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The Heralds =
received Hand THeNally
We liave our
Copyrighted Ail as Wall Map o f1 Utah in
SALT L HERALD0 ranged colors list of wIth over 200 alphaheticaUy totvns population ar
IDliP Of UTAH a and location stated hy marjrinal refer I
I I I W ences b IS inches serviceable 1SOG calendar inchesI
t I Worth 23 cent lint prlven away for a
nickel anil one of the coupons or mailed
WITH 1896 CALENDAR for n dime and a coupon
Frank J Cannon and Arthur
Brown Chosen by the Ma
jority Yesterday
Dnly Two Republicans Voted
Against Browns Election
The Democrats Keep Their Pledge
and Support Joseph Jj Ratrlinf
and Closes Thatcher Cashing
Gives Bennett Ills Vote and Gooit
tvin Receives One From Morrlll
I Addresses Made in the House By
the Siicce fnl Candidates Ills
tors oC the Long Campaign
f Bi ora phica 1
The gentlem who will enjoy the
honored distinction of serving Utah in
the capacity of her first United States
senators were chosen yesterday by the
legislature They are the caucus can
didates Arthur Brown of Salt Lake
and Hon Frank J Cannon of Weber
county The former received all but
will convene in joint session in the
I house of representatives at 12 oclock
today and ratify the election
The balloting began promptly at 230
in both houses Long before that hour
people interested in the contest began
to assemble in the galleries of both
houses and by the time the roll calls
started not EL seat in either the senate
chamber or the house of representa
tives was left Vacant or a foot of
standing room Unoccupied so great
was the interest manifested in the first
election of the men who will repre
sent Utah in the upper house of
congress Among the spectators were
men prominent in every walk of life 1
in Utah while on the floor seared
among the menrbers of both branches
were exmembers of territorial legisla
tures judges and exjudges politicians
and other personages who have been
for years identified with the history of
the territory that was the state that
I is The formality of the election
passeQ off with very little in the natuve
of important incident transpiring other
than at times enthusiasm ran to a high
pitch and the citv and county building
staunch as it is fairly rocked with
the apblause that burst forth in tre
mendous volume Particularly was this
true in the house where the chief in
terest centered where by far the
largest gathering congregated and
where the successful aspirants for he
high honors appeared after the vote
was announced to thank their sup
porters and to outline the course they
promise to pursue at the nations cap
ital Both gentlemen made feeling
Speeches and received the warm con I
gratulations of their friends
It was with fear and trembling the
Republican members of the senate as
sembled yesterday The air was filled
with wild rumors of a kick on the action
tion of the caucus as against the can I
didacy of Arthur Brown Four mem I
bers of the senate and eight of the
house were reported as having de i
clared their intention of voting for
some other man As a result the ma I
jority looked askance one at the other
Every man of them had a sort of I
Master is it I expression Groups
of them congregated among the niches j
of the committee rooms and sat and
held whispered conversations on the
600 sofa in the ante chamber I
two M the Republican votes of both
the Insit1 and house and the latter
was complimented by being made the
iinanmous choice of the Republican
The Democratic members voted as a
matter of course for the convention
candidates of the party Hon Joseph
L Rawlins and Moses Thatcher The
gentlemen thus honored by their party
were given fourteen votes in the house
and five in the senate one member
of the upper house John R Barnes
being absent Judge C W Bennett
and Judge C C Goodwin each recelv
ea one vote in the house
The election was consummated by
separate ballots of the two houses each
follow i1g the ule prescribed in the
United States statute which provides
for senatorial elections
< JFhe twp branches of the legislature I
Ito I
I By the time the senate was called
to order the feeling of distrust pre
vailing had increased to such a degree
that the Blown men were very nerv
ous Senator Alison Browns chief
engineer worked his hands over his
pompadour hair to the complete
wreck of that piece of ornamentation
and gazed suspiciously at Jones who
was a Bennett man before the caucus
while Sutherland fixed his eagle eye
t on the chair Both gentlemen how
ever were as unreadable as the face
which adorns the sandy plains of the
land where Cleopatra once held sway
The balance of the members vied with I
each other in glancing around from
one face to another in quest of some
sign of intelligence as to action about
to be taken but in vain The Demo i
crats were unmoved and peaceful
They were but five in number but they
realized where they were at
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Eighteen Million Dollars in
Silver Will Be Made by
the Government
tlirts at Philadelphia New Or
leans and Frisco
Such Coinage Will Restore the
Amount of Dollars in the Treas
ury to What it Was on March 4
lSnAxcrage Cost of the Silver
Bullion Purchased Latest Deci
sion of the Secretary of the
Feb 1 the treasury department will re
sume the coinage of silver dollars and
continue until about 518000000 have
been coined When the present ad
ministration came into power there
were in the treasury about 29000000
in silver dollars coined from bullion
under the act of 1890 apd available for
the redemption of treasury notes is
sued in payment of the bullion pur
Since August 1893 about 18000000
of these notes have been redeemed in
silver dollars and cancelled
The secretary of the treasury has
now decided to coin from the bullion
now on hand and purchased under the
act of 1890 about 18000000 which will
restore the amount of dollars in the
treasury to what it was on March 4
1S93 The average cost of the silver bul
lion purchased under the Sherman act
was HVz cents on the dollar which
leaves a gain of seignorage of 28M
cents on the dollar At this rate the
seignorage on the 18000000 to be
coined ould be 5130000 which will
be accounted for in the available cash
on hand increasing it by that amount
The order for the resumption of the
coinage at the mints at Philadelphia
New Orleans and San Francisco is ex
pected in a day or two
Urgent Deficiency Bill
Special to The Herald
WASHINGTON Jan 21Among the
appropriations in the urgency defi
ciency bill passed by the house today
is one of 20000 to pay the salaries and
expenses of Idaho and Montana min
eral lands qommissioners
It May Rest
WASHINGTON Jan 21The prediction
is freely made by members of the house
committee on foreign affairs that if the
Tironosed reaffirmation of the Monroe doc
trine is adopted by the senate and sent
over to the house for action it will be
allowed to rest quietly in the commit
tee flies A canvas of more than a ma
jority of both Republican and Demo
cratic members of the committee failed
to discover any member who endorsed it
One of the foremost authorities on dip
lomatic matters in the house said he
deemed it very poor diplomacy to take
any steps tending to increase the ten
sion between this government and Great
Britain in what practically amounted to
a crisis
Sherman Gives Notice
WASHINGTON Jan 21Senator Sher
man today gave notice of amendments to
Senator Pughs concurrent resolution
providing for the redemption of United
States bonds in silver coin Mr Sher
mans amendments provide for the rec
ognition of the law declaring the policy
of maintaining the parity of gold and
silver and require the observance of this
principle in carrying the resolution into
effect in case it should pass
Teller and Pensions
WASHINGTON Jan 21Senator Pef
fei from the committee on pensions
today reported without recommendation
his bill granting service pensions to sol
diers of the civil war at the rate per
month of 1 cent per day for the time
Important Meeting to Be Held in
WASHINGTON Jan 21A meeting
of prominent silver men from all parts
of the country will be held here begin
ning tomorrow A preliminary con
ference of members of the executive I
committee of the American Bimetallic
league was held today at which steps
were taken looking to the consolida
tion of the silver organizations into one
body with headquarters at Washing
ton Chicago San Francisco and some
point in the south One purpose of
tomorrows meeting will be to fix up
on the time and place for the holding
of a national silver conference at which
a national silver ticket will be nomin
ated This action however is contin
gent upon the failure of both the old
parties to recognize silver by nominat
ing candidates unequivocally pledged
to its rehabilitation on a basis of 16 to
1 It is not necessary that adherents
of the proposed new party should al
ready have severed all connection with
the old parties but it is essential that
they be wIlling to do so should the
old parties fail to nominate candidates
pledged to the silver cause About a
hundred silver leaders are expected Ho
attend the meeting About a dozen al
ready have arrived includingGeneral
Weaver Among those said to be on
the way are Chambers of Utah Bar
tine and Light of Chicago Judge Mil
ler Chicago Brown I Boston Judge
Cole Iowa exGovernor Richards
Montana Keeney San Francisco and
Thomas and Patterson Colorado
American Flag Disiilayeel But
Promptly Removed
NEW YORK Jan 21Advices to
the World from Georgetown British
Guiana under date of January 6
Colonel Mclnnis chief of the con
stabulary corps In this colony accom
panied by a medical officer Lieutenant
Godfrey Fawcett an East Indian sap
per visiting British Guiana on de
partment duty Mr Michael McTurk
magistrate and several constables pro
ceeded from Georgetown to the Uruan
station on January 4 on what is said
to be a visit of inspection
A large number of additional man
of the constabulary have been drafted
The report has just reached here f
an episode of interest in connection
with the visit of the acting governor to
Bartica The streets of the town
were gaily decorated with bunting
foliage and flowers for several days
preceding the arrival of the official
Conspicious among the decorations
were many American flags A few
hours before the governor reached the
city Michael McTurk and Captain
Baker inspector of prisons arrived at
Bartica Some few minutes later not
a single American flag was visible in
the streets The sudden disappearance
of the Stars and Stripes caused com
I mont and it was finally explained that
I the American flag had been removed
out of deference to the request of
I Magistrate McTurk
Secretary Smith Against the Free
Homestead Bill
WASHINGTON Jan 31The house
committee on public lands has received
I from Secretary Smith a strong adverse
report against the free homestead bill
Commissioner Lamoreux of the gen
I eral land office in a report accompany
ing Secretary Smiths letter urges sev
eral reasons why the bill should not
pass and says
The payment of money considerations
for lands by settlers thereon in these
cases appears to be the foundation on
which the whole transaction between
them and the government was based
and without which the government would
not have entered into engagements with
the Indians by which the acquisition of
title by settlers was rendered possible
The purpose of the bill seems to be to
I repeal all the provisions of existing laws
under which homestead entries have been
made for public lands for which a cer
I tain once per acre is to be paid by the
Large tracts of lands have been ac
quired through purchase from Indians
For some of this land the Indians have
already been paid by the government
and for other portions the government is
still responsible There are also abandoned
military reservations involved which
I have become valuable because of their
I location usually In settled communities
and persons entering them have had a
distinct understanding that they were
I acre to pay for them at a certain price per
Nat mal Republican SubCommittee
Adjourn Sine Die
ST LOUIS Jan 21The national I
Republican subcommittee in conven i
tion after a two days session here
finally completed its business signed
I the contract with the Business Mens
league for the care of the Republican
I national convention to be held June 16
next and adjourned sine die this even
Ing Mr Joseph Manley chairman of the
I subcommittee said the arrangements
had been perfected for the convention
to the entire satisfaction of all The
I citizens of St Louis are to bear the
entire expense attending the conven
ion Each member of the national
committee is to bear his own personal
expenses The citizens committee
however will provide rooms for the
meeting of the national committee for
transacting its official business in con
nection with the convention Mr Man
ley said he was also authorized to say
for every member the subcommit
tee that the selection of the sergeant
atarms and his deputies had no con
nection whatever with any particular
candidate and has no significance re
garding the presidential contest
Accompanied by Mr Adler of Chi
cago as consulting architect the mem I
bers of the subcommittee were es
corted to the exposition building by the I
citizens committee this afternoon I
They inspected the north nave of the
immense building which will be re
modeled to suit the wants of the con
When completed it is estimated that
the hall wiii seat at least 15000 people
and will have ample committee rooms
Everything that can be done to facili
tate the work of the press and tele
graph service is being arranged for
The accommodations it is stated will
he the most complete in every detail
that have been afforded at any other
national convention
In executive session at noon the
committee appointed the following
On Printing S Clarkson of Iowa
W H Hahn of Ohio and R C
Kerens of Missouri
On HallGeneral Clayton of Ar
kansas W J Campbell of Illinois
and Henry C Payne of Wisconsin
It was decided that visiting Repub
licans would have to look to the dele
gates of their respective districts for
tickets to the convention The usual
number of tickets will be given to the
local committee
A resolution was adopted providing
that the 500 admission tickets set apart
for the Grard Army of the Republic
foe turned over to the members of the
council of admission of that organiza
tion for distribution on the basis of the
membership of organization in each
state and territory I
Major W P Haxford of Washing
ton D C was appointed assistant
sergeantatarms I
Distinct Agreement Between the
I McKinley and Allison Memhers
to Hell Each Other
ST LOUIS Jan 2LThe Post Dis
patch says this afternoon
The easy victory won yesterday by
I Colonel Tim Byrnes of Minneapolis
for sergeantatarms of the Republi
I can convention means more than a
personal triumph or the recognition of
section It means that there is a dis
tinct agreement among the McKinley
and Allison members to help one an
other This information it was stated
was given by one of Colonel Byrnes
I closest friends
Colonel Byrnes was shown the state
ment by a reporter of the Associated
Press and had this to say
The story has no foundation in fact
My selection as sergeantatarms was
not brought about as the result of a
combination between the McKinley and
Allison managers Politics had noth
ing whatever to do with the matter
It was my personal friendship with
the members of the subcommittee that
secured me the position
WASHINGTON Jan 22 Represen
tative Mondell of Wyoming today In
troduced a bill providing for the ap
pointment of a commission to treat
with the Shoshone Arapahoe and Ban
nock Indians for the surrender of and
modification of any rights they may
have to hunt on the public domain
The bill was drawn for the purpose of
remedying differences growing out of
the opposition to their exercise of this
privilege and is an echo of the set
tlers in the vicinity elf Jackson Hole
I myoming
Depew Speaks to the New
York Bar Asso
I ciation
Easy to Arouse the Fighting
Blood of Our People
There Are Times When War Seems
Both Right and Necessary But
the Issue is Ever Uncertain and
the Arhltrament of the Sword
Does Not Always End in Right or
Justice The Duty of the Legal
1rofession to the Country
ALBANY N Y Jan 2LThe annual
session of the State Bar association
opened tonight in this city in the
presence of a large number of auditors
The address of the evening was de
livered by Hon Chauncey M Depew
on Patriotism and Jingoism the Law
yers Duty
The position taken by the speaker
was that the international war should
go the way of individual duels He
proposed that the lawyers of the coun
try and Great Britain address them
selves to the task of educating the peo
ple to the adoption of peaceful arbitra
tion in matters of dispute He said
Only one power keeps the nations of
Europe from instantly declaring war
The bankers and business men have
become the arbiters between nations
The only two nations which may be
said to be free from this thraldom be
cause of their wealth their commerce
and credit are the United States and
The events of the past few weeks
have demonstrated how easy it is to
arouse the fighting blood among our
own people A generation have come
upon the stage since the civil war
who are eager for battle There are
occasions when war is both right and
necessary and a nation must embark
upon it without counting the conse
quences but the issue of a battle is
never certain nor does the arbitrament
of war always end in right or justice
Now is the time for the profes
sion to perform a great work upon the
lines of the lawyers of the century
in promoting international arbitra
tion The principal dispute between
English speaking races which is agitat
ing the world calls for both practical
wisdom and legal acumen for its solu
tion There is no dissent in this coun
try from thi Monroe doctrine as pro
mulgated by President Monroe and
interpreted by Jefferson Madison Web
ster and Calhoun 1
Yet anyone who studies the Monroe
doctrine will see how in each indi
vidual case except where there is a
flagrant violation like the Frencn in
vasion of Mexico the applicable inter
pretation of it should be the subject
of judicial determination The presi
dents message to congress takes a
novel view of the principle If there is I
a dispute as to the boundary line be
tween a South American republic and
a European power no matter how in
significant the territory involved or
how remotely it may interest us we
must demand that the two govern
ments arbitrate the line and if they
refuse we must find out as best we I
can which line is correct and enforce it
by war If however pending our in
quiry the two parties agree we have
no further rights cir duties This seems
to surrender the doctrine if Venezuela
or Brazil chooses to sell a portion of
its land A slight extension of the
principle compels us to assume a pro I
tectorate over all those republics
Such a policy the speaker said i
would require an immense standing
army The United States is the only
nation so situated that it can with
honor and safety move upon the path
way of peace for an international
court of arbitration
We have no fear of the countries to
the south or north of us he said
and all the transports and navies of
the world could not land upon our
shores an army which could march 100
miles from the sea coast and ever re
turn to their ships Secure in our iso
lation supreme in our resources un
equalled in our reserves and free from
dangeroUs neighbors we occupy among
the nations of the globe a position so
exalted and safe that to compare us
with other countries would be absurd
The statesman or the politician who
really fears for the safety of this
country is a fool The statesman or
politician who does not fear because
he knows better and yet who preaches
of our weakness and our vulnerability
is a demagogue and he insults the in
telligence of the American people
This independence of location Dr
Depew said eminently fitted the
United States for the leader in the
great peace movement The business
session will be held tomorrow
The session will close tomorrow
afternoon with addresses and a re
ception by Governor Morton
stated that a rupture between Brazil
and Italy is imminent owing to Bra
zils tardiness in satisfying the Ital
ian claims arising out of the civil war
in Brazil It is reported the warship
Benjamin Constant has started to oc
cupy the island of Trinidad The Con
stant is a protected Brazilian cruiser
2750 tons displacement
Senator Warner Miller Talks of the
Action That May Be Taken on
Several Important Questions
CHICAGO Jan 21United States
Senator Warner Miller arrived in this
city last night to attend the meeting of
the national association of the manu
I l
facurers of the United States of which
organization he is president In an
interview he said
The object of the association is to
get the manufacturers of the country
in touch with each other and the in
dustrial life of the nation and to create
a public sentiment to induce congress
to establish the policy of reciprocity
and to foster the fast mall and com
munication with the South American
points whose trade ought to be ours
We must have mail and rapid com
munication with these countries or we
can never have their business
The Manufacturers association is
also interested in great international
waterways and communications and
in the building of the Nicaragua canal
which is a necessity for modern com
mercial intercourse between the At
lantic and Pacific coasts as well as be
tween China Japan South America
and the Sandwich islands It is also a
necessity for our national defense
When the canal is built it will practic
ally obviate the necessity for a
double navy to guard our Atlantic and
Pacific coats for it will not only con
nect both but decrease the space be
tween them 10000 miles
The association will take the ground
that the Nicaragua canal should be
owned and operated by the United
States As to the completion of that
enterprise there can be no doubt I
know that the canal will be built and
if the United States does not build it
Europe will and there will be another
pregnant cause of war when national
troubles and jealousies arise The
present Venezuelan dispute emphasized
the necessity for the canal Money
for its construction could have been
secured long ago for Europe if our
national legislature had not been talk
ing and passing resolutions about its
ownership If congress does not do
anything this session we will feel per
fectly free to look elsewhere for the
means to complete the link between
the oceans If the report of the com
mission sent to examine is such as has
been given out in the papers we are
prepared to prove its falsity We can
prove by the best engineers in this
country and abroad that our work is
Humors That He is About to Re
tire From the Bench
CHICAGO Jan 21A special to the
Daily News from Washington says
Associate Justice Field will go upon
the retired list at the end of this term
of court if he keeps the promise he
made recently to the president and to
Senator White of California The sen
ator is authority for the above state
ment and for the information that
Justice Fields successor has been
practically agreed upon in the person
of Judge Erskine M Ross whom
President Cleveland in the first term
appointed on the United States circuit
bench in California Judge Ross
nomination will be satisfactory to Jus
tice Field
tice Field was asked today regarding
the report that he would retire at the
end of this term he said
No such statement has been author
ized by me Of course a man at my
time of life may retire from the bench
any time If my health should not
permit me to attend to my bench pro
perly I should not hesitate to leave
the bench but as long as I could at
tend to these duties with ease I have
no intention of retiring At present
my health is very good Should I
again be ill as < I was last year I should
not hesitate to retire These stories
in regard to my intention of retiring
have been circulated repeatedly but
without any authority
It is generally understood that Jus
tice Field is ambitious to exceed the
term of service of Chief Justice Mar
shall whose thirtYfour and a half
years on the supreme bench constitute
the largest term of service in the his
tory of the court Tustice Field was
appointed by President Lincoln in
March 1863
House Passes the Urgent Deficiency
Kill Abnormal Growth of the
Fee System Receives Attention
WASHINGTON Jan 21The senate
put aside finance and foreign affairs
today and gave the day to work on
comparatively minor bills on the cal
endar About seventy bills were pas
sed clearing the calendar of much ac
cumulation and leaving only important
measures pending
I The Cuban question received brief
I and inconclusive attention early in the
The House
WASHINGTON Jan 21The house
today passed the urgent deficiency bill
The bill carried 4415922 of which
3242582 was for the expenses of Unit
ed States courts The abnormal
growth of expenses under the fee sys
tem of the courts came in for a good
deal of criticism and there was a gen
eral expression in favor of a salary
Suit Brought Against Cemetery Offi
DAYTON 0 Jan 21Suit has been
brought in the common pleas court here
by Anton Ruhsam against Archbishop
Elder of Cincinnati and about twenty
other officials of the Catholic churches
and Calvary cemetery here for 20000
damages The alleged caise of the
suit is the removal of the remains of
plaintiffs relatives from St Henrys
cemetery here which has been sold
I to a syndicate for town lots to the
new Calvary cemetery outside of the
city limits It is alleged that the
agreement was that the remains of
plaintiffs relatives be removed singly
and when he was present so that their
identity could be presented
Instead of this plaintiff claims that
theremains were placed in one grave
and that the identityof same has been
lost that the headstones were destroy
ed and the graves were desecrated
Other suits are threatened
NEW YORK Jan 22Expresident
Harrison was occupied nearly the
whole day at the Fifth Avenue hotel
preparing the final argument of the
Wright Irrigation case which comes
up before the United States supreme
court at Washington in a few days
General Harrison will not leave until
tomorrow night The delay was cause
by the return of Judge Dillon from
Washington owing to the death af
his grandchild General Harrison
visited Mrs McKee at luncheon and
later called on Mrs Dimmick
Flying Squadron Simply Being
Made Ready for Any
I Destination at Present Is Ber
Squadron to Remain Under the Or
ders ot the Admiralty Rather
Than of the Foreign Ofllcc A
New IlnshoChinese Bunk Justice
Brewers Action as Viewed
General Movements oS
Oar Friends the Foreigners
LONDON Jan 21Rt Hon G J
Goschen first lord of the admiralty
addressing the Conservatives at East
Grinston tonight declared no menace
j to any country was intended by the
I formation of the flying squadron
I It will be ready he continued for
I any emergency and will remain under
the orders of the admiralty rather than
of the foreign office The disposition
I of it will be guided by naval and not
political considerations
I While the political situation remains
as it is I beg the public if they hear
I 1 that the squadron has been sent to
I I amy particular quarter not to imagine
j I that the motive is necessarily a menace
j against our neighbors or our rivals
For the present it is to proceed to
I Berhaven and wait for further orders
At present it is not intended to organ
ize a second squadron
KiivmoCIiiiiese Tlanl
LONDON Jan 21A dispatch to the
Times from St Petersburg says
A new RussoChinese bank with a
capital of 6000000 of gold roubles has
I been definitely formed and has been
J empowered to open branches in Eu
I rope and Asia for the emission of bank
I notes in dollars taels and sterling
for the coining of Chinese money for
i I the receipt of Chinese taxes on depos
I it for the acquisition of concessions
I for railways and telegraphs besides
special privileges in Siberia and on the
Chinese frontier
No nti V
LONDON Jan hIt has now beonr
decided that the lord of the admiralty
will not review the nying squadron
A Hopeful Tone
LONDON Jan 21The Daily News
says in an editorial =
Our New York correspondent has a
hopeful tone about Venezuela Justice
Brewer has displayed genuine states
manship and has furnished Lord Sal
isbury an opportunity which ought not
to be lost Lord Salisbury will show
wisdom and dignity by complying with
the request so tendered
OTTAWA Ont Jan 21The British
colonial office has forwarded to the Do
minion government a copy of a letter
from the British charge daffaires in
Guatemala reporting the starting of a
line of steamers to carry passengers and
freisht to Centra American ports The
boats will sail every thirty dajs from
Washington proceeding to Victoria and
Vancouver and thence to Ocos Guate >
mala calling at various Central Ameri
can ports as far south as Puntas Ar
The colonial office letter says
It is likely thy will work to a great
I extent in conn etton with the Canadian Jfa
cHic railway and will tend to divert the
carrying of large quantities of South
American products which are now
shipped to various parts of the United I
States from San Francisco by th Can
I adian line
PAGE 1 Arthur Brown and Frank J
Cannon Elected as United States Sena
tors from Utah Interesting Proceed
ings in the Legislature Yesterday
Democrats Stand Firm for Rawlins and
ThatcherNo Menace IntendedFirst
Lord of the Admiralty on the Movements
ments of the Flying SquadronChaun
cey Depew Talks of Jingoism and the
Lawyers DutyEighteen Million Dol
lars to be CoinedEasy Victory
Byrnes Triumph and What It Means
At the Capital Senate Puts Aside
Finance and Foreign Affairs Manu
facturers National Convention to Meet
in New YorkBrief Telegrams
PAGE 2Awful Explosion at New
Haven ConnCharges of the Vilest
I Nature Made Against Missionaries In
China Fie at St Louis Causes the
Death of Five Firemen and a Total Loss
of OOOOO Brief Telegrams
PAGE 3More Cheerful Temper on Wall
StreetRio Grande Western Directors
Decline to Join the Western Passenger
Association Unless Concessions are
MadeBrief Locals and Telegrams
PAGE 4EditorIals Editorial Notes
Press CommentsNotables of the Day
PAGE 5The Legislature Little Routine
Business Transacted Women Cannot
Act as JurorsState Mine Inspector
George Ames of San Francisco Tells
About the American Battle Ships Being
Built at the Golden Gate He is Stay
ing at the KnutsfordBrief Locals
PAGE Business Mining and Stocks
Yesterdays Trading on Change
Good Reports from all the Camps
I The Mercur Ore Belt Extends Away
Beyond Grantsville
PAGE 7Neot from Nearby Towns
Park City Provo and Other Points of
Interest Ogden Occurrences
PAGE President Newell of the City
Council Appoints the Members of the
Various Committees Without Opposition
by the Council OMeara Alone Dissent
ingSpecial Appropriation of J31000 to
the Sewer Contractors Passed Over the
Mayors VetoFiremens Claims Pre
sented Aggregating JS751Good Work
of the Womans Home Protestlng
Against Elliotts Appointment Resolu
tion Looking to a Cut in Municipal Sal
aries ExCouncilman Cohn Nominated
for the Board of Police and Fire Com
missionersCases Argued Before the
Supreme CourtJudge Hiles Takes
Under Advisement the Motion for Re
cfiver for the Salt Lake Hardware Com
pany Mrs Woolsey Secures a Divoca
Some Indian Depredation Claims
Knocked OutGrand Jury Investigat
ing the FylerilcKone Adultery Case
Long List of Short Rulings by the Dis
trict Judges Town Talk Personals
Brief Locals

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