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vertisers we shall expect no business Co AT THE OFFICE t
bJsiess > Will COUFOS
to which our bona fide circulation does t 1 I il i it IZL 111 1I 1II A 1 lOo BY MAU W J
SA LT H E R ALD Our GCoIor Rand McNally Map of
> not entitle us cESA i J4 J 4jJ Utah every size Town 12x18 and Inches County Population In the State of 1 j
OUR CIRCULATION BOOKS ARE LAlr 1896 Calendar appended Location of
cE towns shown by marginal referencea >
t Mss Eveline Bonnett the Vic
tim of their Alleged
o Dr flcCoy of Salt Lake and Dr
Noyes of Provo
Sim Dngsiits Frank Carter and Mrs
niaNNic Arc the Other Defendants
They Are All in the Counts Jail
and Their Preliminary Hcnrinc
in Set For Today nt oclock
n Day of Intense Excltcihent at
Provo Crowds Gathered on he
Streets Last Evening antI It Look
Though There Migrht Be n
eil a JIght
As indicated In The Herald of yester
day would be the case the wheels
justice were set in motion in the mat
mysterious death of the
ter of the mysteious
beautiful young girl Eveline Bonnett
of Provo which occurred in this city
on Sunday last under circumstances
already given to the public
James Bennett father of the deceased
Harvey and
girl went before Justice Harvey
that S
swore to a complaint charging
M Duggins Frank Carter William
i McCoy Dr Noyes and Mrs Massie
on or about February 27 unlawfully
of Eve
did in and upon the person one
line Bomnett feloniously and of their
malice aforethought force UYr < Kt
and strike a certain instrument which
they the said Duggins Carter McCoy
then and there held
AToyes and Massie hlld
in their right hand into the person and
body of the said Eveline Bonnett who
was then and there enciente with the
criminal intent thereby to cause and
produce without legal justification
upon the said Eveline Bonnett certain
mortal bruises wounds and altera
tions and creating in the said E Bon
mett a mortal sickness and feebleness
of body which mortal bruises wounds
and larceratitms sickness and feeble
ness of body she the said E Bonnett
did then and there languish and thence
t continue to languish until on or about
th > 1st day of March 1S96 when the
f said E Bonnett djd there and then j
die and so the said Duggins Carter I
McCoy Noyes and Massie did in man
ner and form rCoresaid feloniously un
lawfully and of their deliberate pre
meditated malice aforethought kill and
and murder the said E Bonnett
The warrants were issued and dur
ing the afternoon Mrs Massie and Dr
McCoy were arrested and brought be
fore Justice Harvey The crime of
I murder in the first degree with which
they are charged not being a bailable
offense they were both taken to the
1 county jail pending the preliminary I
hearing which is set for 2 oclock this I
afternoon I
i The other three defendants Noyes
Carter and Duggins reside at Provo
1 and Deputy Sheriff Steel left for Provo
with warrants last evening to arrest
them He returned about midnight
with the prisoners who were accom
panied by Mr Houitz their attorney
They were taken to the county jail
and locked up where they were seen
by a Herald reporter but their attor
ney refused to allow them to talk 11
Houtz however said they were entire
ly innocent and that they would have
no difficulty in establishing the fact
at the preliminary hearing which is
set for 2 oclock today
I The deceased girl Miss Bonnett is
said to have been a very beautiful and
loveable girl She was keeping com
I pany with the defendant Carter and
7 came lo Salt Lake it Is said with a
view of making arrangements for their
approaching marriage She went to
lr Massies hous2 at 276 South
First West street on February 2K and I
It was there the malpractice is alleged
to have taken place
The girls fatheris heartbroken and I
when making the complaint could not j
control his feelings but wept like a J
Just how far the accused parties are
implicated in the affair cannot be de
ifermined until they come t trial
Mrs Massie has
1lasie engaged Attorney
Peter Loohrio to defend her Dr McCoy
will be represented by counsel and At
torney D D Hutz will defend Carter
Kbyes and Duggins
I The feeling at Provo yesterday over
the developments connected with the
pad aeatn of Miss Bennett was most
Intense The retails given in The Her
ald were eagerly read and the affair
was generally considered as one of the
worst crimes ever committed in the
state Indeed so bitter was the feeling
that i looked as though virlence
wculd be done the perpetrators
All sorts of rumors were afloat and
i was learned that the body was In a
good state of preservation The phy
sicians who held the post mortem on
Thursday night had no difficulty in
J arriving at the fact that a criminal
operation had been performed
The impression that James Bonnett
the father of the girl wa absent from
Prove at the time of the funeral was
erroneous He was at home but was
unable to attend the last rites owing
to the fact that he was prostrated
ar > d unable to leave his toed
I is stated here that Miss Bonnett
left her home to go to Salt Lake on
February 17 but did not go until Feb
ruary 21 The question is where was
Miss Bonnett during the tnterxal be
tween the 17th and 21st I is said that
when she boarded the train for the
north she wore a thick heavy veil and
that certain men were with her
It Is also said that a certain doctor
of Provo was asked to take the case
and relieve the young lady of her
trouble Another doctor was offered
500 jf he would do the work I is also
said that 1x > th positively declined
Frank Carver the young man who i
f has been said wa to marry Miss Bon
nett in 1 very short time says that she
r came to her death by natural causes 1
been foul The
4 zd there than uo play
I d
young man is much pitied there and 1
i is believed in Provo that he knows 1
nothing about the affair other than be I
ing present at her death
At 6 oclock last evening crowds be
ganto gather on the streets of Provo
In each group was from twenty to one
hundred men and they talked in low
tones There was much suppressed ex
citement and the people were in a dan
gerous mood The Bonnetts are Ital
ians and the three brothers of the
deceased girl were eager for vengeance
They openly stated that the Bonnett
family would be extinct before the re
sponsible ones should escape the fate
they deserved
The officers at Salt Lake tel
ephoned that warrants for the
arrest of Sims Duggins the
saloon keeper Frank Carter to
whom Miss Bonnett was engaged and
Dr Noyes would be down on the 630
train and these parties were closely
watched after being Informed of what
was coming and notified to prepare to
give bonds
DU gins immediately rushed to his
home and a large crowd collected
there while about a hundred men as
sembled near the court house When
Duggins was arrested and taken to the
court house the crowd followed a short
distance behind There was no dis
turbance but the prisoners wife was
kept between him and the crowd He
engaged D D Houtz to defend him
M 1 Warner who acted as Duggins
attorney in the recent adultery case
when the defendant was convicted re
fusing positively to represent him
Duggins with Dr Noyes and
Frank Carter are all charged
with murder The feeling at
Provo seems concentrated against Dug
gins Carter who is Duggins barten
der is beleve to be innocent and ap
parently there is not a man in the
Garden City who believes Dr Noyes
guilty He is a man of high
standing and his reputation has always I
been of the best
He was brought Into the case in a pe
culiar way I will be remembered that
on Sunday night Miss Bonnett died
On the afternoon of the Saturday pre
ceding Carter telephoned to Provo
asking the doctor to come up He
complied reaching the bedside of the
sick girl a little after 6 oclock Satur
day evening when he saw her for the
first time in his life to know who she
was He at once saw that she was dy
ing and so stated Dr McCoy he
learned had bee attending her but
another physician described as being a
slender man and prematurely aged had
it was stated previously been in con
sultation with Dr McCoy
Hands in a List of Names of Pa
tients Alleged to Have Been
Killed By Incompetent Phywlcians
The house committee on public health I
helda meeting last evening to consid I
er proposed amendments to the law
regulating practice of medicine and
surgery in this state Six or seven
physicians including Drs Dogge Has
brouck Johnson and others attended
for the purpose of presenting their
views on desirable changes in the law
as it now exists
Some of the remarks made by the
disciples of Esculapius were exceeding
ly radical one gentleman Dr Dogge
going so far as to hand in a list of
the names of patients who he alleged
had been murdered by incompetent and I
ignorant physicians The doctor even
went so far as to append the names of
some of the physicians who he said
were thus guilty The Herald would not
publish these names o the mere as
sertion df anybody as it might do a
I gross injustice but all the same the
t I session was an exceedingly warm one
Claims Made That Boyle ViI Be
Elected Today
mercial Gazettes special from Frankfort
Ky says The Republican members o
the legislature leel conndent that St John
Boyle of Louisville will tomorrow be
elected United States senator They pro
pose the flrst thing tomorrow to force a
vote in the house on the KaufmanDun
lap contest After unseating Kaufman
and swearing In Dunlap the senate will
not have time to retaliate before the
legal hour arrives for the joint ballot
Boyle lacks only one vote tonight and
his friends say he will get it tomorrow
before there 1 any time allowed for any
revolutionary measures The senate has
a Democratic majority and the house a
KepubHcan majority The Blackburn
managers threatened to throw out two
Republican senators for every Democrat
unseated in the house No contests have
been tilei In the senate and
fte1 seate a senator
cannot be expelled on a twothirds vote
The Blackburn men are expected to make
some sort of a forcible resistance to
morrow to the election of Boyle
CHICAGO March Postoffice In
spector Stuart today made an import
ant capture of green goods swindlers
Three men were arrested Their
satchel contained 25000 in bogus
money The prisoners are Charles
Herd alias Vogle sr E P Gray alias
Vogle jr and Frank Smythe I
NEW YORK March 6The Chris
I tian Herald is in receipt of a cable
gram from Grace Kimball missionary
of the American board in which she
VAN Turkey March GThe out
look here is rather better and more
peaceful Orders have been given the
i government for five battalions of troops
to proceed to the outlying districts t
protect the Christian villages from the
The missionaries are arranging to
materially diminish the Christian
Herald relief work in the city of Van
a dare sending a many refugees a
possible to their homes In the different
villages Money is needed to help
those who have exhausted their means
in the struggle for existence during the
winter Relief work must now also
take up the distribution of seed and
cattle for ploughing
BROOKLYN N T March 6General
John B Woodward died at his home in
this city at midnight tonight He was
taken with a chill on Tuesday In his of
fice In New York
fe City and on his ar
rival at home the disease rapidly devel
oped Into pneumonia
op 1S86 on account of falling health
General Woodward removed to New
Mexico and in 1SS9 he located at Phoenix
Arizona returning to Brooklyn about
three years ago He was president of I
the Third National Bank of New York
At Least Says He Knows
Nothing of Clevelands
Gen Weyler Puts a Velvet
GSove Over His Iron Hand
Arrest of Citizens Must Be Accom
a > s3nicil With Proofs of Guilt
American Fool in Kansas City
UniiiK u Spnnisli Flag Every Day
Before Breakfast A SpiiiiisU
Guess at ilie Movements of Ulncco
MADRID March6 As G result of
the publication inEl Dla that the
Spanish minister at Washington had I
notified the government that President
Cleveland would veto a Cuban reso
lution a statement was made today
from an authoritative source as to the
extent of information received from
the minister at Washington I shows
that he has kept the government fully
advised of all actual developments but
has not anticipated anything in any
branch Up to the present time the
minister has not informed the govern
ment that the president will veto the
Cuban resolution nor is he informed
so far a the government knows what
the future course of the executive
authorities at Washington will be At
the same time the ministry has access
to the dispatches received by the news
agencies at Paris London and Mad
rid and some of these recent dis
patches widely published throughout
Europe as indicating the probable
course of the administrative authori
ties at Washington have borne the
stamp of authenticity and have been
accepted as semiofficial and authorita
tive They have been regarded by of
ficials as well as by the general public
as correctly forecasting the probable
course of the Washington authorities
To these the Spanish minister at
Washington has not added his official
advice nor has he stated that he ha
any assurance a to the future of the
CuLan resolutions
Official advices from Havana show
that Maceo ha made a bold march
to the north with a view to meeting
Calixto Garcia who was expected to
arrive with arms < and ammunition
After learning that the Garcia expedi
tion was a failure Maceo was unable
to move eastward or to reach the
southern everglades and was com
pelled to move west into Havana ra
It is believed that this purpose was I
in part a feint to prevent the reinforce
ments arriving at Havana from carry
ing out their projected movements No
uneasiness Is felt at the presence of
Maceo in Havana province He has
failed to effect a juncture with Gomez
and is 200 miles separated from him
Velers Brass Band Act
HAVANA March Copyrighted
1S96 by the Associated PressThe
captaingeneral of Cuba General
Valeraino Weyler has issued another
important proclamation of which the
following is a translation
My attention has been drawn to the
frequency with which the civil and
military officers and the army officers
in the country and towns proceed to
arrest citizens who are afterwards
placed at my disposal to be deported
from the island without reasonable
cause for such measures and having
pointed out in my previous circulars
the charges pertaining to war juris
diction and the formalities for trials I
have decided to exact in accordance
with said circulars that arrests must
be justified with all reasons and proofs
possible so as to proceed with all jus
tice against the prisoners r
Therefore the authorities and army
officers will so order in every case of
every one who is arrested without
proofs enough to establish his guilt
Written information must be made
with all the facts that can possibly be
had through verbal
or confidential in
These requisites will be more exact
ing in the towns where all loyal peo
ple must contribute to them a safety
there is greater and as in so doing
they will assist the authorities to re
establish order and peace toy co
operating in a strict compliance with
justice for which a line has been
traced by me
These informations and material
proofs will be sent to
wi this office to pro
ceed accordingly i being understood
that I will hold strictly responsible
any officer who does not furnish the
proofs required in the cases mpnHnnnr
On the occasion of a visit which
General Veyier paid to the Casino and
opera here today the president Fran
cisco Santos Guzman in receiving his
distinguished visitor made a short ad
dress in the course of which he said
I have come in the name of the Ca
sino to protest against the injurious
calumnies of some American senators
toward Spain and toward her worthy
representatives of this island and at
the same time to protest against the
resolutions of both houses of the Uni
ted States congress in favor of recog
nizing as belligerents hordes of rebels
In so doing they are voting against
the rights of our people and with man
ifest lack of consideration for Spanish
loyalty and friendship We reiterate
our unconditional adhesion to the gov
ernment of Spain and to the person or
her worthy representative at whose
side we are and will be with all we
have al
I General Weyler in reply thanked the
Casino for its loyal sentiments and
assured the members that their sup
port would be utilized when needed
The general also said e regretted the
hostility which some United States sen
ators exhibited toward Spain especial
ly he explained as the Spanish au
thorities on this Island treat citizens
of the United States with
Unied ih more con
sideration and assign to them more
prerogatives than to any other people
In spite of this he said hostility was
manifested toward Spain In the
meanwhile continued General Weyler
he hoped President Cleveland would
persevere in his attitude of opposi
tion to the resolutions
In conclusion the
captaingeneral re
f d
marked There is nofreason why the
good friendship between the two na
tions should be altered
There is no truth in the report in
circulation that General Weyler has
resigned the position captaingeneral
of the island of Cuba In official cir
cles i Is alleged that on the contrary
General Weyler possesses the entire I
confidence of the Spanish government I
Colonel Galvis yesterday was en I
gaged near Macagua province of Ma
tanzas with the insurgent forces of
Maximo Gomez causing considerable
I loss to the enemy
Maceo is said to be moving toward
the province of Matanzas This is said
here to be proof that he has suffered
great loss in addition to being short
of ammunition
Ait American His Some Fiiii
Archer a welltodd business man
showed sympathy for Cuba publicly
burning the Spanish flag in front of
the crowded theatre The act was
loudly cheered Archer I baa a stock
of Spanish flags and says he will burn
one each night until it is exhausted
Warlike Universities
MADRID March GThere have been
renewed demonstrations of hostility to
the United States today at Valencia
Allcawte and Dolores There was also
a demonstration of sympathy made
before the French consulate at Valen
cia The French consul appeared upon
the balcony in response to the accla
mations of the crowd and saluted
The news from the United States of
the insults offered to the Spanish flag
by the students of Princetown univer
sity have produced the gt test indig
nation in this city and they were dis
cussed warmly at tlie cafes theatres
and clubs The discussions though
were accompanied by no disorders
Dispatches from Hayana say a ma
jority of Cuban merchants have agreed
to States boycott the products of the United
Congress Unexcited
WASHINGTON March 6The news
1rlrch news
of the demonstration against the
United States consulate at Valencifcsby
the Spanish mob stirred no resentment
whatever among the members of the
house and caused hardly any comment
Chairman Hltt of the foreign affairs I
committee remarked that the action
of the Spanish government in closing
two of the universities prevent dis
order plainly showed its condemnation
of hostile demonstrations against the
United States
Nothing Serious
WASHINGTON March GThe state
department ha not yet been informed
officially of the reported stone throw
ing at the American consulate in
Valencia Spain and because Mr Tay
lor has not seen fit to make a report
immediately it Is believed the affair
was not of a serious nature
Sound Advice
LONDON March GA Madrid dispatch
to the Standard says
The press with a few exceptions ad
vises the government to indulge no 1
lusions a to a long delay or a aban
donment of recognition bY the VJniteH
States of the insurgents The general Im
pression ip political and diplomatic cir
cles is that President Cleveland will ul
timately be compelled to carry out the
resolutions of congress even i at first
he takes fnendler steps to elicit from
Spain promises of Cuban autonomy or of
more lenient treatment of the rebels
Tile Voice of Portugal
LONDON March 6The Lisbon cor
respondent of the Times telegraphs un
der yesterdays date that the attitude of I
the Spanish government in regard to
the Cuban difficulty is unanimously ap
proved in Portugal and he quotes the
Commerclo of Lisbon as saying
The proceedings of the United States
are unique and unexampled in history
and will cause < complete disturbance of
internaton rights unless all the na
tions Of Europe rise and join Spain
Destruction of Forests Demands
FnrHench lug LegislntionSuljicet
Too Big for the Present Con
WASHINGTON March 6A scheme
of vast importance to all persons in
terested in the preservation of the for
est lands of the United States is out
lined in a report of the National Acad
emy of Science to the secretary of the
interior who had asked the academy
to recommend feasible and comprehen
sive forestry policy The academy has
appointed n commission of notable
scientists to make an investigation of
the forestry problem in all its phases
and Secretary Hoke Smith will take
steps immediately to afford all possible
assistance to the commission and will
recommend to congress < the appropria
tion of 25000 to cover actual expenses
The forestry problem has been a sub
ject of deep consideration by many
officials of the government and special
interest in the problem has been taken
by Secretary Smith
The of the commission
personnel se
lected by the academy to make the
investigation and report is of unusual
excellence its members comprising
Professor Charles S Sargent chair
man Mr Alexander Agasiz General
Henry L Abbott Professor William I
H Brewer Mr Arnold Hags and Mr
Gifford Pinchot I
In a letter to Professor Wolcott Gi
bos president of the National Acad
emy of Science Secretary Smith asked
for an official expression from the
academy on the following points
Is it desirable and practicable
prctlableto pre
serve from fire and to maintain per
I manently as forest lands those por
tions of the public domain now bear
ing wood growth for the supply of
SecondHow far does the influence
of forest upon climatic soil and water
conditions make desirable a policy of
forest conservation in regions where
the public domain is principally sit
Third What specific legislation
I should be enacted to remedy the evils
now confessedly existing
In Professor Gibbs reply ic the sec
I retarys letter he said that no subject
upon which the academy had been
asked before by the government for
advice compared with that of the for
est policy In scope and it was the
opinion of thoughtful men that no
other economic problem confronting
ithe government of the United States
equalled in importance that offered by
the present condition and future fate
of the forests of western North Amer
The scope of the investigation how
ever said Professor Gibbs is so broad
Involving as It does the future of 3
considerable part of the United States
I and millions of inhabitants that you
I will I a sure realize that it Is Im
possible to present a final report be
fore the adjournment of the present
i i6
Will Send a Special Commis
sioner to Aby
Russian Papers Shed Crocodile
Tears Over the Italian Disaster
Riot Continue in Italy But the
Public Excitement 1 Becoming
Ciilmer Fears That the Garrison
at Adigrat Will Be Massacred
Italian Government IVI1I Float a
Heavy Loan Barlcis Is Whim
LONDON March GA special dis
patch from Rome says King Humbert
has ordered Signor Franzoi to under
take a special mission to the Abyssin
an Negus Menelik Signor Franzoi be
lieves it is best to conclude an honor
able peace with the Abyssinians and
abandon the country
Drclliniiil Full of Holes
NEW YORK March GA special to
the Herald from St Petersburg says
The Novosti says that the defeat of
the Italians at Adowa has knocked an
other hole in the triple alliance and I
that Italy and Spain are engaged in I II
futile wars
The Novoye Vremya casts the en I
tire blame of the disaster upon Signor I
Crispi who overrode the war office andr i i r
military staff I says that General I
Baldissera arrives on a scene of disor i
ganization and discouragement I I
The Angry Romuns I
ROME March 6The rioting caused I I
by the anger of the people at the con i
duct of the Abyssinian campaign was i
continued last night in nearly every I i
large city of Italy altnough the rain I I
storm cleared the streets of the capi I I
tal I
talAt Milan a mob marched through I I
the principal streets smashing the I
windows right and left yelling execrations
ecrations on Crispi and the ministers I I
and calling for the trial and prompt
execution of General Baratieri The II I
jiojers went to the railway station j I I
with the Intention of prev nlng the I I
departure from Milan of the army re i
serve of that city and neighborhood f I
belonging to class 1872 But the au I I
thorities kept the men in the barracks
and sent a regiment of infantry to I
guard the railroad station I
These precautions only increased the
excitement of the mob leaders and an I I
attempt was made to break into the
depot Sharp encounters followed The
soldiers and carabinieri were
and bayonets and swords were used to
drive back the crowds Some soldiers
and policemen were injured 2j1d scores
of rioters slightly wounded The dis I
turbances continued until 2 a m
when the troops at the point of the
bayonet had cleared the railroad sta
tion and neighborhood of rioters and
established a cordon of soldiers around
i while guarding with strong pickets
all the approaches
There is today a marked improve
ment in the demeanor of the populace
A proclamation by the mayor enjoined
the inhabitants of Rome to be calm
and avoid assemblages which would
tend to develop riotous demonstration
Business is I proceeding as usual and
the only evidences here of the recent
disturbances are strong additional
guards of soldiers about the palace and
all public buildings
There was serious rioting at Parma
last night The municipal buildings
were besieged by angry mobs the
windows smashed and the troops fred
a volley over the heads of the most
riotous mobs The rioters then scat
tered pursued by the carabinlera who
succeeded in arresting several leaders
of the disturbances They will be
kept prisoners until the popular ex
citement subsides
A group of members o the Right party
passed c resolution demanding the com
plete abandonment of Erythea as its re
tention would only involve a waste of
money and men
The work qf dispatching reinforce
ments to Massovah is being pushed with
praiseworthy vigor On board the char
tered transports gangs of men relieve
each other so that the fitting out of
these vessels is continued day and night
The army reserve men of the class of
3872 just called to the colors vlll
cale colors wi as
soon a equipped relieve regiments now
doing garrison duty and the soldiers thus
rendered available for active service will
be shipped to Africa as rapidly as pos
sible unless the incoming ministry
makes a complete change In the colonial
policy of the country as advocated by
many prominent men and it is deter
mined to make peace at any price with
i the Abyssinians wih
Among the military men there is a
strong sentiment in favor of pushing the
campaign in Africa to the utmost even
If it Is necessary to call out all the army
reserves and send 150000 additional
troops to Africa But the sober minded
representatives of the business commun
ity advocate a policy of peace even if it
is necessary for Italys pride to suffer in
order to obtain these ends The masses
as a rule are opposed to any further
sacrifice of the lives of Italian soldiers
and they are in sympathy with those
who favor a complete change in the col
onial policy of Italy
In the meanwhile the financial situation
I is alarming and this it is hoped Inay
have the effect of bringing about the
adoption of a policy of conciliation and
The students of Pisa Invaded the rail
road station here last evening as a re
sult of 2 report having been circulated
that the artillery of the garrison of that
place was to be transferred to Naples for
shipment to Africa They marched to the
depot shouting Down with Crispi Get
u back our soldiers Death to Bara
tieri etc
A strong force of police was sent to
i the station and the students were dis
A projected demonstration at the capi
tal tonight proved to be insignificant
The few speeches were made by radical
leaders but to only a sparse audience
The police prevented anyone from obtain
ing a entrance tO the capitol
Dispatches from Massowah to the
Italian papers show that the Italians
fought bravely at Adowa and obeyed
orders wherever they were well led
But they were badly organized and
I there was no direct control over the I
distribution of the forces
General Arhnondi and Colonel Cal
liano with 300 white soldiers are now
reported to be prisoners In the hands
of the Shoans
I is reported that Cassala is now
surrounded by the Dervishes
According to the Italia Militaire the
Italian losses amounted to 4500 of
whom 3000 belonged to General Alber
tones column
I is positively ascertained that Gen
eral Dabormida Is dead The only
thing known of General Albertone Is
that he fell wounded in the attack
The Opinlone states that General
Baldissera has telegraphed the gov
ernment that the situation is very ser
ous and that he can do nothing to re
lieve Adigrat He wants means to
strengthen the position of Asmara
The government has replied leaving
him liberty of action but begging him
not to engage the enemy except in case
of extreme necessity
Dervishes Cut the WIres
LONDON March 7A dispatch to
the Times from Cairo says I
The Abyssinians or the Devishes i
have cut the wires between Cassala
and Massowah and i is feared they
have isolated Cassala by occupying the
intervening country The latest ad
vices which were of Saturday state
that 2000 Italians had left Asmara to
reinforce Cassala which had already a
garrison of 2000 Italians and natives
I is feared that the Dervishes who are
within rifle shot of Cassala have inter
cepted the Italian reinforcements
The Times also has a dispatch from
Rome which says
The Tribunas Massowah telegrams
clear General Baratieri of the charge
of disloyalty and show that the re
treat to Addicale was begun three days
before the battle o Adowa but was de
layed on account of the reported move
ment of the Shoans The troops were
short of r ton and went into the ac
tion fasting after a nights march
General Baratieri telegraphed o Fri
day that the Shoan expedition was im
Fear Another Distnster I
ROME March 6The Popolo Ro
mano this morning refers to the fact
that considerable anxiety is felt for the I
safety of the Italian garrison at Adi
grat The troops there have only three
days supply of provisions and are surrounded
rounded by a Shoan army Unless
promptly relieved Adigrat must fall
and further massacres of Italians will
follow wi
Italy tVJH Borrow
LONDON March 6The Pall Mall
Gazette this afternoon says it has the
best reason to believe that Italy in a
few days will raise a loan of many mil I
los of pounds sterling mi
break in Blackburns forces commenced
today The ballot resulted commence 6
Blackburn 48 Carlisle 15 Pettit 27 The
Republican nominee came within two
votes of election
couvr HIM r
asked today a tp whetheror not he is
a candidate for the Democratic nomlna
ticn for the presidency Gbv R E Pat
I tison said I appreciate greatly the com
pliment which ha been accorded me b
the mention of my name in connection
with the nomination for president by the
resolutions of the recent gatherings of
the Democracy of Pennsylvania but I
must doc at this time 40 discuss the
Cueston I
OMAHA March 6It wan decided to
day to hold a meeting in Omaha Satur
day night of Nebraska Republicans as a
demonstration in favor of General Man I
derson for presIdent General Mander
said son returned from Washington today He I
saidThose who keep their fingers cm the
pulse of the political public say that it
Is crowing more and more certain every
day that neither Mr Reed nor Mr Mc
Kinley can be nominated by the next
I national convention of the Republican
party In that event it is felt sure that
the nominartion will go to 0 western man
Among the western men the contest will
doubtless be between Senator Allison
Senator Davis and myself
CHICAGO March 6The Posts
I Washington special says Speaker
Reed and Chairman Dingley and Can
I non have been assured by representa
tives of the senate steering committee
I that if the house can complete its work
by May 1 the senate will not delay ad
I I journment a week beyond that time
A1IX GOES FOR ilo000
I NEW YORK Mach 6The World
will tomorrow print the following
I was reported late last night that
Lewis C Tewksbury a well known
Wall street broker had purchased from
Monroe Salisbury Alix the queen of
trotters with a record of 203 Tho
price is said to have been between
12000 and 15000
Fighting at Long Range With Both
Side Signally Victorious Presi
dent Zeluya I Views the Ruins and
I Satisfied
TEGUCIGALPA Honduras March
Copyright 1896 by Associated
Press General Bonilla minister of
war has left this city with troops to
assist the amy of President Zelaya
Nicaragua in suppressing the insur
rection of the Leonists
General Davilla left Teguicigalpa to
day with additional troops to assist
President Zelaya The government of
Honduras has sent about 2000 rnen in
all to Nicaragua
Rebels Lose Hope
MANAGUA Nicaragua March 6
via Galveton Word received tonight
Indicates that the Leon rebels have
given up their cause
Rafael A Guiterrez president of the
republic of Salvador has telegraphed
to President Zelaya of Nicaragua in
forming him the Leon rebels want to
make terms of peace
President Zelaya is determined that
the only terms of peace he will give
are that the Leonists shall pay all the
expenses of the war preparations
which have been necessitated by their
revolt shall give up all their arms and
that their leaders shall be tried by
court martial
President Zelaya goes from here to
Nagarote tomorrow the scene of the
first reverse administered to the rebels
by the government forces He will
view the ruins of the city and will
confer new honors upon the army of
ficers who have led so effective a cam
paign against the Insurgents I
T r
British Claims Founded Upon
the Dutch Title
The Statements Practically Re
news the British Contention
Venezuela Reported to He Prepar
ing to Refuse to Pay the British
Indemnity and Will Tack i on
to the Monroe Doctrine Five
British War Vcsiels Ordered to
Venezuelan Witters and a > Forci
ble Collection of the Indemnity la I
LONDON March 6Copyright 1S96
b the Associated Press Th6f British
blue book on the Venezuelan boundary
dispute was laid on the table of the
house of commons today Following
is a summary of the position of Great
Britain as published in the work re
ferred to
FirstLong prior to and at the tie
of the treaty of Munsterin 1646 the
Dutch founded settlements in various
parts of British Guiana particularly
on the coast
SecondThe only Spanish settlement
prior to them a Santo Home de
ThirdDuring the whole period from
1618 to 1736 the Dutch ha uninterrupt
ed possession of the entire coast line
and the river Corentin to Barima
Fourth During the same period they
had explored the upper portions of
nearly all the rivers and made many
settlements in adjacent districts
Fifth Prior to 1723 there was no
settlement of Spaniards except Santo
Home de Guayana
SixthBetween 1724 and 1896 Capu
chin missions were established south
ward of the Orinoco and gradually extended I
tended eastward toward the Dutch
territory the farthest point occupied
b the Spaniards being Tummeremo
founded about 178S
Seventh Before 1796 the Dutch had
settled far up the Cuyuni a Dutch
post was established near the Yuruan
and the Dutch had full control of the
Whole basin of the CuyunL
Eighth Except for the settlement of
Santo Home de Guayana and their
missions the Spaniards exercised no
authority pute in the territory now in dis
Ninth Great Britain on becoming
possessor of the colony succeeded to
all the rights of the Dutch
Tenth After 1736 Great Britain ex
tended her settlements and exercised
over the territory originally claimed
b the Dutch all the rights whereby
nations indicate a claim to territory
Eleventh Neither Spain nor Vene
zuela after the latter had declared her
independence at any time had posses
sion of the dominion over the territory
in question
Twelfth Great Britain while main
Continued o Page 2
PAGE 5Sims Dusgins Frank Carter
and Dr Noyes of Prove Dr McCoy and
Mrs Massie of this city all arrested
yesterday on the charge of murder
Eveline Bonnett alleged to b the vic
tim of their
malpractice Day of
malpractceDay ex
citement at ProvoDr Dogge make
some sensational allegations at a meet
ing of the house committee on public
health Spanish minister publc
knows nothing of Clevelands Inten
ton on the Cuban resolutionsGen
eral Weyler issues a pacific proclama
tionHouse of commons receive the
blue book on the Venezuelan claims
Venezuela refuses to pay the indem
nity King Humbert will send a spec
ial commissioner to Abyssinia to treat
for peace Italy will place a heavy loan
on tho London market Natlonal acad
emy of sciences makes a report of for
est preservation to th interior depart
mertt Brief telegrams
PAGE 2 French sympathY for fhc
Cubans Russla friendly usEditor r
Fullltzer gets a statement from Prime
Minister Castillo on the attitude of
Spain towards the question of Cuban
belligerency kouse abolishes cash
belgerencyHoue csh pay
ment of pensions and will pay with
checks Ia railway circlesBrief tele
PAGE 3Business mining and stocks
All Is In the MercurDe
peace te Lamar
camps Lhe day on changeMore
companies formed Latest news from
all the caps Senator oran ridicules
bill for the extinction of seals
PAGE 4 Editorials Edl torial note
Stato press commentNotables of the
day Humor
PAGE 5House session consumed on two
measures the land bill and Mr Crltch
lows justifiable homicide measure The
former not completed and will be up
again today The latter provoked ex
tended debate It was not
debaeI wa disposed of
but now stands to be killed No bills
were passed and but one was introduced
Gravity sewer contractors claims
Thomas Head sentenced tO sixty days
and lined 5100 for shooting Kittle
Brief locals shootng Egan
PAGE 6 Markets of the worldGlen
Miller Introduces a resolution In the
senate providing for the protection of
journalists Uncmpahge reservation
again before the senateA busy day
Bills passed making appropriations for
the state prison and the reform school j
Sutherland wants the exemption law
returned from the houseThe senate
refuses t ask for the sameDebate
on tho matter of adjournment Civil
business in the courts yesterday
James W Stevens gets judgment
against S E Woodmansee for fore
closure of a mechanics lien Sait Lake
Building and Manufacturing company
vs W E Smedley on trial The Jury
instructed to return a sealed verdict on
Monday morning in the suit of Har
den Bennlon vs Joe LlppmanStoutt
against Brigham concluded and taken
under a4visement Rev Brown ot San
Francisco clears himself
PAGE 7News from nearby towns
Ogden occurrences Brief telegrams
FAGS 8 Sousas concert at tHe taber
nacle OAreara brings his contest for a
place on the Joint building committee
before the meeting yesterday Police
Sergeant Ford arrested for perjury
Preliminary hearing of Rose Browning
on a charge of murdering Alvin Green
commenced before Justice Saundera at
Murray A sheep stealing case on trial
at JTiHmoreTown talk and brief local

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