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1 4ilTS ALL
Trust Company May Surren
der All the North
ern Lines
if it Cannot Run to Salt Lake the
Balance is Useless
DaJ S Already Figuring on Secur
ing the Headquarters Hov1 Great
ly they Would Benefit Salt Lake
1 iiioii Pacific Would Maintain
Office Here Idaho Ore Rates
Raised to the Damage ot Salt
Lake Smelters The Latest Rail
way N CTS by Wire Local Notes
r L greatest interest taken in the
Decision of Chief Justice Merritt in the
receivership case this morning Spec
ulations on this subject and discussion
as to the relative merits of the various
propositions formed the chief topics of
t on ersation on the streets yesterday
among all classes of citizens In fact
I Is felt very generally that this is a
matter of grave concern to all the in
terests of the territory and Salt Lake
In particular and that on this decision
ray rest the degree of prosperity
vhicn the city is to enjoy for the next
frw yfars
I uriously enough though the mat
Cv should rest very little on > public
ontiment in that I is a legal proposi
tion to be settled in the court there
BP nb to b a veil defined effort to cre
t m ravor of two receivers
Where this comes iroin specifically i
I K iiffionli if not almost impossible to
tell Prominent members of the Job
bers association however have taken
tv V opposite view and created sent
intnt in favor of the separate appoint
ment of Mr Egan
Attieipatiiig Trust Company Victory
Jfiitral opinion last evening seemed
t > anticipate a decision in favor of the
American Loan and Trust company
ol ing ji > the stand taken on the pro
pusItr < v < IL3 > ji appoint an additional re
ceiver Iwbrre seems to be no reason to
df ubt that the company will hold to
its decision not to accept the line on
such conditions and if Chief Justice
lUerritt should make the order In such
form it is believed the attorneys would
T ithdraw the suit and eave the mat
ter iust where it is at present
How this action would affect the ap
pointment of Mr Egan as receiver of
the lines north of the Utah boundary
is not known I Is said by those on
the inside however that the Trust
company insists on having all or noth
ing and the most probable outcome in
that event would be the refusal of the
company to pay the interest money on
July 1st and the consequent revocation
of the orders made by Judges Sanborn
and Gilbert They say they could not
do justice to themselves without full
control This would mean the rever
sion o the lines already given to Mr
Egan into the hands of the Union Pa
d rceiverS What action would fol
lofi is difficult to say Some attor
iiiHq believe the Trust company could
then demand a foreclosure of the first
mortgage and sale of the road and
that it would bid it inand run it
Would Relinquish Northern Lines
However there is little doubt that
the northern lines would be given up
bj tha trust company unless it could at
least make connections with the Rio
Grande Western at Ogden and thus
be entirely independent of the Union
Pacific or take the lines further south
The whole proposition would have to
be submitted to the executive commit
fe of the Trust company in New York
It Ms known that Mr Storey who made
t17legal fight here on behalf of the
company and wh han left for New
York already would not advise the
taking of the northern lines and it is
most natural to expect that the com
mittee would b3 guided almost wholly
l v his advice
Taejtvftect of Chief Justice Merritts
deeisHnri therefore is apt to be wide
spread and to be vital to the interests
of the entire region tapped by the con
t ° n jated system
JJoie Wants the Headquarters
Information has been received in
the city that a number of leading men
of Boise are already anticipating that
ti > a decision of the court will be in
favor of Mr Egan and are making
preparations to descend upon him if
he is confirmed with propositions to ef
ftct a settlement of his headquarters
In that city Tt is said also that Ogden
and Pocotello have made some move
ment in that direction meaning that
Fal Lake shall not get the plumTith
out at least an effort Bonuses of good
size amounts are talked about But
all this push and energy will probably
50 to waste
If the Trust company secures the
lines i intends to locate the seat of
F < ernment in Salt Lake city not as a
matter of bonuses but for the simple
reason that Salt Lake combines
the V elements necessary to a
go d sHe for headquarters I given
good service and rates in its favor
instead of in Denvers favor and
trains TUP for the benefit of the local
peope instead of for the benefit of the
ppyp P of large cities east and west 5t
will be the natural center and shopping
place of all the region reached by the
estfin I will be In closest
t ivfcli wth all the tributary country
HMa < tnu management of the road will
be 1 Bjtter Ae to shape its policy wi
S Worth
Fighting F < lr
Th headquarters of the system
however is well worth fighting for If
Sal Lake should get them it would I I
of immense importance to her develop
ment All the general offices would be
Jfjated here of course and of
jrnttd hert curse partic
ular importance would he the great
shops of the system like those of the
Tnicm Pacific now located at Cheyenne
The genera superintendent and the
operating force would also be brought
V here instead of being in Ogden as they I II
are now The headquarters of the au I I
ditor with his good force of clerks j I
would bt here Instead of in Omaha
The treasurer would also be hers and
the rjpney of the system pass
i through hands In Salt Lake city in
P tead of Omaha Passenger and
freight agents would also shape their
policy here and have men from all
I parts ofe country tributary to the
13 r road Wining in to talk with them and
make 1 f > city their hea quarter jn
aiild beingr compelled 1 to go on east
L sL
when they wish to see the final au
thorities of the road
Investors Would Conic
Not the least benefit from head
quarters would be the presence here
of the purchasing department which
would have the buying of all articles
I oi use which could be obtained here
The men who would come here to see
the purchasing agent on such business
are among the best kind of commer
cial men and often are large manu
facturers who come personally Many
of these agents are instructed to al
ways report chances for investment to
their home offices and when they see
good in a region are often of great
benefit to it
Would Be Left Here
I the separation should come there
would probably be also additional
freight and passenger offices as i is
believed the present Union Pacific
forces perhaps somewhat reduced
will be retained The Union Pacific
cannot afford to end its line in Ogden
and would probably make some traffic
arrangements with either the Short
Line or the Rio Grande Western for
running trains into the city and
would have to keep its forces in the
field in order to secure business for its
eastward line or i would find all the
traffic being diverted to the Rio
Grande Western Therefore i is not
expected there will be much of a loss
and a great deal of gain to the city
if the present hopes are realized
Raising Idaho Ore Rate
Just in time to furnish the Trust
company representatives with an ar
gument against allowing the Union
Pacific any voice whatever in the af
fairs of V the system comes the an
nouncement chat the latter company
has raised rates on ore from Wood
River district Idaho to Salt Lake
City nearly 3 per ton The effect of
this of course will be to send the ore
to the Denver smelters instead of the
Salt Lake smelters so that the com
pany may have the long haul on the
business The Trust company people
claim that this is the intention of the
company and that this would be its
policy as they claim it has been in
the past to build up the road and the
eastern country at the expense of
Utah and Idaho
They say the appointment of an ad
ditional receiver with equal powers
with Mr Egan would mean that such
conditions would be continued as the
Union Pacific would be kept constantly
Informed of the condition of affairs
on the local system and any attempt
to change would be rendered nugatory
by them through the other receiver
Their claim is that the smelters in
Salt Lake valley will be killed if pos
sible unless a different plan is fol
lowed while they would be made
prosperou with rates in their favor I
Railivay Xotes
What will the decision be Thats
what all the railroad men are specu
lating on
The directors of the Saltair Beach
company will meet this morning to
elect officers for the ensuing year I
Railway passenger associations are
hard to keep in existence as is shown
by the effort of Caldwell to revive the I
Western trunk lines committee and
the transMissouri passenger associa
tion The ColoradoUtah assocjation
has gone to pieces and the Santa Fe
la withdrawn from the southwesterfi
I trafnj association at St Louis I is
i probable that an effort will be made
to reorganize as soon as the Oregon
I short line receivership is settled
Police and Laborer Mix Things Vj
I Polce
Olllcers Injured
Vienna June 9The long expected
conflict between workmen and the
police took place today Ten thousand
laborers gathered on the streets of the
city according to a preconcerted ar
rangement and Deputy Pernerstorfer
and other socialist leaders made
speeches to the crowd Upon the ar
rival of the police they declared the I
meeting illegal and requested the au
dience to disperse The crowd noisily
separated but the arrest of a man
named Felgl caused a collision be
twen the police and the socialists
who tried to rescue the prisoner
police were stoned and many small
fights occurred in various portions of
the city all the morning A mounted
inspector had his uniform torn from
him and he was nearly pulled off his
horse Another inspector was thrown
I and kicked in the abdomen Three
policemen were injured by the shower
I of stones Nineteen socialists have
been placed under arrest
Train Sent With Relief Engines
Wrecked With Loss of Life Ope
rator Working in the Fire
Wheeling W Va June 9The town
of Cameron W Va a place of 1500
people on the Baltimore Ohio railroad
road thirty miles east of Wheeling
was almost destroyed by fire tonight
I and the homeless are camping on alI
the hills that surround the ruins The
I fire broke out about 10 oclock in Fitz
geralds livery stable and spread rap
I inly The town was without fire ap
o paratus and help was asked from
Wheeling An engine was placed on a
Wheelng and started for Cameron at
once A special at 1 oclock this Mon
day morning says the entire north of
the Baltimore Ohio railroad has been
burned This includes all those sec
tions of the place The only building
Ilef standing is that of the railroad
company The fire lighters are work
ing hard to keep it from burning Sev
eral buildings are burned on the street
running north from the Crawford
house which had to succumb long ago
Many of the inhabitants have lost all
their possessions and are entirely des i
titute The loss will probably reach
lib000 The telegraph operator in the
Baltimore Ohio building expects I
every minute to have to fly for his life
and wires that he can hear the falling
of bricks near him
1 a mIt has just been learned that
the special train which left Wheeling
with a lire engine for the Cameron fire
now raging was wrecked ten miles
this side of Cameron and that the en
gineer and fireman were killed
An Intelligencer reporter was on the I
trn but he has not been heard from
The special Baltimore Ohio train
carrying the Whe eling fire engine and
reel to the relief of the burning town
of Cameron jumped the track near
Rosbys Rock at 145 this morning and
went down a fifty foot embankment
Engineer Pat Duffy of Wheeling is in
the fire under the wreck and is un
doubtedly dead Dick Donohue jr of
Wheeling is also reported killed The
brakeman was badly hurt The spec
ial contained besides the Wheeling fire
men several Wheeling people All of
them escaped with slight injuries W
S Faris city editor of the Intelligen
cer was slightly hurt about the arms
The fire engine and hose reel
f were ru
Reported Outrages in Armenia
I by the Sultan of
A Levy V of Blood Honey to Be
The Miserably Poor Ncstoriaus to
He Forced Into Paying Taxes
Fourteen Villages Rallied and Dc
tastated by the Kurds Men Kil
V led and Women Carried Off I
Driven Desperate hj Hunger the
Xestorians Will Resist and Rat
tles Will Follow
Djulfa Russia May 7Copyrighted
1895 by the Associated Press From
the special correspondent of the Associated i
sociated Press in ArmeniaThe Turk I
ish government i is claimed has just
taken the preliminary steps in what I
may result in a massacre of Xestorian
Christians in the mountains of Kurd
istan I is asserted that the govern
ment has given orders to starve the
independent tribes of Xestorians in I
the mountain region immediately west
of Gawar which may be described as I
laying about midway between Mosul
and Lake Van about fifty miles west
of the Persian frontier The orders i I
is stated are that no food supplies of
any kind shall be allowed to enter the 1
territory of the independent tribes and I
measures are said to have been taken
to enforce these orders to the letter
This again is apparently taken as a
means of compelling the independent
tribes to submit to the Turkish au
thorities and to pay the taxes de
manded by the government and it is
regarded as the first serious attempt
that the Turks have made to extort
taxes from the independent tribes
From the earliest time in the history
of the Ottoman empire these tribes
have been independent of Turkish rule
They have paid no taxes and they
have acknowledged no allegiance to
the Turkish government The present
course of the government is taken in
some quarters as an indication that
the sultan has set on foot systematic
persecution of the Christians in all
parts of the empire The sultan has
plenty of opportunity for knowing
that the independent Nestorians are
too poor to pay taxes and that many
of them make a living by going down
into the villages of their less
wretchedly poor countrymen and beg
ging These poor creatures according
to the story are to be starved because
they will not share with the sultan of I
Turkey the scraps of bread the refuse
bits of meats and the odds and ends
which they obtain toy begging Their
homes are in awilderness of moun
tain peaks and narrow rocky valleys
where nothing will grow except a tuft
of broom corn here and there in the
crevices on the rocks of the mountain
sides and a few stocks of millet in a
casual square yard of soil in the val
leysI is not difficult to forecast the
probable result of the starvation of
this race of beggars should the report
turn out to be correct Driven des
perate by hunger the people will en
deavor to obtain food from Gawar and
other outside districts and there will
be fights with the Turkish troops the
villages will possibly be attacked and
some of the wretched people will be
killed and no man can prophesy where
the persecution will end
I have just returned from a rapid
journey to the Kurdish mountains for
the purpose of investigating the re
port that fourteen villages had been
attacked and devastated by a raid of
Kurds last week The original rumor
had it that the Kurds had massacred
many Christians and had carried off
women and girls to the mountains
After riding < day and night to reach
the scene of the raids I at length ar
rived at the Merguisver valley which
lies like the bottom of a boat beneath
huge mountains covered from base to
summit with almost unbroken expanses
of snow I was in this valley that
the raid took place I found that a
band of Kurds from the mountains
had indeed raided fourteen villages in
this valley but the raid was directed
against other Kurds and not against
I Christians There were a few Nes
torian Christians living in the valley
but they were not molested in any
As this was not a race or religious
raid it will probably have little inter
est outside of the valley I regret to
say that Mr Palon the British con
sulate general in Tebriz Persia is
very much in disfavor with the gen
tlemen who are conducting the Ar
menian revolutionary movements In
spite of the fact that Mr Palon has
been collecting evidence of the Sassoun
and Moosh massacre for the use of the
British government the Armenians
looked upon him as a spy They may
go to the length to do him bodily harm
The closing of the caravan routes to
Van has rendered more acute the suf
fering from famine in the devastated
districts near Van The only hope of
relief is now cut off
Citizen of Walla Walla ShoT Their
Disapproval the Course of n
Young Blood
Walla Walla June 9Fifty masked
men heavily armed took Joseph Fos
sati and Robie Allen a colored woman
who runs a house of ill repute and
applied to them a coat of tar and
feathers early this morning
Shortly after midnight a body of
men wearing masks over their faces
went to the house occupied by the
woman a hack was driven up to
the front door the men broke open
the door and going to a bed room
dragged Fossatl and the woman from
the bed and carried them to the hack
which was driven to the outskirts of
the city Their clothes were torn off
and a heavy coat of tar and feathers
applied and the tt o ordered to leave
the city
I The affair was well planned and
executed the thoroughfare through
which the hack passed being guarded
by armed men and any attempt to
stop them would have been futile
Although Fossati is the son of a
highly respectable family and has had
more than the average advantages in
life he has persisted in living with
this woman and on Friday they went
to Dayton where they were married
Mrs D Fossati mother of young
Fossati is prostrated with grief and
is in a precarious condition
Queer Verdict in an Oklahoma Po
lice Court
Kansas City June 9A special to
the Times from Perry j Oklahoma
says George Parker a Citizen of
Alva Oklahoma was arraigned a
few days ago before Judge Goodwin for
drunkenness and disorderly conduct
Judge Goodwin impanelled a jury of
twelve men to try the case who re
turned a verdict of guilty against
the court The verdict tread We
find the defendant George Baker
not guilty as charged but we find
the judge of this court guilty of the
offense charged against the defend
ant and that the cost in this case be
assessed against him
Since the trial Parker has had the
judge arrested for drunltenness in
office The jury was composed of
the best men in town j
Pennsylvania Lumber Regions Being
Bradford Pa June 9The forest
fires of last week began burning
fiercely again yesterday and are still
burning I was thought the recent
rain had started vegetation sufficiently
ciently to prevent further trouble
Fires are reported in the vicinity of
the Kane oil field and a force of men
are fighting the flames No damage
has been done there so far Ormsby
is again the scene of destructive fires
and a large amount of valuable tim
ber has been destroyed Fires are re V
ported in the vicinity of Mount Al
ton and Mount Jewett At the latter I
place some timber land was burned I
over and the Bradford Chemical
works are ini great danger of being
destroyed unless the wind shifts A I
destructive fire was burning at Sugar I
Run a small lumber town eighteen
miles west of here today and de I
stroyed a trestle on the Allegheny I
and Konsea railroad A large
amount of timber has been burned I
Cuban Filibusterers Get Through
Safely Large Meeting V of Sympa
Tampa Fla June 9Passengers ar
riving from V Key West tonight state
that an expedition composed of 300 men
left here Wednesday night Late yes
terday a carrier pigeon reached Key I
West bearing a message that the fill
busters landed safely at 325 oclock I
this morning The expedition it is
said must have landed on < northern
portion of the coast TIthia fifteen II
miles of Key rest Cubans here be
lieved it landed near Saguada Gener
als S chez and Roloff head the expe
dition Tonight 2000 Cubans attended
an enthusiastic meeting at West Tam
pa Quesada Cespedes and other prom
inent leaders spoke A telegram from
Benjamin Guerra was read announcing
the presence of General Maximo G omez
with a large army in Camaguay The
message also stated an uprising in that
province is now assured
Herbert las Xothiiig to Say I
Washington June Secretary Her
bert tonight maintained a diplomatic I
silence when asked about the truth of
the report that the department would
send one of its vessels to Key West
with instructions to keep a sharp look
out for filibusters leaving that and
other places in Florida in aid of the
Cuban Insurgents He would not af
firm or deny the statement made pre
ferring not to speak of the matter at
present yet not admitting that any
step like that indicated was in contem
Guthrie O T June Deputy U 5 I
Marshals Runnels and McOraft came in
from Woods county this afternoon and I
lodged in the Federal jail Belle Black and
Jennie Freeman members of the Zeip I
Wyatt gang The marshals on Tuesday
had a battle with the members and drove I I
them into a cave in the Glass mountains i P
at the extreme western end of the Cher
kehesfr1 eWno1 i
okee strip where they still have them
The two women tried to escape by a se
cret entrance to the cave and were cap
tured after a long chase They had in
their possession considerable money and
I were going after supplies and reinforce
ments The Freeman woman formerly
lived with her husband in this city the
deputies secured a largo Quantity of dyna
I mite and left again tonight for the Glass
mountains cave determined to blow up the
Rebels Routed With Heavy Loss
Government Forces Gaining 3Ier
chant Steamers to Guard the
Havana June 9The steamer Julia
has arrived at Gibar bringing n
large number of troops and has re
turned to Porto Rico for further re
inforcements Other steamers will
also bring additional troops for
Marshal de Campos
Marshal de Campos has consulted
with Senor Castellanos the minister
of the colonies for the purpose of ex
empting Cuba from certain unfavor
able terms of the general tariff re
Lieutenant Censo and Colonel Vas
sala sustained a severe fire II the
Escandell mountains The rebels
who occupied a strong position were
driven from their strongholds They
lost all their ammunition their ban
ner and three dead and several
wounded Three of the troops were
Autonomist leaders attach no import
ance to V the uprising headed by Mar
quis of Santa Lucia He is 72 years
of age and when he left Puerto Prin
cipe numbered among his followers
only a few young men and boys
Marshal de Campos is tireless in his
movements and under his leadership
the activity of the government forces
has been greatly increased He has
just ordered five merchant steamers
transformed into cruisers and will use
them for the purpose of guarding the
London June 9 Arrived Europa I < rcTr
Liverpool Arrived Nicaraguan New
ork V V
Some of the Questions He Will
Be Called Upon to
As AttorneyGeneral He Was
Frequently Called On
Two Questions of Special Import
ance With Great Britain Then
There arc Venezuela Nicaragua
Bering Sea the WaIler Case For
eign Tariff Relation Japan
China Troubles Spains Conflict
ill Cuba and Lesser Matters
Washington June 0 Secretary of
State Olney is expected to take the
oath of office tomorrow There will
be no undue haste however on the
part of the new chief of the state de
i Mr Olney has given much close
study to the larger law questions be
fore his department ad it will take
I some time for him to put the work
aside for the new attorneygeneral to
grow into i Mr Olney moreover
is equipped in advance for the duties
of his new office as he has been con
i sulted constantly during the last
year on the various complications
over Venezuela Nicaragua Bering
sea the Wallet case foreign tariff
retaliation the JapanCliinT troubles
Spains conflict with Cuba and the
lesser questions in vhich the United
States has been brought in relation
with the rest of the world The last
year has been unusually fruitful in
foreign complications Some of these
were closed by Mr Gresham or ad
vanced to such a state that they will
not preclude the BritishNicaragua
incident in which the United States
aided toward a settlement the Japan
China treaty of peace which was ef
fected as a result of kindly interven
tion by the United States and the
friction with Hawaii as the result of
the demand for the recall of Minister
ter Thurston The other foreign ques
tions which attracted public atten
tion during Mr Greshams adminis
tration of the department are still
Two Questions
With Great Britain there are two
questions of special importance to be
adjusted viz Those affecting Ber
ing sea and the Venezuela boundary
A Bering sea conference will be held
in Washington in October next Sir
Julian Pauncefote having effected
the preliminary arrangements with
Mr Gresham The purpose is to draft
a new treaty by which the claims of
Canadian sealers for alleged seiz
ures and losses will be submitted to
a commission The conference will
not take up the more important ques
tions of the readjusting the Bering
sea regulations in order to make
them effective This will come later
however and promises to call out a
vigorous legal and diplomatic con
troversy The BritishVenezuela
question is mainly significant in in
volving the Monroe doctrine The
United States has asked Great Brit
ain to arbitrate the question So far
as is known no definite answer has
been given to Ambassador Bayard
who presented the request of this
country But as the British foreign
office has positively declined to con
sider similar requests by Pope Leo
and by the International Arbitration
association i is not doubted that in
due time a declination will come to
the United States I will then re
main for the state department to de
termine to what extent British ag
gression in Venezuela is compatible
v vj u the Monroe doctrine Mr
Gresham had made a special study of
the question regarding I as one of
more importance than any of the for
eign questions under consideration Mr
Olney was called into conference and
for several weeks prior to his selection
for secretary of state he was busy in
v this complicated question
I is probable that a definite issue will
be reached when Ambassador Bayard
sends Great Britains answer With
France the only question of conse
quence pending is as to the Imprison
ment of exConsulGeneral Wailer
Ambassador Eustis has been instructed
to make inquiries with a view to se
curing for Wailer all the rights of an
American citizen abroad including a
trial by a civil court
Germany Austria and Denmark are
having numerous tariff complications
with the United States which threat
ened at one time to bring about rad
I ical retaliation by this country The
readjustment ha proceeded largely
through the state department Ger
many and Denmark continue their ex
clusion of American meats but there
are prospects that a satisfactory set
tlement will be effected The discrim
inating duties involved against the
beet sugars of Germany and Austria
brought on the conflict and Denmark
followed the lead of her influential
The Cuban Revolution
The Cuban revolution promises to be
a source of controversy with Spain
Minister Dupuy de Lome has already
asked the state department to appre
hend those sending arms to Cuba and
the suggestion is made that Spain will
make a claim against the United States
based on the precedent of the Alabama
claims Officials are not solicitous
however as to this claim and the in
timation is made that it is Inspired by
British sources out of resentment
for the Alabama decision
Italy and the United States are ex
pected to arrive at a satisfactory set
tlement ere long concerning the mur
der of a number of Italians In Colo
rado I is understood Secretary
Gresham regarded the offenses as such
an Infringement of international rights
that he inaugurated negotiations for
the payment of cash indemnities to tnt
families of the deceased Italians This
step if consummated will be in addi
tion to the steps taken by the authori
ties of Colorado to prosecute the offenders
With Russia
The only subject of consequence
vending with Russia is that concerning
the amelioration of the condition of
the Jews The United States has
taken little part in the Armenian
question which 4s provoking a conflict
between Turkey and the European
powers f
One of the first acts 11 Olney is
likely to be called upon to perform is
that of reorganizing the new govern
ment of Ecuador which has come into
power after a bloody revolution There
are no pending questions with other
South or Central American countries
except that in which Venezuela is
A Faithless Wife Causes Another
Omaha June 9About 7 oclock
this evening W H Chappell was
shot and instantly killed at the home
of James Ish in this city He had
sold the family a sewing machine and
had been summoned several times to
fix it and was sent for Saturday He
came this evening instead and ac
cording to the story told by Mrs Jsh
attempted to outrage her vhile her
husband was in another part of the
house She claims that when she
screamed Chappell drew his gun but
that she grabbed it from his hand
and commenced shooting at him Her
husband rushed into the room revol
ver in hand and Mrs Ish says she
grabbed that revolver also and con
tinued the shooting In all nine shots
were fired four of which struck Chap
pelt Mrs Ish was placed in oustody
but later developments indicate that
itis likely the womans husband did
the shooting and that the outrage
story was told to screen him Letters
found on the person of the dead man
siow conclusively that he and Mrs
Ish had been unduly intimate Chap
pelle came here from Kansas City
where he was a detective in the em
ploy of a railroad He leaves a
widow and one child
Colorado Miners Meet Death Like
Rats in u Trap List of the Vic
Pittkin Colo June 9Xews
reached here today that four men were
suffocated in the Alpine tunnel yester
day afternoon An engine had run
into the tunnel which is 1776 feet
long with a crew of several men to
syphon out an accumulation of water
held in by a dirt cave The ventila
tion of the tunnel is poor and the
smoke and gas from the engine made
the air so stifling that the men soon
prepared to leave As the engine was
backing out a man was discovered y
in across the track and the engineer
reversed running further into the tun
nel where all the men were quickly I
overcome by suffocation Strenuous
efforts were made to rescue the men I
but it was impossible as the air
within had become so impregnated j
with gas and smoke that for several
hours no one could enter far enough
to reach the victims I V
The dead are
M W Flavin superintendent mar
ried i
riedN Martehis engineer married
Michael Burns fireman married I
Oscar Cammann miner single
Teams were sent to the tunnel this
mrning to convey the remains to this
place A special train came up from I
Gunnison carrying friends and rela
tives of the victims and went on to
the tunnel to meet the train and bring I
the bodies to town
Special to The Herald
Butte Mont June 9 Robert Andersen
a young man while walking on the Mon
tana Union railway track this afternoon
was run down by a passenger train and
instantly killed
Walla Walla Wash June 9 Dan Cam
eron son of Alexander Cameron ex
member of the legislature from this
county and brother of Deputy Warden
Cameron committed suicide early this
morning by taking strychnine He had
been drinking heavily of late
Social and Political Paris Takes
Day Ambassador Enstis and
Anna Gould Present French Roy
alty and American Millions Rub
Elbows on u Race Course
Paris June 9The race for the
grand prix of Paris today was won
by M Edmond Blancs Andre Vicomte I
dHarcourts Cherbourg was second
and Baron A de Schicklers Le Sag
gltaire third
The race was witnesesd by a large
crowd of English and Americans
while political and social Paris did
everything possible to make the event
this year even more magnificent than
during past years The environs of
the grand course formed a sceno of
rare beauty costumes of brilliant
colors rising terracelike on all sides
So dense was the crowd that at times
motion was almost Impossible in the
vicinity of the places where mutuals
were being sold The air was warm
and close and several light showers
during the day were welcomed by the
thousands present There was only
enough rain however to cool the at
mosphere and lay thewdust
President Faure shortly before 4
oclock inspected the sixteen start
ers in the paddock paying especial at
tention to the generally favorite Orni
nimum The trial gallop took place
at 403 Cherbourg showing up in good
form Betting on Andre was 16 to 1
Cherbourg S to 1 and Le Sagittaire
12 to L
All the sixteen horses in the race
started well together M Albert
Moniers took the lead followed by
the favorite Ominimum In entering
the stretch Baron de Schicklers Le
Justicier led Le Saggitaire whO had
gradually improved his position then
came to the front and appeared to
have the race at his mercy when
Andre came on with a rush and won
by two lengths y
Ominimum the favorite finished
seventh The English horses were
among the last five Time 328
None of the Americans came in
mail coaches Among the numerous
Americans present however w ° re
United States Ambassador J B Eus
tis and ConsulGeneral S E Morse
with their wives exSecretary Webb
and Clarence Mackey Among others
in attendance were the Count and
Countess de Castellane Duchess I
uiness Comtesse Dlvoneo Princess
Cassaman and Princess Polignac
Reported Fiendish Work of
Natives at Chenge
The Chinese Government Tries to 1
Conceal the News
Neither Men AVomeii Nor Children
Spared liy the Butchers French
Gunboat on the Way to the Scene t
EngliVh French and Americans j
Among the Killed
London June 9A special d1spach
from Shanghai says it is almost CEr
tain that a massacre of all the per
sons connected with the English
French and Armenian missions at j
Chenge Tu has occurred Neither men 1
women nor children have been spared
according to the report I is admit
ted that telegrams have been inter
telegms V
cepted by the government the object
being to conceal the news of the mas
sacre A French gunboat is en route
to Wuen Chang to investigate the re
Attempts to Investigate Armenian
Outrages Prevented bY TurUs
Constantinople June Advices V
effect that the
from Moosh are to the
Moosh commission has practically dis
solved The British consul just ap
pointed at Bitlis has been instructed to
go to Moosh before the commission
leaves as the Armenians fear a re
sumption of the attacks If there is no
person at Moosh to represent the pOw
ers there
Additional reports received indicate
that the Moosh commission dissolve
on Friday so far as the work of the
European delegates is concerned They
were compelled to tell the Turkish
delegates that they could have nothing
more to do with them From the first
the attitude of the Turkish delegates
has been invariably and increasingly
dishonest According to the state
ments of those interested in the work
ings of the commission the reports
of the sultan have not manifested
honor truth or decency They have
made no efforts to determine the cause
of the outrages in Armenia The rup
ture between the Turkish and the Eu
ropean commission was caused by the V
refusal of the Turks on purely farcical
grounds to hear important witnesses
on matters pertaining to questions at
issue I was evident the Turks were
arraid the tissue of falsehoods that
they have thrown around the situation
in Armenia would be broken down
The European commissioners will call
the report of the Turks into question
for purposes of ascertaining whether
the high officials of any state claiming
to be civilized ever have taken the po
sition assumed by the Turks during
the meeting of this commission I is
only fair to say that their every action
has been prompted and sanctioned or
ratified ties directly by the highest authori
V Washington June 9Miss Mary A I
Dodge Gail Hamilton was worse to
carious day and her condition is again pre
Birmingham Ala June 9A singu
lar death occurred in the colored Bap
tist church near Double Springs this
morning The pastor the Rev Green
leaf Lee a young man strong and
healthy was preaching on death He
worked himself into a great fervor
describing the tortures of hell and
quoting from the scriptures As the
words there shall be weeping and
gnashing of teeth issued from his
lips he fell to the floor and in a few
minutes was dead Doctors pronounce
the cause of the death the rupturing of
a blood vessel caused by excitement
Winnipeg Man June 9The Mani
toba ministers and members of the
legislature are already gathering for
the meeting of the legislature on
Thursday when the school question
will again come up for consideration
Archbishop Langevin Frned from
the east Saturday JK says the
Catholics are determined to press for
their school rights and that if the
legislature refuses them he would
personally appeal the case to her ma
jesty Queen Victoria
Another Shocking Mnrder unit Sui
cide This Time Ocr the Quarrel
of Two Women
Louisville Ivy June 9A special to
the Courier Journal from Harrods
burg K says
A most shocking assassination and
suicide occurred one mile from Har
rodsburg about 10 oclock this morn
ing on the Warwick road on the
premises of Patrick Higgins Daniel
Warner fired a bullet into the back of
Higgins who instantly fell dead
Warner then ran about 100 yards
when seeing that his deed had been
discovered placed his smoking revol
ver behind his ear and fired He lived
but an hour after shooting himself
Warner was quite wealthy a few
years ago when he cut to death his
nephew a young man of his ow
name This was a bad murder and
though he was finally cleared it cost
him his fortune
Patrick Higgins was a confederate V
ranger during the war was about 60
years old and leaves a wife and sev
eral children Warner lived in a
house on Higgins farm and the wives
of the two men did not get along to
gether amicably Warner made to
his wife repeated threats to kill Hig c
gins and then himself He waited in i
Higgins barn this morning until his
victim came along when he stepped
out and without a word murder
VV P <

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