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F rTITS Herald Merchants reaces need BUYERS Foplc the he Iople people The j I THE i SALT LAKE HoER ALD e s Its Tho rivalled FOR HERD TH3 In Columns the MASSES Is great the are pap west ma
An Early Settlement the Silver
Question in the Senate
The President Now the Only Obstacle
iu the Way
Sherman Law to Be Repealed 52500000 ito i I
to Bo Coined Monthly Coinage of
Bullion In the Treasury Gold
Kesorvo Increased
WASHINGTON Sept 29 Democratic
repeal senators have practically given up
law be repealed
the idea that the Sherman can
pealed unconditionally and haTe after
numerous conferences decided upon a
compromise which they believe will end
the long fight and secure the passage of a I
biJ t relieve the present situation by the
end of next week
Senator Gorman and other Democratic
repeal senators are actively encaged in ar I
ranging the terms of a compromise and
tonight believe they have succeeded
It involves concessions on both sides
repeal of the purchase clause coinage of
a specified amount 25nOOOn per month
until the total silver coinage is 700000
000 then the coinage of all the bullion in
1 the treasury and the sale of gold bonds tc
Increase the gold reserve to an
amount which is deemed sufficient to
insure the maintenance of gold and silver
money at parity
When the proposition was submitted to
Secretary Carlisle last night he insisted
upon the latter provision to the agree
ment The general understanding to
night is that the silver Republican Sena
tors will agree to the compromise
The only thing in the way of the pro
gramme now seems to be the president
Morgan Says We Should Be Independent
j J of Great Britain
I WASHINGTON Sept 29Senator Cam
eron of Pennsylvania presented a peti
tion from the Philadelphia manufacturers
aSking legislation to retain the protective
tariff and the integrity of silver as a money
metal heretofore sent in these dispatches
He said the signers represented seventy
five millions of capital and a yearly pro
duct of a hundred and fifty milliona
The repeal bill was then taken up
Harris Democrat of Tennessee
spoke against i He declared it practi
cally meant a gold standard as thereafter
silver could only be used as fractional
currency He favored the coinage of all
American silver but hoped Sherman
wouJd join him in rehabilitating the
BlandAllison act and going back to that
amount of coinage if not more
Sherman said he believed the continued
purchase of silver under the BlandAlli
son act or the act of 1890 would
eventually drive gold from circulation
and silver would be the only standard
Free coinage would have the same result
So he favored the abandonment of the
Continuing Harris quoted from
Vontnninf a
speech by Voorhees last February in
which he said he would have voted to
take up the Sherman bill some days prior
to that but for the fact that its passage
would undoubtedly demonetize silver
and leave it supported by not one word
oi legislation Harris in conclusion
said he would accept any reasonable com
Harris continuing said I thought it
an outrage t ask men like myself and
others to absolutely sweep from under the
silver currency every vestige of law That
is not what we meant at Chicago At that
time Voorhees said while he would vote
for the repeal of the Sherman act it must
be in connection with something better
When the Senator from Indiana said
Harris shall have passed the bill as
probably he may he will find himself ut
terly powerless to enact any other law for
the use of silver or repeal the 10 per cent
tax on state bank circulation to increase
the volume of money Most of them who
aid him now want to diminish the volume
of money This is a trap in which I do
not imend t be caught
Morgan of Alabama then addressed
the Senate He began by dipcussing the
probability of securing a treaty with
Great Britain on the silver question
which he said was very remote
International agreement in respect
Ho monetr matters was im
possible of execution and almost
impossible in contemplation a legis
lative sense In this critical period it
would not do to offer snch hopes as a so
lution of the trouble Referring to the
repeal bill Morgan said Why this
haste Congress had better undertake to
secure somethin within the view of
the constitutional power We had better
main declare our independence of Great
Britain and maintain it than undertake
by treaty agreement finess cajolery
flattery and the like to persuade Great
Britain t allow us t legislate for our
peopl in a way the government ought to
legislate for its people
Allison observed tho United States had
four times attempted to secure an inter
national agreement
cYesn said Morgan and the senator
is now back from a recent conference and
it wa5 agreed nothing could be done
After four of these disappointments we
independence We must bo inde
pendent of Great Britain The repealers
know there is no need of haste They
fear the decision of the Supreme Court of
the United States on the case pending be
fore that court No 15049 entitled
a George S Merritt et al vs Charles
Foster secretary treasury the silver
brick case After talking for two hours
Morgan suddenly diverged from a legal
argument that the right of the owner of
silver bullion to have it coined Iran and
without limit still existed and said No
man whatever his powers may be can
exonerate me from tho discharge
of my duty to grant to the people
all their constitutional rights nor
can any man crowd me into silence
fcvhen I choose to speak This is an arena
jjn which I have the honor to be tho am
fr l m bassabor of a sovereign state whoso suf
f frages shall not be taken away from her
without hsr consent and where have i
I have it anywhere in this world the
light to full and free speech The least
man in Alabama the poorest negro in
Alabama is entitled to his constitutional
rights at my hands a much as the presi
dent of the United States He shall have
them if I know how to give them
Inn colloquy between Hawley of Con
necticut and himself as to Cleveland
Morgan said the president seem to repre
sent both parties He certainly repre
sented the Senatorfrom Connecticut who
was following him nor
1 < In one thing said Hawley
< Ons thing and fora short while tem
porary allies under a brief coalition and
for a particular purpose said Morgan
I bitterly Morgan did not conclude his
speech this evening and in replytoa J
question of Voorhees said he would not
go on in the morning I it was consist
ent for him 0 do so he would not say a
word as he did not feel strong enough
It was hard work but he did not feel he
could stand in the Senate and see silver
killed in the way it was going to be killed
without putting in a plea Jor the people
adjourned After an executive session the Senate
A Lively Little Time in the House Yes
WASHINGTON Sept 29In the House
the debate on the Tucker bill repealing
the federal election laws was resumed
Lacey of Iowa spoke in opposition
He said the bill was inopportune No
federal election took place till 1894 yet at
this crisis with an extraordinary session
of Congress to deal with financial ques
tions this bill was dragged into the arena i
What was the reason The Democratic I
party was confronted with a great danger
Last fall by fusion in some states by
chicanery in others by advocating free
silver here and gold monometallism there
the Democrats had come into power
The president had attempted to carry out
the programme against silver He split
his party in twain Suddenly by a de
cree of a party caucus this bill was
brought in Why To heal tho breach
to rally the whole strength of the party
with the war cry Down with the fed
eral supervision of elections Lacey
laid great stress on the constitution
ality of this law and then began to
speak on the alleged election outrages in
the south bringing on wordy exchange
with Talbert of South Carolina when he
reached that state Lacey getting the best
of the encounter
After Lacey concluded McLaurin of
South Carolina replied as to strictures on
that state declaring he was in favor of
local selfgovernmenT
Wilson of Massachusette wanted to
Know i the Democratic party favored
home rule why Cleveland aupointed
southern men to places in Minnesota
North Dakota South Dakota and other
northern states
Dearmond of Missouri followed in
support of the measure
The proper way said Dearmond to
purify the ballot was the adoption of a
system like the Australian ballot law
That law rested on the assumption that
the people can rule while the federal elec
tion laws rest on the theory that they
Gillett of Massachusetts who was the
next speaker for the opposition and
Dewitt Warner entered into a heated
altercation about the condition of affairs
in New York The existence of Tam
many Gillett said was considered unde
sirable by the good men of both parties
in New York He went on to contend
that it was absurd to go into the consti
tutionality of the laws after the Supreme
Court had rn1prL
General Joe Wheeler of Alabama fol
lowed with a vigorous speech in support
of the measure Graphically he painted
a picture of the tyranny that had ob
laws tained in the south as a result of these
General Wheeler was followed by ex
Senator Blair of New Hampshire
Blairs throat was so affected that he was
forced after he had explained his idea of
the immense importance of the question
which involved the falaity and the error
of the pernicious doctrine of states rights
which he supposed was settled by the
war t ask the indulgence of the House
to print his remarks in the Record
The House at 415 adjourned
Instructions Issued by Assistant Secretary
WASHINGTON Sept 29 Assistant Sec
retary Hamlin has issued the following
instructions to the collector of customs at
San Francisco concerning the Chinese
held for the violation of the Geary and
other sets Chinese persons whether
convicted under the Geary or previous
acts must not be received by you but
must remain in the custody of the mar
shal until deported You are author
ized to pay tho necessary expenses in
curred by the marshal in the transportation
tion of Chinese from inland ports to San
Francisco also the steamship charges for
deportation on vouchers certified by the
marshal to be taken by you in each case
You will be made special disbursing agent
for this purpose Should any case occur
before your qualification as special dis
bursing agent such expenses may be
paid from the funds in your hands to be
reimbursed from the Chinese appropria
tion Make the best temporary arrangements
ments practicable with the steamship
companies as to rates and advise the de
I Banking mid Currency
WASHINGTON Sept 29Public hear
ings by the House banking and currency
committee began this morning
Oates of Alabama argued in favor of
his bills to allow the national banks to
loan on real estate and for a suspension of
the per cent on state bank circulation
To Consider tho Silver Question
VAUABAISO Sept 291t is learned
that instructions have been sent by the
Chilian government to the minister in
Washington directing him to find out the
United States governments idea of call
ing a convention of the South American
republics and the United States to con
sider the silver question
Nominations II
WASHINGTON Sept 29The President
has nominated Perry Bickford of Wyo
ming for surveyor general of Wyoming
Commodore George Brown to be rear ad
commodore miral Captain Edward E Potter to be a
Want to Keel the Perry
WASHINGTON Sept 29The board of
trade of Erie Pa has forwarded to the
treasury a protest against the transfer of
the revenue cutter Perry from the lakes
to Puget Sound
There I Something Radically Wrong with
the New Cruiser
NEW YORK Sept 29A Philadelphia
special to the Times says The im
pression there is something radically
wrong in the construction of the cruiser
Columbia built by Cramps of Philadel
phia grows stronger every day The
fact that her builders have decided to give
her a second trial strengthens the
belief Tho statement that the machin
ery did not work smoothly is explained
from an authoritative source On the
first trial trip the assertion is
now cur
rent that instead of the Columbia put
ting back to Philadelphia because of
stormy weather the real fact was after a
short spin off the Delaware capes she
came inside the Delaware breakwater
with hot journals and one of the engines
cracking An examination discloses not
only must the liner be renewed before
another trial of the Columbia can lake
place overhauled but al the piston rods must be
Murdered by Indians
DENVEK Sept 29The postofflco in
spector has received word from Monitor
Yuma county of the murder of Post
master H M Patter and Assistant Rob
ert Roberts probably by Indians
Close Connection Between Chi
cago and Vienna
A Plan to Blow Up the Worlds Fair i
The Bombs Used in the Rue Giicliy Explosion I
plosion in Paris Were Furnished
by the Reds of
VIENNA Sept 29The excitement
oyer the discovery of the anarchist plot is
still at fever heat Four anarchist work
men were rested today and more arrests
are hourly expected A large number of
those known to be connected with the
anarchistic societies have hastily left the
cityAll public buildings are carefully
guarded by the police and these precau
tions will be continued as long as parlia
ment is in session The police are in pos
session of facts of the greatest interest to
the police of several European capitals
as well as Chicago and New York They
decline to divulge particulars but it is
known they have established beyond a
doubt a connection between the Anstrian
plotters and the anarchists of Chicago
and New York
No Doubt but There Is Collusion Between
American and Foreign Reds
WASHINGTON Sept 29Vheu shown
a cablegram from Vienna regarding the
anarchist plots a Chicago official now in
the city said it was well known to the
Chicago Secret service and police that the
anarchists of Vienna Paris and London
were in constant communication with
those of New York He declared a plot
similar to that in Vienna was unearthed
in Chicago by the police a year and a half
aggo but nothing said about it for fear
of creating a scare and injuring the
Worlds fair The Reds were arranging
to blow up the city hal andseveral build
ings in the course of construction at the
Worlds fair grounds
Sunerintendent of Pnlir R ATnTmn hror
by vigorous action nipped it in the bud
The detectives attended a number of
anarchist meetings in Clybourne avenue
and West Lake street At the
latter a woman fanatic volunteered
to enter the council chamber when
the city council was in session and
explode a bomb among them She said
she was willing to sacrifice her own life
for the good of the cause At a Cly
bourne avenue meeting arrangements
were being made to blow UD the Words
fair buildings Superintendent Mc
Claughrey had a number of leaders
brought to his office He told them i
any dynamite was thrown he would pay
little attention to tanatical underlings
but would arrest every leader and agi
tator and they would take part in the
biggest hanging that ever occurred in
Chicago This plain talk had the desired
effect and the reds became less active
Among the information gathered there
were letters from anarchists of Paris
which led to the discovery that the bombs
used by Ravachol in the Rue Glichy
Paris explosion were furnished by Chi
cago anarchists
Major McClaughrey opened communi
cation with the prefect of police in Paris
Superintendent of Police Byrnes of New
York and Scotland Yard London with
tho result that a compact was formed
that each should keep the others posted
as to the movements of the reds in their
respective cities and whenever one wen
from one to the other Through this comt
pact Major McClauuhrey was notified of
the fact that Prince Krapatkine a Rus
sian anarchist residing in London had
arranged to come to Chicago and was
enabled to prevent it The anarchists
had threatened to blow up the residence
of Hempstead Washburne then mayor
and he had detectives concealed about his
house for months
He Agrees with the Prosecution That Ho
Ought to Be Shot
BARCELONA Sept 29The court mar
tsal of Pallas who attempted to assassin
ate General Campos commenced today
He said the charge against him was true
and he would commit the deed a hundred
times i possible He had no accomplices
and was only sorry he failed to kill
Campos Later in the inqniry he became
so insolent the president of the court
martial ordered him removed from the
room Later he was brought back to
hear the address of the prosecutor who
demanded in the name of outraged so
ciety that the prisoner be shot
Palms jumped up and shouted he
agreed with the prosecutor Counsel for
defense appealed for clemency saying
the prisoner was unhinged by demoraliz
ing literature and evil companions
Pallas will be sentenced tomorrow
Compos is not yet considered out of
The arrest of Senator Prieto editor of
El Ideal the advanced Republican paper
in Madrid and formerly an officer in the
Spanish army who is charged with com
plicity in tho attempt to blow up the
house of exMinister Canovas Del Castillo
tub in September last has caused a
sensation here as well as in Madrid
where he resides
Atrocious Acts Toward Women nnd Chil
CAPE TOW Sept 29 Matabeles are
raiding in force sixty miles west of Fort
Salisbury A number of settlers have been
killed and property razed At Fort Hall
all available men are being armed
equipped and drilled for war In addi
tion to the killing of settlers the Mata
beles are said to have been committing
the most atrocious acts toward women
and children and the indignation of set
ters has been aroused to a terrible degree
The outlook is very serious
English Miners in a Bad Fix
LONDON Sept 9Advices from all
parts of the country indicate that tho
keenest distress exists among the striking
coal miners and their families and the
further stoppage of many large mills has
occurred owing to the lack of coal Sev
eral newspapers have begun subscriptions
for tho relief of the distressed miners
Latest arminG ens from the Argentine
LONDON Sept 29 Alarming cable
messages have been received from the
Argentine Republic Anarchy it is asserted
serted prevails in the river Slate regions
When the dispatches left Buenos Ayres
< 1
heavy fighting was reported in progress
north of Buenos Ayres
The surrender of Santa Catherine Is
looked upon as an important victory for
the rebels as it is contingnous to the Rio
Grande De Sol which i5 not seriously
The rebels sqnandron which went
south from Santos after failing to affect a
landing there leaving a war vessel to
blockade that point has been oil the is
land of Santa Catharina some time and
the surrender of Desterro on its
west coast was announced but
not believed some days ago The rebels
are now said to be in full possession of
the island which is well watered and cap
able of being made a most important
harbor and having a superb bay where
the rebel ships can provision and refit it
will serve as a base from which the rebels
will direct inland operations as the rebel
commander intends to carry on the war
on land and gradually i possible gather
together an army strong enough to meet
President Peixotos forces in a pitched
Peixoto is said to be greatly annoyed
and alarmed at the fresh success upon the
part of the rebels
Terrible Destruction of Life and
Six Hundred Thousand Dollars Dam
age Suffered
A Bessemer Iron Mine Caves in and
This Is Followed by a Flood of
the Waters of a River
Near By
Mansfield the only producer of Bes
semer ore in the Chrystal Falls district
located six miles from here caved in at
9 oclock last night burying twenty
eight workmen and destroying 600000
worth of property The Mansfield work
ing levels ran directly under the Michi
gamme river and parallel with it for sev
eral hundred feet the first level being
thirtyfive feet below the bottom of the
river The five lower levels ran parallel
to the first tho bottom being 428 feet be
low the surface of the water Tho five
upper levels were stoped out in the prog
ress of the work leaving only the timbers
and pillars of ore to bear the mighty
weight of the floors of ore above
The accident is supposed to be caused
by the giving way of the timbers on the
fifth level allowing those above to fol
low and at last the river to pour in upon
the fated men
After the cave the river bed below the
mine was dry in an hour and forty
minutes Fortyeight men descended
the shaft last night Twenty escaped
and twentyeight perished The bodies
will never be recovered Moat of the
survivors were at work on the bottom
level which had not been stoped out
and consequently did not cave when the
levels above fell The men heard the
crash of the cave and started for the lad
der way All but four on this level
reached tho ladder wa > before the torrent
of water down the shaft cutoff all avenues
of escape
Tony Bullet the skiptender was
standing with Frank Rocko night boss
at the shaft on the fourth level They
heard the crash and realized what was
Rocko went into the drift to inform his
men of the danger and did not return
Bulietto came to the surface in the skip
Andrew Sullivan was another night boss
on the sixth level at the time of the acci
dent He called his men to follow him
quickly All but four men on this level
reached the ladderway in safety As
they ascended however they were
nearly suffocated so great was the air
pressure caused by the water pouring
down the shaft They were able to
breathe only at each landing place and
came to the surface more dead than alive
Mine Inspector Roberts says his deputy
has been employed the mm a and given
the work daily attention He also says
IIR visited the mine nfirsonallv at the re
quired intervals and the proper amount
of timber had been placed in position by
the company
It is a clear demonstration said he
that the timbering system in mining
cannot be employed in that sort of
ground The company had taken all the
necessary precautions in the conduct of
the work
The lost miners are
W H PIERCE married
The Mansfield was developed about six
years ago and has been worked continu
ously ever since It is estimated that
200000 tons of ore were in sight when the
accident occurred Today it is a worth
less pit only marked by a small bay
caused by the sinking from the natural
bed of the Michigamme by the cave
The death of the twentyeight men has
marked the end of the Mansfield mine
I for unless the river be forced to seek an
other channel this rich deposit of iron ore
can never be worked again Eight of the
victims leave families of children father
less and about hal the remaining
twenty were supporters of parents
What measures if any can be taken to
rescue the bodies of the dead are yet un
Uncle Sam to Take Charge of His Own at
LONDON Sept 29 Private dispatches
received here from Rio De Janeiro by a
private firm engaged heavily in Brazilian
trade gives the following important in
formation The American minister yes
terday instructed the commander of the
United steamer Charleston to protect
American goods in barges in the bay from
seizure by tne revolting squadron He
also telegraphed the government at
Washington advising the United States to I
vigorously protest against any further
bombardment of Rio Janeiro I
Many noncombatants were killed and
much property destroyed by the repeated
firing on the city The United States
government has instructed Minister
Thompson to make every possible effort
to protect American persons and property
and all the moral force of the government
should be exerted to prevent further de
struction and bloodshed
An American Arrested for I In tho Harbor
of Rio
WASHINGTON Sept 29Commander
Picking of the United States cruiser
Charleston atRio de Janeiro telegraphed
the navy department today regarding the
arrest of a man named Boynton sup
posed to be an American by an English
manofwar Boynton was commanding
a tug boat in the harbor at Rio and ille
gally flying the fag of Great Britain
Upon arresting him the commander of
the English warship turned him over to
Commander Picking who later searched
the tug and found a huge torpedo which
it is supnosed was intended to be used
against the rebelto Commander Picking
asked Secretary Herbert what he should
do with the offender and the Secretary
replied orders to hold the man until further
Pellegrini Is Pacified and the Opponents
of the Government Will Surrender
WASHINGTON Sept 29 Dr Beeballos
minister of the Argentine Republic has
received thia dispatch from the Argen
tine minister of foreign affairs dated
September 28 Pelligrini is pacified
The state of Tucaman capitol and states
of the renublic aro in comnloto acme
Rosario in possession of the armed op
ponents of the government and will sur
render to the national authorities with
out bloodshed I can assure you there
order is no important perturbation of public
General Espina Guts Twenty Years
BUENOS AYBES Sept 29According
to advices received here the insurgents
Rosario are in a state of demoralization
and a speedy ending of the revolution is
looked forward to General Espina who
incited the attack made by the rebel
torpedo boats upon the government war
vessels will be shot tomorrow
LaterThe death sentonce of Colonel
Espina has been commuted to twenty
years imprisonment
The Coffee Trade Paralyzed
NEW YORK Sept 29A cable from
Rio Janiero received at the Coffee ex
change says the coffee market is para
lyzed No banks are open
A PanGermanic Congress
BERLIN Sept 29Dr Peters the ex
plorer and his assistants in the manage
ment of the Universal German union
convene a PanGermanic Congress in
Berlin on Saturday Germans in Amer
ica Australia and South Africa have been
invited to send representatives
Tried for Treason
PRAGUE Sept 29 Sixtynine persons
charged with connection with the anti
dynastic affair on the occasion of the em
treason perors birthday will bo tried for high
Fort San Gabriel Surrendered
LONDON Sept 29A Lisbon dispatch
to the Times says Fort San Gabriel in
Para Brazil has surrendered to General
Sariva fourteen Krupp guns and 600
Lord Mayor of London
LONDON Sept 29George Robert
Tyler has been elected lord mayor of
Government Directors Say tho Road Is in
Good Condition
WASHINGTON Sept 29The annual
report of the government disectors of the
Union Pacific railroad states the entire
system is in excellent condition The
earnings for the fiscal year ending June
30 however have decreased considerably
both gross and net owing to the recent
difficulty in tho financial world For
Union Pacific railway proper the earn
ings decreased 1952 expenses increased
199649 surplus decreased 401602 For
the entire system for the same period the
earnings decreased 306927 ex
penses increased 174681 surplus
decreased 491609 Outstanding col
lateral trust notes retired 57
280000 Notes outstanding 11430000
The securit still held by trustees is esti
mated a 24663910 The directors are
confident that a prudent administration
of the trust will result in the payment of
all notes outstanding and leave a consid
erable equity applicable to the other re
quirements of the his
company I sug
gested that the approaching maturity of
the subsidy debt requires the adoption of
such measures as will secure the best re
turns possible to the and
government en
able the company to discharge its func
tions as a public carrier The principal
of the debt due the government is i3
539512 and the approximate amount of
all indebtedness is 65000000 The di
rectors repeat their recommendation that
it is for the interest of the government
the company and the community which
the road serves to make a prompt just
and complete adjustment of the finan
cial relations of the company and the
United States
nffl 1
3Bt sSilLjas i < J L < iSLMc
A Mysterious Wreck
The weather bureau official at Gay Head
reports having sighted a large steam
yacht ashore dn the west end of
Cuttyhunk island this afternoon ap
parently bilged A later report from
Bay Head states the yacht suddenly dis
appeared late this afternoon and ap
parently sank in deep water
Two Men Burned to Death
NEW ORLEANS Sept 29Two men
were burned to death in I fire here this
morning One was a white man named
W H Foster
Brief Biography of the JNew Assistant
General Manager
CHICAGO Sept 29A circular has been
issued from the general office of the As
sociated Press by General Manager
Stone announcing the appointment of
Colonel Charles S Diehl as assistant gen I
eral manager with full powers attaching
to such position Colonel Diehl is well
and favorably known in newspaper
circles He first engaged in active daily
newspaper work in 1873 on the Chicago
Times with which paper ho remained ten
years as reporter correspondent and as
sistant city editor His work for that
paper particularly as a correspondent in
the field during the three noted Indian
campaigns brought nis name into
prominence He accompanied Terrys
column in the spring and summer cam
paign of 1877 against the Sioux and was
with Miles in the campaign of 1878
against the Nez Perces He was with the
expedition commanded by Colonel llges
against tho Sioux in the extreme northern
portion Dakota in the winter of 187980
On his way to join that expedition he
carried official dispatches to Colonel llges
from General Sheridan having an armed
escort The party was lost two days in a
blizzard out of which It was regarded re
markable that any of its members came
alive but as Diohl was the only corre
spondent in the field his paper had the
satisfaction of receiving the only tele
graph narrative of the winter battle with
the Sioux at Poplar creek on the upper
In 18S3 he entered the servico of the
Associated Press as day agent in Chicago
Among other features of his work while
here was the reporting of the execution
of Louis the leader of the halfbreed
rebellion in the Northwest territory This
occurred at the government prison sev
eral miles outside Regina N WTin the
winter of 1885 Although alone and having
opposed to him thacorrespondents of tho
Canadian and English papers his work
was such that the Associated Press was
enabled to beat the Canadian correspon
dents into their own cities with the hang
ing and to furnish the first news of it to
the English government In 18S7 he was
transferred to San Francisco as Pacific
coast manager in charge of all the inter
ests of the Associated Press in that broad
section i He remained there until today
and during his stay on the coast organized
for the Associated Press the news service
embracing the Pacific coast states and the
Samoan and Hawaiian islands I has
been the fortune of that agency through
its correspondents on the coast and Pacific
islands to report some of the most re
markable history incidents in recent American
A Wholesale Hanging at Bit Tornon
MT VERNON Ga Sept 29At noon
five negroes were hanged on tho same
scaffold at the same time in public
Thousands witnessed the execution All
the negroes were from the turpentine
farms North Carolina Hyram Jacobs
Lucien Mannett and Hire Brewincton
paid the penalty for the murder of
Alexander Peterson a rich merchant
and the robbing of his safe last July
Gordon killed a 5year old colored girl
Strickland murdered another negro
A Lynching on the Strip
ALVA O T Sept 29Two surveyors
John Allen and son yesterday ordered a
cowboy settler off a claim which they
said belonged to a Bohemian who ac
companied them The cowboy shot and
killed both the Aliens He was arrested
and the Bohemian took possession of the
claim Last night a mob lynched him f
To Attack tho Dalton Gang
WAGONER I T Sept 29A force of
deputy mashals twentyfive strongleft
here tonight to attack the gang of Bill
Dalton which is known to be camped
near here The marshals when they left
expected to engage the gang before morn
Shocking Murder and Suicide
night Milo Wilson killed Iva Wilson
aged 1 because her parents objected to
his attentions to the child and then
killed himself
A Convention Will Be Held at Parcel
PURCELL O T Sept 29The con
vention of citizens of Oklahoma which is
to be held at Purcell tomorrow in behalf
of the vigorous movement that has set in
for the admission of the territory as a
state will doubtless transmit to Congress
some very impressive facts and figures
Oklahoma organized as a territory on
the 22nd day of April 1889 so that it will
havo had a probationary period of about
five years At that time its population
was nearly 62000 At the Congressional
election of 1892 there were cast over 22000
votes which would indicate a consider
able increase in tho number ot in
habitants It is claimed by the statehood
executive cemmittee that the settlement
of the Cherokee Strip has brought the
population up to 275000 and the taxable
wealth of tho territory to 550000000
These are of course outside fiigures but
even allowing a reasonable discount
they largely exceed the number of people
residing in Missouri Kansas Arkansas
and even Texas at the time of their ad
mission and with the prospective in
clusion of the Indian Territory would
bring up the population to a higher point
Union than that of any other territory in the
Serious Trouble Is Looked for in Ari
YUMA Ariz Sept 29Since Miguel
the chief of the Yuma Indians was
dropped on account of the killing of ac
cused witches he and his associate offi
cers have caused trouble for the new
chief Pasqual I was finally decided to
overthrow Pasqual and take possession
Pasciual arrested one man and Miguel and
twenty Indiana attempted yesterday to
release him Entering the room they
seized him but friendly Indians inter
bred Six men on each side fought with
fists foran hour when Marshal Greenleaf
arrested Miguel and six companions and
placed them in jail The judge ordered
Miguel and another to be given twenty
five lashes each which was done Ser
ious trouble is now looked for
Pillaging Portions of the State of South
HOT SPRINGS S D Sept 29 Infor
mation just received from Seibach county
is to the effect that a party of four or five
hundred Indians who
are returning from
a hunting expedition in Montana stopped
at Thomas Beverlys near Cheyenne river
while he was away and ransacked the
house in his wiles presence she being i
badly frightened They were about to
leave with the luggage when Beverly re
turned He pounced upon an Indian and
struck him with a Winchester probably
injuring him seriously The Indians left
and afterwards gutted tho store of the
i postmaster at Creston Many bands of
Indians are noticed off from the reserva
tion lately and these pillagers have
aroused the fear of the settlers
His Bondsmen Compromise and He Will
Go to Jail
CHEYENNE Wy Sept 29SpecialJ
The bondsmen of exCity Treasurer
Gale of Laramie have compromised
with the city by paying it 6000 Gales
shortage was nearly double that amount
He has pleaded guilty to the charge of
embezzlement and will be sentenced to
An Escort for the Redskins
OMAHA Nob Sept 211Bee special
from Fort Robinson Neb Two troops
otthe Ninth cavalry are held in readiness
to proceed toStanding Rock agency as an
escort to the 400 Indians from Pine Ridge
agency Frank G Ruard from Fort
McKInney will go along as guide and
interpreter I
Snow inilUassacrhiisettg
PITTSFIEDD Mass Sept Q29 Snow
fell here very briskly for hal an hour
The Lie Passed at the Liberal
Meeting in Ogden
An Alleged Conspiracy Between the
Liberals and Republicans i
The Adams Rape Case Now In the Hands
of the Jurors Who Are Sleeping
on the Court Room
OGDEN Sept 29 Special Tho
campaign in Ogden has been opened by
the Liberals who at a largely attended j
mass meeting held tonight at the city
hall decided to retain an organization
and place a full city ticket in the field
The meeting was a hummer full of per
sonalities backbiting and recrimina
tions The meeting was a result of a
small gathering of prominent Llbercla
held on Thursday night at which time
an attempt was made to disband the party
but the opposition outvoted the advo
cates of this policy and adjourned the
meeting over till tonight A resolution
introduced early in the session brought
out a heated debate in which a large
number of the leaders of the party took
part and during which the lie was
passed and a fight seemed imminent but
quiet was restored by the chairman
The leader of the advocates of dissolu
tion was Mayor Lundy who argued that
i a division on national party lines was
made the Republican party to which SO
per cent of the Liberals belong would be
victorious at the coming election other I
wise the Democrats would take every
thing in sight His plan was denounced
as traitorous to the Liberal cause
J H Restal member of the city coun
cil offered a set of resolutions declaring
that the Liberal party is still alive and
that it repudiates tha bargain attempted
to be made by Frank J Cannon Mayor
Lundy and others to sell out the Liberal
After a heated debate that part of the
resolutions referring to Cannon
and Lundy and associates was
stricken out and tho resolu
tion were adopted It was also
decided to get into the field at once and
wage a warfare against all political op 1
position This effectually opens the
campaign and as both national
campaign parties
have been resting on their oars in order
see which way the Liberals would jump
conventions will undoubtedly be called at
once The campaign will be short but
full of fire
For some time past negotiations have l
been pending between the Republicans
and Liberals looking to the disbandment
of the latter party but it is said that some 1
of the office seekers among the Liberals 11
were not satisfied and bolted For a while
it looked as though there would be no
Liberal ticket in the field and that the
fight would be on national party lines
The action taken tonight by the party ol J
I airfighters is the sensation of the hour
The Adams rape case was finished this
afternoon and given to the jury about 1
oclock The jury is still out and a dis
agreement seems probable
Judge Miner has adjourned court until
morning and the jurors are making beds
on the floor of the main court room
Dan McDonald a youth of 20 pleaded
guilty of forgery and was sentenced to
one year in the pen He was taken to
Salt Lake tonight
Ireland Will Own the White City In Chi
caso Today
CHICAGO Sept 29The green flag will
tomorrow wave from the center flagstaff
ia the grand plaza east of the adminis
tration building It is expected that the
attendance will go up to 300000 and that
fully half of these will be representatives
of the Irish of America In the call
which was signed by one hundred prom
inent Irishmen an eloquent appeal was
made for a large attendance and the l
responses promise to exceed all expecta
tions An elaborate programme has been
arranged and this includes orations by
Edward Blake of Toronto Lord Mayor
Shantcs of Dublin John E Fitzgerald
of Boston and Archbishop Feehan oJ
The objects of the gathering are thus
eloquently sounded in the call To mani a
fest our joy in the splendid nation ol
freemen that possesses the glorious land
Columbus gave to civilization our pride
in its radiant progress and unequalled
constitution and succinctly put before
the world the honorable history of th
Irish race to the and that the nations
may acquire that knowledge of its genius
spirit and achievements which will ob
tain for it the respectful universal recog
nition to which ic is entitled
QTho Judges Decision Challenged
CHICAGO Sept 29 California and
Great Britain have refused to abide by
the decision of the judges of award on 4
the wine exhibits so far as the com
parative excellence of the vintage is con
cerned and have appointed Charles F
Oldham a London wine merchant to
examine and report He will take all the
necessary notes here bat will not finish
his report until ho returns to London
Charles A Wetmore who has charge oi
the California exhibit took this step
with the approval of Governor Markham
Citizens of Idaho Prefer the Latter to
Deal With
BOISE Ida Sept 29SpecialA
disposition to rob the Chinese has lately
developed in this state In Nampa a
gardener was held up and relieved of 200
a few nights since A similar attempt In
Boise resulted in the brutal beating of an
old Chinaman who had no money for his
A similar robbery occurred in Mountain
Home a few days ago two thieves taking
5200 The highwaymen were recognized
their names being Clark and Shirley
They were arrested but Shirley was re
leased as he was masked and the victim
could not identify him The citizens
took the matter up and proceeded to re
cover the money
Shirley was captured last night and
taken out and strung up After being
well choiced ho was let down He then
told where 1CO of the money was and It
was recovered
The crowd strung him up again after
which he made a statementthat fQ of the
money was paid to a lawyer to defend
him and 20 to a constable as bribe to
f u

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