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I I jl I THE Every < HERALD rywecnn > month day ia the In the the week month year I THE SALT LAKE i HE BALD fl1tf1 I I 1 J
Rawlins Is Snowed Under
by the Congratulatory
He Has Already Turned His At
tention to the Upper
Scnctor Faultawr Vlll Be the Cliam
Hion of Utali in That Doily and
There Ih l n Doubt but the Vir
k ginian wiLl Be Eminently Sue
oejsful Republicans True to
Their 1rlnriplet Continue to
Fight Agan tIle Admission of
the Wcstorn Territories Voor
lieea Silver Bill Xot nt All Satis
factory The Presidents Hawaiian
Washington Dee 14Special
Mr Rawlins received last night and
today many telegrams from Salt Lake
and other portions of the territory con
gratulating him on getting through
the House so promptly and by such
an overwhelming vote the Utah state
hood bill They came from men in all
political parties and quite a number
were lengthy while l were extreme
ly cordial
Mr Rawlins spe t a large portion of
today in the Senate chamber confer
ring with leading senators relative to
te taking up of the measure in that
body at an early day His purpose is
to get if possible action before the
Christmas recess and i the mil goes
through it will be a still further
triumph for Utahs delegate
Senator Faulkner chairman of the
Senate territories committee remark
ed to The Herald correspondent today
that the success in passing the meas
ure through the House was simply un
precedented and he would do all in
his power to have i go through the
Y Senate speedily So far a he was able
to learn but very little opposition was
manifested in the Senate and the
manner th which representatives spoke
yesterday ought to have marked ef
fect on the members of the upper
branch of Congress
Xtcirabiicank Fight Hard Against the 1
Admission of the Territory
Washington DO 14SeciaL
I The Republicans foJght hard and ef
fectively in the House today the bill
providing for the admission of
Delegate Smith however proposes
to peg away until he puts his meas
ure through and he is meeting with
great encouragement and expects to
win when more Democrats are pres
ent I was not generally known that
he would try today to bring up the
Arizona bill hence so many absentees
Voorhees Silver Bill
Washington Dec 14SpeciaLjThe
silver bill introduced in the Senate to
daY by Voorhees is believed to have
the support of the administration but
the drift of opinion is that when the
question comes up if the purpose
real is to legislate amendments will
be added in both branches of Congress
looking to a much larger coinage Sil
ver men in the House are preparing
to press Blands bill to revive the free
coinage act of 1S37 and the movement
is gaining such headway that the ad
ministration people will be induced to
offer something with a view of stem
ming the tide set in for more silver j
mtney I
ITejmlilicatiK Filibuster on the Ari
zona ami New Mexico Bills
Washington Dec 14The House was
deadlocked for two hours today oy the
refusal of the Republicans to vote on
a motion to go Into committee of the
whole for the consideration of the Ari
zona statehood bill
The Democratic leaders decided this
morning to proceed with the consider
ation of the Arizona and New Mexico
bills and dispose of them before the
r The Republicans do not relish the
idea of bringing these Democratic ter
ritories into the union and at the re
quest of their leaders refrained from
voting save those from the newlyad
mitted states of Washington Wyom
ing Montana Idaho and the Dakotas
The Democrats expect to have their
own quorum present tomorrow
The McGarrahan bill was called up
during the morning hour but was fil
bustered against by Sayers of Texas
chairman of the appropriation com
Immediately after the reading of the
Journal Dockery called up the bill to
Improve the methods of accounting In
the ptistofUce department The bill
abolishes the postal note reduces the
schedule rates on orders
rte money order ap
proximately to the scale fee charged
by the express companies and makes
othe t changes The bill was passe
without debate
The bill limiting the time under
which the claimants to property under
th1 donation act of 1850 must appear
to Jan 1 1895 and giving the present
occupants of lands a preferential
claim in case title under the act of
1850 was not perfected was taken up
Tl1 rewa some debate by Hermann
of Oregon and Mr Van Voorhees of
New York The latter Intimated that
some private interest must exist In the
bilit that Jj soiight to deprive one
class of claimants for the benefit of
another He declared it would be an
other Des Moines river case
Hermann stated the old
Hermal stted claimants
had had forty years to confirm the
titles It was not designed to dispos
c sins any claimants The bill simply
required the original claimants or
their heirs to come forward and pro
tect the titles or surrender hEm to the
r present occupants The bill passed
The Presidents Hawaiian Message
V Washington Dee 14Tiie presidents
message on the Hawaiian question if ill
LH a
cj 0
be 2500 t 3000 words long The presi
dent himself is now engaged in writ
ing the message I will probably not
go to Congress before Monday The
steamer sails from San Francisco to
Honolulu today or tomorrow All the
state and navy department reports col
lected on Hawaii are now in the presi
dents hands having been taken to him
today and none of it will be made pub
lic until he sends it to Congress
It Does Not Appear to Find Favor
with Anybody
Washington Dec 14 Senator Voor
hees has introduced his long promised
financial bill I provides for the
coinage of the silver seignorage for
the purchase and coinage of 2000000
worth of silver month after the coin
agee of the saignorage for the retire
Igorage retre
ment of paper currency of less denom
ination of 10 for the retirement of
all gold coins of less denomination
than10 and for the appointment of
an international commission
The bill is not received with any
great degree of favor by either the silver
ver advocates or the opponents
In regard to the inference in some
quarters that the administration fa
vored the bill Voorhees today said
My bill is not the result of one word
of consultation and I Cc tainly do not
claim to represent the administration
in introducing i I do desire how
ever to help the treasury out of its
Confirmations b y the Senate
Washington Dec 14 Among the
confirmations of the Senate were thfe
following Albert E Amesbury of
Colorado register of land office Mon
trose Col Marcellus Davis Arkansas
consul Lerima Mexico John R Proc
tor Kentucky civil service commis
sioner Chas W Dabrfjy jr Tennes
see assistant secretary of agriculture
mmodore Francis M Ramsey chief
of bureau of navigation navy depart
Receivers of public money John A
Bunch Harrison Ark David Dixon
Camden Ark Benjamin H Crowley
Little Rock Rrk
Registers of land offices John P
Glendenning Harrison Ark Jesse
Ross Camden Ark Andrew F Snel
ling North Yakima Wash Wm P
Woolen Dardanelle Ark
Capital Chat
Washington Dee HThe supreme
qourt has heard the arguments in the I
important case appealed from the cir i
cuit court of Oregon being the United
States against the Northern Pacific
railroad company and others The
man question involved is one of pri
ority of grant
The Senate committee on military af
fairs has authorized a favorable re I
port upon the bill for the relief of the
citizens of Oregon Idaho and Wash
ington who served In the Bannock
e Perces and Shoshonte wars I Ii
gives each 1 a day for the time in
the service and entitles those wounded
to or pensions disabled or the hers of toe killed
Please Resisn
Washington Dee 14Late this after
noon Secretary Carlisle signed letters
calling for the resignation of the fol
lowing officers O C Bosbyshel su
perintendent of the mint at Philadel
phia Joseph C Diglin assistant ap
praiser New York Milton Weidler
collector pf internal revenue district
of Oregon and a pumber of surveyors
of customs at other points
Ijyman Resigns
Washington Dee 14Civil Service
Commissioner Lyman ofi Connecticut
has resigned a president of the com
I mission He continues as a member
of the commission
Killing Cattle Wantonly on the
St Paul Dec 14 Billings Mont
Pioneer Press special The Crows are
out again Nearly all the young men
Of the tribe belonging to the Brior
mountain branch the one who made
trouble last spring on the newly ceded
strip are massed at the head of Still
water creek of the reservation and
killing cattle wantonly Agent Wyman
has refused to make an effort to drive
them in and refers the sheriff to the
governor for aid Sheriff Ramsey has
telegraphed Governor Rickards the
status of affairs but has reason to be
lieve the settlers will take the matter
into their own hands The locality
where the Crows are doing their chief
work of destruction is about forty
miles from the railroad
The stockmen have a detachment in
the field and have declared their in
tention to take the law into their own
hands and protect the stock even if
they Crow are tribe obliged to kill off half the
Sail 1 Pate of n Young Physician of
Roseburgr Oregon
New York Dee HDr Newell J
Ozias a young and promising physic
ian coroner of Douglass county Ore
gon was committed to the care of the
charity commissioners to be examined
as to his sanity Dr Ozias is 24 years
of age lives in Roseburg Oregon Last i
March he came to New York to take
part in a graduate course in the Belle
vue college With his wife he confined
himself strictly to his studies until Sep
tember when he returned home for a
brief vacation He started for New
York again in October stopping at
agn visit the fair While there
he became possessed of the hallucina
tion that robbers were pursuing him
for the purpose of stealing his money
When he reached this city the idea
was still uppermost In his mind Though
perfectly sane on other subjects the
hallucination on this point increased
till It became necessary to restrain
him He committed He
was commited was in
perfect health till vaccinated a few
months ago
The Foreigners Get SixtyThree per
Cent of the Prizes
Washington Dee 14The Worlds
fair board of awards has struck a bal
ance on the awards they have made
disclosing for the first time that the
foreig exhibitors will secure 63 per
cent of the prizes while the American
exhibitors will only receive 37 per cent
Chairman Thacher says this showing
will put an end to the criticisms made
by the foreigners and taken up In
this country that the foreign exhibit
ors were not receiving full considera
tion He anticipates that American ex
hibitors will now be heard from and
will feel the board has not been suf
ficiently patriotic towards home ex
hibitors but Thacher says he and his
associates have been governed by the
findings of the judges and the latter
are responsible for giving the foreign
era the bulk of the prizes
lie jGama I a Traitor
Buenos Ayres Dec HA despatch
from Rio says President Peixoto has
declared Admiral DeGama a traitor
Gladstone Is Greeted with
Groansand Cheers
CaprivPs Brilliant Speech in the
Nothing Like I Has Been Heard
Since the Das of Bismarck
Gladstone as a Uimetallist The I
London TIles Pours Hot Shot
Into the Camp of the Provisional
Government at Hatvall Foreiern
Crimes and Criminals
London Dee 14 There was quite
an exciting sitting of the House of
Commons today arising out of the
announcement made by Gladstone that
owing to the present state of business
the government proposed to adjourn
on Friday December 22 and meet
again the following Wednesday
Sir John Dorrington conservative
moved to adjourn in order to call
attention to the Backward state of
public business
The opposition intended this motion I
as an Indication of the alleged general
incapacity of the government in con
ducting business and expressed the in I
tention of pressing the motion to a
Sir Richard Paget conservative sec
onding Dorringtons motion was loudly
cheered especially when he declared
the present condition of things in public
affairs was becoming positively intol
These attacks finally brought Glad
stone to his feet and he replied
warmly to the onslaught of the op
position and amid frequent interrup
tions declared the house must meet
again as he had indicated qr the
parish councils bill must be abandoned
Balfour conservative leader ac
cused the government of trying t
trample upon the opposition who Bal
four said were little below govern
ment supporters in number
After a heated debate during which
Gladstone was greeted with groans
from the opposition and cheers from
his supporters cloture was moved and
I the motion to adjourn was rejected
165 to 115
I The announcement of the vote called
forth loud cheers from the govern
ment supporters
The Spanish Treaty of Commerce on
Its Second Heading
Berlin Dec 14 There was much ex
citement in the Reichstag when the
Spanish treaty of commerce was in
troduced for second reading i
Manteuffel attacked the general and I
commercial policy of the government
whose treatment of the agricultural
classes encouraged agrarian agitation
Von Caprivi made a vigorous reply I
and said the true Russian treaty would
be made at the expense of husbandry
inasmuch as the grain producing state I
must receive concessions through it
The chancellor added he only opposed
the method of agitation resorted to by
the farmers alliance and asserted that i
it was not conservative to appeal to 1
majorities against the authority of the
government The latter must seek
support from large portions of the
population and not from any individual
party and would take support where
ever it could find it The remark of
Caprivi to the effect that the deputies
should not be influenced by the masses
caused a decided sensation Alluding
to the currency the chancellor said
it was Impossible to take any step in
that direction unless England joined
in i
Both the Spanish and the Servian
treaties passed their second readings
by large majorities
One of the Most Pointed Since the
Days of Bismarck
London Dec HThe correspondent
of the Post Berlin says Caprivis
speech in the reichstag made when he
was fresh from an audience with the
emperor was evidently in the highest
spirils and treated the reichstag to a
speech of such point and nerve as has
not been heard by that body since
Bismarck retired to private life
In reference to the currency ques
I tion the chancellor denied the buying
power of gold had risen high enough
to injure German husbandry The
Prussian minister of commerce was to
make inquiries on the subject extend
ing into the interior of Australia and
Africa and the result Of his inquiry
must be awaited The head of the
English government Gladstone had
most pointedly expressed his antago
nism to bimetallism and therefore a
change in the attitude of England
could not be hoped for I he himself
continued the chancellor were a fanatical
natical bimetallist he would not un
der the present circumstances move
a single step in that direction
The London Standard Roasts the
Howlers at Hawaii
London Dee 14The Standard re
ferring to the Hawaiian situation says
The knot of merchants speculators
and officeseekers who planned and car
ried out the revolution in Hawaii and
constituted themselves the provisional
government are as might be expected
furious at President Cleveland for hay
ing decided that the United States
must decline to accept the islands of
fered them as the result of nefarious
intrigue by American citizens No
other decision could have been expected
from an honest honorable man but it
has astonished the group of adven
turers who thought they would be en
thusiastically hailed by a grateful
country for what they had really done
only for personal advantage
They Decline to Explain the Nature
of their Relations with France
Leipsic Dec 14The trial of the two
supposed Frenqh spies began today
Dubois and Malvers were arrested last
Aygust at Kiel on boaid the English
yacht Insect while making < etcnes of
German fortifications Dubois has con
fessed he was emploY d to do this by
1 n1
c <
a member of the French general staff
the professor of the war academy and
the head of the department of marine
fortifications The prisoners declined
to explain the nature of their rela
tions with the French ministry marine
unless the public is excluded from the
court room This was granted and
tomorrow the pleadings of counsel will
commence II I I
Shooting at Dead Bodies in Order to
Gain Evidence
Edinburg Dec 14At the Monson
trial today exp rt testimony was in
troduced Gunmaker McNaughton
gave deductions from the wounds in
the head of the dead man and bullet
marks on the trees near by and told
or experiments in shooting at
various distances at dead bodies i
at the morgue under the supervision
of doctors Photographs of the results i
were shown I
Counsel for the defense stigmatized
the experiment as a ghastly job Dr I
Littlejohn testified las to the results
of post mortem examination and said J
the fatal shot was fired at a distance
of nine feet and could not have been
fired by Hambrough himself
Dr McMillan who made out the cer
tificates of accidental death and wrote I
I the Mutual Life of New York that
the lieutenant died by his own hand
testified that after so doing he con
cluded he had been too hasty
Maclean district manager of the Mu
tual Life of New York testified that
Mr and Mrs Monson called upon him
and said the young gentleman was
coming into a fortune of 200000 wished I
to purchase the estate and Mrs Monson I
was going to advance him 20000 and
wanted to insure Lieutenant Ham J
broughs life for the same amount in
cover the advance Continuing Mac
lean said that after two medical exam
inations of the decdased lieutenant I
the transaction was completed by Mrs
Monson giving the life insurance agent
a check for the premium Witness
I also said that when he heard of the
lieutenants death he made inquiries
and saw Procurator Fiscal
Yet Dynamite Has Few Terrors for
Our German Cousins
Berlin Dec 14It Is announced that
out of 190 salted American hams exam
ined in Central Market in this city
one was found on December 9 full of
trichinae in a chrysalis state It is
thought probable that some trichinae
might be alive and experiments tend
ing to demonstrate whether or not
such trichinae might spread an infec
tion will be made by Herr Hertwig
director of meat inspection The hams
have been handed to the police
The Nctlter y Arrives
Washington Dec < 14 Minister Men
donca has private advices announcing
the arrival of the cruiser Nictheroy off
the coast of Brazil last l Tuesday The
minister denies the special to the Lon
don Times from Lisbon announcing
the arrival of the steamer Nile which
left Rio December 5 and carried to
Pernambuco news of the alleged out
rages on the crew of the French
steamer Panahyba
Nolan and Meara Rcarrcstcd
Dublin Dec 14 Nolan and Mears
who were arrested after the murder of
Patrick Reid on usplcioiiof being
connected with the crime but were
afterwards released Were again ar
rested today and examined at the cas
tle The two men were locked up in
separate cells I is understood the
police have a perfect clue to the entire
dynamite conspiracy In Dublin II
How I Is Done In Vienna
i Vienna Dec 14 Before Leon Caval
los opera I Medici was passed by
the court theatre censor many pas I
sages of the libretto were altered In 1
the last act in the original copy t1
priests murder Giullano The censor
takes this crime out of the hands of the
priests and makes two noblemen per
form the murder The title of the
pope is also changed
Interest on Argentine Loan
London Dec HThe Times finan
cial article says i understands the
Morgans have been officially requested
to be prepared in January to pay the
interest on the Argentine loans in accordance
cordance with the Rothschild agree
ment This indicates the Argentine
government is confident Congress will
adopt the agreement
The It Ian Ministry
I Rome Dec WThe new ministry
I has practically been completed al l
though not yet gazetted I will pro
bably be Crispi premier interior and
ad interim foreign affairs Calenda
justice Saraccp treasurer Sonnino
finance Micceni war Morin marine
Baccelli education Bozelll husbandry
Perazzi public works Ferrarris posts
Forbes Was Attacked Also
Capetown Dec 14 Major Goold
Adams reports that Major Forbes was
also attacked on Shangani river but
succeeded in repulsing the Matabeles
The corporal and three trooperS in
Major Forbes command were wounded
Remforecements for Major Forbes
have been despatched from Buluwayo
Groman Is a Fool
Buda Pesth Dec 14 Groman min
ister O defense has challenged Deputy
Olay to a duel for a personal insult
offered during debate in the Diet
Poor Girl
London Dec HMIss Adele Grant
of New York and George Davereaux
Denere Capel Earl of Essex were
married this afternoon at St Marga
ret s church
Archbishop of Armagh
Dublin Dec 14Right Rev Robert
Samuel Gregg bishop of Cork has been
elected archbishop of Armagh and
primate of Ireland
The Desires of the Farmers
Savannah Ga Dec 14The farmers
convention today declared in favor of
an economical improvement of the
waterways and harbors commends to
Congress the connection of the Missis
sippi river and the great lakes by a
ship canal and the improvement of the
Mississippi and important harbors of
the gulf and the Atlantic coast It
also favors rural free mail delivery
His Resignation Demanded Unless
He Retracts
Harrisburg Pa Dec 14 Secretary
Mortons speech at the Worlds fair
congress last September was the sub
ject of a resolution passed today by
the state grange casing upon Presi
dent Cleveland l to request his resigna
tion unless he retracts the utterances
about the granges alliances etc
In Maryland Too
I Baltimore Dec 4The state < grange
has passed resolutions condepAing1
Secretary Morton for utterances Inim1 <
n teal ofrmers
The Portland Smugglers Were
I Very Clever People
I The Daughter of the Murdered Man
on the Stand
A Young Minister Dies by His Own
lan Supposed to Have Been
Caused by Overstndy Brisrand
Evans Goes Up for Life Painter
Granted a Reprieve The Cough
liii Case Dragging Along Slowly
The Mystery of the Horse and
Portland Dec HIn the conspiracy
trial today the assistant postmaster
of Tacoma testified that C J Mulkey
I exspecial agent of the treasury depart
I ment rented a mail box under the
name of Oliver Budd NatBlum tes
t tilled that exCollector of Customs I
I Lotan receiver 50 for each Chinaman
landed Blum paid this amount through
W L Boise chairman of the Republican
can state central committee
Blum further testified that hie paid
Collector Lotan about 20000 during
I the operations To Thomas Jordan
captain of customs inspectors he paid
about 1000
I A large number of letters that had
passed between Blum and Dunbar and
I Wilson of Victoria with allusions to
the shipping of Chinese were intro
duced ExSpecial Treasury Agent
Coblentz was placed on the stand to
identify the letters alleged to have
been wrlttisn by Mulkey
The crossexamination of Blum then
began The defense attempted to show
Blum was induced to turn states evi
dence by promise of immunity
A Big Effort Being Made to Prove
Preiidergast Insane I
Chicago Dec 14 Among the wit
nesses in the Prendergast trial were
Edward Stone a reporter Police Sear I
geant Barber and Miss Sophia Harri
son daughter of the murdered mayor
The story as developed by their testi
mony did not differ materially from
that already published I i
Miss Harrison was greatly agitated
while giving her testimony She
seemed almost on the point of fainting 1
at times
Prendergast was nervous and ill at
ease j
The case of the prosecution closed
With the introduction of the bullets j i
found in the body of Mayor Harrison
The defense opened with the testi
mony jot Mrs Prendergast mother of I
the defendant whose evidence was en
tirely devoted to proofof insanity Her
son had had a bad fall when a child
striking his head and injuring his eye
sight During her crossexamination
by Attorney Trude the prisoner lost
his temper and exclaimed Trude
you are a scoundrel to talk to my
mother that way I
Why Young Oliphant Died 7iy His
Own Hand
New York Dec 14Ray Vernon lr
Olyphant died today bjMiis own hand
His father Robert M Olyphant pres
ident of the Delaware Hudson Canal
company says his son had gone to his
room after luncheon At 3 oclock he
was visited by his little sister Grace
After this no one went to his room
until dinner time His father called
him but received no answer He went
into the young mans room and found
his son half sitting half reclining on a
sofa with a bullet wound in his head
On the floor was a doublebarreled
rifle The family had heard no shot
I I nor knew of no reason for the suicide
Young Olyphant was a Princeton grad
uate and hao been ordained a Presby
terian clergyman six years ago but
had no charge It is said the young
man was mentally unbalanced from
over study
The Whole Family in I
j I Minneapolis Dec HMrs Eleanor I
B Floyd and her sons Lew and Frank
have been jointly indicted on the
charge of complicity with Philip Scheig
in robbing the Bank of Minneaoplis
i Mrs Floyd was arrested while vis
t iting her son in the county jail I is
I rumored that Floyd used their know 1
ledge of Scheigs stealings to extort i
money from him Scheig asserts he
gave Mrs Floyd monev on several occasions I
on I
The Horse and Wagon I
Chicago Dec 14The testimony in
the Coughlin trial today was largely
devoted to unraveling the mystery as
to the horse and wagon which took
Cronins body to the catch basin
Nothing new was developed I is
rumored there is a plot to abduct Mrs
Foy and that policemen have set a
I watch on her I is understood an
a will be made to force her i
husband to tell what he knows about
the plot I
The Hempen Route I
Pittsburg Dec 14 Angelo Zappe i
I was hanged at 11 oclock for the mur i
der of Frank Helmstetter during a I
del Frk durng row
I in whteh several families participated I
while celebrating July 4 1892 Angelo
and his brother Joseph were both con
victed and sentenced to death but a
short time ago the board of pardons I
commuted Josephs sentence to impris
onment for le
The Boss Is Cinched I
Brooklyn Dec HThe papers in the
Boss McKane election case arrived
from Poughkeepsie this morning Mc
J kne R N B Newton Justice of the
Peace Haiman Crandall ames ClOP
s y and N K Johnson were found
guilty of contempt of court and fined
250 each and a sentence of thirty days
in the county jail
Went Calmly to the Gallows
Brockville Ont Dec 14 Charles J
Luckey was hanged this morning at 8
I for the murder of his father sister and
I stepmother in October l92 and after
war s4burning the house above their
bodies to conceal his crime He went
I crme
pentance calmly to the gallows professing rePaid
II Paid the Penalty
Smithport Va Dec 14 Ralph Cross
mire who murdered his mother at Far
mers valley in Novcinbo 1S92 was
hanged at 10 0 clock 3e went to his
death calmly
at i
1 anlyThe
i The Meyer case
uNew Yorkv Dec HThe testimony
t i
i i
for the prosecution in the Meyer pois
oning case was concluded this after
noon Tomorrow the opening address
for the defense will be made by Law
yer Chandler
> Painter Is Reprieved
Chicago Dec 1 Governor Altgeld
has granted a reprieve to January 12
to George Painter who was to have
been hanged here tomorrow for the
murder of Alice Martin his mistress
Evans Goes lip for Life
Fresno Cal Dec 1 Chris Evans
the murderer and train robber has
been sentenced to imprisonment for
Verdict of the Jury in the Case
Against Costello
Crown Point Ind Dec HThe jury
in the case of Martin Costello prize
fighter returned a verdict of guilty of
riotous conspiracy and fixing the pen
alty in the penitentiary two years and
a fine of 5 The Case will be appealed
to the supreme court should a motion
for a new trial be refused The judges
instructions were that prize fight is
riotous conspiracy and no notice was
taken of the act of 1889 legalizing tests
of science and skill A number of
other prize fighting cases will follow
as a result of the series of gatherings
in the Roby arena
Corbctt was Worried
Jacksonville Dec 14 Corbett ar
rived at 2 p m and was met by an
enormous crowd Corbett says he was
worried at the rumor of the intention
wore intenton
to arrest him because in that case
Mitchell would go around blowing that
Corbett came to Jacksonville on pur
him pose to get arrested and avoid meeting
The San Francisco Track
San Francisco Dec HIn the
steeplechase fourth race Ballarat
bolted after the second jump and was
returned to the stable All bets on the
race were declared off and Jockey
Bishop on Ballarat was suspended
pending investigation because of Bal
larat bolting
Five furlongs Bill Howard won
Midget 105 second Thornhill third Time
One mile Francesca won Forerun
ner second Adolph third Time 149
One mile Sir Reel won Nomad sec
ond Marigold third Time 147
Steeplechase about two miles and a
quarter Return won Cicero second
First Lap third Time 540
Seven furlongs Oakland won Clac
quer second Sympathetics Last third
At Ivy Ch
Ivy City Dec 14Five furlongs
Charley won Wilson second Tar
102 t i third Miricle fourth TIme
Five furlongs Commodore Roughan
won Johnny second West Park third
Time 103
Threequarters of a mile Play or
Pay won Halcyon second Blue Bird
third Time 11G
One mile Shelly Tuttle won Hasty
secondW B third Time 145
Mile and a quarter St John won
Margherita second Geronimo third
Time 225
i Threequarters of a mile Addie won
1 vaY second My Gyps third Time
At XCTT Orlenns
I New Orleans Dec HThe track was
heavy Six furlongs The Ban won
Sangamon second Sheridan Clark third
Six furlongs Legrande won Rouser
second Florence third Time 124
Five and onehalf furlongs Evear
won Lucasta second Jim Lee third
Mile Harry Weldon won Tenny Jr
second Prettiwit third Time 156
Mile and a sixteenthMichael won
Wedgefield 202 second fella M third Time
The City of Mexico
City of Mexico Dec 14The track
was fair Ninesixteenths Borderer
won Desha second Tom Thumb third
Fiveeights Northwestern won Jim
Cornwall second Freedom third Time
Thirteensixteenths Panini won Hay
market second Youlinden third Time
1 253k
Thirteensixteenths Colonel Wheatley
won Arthur Murray second Bob Purtly
I third Time 127
Ives Was the Victor
New York Dec HIves beat Slosson
in a rather dull game at the billiard
i tournament Score 600 to 478 Aver
ages Ives 281221 Slosson 221621
I High runs Ives132103 Slosson 113
Several Large Buildings Burned in
I Buffalo N Y Dec 14Fire this
morning destroyed the Arcade build
ing on Main street including Robin
sons Musee Sheas music hall and
several stores including Yerxas large
grocery 750000 The loss is estimated at
A number of people who were sleep
ing in the music hall barely escaped
I with their lives The burned build
ings occupied a half square in the
business heart of the city The fire
i originated in an explosion i the en
gine room
A Mansion Burned
Oyster Bay L I Dec 14Mr S V
R Cr gers mansion at Bay Viliot
burned thi morning Loss 50000
Twelve of the Crew Drowned
London Dec HThe Holyhead I
steamer Rose has been drifting In the
Irish sea eighteen hours The captain I
reported the collier encountered a fear
ful gate Twelve Of the crew were
drowned four having been washed i
overboard before the vessel went down
A Big Meeting Held in Cooper Union
Last Night
New York Dec 14 There was
scarcely standing room in the Cooper
Union naint the antiTammany
Thomas Van Bur n grand nephew
of exPresident Van Buren was chosen
The resolutions adopted cited the
misgovernment by the rulers of Tam
many hall contrasted the rapid and
Colossal growth of wealth among the
leaders with the present depression in
business and said it aroused feelings
of suspicion and distrust which en
forces the propriety of rigid Investiga
tion at the hands of the next legisla
ture Further it was the first duty of
honest citizens to relieve the city from
such rulers regardless of either state
or national politic
A Curiosity in Wisconsin
Madison Wis Dec 14A diamond
as large s8 pea was found by a
farmer near Oregon Its genuineness
Is verified by the geologists at the
State university 1
h v
Address from the American
League at Honolulu
Their Seasons Why Cleveland Skomld
Not Interfere
I the President Insists OR the Res
toration of the Queen the League
Will Appeal to Congress and to
the People of the United States
at Large for What They Consider
to Be Their Rights on the Islands
Seattle Dee HA Feek a Seattle
contractor just arrived from Honolulu
is the bearer of an address to the
people of the United States from the
American League at Honolulu
The address protests against Presi
dent Clevelands assumption that the
provisional government should ceaSE
to exist because he disapproves of the
proposed union with the United States
It insists the present government
of Hawaii has the same right to exist
that the United States had after the
successful revolution of 1776
The provisional government was es
tablished not by citizens of the United
States but by people born and raised
on the islands or have resided there
many years and only organized for the
overthrow of the queen after all hope
for redress had ceased to exist
The will nnvn character of those
at the head of affairs gives positive
assurance the government will be hon
esty administered and the rights of
the people protected Should the pres
ident of the United States restore the
queen to the throne the league would
appeal to Congress and the people of
the United States to prevent so great
a crime against liberty and good gov
I Hawaii is not wanted in the great
sisterhood of states we feel we have
the right to vigorously protest against
the reestablishment of a corrupt mon
I Will Be Operated as aa Independ
ent Line
Omaha Dec 14 Receiver TrumbuII
of the Union Pacific Denver Gulf
road accompanied by General Super
intendent Deul and other officers of
the road came today to arrange a di
vorce of the Gulf system from the main
line This afternoon Trumbull spent
several hours In consultation with Gen
eral Manager Dickinson of the Union
I Pacific and arranged for an interview
with Receiver Anderson tomorrow
Receiver Clark Is expected here from
New York on Saturday and plans for
the divorce will be completed
Trumbull said he thought the trans
fer would be made not later than Mon
day and after that the Denver Gulf
I would operate a a independent line
President 1 Reinhart Makes q Satis
factory Statement
New York Dee 14 President Rein
hart of the Atchison Topeka Santa
Fe wljo returned from Europe on the
Teutonic today gave the following
relative to the financial condition of
the company The Interest on the gen
eral mortgage bonds of the Atchison
company due January 1 will be paid
I seems hardly necessary to make this
statement because the doubts as to its
payment have in my judgment been
created solely by speculators Th
Atchison company has large payments
to make from time to time The public
knows that since the reorganization
the Atchison has met all obligations
promptly and every statement I have
made in relation to such payments be
fore they matured has been confirmed
by facts
To Fix Ur Rate Troubles
Chicago Dec 14The Southern
Union Northern Pacific arid Great
Northern have joined in a call for a
meeting in Chicago on January 4r to
fx up continental rate troubles I is
represented expected the Canadian Pacific will be
A Platform that Is Very Suggestive
of Socialism
Chicago Dec HThe American Fed
eration of Labor at this mornings session
sion refused to take action on the
communication from the plush workers
of Bridgeport Conn involving the
question of the tariff under the Mc
Kinley and the Wilson bills In fact
they fought very shy of the matter
Resolutions were adopted in favor
of the government ownership of tele
graphs the election of United States
senators by popular vote for compul
sory education to petition Congress to
establish postal savings banks
Chairman Morgan of the committee
on resolutions submitted a programme
for a nationalization of railways tele
graphs ete a proposed by the English
economists a a basis for a labor party
movement In this country
The platform included the establish
ing by direct legislation of a legal 8
hour day sanitary Inspection of work
shops mines and homesliability ot
employers for physical disability aboli
tion of contract labor in all public
work abolition of the sweating s
tem municipal ownership of street
cars electric and gas plants nation
alization of telegraphs telephones rail
ways and mines collective ownership
by the people of all means of produc
tion and distribution referendum In
all legislation
The presentation of the platform
caused a very lively discussion some
of the delegates considering it too
nearly socialistic or anarchistic
At the afternoon sessfon 8 resolu
tion was adopted favoring a series of
national and international labor con
gresses to culminate In an interna
tional demonstration of labor organi
zations in all countries
New York Society Oat
I New York Dec 14New York ao v 1
iety was well represented this after J
noon when the marriage of Miss Ksth
erine Sands and Theodore A Have
meyer jr was solemnized Grace m
church The ceremony was performed
by Rev Wm R Huntington rector e
the church
He VeBt fer His Health
I New York Dec 14 Christopher P i 0
Buckley better known aa tTe 14
r r

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