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I For I Want IN ONE THE CENT Advertisements HERALD A WORD I 1 1 THE SALT LAEE HER f f 7LD I Only j IN 0ne THE Cent HERALD a Word
Uriels 3
Personals nnnn 2
Ausementu 8
Criminal Annals 2
In AU the Courts 5
Socety Chit Chatu 2
Press Club Notes 2
J L HaTillnfi Speech Before the Con
gressional Committee In Favor Home
Rulen 0
I u
Judge Anderson Decides the Big Niagara
Old Jordan Mining Suit Against the
nLWr 2
Mark Howard Stabs Hughey McCartney at
Silver and Both Men are Brought to Salt
Lao u 2
Two Women who Victimised Several Salt
Iakcr on their double Visit to This City
Come to Gnor in Leadvillo h 5
Gas IB Struck in Well No4 in Quantities
Exceeding those of the Other Wells
and H Breaks ihroughwith Immense
Force u 8
Chicago Capitalibts will Build on Electro
Kainy from Garden City to Crescent
Beech in Extecbon of the Wett Side
Rapid Transit and Equip it with Pullman
Double Lieck dirt 8
The Mtditnl Society gives its Annual Ban
quet xvh rh is Marred by the Rudeness of
Us President who Dissatisfied with the
Account a Reporter had Given of a Medi
cal Case Acts the Part of a Boor 2
Articles and Paragraphs
Short Snorts
A either Predictions
Lend and Silver Quotations
Mining 8
Business unn g
Riilroads n on uu 2
The Markets by Telegrapbn G
Ogden Provo Brigham City Fish Springs
Johnson Attacked by Natives
MOZAMBIQUE March HNews has been
received her of a native attack upon Fort
Johnson in which Officers King and Wat
son and six soldieas were wounded two
Sikist and two Zanzibaris killed
A Discharged Messenger Boy Attacks the Sops
superintendent of the American District
Lelegraph company was attacked today
by Jake Oppenheimer a twentyyearold
old messenger who had been discharget
for dishonesty The boy made a demand
on the superintendent for six days wages
WhICh ho claims were due him and when
requested to wait a few minutes retorted
Youll give mo the money and youll
givo it to me now at the same
time pointing a revolver at the superintend
ent The latter hastened from the office
followed by the messenger who flrod three
shots at him at close range Weme
miraculously escaping one bullet passing
through his coat at the shoulder the second
striking a suspender buckle and passing off
and the third grazing Woihes back close
I enough to cut his skin A struggle fol
I lowed Weihe gained possession of the
revolver and the messenger was arrested
I by an officer and taken to jail
IHHroad Engineers Leave Reno
REIO Nay March HA corps of
engineers leave today to extend the line of
I the survey of the Nevada California
Oregon railway north from Amedee CaL
The line at present extends from Reno to
Amedee eIghty miles Grading will
shortly be commenced
llliam Mason Deal >
BOSTON Mass March 14 William
Mason the wellknown horso trainer died
Judicial Nominations to be Keporteii Favor
I WASHINGTON March 14The Senate
committee on judiciary bas resolved to re
port favorably all judicial nominations in
cluding Judge Woods of Indiana
Crushed by f Fallins Elevator
ST LOUIS March HAn elevator in Ro
bas Bros boiler making establishment
leaped with iron plates fell this morning
Henry Keiser Frank Conn and Hugh
Daffy standing beneath it were crushed I
lo death Thomas Flaugherty and Michael I
Sweeney boys were seriously hurt
Ch11isn Ministerial Appointments
Borgonge has been appointed minister of
war and matine and Seflor Siesco min
ister of public works
OloiliurDonu Puddlmsr Works
PI61lUG Pa March HAt the
Oliver Iron and Steel companys Tenth
street mills all the puddling crews have
been suspended on account of overstock
and no orders The same company has
curtailed its puddling crews at its Fif
teenth street mills About two hundred
and nfty furnaces are idle as a conse
quence of the depressed market The
Eagle rolling mill in West End is shut
down in every deparment and seventy
live men have been discharged The West
End mill bhut down sixtyfive puddling
furnaces Saturday A hundred men have
been discharged at the Homestead steel
works of Carnegie Phippa Co during
the last three weeks and Saturday 300
more were discharged
The Bark Archile Bunk
LoNDoN March HTho French bark
Archie was sunk In collision with an un
known steamer I the English channel
Five of the bark crow wore drowned
Russell SIns the AntiFree Pas BilL
BOSTON March HThe governor has
signed the antifree pass bilL
Jay Goulds Texas Trip
EL PASO Tex March 14Jay Gould and
patty stopped over on their way here at
fcierra Blanco and will not arrive here be
fore tomorrow morning
The Arno and Tiber Rising
ROME March HThe river Arno is ris
lug Portions of Florence are threatened
I with inundation The Tiber is also swollen
and the maJor of Rome has warned the in
habitants of the low quarters that thos
portions od tonight of the city will probably be flood
The Germrn Army Ordered Into llournlucr
BERLIN March HThe Emperor ha
ordered the army into mourning for three
days owing to the death of the Grand Duke
of Hesse
The Queen Postpones Her Departure
LONDON March HIn consequence of
I the death of the Grand Duke of Hesse the
Queen has postponed until Saturday her
departure for Hj eres
The Great btorm in Kansas and Missouri
KANSAS CITY March HThe storm con
tinues tonight with unabated fierceness
The fall of snow is six to eight Inches on
the level and is proving troublesome to
railroads A Wichita dispatch states the
fall now in the southwest averages etgh
inches on the level Many telegraph irel
west from there are down and i is diffl
cult for dispatchers to keep trains moving
The street railway service at Wichita is
abandoned Dispatches from various
points in Oklahoma indicate the blizzard
prevails there also A Guthrie special
states it has been snowing all day and a
heavy norther is prevailing Many of the
recent settlers are poorly housed poorly
clothed and poorly fed not yet having had
an opportunity to harvest a crop They live
in shanties tents and dug outs and their
euflering will be acute The greatest suf
fering is among the negroes who hare
been lured to Oklahoma by unscrupulous
immigrant agents They have no means
of providing against the emergency Many
have no places to sleep all are poorly
clothed and the majority without money
No fatalities are reported but i the
storm continues another twentyfour
hours such reports are expected Dis
patches from northwestern Missouri show
the blizzard IS raging there I
Perished In the Storm
LONDON N D March 140 L Enger
William Davis John Groff and a man by
the namo O F Stad with his wife and
child perished in the storm on the 9th
n the House
WASHINGTON March 14After the
morning routine the House spent the rest
of the session in consideration of local
measures referring to the District of
Columbia they still being under considera
I tion at tho time of adjournment
Blaine and Springer Doing Nicely
WASHINGTON March 14 Blame and
Springer are doing nicely Senator Mor
ris condition IB critical
It Will be Considered in
Chairman Washington Believes i Will be
Considered as a NonPartisan ileas
uro and Become a Law
Cor 15th and G Streets N W I
Mr Washington said I today ad
dressing the chairman of tho House terri
tories committee hthe people of Utah as
you are aware are greatly interested in the
Home Rule and statehood bills now before
I your committee Will you be good enough
to tell THE SALT LAKE HERALD how soon
you propose taking action upon them
I The committee said Mr Washington
will take up the Utah bill as soon as they
have disposed of the bills for the admission
of Arizona and Now Mexico both of which
were introduced prior to the Utah meas
ure and therefore in regular order have
priority in their claim for consideration
1 think it is probable wo will be able to
reach the Utah bill this week
I assume thatyour committee will report I
the Home Rule bill favorably I I am cor
rect in this belief please state why you
I prefer the Home Rule to the enabling bill
I have not polled the committee re
I plied Mr Washington on the Question of
I I statehood for Utah as yet I am inclined
to believe that the statehood bill would be
reported favorably by the committee if
they believed it a measure which could
meet the sanction of both the House and
the Senate As we do not believe that
statehood is practicable just now the sen
ment of the committee so far as I have
been able to ascertain it is that we should
give Utah Home Rule under the Caine bill
She certainly is entitled to relief and
Home Rule in the opinion of all is far
preferable to the present condition of af
What will the House do with the Home
Rule bill 1 How soon do you think it will
be > taken up and considered and do you be
have that the discussion of it will run
along party lines or whether i will be
considered in a broad and catholic and
purely nonpartisan spirit
hI think the House Home Rule bill will
pass the House without any very great op
position Some of the Republicans I know
will support it and thus far I have oeen
very little evidence of a disposition to
treat it in any way as a partisan ques
tion HHave
Have you any idea Mr Washington
what the Senate will do with the bill I
I am not prepared to cay what the Sen
ate will do with either the Home Rule or
the statehood bill I can only judge by the
onversations I have had with several
Democratic Senators All of them have
pressed themselves freely as being in
favor of Home Rule and indeed they would
be for statehood i they thought such a
measure could pass In my judgment the
chief opposition in the Senate to both these
measures will come from the Republican
side of the chamber
A Pawnshop Robbed
BOISE CITY Ida March HSpeeial
telegram to THE HERALD A man broke
into Freemans pawnshop this evening
while the proprietor was at supper and
stole over 200 worth 01 watches rings and
jewelry The officers are on his track
The Republicans of Nampa are holding
rousing meetings tonight under the aus
pices of the James G Blame club
In the Senate
WASHINGTON March HThe Senate has
gone into executive session When the
doors were reopened consideration of the
postofhce bill was resumed The Senate
passed the postoffice building bill24 to 21
Nominations of circuit judges not con
sidered by the Senate in executive session
were favorably reported by the judiciary
committee but under the rules went over
without action They will probably be
called up tomorrow I
Resolutions respecting invitations to for
eign countries and their rulers to partici
pate in the Worlds Columbian exposition
were reported from the committee and
after some discussion allowed to go over
A conference was ordered on the urgent
deficiency bill Hale Allison and Cockrell
being appointed conferees on behalf of the
The bill authorizing the construction of a
nridge across the Missouri river at Yank
ton S D passed
The vote by which the Senate recently
passed the bill in regard to the collection
district of Puget Sound was reconsidered
and the bill recommitted to the committee
on commerce
After executive session and the passage
of the postoffico building bill another
lengthy executive session was held and the
Senate adjourned
Complaints Against U S Troops
SAN ANTOMO Texas March HThe
situation on the lower Rio Grande border
on the Texas side is assuming a serious as
pect Complaints from honest and highly
respected citizens concerning the alleged
unjust action by certain United States
troops continue to pour in from all quar
ters to the effect that they are being har
rassed by the troops for alleged complicity
with Garza Robert Summerlen legal
representative of all the wealthy ranch
men who so far have been arrested has
gone into the matter with a view of mak
ing a strong legal fight Ho has already
proferred very sensational charges backed
by affidavits before President Harrison
against Captain John Bourke
Captain Bourkes Conduct to be Investigated
WASHIIGTON March 14 General Sco
field said today the war department would
undoubtedly investigate the charges pre
ferred by certain Mexican residents of
Texas against Captain John Bourke Third
cavalry growing out of his conduct of the
campaign against tho Garza revolutionists
The allegations are Bourke allowed the
troops to commit depredations on the
ranches of certain Mexicans along the Rio
Grande because of the suspicion they were
conniving at the escape of the revolu
A Challencojo Mortal Combat
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
CHICAGO March HThe Highland asso
ciation of Chicago is torn with dissension
Chief A Gordon Murray is out with chal
lenge to mortal combat The object of his
ire is E Erskme McMillan a prominent fel
low 1 Scotchman who is one of the best
known members of the association
The trouble comes as an echo from the
Burns celebration at the Auditorium at
which pretty lasses danced what strangely
resembled an ungodly ballet much to tho
horror of the good Scotch people outside the
Highland association No sooner had that
gorgeous event passed into history than
there was one about the distribution of the
spoils There began to appear bills for ex
penses of which nothing before had been
heard These bills it is said were gener
ally presented by A Gordon Murray who
brooked no question of his proceedings
Matters reached a climax last evening
when at a meeting of the inner council of
the association held Saturday March o
Mr McMillan openly charged the chief
with having attempted to commit fraud
The result is a foimidable looking docu
ment which Mr McMillan later found on
his desk reading as follows I
I E Erskino McMillan
SIR I challenge you to fight a duel with
pistols at thirty 30 paces within five
miles of Chicago at your earliest conven
ience I have chosen my seconds Choose
P S A copy sent to the press
Mr McMillan declares he does not pro
pose to notice the challenge but has pub
licly denounced Murray as a coward and
trouble is fearod Murray however is i
either far from being a coward has over
looked the fact that the laws of Illinois
make the sending of a challenge a peniten
tiary offense Chief Murray is a descend
ant from the warlike clan of Gordons his
mother having been a niece of tho Duke of
Guidon Their crest is the juniper tree
I is now charitably held in some quarters
that the rich blueblood coursing in tho
chiefs veins or his juniper tree crest or
something of that sort has proved too
much for him to carry around and strained I
his mind
She Seeks a Divorce From Her
Famous Husband
low Ho Won Her When a School Girl 1 heir
111Y UfeHis Conjugal infidelity
She Returns to Ameiica
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Dispatch
NEW YORK March 14A cablegram
from Paris announced on Saturday that M
Georges Clemenceau the French deputy
leader of the extreme Left the radical
party in the French chamber and the
most prominent man in France today had
been divorced by his American wife The
same cablegram said that Mme Clemon
han left This
ceau lef for America on Friday
part of the dispatch was untrue for Mme
Clemenceau has been in America for
two weeks past She is stopping with her
old teacher Miss Aiken in Stamford Conn
She was accompanied only by her maid
and did not make herself known to any
body aboard the steamer Many people
recollect when M Clomencoau arrIved in
New York in 1865 an exile Failing to es
tablish a practice in medicine he obtained
a situation as French instructor in Miss I
Aikens school in Stamford Among his I
pupils was Miss Mary E Plummer who
subsequently became his wife They were
married in New York in June 1869 Three
days after the marriage M Clemenceau
started with his young bride to Paris He
has never returned to this country Mme
Clemenceau returned once before this
present tip That was sixteen years ago
at the time her aunt died Mme Clemen
ceau was called the loveliest woman and
the charm was as much in her manner as
in her face and perfect form I was said
that no woman in the capital was as grace
ful as she It was not long before ahe had
Trench gallants at her feet They paid
her the prettiest compliments and I
were amazed to find they made no
impression The purity of her nature
was her shield One woman said of her
once that she never know when a man was
making love to her There is no doubt but
that a great many men tried to make love
to her and that they were absolutely non
plussed She wouldnt do them the honor
of getting offended she didnt seem to
think that it meant anything And yet she
was not a prude They had had experience
with that kind of people She was simply
pure and innocent true to the ideals of her
girlhood which she brought with her to
France Of Mme Clemenceau It may be
said that not a breath of scandal has over
been breathed against her and her husband
was proud of her of the admiration she ox
cited and the dignity with which she car
ried herself
An intensely lealous man he never for
one moment doubted his wifo nor did he
ever doubt her devotion to him Three
children had come to them The eldest
Madeline is alreidy married Theresa the
second daughter is seventeen The young
est child Michele a youth of fifteen
Whed Michele was tie years old a change
came over M Clemencoau He no longer
found in his home all his pleasures There
was for instance the notorious affair with
Mile Roichemburp of the Comedie Fran
caise Boulancer finally supplanted Clem
enceau in the fair actress affections
These reports came to Mme Clem I I
enceaus ears but she paid no at
tention to them She believed in her
husband She only strove to mako
her lovely home more attractive But as
the years rolled on there could be no
doubt that M Clomencoau had suffered
a change during the past few
years how great only two or three
people beside herself know At last the
American woman could stand it no longer
She applied for a divorce The application
was made secretly that it might not injure
her husband and when every thing bad
been done that she could oo Mme
Clemenceau made up her mind to quit
Paris and back to her native
Pars come natve land
and so she came back to her warmest
friend her old school teacher Miss Aikou
in Stamford Not more than a dozen peo
ple outside of those in school know that
sho is in America Yesterday she wouldnt
talk about the divorce she had hoped the
sad story would not become known If a
divorce has been granted she has not been
informed of it
lime Clemencenu In Seclusion
NEW YORK March 14 Mmo Clemenceau I
the American wife of Georges Clemenceau
the radical French leader arrived in
America two weeks ago and is now in
seclusion at Stamford Conn awaiting the I
result of her application for a divorce
The Coal Miners Strike In Enelanil
LONDON March 14 Fifteen thousand
coal miners are idle In North Staffordshire
Unless they resume work in a few days
the potteries will be compelled to close
down throwing 50000 men out of work
Flintshire in Wales appears to be tho
only place where tho order of the Minors
federation to quit work has not been
obeyed by members of the association The
latest estimates upon tho number miners
now idle is 8oO000 Owing to the closing
down of other industries on account of the
strike fully 200000 men in other employ
ments have been thrown out of work The
Northwestern railway company has stop
ped many of its trains because of lack of
fuel and a large number of engineers at
Crewe lave been temporarily dismissed for
the same reason
In Leeds district the strike is severely
felt Nearly all the large mills are reduc
ing the number of ployees or suspend
ing work altogether
Members of the South Wales Miners
association will limit the output of the
mines in which they labor and not work
overtime during the strike elsewhere The
iron works at Bolton are idle The Furness
railway company has given notice of dis
missal to the bulk of its employees Tho
London gas companies report they have
coal enough to last a month The shipping
federation is preparing for a meeting The
London coul porters refuse to unload
foreign coal The agents of coal firms are
negotiating in France for supplies from
the Pas do Calais companies
They Shoot an Officer Who
Would Defend His Prisoner
The Coroners Jury Find Lieutenant Hether
melon Guilty of Jlurder A Discharged
Messenger Attacks the Superintendent
KANSAS CITY March 14 Additional de
tails of the lynching near Ozark Mo of
John Bright the wifemurderer received
today show tho affair was unusually sen
sational Also that another death resulted
besides Bnghts The man had been cap
tured and was being given a preliminary
trial A mob of a hundred men quietly
gathered around the court house and sent
In twentyfive of their number to request
that the prisoner be turned over to them
The presiding judge pleaded that the law
be allowed to tako its course and Deputy
Sheriff Williams who was in charge or the
man suggested it would be best to listen to
the arguments of the judge as he VIi
hams intended to defend the prisoner with
his lite At the same time he drew a brace
of revolvers The spectators in the court
room of whom thsae were a number im
mediately began to beat e hasty retreat A
delegation from the mob started toward tho
prisoner and Williams raised his revolver
but before he could shoot he was himself
shot through the heart by one of the mob
dying instantly The mob then took the
prisoner across the street and without
giving him an opportunity to say a word
hanged him in full view of the court where
he had been promised by the law a fair and
imcaitial trial
Ihe county where lynching occurred
is wild with excitement Young Williams
the deputy shot by the mob was very pop
ular and nine of the mob which did the
work were identified This morning a large
posse under the guidance of the sheriff
started to arrest these men Sheriff Cook
is brave and will search until he finds tho
fen who killed his deputy He will be
assisted by many people who while glad
Bright has been punished for his crime
are wild over the killing of Williams
When the posse meet members of the mob
it is feared there will bo war
Verdict in the Gower Robinson Murder Case
YOKOHAMA March 14The Inquest on tho
remains of George Gower Robinson killed
February 13 by Lieutenat T H Heather
ington United States ship Marion resulted
in a verdict of wilful murder
Before his death Robinson caused a let
ter to be written to Admiral Belknap Ho
expressed pardon for Hotheiingtons act II
andrequested the utmost possible leniency
be shown in dealing with tie case Rob
moons funeral February 23 was attended
by a majority of the leading residents the
foreign diplomatic corps being well repre
Hetherington Is understood to have been
removed from the Marion to the United
States consulate The coroners jury which
heard the evidence was composed of three
foreign residents named A Loprovost
George Allcock and T H Box The for
mer in a communication to the Japan Mail
said he did not personally accept all tho
conclusions reached in tbe erdirt owing
to the fact that the evmenco aa to Hether
ingtons identity was of a flimsy and irreg
ular nature but he signed the paper being
aware any verdict could accomplish noth
ing in a legal sense
There is no truth in the statement pub
lished that Mrs Hetherington attended a
dinner the night of the Rhootieg She went
to her husband as soon as she heard of the
Admiral Belknap Upon the Hetherington Case
miral Belknap was inter viewed today by
an Associated Press representative con
cerning the Hetherington tragedy but re
fused to express an opinion as to the just
ness of Hothenngtons act The admiral
intimated that public opinion in Yokohama
was not all against Hetherington When
asked for a copy of the letter written him
by Robinson just before the latters death
the admiral said the original wasin the
hands of Hotheringtons counsel and a copy
had been forwarded to the department at
Washington The letter neither denied nor
affirmed the charges made by Hethering
ton but merely expressed forgiveness for
the lieutenants foolish act Tho ad
miral closed the interview by remarking
murder Holhesmglon never will be convicted of
A Wisconsin Central l Train Wrecked i
MILWAUKEE March HA north bound
passenger train on the Wisconsin Central
road this morning was wrecked by a broken
rail at Dale The baggage car two coaches
and two sleepers were ditched The wreck
took fire the sleepers and coaches being
destroyed The passengers escaped before
the fire spread Brakeman Gilderman was
killed and four injured
Dr Scudder Arraigned
CHICAGO March 1 The preliminary
arraignment of Dr Scudder on the charge
of murder took place this afternoon The
prisoner remained in a seeming stupor
throughout the proceeings except when a
portion of the skull of the murdered
woman was produced in evidence Two
witnesses were examinedF H Dunton
and Dr Palmer Tho only fact not here
tofore brought out was that the sleeves of
Mr Duntons night shirt were spoiled
with blood after the discovery that his
wife bed been injured Dr Palmer testi
fled Mrs Duntons death beyond all doubt
was from being pounded on the head The II
examination will be resumed tomorrow
The Dacoit Chief Sentence to Doth
I RANGOON March HThe celebrated
Dacoit chief the Minlaung prince leader
of the revolt against the British near Arra
kan has been condemned to death Five
others who took part in tho revolt have
also been condemned to death and the
father of Dacoit the chief has been sen
tenced to penal servitude for life
I The Illinois Central Lays n Switch I
i CHICAGO March 14It was discovered
this morning that the Illinois Central
during Sunday night had laid a switch
track south of the Worlds fair grounds
which i it can bo maintained will effec
tually block the Baltimore Ohio from
i reaching its proposed terminal on the
I grounds and thus shut out all other roads
1 It is asserted the work wus done under a
permit granted by the village of Hyde I
Park bef oao the annexation to the city
The Unirerlty of St Andrews Will Open to
LONDON March HThe senate of the
University of St Andrews the oldest in
Scotland has decided to open to women
the university departments of theology
arts and sciences
Algor Poblishes His War Record
DETROIT March 14 General Alger this
morning made public his war record It
includes a great host of official documents
from army officers warmly praising Alger
and recommending him for promotion and
along with them is the report of General
Custer recommending tho dismissal of
Alger from the service The entire record
is full of credit to Alger with the single
exception of the Custer document and the
indorsements thereto In contradiction to
the statement of Custer Algers record
shows that after the battle of Boonevillo
he laid off on account of illness as ho also
did May 22 lSIH In each case however
he had the certificate of his official surgeon
to show that ho was ill I is true that in
his last absence on sick leave Custer did
not respond to the doctors application for
sick leave for Alger but Alger has shown
Custers motive by revealing the latters
attempt to induce Alger to promote Ous
ters brother over the heads of older
officers That Custer did not always re
gard Alger as a flunk is shown by various
recommendations in earlier portions of the
war wherein he praises Alger highly
A New York Physician Has a
Remedy for Drunkenness
No Pad After Effects Medical Societies Agi
tated Over the Matter 1 heir JCthical
Cede Transgressed
Special to THE HERALD Examiner Dispatchl
NEW YORK March HIn the last few
days many householders in this city physi
cians among them have received cards
calling their nttentios to phosphi nervino
compound for the cure of the alcohol
habit treatment by injection The cards
further state Fifteen days the term of
treatment Two injections daily morning
and night No interference with business
No exposure Can be administered at
The cards are signed by E F Arnold
1 D physician in charge and Edward
H Nicoli general manager The address
given is No 34 West Fifteenth street
Members of the Now York county med
ical association recognized in Dr Arnolds
name that of a fellow member and opened
their eyes They opened wider and began
to talk of discipline when they received
the twopage circular eloquently setting
forth the claims of the treatment adver
tising the expense of a course at S60 and
offering refference by special permis
sion to patients who had received the
A reporter was told by the doctor in
charge of the home on Fifteenth street
that ma y patients had been treated
among them women and people whose
names are in tbe giltedge directory Dr
Robertson is the discoverer of the nerve
remedy Some of his acquaintances had
gone to Dwight and on their return
were visited by the doctor Colonel Inger
sol asked the doctor to look into the
iceley cure Dr Robertson did so but
was not favorably impressed with its re
suits He says I experimented for a
long while and prepared a compound that
never had been used to my knowledge by
any physician in this or any other country
andl substantiate that statement by
saying I have been over the subject in
Trench German and English and have
found no compound like it I have used i
already in over fifty cases and so far there
has nt been a mishap There has been no
depression The treatment has been a
tonic from beginning to end Threefourths
ot the diseases of men are due to alcohol
ism About threefourths of the cases I
have to treat are due to alcohol so that if I
an cure the alcohol habit I get to the very
foundation of the disease I medical so
loties ob ject to my position I will ask
Colonel Ingersoil to help me fight them to
the end
Dr Robertson added that though he
wouldnt usa the formula and though he
vas not receiving and had not received a
penny from any source he had not surren
dered it He had imparted tho knowledge
of it to Dr Arnold on Dr Arnolds word of
honor not to reveal i and Dr Robertson
retained the privilege of making the
formula public and might do so at some
future lime
Dr Robertson has been fifteen years in
New York and is a specialist in neu
rology Among his patients are John
Mackay Johh Hoey Colonel OBrien
president of the Southern express com
pany Robert G Ingersoil and other
famous men He is a member of tho New
York club and of the Players club as well
as medical societies
A reportet called on many physicians
members of both the county society and
the county association and did not find one
vho approved Dr Roberlsons position in
the matter They held that even i he was
not directly and ostensibly connected with
the administration he was morally respon
sible for it and was instrumental in keep
ing it secret and must he held to account
Dr Hinton treasurer of the County Medi
cal association said the practice of medi
cine recognizes no secret remedies Dr
McLeod president of the association said
there was some excuse for secrecy so long
as a physician was making experiments
with a new remedy but as soon as the ex
perimental stage was over there was not
the slightest excuse for secrecy and Dr
Robertson and Dr Arnold seemed to have
transgressed the ethical rules How
ever the matter would have to be
brought before the association accord I
ing to the prescribed way A complaint I
would have to be made by some member
before the matter could be taken up The
only difference between the association and
the society is that the former swears
by the old code and the latter by the new
A very wellknown and radical member of
tho society told a reporter that Dr Robert
son would certainly be kicked out of it
Dr Arnold is not a member of it
Wheat in Minnesota and the Dakotas
MINNEAPOLIS Minn March ltThe
Journal has collected reports from sixty
different points in Minnesota and the
Dakotas showing there aro on a safe esti
mate about thirtytwo million bushels of I
wheat in Minnesota and the two Dakotas
in farmers hands after deducting seed and
farmers consumption
A Mob Assaults 1 German Consul
PANAMA March HA Hermann Ger
man charge daffaires at Quito Ecquador
has been assaulted by a mob I is the out
growth of the political situation It is
feared he is seriously injured There is
great German excitement residents and indignation among
A Plot to Assassinate the Sultan Discovered
LONDON March 14A dispatch from
Constantinoplo to the Exchange Telegraph
company states great excitement has been
caused there by what the pohco claim to be
the discovery of a plot to assassinate tho
Sultan Abdul Hamid I Every effort has
been made to run the conspirators to earth
Yesterday they were rewarded by the cap
ture of two men believed to have been
elected by the conspirators to carry out
their designs against tho Sultan No
doubt is entertained it was their intention
to assassinate the Sultan
General Bragg Asks Him to
Declare Himself a Candidate
Success 1 Still Within the Democrats
Eeach An Address by the Peoples
PArtyThe Naturalization Laws
MILWAUKEE March 14 General E S
Bragg author of the famous phrase We
love him for the enemies he has made has
been urging Cleveland to make a public
avowal of his position regarding the ap
proaching Democratic national convention
March 5 he wrote a letter to Cleveland
from Fond du Lao containing the follow
ing paragraph I The danger to the public
Interests which Democratic failure would
involve seems now to require an open
avowal of your willingness to submit to
I any service to which yeur party and the
people may assign you Believing your
usefulness to the nation may be greater
now than ever in the past to carry to vic
tory the cause of tariff reform and to restore i
the blessings of good government to the
people I ask you to say to the party and
the people that your name may be pre
sented to the National Democratic conven
tion as a candidate for its nomination to
the presidency and that you will accept
the nomination i given and atram under
take the duties of President i the people
shall as I believe they will choose you for
that office
In reply Cleveland writesMarch
March 01S02
Your letter of the 5th received uihavo
thougnt I might continue silent on the sub
ject you present to me I in answering
jour question I might only consider per
sonal desires individual ease and comfort
my response would be prompty made with
out the least reservation or difflculry But
i you are right in supposing the subject is
related to the duty I owe my country and
party a condition exists which makes such
nrivate and personal considerations entirely
irrelevant My experience in the office of
President so impressed me with the
solemnity of the trnst and its awful re
sponsibilities I pannot bring myself to re
gard candidacy for the place as
something to be won by personal
strife and active self assertion
actve asserton
I have also an idea the presidency is pre
eminently the peoples office and I have
I been sincere in constant advocacy of effect
I ive participation in political affairs on the
part of all our citizens consequently I be
lieve the people should be heard in tho
choice of their party candidates and that
they themselves should make the nomina
tions as directly as consistent with open
fair and full party organization methods I
am confident success is still within our
reach but I believe this is a time for
thougtfulness and deliberation not only as
to candidates but concerning party action
upon questions of immense interest to the
patriotic and intelligent voters of the land
who watch for fen assurance of safety as
the price of their confidence and support
To Amend the Naturalization Laws
WASHINGTON March 1 Representa
tive Oates from the judiciary committe of
the House today submitted a report to ac
company the bill to change the naturaliza
tion laws It recites the shameful and illegal
legal manner in which aliens are natural
ized m many parts of the country and do
cares Congress should make laws to amply
protect the states against the citizenship of
criminals paupers anarchists and aliens
The name American citizen I says the re
port should bo esteemed as that of a
I Roman when Rome was mistress of the
world Such pride can never be felt by
our foreign born citizens until the process
of conferring this great boon upon them is
attended with great solemnity and scruti
nized more closely than at present
Hill In Vlrclma
ROANOKE Va March HWhen the
train bearing Senator Hill and party en
route south reached the city of Roanoke
this morning several thousand people were
assembled at the depot and a band played
airs of welcome Senator Hill made a ten
minute speech I was devoted largely to
a presentation of Democratic principles
and a review of the good work of the
Democratic party in the state of New York
and he was warmly cheered at frequent
Speaking of New York ho said To
day we have not a Republican official from
one end of the state to the other elected by
the people at large Applause We have
a Democratic legislature in both branches
the first time for many years Applause
Our Republican friends kept control of the
state many years so far as the legislative
branch was concerned because they re
fused an enumeration of its inhabitants
but I can safely sssure our Democratic
friends in this section of Virginia it is the
last you will see in my judgment of a
Republican legislature in the Empire
state1 Cheersj
Ho warned them the coming national
contest was not an easy one The Repub
licans entrenched in power with the
present occupant of the White House as a
probable candidate will not be easy to dis
lodge He counselled thorough organiza
I tion
largo Crowds Greet Hill
MAKIOI Va March HAt Radford
Pulaski and Wytheville large crowds
I greeted Hill He spoke briefly
Senator Hill in Tennessee
KNOXVILLE March Blade Springs
and Abington large crowds assembled At
Briscoe the chief demonstration of tho
afternoon was held Several thousand
people assembled hero and Mr St John
president of the Hill club escorted Hill to
the stand from which ho was introduced
as Governor Senator and Democratic
leader of the Empire state Applause
When the cheering ceasod Senator Hill
said in part Wham I view this crowd I
realize the country is growing I never
took very much stock in Porters census
and do not know how many inhabitants he
gave you but Im inclined to think you
ought to have a new count I realize Ive
been traveling through tho new south Im
informed this town is situated pertly in the
state of Virginia and partly in Tennessee
You have therefore a divided allegiance
but Im sure that while your allegiance
may be divided between two states you
are loyal to the common country which
embraces all the states Cheers
I I Mr Hill then gave a short history of
Virginia and Tennessee from tho time of
their organization as states referring to
I I the two great men from two states Jeffer
son and Jackson He paid a glowing
tribute to the industries and resources of
the two states He acknowledged the
greater part of his information of these
was obtained from a pamphlet Is
sued by the railroad on which he
had been riding during the after
noon and which was headed Come
South Young Mctn Ho remarked ho no
ticed a portion of the pamphlet printed
thereon a portion of the speech of Presi
dent Harrison delivered on the occasion of
his visit to the same city Then Senator
Hill quoted sentences from Harrisons
speech commenting on them At Johnson
City Senator Hill said to the exultant
crowd that The Democratic party
hates hypocrisy as Andy Johnson
did The train moved off amid
applause Large crowds assembled at
Morristown and other cities until Knox
vile was reached whore 5000 cheering
Tennesseeans loudly applauded the brief
eulogistic address In the courso of his
speech after stating the people of the
country demanded a change Mr Hill said
They do not want taxation imposed ex
cept for public purposes They want no
government partnership with private In
terests they believe in upholding sustain
ing and encouraging all the industries of
this great land but do not believe In rob
bing Peter to pay Paul
At Chattanooga a large delegation met
the Senator and his brief speech was ra
ceived with great applause
A Peoples Party Address
MILWAUKEE March 14An address to
the people has been issued from the ex
ecutive committee of the Peoples party It
asks all believers in the principles of the
Peoples party to hold meetings in their
cities towns and villages to ratify the
work of the St Louis conference and assist
m carrying out the programme as indi
cated in tho call for the convention to bo
held in Omaha July 4 It is suggested the
meetings bo held Saturday March 2Q and
that local organizations bo formed where
none exist which should meet at the
county seat as early as possible and not
later than April and appoint a committee
of three which shall fix the time
place and basis of representation for the
county convention legislative convention
and congressional convention Each state
committee is urged to meet as soon as pos
sible and fix the time place and basis of
representation to the state convention and
designate how national delegates shall be
chosen National delegates as soon as
chosen should send their name and address
to Robert Schilling Milwaukee Tho
people are cautioned to take great care in
selecting delegates to conventions that
those selected be known to bo true to the
cause tried and not found wanting It is
stated word has been already received from
Now York and Pennsylvania that the od
parties intend to pack the primaries select
delegates not in sympathy with the cause
who will go to the conventions cause con
fusion and name objectionable candidates
whoso elections are urged As the work
must be continued money will have to bo
raised for the elections and ia to bo for
warded to Treasurer Rankin Terre Haute
Ind The document is signed by all tho
members of the executive committee of the
National Peoples party
Open Letter From T F Bayard
WILMINGTON Del March 14 ExSec
retary Beyond has addressed an open letter
to the Democrats in which ho takes an
antifree coinage of silver stand In his
letter he deplores the false position of the
government in 1573 m entering the
market as a purchaser of silver bullion and
forcing its coinage into money Ho 13
thankful such a grave error cannot bo laid
at the door of the Democratic party
Ho expresses belief the Democrats in talk
ing free silver are clothing the party with
diseased and fatal garments and impeding
its march to power and usefulness by a ball
and chain of suicidal error
Pocatello to Send an Agent to
To Hasten the Opening of the Reservation
Improvements in the Town Trouble
Over Keslsterlns Voters
POCATELLO Idaho March 14Speciat
telegram to THE HERALD The eagerness
of the citizens and the red tape of tho gov
ernment culminated in the town at last
having a special representative at Wash
ington to present the claims of this local
ity in reference to opening Fort Hall reser
vation In an interview today O G W
Eichelberprer editor of the Herald of this
city staled ho would start for Washington
in a few days for the purpose of laying the
facts about the reservation before limo
proper authorities He has personal assur
ances from Senator Shoup and Congress
man Sweet that they will introduce and
work for any bill that ho may formulate
relative to hastening the opening of the
reservation Mr Eichelborger takes the
trip at his own expense lo use his own
words I go to Washington without ask
ing aid from any party to work for the
good of the people of Pocatoilo and with
the promise of our representatives there of
congressional assistance
Mr Eichelberger is eminently fitted for
the mission He was appointed to the Fort
Hall agency by President Cleveland in
18b5 and since then has been more or less
in contact with the Indians even since
leaving the agency He thoroughly under
stands their feelings in the matter as well
as tho r peculiarities is a Democrat of
prominence in the party and is held in the
highest regard in the community but nat
the public enterprise to put aside party
lines and work for the good of the town
without regard to political prejudices
With such a man to direct our movements
success will crown our endeavors to open
tho reservation for settlement
The electric light plant here has been re
modeled and arrangements made to light
stores and business places with arc light
thus relieving the incondescent circuit of
its burden and enabling better service for
residences and offices The dynamo has
already arrived and poles are set for the
arc light plant
Registration commenced today and a
good showing of voters is made so far
Democrrtic primaries were held tonight
for the town election The general opin
ion of both parties seems to lean toward
the idea party lines should not bo followed
but more benefit will result to the town if
the best men are chosen regardless of po
litical opinion
At a meeting of the town trustees this
evening they ordered the clerk to prepare
advertisements for bids for a bridge over
the Portneuf to replace the primitive
structure now used Action was also
taken on the city cemetery and by the
board of health on investigation of existing
nuisances endangering the health and of
fending the senses of residents
At the registration office tonight there
was a hvel discussion over the wording of
the oath taken The old law required four
months residence m the county The new
law did not repeal this clause but added a
required residence of thirty days in the pro
cinct The oath which was worded to
show thirty days residence in the county
was held by City Attorney Miller io bo
wrong and omitting the most important
part of the oath This may cause compli
cations in the result of the election ucless
rectified before the voting list increases
Real estate business is lively and visits
to numerous offices showed the occupants
busy writing deeds for waiting purchasers
Blocks for sale at the county land office at
Blackfoot are growing beau cif tally less and
good prices are being realized on local
Three Deaths From Typhus Fever
Naw YORK March 14 Three deaths
from typhus fever wore reported from
North Brothers Island today Ono of the
dead persons is Frank J Hamilton re
porter on a morning newspaper who ven
tured into a house on Twelfth street where
suspected persons were quarantined aad
there contracted the disease
Diamond Match Company Capital Increased
CHICAGO March 14The Diamond
Match company has increased its capital
stock from 18000000 to 7500000

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