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Most Intense Agitation Reigns
Throughout the Whole
of Italy
The Wreck of the Army in Aby
zinnia in the Mountains
VarMilt By onrly 1OOOOO Abysliint
Jins Threatens TheIr Total Dc
Mr notion Tho Drcilmml Practi
cally Abandoned and I Recant
S Antone thc lowers Talked Of
Italian Army Reserve of 80000
Called Out Amidst Intense Pop
time Indignation
ROA1U March 5The excitement
Unoughout Italy cued by the defeat of
Gciicr Karatieri at Adowa on Saturday
last hy the Abyssfnians with the loss of
irom U to 1UIWO men killed and wound
ed according to generally credited re
ports shows little slRn oC abatement I
is true however that the disturbance
iaused by the news ol the great disaster
and the constant display of indignation
against the government has been greatly
Increased hy tIle calling out of the army
reserves of the class or 1S72 which calls
WnQ > additional men Into active sCiC
2 The great majority or these reserves are
married men whose families will thus
lie deprived or their chief or only support
lor an indeIl lIe period Thus at Milan
and other places serious rioting has oc
curled when the reserves were preparing
to obey orders and in many cases they
have been prevented by force Women
1 and children lea the agitation Railroad
cars have been demolished rails torn
have hen demolshed rais up
and telegraph wires cut and the police
hate been beaten and
The soldiers have been attacked the
I > a > one4s have ben freely used and men
sum women frenziedMth wrath have
thrown themselves on the naked steel t of
The troops large numbers ot arrests
have been made the troops everywhere
are either contired to barracks t occu
e liylnp the streets and night has been
C turned into day by torchlight processions
JnillpndUon meetings rJotous demonstrations
tions in public squares and in front o
man ot the government buildings This
S is summary of what has occurred in a
greater or lesser degree at ian Flor
4 ence TurIn Como lerrera Bologna Lo
di Verona Parma Kcrprarino Naples
IJrebia Venice Hnzara Palermo Cremon
I Catania and almost any other town men
z The agitation has been snread to the
country districts and trom all ides comes
accounts 01 rioting and indignant pro
Test ot bitter denunciation and loud cries
for vengeance upon those who have been
responsible for the terrible reverse to the
Italian armies
The report that General Baratieri had
< ommltt suicide turns out to he in
correct hut it would seem as if that
would have been the best thins he could
flo under the circumstances for if the
darker and darker reports which are
reaching Home irom Massowah are sub
r stantiated lie will have great ditticulty
I in escaping capital sentence on his trial
T > y court martial I is said among other
things that he deserted the troops while
the latter wore lighting gallantly against
overwhelming numbers ot Hhoans and
that ho lied to a spot one hundred kilo
jnetres irom toe scene ot the massacre
for that seems to be the proper term for
the rout of Italys troops without know
ing or apparently caring what became of
Generals > Dahormida nnd Arhnondi whose
columns have never since been heard from
S so lar as can be ascertained here The
column of troops commanded by General I
Albertone also appears to have been
crushed and that olticer is still missing
Many members of the chamber of depu
ties were prepared to mae inflammatory
S speeches at the sitting today and there
lb much complaint among them growing
< out ot their disappointment on this score
at the abrupt and summary manner in
nhlch an adjournment was had The gov
ernment seems to have taken the cham
ber by surprise with this movement
Even the Marquis di Kudini the expre
inlet tne leader of the opposition and
who i is generally believed has been
asked by King Humbert to torm another
iabSnet and assume the heavy responsi
bility of the present disorganized state of
affairs d irE to he heard by the cham
Iw and was unceremoniously cut oiT Tlie
jiarty of lie Left had even given notice
of a motion 1o impeach the cabinet and
are in a nigh state of Indignation at hav
ing the present minister In disputed con
f trol pending the formation of the new
government After the sitting had been
adjourned and r l < wrangling which sub
l sequently broke out among the deputies
u the lobbies had conic to an end a
Jiundred and fifty of the depute held a
I meeting at which Signor YUa president
ot the chamber of deputies explained that
they were actuated In thus adjourning
and cutting off debate by a desire to
which might further imperil the welfare
ofr e ountry As it was the depute
had expressed the indignation of the
country with the policy ot the government
Him as assurances were given of a chance
t of ministry this was thought insullicient
Signer Bolo declared the situation in the
I northern part of Italy u a result of
tho indignation over the African cam
paign and the resulting fiasco was men
acing in the extreme and that a rising of
The people was threatened in Naples
Slgnor Villa promised to convey to King
Humbert the desire expressed by the
meeting that the cabinet should be set
j tled a speedily as possible by the for
mation of a new ministry A large num
ber of senators also held a meeting and
adopted a resolution expressing their con
fidence In the crown and its ability short
ly to find a solution ol the crisis The
motion to impeach the cabinet which the
members of the Left gave notice of
their intention to propose was as fol
lows =
lowsThe clamber of deputies hoping that
the people jrith calmness and energy wU
know how to do justice t all the guilty
parties In the African enterprises decide
to recall the troops now in Africa aal
upoi the impeachment of the ministry
t Hefore Premier Crisp made his an
nouncement to the chamber of deputies
each of the ministers on arriving in the
House was loudly hooted and the opposi
i tion leaders were as energetically cheered
urlng the uproar the premier vas as
cool n It nothing was happening and
bowed Ironically on 1 sides while the
Leftist were Hooting him Eventually
thA people in the galleries became so ex
cited and toolt such a active part in the
demonstration that the police cleared that
part of the house But this was only ac
e complished with a great deal of difficulty
Several arrests were made and there were
a number of encounters between the P j
pie in the gallery and the police the for I j
mer hooting and yelling a they were
driven out I
Later several thousand people met on
the piazza Colonna and after listening to
I a number of fiery orations during which
the African policy of the government was
I strongly denounced the police and the
I troops Interfered and the mob was dispersed
j After the adjournment of the deputies
a majority of the members remained in
I the lobbies quarreling violently and In
I several instances almost coming to blows
After the neighborhood of the chamber
ot deputies had been cleared by the po
I nce and troops large crowds of people
marched through the streets headed by
I the Leftist deputies shouting Down
with th government Down with Cris
phi and other violent cries The police
made an attempt to disperse them and
much disorder followed
The Oplnione mentions among those
who will possibly be intrusted with the
formation of a new cabinet the names of
the Marquis dl liudini Signer Saracco and
General Klcottl
I The JoUTnal however believes thatthe
Icing will select the Marquis di Rudini
who will form a ministry In connection
with Signer Brein an exmember
Th 5 Tribuna thinks General Ricotti will
be chosen the Marquis di Rudini cooper
ating There seems to be no cessation
and no amelioration of the agitation and
disorders among the people notwithstand
ing the less disastrous character of later
reports of the battle of Adowa The agi
I tation this evening Is a threatening as
over and during the course of the evening
the rioters smashed numerous windows
I Excited crowds are parading the streets
and the police hava great difficulty in dis
persing them as is shown by the reports
of many conflicts that have occurred A
large number ot arrests have been made
The public apprehension of the trouble is
indicated by tho number of shops that
have closed for tear of the damage that
would result to them from an outbreak
Of disturbances The troops are also still
confined to their barracks The utmost
efforts of the police and soldies to dis
perse the mob which has had possesson
all day of the Plaza Corona In front of
the chamber of deputies have proven to
be futile up to 3 1 oclock tonight and at
that time the cries of derision and dis
approval ot the government of Premier
Crlspi and of the commanders in Africa
were still being kept up by the parading
I crowds A report round Currency for a
time that the missing brigade of General
I Dabormlda had in fact reached the headquarters
quarters of the Italian army In Africa
but the report was later ascertained to
be unfounded
Jlciiprer Details of the Massacre of
the Italian Army
NEW YORK March 5A special to
the Herald from Rome says
Details regarding the number of
those killed are still wanting in the
account of the dispersal of the Italian
troops at 3oa The Italians had
been short of supplies for eight days
A large number of officers desperate at
the defeat rushed on the enemy and
died fighting heroically The Atys
sinians taking advantage of the de
moralization of their opponents mas
sacred entire battalions making use
especially of their lances They cut off
the Italians in every direction Gen
eral Albertones brigade was surround
ed and annihilated
The onjnistry of war is overwhelmed
with inquiries from relatives of those
at the front The list of casualties will
not be made known for several days
The survivors of the battle are
pursued by the Abyssinians King
Menelik is now preparing to attack
The AricotbiRudini cabinet is al
most formed The king continues con
sulting with leading statesmen
The greatest difficulties are put in
the way of foreign journalists when
they seek to telegraph such meagre
news that has transpired Several dis
patches have been confiscated by the
I General Baratieris position is inex
plicable On February 29 he telegraphed
the Abyssinians occupied an impreg
nable position Nevertheless two days
later he advanced with 18000 men and
52 guns to the attack of 100000 troops
who were strongly entrenched The
Italian commander was evidently mis
j I j led by the information of his spies
who declared that Menelik was not
with his army as he had gone to Axum
to be crowned The whole Italian ar
tillery and transport column have fal
len ante > thc
A report received from General Bar
atieri proves that the Italians gave
in fact the
way at the first attackin fact
native contingent appeared to have
behaved better than the Italian troops
In General Albertines column the black
battalions fought bravely while the
white regiment broke and ran The of
ficers who made vain efforts to rally
their men were nearly all killed Gen
erals Dabormida Arimondi and Alber
tone and Colonel Gallino are among the
slain The artillery had not time to
come properly into action before the
I rush of Abyssinians overwhelmed the
Italian forces General Baratieri be
I fore risking battle consulted his gen
erals and they unanimously favored
taking the offensive The main body
of the Italian army is concentrated alt
Amara The rear guard consisting of
5000 men is at Addiccayo to cover the
line of retreat
General Merrini the minister of war
refuses to make any communication to
the press
Signor Rudini yesterday received a
dispatch from Massowah stating that
Several generals are said to have
I been taken prisoners The number of
those killed is much smaller than was
i originally reported
I An official dispatch from Erythrea
states that all is quiet there Menelik
is advancing toward Massowah All
I the transport vessels available are
concentrated at Naples in readiness to I
embark troops for Abyssinia
Dispatches to General Baldisseria
the newly appointed commander in
chief asking him to telegraph how
many men he wants have been sent
to the front
General Baratieri is to be deprived of
his command and called to Rome to
be tried by court martial
I At Havia a crowd of men women I
and children stormed the railway sta
I tion where a train filled with troops
bound for the seat of war was stand
I ing The soldiers were dragged from
the carriages and the rails were torn
up I required energetic action on the
part of the authorities to clear the
stationand restore order
At Naples the students of the city
to denounce the policy of the govern
ment At the conclusion of the meet
ing they proceeded headed by the dep
uty Signor Colsianni to the perfect
ure to express their indignation
An antiAfrican demonstration was
also indulged In at Palermo The po
lice interfered and sixteen arrests were
The students here held a meeting
today n the university in which Sig
nor Crisp the premier was burned in
effigy Crispl amid cries of Down with
As the doors had been clo < sed the
police were unable to intervene
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Insurgents Make a General
Advance With Substan
tial Gams
Makes Concentration by Spanish
Troops Impossible
While Their Detached Forces Are
Greatly Overwhelmed l > y Suddenly
Concentrated Attacks liy Insurg
ent Forces Capture ot a Fort
with Stores Petty Conflict Re
porteil in Various rlrt of the
NEW YORK March 5A special to
the Herald from Havana says
Nobody has paid much attention to
reports from the field as to operations
lately Washington and Madrid have
been the sole centers of interest Yet
within a few days Gomez and Maceo
have achieved another of their suc
cesses in the face of strong opposing
columns which have made the world
wonder how rt can be done
General Weyler evidently believing
he had driven them to their strong
hold in the everglades of Cienaga de
Seapala has been hurrying thousands
of troops into Santa Clara by land and
sea with one purpose of hemming his
enemy in at that point General Pan
do in command in Santa Clara only
awaited the arrival of those troops to
strike hard blows But Gomez and
Maceo having left in the everglades
hospitals all their wounded and ill
taken east from their raids in the
western provinces strengthened their
forces with new troops fresh from
Puerto Principe and San Diego and
then while the Spanish battalions were
en route to catch them they unexpec
tedly turned west again slipping past
i obstructions with only a few skir
Now Gomez is in the heart of Ma
tanzas and Maceo is once more almost
in the gates of the capital Trains have
been fired on just beyond the city on
the Mantanza road and Monday night
there was a sharp skirmish only three
miles beyond the suburb of Jesus del
Monte a little settlement to which Ha
vana horsecars and omnibuses make
regular trips There was no official
report of the affair given out
But Through the l l1 It May Be I
Seen lie Insurgents Make Gains
HAVANA March CaptainGen
eral Weyler visited the hospitals today
and expressed himself satisfied with
the manner in which the wounded and
sick were being cared for and with
the condition of ihe buildings
Up to date the insurgents have
burned thirteen villages and towns in
the province of Pinar del Rio Among
them are several important places in
cluding San Juan de Martinez In
addition they have burned many to
bacco houses and the extensive sugar
estate at Guacamaya
Carillo and Rojas the insurgent
leaders at the head of about 700 of
their followers recently attacked a I
company of Sicilia battalion and the
local guerilla force of San Andreas
near Holguin province of Santiago de
Cuba The soldiers made a brilliant
defense and repulsed the insurgents
with a loss of twentyfive killed The
enemy retired with many wounded
CaptainGeneral Weyler has Ftsued a
circular prohibiting the sale of petro
leum and other inflammable articles of
a like description in the villages of Cuba
and regulating their importation
Major Farrer in charge Of a detach
ment of troops guarding a provision
train bound from Santi Espiritus to
Pico Puerto province of Santa Clara
has repulsed an insurgent attack
Four insurgents were killed and the
troops lost six men
The Spanish gunboat Lines convey I
ing provisions to Jibacoa found the
entrance of the river closed by a chain
stretched from bank to bank The in
surgents fired upon the gunboat and I
the latter returned the fire The troops
were sent in pursuit of the insurgents
A detachment of insurgents belong
ing to Maceos forces have captured
the fort at Santa Cruz a small place I
north of Jibacoa by unfair means it I
is claimed The insurgents called upon
the little garrison to surrender and the I
Spanish in charge left the fort for the
purpose of conferring with the insur
gent leaders
In the meantime the insurgents sur
rounded the fort entered it and made
prisoners of volunteers defending i
also capturing all their arms and the
supply of ammunition The volunteers
were subsequently released and the
military governor of Jibacoa sent a
detachment of troops in pursuit
Generals Prats and Arolas are closely
ly pursuing Gomez who is now on the
limits of the border of the province
of Santa Clara according to the official
ficial advices
The situation in the v province of
Pinar del Rio has greatly improved
I was recently entirely I lacking in tele
graphic communication and in garri
sojfs and was at the mercy of the in
suiigents But order has been restored
and matters are now in their usual
state although communication is main
tained by the heliographic system
The insurgent leader Calunga who
was reported to have been killed is still
General Melguize had an engage
ment at the plantation of Moraloc
near Casigues this province with the
bands of insurgents belonging to Ma
ceos command The troops dislodged
fjj e insurgents from the positions
waich they occupied and the Castillos
squadron and the Tareteces volunteers
in pursuing them killed eighteen of I
the enemy wounding many more
The troops had several wounded
Colonel Martin later had another en
gagement with the insurgents at the
Yero farm after crossing the river
Tuncio not far from Santa Cruz in
the province of Puerto Principe and I
the colonel afterwards dispersed the in
surgents at Saboracoa and Pico Pica
where the insurgent had again united
their forces Colonel Martins cavalry I
charged the insurgent forces and dis
i 41 tii li
lodged the enemy from the position oc
cupied with loss
The reopening of telegraphic commu
nication with the region of Pinar del
Rio brings the first detailed informa
tion of affair in that province for
several weeks
The condition of affairs disclosed is
little less than appalling The rich
Vuelta Abajo district seems to have
been put to the torch and is apparently
reduced to a wilderness while towns
have been obliterated and their in
habitants are wandering helpless over
the country many of them starving
The villages and towns of Cabanas
Bethia Honda San Diego de Nunez
Santa Cruz de Los Pinos Los Palacios
Paso Real de San Diego and San Diego
de Los Ratios are known to be re
duced to ashes and reports of others
will bring the number destroyed up to
thirteen All these were Important and
thriving centers of population and
business The lasfrtown which has suc
cumbed to the insurgents torch is
San Juan Y Martinez The tobacco
from this town is famous the world
When the first column of Spanish
troops arrived onHhe site of the town
they found only debris and smoking
ashes A hundred desolated families
had taken refugein poor huts outside
of what was qnce the town and were
waiting helplessly for any assistance
They were without clothing and with
out food
In consequence ofhe distribution of
a circular containing General Weylers
proclamation requiring the concentra
tion of all country people within the
limits of the towns for protection there
have been many delegations of farm
ers coming to Santiago de Cuba to
inquire of the military authorities hot
far the requirement applies to them
and for an interpretation of the pro
Consuls of foreign governments are
seeking the same information
A column of troops coming into
Ramon de los Taguas Santiago de
Cuba > was fired upon by the insurgents
near the mountains of Palmarcas The
latter were routed leaving several
dead The leader Vega Verala Was
wounded and made prisoner
The Spanish bark Grain Canaria of
500 tons na been lost off Cayo Con
fites north of Romano I is believed
all of the crew were saved
Generals Bernal and Vicuna have ar
rived here for a conference with Cap
tain General Weyler
Sinnllpox Ailds io the Horrors of
Intestine War
NEW YORK March 5A Herald
dispatch from Havana says
Smallpox has been added to the hor
rors existing in Cub I according to a
communication received by Surgeon
General Wyman of the Marine hospital
service from D Caminero at Santiago
In his report Dr Caminero says A
general order has been issued by the
authorities to all the practicing phy
I sicians of the town to report any case
of smallpox presenting itself for the
purpose of sending any such case to a
smallpox hospital provided by the mu
I nicipality outside of thp city limits
hut this measure w n otpreveIt in
my judgment the development of the
terrible disease if itshould further ap
pear among us
No quarantine is enforced upon the
coasting steamers coming from the
port of Mlanzanillo where smallpox is
epidemic and most likely some passen
gers will arrive with the disease in its
period of incubation which later on
will develop into a more or less malig
nant form of smallpox Yellow fever
seems stationary and as the troops are
now in active operation in the field
those taken with it are carried to the
provincial hospitals established in the
surrounding country
Considers tIe Spanish Government
Justified in llemovlnpr Him and
Denies That Gen Weylcr is
NEW YORK March 5A special to
the World from Madrid says =
Marshal Campos was seen by the
World correspondent The general
who had just got out of bed was look
ing remarkably well He began the con
versation himself asking in a frank
soldierly energetic manner that your
correspondent give prominence to these
First he said I deny that there
is any foundation fr the reports of
cruelties in General Weylers past his j
tory He was simply a field officer in
the last Cuban insurrection carrying
out like all others the orders of his I
chief Count Balmaseda who had or
dered reprisals because the insurgents
had committed atrocities People ought
not to be alarmed at the terrifying
proclamations of Weyler threatening
penalties that are practically impossible
of execution and only intended to
o executon ald quell
the spirit of disaffection So far no
body has been shot or executed
Second I have no grudge against
the Canovas government I was per
ifectly justified in recalling me after the
failure of > military and
faiure my mltary political
plans and I admit I was no longer in
touch with the colonial conservatives
Third I believe the war is likely to
last a couple of years but despite the
staying powers of the insurgents i is
impossible for them to succeed alone
even if they do wear out the armies
and resources of Spain by desultory
guerrilla warfare favored by the climatic
matic conditions of the country
Fourth as regards the colonial
Furth a re
forms which before I went to Cuba I
thought to be carried out because it is
political to fulfill promises and which
at first I believed might have
frst beIeved helped to
stop the developments of the insurrec
tion together with my own concilia
tory policy As I was only a general in
command of the forces I could not
take the initiative if I received no in
structions from the home government
Soon njoreover circumstances led me
to see that even the colonial parties and
some autonomists in Cuba < themselves
doubted the expediency of the reforms
I think it is now rather late to attempt
such palliatives and the sword must
first crush the insurrection before home
rule is possible
Fifth Cubans attach much import
ance to administrative economical re
forms which are easier to propose than
to accomplish
Sixth I decline to
declne offer an opinion
on the advisability of meeting them
half way before recognition of belliger
ency which admit would embolden
these insurgents and increase the difficulties
Military Commission of Inquiry
NEW YORK March GA special to the
World from Washington says it is possi
ble that President Cleveland will send a
military commission to Cuba to report
on the condition of affairs there In this
connection it is announced that General
e Gner
Wesley Merritt commander of the de
partment of the Missouri a id several
other high olHcials of the army have
been sU enly summoned to Washington
The World says it could pot be positively
learned last night that their mission ha
any reference to Cuba but It is known the
president has implicit confidence in Gen
eral Merrltt and that he would be quite I
likely character to name indicated him for a position of the
f i J
Hartman Administers a With
ering Rebuke to the
For His Libel on the West Ut
tered Before Presbyterians
All the Patriotism of the Country
Does Not Reside In Wall Street
From Whence the President Gets
I His Refers to the Rotten Bor
ough oC New Yorlc Senate Com
mittee Agrees to the House Cu
ban Resolution
ferees of the two houses on tie Cuban
resolution consisting of Senators Sher
man Morgan and Lodge on the part
of the senate and of Messrs Hitt
Adams and McCreary of the house
I reached a conclusion more speedily
and with less difficulty in iheir con
ference today than had been antici
pated The consultation was of about
forty minutes duration and it became
apparent immediately that the repre
sentatives of the senate would be sat
isfied with the house substitute Sena
tor Morgan was strongly in favor of
that clause of the house resolution
which contemplates intervention a
declaration which he had suggested
should be made when the question was
before the senate There was mention
made of the possibilities of var with
Spain i as a result of the acton by
congress and the exclusive statement
concerning the position of the ad
ministration in opposition to the recog
nition made by the Associated Press
was also the subject of some talk
So far as the house is concerned the
resolution is a closed question for the
present There will be no more de
bale because it is only necessary for
the secretary of the senate to report
tp the house that the senate con
ferees have agreed to the house resolu
tions s
The question of Cuban independence
came up unexpectedly in a somewhat
sensational resolution by Allen Pop
of Nebraska directing the president to
issue a proclamation recognizing the
independence of Cuba Objection from
Hale Maine to the request of Allen
for unanimous consent to make a
speech on the resolution directed mat
ters to the exchange of personalities
I inconsistent with senatorial courtesy
The Nebraska senator warmly an
nounced that if Hale objected the lat
ter could take warning that he would
I not receive unanimous consent on any
measure a long as he Allen was in
the senate
This brought from Chandler Rep
of New Hampshire a declaration that
he would give consent to no senator
who prefaced his request with a
threat against senators in general
Allen retorted that his remarks vere
applicable to Hale not to senators in
general and that he had no apologies
to offer as to Hale
Hale said he would have no ven
detta iwith Allen and thought each
could be in better business than watch
ing to pay each other off
Allen closed the incident by stating
that he would postpone his speech if
Hale gave his consent to such a
I The senate passed a hill to pay
I Charles P Ohouteau the survivor of
I Chouteau Harrison Valle 174000 for
a battery furnished during the war
and a resolution directing the judiciary
committee to investigate the subject of
contempt of court and report what
amendatory lawswere necessary The
resolution was drawn by Hill as a sub
stitute for the resolutions for inquiry
into the imprisonment of E V Debs
The conferees on the Cuban resolu
tion after a conference of forty min
utes today agreed upon the house sub
stitute At a oclock Sherman present
ed the conference report to the sen
The objection of Hale prevented the
consideration of the conference report
at the present time Upon the reauest
of Sherman i was made a special or
der of business on Monday
In the discussion Chandler declared
the resolutions were not strong enough
He was in favor of recognition and the
m of Cuban independence
by the United States Call moved to
motion to until
recognize a moton adjourn unt
Monday so the report might be con
sidered tomorrow
Hawley advised caution We might
be Involved in war not only with one
I nation but with several Without an
adequate navy and boast defenses
there should be great care exercised in
giving offense to other nations He
giving natons
hoped the men so vigorously support
ing warlike resolutions would vote for
liberal appropriations increasing
the navy army and coast defenses
Call withdrew his motion to recon
sider the motion to adjourn until Mon
day and the Cuban resolutions there
fore will be considered on Monday
The action of the senate conferees
receding from their resolution and
accepting those of the house ends the
mater as far as the house is concern
ed except for the simple announce
ment When the senate adopts the re
port of its conferees and that action l5
transmitted to the house Hitt will ex
plain what has been done
At 130 the senate took up the Du
pont contested ejection case and Mr
Mitchell Rep Ore resumed his ar
gument in behalf of Mr Dupont Up
on its conclusion Mr Turpie Dem
Ind took the floor to the
foor open argu
ment against Mr Dupont but yielded
until Monday
Mr Sherman presented the confer
ence report on the Cuban resolutions
but action was postponed
The senate then took up the calendar
and passed the following bills and
To pay the heirs of the late John
Roach 48853 on the construction of
the gunboat Dolphin to incorporate
the supreme council of the thirtythird
degree of Scottish Rite Masonry for
the southern jurisdiction of the Unl
t T w
ted States establishing an additional I
land office in Montana
At 42o p m after 0 brief executive
session the senate adjourned
Mlcellniieois Hills
WASHINGTON March 5Senator
Gallinger chairman of the pensions
I committee today introduced into the
senate several bills bearing upon the
pension laws One of these provides
that upon the consideration of the ap I
plication for a pension under the pen
sion laws the fact the applicant was
accepted and mustered into ervice
shall be accepted as satisfactory proof
that he was of sound body and mind
Of the other bills one empowers fourth
class postmasters to administer oaths
to pensioners ope that in pension cases
the oathof a private shall have equal
weight with the oath of an officer one
that the failure of a soldier to receive
an honorable discharge providing there
is no charge of desertion against him
shall not be a bar to the granting of a
pension to his widow or those depend
ent upon him in case oi his death
Executive Session
WASHINGTON March 5The sen
ate in executive session today confirm
ed the following nominations = Samuel
Comfort of New York to be consul of
the United States at Bombay India
Commodore Thomas Selfridge to be
rear admiral in the navy Also a num
her of promotions in the army and
The Honne Applauds His Excorin
ton f Cleveland
WASHINGTON March 5At the open
Ing of the house today at the request of
Mr Hitt the chairman of the foreign
affairs committee the senates request
I for a conference on the Cuban resolutions
was agreed to but the speaker did not
announce the conference
A lull was passed on motion of Gros
venor Rep Ohio to make the national
military parks national fields for maneu
vres of the regular army and the militia
of the states under regulations prescribed
unffr regulatons prescribd
I by the secretary of war
The house toda
1he today wrangle about four
hours over the salaries of United States
marshals and the other features of the
i amendment to the legislative appropria
tion bill to abolish the fee system In the
I oases of United States attorneys and mar
I shals Interest In the debate however
I was completely overshadowed by I sen
national attack made upon President
Cleveland by Air Hartman Rep Mont
who felt himself personally aggrieved by
Mr Clevelands utterances at the Pres
byterian home mission meeting in New
York on Tuesday and who seized the op
j I portunity allowed by the latitude of de
I bate on appropriation bills to repel the
et t the western states were the
I home of evil i ii stal Hartman
j sent to the clerks desk and had read the
following extracts from Mr Clevelands
address The toleration of evils and In
difference to Christianizing and elevating
agencies In the new states of the west
which i left unchecked develops into
badly regulated municipalities corrupt
and unsafe territories and undesirable
Whatever may be my individual opin
ion of the president said Mr Hartman
matters not I would not be proper for
me to stij6 it hers For the high office of
the president ol the United States I have
I a supreme regard The legitimate func
tions of that olilcfr are limited to those
enumerated In our constitution Under
the constitution and laws I deny the right
of the chief executive to willfully and
wantonly In public address or otherwise
i Insult any of the citizens of any state of
I the republic over whom he has been called
j to preside I deny the constitutional au
thority or the president to give utterance
In public address to sentiments favorable
or adverse to proposed legislation penS
j Ing in our house of congress When the
i president made the foregoing remarks he
I knew there was pending in congress bills
for the admission of certain territories
Into the union of sta t0 He had been
1 advised that a majority of the citizens of
I those territories were antagonistic to his
i financial and economic VIES and under
1 the cloak of supposed religious address
j before a religious organization and with
gross Impropriety ana for the purposes of
preventing the achievement of the rights
of statehood to which they aspire and
are entitled he gave utterance a chief
executive to this unfounded slander
against those citizens and states of the
republic whose interests he Is sworn to
protect and uphold
11 Powers Rep Vt jumped to his
fe6t and called Mr Hartman to order
ir there Is nobody on this floor said
he addressing the Democratic side who
i is related to the president by ties of affin
ity or consanguinity social or political
I State your point of order demanded
I Mr Hartman Interrupting him
I I I The point of order Mr Chairman
continued Mr Powers is that it is not
permissible here to reflect upon a co
I ordinate branch of the government
1 I I am not reflecting upon the president
said II Hartman I am reflecting upon
i the sentiments wmch the president utters
I and 1 have a right to do so
I Mr Hepburn Rep Iowa who wa in
the chair said that he did not feel called
upon to say whether the remarks camo
j within the rule whereupon Mr Miles
I Dem Md came to the support of the
president but he was promptly overruled
I whereupon he appealed from the decision
or the chair adding that Mr Hartman
had taken a liberty which had never been
countenanced In the American congress
before The chair however congess
tined and Mr Hartman proceeded
The percentage of crime in those
states and territories will not exceed
that found in the state of New York
where the president seems to think all
virtue reside The per capita of wealth
of the citizens of our state exceeds that
exceEg tht
of any state In the union save one Our
educational facilities ale equal to those
of any section of the union and If some
I of the patriotism of the people of the
west had been possessed by the nreei l
I dent and his friends the citizens of this
t republic would not have been called upon
t I to witness the national humiliation of
hauling down the American flag at Hon
lulu of begging the bankers of Wall
I street and Great Britain to save us from
financial ruin and under the behests of
the powers behind the throne of deny
ing to the oppressed citizens of Cuba
the recognition which the dictates of hu
manity and common right demand Ap
I Is true we do not get our patriot
ism from Wall street where the presi
dent gets his Laughter
I Is true none of our citizens have
possessed that particular style of pat
0 pt
triotlsm which would enable them to
save by thrift and strict economy five
times as much as their entire income
amounts to and it is also true that the
patriotism of these corrupt and unsafe
territories and undesirable states have
I never ye been able to rise to that lofty
plane of supreme wisdom and virtue
At this Doint Mr Hartmans live min
utes expired and Mr Grosvenor Rep
Ohio undertook to help him out by the
parliamarJtary expedient of securing recognition
cognition and yielding his time back to
I Mr Hartman
I think said Mr Grosvenor that
my friend from Montana overlooks one
very important at When we get on
our feet in a deep religious frame of
mind It i a new field then we are
ploughing in virgin soil as It were
I raise the nolrt of oflf + ha1 fe
gentleman Is out of order broke in Mr
bulsor because tne othtr day ue
Grosvenor said on this floor that he
had no religion Laughter Having no
religion himself I submit that he is in
competent to discuss the question of the
religion of any other man
I never said that I had n religion
replied Mr Grosvenor but I would
rather be without a very large modicum
Continued en Page 21
I i J t
Mob at Valencia Attacks the
Offices of a U S
English flerchants Offer to Sup i
ply Spain With Privateers
Belief at Washington That thd
Spanish Government Will D sn
OW the Valencia Incident
Princeton N J Sfndenit Follow i
the Spanish Example and Insult
the Spanish FlagUnfounded Tin
mor That Cleveland Will Xeltli
er Recognize Cuban llclllgrercncj
Xor Intervene
VALENCIA March 5The disor
ders which were prevalent here when
the news was first received of the ac
tion of the United States senate on the
Cuban question broke out afresh to
day and there were renewed demon
strations towards the United States
The mob made its way to the United
States i consulate which was stoned
and the windows smashed by the in
furiated people
The university here has been closed
under orders from the government as
it was feared the students meeting
would be a hotbed for breeding dis
orders But this measure proved un
availing and the police have been kept
busy dispersing students gatherings
nearly all day
Several attempts were made by dis
orderly paraders to make their way
to the United States consulate but
they were frustrated as the authori
ties had received special orders to br
on the lookout for any demonstrations
against the property of the United
States Special protection was af
forded the building in which the of
fices of the consul are located with a
view to the same end The mob gath
ered before the building before the
police were aware of what was occur
ring and stones began to fly from the
crowd with the result that windows
were broken The crowd > was cheered
on by some in the streets and from the
neighboring houses The police lost
no time in charging the rioters and
the mob was speedily dispersed
There was no violence indulged in
in other parts of the city the demon
strations being confined to noisy clam
or cries of derision against the United
Slates government and attempts to
make speeches The orators were not
allowed to proceed far before the po
lice drove away their hearers and
warned the speakers Io desist A num
ber of arrests were made as a result
of the defiance of the orders issued for
preserving the peace
State Department Silent
WASHINGTON March 5The late
hour at which the reports of disorders
today in Valencia were received made
Continued cm Page 2
PAGK 1 Italy on the verge of revolution
The Italian column in Abyssinia anni
hilated Resignation of the Crisp cabi
net Rudini forming a new one Pros
pect that the result will disintegrate the
dreiflund Murderer Holmes receive
date ot execution Cubans ma Vie sun
stantlal gains at several points me
conference committee agree to the house
substitute for the senate Cuban resolu
tions Hale and Allen have a war of
words Congresman Hartman of Mon
tana scarifies Cleveland for his recent
speech before the PresbyteriansA mob
a Valencia attack the offices of the
United States consul breaking some
windows It was promptly suppressed
Unfounded rumor that President Cleve
land will flatly refuse either to rsccgiMza
Cuban belligerency or to Intervene Eng
lish snip owners offer to equip privateers
for Spanish service against the United
PAGE 2 A Frovo sensation Alleged case
of malpractice The death of Miss Bon
I nett investigated Conllieting views of
Chairman Varian and Commissioner
Jennings as to the control of the fire
and police departments ExGoveruor
Waite addresses a large audience at tho
theatre Rc wants war and with Eng
land Declares in favor of Clevelands
policy on the Monroe doctrine Brief
PAGE Business mining and stocks
Colonel W H Smith gives porno inter
esting information on the Death Valley
region Ihe day on change Nea com
panics The sewer committee discusses
with the contractors the bill for extras
on the gravity sewer Contractors offer
for a prompt settlement to accept 515000
instead of 341328 the full amount oC
the claims J
PAGE 4 EditorialsEditorial notes
State press commentNotables of the
day Humor
PAGE House proceedings A masterly j
argument by crltchlow on the measure 1
relating to justifiable homicide The f
land bill again considered Measure re
latlng to the protection of employees In f
tholr claims for wages passed Meetjng
of the board of education j
PAGE 6 Wall street speculation away
below the usual merit Senate debates J
the salary question At the military
I city General Penrose to retire next
Tuesday News notes The railroad from i
Salt Lake to Los Angeles is assured f
The capital secured by George Q Can T
non and associates Support of our busi f
ness men pledged at a meeting last
night Brlef telegrams
PAGE Ogden occurrences News from j
I nearby towns
PAGE liIn the quo warranto case of
Thompson vs Young the plaintiff con
sents to Judgment In favor of the de
fendant the count of the ballots giving
the former no gain Judgment in favor
of the defendants in the water rights
suit of Dryberg vs Richards Irrigation
company Damage suit of Bennlon vs
Joe Liippman on trial Stoutt vs Brig
ham still occupies Judge lilies F E
Wambolt and W H Drake arraigned
Trial of exSelectmen Morris and Bam
berget set for April 6 and 7 Short or
ders and court notesA very lively
meeting of the police and fire commis
sioners Varian calls upon Jennings for
an explanationSenator Sutherlands
police and fire bill as amended by the
committee of the house and as It will
be presented to the house todayHotel 3
corridor T0wR talk and brief locala

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