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Routine business was hurried through
with a sort of lethergoGallagher air
no special purpose being accomplished II
before the taking of the vote
Senator Jones name will go down in
history as belonging to the man who
Jo brought about the action by which
the first two senators from Utah were
chosen The hand on the dial of the
clock pointed to 22D when he arose
and in tones more measured than
usual moved that the senate do now
proceed to ballot for United States
senators I
The motion was agreed to all voting
in the affirmative and the roll was
about to be called when Allison asked I
Cor the reading of the resolution gov
erning the election This finished
Senator Snow who desired to make
the agony as short as possible moved
that all speeches made with a view of
placing names In nomination be limited
to five minutes each It died a bornin
as it were no one offering a second
Roll call then began Allisons name
was the first called He voted for
Frank J Cannon and Arthur Brown
Barnes being absent his vote was
S not recorded Had he been there he
would have cast his ballot for Raw I
lins and Thatcher Booth voted for
Cannon and Brown and then Hon R I
C Chambers had the honor of casting I
the first vote for the nominees of the
Democratic state convention Hon
Joseph L Rawlins and Hon Moses
Candland ChIdes tel and Driscoll fol
lowed for 1he Republicans Evans ex
jiressc < l a degree of pride and pleasure
at being able to vote for the choice
of the Democracy Jones McKay and
the two Millers not brothers no rela
tion voted for Cannon and Brown
McKay displayed a familiarity with
the patronymic of Brown which was a
lacking essential with the others He
voted for Frank J Cannon in com
monplace tones and Arthur Cameron
Brown with emphasis and rising in
flection Glen Miller cast his votes for
Frank J Cannon and Hon Arthur
Brown rolling the title of the latter
under his tongue as a rich morsel one
long to be enjoyed Warner Warrum
and Snow voted for Rawlins and
Thatcher Sutherland Zundel and Mr
President ccmpleting the list for the
majority candidates
The sigh of relief which emanated
from the bosoms of the Brown men on
the announcement of the vote 12 for
Cannon and Brown and 5 for Rawlins
and Thatcher was followed by a rush
for the chair of the Little Napoleon
who had been an interested spectator
All the Republicans began shaking
S hands with him in merry fashion the
chair meanwhile with a puzzled look
wondeiing whether it was in order to
call them to order or not
Senator Warner with that keen per
ception enjoyed chiefly by Democrats
came to the relief of the presiding of
ficer with a motion for an informal re
cess of ten minutes which was carried
by the minority The members and
the audience then took turns in wring
er g the hand of the new senator and
informing him that they were more
than delighted at the result
Several ladies were present among
them Mrs Emeline B Wells and Mrs
Margaret Caine
The handshaking ended the mem
S bers together with Frank J made a
rush for the hall of the house
Latfr in the session the engrossed
copy of the result of the vote and the
eortinVaio of the president of the sen
ate was read and signed in the pre
S sence of the members
Senator Brown did not appear in the
upper house
The house convened at the usual
hour and proceeded to the regular or
df r of businesS The speaker announced
that Hon John Henry Smith chair
man of the constitutional convention
was present and invited the gentleman
to a seat beside the speaker A few
matters of routine business were trans
acted before the hour for the taking
S the ballot arrived when as the clock
Indicated exactly 230 Robinson of
Kane arose and called the attention of
the speaker to the fact Speaker Den
ny announced
We are about to ballot for United
States senators and directed the clerk
to call the roll to ascertain if all the
members were present Not one was
absent from his seat when the result
was announced and the speaker in
structed the clerk to read the resolu
tion under which the election was to
be conducted The reading finished the
roll call on election was ordered The
ir > ost absolute silence prevailed as the
first name was called that of Repre
sentative Andrus of Washington
The gentleman who had the honor of
4 casting the first ballot for a United
States senator in Utah arose in his
s ° at and sad
I wish to name two gentlemen for
United States senators than whom no
citizens of the state are better qualified
b fled to ably represent us in the United
States senate I name Hon Joseph L
Rawlins and Moses Thatcher
Hearty applause greeted the an
nouncement of the gentlemans choice
and the roll call progressed with ap
plause from the Republican side when
Beard of Summit whose name was
next called cast the first vote
for Messrs Brown and Can
S non rhen the roll call contin
ued quietly the speaker checking
5 any further demonstration When the
name of Gibson the staunch Uintah
county Democrat was reached he de
sired to pay a tribute to the esteem in
which he held the gentlemen for whom
he proposed to cast his vote He had
t hardly commenced to extoll the vir
hariy commence
tues of Messrs Rawlins and Thatcher
however when the speaker demanded
gruffly Cast you vote but the man
who had seen service in the Black
Hawk India wars was not to be
daunted by a notuptotheordinary
presiding officer of a legislate body
and continued to the end of what he
had to say naming then the gentlemen
who were his choice From that on
the balloting was angular in its plain
ordinariness each member quietly ris
C ing and naming those for whom he
wished his vote to be recorded
There was one other little incident
Chinaware Crockery
Great A1llill Importn Tea Gos
245 aiiilu Street Salt Lake City Utah
We operate 10 stores and agencies
Write for price list
worthy of note When Harry Cushing
voted for Frank J Cannon and Judge I
Bennett hiss arose that was audible
through the house but that gentleman
showed his critics that he had the
courage of his convictions and how
little he cared for the opinion of the
spectators by leaving his seat to shake
hands with Morrill the only other
member who refused to abide by the
caucus Morrill cast his vote for
Frank J Cannon and Judge C C
Goodwin I was not difficult to de
termine who were the first and second
choices of the electors I was plainly
discerned In the manner in which they
r cast their ballots As each name was
called the gentleman would rise and in
declaring himself would name his
favorite first
When the balloting was finished the
result was announced as follows after
a wild cheer had subsided
Frank J Cannon 31
Arthur Brown 29
Joseph L Rawlins 1
Moses Thatcher 14
C W Bennett 1
C C Goodwin t 1
The speaker declared that Messrs
Cannon and Brown had received a ma
jority of all the votes of the house
Another hearty demonstration was in
dulged in after which Bolitho of Sevier
moved the appointment of a committee
of three to escort the favored ones be
fore the house I was suggested that
the sergeantatarms be added to the
committee t compel attendance but
the speaker laconically remarked that
he didnt think any compulsion would
be necessary He appointed Messrs
Bolitho and Critchlow from the Re
publican side and aid > an unusual
courtesy to the Democrats by making
Nebeker of Rich the third member of
the committee
I I was not necessary for the com
mittee to go for Mr Cannon a he was
already in the room but some minutes
elapsed before Mr Brown arrived dur
ing which an informal recess was
taken In the meantime Mr Cannon
was invited to the platform and intro
duced to the gathering The hearty
I applause which greeted both himself
and Mr Brown when he came later
I must have been gratifying to their
souls for it was only measured > by
the capacity of the room the
I capacity of the lungs to cheer and the
hands to applaud Mr Cannon bowed
for some minutes in recognition cif the
I reception accorded him then took a
seat beside the speaker and a moment
later in his colleague to be was ushered
Mr Brown was greeted with deafen
ing applause the moment his face ap
peared in the
doorway He was es
corted to the platform where he shook
hands with his newly formed col
league white Chairman Bolitho in
formed the speaker that the committee
had discharged its duty and the mem
bers received their discharge Speaker
I Denny addressing the house then
said Gentlemen I have the pleasure
of introducing to you Mr Arthur
Brovji ore of tlc first United StUes
senators of Utah
Mr Brown stood and bowed while
his friends once more demonstrated
the satisfaction they felt Then in
his forceful style he said
Mr Speaker and gentlemen of the
house of representatives of this state
of Utah I come at your request to
return to you my heartfelt thanks for
I the great honor that you have con
ferred upon me by today passing a
vote of a majority of your members
to elect me to the office of senator of
the United States
In doing this I remember also the
great responsibilities that this office
brings to me and I undertake the of
lice even as I address you with fear
and trembling I know that before me
lies a path of difficulty and duty I
know that you have placed your stand
ard high and that you demand of me
its performance I may fail in it I
may be unequal to the task but my
friends I shall be trying to serve you
whatever I do Applause I have
lived here among you long enough to
feel and I thnk I know the needs and
the demands of this state You will
want somebody there who will demand I
the rights of the people of Utah and
the people of the west I may not be
able to accomplish it but I shall al
ways remember those things which I
know you are cherishing most in your
I shall try to remember at all times
and on all occasions the great need of
the west to
make that which we pro
duce here the life blood of the nation
Applause Not merely by one act
not merely by one outburst not merely
by demanding that some particular
pet bill be passed but I shall remem
ber at all times and on all occasions
in season and out of season that it will
be my duty to do all I can to advance
the relative price of silver applause
until finally the great goal is reached
which the nation really demands
which the west alone is today voicing
but which is for the good of us all
the passage of such legislation as shall
make the free coinage of silver possi
ble at a ratio of 16 to 1 This is a
thing of course which is first in the
hearts of all western people because
it will do good to the west and to the
nation alike But I shall not forget
either the other needs to this state and
this nation I shall not forget her wool
the tariff on wool 1 shall try to serve
I was born a Henry Clay Whig and
as long as I live my motto will always
be the highest possible protection that
Is practicable Applause I shall
try to serve you by trying to increase
the tariff on wool I shall try to serve
you by trying to increase the tariff
on lead that other great industry of
ours and such other things as may be
needed in this country
Gentlemen you say this fight shall
be on national issues I dont want to
forget the home needs the state of
Utah is demanding There are many
that I cannot remember today that
you will remind me of by letter and
resolution but there are a few things
that I shall try to bear in mind of
I which there has not been much said in
the campaign that we have passed
through Either the personal cam
pdt or the campaign between the
parties But I shall not forget that
one of them is the duty of the Utah i
senator to see that a wrong I
is righted I shall not forget I
to see that i is the duty of both our
senators and I believe my colleague
will concur with me to see that the
property that was wrongfully taken
from one part of this people is restored
to them Applause
T shall not forget the need of this
great city for public buildings or the
need of the other great city to the
north for a government building Ap
plause I trust there will never be
any jealousy between Ogden and Salt
Lake There ought not to be for both
are deserving of a great deal
I believe I have nothing further to
say to you except to thank you collec
tively and individually for the kind and
generous work that you have done and
the favor that you have shown me I
dont wish it to be forgotten by myself
or by my friends that I am keeping
warm in my heart the friendship
which has been shown in this contro
versy that has elected me and keep
Ing warm there those who stood by me
through thick and thin through ca
lumny and attack under all circum
stances I thank them now and I shall
thank them foreyer And In thanking
you gentlemen I believe you have ex
pressed the public sentiment in this
state a well as elsewhere and while
there has been personalities in this
controversy as there always must he
I am proud that they have passed by
with S little dissent as has occurred
on this occasion Gentlemen of the
legislature I thank you again for the I
office and honor you have conferred
upon me
Mr Brown retired amid another
great outburst and Speaker Denny in
troduced the second senator Mr Can
non was also warmly received affr
which he said
Citizens of Utah for what you have
conferred I thank you I is beyond
my present deserving tout I hope not
beyond my future deserving Some one
has said there comes a time when des
tiny is hanging on one human will
With you that time is now almost with
all the world that time is now because
your action today changes the complex
ion changes the power of the highest
legislative body in the greatest nation
under the sun Applause
When you voted today you voted to
make men free in all the world not
only in the United States but every
where Utah has always made his
tory I has been a territory of emer
gencies a people of power a race
which knew how to meet the exigencies
of every time and she is called into a
national being and into authority at I
a supreme moment in the affairs of I
the nation when patriotism is needed
Tremendous applause
The gravest questions of these times
are our questions and have been dis
tinctly so What is the need of the
world today The need is to do away
with pauperism with the tears the
unnecessary tears of human sorrow in
duced by human deprivation
Out of the lessons ot her wonderful
pat even little Utah can teach the
world how to live without poorhouses
and without paupers for she knows
A perfect thunder of applause came
in reronso to the last remark after
which the speaker continued
Today she holds in her hand the
sword with which she carved for her
self as great a monument as stands
to any state in the Union To the ex
tent cf their authority let her reore
sentatives vote as honestly as reureI
ly as courageously and as untaintedly
as the legislature has voted today
The speaker knew how to play on Tile
feelings of his hearers His last words
touched the resnonsive chord so deft
Iv that it was some minutes before he
could proceed because of a perfect 1u
muit of approbation Continuing he
said S
Not a blemish on her monument
There it stands square white majes
tic for all the world to see This is
not said in any oersonal sense Mr
Brown and Mr Cannon are free citi
zens with you of the land we love
and though you could give a higher
title to us than senator you could not
bestow anything so dear as that name
free citizen of the state of Utah
Mv friends of course we go pledged
to silver Why should not we as ours is
only the part to sneak There is not a
pick thrust into these hills but that
helps to make men free I our con
stituents can work cant we vote
We will try to vote the way they work
not only in behalf of that great indus
try which is not for the west alone
but for the worldthe protection of
silver and its maintenance as a
metal that longer
money men may no lonler
endure unjust servitude to an unjust
taskmaster but in favor of every in
dustrial policy of this land for the men
who herd the sheep on the lonely hillsides
sides the men who till the farms the
men who work in orchards
the men engaged in the factories
and who will be employed when
justice comes in behalf of all of them
You have intrusted an authority to
your representatives which I believe
inspired by you they will use wisely
I have only one thing further to
say and that is to thank God with
you that this day ha come for you
a day which repays us for all the suf
ferings of all who went before and I
hope the courage that has animated
us in the past may animate us in the
future that they who suffered and
they who died that they who trod
the wilderness with bleeding feet and
they who made Utah strong in the
midst of her suffering may not have
toiled and died in vain but that all
her future may be as magnificent as
her peaks and her history as pure
as her eternal snows
The house and the spectators once
more indulged in a prolonged demon
stration of approval After it had sub
sided the speaker called the house to
order and Dr Condon moved a recess
of fifteen minutes which had no more
than carried however before the house
was again called to order and a mo
tion to adjourn was made and
carried The new United States
senators held levee for a few
minutes while their supporters friends
and admirers shook them by the hand
and congratulated them Gradually the
crcwd filtered away the two people of
Interest took their departure and the
hall of representatives was soon after
deserted except for a few members
more conscientious than tf e others
who remained to write to their con
stituents and the employees who
busied themselves in preparing for the
joint session today Thus ended the
first United States senatorial election
in the new state of Utah
Frank J Cannon is a son of George
Q Cannon and was born in this city
in January 1S5S He attended the
university graduating in 187S at the
age of 20 He learned the printing
business and was at one time the
editor of the Ogden Standard He was
a delegate to the Republican national
convention in 1892 and ha twice ran
for congressional delegate from Utah
being defeated the first time 1892 by
Hon J L Rawlins Last fall he was Ii
successful His term expired when
Utah was admitted
Arthur Brown was born in Michigan
in 1843 He came west in 1879 settling
in this city He is a leading member
of the bar and is a partner of Judge
Henderson Mr Brown acquired his
education at Antioch college Ohio
and his learning in the law at Ann
Arbor He is an uncompromising Ke
publican and has worked for the inter
ests elf that party in Utah for many
years being an advocate of division
before many of those who yesterday
selected him for the high office of
senator He favors the free coinage of
silver at the ratio of 16 to 1
The campaign which has closed with
the selection of Frank J Cannon and
Arthur Brown a the first senators to
represent the new state of Utah open
ed last spring Since that time i ha
been fought with vigor As soon as it
was settled that Utah should come
into the union a a state candidates
were announced by their friends
Judge Goodwin Colonel Trtimbo
Arthur Brown Prank J Cannon and
Judge Bennett were the leading candi
dates at the opening of the battle
The first feature of the contest
worthy of mention was the Tribunes
appeal for a square deal which it
ha apparently received This cry was
continued for a long time the demands
being couched in various forms but
with the same object
Brown and Bennett were in the field
as stated at an early date Both have
made an open fight and the friends of
each have exerted all theiremereies in
their behalf Colonel Trumbo was ad
vised that these two were about equal
in strength and played a a com
promise candidate in the event of a
tie up holding that position to the end
The opportunity he looked for never
Late in the season the name of
George Q Cannon was put forward
and for a time he had a heavy support
at the hands off several members of the
party He finally announced he was
not a candidate which cleared matters
up a regards the chances of his son
Frank C S Varlan was urged for
the place by his admirers at one time
in the capacity of an independent
candidate representing no tliques or
combinations Had the election gone
on to a open fight there is no predic
ting how i would have ended The
caucus manipulated a i was settled
i and the result the people know
Condition of Affairs on Wall
Street Yesterday
BomI Market Operations on n De
creased Scale Governments De
ciiletlly Lower in the nil Quota
tions Especially Ftor the New
Coupon 4s Western Live Stock
Quotations Silver and Lend Quiet
Withdrawals of Gold on Satur
S day Will Probably Be Nominal
NEW YORK Jan 21A more cheerful
temper prevailed in Wall street today and
the record was reflected in spasmodic
bursts of comparative strength and ani
mation in the stock speculation The im
provement was not uniform however as
the more confident tone was based upon
expectation of a continued easy condition
of the money market and the belief that
the withdrawals of gold for shipment on
Saturday will be a nominal amount The
impression that the proposed Monroe doc
trine resolution of Senator Davis would be
either postponed or defeated caused a
feeling of relief in financial circles which
may or may not have been justified
Considerable favorable significance was
also attached to an announcement that
an English corporation would subscribe
to 5 WOO of the new issue of bonds
The market opened firm and advanced
to the extent of 1 per cent were soon re
corded in some instances The improve
ment was checked soon after the end of
the first hour when a slight reaction oc
curred The upward movement was soon
resumed however and at the top figures
gains were scored of 11 per cent in
Late in the day an attack was made on
the industrials and material declines were
effected in that class The railroad stocks
also sagged but the losses in them were
only fractional Sugar fell 1VL on tumors
of impending measures in the New Jer
sey legislature to forfeit the charters of
the company Western Union was press
ed for sale to a comparatively large ex
tent despite denials by leading officials
of the unfavorable rumors in circulation
regarding the property The market
closed quiet and steady with slight gains
general in the railroad list
The bond market operators were on a
decreased scale the total dealings ag
gregating only 976000 Prices were firm
Governments were decidedly lower in
the bid quotations especially for the new
coupon 4s which ruled I1 per cent off
No transactions wore made at the board
but comparatively large transactions were
closed over the counter
Government bonds weak and lower
new four coupon donw 1l per cent
State bonds dull
Railroad bonds firm
Money on call easy at 31 por cent
last loan 3 per cent closed 3 per cent
Prime mercantile paper 63 per cent
Posted rates 4SSVg4S9 and 490
Sterling exchange steady with actual
business in bankers billsat 4S94SflVJ for
demand and 4871SS for sixty days
Commercial bills 4SG
Silver certificates 67 4G7
Washington Jan 21 Todays statement
of the condition of the treasury shows an
available cash balance of 177545693
Gold reserve 5321370
Gold bars to the amount of Sl600000
have been ordered at the assay office for
shipment on account of the shipments
to go tomorrow
Boston Jan 21The sales of wool are
quiet but prices are maintained The
fleece wools maintain a Strong tone Ter
ritory vools are quiet and Australian
wool has met a steady demand Mon
tana fine medium and fine 1114 scoured
price 3SJ3S Utah Wyoming etc fine
medium and line 1013 scoured price
California wools Northern spring Un
lii scoured price 3336 middle county
spring 1113 scoured price 3233 I
New York Jan 21 FLOUR Receipts
32900 exports 25500 barrels More active
and generally steady with winter wheat
brands held firmly City mill patents 410
435 winter patents 365TD375
WHEAT Exports 22COO spot firm No
2 red 7Hfc No1 hard 72J4
Options opened easier under foreign
selling and scalping sales rallied on
clearances good outside bidding and cov
erings but was weakened later by lower
cables and general liquidation closing
heavy at Jh R net loss No2 red January
fifl A 1 closed 697 May CSigsg closed
WOOL Steady
PETROLEUM Quiet United closed 140
bid COFFEE Options opened barely steady
at 510 points decline closed steady at
510 points net decline sales 12750 bags
January 1330 March 3310 Spot coffee
dull No7 1 Mild dull Cordova 1718
SUGARRaw lirm refined dull
COPPERDul brokers price 9S7 ½ ex
change 9759S5
LEAD Steady brokers price 290 ex
change 300J1305
TINSteady straits 13051310 plates
Il kudMc ruturwa wern ia ronVf <
WHJiAT 1 No s
I Open J High iow lt
Jan 591 59 ½ 58l 58
Feb 5951k CO r9fe 591A
May 61 621 61 61A
July G I62h 61 61
ilnNNn 5
i Open i High i low Uio
Jan I 26
May 29U 1 29 j 29 291
July 130 30 30 30
Sept 3Hs 311 31 31
< V1lNo 3
i Open I High I Low I C10A
Jan 1 1 17
Feb 18 18 18 18
May 20 201h 20 201
July 20l 20 120 8 20
MKSS 1ORK Per barrel
i Open Hln I I > Io l ii I iofl
Jan 11057 1 G J10201022
May 10S7 f 11095 11060 1627
TAHO Her ill Ibn
I Open I Hsrn I fA t
an 577 585 572 572
lay 157 612 600 60
Juiy615 620 61 612
SHORT RIBS Por 100 His
tOper I I 111gb i Low I CiOUM
Jan 515 520 505 I 507
May 540 545 530 l5071h I
July 552 S55 547Lfi47
Cash quotations were as follows
WHEATSpring No2 581 No 3
spring 5859Vi No 2 red 6363 4
CORNNo2 26
OATS o 2 18 No2 white 202
No3 white 1920Vi
RYE No 2 3
BARLEYNo 2 nominal No3 f o
b 2438 No4 f O b 2326
TIMOTHY Prime seed 365
MESS PORKPer barrel 10271037
LARD Per 100 pounds 10271037
SHORT RIBS Sides loose 05510
SHOULDERS Dry salted boxed 475fi1
WHISKY Distillers finished goods per
gallon 122
Article I RII I nlp
Flour bbbls 11000 12000
Wheat bush 29000 77000
Corn bush 29000 Jo
Corn bush465000135000
Oats bush 399000 152 OCO
Rye bush 5000 500
50 50
Barley bush 710001 35000
On the produce exchange today thebut
ter market was steady dairy X t
fi16 creamery 1419 Eggs steady fresh 15
San Francisco Jan 2L WHEAT
stronger Dec 113 May 11 Cleared
152225 centals wheat
New York Jon 21
Bulger IP Ontario 0 00
Chollar Onhir 12
Crown Point 20 Plynroum 2tf
O C Va 2 55 Quicksilver 2 10
Deadwood 60 IQ Preferred 1550 I
G cl aO Sierra Nevada JO
B N 1C Standard I 6 I
HomestaUe 2j 01 u Union Con 30 I
Iron Silver 25 Yellow Jacket JO
Mexican 51 I
San britaclseo Jan 21 The official closing
quotations lor ininlni stocks today were as
Alta f6 ICentuok Con 05 I
Apha Con i Lady Washington I
Andesn HI MecCJ W
Uelcher u 26 Mono n n O I I
Belle Isle Mount Diablo
R t B 86 Occidental Con f
Bcdle Con lu Ophir I 40
Bunion iT I Overman 18
Culwer Con 13 Potosi 55
Calaionla it Savage 8
Challenge Con 36 Scorpion 0
CnoIIar 6i Sierra Nevada 93
Confidence I CO Silver Hill p
C C Va i 40 Silver King 20
Con Imperial Union Con H
Con New YorU Utah Con 06
Crown Point 2I Yelow JucUot 46
Exchequer m I Silver bars C K
Uould Curry 4 Mexicandol 53ati5i u
HN l IC Drafts sight Par
Julia Drafts telegraph Par
Jew Vorlc Jan 21
U S4s regnewlii i ID ltGis ill
Kew4bnow coaplt6 ID RG 43 iT
i S fares illVN1CentGonlSs 111
U S5s coup M3 NorPaolsts H4if
U F4sres 1tS4 1 Nor Pae Ida 101
U S Jscoup I1 1 9 N W Consols 140
17 SSsresr t NW P F deb 581 ItS
Pacific Ceo 051011 R G W lets 7
Missouri fis 10 St P Console 7a 125H
AtchIson 4s n Uo C P VV 5s ill
Ditto Second A 2lt StLcS F rMfldsIO V
Canada So mis 114 U P latsof 90 dSIOV i
C Pac Istsof 95ICIO
Now York Jan 21
Atchison i4L4 r Northern Pac 03
AclamM Eprcss45 Preferred jy
Am ExpreJsnu11 UfDacj 3
B 0 58 North western 97j
Canada Pac 53 Preferred H4
Canada Sou h 18 N Y Central fdi
Central Pius 18UK Ore Imp 2s
Ches O HV OreNav 13
Chicago Alton 153K OreS L U N f
C B A Q 3K Pittsburg 153
Chicago Gas Y Pullman Palace 1EO
Con Gas 144 Ifeading B
Colo C I on C3 H G W I3
1LW 32 Preferred 13
D II G pref iS Rock Island C4K
bCi Co iSle StlnuLu 04 I
ilrie 1 PcCerredI 1 6
Preferred 25 St P O 1H t
Fort Wayne leo Preferredlii
Great lor prefiio I Southern Pac i 9J
Illinois Central 14y Sugar RetnerJI V0
LaireShore141 Union Pad 3Y
Lead Trust 23 U 5 Kxpreaa 38
Man Con 99 Wells Fargo Ex 95
Mioh Cen 53 Western Union 624
Missouri Pac 24 DHQ Ji
NS Cordage UGh GenElco 2i
Preferred U9 y Col Fuel l 26
N Central 971 PreferredlrO
North Am Co vi
Chicago Jan 21 CATTLE There was
a fair Tuesday market the general de
mand being good while the light sup
ply prevented any decline in prices for
natives Export steers sold at 400W450
and a good many dressed beef cattle are
going at 375305 Cows 90S325 calves
HOGS Common to prime grades 390
SHEEPThe light supply served to
cause a Stronger feeling Common to
choice native sheep 250300 western
320375 lambs 350475
Kansas City Jan 21 CATTLE Re
ceipts 6000 shipments 1400 Market
steady to strong beef steers 325423
natives cows 150320 stockers and feed
ers 240370 bulls 150390
HOGS Receipts 14400 shipments 300
Bulk of sales 390400 heavies 350I
400 lights 3SO389 pigs 375390
SHEEP Receipts 1600 shipments
2000 Market steady lambs 390440
mutton 2502CO
Omaha Jan 21CATTLEReceipts
1500 Market steady native beef steers
225S14nO western steers 275360 cows
and heifers 240 325 stockers and feed
ers 2SOS370 calves 3003320
HOGSReceipts 6400 Market 5c
higher closed easier heavy 395O400
mixed 3SW5397 lights 390430 bulk of II
sales 32544100
SHEEPReceipts 250 Market strong
and active fair to choice natives 2500 >
350 fair to choice westerns 225325
common and stock sheep 200300
New York Jan 2 The Evening Posts
London financial cablegram This was the
Idlest day the stpck market ha known
for months The tone va rather dull
until the close when Inquiry in Americans
on support from New York infused a lan
guid interest into the other markets
Conditions are entirely in favor of great
activity in the stock markets but the
political situation is so uncertain that
bear and bull operators alike are afraid
to act Kaffirs were dull Brazils were 1
i fat on the Trinidad question
The Paris bourse has been dull but
closed firm Berlin was dull
Liverpool Jan 21 WHEAT Spot firm
demand moderate No 2 red winter as
6d No2 red spring stocks exhausted
No1 hard Manitoba 5s ad No1 Cali
fornia 55 7d Futures opened firm closed
quiet lAdJhd higher January 5s 5d
February 5s 6d March 5s Gd April
155 6d May 5s 6d June 5s 6d
Busied with the body politic
writes an Arkansas editor I neglected
my own till malaria swamped me al
ternately chilling and consuming I
had more headaches than a barrel of
Jersey lightning An old medical friend
advised Dr Pierces Golden Medical
Discovery and it cured me Then there
was a ratification meeting up at our
house resolutions of thanks to Dr
Pierce and my medical friend were
unanimously adopted Both of them
can always have best position in this
paper next to reading matter The
medicine cures and expels ague and
miasmatic diseases by rousing the tor
pid liver to activity I purifies the
lver surely and certainly that
once used it is always in favor
Following is the programme for the
concert to be given by the Sixteenth
infantry band at 730 this evening
Star Spangled Banner
Overture Mons ChoufieuiOf embach
Selection Freischuetz C jf V Weber
Waltz MississIppi Waves Godfrey
Medley Plantation Echoes Ross
Gavotte Martha Washington
The Jolly Coppersmith Peter
Hair Columbia
Dr Prices Cream Baking Powder
Avsrdid Gold Med Midwinter Fair Sac Francisco
Denver News The Rio Grande
Western will do a large amount o
construction work in Utah this year
and extend its Thistle branch to Marys
vale a distance of fortyfour miles
The surveyors are already at work
and the material on hand
Value 10 for 345 at F Auerbach
Bros I
ST LOUIS Jan 21W H Winstock
formerly cashier of the Exchange bank
of Sturgeon Boone county Mo wag
arrested yesterday at Judge
Dolphs druge store where he was em
ployed a clerk on a capias charging
him with embezzling 3500 Winstock
was indicted last November but Judge
Hockaday of the Boone county cir
cuit court did not issue the capias
until three days ago The prisoner
who was taken to Columbia the coun
ty seat of Boone county said that he
never drank or gambled and that the
money went to pay his living ex
penses He said he was only paid 9000
a year salary and out of that he had
to hire a clerk
COLUMBUS 0 Jan 21The first
decision in Ohio in the lower courts on
the Hard law which taxes foreign cor
porations doing business in Ohio one
tenth of one per cent on their capital
stock is that the law is constitutional
So decided Judge Pugh yesterday
Wife Heres an account of a man
who shot himself rather than suffer
the pangs of indigestion Husband
The fool Why didnt he take De
Witts Little Early Risers I used to
suffer as bad as he did before I com
menced taking these little pills For
sale by all druggists NeldenJudson
wholesale dealers
Another Meeting Slay He Held To
day Tlie Utah Road Demands
Concessions What the EL A I
CHICAGO Jan 21The meeting of the
western lines called for the purpose of
considering the settlement of the Colorado
trouble adjourned this noon and may
meet again tomorrow No agreement was
reached today and the other roads were
not able to bring the Rio Grande Western
Into the association I will probably
come in after a time but it demands con
cessions the other lines are not willing
to grant The aforesaid concessions are
announced to be of no public interest
The western roads are not prepared to
accede to the demands of Commander
Walker of the G A R regarding the
extension of tickets of the annual encampment
o annua
campment They say to give these tickets
a thirty day final return limit as demand
ed by Commander Walker will open the
door wide for all sorts of demoralization
and this they are very anxious to avoid
There i a general feeling among tho
roads that the executive committee of
the G A R will not back up the com
mander in the stand he ha taken
A Trump Card
MINNEAPOLIS Jan 21The local
Knights of Pythias played a trump
card today in their game for a centa
mile for the national encampment
next summer by the announcement
that the Soo line and Its connections
had agreed to grant that muchwanted
rate Inasmuch as this means a cent
amile rate not only In the territory
of the Soo and the Canadian Pacific
but from Boston New York Deitrolt
Buffalo and other competitive points
the committee feels sure that the
Western Passenger association which
has heretofore refused the rate will
be compelled to grant i The Pythiana
contend that a the rate had been
granted the G A R encampment at
St Paul the week following they ware
entitled to the same privilege De
velopments will now tbe eagerly
I is understood that the St Paul i
Duluth and the Grand Rapids In
diana will join in the centamile rate
thus tapping all western business as
well as the territory to the east of
The Central Passenger association 1
believed sired rate to be ready to grant the de
uSaved My life
Several years ago while i Fort
Snelling Minn I caught a severe
cold attended with a terrible cough
that allowed me no rest day or
night The doctors after exhaust
ing their remedies pronounced my
4i case hopeless say
ing they could do no
ty more for me At
this time a bottle of
I o Cherry Pectoral was
4l sent to me by a
I friend who urged
lc C me to take it which
I i did and soon after I was greatly
relieved and in a short time was
completely cured I have never had
much of a cough since that time
and I firmly believe Ayers Cherry
Pectoral saved my life W H
WARD 8 Quimby Av Lowell Mass
Cherry Pectoral
Highest Awards at Words Pair
AVERS PILLS cure Indigestion and Headache
Herald nap Calendar
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= 5 S s 896
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g S S Ii
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EE I l R
= = t 1
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= S Y
= f =
= S S
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= Y J
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= S assj t
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= S Git
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= 1 ro S S A
= S i
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= S Ii i =
E K I 5 = i
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