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I For I Want IN THE Advertisements HERALD I THE i SALT LAKE HERALD I Only I I IN V One AT THE Cent HERALD AS a Word L I I
to GAL
Briers uu 8
Personals nn 2
Amusements 8
Sporting Splinters S J
iNter i
I Bench 1 liar 2
Criminal Annals 2
Matters of Probate n 2
Dibtnct Court Cases 2
Ci y council A l ew Building Inspector
Appointed Dettctive Bureau Provided
brA big Grist or mal Things 8
Cozier is Held to the Grand Jury 2
Entertainments at St Marjs Academy
Y 1 C A Debating Clubn 2
Allrcd or LehL nil hue bait Lake for J50
Alre Lehi
uOO for Driving Artesian Wells There 2
EJW Treasurer Walden Says Only Democrats
and Kepublicanh b ould bo Recognized In
Appointments to the Worlds 1 air n S
The Lcirifla ure In tho Council a Lively
DiKTisxlon lon the Appropriation lor
the Worlds Fair Ends in the Postpone
nent of tho Con ideration or the ill un
111 rriday Ihe Houe Pastes a Modilled
Australian Ballot Bill 5
The Full hoport or Kemuckj Smiths
ipeecli Delivered Berore the ronures
hional Committee in Washington bhuws
HIs Liinguc to Have Been Temperate
and Proper and the Alleged ex pies
Thereof Printed in Opposition Papers to
Hate ben Garbled and Mutilated for
Effect u 0
Article1 and Paragraphs
Simple Smiles
V cattier Predictions
Lead and Silver Quotations
The Market bj Telegraph J
Railroads u 8
Mining H 2
Ogden Provo Park City
T Secretary Oibton Arrested
CHICAGO March Information has been
receiver hero that George J Gibson ex
I E2creturi ol the Whisky trust has been ar
rested at Peoria under tho indictment
Boston 1 und against the officers of the trust at
A btatrmeut Front Dr C b Scott
Speolaltoliu UEIIALD txaminer Dispatch
Scott a relative bv marriage of Mrs James
G Blame jr and one of her stanch de
fenders dictated today the following
statement concerning Secretary Blainos I
letter 01 think the whole explanation is I
onlY a Bale scheme sprung for the pur
pobo making a hero of young Jim at the I
expense 01 his greatly wronged wife I
have a knowledge of the facts which i
made public would successfully refute
nearly every statement made by old man II
Biaine I do not believe the charges be
irakes against his sons wife because I I
know they are untrue
A Terrible Norm lu New York Harbor i
Ntw YORK March LNot a sailing
craft left port his morning because of the
I terrible storm raging and only the largest
steamers dared leave The wind plajed
havoc with ships anchored oft Staten
is and and 1 number of small crafts were I
driven ushorc
Kansas Republican League Club
TOPEKA Kan March 1The Republican
league cf ciubs of the state met this morn
I inc President Bailey called the assembly
t older Committees on credential
resolutions and rules were appointed I
Pending reports speeches were made
The lope Gives the CiirdlnalB a Solemn
ROME March IThe Pope today gave
a solemn audience in the throne room of
the Vatican to all members of the college
of cardinals present in Home
Perished in the lames
LA CROSSE Wis March ITho Mm
I ne ota house patronized by farmers was
burned this morning and Proprietor Poter
Hciden perished in tho flames The
financial loss is small
> atlonal Bank Receiver Appointed
VASIIINOTOJ March IThe comptroller
cf the currency has appointed Isaac M
I Smith Mclndoes Falls Vermont receiver
of the First ntional bank of Doming and
tbe First National bank of Silver City
1 both in the territory of New Mexico
Aldrich Thinks the Free liver EU Will Pass
Doth Houses
PROVIDENCE I L March 1In a in
terview today Senator Aldrich expressed
the opinion that the free silver bill will
pass both tho House and tho Senate at tho
present bession and be vetoed by the Pres
ident He bases his opinion on the report
of he House committee on rules fixing a
certain day for tbo consideration of tho
measures and on his belief that a combina
tion of Democrats Alliance men and free
slyer Republicans in the Senate will give
tho bill a small majority in that branch
Storms in the hast
ports are of the highest tides ever known
Consideraole wreckage is cast ashore A
large easel is reported wrecked of Sandy
Hook fccv eral hundred feet of new rail
way are washed away near Milton Park
and a largo pile driver sunk in deep water
this morning On Staten island the tide is
the highest ever known had it risen
another inch all the healing apparatus on
Lifts island would have been rendered use
less Tho furnace rooms of the ig immi
gration buildings were flooded this morn
ing and it was only by iSo greatest efforts
firus were kept going The upper bay was
led with wreckage today One of the
Staten Island ferries passed the wreck
of a canal boat drifting near
Oyster Island Flat A largo
number of smaller craft are
reported seriously damaged and there was
much difficulty experienced by ferry pas
Ecngers in boarding and departing from the
boats Many piers are submerged by the
high tide In the city many telephone and
telegraph wires are blown down and poles
broken and wrecked and there is much
delay in transmitting messages The storm
is still raging furiously tonight
The surf at Long Branch having torn
EUVUJ twenty feet of tbe bluff in front of
tbe old Leland hotel great damage is
threatened bj high tide tonight From
Eberon to Seabright a strong surf is tear
ing out the beach badly and partIally
completed bulkheads aro all demol
ished Several cottages near the
coast are in danger Storms
arc tearing all the wires along the coast
and have carried away the pipes of the
Long Branch works cutting off tho water
supply of cottages ut Monmouth Beach
and Seabright An Atlantic city building
in the course of erection intended to be
one of the finest business structures in the
city was blown down and several smaller
buildings demolished Tho storm is also
raping through Pennsylvania aso
Grecian Art at tbe Fair
CHICAGO March Director General
Dais of the Worlds fair received today
a communication announcing that tho
Grecian government intends to send a
complete presentation of classical life to
the exposition and to this end will organ
ize a manufacturing bureau to prepare
casts of all the best pieces of ancient art
now in Greece
Knights of BeclDrocity
Supreme Lodge Knights of Reciprocity
meeting was bold here vas
mleting today and was
somewhat of a fizzle Only four delegates
from the many lodges which order claims
in country scon ed up
Captain Pratt Says One is Kept I
in Washington I
Pratt Asserts They Manipulate Politics for the
Purpose of Getting Indian School Appro
priations His salary Docked
WASIUJGTON March ITbo Catholic
church and the charge that it maintains a
lobby at Washington to manipulate appro
priations in behalf of Indian sectarian
schools was the subject of an hours acrimonious
monious discussion In the House today
The Indian appropriation bill was the
measure under consideration and tho im
mediate cause of the religious discussion
was the section making an appropriation
for the Carlisle Indian school It was
stated in the House that Captain Pratt of
he United States army superintendent of
that school in speaking of the attack made I
in the House against an appropriation for
the Indian school l had said They were I I
made through the Catholic church in pay I
ing Congressmen to attack the national I
schools because they are detrimental to I
heir parochial schools which are given
three times the amount by the government
that other denominations receive
Congressman Mansur of Missouri
tockdale of Mississippi and Pondloton
of West Virginia who were understood by
replication to be tho Co gressmen referred
to mado a lively attack on Captsin Pratt I
and demanded as a penalty for his utter I
ances that tbe 1UOO appropriation ho I
annually receives as superintendent of tie
Carlisle Indian school be stricken from the
bill I
billHo had many valiant defenders in tho I
House however and it was moro his re
iterated declaration by telegraph today
than the original newspaper statement
that finally led the Houso to adopt an
amendment cuating oft his salary as super I
1nteoent Several of his congressional
friends who doubted whether the superin
tendent bad mado tbo statement attri
buted to him telegraphed today and re
ceived tbo following rsply Mi remarks
were that the Catholics got moro
than doublo as much of tho
Indian school appropriations as
all other denominations combined
that they maintain a powerful lobby in
Washington and manipulate politics to ac
complish their purposes These were gen
eral statements having no bearing what
ever on individual members of Congress
much less to Mansur in whose general
views 1 concur
Thin was quite satisfactory to Mansur
but not very consoling to an vbodj else and
its reading had the effect of causing the
Houso promptly to adopt the proposed
The committee of tho whole then rose
and reported the bill to the House The
previous question having been ordered
Pickler of South Dakota demanded a
separate vote on Bowers amendment pro
viding vacancies hereinafter occurring in
Indian agencies shall bo filled by army
officers The amendment was adopted 143
to 5 The bill passed
McMillic of Tennessee from the com
mittee on nays and means reported a free
wool bill which was referred to the com
mittee of tie whole together with the
views of the minority presented by Bur
rows of Michigan
McMillm staled owing to the illness of
Springer he would not call tho bill up until
Tuesday next Bryan of Nebraska and I
Turner of Georgia respectively from tbo I
same committee reported bills for the free I
entry of binding twine and cotton bagging
and ties which were referred to the com
mittee of the whole anu leave was granted I
Pane of Kew York and Dalzell of Penn
Sylvania to the ot the
present views min
ority Adjourned
To Amend The National Bank Act
WASHINGTON March IThe Senate
finance committee today directed a favor
able report to be made on the House bill 1
for the better control of and to promote
the safety of national banks An amend
ment is added authorizing banks to enlarge
their circulation to the full par value of
United States bonds deposited so the bill 1
must go back to the House if it passes tbo
Senate The committee ordered ad
verse reports on four bills introduced by
Democratic Senators to remove taxation
on stato circulation and to subject national I
bank notes and United States treasury I
notes to state taxation
An Ant subIrtasnry Bans Mews
JACKSON Miss March Representative
McAllister chairman of tho national com I
mitteo of the Anti SubTreasury Alliance
this morning was asked by an Associated
Press representative what he thought of
the recent labor conference at St Louie
and its bearing upon the politics of the
south He said The pretended op
position of delegates to third party move
ment is a moro sham They were all in
full sympathy with it possibly with tho
exception of Livingstone of Georgia who
is in doubt as to whether his stato is ripe
for the movement There is no question
but that the subtreasury element In tho
southern alliance will join tbe movement of
the third partyites who acopted the
Ocla platform and this clement believes
their political salvation depends upon tbo
success of the faub treasury and land loan
I schemes Tho movement is fraught with
I danger to the Democrats in several
southern states notably North Carolina i
Alabama and Louisiana The fusion of
this element with tho Republicans
would seriously imperil the Demo
crats chance of success The Re
publican managers recognize the
waning fortunes of their party in tho
northwest growing out of this movement
and will eagerly embrace any fusion in the
south as a offset Our committee will
issue a call this month for a national con
vention t resist the subtreasury and
other party schemes
I In the Senate
WASHINGTON March L After tho Sen
ate had disposed of considerable business
of no great importance it resumed consid
eration of the Idaho contested election
case and Sanders took the floor in defense
of Claggetts right to the seat
Morgan mado a legal and constitutional
argument against the right of Dubois to
occupy a scat in the Senate Without ac
tion on tho case the Senate adjourned
Policemen Guarding Rockefellers House
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
NEW Yom Feb 211The house of John
D Rockefeller No4 West Fifty fourth
street is nowadays always guarded by a
policeman in uniform There are threo
officers and each is on duty eight hours
They have been on the watch nearly a
month The other day a story was circu
lated that Rockefeller had received threat
ening letters Today the richest man in
America was asked if Lo felt that his life
was in danger from cranks tlt is not
ho replied To bo sure in common with
others 1 did receive many letters from
cranks at the time of tbe excitement but
there were no threats avalnst my life I am
happy to say I am one of the people and
I work with them The reason why tho
men aro there is very simple During tho
autumn and winter I have spent much of
my time at my country place I have not
been very well and I preferred the rest and
quiet there Tho ladies of tho house feel
much more comfortable and safo with theso
watchmen about That is the only reason
why I havo employed them
To custom of having special policemen
to guard residences has for years been
common among rich people in New York
Mr Rockefellers great wealth and tbo
treasures in his fine home aro particularly
likely to attract robbers
Hubert L Terrell Arrested
NEW YoitK March IHubert L Terrell
vicopresidont of the Distillers and Cattle
Feeders company was arrested today
and held in 55000 bail for his appearance
in Boston
Governor Hliain Hnldcn Dead I
RALEIGH N C March 1 Ex Governor 1
William Holden died today aged 74 I
The Sirius Towed Into Nan Diego
SAN DIEGO Gal March ITho British
steamer Sirius hich has been classed as
missing was towed into port this morning
in a disabled condition by the steamer
Fatal Hear End Collision I
MILWAUKEE March ITbe Watortown I
local l traiu due in Milwaukee at 4 oclock
this afternoon ran into and demolished I
the rear end of a train loaded with em
ployes of the West Milwaukee shops of the
Chicago Milwaukee t St Paul railroad
killing seven men and injuring one man
slightly Those dead are Stanislaus
Katanskl John Grunowski Paul Wacnor
Robert Woiz Frank Preiss Joseph Duer
ringer and John F Duermg Four of the
men leave families
JInlllo Gibson Dividends
DEVVEK March ITho Mole Gibson
will distribute dividends of KiJjOOO among
stockholders as tho record for March It
is estimated the April dividends will
amount to 400000 This is tbo greatest
dividend ever paid in ono morth by any
sliver mine in tbe world Besides these
immense dividends tho company has a 13
servo fund of f50000
They Have a Hard Fight Lasting
Ten Rounds
The tan Francisco Man Knocks Ont the New
Orleans Boxinc Instructor fhe Af
lair Was Game
NEW ORLEANS March IA meagro as
lemblago of sports congregated at tbo
Metropolitan club rooms tonight to wit
ness a welterweIght fight between Need
ham and Jack Burke tho latter having con
sented to take the place of Tommy Ryan
who is still suffering with a throat affection
The disappointment manifested becauso of
ho postponement of the RyanNeedham
fight was still apparent among the crowd
present Jack Burko is boxing instructor of
he Young Mens club where ho also put
Tommy Ryan in condition Ho has a good
string of victories tacked on to his career
He was in very good condition and Need
ham was in firstclass trim The latter
was seconded by Mike Conley the Ithaca
giant Tom Manning of ban Francisco and
Hogan of Chicago
Burke was seconded by Billy Dacoy
George Palmer and Charles Potter and
Prof Duffy was referee
in tho first round both landed heavy
lefts Needham nearly falling Honors
becond RoundNeedham landed two
hard right punches Burko landed a left
on the face but received one in tho
stomach in return Needham had much
the advantage
Third Round Needham became de
cidedh aggressive and therb was a heavy
exchange cf blows tho round winding up
with Ixeedbam landing a heavy right on
Burkes mouth drawing blood
Fourth Round Needham landed a heavy
right on the ribs and Burke returned a
good one on the neck the round ending
with a clinch
Fifth Rouna A number of good blows
wero exchanged and after a clinch Burke
hit Needham in the back of the head mak
ing him mad
Sixth Round Burkos stock went up in
this round Needham landed a right and
then clinched Needham landed another
right on the body and a hard left on the
stomach Burke then landed a soaker trom
his left on Ntedhams mouth and missed a
left swing from the western boy Time
In interrupted a hot rally
Seventh Round Needbam landed a
heavy right on the ribs a heavy left on
the stomach and another on the nose
After a clinch he landed a heavy left on
Burkes mouth and received ono in return
As time was called Needbam
caled a
stinger on Burkes stomach with his loft
Eighth Round Noedham landed his
usual left stomach punch and right on the
ribs After a clinch ho landed another
heavy right on the ribs and pushed his it ut
frequently into Burkes nose Burke
landed a heavy left on Needhams neck
but the San Francisco man was now forg
ing ahead
Ninth Round Needbam landed a heavy
right and left on the body and the Now
Orleans man hit him but lightly in a clinch
Burke tried with his and threw himself
out of position when Neodhaui landed Ia
hot right on tie ribs and received Burkes
right in his stomach Ncedham then
lauded two rights in succession in Burkes
sore ribs
Tenth RoundNeedham landed a heavy
left on tho mouth knocking Burke down
Needham falling with him The men got
up and Needbam knocked Burke out with
a rattling right bonder on the jaw
I Burko mado a gallant fight against
I I alant fgbt su t
porior strength and science seldom If over
I excelled in a Now Orleans club
A oilltlon With the Catholics
MINNEAPOLIS March IA special from
Winnipeg says The organ of the Mani
II toba government here has published start
ling statements to the effect that a bargain
has been made between the Roman Catho
lic church and tho Conservative governmental
ment at Ottawa by which the church has
pledged itself to give the Conservatives tho i
entire Catholic voto on condition that Ab
boLt present Dominion premier retire in
tho near future and bo succeeded by Sir
John Thompson who is a Roman Catholic
Another rumor that is current is that the I
priy council of England declares tho act
recently passed by the Manitoba govern
ment abolishing Catholic separate schools
valid The Dominion government will
promptly pass remedial legislation annull
ing tho act
A Gun Factory for the Pacific Coast
WASHINGTON March ITho Senate com
mittee on coast defenses had under con
sideration this morning tho bill appropriat
ing 1000000 for the establishment of a gun
factory on tho Pacific coast and decided by
a unanimous voto to report it favorably to
the Senate The location of the site of tho
factory is left to tho board to bo appointed
by tho President consisting of three
I officers of tbe army and throe of tho navy
Senator Felton desired tho bill bo so
amended as to locate the site definitely at
I was Bouicla voted Cal down but his motion to this effect
Murderer Mnlr Hanged
LONDON March IMuir the shoemaker
who somo time ago murdered a woman
named Sullivan who was living with him
as his wife was hanged today in Newgate
Stanford Says He is Not After
the Presidency
I that Is Impossible Then He is lor the Home
Rule HillMr Delamnr Gives
a Grand Dinner
WASHINGTOK March 1Speclai tele
gram to IIIE HERALD Senator Stanford
of California denies that ho has any pres
idential aspirations I was talking with
him regarding tno presidency today I
am not lying awake at nights considering
that question I would not accept a presi
dential nomination except from the Repub
lican party and then only i it came unso
licited But it wont come unsolicited
President Harrison will bo renommated
and be ought to be the party owes it to
him for his administration has been ex
cellent I
Governor Stanfords recent attack of the
grippe has loft him vary shakey in the
legs Excepting this his general health is
as good as it has been for years He ex
pects to leavo hero early in tho summer
and spend the heated term at Aix los Bains
Iho baths at this celebrated place are said
to be an excellent remedy for rheumatism
and other diseases of that nature and the
California Senator is hopeful that when he
returns in the autumn he will be in his
usual send condition again
Speaking of Governor Stanford reminds
me that bo has come out within the past
few days as an open advocate of
He told me estorday that tho Utah people I
were entitled to statehood and that she
should have it so far at least as his voto I
was concerned I tola the governor that
the sentiment about the capitol was not
f oruble to tho statehood proposition but
that all the Democratic Representatives
and Senators for that matter favored the
Home Rule bill
All right said he I Congress wont
clve Utah statehood then I shall support
the Home Rule bH which is the nearest
approach to It I have lived in tho western
country too long not to appreciate tbo fact
that a territorial form of government is
never desirable whero it can bo con
sistently changed for a better system and
the people of Utah havo my sympathy in
that they have not been able long ago to
throw of the territorial shackles and
emerge in
Mr Delamar of Idaho ho who is worth
ever so many milhou dollars and who is
or was a member of the state senate is
becoming quite a notable figure in Wash
ington Ho camo hero early in the season
with the intention it is said of getting
into society and selecting a wife from the
scores of eligible young women on tbo
matrimonial marKet Mr Russell Harri
son the Presidents son has been Mr
Dclamars social mentor and he and his
pretty wife who is by the way a daughter
of oxSenator Saundors of the Utah com
mission have introduced him to almost
everybody in Washington vvno I worth
knowing A fow nights ago he gave a
dinner at tho Arlington hotel at which
tvventj five guests wero present and
which was followed later in the ovenigg by
a dance in which several hundred person
participated I was the most decant and
exclusive affair of the season not etclud
ing the coming out party which the Bona
partes tao their eldest daughter at the
same place a few weeks ago Tho girls
who wero invited to tno dinner bad
for days previously as to what was in store I
for them It was currently said that
nothing short of a shower of diamond
would creato the faintest astonishment
The table was laid under a canopy ol green
ropes of smilax and asparacus dotted al
along with electric lights were loopec I
from the chandeliers to the walls Undo
each chandelier was a ball of pink roses
An immense palm was tho central orna
ment and its branches twinkled will 1
electric lights of many colors Ibo bou
quets at the ladies places uero made of r
hybrid roses and whito lilacs and ted I
with long pink ribbons One ribbon end I
had the namo which was resting on th 3
plate The souvenirs wero bouquet pins
mode of silver and enamel ana in the
shape of a lovers knot When tho com
pany was about to rise from tho table Mrs
Russell Harrison touched an electric button
and the table was showered not with diamonds
mends but with roses From all accounts
Air Dolamar i not making much head
tray in
It is tho old story The gials whom he ad
mires most look coldly upon his suit not
withstanding his reputed onormus wealth
Ha appears however to be enjoying him
self and ev idently feels that ho is getting a
fair return for his monoy His dinner
I party I might add cost him upwards of
Senator Fred Dubois case is still unset
tled Yesterday Mr Dubois made a long
argument in reply to Claimant Clagott
who spoke in his own behalf last Friday
and the attention of the Senato today was
mainly occupied with the speech which
anders of Montana mado in support of
Clagetts claim Mr Clagott has made a
good impression here and if his contest had
any substantial basis of fact behind i ho I
would undoubtedly bo seated Those who II I
have thus far spoken in his behalf have I
not been able to show that ho possesses
anything moro than
to tho seat and the general impression I
among tho Republicans is that he ought
not to have it Tho argument is freely
made that it was clearly the intention of
tho Idaho legislature to elect Dubois and I
hence a majority of the Senators think
there is no doubt that they will give ex
pression to this belief by voting for Dubois
i i not believed that a vote of tho Senato
I will be delayed longer than tomorrow
Clagett wH secure the votes of Stewart
of Nevada Sanders of Montana Halo
and Fryo of Maine and probably Don
Cameron of Pennsylvania all of whom
aro Republicans I in addition to these
ho should receive the solid Democratic
vote he would probably bo seated Sume
of tho Democrats however will oppose
him Among these aro Pugh of Alabama
Turpie of Indiana Palmer of Illinois
and possibly enough others to neutralize
his Republican support Dubois will no
doubt retain his seat by the normal Re
publican majority
Goulds Car In Bt Louis I
ST Louis March IJay Goulds private
car arrived this evening over the Pennsl
mum and started for Texas at onca on a
special train over tho Iron Mountain
Neither Gould nor his doctor could bo seen
An AntiStandard Oil Company Decision
COLUMBUS Ohio March ITho supremo
court of Ohio in the caso of Attoro Gen
eral Watson V tho Standard Oil company
handed down a decision today of im
portance concerning trusts This case was
Instituted by petition in quo warranto to
oust tho company from its corporate rights I
and to forfeit its franchise The judgment
of tho court is to oust the company from
the right to mako the trust agreements set i I
forth in the petition and of tho power to
perform tho same This I all inn attorney
general demanded He had no animosity
toward the company and did not desiro to
deprive it of the rights as enjoyed by I I
others but of the trust agreements which
are contrary to law Under the decision I
the company will be allowed to continuo
its corporate powers
The decision of the supremo court sus
tains the attorneygenerals demurrer to
th e answer of the Standard Oil company
which set up the defense the trust agree
ment was entered into by individuals and
not by the company as J corporation hold
ing a franchise While tha decision does
not oust the company from its franchise I
it prohibits them from in any way continu
ing to carry out or fulfill any provision or I
agreements under the trust contracts The
attorneygeneral of New York has pacers
re ady to file against the Standard company
in that stato prepared in contemplation of
this decision
I Hlsmarcki Organ on the Berlin Riots
Special to Tnt HERALD Examiner Dispatch
BEHLIN Feb 29 Piinco Bismarcks
organ the Hamburger Aahrtchten in allud
ing to the recent disturbances In Berlin
taunts the Socaliats with the fruitlessness
of their advice which came too lato and
says that had they had more acumen they
would have foreseen that their teachings
must logically lead to these occurrences of
which the Berliners themselves have no
fear knowing that tho troops if called
upon would make short work of the riot
ers butto which tho foreign press attaches
so much itnportanho There is no doubt
tho crowd showed somo vindictiveceas
against tho police who on their part did not
hesitate to use tho edge of their a
but it is difficult to ascertain the cumber
really hurt as the wounded avoided ambu
lances and hospitals for fear of arrest The
Socialist leaders advised their adherents
nol to partake of the disturbances and the I
attitude assumed by them deprives tho I
riots of auy political importance The I
real cause of the trouble was the stoppage I
in tho building trade resulting from tat t
severe frost and as a renewal of that seems I
to bn imminent today somo alarm is felt
Ibe small numbes of genuine unemployed I
workmen who took partin tho disturbances I
a re chiefly bricUaiers and masons thi own I
out of employment by the severity of the
I Throws Brigham City into a
Feiment of Excitement
A Yonn Man Arrested for Applauding Ills
Best Glrrlho Ulcers then Arrested
for False Imprisonment
BKIOHAM Crrr Utah March 1Specia
telegram to TIIL HEIIALD Last Friday
evening an entertainment given by young
ladles l of Brigham was well attended and a I
success Among the audience were a num I i
bar of young bloods out for pleasure determined i
termined to see th ° ir best girls should re I
ceive the applause they merited Spatting
of hands and stamping of feet wore in
order when tho city marshal stooped up and
warned them to desist or he would arrest
them Saturday evening the entertain
ment was repeated and tho boys ted in i
taking two front parquotto rows The
marshal heard a rumor that they intended
creating disturbance and placed anumber i
of special policemen in position around tho
boys A deputy read the rules of tho house
stating no whistling yelling or stamping
of the feet was permitted The perform
ance was about half through when after
an instrumental piece on tho piano by
threo young ladies the boys wanted it re
peated and applauded heartily Ono of
them bad a small cane which it is claimed
was used on the floor One of the officers
who was on the alort and watching for an
opportunity to pull the boys to the extent
of neglecting tho small boys and the usual
gallery crowd who were making the house
ring arrested J F Bownng a young man
who was tuken forcibly from the hall tel
lowed by twc thirds of tbo house The
boys had an attorney with thorn who
steppea up to the marshal and asked that
the prisoner be taken before a justice and
bail given The marsnal threatened to
throw him in too if he did not shut up
and the prisoner was thrown into jail A
United States commissioner was found
and bail given for his appearance on Mun
day mornlDg on the charge of disturbing
the peace
Early Monday morning crowds were oa
the corners discussing the situation and all
was excitement Tho trial was set for ID I
a m and the crowd was filing into the i
court room when the marshal served war
rants on i H Snow C E Snow and
Attorney B I Jones The prosecuting I
attorney appeared pnd asked for time to
produce witnesses and was given until 3
oclock Bail was furnished by the boys
and they wore released In the meantime
Deputy McClellan of Ogdon had been
telephoned for and came up and Marshal
Hoden and Special Police J Christensen
Ole Jensen and Prosecuting Attorney Nels
Jensen were arrested for falso Imprisun
mont of the boys and bail furnished At 3
p m court convened and Mr Bownng
was arraigned on the charge of disturbing
the peace The court room was packed to
its utmost capacity A number of wit
nesses wero examined and all failed to
make a showing of any disturbance and the
defendant was discharged amid great ap
plause from the crowd assombled
Public sympathy is with the boys who
are most respectable and lawabiding
citizens and it is very evident that these
unwarranted arrests were instigated by
pure malice and spito Today at 2 p m
interest was unabated The court room
was full M H Snow B H Jones and C
E Snow wero before Commissioner
Shatter The prosecution tried to prove
disturbing the peace interfering with
ouicurs etc On tho defense a large num
ber of witnesses were examined mostly
officers Tho prosecution entirely failed
to mako a caso and moved to dismiss one
of the defendants Before the case was
I submitted the defendants were all dis
charged The trial of tho officers is set
for next Monday
Seal Hunters Perish from Cold I
ST JOHNS N F March 1Fifteen men I
driven off from Trinity shore while seal
hunting Saturday last perished from ex I
posure and ten are still mising Grave
doubts are felt for their being found alive
I Crime In the Volea Valley
LONDO March IAn English special
correspondent who is traveling in the
famine districts of Russia writes from
Saratov that crimes and violence in tho
valley of olla are of frequent occurence
Clergymens nouses nave been robbed and
the bodies of murdered
men aro found on
the highroads Tho correspondent was
I warned of the dangers of traveling about
tho country and ho selJom drove at night
Au Omaha Boycott on Iowa Heads
I OMAHA Nob March 1Speclal tele
gram to TIE HIALD1A 1 combination of
Omaha jobbers was effected today which
i carried out will largely complicate the
I shipment of freight west by Chicago lines
Tho plan contemplates a complete boycott
j I of all lines passing through Iowa on ac
count of the unjust rates In vogue In that
I 1 state The combination includes all Omaha
I wholesalers Their freight will bo re
I ceived via the Atchison to St Joe and
I thence via tho Missouri Pacific Those
two lines have made overtures and agree
to save the Omaha merchants much monoy
A special will be put on with through con
i ncctiong at SU Joe
Pas Pathetic Description of Him
Amuses His Club Friends
Expelled from a Training fcchool Mrs James I
0 BlaIne Jr Addresses a letter to the
tccretary She Demands Justice
Special to TiE HERALD Examiner Dispatch I
WssuINGToic March IA young club
man who has known young Blaine since ho
was a boy said to your correspondent to
day The secretarys patothlu description
ton of helpless little James is highly
amusing to those of us who know him
When he was eighteen Jim was ono of the
wildest boys of my acquaintance and was
altogether what in the street slang of to
day might be described as fly He caused
his father no end of grief by being expelled
from the fitting school where he was pre
paring for college His father employ
several tutors but James cared nothing for
study Ho was a familiar figure around
be billiard rooms and restaurants of Wash
ington He was by no means stupid He
could learn readily enough when he tried
but he possessed no taste for study nor
power of application Fun was what he
was after und in pursuing it ho acquired
at the age of eighteen as much experience as
a man of twentyfive One statement in tho
elder Blames letter I cannot understand
Ho says that oung James met Miss
Norms for the first time Augusta on Au
ust 16 and chat nineteen days theroafter
young James who had never seen her or
heard her namo until she came here
married her in New York Everybody
in Washington remembers that in the
winter of IbbjSG ono of the most fashion
able dramatic performances was given at
Alboughs opora houso in this city It was
an operetta of Paul and Virginia in I
which Miss Novins created a great sensa
tion by appearing in the role of Paul clad
in sky blue tights The costume was so
modest the dress was composed chiefly of
tights as tight as can be made but as the
oung lady occupied an undisputed position
in the first society her appearance created
a great furore I have been told though I
do not know of my own knowldUt that
young Blaino was ono of her most dovoted
admirers during his holiday week in Wash
ington and that he was greatly envied by
his less fortunate rivals Miss Nevins
always conducted herself like a very
modest girl and was received in Use most
exclusive houses in the city
A friend of tho Elaine family said today
that the letter wag undoubtedly prompted
by Mrs Blame Tho secretarys wife has
beon under tho caro of a physician all win
ter She i described by those who know
her best as a woman of an aggressive dis
position her temper is easily ruffled and
when conviction is once reached her
manner is very positive She has been
wrought up over the details of the divorce
suit at Deadwood and it is believed that
she has urged the secretary to tho defense
which ho has made Mrs Blames influ
ence over her husband has been proved in
the past to bo strong enough to induco him
to give up even presidential aspirations
Young lr Blalne t the Secretary
Sioux FALLS S D March IMrs J
G lalne jr has furnished tho Associa
ted Press an open letter in reply to tho I
personal statement made by James G
Blaino cr I Is as follows My Dear
SirYou have furnished the public with a
remarkable production under the caption I
of a Personal Statement I consider it
my duty at this time to address you with
that detrree of dignity which your position
as a public man entitles you to I acknowl
edge your well earned and richly deserved i
fame as a diplomat and to appreciate I
fully the weight which your utterances
possess as fully as do I appreciate my own
weakness and my total inability to cope
with you in a personal encounter But I I
shall expect from you that con
siderate and honorable treatment which
I am sure your keen sense of equity
and fairness will dictate A powerful niau
of a reat nation will
great naton wi surely accord to a I
weak and defenseless woman her full meed
of justice You surely can ill afford to
withhold It I wish it distinctly understood
by you I am not asking sympathy I re
spectfully demand justice It is in your
power to grant this simple request It re
mains to bo seen if you will do it I will
aid you by a suggestion Have tho kind
ness to publish in connection with your
statement the full text of tho letters you
have quoted from Do not like a shroud
and unprincipled person select only such
pages as may be needed to make out your
case but give the entire contents to tbe
public that I may be judged righteously
You havo the
documents surely else
could not quote from them I will give
you sufficient time in which to
conform to my reasonable demand say ten
days I at the end of that time you fail to
respond I shall deem it my duty to give
in substance their contents and corrobo
rate my statement by publishing letters
from your son both prior and subsequent
to our marriage You Know full well
ful wol your
charges against me regarding our marriage
are unfounded I give you ample oppor I
tunity to retract You have two alterna
tives tho ono suggested or silence Your
consideration of your grandson will surely
induce you to decide in favor of the first
This is not a proposed diplomatic engage I
ment on my part for your success in deal
ing with powerful nations Is too well
known for mo to meet you on any other
ground than as the mother of your grand
son I tako it that your sentiment was
prompted chiotiy by the remarks of Judgo
Thomas in rendering his decision which
pare mo freedom I havo no defense to
offer in his behalf I simply declare now
bat you have arraigned mo by the use of
tfragmentary quotations from my lovo let
ters to your sou that you be fair enough to
publish tho originals in full I will then
prove to the world that your son was far
from a weakling and that you his proud
father well anew It long before bo married
me Truly yours
Evangelist John Goodall Arraigned
LONDO Feb 2John Goodall the
Evangelist was arraigned today on the
charge of committing an assault in a rail
way carnazo upon Mrs Ann Siddolls in
January last Mrs Siddalls identified him
as her assailant She told the story of
outrage practically as it has been hereto
fore given
The Sapphire Mining Deal Collapses
HELBVA Mont March 1It has trans
spirod hero orders have been received from
London not to make any payment on tao
sapphire mining deal duo today It Is be I
lieved the deal has collapsed and the Eng
lishmen are afraid to risk their money in
the enterprise
Conference ot Antl Silver Democrats
WASHINGTON March 1The New Eng
land and New York anti silver Democrats
and same of the most pronounced opponents
of free silver from other states wore in
frequent conference today canvassing the
situation and endeavoring to concert meas
ures by which additional strength might bo
scoured for their side in the coming tight
In the House on the silver question As a
result it Is asserted by several anti silver
Democrats they had sufficient votes to do
I feat the report of the rules committee giv
ii ing i time for consideration of the Bland I
bill provided the Republicans stood by
them Inquiry of a number of Republican
members shows thus far there have been
no conferences among them nor any agree
ment for concerted action on the question
of consideration of the silver bill Pierce I
Bland and other silver men express undi
minisbed confidence in their ability to de
feat on a vote any proposition looking to
the shelving or defeat of the free silver
hill i
George Brand Wyoming suIcides
CHEYENNE Wyo March 1 Special
telegram to TUE HEISALDJ It has taken
since Washingtons birthday for news to
reach here from Johnson county of the sd
cido of George Brand ono of tho promi
nent farmers of northern Wyoming He
was about sixty in feeble health and vras
placed under a severe mental strain by
malicious gossip to the effect that ho was
in league with the cattle thieves whereas
the old man never had a crooked brand
on his place Ho blew his brains out with
a rifle pulling the trigger with his too Ho
died in a ravine but a quarter of a mile
from home but the body was not found for
three days and in the meantime it had been
gnawed by cayotes
Indiana omens Prison Burned
INDIANAPOLIS March 1The state
womens prison and reform school for
girls was burned hero tonight The build
ing was entirely destroyed So far as
known none made an attempt to escape
though some reform girls wore discovered
during the evening roaming about the I
streets and wore sent to the police station
The fire was of incendiary origin three
girls Imogens Thompson Mary Stevens
and LjdieKinseloy it is stated by other
inmates having formed a conspiracy to I
free themselves in this way If possible
The prisoners will bo confined in various
other state institutions The loss will ex
ceed 300000 with insurance of but 451000
Zacbanah Arch Killed by an Electric Car
DENVER Col March iSpecial tele
gram to THE HERALD Tho man who was
killed by an electric car last night has
been identified as Zucbariah T L Arch a
rambler Ho has two brothels in Salt
Lake who have been notified
An Abundance of Free Milling
Gold Ore
Decision In the CoeurrtAleno Tovrnsite Ca e
No Method Provided for Dhlncorporat
me State Democratic Committee
BOISE Crrr March lSpociai telegram
to THE HERALD Tho now mining dis
trict at the halfway house oa the Idaho
City road about ten miles from this city is
looming into prominence Mr D T Miller
who visited these mines yesterday said the
whole country was covered with prospects
He said that ore ranging from 40 to 8100
per ton free milling gold was abundant
He completed a deal with some Denver
parties for a mine valued at 10000
Au important decision has been handed
down by the state supreme court in the I
matter of tho Cecur dAlene townsite It
seems that the town of Cccur dAlene In
north Idaho had been duly in
corporated but that citizens for the I
purpose of taking in an additional I
tract of forty acres disincorporated and L
afterwards petitioned the county commis
sioners to allow them to incorporate
The commissioners after taking the matter
under advisement granted the petition of
the citizens but the supreme court holds I
that such action is without authority of
law They say in rendering their decision
There is no method provided under our
statutes whereby the trustees ol a town I
can dissolve an incorporation or effect m
a disincorporation and it is not in
the power of such trustees to abandon I
such incorporation and effect a incorpo
ration The board of county com
missioners cannot reincorporate u town
having already a corporate existence All 1
acts done by a board of trustees of a law
fully incorporated town in an attempt to
abandon or disincorporate such municipal
ity and sot up a new government are with
out authority of law und are v old i
Great preparations are making by lead
ing Democrats for the meeting of the stat
committee here on the coming Saturday
It is altogether probable that in connection
with the routine business of the committee
a general public demonstration will be
made and a number of siieechea will bo de
livered The local club hero w ill do evorj
thing possible to melee the stay of mem
bers of the committee agreeable A good
timo is expected
Iublle Debt Statement
WASHINGTON March 1The following is
the public debt statement
Interest I bearing debt 3 lS502r6P9
Increase lju
Debt on which interest has ceased 3725410
Decrease JOj
Debt bearing no Interest 033JD4W
Decrease Il43oih
Afigregato Interest and non interest
bnsnirig debt
Decrease 7i3ltt5
Aggregate debt Including certifl
cates and treasury notes 1593331 864
Cash in the treasury gold coin and
bars 28MZtT9
Silver dollars subsidiary com etc 4joi09 500
Parer 60t9T10
Bonds minor coin disbursing offi
cers balances deposits In nation
al bank etc issmcos
Aggregate cash in the treasury 790547515
Demand liabilities gold silver and
currency certIficates and treas
ury notes Cl2tES7l
Disbursing officers balance fund
for the redemption ot uncurreat
bank notes etc gty317 l
Gold reserve 1 UIWIUW
Net cash balance lteJOJ
Aggregate 79054751
Cash balance in the treasury Jan
uary 31 Ife93 131 3eli9
Cash balance February W ISli IKISVO
Inrease during the month 59374
Consolidating a Parking Trust
JERSEY Crrr March 1A 1 special meet
ing preparatory to the annual meeting of
the Chicago Junction Railway and Union
Stock Yards company was hold this after
noon In this city The proposition to
change the nature of the companys busi
ness by establishing and maintaining and
operating near the stock yards of the com
pany in ChIcago warehouses docks and
other improvements and to acquire and
establish for said purposes land and ware
houses or other improvements or in prox
imity to Chicago or elsewhere was adopted
by a large majority The meeting also
ratified the proposed agreement with
Armour Swift and Morris and other meat
packers to last fifteen years which virtu
ally establishes a trust consolidating the
various interests by similar vote
Switchmen Strike
CAIRO 111 March Switchmen on the
Illinois Central road hero struck last even
ing for the removal of Agent Ladd at
Cairo and that all orders pertaining to
switching shall come throueh the yardmas
ter here No trains of any kind have left
here since then
ExPoliceman Douglas Arrested
SAN FRANCISCO March 1 Thomas
Douglas policeman and deputy inspec
tor of customs was arrested last night for
stabbing James Flynn an omplyee of the
surveyors offico Douglass who is the son
of Police Captain Douglass claims to have
been under the influence of liquor and in a
Quarrelsome mood Ho was released in
bonds of S5000
He Declares That He Is Still a
Sentiment on Free Coinace Report of the
Minority of the Wnjs and Means Com
mittee on Free Cotton Ties
oiEKA Kan March 1John J Incalla
has again actively entered the political
arena having made his appearance tonight
at the convention of the state league of
Republican clubs Ho made u speech
defending his inactivity of the past two
years and announced his future pro
gramme He is a Republican It has been
said ho took no part In the recent cam
paign That was a fact but he was obliged
to state the state central committee bad
Ignored him His name ho said should
not bo used in connection with any office
He o lie red his services to the state central
committee to go as a private whomever the
generals of the campaign wanted him
A platform was adopted by the league
renewing allegiance to the Republican
party and all its principles Although no
definite action was taken on the silver
question tho sentiments of the Kansas Re
publicans became apoarent when just be
fore adjournment D R Anthony who had
heretofore has been a free silver man an
nounced his viovvs and ho is now opposed
to free coinage His speech was lonely
Minority Report on Cotton Bagging
AanisoTov March 1The report of
the Republican minority of the ways and
moans committee against the bill placing
cotton bagging cotton ties and machinery
for manufacturing the same upon the
free list prepared by Dalzell of cotton
bagging says This manufacture was
created by a protective tariff policy and
is dependant upon the same policy for its
preservation because of the difference be
tween the rates of wages paid hero
and abroad und for other reasons
There are now invested in this industry in
this country over b000000 There are
sixteen mills in the United States con
ducting business independently of each
other and in full competition There is no
combination to fix prices or for any other
purposes between them To drivo our own
manufacturers from the field is to give the
domination of our markets to foreign
manufacturers who will dictate prices ut
With regard to cotton ties the report
says The measure recommended by the
majority proposes to admit cotton ties free
but to preserve the duty on all barrel boons
of iron or steel No reason is given for
such a distinction and it is as difficult to
imagine any as to imagine why either
should be put on the freo list Why a crude
articles of irou or steel should bo subject to
duty and more of the finished product of
which the crude article is raw material
should como in free U one of those things
difficult to be understood Notoven the
necessity of making laws forthocampaign
ing purposes of tbo Democratic party ir
respective of the needs of the country
can justify such action Nor wool
the proposed measure result in the
admission free of cotton ties only
Undor the language of Ito proposed
law hoop or baud iron or steel of any and
all sizes up to the dimensions of wagon
tires and even to the kind of lion or steel
that might be made into blooms will como
m without payment of duty
Tho minority also combats the proposi
tion to place machinery for manufacturing
cotton ties and cotton bagging on the free
The state department today received
verified alms of all but six of the sailor
of the Baltimore against the Chilian gov
ernment for injuries alleged to have been
received during tho riot at Valparaiso last
October The list does not include the
cases of Riggln and Turnbull who lost
their lives and whose heirs have already
submitted claims for damages The claims
received today are thirtyfour in number
and range from 110000 down to oO000
The total amount asked is 2005000
Count Ernest UUrsel Dies on the Congo
Special to THE Hf IIALD Kxamlnor DIapatchl
NEW YoitK March 1A Herald Brussels
special says The news has just been re
ceived hero from Africa of the death
through fever at Luluabour Congo of
Count Ernest dUrsel 2tJ years old who
commanded the military force in the Lulu
abour district Ho was a brilliant Belgian
officer the son of Senator dUrsel and
neohew of the Duke dUrsol Ho loft for
Africa in January 1891 with the young
Prince do Crov A great deal was made at
the time of the fact that two such young
noblemen had entered the Congo state in
the service of the king and it was ex
pected that the aristocracy would largely
follow his example Count dUrsels rapid
collapse will probably disappoint this hope
It will be traded upon by the opponents ot
the Kings Congo enterprise which as a
matter of fact has swallowed up a largo
proportion of Belgiums most adventurous
Lima 0 National Bank Closed
LIMA O March 1The Lima National
bank of this city was closed this morning
by the bank examiner on the order of the
comptroller of the currency The trouble
was brought about by the speculations ol
President B C Fauret who for the past
four years has been engaged in extensive
railroad and land projects Mexico which
resulted disastrously Ho borrowed from
tho haute extensively and although secur
ing it by ample mortgages it created a dis
trust which brought on a run The capital
stock is 100000 and the holders belong
mostly in this city It Is believed the do
realtors will receive their money in full
lolent Storm at Heading
READING Pa March 1A violent wind
storm accompanied by rain snow and
hail passed over this city this morning
lasting two hours Damage was done
all over the city and surrounding country
An unknown man perished in the storm
near this city
The Greek Cabinet ResIgns
ATHENS March 1The Greek cabinet
has resigned and the King has summoned
Tricoupis to form a ministry This will
bring to an end the proceedings taken by
the Delyannis ministry to impeach Trl
conpls formerly prime minister
Itio greatest excitement was caused by
the resignation of the ministry No defi
nite information at present is obtainable as
to the cause which led to the crisis bat it
is known the King requested the cabinet to
resign The ministers declined to volun
tary accede to the Kings request as they
have a majority in the chamber of
Stolen Diamonds Recovered
PORTLAND Ogn March 1Last Janu
ary while E L Huntley a Chicago drum
mer was en route from Kootenal to Con
nors Ferry tho stage was robbed and ha
was relieved of diamonds and other jewelry
valued at ilJOOO Huntley inserted aa ad
vertisement in the Oregonlan offering a re
ward of 52000 for the recovery of the
jewels Tho stage robbers seeing the ad
vertisement wrote to Huntleyg brother
who resides in Contralia Wash offering

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