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aGes OHLT Month THR I SAL LAKE HER TD 85e a OXIr Month J
NeWs Politics Literature Trade and Commerce = = But First Of All The News
i4rightfu1 Scenes Caused by the
1 Minnesota Forest
Rlclccnlnfi Scenes Which MenWo
men nnd Children Arc Mingled
Heroic Actions of Railvray Em
ployees Prompt Responses to
L Calls for Aid Improvised Hospit
als Thronged with People Seeking
Missing Relatives and A
Fire Horror That I Almost With
out an Equal
St Paul Minn Sept 3Six towns
wiped out and more than 500 dead is I
the record made by the forest fires in I
this state In the past twentyfour I
In Hinckley Sandstone Pokegama
Sandstone Junction Skunk Lake and
Mission Creek there are 355 known
to be dead In addition several hun
dred are missing while from 150 to 200
were scattered on farms throughout
he district burned over
1 I
The destruction was complete in
most of the towns named but some of
the forest land escaped The loss how
ever will be in the millions and the
loss of life will not be definitely known
for several days if ever The relief
trains brought supplies sent out from
this city Minneapolis Duluth and oth
er towns and the sufferers are being
cared for at Pine City and other points
Awful Scene of Suffering and Death
by tins Flames I
St Paul Sept 2A special to the
Pioneer Press from Pine City Minn
V Estimate of the dead Hinckley 200
I Sandstone 46 Sandstone Junction 25
Pokegama 25 Skunk Lake 29 miscel
laneous 30 Total 355
The list of dead to date includes the
Sandy Henderson 10 years
John Henderson 1 years
J Hanson
Mrs Hanson
Five Hanson children
Thomas Jones
D Chambers
Alex Hanson and wife
Emily Hanson 16 years
Charlie Hanson 19 years
Charles Anderson 20 cars
Hans Mattlson 20 years
iMrs William Ginder
Dennis Riley a yard watchman
Jim Bean foreman Brennan Lumber
John Best wife and four children
John Anderson and wife
Two Anderson children
William Nesbitt
Henry Hanson
T Turgon
Lamb and Eon
drowned Mrs Martin and four children
Mrs Blanchard and two children
Dr C H Kelsey of New Brighton
E Blanchard
Louis Nelson employee of Eastern
Peter Robertson
Nels Robertson
I Mary Robertson
M Robertson child
rl R Hoffman and wife
Mrs Costigan and three children
William Pinnorr
jPT Patrick Murphy
drville Cox
Thomas Dunn wife and four children
Emma Dolan Belle OBrien and An
nie Wallace demimondes
The walls of the schoolhouse the iron
fence about the town hall property the
bank vault and one absolutely uninjur
ed outhouse is all that is left to mark
the site of Hinckley where yesterday
stood a score of buildings and a dozen
times as many dwelling houses
Short But Pitiful
fThe story of the catastrophe is a
I short one The town was built of
wood The schoolhouse erected last
year at a cost of 10000 and onehalf
of the Eastern Minnesota railway
roundhouse were the only brick struc
tures in the city By one of those pe
culiar freaks for which there is no
accounting the roundhouse and water
tank o the southwestern edge of the
town almost in the woods escaped
the flames a circumstance the more re
markable from the fact that i stood
directly in the path of the flames
which seemed to have jumped it as
cleanly a if playing leapfrog All
yesterday forenoon the townspeople
were apprehensive The fire kept ad
vancing swept by the wind which was
blowing a gale About 1 oclock the
fire company got out their engine and
laid a eighteen hundred foot line of
kose to the southern outskirts of the
The hose was too short for the mea
Lure of protection desired and a tele
gram was set to Rush City for more
One hundred feet was sent but i
nfcver reached Hinckley
r About 3 oclock In the afternoon the
re literally jumped into the town I
did not eat its way along devouring
everything in its pat but came in
huge leaps a i to take everything
before it I appeared as if i was
forced along by a cyclone of its own
generation The intense heat would
develop a veritable whirlwind of
fame and carried huge blazing fire
brands high in the air and carrying
them forward for from forty to eighty
rods let them fall and begin their
Sfcork of devastation anew
i Fighting for Life
fife fire first truck Hinckley on the
< rfast JElde i of the Duluth track and the
iinuve fire fighters for the first time
ve up the unequal battle and already
f loolate in many iutances turned their
I Attention to their personal safety The
Eastern Minnesota train from the south
had just come in and the people of the
panicstricken city flocked to J for
safety A number of box cars were
coupled on and filled and covered with
men women and children Some were
bareheaded some were coatless some
few clutched a pitiful bundle o the
more precious of their portable posses
sions Families were separated and
in all this was a motley crowd of about
400 or more people The train pulled
out jut ahead of the fire and succeed
ed in ultimately reaching Duluth
This circumstance while fortunate in
8 degree that cannot be estimated has
made the confusion greater for it Is not
4 own who escaped in this way and
y people are reported dead who
5 i
t j
< >
o t
may be in safety Had not this num
ber of people largely women and child
ren left the doomed city when they did
the loss of life would have been in
creased for their presence would have
added confusion immeasurably to the subsequent
The Track Gave Way
About the same hour the accommo
dation train on the Hinckley St
Cloud branch left for the latter place
with about twentyfive passengers Its
path lay directly across the path of the
fire and the situation speedily became
desperate The ties were burning the
rails were warping and the trestles
were sagging under the train The
smoke had increased so the engineer
was helpless He could not see the
train behind him Burning trees lay
across the track and were being tossed
aside by the engine Suddenly the
track gave way and the train toppled
off to one side No one was injured
and they pressed on to Pokegama sta
tion a few rods ahead But a few feet
in front of the engine was discovered
a gorge sixty feet wide and forty feet
deep where the trestle had been burn
ed away They succeeded In reaching
the clearing about the station and es
caped with a few burns and bruises
There were burned along the track
however four or five people
The people who were left in the city
were in what seemed to be an almost
helpless condition Egress by the only
means of transportation that could
hope t distance the swiftly ad
vancing flames was out of the ques
tion The men had been fighting the
fire for hours and the women and chil
dren were in a panicstricken condi
ton Horses were harnessed to bug
gies and wagons Women and children
were hurriedly loaded Probably 200 of
them left town on foot or in vehicles
plunging into the woods north across
the Grindstone river which skirts the
town on the north They were literally
fleeing before the pursuing demon
Pled to the Sivamps
Over the hill that rises beyond the
Grindstone is a swamp and to this
most of the people with teams headed
but i proved no protection Some aban
doned their teams and ran into the
lower portions of the swamp but the
fire sought them out Not one was left
to tell the tale and this morning in a
space of a little more than five acres
were counted over 130 corpses There
were many families of five six and
seven and there they lay the men gen
erally a little in advance the mother
surrounded by her little ones cut off
by the most horrible of deaths of
Nearly all the bodies were nude the
fire having burned every vestige of
their clothing and blackened and
charred the corpses rendering many of
them unrecognizable Those who fled
to the north on foot followed the Du
luth track and so rapid was the prog
ress of the flames that many of them
were actually burned as they fled fall
ing on the right of way for a distance
of three miles or more Nearly thirty
bodies were recovered along here
Some of the foremost of the escaping
citizens met the Duluth train coming
In from the north I was due at
Hinckley at 405 Engineer Jim Root
was at the throttle He stopped the
tram and took on board about 125 of
the refugees
I By tlhis time the woods were blazing I
on each side of the track and as Root I
reversed his engine and started back I
the cars scorched and crackled in the
heat Root ran the train back about
three miles to Skunk lake and the
people escaped from the burning cars
to the water and no lives were lost
The people who remained in Hinckley
fared the best of alL The Eastern
Minnesota tracks mark the eastern
edge of the city proper
Hours in the Water
Just beyond the edge was a tract of
land probably embracing at least ten
acres The whole area had been ex
cavated to a depth of 30 or 40 feet and
in its centre was a stagnant pool of
rainwater three feet deep To it filed a
hundred citizens who were willing to
trust to its friendly depths They re
mained four hours while the smoke and
flames rolled over their heads They
dashed water over each other and
covered their heads with wet cloths to
prevent suffocation and all were saved
Others of the citizens sought refuge
in the Grindstone river under the
abutments of the two railway bridges
and at the foot bridge The exact num
ber cannot be known but many escaped
and some were drowned Mrs Martin
Martinson and her four little babes
were taken drowned frpm the Tater
this morning
In the meantime Hinckley was burn
ing with the utmost rapidity and in a
few hours nothing was left but ruins
The total loss to the city will exceed
surance 1000000 with a comparative light in
OneFourth Are Dead
The situation at Sandstone is even
more appalling than at Hinckley ex
cept in point of numbers Of the 200
residents onefourth are dead
Otto Stafferfeldt of Sandstone talk
ing of the disaster said that last night
about 530 flames neared the town and
the people prepared to leave The wind
blew like a hurricane and < as the peo
ple were getting ready to leave the fire
closed on all three sides Not a single
person saved a thing except his clothes
About 160 went to the river and fifty or
sixty were burned to death At 4
oclock this morning he saw over forty
five bodies charred and burned lying
on every side The people are destitute
of everything
In addition to fortyfive bodies at
Sandstone there are twenty at Kettle
River Junction All the settlers in the
vicinity are probably burned to death
There are about eleven homeless fami
lies still at Mission Creek but they
have provisions for about twentyfour
Brook Park two miles west of Hinck
ley is burned and there are about 125
people there many of whom are in
need of immediate relief
Heroes Every One
From the stories of passengers on the
limited train which was burned near
Hinckley the entire train crew de
serves to be placed on the roll of honor
for personal heroism Engineer James
Root of White Bear heads the list He
was badly burned and almost blinded
and fell from his seat unconscious im
mediately on getting out of the fires
When about two miles north of
Hinckley Root first discovered the
fires which had been raging on both
sides of the track were racing him for
his life and the lives of his passengers
Cinders were flying in every direction
and the smoke was so dense it was
I wellnlqrh Impossible to see beyond the
cab windows even with the aid of the
I powerful headlight He thought to out
I run the flames which were coming
after and bearing down upon him at a
sixtymile gait When about a mile
and a half from Hinckley he discov
i ered the fire was too fast for him and
i overtook the train and overleaped i so
It was literally surrounded with flames
The air was stifling and the clothes of
I b t engineer and fireman caught fire
Fireman McGowan leaped into the
i water tank and seizing a bucket
dashed the water several times over
I the bUrn engineer Root steadily
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1 i f
i 7 < 1
Schemes of the Party of Decep
tion Hate and
It Than Open Secret That the Barrels
in the East Will he Tapped to the
Fullest Extent with the Idea of
Placing Utah in the Republican
Column Clevelands Action on
the Tariff Bill
Washington Sept 2SpeclalJThe
in the
good people of Utah reposing
peaceful valleys of the fair territory
need not feel any great alarm if In a I
short time a horrible sound should
come rushing to their ears from the
great northeast I will be a combina
tion of the crackedvoice ebullitions of
Thomas Bluster Reed and the untrain
ed roar of the unquenchable Boutelle
mingled with some other equally dis
cordant sounds I will be horrible it is
true but then it will not be half so bad
as at will sound
The game that is to bring forth this
curious sound in the end is an old one
From its inception the Republican
of bluff
party has been an aggregation
pure and simple and not one of its
presidential or congressional campaigns
has been carried on without attempt
making it believe
ing to fool the country by
lieve that the returns from Maine in
dicated the subsequent victory for their
forces I wH be the same this year
In Maine the elections are always
helda little earlier than in other parts
of the Union and the Republican lead
ers then begin to howl that victory is
assured and endeavor to bluff the peo
ple into believing that they are the sure
winners in order to catch the floating
voters that always wish to be on the
winning side So there will be nothing
really serious in the yell from the up
per country Like classical music Its
a danged sight better than it sounds
Utahs Election
I In the election that will follow the
holding of the constitutional conven
tion Utah will be very important be
cause party leaders are beginning to
make their campaign with the idea of
capturing states rather than majority
in Congress The Populists according
to all reports that come in from the
country are far from being dead The
better element is endeavoring to reor
ganize the party and place at the head
leaders without the visionary ideas of
those who thus far have come Into
power I is felt that this is a time
of political unrest and there is a large
element that do not care to align them
selves with either of the old parties
Therefore it is seen that there is a
possibility of the next electoral col
lege not giving a majority to any candi
date and that the election will be
thrown into the House of Representa
tives In electing the president in the
House each state will have a vote and
Utah would rank just as well in the
list as New York Therefore her one
representative is highly important and
the Republicans will spare no pains to
capture the state
I is an open secret that they will
send a great deal of money into Utah
for this and the next campaign They
are backed by the tariff trusts who
want their tools in power again and
believe they can afford to spend a
great deal of the cash that has been
given them under the nefarious pro
tective system in order to perpetuate
their grip on the throats of the people
No amount of activity on the part of
the Republican machine and no lavish
ness of money need surprise the people
for this is one of the things that will
follow in the wake of the dishonest pro
tection that has been extended by the
Republican part for so many years
The Presidents Action
As soon as the people begin to con
sider well the action of President
Cleveland in allowing the tariff bill to
become a law without his signature to
it they begin to see that this was
logical By all means the people must
be impressed say the leaders with
the fact that this bill does not repre
sent the full measure of the reform the
Democrats have set out to give them
and that the party intends to proceed
along the same lines until every dis
criminating duty is wiped off the stat
ute books
I the president had signed the bill
the Republicans would immediately
have gone to the voters with the mis
statement that this was a fulfillment
of Democratic doctrine and would have
enlarged on the points in the bill that
no Democrat will endorse that is
those parts placed in it because of the
opposition of the conservatives and
the necessity of securing the votes of
fortythree senators Now they cannot
say that the Democrats endorse it fur
ther than to hold that it is a good meas
ure so far as i lessens the burdens of
taxation and the party will make it a
great deal better
The strongest fight to be made
against any Democrat In the coming
canvass will be that against William
L Wilson The hosts of the g o p
and their trust partners have deter
mined to make an example of him as
a warning to all those who would en
deavor to make them desist from their
shameless robbery They want to set
tle it once and for all that no pre
sumptuous patriot can tamper with
what they consider their vested right
to pillage under the forms of law and
remain in public life Chairman
publc lfe Faulk
ner however says that a good fight
will be made by the Democrats as a
matter of principle to prove that this
is still a government in which the peo
ple are supreme and he has strong
hopes that the gallant leader of the
tariff reform fight will be pulled
through with a good majority
Only a few belated congressmen are
now in the city and these have stopped
for the gayeties of the Pythian en
campment The rest have gone off to
look after their fences and the dis
tricts that have already been reached
are being whooped up with a vim
Those that are here will be gone by the
end of the week and the national cap
ital will have a rest for a month while
the country must bear the heretofore
pentup streams of political oratory
New York Sept 2The steamer
Saginaw Captain Rockwell from
Azuaiv San Domingo brings no news
of any disturbance in Hayti President
HiDDolvte is said to be mortally ill
and when he dies i is thought a very
uncertain state of affairs will prevail
and a revolution would be among the
nossibili ties
The Saginaw also brings news from
to S I
Jj <
Puerto Plato that on August 15 the
HamburgAmerican steamer Colonla in
attempting to change her berth struck
a sunken steamer in the harbor and
will probably prove a total loss
Paris Sept 2In accordance with
the desire expressed by the Dukeof
Orleans son of the Comte de Paris
who is said to be dying at Stowe house
near London that prayers be said in
the churches for the restoration of his
father to health a low mass was cele
brated today at the Church of the
Madeline The services were attended
by all the notable royalists of Paris
each of whom displayed deep emotion
Budapest Sept Archduke Charles
Louis acting on behalf of Emperor
Francis Joseph today opened the inter
national hygienic congress Representa
were tives present from all the leading countries
Dr1 Billings speaking on behalf of
the American government said the
fact that American delegates had come
so great a distance showed the Im
tions portance in America attached to hygienic ques
State Conventions Will Be Held in
Denver Today
Denver Colo Sept 2The Demo
crats of Colorado will hold two state
conventions in this city tomorrow Two
years ago the leaders of the party split
upon the question of fusion with the
Populists and two branches of the
party were formed one part fusing
with that party and the other putting
up a straight ticket Both branches
have for some time been flirting with
one another and a coalition may be
effected A programme has been ar
ranged whereby i is thought the fac
tions can be reunited I is proposed
chat each convention effect a temporary
organization and then appoint a con
ference committee neither convention
to do anything further until the result
of the conference shall be annpunced
New York Sept 2The cable steam
er MackayBennett passed up the bay
close to the Long Island shore today
laying the shore end of the Commer
cial cable The work of laying the cable
was accomplished without the slightest
difficulty The surface of the bay was
without a ripple and no sailing craft
impeded the laying of the cable or ob
structed the steamers course
St Petersburg Sept 2The police at
Kalooga capital of the government of
that name nintyfive ties southwest
of Moscow have discoyered a press
that was being used by the Nihilists
for the publication of literature for dis
semination throughout the empire
Many persons have been arrested on
the charge of being interested in the
press I
Omaha Sept 2Two Amounted high
waymen have been at work in Omaha
for several nights They ride tegether
and ride rapidly from One part of the
city to another easily eluding the po
lice A number of people have been
held up They ride upon the sidewalks I
and with revolvers holcV > p pedestrians
Omaha Sept 2As a sequence of
Bishop Scannells arrest for contempt
of court yesterday in refusing to open
the doors of St Pauls church on the
order of the district court services I
were held there today under police pro I
tection by the bishops opponents
Mounted police surrounded the church I
and prevented a riot The court officers
started to burst the doors down but
duplicate keys were found by the jan
Over 100 friends of the bishop sur
rounded the church and watched the
service through the windows but of
fered no violence A riot was said to
be imminent when the police arrived
The trouble is not yet ended
Athens Sept 2he British minister
today gave a lunch in honor of 11 Tr
coupis prime minister of Greece and
the members of Sir John Penders
party who are making a Mediterranean
trip in the latters yacht Among the
guests was Hon Thomas F Bayard
the American ambassador to Great
Britain who is of the yachting party
London Sept 2A dispatch from
Shanghai says an imperial decree has
been issued at Pekin ordering a forced
loan I calls upon four native banks
to loan the government i possible 10
000000 taels
London Sept 3A dispatch from
Rome says affairs in that city have
again assumed a grave aspect Agra
rian crimes are frequent and the ill
feeling of the peasantry against the
land owners which was dormant dur
ing the state of siege is now found in
seditious proportions The govern
ment is asked to take strenuous meas
ures to improve the relations between
the land owners and tenants
Louisville Ky Sept 2A small
cyclone struck the southwestern part
of this city today about 3 oclock and
did about 12000 worth of damage
The people living In the vicinity were
nearly frightened to death having in
mind the disastrous cyclone of 1890 and
several of them had narrow escapes
Vienna Sept 2Emperor Francis
Joseph has arrived at Lanskron in Bo
hemia where he will attend the great
autumn menoeuvres This is the first
visit of royalty since 1815 The streets
were splendidly decorated in honor of
the occasion and were packed with
peasants attired in gala costumes In
the evening there was a torchlight procession
cession and the emperor was serenaded
by the military bands
The manoeuvres began last Thurs
I day
Rome Sept 2Eugene Zozzi former
ly American consul here made an at
tempt to kill himself today in the Mall
of Pincio a fashionable evening resort
but was prevented by the police I is
financial believed the troubles attempt was prompted by
Stockholm Sept 2 Emperor Will
lam has arrived at Lanskron in south
Sweden where he will attend the great
autumn maneuvres This Is the first
visit of royalty to Lanskron since 1815
The thoroughfares were packed with
people In gala costumes In the even
ing there was a torchlight procession
and the emperor was serenaded by the
military bands
The maneuvres were begun last
Washington Sept 2Mr Tsunejlro
MIyaoka the secretary of the Japanese
legation has teceived notice of his
legaton lis
transfer to a similar office at Vienna
He will be succeeded by < Mr Anrano
I > 1
1 r
< r5l I <
He Led the Six Lynched Ne
groes Into the Hands
of the Mob
Bold Attaclc on the Postofllce at Uni
versity Place Neb Which Alarms
the Entire Community The Post
master Kidnapped and Taken to
the Woods and All the Boodle in
Sight Gathered In
Memphis Tenn Sept Criminal
Court Judge Cooper is determined to
punish the mob who lynched six al
leged negro incendiaries near Milling
ton Friday night Four jnore men
were arrested on bench warrants today
charged with complicity in the lynch
From facts brought out today i ap
pears Detective Richardson knew an
attempt would be made to lynch the
prisoners and deliberately led them in
to the hands of the mob
Bold Robbery in Nebraska
Omaha Neb Sept 2A special to
the Bee from University Place Neb
Three armed men made a bold at
tack on the postoffice here last night
at 8 oclock and though little boodle
was secured the desperate conduct of
the robbers has alarmed the entire
Postmaster Smith was locking the
doors when he felt a revolver pressed
against his head Looking up he ob
served three revolvers in the hands of
as many strangers He opened the
doors and returned to the office when
directed All the stores were open
around the office at the time and
many people passing The robbers cool
ly locked the door lit the gas and
while two stood guard over the post
master the other leisurely proceeded to
take all the money from the safe
about 100 Then they passed out the
rear door and conducted the postmaster
te to the suburbs before he was re
I 1
Pompadour Jim Opens His Month
Once Again I
New York Sept Champion Jim
Corbett reached town this morning 1
Regarding the Sioux City Athletic
clubs offer he said I am willing to
fitrht Jackson in Sioux City and will
meet the clubs representative any day i j
this week The 5000 sent on from i
Sioux City is a pretty good indication
of the clubs solidity I shall name no
conditions which will bother the club I
Paige Ins Made un Offer Which Will
Prolmlily be Accepted
Cleveland 0 Sept 2A letter from I
David R Paige the exiled excongress
man who is accused of having forged
the name of the late John Huntington
to hundreds of thousands of dollars
worth of paper ha been received here
In I Paige says he has made a liberal
offer to banks holding Paige Carey
Co paper to redeem all paper held by
them which offer has been accepted
by nearly all such banks and that
the Huntington attorneys are by I
agreement with his attorneys remain I
Ing passive to give him an opportunity
to effect a settlement Paige also wrote
that he took no books
money or pa
pers with him to South America and
for corroboration refers to F H HIrde
a New York detective whom he says
was sent to see him by the Hunting
ton estate attorneys Paiges letter is
dated San Isidio
A Repetition Experienced in Clas
sic Boston Yesterday
Boston Sept 2A peculiar atmos
pherical phenomena has attracted the
attention of Bostonians During the
latter part of the morning and all the
afternoon the sun unobscured by
clouds has feebly shone through a strait
of smoke supposed to come from the
forest fires now raging in the lake
region The effect has been a weird
unearthly yellow tinge to the atmos
phere made oppressive by the general
absence of stirring air The day has
been a repetition ofthe famous yellow
Tuesday of 1881 Several reports of a
similar phenomenon has been received
England from cities and towns all over New
Two Men Killed and Several Other
Persons Injured
Camden N J Sept 2A fatal rear
end collision occurred at 730 oclock to
night on the West Jersey railroad at
Seventh aId Van Hook street this city
The Atlantic City excursion had just
passed a signal tower where it had been
stepped and then given the white signal
to go on when the Ocean City excursion
train came in view and mistook the white
signal intended for the Atlantic City
train as being for them The engine of
the Ocean City excursion ploughed
through the rear coach of their train
Thomas Carter 40 years old
Edward H Van Lien
Nearly everybody received bruises of
greater or less severity but they were not
suTiciently hurt to necessitate sending
them to a hcppltal
London Sept 3A dispatch to the
Times from Berlin says that the Ger
man press In commenting on Samoan
affairs emphatically demands that an
end be put to the intolerable situation
there The German papers declare that
the agreement of the government of
the islands Is the root of the evil and
should be repealed They suggest that
Germany summon a conference in Ber
lin for the purpose of endeavoring to
solve the question
At the same time it is added that
Germany does not intend to relax her
claims or to agree to the proposal made
by New Zealand that the administra
tion of the government of the island
be submitted to thatcolony
London Sept 2A dispatch from
Paris to the Times says that a cable
I message sent from St Louis Senegal
to the Havas News agency seems to
confirm the recent dispatch received by
the Journal Des Debats regarding the
r I
< >
o l r
f <
disaster to the French army at Timbuc
I The Havas dispatch says it is
rumored in St Louis that the situation
in Timbuctoo Is grave A company of
tiralleurs are said to hae been com
pletely beaten by the Tauregas m
There Will Be No HalfWay Measures
in the ChineseJapnneses War
London Sept 3The Standards
correspondent in Berlin telegraphs as
The war party of which Prince
Tirhing is the head has I learn got
the upper hand InChina which means
that the struggle with Japan will be
prosecuted with vigor A large army
is now gathering near Pekin Half of
this army will guard the capital and
the other half will march to Corea be
fore winter Owing to the freezing of
the gulf of Preh Lei the Japanese will
then not derive so much benefit from
their navy as they have heretofore
and will be doomed more or less to
The correspondent states that
mors of negotiations between the Uni
ted States Great Britain Russia and
Germany for the holding of a confer
ence to pave the way for peace is de
Brief and Newsy Cables From all
Portions of ThIs Terrestrial
Brussels Sept 2A case of cholera
was reported today at Niewport West
Flanders One death from the disease
occurred at Boksmeer
Paris Sept 2A A Zimmerman today
won the grand prize of the union veloci
pedlque francalse Baker was second
London Sept Reports from Stowe
house tonight states that the Count of
Paris is growing weaker I is believed
that the end is near
Berlin Sept 2The emperor has tele
graphed to the prefect of police of Berlin
to return to this city on account of anar
chist threats
London Sept 3The Sporting Life to
day says It is authorized to state that a I
purse of at least 2000 Will be offered this I
I week for a contest between Jackson and
I London Sept 3A Cape Town dispatch
to thE Times says that business is at a
i standstill in Lorenzo jMaruqose on the
1 I north side of Delagca bay owing to the
revolt of the natives A Portuguese
launch fired on by natives returned the
fre natves
j fire killing a number of the natives
i kUing natves
I I I None of the Portuguese were hurt
Providing She Was God Almighty
I for Five Minutes Only
New York Sept 3Fully 1000 wo
men listened to an address by Mrs
Helen M Gougar of Indiana at the
I Auditorium in Prohibition park Sta
ten Island this afternoon The an
I nounced subject was The shot gun or
justice Which shall the laboring
I classes have in the settlement of
strikes and the battle between capital
and labor
Referring to the poverty in the great
cities and the sufferIng in the great
tenement house districts of the cities
I Mrs Gougar said there were thousands
of acres of land in the suburbs of New
York held idle for speculative purposes
and added
I I I were the Almighty for only five
minutes I would take all this property
from the land speculators and give to
Gods children in tie tenement houses
of New York a place upon this earth
and some of the gospel of fresh air I
and sunshine
Chester Pa Sept 2 Fifteen people
were injured in a collision between trolly
cars at Darby today the accident being
caused by a grip man losing control of the
brakes in going down hill None will
die Most of the passengers escaped in
jury by jumping but sustained flesh
Boise Ida Sept 2A very rich gold
ledge has been discovered on Willow
Creek fifteen miles from Boise Two and
onehalf feet of ore have been stripped
for 300 feet Its value is variously estimated
I mated at from 51000 to 2000 per ton
St Petersburg Sept 2The Russia
squadron destined for Corea is under or
ders to proceed with the utmost expedi
tion I is officially stated the dispatch
of the fleet does not imply Russian mili
tary intervention in the ChineseJapan
ese dispute but is merely Intended to
protect Russian trade
Rome Sept 2Sixty Canadian pil
grims attended mass this morning in the
hal of the consistory The pope acted
as celebrant After the service his
holiness permitted the pilgrims to kiss
his toe and spoke a few pleasant words
I to each of them
Lisbon Sept 2The ministerial crisis
has been passed by the remodelling of the
cabinet Senor Ribbero the prime min
ister will retain the finance portfolio
abandoning the position of
positon foreign min
ister of public works industry and com
merce Senor Henrlques will succeed
Senor dAvila
From the Boston Herald
I you have not looked Into Edisons
kinetoscope delay not but plank down
your nickels and behold the wonder of the
age Verily it makes the blood run hot
and cold Edison Is well named the wiz
ard he is the great magician of science
and we have grown somewhat accustomed
to his inventions through daily and con
stant use but when you look into this
toy that represents the work of unfath
omed genius the average man believes
the time has come to get excited Noth
ing that I had read about the kinetoscope
gave any Idea of i and it is only by per
sonal examination that is by seeing these
human pictures of absolute events for
ones self that its marvelous effect can
be appreciated The fight in the bar room
the skirt dancing at Koster Blals
Sandows exhibition and the cats boxing
match are as real as life I the pictures
could he on a larger scale the pleasure
would be enhanced though effect of dis
tance eI r estrut perfection of
movement or lessen any detail The soft
fluttering drapery of the dancing girl her
graceful poses and the familiar high kick
are all there and above the sound of the
the electricity cne can imagine the voices
the aplauye the music and also maybe
the squeak of belligerent cats I Is quite
possible to believe a Mr Edison says
that the time Is not far away when a
grand opera can be acted and sung in a
box ofera our very eyes At all events
the kinetoscope will preserve what has
never betn preserved before save in the
word painting of variable writers
The wavering mind is but a base pos
session Euripides
It is better to fall among crows than
flatterers An tlsthenes
Adversity borrows Us sharpest sting
from our impatience Bp Home
A fool can no more see his folly than
he can see his ears Thackeray
Nothing Is more noblenothing more
venerable than fidelity Cicero
Force rules the worldnot opinion but
opinion makes use of force Pascal
A man of integrity will never listen to
any plea against conscience Home
Follow light and do the rIghtfor man
can halt control his doom Tennyson
We know God easily I we do not con
strain ourselves to define him Joubert
The commons faithful to their system
remained in a wise and masterly inactiv
ity Mackintosh
People seldom improve when they have
no other model than themselves to copy
after Goldsmith
f rr
A Sensation Promised Soon at
Vancouver Barracks
Charges Against the Major Are Many 1
and Cover n Long Series of Year 1
the Principal One Being Failure J
to Meet 1 Legal Judgment of Sev i
eral Thousand Dollars Growing
Out of an Arizona Irrigating
Sehenie The Accuseds Story j
Washington Sept 2A general court
martial has been ordered at Vancouver
Barracks Washington for Sept 1 for 1
the trial of general offenses The detail
for the court is as follows
Brigadier General Elwell S Otis
Thomas Anderson Lieutenant Colonel
Hugh Thacker Fourteenth Infantry
Major W D Wolverton Deputy Surgeon
General John M Bacon First cavalry r
Major M M Coxe Paymaster James C
Post corps of engineers Colonel McCrea
Fifth artillery William H Nash com 1
missary officer James M Marshal
Quartermaster John W French Four
teenth infantry George S Wilson As
sistant Adjutant General Charles H Mc J
Cully Captain Charles McClure acting
judge advocate United States army judge
advocate of the court
Lieutenant James T Anderson Twenty
fifth infantry and Lieutenant Henry A 1
Piper Seventh infantry have been found
incapacitated for service by the retiring
One of the principal duties of the court
martial ordered to assemble at Vancou
ver will be the trial of Paymaster
Wham who has been in trouble for some
time and whose career has attracted con
siderable attention in army circles
Lieutenant Frederick T Van Liew
Second infantry has been ordered to 1
act as assistant to Captain Charles A
Dempsey Second Infantry at the en
campment of the First regiment Iowa
National guard at Monticello from Sept I
1 to Sept 8
Lieutenant Hunter Liggett Fifth in
fantry is ordered to Tampa Fla to at
tend the encampment of the Fifth ba
talon of the Florida state troops Sept f
Major Whanis Statement
Portland Or Sept 2 Major J W
Wham paymaster United States army
who is to be tried by a military court
at Vancouver barracks Sept 1 sajd to
day in reference to his trial
I have much to tell the court of offi
cal persecution commencing immediately
after I did excellently well as expressed
by the secretary of war in defense of
my treasury box against the assault for
at least twice the number of my escort
until ever soldier but one who remained
with me was wounded and my old com
rades of General Grants old regiment
had the temerity and audacity to state
my record as made in thirteen battles
and nearly five years s rice during the I
rebellion and tp ask my appointment as
paymaster general A soldier with a
fighting record is made to appear very J
lonesome in the pay department which
is composed particularly near the head
of the list of men who In the language j
of my comrades did their fighting in
safe comfortable offices far removed
from the sound of battle
Of course I feel deeply humiliated by
this injustice but I could not help It
any more than I could help the orders
of my trial on false charges soon after
the robbery In Arizona and of which I
was acquitted without the Introduction
of a particle of testimony In my de
In my judgment the result of Ifhff
forthcoming trial will be exactly similar
The second sick leave of absence ever ob
tained by me in a period of nearly thirty
years service was revoked after having
been granted by a board of officers con
vened to determine whether It should be
granted or not and I was ordered back
to my station there to be held for three
months subject to a secret espionage to
determine mv sanity But Dr Byrne
the medical director having I presume
grown thoroughly indignant at the hu
miliating duty thus unlawfully Imposed
upon him tried to terminate the unlaw
ful cruel and unjust action of the as
sistant secretary of war Grant by at
once reporting on my return to my sta
tion that there was nothing whatever
the matter
As to the charge that I am In debt I
will say yes and I am just about as
much responsible for it as I would be
for the accidental killing of my mother
It having occurred through the unprece
dented Arizona floods of 1891
Major Wham was appointed paymaster
by President Grant in whose regiment he
served The charges against Major
Wham are many and cover a long series
of years It is understood that the prin
cipal charjv against him is the failure
to meet legal judgment against him for
several thousand dollars growing out of
a scheme for the irrigation of Arizona
lands many years ago
A NCTF Company Take Hold and
Will Develop Them
San Francisco Cal Sept 2The Seth
Cook group of gold mines at Coulterville
Mariposa county have been sold to a com
panv of Bcston and Montana capitalists
for 100000
The mines have been idle for twenty
before his
year > 5 For several years
death Cook had not worked thorns owing
to lack of good transportation facilities
The purchasers Include Thomas Cook a
millionaire of Butte Mont and J A
Coma of Boston who with his asso
ciates owns fortythree mining proper
ties at Butte and enormous reduction
works on the Missouri river
The purchasers of the Seth Cook mines
Intend to expend 650000 In their develop
ment erecting a stamp mill and building
a railroad
TvrentyFonr Thousand Hen May
Quit Work Today
New York Sept 2It is estimated
that 24000 persona connected with the
clothing trades of this city will tomor
row morning be out on strike unless
the employers will accede to the fift
mands for more wages and less worX
Ing hours The 700 finishers who went
out according to agreement on Satur
day throw out more than a thousand
operators The employees of several
houses will meet during the week and
decide to go out if their demands are
not granted
London Sept 2A special dispatch
to the Times from Shanghai states the
Chinese report that on Thursday last
the Japanese troops made a recon
noissance In force on Port Arthur
They found the landward defenses too
strong and retired without making an
Buzzards Bay Mass Sept 2 Presi
dent Cleveland remained at home all
day The excursionists on the steam
boats passing his cottage got a view
of the president and Jdrs

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