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1 Republican France a Unit For
the Insurgents
Probability That a Military Com
xnlBKlon Will Be Sent to Celia By
the President Spanish in Cuban
CItes Taliins Action to Boycott
American Trade A Prominent
Cuban Astonished at Shermans
Fiery Attitude
NEW YORK March 6A special to
te World from Paris says
No living Frenchman has suffered
more for th cause of liberty than
Henry Rochefort the veteran editor
of the Intransigeant Few French
writers exercise so widespread an Influ 1
ence over the masses of their country
I men In an interview he said
I do not think the people of the
United States would stand idly b > and
see under Weyler a repetition of the
former ten years tragedy I the re
cent lcluton in congress really rep
resent public opinion President Cleve
land cannot postpone action indefinitely
nitlylhe whole body of intelligent people
in France is with the insurgents The
gallant fight made by the Cubans en
dears them to all lovers of freedom
Everything in France that now counts
for anything i on their side One
thing seems certain the loss of Cuba
and the expense of the war will bring
about a revolution in Spain The dy
nasty has been tottering for some time
against the
An unsuccessful struggle aganst tle
United States would certainly result
in the overthrow of the Spanish mon
A HlspanoCnlmn Boycott
NEW YORK March 6A Havana
dispatch to The Herald says A strong
t effort is being made for the united ac
tion by the Spanish merchants and im
porters of the entire Island looking to
a complete severance of commercial re
lations wit the United States Cien
fuegos dispatches announce antiAmer
lean demonstrations to be held there
tonight The Cienfuegos chamber of
commerce resolved as a protest against
the ton of the United States t
for Amer
cancel all orders outstanding
fran goods and to boycott United
States goods of all kinds in future
Commercial organizations in Havana
na Matanzas Cardenas and other cit
r na have been notified by cable of the
Cienfuegos merchants action and ask 1
ed to cooperate The Havana cham
ber of commerce immediately held a
meeting and passed a resolution con
gratulating the Cienfuegos chamber of
commerce on Its patriotic attitude and
promising to lay its action before Ha i
xanas several commercial organiza
r tions for action A committee was also
appointed to wait on Captain General
Weyler and ask his advice He rec
ommended prudence and extreme cau
tion on the part of the Havana cham
ber and deprecated any hasty action
The committee assured him o Its re
gret fo any offensive words against
him and against Spain in the United
States senate and pledged him its sym
I 1 pathy
The Havana produce exchange also
L held a meeting to consider the Cien
1 luegos proposition Many members
urge Immediate boycott on American
imports One member a colonel of
p volunteers says that Cuba could do
without American lard and could use
Spanish oiL He had no use for any
thing American now Others who main
tained that they were equally good
Spaniards urged deliberation
Alter much patriotic talk the con
servative element prevailed at least for
te present The meting contented
Itself with sending a dispatch to the
Cienfuegos merchants applauding their
patriotic motives but omitting to
pledge cooperation in the proposed
boycott The DIare de la Marina says
L We are pleased to know of aD ef
fort being made to sever our commer
cial relations with the United States
as a protest against the action of the
American senate and house Accord
ing to our information the Havana a
well as tfhe Cienfuegos business com
munity will agree to suspend all pend
ing orders that are now placed in the
United States We applaud this pa
triotic resolve
Amazed at John Sherman
NBW VORK March 6A special to
t Herald from Havana says
Rafael Montera leader of the auton
omist home rule party in Cuba a
brilliant lawyer a Cuban devoted to
the interests of the island and a man
of exalted character in an interview
said i
saidI am amazed at the speeches In the I
United States senate That body ha 1
a right to declare sympathy for the
Cuban rebellion If it chooses but that a
great statesman like John Sherman I
t ebould employ the language he did is
beyond comprehension I classed him j
among the frt five or six public men I
In the United States in standing In I
L statesmanship I can say I never i
heard of the book from which It is said
I ho quoted I have nearly everything I
I published about the former rebellion in i
Cuba In my library Both sides of the I
question are presented I recall no
r thing published from any reliable or I
responsible authority proving the I
respnsible j
frightful accusations against General I
Weyler anode in the senate and through j
out the United States Neither have I
heard the stories seriously narrated as I
facts by any responsible person I have
heard all manner of rumors on the
subject but never anything to lead me j
to accept them a true I do not be
lieve the charges
Our Active Military Offlclal
OHICAGO March GA local paper
says The report that General Wesley
MerrJtt commander of the department
of the Missouri has been summoned t
Washington for a conference with the
president and his advisers on a secret
mission of importance Is believed by
1 army men in this city to be true No
member of General Merritts staff how
ever 1 willing to be quoted In the
f matter 05 the sfecresy that is being ob
served at Washington enjoins silence
f Besides General Merritt several other
high officers of the army have been
suddenly summoned to Washington
7 i also possible that they are to con
sult with the president and secretary
of war 8 to the best means of mobil
izing the United States troops in the
event of war I is suggested that 1 a I
single commissioner went to Cuba I I
would be a military man a his inves
tigation would have to b principally I i
o Ur military character It would not i
surprise those who regard the sending
of 1 commission a probable 1 General
Sfeirftt was selected He Is a great i
tricnC of th president He is third i I
in rank in the army a distinguished
soldier and moreover possesses a ju
dicial temperament
Supplies For the Cubans
NEW YORK March 6The Cuban
Insurgents have succeeded In landing
more munitions of war at Cuban ports
X2 3G4It Casiello chancellor of
the Cuban legation has received ci II
pher dispatches announcing the safe
arrival of three expeditions in Cuba I
The expedition sailed from soSthern
United States ports during the past two j
weeks in three vessels on February i
20 27 and 29 The first was a I
schooner carrying 175 rifles and 175000 I
rounds of cartridges The vessel landed
on the coast of Santa Clara province
between Caratrates and Sagua La
Grande The second expedition carried
150 rifles and 150000 rounds of ammu
nition and landed on the coast of Pinar
del Rio between Bahal Honda and 11a
riet This supply was placed in Cuba
within thiry miles of the city ef > Hava
na The last expedition sailing on Feb
ruary 2 landed on the north coast of I
the province of Matanzas near La
Boa about six miles from Cardenas I
St Petersburg Cold to Spain
NEW YORK March 6A special to
the Herald from St Petersburg says
Spains attitude toward the United
States in connection with the Cuban
question i regarded as ridiculous
door bicycle tournament and cycle show
continued in this city tonight at the Me
chanics pavilion and judging by the en
thusiasm displayed i h taken a great
hold on the public Fully seven thousand
people assembled in tho big structure to
night and the sport furnished by the
racers eclipsed any that ha ever been
seen at an indoor tournament in the
country Two worlds records were
broken The two mile race was ridden
in 430 by J E Edwards and the mile
was ridden in 214 15 by William Yeo
mans Charles S Wells of the Syracuse
racing team won tKe final in the two
mile open and Syd B Vincent won the
tina of the one mile handicap from the
6 yard mark
The ten mile interclub cup race was
won by L S Ieavitt of the San Fran
cisco Road club who won cleverly from
Frank Byrne of the Imperial club and
the hero of last years indoor tourna
ment The riding of Wells Tantau and
Edwards wa of the highest order I
Two mile open Wells first Edwards
second Tinre 503
One mile handicap Vincent won from
65 yards Metcalf second from 65 yards
Time 203 15
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taining her just rights ha consist
ently shown a desire to make a fair ar
rangement with Venezuela In regard
to the boundary
Thirteenth The claim of Venezuela
that her territory extends to the Esse
quibo is based on contentions in no
wise supported by facts and cannot be
justified on any reasonable ground
The foregoing thus establishes Great
Britain in her strict right to be enti
ted to the territory extending to Ba
rima including the water sheds of the
Essequibo Cuyum Turuari Pomaroon
Waini and Barima
I The blue book contains nine mass
I an official chart of the West India
company dated 163 Blaieuws map of
Guiana dated 1640 the official map of
the English committee on trade and
plantations dated 1733 Dr Anvillos
map of Amerique Meridionals dated
1748 a sketch map of the Dutch di
rector general dated 1749 Thompsons
chart of the coast of Guiana dated
1783 an inset of Bonchenroeders map
of the colony of Esseauibo and Dem
amen dated 1798 and Depons Charte
de la Capltainerie Generale de Caracas
dated 1804
The maps were prepared in order to
I illustrate the various boundary lines
referred to in the correspondence
Straining the Monroe Doctrine
NEW YORK March 6A special to
te World from Caracas says
The ninety days allowed Venezuela
to arbitrate the demand for indemnity
for the arrest of the English officials
Barnes and Baker on the Uruan river
In December 3894 has expired The
government will not speak officially I
but the highest authority is given for
the statement that Venezuela refused
to pay the indemnity declaring that
the question of the arrest and the
boundary dispute cannot be separated
To pay the indemnity would be to
recognize British sovereignty over Ven
ezuelan territory
I is believed here that unless Julian
Pauncefote and Minister Andrada can
arrange matters satisfactorily in
Washington England will use force to
collect the money treating the arrests
as distinct from the boundary
Threatened By AVnr YCeIH
LONDON March GThe Times has
Information from Curacoa the Danish
West Indies that the authorities of
that place have been advised that a
British squadron of five ships will arrive
rive there shortly Curacoa is about
seventyfive miles from the Venezuelan
seventyfve mIes
Will Study Geography
Venezuelan commission today received
the report of Justin Wlnsor librarian
of Harvard college who was intrusted
with the difficult task of going over the I
300 maps of the VenezuelaGuiana
boundary territory The members of
the commission went over the report
today but no Information was made
public a to the exact nature
Two British lens
LONDON March 6The Daily News
the Liberal organ says The Vene
zuelan Blue Book bristles with facts
and challenges refutation Our case
is impressively i not irrefragibly
strong But the stronger it is the less
reason can Lord Salisbury urge against
unconditional arbitration We are
most hopeful that the next step will
probably be the appointment of the
joint commission
The Chronicle Liberal after taking
for granted that the case will be set
tled by arbitration
ted arbitraton says
1 is advisable that we should go
to the tribunal as strongly fortified as
possible From this point of view we
are not satisfied with Lord Salisburys
presentation of our case The strict
advocates lne has been pursued
Weak points have been slurred over
and undue emphasis ha been laid up
on unessential matters Lord Salis
bury ha shown himself not too skil
fiftl tactful or well informed a De
fender of Englands honor and inter I
Cabinet in Scnnion
WASHINGTON March 6The cabi
net was In session today nearly four
hours The general Impression was
sion that Cuban affairs were under discus
CHICAGO March GThe much dis
cussed excursion to California at reduced
rates which was advertised by an agri
cultural paper a which at one time
threatened to make all sorts of trouble
for the roads of the Western Passenger
association left for California last night
I consisted of Just eight people night
ol them went o the regular rate too al
is definitely learned that the proprietor I
the paper advertised the reduced
pplr adverised reuced rateson
his own responsibility expecting that the
roads would get Into a fight over the mat
ter and that he would then be able to set
the rates he baa promised The roads lost
no time in getting Into a tangle over the
matter but they stopped there and would
sion not make any low rates fw the excur
HEMFSTBAD L I March 6Philip
T A Harper the retired senior member
o the publishing urnx of Harper Brother meme
of New York
Yot City die at his residence
nero today of a complication of heart and
cmplcton hcr
Ulduc troubles
I L I ± I T t
Because Many Veterans Squan
der Their PickUps
Resolution on PostoJIIce Inspectors 1
Dehated Arizona School Land
Bill Considered in Senate Com
mittee Army Orders and Indian
WASHINGTON March 6At the
opening of the session of the house to
day a bH was passed on motion of
Mr Overstreet Rep Ind to abolish
the cash payment of pensions The pur
pose of the bill is to prevent the swind
ling of old veterans who draw their
pension money at the agencies on the
quarterly pay days Correspondence
with the agencies show that many
pensioners draw their pensions in cash
and their families complain that they
get no benefit from the money This
bill requires all pensions to be paid
in checks sent to the home of the
Mr Hull Rep Iowa asked unani
mous consent for the consideration of
a bill to relieve General Carlin of lia
bility for 1180 expended by Captain J
11 Chyde in the rescue of a party
of students who were snowbound in the
Bitter Root mountains in 1893
Mr Wilson Rep Idaho objected
paying that the party had deserted a
citizen die of Idaho and had left him to
The house then resumed the consider
ation of the remaining features of the
amendment to the legislative bill to
abolish the fee system In the case of
United States attorneys and marshals
After some unimportant amendments
had been adopted the legislative bill
was passed
The house then took up the consider
ation of the postoffice appropriation
bill Mr Loud Rep Cal chairman
of the committee which was in charge
of the bill explained its provisions The
bill is the largest of the annual sup
ply bills I carries 91943577 2847142
less than the estimates but 2377760
more than the current law carried
Mr Quigg Rep N Y asked
whether it would be possible under the
provisions of the present bill for the
postoffice department to continye
what he denominated
for the surveillance over carriers etc
Mr Loud in reply explained that
the committee did not desire any official
cial of the government to embark in
new enterprises and therefore the ap
propriation used by the first assistant
postmaster general to employ inspec
tors had been segregated so that money
could not be used by him for that
purpose But Mr Loud said he agreed
with the first assistant postmaster gen
eral fully as to the principle of ade
quate supervision of the postal ser
vice He thought i would benefit the
whole service but the committee had
decided that i was not desirable to
divide the inspecting force and had
therefore cut off the force under the
first assistant postmaster general and
increased the regular force under the
fourth assistant postmaster general by
inspectors making provision for thirty additional
In further explaining the bill Mr
Loud said The amount for railroad
transportation of mails had been re
duced from 29000000 to 27500000 and
the reduction had been made In the
hope and expectation that his bill to
amend the postal laws relating to sec
ond class mail matter which had been
extensively discussed shall become a
law In answer to a question he stated
he would press that bill it possible to
a vote
Without completing the general de
bate the committee rose and at 5 oclock
a recess was taken until 8 oclock the
evening sesion to be devoted to the con
sideration of private pension bills
The nIght session of the house was
without incident About a dozen bills
were favorably acted upon
Army Changes
Sneclal to The Herald
WASHINGTON March 6Army or
ders Private Jeremiah F Mahoney
company G Second infantry now at
Fort Omaha Neb is transferred to
company C Sixteenth infantry Fort
Douglas Utah
By direction of the secretary of war
Major Joseph K Corson surgeon is re
lieved from duty a a member of the
board of officers appointed to meet at
Fort D A Russell Wyoming
Private Floyd J Pickard company
H Eighth infantry now at Fort D A
Russell Wyoming is transferred to the
Seventeenth infantry and will be sent
to the headquarters of that regiment
Columbus Barracks Ohio
James Glendinning of Salt Lake is
at the Normandie
3fay Pas Over the Veto
WASHINGTON March 6The sen
ate committee on public lands practic
ally decided today to report back the
Arizona school land bill recently
vetoed by the president with
wih recom
mendations that it be passed over the
veto Delegate Murphy Arizona ad
dressed the committee in favor of the
bill The report would have been or
dered today but for the fact that the
committee desired to secure certain in
formation from the interior depart
ment before finally passing upon the
Indian Inspector
WASHINGTON March 6It is un
derstood the president will transmit to
the senate next Monday the following
nominations to fill Important vacan
cies in th Indian service
Indian Inspectors G Wright
South Dakota John Lane Oregon
Agent Rosebud agency South Dakota
Charles McHesney
As Peacemaker Extraordinary
and Universal Plenipotentiary
Joseph Pullltzer of the New York
World has received the following
statement of the policy of Spain on
the position of congress on the Cuban
insurrection which he gives for gen
eral publication to the Associated
NEW YORK March GThe World
will print tomorrow the following au
I wr
thentic statement p f tlie policy of Spain
as to Cuba t ian congress from Prime
Minister Canovas Hr is accompanied
by a personal message to Joseph Pu
litzer fronYthe president of the council
of state at Madrid authorizing its pub
lication The statement is as follows
Madrid March 6We have a yet
010 official notification of the intention
of the American government and can
not therefore take cognizance of or pro
test by note against any of the pro
ceedings of the senate and house of
representatives of the United States
We have taken no official notice what
ever of the proceedings and speeches in 1
Washington during the past week 1
Nor have we sounded the European
powers or courts regarding their sup
port in any form All we have done
is to show to the American government
and to Minister Taylor that we have
endeavored to enforce respect for the
American legation and consulates re
pressing so sternly the disturbances
that we had ordered the Madrid Granada
nada Barcelona and Valencia univer
sities closed and we will close all uni
versities schools and establishments
whose students dare t make demon
strations hostile to the United States
We will send to prison and prompt
trial all authors and promoters of such
disturbances We believe they are
prompted by the advanced republicans
cansNothing will be omitted on our side
to show our desire to preserve cordial
relations with America I am convinc
ed that we possess sufficient means to
quell any hostile demonstrations The
government of Spain regrets and has
made all the amends possible for the
manifestation already made of the in
dignation which the speeches at Wash
ington naturally excited among the
ever loyal people of Spain
The situation now is one of ex
treme delicacy Indeed I cannot define
how far i is possible for the govern
ment of Spain to permit amicable and
careful mediation of a foreign power
however honorable and disinterested it
may be without incurring the
grave risk of being accused of submit
ting to outside interference pressure
and dictation In the midst of a civil
war The United States is a great
power and until they recognize the
object and encourage the aims of the
insurrectionists in Cuba they are
friendly to Spain After the recogni
tion of the belligerents in Cuba by the
United States it would be impossible
for the government of Spain > to accept
the good office of President Cleveland
ever or to permit any interference what
Nevertheless I still hope some means
will be found by the president to avoid
alienating the friendly relations with
the United States Which Spain ha
shown this week that she prizes highly
I am fully alive to the significance
and the possible consequences of thp
vote of the United States congress to
the rebels a well as to Spain in her
relations with the United States and
especially in connection with the rights
of search on the high seas and in the
matter expeditions of privateers and filibustering
The only now and seemingly war
like preparations yet made by Spain
are made simply with a view to equip
ping a fleet of warships and transAt
lantic steamers to chase filibusters and
to guard the coasts of Cuba That is
the sole object in view General Weyler
having said he had enough troops only
the usual reliefs will be sent to Cuba
until autumn and no naval demonstra
tion is contemplated
The elections will not interfere with
the action of the government ay it
intends to conduct them in a tolerant
spirit for all parties fair representa
tion being arranged for even the West
India constituencies Besides in every
imperial anfl International question the
Spaniards have always shown a pat
riotic spirit
The misapprehension concerning
General Weylers character and meth
ods as a soldier originated in a mis
statement of facts in his career and
of his assignments and instructions
both in Cuba twenty years ago and the
Phillippine islands Since then Weyler
has only carried out the orders of his
chiefs Before he l f for Cuba the
last time I saw and spoke to him and
approved his views Consequently he
ha simply acted in harmony with the
requirements of this war in which the
insurgents have not only set at de
fiance the rules of civilized warfare
but have violated the provisions of the
treaty of 1705 between Spain and the
United States and the protocol of 1S77
respecting the lives and the property
of all real and alleged American citizens
zens in Cuba I am determined to
carry out the administrative political
reforms already voted by the courts
as oon as the pacification of the island
permits and even such economic tariff
reforms as may be consistent with the
interests of both the colony and the
mother country
But it is impossible to attempt re
forms during a civil war or under any
foreign pressure in the present condi
tion of the island
When Marshal Campos was sent to
Cuba as governorgeneral the govern
ment would certainly have allowed
him to institute the reforms i he had
deemed them advisable to do so We
cannot admit that the slightest ground
exists for the recognition of the
recogniion of bel
ligerency of the Cuban insurgents
wnose socalled president the Marquis
of Santa Lucia and the members of
his executive council are nomads like
the rebel bands ever on the move
For instance they were nearly surprised
prised and captured this week by a
Spanish column in the province of Las
The l S Govt Reports
show Royal Baking Powder
superior to all others
WASHINGTON March GThe treas
ury today lost 1031400 in gold coin and
19200 in bars which leaves the true
aimout of the
amout reserve 128946290
WASHINGTON March GThe house
committee on ways and means today
discussed the question of free alcohol in
the arts but came to no conclusion
upon changing the laws The subcom
mittee which has the matter in
mitte ha matte charge
reported today in favor of the bU in
troduced by W A Stone of Pennsyl
vania which repeals the section of the
Wilson bill giving a rebate on alcohol
used in the arts and manufactures
CHICAGO March GThe Chicago
Records 30000 competition among au
thors for places a prize winners for
Stories of Mysteries closed today
The first prize 10000 was awarded
to Slillwell Edwards of Macon Ga
for the story entitled Sons and Fath
Second pclze 3000 Bernard Edward
Joseph Capes of Winchester England
The Hill of Silence
Third 1500 Bert Lester
Bet Leste Taylor and
Alvin T Thelts of Manchester N H
Under Three Flags
Fourth prize 1000 William Augus
tine Leahy of Boston The Incendi
NEW YORK March G Secret Service
Agent George R Baee today raided the
establishment of the Metropolitan Photo
Lithograph company on the top floor of
the building No 26 Clinton place and
captured an entire outfit tor counterfeit
Ing 52 silver certificates of the series of
Ii91 with the Windom vignette
Ill i mi < I t
Articles of Incorporation of the
Utah Midland Filed
Mr Cannon and His Associates
Will Issue a Prospectus on tie
Projected Line to Los Angeles
The Latest By Wire In tIme Local
Articles of incorporation of the Utah
Midland Railroad company were filed
yesterday with the secretary of state
and state auditor
The object of ithis company Is to
build a railroad westward from this
city to the Nevada line near Ibapah
thence to Sodaville Nev to connect
with the Carson Nevada This wH
open up Skull valley and the Deep
Creek country and the road will ex
tend 146 miles in Utah and the com
pany is incorporated on a basis of
1000 per mile
The officers are Mayor James Glen
dinning president General W H
Penrose vicepresident James Moffat
secretary and treasurer Major Ed
mund Wilkes chief engineer N Tra
week director
The promoters state that all the cap
ital needed for building the road ha
been secured and no assistance will
be asked from the city A corps of
engineers is already in the field and
it is stated that dirt will be flying with
in ninety days and the road in running
order by next winter the ties and
rails having already been secured
The meeting held at the n
on Thursday night when Hon George I
Q Cannon and his associates outlined
their plans for building a road from
this city to Los Angeles a detailed
report of which appeared in yester
days Herald created a big stir in
business and railroad circles In ac
cordance with a generally expressed
desire the promoters will in a short
time issue a prospectus which will
give further information wii
Colorado Train of TwentyFive
Solid Loud
The Herald is in receipt of a hand
some itinerary and time card from
the Santa Fe officials showing the day
light run made by a solid train of
twentyfive carloads of farm imple
ment wagons buggies and bicycles
that has just been shipped over that
line from Kansas City to Denver
The train was decorated with stream
ers and banners and though tied up
nights was run at a high rate of speed
between the larger towns and termi
nal points The shipment was from
the firm of Parlin Orendorf and no
train of this species has heretofore
been given the pomp and ceremony
from the river to Denver a was accorded
corded this Santa Fe special These
kind of trains are being made to ex
tensively advertise the arid regions
and the railway companies spare no
pains in carrying out the iea
The Western Extension
Talking by the card or counting by
the signs of the ties it is now fairly
safe to predict that the Rio Grande
Western will run on up to Marysvale
this summer Sixteen workmen drove
through town Friday on the way from
Springville to the Sevier canyon where
they have begun operations on the 180 I
foot tunnel just above Marysvale and
20 miles south of Richfield Work will
also be vigorously prosecuted at once
on the fill at the Marysvale reservoir
Deal brothers of Sprmgville are the
contractors Richfield Advocate
May Be Cedar City
Railroad men say that the Rio
Grande Western will ndt only build to
Marysvale this season but will go
many miles beyond that point I may
be that Cedar City will be reached be
Press fore the close of the year Salina
Its a Good Tliinjr
The Union Pacific has taken the in
itiative in doing away with a great
deal of the unpleasantness attendant
upon excess fare on trains The train
conductors have been notified to issue I
drawback checks only when passen
gers have gotten on the train at stations I
tons where ticket offices are notopen
and where passengers have been taken
on at stations where no agent Is main
tained to charge for the actual distance
only This will be a welcome innova
tion to residents along the line who
have been compelled to pay excess fare
where there are no offices or where
the offices have been closd when the
train arrived
Switching Charges
Now comes the announcement that
the Missouri Pacific and Rock Island
lines have knocked off the switching
charges of 150 per car on stock at the
South Omaha yards Prior to Jan 1
such charges went to the railroads and
from that until March 1 the fund was
turned over to the stock yards account
to reimburse the terminal company for
the work Now it is all done away
with and the South Omaha stock yards
people are on a parity with the Kan
sas City yards in this respect and are
congratulating come themselves over the out
The Southern Pacific Miisnate Again
on the hack
WASHINGTON March 6After a
vacation of two weeks the senate com
mittee on Pacific railroads today re
sumed consideration of the Pacific rail
way debt question Huntington was
present but Senator Morgan was ab
sent at the beginning of the hearing
John Rooney representing junior bond
holders was permitted to file a brief
in opposition to the plans heretofore
offered for the reorganization of the
Pacific roads He advocated the con
solidation of Union Pacific and Central
Pacific assessments on subordinate in
terests for cash payment of the first
and second mortgages and for the man
agement by government commissioners
of the foreclosure and reorganization
of these properties
When Morgan appeared a linguistic
contest between himself and Hunting
ton began The senator began Imme
diately by asking Huntington as to his
objection to the Pattison report
Huntington replied that he objected
to i as a whole He admitted that he
had been before the commission but
contended the commission had certain
theories to work out and did not pay
much attention to his statements
I know he said all about the
building of the Central Pacific
I is not so much about the build
ing of the road replied Morgan we
want to know as about what was
made of it
We did not responded Huntington
make any more than a few were allowed
lowed to make under the statutes
Continuing as to the division of the
proceeds he said he could divide what
two were interested in exactly in the
organ you do that when you
are on one side and the people on the
y r Ljf
other 6i J > j
Huntington can
Morgan am going to give you a
chance before we get through
Referring to the construction of the
Southern Pacific to Yuma Arizona
Huntington said Colon was interested
in that transaction and he Hunting
ton had nothing to do with the dis
posal of the estate
Did you not asked Mr Morgan
buy Mrs Coltons house In San Fran
I did
And did you not find Coltons pa
pers in the house
I found wall paper tfhere
But did you find private papers
there and burn them
answer If you charge me with that I will
I is charged by men who have
written to me men a good as I am
Then they are good men
Huntington then asserted with much
emphasis that he neither found any of
Coltons papers in the house nor de
stroyed any of them
Huntington was examined a to his
partnership with Mark Hopkins in the
hardware business in San Francisco
He declared the hardware business
was In no way connected as partner
ship with the railway business The
firm he said loaned money to the railroads
roads also bought railroad securities
which were divided between them as
individuals He said Morgan was ask
ing to much when he asked him to
give details of business transacted
thirtyfive years ago There ha been
no general settlement of his and Hop
kins account upon the latters death
but Mrs Hopkins had gone on a the
representative of her husbands inter
ests In the railroads
Mr Huntington said in reply to ques
tions that he had considerable means
outside f that invested in the hardware
business which he put into the con
struction of the Central Pacific He
could not however remember how
much actual money he had put into
that construction Still he was confi
dent the amount was considerable He
had bought he thought about 2000
shares of the stock at the rate ell 100
per share before the road reached New
castle He had also put money into the
Contract and Finance company by
which the road was continued
More than 5000000 had been put into
that company by himself and his asso
ciates but much of the money had been
borrowed some of it on the government
bonds He resented with some show of
indignationa question tending to show
that it was the government and not the
company who had conducted the con
struction saying that the company
with resources legitimately placed at
their command had constructed i He I
added that the company had built
thirtyone miles of the road without
any government assistance I
Mr Morgan complained in this con I
nection that Mr Huntington was to
much inclined to give opinions and not I I
facts but Mr Huntington contended
Huntngton I
that he was giving all the facts he
said He said that 740 miles of the
road had been built in seven years
that 25000000 in bonds had been re
ceived from the government that first
mortgage bonds were issued for S25
000000 more and that there were 60 I
000000 worth of stock He said he would r
not do the work again fo twice the ri i
amount he received Taking up the re 1
port of the Pattison commission Mr I
Huntington said that part of the road
west of Ogden from Bomieville Table t
Promontory mountain had cost accord
ing to General Dodge 57000 per mile
whereas the commission had put the i
price at 40000 He gave this as an illustration I
lustration of the inaccuracies of the
commissions report This part of the
road had been built by the Union Pa
cific and afterwards been purchased by j
the Central Pacific for the purpose of j
getting into the Salt Lake valley j I
Mr Huntington said the road paid 1
well for the first ten years and until
the Atchison and Northern Pacific had i
come in a competitors i
Mr Morgan askedwhy the dividends
had not been put into a sinking fund
and used in paying the government and j
first mortgage debt to which Mr
Huntington replied that it might have I I
been done except for the novelty of
it Such things are never done if I
he added the stock was entitled to i
its dividend Furthermore the gov I
ernment had Interfered with the pur
pose to do this through the Thurman
act Mr Huntington said he could
not remember how much money he had j I
received on account of the dividends I I
but he did not think the amount was i
large H thought the dividends had I
never exceeded 10 per cent I ap
peared upon examination that Mr
Huntington obtained his dividends
principally through his interest in the
Finance and Contract company He ad
mitted that this company had used a
part of its assets in building other
roads but these were built in the best
interest of the Central Pacific com
pany The Contract and Finance com
pany had begun to sell its stock when
it began to appreciate and this was
done in order to pay the debts which
amounted to from 9000000 to 12000
000 They had disposed of a great deal
of the stock for this purpose The price
of the stock sold had ranged In price
from 19 to 35 cents Senator Morgan
referred to the fluctuations in the stock
as the result of manipulation but Mr
Huntington took exception to the use
of the word He said there had been
no manipulation and this is noba
proper word to use
Mr Huntington said he had sold I
stock paying a dividend for 19 cents
on the dollar but declared in reply
to a question that this was not done
to break the market He also declared
that this was not remarkable and that
he had made the sale because he
wanted money
Did you tell your broker to sell a
low down as he could get
That is a question replied Mr
Huntington that the senator should
not that ask me But I did not tell him
Mr Huntington said that so far a
he knew these low sales had no effect
on the Union Pacific stock He had
sold no Central Pacific stock to bear
the Union Pacific
Then what did you sell for asked
Mr Morgan
To pay my debts
To whom were you indebted
To those from whom I had bor
rowed money
Who were they I
Those who had let me have money
Mr Huntington then declared that
he did not know who his creditors
The committee then adjourned until
tomorrow I I
TIe Short Line
NEW YORK March 6The reorgan
ization committee representing all the
interests o the Oregon Short Line
property a prepared a plan iwhich
will be submitted to the security hold
ers on March 10 Various depositaries
of this city have been appointed to
receive the respective classes of se
Railway Xotes
The Horn Silver special ca went
north last evening
The Northwestern h put on uni
formed men on its trains into Chicago
to assist and guide passengers The
service is free
Its Traveling Passenger Agent Tur
pin now of the Rock Island with
headquarters at Omaha He was pick
ed up at Horton Kansas and pro
Receiver Clark General Manager
Dickinson Master in Chancery Cornish
Judge Sanborn and Superintendent
Dickey have all been down In Mex
ico and will be back in Omaha this
The January statement of the Bur
lington has been issued i Although the
earnings show an Increase of 73813
over January of last year there is a
deficit of 86675 The total expenses
and charges for the month were Z680
270 and the gross earnings 25936Q4
For the same month of last year the
deficit was 160488
< 4 < J J
What the Wonderful New Invention
May Show RcjyJirdlnj Things TFC
Already Know
I Is an astounding discovery one
of the most marvelous of the present
aseI was in those words that an emi
nent scientist lately referred to the
new and wonderful invention in pho
tography which everybody is discuss
ing The great invention as most people
pIe are aware enables photographers
to take pictures of objects completely
hidden from sight In a recent experi
ment for instance a portrait of a man
Wa secured although he was sepa
rated from the photographer by a
threeinch partition In another case
a picture was obtained of all the bones
muscles blood vessels and internal or
gans in a mans body
In sneaking of this wonderful dis
covery a wellknown New York physi
cian recently said I thousands of
people who are walking the streets
today and attending to business could
only see a photograph of their internal
organs they would be filled with alarm
and dread They would see their liver
and kidneys clogged with impurities
and their blood filled with deadly se
cretions which poison the whole sys
tem They would see these delicate
organs slowly but surely giving way
under this corroding poisoning influ
ence Oh what an effect such a plc
ture would have
The doctor is perfectly right but at
the same time there are thousands of
people who need no photograph to toll
them that there is something wrong
with their health They know that
they do not feel as well as they ought
to feel They complain of tired feel
ings nervousness headaches back
aches stomach troubles constipation
and dull heavy sensations They feel
miserable but do not know why they
suffer It Is only the skilled physician
who knows that these symptoms are all
caused by the liver and kidneys being
out of order When these
great or
gans of the body fail to act properly
the health speedily breaks down
It was a knowledge of this import
ant fact that led to one of the greatest
discoveries of modern times For long
years the brightest men in the medi
cal profession sought for a remedy
which would cure all these derange
ments of the liver and kidneys and at
last they succeeded in finding it This
great remedy which has proven a
blessing to thousands Is Warners Safe
Cure a remedy that today Is known
and honored all over the world No
other remedy has ever equalled It for
making weak rundown people feel
strong and well It is universally ad
mitted to be the safest and best rem
edy for curing every form of liver and
kidney disease It puts an end to
stomach troubles purifies and enriches
the blood and restores lost vitality
This great Safe Cure is not an ex
periment It has been in use for over
twenty years and has been the means
of saving millions of lives It is the
only remedy prescribed by the worlds
leading physicians No other remedy
compares with It for building up the
system and imparting new life to every
part of the body
Ban Talmages Sons one of the largest
houses in the rice trade in New York
has made an assignment to J Gila with
preference or 14000
The New Columbian cruiser Cordova
which went on the sand bar on Princess
hay freed herself today without injury
and put into the ship yards at Perth Am
An Alma Wis dispatch says A fire
last night destroyed the house of G Old
house carpenter live mtUPS from here
Mr and Sirs Oldhouso and five children
were burned to death
A special to the Herald from St Peters
burg says Captain Wiggins the well
known Arctic explorer says that Informa
tion respecting r > r Nansen would prob
ably be round at Cape Chelyuskin where
stores were left for him
Hardy Downing the San Sosa bicycle
rider who was Injured during the races
at Han Francisco Thursday night was not
so seriously hurt as at lirst thought His
nose was broken and his race badly cut
and he was unconscious when picked up
He will be confined to his bed for several
SIOUX CITY Iowa March 6A dis
patch from Rome today says the visit of
Archbishop Hennessey of the Dubuque
diocese to the Vatican has resulted in
the formation of a new diocese to he
called the Sioux City diocese The bishop
will be the Rev Timothy Treacey of this
city Rev T M Lenahan of Fort
Dodge Iowa will be bishop oC Cheyenne
vice Bishop JVI F Burke transferred to
St Joe
Fremont Cole the well known Seat
tle attorney is in the city for a short
The Cullen had L L Woodmansee
Portland Ore A Bode Sousas band
F Cawker Telluride Cob and R
Beziers France
Hugn Butler the prominent Denver
attorney is at the Knutsford Thomas
W Goad the Denver mining man is
there W V Rice of Park City is
with Gus Holmes
John Philip Sousa the march king
registered at the Knutsford yesterday
Miss Myrta French the soprano Miss
Currie Duke the violinist and Sousas
manager Thomas F Shannon are
there also
The Walker caught a large number
jf Sousas band and these people were
there too H G Graaf and wife Bas
terville Iowa A C Eniest Vernfl
Utah Louis Jacobs Salina John T
Hayes Mammoth J Eiseman Pioche
Henry Shields Park City and S D
Falkner San Francisco
Professor James A Langton of the
B Y A at Logan is at the Temple
ton Host Porter has besides P C
Richards Rock Springs Fred Jantz
Rapid City David Jefferies a wealthy
tourist of Janesville Wis and his wife
Fred A Koening San Francisco Will
iam Rosenkranz St Paul S B
Thatcher Logan B M Leawer
These commercial men registered at
the Knutsford yesterday V C Kerr
Craig Neb EE Parmelee New York
I M De Line Charles A Richardson
St Louis J B Longnevan S S
Dentherage Chicago E A Tyler Chi
oagro J W Thomas Denver H J
Farreir St Paul John J Thanan
Houghton Wis A H Meader La
Crosse I B Sadler San Francisco W
E Graves San Francisco and F W
Calkins Denver
I LOI our new store No s
t1 and 7 South Main street
four doors north of Z
4 C M I We would like
I to have a little of your
q trade We will be satis P
1 fied with a little at first
1 for we know you will
1 come again and we will
A soon have all of I We
I carry everything in
4 stoves crockery lamps
I and tinware our goods
1 are all firstclass and
A prices well come and
ci see it will pay you Y
pvvvv + W V V W V O

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