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Arc I the People fl THE SUNDAY HERALD LrED
Herald readies the people > I j Its Want Columns are un
Merchants need the peopl c L rivalled In tlC great west
I The Town of Cisco Texas
Swept From the Face
of the Earth
The Wounded Number More
i Than One Hundred and Fifty
i Many of Them Fatally
i at neaT Freight Engine and Its
Train of Cars Picked Up and
t Demolished
f A Swath ThreeFourths ot a 3Ille Wide i I
Cut Through a County and Not a
t Thing i Left Standing
I in its Place
SIMS Texas Central brakeman
j i MRS CHARLES JONES and child
r were in bed asleep were crushed to death
fey the falling house Hickman and his
Wife had gone outside t see what the
roaring1 noise was and were blown off
i their feet Hickman was seriously in
I jured
SECTION Boss name unknown and wife
DALLAS Texas April 2lA Hews
11 correspondent learned from passengers
F on the eastbound train this even
i ing that the destruction of the cyclone at
Cisco i simply appalling There are not
more than twentyfive or thirty houses
standing up to the time the train passed
about 2 oclock this afternoon Twenty
one bodies had been recovered from the
ruins and there were ten or twelve more
persons missing Strong onestory build
ings with walls two feet thick were lev
eled tothe ground A heavy freight en
gine and a whole train of cars were blown
0 cr
from the track and demolished and sev
eral hundred feet of side track of the railroad i
road torn up The number injured runs
up to a hundred
D B Cleman and citizens from Weath
erford went out this morning to render
any assistance possible A building
which Frank Hickman occupied was
blown down and five children were killed
Late this morning Mayor Levy received
the following from Bell and Coleman
i Town nearly all demolished twenty
killed 125 injured hundreds are without
food or shelter raise all the releif possi
ble and send to John F Patterson chair
man relief committee
The following telegram was also re
ceived by Mayor Levy from Cisco Cisco
has been destroyed by the most destruc
tive cyclone that ever visited Texas More
than fourfifths of the people are without
houses There are many killed and
wounded Help is needed t bury the
dead take care of the wounded and re
lieve those dependent who lost everything
Signed W C 1 Davenport county judge
G W Graves mayor
Mayor Levy has called a meeting citi
zens of Weatherford t take measures for
l the relief of the sufferers
A Gainesville special t the News says
Mayor Rollins received a message this
afternoon from County Judge Davenport
of Eastland county and Mayor Graves of
Cisco appealing for aid for the storm
sufferers at Cisco Mayor Hollins at once
issued an appeal t the citizens of Gaines
9 yule for contributions
1 E T Willie who arrived at Dallas to
night was at Cisco an hour and a half
He says twenryons dead persons have
been found and over 150 wounded
A News special from Cisco confirms the
worst features of the cyclone Less than
fifty house remain standing the storm
having swept everything in its path three
quarters of a mile wide Through East
land county not a church or school house
Is standing and but one business house is
intact I is impossible to detail the dam
age done to life and property
Everything i in such confusion that it
i more difficult to get tho names of the
injured than of the dead
Seven miles northeast of Cisco Mrs L
D Ladd was killed and three miles fur
ther on Mr Ferguson was killed
A message fem Valley View states that
severe storm passed over the town at
S30pm blowing down several houses
and doing much damage to property No
one was hurt
At Kinggold Montague county the
storm unroofed the house of Mrs Birge
blew several freight cars off a side track
and caused the terrorized to
cued rrrorzd people take
refuge in a large cellar where they suf
i fered greatly from confinement and suffo
1 cation and were seriously injured
After the cyclone passed much of the
wreckage burned having caught fire from
overturned stoves It is therefore prob
able that most of the missing about a
score were burned t death or their dead
bodies cremated Many streets are im
passable on foot Physicians estimate
that not less than 2 are injured of
whom forty will die Property loss will
exceed 52000000 I
The business portion of the town is
iotally destroyed Out of fortyfive busi I
ness houses forty were blown t frag I
ments and four others were so damaged as
to be useless Twenty five residences
were wiped out of existence and there is
scarcely a house in town that escaped
serious damage Bes > ties fifteen known
to be dead there are several who have not
been accounted for and those were un
doul dIy buried somewhere in the debris
01 the ruined buildings
It is thought buiding that the number
I injured will reach 150 of whom dozens or
more are thought t be fatally hurt Com
munication with the outside world is ex
tremely difficult there being but one tel
eeraph wire working into the place The
mayor of Fort Worth Texas sent 500 by
wire tonight and stated that badly
I needed supplies were on the way here
Fears Entertained That a Large Per
Cent of Sheep Will lie Lost
RAWLINS Wy April 29SpecialJ
The worst storm of the season set in last
night A wet snow from the east ac
companied by high wind I has kept
up steadily all day there being nearly a
foot upon the level It is being badly
drifted In places Nearly a hundred
thousand sheep have been sheared in this
vicinity during the past three weeks
many of which will surely perish some
placing the probable loss a high as 50
per cent
The John Hancock a Historic Craft Lost
in Alaska Waters
SAN FRANCISCO April 29The schoon
er czarina arrived this morning from
Sand Point Alaska with Captain Gaffney
and four of the crew of the fishing
schooner John Hancock The latter ves
sel was wrecked at the wharf by a fierce
gale on the 6th and the crew narrowly
escaped The John Hancock is a historic
craft She was Commodore Perrys flag
ship at the time he went to settle the diffi
culty in Japan and the existing treaty
between the United States and Japau was
signed aboard of her
An Entire Family Found Dead
CHICAGO April 29 Henry Darling
wife and child were found dead in their
apartments in the Delaware Flat building
on Fortythird street this morning
They had been suffocated by escaping
gas They were last seen on Wednesday
and had evidently been dead many hours
The Missouri on a Rampage
ALTON I April 29The danger line
for the stage of water has been passed
and those whose interests are at stake
are watching the water creep up to and
over their possessions Missouri Point is
flooded and unless a fall soon sets in great
damage will follow
Heavy Hailstorm at Oulncy I
QXTINCY His April 29The most
serious hailstorm known for years struck
Quincy and vicinity today and did much
damage to fruit and other trees Win
dows and conservatories were smashed
all over town The river is rising rapidly
and feared a repetition of last years floods is
Vegetation Torn to Pieces
ALTON 1 April 29 During last
this visited hail
night vicinity was by a hai
storm the like of which was never equaled
around here All vegetation out of doors
was literally torn to pieces The Missouri
Kansas and Eastern tracks are greatly
damaged The loss will foot away up in
the thousands
No Cyclone in Illinois
BLOOMINGTON Ill April 29A severe
storm prevailed here and in this section
last night but no cyclone in this vicinity
or at Decatur is yet heard of here Tele
graph and telephone wires are down
Five Killed by 1 Cyclone i
PONCA AGENCY11 T April 29Last
evening a cyclone visited this vicinity
Five persons were killed Jack Keithly
wife and two children and Charles Jack
son Their house was aemolished
The Old Scale of Prices Will Be Con
tinued Another Week
TERRE HAUTE Ind April 29The
state exeiutive board of the United Mine
workers and executive board of the opera
tors met this morning and decided t con
tinue the old scale of 75 cents per ton for
one week Meantime the conference
will be continued The men ask for an
increase of 5 cents which the operators
so far have refused
Three Hundred Miles for One Dollar Is
the Bulletins Displayed
DENVER April 29Three hundred
miles for one dollar is the bulletins dis
played in the Rio Grande and Midland
offices this morning Rates made be
tween here and Glenwood Springs and all
intermediate points expected rate
t be 5 cents before night The Rio
Grande addition to cut put on another
passenger train and reduced time The
cut is not applicable to Grand Junc
tion for the reason that this would affect
Utah rates and force controversy between
the Rio Grande Western and Union Pa
The Union Pacific Takes a Hand
OMAHA Neb April 29The cut in
passenger rates made by the Santa Fe today
day will probably lead to a rate war of
large dimensions The Union Pacific this
afternoon authorized agents at Denver
Pueblo and Leedville to meet all cuts
made by the Santa Fe
Boxing Contests in New York
NEW YORK April 29At Madison
square this evening in a boxing contest
under the auspices of Dominick McCaff ery
Austin Gibbons whipped Aaron White
fleet of England in one round Jerry
Barnett defeated Billy Murphy of Aus
tralia in a fourround bout Billy Mc
Carthy outpointed Paddy Gorman in a
fourround bout both of Australia
Stanton Abbott of Encland knocked out
Jack Hopken in the second round
Daughters of the American Revolution I
WASHINGTON April 29The depart I
ment congress of Daughters of the Amer
ican Revolution has been called to meet I
May 19th in the art palace at Chicago
under auspices of the womens branch of I
the Worlas congress auxiliary The
president will preside general Mrs A E Stevenson I
Bank Examiner Takes Charge
WASHINGTON April 29 Comptroller
of the Currency Eckels today ordered
Bank Examiner John M Griffith t take
charge of the failed First National bank
of Ponca Neb The bank has not been
examined by government examiners for
more than a year
Paris Beat the Campnnia I
NEW YORK April 29The great ia I
ternational row between the American I
liner Paris and the new Cunarder Cam
pania is over The Pats won beating
the Campania many hours over a rough
Steamship Arrivals
Lizard La Champagne from Now
fcouthampton New York from New
Browhead Aurania from New York
Gibraltar Kronponz Frederic
r I
o J
< >
The Completion of the Womans
Building at the Fair Grounds
Formal Opening Exercises Will Be
lad on Thursday cx
The Building I the First of Its Kind Ever
Built in Connection with Any Interna
tional Imposition Uescrption of
the Gold Nail
CHICAGO April 29That the Worlds
fair is an epitome of the progress of civil
ization was emphasized this alternooii
when Mrs Potter Palmer president of
the board of lady managers stepped out
of a throng of well dressed women gath
ered in the assembly room of the
Womens building and bravely drove
the last nail in that Ihistoric structure
the first of tile kind ever but in connec
tion with any international exposition
The exercises began with the presenta
tion of the Florida flag followed by the
presentation of the Connecticut room
Kentucky California New York
and Cincinnati rooms then a presen
tation of the Knapp flag then
the gathering in the assembly room and
the driving of the golden nail The sing
ing of the national chorus The Battle
Hymn of the Republic brougnt the
meeting t a close and the hundreds of
ladies sang the grand battle song with a
tim and earnestness which proved their
belief in the truth which was marching on
was the truth that their sex at last was in
this day to be recognized as coequal in
temporal affairs with men who lor so
many ages have sat on high and ruled the
things of earth
The golden nail driven by Mrs Palmer
was made by J H Lyon of Butte Mon
l required several weeks of constant
work to make it It is composed of gold
silver copper and a Montana sapphire
set in the upper portion of the shield
which is attached to the nail near the
head The nail itself is of
nai itel pure copper
silver and unalloyed gold and rests in a
slide back of the coat of arms and shield
of Montana which is in the form of a
brooch The shield is a perfect model of
Montana seal Mountains are repre
sented of copper and in the foreground
is a waterfall and stream of silver a sun
set in the crest of mountains and sky
which forms the background is of pure
gold as is also the ground in the extreme i
The shield is enclosed in a circle of gold I
forming a band on one side of which is a
figure of a typical prospector and on the I
other a farmer The prpspector is a full
bearded and rugged looking miner hold
ing in his left hand a slouch hat while
the right hand rests upon the handle of a
golden pick the farmer has a golden
smooth face and holds a hay rake in one
hand the other renting upon his belt In
the center between these figures and
having the appearance of a bright star in
the sky is a Montana sapphire Upon a
ribbon of gold running beneath the lower
portions of the brooch Montanas motto
in letters of black enamel The metals iu
the nail and brooch were all presented by
Montauians the silver coming from the
Granite Mountain mine the copperjram
the Parrot mine and the gold from the
placers of Highland south of Brytle
The formal opening exercises in the
womans building will be held at 3
oclock Thursday afternoon I will in
clude addresses by Mrs Potter Palmer
and distinguished representatives of for
eign nations Spain by the duchess of
Veragua Italy by Countess Brogga Eng
land by Mrs Bedford Fenwick Scotland
and Ireland by Lady Aberdeen Germany
by Frau professor in Laselowsky and
Russia by Princess Schahovskay
The nail was driven with a silver ham
mer in the proscenium arch of the As
sembly hall in the north end of the build
ing The hal was lavishly adorned with
flowers and the arch where Mrs Palmer
stood was hung with American beauty
roses gracefully set off with a back
ground of smilax Then there were I I
pansies violets roses of all degrees and
colors tastefully placed about the hal
The work of arranging the exhibits
throughout the building was suspended
for the time beingand the flowers palms
and ferns were arranged about the odd
corners and nooks everywhere
It Is Placed in Position in the Pennsyl
vania Building
CHICAGO April 2 Beneath leaden
skies the Ponnsylvanians choicest
weather her old liberty bell was today
deposited within the walls of her state
building at Jackson park During its
progress to the park it was the recipient
of a continued ovation I was escorted
by the highest officials of Philadelphia
and Chicago and surrounded by march
ing troops of regular and citizen soldiery
and saluted by the president of the na
tion whoso birth it announced to tho
I was after noon when the bell was re
moved from the car and deposited in a
handsome float drawn by six horses pre
ceded by platoon of polio1 followed by
a military escort and amid the plaudits
of the multitude started on the journey to
Jackson park The four stalwart police
men who accompanied i from Philadel
phia stood guard over it on its journey 7
and clattering over the granite pavements
came the cuard of honor the Chicago
hussars resplendent in their gorgeous
uniform preceding Governor Altgeld of
Illinois and staff Next came Mayor
Stuart of Philadelphia and Mayor Har
rison of Chicago and carriages contain
ing Philadelphia officials foilowedjby the
city council and dignitaries of Chicago
Worlds fair officials and citizens in car
The streets were thronged along the
line of march and the patriotic relic was
cheered again and again The enthusiasm
was perhaps the greatestat the Lexington
hotel where President Cleveland sur
rounded by prominent men and gaily
dressed ladies greeted the bell Mr
Cleveland stood against the railing of the
balcony and a the bell passed raised his
hat and remained uncovered until the
float got by
On arrival at the Pennsylvania building
Mayor Stuart delivered a short address in
turning the bell over to the care of the
city and the Worlds fair Mayor Harrison
responding in a short speech of acceptance
on behalf of the city President aimer
of the Worlds fair on behalf of the expo
sition President Higlnbotham of the
local fair directory also replied in behalf
of his colleagues
Eleven Carloads from California Arrive
at the Worlds Fair Grounds
CHICAGO April 29Eleven cars loaded
with Iruit lemon orange and date trees
arrived today for the interior court of tho
horticultural building from Los Angeles
Cal The orange trees are five years old
and have reached a height of eight feet
bearing fruit in all stages of maturity
All trees were boxed seyeral months
ago several are so large that derrick
was required to lift them from the car
W > 1
The largest of the lot isa mammoth palm
from San Diego 12 years oldand rears
branches to a height of fifty feet The
palm will be tplaced under the dome of
the California building I where its beauty
can be admired by all
A Burglar Attempts to Get Away with
Columbus Ilemains
CHICAGO April 29A morning paper
hrs a sensational story to the effect that a
thief last night entered the convent of
LaRabida at the Worlds fair grounds
iu one room of which in f goldbound
urn brought from the cathedral at Santa
Domingo Teposed the ashes of Christo
pher Columbus While the guard was
momentarily absent the thief broke tile
glass case in which was the urn took out
the precious relic and went to the window
to examine it by the dim light The
guard discovered the los at this instant
and pounced on him Iu the struggle
which followed the thief dropped the urn
and made good his escape
Michigan Building Dedicated
CHICAGO April 29The Michigan
Worlds fair building was formally
dedicated this afternoon All the state
officials and many other prominen
Michi anders were present The buid
ing was presented to the governor iu an
address by Hon 1 11 Weston of Grind
Rapids and accepted by Governor Rich
Then followed short addresses by other
Michigan officials Jeislitivi and execu I
tive and by officials of the Worlds fair
Both tho Agents of the Navajoes and Utes
Ask for Help at Once
WASHINGTON April 29The commis
sioner of Indian affairs has received the I
following telegram from Lieutenant I
Plummer agent of theNavajoes It is
my intention to use the troops asked for
to compel the surrender of the murderer I
and other outlaws and bring te Indians
into the reservation The necessity for a
larger force immediately is more urgent i
than reported yesterday as the Navajoes I
along the border practically rule every
thing defying all authority and disre
garding all rights of the white settlers I
They have been permitted to do this so I
long that with only the weak threats
from the agent which are never carried I
out they have grown to believe that noth
ing will or can be done with them I
A telegram from agent Bartholomew at I
the Ute agency says The Navajos are
about to break out and 1 have sdnt word
to the governors of New Mexico and Col I
orado for aid but must have help before
their aid arrives Must have aid in a I
hurry These telegrams were forwarded
to the secretary of war
An Attack Expected Any Time I I
FARMINGTON N 11 April 29 A i
party direct from Whytes Indian store
and Methodist Indian mission reports I
that the Indians have crossed back into
the reservation There are no immediate
fears of an attack though in the present
state of excitement any move may precip
itate one Agent Plnmmer fearing
trouble released the murderers of Welch
He is at the agency at Frnitland It was
thought the Indians seeing that the
agent was without soldiers to back him I
up took advantage of the situation I
The Trouble Thought to Be Over I
DuRANGO Col April 29The general i
opinion here is that the Indian scare is
overand there will be Int war Word
from Sheriff Sargeant who started from
here with twentyfive armed men to quell
the disturbance says no further trouble
Is apprehended Notwithstanding this
the preparations made to protect settlers
will be kept in force until every prospect
of trouble is over
Programme Completed for the Conven
tion Which Sleets at Louisville
NEW YORK April 29 Officials of the
N tional Republican league today com
pleted a programme for the National
Republican league convention at Louis
ville Ky next month The first day
May 9 will be given to consultation be
tween the Republican national commit
tee and executive committee of the
league The convention proper convenes
May 10 and will continue through the
day A grand mass meeting will be held
in the evening May 11 will be devoted
to reports of committees election of a
a national committee and officers of the
The afternoon will be taken up with a
session of the American Republican Col
lege league and in the evening the citi
zens of Louisville will give a reception to
delegates and friends The ratio of rep
resentation will be four exofficio dele
gates six delegates at large from each
state and territory four from each con
gressional district one from each Repub
lican college club making the convention
of over 2000 delegates
The following speakers have been in
vited to address the convention and a
majority of them have already accepted
General Russell A Alger Frank Can
non Frederick Douglass J Sloat Fas
sett D H Hastings General Longstreet
Thomas B Reed John C Spooner J C
Burrows Chauncey M Depew if M
Estee exPresident Benjamin Harrison
Robert T Lincoln Governor William
McKinley John Robinson J B For
aker W P Hepburn Henry Cabot Lodge
and Levi P Morton
Phillips Brooks Successor
BOSTON April 29 William Lawrence
S T D dean of the Episcopal Theolog
ical sohool at Cambridge was nominated
by the board of churchmen of the Episco
pal church for the bishopric of Massachu
setts to succeed the late Phillips Brooks
The nomination of Bishop Hare of South
Dakota by the conservative wing was dis
cussed somewhat but the board of
churchmen evidently did not care to en
dorse the nomination
Wants an Accounting
Ellsworth a stockholder of the Burling
ton Cedar Rapids Northern railway
fed in the district court of Linn county
today a petition in mandamus to compel
President Ives of the road to produce the
books containing its accounts for proper
Lord Bannon is Improving
PARIS April 29 Lord Hannen
British member of the Behring sea tri
bunal of arbitration who has been ill
some days is improving but it is doubt
ful if he will be able to be present Tues
day tho day set for the tribunal to re
sume hearing of his case
The authorities of the province of San
tiago de Cuba have telegraphed the
ernor general requesting him to revoke
the de rees proclaiming a state of siege
which they consider necessary
At Toledo 0 the sale of the Manhat
tan Oil company to the Standard is abso
lutely denied in toto by officials of the
Manhattan and publication of the de
nial is requested
In the fabor demonstration in Union
square New York last evening the
red flag socialism was everywhere visi
ble and resolutions were adopted which
aligned l present against the capital
I istic system of robbery and oppression I 7
Chicago Extends to Him a Very
Hearty Welcome
The 3ulHtudc Uliuor Him as He Steps
from the Train
His Apartment at the Lexington Are
Elaborately I > ecorated A Novel
Feature of the Display Was the
Tribute of tho States
CHICAGO April 29The day was chill
and dreary in the Worlds fair
city but it was not bleak enough
to chill the generous welcome the
people of Chicago extended to President
Cleveland and the Duke of Veragua
Despite a northwest wind laden at times
with blinding rains thousands of people
assembled at the various points to do
homage to the distinguished arrivals
But an hour or two separated the time of
the reception of the dune and president
and each was given a series of ovations
throughout the day
The president sought all the seclusion
possible and departed somewhat from
the programme by taking a hurried visit
with his cabinet to the Worlds fair
grounds The duke placed himself en
tirely at the disposal of ins hosts and was
tne recipient of great attention all day
responding invariably with courtesy and
grace The president and cabinet seemed
inclined to reserve their forces for Mon
days ordeal while the duke seemed anx
ious to repay the hospitality by respond
ing to every suggestion made for his en
Equally impressive among the events of
the day were the ceremonies attending
the installation of the historic old Liberty
bell in the tower of the Pennsylvania
building at the Worlds fair
The martial music of a military band
welcomed President Cleveland to the city
shortly after noon today The day was
overcast and chilly and the wind blew out
of the north Three thousand people
assembled at the depot joined in an ac
claim of welcome For hours a surging
mass of humanity had been clamoring at
the iron gates seeKing entrance to the
enclosure but a guard of police
belabored the unfortunates shoved to
the front by those in the rear with their
batons and drove them back When at
last the train did arrive the police be
came excited and exerted their authority
I in roughly handling not only the lager
spectators but unrecognized members of
the reception committee As the train
drew in at the station the police made a
fierce onslaught onthe crowd and finally
cleared a passage way a hundred feet
wide through which the distinguished
visitors were to pass
As the president stepped off the rear of
the car a loud cheer went up from the
crowd and was recognized by a bow from
the chief magistrate A minute later I
he clasped the hand of President Palmer
of the national commission and accom
panied byiJVicePresident Stevenson and
large number of distinguished officials
and citizens At one side of the presi
dentmarchadJGovernor Altgeld of Illinois
ois on tho other Mayor Harrison of
Chicago Leading members of the re
ception committee which went out this
morning on a special train and met the
presidential train at Calhoun returned
with it t the city
Following them came Secretary of
State and Mrs Gresham Secretary of the I
Treasury and Mrs Carlisle Secretary of
the Interior Hoke Smith Secretary of Ag
riculture J Sterling Morton and son
Strig t
Secretary of the Navy Herbert and
daughter and Hon Thomas F Bayard
embassador to Great Britain Governor
Altgelds military staff brought up the I
rear A few hurried introductions took
place and then the visitors were conducted
to carriages in waiting The procession
moved in military order headed by a
military detachment of police followed by
a mitar escort then carriages contain
ing the distinguished arrivals and mem
bers of the reception committees The
line of march was east on Adams street to
Michigan thencesouth to the Lexington
hotel at TwentySecond street Dense
throngs of people lined the route and
greeted the president and party with en
thusiastic demonstration
The Presidents apartments at the ho
tel were elaborately decorated the entire
suite being gorgeous with the brightest
tints and richest foliage the exposition
green houses afforded Hyacinths pan
sies lilies of the valley rodes and many
colored calceolaries furnished odor
Many curious Japanese dwarf trees cen
turies old in quaint porcelain pots stood
in the corners of the rooms A novel
feature of the display called a c Tribute
of the States n consisted an array of
plants each representing a state No
general attempt of outdoor decoration
was made in the city but the United
States flag is flying from all staffs
Shortly after his arrival at the hotel
Cleveland received a delegation composed
of young girls representing the Badge
Makers union who were anxious to pre
sent to the chief magistrate a badge made
by their artistic fingers The emblem
was duly presented and graciously ac
cepted and the young women retired
Immediately after lunch the president
and his cabinet accompanied by President
Higinbothem and other Worlds fair
officials took carriages and drove to the I
white city for the purpose of having a
private view of the grounds and build
Igshis evening President Cleveland and
Secretaries Carlisle Herbert and Morton
attended the theatre a guests of Higin
bothem viewing America a historical
allegory depicting the principal events in
American history
Tho Descendant of Columbus Sleets With
a Hearty Welcome
CHICAGO April 29The welcome which
greeted Christopher Columbus 400 years
ago must have been more auspicious to the
sturdy heart of the errant mariner than
that which greeted his descendant the
Duke De Veragua today as he reached
his destination on a visit to the continent
discovered by his historic ancestor Ac
cording to history nature smiled on the
great Columbus as he sighted land on
that bright October morning but today
the sky was overcast and the wind bleak
and chill
The train bearing the distinguished
descendants ot the great navigator and
members of his party arrived at halfpast
ten People thronged the streets and
struggled for a chance to see the man
whose name was so closely connected
with the great Yent whose quadrocenten
nial is about to be celebrated in this city
A mighty cheer went up when the train
made its appearance The party were
conducted atonce to carriages by the re
ception committee and the procession
formed and proceeded the Auditorium
headed by a detachment of police then a
military escort and carriages containing
the distinguished guests and members 01
the reception committee
The duke was given brief respite on
his arrival at the hotel Later in the day
after the presidential party had been es
corted to the Lexington hotel a delega
ton of city officials headed by Mayor Har
rison welcomed the duke in the name of
Chicago in the large reception hal of the
hptel which was appropriately draped In
honor of the occasion
As the duke entered one end of the long
room the mayor and party entered the
other The mayor advanced and in a
brief speech presented a costly casket to
the duke containing the address of wel
come It was handsomely engrossed
and illuminated on parchment and
with a set of silver keys The
mayor also presented the duke on
behalf of the city council with a beauti
ful golden kev on which was inscribed
Don Cristovar Colon stating a he did
so that it was the thy to the city
After the duke had expressed his appre
ciation of the honor in a few appropriate
words the mayor presented the various
aldermen composing the committee
President Palmer then introduced the
members ot the national commission and
after a general hand shaking the cere
mony ended
Everything Win Be in Kemllness for the
Opening on SlonUay
CHICAGO April 29Tonight and for
the few remaining hours striving and
struggling is in order to be ready at the
opening of the Worlds fair In the great
manufacturers hall particularly every
possible effort is being made to get mat
ters in shape for the reception of the
presidential party Everywhere the con
struction department is putting the
finishing touches to the permanent work
and so ic is with the landscape de
partment Besides the temporary
structures are disappearing rapidly and
scaffolding is falling like magic from the
newly completed buildings Overhead
electric wires were removed today and the
grounds were lighted tonight through
the permanent underground system
Painters are finishing the womens min
ing and a dozen other buildings and by
Monday morning everything will be of
the purest white The great gilded
statue of the republic shines shines forth
leaf in all the splendor of its f 5000 coat of gold
leafThe statuary around the grand basin is
completed The rain that brought grief
to most of the departments has been a
welcome gift to the gardens and lawn
makers and everything in their line will
look its best i the sun will only shine
Monday The grand stand at the east
side of the administration building is
complete and will hold 2000 invited
guests 250 newspaper men and fifty
guests in President Clevelands portion of
the stand
When the president touches the button
700 flags and banners will break into
graceful folds each being loosed by the
signal which will be the unfurling of old
glory from the central flag staff in front I
of the administration building
Admiral Gherardi Extends Invitations to
Foreign Naval Officers to Go to Chicago
NEW YORK April 29 Admiral Gher
ardi on behalf of the United States naval
officers has Issued invitations to the prin
officers of the foreign fleet at
cipal ofcers feet pres
ent on our waters to take a trip to Chi
cago and visit the Worlds fair The for
eigners are to be the guests of the Amer
ican officers and the finest cars on the
New York Central road will be placed at
the disposal of the party Admiral Gher
ardi this afternoon said
I think there will be at least a hun
dred American and foreign officers in the
party We will probably start Monday I
but even that has not been decided
Al Calhouu a Sheep Shearer Hilled at
l ort Steele Wyoming I
BAwLncsI Wyo April 29Special
At Fort Steele about 7 oclock this morn
ing Emanuel Sandabel and Al Calhoun
two sheep shearers between whom there
was an old feud got into an altercation
over a game of cards they having been
gambling all night Calhoun shot the
Mexican in the back when he whirled
and shot Calhoun twice through the body
Calhoun returned the fire hitting Sanda
bel just below the elbow of the right arm
shattering the elbow joint They then
clinched and Calhoun in attempting to
strike the Mexican over the head with his
pistol fell dead
Sandabel came to town for medical as
sistance and after his wounds were
dressed by Dr Ricketts he was placed in
jail pending a coroners investigation
Calhoun has been here about a year and
was originally from Montana
A Kockford Ill Man While Drunk Shoots
His Mother Dead
ROCKFORD 111 April 29Tom Blake
aged 23 surrendered himself to the sheriff
this morning confessing to having shot
and killed his mother in her sleep while
he was drunk last Monday night In
vestigation disclosed the remains decom
posed almost beyond recognition The
young man has been wandering since the
shooting sleeping at the house He had
two shotguns when found The family
had no other members and were old resi
dents Blakes mind was impaired by the
drink lynching habit and he apparently courted
Murder or Suicide Which
CHICAGO April 29The body of a
woman known as Mrs Alexander was
found in a room in the Southern hotel on
Wabash avenue and Twentysecond
street this morning with her throat cut
In her right hand was a bloody razor
The woman came to the hotel on April
18 accompaniedby a man supposed to be
her husband They registered from New
York city Yesterday afternoon the man
told the clerk he was leaving the city till
Monday There is no clue beyond the
foregoing facts
Ho Is in a Very Critical Condition and
nay Die Any Moment
NEW YORK April 29The condition
of Edwin Booth has become such that
Doctor Smith has taken up a temporary
abode at the Players club to ba within
cal should alarming symptoms develop in
the night Booth is in a critical stage of
illness and physicians are striving hard
to keep him from lapsing into a comatose
state which in his enfeebled condition
would surely prove fatal Booths articu
lation has not improved much His
pulse and temperature are nearly normal
Cavalry on the Way
WASHINGTON April 29 General Mc
Cook telegraphs that he has started four
troops of cavalry for the Navajo country
I An Arkansas Execution
JONESBORO Ark April 29 Charles
Caldwell colored was hanged here today
for the murder of Tab Freeman colored
at Big Bay in February last The two
quarrelled over a woman I
Woburn Mass the currying fac
tory of Stephen Dow Company was
bnrned yesterday afternoon Loss 175
ment 000 125 men are thrown out of employ
C u
Chancellor Caprivl Still Seeking
Aid from the Centreists
A Scene Without a Parallel in tho
History of Reichstag
llilwardt Applies All Manner of EpithetS
to tho Committee Appointed to
Examine His Charges He
May Bo Expelled
BERLIN April 29When the report on
the army bill was presented to tho reich
stag a few days ago Von Levetzow presi
dent proposed that the debate open on
Tuesday Leaders of different groups
concurred that four days would suffice for
the discussion so a week hence the fate
of the bill will be settled Today Von
Japrivl caused to percolate into the lob
bies information to the effect that the
government would cause the second read
lag of the bill to be postponed presumably
because the emperor desires to be present
in Berlin on the eve of the dissolution of
the reichstag Even at the lat hour
Chancellor Von Caprivi has with no ap
parent chance of success made
fresh overtures for support of the
Centrist leader Count Von Bales
trem through Major Hiningen Huene
another prominent member of that party
I is reported that the latter is rein
forced by letters from Cardinal Le Doch
owski prefect of propaganda urging the
Center party to try to come to terms
with the government on the hill There
is no doubt however that the Centreists
are unflinching in their ahesion to ez
isting decisions and no occult pressure
can overcome the fact weighing most
with Centreists that the repugnance of
Catholic electors is so strong against the
Jill that members representing the party
in Reichstag would certainly be punished
by their constituents i they tied to ob
serve the pledges they made
The public is so utterly absorbed in the
Ahlwardt inquiry that nothing else po
litical has any interest The abair
reached a climax today in a scene
without parallel in the history of Reich
stag The committe appointed to examine
the documents submitted by Ahlwardt inW
support of the grave charges of corrup
tion he made held a plenary meeting to
discuss the report Notwithstanding the
disclosures of forger of documents intro
duced Ahlwardt remained callous and
unabashed and declined to withdraw the
charges The committee delegated Dr
Porch and Herr Bebel to confer with
Ahlwardt privately but the conference
did not result in anything Ahlwardt de
clining to withdraw from the attitude he
had taken Dr Lieber urged the com
mittee to close the matter He declared
mitee cose
it produced in him a feeling of moral and
physical disgust to see a German repre
sentative make such a spectacle of him
This remark brought Alhwardt to his
feet and he menanced Dr Lieber with his
fist He said Liebers last remark was an
obnoxious reference to the circumstances
of Ahlwardts appearing before the com
mittee yesterday with a rent i hi3 cloth
ingLiebers allusion to this circumstance
was infamous The chairman of the
committee called Ahlwardt to order but
the latter repeated his expression where
upon the whole committee arose Ahl
wardt hurled abusive epithets at them
collectively and finally left the committee
room shouting that he would not remain
to be insulted The committee briefly
passed the report affirming all
Dr Miguel proposes to brine criminal
action against Ahlwardt and the reich
stag may revive a disused law and expel
aim A May Day fete will bo celebrated by
the socialists of Germany generally The
police are taking no unusual precautions
The Austrian socialists will make a gen
eral holiday and will hold forty meetings
and street demonstrations Monday as a
protest of the workingmen against their
political nullity The meetings will de
mand general and equal franchise
Mr Phelps American minister reports
that the German foreign office knows
nothing about the expulsion of American
missionaries from the Marshal islands
Erastns Wyman a Member of the New
York Board of Trade AsMgn
NEW YORK April 29 Erastus Wyman
the noted advocate of commercial reci
procity with Canada and promoter of
numerous projects more or less financially
successful and a prominent member of
the New York chamber of commerce
board of trade and many other business
organizations has joined his wife in
making an assignment for the benefit of
his creditors
Wyman when interviewed denied that
he had made an assignment He says
being a British subject and unable as
such to own land in the state of New
York his large real estate accumulations
on Staten island have hitherto been held
iu the name of his wife Several weeks
ago this property worth 1000000 was
all conveyed by Mrs Wyman to a trustee
for the benefit of creditors past present
or to come In this conveyance Mr
Wyman joined The result of the crea
tion of this trust he says is to place
within reach of his creditors the large es
tate hitherto unavailable to them and is
the only foundation for the story that ho
has assigned No list of Wymans credi
tors has been given out yet
Colonel W L Strong of the Central
National banK said that he had known
for some time that Wyman was in diffi
culty and that such an arrangement was
in contemplation He thought he was
given time by his creditors pending an
easier condition of the money market he
might be able to come out all right
It is said that probably Wymans larg
est creditor is the firm of E 6V Dun
company Duns partners decline to say
anything on the subject From other
sources comes the statement that Wymans
indebtedness to Ithe firm will reach be
tween 300000 and 400000 This state
ment however Is emphatically denied by
Further Wyman says the property In
the trustees hands if properly handled
is worth 1000000 or twice what he owes
The cause of Wymans difficulties is not
definitely known beyond a general stat
mont that on a multitude ot his exten
sive ventures the stringency of the money
market had a disastrous effect
A reporter called on Robert Dun Doug
lass of the firm of E G Dun Com
pany at his home this evening Mr
Douglass said he was unable to state the
exact amount Wyman owed the firmas it
could not be ascertained until they heard
from all branches of the firm in the
principal cities He said Wyman left the
firm about two months ago in somewhat
unpleasant manner When asked to
name the figure that would represent the
money due the firm he said it would ex
ceed 5250000 and would probably come
nearer 300000 Douglass said his firm
was not goingto take any special steps to
protect its interests
Sir Julian Pauncefole British ambas
sador to the United States is lying quita
ill in Washington suffering fromgout

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