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p ΒΌ l Investigate by of Advertisers a tho papers character the subscription should Heralds and bo quality guided lst THE SVLT LAKE r J HERALDT9
Magical Effects Produced by
the Electric Spark as the
Key Was Pressed
Touch of a Button Causes an
Inert World to Spring
Into Animation
President Cleveland Delivers a Short
but Very Impressive Ad
Director General Davis Also Slakes a
Speech A Tremendous Crowd Pres
ent With Great Enthusiasm tho
Pair Is Declared Open
I CHICAGO May IThe electric age was
if ushered into being in this last decade of
the nineteenth century today when Presi
dent Cleveland by pressing a button
started the mighty machinery rushing
waters and revolving wheels in the
Worlds Columbian exposition No ex
hibit of the fair that is to attract thou
sands to the city for the next six months
can be more marvelous than the magi
i effect following the solemn opening of the
lair today Of the multitude of visitors
some estimate the number
a high as
I 200000 probably not one fully realized I
I the full import of the effect that was to
come from the arrangement cleverly de
vised in opening the exposition
It was known in a vague way that the
president was to press a golden key and
that electric communication with Wash
ington was to start the fair but no one
realized how intricate was this machinery I
how infinite the ramifications of that
electric spark until the fountains threw
up their gelysers seventy feet into the air
and the rumble and hum of the wheels in
the manufacturers building and the
clatter of machinery in all parts of that
4 area of a mile square or more told the
t story of the final comsumation
of scientific thought in a lifeless mass
started into being on every hand draped
statuary to shed it veil and reveal
to the world the artistic labors of the
past eighteen months and in a moment
all that had been apathy and inert and
inactive through thl long hours ot the
morning sprang into animated existence I
and thrilled the multitude and crowned I
the triumph of the exposition
In previous expositions the possibilities
of electricity had been limited to the mere
starting of the engines in the machinery
hal but in this it made thousands of
servant do its bidding and from the
great Corless engine and mammoth
foundations down to the minutest acts
where power and touch were requisite
the magic of electricity did the duty of
the hour
Jupiter Pluviua held an uplifted I
were loaded down from Van Buren street
I to tho fair grounds every cable car was
thronged to the tailboard elevated car
groaned with humanity steam cars I
reaped a harvest and tho great Michigan
avenue boulevard was thronged with
private sorts carriages and conveyances of all
j fort but tbe grandest conception of all minds
i J t fi f
I and tbe best obtainable result of all the efforts
put forth by all people who i any manner
contributed to its creation
The great coannanUinR agencies through
which the government authorized this work to
proceed are a national commission consisting
of 10 men and alternates selected from the
several states and territories presided over by
Hon Thomas W Palmer of Michigan a cor
poration of the state of Illinois known as tho
Worlds Columbian Exposition consisting of
I I fortyfive directors presided over by E N
p 5 Lr U ILL
tY 1I1 gT
tz L
s p pBgssP
I t
threatening fist over Chicago this morn
ing The skies were sodden and bleak
and chilled mist filled the atmosphere
Bunting throughout the city was damp
and listless and a general tone of gloom
pervaded the air and streets but to Chi
cago whose day of history this was the
weather conditions counted for nothing
and early people were astir The bustling
eager spirit of the great west was bounding
through every artery in this its capital
city The consummation of their great
enterprise took place today when the
myrit of wheels began turning at Jack
son park in response t the touch of the
Nations chief executive upon a golden
key that reached out through an electric
train to the mighty engines which are to
the Worlds Columbian exposition the
vital moving lergy in the great circle
of events w1 i today makes Chicago a
festal city
The first point of interest centered at
the Auditorium hotel where a glimpse of
Aa Columbus descendant the Duke de Ver
iii agua who with member of his family
and committees of prominent officials
national state and municipal took car
riages about 9 oclock and under military
escort drove to the Lexington hotel at
Michigan avenue and Twentieth street
at which were President Cleveland and
members of his cabinet and from which
point the procession to the park was t
The ducal party was arrayed in all the
glories of Spanish court costume brilliant
in color rich with cold lace and bright
with decorations of the order of nobility
with swords knee breeches silk stock
ings and all the trappings ol the Spanish
court Tho assembled multitude set up a
ehoutas the Darty appeared entered car
fj riages and drove rapidly to the Lexing
a ton hotel
I Meantime the city at large seemed going
n a body to the white city by the lake
tinc big steamers had been plying and j
c h
a t I 1 u
j 1 T
t 7JL
I Soon after 9 oclock President Cleve
land and associates appeared at the en
trance of the Lexington hotel and were
I Conducted carriages When all were
in readiness jEae procession moved in the
following 1
Platoon of mounted police
Two companies United States cavalry
Chicago hussars
Troops of Illinois National guards
The Worlds fair officials occupied the
first carriages and in the seventh were
President Cleveland and the chairman of
the Columbian commission and the presi
dents of the Worlds Columbian exposi
tion Then came five carriages contain
ing the presidents cabinet and fair officials
cial then the Duke de Veragua and par
ty in five carriages followed by Thomas
F Bayard ambassador to Great Britain
MajorGeneral Scofield Admiral Gherar I
di Governor Altgeld and Mayor Harrison I
bringing up the roar I
I Down Michigan avenue cheered by
j thousands who lined the curb clattered
and rumbled the cavalcade Turned into
the grand boulevard at Thirtyfifth street
into Washington park at Fiftyfirst
street and from the park into the mid
way plalsance now a medley ot all na
tions and from it into the great white
city and to the administration building
where the ceremonies of the day were to
take place Passing through the build
ing the notables came out upon the plat
form on the east side looking out upon
the grand plaza and the court of honor
The plaza was black with people the
whole scene forming one of the most re
markable and enchanting in history
I Already officials and invited guests not
in the procession were seated on the plat
form and as the head of the nation walked
down the main aisle to his place at its
outer edge a tumult of cheers shook the
air He and those accompanying him
were soon seated and shortly after 10
oclock the opening ceremonies began
with Professor John K Haines Colum
bian march followed by p aver by blind
Chaplain Milburn of the United State
Then Miss Jennie Couthi dramatic
realer recited a rhymed prophecy by W
A Crofutof Washington After an or
chestral overture Directorgeneral Davis
as master of ceremonies delivered the
opening address as follows
The dedication of these grounds buildings
for the purpose of an international exhibition
took place on the 21st of last October at which
time they were accepted for the objeots to
which they were destined by aot of Congress
4 This is is not the time
nor place neither will
it be expected of me to
give a comprohnsive
resume of the strenu
Zcc ous efforts which have
p been put forth to com
plete the work to which
1 we invite your inspec
1 tion today I may be
permitted however
to say a word i praise
of and in gratitude to
J a k my coofficers and of
ilti ficials of staff which
t 4t made its consumma
1 i tion possible This
kk exposition is not the
conception of any sin
HifeR Diuin gle mind It is not the
HCNGciD result of any single ef
Higginbotham of Chicago and a board of lady
managers consisting of lia women and alter
nates selected from the several states presided
over by Mrs PotterPalmer of Chicago To
these great agencies wisely selected by con
gress each performing its special function the
gratitude of the people of this country and the
cordial recognition of all these friendly foreign
representative is due I
To perfect from these agencies an efficient
organization was our first duty and it was suc 1
cessfully accomplished at the outset through I
committees snbequentlyby the great execu 1
tive departments and through these depart
ments systematic vigorous and effective work I
has progressed Through the department of
administration department of finance depart I
ment of works ana the great exhibit depart
ment the plan and scope of the grand interna
tional exposition was worked out
The department of finance composed of I
members of the Illinois corporation has with
disinterestedness remarkable with courage
undaunted successfully flnancrered the expo
sition and provided for the great work upwards
of 20000000 The department of works and
its many bureaus of artists architects engin
eers and builders have transformed these
grounds which twentyone months ago were un
sightly uninteresting and an unoccupied
stretch of landscape Into the beauty and
splendor of today They have conspicuously
performed their functions and these grand
avenues these Venetian waterways finished
landscape fountains and sculptures and colon
ades and those grand palaces stand out as
monuments to their genius arid skill supple
mented by tbe labor of that great army of
skilled artisans and workmen all citizens of
this republic
The chiefs of these great departments who ex
ploited this mighty enterprise and gathered
here the exhibits forming a picture set In this
magnificent frame have confirmed the wisdom
of their selection No state or territory of the
union escaped their voice no land on the globe
that has I language but was visted and the
invitation of the president of the United States
personally presented Fortunately at the In
ception of this enterprise our government was
I and still Is at peace with tho whole world
Commissionerswere sent to Europe Asia Aus
tralia British North America and the islands
I of the leas so today the whole world knows
and is familiar with the significance of the great
peace festival we are about to Inaugurate upon
raa 7 1
this campus and all nations join in celebrating
the event which it commemorates
This enclosure containing nearly 7CO acres
Is covered by more than 400 structures from
the small pavilllon occupying an ordinary
building site to the colossal structure of manufacturers
th 11 grf lJ t ec
ufacturers and liberalarts a building covering I
over thirty acres filled and crowded with a dis
play of the aclrevements and products of the
mind and hand of man such as have never be
fore been presented to mortal vision The I
habits customs and life of the people of our
own and foreign lands are shown In the varie
gated plaisance those stately buildings on the
north filled with historical treasures and
natural product of our several states artistic
characteristics and beautiful edifices head
quarters of foreign commissions Surrounding I
this gallery of fine arts which in itself will b
an agreeable surprise to the American beholder
constitute a grand central zone of the social an a
friendly amenities among the different peoples
of the earth Surrounding this grand plaza
where we stand and reaching from the north
pond to the extreme south is the great me I
chanical scientific induatirial and agricultu
ral exhibition of the resources and products of
the world These have been secured from the
four quarters of the globe and placed In syste
matic order under the supervision of these
great departments and while all material upon
the grounds is not yet in place 1 am gratified
to be able to present to the president of the
United States at thin time the official cata
logue containing the description and location of
the exhibit of 4O0 participants in the ex
position The number of exhibitors will ex
ceed 60000 when everything Is In place
Citizens of our country are proud and always
will be proud of the action of the Congress of
the United States of America in authorizing
and directing this celebration to take place
for apnroprlattous of more than 85000TO In its
aid and for the unsweryinjj support aud en
couragement of the officers of tho government
To the states of tbe Union we are largely in
debted for active and substantial support A
sum in excess of 50000000 bus been raked and
expended be the states and territories for of
ibid use in promoting their own in
terests conjointly with the general suc
cess or the exhibition To the foreign nations
who have representation upon the grounds I
never before witnessed at any exposition as
shown by the grand exhibit thpy brought here I
cud hundreds of official representatives of for I
ijn governments who are present on this oc
asion we bow in grateful thanks More than
6000000 has been officially appropriated for
these commissions in furtherance of their participation
rc1 rri the exposition Tbe great nations
ot Europe and their dependencies are all repre
seated upon these grounds the governments ot
Asia and Africa and the republics of the Vest
era Hemisphere with but few exceptions are
here represented
To the citizens and corporation of the city of
Chicago who furnished 11000000 as a con
ributlon and in addition loaned the tnanag
ment 85000000 more are duo the crateful an
cnowledgmentotour ownpeople and the hon
ored guests who share witu us Pl ea advantage of
this great international festival To tho tens
of thousands of exhibitors who contributed a
larger amount than all others combined we are
under the deepest obligations for their interest
and cooperation in our work To the
women of Chicago and our great land
whose prompt spontaneous and enthu8inrlc
ooperation i our work turned the eyes of the
world toward the exposition as toward the ntr
star of the east the inspiration for woman
hood everywhere we extend our cordial and
unstinted recognition I is our hope that this
great exhibition may inaugurate a new era of
loral and material progress and our fervent
aplration that the association of nations here
may secure not only larger and stronger
friendships but lasting peace throughout the
The grand concerted illustration of modern
progress which is here presented for the encouragement I
ouragement of lrt science industry and com
merce has necessitated the expenditure including
eluding the outlay of exhibitors largely in
excess of S100 OoOOOO We have given it our
constant thought our most devoted service
our best energy and now in this central city of
this great republic on the continent
discovered by Columbus whose dis
tinguished descendats are present honored
guest of our nation it only remains for you Mr
President i In your opinion the exposition
here presented is commensurate in dignity with
what the world should expect of our great
country to direct that 1 be opened to the pub
tic and when you touch this magic key the
ponderous machinery will start mago revolu
tion and the activeness of the exposition will
begin i
The directorgeneral then presented
President Cleveland who was kept wait
ing several minutes until tne applause
should subside when with bared head he
spoke as follows
I am hero to join my fellowcitizens in con
gratulations which befit the occasion Surrounded
rounded by the stupendous results of American
enterprise and activity
and in view of the mug
La n i 1 cent evidences of
1t American skill and in
telligence we need not
k fear these congratula
Ffzz tions will be exagger
ated We stand today
ii in the presence of the
oldest nations of the
world and point to the
I r JAworld achievements wo
hl there exhibit asking no
allowance on the score
N of youth The enthusi
asm with which we con
template our work In
C cit Nrl tensities the warmth of
LEVELAND greeting we extend
those who have come from foreign lands
to illustrate with us the growth and
progress of human endeavor i the direc
progess hIgh civilization We who believe
in popular education and the stimulation of the
best impulses of our citizens to lead the way to
D realization of the proud national destiny
which our faith promises gladly welcome the
opportunIty here afforded us to see the results
I accomplished by efforts which have been ox
rted longer than ours in the field of mans im
I rovement while in appreciative return we ex
I hiblt the unparalleled advancement and won
derful accomplishment of our young nation and
present the triumphs of vigorous selfreliance
and an independent people
We have built these splendid edifices but
we have also built a magnificent fabric of pop
ular government whose grand proportions are
een throughout the world We have made
and have here gathered together as an object
of use and beauty the products of American
ski and indention we have also made men
who rule themselves I is an exalted mission
1n which we and our guests from other lands
are engaged as we operate in the Inaugura
tlon of this enterprise devoted to human on
ghtenment and in tho undertaking we hero
enter upon wo exemplify In the ablest sense
the fatherhood of nations Let us hold fast to
the meaning that underlies this ceremony and
lot us not lose the Impressions of this moment I
Aa by 1 touch the machinery that gives life
to this vast exposition Is now set in motion so
at the same instant let our hopes and aspira
tions awaken tbe forces which in all times to
freedom come shall of mankind influence the welfare dignity and
As he concluded the vast throng saw
him extend his hand t the button of the
I golden key which released the pent up
steam in the great engines set chimes
ringing and unfurled a myriad of flags
from the great building and the stupen
dous enterprise commemorating the four
hundredth anniversary of Columbus
great achievement was in fall sway
The scene at the moment the nations
president reached forth hiBnand to awake
the great fair from sleep mas one of his
toric interest and one whiih thrilled tho
vast assemblage within sigat of that mo
tion At that instant men at the halyards
at the foot of each great flagstaff laid hold
with a vim the monstrous American flag
unfolded at the top of the center pole broke
forth and broadened putr jnf air At each
corner of the administration building
great banners blazoned with the arms of
Castile and Aragon unfolded Simultane
ously from every flagstaff upon the build
ings in the white city banneretts present
ing various nationalities yere given to
the breeze great fountains gushed
tla fountuJns up
wards out upon the Lk Michigan the
revenue cutter Andrew Johnson boomed
a salute and every craft in ihe neighbor
hood set whistles to screeching The
great mass of people on th Plaza swayed
like an ocean wave and roared to heaven
their appreciation of the event Officials
and dignitaries on the stana caught the
spirit and felt the infusion of patriotism
and national goodfellowship
As soon as the ceremonies attendant
upon the formal onemngof the exposition
were over President Cleveland Governor
Altgeld Mayor Harrison and the Duke of
Veraua and other notables were con
ducted into the dining hal on the third
I floor of the administration i building
= 1 0 k >
L 4
L 7
where they were entertained at dinner by
the Worlds fair officials
x The big windows of the room were filled
with palms and other plantS Flags were
woven around the pillars and draped
about the arches of the windows The
entrance to the diningroom was curtained
with a portiere and the room to the left
now used as a private diningroom was
utilized as a dressingroom
A special cnina service made by Havi
land for the administration restaurant
was used on this occasion for the first
time The silver service which was used
is also from a special design and was
made in England for this restaurant
Fortyfour waiters one for each state
served the lunch No wines except cham
pagne was served and owing to the pres
ence of ladies there were no cigars
President Cleveland sat at a point of the
table opposite the entrance and the other
guests were ranged around the table in
the following order of precedence
Presidential party
Vice Presidents party
Ducal party
General Scboneld
Admiral Gberurdi
General Miles
Mayor Harrison I
Governor and Mrs Altgeld 1
President Palmer of the National Commission I
President Higinbotbam of the exposition
Mr Palmer President of the Board of Lady
Vice President Waller of the National Com
Vice President Peels of the exposition
DirectorGeneral Davis
Chief of Construction Burnham
Members of the council of administration
The members of the ducal party in the
order of their precedence were as fol
His Excellency the Admiral Duke of Vera
gua Her Excellency the Duchess of Veragua
His Excellency Chrlstobal Colon Aauilero
son of the Duke
The Hon Infanta del Pilar Colon Aquilero
daughter of the Duke
The Marquis of Barbole brother o the Duke
The Hon Pedro Colon Bertodano son of the
The Hon Carlos Aqulleras nephew of the
The Marquis Villaloba nephew of tho Duke
Commander F W Dickens United States
navy and Mrs Dickens
When the dinner was over the party
with President Cleveland and Director
I General Davis in the lead was conducted
from the administration building and were
I driven around the grounds At tho manu
factures building which was the first
place reached the presidential party
alighted at the main entrance and walked
from one end of the monstrous edifice to
the other From here they drove to the
north end of the grounds among the state
building and back along the main drive
past the horticultural building to the
south end of the grounds After having
thoroughly inspected the white city
President Cleveland and his party were
driven to Grand crossing where they
took train for Washington
haul element of Its cohesive architecture a
nail TIs wrought from the precious metals of
the state we love and is typical of purity and
endurance Its intrinsic merit and permanent
worth is protected by a shield emblematic of
our universal sisterhood I Is presented as
the last golden link in the chain of happy cir
cumstances that made possible this monument
to the progress of women and with a fervent
prayer that It may add momentum to the new
era that is dawning for the sisterhood of the
The committee on relations of the board
presented Mrs Palmer with a miniature
silver wreath a a token of their appreci
ation of her worth This concluded the
I exercises and the doors were thrown open
I to the public
The Crowds Were Handled in an Admir
able Way
CHICAGO May 1The transportation
facilities today t and from the exposition
grounds were given their first trial and
proved entirely satisfactory The bulk of
the down town traffic reached the grounds
over the Illinois Central road in trains of
eight cars each which ran at three minute
intervals These facilities will be increased
when the occasion demands to twice their
present capacity The Illinois Central
handles on an average seven thousand
people per hour The Cottage Grove ave
nue cable line disgorged their crowds at
the exposition gates at the rate of five
thousand an hour without great crowd
ing j
l The elevated system was notSo fortu
nate as its competitors for its terminal
system was not finished and today it was
literally swamped The road carried
about four thousand an hour but could
have doubled that number under more
auspicious circumstances The boats
ran at thirty minute intervals but the
day was too cold and the lake too rough
for the water route to be popular Tak
ing the day which was considerably
heavier than an average will be as a
criterion i is safe to say that transporta
tion to the exposition will be ample for
t e demands made upon it
Her Participation in tIe Ceremonies an
Elaborate Affair
CHICAGO May 1The participation of
the German Empire in the inauguration
of the big fair was an elaborate affair At
the moment that President Cleveland
I touched thebutton that set the machin
ery in motion the chimes in the chapel of
Germanys building were brought into
action their beautiful and melodoous
tones filling the air with glory hallelujah
in honor of the event When the official
ceremony was over Commissioner Wer
muth led the President around the in
terior section of the German exhibit in
manufacturers bal Reception by
Commissioner Wermuth and a lunch
eon with obligatory toasts to the success
of the exposition and exhibit of Germany
was a suitable finale of this worthy com
memoration of the day on the part of
A Groat Throng Present at the Formal
CHICAGO May 1The most satisfactory
feature of the days proceedings from a
feminine standpoint was the formal dedi
cation of the womans building this after
A great throng of women crowded into
the building to the imminent danger of
silken fabrics and frail bonnets The
ceremonies opened with a grand march
by Jean Ingeborg Von Bromsart of We
mieri Germany followed by prayer by
Miss Ida Bullin Then Miss Francis of
London favored the assembly with a dra
matic overture at the close of which Mrs
PotterPalmer president of the womens
board of lady managers delivered the
dedicatory address She said
The moment of fruition has arrived the hope
which for more than
q two years has gradu
a ally been gaining
aIfd4c strength and definite
ness has now become
real for today the ex
lr position opens its
i1 s gates and with t
comes the formal
opening of the
womans building
Experience bas
I brought many sur
ts t la prises not the least
I of which is a realiza
tion of the unity of
human interests not
withstanding the dif
l 1 f ferences of race gov
Ptl ernment tempera
MRs I RPALMEI ment of external con
ditions of all existing forms of injustice
none wU bo cruel and inconsistant
as women with regard to self
maintenance I was only too evident that
women thrown upon their own resources had a
frightful struggle The theory that the sphere
of women Is home told heavily against her men
taking advantage of It to force her to hire at
nominal price and many who cling to respecta
ble occupations showed high principle and were
the real heroines of life whose handiwork she
was to install in the exposition
Mrs Palmer dilated upon the broad stretch
between the theory of the sanctity of home ana
the actual status of affairs and then turned to
what she called dealing with existing facts
She said I was the hope to create by means
of the Exposition welldefined public senti
ment In regard to the propriety of women
maintaining families when it was hoped that
the statistics the board of ladymanagers would
receive would give a correct idea of the number
of wonwn not only those without natural pro
tectors but also those forced to work shoulder
to shoulder with the husband without noting
the number forced t support husbands in idle
ness and vice
Mrs Palmer then at some length discoursed
upon the present situation of women and the
theories and arguments raised for and arainit
and again coming back to the exposition said
That realizing that women can never hope to
I receive poper rccompence for services ucttl
her usefulness is successfully recognized and
opportunity has been taken of the advantage
presented by the exposition to bring together
such evidences of her skill as to show that in
ability It was not a matter of sex The board
she said did not wish to be understood as
placing a sentimental value upon the work of
women because of sex It was simply hoped to
place the facts before the whole world and let it
Judge for itself Mrs Palmer detailed the diffi
culties encountered in bringing the commis
sioners especially foreign to a realization of
the fact that women was filling a sphere greater
than was thought an < f then returned thanks to
tnose who had aided In bringing the Womans
exhibit to Its present state of perfection
In conclusion Mrs Palmer said The elo
quent president of the commission dedicated
this great trreat great Exposition to human
ity We now dedicate these womens buildings
to elevated womanhood knowing by so doing
we shall best serve the cause of humanity
The jubilate was sung by Mrs H H
Beach of Boston assisted by a chorus
and orchestra Then followed the pre
sentation of a large silk American flag
by George S Knapp and his son le M
Knapp of Chicago This flag is made of
American silk and will be the standard
fag of the Columbian exposition At
the close of the fair it will be presented to
t e national government and become the
national standard Before it was turned
over to the ladies a portion of the fringe
was cut from the flag with a pair of scis
sors which came from Turkey and this
together with the scissors was presented
I to Mrs Palmer by Mrs Hoi Thatcher in
behalf of the committee Mrs Palmer
said While we will carry this be atifal
banner to none but bloodless VIctories
we will honor and cherish it nevertheless
Brief addresses were made by several
other ladies representing the commis
sioners of foreign countries explaining
tho nature of the foreign exhibits and the
manner in which they were collected
The Countess of Aberdeen was listened to
with great interest She said in part
I feel greatly honored to be allowed to take
part In the opening ceremonies of the enter
prise toward which the eyes of all interested m
woman are turned with hope and confidence
I am suro the women of other countries will
never forget the debt of gratitude and know
unit friendly rivalry will show how much the
women of each country had done to raise it and
how great their influence for good
I am proud to be the representative
of two countries Scotland and Ire
land here women had counted for much
In hstory We hope to show In the Irish vil
lage the work of Irish peasants and specimens
of their finished work as reminders of the fact
that these beautiful laces of the wealthy are
manufactured in Irish cabins as well as ordin
ary linen I expect much good to come from
the exposition which will bring into the lowly
homes at least 0 little more of sunshine
The greatest good and most farreaching
will come from a meeting of representative
women of all countries where they would learn
what was being done to carry forward the com
mon causo of humanity This meeting would
be D source of common strength from whIch
would be gathered inspiration where all might
render a higher holler and more fruitful service
to the world and from it women would go for
ward fred with common devotion to serve
their generation with which past lives were
never blest
Then Mrs J E Eickards of Montana
presented Mrs Palmer with that which
that state has chosen as a symbolical
gilt to the president of the board of lady
managers Mrs Richards said in part
I beg to present Montanas contribution t
Mrs Potter Palmer the honored president of
this grand symbol of progressive ages this
womens building of the world the first and
ASorious Disaster During the Ceremonies
Narrowly Averted
CHICAGO May 1During the dedica
tion ceremonies there was a fearful crush
in the crowd in front Those in the rear
pressed on those in front to get within
hearing distance these in turn pressed
harder on those before themand soon
until near the front the jam was terrific
The Columbian guards were utterly un
able to cope with the surging mass and
quarters those in front pushed into the reporters
Finally came cries of ragp and pain
and the head and shoulders of a
woman in a swoon with ashen lips and
disheveled clothing was upborne above
the heads of the throng then the fainting
form of a boy was held aloft in the sin
ewy black arms of a stalwart negro it
was becoming a serious matter and the
blind persistence of the eager throng
threatened death and panic The atten
tion of the people on the stand was at
tracted to i and President Cleveland
watched it narrowly
Finally a mounted cavalryman made a
difficult passage through the throng for
egress with fainting ones and a battalion
of United States regulars widened the
space pushing the crowd back with the
butts of their muskets Meantime pro
ceedings ended and a serious disaster was
State Buildings Dedicated
CHICAGO May 1Tho Iowa and Mis
souri state buildings were dedicated with
appropriate ceremonies this afternoon
Cheyenne Has One of the Warmest School
Elections in Her History
CHEYENNE Wy May 1Special
Today occurred the most exciting school
trustee elections in the history of the
city By arrangement the two ratiring
school directors were to be replaced by
Democrats There were two Democratic
tickets in the field one supported by the
American Protective association the
other by the independent Democrats and
Republicans For the first time since the
Democratic Protective association became I
a factor in politics its opponents were de
feated and by majorities of about 300
People generally rejoice in the victory as it
means freedom from religious intolerance
in school affairs
D T Dunlap Is Elected to Succeed Him
self on the Board
EATVLINS Wyo May 1Special
At the annual school meeting tonight D
T Dunlap was elected to serve three years
He succeeds himself The board asked
for a specialtax levy of 58000 which with
the school bond tax would make the
special levy 13 mills in the district The
referred to committee
question was refered a special
tee who are to report May 10 to which
date the meeting adjourned
Two Escaped Prisoners Recaptured
CHEYENNe Wyo May 1Special
Johnston and Car two prisoners held
in Casper jail for horse stealing broke
jai Sunday night As soon as their ab
sence was discovered posses were sent
in all directions and today the men were
The Ann Arbor Defaults on Interest
NEW YOn May 1The Toledo Ann
Arbor North Michigan railroad has de
faulted on interest on 2120000 six per
cent bonds due today
President Samuel Sloan of the Dela
wareLackawanna Western road denies
3 report current in Wall street today that
his road had secured control of the Ann
Arbor road
Impeachment Trial Begun
LINCOLN Neb May 1The trial of
the impeachment cases against Secretary
of State Allen AttorneyGeneral Hast
ings and Land Commissioner Humphrey
court began this afternoon in the supreme
Senator Quay Will Jfot Resign
PITTSBUIKJ Pa May 1The story that
Senator Quay intended resigning arrived
in todays Washington dispatches The
senator was seen at his home in Beaver
this afternoon and stated that he had not
the slightest intention of resigning
EdwIn Booths Condition
NEW YORK May 1Edwin Booths
physician said this morning after remain
ing all night with his patient that he
passed a bad night growing worse and
worse and hopes of his recovery were
very slight
The condition of Edwin Booth is re
ported late tonight to be very encouragIng
= =
I FLOD IN THE iississiiii I
The Dock Warehouse at East St
Louis Wrecked
A Cloudburst in Texas Docs Immense
ThirtyFlvo allies of Railroad Track Is
Washed AwayThe Arkansas River
Is Eight Miles Wide in
many Places
ST Louis May 1The river at 6
oclock this evening showed a rise of over
a foot since last night and is still raising
Up to 6 oclock the water cued an
abandonment of the greater portion of
East Carondelet The telegraph office of
the St Louis Connecting railway was
wrecked this morning and several small
buildings were washed away The body
of a man was washed ashore near the site
of the wrecked telegraph office Many
who have been living in the
persons lving sec
ond story of their homes were forced to
move out altogether today and several
had narrow escapes barely escaping be
fore their residences collapsed or floated
At Belleville several manufacturing es
tablishments were forced to shut down
the boiler rooms being inundated On
this side of the river North St Louis is
so far the worst sufferer The district
known as Oklahoma is now a vast lake
with here and there a hastily vacated
shanty protruding a few feet above the
water Trainmen from the east tonight
say the water practically covers all Brook
lyn and a number of people are moving
out of their houses Venice will soon
rival the city of which it lis a namesake
At East St Louis the Ldock warehouse
gave way about noon and fully one
fourth the vast building with heavy
contents fell in a heap the roof
sinking and setting upon the
wreck Thousands of barrels of
flour sacks of grain boxes of canned
goods bundles of shingles and a mis
cellaneous lot of other goods were pre
cipitated through the ground floor and
into water One of the laborers Cicero
Pate a colored man was crushed to
death under the debris and two other la
borers were injured The loss will be
quite heavy but it is impossible to ascer
tain the exact amount
Cold Weather Is Delaying Flowing and
Planting Backward Springs
CINCINNATI May 1Rainy and cold
weather which for the past three weeks
has wholly stopped all plowingand plant
ing in Ohio is culminating in a disastrous
flood Here over two inches of rain has
fallen within the past twentyfour hours
and the Ohio river is leaping up at the
rate of lour inches an hour The whole
of Northwestern Ohio is flooded and the
wheat is ruined while othep crops are so
delayed that the yield must be small
The Ohio river at midnight is just
fifty feet above low water and rising at
the rat of an inch an hour At this time
the Rat row and Sausage row are flooded
but this is nothing unusual for this por
tion of the city
The Arkansas River Is Eight Miles Wide
in Places
PARIS Tex May 1A cloud burst
swept the slope of the mohntains yester
day and carried away thirtyfive miles of
the Frisco road track The north bound
passenger train which left Saturday was
unable to get beyond Mountain Berg and
returned here The southbound train
was stopped at Greenland The Arkansas
river is eight miles wide and much dam
age has been done along its course Two
farm houses a few miles this side of Fort
I I Smith were demolished by a whirlwind
Waterspout Burst In Ohio
I SPRINGFIELD 0 May 1At noon to
day an immense waterspout burst over
Tremont City a village near here At
about the same time Mad river broke over
its banks and within eighteen minutes
water flooded the town carrying away I
outbuildings and stables and flooding the
first floors of residences Great damage
was done
At midnight 100 acres in the northeast
ern part of the city containing 200 houses
was flooded and the water rising one foot
per hour Scores of families are in danger
and the police and patrol force together
with citizens are rescuing the people
Boats and horses are being used The
electric is stopped street car traffic of the entire city
Gloomy Outlook at Alton
ALTON Ills May 1In the past forty
eight hours the river has risen nearly
three feet and is still booming South
and east of here farms are nothing but
watery wastes Several bridges are down
at Woodriver and work of rescuing has
commenced The Wabash branch road
was abandoned and this afternoon the
big pump at the water works had to be
abandoned gloomy and altogetherthe outlook is
Water Spouts In Arkansas
VANBUREN Arkt May 1Two water
spouts struck northern Crawford county
yesterday and washed out bridges and
railroad tracks on the Santa Fe All re
ports are not in and it is feared the dam
age done will be immense and many lives
Uayton O Inundated
DAYTON O May 1 The Miami river
das reached an unprecedented height
The water has found several weak points
in the levees here and there is reason for
anxiety 150 acres of the residence por
tisn of the city is flooded
The Canadian Pacific Will Establish One
Between Australia and Vancouver
SAN FRANCISCO May 1The Canadian
Pacific railway through its local repre
sentitive M Stern today announced
that it had completed arrangements for
the establishment of a steamship line
from Australia to Vancouver B C car
rying both freight and passengers The
first steamer on the now route will be the
Miowara which will leave Sidney on
May 18 slopping at Aufclad Honolulu
and Victoria and reaching Vancouver
June 6 thus making the trip in twenty
days The second steamer is the War
remo which will start from Sidney June
17 and arriving at Vancouver July S The
steamers will leave each terminal
monthly The Miowara and Warremo are
said to be firstclass vessels each with a
carrying capacity of 3500 tons and a max
imum speed offifteen andonehalf knots

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