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r r C D I
> t r y H 8 T < = >
1J1AT I rIRE < rji1 LmG
1 > >
Ewxyr i TJ B > > t iiLNJ TRlB
t rz zDrroRIAIsj ¼
1 k M131 r rlvlB ke Em r
< 4 or t k WMte 3IdlpR NoUd
Wffi G Front
rl Vtr1yihi a boijj < ooLtrR i
otw tJu ui l t
lire e Ai J laid i3
It7hfl1t tythftig iMktIAol
rothz i fdrId l < A it is the i
S otthe Tr1tute mthe sUv r
que9tt01L Oth e JtfW Congt Met clt is
pV llOLt hu S5
CJent nb11Yer 1 I4tMonj Lult
I n MoKin1e HitOIiAnd Reed can
0111 be qs < < i1t the desired otmclu
r Ec ty the H nethe sIngle gold
aard nfee HiondcnetalHsan TanS
protection are T i fe Mls UpOO which all
J tep u 1birl iitri1c St Te Re
0 rlIeatl rlf e8fre to accom
two tbbi 1 > > yitsoountTifirst
fttk rfSSiAa paternal form Of gov
ci rThertwhith theipeope e tieir
tJ ope4 on an fC4nges tn6temi of
riB 9 theIr own efortS seOO t1tt2a
n4ndustrie ha1l be T
iied on only by 1weeIthy syndicates
q cotFLedTo jmitMafe x thus div
lIgo of K derat means enfarely
J frQht the flid It may7 fee asked < What
A te J It he final purpose 1 The JRepiiWIcan
vart Denies tSf M Jtfcis republic of 70
09O t le san be ccvnWniiedfon the
r feffe Madison nd Monroe
11l1 1a fbterpretefiby Jackson Web
1 frutT dayjand Xinctoto The tendency
f MR > dern times i 1fn this country is an
i qcrstcy ciffirealth Q control till
l bui71 CUtSki st ripuHfural jpur
IJ4tIt Vgivre Uiisjaaristocracy ofwealtftt
eet < ain advafflfcje to surround Its
3U vith protective < aots that wilt
cardoft aU < 4mlpet1tionand encrpch
incntSr the middl lc classes 46 instruct
3arl IUI3t the first Une of he Lords
1er i s out ofeafl ld heLit murt
< lOok 1 OV rnmfenttayorke similar to
J the old East Ind tI company 1 for thom
wieanfs of subfistemce This tendency
1wa crea1rea aivi sijr ured by Ithe eRe
J pub1i PaTtf and si has become ho
rwc5orntnathig factor Sn oTitiics A
ugh rxjifcctive tariff with 5 < ts corro1
lary trusts aral the i51Il1 e cftandard of
gold JSStm ihawe Jbsen the means ero
jployeQ by the lE ublacaii Pprtyta fur
tthcr tli tlesSgn The result1 itHaJfc party
Rimed at tstLi hand aaSsSJie United
SbaJfes is bi t ret1n hry > A
wealthy republio is impossible the ten
l aencj l 3s towardssristocracy Thte p 1lbr
of aristocracy is today an the Saddle
anal the iuture is as oascGsa as it was
1 fn 1778 A lew phartoaical Republicans
Tin thewest taJk of protection and bi
onetairJsro becom n the TVBchwoi3is of
the Repsiblican pity As well Sook for
ithtepopeto issue Ingersols Oration 011
the Gods as In epistle to the churdh
r The lastelection sdtiaed Ore bimetallic
ratio of 16 to 1 in the negative
as > effectually as Waterloo settled
> 7trf the ate of Ua leon The hypocritical
iJ editorials of the Tribune and papers of
its ilk are baits for gudgeons the devil
fishing for Christians with psalms for
i nticers Many wealthy owner < of sil
ver mines io not want bimetallism
They gravitate to the Republican p arty
I QS naturally as the socalled blue bloods
7 of England do to the Tory party They
expect the Republicans will give them
a bounty on silver after a while
Tiie future of this republic depends
r upon the answer to this question Can
yoiteducate the masses and then make
of them serfs to a few who procure
1 their wealth by means that bears the
tiY tame relaticm to grand larceny that a
t mob does to singlehanded murder both
I being beyond the law If the Repub
f lican party is retained in power the
F answer is yes L R RHODES
r i
I The funeral services over the remains
or Mr Mary Elizabeth Lynch of Des
t eret Springs who died a ± the Holy Cross
t 3rospite3 Monday last will be held at
Ie EL Marys cathedral at 11 a in tomorrow
t Thursday
The above words and their significance
will sink deeply into the hearts of those
l wiom God has favored in an acquaint
1 ance with Mrs Lynch Blessings and
praise of her beautiful life will sweeten
the air and those who breathe it will
jnarvel at the loving warmth that it will
parts Nothing can be said or written to
sufficiently show our approval of her
irtrose life was spent for others The
rih and poor alike were her brothers
and sisters and barefoot children cov
ered with dirt and its belongings were I
taken into her motherly arms and recor
nired as angel or darling
Weary travelers hungry and footsore
sought shelter and food at her Desert
bOrne Many of these have come falter
Sngly to her door not knowing what to
expect She did not turn one away Her
jjliid words of greeting God bless < you
Come into the house and Bless my
joor dear were the welcoming sounds
uhlch came as a gentle breeze from
heaven and friend or foe felt the influ
ence alike She healed ithe sick and
strengthened the faint at heart and all
went on their way with brighter pictures
of life before them
Mrs Lynch was 45 years of age and
iher fatal illness dated back many years
So carefully however did she guard the
feelings of others that few ever guessed
ehe suffered
She died faithful to her religious con
victions and happy in the knowledge
that her three boys now entering the
realm of manhood are good honest and
upright and tht a kinder farther never
Jived than him who S i s still left to be their
help and guide She said a few days ago
I cannot think the boys will go wrong
mow m matter what the temptation is
and if the good God desires to relieve my
earthly suiferlngs I would be willing to
leave them in the care of their dear
It is hard to say goodbye to one so
truly noble it is hard to witness the
grief of those most near to her but the
wise Creator has deemed it best and he
Trill as no other can bring solace and
relief to their affliction A G
r She was dressing very carefully and
exquisitely for the Haver < tons dance
and yet with a certain nervous ab
straction Now and then she would
stand still lost in imasrinungs then = ghe
would eeL her teeth and dress frenzied
ly for a spell Clearly It was not easy
Ito rehearse a eceno of reproach and
scorn and to put in Judicious hairpins
I simultaneously But she realized that
I a perfect confidence in her own appear
t ance might naterially Influence her
courage when the moment for the scene
came and that the moment would come
Uxnrfght nt the Havertons dance sire
was fully and desperately determined
i I Surely if ever a man deserved pun
ishment at the hands of woman that
snan was Ashby Eldon He had be
f haved unf < zigiveably
She had met him for the first tame at
I Nice in the early rart of this winter
i I She was there with sn > enervated aunt
I He was there on unerS pleasure and
had given her to understand that he
t Ihad fled from a hothouse atmosphere
r of tiresome adulation in London to
Ibaitee hIs soul dn pure une < hine He had
talked culture and pErsonalitSes In per
I fect proportion He had been charm
ing had won striped linen a pointed
I beard and a smile of faselnatJttg fa
tigue he had deluged her with expen
sive flowers At first these flowers had
come with a mere card A little latter
i the card was often enclosed fin < a sealed
e envelope and covered with some sug
I peetive little qutrtationi from the French
L or German poets Still later the flowers
had come without a word bearing their
f own message and when he noted a
spray or two to her dress he would per
K Raps steady his eyes on hers for a mo
ment hold her band the fraction of a
ciseoond too long for mere convention
oh tell her in a thousand wordless
I nays Jthat die was a charoningr woman
tvis eyes am1 that h knew she kn w
It And siexer a hint or sign of his 1U
eagemtenit to that Miss Trevors It
Vas IncomprehensSble unspeakable
If he 11ld not mentioned by chance
> i rj <
That liy Baiserton was his auntif
brrher return I 1 she had i taken
enqnnoTi jtit > ube ito cultivate IAJdy
HaYCI1e abd eftIonT tb A
EtlQn 11it 8V > w dl d in bk
fool s p rrt the de 9f his Wed
ding ap n i ti fr1
wefl t of 1ULn Sl Pt
lJ gS > uw thsk
n = r i1enresdi g a > itrlk
lag ertlcja on thiS tb Ineii1S mig
fizl X1Yl stt f f w mS 1
o4Onth 1 9pi Y ih W8ShIs
eqiziIiiqal MId t qnhtehawouh
P1CTii It Sh lp i1I speak ermf d
honestiendi thou t1 ic1fng
fdeawery Plr hxiter
vEtW J5woU b standing 111 th
d09 Y f S tr PIJ1YJi E at
rivf1 S1eoU4t iJ aes him py J3e
oJ1ld speakde Jj 8ndshe would raise
her yebWinI rpri re R
ing rn ky J erns J f lie should rvn
his naiaker p y t me ndVh 11
his danCe clmiesarQtindifihe woukt ask
lo s1 fJt ou S aentlyrfslie would lead
the way fua1eJnptY1OPtnothe little
boudor a r kt2 Itf F5 n1ifgy
Andthen ij
t >
How e rtguldar him with ller >
weapOns of so6rh saad disgusf She
woulS rnkhim1eltke il curr
eJiwttSt r tn insufHcient
punIstmei1t when iie thought what
sufferlng he migntf5iav caused he rt I
It was tne < merest chance that she had
not 4os fce f jheart rio liun the 1i erftst
ohan e 1iyUdtlief ce In the glass
twitch as she said ihat < She would
say it again ana feayjit put loud ilt
was the urestCpiace luck thatsb
hadpot tahoe lb hovew1th Aslb y Et
d HEa d htb t 9
bT11t re 1cwa s She cHan care
He was
How hideous w red eyelids + could make
onejookt ThVy took a11 the poetryout
of white clieekff IYhy had she been
the fopl = to J iclioose hf r pink sljkffpr
tonight ftnd wl fai jvjbujd il m tter1it
she wore enlTalze rHatefGl jvorldl
It was packeS at jthe Havert 1i s
Eleven ocloc dhe wifs not there
She danedagrat deal 5
Half past oierenj liad he was riOt
She satoutagieatdear
Halfpasttwelve and1 he was not
there j k <
She was getting1 too tired to smfle
She must go Ihome now
Good night tLadx Harerion ode
lightf evening Yes she was feel
ingr a little tired1 Good night once
more andouton the staircase
Merciful powers There he came
slowly posseeseaiy inr the old way
QuickC whait > as she going to say nlt
the veryflrsh whalt 11
Miss FeaTdonl an unexpceted pleas
A wave seemed to wash oer her
brain She look his preferred hand
and her eyes fell for one second Then
she Iptoked up With ai brilliant sosiety
sm41e Her old resolutions lay about
her in ruins A completely different set
of E einotdons had taken possession of
uneonscRyusly unquestiontagly
4iAh you are back In the vortex Mr
Eldon tiie dear old vortex
HFesJ A faint suspicion of awk
wardness spoiled his usually perfect
manner Yes I 1 ani just de retour
How kind ofpeople So give these Iftile
soirees at this time of the year when
there iS1 positively either way of get
ting warm
4iAnd I am ungrateful enough to ha
running away now There 5s so much
going on deces jours isnt there
C But you v 111 give ma a few words
before you go Come down stairs and
let us drink to the memory of dear old
Nice And and I have news
Your engagement and I > was forget
ting my Congratulations He took
breath How unpardonable of me but
really sot many of my friends have
taken tfne fatal step lately Im getting
quite confused Is your fiancee here
uNo unfortunatelyl
l liih my misfortune I ami sure Well
it eaves me something to look forward
to Good night Mr Eldon and Wen i
des chores for your future happiness I
Theres my chaperone must fly
She < waved a frivolous hand There I
was a look of surprised disappointment
on JhSs charming face And yet he gave
another deep sigh of relief as be turned
into the ballroom
Wonderful luck But somehow I
thought shed take it differently said
he to himself
And She drove home Only when shc1
I got to her own room and remembered
just what she had meant to say and
just what She had said did she see the
humor of it and thereupon she cried
Black and White
I Visit Your Old Home Dnviiig the
Holidays I
In order that all who desire it may
visit their old homes during the holidays
at a low rate the Rio Grande Western i
announces that on December 24 25 31
and January 1 they will sell round trip
tickets between any two points on their
line at one single fare for the round I
trip Tickets are good to return until I
January 4
For Letter Heads
Bill heads statements ball tickets and
all kinds of job work send to The Her
ald Quick work and reasonable prices
994io PURE
9 t
Boys Get yourselves ready The season opened np October lot Wo
are prepared to furnish nil kind of Ammunition in any quantity We
These Goods arc the best In the market Aye dont handle seconds
We have the largest stock of GUNS RIFLES PISTOLS Etc In the
West We can tnrnlnii anything yon want In SPORTING GOODS
155 Main Street Salt Lake City 24G1 Washington Ave Ogden
I < 1f iIIa
t 1 i I T J < > > iJ d f
iJt t After tJJg j tt Kiss r > i
I I t t
1 She Oh that was very rude ofyouI
< 1
lM1 Ee Whats a conservatory fur anyway
tf e4 < A
fr Life
> I t k1
iiir jih i
r < I
l r I l j
y T 1
c 1 1
J fr I
1 ll f FEr 1 i I I
liH I
E f lItf
iI I
J IIflU1
Distinguished Amateur who has been cast for the part of Sir
Toby Belch I suppose I shall want a little padding
Costumer Certainly Shouting Ernest bring down a full
size stomach
l pYwil1 1llA 7s N
t =
She So YOU are going to California instead of Europe 1
He Yes Its easier to get back
She How is it
He The walkings better I
Brooklyn Life
I 1 < r
jj f < P 1Ii 1 < i
ft i i JX > i > tr 1ThJ I
1Ti 7 > his I I1
JY c
aaST Absolutely I
j IN Trustworthy 1
11 11 Sk j >
I adFairg I I
Il I l I
1 Q t he II
if J
f f 2 1 I
s tt Lake I i
I I I H era ld II I I I
i l1Tld I
II iIi ii I
if Best Paper r
1 t 9
i I
I Best Dress9
I All the News I
hundreds of new subscribers Y
d may be assured that the high
t I
I standard of thepaper will be main s
l tained J
ii It will continue to be a wholesome
1 family paper with all the news from all
I parts of the world
New departments are being constantly l
tr added to the paper and in respect of
special as vell as editorial and news j
I l matters The Herala will be second to no
journal in Utah The Herald will in all
things be
i r = I
f1Dsolttte1y I
11 II
1 TttLStuOrt
I fbso1u1e1yF air
Herald has grown with the Daily It is
I acknowledged by everyone to be the best
I Sunday paper in Salt Lake The adver
i tisers know it the subscribers know it
11 the other papers know it The Herald
I has known it fora long time I
If you read a statement in The Herald f
you may knowit is so 1 I
Its special articles are from the pens of 4
the best writers in the world and cover
1 <
every department of thought and every I
matter of general interest
The Herald
Is Absoluthiy < I
Trustworth 25
And Fair PAPER
S l
i j S
S 1 1
it t < 7 j tf
C utHIiiflon RoetvAlFrom ad
J a b 1iage4 Man = > f
A swfcvisaged mart ambled into Athe
actum at nglTt ro oirt i anneunc 1
iaftljaa sSre tr tiiirer laid down the t o1
I1ng Wh1I 11eti4a dalied off in a
tcfle moment I M reinarked that check for
sa besenrto bs r < 1eneed
theitlci 1 ti r I <
eWM furkey an f chi4ert pie bCf
> h1 jeandfm 4
Eggzroggp ranbem sauce aridi black
X i f berry jam > < V r 5 1
iotsbf evecythingyouceuldUwnk
0eti4iwas atce oritJse i > ebi > letc > eat and
io drink A v > w T
UriderJst6ckB5 < cff mInce pies bent tc but = j
5 tery nhelyc t Y S ti
I And keswhaetlte e hsfecenTculct tui
f etJ1emseleS AA i T 0
I Fritehe jvrtden oiJihea jar b b1nd the I
5 knir < JJ
f11tt eytw hbnpeeed Because they
I couldnt heM pore 1a1
1 f V St5 Casts Almajiacl s1 l >
i dj J3funas Day with all its joys Iris
come and gone tis pat and may this
Srohethdt faded be faxofC from ourJasti
For Ch sim v s tlniesys happy ets happy
S Qsf can be cause everybodys joyful very
oft1ir you see The barkecpfer sets
up gsoggthercsburantstzfted J fOWl
leJ the gooi wife puits jrp lines pie
iehli indices the eater how n
Thda vwas very TpleaSant a It took
place hi Salt jarVfcausee r celttbfa
tlou8ths city takestl1 cake Tlestar
gee wasrnade wecome his heart with
j3ns glad becramirsd himself with
1 t
rood things T cause twas the proper fad
VWhoVtweacliers preach good semwrns I
tsots muSIc for theisbulj1 the singing > aas i
fiplenddferous when taken as ai wholes
herer were features of this Christinas
which made the heart feel glad and oth
crs melancholy which chused more to feel
S sad For nhiIe nierry happy voices were
1 jhins loud In glee the s Uls of dear
J deputed had croesed therln jasper sic
Vnl1 cheers were wuah ifngl in and 1 a
IreifmoT joy sans kept there waS many a
darkened chamber w3iere the mourner j
mt anl wept But as death knows no
S Thitlncticn dJaccrns not ri 1 < T tom day
lets a truce row bid to sorjoW and put
OUT cares away
There 1ere Chriimas trees abundant
5 iallladen down with toys whlcSi i a hun
deold KrisKringIes gavo to Bttl girls
aidboys 7here wore merry coaching
fpartfes and jolly men with jag cause
Ip hen Christmas 1 once gets stairtea the
punch Vladle neVer lags There were
dances in the evening jab one < of whIch
waS slow where from ee till early
morning tripped thelierht fantosttc toe
t TttereWas but ncie the machine broke1
Weekly Excursions to Chicago lied
i f New yoclc
A si icial Pullman excursion tourist
slerpln par will be attached to Rio
Grande Western railway train leaving
Ogden 615 p m and Salt Lake 720
p m every Friday running through
to Chicago via D R G 3 M
and C B Q railroads
I I Secondclass tickets accepted on this
carClose conn cti ns made at Chicago
with all lines
Ogden Price and Intermediate points
to Omaha 3 Ogden Price and inter
mediate points tp Chicago 4
It will be in charge of a salaried rep
I resentative of the Burlington route
and will be accompanied by a Pullman
porter whose sole duty will be to look
after the comfort of passengers
The cars which will form this
through line are constructed on the
same general plan as firstclass sleep
Ing cars being equipped with separate
lavatories for ladies and gentlemen
and double lower and upper berths
Thelower berths are converted into
comfortable seats during the day the
upper berths are closed
They are equipped with curtains
mattresses blankets sheets pillows
pillow cases towels combs brushes
In fact every requisite for comfort and
Persons desiring a cheap and con
venient means of reaching Chicago or
the east coast cannot do better than
to arrange to make the trip in this
fashion WrF McmLLAN
General Agent Burlington Route i
room 11 over No 10 West Second
South street Salt Lake city Utah I
Ticket Agent R G W railway 15
West Second South street Salt Lake
city Utah
The Discovery Saved His Life
Mr G Caillouette druggist Beaver
ville III says To Dr Kings New
I I Discovery I owe my life Was taken
I with la grippe and tried all the phy
sicians for miles about but of no avail
i and was given up and told I could not
live Having Dr Kings New Dis
covery in my store I sent for a bottle
and began its use and from the first
dose began to get better and after
using three bottles was up and about
again It is worth its weight in gold
We wont keep store or house without
it Get a free trial at Z C M I
I drug department

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