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F w
J r family the much discussed peeress did
I not appear at Buckingham palace and so
the storm is blowing over
r blowing
I Vanity a says that the sensation
I ot the function the drawing room of
Wednesday last was the presentation of
irs George t Curzon formerly Miss
1 Mary LeUer of Washington and fhicago
I She was rosseti more beautifully tan
anyone there i a silvered white gown
with a yellow train attached to silver
wings on her shoulders and with dia
I mends like dew drops over her dress
I and in her hair As predicted in these
dispatches Mrs Curzon is betas most
wary received her and is being as
much petted as any laJy in the city
I t A Heiress
Lady Mary Hamilton the young
daughter of the late Duke of Hamilton
1 will bo the richest peeress of England
and probably in the world She is only
ten ears old and has inherited the bulk i
of the late dukes estate including the
Isle of Arran which alone is worth
OIO The whole of the Duke of Ham
iltwn property was at his ow disposal
and the rentals already amount to
1000000 I
The dukes death was due t bant
Jng as the process of reduction of a
persons avoirdupois Is termed Ho had
succeeded in lightening himself by about
sixty pounds but the process a too
much for his vitality and he succumbed
hi vialty
i spite of the efforts to save his life
which were made by those who bad been
11 tu fh f1Qtmpnt Fhp
present Duke 0 of Hamilton a distant u rela
tive ot the late duke Inherits Hamilton
ptac and barely enough to support the
11 t
A camphor famine I threatened as a
result of tho war between Japan and
China The price of camphor has rapidly
advanced and Japan Is placing the most
severe restrictions upon Its exportation
Much of the camphor in this country Is
held by a syndicate Should a warm
summer bring cholera and dysentery the
demand for camphor would be very great
and its scarcity will not only interfere
with many medicinal compounds but will
hider > the manufacture of smokeless
powder in which camphor largely enters
as an ingredient
BicycliHts Win
As a sign of the times it was an
nounced on Thursday last in the House of
Commons that the Duke of Cambridge
a the ranger of Hyde Park has been
compelled to give a reluctant consent to
the admission into the park of bicyclists
But riders will only be allowed in Hyde
Park until 10 a m after which hour they
will be excluded until the park IB
opened to them next morning The
Duke of Cambridge has hitherto been I
firmly opposed to the admission of bicy
clists into the park
Tho Prince of Wales will give his cus
tomary dinner to the members of the
Jockey club on the evening of Derby da
PrInce fbHfrHan thA TliilrA nf Onmhrldtre
and about fifty other members have been I
invited After the dinner some of the
princes special set who do not belong I
t the Jockey club will join the party
and tho festivities are likely to extend in
to the small hours
smal Eivard of York
The infant Prince Edward of York is
a great pet among the ladies of the
princes family and more especially of
his grandmother the Princess of Wales
who takes great interest in him While
in town she has brought him daily to
Marlborough House and accompanies
him In his little carriage around the
I grounds The princess has been mostly
dividing her time between Sandrlngham
and London coming up especially for the
first drawingroom
As already cabled to the Associated
Press the lirst trial trip of 3Ir Howard
Goulds Herreahoff twentyrater Niagara
took place on Thursday last fsi Graves
end on the Thames Niagara since her
arrival on the river had been in Tilbery
docks opposite Gravesend and alongside
the Prince or Wales Britannia and Mr
A B Walkers Allen The crews of the
yachts last named were on their decks
during the preparation for the trial of the
Niagara and eagerly watched her as she
was made ready and sailed out of the
dock In spite of the fact that the run
ning gear of the Niagara worked stiffly
end that her sails were not stretched the
trial was a very creditable one She
howe herself to be especially quick in
Both Pleased
Mr Gould and Captain Barr were both
pleased with her performance The latter
In conversation with a reporter of the Associated
sociated Press after the trip said We
got over here in good shape and the Ni
agara seemed satisfactory In eve r
S lt We can do just as we like with j
The Niagaras crew are a smart and
willing set of men and Captain Barr is
satisfied they will do their utmost to
p it tht American boat ahead
Mr Howard Gould intends to race the
Isara throughout the season here He
will then return to the United States to
t present at the race for the Americas
Art Treasure Sale
Th total realized by the sale of the
art treasures of the late Mrs Lynd Ste
wellknown French
phns formerly a welknown
dancer was 141003 Mrs Stephens retired
frum the Btaee to marry the late Lynd
Sfjptiens vrho was a wealthy member of
Parliament and she became renowned
fc 1 her charitable actions giving large
sums of money to various institutions
The dinner of the Society of Authors on
Thursday night which was presided over
lj Mrs Bell manager of the London
mgt n1
Times was a notable gathering The
Daily Chronicle yesterday commenting
on the dinner remarked There is no
serious breach between the greedy au
thor and the generous publisher as was
Sown by the presence of a number of
publishers who from their happy appear
ance showed that there is no danger of
starvation among them
During the Past Two Years There
Hits Been Much Scandal Connect
ed With tho Management of the
Special to The Herald
Cheyenne Wyo May 25The Wyoming
state hoard of charities and reform today
formally took from James Marsh lessee
of the state penitentiary the direction of
Its a1ar and appointed N N Mc I
Donald of this city warden with full i
power to employ or discharge necessary
Lessee March who is seriously ill at
Beatrice Neb through his attorney
filed a protest against the action of tha
board Marsh has a fifteen year contract I
to rua the penitentiary made with the
preceding state administration During
there has been much
the past two years ha ben
scandal connected with his method of man
aging the Institution Prisoners have
been badly treated and brutally punished
I for trivial offenses food furnished them
has been unfit t eat and those com
plaining of i were placed in the dungeon
for making complaints I is charged that
Esveral prisoners who escaped were aided
by members of the lessees family with
TV om they were favorites Demands
hay been made upon the board that
ilarshs contract be annulled the whole
I r affair being regarded a an imposition i
upon the state
1I I 1 They Are Addressed By the Widow
I I of the Founder of the University
I San Francisco Slay 25The pioneer
I graduating class of Stanford university
I the class of 1SS5 was given a reception
I I by Mrs Stanford at the Stanford man
nton in this city today The vast house
was thronged with students and faculty
of the college Mra Stanford made a
6hort address in which she said the unl
vcrsity had passed through troublous
l times and mote than one crisis during tho
11 J past two years She said that the gov
I i ernment suit against the Stanford estate
I is tl e cloud that now hangs over the uni
versity Should it be decided against the
f estate the university would have to be
closed and should it be lone in litiga
t tion much the crippled universitys resources will be
Omaha May 25 From the best In
V formation obtainable at the head
1 quarters of the > department of the
r Platte the second regiment is held in
r readiness to proceed at a moments
notice to Ponder to quell disturbances
which are reported to have broken out
S on the WInnebago agency At a late
0 hour tonight General Coppinger com
I anandin the department of the Platte
S states that L had received no orders j
1rornWabthon u Ps about the moving of
Excitement Over the Sheep
Trouble In Colorado
Has a Constitutional Right to Drive
his Sheep Through Routt County
and He Intends to Do So at All
Hazards 3Icn Who Are Interested
Will See Their Rights Protected
A Conflict Imminent
Denver lay 2A dispatch from
Steamboat Springs Colo says
Excitement over sheep troubles con
tinues unabated J G Edwards the
representative of the Wyoming sheep
men chief among whom is supposed
to be exGovernor Osborne of Wyo
ming said before his departure for the
sheep territory that he vould not heed
the advice of the citizens meeting held
here on the 20th inst He added
UI have a constitutional right to
drive my flocks through Routt county
and I as well as those who are in
terested with me intend to do so at
all hazards We only want to drive
through simply so as to get to a ship
ping point on the Rio Grande railway
There are men interested in this move
ment who will see their privileges pro
tected if the entire west has to be
called out to preserve the aw
I the sheep men persist in their en
deavor to occupy the Yampa Bear
river valley a conflict will occur Both
sides are seemingly determined At
present the sheep are held in California
park the source of Fortification creek
and i is now under consideration by
the cattleman conaideratoJ Iwi be
removed Into Wyoming now or wait
until their movement decides that the
sheep men will advance
Secretary of the Treasury of the
United States Touring the Country
try and Makinsr a Pitiable Ob
ject ot Iliinsclf
Bowling Green Ky May 25Hon J G
Carlisle secretary of the treasury spoke
here today in the Opera house on the cur
rency question The seating capacity or
the house is only about 8000 and i was
found necessary to exclude women and
children voters only being admitted
When Mr Carlisle was shown upon the
stage he was greeted with loud applause
After a brief statement that he was there
as a Democrat to discuss public ques
tions and not in any way to apologize for
the administration which he knew ned I
no apology Mr Carlisle commenced as I
The question is whether we shall con
tinue to preserve our present monetary
system under which all the dollars in use
with the people whether gold silver or
paper are equal in purchasing power In
all markets The proposition of our fel
low citizens in favor of the free and un
limited coinage of legal tender silver I
that the United States alone without the
assistance and cooperation of any other
government shall legalize the coinage of
illif grains of standard silver into dOllar
and by law compel the peopie of tne Uni
ted States but nobody else to receive
I these dollars in payment ot all lands
when a a matter of fact th silver con
tained in such a coin is only worth about
fifty cents But the claim by the free
coinage men that free coinage at 1G to 1
would appreciate silver and bring it to a
parity with gold destroys the argument
that I would furnish tne people with
cheap currency with which t pay debts I
No country can establish the free coin i
ago of both metals giving to each full
legal tender quality and both Increase at
the same time England tried for lUll
years with strict laws against the export
ation of coin She lost all her gold and
was driven in 180G to the single standard
Wherever in the currency of a country a
metal is over rated In comparison with
another metal the undervalued metal is
driven out of the country
There are five provisions which abso
lutely cannot be avoided
First There is not a free coinage coun
basis try in the world that Is not on a silver
Second There is not a gold standard
country in the world today that does not
use silver for money along with cold
Third There is not a silver dr
country in the world today that has more
than onethird of the circulation per cap
ita than the United States
FourthThere is not a silver standard
country in the world today that has more
than onethird of the circulation per cap
ita than the United States
Fifth There is not a silver standard
countr in the world today where the la
boring man receives fair pay for his
days work
I the United States could coin all the
silver in the world available for coinage
the 371 4 grains I of pure silver contained
In our dollar would not be worth in this
country as much as the silver dollars but
the silver dollar itself would be deprecia
ted The Mexican dollar with 37717
grains of silver six grains more than the
graus gain te
American dollar is worth only about fifty
cents of our money That would be ex
actly the effect on our sliver dollar If we
coined tOl private account free all the
silver bought I we can by making the
ratio 1C to 1 make a silver dollar pass as
ICO cents when I is only worth fifty cents
wiiy could it not b done at a ratio of
110 5
Before free coinage of silver can be
brought about another Congress and an
other president favorable to it would
have to be elected This would certainly
take three years and before that time
every creditor in the country seeing the
coming of cheap money would call on his
debtors to liquidate before the cheap
money was in effect would bring upon
the country a panic compared with which
all former panics were nothing In lEd I
when the Spanish dollar and the French I
crown were made legal tender and were
slightly under weight i drove all the full
weight American silver dollars out of the
country so that Mr Jefferson stopped
the folnage of the silver dollar The sub
sidiary coin was also driven out because
of full fractional weight and the coins
were slightly reduced in weight hi order
to hold them in circulation
A Dark Picture In Painted of Colo
New Haven Conn May 5The
first regular session of the National
Conference of Charities and Correc
tions began at 9 oclock this morning
in Alumni hal Robert Treat Paine
of Boston presided and the meeting
was devoted to hearing reports from
the states The first report read today I
was prepared by Shelder Jackson of
Sltka Alaska but was read by H H
Hart the corresponding secretly of
the conference The report dealt
largely with the question of intemper
ance which prevails to an alarming
extent in the territory
John E Coffin of Whittier Cal
made a report from the state officials
He said the state legislature had
passed a commendable act forbidding
the sale of cigarettes J H Gabriel
secretary of the state board of chari
ties of Colorado bore especially hard
on Colorado politics and made the
statement that the state Is more Com
pletely subject to the spoils system
than any state In the Union He said
the work done there In aid of the poor
and helpless was excellent This ended
the reading of jeporja for the day and
was followed by Or F H Wines of
Illinois who read a paper on the sub
ject The Ideal Functions of State
Boards In the Economy of the Com
Following this was a Symposium on
state boards Clarence E Snyder of
the Wisconsin state board of control
speaking in the affirmative I
Fair Heirs Are Not Anxious to Get
Into Court
San Francisco May 25 Reuben H
Lloyd attorney for Mrs Herman
Oelrichs and Miss Virginia Fair is In
New York and an evening paper states
that the object of his trip is to obtain
his clients consent to a plan for set
tling outside of court all the disputes
over the Fair millions The present
status of the Fair litigation is thus
There Is a contest on the part of the
collateral and minor heirs beneficiar
ies under the trust created by the first
or stolen will set for hearing June 3rd
Charles Fair has a contest pending
citituusL me siuien win on tne ground
that it is revoked by the second or
pencil will and also on the ground
that the portions of the stolen will
which create the trust are invalid
I the trust is knocked out James G
Fair will have died intestate as to
that part of the estate which goes into
the trust Including all except a mil
lion dollars bequeathed to brothers
sisters and others
Five Thousand People Witness the
Contests Tho Frosrramme Admir
ably Arranged Tlie Case of Cruiu
Berkeley Oval N Y May 25The
twentieth annual meeting of the Inter
collegiate Association of Amateur Ath
letics of America came to a close late this
afternoon and the Yale blue was the win
ning color Elys sturdy sons took first
honors with thirty points University of
Pennsylvania men running second with
twentyfive points and Harvard third
with twentytwo The management was
excellent There was no time wasted
throughout the afternoon and the pro
gramme was gone through in less than
three hours The grand stand bleachers
and tho tops of houses were crowded with
spectators to the number of 6000
The running track was lightning fat
and the field could not have been In any
better condition Probably the most popu
lar competitor was John V Crum of
compettol i
Iowa who won the 100 and 220 yard dashes
ills running in the trials yesterday
showed ho ha several links to let out
when pushed Early today Trainer
Murphy of Yale said that he would pro
test against the Iowa man on the ground
that his name was not Crum and that
he was a professional before he entered
the college five years ago After Crum
had won the 100 yard dash from Richards
of Yale i ten seconds Murphy entered a
protest Cruma lends stated that the
lad was never a professional and was
the son of a banker W L Crum of Bed
ford Iowa They claimed that the young
man was not quite twentyone years old
yet and that it would be impossible for
him to have been a professional five years
Jn the final dash at 2iO yards Crum won
again from Richards by three yards One
of the timers clocked him at 21 35 sec
onds bat the official time was 22 rat It
WW officially announced that Crums
pedigree would be carefully looked into
and if the objections were sustained Yale
will secure ten moro points I
i he Caliloriila team was looked upon as
dangerous for the huf dies and the quarter
mile run
The men were in good condition and
Captain Koch felt confident they would
acquit themselves iii good shape Dyer
and Terrey finished second and third re
spectively behind Stephen Chase of Dart
mouth and Bremer of Hartford and
Cady of Yale held Terry down to third
place in the 220 yard hurdle
Captain Koch fought Vincent of Harv
ard stubbornly for the quarter mile run
but had io be satisueu wiui second hon rs
Hdgrcn scored one point in tho hammer
throwing contest being beaten by Hickok
and Cross of Yale ibis made the sev
enth point scored for California Hickok
smashed the collegiate record by throwing
the hammer liS bet vj niches and put
I the shot 1 feet 1 inches
In the two mile bicycle race Manly of
arthmore won cleverly from Ottoman
C C New Ycrk Ottoman was disquali
fied for interfering and Osgood of Penn
sylvania was placed second with Fear
ing of Columbia third
iiarvard showed well a the wearers of
the crimson Brewer and Kolliston won
their respective races in good style and
Holliston surprised everybody by beating I
Kilpatrlck of Harvard Union for the r
halt mile ICllpatrick having previously
ter done the distance in several seconds bet
terBuckholz of Pennsylvania after tieing
with Hoyt of Harvard in the pole vault
at 11 feet 2 Inches which beats the association
sociation I and collegiate records cleared
hcndJ J
the bar natarOd feet 9Vi inches and won the
first medal Leslie and Winsor of Penn
sylvania tied in the high jump five feet
tnreequarter inches and after tossing a
coin Leslie was gS en first place
The first and second men In the finals
are eligible for membership in the team
wnicu will try conclusions wan toe tiui
letes of Oxford and Cambridge in Eng
land this year
In the ore mile run Morgan of Yale
was assisted very cleverly by Cleveland
his college chum for three laps Cleve
land dropped exhausted at threoquarters
and Orton and Jarvis of Pennsylvania
moved up a the bell tingled for the
last lap Orton forged ahead when pass
ing the grand stand and fuss
Union leoil Jarvis In the rIcl home
btretch Orion won easily in 423 45
This is the fastest time ever made at a
meeting of collegians in this country
Preliminary Examination of the
Three Sisters ut Denver
Denver May 25The preliminary hear
ing of Gertrude Corbett Mamie Allen
and Millie Hyland three sisters charged
with having counterfeit dollars and half
dollars in their possession occurred today
Detore united states commissioner Cp
ron Of the trio Mrs Corbdtt thus far
seems to have been the most deeply im
plicated inasmuch as she had endeavored
to destroy or hide certain alleged coun
terfeiting machinery after the arrest of
her husband The connection of Mrs Al
len In the matter thus far Is rather re
mote and ithere ha been absolutely
nothing to Indicate that the third sister
Mrs Hyland of Butte Mont knew
Mr o Mont any
thing about the maJtter
At the conclusion of the hearing Mrs
Hyland and Mrs Allen were discharged
while Mrs Corbett was held In 1 bonds
St Luis May 2SL Louis 1
Washington 5
Chicago May 23 Chicago 7 Baltimore
more 3
Louisville May 25 Louisville 7
Brooklyn 9
Cleveland Mal 25 Cleveland S
New York 1 > a
Pittsburg May 25 Pittsburgh 1
tsoston v
Cincinnati May Cincinnati 8
Philadelphia 4
Providence R I May 25 Harvard 7
Brown 0
Philadelphia May University of
Pennsylvania 1 Cornell 8
St Louis Mo May 23Mr C C Mat
fat chairman of tho Democratic state I
central committee when shown t cal
on county chairman sent out by Chair
man Ferris said
I a majority of the county chairmen
want It I will call the committee
It wi cl to
gether to consider the
geter question of calling
a state convention to consider the silver
problem I have received four or five
letters asking me t call a convention
but that i a small 3iumbt out of 114
counltles Only on member of the state
committee has asked me to call a meet
ImrJf Rt Ieb rlakmet 11
I will certainly call It
Consul Hunt at Hong Kong Sums
Up the Subject
But Little Chance For American
Fruit Growers to Secure n Mar
Let in Bengal Bis1 Demand in
npan For Apples and Pens i I
Trade in Prepared and Preserved j
Fruits Largely controlled By
English Manufacturers I
I Washington ray 25The bureau of
I statistics of the state department has just
published reports from consular officers
I upon the oriental market for dairy products
I ducts and fruits Consul Hunt at Hong
Kong sums up the subject for that part
of China 3 follows
There are two articles condensed milk
and raisins from the United States which
are used by Europeans and ChInese and
should command a Important place In
the market I might add that bacon but
ter and ham and all kinds of salt meats
are in demand at a small profit however
I i necessary to Improvise a new mode
of packing them superior o at least
equal to that of Europeans
I is absolutely necessary in this cli
mate to protect any perishable fruit as
storage the voyage is too long to avail of cold
Nearly all of the butter consumed at
this port comes from Europe a small
percentage only from Australia As for
cheese the United States compares very
favorably with the European supply but
It would command a better price In this
market if it were put up in smaller
size1 i
Consul Somrner at Bombay says that
California canned fruit and preserves are
cndere the best in the Bombay mar
ket though most California fruits
ket thouJb Calforia frIt ara
brought by way of New York increasing
their selling price No butter or cheese
i Imported from the United States
ConsulGeneral Polk at Calcutta
CnulGenera olr says
there Is small chance for the Unite
States fruitgrowers to secure a market
in Bengal
ViceConsul Boone at Padang reports
that the dairy products are almost ex
clusively from Holland and Switzerland
The imported fruits there come exclusive
ly from California
ConsulGeneral Mclver at Kanagawa
Japan reports The market for dairy
products and fruits in Japan is
pruct ad fruit Japa very
lmie since the demand fo them ex
cept apples Is confined to the foreign
residents at the open ports and a few
natives of the higher class who hays
come Into direct contact with foreigners
The consumption of butter and cheese is
confined almost entirely to the foreign
There has been a great demand In
Japan for apples and pears a those
grown here have little taste fla
gon hve very ltte tate or fa
vor and the demand has to some extent
been supplied by shipments from our Pa
cific coast and from Canada but re
cently th orchards in the northern end of
Tesso stocked with imported trees under
government supervision are producing
excellent a and apples and have b
gun to bear fruit In sufficient quantities I
to g far toward supplying the demand
and the quantity will in all probability
Increase a the years pass
The trade in preserved and prepared
fruits and products has been largely con
trolled by English manufacturers for
many years There i no reason why we
should not at least share this market I
ViceConsulGeneral Tyler at Teheran
Persia says American meats salmon and
canned fruits are now sold in Persia I
Consul Connelly at Auckland says that
New Zealand Is a dairy country but that I
the superiority of American fruits will
afford are noticeable a market and the Importations I
San Francisco May 23A suit has been
filed by the Standard Consolidated Mining
company against Bodio Consolidated Min
ing company for 300000 the alleged value
of ore extracted from Standard Consol
dated ground by Bodie Consolidated
When the news to this effect reached Pine
street Bodie stoCk took a drop from S
5110 to 76 Last Tuesday It was selling at
Denver May 25 Attorney E H Wilson
representing creditors of the Colorado
Security company to the amount of 127
000 filed a petition in court today fO the
removal of Receiver Frank O Patterson
The petition alleges that the appointment
Oi Patterson was secured through false
representations to the court and that he
has not managed the affairs of the com
pany in the interest of its creditors I
Philadelphia May Chairman Gideon
of the L A W racing board denied to
the representative of the Associated Press
this afternoon that he was Investigating I
Sanger Bald Titus or Tyler He said ho
would be glad to get any information
against tho men if they were crooked but
I alone If they were straight he wanted them left
Dont wear false hair while It is pos I I
sible to retain your ow Ayers Hair
Vigor the best dressing nourishes and
invigorates the hair roots cures scalp i
diseases the hair from i
prevents te hi frm corn
ing out or turning and
tuning gray promotes I
a new and luxuriant growth I
Telegraph News from All Part ot tfcfc
Lund Over Which the Stars ad I
Stripes Wave
Sooners were badly left on the Kick
apoo opening
The news o Formosas Independence I
meat not taken seriously at the state depart
mentThe St Louis started on her initial
voyage down the Delaware river yester
dayJoseh I
Joseph Kanorta a sailor at Chicago
shot his wife and then to avoid capture
by the police who were pursuing him
cut his own throat tonight I Is thought
both will die The wife has refused t
live with her husband for two years
A special from Pender Neb at a late
hour says everything is apparently quiet
on the Winnebagro reservation this even
ing in spite of the reports which have
gained currency In the ea No evictions
were attempted today or yesterday
United States troops have arrived here
The annual convention of the 0 R T
at St Louis has adjourned The old of
ficers reelected with the exception
fces were reelete wIth exepton
of irrami rtrtrprer whose of
was consolidateciwith that of the grand
editor J R T AuUn filling both places
The selection of a permanent headquar
ters was left to the grand executive com
mittee all of whom are in favor of Per
I a I
The Rev J L Smith a country preacher
er at Guthrie O T was convicted of
stealing meat at Stlllwater Wednesday
and sentenced to the penitentiary for one
year He Is nearly dead with consumption
and on advice of a physician the sheriff
allowed him to sleep out hi the corridor
and during the night he pried open the
outer door and iron bas and escaped I
In all departments of farm work mi
croorganisms aVe active and without
their aid the farmer could make no prog
ress in his arduous and difficult occupa
tion Their presence on his farm is as
necessary as the presence of his larger t
livestock his cattle sheep and pigs for
without theirassistancehe could not
grow his crops pr make his butter r
ripen his cheese In short on their prs
ence In the soil in the manure heap in
the barn and in the d lr successful
farming depends and for the farmer a
requisites stock of bacteria Is among his first
Again the existence of certain large
industries is dependent on their action
such as that of brewing The yeast or
ganism which effects the conversion of
sugar into alcohol on which fermenta
tive change the practice of brewing de
pends was one of the earliest of microorganisms
organisms of the air to be discovered
fifty years ag Pasteur has devoted long
years of exhaustive investigation to the
study of this important organism and has
furnished the brewer with information of
I the most valuable kind regarding its na
ture Hansen of Copenhagen has still
more recently made elaborate investiga
tions on the nature of yeast The result
of these investigations proves that tO
every particular kind of beer a particular
kind of yeast is required and pure yeast
growths are now cultivated for the sup
ply of breweries all over the world In oar
tain continental laboratories
Among other ommon microorganisms
in air may be mentioned those which ef
fect the souring of milk the process
known a lactic fermentation That the
souring of milk is due t Its contamina
tion with certain organisms in the air is a
fact which has ong been recognized and
I we take precautions to keep milk per
fectly Tree from tha organisms in the air
I no souring will take place Another In
teresting organism is that which converts
alcohol In dilute solutions into vinegar
the socalled acetic fermentation rhe ac
tion of this organism is seen in the sour I
ing which takes place in light wines such
I a claret when exposed to the air for
some timeThe Gentlemans Magazine I
In April 1894 a Methodist ministers
meeting at Chicago addressed a letter to
te pope of Rome praying him to use his
good offices for the relief of Protestants
who are persecuted by Catholics in dif
ferent countries o South America This
was done that It might be seen whether
the claims of that church to be the
guardian and friend of religious liberty I
are true or not The resolution which
was adopted and which was presented I
to the pope closed with the following
words in view of the repeated and
warm approval of the clergy and laymen
of the Roman Catholic church in this
country of religious freedom as existing
by law in these United States we respect
fully and earnestly request that the prop
er authorities of that church use their
god offices under the direction of Pope
Leo XIII to secure for the Protestants of
Ecuador Peru and Bolivia the same lib I
erty that is enjoyed by Homnn Catholic
citizens of this country
To this very reasonable and proper request
quest the pops has paid no attention A
year has passed and still Leo is silent
Catholics enjoy full liberty here but the
liberties ot Protestants in The countries
above named have not yet been scoured
and the pope ha done nothing In their
behalf How can any one then blame the
Methodist ministers who united in sending
the request to Leo I they are a little out
of patience at his tedious delay to answer
so civil a letter and tat they have de
cided to press the question upon him
again at the same time giving to the
U hfln
press what they submit to him This time
they Invite Cardinal Gibbons who is
about t sail for Rome t become their
spokesman to tho pope The following Is
an extract from the letter which has been
given course to the press in justification of their
Every step of the movement thus far
of the Chicago Methodist ministers meet
ing to secure religious liberty for the t
Protestants of South America has met
with the warm and hearty approval of
men who In statemanlike qualities are
second t none in this republic Two
registered letters most respectfully
written have ben addressed to Pope Leo
Ample time has elapsed but no reply has
been received from the Vatican yet Car
dinal Gibbons who leaves Baltimore for
Rome this month has been requested to
invite the popes attention to the corre
spondence entirely overlooked which he
has IMJ received from this ministers met
IMJTho Church of Rome is patient and
persistent the Methodist Church is going
to be equally patient and persistent Be
fore this contest Is ended American citi
zens will know to what extent the Church
of Rome is the friend of religious liberty
It is not likely that the pope ran be
induced to pay any attention to these re
quests but in that case his silence is
equally as expressive as any words from i
him could be That silence will say in the
most emphatic manner that the religious
liberty which Is approved by the Catholic
Church is real liberty t Catholics in
countries where they aro in tho minority
and liberty for Catholics to rule and op
press those who are not Catholics In
every country where their number and
political influence give them the control
of affairs I this appeal of the Methodist
iniiusiurs shall be the means of making
this one fact known to the people of the
United States it will serve a most excel
lent purpose Rome has tried to conceal
her hand in this country but in spite of i
herself she will be made t show It and I
that so clearly that none but those who I
are spiritually blind will fail to see the t
hollowness of her pretensions to b a
champion of liberty Iud her dark designs
upon the liberty of this and all other
nations M E Kellogg in Advent Re
view and Herald
Little by little when a man prays he
ceases to make supplications alone He
prays because i Is a comfort to pray I
go and see friends not because I have
anything to ask of them I do not want
their oread I do not want their things
I want them I is a joyful experience t
b in their company And prayer has
preeminently that element in i I is
communion with God I Is being In His
conscious presence It is keeping com
pany that i is good for anybody to keep
Itls Interchange of thought It is pour
f J H
r g
Ing out our souls before God It takes us
out of our narrow selfish petitions and
brings us into the companionship of G
which wo seek because it Is 5 sweet and
bleeseH W Beecher
Electric Bitters
This remedy is becoming so well
known and so popular as to need no
special mention All who have used
Electric Bitters sing the same song of
praise A purer mediolne does not ex
ist and i is guaranteed to do all that
Is claimed Electric Bitters will cure
all diseases of the Liver and Kidneys
will remove Pimples Bolls Salt Rheum
and other affections caused by Impure
blood Will drive Malaria from the sys
tem and prevent as well as cure all
Malarial fevers For cure of Headache
Constipation and Indigestion try Elec
tric Bitters Entire satisfaction guar
anteed or money refunded Price 60
cents and 100 per bottle at Z C M I
ding department I
I Cholly was waiting for his reedbirds
on toast and regarding with a puzzled
expression a brisklooking man with
pompadour hair who sat at the oppo
site side of the table opo
Do you know he said I cawnt
help thinking Ive seen you before
Dont r to help it mY good fet t
low replied the other soothingly
Wale bring me Tribune come cornedbeef
You have brought new sunshine
into my life he sid rapturously
Do you onean that she asked
timidly ake
O me course 1 I mean it Can you
01 of course I know you wouldnt
Intentionally misrepresent Bu you
know a young man so often thinks a
girl has brought sunelrine into his life
when Washington in reality Star its only moonshine I I
The mighty Brutus scowled Slave
The messenger from the Rome bureau
of press clippings trembled See i
herethe noblest Roman of them all
hitched up h toga Mark Antonys
press agents gets in two notices to m
one and out of the pitiful handful sent
me here ninetenths are roasts re
in the time of proud imperial Rome
the public man who played not for the
grand stand felt the sting of popular
condemnation k
This thing ot the men wearing high II
hats t the theatres is becoming a serious
matter I is wonderful how far jthe
Vanity of the men vrlll carry them fho
ladies of the city should form a society
for the prevention of high hats and gree I
not to escort any man to the teat who I
wears ftfefctyilfflr enough to obstruct the I
rf opleI beWna ml thej
5 I
Word lot Wisdom I rxud Thoughts
Worth Pondering o Rcllglou
and Moral Subjects
With Jesus
With Jesus yes with Jesus
Are any words so blest
With Jesus everlasting joy
And everlasting rest
With Jesus all the empty heart
Filled with His perfect love
With Jesus perfect peace below
And perfect bliss above
Episcopal Recorder
God never works only for today His
plan runs on and on The web He weaves
Is from everlasting to everlasting and if
is can le a part of that web be it ever so
I insignificant I will abide forever And
this Is one of the most comforting
thoughts to us While on earth we may
I do something for eternity Bishop Simpson i
The Purpose of Devotion
Few seem to know the purpose of de
votion which is to express maintain and
Increase reverence Were that test ap
plied to the music the subjects of ser
I mons the anecdotes t which they are
Interlarded and the conduct of many
conductors of religious services it would
make a great changeLutheran
Ignoring Evil
I Is the tendency of men of pure lives
optimistic nature and kindly sentiment to
ignore tho reality of moral evil We are
Inclined to think that all men are good or
want to be good or at most that sin is
only a g be pitied and cured It
is not true Lyman Abbott
The Better For I
No man or woman of the humblest
sort ca really be strong pure and good
without the world being the better for i
without somebody being helped and comforted
forted by the very existence of this good
ness Phillips Brooks
Rest to the Weary
Whatever evils Day hath done
Whatever souls have suffered wrong
Whatever woes the falling sun
Will leave t darkness to prolong
Thou art a dower of beauty Even
Thou art a dower to lonely eyes
Thou art an evanescent heaven
Descending through the languid sIdes
Thou bInge rest t weary strife
And tears to eyes that longed to weep
Thou bringst a hush t weary life
A calm that deepens on to sleep
L MorrisonGrant in Public Opinion
Blessed to Be a Blessing
G blesses you that you may be a
blessing to others Then He blesses you
a second time In being a blessing to oth I 1
era I is the talent that Is used that
multiplies Receiving unless one gives In
turn makes one full and proud and self
ish Give out the best of your life in the
Masters name for the good of others
Lend a hand to everyone who needs Be
ready to serve at any cost those who require Ito I
l igue
quire your service Seek to be a blessing
to everyone who comes for but a moment I
under your Influence This is to be a
gellike It is to be Godlike I is t be
Christlike We are In this world to be
useful God wants to pass His gifts and
blessings through us to others when we
fail a His messengers we fall of our I
mlssionJ R Miller D D
The Reality of God
To doubt the reality of God hearing
prayer is like the raw apprentice doubt
ing the power of the chisel to evolve
beauty out o the marble or the young
musician doubting the effectiveness of his
harp because his unskilled fingers cannot
woo sweet harmonies from its strings
The laws of prayer a as reliable as the
multiplication table or the principle of
gravitation Ye ask and receive not be
cause ye ask amiss Spurgeon
Not Enough
To know the right la not enough It la
vital that we act upon our knowledge
Convictions are like type set up and
ready There is e story there but it Is
hidden Only the skilled eye ca read it
on those metal ridges and depressions
Bring your paper sheet however and
print upon it and then all men may red
Stamp thus the thought of your heart up
on the work of your liandsRev Isaac
O Rankin
Lord I Trust to Thee
Leaf from leaf Christ knows
Himself the Lily and the Rose
Sheep from sheep Christ tells
Himself the Shepherd no one else
Star and star he names
Himself outblazing a their flames
Dove by dove he calls
To set each on the golden walls
Drop by drop he counts
The flood of ocean as it mounts
Grain by grain His hand
Numbers the innumerable sad
Lord I lift to thee
I peace what 1 and what shall b
Lord in peace I trust
I To thee all spirits Christina and all G dust Rosetti
The Incarceration of the queen was at
tended by all the cruelty which belonged
to that godless and inhuman time She
suffered severely from cold and had to
use her meagre pillow t warm her feet
mo Bault touched by the courteous dig
nity and sad sufferings of the captive
applied to FouqulerTinvlllo for more cov
erings for the queens bed or rather for
the bed of the Veuve Capet but the
heartless wretch replied How dare you
ask for such a ting You yourself de
serve to be sent to the guillotine for do
ing so The clothes of the unfortunate
lady whose life had been accustomed to
splendor were miserable worn and in
sufficient No looking glass was allowed
but in her pity for the queen Rosalie
Laniorliere the hearts of all the women
in attendance upon the prisoner were
more or less softened toward her pro
cured a little common mirror bought on
the quay te2c sols dassignats and gave
it to the Queen of France 7 ho used it up
t and upon hln day ft her death
When Marie Antoinette reached her last
prison she looked thin weak worn her
hair had grown gray at the temples and
her sight was enfeebled One eye was in
deed of but little use to her Her jewels
were taken from her and even the watch
which she had brought with her from
Vienna The loss of the watch spec ally
dear as It was through Its associations
with her youth cost the
wih te poor queen many
silent tears But she suffered no word of
complaint at this or any other insult to
pass her lips
Aftr she Hnr beer rlofhrrmprt Aforla An i
toinette became most truly queenly All
the levities of her day of glory and temp
tattoo had been burned and purged
taton ha burne pured away
and sorrow and suffering rendered her in i
every respect more noble She was 3
when she was executed I would seem
tat from her entry Into the prison until
the day of her death she was never al
lowed to leave her cell I is a little dif
ficult to imagine the sadeyed ltle mov
ing among the spectral shifting crowd
in the yard but she would at least have
found there the consolation of womans
priceless tenderness A it was she was
alone with sorrow The Quarterly Review
Fro KS Journal 9JfrfWna
Prof W H Peeke who
makes a specialty of
F its t Epilepsy has without
doubt treatedand cured
more cases than any liv
ing Physician his suc
cessis astonishing We
have heard
of cases of
20 years
cured by
him He
valuable 1
work on this disease which he sends with a
large bottle of his absolute cure free to any
sufferers who may send their PO and Express
address We advise anyone wishing a cure to
address Prof W H PEEKE FDi 4 Cedar
Street New York
Forget t
That soda
tastes bet
ter wh on
you have a
h a n dsom e l LJ
fountain to 1 I1iz1
look at wh i Ji
d rlnking
Our sod
fountain i
the finest In faait Lake City Wo mean
Just what we say tho very finest An
other thing that makes the soda taste
good Is the pure fruit juices we use in
making our syrups Summer without soda
wouldnt seem like summer at all and re
member that the most wholesome most
palatable soda comes from the finest
fount in the city at the store of
Drueh Franker
S E cor Main and Third South Sts
Both Proprietors Practical Drinists
Broadway Corner 54th Street
Conducted by the Owner
Has made special arrangements frr
the summer accommodation of western
1 visitors to the city Its location Is
favorable for strangers to New York
because of its close proximity to Cen
I tral Park the Elevated Railroad and
Cable Cars the great shopping district
and all places of amusement
I The Cuisine and appointments are
firstclass its DiningrRoom being a
special feature
Transients 250 and 3 per day
Lower rates by the week
Refers to Hon Heber J Grant Salt
Lake City v
hicago Dental Parlors
NO P3IH Set of Teeth 5OO
fc > 176 State Street
A Carload of
aby Carriages
Just received The largest and best
assortment ever shown in Utah Ball
bearings on our carriage wheel i
specialty Prices from 5125 and up
Goop Furniture i
Are Indices of style Our stock oj
Neckwear comes nearer to being i
complete exhibit of all the latest
Ideas In IVeckTrear than can ha
found iu that of any other estab
lishment in town We never stop
short of everything Our display
of Furnishings Is too completes for
anything to he lacking and nothing
In lacking as a matter of courser
Our Goods oar Styles our Price
are right Follow us and your
attire ivlll he correct in every de
Ja PGardner
a JL
A Man
IC read not superficially but btw
the linw
Is Foolish
who having something to sd
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