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ht r Suijding of Henry Thcsen Bro
Third avenue and Fortyninth street
destroying nearly 500000 worth of
property In less than an hour from the
time of its discovery
The fire besides destroying the up
holsterers building also burned out
Nos 801 S03 and SOS Third avenue
Kos 801 and 211 East Fortyninth
street five tenement houses in Rlng
tsvil alley or Beekman lane occupied
by fortyeight Italian families number
ing over 200 people also the marble
and gtatuary yard of Samuel Adler
and Ins stables adjoining in which
ten horses perished in the flames
The Result Of n Traiir Coins Into
n Crecl
Lunkirk U Y Dec 15About 7 to
night a bad wreck occurred on the
New York Pennsylvania near here
reaullins in eight deaths and may in
juries A trestle weakened by rains
gave way precipitating the baggage
and smoker into the creek Following
is a list of the dead
Oscar Portec Brockton
Mrs Porter his mother Brockton
George Kyrnan Fredonia
Mrs Stockholm Dunkirk
William McKane baggagemaster
Harry Hodge conductor and two un
identified passengers
They Dc ire Their Ducais
Las Cerellos N M Dee 15
The miners of tho White Ash Anthra
cite and Waldo mines in a mass meet
ing have resolved to make a demand
upon the Atchison Topeka Santa Fe
railroad for the November pay on the
23d inst and prompt pay day on the
Saturday nearest the 17th of each
month If this demand is not com
plied with all the coal miners in this
district will Quit work in a body on
that date
Union Pacific TCocclvorsliip
Omaha Dee 15At the conference
today between Receiver Trumbull of
the Union Pacific Denver Gulf and
Receiver Anderson and General Mana
cer Dickinson of the Union Pacific the
Union Pacific was granted the use of
the tracks between Galesburg and La
Salle the cut off between Omaha and
Denver and the Gulf secured a lease
of thi Union Pacific depot at Cheyenne
The question of ownership of the shops
at Denver was under discussion
The Oregon Pacific Sold
Corvallis Ore Dee 15The Oregon
Pacific railroad was sold at sheriffs
sale this afternoon for 200000 and was
bid in by Phobius Clark of New York
representing the bondholders
Union Pacific Decrease
Boston Dee 15 The October
statement of the Union Pacific railroad
shows a gross decrease of 1066735
net gss 555116 The net de
crease for the ten mouths is 3956947
The Tract at Ivy City
Ivy City Dee 15Seven furlongs
Watterson won Dalsyrian second Ve
vay third Time 13251
Five furlongs Golden Valley won
Nettie Howell second Mary third
Time Ji06iy4
Six furlongs Chlswiak won Ingot
second Miss Bess third Time 119U
Five furlongs Captain Brown won
Grey Eagle second Little Fred third
Time lOS
One mile and a sixteenth Eloroy
won Llsmore second Panway third
Time 154
Six furlongs Hobin Hood won Syra
cuse secpnd Lester third Time 119
At New Orleans
New Orleans Dee 15The track was
heavy Five furlongs Eyelet won
Ike S second El Boy third Time
Six furlongs Bijur won San Bon
ita second Onyx third Time 124
Six furlong Solomon won
Jlai < Henry second Tippecanoe third
Time 125 ½
Five furlongs Joe Woolman won
Zingara second Maude II third
Time not given
One mile Boro won Coronet sec
ond Rosemont third Time 152
At San Francisco
San Francisco De 15ix furlongs
Sir Peter won Imp Canada second
Mutineer tIrd Time 119
Six furlongs Gladiola won Alexis
second Centurion thIrd Time 117 = 4
Six furlongs Coolbin won Rear
Guar second Tim Murphy third
Time 117
Mile Duke Stevenso Castro won
Zaragossa second Time 147
Five furlongs Lottie D won Clara
103 White second Nutwood third Time
Oft for Nay port
Jacksonville Dec 15Thr Corbett
party left for Mayport this afternoon
tt go into training John Donaldson
says Corbett can get into perfect con
dition in two weeks Mitchell will ar
rive here next Monday
Wonderful Ingenuity of the Tiny Ants in
the Lone Star State
The author of Tenants of an Old
Farm tells of one of the remarkable
habits of the cuttingants in Texas
as observed by him I relates to the
opening ana shutting of the gates
communicate with the interior
which cmmunicte wih te interor
of the mound nests which he found
were opened and closed before and
after every exit the ants make These
gates are simply little heaps of dry
leaves twigs and other refuse wl ch
t are seen scattered here and there over
the mound a one approaches it in
daytime When I first saw them I was com
pletely deceived and thought them
nothing more than accidental accumu
lations I found out however that
these pies were raised above the sur
Sice opening of the galleries that pen
etrated the mound and filled the
mouths to the depth sometimes of an
inch and a half
The leaves and chips were i termin
gled with pellets of soil ac I occa
feionally below them the galleries were
quite sealed with pellets The galler
ies frequently slant inward from the
gate and at as great an angle a
fortyfive degrees Sometimes they de
fect a short distance from the top
These conformations allow more read
ily the process of closing as they give
a purchase to the material used gve
The doors are opened about dusk
First appear tha minims the very
small forms creeping out of minute
holes which they have doubtless made
by working inside and carrying grains
i of sand away from the heap Pres
ently larger forms follow carrying
away kits of refuse which they drop
a couple of inches more or l S from
the Sate
This is a slow process and appar
ently nothing is accomplished for a
long time But evidently the whole
mass of plugging is thus gradually
loosened Then comes the final burst
with soldiers majors and minors in
< J the load who rush out bearing before
them the rubbish which flies here and
there and Irua few moments is cleared
awfty from the gallery ana spread
around the margin of the gte
These margn doubtless gathered
together for this purpose and are
among the treasured properties of the
ants being k pt near by for such ser
I vice I easily Identified many places
I a being > used several days in succes
The doors remain open to give ext
and entrance to the swarms of lea
gatherers until morning when they
are gradually closed the process con
tinning in some cases until half past
ten In shutting up the house the
minors appear to begin by dragging
the scattered reuse toward the hole
One by one they are taken in and
the ingenuity shown in this Is very
great The workers proceed by ad
justing the longest stalks and leaves
that can stretch across and wedge into
tile mouth of the gallery and then
laying the shorter ones atop of these
The last touches are carefully and
delicately made by the minims who
in tmal squads fill in the remaining
interstices with minute grains of sand
and finally the last laborer steals in
behind some bit of leaf and the gate
is closed
urioutf History of Its Introduction Into
Our Political Vocabulary
The word roorback which bobs up
toward the end of most political cam
paigns in connection with the nailing
of opposition lies has a curious origin
Nathan Guilford once 0 well known
citizen of Cincinnati was an active
Whig politician and editor of an ener
getic Whig paper On April 1 of a
certain year he published a circum
stantial account of experiments by a
German chemist named Rooiback
Roorback had been examining the
of different
chemical constituents of eggs
ferent birds supposing it might Q pos
sible at last to compound a hatchable
egg According to the story after
putting many of his manufactured eggs
to the animal heat of different patient
mothers he at last succeeded in hatch
ing one egg and produced a living
bird The story then goes on to de
scribe very minutely the strange crea
ture anatomically physiologically and
ever other way imitating the scien
tific style used in similar cases The
story read very well and was copied
into many other papers and after go
ing the rounds of the press in all
parts of the United States i was at
last after three or four months dis
covered to have been first published
on the 1st of April The Enquirer of
that city immediately fixed upon Fath
er Guilfard the name of Roorback
which was thereafter held to mean a
political liar although the story had
nothing to do with politics Being
well stuck to the name became at last
pretty well fixed and Mr Guilford was
I for many years well known in the pol
itical field a Old Roorback
On Many Subjects
There are two places in London
where clergyman can buy printed ser
mons They cover all I subjects and
I can be had for every season
j To make one thousand cubic feet of
illuminating gas eight pounds of coal
costing two cents and four gallons of
naphtha costing twelve cents are re
In its manufacture a knife is han
dled by seventy different artisans from I
the moment the blade is forged until L
the instrument is finished and smooth
ly wrapped up for the market
Mythology contributes to American L
townsites seven Neptunes eight Mi
nervas three Jupiters five Junos five
Ulysseses four Dianas twentytwo Au
roras but only one Appollo
The idea that the earth is slowly dry
inS up has Quite a set back by a re
cent announcemsnt of the hydrograph
Ic engineers that the gulf of Mexico
Is one foot higher now than i was in t
At Redditch England twentythou
sand people make more than one hun
dred million needles a year and they
are made and exported so cheaply that
England has no rival and practically
monopolizes the trade
Walking Leaf is the name of an in
sect which makes its living on flies by
making itself resemble a leaf on a
tree When the unsuspecting fly
alights within reach it is caught and I
crushed in a twinkling I
Men Who Have Occupied tie Office
of Secretary of State
In view of the fact that Secretary
Gresham has been criticised for his
ben cricised re
commendations in the Hawaiian matter
and that i ha been charged that he has
not had sufficient experience in national
affairs to satisfactorily fill the position of
secretary of state i may be interesting
to review the records of his predecessors i
in that office Thirty men have occupied I
the place which Mr Gresham now fills
many of whom had been members of the
Senate or House o > both or who had
served their country abroad either as
ministers or charged with special errands
to foreign courts
Going back to the beginning of the gov
ernment under the constitution the first
secretary of state Jefferson had served
a term in the continental serve I
ha also been minister to congess Ran
dolph who succeeded him had been four
years in the continentl congress and was
thoroughly familiar with international af
i fairs Pickering who had held the po
i sition both under Washington and Adams
had held numerous Important offices and
i his ability was so highly recognized that
he had been recogized
ben elected by congress as a
member of the continental board of war
Marshall who filled the position for a
short time under President John Adams
had been a member of congress before his
selection and thus become familiar with
the duties of the position wih
Madison was secretary of state under I
Jefferson He had been ten years in the
House and his work as one of the framers
of the constitution is well known Mon
roe who held the office under Madison
had served four years in the Senate and
had been many years abroad a minister
John Quincy Adams who held the office
under President Monroe had practically
the same experience as to his service in
the Senate and In diplomatic
alpjomatc duties
abroad Clay who was secretary of state
under John Quincy Adams had been more
than fourteen years in congress prior to
his acceptance of the office Van Buren
had been eight in the Senate before he
became secretary
Livingston who held the position un
der Jackson had been thirteen years In
the house and six ears In the senate
McLane who was also secretary of state
under Jackson for a short period had
been ten years in the house two years In
the senate and two year minister to
England Forsyth had been seven years
in the house and eigi t years in the sen
ate Webster who was William Henry
Harrisons secretary of state had been
six years In the house and six years in
the senate when appointed by Harrison
and when reappointed by Filimore nine
year later had added to his experience
six more years of congressional life The
acting secretary under Tyler for two and
a half months was Legare who had two
years service In congress and a few
months a secretary of war before his
selection Calhoun who held the position
under Tyler had been six years positon
house four years in the senate and six
years vice president
President Folks secretary of state was
Buchanan who had been ten years in
the house and nine years in the senate
Clayton who
was President Taylors sec
rotary of state had been ten years in
the senate Edward Everett held the
position during a part of FHImores term
He had been ten years In the house and H
four years minister to England Marcy
had had service in the senate as well
as other important positions Case had
been six years in the senate and three
years minister to France
Seward had been twelve years in the
senate when appointed
appointed Washburn who
held the position for a short time had
had eQual length of service in the house t
Fish who followed him six years in the
senate Evans had had a valuable
seat Evart r ex
perience at attorney general and as rep
resentative of the United States before
the Geneva tribunal Frellnghuysen had
been eleven and
years ad Bayard twelve
years In the senate and Foster had had
a long experience as minister to Spain I
Mexico Russia and as special commis
specal cmmis
sioner to frame reciprocity treat sNew
York Advertiser
When youve a thing to say
Say it Dont take half a day
When your tales got little In It
Crowd the whole thing i a minute
Life Is shorta fleeting vapor
Do not fill the whole newspaper
With a tale which at a pinch
Could be cornered in an inch
Boll It down till i simmers
Polish it till it glimmers
Wherfi youve got a thing to tiay
Say l1 Dont take half a day
CJaremont Tex Two Rivers
ri L
Council Adopts a Resolution in
Regard to the Gravity Sewer
A Gerrymnmleriiis Ordinance Is In
troilnccd and Warmly Debated
S P Walter Applies for uii Elec
trlc and Natural antI Jtlnivufnc
tiireil Gas Franchise Special
Appropriation List
The city council met last evening in
adjourned session Councilman Evans
presIded and all members were pres
ent excepting Karrick Bell and Loof
bourow Councilman Rich made his
first appearance since his encounter
with the railroad engine looking rather
pale > and not quite himself
The session was a prolonged one it
being 1130 oclock before adjournment
was taken
The most important matter disposed
of was the adoption of a resolution
submitted by th special gravity sewer
ommlttee cancelling the contract with
the contractors Messrs Houlahan
Grft Morris on the terms indi
cated at the previous meeting of the
council In this connection was taken
up the mayors veto of a resolution
providing that the work on the sewer
as far as completed should be put in
condition to resist the winter frosts at
the citys expense The resolution was
passed over the veto with one dissent
ing vote that of Mr Evans
A lengthy communication was receIved
eived from the Stonecutters union on
behalf of the men of that craft work
ing on the joint city and county build
ing the gist of which was that they
wanted their pay at a early a date
a possible The matter was referred
to the joint city and county building
S F Walker made application for a
franchise to occupy the streets with
electric wires for the transmission of
light heat and power and also with
pipes for manufactured and natural
gas The franchise was passed to its
third reading and referred to the com
mittee on improvements and the city
attorney ciy
Sanitary Inspector Showell sent in
his resignation to take effect Jan 1 in
order as Mr Wantland put it to re
here the incoming council of any em
barrassment they might feel about re
moving so valued and faithful a offi
cial Colonel William said he had
made arrangement to go into business
on an extensive scale on Jan 1 and
could not longer serve the
city Moran vigorously insisted
that the resignation should be accepted I
to take effect at once however action I
was deferred until next Tuesday even
ing when it is expected the committee
to whom was referred the mayors ap
pointment of Adolph Anderson as the
successor of Colonel William when his
honor fired the latter will report
On the motion of Folland the city
auditor and the finance committee
were instructed to bring in a statement
of the citys indebtedness at the next
A special appropriation list amount
lag to 824896 was passed 5000 of
which was to the CulmerJennings
company at the urgent request of the
Lawson created a sensation at the
elevent hour by submitting an ordi
nance redistricting the city I bore
on the face of i evidence of a jerry
mander and was vigorously opposed by
Folland Hardy and Moran There
was a strong disposition on the ultra
Liberal side of the house to railroad
the ordinance through but the opposi
tion blocked the way and filibustered
50 that all that was done was the
reading of the proposed ordinance once
after which I was laid on the table
till Tuesday evening
The opposition developed was so
strong that those who favored the or
dinance were dismayed and realizing
that they could not carry it anyway i
over the mayors veto which would be
sure to be exercised they affected to
treat the whole thing as a good joke 1
and Lawson disclaimed the authorship
of it and averred that it had been
handed to him by one of his constitu
ents during the evening and that that
was all he knew about i I is doubt
ful if it will ever be resurrected from
where it now slumbers
A number of petitions and masters
of minor interest were attended to and
the council adjourned until Tuesday
The Proceeilinffs
The Salt Lake Rapid Transit com
pany et al asked that a tmporary fire
house be established on a lot owned by
the city on Second West street be
tween Seventh and Eighth South with
three or four men in charge who could
control a fire until the rest of the
apparatus could arrive
Referred to the committee on fire
William Sullivan asked for relief
from an alleged erroneous tax sale
Referred to the city attorney
John Dayrtes asked that 9736 du S
him for sewer rebate be appropriated
to him in order that he could pay a
delinquent paving tax for which his
property had been levied upon
Referred to the auditor
Charles W BOyd and eightytwo
others asked that stone block crossing
be put in at all street intersections
where churches are situatd
Referred to the street supervisor fO C
an estimate of the costS
S P Teasdel asked that the amoun
of 175 due him on sewer rebate be
transferred to the credit of the Rober
Pixton estate to apply on strejat paving
Referred to the auditor
S P Teasdel et al asked that a
cross walk be laid at the intersection
of Fourth East and South Temple
streets r
Referred to committee on streets
J E Bamberger asked permission t i
apply 427445 due him under an assessment
sessment from the blockmakers of tie
Metropolitan Stone company upon his
city and special taxes
Referred to the committee on finance
E M Nixon asked that 1650 due him
for work on the joint city and county
building be placed to his credit for
Referred to the auditor
Moran presented the following pet
tion from the stonecutters association
The Salt Lake city branch of journey
mens stonecutters association of Nortl i
America through their duly appointe
committee respectfully represent tha
on October 5 1893 Mr C E Wantland t
representing the building committee o I
your honorable body in company with
Mr Bamberger representing the counts
court of Salt Lake county called the
stonecutters at work on the city and
county building together and Informed
them that he CWantland desired t Es
make a statement to them He the a
said that owing to the financial condi
fion of the city no more city warrant S
could be issued legally to the stone
cutters employed until the taxes for the
current year were paid that said tase 5
would be paid in a short time and tha
those employed would receive their pay
in full within sixty days from Octobe r
5 1893 that It would certainly not b e
later than that time and probably much
earlier that on October 9 1893 you C I
petitioners held a meeting and ache
permission of the executive board o f
our general union to continue work o a
the representations and promises pf
your committee Being granted w 0
continued work until the evening o
December 1 1B93 a period of a
eight days On December 12f 1893 a j
committee representing your petition L
k > i
rs waited upon the building commit
tee of your honorable body and prof
ered t resume work upon the pay
ment of their wages up to December 1
893 Your building committee statedt
hat they were unable to accept the
p reposition and could give the employees
loyees no definite assurance as to
when their pay would be forthcoming
Your petitioners further represent
hat they have made every concession
a isked of them by those in charge of
he construction of the city and county
tw Uildlng and earnestly desire that the
rorlc of completing said building should
ga o on as rapidly as possible that they
a re and always have been willing and
a nxious to accept warrants a payment
for their services that the statement
in i the public press that your petition
ers demand cash is not true Believing
hat the laborer I is worthy of his hire
ys our petitioners respectfully ask that
ome provision be made for their pay
ment at as early a date as possible
and a in duty bound your petitioners
w ill ever pray etc
The petition was indorsed by the
Utah Building Trades congress
Wantland stated that the whole mat
t er was the result of a misunderstand
la ng and hoped it would be referred to
in appropriate committee for investi
Referred to joint city and county
b uilding committee
S F Walker petitioned for a fran
c hise under the usual conditions allow
l ng him to occupy the streets lanes
and alleys of the city for the convey
ance of electrical currents for the fur
nishing of power heat and light and
for the distribution of natural and
manufactured gas Laid over to come
under the head of miscellaneous
A communication was received from
he treasurer stating that the street car
ompanies were willing to pay a tax
o f 25 per car the Salt Lake City com
pany on thirtytwo cars and the Rapid
Transit company on eighteen cars and
ecommended that their proposition
b e accepted Adopted
The following was received from the
s anitary inspector
Hon President and City Council
Gentlemen have made all neces
ary arrangements to enter into busi
ness on an extensive scale on Jan 1
894 and desire to tender herewith my
r esignation of the office of sanitary inspector
pector to take effect on the date men
toned Jan 1 WILLIAM 1891 Very SHOWEIJLt respectfully
Sanitary Inspector
Moran moved that the resignation
be accepted to take effect at once
Heiss moved as an amendment that
he matter b laid over for one week
Horn moved as a substitute that the
resignation be accepted when Showells I
successor is appointed
All three motions were put and lost
and Wantland moved that i be re
f erred to the sanitary committee which
carried The committee Is expected
tt o report on Tuesday with reference
t o the mayors appointment of Mr
Adolph Anderson a Showells suc
The board of public works submitted
a time check drawn by Frank Harri
gan in favor of C Hines for 3030 and
recommended that the amount be paid
and charged to the contractor Adop
The board made a similar recommen
dation in the matter of time check
for 14545 drawn by A Holt Sons
and assigned tothe Consolidated Im
plement company but the mat r was i
aid over until the next meeting Oth
er recommendations of a similar char
acter were also laid over
In the matter of the complaint of the
superintendent of water works relative
to the loose manner in which work was
being done on the boulevard in City
Creek canyon In the way of interfer
ing with the water supply the city
engineer reported that he had visited 1
the ground and found that the work
was progressing satisfactorily and that
no Injur would now result to the
water supply or works Referred to
committee on water works
The board of public works presented I
a letter from Spreckels Bros of San
Francisco claiming that the Culmer
Jennings Paving company owed them
4940 for cement furnished and rec
ommended that t lie same be paid and I
charged to the company Referred to
the finance committee
In the matter of constructing cross
walks at the new school buildings the
committee on streets recommended
that the matter be referred to the
street supervisor for an estimate of
cost and recommendations Adopted
The sanitary committee recommend
ed that the petition of T B Bratly
for a telephone at the crematory be de
nied Adopted
The committee on finance recom
mended that the following amounts bi >
placed on the appropriation list of
taxes due the city and that the audi
tor and treasurer be instructed to make
the transfers
Gravity sewer contractors 1000000
John O Smith Son 52100
F E 52100
Schoppe Co 7846
Tullidge Co 3350
II r
Adopted I
The city engineer sent in a commu
nication in reference to the refund of
paving tax asked by 11 H Walker et
al and stated that the tax was justly
assessed and there was no reason wiy
it should be refunded
Referred to the board of public
works publc
The committee on streets recom
mended that the street supervisor per
form 100 worth of repair work on
Ninth South street between Eleventh
and Twelfth Eat streets
Referred KJ tHe finance committee
Upon the recommendation of the finance L
nance committee the urgent petition of
the CulmerJenningo Paving company
for an appropriation of 5000 was
granted and the amount placed on the
appropriation Hat
On the recommendation of the license
cense committee a free peddlers license
for three months was granted to J eI I
The special gravity sewer committee
presented the following resolution in
reference to the cancellation of the
gravity sewer contract and recommen L
ded its adoption
Whereas A contract was entered
into on the 3d day of May AD 1893
between Houlahan Griffin Morris
Hobson Wilkerson contractors and
the city of Salt Lake Utah for the
construction by said contractors for
said city of certain sewer work and
Whereas A part of said work ha
been executed and
Whereas Said city is in such finan
cial circumstances that it Is not
Ueemed advisable to prosecute said
work further at this time and said
cbntractors have proposed to said city
to release the said contract therefore
be It
Resolved By the city council of the
said city of Salt Lake for the pur
pose of avoiding litigation and for
I final settlement of this matter between
fnl said parties that all the work al
ready done by said contractors
on said sewer be estimated
by the city engineer at the
prices named In said contract and the
amount thereof remaining unpaid in
eluding the 15 per cent heretofore re
tained beso ascertained And thereupon
the said city will pay said contractors
said amount so ascertained excepting
the estimate already on the approprla
I ton list for which warrants shall be
issued as soon as possible in three
equal installments in three six and nine
months from this date and on the
terms of this resolution being agreed
to in writing by said contractors the
said contract he cancelled and each
I party be released from further perform
ace thereof
1 MORANChairman
This resolution was adopted unani
mously and on motion of Moran the
city engineer was instructed to report
1 a final estimate at the next meeting of I
I j j the council
I j I The Walker franchise submitted ear
lier in the evening was then taken up
I passed to its third reading and referred
to the committee on improvements and
the city attorney with instructions to
report at the next meeting of the coun
The franchise provides that the gran
tee his successors and assigns shall
by the acceptance of the rights and
il privileges granted agree with the city
to furnish manufactured gas to the
citizens of Salt Lake city at a price
not exceeding 2 per 1000 cubic feet and
I furnish electric light at a price not
to exceed Ic per hour for ach 16 candle
power lamp and a proportionate charge
I for all lamps of increased candle qower
and for arc lights of 2000 candle ppwer
not to exceed 10 per month for 12
clock service and 515 a month for all
night service
To furnish for the streets highways
and public places for the city in any
desired number at a price not exceed
ing 10 a month for each arc light of
2000 candle power for all night service
each night in the week
To furnish the city council cham
I ber city offices and public library with
I the nbcessary current for light con
I tinuously during the life of the fran
chise free of charge
Folland offered the following Where
as There is some question as to the
outstanding indebtedness of Salt Lake
city Resolved That the finance com
mittee and city auditor render at an
early date a balance sheet showing
the amount of the citys indebtedness
and such othfer items as will show the
citys financial condition at this date
The resolution was adopted
The mayors veto of the resolution
offered by Horn and passed by the
council to the effect that the special
committee on thfe gravity sewer with
the city engineer associated be author
ized to put the work on the gravity
sewer in proper condition for the win
ter was then taken up The qufes
ton shall the resolution pass notwith
standing the mayors veto was put and
carried thus adopting the resolution
notwithstanding the veto Folland
Hardy Heiss Horn Kelly Lawson
Rich Simondl Wantland and Moran
cused voted yes Evans no and Lynn ex
This following amounts were placed
passed on a special appropriation list and
C Hines 3030
C F Doremus 6460
Culmer Jennings Paving com
party 500000
I William Gilbert 30660
i j
I Pay rolls 280486
F Biancello 4320
Total 824896
Lawson offered the following as an
Section 1The territory embraced
within the corporate limits of Salt Lake
city shall be and the same is hereby
divided into five municipal wards
bounded and described as herein set
forth Feb 29 1860 Ja 27 1874
First Municipal Ward section 2AU
that part of the corporate limits of
said city lying north of First South
street and east of the following line
towit Beginning at the center of the
intersection of First South and West
Temple streets and running thence
north along the middle of West Temple
street to its intersection with City
creek on North Temple street thence
up the middle channel of said creei
to the north boundary of the city
limits shall constitute the First ward 1
Second Municipal Ward Section 3 I
All that part of the corporate limits of
said city lying south of First South
street and east of Third East street
shall constitute the Second ward
Third Municipal Ward Section 4
All that part of the corporate limits of
said city lying south of First South
street and between Third East and I
West Temple street shall constitute the
Third ward
Fourth Municipal Ward Section 5
All that part of the corporate limits
of said city lying south of First South
street and west of West Temple street
shall constitute the Fourth ward
Fifth Municipal Ward Section 6
All that part of the corporate limits of
said city lying north of First South
street and west and north of the fol
lowing line towit Beginning at the
center of the intersection of First South
ant West Temple streets and running
thence north along the middle of West
Temple street to its intersection with
City creek in North Temple street
thence up the middle channel of said
creek to the north I boundary of the
ward city limits shall constitute the Fifth I
I Sec 7All ordinances and parts of
ordinances in conflict herewith are
hereby repealed
This document created somewhat of
a stir in the council
Moran moved that it be referred to
the committee on elections a it was
merely a political jerymander
I Fplland opposed it because I Is a
political dodge and anyway this council
should not in its closing moments en
I act an important measure so mater
ially affecting the citys interests I
am surprised at Mr Lawson after the
professions he has made and the blame
he cast on the previous council be
cause they pursued a course similar
to what he Is doing now in legislating
on matters which should have been
left to their successors Mr Lawson is
not acting on his own responsibility
however he is put forward by others
in thjs matter
Moran I should like to ask Mr Law
son if particular desire or
i any partcular request
had been made by his constituents for
the passing of a measure of this sort
Lawson Yes
Wantland He should have done i I
before the election He was defeated
because he didnt do it before Nov 7
Folland Now he is trying to lock
the stable door after the horse Is stol
enThe motion to refer to the commit
tee on elections was lost and a motion
to lay on the table till next meeting
of the council prevailed
The Rapid Transit franchise was taken
ken up but nothing was done A motion
to adjourn prevailed and the council
l I adjourned till Tuesday evening
Where She Recuperates
Ellen Terrys country home Is In Sus
sex village of Wlnchelsea located In a
section of England celebrated for beauti
ful scenery
This house Is of the English cottage
sort Its oddest feature Is old
Is an stone
gate built of rags tone and having two
massive Ivy grown towers at each angle
The ivY beside the gate a de
lightfully comfortable dwelling of dark
I red brick with old fashioned lattice win
I dows and close lying borders of all the
old fashioned flowers Over its walls
I climb honeysuckles and blooming rose
i and the surrounding garden beds are full
of bloom and pertujne amid their box
edgings From a little turret hung wit
nasturtiums one gets a beautiful view
of the distant sea and the town of Rye
I with Its windmills
The inside of the cottage is simple and
I pretty and there is not a photograph a f
I I its owner toi be seen about A dog a cat
I a bird and a pony are the pets of the es
Itabhsnmenti and the small children of
the village are all flnri friends of the
actress who often asks them to tea and
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entry bldhC ten
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Freel Free
Any person sending their address to either
of the undersigned agents of
trill be sent FREE OF CHARGE A MAP
of the United States two feet by three IB
Commercial Agent
Tray Ft and Pais Agt
Room S3 Blorlan Block 15 West Second
South street Salt Lake city Utah Men
tion this paper
Rio Grande Western
Colorado Midland
Athison Topeka
Santa Fe Bailways F
JL man Palace Sleeping Cars between Ogden t
bait Lake city and Chicago without chan a
nnd Pullman Palace Keclinlng Chair Cars be
tween Ogden Salt Lake City Denver and
Leave Ogden or Sal Lake City on the eve
ning tram In order to see the most beautiful
scenery I America beautful
Train leaves Rio Grande Western Depot t
Salt Lake City at 923 p m Depot
General Ageet Paes Depsrtmeat
r t
n 1 IEllI RAILROAD 11111 Gran e
The only line running two Through
Fast Trains daily Leadvillc Aspen i
Pueblo Colorado Springs and Denver
if i f
E iFFBCTIVB NOV 19 1893 i I
I Tin No 2 leaves Ogden 700 3 I Salt Lake I
803 a m arrive at Pueblo 550 a m Colo
rado Springs 720 a I Denver 940 a I
T rain No 4 leaves Ogden 820 p m Sau Lake i
023 p m arrive at Pueblo 3 p m Col
orado Springs 907 p m Denver 1130p m
Connections made at Pueblo Colorado
S ipriugs and Denver with all lines east Ele
gant day coaches chair cars and Pullman
s eepors on all trains Take the D R G
ana have n comfortable trip and enjoy the
fi nest scenery on tho continent
A S HUGHES Trafflo Mgr Denver Col
S K HOOPER G P h T A Denver Col i
B F NEVINS General Agent r
Union Pacifc
I Effective December 7 1S33
From all points east 300 a m
From Butte Portland San Fran
clam Cache Valley and Ogden1010 a m
From all points east Park City
and Ogden 435pm
From Ogden and Intermediate
points Ogen 725 p m
S From Mllford Juab Provo
Sanpete and Eureka 610pm
3 From Terminus and Tooele 400 p m
For Ogden Park City and all
points east 700 a m
Far Ogden and Intermediate
points 330 a m
For Ogden Intermediate points
San Francisco and Cache Val
ley points 243 p m
For Ogden all eastern points
Butte Portland and San Fran
cisco 700 pm
For Eureka Provo Sanpete
Valley Nephl Juab and Frisco 800 a m
2I For Tooele and Terminus 745 a m
I Trains south of Juab run dally except
S Huns dally except Sunday
Telephone No 230
Genl Agt Passngr Dept
Gen Manager G P T Agt
Secure your tickets and
sleeping car accommodations
at Rio Grande Western Rail
way office i West Second
South street
yI PS 1Ici11llll Oft1 At
Room 506 Dooly Building
4DE Jio Grande
X 2For Bingham Provo
Grand Junction and all points
east 805 a nj
No 4For Provo Grand Junction
and all points east 925pm
No 6For Eureka and Sanpete 425pm
No 3Ior Ogden and the west11 p m
No 1For Ogden and the west 215pm
No 1From Eureka Provo
Grand Junction and the east 1230 p iii
N 3From Provo Grand Junc
tion and the east 1145pm
No 5From Provo Bingham and
Sanpete 545p m
No 2From Ogden and the west 755 a ra
4Froha Ogden and the west 815pm
Only line running through Pullman Pal
ace sleeping cars Salt Lake to San Fran
cisco Salt Lake to Denver via Grand
Junction and Salt Lake to Kansas City
and Chicago via Colorado points
TICKET OFFIfif I5wftsIisyiEii
D C Coffee A E Welby J H Bennett
Gen MT Gen Sapt Gen T A

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