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If I We seek to deal honestly with ad MAP COUPON
vertisers ve shall expect no business 5o AT THE OFFICE WITH COUPON
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to which our bona fide circulation does LAKE J
I fde cIrculaton SALT j Our GCoIoRand McNally Map of
not entitle us ERAD Utah size 12x18 Inches Population ot
LAK every Town and County in the State
r L OUR CIRCULATION BOOKS ARE i KT 1896 Calendar appended Location o
SIXTEE PAGES town shown by marginal references
Public Sentiment Continues
Bitter and Even Rev
i King Humbert Inclines to Con
r tinue the War
Fears That Financial Inability Will
Compel Retreat Russian Com
ment Advises Entire Change in
Colonial Policy AntiAfrica Meet
ings Organizing Throughout the
ROME March Dispatches from
Milan and Florence this afternoon an
nounced a very threatening state of
aFairsxamong the troops in garrison in
those two cities I appears that the
solders became so excited by the atti
tude of the populace that they almost
broke out into open mutiny threaten
ing to leave their quarters and join the
rioters With difficulty the officers in
command succeeded in calming the
soldiers and according to last reports
it was believed the danger had been
According to advices received here
from Massowah today it is estimated
J that the Italians at Adowa lost about
1000000 cartridges 5000 rounds of am
munition for the artillery 10000 rifles
and the money chest
I The war office has not yet made pub
lic its estimate of the number of killed
and wounded and the missing of the
army defeated at Adowa but the gen
eral opinion is that the number killed
is about 5000 There are no means of
erbaining the number of men cap
tured by he Shoans
The Tribuna today declares that the
matter is not a question of a simple 1
crisis in Africa or in Italy I main
V tains that the honor of Italy is in
volved and urges the incoming minis
try to adopt a policy of uncompromis
ing revenge
V The Socialist deputies have issued a
manifesto the country urging the
people to join in demonstrations calcu
lated to urge the government to decide
lad upon abandoning the costly colonial
policy and withdraw the Italian troops
from Africa
The future it Is said may depend
considerably upon the secret mission
which It is reported has been entrusted
to Signor Franzoi the explorer Ac
cording to the rumor which cannot be
verified Franzoi will go to Abyssinia
erlfed instructions to prepare the
groundwork instructons honorable peace between
tween Italy and that country I
twen A big antiAfrica meeting to be held
at Milan
tomorrow is being organized lman
and steps to hold similar assemblages
are being taken in other large cities
of all the meetings is to
The object of al meetngs
urge the government to abandon the
followed by Italy i Af
r policy hitherto folowed Itly
rica to conclude peace with
lie and bring home the Italian troops
I Disturbances of a description similar
tc those at Milan occurred yesterday
at Pavia Turin Naples Valencia and
Further details from the dowa
tlefield Furthlr testify to the valor of General
Dabormida testfy the Italian forces under
his command Dabormtdas brigade resisted
sisted until evening the attacks of the
Shoans thus preventing pursuit of the
main columns by a large body of Abys
sinlans who attempted to force a pas
General Dabormida died in the
midst sage o Gene > his body being rid
i dled with bullets The example of the I
Italian officers had a great effect upon
the common soldiers The Alpine troops I
I from the the north of Italy performed
prodigies fr of valor Colonel Medina fHI
mortally wounded crying Forward I
my Alpines
General Baldissera commander of the
Italian force admitted that General
Baratieri had the plan of the battle
with tne Abyssinians well conceived
6 and he jlhodght that his predecessor
an at Adowa
would have gained a victory
could have been
i better arrangements 1ould
made for directing the troops and car
rying into execution his plans Twenty
officers including Colonel Galliano the
defender of Makallah were taken pris
oners by the enemy Colonel Galliano
oner Gallano
was wounded before he was captured
sustaining a bad sabre cut Prince
Chigi was killed while defending Gen
eral Albertone
I is now asserted the Abyssinians
and their allies numbered 100000 while
the Italian generals had barely 15000
under their command
The Tribuna stated that the Shoans
have made no advances since the bat
tle The Abyssinian leaders Ras Atula
end Has Manmcsira urge King Menelik
to prosecute the war to the bitter end
Many of King Meneliks troops how
ever are anxious to return to their
homes and i is believed General Baldis
sera will be able to provide for the
safety of Kassala and Adigral
S Humbert Vnntl to Conlnno War
NEW YORK March 7A dispatch
to the Herald from Rome says
The king has decided that the war
l shall be continued This policy how
ever the Marquis di Rudini has re
fused to carry out and great difficulties
are beng experienced in tho formation
of a new cabinet Some days will elapse
a before i is constituted
Dispatches from the seat of war
state that Adigrat is now completely
invested Mutinies have also broken
out in the army in Africa especially
among the troops in Asmiria and Mas
sowah The feeling against Signor
Crispi is very strong
The African explorer Franzoi who
shad another interview with King
Humbert declares that General Bara
t > rl ought to have been recalled after
the disaster at Amba Aligahi
A scandalous fact he said is that
Count Antonelll carried on slave deal
Ings in Erthrea and ruined Italian
prestige in the eyes of the natives Our
soldiers are brave but are badly led
insufficiently fed and have lost all con
fidence I our generals again take the
offensive another disaster is inevita
ble I io not thing Negus will take
the offensive I would be madness I
on his part to enter the triangle form
ed by Keren Assara and Massowab
Menelik I know only desires peace
Grave revelations are expected at the
trIal of General Baratieri Signor Crispi
has made the most serious charges
concerning him before the king Sig
nor Franzol says that the premier is
set against Baratieri that he will be
capable of having him shot and he
Franzoi advised Signor Crispi to have
him shot in front of his troops
Some Interesting RnsHinn Advice
V NEW YORK March 7A special to j
the Herald from St Petersburg says
The following solution of Italys posi
tion was given here by a personage
who has the warmest interest in that
country I have no hesitation in say
ing he remarked that the whole
world would approve at the present
moment if King Humbert were bold I
ly to state that his ministers had made I I
a mistake into which he himself waS I
drawn and that he has now decided I
in the interests of the country to evac
uate Abyssinia
The retirement of Signor Crispi
whose eighty years taken with these
Abyssinian disasters and the recent
loss of his grandson entitle him to the
utmost sympathy and has given an
easy opening for such a solution which
is the only practicable one visible
England and France in fact every
country has suffered disaster and has
accepted it with courage Italy must
do the same
The Novo ye Vremya draws attention
tion to the report that the Marquis Di
Rudini will probably now assume the
power and that he is known to be op
posed to a policy o adventure General
Baldissera also is of the opinion which
here is strongly expressed that Italy
must conclude the war in suite of the
kings desire
It Might Hiwe Been AVorse
ROME March 7The African crisis
assumed somewhatof a brighter aspect
this mornins as a result of the re
ceipt at the war office of a dispatch
from General Baldissera commander
of the Italian forces announcing that
the situation was not so desperate as
generally imagined He says that he
has 18000 troops at his disposal with
out counting the garrisons of forts and
reinforcements amounting to 12000 men
now on their way to Massowah But
the general urgently requests the im
mediate dispatch of ammunition and
supplies particularly artillery of
which he stands particularly in need
as about seventyfive pieces are believ
ed to have been captured by the Sho
ans Meanwhile everything possible is
being done to relieve the garrison at
Cassalia and Adigrat V
Jntlcnll l MHai > o
ROME March 7There was more
rioting in Milan yesterday evening
The windows were satteredi with I
stones and the infantry soldiers while j
trying to disperse the mob were ston i i
ed Finally two squadrons of cavalry I
were ordered to charge and rode into
the mob with drawn swords pricking
the mpst aggressive mob leaders with I
their weapons or hitting them with the
faT of the sabres The mob replied I
with showers of stones and shots from I
revolverS Twelve soldiersand sixteen j
rioters were wounded f
Thetrain service to and from Lilian I
has been suspended the mobs attack
all trains attempting to leave or enter
that city The agitation is due o the I
fierce opposition of the people to the
departure of the troops Crowds are j
constantly assembled in front of the j
different barracks of the troops shout I
ing to the lat r Do not go to Af
rica etc I
One detachment on its way to the I
coast for shipment to Massowah was
entrained at the suburb of Milan hat I
being the only manner in which itAwas
possible the mobs to get the men away and avoid I
Rnmnr of UfKa < < et II
LONDON March 7The Pall Mall
Gazette publishes a dispatch from
Rome saying I is rumored that Adi
grat has been captured
A Cheyenne ndy Commits Suicide
Follovrinsr Three of Her Children
Special to The Herald I
CHEYENNE Wyo March 7Mrs
Caroline Crittendon aged 58 commit I
ted suicide here today by taking a dose I
of strychnine Two of Mrs Critten
dons children have committed suicide
Her son Eugene a boy of 15 shot at
a girl schoolmate slightly wounding j
her and then killed himself Her
daughter Rose took a dose of morphine
on her wedding night and was found i
dead in the morning Her son George
killed Henry Gillardon in a quarrel
about a woman two years ago Three j
children still remain of the illfated
WASHINGTON March 7The treas
ury today lost 56600 i gold coin and
5100 in bars which leaves the true
amount of the reserve 125056526
fSpeHal to The Hernll
BOISE Ida March Superinten
dent F F Church of the Boise assay
office ha just completed and forwarded
to the director of the mint an official
report showing the mineral output of
Idaho in 1895 The total Is 10110485
an increase of 416409 over 1894 The
gold output was 2594666 an increase
of 205891 over the previous year Silver
ver 5214498 increase 334642 Lead
2301321 decrease 304129 The de
crease in lead was dq to the shutting
down of the Shoshone county mines
last summer The lead output of that
county last year was 64000000 pounds
against 72000000 the year before
OMAHA March 7Miss Johnstone
Bennett a member of the Richard
Mansfield theatrical company stop
ping at the Barker hotel while cleaning 1
a dress with gasoline in her room this
evening was seriously burned through
the heedless handling o the fluid in i
connection with a lamp Friends came V
to Miss Bennetts relief in time to pre
vent the flames from completely en
veloping her and reaching her face
She will be Incapitated for playing with
the company br a month
NEW YORK March 7The special
commission appointed by the supreme
court to determine whether an under
ground railroad should be built at a
cost of 50000000 in accordance with
the plans of the Rapid Transit board
have reported in favor of the project
The utmost consideration had been
given the matter and protracted hear
ings extending over forty days were
lven by the commissioners
1r o < i 4
Speculation on the Italian
Failure the Only Topic
in Europe
Also Leaves Englands Hold on
V Egypt Very Precarious
Fears That Germany 1V1U Sile IVitH
France and Iluswln British Jljich
Disffiiated AVlth the AMlian tee
Spoils English Liberal 1nriv
lliiiUj lltmorallzed Slmmiis U
Brien the Theatrical Novelty of
the Week
LONDON March 7Copyright 1896 by
the Associated PreasThe disaster suf
fered by the Italian troops in Africa has
caused a great sensation in Great Brit I
I ain and is thought likely to lead to a
fresh advance by the dervishes into upper
Egypt General Baratieris defeat must
have an enormous moral effect in Africa I
and diminish considerably prestige of
European troops of all nationalities
I The defeat at Adowa moreover serious
i ly affects Italys position in Europe politically
I ically and financially As to its bearing i
I on the dreibund a number of contradic
tory reports are in circulation On one
side Russia France and Germany are
I reported to have to come to some sort of
i an agreement upon their course in the
future on the other hand i is said to
I day that Austria is alarmed and is i urging
Germany to cement a better understanding
ing with Great Britain The latter suppo
sition is likely to be correct but the accomplishment
complishment of Austrias plan looks diffi
cult as things now stand I it is true
that Kussia and France have been secret
I ly assisting King Menehk against itaiy
it would seem naiural that Emperor Will
iam who has been
to bring about more cordial relations be
tween Germany and Russia should side
with the latter power ana France in a
joint endeavor to crush Italys colonial
aspirations in Africa and by so doing
strike a blow at Germanys s leading colon
ial rival Great Britain
According to a leading provincial news
paper Italy has applied to Great Britain
lor assistance chiefly financial and re I
port has it that a large Italian loan will
soon be floated in London an addition
important communications are said to
have passed between the two governments
relative to the l possible movement of
IJgyptfati1 root 1 abtfilt the lipper Nie
Military men here express much sym
path for I aly In her tioubles am seveial
former BriUsh army oliicers have al
ready offered their services to the Italian
government for duty in Africa
A number of American ladles will be
present at the first drawing room of the
season which will be held at Buckingham
palace on Wednesday next by the Prince
of Wales representing the queen They
will include Mrs George N Curzon the
Duchess of Marlborough the Lady Ben I
nett Mrs Henry White Mrs Ritchie of
California Mrs Curtis lr Clara Curtis
of Boston and other who will be pre
sented in the general circle
The Ashantee spoils have arrived at
the colonial office and are very disap
pointing The whole lot is said to be not
worth more than 2000 A number of the
articles are hollow gold instead of solid
gold like those captured on the previous
British expedition to Ashantee The In
ference is that the supply of Ashantee I
gold has greatly diminished recently
Three chief objects are King Prempehs I
crown made of gazelle skin lined with
yellow plush each side of the lapel of the
crown being ornamented with pure soft
gold representing skulls and jaw bones
of lions the whole surmounted by two
golden goats horns the executioners
gruesome badge of ofllce ornamented with
gold representations of headless bodies
and with the executioner holding a
drawn sword in the center and the exe
cutioners sword deeply blood stained and
with the hilt ending in a huge gold bal
The army estimates published yester
day show expenditures amounting to I
20910770 an increase of 100000 over 1895
The secretary of war the Marquis of
Lansdowne in presenting the estimates
stated that recent events in east Africa
make a reduction of the British garrison
> in Egypt improbable
I The marquis added that especial efforts I
I were being made to provide the artillery
i with new converted guns and that the
I recruiting for 1S93 was satisfactory with
i the desertions numbering the fewest on
The attention of the first lord of the
treasury Mr 1 J Balfour will be called
next week by Mr 1 J Bowles member
of parliament for Kings Lynn Conserva
tive to the statements in the Spanish
press that in the event of war between
Spain and the United States Spanish
privateers will prey upon American com
merce Mr Bowles will ask whether in
view of the complications and injuries
which British trade would suffer in such
an event or in the case of war between
Great Britain and a country which has
not acceded the declaration of Paris the
government would consider the whole
effect of the declaration of Paris and the
advisability of Great Britains withdraw
ing thereform
The young Radicals have broken out
Into revolt against the policy of the elder
leaders of their party The dual leader
ship between Lord Rosebery and Sir Wil
lam Harcourt Is the source of dispute
Mr Henry Labouchere and others have
long protested against the radical that
is tho term now generally applied to the
Liberals by the great Conservative ma
jority leader being in the house of
lords A majority of the Liberals al
though dissatisfied with the leadership
of Lr Rosebery believe that Sir Wil
lam Harcourt will not remain long in
parliament and therefore they are dis
I posed to choose as a leader either Mr
John Morley or Mr Henry Asqulth The
I Radicals however are also dissatisfied
with the machinery of the party especially
ially with the power of the whips fvho
they urge should be associated with the
advisory committee The radicals have
held a meeting in the houseof commons
I an have adopted a resolution embody
ling the grievances I has been sent
to Sir William Harcourt There is a pros
pect of a cleavage in the party unless
the leaders are conciliatory There will
be a meeting of the gold standard mem
bers of parliament next week to consider
I the necessary measures to be adopted in
order to oppose the motion to establish
an international bimetallic currency
which is to be debated on March 17 It
is understood that Sir Michael Hicks
Beach has announced his intention of op
posing the motion and the leading gold
standard members Intend to call upon
Sir Michael before the day of the debate
to induce him t change his mind
According to the Daily News the at
titude of the pone towards the Anglican
orders will possibly be marked by a
change In a few weeks Cardinal
Vaughan and Canon Noyes have pro
duced a trenchant report dealing his
torically with the whole problem and It
convicts these orders under twenty heads
i d
ot heresy by negation or admission The
consequent invalidity of the situation b
tween the two churches thus becomes
serious and the < hope of ultimate papal
recognition of the Anglican orders seems
doomed to disappointment
The English press is elated at the so
called German plan to secure the ter
ritory Lourenzo Marfquez I appears that
when Portugal put > her foot down on
tho hearing of the proposed transfer of
property on Delagoa Bay from a Ger
man firm to the German government the
latter gave assurances that Germany
would not attempt such a step But according
cording to the English accounts of the
affair the German firm financed by the
Transvaal government had a distinct
understanding with Germany to turn over
the property to the government of Ger
many This move however now appears
to have been blocked and it Is said to
day that Portugal Is to increase the
strength of her garrison at Lourenzo
Marquez in order to accentuate her de
termination to maintain her position
An interesting discussion is promised in
the house of commons when the debate
on the army estimates Is in order Sir
H CampbellBannerman Liberal who
was secretary of state for war In the last
administration and who Is termed by
the Irish members the Scotch sandbag
will move to reduce the vote by ns
this amount being the special pension of
the Duke of Cambridge the late com
manderinchief of the forces and cousin
of the queen The first lord of the treas
ury Mr A J Balfour it is alleged re
cently gave an explicit assurance that
no such pension would be given and It
is openly suggested that the influence of
royalty has been brought to bear in or
der to alter Mr Balfour mind The gov
ernment will be questioned on the latter
point and some interesting attacks and
parries are anticipated
The only theatrical novelty of the
week has been the production of Stan
fords Shamus OBrien at the Opera
Comique I was successful and the music j I
tuneful and dramatic The piece was
nicely sustained staged and all the roles were well
The Field confirms the report that the
Yacht Racing association will not take
any action upon the expulsion of Lord
Dunraven from the New York Yacht
club and adds that his lordship never
advised calling a meeting of the yacht I
racing association for such a purpose
An Intended Victim Opens Fire on
the Band Killing Four
PLANT CITY Fla March 7In a
desperate battle with r regulators Bowen
Skyes shot four men fatally and wounded
six others more e less l seriously Sykes
lives in the Peru neighborhood of this
Hillsboro county aVid for some cause
has incurred the enmity of his neighbors
Within the past ten days he has received
notices to leave under threat of death
I On Wednesday morning Sykes found a
rudely drawn coffin on Ins front door and
underneath the statement that unless he
left immediately he would be killed
Sykes determined flit to leave and pre
pared to defend himself against the exr
peeled attack Tha attack came Thurs
day morning about 1 oclock At that
hour a mob of fifteen marked men broke
down the door and entered Sykes home
Sykea was ready and as the regulators en
tored he opened fire with a Winchester
tore Sykes fired a rapidly a possible
rife wont
and soon four of the regulators
fled In terrcrrSylces continued
down and others fed ter SYke
tinned to fire at the fusitivto as long as
they were fn apfQ and Is confident six
others yfeieTwoundedf f
Sykes them tore the masks oft the fplir
men who had fallen and found that they
John GillHand John and Alonzo
were Giland
Barnes and Dennis Driggers The Barnes I I
brothers were shot through the head and
cannot live Gilliland and Drivers were
shot in the chest and their wounds are
also fatal
Sykes immediately came and reported
the tragedy and sworeout warrants for
Officers went out to arrest
the regulators
rest the Ofcers the mob They
named dying nnrt report
found the four men name
port that six others are too badly Bounded
in the
moved Nearly every
ed to be move er1x
neighborhood was hurt There a a
wounded person in nearly every house
Sykes says peron he haadone nothing to be
te < > to remain
regulated for an proposes I
has to kill
in the neighborhood i he ki
every man In it
Their Extradition Denied B > Judge
HaelsYmller Yesterday
CINCINNATI March 7The argu
ments in the WallingJackson extradi
tion case today were all technical A
multitudeof cases were quoted by the
defense and a multitude of minor mo
tions were overruled After Judge
Buckwalter had overruled the main
motion which was to liberate the pris
oners he set next Saturday March 1
for hearing before the circuit court on
habeas corpus
Meantime attorneys on both sides
agreed to consider todays hearing as
in a habeas court and thus allow a
hearing in the circuit court next Satur
day on error excluding all testimony
The question of jurisdiction a legal
formality will be the main one next
CINCINNATI March 7 Sheriff Plum
mor of Newport Ky today demanded
the possession of Scott Jackson and
Alonzo Walling held here for the murder
of Pearl Bryan The attorneys contested
extradition and on the regularity of
these papers the arguments before Judge
Buckwalter began at 3 a m The court
room was crowded but there was no
large crowd on the streets
Judge Buckwalter overruled the motion V
to discharge the prisoners on the ground
of irregularity > of the proceedings for
extradition and reserved a further hear
ing on the validity of the requisition pa
pers Court adjourned till 2 p m
Judge Buckwalter overruled the objections
Jucge to the delivery Jackson and
ton but stayed the proceedings un
der an order until next Saturday to al
low time for the hearing on a writ of
habeas corpus i desired by 41ie prison
English Squadron Will Menace Ven
ezuela V
NEW YORK March 7A dispatch to
the Herald from Caracas says
A French steamer from Trinidad brings
a report that an English fleet of five ves
sels is expected here in a few days The
government has appointed Jorge Muett
as special engineer t examine Vene
zuelan railroads and repor fully their
condition The railroads are required
to keep agents in Caracas with power to
treat with the government as to all ques
tions that may arise
Slight earthquakes have been felt in
Caracas Macuta and Maranda
Tflcnragnivn How
NEW YORK March 7A dispatch to
te Herald from Panama says
The autnorities here have received ad
vices from Nice that a battle is imminent
at Leon The government is preparing
for an attack with the combined Hon
duran and Nicaraguan forces It is possible
sible that Salvador also may lend its aid
to President Zeliys In accordance with a
compact signed recently between the
presidents of the three republics at Ama
pala According to the present indica
tions th revolution will ov long and
bloody one A cable message from the
government of the revolutionists in
Nicaragua has been received here stating
that the rebels have possession of the
port of Corinto and that It would be
opened to steamers
closed They have declared San V Juan del V Sur
j S
One of the Picturesque Inci
dents in Cuba Libre
But Fight Equally Well with
Tongue or Machete
Maceo Might Have Been Captured
But live Telegraph Operator
SlmnTiereil Band of Amazon
Raid n District Weyler Receives
Sympathy Front Spain For the
Almnc Showered Upon HimUsual
Desultory Military Movements
HAVANA March 7The Cuban
Amazons recently have been playing
quite a prominent part in the fights
between the insurgents and the Span
ish troops These women many of
whom have husbands in the ranks of
the army in Cuba have exhibited upon
frequent occasions the courage endur
ance and fighting skill to a greater
extent than very many of the men
The Amazons are not as a rule re
markable for personal beauty or clean
liness Anything in the nature of dress
contents them As a rule they are
colored and not young strong of limb
and quick of tongue smart at repartee
and able to use a machete rifle re
volver or knife with the best of the
men They are to be found in nearly
all the insurgent camps and are in
creasing in numbers When not other
wise engaged they tend the sick and
wounded mend and wash clothes or
cook the meals
It became known today that the of
ficial staff of the captaingeneral being
informed that Maceo and his insur
gents three nights ago were camped
near Tapaste thirteen miles from this
city took steps to direct their columns
of troops upon that place under the
I command of Generals Melguizo and I
Bernal The necessary orders were I
issued in time but the telegraph oper
ator on duty at that place
and jflid not send the message in the
proper time In spite of this General
Bernal engaged the insurgent leader
Mirabel the latter being at the head
of 400 insurgents and inflicted a loss
of nineteen killed upon the enemy
The Spanish forces operating in the
district of Yaguajay province of Santa
Clara have had a serious engagement
with the enemy The latter were
beaten and left many dead and wound
ed on the field Among the killed
were several insurgent leaders I is
believed this band was escorting the
Jnsurgent government
Inspector Trajillo has captured at
Calseda a man named Gallinago Luis
Radallo who at the commencement of
the revolution went to Tampa Fla as
military instructor and drill master
for the men composing Roloffs expe
dition He afterwards became Roloffs
aide de camo and color bearer subse
quently escaped to New York came
back again and was a member of the
commission of the junta
Sanchez the insurgent leader with a
force estimated to number about 1000
men passed La Palma yesterday
Near Sanilla Matanzas a mulatto
woman Teresa Crespo recently joined
a band of Amazons and has been lead
ing them in several raids during which
they have destroyed a quantity of pro
duce and have done much harm in
the districts of the river Ausa and La
Palma V
Gomez with a Cuban named Alonzo
was 10m encamped at the plantation of
Semiller in the district of Jacan pro
vince of Santa Clara
Captain General Weyler has just re
ceived the following message from the
home government Your telegram re
ceived I greatly satisfied the govern
ment that the public spirit ha been
revealed in the manifestations that you
have received of proof of sympathy be
cause of injurious attacks The gov
ernment thanks those persons who
have made protestations of adhesion
The loyalty of these persons to the
crown of Spain the Spanish people will
never doubt
The steamer Santiago arrived today
with battallions from Garrelano and
Calta The reception of these soldiers
was even more enthusiastic than the
greeting accorded the Spanish troops
which have heretofore landed upon the
island of Cuba They were received by
thirty tribunes and the patriotic ladles
of Havana crowned them with flowers
Insurgents In Sight of Havana
MONTREAL March 7Professor
Ruttan of McGlll university ha just
returned from a trip to Cuba He ar
rived at Havana two days after Gen
eral Weyler assumed command and
says even the still loyal citizens admit
that 75 per cent of the population is in
sympathy with the insurgents The
troops of the latter could be easily dis
tinguished with the naked eye from any
of the housetops in the city Processor
Ruttan says the insurgents are anxi
ously awaiting for yellow fever to make
its appearance as they hope I will play I
havoc with the Spanish troops I
Denies the Proof of the Statements
Made By Senators Sherman and
WASHINGTON March Minister
Dupuy de Lome of Spain tonight ac I
corded a representative of the Associ
ated Press an authorized interview
concerning the Spanish Cuban situa
tion with a special reference to recent
statements in congress during the con
sideration of the Cuban resolutions
The minister said I read with the
deepest regret the statement made in
the senate by some of the most influ
ential senators in the United States
knowing the facts stated by them were
incorrect that the senators had been
misinformed by persons interested in
bringing a misunderstanding between
the two countries
In reference to a book which Senator
Sherman spoke of written bya Span
iard and from which the sen
ator derived some of the most
serious charges he made against
General Weyler although he had
not himself seen a copy of I
Senor de Lome said I have made an
investigation about that book I have
carefully read it and I see in I that
many horrors are discovered attribut
r i
ed both to the Spaniards and to the
rebels but in it the name of General I
Weyler is tot mentioned one single
time I have the book at the disposal
of anybody who would like to contro
vert my statement
In regard to Senator Morgans charge
from 1S6S to 187S 13600 Cubans were
RUed in battle and 43500 prisoners
taken and put to death Senor de
Lome shows that it is based on the re
port of General Sickles when minister
to Spain who quoted from the Impar
cial a semiofficial paper as follows
From the beginning of hostilities in
Cuba 13600 Insurgents have been 1 < d
in battle and 43500 taken prisoner
The minister added I is bdjieved
that all prisoners of war taken are shot
or garroted C
Referring to an alleged interview
with General Weyler declaring his in
tention of exterminating flllbusterers
which quoted Senator
was by Lodge
Senor de Lome pronounces it a fraud
Miss Anthony Will Stump California
In Its Behalf
TOPEKA Kan March 7Susan B
Anthony passed through Topeka today
on her way to California to advocate
the cause of woman suffrage She
said she had hoped the women of Cal
ifornia would profit by the experience
of the women of Kansas in 1S94 and
keep party politics out of their cam
In their work among the Democrats
the women expect to have the active
support of Governor Budd who Is an I
advocate It is
of womans suffrage I I
not expected that any political party
wH put out a declaration of principles
until after the national conventions
shall have been held and therefore
the women will have ample time for
a campaigp of education I is propos
ed to circulate petitions asking the
party conventions to endorse woman I
suffrage and Miss Anthony believes
that the names of 250000 or 300000 men I
and women of the state can be secured
Fully half of these will be the names I
of men and as the total vote of the
state is only about a quarter of a
million the politicians will hardly ig
nore a petition signed by onehalf of
the entire voting population
Miss Anthony will be joined in a
short time by Miss Yates and Anna
Shaw who will speak in every county I
in the state I is proposed to hold
a twodays convention in every one of
the fiftyseven counties Miss Anthony
will speak in San Diego Los Angeles
and other large towns in the state fin
ally establishing herself in San Fran
cisco where she will be the guest of
Mrs A A Sargent the widow of the
United States senator
ST PAUL Minn March 7 Gover
nor Clough today received a message I
from Carrollton county stating that
the pugilists Murphy and Patterson of
Chicago and San Francisco who par
ticipated in a fight in that county last
Sunday pleaded guilty and have been
sentenced to fortytwo days imprison
ment Other arrests are expected to
British Opinion on the Venezuela
V Blue Book
LONDON March 7Tne Westmin
ster Gazette this afternoon referring
to Venezyalan bluebook says
The first point to be mad clear in
the blue book is nothing more than
our case We must not forget that
we are open to answers We welcome
the apparent strength of our case not
because we imagine we core on every
point but because there is so much
room to give and take
The S1 James Gazette says on the
same subject
I is a very forcible statement of a
very strong case What interests us
is whether the American commission
will pay full attention to our state
ment and having done so will decide
purely on the evidence without al
lowing itself to be in any degree Influ
enced by other considerations We
must hope i will We cannot recog
I nize the commission but we know its
finding will have weight in America
ST LOUIS March 7Thomas F
Clohesy of Cincinnati W R Kissick
of Cleveland and W B Gaitree of
Columbus a committee representing
the Ohio Republican league are here I
as the representatives of McKinley to
secure headquarters for him during I
the national convention in June and
have succeeded in securing the exposi
tion building for the entire week r the I i
convention The large musio hall with j
a seating capacity of 3600 peope and l
large rooms for committee purposes I I
besides the halls and corridors are in
cluded in the contract
I is stated that definite arrange
ments have been made by the Ohio
Republican league to sweep down upon
St Louis with 5000 McKinleyites when
the convention opens
Special to Tho Herald
BUTTE Mont March 71att Ma
guire and Jacob Henke miners were
instantly killed last night by an ex
plosion of powder in their cabin at
the Madisonlan mine near Sheridan
The cause of the explosion is un
KANSAS CITY JJarch 7 Cardinal I
Satolli arrived in Kansas City at 6
p m and several hundred people
greeted him at the depot A special
train carrying the leading Catholics
of Kansas City and vicinity left here
at noon and met the cardinal at Law
rence and escorted him to this city
A reception committee composed of
four members from each of the Cath
olic parishes met the prelate at the
depot and escorted him to the residence
dence of Bishop Hogan of this diocese
Soon thereafter the cardinal entered
the cathedral sanctuary and admin
istered the pontificial blessing to those
present An extended programme in
honor of the visitor has been ar
ranged for tomorrow and include a
reception and dinner at the Coates
house Cardinal Satolli is accompanied
ban by his secretary the Rev Father Or
W WASHINGTON March 7Justlce
Brown of the supreme court tonight
granted a upersedas In the case of Jo
seph R Dunlop of Chicago convicted of
sending obscene newspapers through the
United 110000 States mail Ball was fixed at
I TRENTON N J March 7he Rock
away counterfeiting gang was sentenced
i by Judge Green In the United States dls
I t trict court today Kockaway the leader
got ten years in the state penitentiary
and was fined 51000 Mrs Abbie Smith
the landlady of the Hoboken house in
t which the gang operatea got four years
and a fjieof a30 William Wagner one
year and jiuO tine
l 4
Five Hundred Students at Ca
diz Play at Diplomacy
But Upon Meeting the Police They
Run Away
Somewhat Similar Sentiment Ex
pressed at a Theater In Barcelona
and the Gens II Armes IVero
Culled Ont French Marine Take
a Hanil Trame Excnae By the
Princeton Faculty For the Re
cent Demonstration
CADIZ Spain March 7A mob oC
about 500 students met in Genoves pary
today They carried twoSpanish flags
and after cheering some fiery utter
ances paraded before the town hal
with cries of Long Hw Spain down
with the United States etc
Later they proceeded to the tobacco
factory and asked the manager to per
mit the workmen to join the demon
stration The manager called upon th >
police for protection The latter charg
ed the mob with drawn swords 5ev
eral students were wounded before they
were driven away
The students then made a demon
stration in front of the Military club
There the police were again ordered to
charge the mob This time the stu
dents showered stones upon the police
and were dispersed with much more
difficulty The authorities anticipate
additional outbreaks
Full ot Malajja Grape Tnlce
MALAGA Spain March 7A party
of sailors belonging to the French
cruiser Drome marched through thp
streets here today singing the Spanish
anthem and the Marseillaise cheering
for Spain France and the Spanish
army V
Corn With the United State
BARCELONA Spain March 7The
orchestra at1 the Grand theater last
night played the national march and
the audience arose with enthusiastic
houts Long live Spain long live
General Weyler down with th United
States b The audience after leav
ing the theater joined by many other
people paraded the streets and uttered
similar shouts The police were una
ble to disperse the crowdand it be
came Accessary to cajl put the gen
darmes who succeeded in quelling the
The Same In Spain
Daily Princetonian the official journal
of the college in referring to the ac
tion of the students in burning Span
ish flag says editorially
The demonstration is not endorsed
by the college body as a whole but
was simply the action of a few idle
students for their own idle amuse
PAGE 1The crisis in Italy Publia
sentiment continues bitter and even
revolutionary rne sole topic in Euro
pean capitals is on the dissolution cf
the nundGenerally believed Ger
many will opemy side with France and
Russia Bands ot colored women enter
the Cuban army and do smart fighting
College students at Cadiz charged by
the poiije wnne indulging ire at
the United States Brief telegrams
PAGE 2The free coinage sentiment of
the Kentucky legislature concentrated
for Blackburn and ne comes within three
votes of election The German weekly
budget admits the dnebund Is doomed
House given to tOe consideration of ap
propriation bills Brief telegrams
PAGE Business mining and stocks
DeLamar will build a nun at the Golden
Gate Judge Colborn returns from the
eastBrickyard consolidationThe day
on change Ajax takes a tumble
Trouble at Bingnam
PAGE 4Editorials Editorial notes
State press comments Notaoies of the
day Flumor
PAGE 5The land bill was completed la
the house yesterday and reported for
passage Sli Crnchlows justifiable
homicide bill was up for a moment but
was laid over till lii SdayMr Criteh
lows bill to govern the land commission
with regard to mineral lands was Intro
ducedMeat inspection bill precipitates
a controversy between members aiii
lor free public libraries up again and
again laid over Condons resolution
praising congress for its attitude toward
Cuba reported favorably In railway
circies Dismissed policemen retire to
private life Brlef telegrams
PAGE 6In the social realmThe
PAGE 7News from nearby towns
Park City Provo Payson etc Ogdea
occurrences Markets of the world
PAGE8In the case of the state against
Carter Duggans Dr McCoy Dr Noyes
and Mrs Alassa for the alleged murder
of Eveline Bennett the state dismisses
Dr Noyes Others will plead Monday
Defense will attack the legality 01 rite
complaint Proceedlngs before the
justice yesterday Itose Browning held
to the grand jury without bonds on the
charge ot poisoning Alvin Green Mrs
Sarah E Olger granted a decree of di
vorcjs and Mrs Tolhurst awarded ali
nioily Arguments on the demurrer In
the quo warranto case of Lloyd vs El
liott concludd and matter taken under
advisement Probate court news
Trial of exSergeant Ford for perjury
not held yesteruay Defense ask for a
dismissal which was refused and the
V case continued In order that the prosecu
tion may investigateTown topics and
brief locals
PAGE 9City and and county affairs
Death rate very lowA Republican
scheme to absorb all the election ma
PAGE 10 Womans world Fech fash
PAGE 11The orient and the Occident
PAGE 12 Athletics and eastern colleges
PAGE IS Vendettamania
PAGE H The charms of old Monaco
PAGE 15Music anddramaReview of
a memorable week Coming attractions
Stage gossip
PAGE 1C Trains held up durins war
Good Lenten dishes

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