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X X Its Tho rivalled FOR Want HKRATjD THE in Columns the MASSES is great the arc paper west un THE SUNDAY HERALD I otL aidoad uoad SrH oqj OtU ardoad poon saqma sjmjipjojs om ani I > l av aH
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Compromise Democrats Receive
But Little Encouragement
Republican Senators Say they Will
Tight the Compromise
Tho Bellicose Attitude of the Republicans
Has Disheartened the Democratic
Repealers and Compelled the
Compromisers to Halt
WASHINGTON Sept 30Leading Dem
scratic senators who have been trying for
the last fortyeight hours to arrange
terms acceptable to a compromise on the
silver question encountered a very de
termined obstacle today when they ap
proached the Republican antisilver men
who thus far have been acting with the
Democratic repeal forces
The Republicans simply declare there
Is no common ground upon which they
could act with the Democrats any longer
i unconditional repeal is to be aban
doned When it came to negotiating for
terms with silver they announced their
intention of flocking by themselves and
declared they were ready to fight the
compromise to a finish This bellicose
attitude of the Republicans disheartened
the Democratic repealers and compelled
the compromibers to hal temporarily at
Senator Voorhess is in no way con
nected with the compromise movement
He said today he had no reason to despair
of the passage of the repeal bill in its
original form and thought it quite
ridiculous to conclude that in a body of
eightyfive a majority of fifteen could not
secure a vote upon any given proposition
He said he felt convinced that the major
ity could hold out as long as the minority
I said be we cannot pass the bill
this fall we can continue an efTort dur
ing the winter and i we do nof conclude
our work in the fall winter and spring
we can like Grant fight it out on that
line i it takes all summer I J could
force a vote 1 should of course do so
4 but there is no rule whereby I can do
that I am satisfied however if we hold
on with sufficient persistence we will
get it in time
A Proposition that the Silver Question Bo
V Settled by the Ballot Box
WASHINGTON Sept 30 Representa
tive S B Cooper of Texas today pre
sented the following resolution which
was referred to the ways and means com
Whereas In the enactment of all laws
the Trill of tie majority should controland
Whereas There are divided opinions
among the congressmen of the United
States now assembled in legislative ses
sion as to the will of the people upon the
t question of the coinage of money by the
United States therefore be it
Resolved That the governors of the
several states are respectfully requested
to request or cause to be held an elec
tion reqnest their respective states on
the first Tuesday in November next
for the purpose of ascertaining the
will of the people upon the question of
the coinage of money by the United
States and at such election those in favor
of the free coinage of both gold and sil
ver without discrimination against the
other metal shall have written or printed
upon the tickets For Free Coinage e
and those opposed to the free coinage of
both gold and silver without discrimina
tion shall have written or printed upon
the tickets Against Free Coinage and
said election shall be held and the returns
4 thereof made in accordance with the laws
of the respective states governing the
election of representatives to the legis
lature of said said states and the returns
and result of said election submitted to
the Congress of the United States by the
governors oi he several states
The Terms of the Proposed Compromise
Are not Satisfactory
WASHINGTON Sept 30Many silver
men are not favorably impressed with the
proposition of the enemies of silver for a
compromise They especially object to
the proposal to issue 200000000 of bonds
to build up the gold reserve and this
probably will have to be modified
Many also think the proposition to
JT purchase 2000000 of silver is too small
and are inclined to take chances of de
feating the repeal bill rather than submit
to it
It is understood further that efforts will
be made to reach a compromise and
many senators speak hopefully of reach
ing a settlement on some basis
Aspen Mine Owner Make Good Offers to
Their Workmen
DENVER Sept 30Silvor mineowners
at Aspen have made a proposition to their
miners looking to a resumption of work
in all the idle properties When silver is
less than SO cents an ounce for a month
they will receive from 250 to 450 a
day according to the class of work
When silver is S2Ja cents 2 cents per day
wH be added when silver is S3K then
50 cents is to be added The acceptance
of this proposition will give work to 700
men Over 10 have returned to work in
the Leaaville mines recently on tho same
The President and the Compromise
WASHINGTON Sept 30 Secretaries
Gresbam and Carlisle had a conference
with the president at the White House
tonight While the subject of the con
ference could noc be definite learned it
is understood it was regarding the pro
posed compromise on the silver question
They Will ot Accept
ASPEN Colo Sept 30The miners
f of Aspen will not accept the sliding
4 acale of the managers adopted at yester
days meting and from the present
outlook there will be no work t speak
of in this camp until such time as the
price of silver will justify the employ
ment of the men at the old prices
The Census Bureau
WASHINGTON Sept 30Hon Carroll
D Wright commissioner of labor will
be appointed in a few days to take charge
of th census bureau sacceding James
H WJ 1 > of Jtfew York He will how
ever retain Lis present position as com
missiorijrof f labor
The Detroit 2fot a Success I
cf FORT MoireoE Va Sept 30The I
United Stated cruiser Detroit returned I
I tr Was morning from 8 foctseieht hours I
I Q t
trial trip which was very unsatisfactory
Admiral Belknap and the board left for 1
Washington tonight
Mrs Cleveland Drives Out
WASHINGTON Sept 30For the first
time since the birth of Baby Esther Mrs
Cleveland went out driving today She
was accompanied by the president and
looked remarkably well After driving a
couple of hours they returned to the ex
ecutive mansion
The Van Alen Casev
Alert has written a letter to the president
declining his appointment to the Italian
mission but it has not been received at
the While House I is learned on good
authority there is no probability of the
president withdrawing the nomination
WASHINGTON Sept 30The president
has appointed J D Conrad as postmaster
atMarysviile MontS A Stephenson
Lascruees N M W H Brunk Ash
land Or
The Contralia Train Robbery Planned i
Three Months Ago
CENTRALIA Ills Sept 30 Hardin
the last of the Ceutralia gang of train
robbers who was captured last night in
Cincinnati was taken from Detective
Smith at Odin this afternoon by Sheriff
Helm on a state warrant while being
conveyed to St Louis on the Ohio Mis
sissippi train The detective was unwil
ling to surrender his prisoner but he had
no paper on which to hold him and he
was conveyed to the Salem jail where his
pals Jones and ODwyer are confined
While the officers were disputing over
the possession of the prisoner some one
reported in the hearing of Hardin that
the news of his detention in Odin had
been telegraphed to Centralia and SOO
railroad men were en route on a special
train to lynch him
This completely unnerved the bandit
and he begged the officers to hurry him
off to jail He then made a full confes
sion of the robbery Thee were three
oi us implicated Jones ODwyer and
myself he said The robbery was
planned at 1313 Choteau avenue St Louis
over three months ago Jones was too
drunk t play his part well He held up
the engineer and fireman before ODwyer
and I were ready to attack the car and
our plans were thrown into confusion
When we entered the car I found myself
in the grasp of Baggageman Armstrong
I saw a man coming into the car with a
gun and supposed we had been trapped
From that moment my sole object was to
get out of the car 1 endeavored to keep
Armstrong between myself and the shot
gun and did so pretty successfully until
I impulsively reached for the bell cord to
stop the train I was then Saunders shot
me in the arm The shooting filled the
car full of smoke and I managed to jump
out at the east door ODwyer was a few
feet ahead of me We both landed out
side about the same time
We ran east until we reached
ODwyers house where he stopped I
passed on in a circuitous route until I re
turned to the Illinois Central track
nearly a mile from where we held up the
train My arm was paining me fear
fully and I crawled into a culvert and
laid down While I lay there a wild en
gine bound for St Louis on the Air Line
pulled up to the depot and stopped
While the engineer and firemen were in
the telegraph office I crawled out and
secreted myself on the engine on which I
rode into St Louis I went directly to
Mrs Kays about 7 oclock in the morn
ing after the robbery I kept myself
secreted during the day in the vicinity of
the Relay depot in East St Louis and at
7 p tt on September I boarded an
Ohio Mississippi train and rode to Cin
cinnati No one on the train suspected me
I have friends in Cincinnati and went
direct to the City hospital after resting
up a little and had my arm dressed I
registered under the name of Kay I
have been reading the papers regularly
and supposed the detectives were search
ing forme in Missouri and Indiana I
was this that caused me to be off my
guard when I was arrested I think it
was the description of my wound given
to the press by the St Louis woman that
caused the City hospital authorities to
identify me and give me away
The bandits arm is in no means a bad
condition and he can use it freely
Hardin told the officers that he left a
Colts revolver in the culvert where he
rested the night of the holdup and they
could have the weapon
A New Demand on Slam
BANGKOK Sept BOThe French en
voy presented a new demand on Siam to
day presenting also the ultimatum of ac
ceptance within fortyeight hours In
case of a refusal the French envoy will
leave Bangkok
A Boise Water Company Refuses the
Fluid for Fire Purposes
BOISE CITY Ida Sept 30Special
The question whether the water com
panies in this state can be compelled to
furnish water to cities for fire purposes
free of charge is about to be tested today
A suit was brought by Boise city against
the Artesian Hot and Cold Water com
pany to secure a permanent injunction
enjoining the company from cutting off
the supply from the fire hydrants The
suit was brought on by threats of the
company that it would cut off the supply
owing to the determination of the council
to force it to furnish water free A re
straining order has been issued
Conduct of Soldiers Is Being Invest
S1 Louis Sept 30A special to the
Republic from Arkansas City Kan says
In view of the lulling of J R Hill of
New Jersey by a United States soldier on
the 16th int and of other outrages
charged t the troops Col M F Hyde
special agont of the war department be
gan an investigation today
Rev J CSefton testified to the rowdy
ism of the soldiers
William B BrJerly saw the shooting of
Hill He ran from the state line west of
Chilocco and so did Hill The crowd
started on the run because of the firing of
two shots by the soldiers They were
thought to be the signal
Rev D Delong saw the killing I oc
curred at 1205 noon by his watch stand
ard time There were thousands of peo
ple ahead of Hill when he was shot
G W Vaughan and others testified
how he bribed the soldiers at the booths
in order to get registered without delay
Tragic Fate of a Boomer
WICHITA Sept SOThe body of Her
man Banner of Denver was found this
afternoon hanging to a tree some dis
tance south of Caldweli The dead man
was known to have secured a good claim
but he had two contestants to fight and
suspicion is directed against them
ForresterDid you see me making a
I fuss over 1hat aby
LancasterYes how much do you owe
The Elections Law Is Hurtful
and Oppressive
Had Lincoln Lived There lYond Have
Been Peace and Prosperity
The Law Was Passed with the Idea That
the South Was jJIerelly a Conquered
Territory Very Warm
WASHINGTON Sept SOIn the House
the Committee on Appropriations pre
sented for immediate consideration a bill
to extend the time for the completion of
the eleventh census to June 30 1891
The debate on the bill to repeal the na
tional election laws was resumed
Patterson of Tennessee spoke in favor
of the measure He maintained that Pres
ident Lincoln went to his grave never
dreaming of a universal negro suffrage
and not a soldier who followed the fag of
the Union and fought its battles dreamed
of i during the war or immediately after
He declared that had Lincoln been per
mitted to live and carry out his policy
there would have been peace andpros
perity in the south Lincolns as
sassination made it possible for
the ambitious Republican leaders to
place their heels on the neck of the south
The reconetruction legislation was passed
on the theory that the sovereignty of the
states was gone and that the southern
states were a conquered territory Over
200000000 were heaped into the debt of
the southern states in a few years Ruin
devastation lawlessness frauds corrup
tion reigned supreme
Henderson of Iowa interrupted to
read a letter from an unnamed individual
in Tennessee declaring that in five
counties of that state wholesale fraud and
intimidation were practiced
Patterson replied by recounting the
history of the attempt in 18S3 to punish
election frauds called attention the
condition of affairs in the south before
the war when a man who would I
corrupt or spend money on elections
was dishonest 1 it has been other
wise in the south since the war the
origin must be looked for in these
election measures I the Republican
party had pushed the policy placed by
Lincoln in his letter to Governor Kent of
limited suffrage for the negro it would
have been vastly better for the negroes
and for every section of tho country
Prolonged Democratic applause
McCaul Republican Massachusets
followed in opposition
folowed opposion
McNagney of Indiana followed in sup
port of the measure He claimed the
whole question of federal supervision of
elections was hurtful and oppressive
Dewitt Warner of New York next
took the floor in support of the measure
I do not care to defend the
state of New Yorkn said he
1 against the slanders hurled at her from
every corner of this chamber by Repub
licans We welcome them The facts
are that New York city was the first to
adopt a model system registration elec
tion andcount The system is so perfect
that on the night of an election from one
end of the country to the other the re
sult in New Ybrk is known and accepted
We in New York city compelled the
county districts to accept the same scrut
iny at elections which we voluntary put
on ourselves years ago He went on to
refer contemptiously to Justice Wood
who had Warner said reversed himself
in order to keep Dudley out of jai and
prevent an official investigation of the
I Blocks of Five letter
I resent shouted Jackson of In
diana springing to his feet
Justice Woods decision was in ac
cordance with the law in the case
I is neither law morals nor de
cency retorted Warner it was an
illegal decision to which Judge Woods
was driven by political necessity
Johnson sought to read the opinion of
Justice Harlan bearing on the case
Richards of Ohio then took the floor
and made a carefully prepared and force
ful argument against the constitutional
ity of the election laws I
At the conclusion of his speech Dock
ery presented a partial report of the com
mission to investigate the expenditures
n the departments
Then the House adjourned
The Senator Critices tho Matter Manner
of Alakiuc Appointments
WASHINGTON Sept 30Perkins Re
publican of California gave notice of an
amendment he intended to make to the
repeal bill He had carried out the sug
gestions made by him ins recent speech
The resolution offered yesterday by
Chandler of New Hampshire calling for
I information as to the commission inves
tigating the New York custom house
came up Chandler spoke in favor of its
adoption He said the object was after
ascertaining the facts to invoke i
necessary the action of Congres to pre
vent the appointment of officers or
nominal officers of the United States
without warrant of the constitution
and law contrary to the spirit of both
Chandler had read Appraiser Coopers
letter tendering his resignation because
of the treatment he received from the
hands of commission Chandler after
reading the reports from New York papers
touching the proceeding of the commis
sion to the effect that it was created in
order to make place for some antisnapper
Democrats in New York state called the
attention of Senator Hill especially to the
matter in order that he might tell the
Senate i he wanted to whether
any vacancies made by the com
mission had been filled by anti
snapper Democrats Chandler said
he was now supporting the president in
his efforts to secure the repeal of the sil
ver law but this would not deter him
from criticising a president whom he
thought was given too much to disregard
ing the provisions of expressed law and
to make a law unto himself and when he
had reached a determination to attempt
to carry it out whether he saw law for it
or not Chandler cited Clevelands ap
pointment in his former term without
the advice or consent of the Senate of
W L Putnam and J B Angel
commissioners to negotiate the
fisheries treaty with Great Britain
in violation of the constitution
Chandler referred to the message to the
Senate communicated to Governor
Northern of Georgia and said he was
struck with the justice of the criticism
he hal seen in a recentLondon paperthat
there was a singular resemblance between
the letters of President Cleveland and
those of Germany Coming totbe Hawaiian
an episode Chandler readifrom a letter of
president to the provisional government
ment of Hawaii the sentence CMay God
have your excellency in his wide keep
ing What a beneficent air of royalty
there is about that extension of
the good wishes of His Majesty
ir J
the President of the United
States said Chandler through his
Personal Commissioner Blount who has
paramount authority to the provisional
government of the Hawaiian Islands
Chandler said the appointment of Blount
was a more gross violation of the consti
tution than had occured in appointment
of officials in a hundred years It was
ofcals yeas
time the president and the heads of de
partments should be brought to rigid
observance of the constitution
The resolution was then agreed to and
the repeal bill laid before the Senate as
unfinished business and Camden Dem
ocrat of West Virginia spoke in advo
cacy of the bill
Peffer Populist of Kansas then re
sumed his argument against the repeal
bill begun on Thursday
The resolutions heretofore offered by
Dolph Republican of Oregon calling
for information as to the payment pen
sions to persons residing abroad was
taken up Dolph said there was either
great ignorance in the action of the pen
sion bureau or a premeditated deliber
ate design to thwart the will of Congress
and he cited the case of the widow ot
Commodore Watson whoso pension
granted by a special act of Congress was
suspended six months ago and she was
called upon to prove by living persons
an event which occurred thirtyfive years
ago The resolution was placed on the
Teller Republican of Colorado of
fered a resolution which went over call
ing for information as to the amount of
silver bullion purchased by the treasury
department in the month of September
1893 Peffer concluded his speech at 430 p
m and after a brief executive session
the Senate adjourned
A Bad State of Affairs in tho Argentine
LONDON Sept 30A dispatch from
Rio De Janeiro says the intervention
the foreign ministers and war vessels in
the harbor prevented a further attack ou
the forts today I is believed a favorable
modification of the situation has taken
The same dispatches declare that the
Argentine situation grows worse hourly
The wires are cut in every direction and
the only news come from government
sources and it is not much believed
There Has Been Continuous Fighting at
BUENOS AYRES Sept 30The latest
news received here from Rosario is to the
effect that there has been continuous
fighting through the day but the rebels
claim to have an advantage and the other
I side of the government forces claim to
have triumphed The only fact certain is
that there has been severe fighting be
tween the rebels and government troops
The latest report from Rio de Janeiro is
to the effect that the rebel war vessels all
opened fire on the city and mnch damage
to property resulted
A Responsible Persons Story
NEW YORK Sept 30 The Heralds
Valparaiso dispatch says A responsible
person who bas arrived from over the
Andes says he has positive information
that Catarmarica and Calta have joined
the provinces of Sania Fe and jTucuman
in revolt My informant believes the
national guard will go over to the Radi
cal revolters The failure oftKa squadron
to revolt is the only draw back t the
triumph of the Radicals
Rebel War Ship Captured
BUENOS AYRES Sept 30The iron
clad Independent has captured the rebel
war ship Andes which was seized at
Buenos Ayres a few days ago by the
rebels The rebel officer of the Andes
managed to escape but the crew was
It Is of Little Importance
WASHINGTON Sept 30Secretary
Herbert said today there were no new
facts to make public in the case of the
American Boynton who was arrested at
Rio by omcials Me is inclined to treat
the matter as of slight importance and I
says it has no international feature what
ever I
Several Outbrealcs Have Occurred
WASHINGTON Sept SOThe depart
ment of state tonight received a cable
gram from Fishback secretary of the le
gation at Buenos Ayres stating thai
several unimportant outbreaks had oc
curred there but the government has the
situation well in hand and no serious re
I sults are anticipated
All Quiet at Nicaragua I
WASHINGTON Sept 30Commander
Whiting of the United States steamer i
Alliance now at Nicaragua telegraphed
the navy department that matters politi I
cal in that country are quiet
The Victoria Disaster Has Its Effects in
BERLIN Sept30The recent agiation
in England in regard to the defects found
in British warships brought on mainly
by the disaster to the Victoria has found
an echo here I is suggested that the
British fleet would be more strengthened
by the audition of a large number of fast
cruisers with powerful rams and vessels
of a type smaller and less expensive than
the monster battle ships which seem to
find so much favor with British ship
builders In this country the reported
increase in the naval estimate has caused
much dissatisfaction among the Radicals
and Liberals who claim that Germany
does not need a strong navy or an addi
tion to her army Ship building experts
in Germany have followed closely the
criticism made in England upon the
British war ship which recently met with
disaster and the German experts insist
that the present type of German war
ships is especially unsuited Germany
I is more than likely the government
vill meet with sound opposition in carry
ing out Emperor Williams project to in
crease the strength of the German navy
The JiiiiK Was Badly Shaken
ROME Sept 30ExKing Milan of
Servia while riding from Monza on a
horse belonging to King Humbert fell
and was supposed to have been seriously
injured It appears however though
the exking was badly shaken he has not
suffered any serious injury
Six Indictments Have Already Been
CHICAGO Sept 30The grand jury
todayreturned six additional indictments
against the alleged fire bugs of whom
Fred W Smith is the chief The men in
dicted so far are Allen S Peck and Clar
ence Reeve insurance adjusters F W
Smith D Brown Charles Kinsman
Otto Jorsa O C Churchill Paul Lone
meyer David Rosenblatt Henry Acheck
George W McKee Robert McNight
The scheme was to swihdle the insurance
company by bogus claims of losses
ThereseI have to be so careful of my
I complexion
Mildred suppose so dearlest you
perspire Town Topics
How Irish Day Was Celebrated
in Chicago
After Some Discussion I Again
Floats in the Breeze
The Natives of tho Quid Sod and Their
Descendents Have a Most Royal
Time Speeches by Dis
tinguished Men
CHICAGO Sept 30Irish day at the
Worlds fair began with a bit of a shindy
Chief Justice Barrett of the depart
ment of electricity is something of an
Irishman himself and caused the Irish
flag to be run up on the Electricity build
ing in honor of the occasion
Frank D Millet artist and war cor
respondent who has charge of the flags
and other color displays is not an Irish
man and he ordered one of his men to
haul the green flag down
The order was at once obeyed but the
colors were again run up by Barretts
Then Chief Millet and his men appeared
and cut the halyards causing the flag to
fall at the feet of the crowd which had
Trouble seemed imminent and a com
psny exposition guards were dispatched
to tile scene to preserve order
Barrett says he ordered the flag run up
out of compliment of the day and the
many IrishAmericans on the ground
Millett says he ordered the flag down be
cause no flags were allowed on the staffs
of the exposition buildings except those
of the nations recognized as such
The matter was at once referred to
President Higginbotham for a decision
For the first time since last May has the
city experienced a really rainy day I
rained all last night and has rained all
day today The sky is leaden the ground
sodden the air cold and raw with a chill
wind irom tne soutneast A more oisa
greeable combination for what was ex
pected to be one of the great days of the
fair in points of attendance and general
liveliness could scarcely be imagined
Nothing could be done in the flag mat
ter as both President HIgginbotham
and DirectorGeneral Davis were absent
Some time ago the committee on arrange
ments for Irish day asked the council of
administration for permission to run nn
the flag and the matter was left in the
hands of the directorgeneral
After consultation with Millet it was
decided inadvisable to violate the stand
ing rule and not fly the flag of any except
independent nations
Hungary Poland and other nations
made similar requests which were re
fused on the ground of discourtesy to the
countries bywhich they are ruled
Later an appeal was made to the coun
cil administration and the green flag
was restored to the position tibove the
electricity building
In spite of the rain and the bad weather
Irish day was celebrated by a great military
tary and civic parade starting the west
end of the Midway Plaisance and passing
through that thoroughfare and the prin
cipal avenues of the White City After 1
the parade a crowded meeting was held
in Festival hall at which addresses were
delivered by Lord MayorShanks of DuD
lin Mayor Harrison of Chicago and
Hon John Finerty of Chicugo
Many churchmen and IrishAmerican
citizens were on hand
Lord Mayor Shanks received an en
thusiastic greeting when he entered the
hal He said in part after returning
thanks for the greeting and the felicitat
ing of the Irishmen for the position they
won in this country Your gathering
today will be historic You are here to
claimjyour own share in the honor and
credit of the great Columbian exposi
tion The speaker then dwelt in glow
ing terms upon the exposition and
I added Peace hath victories more re
I nowned than war That my countrymen
should have shown themselves so ready to
become useful and devoted citizens is a
testimony to their fitness as a selfgovern
lag race and I look with confidence to
the future in store for them
Archbishop Feenan followed and said
in part We have assembled here today
for twofold motives to do honor to a
magnificent piece of mens work and
also revive for today the hope and tradi
tions of the Irish people The arch
bishop pointed out at length what the
Irish had done for the church and thereby
for civilization
Edward Blake M P of Toronto
spoke of the Irish home rule maintain
ing that the Irish as a people are capable
of selfgovernment In closing he read
a letter from the English premier re
marking I asked ladstone to send
soma greeting to you and here i is
Gladstones letter which is dated Sep
tember 2 in opening expressed his
pleasure at the knowledge there was to
an Irish day during the fair and said it
could not be a more interesting or a more
encouraging occasion after seven
years close and sustained struggle
throughout the country The house of
commons elected last year passed
after eightytwo days debate the bill
conferring upon Ireland management
through a freely elected parliament of
her own domestic affairs and when at the
close of the next week the bill was re
jected by a large majority in the house of
lords it will mean no more harm than a
dilatory vote The distance actually
traveled over between physical misery and
nnliMonl rifinrpssinn which marked the
early u years of the century n and the victory
recorded last night was immeasurable
The distance between a recorded victory
and the final investment of Ire
land with selfgovernment and control
over her domestic affairs was not only
measurable but short Continuing
Gladstone said The recent success
was broughtaboutby I a change of onin
lon in Jimgnsn ocotcn irisn ana weisti
votes t
In closing Gladstone said Yet the
taste of the struggle still remains and
like former struggles it will be great and
will demand the friendly efforts of all
those who have lifted the great cause out 1
of the abyss and set it on an eminence
rom which there remains but a single
step into the promised land I cherish
the most sanguine hope that
the Irish nation when these great
objects have been attained will
fulfil every reasonable hope cherished by
those who have aided and will convert
the present enemies into friends
Arthur OConnor M P Hon John
E Fitzgerald and Father Binge of
Dublin also male addresses
Total admissions today 136835 of
which 107854 paid
To Visit the Fair
CHICAGO SeptaOYrs General U
S Grant and her daughter Mrs Nellie
Grant Sartpris arrived here this after
noon to visit the fair
will Get There by and By
I NEW YORK Sept 30 Lawyer Crom
well counsel for the receivers of the
> L
Northern Pacific announces they have 1
not funds enough to justify them in
meeting the interest on 519328000 of 6
per cent second mortgage bonds due on
O < tober 14 but hope soon to be able to do
The Valkyrie Causes Great Admiration
in New York
N1W YORK Sept 30The Valkyrie
left anchorage a short time this afternoon
and went away at a rate of fully fifteen
miles an hoar without a sign of allowing
her lee scuppersto go under it It was the
best sight the yachtsmen had of the cut
ter under way and they enjoyed it im
mensely Captain Cranlield did nothing
that would allow the natives
to see how fast the ship could
travel so the treat was one that
furnished no ground for an estimate on
her speed Experts who have watched
the Valkyrie today said Vigilant must
be a better boat than the Volunteer to
beat the new challenger
Sailing directions governing the races
were given out by the regatta committee
today They are as follows The start
will be made off Sandy Hook lightship
the preparatory signal being given at
1115 a m arid the starting signal at
1125 The first third and fifth races
shall be to winuward or to leeward and
return The second and fourth races
shall be run on equiiatorial triangle one
leg and first i the windpermits to wind
ward One day shall intervene between
each racing day Arace postponed or not
finished within the time limit shall be de
cided before the next race in the series is
taken upS
At Morris Park
MORRIS PARK Sept 30The track
was fast Six furlongs Jodan won
Bonvitio second Radiator third Time
One mile Hugh Penny won Comanche
second Sarah Ramey third Time140h
Six furlongs Rightmore won Appa
mattox second Ben Lomond third Time
Mile and a quarter Ladiva won Grace
Brown second Minnebaha third Time
Five furlongs Fondoline won Flor
ence second Nannia third Time 57ii
Seven furlongs Little Billy won Spec
ulation second Beansy third Time 126
At St Louis
ST Louis Sept 30The track was
muddy Six furlongs Minnie Gee won
Little Crete second Billy Bennett third
Time 110
Five furlongs Adah J won Amanda
R second Attention third Time106h
Five and a half furlongsSchool Girl
won Major Dripps second Bret Harte
third rimel12J
Five and a half furlongs Barbara won
Scottish Belle second Pigeon third
Time 1431
Mile Aeronaut won Tom Kelly second
Outcry third Time l48Ji
Mile and a hundred yardsLinda won
Bullross second Mezzotint third Time
At Latonia
LATONIA Sept 30 The track was
sloppy Six furlongs Elva won Sir
Peter second Annie Elizabeth third
Time 120
Mile Anna won Marion P second
Pearl N third Tiwe146M The third
race was declared off
Kentucky central stakes mile Pearl
Song won Ganelon second Tilsit third
Time 46K The value of the stake was
Five furloncs Strathol won Frontman
second Hampton third Time 105
Six furlongs The Spaniard won Olin
119H tie C second Muffineer third Time I
On the Diamond
CHICAGO No game here today rain
ST Louis Two games were played
The Browns won both games which
closes the season here St Louis 17 Bos
ton 6 Second gameSt Louis 16 Bos
ton 4
PITTSBORG The season closed with a
poor game Killeen of the Pittsburgs
won his thirtysixth victory and is the
champion pitcher of the league Pitts
burg New York 6
OLEVEJiAND Errors by the Clevelands
gave the game to the Phillies Cleveland
2 Philadelphia 10
LOUISVILLE The BaltimoreLouisville
game postponed rain
CINCINNATI The Washingtons failing
to appear the game was given to Cincin
nati 9 to nothing
No Fall Meeting at Louisville
LouIsvILLE Sept30For the first time
in the history of the Louisville Jockey
club there will be no fall meeting at
Churchill Downs this year This decision
was reached this afternoon at a meeting
of the executive committee of the club
when it was unanimously decided to ac
cept the proposition of the Latonia I
Jockey club ana transfer the fall meeting
of the Louisville Jockey club to Latonia I
Tho Lexington meeting
LEXINGTON Ky Sept Lexington
will hold a fall running meeting no mat
ter what Louisville does The meeting
here begins October 16 and continues
nine dayt
At Terre Haute
races were declared off accountof rain
The freeforall pace stake 2000 was
divided among the contesting horses
A Great Bike Record I
PITTSBURG Sept 30The Great Press
Bicycle road race which started from
Buffalo yesterday afternoon was won by
L H Bannister of Yonngstown 0
who reached here at 353 p m today
His record 243 miles in 23 hours and 58
seconds is said to be the best ever made
Fifteen thousand pepple witnessed the
The English Game
delphia cricket team finished the first
innings today in a match with with the
Australian visitors with a score of 525
When the game was called today the
Australians four wickets down had scored 1 runs with
lad Weather Makes Bad Business
SEDALIA Mo Sspt 30Tbe state fair
races was abandonedjon account of bad
weather The meeting has bean a fina n
cial failure
The Culmination of the Auburn Shoe
Troubles Yesterday
AUBURN Me Sept 30The excite
ment in the Auburn shoe troubles
culminated tonight in a serious riot One
man w shot through the shoulder and
another stabbed in the neck Two
Armenians were chased by a lot of union
men They checked the mob by firing
pistols in the air The mob followed to
the boarding house which they attacked
with stones
Finally the Armenians emerged in a
body and began shooting and striking
with knives which soon put the crowd to
flight The latter again rallied but the
determined front the defenders caused
them to stop rrhe leader of the Arme
nians was arrested and the crowd dis
persed atthe command of the mayor
The Jary in the Adams Case Fail
to Agree
Three Chinese literally Riddled with
George Sontag tho Notorious California
Bandit Makes a Full Confession ot
ills Numerous Crimes as a
Matter of Revenge
OGDEN Sept 30SpeclalAfter i
being out all night the jury in the
Adams rape case returned this morning
being unable to agree and was dis
charged The case will be retried on Oct
10 It i said the jury stood four for con
viction and eitrht for acquittal
Bishop B M Lewis of Cache county
who recently pleaded guilty to adultery
was sentenced by Judge Miner to six
months in the pen
The street railway company will here
after operate its electric cars with bat
one man each whose duty it will ba to
attend the motor and collect fares also
Wages have been cut to 15 cents an hour
But eight men will be employed on tho
cars The change which is considered
to be dangerous is likely to raise a storm
of public indignation J
Three Chinese Gardeners Killed for Their
BUTTE Mont Sept 30Speclal
Some time during the afternoon three
Chinamen gardeners living about two i
miles east of the city were murdered by
unknown persons 1 all being shot through
the head One was literally riddled with
buck shot The motive was robbery as
f60 was taken After committing the t
crime the house was ransacked by the j
murderers boxes and trunks being
broken open and their contents thrown
about the room r
The murderers evidently went from the
city but their identity is a mystery
The bodies were discovered by two other J
Chinamen who lived with the three but
who had been to the city 7
His Conscience Didnt Trouble Him Bat
Ho Wants Revenge
SACRAMENTO Cal Sept 3 The ij
Evening Bee this afternoon published the
story of a confession by George Sontag
the notorious train robber Sontag told of
all the train robberies in which he and his
brother John and Chris Evans were im
plicated including the Cols robbery
Sontag was sent to prison for life his
brother John is dead and the Evans
family has not treated old Mrs
Sontag in a very cordial man =
ner and Geonre doubtless thought
nothing vas to be gained by silence but 1
he is shrewd and it is supposed he re
ceived 1 promise that in return for his aid
to the officers an intercession for commu
tation of his life sentence would be made
with Governor Markham
The men who heard the confession re q
fused to tell whether this was BO or not
The confession of George Sontag will be
used agvrnst Chris Evans in the trial soon
to be ca f at Fresno
A Doctor Killed by Indians
the most prominent physician in town
answered a call last night to a distant
point Later the doctors horse came
home riderless Indians reported the
doctor had been drowned while crossing
the river It is believed the Indians
killed him to prevent his giving testi
mony in an important case next Monday
A Wife Poisoner Goes Up
HILLSDALE Mich Sept 30Dr
Fogelsend convicted yesterday poison
ing his third wife was today sentenced
to prison for life The doctor declared
he was innocent It is now remembered
the doctors first and second wives died
under peculiar circumstances and there
is a suspicion that he may have murdered
them also
The Anarchist Plot in Vienna
VIENNA Sept 30The authorities are
doing everything possible to get to the
bottom of the recent anarchist plot The
police of the Austrian capitol now claim
the Czechs are also implicated in the
recent anarchist movement
They Will Vote for the First Time To
HARTFORD Conn Sept 89Speclalij
Under the new law in this state author
izing woman suffrage in school affairs
the women of Connecticut will vote for
the first time at the October town elec
tions on Monday when the boards of
education and high school committees
will be elected The registration through
out the state indicates that a large number
of votes in the aggregate will be polled
by tne promoters 01 woman sunrage
The law has not limited the time for
registration and the view is advanced by
good legal authority that the women can
register even on Monday the day of elec
tion In this city that view has been
adopted and every woman who desires to
vote will be able to register at any time
that day Apalicants for registration in
the cities thus far belong generally to the
equal rights clubs
Miss Mary Hall who was the first wo
man in Connecticut to be admitted to the
bar is the leading woman suffragist
this city who has availed herself of the
privileges of registration She is a mem
ber of the Connecticut state board of
charities and is a practicing lawyer The
new law is only a step in advance of a
statute passed in 1887 which made woman
eligible to all school offices They can
be nominated for any place on the school
boards and high school committees la
the city of Meriden women have already
been elected to the high school boards
Thrown Into the Cellar
RlPON Wis Sept 30 While tb
funeral of the wife of State Representa
tive Bow was in progress at Kingston
the floor gave way precipitating iou
people into the cellar One or more are
fatally hurt and onethird of all wera
more or less injured
A Grateful Acknowledgement
CHICAGO Sept 30 Thomas Barret 4
who disarmed the maniac in the gallery
of the board of trade on Wednesday to
day was presented with a handsome gold
medal in commemoration of his gallantry

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