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Unconditional Repeal of the
Sherman Law Recommended
No Other Measure Commended as a
t The Document Throughout Deals E
r clttsU eiy with Finances Tariff Reform
f Iust Walt How the Message Was
Kocelvod Views Arc Various
WASHINGTON Aug SThe president
todaj sent the following message to Con
To the Congress of the United States
The existence of an alarming and ex
traordinary business situation involving
the welfare and prosperity of our people
has constrained me to call together in
extra session the peoples representatives
i in Congress to the end that through the
i wise and patriotic exercise of the legisla
tive duty with which they solely are
charged the present evils may be miti
gated and the dangers threatening the
future may be averted
Our unfortunate financial plight is not
the result of any untoward events nor
of conditions related to our natural re
sources nor is it traceable to any of the
afflictions which frequently check the
r national growth and prosperity With
l plenteous crops with an abundant
promise of remunerative production
t and manufacture with unusual
invitation to safe investment and with
satisfactory assurance business enter
prise suddenly financial distrust and fear
have sprung up on every side Numerous
moneyed institutions have suspended
because abundant assets were not imme
diately available to meet the demands of
frightened depositors The surving cor
porations and individuals are content to
keep in hand the money they are usually
anxious to loan and those engaged in
legitimate business are surprised to find
that the securities they offer for loans
though heretofore satisfactory are no
longer accepted Values supposed to be
fixed are fast becoming conjectural and
4h loss and failure have invaded every branch
r business
I believe these things are principally
chargeable to congressional legislation
touching the purchase and coinage of sil
ver by the general government This
legislation is embodied in a statute
passed on the 14th day of July 1890
which was the culmination of much agi
tation on the subject involved and which
may be considered a fuce after a long
struggle between the advocates of free
silver coinage and those intending to be
more conservative Undoubtedly the
monthly purchases by the government of
four million five hundred thousand
ounces of silver forced under that statute
were regarded by those interested In the
silver production as a certain guaranty of
its increase in price The result however
has been entirely different for immedi
ately following the spasmodic and slight
rise the price of silver began to fall after
the passage of the act and has since
I reached the lowest point ever known
This disappointing result has led to a re
newed ana persistent effort in the direc
tion of fret silver coinage
Meanwhile not only are the evil effects
of the operations of the present law con
stantly accumulating but the result to
which its execution must inevitably lead
are becoming palpable to all who give the
least heed t financial subjects The law
provides that in payment for the 4500000
ounces of silver bullion which the secre
tary of the treasury is commanded to
purchase monthly there shall be issued
treasury notes redeemable on demand in
gold or silver coin at the discretion of the
secretary of the treasury and that said
T notes may be reissued I is however
declared in the act to be the established I
policy of the United States to maintain
the two metals upon a parity with each
other upon the present legal or such ratio
as may be provided t > y law I
This declaration so controls the action
declaraton acton
of the secretary of the treasury as to pre
vent his exercising the discretion nomi
nally vested in him i by such action the
parity between gold and silver may be
disturbed Manifestly the refusal by the
secretary t pay these treasury notes in
gold i demanded would necessarily re
sult in their discredit and depreciation as
obligations payable only in silver and
would destroy the parity between the two
metals by establishing discrimination in
favor of gold
Up to the 15th day oi July 1893 these I
notes had been issued in payment of the
silver bullion purchased the amount of
more than 147000000 While all but a
very small quantity of this bullion re
mains uncoined and without usefulness
in the treasury many of the notes given
in its purchase have been paid in gold
This is illustrated by the statement that
between the 1st day of May 1892 and the
15th day of July 1893 the notes of this
kind issued payment for silver bullion
amounted to little more than foi000000
and that during the same period about
59000000 were paid by the treasury in
gold for the redemption of such notes
The policy necessarily adopted of paying
these notes in gold has not spared the
gold reserve of 100000000 long ago set
aside by the government for the redemp
tion of other notes for this fund has already
ready been subjected to the payment of
new obligations amounting to about
5150000000 on account of silver purchases
and has as a consequence for the first
time since its creation been encroached
moon We have thus made depiction of
our gold easy and have tempted other and
more appreciative nations to add it t
their stck That the opportunity we
bave offered has not been neglected is
shown by the large amounts of gold
which have been recently drawn from our
treasury and exported t increase the
financial strength of foreign nations The
excess of exports of gold over its Imports
for the year ending June 301893 amounts
t more than 587500000 Between the
1st day of July 1S90 and the 15th day of
July 1893 the gold coin and bullion in
our treasury decreased more than 13
000000 while during the same period the
silver coin and bullion in the treasury
increased more than 147000000
rt Unless government bonds are to be con
stantly issued and sold to replenish our
exhausted gold only to be again ex
3 hausted it is apparent that the silver
purchase law now in orctleads in the di
rection of the entire substitution of silver
for gold in the government treasury and
thaithis must be followed by the pay
ment of all government obligations in de
predated silver
pre at lver
At this stage gold and silver must part
company d the government must fail
in its established policy to maintain the
two metals on a parity with each other
Given over to the exclusive use of a cur
rency greatly depreciated according to the
standard of the commercial world we
could no longer claim 8 place among the
nations of the first class nor could our
government claim the performance of its
r obligation solar a such oTjligtion has
been imposed upon its to proyidfe for the
9 0
use of the people the beat and safest
money I as many of Its friends claim i
silver ought to occupy a larger place in
our currency and the currency of the
world through general international co
operation and agreement it is obvious
that the United States will not be in a
position to gain a hearing in favor of
such agreement so long as we are willing
to continue our attempt to accomplish the
resul singlehanded
The knowledge in business circles
among our own people that our govern
ment cannot make its fat equivalent to
intrinsic value > nor keep inferior money
on a parity with superior money by its
own independent efforts has resulted in
such a lack of confldence at home in the
stability of currency values that capital
refuses its aid to new enterprises while
millions are actually withdrawn from the
channels of trade and commerce to be
come unprofitable in the hands of timid
owners Foreign investors equally alert
not only decline to purchase American
securities but make haste to sacrifice
those which they already have
I does not meet the situation to say
that apprehension in regard to the future
of our finances is groundless and that
there is no lack of confidence in the pur
chases or the power of the government in
the premises The very existence of this
apprehension and the lack l of confidence
however has caused n menace which
ought not for a moment to be disregarded
Possibly i the undertaking we have in
land were the maintenance of a specific
known quantity of silver at a parity with
gold our ability to do so might be estimated
mated and gauged and perhaps in view
of our unparalleled growth and resources
it might be favorably passed upon But
when our avowed endeavor is to maintain
such parity in regard to an amount of
silver increasing at the rate of fifty million
lion dollars yearly with no fixed termin
ation to such increase it can hardly be
said that a problem is presented whose
solution is free from doubt
people of the United States are en
titled to a sound stable currency and to
a money recognized as such on every ex
change and in every market of the world
Their government has no right to injure
them by financial experiments opposed to
the policy and practice of other civilizad
states nor is it justified in permitting an
exaggerated and unreasonable reliance on
our national strength and the ability to
jeopardize the soundness of the peoples
This matter rises above the plane of
party politics It vitally concerns every
business and calling and enters every
household in the land There is one im
portant aspect of the subject which
especially should never be overlooked at
a time Ike the present when the evils of
unsound finance threatens us The
speculator may anticipate a harvest
gathered from the misfortunes of others
The capitali may protect himself by
hoarding or may even find profit in the
fluctuation of the market
But the wageearnerthe first to be in
jured by a depreciated currency and the
last to receive the benefit of its correction
is practically defenseless He relies for
work upon the ventures of confident and
contented capital This failing him his
condition is without alleviation for he
can neither prey on the misfortunes of
others nor hoard his labor One of the
greatest statesmen our country has
known speaking more than fifty years
ago when the derangement of the cur
rency had caused commercial distress
The very man of all others who has
the deepest interest in a sound currency
and who suffers by mischievous legisla
tion in monetary matters i the man who
earns his daily bread by his daily toil
These words are as pertinent now as on
the day they were uttered and ought to
impressively remind us that a failure in
the discharge of our duty at this time
must especially injure those of our coun
trymen who labor and who because of
their number and condition are entitled
to tha most watchful care of the govern
It is of the utmost importance that such
relief as Congress can afford in the exist
ing situation be afforded at once The
maxim He gives twice who gives
quickly is directly applicable I may
be true that the embarrassments from
which the business of the country Is suf
fering arise as much from evils ap
prehended a from those actually exist
ing We may hope too that calm coun
sels will prevail and that neither capi
talists nor wage earners will give way to I
unreasoning panic and sacrifice their
property or their interests under the in
fluence of exaggerated fears Neverthe
less every days delay in removing one
of the plain and principal causes of the
present state of things enlarges the mis
chief already done and increases the
responsibility of the government for its
existence Whatever the people have a
right to expect from Congress they may
certainly demand that legislation con
demned by the ordeal of three years dis
astrous experience shall be removed from
the statute books as soon as their repre
sentatives can legitimately deal with i
It was my purpose to summon Congress
in special session early in the coming
September that we might enter promptly
upon the work of tariff reform which the
true interest of the country clearly de
mands and which so large a majority of
the people a shown by their suffrage
desire and expect and to the accomplish
ment of which every effort of the present
administration is pieced But while
tariff reform has lost nothing of its im
mediate and permanent importance and
must in the near future engage the atten
tion of Congress it has seemed to me that
the financial condition of the country
should at once and before all other sub
jects be considered by your honorable
body I
I earnestly recommend the prompt re
peal of the provisions of the act passed
July 14 1890 authorizing the purchase of
silver bullion and that other legislative
action may put beyond all doubt of mis
take the intention and ability of the gov
ernment to fulfil its pecuniary obligations
in the money universally recognized by
all civilized countries
No Measure Sujjjjesteil to Take the Place
of the Sherman Law
Bulletin Republican says I is rather
a brief document and treats of a single
question namely a repeal of the Sher
man act without any suggestion as to
any measure to take its place There is
not a word about tariff Hawaii or n sus
pension of the Geary act Evidently his
expectation is that a repeal of the Sher
man act will be accomplished right out
of hand and that Congress will there
after adjourn The robber tariff which
was pressing so heavily upon us accord
ing to Democratic authority sometime
ago and other questions of importance
that are pending may now go over to the
regular session
2o Longer a Statesman but a Diplo
SAN FRANCISCO Aug 8The gvening
Post IndependentDemocrat In politics
says editorially The words in which
Mr Cleveland has trancmitted his mes
sage to Congress are those ofprudent pol
itioifins whose intellectuality is under a
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I e 1i
< st < < > > o
important Measures Introduced I
in the Upper House
I Leayes no Doubt of His Position on
Financial Issues
Stewart of Nevada Presents n Measure
Which Will Giv Immediate Keller to
the CountryA Debate Indulged
In Which Grows Rather Warm
WASHINGTON Aug 8 After the
morning routine the Senate took a recess
ill 1245 to await the arrival of the pres
idents message
Mr Lodge introduced a resolution for
a vote on the repeal of the silver purchase
act on the 22nd inst
On reconvening the message was read
Seldom in the history of the Senate has a
message been listened to with such close
attention Every senator seemed in a
nervous strain and would not lose a
As sOn as i was ended Mi Voorhees
moved that it be printed and rpferred to
the Committee on Finance The message
was thereupon referred to the Committee
on Finance with orders that it be printed
Mr Dolph of Oregon gave notice that
he would after the moraine business
address the Senate on the subject of
A large number of petitions for and
against a repeal of the Sherman act were
presented and referred Then it was an
nounced that the introduction of bills
was in order
The first bill of the session was intro
duced by Mr Hill of New York Its
title was To repeal certain sections of
the act of July 1 1890 n Sherman law
I was referred without reading to the
committee on finance
The next two bills were introduced by
Mr Stewart of Nevada Their titles
were To Restore the Right of Coinage
and To Supply aDeficiency Currency
The latter bill was read in full It di
rects the secretary of the treasury to is
sue silver certificates equal in amount to
silver bullion in the treasury purchased
under the act of July 1 18901 in excess
of the amount necessary at its coinage
value to redeem treasury notes issued
under that act and to use the same to
provide for any deficiency in the reve
lues of the government the surplus of
such certificates to be used in the pur
chase of 4 per cent bonds at their market
price not exceeding 1 per cent pre
Mr Stewart said that he desired to call
the attention of the finance committee to
the latter bill Its purpose was to give
immediate relief His bill provided he
said for the issuing of one hundred milLion
Lion of treasury notes to pay for bonds to
be deposited by the banks as security for
notes The notes could be afterwards re
tired with bonds and that would give
about 150000000 of increased currency
and would give immediate relief The
Senate should not delay action when the
country was in such a state of panic I
would be unpatriotic for any man to get
up a discussion now but the silver men
did not believe that they could allow
the Sherman act to be repealed
because they believed that that
would be the end of silver coinage
forever They could not agree to that
but they did not want to be put in the
position of contending against what was
absolutely necessary At the present
timo he was in favor of any temporary
measure that would give relief and in the I
meantime a discussion of the whole I
financial question could > go on At the
close of Mr Stewarts remarks his bills
were referred to the committee finance
Mr Hale of Maine offered a resolution
fixing the hour for the daily meeting of
the Senate after tomorrow at I oclock
He said the president had very aptly and
in no uncertain tone given business to
the Senate and House to attend to and
had quoted the maxims that he
gives twice who gives quickly 1
His object in offering the resolu
tion was to strengthen the presidents
hands by increasing the length of the
working day and thus decreasing the
number of days that must elapse before
the adoption of legislation which the
president recommends I the Senate
were to take a vote on August 22nd as
proposed by Mr Lodge and which he
thought twothirds of the Republican
Senators would favor 10 oclock would
be the better hour to meet than 1 But
he was willing to let it stand at 1 He
did not propose to have vote taken upon
it now but would move its reference to
the committee on finance He hoped the
committee on finance would get together
tomorrow and could report a joint resolu
tion repealing the purchase clauses of
the Sherman act and the Senate could
get to work upon it Thursday
Mr Gorman represented Mr Hales re
marks a being made to gain a partisan
advantage I was small politics that had
suggested the resolution The Senate
dare nota the senator from Maine knew
dispose of such d question in haste Sen
ators on both sides were divided in their
opinion as to the proper remedy to be ap
plied He trusted all senators would
arise above mere partisanship and would
settle the questioa to the best interest of
the country and he hoped nothing would
be done on the Republican side of the
chamber to excite party feelings on the
Democratic side
Mr oorhees chairman of the finance
committee said that that committee I
would be convened the day after tomor I
rowSeveral Republicans asked Why not
Mr Voorheeslshal issue a call to
morrow for the committee to meet on
Thursday to take up the great question as
it must be taken up far away from the
speeches of cheap demagogues suchas we
have been listening to The idea of deal
ing with this question in hop skip and
jump style suggested by the senator from
Maine is amazing in the Senate of the
United States particularly in the case of
the senatorwho is now put forward to
undo what he has helped to do The sen
ator from Maine forgets that every curse
of the Sherman act comes home to roost
on that side of the chamber not on
this Not a single vote on our
side was given for that miserable
act and the idea of the senator from
Maine appealing to me to make haste to
undo an infamy and fraud which he him
self voted to fasten on this country is
about the most refreshing thing that I
have witnessed in thirty years of public
life1 laughter and hand clapping on the
floor and in galleries
Mr Shprman said that the act which
was now Bought to be reversed had been
caused by the imminent danger of the
two houses agreeing to a bill for the free
coinage of silver On this subject Mr
Sherman went into some details which
have been frequently published
Mr Vest said the Senator from Ohio
had made extraordinary statements
which in justice to all Democratic Sena
tors ought be now considered The
Senator had stated that the Sherman act
had been enacted in order to prevent the
passage of a fee silver bill
Mr Sherman To prevent a greater
Mr Vest Is that a correct statement
Mr Sherman The House provided far
the monthly purchase of four and a hal
t I
fm > >
1 I
million dollars worthof silver which
would now buy six and a half million
ounces and to defeat that measure and also
to prevent the passage of a free coinage
bill as passed by the Senate this com
promise measure was agreed upon
Mr Teller said the discussion would
not be closed on the 22nd of August A
question of so much importance could not
e disposed of properly in thirty days or
in sixty days
The discussion here closed Mr Hales
resolution and Mr lodges resolution
both lying on the table till tomorrow
when they will be again laid before the
Senate An adjournment was then taken
The Message Listened to with Marked
WASHINGTON Aug 8After the read
ing of the journal the House took a recess
cess till 1215 p m pending the receipt
of the presidents message the joint
committee of the two houses having un
avoidably been delayed in the business of
notifying the chief magistrate that Con
gress was organized and ready to hear
from him When the House reconvened
the presidents message was read
The reading was listened to with in
tense interest and in dead silence There
were a number of broad smiles on the Re
publican side at the presidents allusion I
to tariff reform as a secondary issue just
at this time At the conclusion of the
reading the message was loudly ap
plauded by the Democrats
The Michigan election case was then
taken up
Mesdrs Weadock Springer Brown
Heard and OFarrall arened in favor of
Richardson Mr Weadock stating that
the action of the supreme court of Mich
igan was clearly without jurisdiction
Mr Oates of Alabama said the case
was a difficult one to decide Two mem
bers came from one districteach properly
certified and the matter should not be
disposed of in haste and suggested that
the question be referred to the committee
on elections when appointed
Mr Dingley moved that the matter be
referred to a special committee of five
members with instructions to report
within ten days which motion was lost
139 to 194
Then came a vote on the Republican
resolution declaring that Belknap was
entitled to his seat on primafacie case
and 198 i was defeated Yeas 114 nays
Mr OFerralls resolution for the im
mediate swearing in of Mr Richardson
was agreed to without division and Mr
Richardson came forward and qualified
On motion of Mr Catchings a resolu
ton was adopted authorizing the speaker
to appoint committees on rules accounts
enrolled bills and mileage with the mem
bership to which they were entitled in
the Fiftysecond Congress and referring
the rules of that Congress the commit
tee on rules and then the House adjourned
journed till Thursday
A Bill Introduced in the Senate for Ad
mission of the Territory
WASHINGTON Aue 8 Special Sen
ator Carey today introduced s for the
admission NewjMexico Arizona Utah
and Oklahoma They practically the
same measures championed by him in the
last Congress I
Among other bills introduced by Semi
tor Carey wer billsfor the relief of WIJ
Ham A Rickardsk surveyorgeneral of
Wyoming i providing for leases in the
Yellowstone park fixine tho > prJce of
ands enterecl under deserV > vland laws
rlnd IIWSj
appropriating 5 per cent from the sale
of public lands for school purposes to
states to be admitted to make subject to
homestead laws the public landa of the
abandoned Fort Bridger military reserva
tion granting lands to Wyoming in
Fort Russell military reservation for fair
and expoition purposes providing for
the erection of public buildingsat Chey
enne and Laramie
JCNoel was today appointed post
master at Piedmont Wy vice Guild re
Judge Henderson andO E Allen and
exPostmaster Barrett of Salt Lake are
air Bland Calls a Caucus
WASHINGTON Aug 8At the close of
the days proceedings in the House Mr
Bland sent to the clerks desk and had
read a call for a caucus in the hall of the
House at 12 oclock tomorrow of all
members in favor of the free coinage of
Sea Coast Defense
WASHINGTON Aug 8 Senator Dolph
introduced a bill today appropriating
133000000 for fortifications and other
sea coast defenses and 51000000 for the
establishment of a gun factory on the
Pacific coast
Lady Managers of the Worlds Fair Quit
Quarreling i
CHICAGO Aug 8The board of lady I i
managers of the Worlds fair spent three
hours this afternoon in continuation of
their undignified squabble over the Ball
Meredith affair Finally Mrs Isabella
B Hooker to the front and
came as n re
sult of her vigorous speech the whole
matter referring to the warfare of the
past three days was expunged from the
records and a resolution adopted to pre
vent it again being brought up
A humorous feature of the day was the
arrival during the height of the squabble
of a delegation of women from all the
foreign villages in the Midway Plaisance
They had been invited to visit the wo
mans building in a body and attend a
meeting of the board that they might see
what wonders their civilized sisters had
performed Their impressions have not
been learned Mrs Palmer introduced
them to the board and they were soon
sent on a tour of the building under an I
There was no special feature at the fair I
today but tomorrow will be n busy one
with the advent of the Knights of Pythias
dedication of the Virginia state building
and dedication of the Walton house by
The exposition management answer to
Clingmaus Sunday opening bill in the
superior court today by praying for
its dismissal
Totalattendance today was 141395 of
which 102828 paid
Steamship News
New YorkArrived Darmstadt from
Bremen Mercetea from Marseilles Spain
from London Massachusetts from Lon
LondonSighted Havel from New
York Dresden from Baltimore Spaarn =
dam tom Nework Teutonic from New
York Suevia from New York Ocean
Prince from New York
Antwerp Arrived La Flandre from
Philadelphia Arrived PennsylvanI
Phiadelphia PennsylanIa
from Antwerp Maine from London
Glasgow Arrived Prussian from Bos
BostonArrived Sorrenton from Ant
Q A Maryland Village Burned
Hill Md burnedJaBt nignt Only two
stores and rfevv dwelling are saved
Fight for White Metal Has
Begun in Earnest
Cockran Says AntiSilver Men Will
Make Three Speeches Only
Bland Will net the Head of the Cola
S age Committee in bpito ot Humors
to the Contrary Compromise
Measures Suggested
WASHINGTON Aug SThe indications
arc that the financial fight in Congress
will begin at once and be fought to a
finish The negotiations already show
that nearly twothirds of the members of
the House are in favor of the question be
ing settled without reference to the com
mittee Under the rules the question
would have first to go the committee on
coinage but there is a disposition to sus
pend the rules and it is believed assurances
surances will be given the silver advocates
that they will be given a fair chance to
debate the question in all its phases and
that with this understanding they wH
consent to immediate consideration with
out reference to the committee
Theintention of the advocates of the
repeal of the Sherman act is to suggest a
reasonable time for the debate on all
questions with the understanding that a
vote will be taken at the conclusion
This course it is understood is with the
consent i not the aduice of the presi
dent The plan is to have the free silver
men open the ball with a bill embodying
their demands then the antisilver men
vill present substitute bills embodying
their ideas whereupon the ball will be
joined and the struggle begun Both
aides are of the opinion that a vote can be
reached in two weeks after the debate has
begun Cochran of New York repre
seating the antisilver men says they
vlll not make more than three speeches
leaving the rest of the time to the silver
tes It is hoped by this meaus to prevent
filibustering and all parliamentary eharp
practice Bland has given the assurance
that no attempt will be made by the silver
men to filibuster
Among the many compromises that
wi be proposed is one by Bankhead
of Alabama for the suspension of the
Sherman act till the end of the present
year and authorizing the national banks
to increase the circulation to par with
their bonds As a result of the canvasses
the friends of the unconditional repeal of
the purchasing clause of the Sherinan act
are a good deal more confident that they
will carry their point It looks like a
majority for it in both houses though it
will not be put through without a hard
fight The claim is the sentiment of the
country is so strongly in favor of repeal
that the opposition will not dare to
illi Duster against it The silver men on
the other hand laugh at the proposition
that the repeal can be carried without a
compromise They declare it caunot be
put through the Senate in six months
Senator Carey of Wyoming surprised
his silver friends by coming out fat
footed in favor of the repeal of the silver
clause of the Sherman act immediately
andunconditionally I Islntimated that
Manderson6f Nebraskar and some others
may be driven to vote for it rather than
delay acton It is believed that Springer
will be retained the head of the com
mittee on ways and means and Bland at
the head of the coinage committee in
spite of rumors to the contrary
Senator lull Introduces a Significant
Measure in tho Senate
WASHINGTON Aug 8 Senator Vest
today introduced a bill to fix the number
of grains of gold and silver in gold and
silver coins of the United Statesthe sil
ver dollar to contain 464 410 grains of
pure silver or 516 grains of standard
Mr Vest also offered a joint resolution
setting forth that the American people
from tradition and interest favor bi
metallism that it is the established pol
icy of the United States to maintain a
parity between gold and silver and that
it is the duty of Congress to speedily en
act such laws as will effectually maintain
these objects
The most significant bill introduced in
the Senate perhaps was one by Senator
Hill of New York The measure he pre
sented today leaves no doubt of his posi
tion on financial issues While repealing
the purchasing clauses of the Sherman
act it unqualifiedly pledges the country
to bimetallism Senator Hills bill is as
A bill to repeal certain sections or tne
act of July 14189 entitled an act di
recting the purchase of silver bullion and
issue treasury notes thereon and for other
purposes are hereby repealed
Section 2This repealing act how
ever is not to be construed as abandon
ing bimetallism but it is hereby declared
that the policy of using both gold and
silver as the standard money of the coun
try shall be established and to the ac
complishment of that end the efforts of
the government shall be steadily and
safely directed
Western people are felicitating them
selves tonight on the position assumed
by Senator Hill They are pleased that
he should have so unqualifiedly pledged
himself to bimetallism as to indicate a
willingness to favor subsequent legisla
tion looking to a restoration of silver as a
money metal I
Senator Carey Has Been Know as n
Single Standard Man
CHEYENNE Wy Aug 8SpeciaI i
The statement circulated by the eater
press that Senator Carey has flopped to
the gold bugs and given as a notable de
flection from the silver cause has caused
no surprise in Wyoming Carey has
always been known as an out and out
single standard man and such is his
record in Congress The only flop he
could make would be from the gold bug
Californias Midwinter Fair
CHICAGO Aug 8R Connelly as
sistant director of the California mid
winter exposition is making headquar
ters at the California state building the
Worlds fair grounds He came here to
study the fair and induce exhibitors to
take part in the midwinter fair whIch
opens in San Francisco about November
A Jfew iforlc Bank Closes
NEW YORK Aug SThe Madison
Square bank at 200 Fifth Avenue will not
open its floors tomorrow its capital is
impaired to the amount of 80 000 The
refusal ofthe St Ilucholas bank to con
tinue to act as clearing agent precipItated
the trouble
Trouble Feared in Chicago
CHICAGO Auc SIn an address of
welcome to the military surgeons ofthe
United States la annual convention to
ietfes anrti onyen
I i >
t <
u t
day Mayor Harrison declared that 200000
idle men were in the city and unless Con
gress gives the country money there will
country be such riots here as will shake the
Want a Receiver Appointed
tion for a receiver for the Indianapolis
Cabinet works was made this morning on
the ground of its insolvency admitted by
its president who alleees that it has debts
of at least 1325000 The court indicated
its willingness to grant the request
Milwaukee Capitalist Assigns
MILWAUKEE Aug BJohn Johnston
capitalist has assigned The assignee
gave a bond for 600000 Johnston was
n stockholder in the failed Fire and
Marine Insurance company bank and is
personally liable with other stockholders
for the banks indebtedness
The Steamer Massachusetts Brings Over
a Number
NEW YORK Aug BThe celebrated
talion Ormonde arrived this afternoon
on board the steamer Masachusetts in
perfect condition He is consigned to
Mr McDonough of San Francisco
There Is also on board nine brood mares
and five foals in splendid condition The
veil known mare Marquise called the
Equine Paradox which has been on exhi
bitten at Hubers museum recently re
turns also aboard the same ship She
has been on exhibition at all the princi
pal cities in Great Britain
Several Good Knees in Which favorites
Are Well Matched
BUFFALO N Y Aug BThe seventh
day of the local grand circuit was a successful
essful one Elfrida was picked to win
the 3yearold event for trotters Eligible
to the 230 class because of the five heat
struggle which she gave Fantasy at Pitts
burg Elfrida sold first choice but she
more than foundher match in the double
cross fast California filly by Sable
Wilkes Hal Braden was scheduled to
win the 217 pace and sold a very popular
favorite but those who bought against
him averred that he was a quitter Miss
McGregor was a favorite in the 4yearold
trot and she landed the event without difficulty
ficulty in three straight heats
230 class for 3yearoldsDoublecross
won Lady Robert second Breakoday
third Best time 218
217 pace Chesterfield won Hal Braden
second Raven third Time 2llf
Fouryearold trot Miss McGregor
won 219J David B second Volta third Time
Mo n mouth Park Kncgs
fastFive furlongsRightmore wont
Tyla second Anawanda third Time
Seven furlongs Madrid won Miss
Dixie second Centell third Time
Juniorchampion stakes 10000 Six
furlongs Senator Grady won Hornpipe
second Henry of Navarre third Time
Newark stakes one mile straight course
Comanche won Charmion second
Bassetlaw third Timerl39
Five furlongs Uncle Jess won Grace
Brown second Minnehaha third Time
One mile Mary Stone won Afternoon
second Marigold third Time 142
Time Saratoga Races
SARATOGA Aug 8Track fast Five
furlongsBankers Daughter won Pie
second Una Colorado third Time
One mle Key Del Mar won Manhan
sett second Knapp third Ti e147
One mile Acclaim won Tactician sec
ond Gettysburg third Time 148K
Five furlongs Kentigerne won Miss
Lilly second Glance third Time 104
Six furlongs Climax won Tammany
Hall second Dutch Oven third Time
Steeple chase short coursePat Oak
icy won Alfonsian second Sherwood
third Time4ll
Yesterdays Ball Game
CLEVELAND First game Cleveland 13
Louisville 3 second game Cleveland 2
Louisville 4
PITT3BURG First game Pittsburg 17
Chicago 10 second game Pittsburg 9
Chicago 8 t
BALTIMORE Baltimore 6 Philadel
phia4 S
WASHINGTON Washington 5 Boston 8
NEW YORK New York 13 Brook
lyn 9
English Yacht Races
LONDON Aug BThe weeks racing
of the Royal Victoria Yacht club opened
today off Hyde Isle of Wight The cup
valued at 60 was sailed for by the Sa
tanita Britannia Navahoe and Collona
The cOurse was fifty miles The Brit
annia third won Navahoe second ana Satanita
Could Not Realize on Securities
Bank of Wellsburg closed its doors thi
morning because it was unable to realize
on half securities that amount Assets 300000 liabilitie
A Nebraska Girl Gets fart of an Es
CHICAGO Aug 8Under highly ro
mantic circumstances Mrs Eva Lewis of
Chicago was today awarded > 76162 by
Judge Lansing in the county court at
Lincoln Neb Mrs Lewis started in life
as a Chicago waif When 8 years old she
was adopted from the Chicago Found
lings home by wealthy Jason G Melte
of Plattsmouth Neb He agreed to make
her heiress and she was raised as his own
Upon reaching womanhood however
she found herself contrary to her foster
fathers wishes in love with a young fel
low named Lewis and despite opposition
she married the man of her choice
This greatly angered Miller who was a
church elder and whose cherished wish
was to mate the girl with a foreign mis
sionary He died at Los Angeles Cal
In 1891 leaving an estate worth 250000
There was no mention of his foster child
in the will The girl wife promptly sued
for her share and after a vigorous legal
fight hasat iength won her point
Powder Stills Explode > I
S Louis Aug 8The large powder
mills nine miles east of here in Illinois
exploded noon It was distinctly felt
and heard in this city It was the I I
Phoenix mills that exploded They are
among the largest in the country Two
were killed and several injured
Two were killed and two others fatally
injured The causa of the explosion is
not known
Republican Caucus Hold
WASHINGTON Aug 8At acaucus of I
Republican Senators it was agreed that
the Democrats must assume the responsi
bility for all that was done but the Re
publicans would be guided fay patriotism
onddo what was proper to help the coun
try in remedying existing evils that ware
believedto exist
The British Governments Indian
Policy Arraigned
Heavy Losses Caused bj the Clesiaj
of tho Mints
The Act Characterized as the Most Fla
grant Act of Public Plunder Ever Per
petrated by a Civilized Govern
ment Chaplins Address
LoNDONAug Gladstone announced
in the house of commons today that the
government intends to hold an autumn
session This announcement was received
eived with loud cheering by the sup
porters of the government The premier
added that no adjournment would ba
had till the remaining stages of the homo
rule bill were passed and the supply was
Henry Chaplin asked leave to move an
adjournment of the house in order that
changes in the Indian government cur
ency system might be discussed Ha
lamed the government for persistently
obstructing the discussion of this
question He charged the gov
rnment with virtually mulcting
the natives of India by tampering with
the currency The closing of the Indian
mints to the free coinage of silver had
necessarily led to such a fall in the value
of that metal within a month as the
world had never before known
There had been a tremendous wrong
done the people of India who held enor
mous quantities of uncoined metal By
a single stroke the government had de
predated by 15 per cent the value of oil
vor held by the population of India A
more flagrant act of public plunder had
never been perpetrated by a civilized
government If a repeal by the Amen
can Congress of the Sherman
act should become inevitable it
would be due to an error that
had been committed in India A further
all in the price of silver must follow a re
peal of the Sherman act Frequently
during his remarks Chaplin was inter
rupted by cries of hear hear Chaplin
demanded to know whether the govern
msnt before taking action in India had
any communication with the United
States government
Mr William Vernon Harcourfc chan
ellor of the exchequer declined to enter
into a general argument of the course
taken by the government He said it was
indicated by the royal commission ot
888 which pointed out the dangerous
and mischievous effect which bi
metallism would have been in India and
The government stood by those views
Arthur James Balfour Conservative
leader said it was something approach
lag lunacy for the chancellor to get up
and tell the country that regarded with
absolute indifference what happened to
Dadabhai Naoroji the parsee member
who sits as a Liberal for Central Fensbury
division protested that the natives of
India already felt the pinch of the change
and that they would soon awake through
suffering to the terrible wrong done them
Mr Wm Harcourt then moved a closure
of debate and the motion was carried
without division
The Socialist Congress
ZURICH Aug 8 The International 1
Socialist congress continued its session J
today The question as to whether an J
archists and independent socialists should 1
be permitted to sit as delegates which j
ed to the disorderyesterday was brought
up again today and despite the action of j
the congress yesterday the question was I
reopened and it was finally decided to IT
settle it by referring it to the committee 5
on standing orders A resolution ex
pressing sympathy of the congress with
the English coal miners now on strike
was passed amid great cheering A collection
ection was also taken up
French Take Possession of a Town
SAICON Aug 8Two hundred and
fifty French sharpshooters and marines
have gone to Chantibun a town near the
Gulf of Siam which the French are to
occupy temporarily in accordance with
he terms of the supplementary ulti
matum recently accepted by the Siamese
Hungarian Grain Crop
BUDAPESTH Aug 8Count Andreas
3ethlen Hungarian minister of agricul
tune has issued a statement showing
that there will be a decrease of about
4500000 hundred weights in the wheat
yield 400000 in rye and 300000 in barley
as compared with the yield of those
cereals last year
General McCook and Governor Waite
Asked for Aid from Settlers
DENNER Aug 8The Utea havo
broken into Colorado in the western and
northwestern part of the state Bands
have crossed from Utah on their annual
hunt and aid has been asked by settlers
Governor Waite has received messages
from western Colorado and other places
complaining of the Indians The gov
ernor considered the matter serious
enough to call upon General McCook and
laid before him the situation General
McCook said he would refer the matter to
the authorities at Washington
A Lynching in Prospect
ST JOSEPH Mo Aug 8Two hun
dred armed men are looking for a tramp
who this morning appeared at
the farm house of Edward Mann
and finding Mrs Mann and her daugh
ter alone he pitched the daughter out
of the window breaking her arm
He then dragged Mrs Mann about by
the hair of time head and brutally beat
her but failed in his designs Seeing
Mr Mann approaching ho took to the
woods and so far has eluded his pursuers
Murdered His Entire Family
ST Louis Aug 8John Finn news
paper carrier in the illness of delirium
tremens this morning fatally beat his two
boys with a flatiron horribly backed his
two girls with a butcher knife and then
cut his own throat All are fatally in
BodyJFouml 1nt Wreck
DANVILLE Ill Aug 8The body of
brakeman Stone was found under the
debris of the freight wreck at the Big
Four bridge today The body ot an un
known man was also found and railroad
people are beginning to think the report
of seventeen tramps in a box car may be
An Ousted Judge Murdered
CABDO I T Aug L1Tews Irom
Cedar county where Governor Holmes
has removed the coantygudge and sheriff
and appointed men of his political faith
announces that the ousted judge has 4
been murdered and the whole county i
fa aria

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