest duty to remember that from
now henceforth wo are Republican
always I have no resentments no bitter
ness ol feeling to carry home with me I
go back to my profession wit
mind and heart filled with great
ful recollection and preasurable and
trust a pardonable pride for the
gallant intrepid band who honored me
with their support in the contest Senate
Sherman said he does not want any more
contests like this Laughter I than
him for the compliment and vouch to you
I do not want ever again
ILaufihtor and ajcclausej I skull plclc ouJi
another fellow next time Renewed
aughter We are in the presence of
mother great contest a national contest
This is no time for mo to dwell upon im
port ant consequences such a contest but
I admonish you as Republicans it is
our duty to get shoulder to shoulder
at onco and prepare not only to look to the
futu re but move forward after the banner
of Republicanism to a grand and triumph
ant victory which it Is our duty and which
will bo within our power to achieve
At the conclusion of his speech the cau
cus adjourned
The Democrats Nominate Neal
COLUMBUS Jan 6A joint caucus of the
Dem ocratic assemblymen this afternoon
unanimously nominated James T Neal
chairman of the state central committee
as Democratic candidate for United States
Shields Wants Dares from Chill
SAN FRANCISCO Jan 0 Patrick Shields
fireman of the steamer Kewoenaw who
was so badly injured by the Chilians while
in Valparaiso his entered a claim for
against the Chilian government
and papers in the case have been for
warded to Secretary Blaine
The Last of the Pnyallnp Chiefs Dead
TACOMA Wash Jan 6Chlof Joshua
Stilwoll the last of the Puyallup chiefs
died yesterday aged SO years He was al
ways friendly to the whites and rendered
early settlers much assistance in the
Indian wars
Minister Smith to Governor MerrIam
ST PAUL Minn Jan G Governor Mer
riani has received a cablegram from Charles
Emory Smith minister to Russia which
is sufficient to show there is widespread
suffering in Russia Minister Smith states
that tne proposed contributions will be ac
cep ted with grateful appreciation
Congress of Colored Catholics
PHILADELPHIA Jan 6The first days
session of the third congress or colored
Catholics of the United States opened hero
last evening Archbishop Ryan delivered
a brief address of welcome James A
Spencar was elected president A resolu
tion was passed asking that race discrim
ination be abolished in Catholic schools
Also against closinfi tbo public schools to
Catholic teachers
Efforts to Prevent the Indictment
of B F flake
The People Determined to Have the Dutch
John Mystery solved and the Guilty
Parties Brought to Justice
BIAC1CFOOT Idaho Jan 6ISpecial tele
gram to THE HERALD There have been
sufficient developments up to today to
convince the people that a tremendous ef
fort is being mado to prevent the grand
jury froci finding an indictment against B
F Hake as an accomplice in the murder of
Dutch John last fall All sorts of rumors
aro cfloat as to the policy the friends of
Hako are pursuing
The people of Bingham and surrounding
counties were startled last summer when a
nu mber of parties were arrested for alleged
wholesale cattlestealing among whom
w ere Frye a prominent butcher of Seattle
formerly of Butte and Datch John all of
whom were much to the surprise of the
community acquitted after an exciting
and expensive trial to the county at least
Following this was the report of the
murder of Dutch John Then the arrest
of rex the cowboy and B F Hake
th finding of Dutch Johns body the de
velopment of the fact that Flake had sent a
young man of the name of Williams along
with Tex to where the body of Dutch
John was found the fact that Hake had
secreted a portion of the clothes found oa
the murdered mans body in his store at
Lewisville the coroners inquest and pre
liminary examination and finally tho meet
ing of the district court last Monday when
it was rumored that if possibloHake would
not bo indicted
Several gentlemen ono said to bo a
irominent banker a partner of Hakes
b > rother and a former police officer at
vearnev Neb are here and said to bo in
th le interest of Hake The grand jury it is
st ated now has the matter under consid
e ration and is endeavoring to probe the
matter thoroughly The matter is being
cl osely watched ana the result is looked for
vard to with great interest there being a
d etermination to have the mystery solved
a nd if possible have the perpetrators of the
oul crime brought to justice
Harrisons Nephew Carter Dead
PALESTINE Texas Jan 6Carter Har
ri son nephew of President Harrison died
o n the northbound train yesterday after
n oon near Franklin Harrison was a con
s umptive and had been in San Antonio for
h is health
T he Pope Declines to Advise French Catholics
LONDON Jan 6The Chronicles Paris
c orrespondent says The Pope has peremp
t orily declined to advise French Catholics
i n regard to their adherence to the re
p ublic
The Berlin correspondent of the yews
l ays The pastors of a number of German
c olonies in Russia have appealed direct to
t ho German consulate in St Petersburg for
assistance to prevent thousands of Ger
mans from starving It is said they will
not only suffer from famine but are ex
p losed to cruelties from fanatic mobs who
a iccuso them of being responsible for the
f allure of the crops Several German
ave been killed and their houses burned
it is said
Bodies from the Cavalier Washed Ashore
LONDON Jan 6The bodies of the stew
and second officer of the steamer Cavalier
were washed ashore on the coast of Corn
wall The Cavalier left Glbralta Decem
ber S for Falmouth
A Bloody Encounter Between Troops and
Citizens ac Pernambaco
NEW YORK Jan 6The United States
and Brazil mail steamship Seeeurenca
which arrived this morning from Brazilian
ports brings news of an epidemic of yellow
fever that has been raging at Pernambuco
for some time
The Segeurenca brings the first informa
tion of a bloody encounter between govern
ment troops and the people of
Pernambuco in which thirty were
killed outright and about ono hun C
dred wounded December 17 The govern
ment sent a military governor to Pernam
buco to replace the former governor ol
that place The people regarded this as an
act of tyranny and oppression When the
military governor appeared surrounded by
troops they pelted him with stones and
other missiles The order then came to fire
on the people and at the first volley a dozen
citizens fell dead while a number were
wounded The revolutionists gave way
but quickly prepared to make a renewed
and desperate resistance The troops
charged upon and drove them from street
to street many citizens falling pierced by
bayonets or bullets A pitched battle took
place on one of the plazas in which the
citizens fought stubbornly but the trained
soldiers were too much for them
The War in Kansas
KANSAS City Jan 6A special from
Bucklin says Adjutant General Roberts
has just received information by wire
hero from 4ikcuu that tba onemis o >

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