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p L I IT HE Every Every Every HERALD week month day in in thecreek in the the month year THK SALT LAKE HERALD I l only the lena Colorado Pacific paper day f I I
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The House Passes the j
Statehood Bill
Drowned by the Thunder of I
Hundreds of Ayes
Untiring Work of the Delegate
L f From Utah Rewarded
Utah to Be Given Thatto
Which She Has Long
Been Entitled
Let the Productive Valleys Ring With
Joy and the GrandOld Mqun
talus Echo Back the
The Proudest Moment in the
History of the Territory
With the Shackles of Bondage Brok
en Utah Will Be the Brightest
Among Ali theStars That
How Deck the Blue
Field of Grand
Old Glory
Glory to lion on Earth Peace and
Good Will to Man
JT 1
p qi
f Washington Dec 13Specta1 I
Only five feeble voices were heard in
< the House this afternoon in opposition
i to the passage of the Utah statehood
bill I i
Morse of Massachusetts who made i
such a disreputable fpeech yesterday I
was the one who had gall enough to i
S oppose the measure that finally got
3 tie overcvLjjlming support of the Amer I
ican representatives in the popular
s branch of Congress
i The other negative votes came from I I
Maine and that section but the oppo
nents had not nerve enough to demand
a division I
The record made by Mr Rawlins in
thie matter is simply unprecedented
Never before has the bill for the admission
mission of a state been passed with
i such unanimity and to go through
r without u roll call beats the record
t The opposition which manIfest it
self yesterday died down suddenly for
the men endeavoring to keep Utah
waiting found they had to stand up
against an avalanche
To the credit of Reed and Burrows
leaders on the Republican side they
agreed this morning to cease all oppo
sition after having a talk with Mr
His strong appeals were so convinc
ing thatthey like sensible men finally I
yielded and later did all they could
to induce their side to stop fighting
the bill
Harter of Ohio and Tracey of New
York the Democrats who yesterday
opposed the bill found themselves on
that side of the House entirely alone
and they crawled into their holes rather
than pose as the only Democrats on
the opposition fence
It was certain when the session op
ened that a vote would be reached to
The foreign affairs committee had a
special privilege which would have
given that committee the right of way
at 330 this afternoon
At the hour named Chairman Mc
Creary seemed anxious to call up his
resolution but from all parts of the
hall the Democrats came to the desk
insisting the Utah bill must first be
passed and he yielded thirty minutes
additional to that measure or ample
time for it to be passed
After the decisive victory had been
won the members crowded thickly
atound Mr Rawlins and overwhelmed
him with their congratulations
It was a good oldfashioned hand
shaking and he had a perfect ovation
His great speech yesterday removed
about all the opposition there was to
admitting Utah so far as the House
is concerned Those who had taken
particular interest in the measure were
Stirred up to vote and work for its
passage and many who were either
opposed or thought there should be
no treat hurry in admitting Utah
were changed in their opinions
The Republicans who took such a
low plane as to vilify and misrepre
sent the people of Utah were driven
I from their positions and only five
I stubborn narrowminded bigoted con
tracted Republicans held out when the
bill was passed
Mr Rawlins is perfectly satisfied with
the amendments adopted today His
bill is substantially intact and the
ew changes made he says are in ef
ject more favorable to the bill than
I One amendment was adopted giving
Utah one hundred and fifty thousand
more acres of land than was provided
in the Rawlins bill Between 6000000
and 7000000 acres will go to the new
state for educational and other pur
The amendments added In reference
to polygamy stipulate that the con
vention to be held shall provide that
polygamy shall forever be prohibited
in tne state of Utah
One thing was noticeable today and
that was that the House supported
with practical unanimity every amend
ment and proposition presented by
Mr Rawlins and the pronounced
Ifriends and advocates of the bill
Nothing like it ever happened before
In view of all the misrepresenta
tion and in spite of the underhand
way in which the silver question was
lugged in the drubbing this day ad
ministered to the opponents of Utah
I statehood was simply unparalleled
II I Those representatives who hoped
something would turn up to give
I them an excuse to prolong the fight
did not have a pin to stand on
I They were whipped out of their boots
and the action of the House makes
it certain the Senate will dispose of the
I statehood bill at an early day
Tie Democrats in that body are prac
i tically a unit for Utahs admission and
the Republicans cannot afford to op
I pose it when men like Dubois Carey
and some other western senators are
i enthusiastic for the passage
I Mr Rawlins will at once follow up
the matter in the Senate He will
confer with leading Democrats of that
branch of Congress and urge the
speedy taking up of the bill
From what he can learn there will
be no difficulty I
I A wild rumor is floating about that
the Republicans in the Senate will
attempt to tack the Oklahoma and
the mission bill on the Utah bill but
it cannot be done
Utah is going through on her own
hook and she has the votes behind
her unless the unexpected happens
It has truly been a great day for
Utah and she has just cause to be
proud of her gallant fighting delegate
I in Congress
How the Bill Was Viewed by Some
of the Members
Washington Dec 13The bill for the
admission of Utah was passed without
division by the House
At the conclusion of the debate the
only amendments of importance incor
porated In the enabling act was one
by P6werS of Vermont prohibiting po
lygamy and another by Wheeler re
ducing onehalf the land granted to
the state for common school purposes
Just before adjournment a resolu
tion of Hitt calling for the correspond
ence in the Hawaiian affair was amend
ed so as to include the extension of the
period to be covered by the corre
spondence to March 1889 the begin
ning of the Harrison administration
was taken up and passed It was ex
pected a lively debate would occur
when the resolution was reported back
to the House but Hitt refrained from
criticism and there was no explosion
Boutelle who manifested a disposi
tion to speak was taken off his feet
by a motion to order the previous ques
Newlands of Nevada made his
maiden speech in support of the ad
mission of Utah He thought Utah was
fully prepared for statehood but ob
jected to leaving the question of the
allotment of lands In Utah to the
bureau officers at Washington whit
did not < understand the conditions there
The tailed States should cooperate
in the reclamation of the arid lands
of that region In defending Nevada
he said he was unable to understand
why there should be so much aver
sion tola state which when the coun
try was in a revolution had poured
600000000 into the treasury Newlands
claimed the cause of the present de
pression in Utah was the result of
legislation levelled at her interests
The silver that enabled the country to
resume specie payments had been
stricken down and now the Democratic
tariff bill proposed to crush Nevadas
sheep raising and borax mines by plac
ing wool and borax on the free list
Oates of Alabama proposed the un
ion of Utah and Nevada He had ob
served that Nevada continued to lose
her population and that it was a ques
tion as to what was to become of Ne
vada He had no doubt of the intelli
gence of the people of Nevada but the
fact could not be controverted that the
population was decreasing The cen
sus of 1890 gave her 40000 and recent
San Francisco papers say that her
population has since been reduced to
33000 If her mining industry contin
ues to be depressed < < her population
Gates said would continue to fall off
until it might get down to 20000
Mahon offered an amendment reserv
ing to Congress the right to prohibit
and punish poligamy to continue the
present laws in force there and give
the United States courts exclusive jur
Powers of Vermont offered a sub
stltuth providing that polygamy and
plural marriage be forever prohibited
The Mahon amendment was defeat
Doliver made a speech Hs favored
admission and dwelt on the fact that
the Republican party had always been
the friend of the territories
Powers amendment was agreed to
An amendment was proposed reduc
ing to onehalf the land granted to
Utah by the bill for school purposes
and it was adopted
Amendments reducing the grant of
land to state university from 200000
to 110000 increasing the grant for the
use of the agricultural college from 90
000 to 200000 apd decreasing the per
cent of the proceeds of the sale of pub
lic lands subsequent to the admission
of the state which shall be set aside
as a permanent public school fund
from 10 to 5 per cent wlare adopted
A Feeling of Intense Satisfaction
Prevailed Everywhere
The news of the pasage of the enab
ling act by the House was received in
this city yesterday afternoon with in
tend satisfaction
Th s speedy consummation of the peo
ples hopes was not unexpected but the
enthusiasm was none the less intense
and a feeling of rejoicing seemed to
prevail everywhere This sentiment was
not confined to any party and on
every hand were heard words of warm
praise for the grand efforts of Deja
gate Rawlins
From the time the first announce
ment was received until late last night
messages of congratulation to Mr Raw
lins Mr Washington and several
senators and repreantatives who have
stood by Utah in the fight poured into
the telegraph office and Mr Rawlins
will be kept busy for several days
reading the congratulatory telegrams
that will be sent to him
One of the first dispatches received
here after the passage of the bill was
the following from Representative
Washington formerly chairman of the
House committee i on territories
Washington DC Dec 13
Governor Caleb West
I congratulate you and the people of
Utah most heartily on the passage of the
enabling act Justice will prevail
Naturally this messago caused great
delight at the executive mansion and
Governor West promptly sent back the
following reply
Hon Joseph E Washington M C Wash
ington D C
Utah reciprocates your good feeling and
will ever gratefully remember your noble
work for her Help hasten the bill
through the SenateCALEB
Not a single person was seen on the
streets by the reporters who was not sat
isfied with the result and all expressed
the hope that there might not be the
slightest unnecessary delay of the
legislation yet to be enacted
Rah for Rawlins was heard many
times on the streets last night and
the most lavish expressions of praise
were uttered by Democrats Republi
cans Populists Liberals and Mug
wumps i
With the action taken yesterday the I
Liberals unanimously agree that the
m sslon of their party is ended and
that the old fight is ended for good
All eyes are now turned to the Sen
ate and the general Impression is that
the bill will be taken up by that body
in the near future and be speedily
passed without oppositon
The Herald Is Admitted to a Pull
San Francisco Dec 13Special
At a meeting of the members of the
Pacific Press association held this af
ternoon at the California hotel it was
unanimously voted the pleasure of the
association to retain membership with
the Associated Press for telegraphic
service The Salt Lake Herald was
admitted to full franchise through the
courtesy of the Tribune H C Brown
lee was made a voting member
Sovereigns Speech at the Reception
Last Mght
Boston Dec 13A reception was
tendered General Master Workman
Sovereign and the newly elected mem
brs of the general executive board of
the knights of labor in Faneuel Hall
tonight by members of the order in
this city The attendance was small
In a speech Sovereign said there was
at present as great a need of freeing the
whitewage slave as there ever was for
our colored brothers Our country will
go down as others have done if the
rich continue growing richer and the
poqr poorer Society is now being
shaken from stem to stern by labor
troubles The remedy is in ballots not
The Federation of Labor
Chicago Dec 13The American I
federation of labor at the morning
session heard a number of resolutions
on various subjects which were re
ferred to committees Recess was I
taken to give the committees time to I
report The election of officers will I
occur on Friday
Resolutions calling for the enact
ment of laws to prevent the employer
from making opposition to employees
Joining a union or discharging him
therefor and making it obligatory by
law l upon employers t submit their
differences to arbitration were defeated
A resolution indorsing Governor
Altgelds pardon of the anarchists was
passed by a tiManimous vote
A Well Defined Belief in Diplo
matic Circles
But the Government Will Not Essay to
Keep Her There
Commissioner Carter Indites an
Open Letter to Secretary Gresham
in WhichTHe Covers a Great Deal
of Space Yet Gives hnt Little
IVews It is Alleged That Import
ant Letters on the Hawaii Ques
tion are Missing
Chicago Dec 13A Washington
special says There is a welldefined
belief in diplomatic circles that the at
tempt of the Clevfeland administration
Hawaiian the
to restore the Hawaian queen to
throne has been abandoned
The belief fs not based on idle rumor
but on official information received at
one of the embassies from that em
bassys home government and that
the home government understood to
have received its information from its
minister at Honolulu and to have im
mUdlately acquainted its representa
tive with the information
According to this information there
Is just one possible chance of the queen
being restored that chance consists
of the queen coming off her high horse
and of the provisional government re
linquishing its grip in return for the
good will of the Cleveland administra
tion with the understanding that the
United States I will offer no hindrance
to annexationists overthrowing the
queen immediately sHe is restored
Carter of the Provisional Government
ment Writes to Grcsham
San Francisco Dee 13The steam
er Oceanic which arrived from Hono
lulu last night brought an open letter
from Charles L Carter one of the com
missioners of the provisional govern
rrisnt of Hawaii to negotiate annexa
tion to the United States addressed to
Secretary Gresham
It is an answer to statements made
by the secetary in his letter to the pres
ident concerning the overthrow of the
Hawaiian monarchy according to the
statements in the Deport of Special
Commissioner Blount in which the
secretary reaches the conclusion that
the United States is In equity bound to
restore iti queen
Carters letter IsMsery Jongr ling
Greshams letter paragraph by
up Greshams paragaph par
agraph ahd replying to it In the main
it is a repetition of the story a at first
told when news of the revolution was
received and the commissioners ar t
rived in this country to negotiate a
treaty as related by Minister Stevens
in his reply to the letters of Secretary
Carter says he makes this letter an I
open one for the reason that Gresham i I
has shown an apparent disinclination i
to make a full exposition of matters I
bearing on the question which have I
been at his disposal I
Carter denies that the opposition of
the queers ministers had forced her I
to abandon her intention of proclaim
ing a new constitution at the petition
of her native subjects that the petit I
tion at the time of the struggle with
I her ministers was still in the hands I I
of the petitioners and unread by the
queen and that it afterwards mys
teriously disappeared that the opposi
tion of the ministers merely induced
her to forego the proclamation for the
time being and that it was two days
later when her adviser discovered the
wrath of the people sweeping toward i
the throne
The announcement of her intention
to forego the proclamation was abso
lutely promulgated in the hope of stay
ing the tide
Carter in this connection asks the
secretary whether other crimes of the I
queen should not be considered
whether there was not something of
an offense in the lottery and opium
bills nothing characteristic in the dis
appearance of the Chinese registra
tion act
He says he can never forget that the
deciding vote in favor of the lottery
bill was cast by a man pledged to vote
against it while too drunk to hold his
head up who sat with a wreath
around his neck said to have been
placed there by the queen herself
Carter then takes the
up organiza
tion of the committee of safety and
points out that while Minister Stevens
had promised protection to the
protecton mem
bers of the queens cabinet while act
ing as such he positively refused to
give the committee of safety any sup
port after the cabinet had violated its
pledges to the queen and became a
revolutionary body That was the un
derstanding of the committee of safety I
from noon on Sunday and the provis
ional government was not proclaimed
till Tuesday
Troops were landed on Monday even
ing and the friends of the revolution I
understood i was only for the pur
pose of protecting American citizens
and not to aid the revolution 1
There were no signs of excitement
on shore on Monday night due to the I
fact that the United States forces were
The excitement was intense up to
that time Two incendiary fires were
started and but for the prompt appear
ance of the United States troops might
have increased to alarming propor
Carter says the provisional govern
ment did not enter the government I
building as soon as the troops were I
landed but nearly twentyfour hours I
later When it was done the
queens adherents had abandoned it
and Wilson the queens chief of po
lice told Carter afterwards that
they had left i because they
feared for their lives Wilson added
that the provisional government would
not have received peaceful possession
if the queens advisers had listened to
his wishes The queen Wilson said
knew that the United States forces
would not assist the provisional gov
ernment and he advised her to make
a fight but the rest of her advisers
were afraid and the queen shared their
fears and he was compelled to submit
I after a heated altercation
After the provisional government
was proclaimed there was some
anxiety and Damon of the advisory
council asked Castle to go to Captain
Wiltse of the steamer Boston and ask
for a guard Castle objected knowing
I the position of the United States au
I thorities on the subject but finally
went and was not surprised when
I Captain Wiltse positively refused
I The prompt recognition the new
status by all the foreign representatives
was sufficient evidence of the regular
ity of the procedure As showing Minister
ister Stevens carefulness Castle states
that after the provisional govern
ment had been proclaimed Stevens
sent on his aides the junior officers of
the Boston to the government house
to make sure of the fact that a new
government was actually in peaceable
possession as set forth in the request
for recognition
Carter says further that before the
provisional government was proclaimed
Damon went to the queen renounced
his allegiance and told her a move
ment was on foot to overthrow her
She replied that she had heard of i
and had determined to submit
I This justified the provisionaL gvern
i ment in seizing the government house
without armed force Carter declared
I the secretary pointedly evaded any at
i tempts on the part of the commission
I ers while in Washington to make to
him a full statement of the facts in relation
lation to the matter In his own case
I when he once sought to make a full
explanation the secretary abruptly
I rose and left the room
He Speaks tin an American Citizen
anil an American Senator
Washington Des 13he presiding
officer laid before the Senate a resolu
tion offered last Monday by Hoar cal
ing on the president for further infor
mation on the Hawaiian matter
Frye then turned to the Blount re
port He did not know how far the
report was before the Senate but it was
before the country in its entirety and
also before the House of Representa
tives In its entirety There was there
fore no delicacy in referring to i as
it was public property Now I wish
to say said Frye with great gravity
and much emphasis in relation to
that report that in my judgment it
is the most dangerous report on which
any United States senator can afford
to make any serious attack upon the
character of any private citizen of
the United States I affirm continued
I Frye that Blount in his report has
not written one single unvarnshed
line of truth nor given one unpreju
diced opinion nor rendered one impar
tial judgment Frye said he assumed
this was an attack on Stevens that
he had dishonored the flag that he had
committed an act of piracy I thank
heaven no citizen of Maine ordered
I the flag hauled down and I compliment
the admiral who did haul i down that
in the dispatch he says In obedience
to the orders of Commissioner Blount
r have no doubt it may become neces
sary to break Stevens down I have
reliable information since I came in
the Senate this morning which says
The purpose of the administration is
I to charge that Stevens was a party
II to the corruption employed to break
down the queens government and es
tablish a revolutionary government
I Gray requested Fryes authority for
such a statement but the latter said
he was not at liberty to give i
I Vest disclaimed speaking as an advo
cate or a special defender of the admin
istration but spoke as an American
senator and an American citizen HJj
referred to Stevens as one who be
lieved the earth belonged to the
saints and we are the saints
Laughter Stevens and the Americans
I I In Hawaii had christianized the na
tives and under the name of God had
taken possession of the and and divid
ed it among themselves Ki warmly
def nded Blount saying a purer man
publicly and privately had never ap
peared in the arena of American poll
tics TI rime committed by the pres
ident for which impeachment was
threatened was that he did not favor
annexation of the islands If that was
a crime Vest himself was a criminal
and so were a majority of the Ameri
can people Viest attacked annexation
as opposed to the traditional policy of
Washington Jefferson Jackson Bu
chanan and now Cleveland He said
As I understand the condition of
affairs in Hawaii the provisional gov
ernment is the de facto government It
is today the de facto government I
any assault upon i by an armed force
on the part of the United States or any
other country must be an act of war
which alone can be brought about by
the action of Congress I do not under
stand Gresham meant that an armed
force would be employed Coming
to the instructions of Willis Vest said
I i should turn out that those in
structions were to restore the queen
by the armed force no one will depre
cate it and none resist the
doctrine to any extremity more than
myself I repeat it would be an act
of war It seems to me impossible
the Secretary of State and the presi
dent of the United States should have
come to the conclusion that without
the actionof Congress they coujd do
any such a thing But as I under
stand the position of the administra
tion now as given in the instructions
to Blount it is simply a repetition and
affirmation of the timehonored doc
trine of our country in every adminis
tration Of the United States author
ity from the Hawaiian islands except
so far as it was necessary to protect
under the international law the prop
erty and persons of American citizens
legitimately residing there I sEould
leave the opposing factions to settle
the question of sovereignty for them
Hoar discussed the question of pre
cedent for Blounts appointment and
said only a few of them not more
than thirty at the most applied to the
The resolution was then referred to
the committee on foreign affairs
Morrill addressed the Senate on the
tariff question His speech was de
voted mainly to a comparison of the
practices of this country with those of
Great Britain on the question of tariff
and of the industrial conditions of the
two countries and to a criticism of the
Democratic party for a ndency to
follow English precedents At the
close of Merrills speech the Senate
went into executive session after
which it adjourned
A Rather Fishy Story Anent the
Harrison Administration
Washington Dec 13It appears that
two letters to Minister Stevens from
Secretary Blaine on Hawaiian affairs
i are missing and this is delaying the
sending of the Hawaiian correspon
dence to the Senate I Is claimed in
these Stevens was instructed to foster
The statement of a Democratic mem
ber of the House foreign affairs com
mittee that two important dispatches
from Secretary Blaine to Minister Ste
vens are missing from the department i
records ig i denied at the state depart I
meat It is ascertained the story prob
ment I
ably originated from information given
I to the congressman that letters from
Minister congessman the secretary had
I I for some time foreshadowed a prob
I able outbreak at Honolulu One In
November 1S92 detailed the manner in
I which the outbreak would probably
occur and foretold the character of the
rev luton in a way which was verified
by the events of January in minute
particulars To all this information
from Minister StevenSjit is said there
Is no response from tile secretary of
state il the records of the department
and there has not been at any time
The Inference is Minister Stevens un
derstood what wa desired for him to
do and did not need further written
instructions I Is claimed also thai
these dispatches from Stevens are to
be relied upon to show he had an un
derstanding with the leaders of the
provisional government as to the ac
ton they were going to take many
months before the revolution
Viewed at the Navy Department
Washington Dee 13There is not
much attempt on the part of the offi
cials in the navy department to con
ceal the satisfaction they feel at5 the
turn events have taken in Hawaii
The contumacious attitude of the pro
visional government towards the1
United States authority falls to awaEcrr
any great amount of indignation or
condemnation in naval circles The
navy has been rather out of sympathy
with the administration policy and the
dissatisfaction has increased with the
last news received No intimation can
be secured from the White House or
from the state department as to the
probable time of sending the Hawaiian
papers to the Senate
Prepared for Defense
Washington Dec 13The navy de
partment today received the following
dispatches from Admiral Irwin at
Honolulu dated Dec 4 brought by the
Oceanic to San Francisco
The Provisional government has a
thousand men under arms The palace
is prepared for defense
Says Illount Was Partial
San Francisco Dec 13P C Jones
a member of the provisional govern
ment of Hawaii was among the pas
sengers on the Oceanic He is on his
way to Washington with a lot of affidavits
davits tending to show the incorrect
ness of Blounts report The general
tenor of these affidavits is to the effect
that Blount was not an impartial ex
aminer and framed his questions so as
not to giVe the supporters of the pro
visional government a fair chance to
tell their side The affiants are mem
bers of the present government ex
members of the old government and
prominent business men
Two of Them Changed Hands Yes
Denver Dec 3A dispatch was re
ceived from New York today announc
ing that D H Moffatt and Eben Smith
had sold the Victor mine one of the
best at Cripple Creek to an English
syndicate The price was not stated
but it is upposed to be 1000000 Mof
fat and Smith paid 60000 for the mine
and it has yielded a profit of about
50000 I
The Mary Davin mine at Cripple I
Creek was sold today to George
Mechen of Chicago for 50000 I
The railroad officials have decided
not to wait until Sunday to open the
new IvanhoeBusk Tunnel for traffic
and tonight sent the first train of the
Colorado Midland Pacific Express
through The trip was successful
and trains will hereafter use this
route to the coast
Schafer anl Ives Must Play Once
New York Dec Schaefers de
feat of Ives in the billiard tourna
ment makes the result a tie and neces
sitates three more game eachplayer
having won and lost one came To
nights contest was a poor showing on
I the part of Ives who was beaten 600
to 347 Schaefers average 30 high run I
89 Ives average 17730 high run 8Ir
Corbett and Mitchell May Fight at
St Louis Dec 13 Special to the Re
public from Jacksonville The Florida
supreme court today rendered an pin
ion sustaining the validity of the pres
ent municipal government in Jackson
I ville This means the passage next
Tuesday of an ordinance permitting
pugilistic contests with fiveounce
gloves with guaranteed polic protec
The CorbettMitchell fight will now
surely take place here on January 25
I Corbett will reach this city tomorrow
morning and proceed at once to May
port to inspect his training quarters
Billy Thompson Mitchells representa
tive will reach here Monday In a
private letter Mitchell says he shall
train on Anaista Island opposite St
holiday Augustine time and will arrive here about
The Washington Jockey Club I
Bennings Dec 13The Washington
Jockey club today closed the most
prosperous meeting it has ever had
The city meeting will open tomorrow
notwithstanding all contrary reports
An innovation as to the arrangement
of the betting ring has been forced I
upon the management of the club to
avoid the mile limit law by erecting
the betting ring in the infield
Six furlongs Florence won Ross
second Setauket third Time 117
Six and onehalf furlongs Shelly
Tuttle won Restraint second Mask
third Time1226
One mile Roche won Eloroy second
Terrifier third Time 144
Five and onehalf furlongsOur Jack
won Curacoa second Factotum third
Time 109
One mile Topgallant won Bolero
second Arab third Time 144 ½ I
Six furlongs Remorse won Strath
maid second Grace Brown third Time
The Track at New Orleans
New Orleans Dec 13The track was
heavy Five and onehalf furlongs
Bennett won Miss Nannie second Ban
jo third Time 115 ½
Six furlongs Tippecanoe won Wig
wam second Wallace third Time
124 ½
124Six furlongsAlibi won Joe Wool
man second Rustic third Time 125JA
Five furlongs Orinda won Bonnie
Kate second Newsboy third Time
Seven furlongs Nannie Lord won
Boro second Wedgefield third Time
At San Francisco
San Francisco Dec 13Five fur
longs Joe Cotton won Normandie sec
ond North third Time 103
Seveneighths f of a mile Lonnle
Alexis won Blizzard second Time
119 ½
119Six furlongs Motto won Abl P sec
ond Monowai third Time 114
One milerZoebar won Happy Day
second Boston Boy third Time 145
Five furlongs Last Chance won
Nelson second Gladiola third Time
How Cool Colgate Was Left to Per
IMli Alone
St Paul Dec 13A MissOula Mon
special says Ben Keel ° y the trapper
who assistedthe Carlin party to escape
from the Clearwater country claims
the abandonment of Colgate was cow
ardly desertion young Carlln even hav
ing refused to let Colgate have any
food although he was at the time able
to walk slowly Keeleys whole story
is very derogatory to young Carlin
Himmelwright and Pierce He Is suing
Geneia Carln for the reward
I 4
Two Days Conference Will Be
S Held in Washington
The Attendance Promises to Be Large
and Important
One hundred Thousand Dollars Will
Be Raised to Begin an Extensive
Sliver Propaganda Tariff
Bill Will Be Reported io the
House Next Tuesday Considera
tion Will Hardly Be Reached Be
fore the Holidays Resignations
Washington Dec 1C Prominent sli
ver leaders 1 meet on Friday in
Washington for a two days confer
ence for the purpose of raising money
and devising means to secure a silver
majority in the next Congress
I is conceded the present antisilver
majority is so large as to preclude the
possibility of legislation favorably to
The attendance promises to include
the most prominent silver men from
all parts of the country and the con
ference will be participated in by many
friends of silver in the present Con
gress I is expected to raise 100000
to begin an extensive silver propa
Society Event at the Capitol
Washington Dee 13MIss Graciaj
Mildred Black daughter of represen
tative J C Black of Illinois and Rev
Frank Bufflngton Vrooman pastor of
the Salem street Congregational
church at Worcester Mass were
married at noon today in St Johns
church by the Rev Mackay Smith
Miss Newberry of Chicago was the
maid of honor and Miss Julia Steven
son daughter of the vicepresident
Miss Leila Herbert daughter of the
secretary of the navy and Miss Helene
Black acted as bridesmaids The wed
ding was quite a social event a large
number of prominent people being
present After the ceremony a wed
I ding breakfast was served at tha
Hotel Normandie
Will be Reported on Tuesday
I Washington D C Dee 13The
ways and means committee has or
dered the tariff bill reported to the
House next Tuesday The probability
Is the consideration of the bill in the
House will not be reached before the
holidays and not before the internal
revenue bill is reported
The cigarette schedule Is Increased
so as to produce about 4500 addi
tional revenue Common soap is made
dutiable at 20 per cent
Resignations Received
Washington Dec AttorneyGen
eral Olney has received the resigna
tions of the following officials Fremont
mont Wood United States attorney
for Idaho John W Herron United
States attorney for the southern dis
trict of Ohio David K Watson of
Ohio special assistant attorney em
ployed in conection with suits against
certain Pacific railroads
Montanas Public Lands
Washington Dee 13The House
committee on public lands has reported
favorably the bill allowing Montana to
select the lands she was granted under
the enabling act before they are sur
veyed the title not to pass until the
survey is made
The Bland Bill
Washington Dec 13The House
committee on coinage weights and
measures has postponed all considera I
tion of the Bland bill until the second
Thursday in January with Blands
consent as he found opposition to its
being passed at present
For Smokeless Powder
Washington Dee 13The war de
partment yesterday awarded the con I
tract for 5000 pounds of smokeless
powder to the California Powder works
Santa Cruz California
Edward Moritz
Philadelphia Dec 13Dr Edward
i Moritz the well known editor of the
German Democrat died today
T B Lyman
Raleigh N C Dee 13Right Rev
T B Lyman Protestant Episcopal
I bishop of North Carolina died here
this morning of heart failure He served
as priest in Baltimore Pittsburg Rome
and San Francisco
Alexander White
Dallas Texas Dec 13 Judge Alex
ander White died this morning aged
former member of Con 1
78 He was a forer membe
gress from Alabama and was ap
pointed by President Grant chief
justice of Utah in 1874
Mm Porter
Washington Dec 13LMrs Porter
widow of Admiral Porter died this
morning at her home in this city Sha
was a daughter of Commodore Patter
son and w born in New Orleans
seventyfour years ago She was a
sister of Admiral Patterson The fu
neral will occur on Friday
Martin McHcnry j
Louisville Dec 13 ExJudge Martin
D McHenry died yesterday 87 years
of age He was buried this afternoon
During the administration of Governor
John G Crittenden in 1848 he was I
chosen district Judge He was receiver
of the United States land office in Des
Moines for many years j
The New York Senate
Albany NY Dec 13As returned
by the state board of canvassers the
Senate stands Republicans 19 Demo
crats 13 assembly Republicans 74
Democrats 52 The Republican ma
jority on joint ballot is 28 The con
stitutional convention will be com
posed Republicans 110 Democrats i
65 Bartletts plurality over Mayuard 1
for the court of appeals is 10164 other c J
Republican candidates 23000 to 3500ft i
Republican Meeting Cal d
New York Dee 13 Chairman Thonwui
H Carter of the Republican n ton 1
committee has issued cair for a ine
ing of the executive committee m t
city early i January
5 J

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