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I f by Advertisers the character should and be quality guided THE I fast We without cannot eat the our Herald break
or SALT LAK Heraa
Iuvcsttgate o a papers the subscription Herald list E HERALD V J The Is a sort universal of morning confession tonic It
Thousands of Workmen Putting
on the Finishing Touches
I Causes n Decided Clash of
The atonal Commissioners and Council
of Administration at Loggerheads
DirectorGeneral Davis Called
to Account
CHICAGO May 21Vork on the un
finished portion of the Worlds fair was
resumed this morning and thousands of
men were soon busy putting the finish
ing touches on the great show while an
other thousand were at work putting
exhibits in place Teams loaded with
wonders from the four quarters of the
earth passed here and there among the
buildings and locomotives with loaded
trains puffed and steamed through the
grounds In the midst of all throngs of
sight seers strolled through the grounds
mostly engaged in getting an idea of the
architectural splendors on the position
of which so far as outward appearances
go is complete This alone is more than
can be accomplished in a single day The
immensity of the work grew on the spec
tators as they moved from point to point
and found an amount of exertion was
t necessary to merely walk around the great
structures A mere sight of them does
not afford a fair gauge of their size a the
buildings are all so large that nothing of
ordinary dimensions is in sight t furnish
a standard of measurement
DirectorGeneral Davis has been sum
moned before the national committee to
explain why he had not carried out the
Instructions of the committee regarding
instructons regding
the use of a piano made by nonexhibi
tors This vexing piano question seems
t have caused a decided clash of author
ity between the national committee and
council of administration Each of these
official bodies claims to have jurisdiction
on the matter and each are determined
that the other shall withdraw So far
the council of administration seems to
have the best of the wrangle I is iu
favor of allowing the director of music
o Thomas and Paderewski to use a piano
made by a nonexhibitor Today at a
concert given in music hal at the fair
grounds such piano was used in open
violation of the orders eminating from the
commission and with the consent of the
counsel of administration
When Director General Davis appeared
before the commission this afternoon ne
stated that upon receipt of instructions
ne had ordered the director of works to
remove the objectionable piano He had
taken it for granted that his order was
obeyed and he had been so busy that he
had not had time to see the director of
J works in person
President Palmer of the national com
mission then read a communication from
Acting President Peck of the local direc
tory in reference t the discussion had by
that body over the matter and stating I
that it was on April 2 referred to the
council of administration Meantime
the cnnci h completed its in
vestigation and competed to the
national commission This report
excluding nonexhibitors pianos should
not be a law in the case 1 nonex
liibitors of pianos were excluded it would
cause a failure of the musical programme
in a large degree Furthermore the car
ing out of such order would not be for
the best interests of either exhibitors of
the fair and added that the council would
formulate rules t govern the matter
This report was not kindly received by
a large number of commIssioners and a
heated discussion ensued a a result of
which Commissioner Burton of Kansas
offered a resolution declaring that the
council of adminstration had no juris
diction in the piano question The
resolution was referred to the judiciary
I f committee and the commission adjourned
While the wrangle was going on Messrs
Thomas and Paderewski were busily en
gaged in music All but one of the
pianos were declared contraband by the I I
national commission Piano exhibitors
are greatly exasperated over the matter
and while none of them will withdraw I
they expressed themselves in anything I
but pleasant terms regarding the turn
matters nave taken They are awaitjng I
the outcome of tomorrows meeting
i A Demand Will Be Made Today for
1 Higher Wages
CHICAGO May 2The waiters strike
i extended to the Worlds fair grounds today
1 day and though temporarily settled will
i break out again tomorrow All the men
employed there today demanded that they
be given f5 per week instead of f40 per
month at which price they have been
working This demand was granted but
tonight the men far from being
appeased I > y the concession have
made up their minds t ask
t tomorrow for 20 per week and will strike
i they dont get it In the down town
restaurants matters were in somewhat
better shape today Several houses had
signed the scale and opened for business
while some of the others managed t ob
tain some new men Demands for an in
crease of wages will be made at all the
leading hotels tomorrow
Duke De Tcragua ays an Official Visit
r to Mayor Harrison
CHICAGO May 2The Duke of Ve
ragua this morning paid an official visit
t Mayor Harrison and this evening wcs
the guest of President Palmer of the Na
tional worlds fair commission at dinner
A large company of distinguished guests
It were present The Duchess of Veragua
was this afternoon tendered a recention at
I the hotel Metropole by MadameD puy De
I Jjome wife of the Spanish royal commis
I I sioner general Many foreign dignitaries
r were present
I Admirals and Senior Otticer of the Sev
eral Fleets to Vtsit the Fair
NEW YOn May 2The programme
4 for the trip of admirals and senior officers
9 of the fleets lying in North river t the
d Worlds fair is about completed A
special train will leave via the New York
Central road on Thursday May 4 A
V sop will be made at Niagara Fall and
the will remain in
party wi rmain Chicago two
road days returning by the Pennsylvania
Senator Frye of Maine Delivers a Eulogy
S of Blaine in Boston
BOSTON May 2 Music hal was com
fortably filled tonight upon the occasion
of a eulogy of the late James G Blaiue
which was delivered by Hon William
wa delerc Wiiam P
Frye United States senator for Maine
Of the late Republican convention the
Bpeakersaid Elaines name was pre
sented t the convention whether with
his assent or not is not for me to say as I
do not know I do know that two
months before the convention I spent a
pleasant and agreeable two hours at his
bedside I told him I come as an envoy
from the people asking him to be a candidate
He replied to me that he knew any
participations on his part in a political
campaign would kill him before the con
test was over that i as I suggested he
should remove himself from its excite
ments he could not live and perform the
duties ol the president of the United
States three months He said his course
was marked out and when the weather
became warm enough for s residence at
Bar Harbor he should resign his office as
secretary of state and go to his summer
home and never more have anything
whatever to do with political office and
that he would devote the remainder of his
life to his family and to himself
A W Lyn an Appointed Revenue Collec
tor Indicted Into Olfice
HELENA Mon May 2The internal
revenue collector for the district of Utah
Montana and Idaho yesterday turned over
that office t A W Lyman recently ap
pointed to the position by President
Cleveland For several days Inspector
Eldredge of San Francisco has been in
the city going over the business of the of
fice preparatory to the change Collector
Lyman filed his bond with the depart
ment while he was east so thatyesterday
when the inspector was ready he had only
to take the oath of office
Later in the day the new collector said
in answer to a question that he had not
determined upon any changes among the
deputies as yet and would not until he
had opportunity to familiarize himself
with his new duties In about two weeks
he will make a trip over the district
Ton Thousand Italians Are on the Ocean
Bound for America
NEW YORK May 2There is a big rush
of immigrants for this country and sev
eral thousand are now on the ocean
headed for this port The reason for the
rush is that the immigration law goes into
effect tomorrow
Steerage passengers on all of the steam
ships ieaviiig all foreign ports on and
after May 3 will be subjected to the new
system of questions on arrival and will I
come under control of a new board of in I
spectors To forestall this many have al I
ready taken passage and they will bo here I
in swarms next week I
Ten thousand Italians left Marseilles on
eleven steamships which have just sailed
from that port the Belgravia bringing
1400 There are 1300 more bound from I
Bremen and immigration from other i
ports is equally as large I
Mrs Mary S Woods I Appointed by the
Supreme Court
BOISE Ida May 2Specal The
justices of the supreme court today ap
pointed Mrs Mary S Woods
state librarian The salary of
the office was increased by the
last legislature to fl500 a year and there I
has been a sharp contest for the place
Mrs Woods is the widow of Colonel
Chares A Woods who was widely
known throughout the state as a lawyer
The attorneys for H W Early the
clothing house swindler ha veapplied to
the supreme court tor a writ of habeas cor
I pus t get their client out of jail where
he if immured because of inability t give
bail The court refused to entertain the
St Clair County Missouri Judges Ordered
to Levy a Tax and Refuse
OSCEOLA Mo May 2The county
judges of St Clair county arrived here
I early Sunday evening and opened court
yesterday Last night United States
Deputy Marshal T Marshall of St
I Joseph arrived and served I peremptory I
writ of mandamus commanding them t
levy a railroad tax to satisfy the judgment I
i of the Ninth National bank of New York
I and certify obedience thereto before the
circuit court of the United States on May
9 The court will not levy the tax but I
will appear at the United States court
and submit
tosuch punishment a may
be inflicted for contempt of court This
is the same old railway bond case which
county judges for years past have de
clined to settle
Charles Milton Ogden I
NEW YORK May 2 Charles Milton i
Ogden died at his home in this city this I
afternoon aged 3 years Ogden was a
correspondent for twelve years prior to
18S9 when he was appointed receiver of
public moneys at Seattle Wash a posi
tion which he was recently compelled to
resign on account of iii health During
his service in Washington Ogden repre
sented the Philadelphia Press Boston
Globe St Paul Pioneer Tress and California
fornia papers
K I Fell
Fell member of the Republican con
vention held in Illinois in this city in
1856 is dead Ho was an intimate friend
of Abraham Lincoln and t him was
largely due Lincolns first nomination to
the presidency of tho United States
Herbert A Preston
Preston one of the oldest Washington
correspondents died at his residence in
seases this city today of a complication of di
Red River Overflows
WINNIPEG May 2A dispatch from
Emmerson tonight is to the effect that
the neighborhood is transformed into a
great lake by the flooding of the Red
river The damaOe in Emmerson is
heavy several buildings were carried
away and merchants are moving goods
for the second time since the river broke
Another Cut in Rates
DENVER May 2The Denver Rio
Grande today further reduced the round
trip rate to Chicago to 530 and 22 to St
Louis Other roads have met the cut I
is understood that a rate of i2 t Chicago
will bo made
Home tor Children Burned
BURLINGTON Vt May 2The home
for destitute children burned last night
The fifty inmates were rescued Loss
The Situation at Alton
ALTON I May 2Th flood situa
tion is practically unchanged here as a
three inch rise since last night did not
materially affect thing
Jute Workers Strike
DUNDEE May 2 Nineteen thousand
working people employed in the jute
mills at this have
s place gone out on a
I i >
Number of Reasons Why They
Should Be Abandoned
Complaints Received by the State De
partment of Evasions
Tho Brazilian Government Is Making
Trouble but Is Apparently Not Violat
ing tho Treaty with Spain Ameri
can Merchants Gain Little
WASHINGTON May 2An evening
paper has this Abundant reasons for
the abendonment of the policy of reci
procity under the McKinley bill exists in
complaints received by the state depart
ment regarding evasions of the treaty by
Spanish officials in Cuba The Spanish
government was forced into the treaty by
the diplomacy of Blaiue because of a fear
that i Cuban sugar growers were deprived
of their market in the United States
through reciprosity arrangements with
other sugar growing countries they
would raise and revolt against Spain
The government intends to make the
treaty so unpopular that it will fall to the
ground of its own weight and haa im
posed an excise tax nearly equal to the
duties remitted by the McKinley bill
Our government will protest strongly
against the tax or wipe out the whole
treaty and leave Cuban growers to face a
possible import duty under our new tariff
The Spanish government has also shown
atx inclination to nnke trouble on the
action regarding chedules on articles on
which duties are reluced by the treaty
The Brazilian government is also making
trouble over the reciprocity treaty but is
not apparently violating it so fla
grantly as the government of Spain It
is understood that when the schedules of
discriminations in favor of the United
States were made the general scale of Bra
zilian import duties might be raised
Brazil took advantage of this arrange
ment to raise the dutiable schedules so
soon as the reciprocity arrangement
was made and said she was obliged to do
so in order to obtain sufficient revenue
for carrying on the federal government
The result has been a very small net
gain to American merchants while the
people of Brazil are complaining of the
I increased schedules against other coun
tries and reciprocity arrangements with
both Spain and Brazil would probably be
wiped out at once but for a desire of the
administration to proceed with delibera
tion and make our policy toward the
southern countries dependent upon the
revision of our entire fiscal system
Orders Issued All Treasury Agents to
Take in Unregistered Chinamen
WASHINGTON May 20rders have
been issued to treasury officers special
agents internal revenue agents and
others to arrest uuregistered Chinamen
after May 5 On that date the Geary
Chinese law provides that all unregistered
Chinese in the United States may be
arrested As the constitutionality of the
Geary act will be tested before the Su
preme Court on May 10 it was decided to
awat a decision before ordering whole i
sale arrests Up to noon today fourteen
of the 130 Chinamen in this city were
registered and it is expected that most of
the others will do so between now and
Friday next the last day under the Geary
exclusion act I
An Important Ruling Made by Acting
Secretary llnmlin
WASHINGTON May 2An important
ruling which affects the duties on wool
is embodied in instructions addressed by
Acting Secretary Hamlin of the treasury
department to the collector of customs
at New York today The collector i di
rected to refund to certain importers
excess duty exacted on thirdclass wool
in accordance with a decision of the cir
cuit court of appeals at Now York The
result will be that onehalf of the duty
exacted will be refunded Instructions
will be applied generally to all pending
cases and will form a rule for the future
guidance of collectors
Ho Leaves Washington for His Wisconsin
WASHINGTON May 2 ExSecretary
Husk and family left for the west on the
Pennsylvania road this afternoon A
large number of officers and employees of
the department of agriculture went to the
station to bid their former chief good bye
A large box of choice flowers were pre
sented to Mrs Rusk by officials con
nected with the department General
Rusk and family will stay in Chicago a
few days before to their
proceeding Wis
consin home
Delegate Kawlliis Refers to the Political
Situation in Utah
WASHINGTON May 2Special 3The
Post today printed an interesting inter
view with Hon J L Rawlins in which
ho spoke of the political and social condi
tions In Utah and the general wish that
the territory would soon be admitted to
statehood He claims that Utah is Dem
ocratic by at least 3000 plurality
A has been issued
patent to Ephraim
Blanchard of Logan on a washing ma
Cleveland and His Cabinet Arrive at the
WASHINGTON May 2At 555 this
afternoon the presidential special steamed
into the Pennsylvania station bringing in
Cleveland and those of his cabinet who
returned with him from Chicago Car
riages were in waiting and the travelers
were at once driven to their respective
homes Secretary Gresham said the
journey home was devoid of any special
interest but that Cleveland and his cabi
net were well pleased with the trip
Possibly a Renewal of the Banditti
WASHINGTON May 2The state de
partment is ignorant officially of the re
ported insurrectionary movement in
Cuba Nothing bearing on the subject
has been received by the department from
the Spanish legation in Washington for
several months and no recent communi
cations concerning the matter have come
from United States diplomatic officers
Assistant Secretary Adee believes the
movement to be nothing more than a re
newal of the banditti system which offers
many opportunities in the wild and un
settled portions ofthe island
Gold thu Treasury
WASHINGTON Iay 2Gold in the I
treasury is increasing slowly and the
1Tl b
situation is regarded as satisfactory
I is hoped by the department officials
that Secretary Carlisle made arrangements
with Chicago bankers for large additions
to the treasury gold There has been
some criticism of the statement that the
Chicago national banks held more gold
coin that those of New York The last
official report on the subject shows
that Chicago national banks held over
52000000 more gold coin than the New
York national banks
Roosevelts Resignation Withdrawn
WASHINGTON 1lay Theodore Roose
velt will continue to serve as a member of
the civil service commission Immedi
ately after Cleveland inauguration
Roosevelt sent in his resignation but the
president has now requested Roosevelt to
withdraw it and continue in his place on
the commission which he will do
San Francisco Jockey Club
SAN FRANCISco May 2The Jockey
club meet began today at Bay district
Elevensixteenths of a mile Mackey
first Little Tough second St Patrick
third Time l09tf
Fiveeighths of a mile Jim Lee first
The Lark second Happ Band third
Time 104
One mile and three eighths Elays first
Elraont second Martenit third Time
Thirteensixteenths of a mile Regal
first Joe Cotton second Nellie G third
Time 122
Halfmile Claire first Tile S second
Warrago third Time 50X
Five and a half furlongsReno first
Joe D second North Wind third Time
The Nashville Track
NASHVILLE Tenn May2Track fair
Seven furlongs Helen N first Lord
Willowbrook second Roslyn third Time
Half mile Miss Maraeo first Ethel W
second Calumert third Time52
Handicap seven furlongs first
Sewitor second Dolly McCone third
Mile and a sixteenth Tenny jr first
Parapet second Red Cap third Time
Six furlongsEl Paso first Freinge sec
ond Reuben Payne third Time 120M
Washington Jockey Club
BENNINGS May 2Track good Six
furlongsNaptha first Radiator second
Fannie Beverly third Time 116
Five furlongs Charley Wilson first
Hippona second Benjamin third Time
Five furlongsBlack Child first High
C second Charon third Time 104
Handicap one mile Strathmeath first
Arnold Bess second McDuff third Time
Four and onehalf furlongsBriar first
dalvia second Minnie Brown third
Time 58
Six furlongsCaptain Brown first
Beautiful Bell second El Demonis third
Time 1172
The St Louis Track
ST Louis May 2rack good Six
furlongs Edgar Johnson first Mollie
Bawn second Locklock third Time
Four and a half furlongsPop Gray
first Nat Goodwin second Keen third
Time 573
Seven furlongs Orrick first Newcas
tle second L IL third Time132
Six furlongs Pennyroyal1 first Tim
Murphy second Blaze Duke third Time
117X ne
Six and a half furlongs Zoolin first
Burt Jordan second Midway third
Time 125
I American Trotting Association
CHICAGO May 2A meeting of the
biennial congress of the American Trot
ting association was held today The
secretarys reports showed the associa
tion to be in good condition financial
W P Ijams of Terre Haute was elected
president and G B McFall of Oskaloosa
In vicepresident
Good Game at Philadelphia
PHILADELPHIA May 2The Phillies
developed a batting streak pounding
three Boston pitchers for seventeen hits
and twentyfour bases Boston 7 Philadelphia
I adelphia 13
Washington Game
WASHINGTON May 2The visitors ex
celled the home team in all respects
Washington 1 Brooklyn 9
New York Defeats Baltimore
NEW YORK May 2The visitors were
easily defeated by the home team New
York 5 Baltimore 1
The Game at Pittsburg
PITT6BUBG May 2barp fielding by
both sides were the features today Pitts
burg 3j Chicago6 Pit
Featureless Game at Cincinnati
CINCINNATI May 2 Todays game
was featureless Cincinnati 2 Cleve
land 3
St Louis vs Louisville
ST Louis May 2 Todays game was
featureless St Louis 6 Louisville 4
Writ of Ouster Issued
TOPEKA Kan May 2The supreme
court today granted a writ ot ouster
against State Railroad Commissioner
Mitchell removed by the Populists when
they came into power before his termof
office had expired but who refused to
give up his office and compelled the Popu
lists to begin proceedings to remove him
He will not appeal from the decision
Steamship Arrivals
Plymouth Rugia from New York
Tory Island Devonia from New York
Bremerhaven Elbe from New York
BostonOttoman and Columbian from
Philadelphia Switzerland from Ant
werp India from Liverpool
New York Nordland from Bremen
England from London
The Relay Bicycle Race
lay bicycle race between Boston and Chi
cago is being accomplished under difficul
ties as the roads are deep in mud from
recent rains The relay passed through
St Johnsville at 830 this morning i
Relay riders reached Utica at 1130 this I
morning six hours behind the schedule I
Six Hours Lato at Syracuse
SYRACUSE Y May 2The mes
sage from the governor of Massachusetts
to the governor of Illinois arrived here
this afternoon bad roads causing the
riders to fall six hours and fiftytwo
minutes behind schedule time
Jumped from a Fourth Story Window
VIENNA May 2 Baron Richard
Poecke president of an extensively cir
culated tourists journal Fremdenblatt
suicided by jumping from a fourth story
I window He was S years old He feared
the loss of his eyesight
Fitlsimmons to Fight Greggains
BOSTON May 2 Bob Fitzsimmons I
called at the Gob office today and left a I
deposit for a match with Alex Gregeains
The stakes will be 5000 a side and the
largest purse
Province of Santiago Placed Un
der Marshal Law
Said to Be Due to Dissatisfaction Over
an Election
The Revolutionists Have a force of More
Than 2000 Bleu Well Armed The
CaptainGcnural Calls
Council of War
NEW YORK May 2The Heralds Key
West special gives further advices in re I
gard to the Cuban revolution From alI
sources it is learned that twenty men took
up arms on April 24th in Hurnio a pro
vince of Santiago led by two brothers
named Sartoius sons of a brave Spanish
general Marching to Velasco they were
reinforced by eighty men having a few
arms took provisions from the store and
proceeded to the coast gaining reinforce
ments along the way The civil guards
of Holquia notified the captain general
in Havana that the uprising was of a
I political character I is said to be duo to
I dissatisfaction over the election of repre
sentatives to the Sponish cortes in March
and to excessive taxation The force of
insurrectionists on April 28th amounted
to 1500 men unusually well armed
The captain general called a council of
war Thursday night in Havana and
issued a manifesto declaring the province
of Santiago under martial law and offer
ing pardon to all who would lay down
arms in eight days all others to be pun
ished as traitors He ordered the battal
ion at Tarragona to leave on the steamer
Villaveide for Jibara but at the hour of
sailing on Friday directed them to Puerto
Principre where theywere to join another
battalion Three companies of cavalry
ordered to Jibara received later orders to
go direct to Manzanillo indicating that
the insurrectionists were marching
rapidly north or that the outbreak was
The Spanish government was in arrears
with its troops but the captain general at
once ordered payment for three months
in advance to the troops sent against the
insurrectionists This amounted to 53
000 He and a prominent general boarded
the steamer at the last moment and urged
the troops to do their duty He promised
a reward to all who aided in quelling the
The insurrectionists passed through
the district of Holquin and Tunas and
took the road to Canto river which they
passed Friday without opposition with a
force of 2000
Madrid People Demand Urgent Action on
the Part of tho Authorities
MARI April 2A deputation of
Cuban senators and deputies including
several autonomists waited upon Maura
minister of colonies today to protest
against the Cuban revolt The minister
replying assured them the government
would not hesitate to make any sacrifice
to maintain Spanish rule in Cuba but
that unless the situation became worse he
considered the colonial army strong
enough to conquer the rebels Reinforce
ments however were in readiness to de
part on the first intimation from the II
captain general of Cuba that their assist
ance was required
Madrid newspapers advise urgent action
to put down the revolt and declare that
national sentiment demands that the last
remnant of the Spanish colonial empire in
America be kept at any cost
Four battalions of chasseurs in Puerto
Rico two battalions in Canary islands
and 5000 men in Spain are held in readi
nefs to proceed to Cuba
Seven Columns of Troops Pursuing the
HAVANA May 2The latest news in
regard to the insurrection is that the
Bandests are now between Puerto Del
Padre harbor on the northwest coast of
Cuba and Mana I and seven columns of
troops are in pursuit The troops are be
ing supported by two Spanish ships of
war off the coast Up to date not a sin
gle encounter has taken place between the
troops and rebels I is rumored that the
rebels propose to surrender i they are
guaranteed that their lives will be spared
Volunteers at Key West
KEY WEST Fla May 2The Cubans
of Key Wet are astir and brimful of en
thusiasm Five hundred men met on a
retired portion of the beach last night and
were addressed by prominent speakers
who called for volunteers From eighty
to one hundred men then stepped out and
pledged themselves to fight for Cuban
freedom The custom house force still
guards the beach and a United States cut
ter is ready tosailat a moments notice
Cabinet Council Held
MADRID May 2A cabinet council
was called this evening to decide what
reinforcement and supplies should be
despatched to Havana
A Sensation Created by a Statement of
the Assignee of Hubbard
Sioux CITY la May 2The assignee
of E H Hubbard of the Afton Loan
Trust company has made a statement
which has created a sensation In the
original statement of the liabilities of
the company filed when it failed
they were placed at about 750000
with assets at twice that amount I
proves from the assignees statement that
the liabilities are immensely greater
amounting to about 6000000
In an interview Hubbard said I will
be ready in a day or two to flu my state
ment of liabilities I have not gone far
enough to make a statement of the exact
amount of liabilities of the company but
from various sources I learn indefinitely
that they are about 6000000 This in
cludes both direct and indirect liabilities
the latter being on account of notes en
dorsed by the company The paper has
been sold all over the country and is held
mainly by banks
The Combination Will Have the Enor
mous Capital of 8130000000
NEW YOBK May 2Final details in
the organizing of the Leather Trust com
pany of leading dealers in sole leather in
New York Boston Baltimore and other
places also including owners of the large
tanneries in the country which was to
be called the United States Leather com I
pany is now being carried out and it is
expected that public statements of the
trusts finances will be made public to
morrow It is said the company will be
capitalized at f 130000000 f60COO000 pre
ferredf 60000000 common and 1000J
000 in debenture bonds Merchants in
1 Fi < t > >
> c
the trade are very reticent Several say
the trust is not completely organized and
i organized at all the work will be done
this week On the other hand it is said
the trust is organized and Feisner of J
Mushhner Co said he made a pur
chase from tho trust yesterday Officers
of the trust are not known
His Financial Complications Wilt Soon
Be Straightened Out
NEW YORK May Judgment was
entered in the Richmond county clerks
office yesterday against Erastus Wiman
in favor of Orrin S Wood for 16000
Wiman confessad judgment in favor of
Wood for the market value of some first
mortgago bonds of the Northwestern Tel
egraph company which he borrowed from
Vood Winsans financial complications
will probably be straightened out to the
satisfaction of his creditors much sooner
than was expected as his land if being
appraised and will be disposed of as soon
as possible
Queer Action of the Russian ConsulGen
eral in New York
NEW YORK May 2An afternoon pa
per says Russian ConsulGeneral Olorov
sky yesterday declined to place his signa
ture upon a passport issued by the state
department and presented by Mrs Sadie
Schwartz of this city wife of a citizen of
the United States on the ground that she
was a Hebrew and tho laws of his country
forbid him signing such passports The
paper sent a reporter to the office of the
consulgeneral this morning with a pass
port to be signed and stated that the con
sul refused to put his signature to it when
in reply to a question the reporter said he
he was a Hebrew I
People Become Panic Stricken at a Lon
don Conflagration
LONDON May 2Fire started early this
morning in the timber yard of Simpson
Hendon at Road Hull The flames spread
rapidly to the dwellings opposite Eight
houses were burning simultaneously
many more were in danger and several
blocks business buildings were threat
ened The whole district became involved
in a panic which required the united ef
forts of two squads of police and a com
pany of militia to subdue Marines were
landed and helped the firemen and after
three hours the fire was brought under
control Most of the timber yard was
destroyed four houses burned and sev
eral others partially destroyed There is
little doubt but the fire was incendiary
The Small Hirers in Ohio Overflow Their
Banks Heavy Damage Inflicted
CINCINNATI May 2The heavy rains
have ceased cooler weather prevails and
the danger of a disastrous flood in the
Ohio riveris not now imminent the river
now stands fifty and onehalf feet and is
rising only half an inch per hoar The
greatest damage is along the smaller
rivers in Ohio The Miami is higher than
since 1884 and the paper mills at Franklin
and Middletown were compelled t stop
work Along the Little Miami thou
sands of acres of planted ground is sub
merged Along the Smote the same state
of affairs exists The city park at Chil
licothe is flooded and the bottom lands
are all under water Only the absence of
a great rise from the headwaters prevents
an unusual flood in the Ohio river
The Third Flood of the Year Occurs in
Northeastern Arkansas
S Louis May 2Advices from south
ern Missouri and northeastern Arkansas
are to the effect that the third flood this
year in White and Rlack rivers is pour
ing down doing great damage to all kinds
of property A large part of Poplar Bluff
onthe river is submerged and people are
obliged to abandon their homes Tho
bottom lands of both White and Blacc
rivers are flooded fore scores of miles All
the crops are damaged or wholly de
At Steelville Mo the water poured
through the streets four feet deep float
away ing houses Many bridges are washed
New Levees Below East St Louis in
Great Danger
S1 Louis May 2For the present at
least danger of further damage from high
water seems to be past This evening the
river is stationary at 31 feet and no
further rise i immediately anticipated
On this side of the river no further serious
damage is reported and on the other side
the situation is about the same as last
night The new levees south of east St
Louis are in imminent danger and men
and teams have been working steadily to
save it for fortyeight hours but tonight
it looks as i their efiorts would be fruitless
Five Men Attempting to Cross a Swollen
Stream are Drowned
SEAKCY Ark May 2Five men lost
their lives in the raging current of
Little river near here today Allen
Brown Robinson Caruth Joe Scott
Landy Cooksey and Allen Booth
ployed at the government rock quarry
attempted to cross the river in a small
boat to go to dinner When they reached
the middle of the stream the current car
ried them against a rock wrecking it
The men were thrown into the river and
was soon carried down with the currant
The bodies were not recovered
St Paul Partially Submersed
ST PAUL May 2Bohemian Flats is
largely inundated today and likewise
nearly depopulated for not more than
half a dozen families now remain Base
ments are partly filled but no damage is
yet done In West St Paul from the
Lafayette school buildings to the baseball
park extends a vat lake with many little
islands surmounted by small houses and
live stock
No Further Damage in Ohio
CINCINNATI 0 May 20ommerciaZ
specials report fiopds all over southern
central Ohio but no great damage aside
from that to crops is reported
Tissue Paper Trust Fails
NEW YORK May 2The sheriff today
took charge of the office of the United
Paper company under an attachment for
64500 and Frederick K Day was ap
pointed receiver of the company Tna
United Paper company is known as the
tissue trust and was formed with a capi
tal of 3000000 to control the manufac
ture of tissue paper The trouble of the
capital company is ascribed to a lack of working
Choctaw Outlook Peaceful
WASHINGTON 0 May Secretary Hoke
Smith received a dispatch from Indian
Inspector Issonsaying the Choctaw out
look was altogether peaceful The Locke
force and militia are disbanding
The Argument of Mr Carter Is
Ho Is Highly Complimented by the
President of the Court 1 I
From the Beginning to tho End Mr Carter
Had Spoken Forty Hours Temper 1
auce Advocates Excited
Foreign News 4
PARIS May 2The Behring Sea tribu
nal of arbitration resumed its session to
day Lord Hannan British arbitrator who j
has been ill being sufficiently recovered
to be present J O Carter consul for
the United States maintained that the 1
rights of the United States in the Behring
Sea were absolute and unqualified He
argued over again that the government of
the United States was justified in protect
ing its rights in thoso waters in time of
peace as well as any other time pro
claimed that the United States
had the right to seize vessels
caught in pelagic sealing Assum
ing argued Mr Carter that the rights
of property of the United States is ad
mitted as claimed was the government of
the United States to follow vessels found
engaged in pelagic sealing home in order
to claim redress for trespass against mu
nicipal law This he continued would
not only be effectual but would not com
port with the dignity of the United States
No nation ever deigned to resort to
another nation for an enforcement of its
municipal law The only method open
for the proper enforcement of such law
was the method of force and that was
justifiable in the case of tho Behnng Sea
on the same ground as in cases of revenue
and quarantine laws
Mr Carter then proceeded t argue on
the subject of the regulations but was
interrupted by Sir Charles Russell of
counsel for Great Britain who said that
Great Britain would not recede from its
position that the question of rights should
be argued apart from the question of reg
ulations Sir Charles stated however
that he would not object to Mr Carter
presenting a statement of his views on
the subject
An animated discussion followed in
which Baron De Courcel resident of the
tribunal American Arbitrator Harlan
British Arbitrator Lord Hannen Sir
Charles Russell and Hon E J
Phelps took part I was finally decided
that counsel for Great Britain should ar
gue the question of rights and the ques
tion of regulations separately but that
the tribunal would not give separate de
cisions Mr Carter then proceeded with
his argument which will be concluded
In his peroration Mr Carter described
the slaughter of female seals heavy with
unborn young and other horrors of
pelagic sealing To prevent these horrors
and protect the seal herds the United
States had taken the position which ha
explained to the best of his ability The
United States had taken this position
the risk of war with Great Britain and
they had been ready to maintain this po
sition and thus discharge their duties to
humanity even i they were obliged to
face half the world in arms History
would recognize their rights and the jus
tice of their cause The duty of
the United States was not ex
tinguished by a reference of tho
dispute to the tribunal but that
had been merely transfered The United
States had withdrawn and left to the ar
bitrators a sacred duty forbidding ple
lagic sealing and confining seal killing to
the islands I the tribunal should de
cline to assume this duty it would only
leave for posterity a new source of con
From the beginning to the end Mr
Carter had spoken forty hours As he sat
down Baron de Courcel president of the
court said I can not refrain from
thanking you sir for the magnificent
speech which has been characterized by a
loftiness court of views well worthy this high
The British Womans Temperance Associ
ation Will nnb Mrs Foster
LONDON May 2In an interview Lady
Biddulph leader of the British Womans
temperance association said in regard to
the visit to this country of Mrs J Ellen
Foster the noted American
Amercn temperance
advocate that she was not aware of Mrs
Fosters intention to come to Great Brit
ain and warmly declared that she would
not be allowed to speak in the convention
of the British temperance womens asso
ciation The convention would be pri
vate and the chief topic of discussion
would be whether Lady Henry Somerset
should be allowed to introduce politics
into the platform of the association and
the association would consider whether it
would reaffiliate with the association Miss
Francis Willard It was intended to op
pose the reelection of Lady Somerset
Ladies or the association are said to be ex
cited over the prospect of the appearance
of Mrs Fosters delegation In the con
A Sensational Story Comes Out Through a
Tragedy in Wales
GRESFORD Wales May 2Mrs Whit
tle of this place had in her employ a
groom named Shellard He took a holi
day yesterday returned In the evening
entered his mistress bedroom shot her
and after kneeling down and delivering a
prayer blew out his own brains Ha
threatened to kill a sewing maid who ap
peared during the progress of the tragedy
It appears there was a liaison between
Shellsrd and Mrs Whittle Her husband
is town counsellor of Charlton a suburb
of Manchester The relations between
Shellard aged 40 and Mrs Whittle aged
28 began when ho was in the service of
her parents before her marriage She
persuaded her husband to hire him but
he discovered the relationship and sent
his wife to Gresford whither Shellard fol
Return of the Emperor
LUCERNE May 2The emperor and
empress of Germany received a royal re
ception on their arrival here today on
their return from the silver wedding fes
tivities of the king and queen of Italy
The city was decorated in honor of the
imperial visitors who were received with
a salvo of artillery and shouts of the as
sembled multitude
Debate on the Army Bill
BERLIN May 2The army bill will ba
brought up and debated on a plenary
sitting of the reichstag tomorrow Chan
cellor Caprlvl has advised the kaiser to
return without delay in order to secure
the aid of his authorities in the final at
tempt to obtain a majority for the bill
The army bill compromise arranged
between Von Caprivf and Von Henna
Clerical leader has been approved by
Emperor William It is reported

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