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i N lv I 3J
bJ 00
11 f < 1
Paderewski 2901 50
Sousa night 1250 00 I
Sousa matinee 1075 00
Total 5226 50
I This sum paid out for amusements
from I Wednesday night to Saturday af
J ternoon to say nothing of the amounts I
taken in at the box offices of the Grand
and Lyceum illustrates that Salt Lake
is not yet ready to yield up her claim
1 to being the banner show town of the
west It is comfortabe too to reflect
f that while this large amount left the
pockets of amusementlovers it did
not by any means all leave the town
if The tabernacle choir retained 25 per
cent of the Paderewski receipts the
distinguished Pole paying all the local
expenses These amounted to some
thing oer 500 hence in reality he
only carried off a little more than 50
l per cent of his box office receipts In
the Sousa concerts the choir received a
1 considerably higher percentage than
4 In the other but paid the local ex
penses out of their share
J 1 W
Sousas matinee yesterday was a
beautiful affair Nearly 3000 people
attended it a large portion of them
being ladies With the 1500 chorus
children and the band there were 4500
people assembled under the great roof
and the seating space really seemed
capable of accommodating as many
more Sousa and his brilliant band
were at their best Vhile the pro
gramme was hardly so novel as on the
night before It kindled the same en
thusiasm and double and triple en
cores had to be yielded The audience
rose to Immense heights of enthusiasm
when the band and the mammoth ju
venile chorus rendered the Pilgrims
Chorus together Mr Stephens as an
encore had the youngsters give Amer
ica to the band accompaniment and
the effect was electrifying as the
youthful trebles and altos waved 1500
flags to the time of the song The
same effect was produced when the
chorus and the organ gave Stephens
Utah We Love Thee This was di
rected by Professor Young and Messrs
Sousa and Stephens listened from the
rear of the building Sousa graciously
allowed > Mr Pryer who got another
ovation to play a trombone solo For
an encore the saxaphone soloist Jean
Moeremans gave a selection This
gentleman by the way took the first
prize in a class of seventynine in the
Paris conservatory When he was en
cored a brilliant cornetist was given a
lit chance and so it might have gone on
ad libitum the whole afternoon but
for the fact that the band had to take
the 5 oclock train for Provo Miss
French the sopi E no duplicated the big
hit she made on the night previous
and she had to give her exquisite
Ben Bolt for a recall The violinist
Miss Duke fared the same way Sousa
and his men left Salt Lake with gen
uine regret and they may be sure that
the feeling is genuinely reciprocated
It is not probable that they will visit
js again for two years
A very pleasant surprise awaits our
theatregoers for Monday afternoon
This Is nothing less than the appear
ance at the theatre In a special mat
inee of the favorite Frawley Dramatic
company made up of the players who
opened the Grand in this city and
made so many friends Mr Frawley
little Blalemore Blanche Bates C W
King added to Belle Archer and sev
eral other not so well known here
will all be in the cast of The Lost
Paradise the bill to be presented
The explanation of this hurried en
gagement on an unusual afternoon is
as follows Mr Frawley has been cor
responding with the theatre for several
months attempting to arrange for a
week here when he took his company
east Unfortunately for Mr Frawley
and his many friends he was not al
lowed to make dates for the reason
that Al Hayman controls the booking
for the house and Mr Frawley like
the Bostonians who recently gave us
the go by is persona non grata to
Mr Hayman that is he plays in San
Francisco at the Columbia which is
Mr Haymans head opponent This
shut Mr Frawley out of Salt Lake as
there was no other house here he could
go to Being most reluctant to pass
fcy his old friends here with never a
salutation Mr Frawley addressed the
Press club of this city told them he
would have an open afternoon Mon
day and volunteered the services of
his company for their benefit The
Press club booking the date for itself
and putting In the Frawley company
It seems Is not prohibited b3T Mr Hay
man and that is the way the affair
has been arranged What the Fraw
ley company receives if anything we
do not know At any rate as the
whole house will be open at 50 cents
they should receive a royal welcome
Ned Royles Mexico with the au
thor in the leading part puts in Thurs
I5Liv nniTEIR BOYLE IA Mexico
day and Friday nights at the theatre
Mr Royles townsfolk have kept close
watch of his new play and he will be
gratlfed to learn that there is keen
Interest felt here In the production
His friends however do not generally
know of the Immense changes which
Mexico has undergone since Its birth
night and they will be surprised to
learn that what was designed to be
stirring melodrama has now evoluted
into a highclass comedy drama In a
letter to the writer Mr Royle says
In producing Mexico I have had
in mind the policy of that astute man
ager and playwright Charles Hoyt
who produces his plays and plays them
for a season outside of New
with a view to colaboration with the
public Had I produced Friends in
New York without its preliminary Salt
Lake nroductlon which short as it
was taught me much it would have
I been an instantaneous failure
I think I may say that with the ex
ception of one city Mexico has been
favorably received wherever we have
played it but today the audience that
saw it three months ago would scarcely
know it Every time we have played
it I have changed it until like the
pocket knife Illustration in logic it is
still the same in spite of having lost
all its blades back and handle When
first produced it was a melodrama
with spectacular and mechanical ef
fects with a slender thread of comedy
1iL 9i
1I41 1t
running through it Well the first
thing my colaborator the public
taught me was that the most effective
thing so far as the audiences were con
cerned was the aforesaid slender
thread I took the hint The audience
who had seen Friends expected com
edy of me and exaected to see me in
comedy I was playing a bad roman
tic leadone of those heroes who lets
everyone else do his work I knew this
before the production but though I am
not free from the average actors van
ity I didnt care who had the fat
so long as the play was a success
It was a bad part and I am not a
good enough actor to scintillate in a I
bad part Everyone seemed to agree I
that I was not in it Mrs Royle and i
I long ago agreed that it made no I
difference whether we had the best
parts in our productions or not but
the critics appeared to resent it i e
our subordination I think too that if i
our little nubile if I may be so bold
as to lay any claim to the great pub
lic did not like to see me resort to
mechanical and melodramatic effects
So I cut them out remorselessly I had
come to believe that the public liked
that sort of thing I think I was mis
taken It is possible I believe to un
derstand the public I took the comedy
ftit J
ii Iii
Major Gcnaro Mentloza in Mexico1
subordinate interest and developed it
into the main interest The serious
interest I made subordinate This as
the New Orleans papers pointed out
made my title inappropriate so I am
going to change to Captain Impu
dence or A Modern Petruchio We
have given a big order for entirely
new printing under that title but will
I have to play under the title of Mex
ico in Salt Lake as our new printing
I does not reach us until we get to
The new title will give you some idea
of the play as played nowL e the
adventures of a man who sets out to
tame a woman The serious Interest in
an emotional way springs out of the
love and hate and misunderstandings of
a Mexican woman for this same Cap
tain Impudence The horrors of war
which were conspicuous in the first
productions have been eliminated al
most entirely The scenery is unques
tionably beautiful I may say that as I
didnt paint it but I have cut out a
costly and beautiful set along with
all the sound and fury of war I
Mexico was in Denver last week
judging from the extended notices the
paper gave it Mr Royle has made no
mistake In his radical changes
Robert Gray an old bachelor
Walter Edwards
Herbert Gray His Nephew
Hugh J Ward
Jane Barnard Engaged to Rob
ert Gray Helen Henry
Miss Gray Elder Sister of Rob
ert GrayCatherine Jerome
This is the cast of the curtain raiser
Red or White which will open
the weeks bill at the Grand Follow II
ing is the cast of Snowball a hilari
ous comedy which will receive its first
production tomorrow night
Felix Featherstone Win Ingersoll
Uncle John Thornycroft
George R Edeson
Harry Prendergast Walter Edwards
SaundersHarry Hathaway I
Mrs Arabella Featherstone I
Madge CarrCook I
Ethel Granger Her Sister I
Rebecca Warren i
Penelope Maid of all work
workHelen I
Helen Henry i
Yesterdays matinee of Led Astray I
was packed despite the heavy oouhte1
f 1 < < J I m
jI < I
attraction and a good house saw the
closing performance last night
Gilbert MaitlandH Coulter Brinker
Mathew ThorntonEdward Hayes
Solomon Isaacs J J Williams
Sir Frederick SydneyDeWitt Jennings
Walter WinfordBrigham Royle
Joe the Lock KeeperJames Ellis
Thomas Omn Grow
Kate MaitlandMaud Edna Wall
Ada Sydney Emily Lytton
Laura Sydney Nettie Drury
Little ArthurJessie Conrad
This is the cast of Queens Evi I
dence the sensational play which
forms the bill at the Lyceum for the
coming week The management say
they have felt the pulse of the public
thoroughly and have now ascertained
that it is melodrama it wants hence
forth therefore comedy will find a
resting place no more on the stage at
the Lyceum which is to be known as I
the home of the sensational Queens
Evidence by the way is one of the old
time successes of the Home Dramatic I
in it Governor Wells made one of his
earliest successes as Moses Abrams apart
part which for some reason will be
essayed under the name of Solomon
Isaacs by Mr Williams
> > 2
It is pretty well known that Paderew
ski was disappointed with his reception
in this city less with the monetary
part of it than the dencrstrative He
has been so accustomed to having peo
pe prostrate themselves before him
that he could not understand the de
meanor of an audience which merely
listened breathlessly and gave him
hearty applause He said to Mr
Stephens that he feared he had come
to Salt Lake fifteen years too soon Mr
Stephens attempted to reassure him by
saying that while his music was rather
heavy yet the audience had enjoyed it I
and they had shown a great deal more
appreciation for him than they had for
Ysaye Great was the mournful
response what must poor Ysaye have
It will be news to many to read that
Modjeska was Instrumental In Introduc
ing the famous Polish pianist Into the
musical world When in Poland some
years ago Modjeska met and heard
Paderewski and recognized his genius
She advised him to continue studying
and advanced a large sum of money for
his education on the piano Modjeska
modest and unassuming has not
breathed a word of this but Paderew I I
ski does not make a secret of this
great kindness shown him by his coun I
try woman
a I
The third and last of the series of
concerts arranged for the benefit of the
tabernacle choir California excursion
fund will occur at the tabernacle Fri
day evening next Mr Stephens has
arranged a fine programme and a fea
ture which is expected to prove a
strong attraction will be the drawing
of the holders of season tickets for a
free ticket to California and return
The choir also gives a concert during
conference which will probably be
their farewelL
Harry Corson Clarke Charlotte Tit
tell Wallace Munro and several other
Thespians who are spending their at
liberty season in Salt Lake have been
invited to render a triple bill at the
Murray opera house this week and
two car loads of friends will accom
pany them over the Rapid Transit and
a full house is guaranteed them They
will render One Touch of Nature
My Uncles Will and Box and Cox
up to Date
Eliason The Mormon Magician is
back from his eight weeks experi
mental tour in the middle western
states It has proven so much of a
success that he has signed a five years
contract to go into the profession and
W W Tillottson his manager has
gone to New York ito book a forty
weeks tour through Klaw and Erlan
This was Eliasons first appearance
east of the Rocky mountains and it is
gratifying to say thathe was well re
ceived everywhere In this connection
it is interesting to note that Eliason
followed Hermann closely at Colorado
Springs Col La Salle Ills and Da
venport Ia in the same theatres The
critics at these places gave him most
flattering notices pronouncing him the
rival of Hermann and some said lie was
the superior of the elder necromancer
Eliason will start out on his tour
next August with an entirely new out
fit and new features He will give two
or three performances here as a fare
Mr Johnstone the enterprising man
ager of Ysaye has been writing Mr
Burton asking on what terms tHe great
Seidl orchestra and Saumet could be
booked here in May It is to be hoped
the arrangements can be made as Seidl
is today in New York far in advance
of what Theodore Thomas was ten
years ago
Her townsfolk knew that Maude
Adams occupied a high place in the
estimation of New York cities but they
were hardly prepared for an outburst
like this which appeared in last Sun
days World John Drew and his ad
mirable company in The Squire of
Dames are attracting large and fash
ionable audiences to the Garrick
theatre During his present engage
ment Mr Drew will be seen in a new
play Until then Mr Drew will stilt
coldly around the stage in the Squire
of Dames and Miss Adams will carry
the piece as she has all the other
pieces in which Mr Drew has made
his great successes Better one per
formance by Maud Adams than a
cycle of John Drew
The Chicago Lady quartette which
appears at the Congregational church
on the 16th or 17th under ithe auspices
of the Orpheus club is now touring
California San Jose letters speak
highly of its work W
Following is the programme for the
band concert at the Post Amusement
hall Fort Douglas at 330 p m today
Star Spangled Banner
Overture Mons Choufleui Offenbach
Popular Medley The Metropolis
at Night L O DeWitt
The Coquette Char CanceSousa
Selection fr MacbethVerdi
Intermezzo Loves Dream after
the Ball Czibulka
Southern Patrol Voelker
Hail Columbia
Stage AVhispcrs I
The author of Red or White is a I
brother of Mr Causten Browne of this
city Mr Browne Is also the author of
A Fool For Luck
Marslck the renowned violinist who
appeared with Paderewski in San
Francisco is the possessor of one of
I the rarest violins in the world He I
has it insured for 57500 I
Duncan B Harrison has secured I I
from Charles H Hoyt the exclusive
rights to Hoyts itA Midnight Bell
and will shortly send the piece on tour i
He has engaged Digby Bell and Laura i
Joyqe Bell for leading roles
The famous Bostonians who have
been playing to 10000 or 11000 a
week at the Broadway theatre in
Robin Hood celebrated the 2000th
performance of that opera on Monday j
February at that house Composer
Reginald De Koven led the orchestra
and Librettist Harry B Smith was the
stage manager for the occasion
The TwentySirst Ward Amusement
company who have acquired a good
deal of local fame for their rendering
of tho military play of Comrades
will repeat it in the Eleventh ward
assembly room next Thursday even
ing together with the farce of A
Charming Pair The proceeds go to
the benefit of the ZIons Maori associa
The Carleton Opera company is play
ing in San Francisco a popular pr1ce
Several newspapers have said that
j f s
Henry Miller is going starring next
season These reports are wrong It
Is true however that Mr Miller will
not be In the Empire Stock company
next year Since it has been noised
about that this was the case half a
dozen managers have submitted to him
Various proposals for next season but
as A M Palmer would put it there is
nothing definite yet in this connec
Victory Bateman one of the clever
est and most versatMe of the younger
actresses is at present filling a ten
weeks engagement at the Avenue
theatre Pittsburg Miss Bateman is
at the head of the stock company at
that house and her work has been
highly praised by the leading papers
of that city She was seen in a differ
ent role each week displaying re
markable versatility One of the local
critics speaking of Miss Batemans
performance of Vera in Moths said
It was the most original artistic and
perfect impersonation of that character
ever seen in that city A performance
of Caste was attended by the Tues
day Night club of Pittsburg com
posed of the citys four hundred So
strong in fact is Miss Batemans
popularity that Harry Davis manager
of the Avenue theatre has extended
her engagement indefinitely Mirror
Written for The Sunday Herald
He was decidedly picturesquea
touch of the sunny old California days
still clung to him the dignified and
lordly air of the Spanish alcade
Standing under the giant sequvias
with uncovered head his long tawny
hair tossing here and there in the keen
morning breeze he seemed imbued
with the spirit of poesy altogether his
very appearance and manner were
strongly reminiscent of the old Span I
ish mission days before the advent
of the Americano His dress in earlier
days would have marked him at once
as a diamondbedecked gambler his
hair yellow and coarse fell to his
shoulders and a pair of fierce mus
tachios gave him a brigandish appear
ance he wore a long black frock but
toned tightly at the waist wide open
at the lapels displaying an immacu
late shirt bosom from which glistened
a large diamond cluster snuffcolored
trousers highheeled hoots and a large
White sombrero completed his some
what incongruous costume After a
somewhat critical survey of this ec
centric poet of the Sierras advanced
toward him and bade him a pleasant
Good morning He saluted me kind
ly and asked me to come further Into
the shades of the forest where we
would converse without interruption
We seated ourselves upon the mossy
bank of a turbulent little mountain
stream andt here the poet in his in
teresting though somewhat eccentric
manner talked of the beauties of
Dame Nature and described to me the
habits of the wild denizens jt the for
est imitated the songs of birds as they
flitted by our retreat Now and again
he repeated some of his verses and
rwaxlng warmer finally launched forth
with ecstacy in laudation of the hero
soldier Custer for whose untimely and
tragic fate he betrayed great sorrow
This proved the greatest treat of all
Standing erect with head thrown back
and with wild gesticulations he recited
the story of Custers last battle He
told of the wearisome march the bi
vouac then with loudvoice he describ
ed the surprise imitated the blare of the
bugle as it stfunded Boots and sad
dles the awful warwhoop of the
naked foe whose living circle slowly
but surely tightened about the fast
diminishing troop of brave men then
sinking his voice almost to a whisper
he pathetically described the closing
scenes of that memorable day At last
the poet broke into a monotonous In
dian chant the death song of the
Sioux and as the last note died upon
his lips he sat down muttering Vale
Custer Vale Custer Never before
had I heard poet or author recite his
lay in such a touching way never had
surroundings been more fitting as that
day when this wild eccentric moun
tain poet recited this noble tribute to
the memory of that frontier hero
The folly of prejudice is frequently
shown by people who prefer to suffer
for years rather than try an adver
tised remedy The millions who have I
no such notions take Ayers Sarsa
parilla for blood diseases and are cur
ed So muchor common sense
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Information for the public on postal
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Some Big Gems tIle Hiding Place of
r Which In Unlciiovrn
One of the most mysterious things about
diamonds Is the ease with which they can
disappear says the Washington Times
Two centuries ago Tavernier a French
Jeweler very fond oC travel made his
way to the east where ho ingratiated
I himself In the favor of most of the princes
and potentates of India
A connoisseur In diamonds he man
I anged to obtain views and personal ex
aminations of the precious stones then In
the treasuries of rich monarchs He
brought back accounts of no less than
seven diamonds of great size none less
that 200 carats all of which he weighed
and described with an accuracy that gave I
evidence of the truth of his statements I
Not one of these diamonds has ever been
seen since Of course It Is easy to say
that Taverner was romancing and that
tile huge gems existed only In his imagi
I nation but In the case of two or three
Uavernlers descriptions are sustained by
the testimony of other experts while In
dian historians are equally explicit con
earning one or two of the others
i I With regard to the Great Mogul the
largest ol all Known diamonds there is
abundance of testimony as to size and
weight In addition to the statements of
Tavernier It was a Goloonda gem and
i weighed 787 carats In the rough though
i much reduced by cutting
It was the property o f Vizier Mlrglmola
I a vasal ot the King or Golconda who de
termined to have him assassinated in
1 order to obtain the gem But Mirgimola
escaped with his jewels to Shah Jehan at
1 that time tire Great Mogul who speedily
learned br the diamond and intimated
I that It would be a delicate and acceptable
present Mlrglmola took the hint the
shah got the gem and while it was in
the treasury of Arungzebe his successor
j Tavernier examined and weighed It
It has never been mentioned as seen by
I any one since and whether It was hid
den before NattrShah captured Delhi or
whether It was part of the spoils Is un
known It may have been divided into a
number of smaller gems or It may be now
concealed In some fortress In India
Persia or Arabia as was the crown of
Chasros for 1000 years to reappear at
some future time when it la safe for tho
owner to display his wealth
> J a
ll > U J1 1
nut time Safest Sort to See in thc
Moonshine Country
I had sat down on a rock beside the
mountain trail to rest when a man
came out of the bushes opposite with
a keg on his shoulder says the Free
Press There was no question of his
being a moonshiner or of the keg be
ing full of whisky which he was carry
ing off to dispose of He was taken
aback at seeing me and as he put
down the keg he had a very ugly look I
on his face
Who be yo he demanded after I
looking me over
A traveler
Whar yo agittin to
Going over into North Carolina
What yo dom here 2
Im resting for a few minutes Your
name is Lucas isnt it
No sah
Dont you live in the cabin back
there I
No sah
Oh I thought you did I stopped
there to get a light for my pipe and
the woman told me that her husband
was out after possums I see you have
one there and so I thought your
name was Lucas
Stranger dye call that a possum
asked the man as he pointed to the
Im rather nearsighted but it looks
to me like a possum and a fat one
at that Cant be a woodchuck
No I
I thought not Well I must be I
going I hope you may kill three or I
four more fat possums during the I I
Stranger said the man as he
looked at me in a curious way hev
yo bin long in these mountings
About three weeks
Seen anything but possums
Nothing but possums sir and I
shant go telling around that I saw I
any of them
He put out his hand for a shake
and as I started off he winked his left
eye and said
Might see a fox or a coon occasion
ally but make possums a stiddy thing
and nobody up yere wont trubble yo
Give me a liver regulator and I can
regulate the world said a genius
The druggist handed him a bottle of
DeWitts Little Early Risers the fa
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Every Evening and Saturday Matinee
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Evenings at 815 Saturday matinee at
Curtain at 815 p m
THUMDVY FRIDAY iglltS AND March h 12 anu 13
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First time here of the Picturesque
Romantic Comedy
MJi Iiir lRi hl J iI
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cent Costumes Calciums Proper
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Making and laying of carpets < has
brought us a wonderful business In
floor coverings We make lay and tI t I
line all carpets free and not a cent ol
advance in prices on this account This
offer wont hold good forever Take
advantage of it now I
Hundreds of other articles too nu I
I merous to mention at 50c on the dollar i
V1adseng Furniture Store
515355 East First South Street
N c II i it <

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