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AderUscrs should be guided > v j We cannot ont our break
I by the character and quality I fast without the Herald
g L Investigate of A papers the subscription Heralds list I > JI The is a sort universal of morning confession tonic It
Thrice Nominated Twice
Elected Now Successfully
Inducted Into Office
Completeness of National Unity
Emphasized in Official Repre
sentation from the States
The Parade Occurs in the Midst of a
Snow Storm Witnessed By
a Multitude
It Was Nearly Iflvo Homo in Passing the
Reviewing < Twenty Thous
and People in Lino Tauiuiauy
Holds the Right
WASHINGTON March 4Grover Cleve
land of New York thrice nominated for
president of
the United
States and
twice elect
ed was to
day success
fully induct
ed into that
AJ high office
ri for his sec
ond term
with all ap
prop r late
= = = ere lon i e s
and the gath
ring of a
mighty multitude hal the atmos
pheric conditions been anything like fa
vorable instead of being as bad as it could
possibly be there would probably have
been 60000 men and a number of ladies in
the parade against 25000 in 18S5 They
were all waiting to fall in line but at the
last moment some of the organizations
were compelled to desist from participat
ing Nevertheless the occassion will be
memorable by the vast attendance New
York New Jersey and Massachusetts in
the east Pennsylvania and Maryland
among the middle states Georgia North
and South Carolina and Louisiana in the
south Wisconsin in the west par
ticipated in the ceremonies there
by emphasizing complete national
Tue morning opened with a heavy fall
of wet snow melting as it fell The mili
tary presented a wintry appearance with
snowcovered overcoats the guns of the
artillery covered with tarpaulins and I
snow covered The concourse in the
streets were almost all under umbrellas
which were little protection against the
snow driven before the wind A force of
I men were kept at work on the inaugural
stand clearing away the snow it having
been announced that the ceremonies
would be held out of door3 in spite of the
1 weather
At 11 oclock the Senate committee on
inaugural arrived at the Arlington hotel
and soon after a magnificent fourin
hand Into this at 1130 Mr Cleveland
entered accompanied by the committee
It was a thrilling scene Just as he ap
peared at the entrance to the hotel Mrs
Cleveland as he was on the point of de
parture threw her arms about hts neck
and kissed him Godspeed repeatedly It
was all done so smply and with such
wIfely devotion that there could be no
thought of intentional theatrical effect
Then the carriage with the president
elect and the committee whirled away to
the White House followed soon after by
VicePresidentEect Stevenson and an
other section of the committee drawn by
four white horses arriving at their desti
nation very soon after that bearing the
The order of proceeding was almost
identically the same as four years ago
with the action of the chief participants
reversed and differed very little except
in the extent of the demonstration from
the ceremonies of eight years ago which
brought Cleveland to Washington for the
first time in his public career
The View on PcnnejHanla Avenue a
Sea of Humanity
There are four great features of inaugu
ration day The closing hours of Con
gress into which so much lawmaking
and history is so frequently crowded the
ride of the retiring president and presi
dentelect and vicepresidentelect with
their military escort from the White
House to the capitol to lay down and take
up the reins of power respectively the
pageant of the returning procession after
inauguration and the inaugural ball at
night The line of march is such as no
city except Washington and no street
except its broad wellpaved Pennsyl
vania avenue could produce Tho public
and private stands erected along the line
of march from the capitol to a point be
yond the White House had a seating
capacity of 60000 and every one was
crowded Every foot of standing room
along the route of the procession fully
two miles in length was occupied I
windows commanding a view of the
parade brought fabulous prices and ad
vantageous seats on the public stands
brought above and below 5
The main stand from which Cleveland
reviewed parade immediately in front
of the White House had a seating
capacity for 1100 It was decorated taste
fully In the center was an arch forty
two feet high handsomely draped sur
mounted by the arms of the United States
on the extreme right the coat of arms of
New York Clevelands state on the ex
treme left the coat of arms of illinois Mr
Stevensons state between them the
armorial bearings of the thirteen original
states each surmounted by a flag bearing
its name Cushioned seats were provided
for the president and cabinet who sur
rounded him folding chairs for the diplo
matic corps immediately behind him
On either side were seats for Senators and
members of the House and invited guests
The vast treasury building was com
pletely walled in with stands On the
little parks and public reservations on the
line of march and every other available
point stands were erected the largest ex
tending the entire length of Lafayette
square and immediately in front of the
white House and the presidents stand
Capitol hill as far as the eye could reach
from the eastern front of the capitol
an undulating sea of humanity had
assembled to witness the administration
I of the oath of office to the new president
by the chief justice of the United States
and hear as many as could get within
I earshot the inaugural address
Q t > >
How the Line Was Formed for the Trip
to the Capitol
The escorting divisions of the parade
was composed of artillery cavalry and
Infantry from the regular army and the
marines with a national guard of the dis
I trict high school cadet regiment Other lo
i I cal organizations assembled in the neigh
borhood of the White House war state
and navy building and formed in columns
and sections of twelve each marched
down the avenue accompanying the pres
idential party from the White House to
the capitol prior to the inauguration
All the rest of the parade assembled below
the capitol and marched from the capitol
up the avenue after inauguration
More than half of the day the city
looked like a vast military camp There
was almost interminable marching past
of regulars and military forces of the
states broken only by visiting governors
in civilian costumes riding past in the
order that their states were admitted into
the union accompanied by their bril
liantly uniformed staffs then with an
intervening interlude of Grand Army vet
I erans came the civic half of the parade
aggregating more than 20000 Tammany
with its gorgeous banners and badges
I held the right of the line The second
division was assign jd to Pennsylvania
Massachusetts New Jersey and Dela
ware The third division Maryland
fourth and fifth western division sixth
later arriving t organizations The bicycle
clubs of Washington and Baltimore
brought up the rear
An Eloquent Address Which Is Inter
rupted Frequently by Applause i
My Fellow Citizens In obedience to I
the mandate of my countrymen I am
about to dedicate myself to their service
under the sanction of a solemn oath
Deeply moved by the expressions of con
fidence and personal attachment which
has called me to this service I am sure
my gratitude can make no better return
than the pledge I now give before God
and these witnesses of the unreserved and
complete devotion to the interests and
welfare of thosa who have honored me I
J deem it fitting on this occasion while
indicating the opinions I hold concern
ing public questions of present impor
tance to also briefly refer to the existence
of certain conditions and tendencies
among our people which seem to menace
the integrity and usefulness of their gov
While every American citizen must
contemplate with the utmost pride and
enthusiasm the growth and expansion of
our country the sufficiency of our insti
tutions to stand against the rudest shocks
of violence the wonderful thrift and en
terprise of our people and the demon
strated superiority of our free govern
ment it behooves us to constantly watch
for every symptom of insidious infirmity
that threatens our national vigor
strong man who in the confidence
of sturdy health courts the sternest
activities of life and rejoices in the hardi
hood of constant labor may still have
lurking near his vitals an unheeded I
disease that dooms him to sudden col
lapse It cannot be doubted that our
stupendous achievements as a people and
our countrys robust strength have
given rise to heedlessness of those laws
governing our national health which we
can no more evade than human life can
escape the laws of God and nature
Manifestly nothing is more vital to
our supremacy as a nation and to the
beneficent purposes of our government
than a sound and stable currency Its ex
posure to degradation should at once
arouse to activity the most enlightened
I statesmanship and the danger of depre
ciation in the purchasing power of wages
paid for toil should furnish the strongest
I incentive to a prompt conservative pre
caution in dealing with our present em
barrassing situation as related to this
I i subject we will be wise if we temper our
confidence and faith in our national
I strength and resources with frank con
I cession even to these will not permit us to
i defy with impunity the inexorable laws
of finance and trade
1 At the same time in our efforts to ad
just differences of opinion we should be
I free from intolerance or impassion and
our judgments should be unmoved by
I alluring phrases and unvexed by selfish
interests I am confident that such an
approach to the subjectwill result pru
dent effective and remedial legislation
In the meantime so far as the executive
branch of the government can intervene
none of the powers with which it is in
vested will be withheld when their exer
cise is deemed necessary to maintain our
II national credit or avert financial disaster
Closely related to the exaggerated con
fidence in our countrys greatness which
I tends to a disregard of the rules of na
tional safety another danger confronts
I us not less serious I refer to the preva
lence of the popular disposition to expect
I from the operation of government especial
and direct individual advantages The
verdict of our voters which condemned
the injury of maintaining protection for
protections sake enjoins upon the peo
ples servants the duty of exposing and
destroying a brood of kindred evils which
are the unwholesome progeny of pater
This is the bane of republican insti
tutions and a constant peril of our gov
ernment by the people It degrades to
purposes of wily craft the plan of rule
our fathers established bequeathed to
us as an object of our love and veneration
It perverts the patriotic sentiment of our i
countrymen and tempts them to pitiful
calculation of sordid gain to be derived
from their governments maintenance
It undermines the self reliance of our
people substitutes in its place depend
ence upon governmental favoritism It
stifles the spirit of true Americanism and
stupefies every ennobling trait of Ameri
can citizenship
The lessons of paternalism ought to be
unlearned and a better lesson taught that
while the people should patriotically and I
cheerfully support their government its I
Functions do not include the support of
the people The acceptance of this prin
ciple leads to a refusal of the bounties and
subsidies which burden the labor and
thrift of a portion of our citizens to aid
ill advised or languishing enterprises in
Which they have no concern It leads
also to a challenge of the wild reckless
pension expenditure which overleaps the
bounds of a grateful recognition of pat
riotic service and prostitutes to vicious
uses peoples prompt and generous im
pulse to aid those disabled in their I
countrys defense
Every thoughtful American must
government rests positively demands
equality before the law which it guaran
tees to every citizen and should be justly I
and in good faith conceded in all parts of
the land The enjoyment of this right
follows a badge of cstizenship wherever I
found and unimpaired bY race or color
it appeals for recognition to American I
manliness and fairness
Our relations with the Indians lo
cated within our borders impose upon us
responsibilities we cannot escape Hu
manity and consistency require us to
treat them with forbearance and in our
dealings with them to honestly and con
siderately regard their rights and inter
ests Every effort should be made to
lead them through paths of civilization
and education to selfsupporting and in
dependent citizenship In the meantime
as the nations wards they should be
promptly defended against the cupidity
of designing men and shielded from
every influence or temptation that re
tards their advancement
The people of the United States have
decreed on this day the control of their
government in its legislative and execu
tive branches shall be given to a political
party pledged in most positive terms to
the accomplishment of tariff reform
They have thus determined in favor of a
more just and equitable system of federal
taxation The agents they have chosen
to carry out their purposes are bound by
their promises not less than by the com
mand of their masters to devote themselves
unremittingly to this service While there
should be no surrender of principle our
task must be undertaken wisely but
without vindictiveness Our mission is
not punishment but a rectification of
If in lifting the burdens from the daily
life of our people we reduce the inordin
ate and unequal advantages long enjoyed
this is but a necessary incident of our re
turn to right and justice If we exact
from unwilling minds acquiescence in
the theory of an honest distribution of
the hand of governmental beneficence
treasured up foraH we but insist upon
the principle which underlies our free in
stitutions When we tcai > aside the de
lusions and misconceptions which have
blinded our countrymen to their condi
tion under vicious tariff laws we but
show them how far they have been led
away from the paths of contentment and
When we proclaim that the necessity
for revenue to support the government
furnishes the only justification for taxing
I Iri1nr1rt Li
realize the importance of checking at its
beginning any tendency in public or pri
vate station to regard frugality and
economy as virtues which we may safely
outrun Toleration of this idea results in
a waste of the peoples money by their
chosen servants encourages prodigality
and extravagance in the home life of our
countrymen Under our scheme of gov
ernment the waste of public money is a
crime against any citizen and contempt
of our people for economy and frugality I
in their personal affairs deplorably saps
the strength and sturdiness of our na I I
tional character It is the plain dictate of i
honesty and good government that public I j
expenditures should be limited by public
necessity and that this should be meas I j
ured by rules of strict economy And itj <
is equally clear that frugality among the I
people is the best guaranty of a contented
and strong support of free institutions i
One mode of misappropriation of
public funds is avoided when appoint
ments to office instead of being rewards
of partisan activity are awarded to those
whose efficiency promises a fair return of
work for the compensation paid them
To secure fitness and competency of ap
pointees to office and remove from polit
ical action the demoralizing madness for
bpoils civil service reform has found a
place in our public policy and laws The
benefits already gained through this in
strumentality and the further usefulness
it promises entitles it to the hearty sup
I port and encouragement of all who de
I sire to see our public service well per
I formed or who hope for the elevation of
political sentiment and the purificatioiSof
political methods
The existence of immense aggregations
of kindred enterprises and combinations
of business interests formed for the pur
pose of limiting production and fix
ing prices is inconsistent with
a fair field which ought to
be open to every independent
activity Legitimate strife in business
should not superseded by enforced con
cession to the demands of combinations
that have power to destroy nor should
the people to be served lose the benefit of
cheapness which usually results from
wholesome competition These aggrega
tions and combinations frequently consti
tute conspiracies against the interests of
the people and in all their phases they
are unnatural and opposed to our Ameri
can sense of fairness
To the extent that they can be reached
or restrained by federal power the general
government should relieve our citizens
from their interference and exactions
Loyalty to the principles upon which our
the people we announce the truth so
plain that its denial would seem to indi
cate an extent to which judgment may be
influenced by familiarity with perversion
of the taxing power and when we seek to
reinstate the self confident business enter
prise of our citizens by discrediting
abject dependence upon governmental
favor we strive to stimulate those ele
ments of American character which sup
port the hope of American aQhievement
Anxiety of the redemption of pledges
which my party has made and solicitude
for complete justification of the trust the
people have reposed in us constrain me
to remind those with whom I am to co
operate that we can succeed in doing the
work which has been especially set before
KS only by a most sincere harmonious
pud disinterested effort Even if the in
separable objects and opposition prevent
the consummation of our task we shall
hardly be excused and if the failure can
be traced to our fault or neglect we may
be sure the people will hold us to swill
and exactingpaccountabllity
The oath I now take to preserve pro
tect and defend the constitution of the
United States not only impressively de
fines the great responsibility I assume
but snggests obedience to the constitu
tional commands as a rule by which my
official conduct must be guided I shall
to the best of my ability and within my
sphere of duty preserve the constitution
by loyally protecting every grant of
federal power it contains by defending
all its restraints when attacked by im
patience and restlessness and by enforc
ing its limitations and reservations in
favor of the state and people
Fully impressed with the gravity of the
duties that confront me mindful of my
weakness I should be appalled if it were
my lot to bear unaided the responsibili
ties which await me I am however
saved from discouragement when I re
member that I shall have the support
council and cooperation of wise and
patriotic men who will stand at my side
in cabinet places or represent the people
in their legislative halls
I find also much comfortin remember
ing thatmy countrymen are just and gen
erous and in the assurance that they will
not condemn those who by sincere devo
tion to their service deserve their forbear
ance and approval Above all I know
there is a supreme being who rules the af
fairs ol men whose goodness and mercy
has always followed the American peo
ple and I know he will not turn from us
now if we humbly and reverentially seek
his powerful aid
In the confusion caused by crowding
r lack of observance of arrangements made
and the wind it was impossible for per
sons withinforty feet of Cleveland to fol
low his remarks from the beginning to i
the end People on the plaza immedi
ately in front could hear a part of the
salient features and whenever they signi
fied by cheers their approval of special
parts of it the demonstrations were taken
up by persons further removed who were
unaware of exactly what had been said
His reference to the currency question
provoked considerable applause but the
loudest approval was given the tariff sec
tion of his remarks
jtr I
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The President Kisses the Bible Given Him
by His Mother
At the conclusion of his address Mr
j Cleveland turned around to the chief
justice who was attired in the robes of
I his office to take the oath prescribed by
the constitution Chief Justice Fuller
and other persons near to the president
removed their hats and with bared heads
j I listened to the taking of the oath of office
which was pronounced by Chief Justice
I Fuller in a clear voice Cleveland assent
t ing to it by bowing his head and kissing
i the Bible The Bible used in the cere
i mony was given President Cleveland by
his mother fortynine years ago By his
I special request i was eight years ago pnt
I to the same service for which it was used
I today
An Elaborate Spread Served in Mortons
Private Boom
After delivery of the inaugural address
President Cleveland and exPresident
I Harrison and party retired to the cham
ber repairing at once to Mortons private
J room Here an elaborate buffet lunch
was ready and was speedily enjoyed
After the lunch and a few minutes spent
in chatting with those present Cleveland
and Harrison emerged from the room A
they buttoned up their coats and started
towards the basement stairs Harrison
said to Cleveland laughingly We will
go to the White House now and turn
things over to you and the two central
figures of todays American quadrennial
exhibition tripped lightly as boys down
the marble stairway and gained their I
The Line Is Formed at 3 OCloclc and the
Procession Moves
The troops who had been stamping
their feet trying to keep warm formed in
line and at 2 oclock after the usual
riding about of orderlies the lineof pro
cession started General McMahon grand
marshal leading the way followed by his
staff At the Senate wing of the capitol
the marshal and aides halted until Presi
dent Cleveland and Mr Harrison could
enter their carriage and take their places
in line The first division consisting of
uniformed troops moved down the hill
around the capitol to the peace monu
ment on Pennsylvania avenue where
other organizations fell in line and began
their march up the broad asphalt avenue
towards the White House
The guns at Fort Meyer Washington
barracks and at the navy yard which
thundered out the presidential salute
1 when Harrison left the White House
again thundered the presidential salute
Mrs Cleveland Received by Mrs McKee
A Dramatic Incident
At 2 oclock acting under misinforma
tion as to the proceeding of the procession
the new cabinet officers and Private
Secretary Th urber escorted by J Bar I
rett chairman of the general inaugura
tion committee proceeded to the review
ing stand Most of them found
their way into the house again be
fore President Cleveland reached there
half an hour later Mrs Lamont with a
party of friends and Mrs Stevenson drove
up and were received in the room by Mr
and Mrs McKee They were followed
I almost immediately by Mrs Cleveland
who waa greeted in the back room by the
recent mistress of the White House
which she then turned over to her for
four years to preside over its destinies
In a few minutes President Cleveland
and Mr Harrison riding in the latters
carriage drove under the portcochere
after passing the reviewing stand They
j were met by Colonel Barret but arm in
1 arm walked through the double glass
i doors separating the public entrance
I I from the main corridor of the house and
I 1 President Cleveland was face to face with
his wife It was a most dramatic inci
i dent and greatly enjoyed by those fortu
nate enough to witness it
t President Cleveland was followed by
i i VicePresident Stevenson ExVice
President Morton and the senatorial com
I mittee on arrangements for the inaugura I
i tion General Scofield and Admiral Ghe
rard Members of the Democratic na
I tional committee also joined the party
ExPresident Harrison and airs McKee
Leave the White House
At 3 oclock Mr Harrison and Mrs
McKee bade the assembled party in the
White House farewell and took a carriage
to go to exPostmaster General Wana
makers for lunch and thence to the sta
i tion for their departure for Indianapolis
As they walked through the public vesti
bule he was given a hand clasp by the
I newspaper men present and responded
by raising his hat
Mr Harrison was closely followed in
I his leavetaking by Mr Morton who
I drove away with Senator Teller
Rounds of Applause Greeted the Two
Central Figures
There was a round ofapplause as the
carriage hearing Harrison and Cleveland
came in sight on Pennsylvania avenue
preceded by Grand Marshal McMahon
staff Both raised their hats in respone
to the salute which was only redoubled
A brigade of regulars then preceded the
presidential party toward the capitol
followed by the vicepresidentelect and
the committee on arrangements a bri
gade of the District militia brincing up
the rear VicePresident Stevenson was
received with almost as much enthusiasm
as his chief
In this order the cavalcade proceeded to
the capitol
An Ovation of a Most Enthusiastic Kind
by the Multitude
President Harrison did not retire till
midnight and was up and dressed at 5
oclock making final preparations for his
departure from the White House When
Cleveland and Stevenson arrived he re
ceived them in the blue room and shortly i
afterward emerged with them entered
the carriage and the march to the capitol
was begun The guard of honor of i
Cleveland consisted 0110 members of the II
New York Business Mens Cleveland and
Stevenson association representing fifteen I
mercantile organization in the empire i
city The presidents passage along the
avenue was one continued ovation of a
most enthusiastic kind ovaton I
A feature distinctively novel was intro
duced into the parade by the engineering
corps This was the releasing of carrier
pigeons with messages relating to the in
auguration destined for Philadelphia
Baltimore Annapolis and other points
In close proximity to the Louisianians
in line was a small but compact delega I
tion representing the Tuscarora society of
Salt Lake city the Tammany of Utah I
members of which had undertaken a I
3000mile journey to participate in the i
I inauguration of a Democratic president
A mounted battalion of exceedingly good
looking young women of the Clevelend
and Stevenson clnb of Montgomery
county Md They were sisters and
daughters of members and their riding
habits and low crowned riding hats pre
sented a decidedly attractive appearance
Spectators were not slow in recognizing the
novelty and the belles from My Mary
land were cheered until their faces were
a crimson tint The organization of
which they formed the escort had 616 men
in line precisely the majority in that
county to the national ticket
There was but one civic delegation inline
line that could claim the distinction of
having marched in the
parade to the glory of a Republican
president and under a Republican banner
This was the John J OBrien associa
tion of New York There were twenty
ranks of ten men in each rank Four
years ago they marched as Republicans
in the parade that attended the inauguration
tion of Harrison In the campaign in
which todays event was the culmination
this organization flopped as individ
uals and a a whole and today they
cheered a lustily for Cleveland and
Stevenson as they did four years ago for
Harrison S
The Chamber Packed When the Vice
President Was Sworn In
The Senate began to fill early and the
galleries were packed long before the
hour for the ceremonies to begin Many
distinguished persons filled them includ
ing the wives and families of tile chief
actors in the national episode about to be
enacted on the floor where soon were
seated the diplomatic corps justices of the
supreme court officer of army and navy
members of Senate and House and other
distinguished personages
The presidential party arrived at the
capitol shortly after noon and were given
a rattling volley of cheers as they entered
the building Harrison went at once to
the presidents room and began work on
a pile of bills requiring his signature
The tima was so short that it became nec
essary three times to turn back the hands
of the clock to preserve the figment that
it was not noon Meantime Cleveland
and Stevenson went to the vicepresi
dents room and spent the time chatting
with callers
Order of Procession of the Parties from
the Senate Chamber
On the outside of the Senate the snow
storm had subsided towards noon but a
northwest wind blew bitterly The
patience of the crowd was at last rewarded
and about 130 the arrival of Mrs Cleve
land and other members of the party betokened
tokened the early appearance of the presi
dentelect There were about fifty ladies
and gentlemen in the Cleveland party
and they were shown to two rows of
chairs reserved for them immediately be I
hind the presidential enclosure About
L36 the doors leading into the rotunda
swung open and Marshal Randall of the
District of Columbia and Marshal Wright
of the United States Supreme court ap I
peared heading the procession ExVice
President Morton and Chief Justice I
Fuller and justices of the Supreme court
came next then came the committee of
arrangements preceding President Har
rison and PresidentElectCl veland who I
walked side by side Behind them came
members of the Senate and House of
Representatives members of the diplo
matic corps governors of states etc
Cleveland was warmly greeted by the
present throng and after a few minutes
delay stepped to the front and began the
delivery of the inaugural address Not
withstanding the exceedingly inclement
weather Cleveland removed his silk hat
and with bared head addressed the multi
tude He kept his overcoat on and se
cured what warmth he could for the
fingers of his right hand by keeping it in
his overcoat pocket holdin his hat at
his side in his left hand which was un
protected from the weather by his glove I
President Cleveland Is Greeted with
Hearty Cheers
After spending a few minutes in the
parlor President Cleveland on the arm
of Chairman Barret accompanied by
General Schofield proceeded to the re
I viewing stand and took his place there
Then members of the cabinet went out
again and with them some ladies
Fifteen thousand more or less that
patiently waited the approach of the
party to the reviewing stand in the
grounds of the White House will proDably
never forget the experience of the day
Full play was afforded the northwest
wind in the open space between the treas
ury and army and navy buildings and it
swept around and about the avenue
whistling through the streets stripping
the bunting that decorated the stands
from its place and causing the timber
to creak until more than a dozen occu
pants were inclined to abandon advantag
eous posts Two of the big branches of
the stately elm that towered with dignity
to the right of the space enclosed for the
presidential party broke off with a snap
Hearty cheers greeted President Cleve
lands appearance on the reviewing stand
and the shouts were redoublad as he took
his place in the conspicuous projection of
structure where he stood during the
parade He was soon followed by Mrs
Cleveland Mrs Stevenson Mrs Lament
and other ladies who had been with the
presidential party all day They came at
the moment when the crowd was inter
ested in the passage of the troops and
their presence was unnoticed As the
president appeared before the multitude
and while the cheers yet sounded in his
honor an aide of the grandjmarshal sta
tioned opposite the reviewing stand
galloped at full speed down Pennsylvania
avenue and gave the signal for the march
to be resumed The bugles sounded for
ward march the officers repeated th
command and the line was again take
up from the point where the head of t
column was opposite the treasury depart
The great crowds about the Whit
House were enthusiastic from the begin
ning and kept time with their feet ant
I hands to the music of the bands in an en
deavor to keep warm and get rid of tb6
surplus hilarity As General Martin L
McMahon grand marshal of the parade
passed Cleveland and saluted he was
greeted with a cheer and the New York
Mens and
Steve n son
clubs which
formed the <
I i preside n ts
escort to and I
I from the cap
itol came in
fur a share
of applause I
followed Cleveland his i i l 1j I I
own preqe 0
dent in saint I P
ing the na
tional fl a g
each time it
passed him >
fa f wA I
He also occa I
sionally how
to personal and political friends in the
parade He stood on a stand in the
face of a howling wind impassive
and dignified not seeming to mind the
cold and the waves of drifted snow that
were carried in his face His overcoat
was buttoned tightly about his throat
during the whole time the parade was
passing and stood in one position and
careinlly scanned the lines of marching
men When darkness fell upon tho
scenes President Cleveland was almost
the last to leave the stand
He returned to the White Hopse and
sat down to a family dinner There were
present the president and wife Mr and
Mrs Perrine Mr and Mrs Dickinson
Mr and Mrs Lamont Miss Saunders
Mrs Laments cousin and guest Pri
vate Secretary Thurber ant the Misses
Bessie and Julian Lamont
Tlio Governors and Their Staffs Attract a
Great Deal of Attention
The United States forces under General
Brooke led the parade and the following
among others received the applause of the
multitude as they passed in review
Governor Pattion of Pennsylvania
General FitzhughLoe of Virginia Gover
nor Werts of New Jersey Governor
Northen of Georgia Governor Morris of
Connecticut Governor Russell of Mas
sachusetts Governor Brown of Maryland
Governor Tillman of South Carolina
Governor Carr of North Carolina all of
whom were accompanied by military
staffs several of them with crack military
organizations at their backs
The western Democrats had their in
ning when Governor George W Peck
and staff of Wisconsin made their ap
pearance The author of Pecks Bad
Boy who has since doubly dis
tinguished himself by carrying Wiscon
sin into Democratic column and being
twice elected governor of the Badger
state was compeled to bow frequent ac
knowledgements to popular salutations
along the line Then came that ever
popular spectacle the veterans of the G
A R grizzled but sturdily marching
under command of Department Com
mander Faunce with a large number of
aids including General Bnrdett Veazey
and Corporal Tanner The civic portion
of the procession was headed by Chief
Marshal Dickson among whose aids
were Hon William F Codybetter known
as Buffalo Bill attired in frontier costume
marked attention
anc attracting atenton
The New York contingent led by the
National uards of New York was the
most significant feature of the parade
There was a great wave of applause at the
appearance of Governor Flower and staff
but the greatest enthusiasm was reserved
for Tammany which turned out 3000
strong in four divisions with Mayor
Gilroy grand sachem in the van The
Pennsylvania delegations including
many clubs also attracted attention
Western Democrats were also out in force
making up the fifth division composed of
organizations from Illinois Iowa Wis
consin Indiana Missouri Kansas Ohio
and other states The sixth division was
composed of Democratic organizations
from the south
I Was Almost Five Hours In Passing the
Reviewing Stand
The prolonged break in the procession
at 625 and the multitude around the
presidential stand endangered the parade
410Ji1 j ILJP
5 W

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