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Many Precedents for Cuban At
tacks on Railways
In tie American Civil War Both
4 Sides Tscd Them For the Trans
f i portation of troops and Both
bides Wrecked and Fired on
Trains Repeatedly
Copyright 1S96 by S S McClure Ltd
In their struggle for freedom the Cu
ban patriots stop at nothing to cripple
the enemy All Important towns on the
Island are connected by railroads and
the insurgents blow up bridges with
dwynamlte ambuscade trains carrying
Spanish soldiers to threatened points
and sometimes derail them with awful
slaughter of those on board Such
deeds seem horrible and have been un
favorably commented upon Yet there
were plenty of precedents In the civil
war between the northern and south
ern states In that conflict many of
The campaign were carried on in re
gions where railroads were compara
tively few yet the iron highways
played no unimportant part Grants
campaign at Shilo and aroundCorinth
vas directed against a railroad sys
tem connecting the Atlantic seaboard
with the Mississippi through the heart
of the Confederacy
Quick transit having become a neces
1 > ty of the age railways will be de
pended upon in future wars for the
swift movement of militar forces des
pite the risks involved This has been
demonstrated in the strikes of recent
years even more conclusively
I during the civil war In 18645 it be
came a paramount necessity with the
government to keep the Baltimore
Gho open between Washington and
Cincinnati Reinforcements passed
hack and forth over the line from east
ern to western battlefields It was con
stantly exposed to Confederate attacks
find when the war closed presented a
continuous fortified line across Mary
r land and Virginia A small army was
f detached to garrison its block houses
and a system of iron clad cars was de
t iPd to carry soldiers and cannon
I I through the fire of battle
1 Upon several occasions the confeder
service to decide
ites used the railway s <
tl t campaigns twice with splendid results
r They eem to have taken the initiative
in ambuscading soldier trains The
L first affair of the kind took place near
t Alexandria Va June 17th 1S61 soon
after the federal troops crossed to the
soil of the Old Dominion All that day
Colonel Maxey Gregg marchel his not
l ed regiment of South Carolinians
about in the vicinity of Vienna look
Ing for a fight As the afternoon came
to a close he was moving away to
I camp at Fairfax Suddenly a whistle
was heard on the London Hampshire
railroad Colonel Gregg marched his
t troops to the track and posted a sec
tion of Kempers battery to sweep a
bend in the road When the train
f tame In sight Captain Del Kem
pers battery opened with rap
id and well aimed canister fire
t The troops on the train con
st leu of Colonel A MeD Cools First
I r 1 Ohio regiment They had been ordered
out to protect the road against an ex
pected attack from Gregg About
twelve Ohioans were killed and wound
Jeb Stewart and his noted raiders
on their famous ride around the Army
of the Potomac in June 1S92 fired into
a soldier train which they had vainly
attempted to wreck While McClellans
troops were beseiging Richmond an
old railroad from York river to James
was put in Operation for military pur
poses It connected the front with the
base of supplies One day Stuart
burst through the Federal outposts on
the extreme flank and overjoyed with
his success started to ride around the
Federal armv
The route of the raiders after pass
ing the Federal lines lay generally
parellel with the railroad They gar
I loped on a circuit to Tunstails station I
which was only ten miles from the
center of McClellans camp Stuart
I took it for granted that the alarm of
I the raid would arouse the whole Fed
eral army and that troops would be
I sent back from the front in all haste I
to intercept him The two younger I
Lees Fitzhugh and W H F Jack Mos I
by and other gallant fellows were in I
I the band They were under orders not i
I to fight except to save themselves I
While halted at Tunstalls a train was
heard thundering down the track from
the direction of Richmond
WH F Lees men were farthest up
the track and one of his captains at
tempted to turn the switch so as to
wreck the train Finding that the
switch could not be opened the captain
felled a tree across the rails and piled
other obstructions against it The raid
ers meanwhile aligned themselves
along the road and awaited the result
I Stuart and Lee were both on the scene
Evidently some warning had been
I conveyed to the engineer for when he
saw the obstructions before him and
cavalry about the burning station he
crowded on all steam and dashed
through Logs stones and timbers
flew right and left and the train
sped on into the midst of the aston
ished troopers Seeing the cars filled
with blue coats they opened fire at
short range The high speed of the
train alone averted a fearful slaughter
I but as it was many were killed and
The confederates in turn suffered
from a desperate attack upon a train
load of their soldiers on the Charles
ton Savannah road In October 186
The occasion of this affair was a raid
ing expedition also one having for its
object the practical destruction of the
road It was carried out under Gen
eral O M Mitchell who had he lived
would have become noted as a
thunderbolt of war Mitchell began
work as a railroad destroyer in the
I west It was under his regime that
the daring spyraider Andrews was
equipped and sent forth upon the dis
astrous bridgeburning trip into Geor
I eta
Having been transferred to a com
s J s
e Ir t
my E
a 5r
mand on the coast of South Carolina
with headquarters at Port Royal
Mitchell set to work to cut Charleston
off from the region south The Charles
I ton Savannah railroad lying far
inland and well guarded could only
I be reached by a strong force moving
through hostile territory It crossed
several rivers and it was intended to
destroy the bridges over these Im de
tail In October General Brannan
started with two brigades to attack
I Pocotaligo and break up the line at
I the crossing of the Pocotaligo river
As a diversion Colonel W B Barton
I with 300 men having along a twelve
pounder howitzer ascended the Coosa
I watchie river to attack the town of
that name and destroy the bridge
I These columns would strike the road
about ten miles apart
i The Confederates learned of the raid
and began moving troops to thwart
it When within a mile of the town
Colonel Barton heard a train approach
ing and could see it from the distance
that it was bringing up troops from
towards Charleston He placed his
battalion in position under cover and
aimed the howitzer to rake the train
I as much as possible There Vas no
warning Bullets and grape swept
the cars six of which were open plat
form cars packed with soldiers The
Confederates had two cannon on board
but couldnt bring them into use for the
train dashed on like a runaway the
I engineer fireman and the commander
of the troops falling at the first vol
ley Many of the soldiers jumped from
the train and some of the dead and
injured fell overboard About seventy
Confederates were killed and wounded
They belonged to the Eleventh South
Carolina and were hurrying on to re
pel Bartons attaeK upon the town
Colonel Bartons tactics on a more
extended scale would have saved the
federal cause two of its earliest de
feats Had the Manawsas railway
trains bearing Johnston army from
the Shenandoah valley to Bull Run
fallen into an ambush oc federal bat
teries on the way to that field the first
great battle of the war might also
have been the last Or had Stonewall
Jacksons army been served in the
same way when speeding by trains
along the Virginia Central into Staun
ton to head off Fremont and expel him
from the valley in May 1862 the war
in that region and also in front of
Richmond where Jackson ° eventually
turned up would have a different his
It was fear of confederate expedi
tions like those set onfoot by General
Mitchell for the destruction of rail
ways that catused the I federal govern
ment to arm and fortify the Balti
more Ohio > line But the later at
tempts upon the road were trifling
The bullet proof cars with their iron
shields for cannoneers were never
brought into actual vise Small raids
were of frequent occurrence but little
could be done in the face of a double
row of federal pickets all along the
exposed territory and strong garrisons
at every bridge and station Major
I Harry Gilmor the noted rough rider
of Maryland made a daring effort one
night during the winter of 1864 but it
only served to prove the folly of the
undertaking After holding up what
turned out to be a passenger train
he was scared off by the sudden arri
val of a real soldier train armed and
manned for action
This same Gilmor held up two pas
senger trains on the Philadelphia Wil
mington Baltimore near Gunpowder
river bridge in July 1864 during
Earlys raid on Washington The cars
were fired and then pushed upon the
bridge which was completely destroy
One of Gilmors captives on this last
holdup was MajorGeneral W B
Franklin by all odds the biggest prize
in point of rank and ability ever gath
ered in on either side up to that time
The general and several other captured
officers were placed in carriages and
sent across country on the way to Vir
ginia under guard Some outlying
duty called Gilmor away from the
party one night and he caught up
with it in the small hours by the road
side prisoners and guard all except
Franklin prostrate in the fence cor
Franklins buggy was empty and Gil
mors somewhat impassioned remarks
when discovered that and suspected
the truth awoke the drowsy troopers
like a cannon shot Search was of no
use Franklin had escaped the troop
ers were semistupid from drink Whe
ther the pocket flasks of the passen
gers had carried extra heavy loads
or Franklins valise which the gal
lant Gilmor had permitted him to re
tain in the buggy furnished the liquid
ammunition has never been explained
but the guards were plainly intoxicated
and Franklin miles away on the road
to Philadelphia > He arrived there a
little behind time yet otherwise none
the worse for the adventure
Soothing healing cleansing De
Witts Witch Hazel Salve is the enemy
to sores wounds and piles which it
never fails to cure Stops itching and
burning Cures chapped lips and cold
sores in two or three hours For sale
by all druggists NeldenJudson
wholesale dealers
Delightful Combinations Thnt Matte
the Forty Days Fast a Joy
A noted French chef once said that
he could cook eggs 365 waysa differ I
ent style for every day in the year
Here is one of his excellent recipes
Six eggs one tablespoonful of Span
ish onion chopped fine one table
spoonful of chopped parsley Beat the
eggs until thoroughly mixed add the
onion and parsley and make the same
as plain omelet dust with salt and
pepper then serve
For the piece de resistance at a Len
ten supper why not try shrimps in
To two cups of wellmashed potatoes
add the yolk of two eggs half a tea
spoonful of salt a dash of pepper a
tablespoonful of chopped parsley mix
until smooth Stir one tablespoonful
of butter and one of flour over the fire
until smooth Add onehalf cup of
milk and continue stirring until it
boils Stir in one cup of shrimps and I
season with salt and pepper
Take a portion of the potato In your
hand and form into a thin flat round
cake In the center put a quantity of
the shrimp mixture then fold and
manipulate to form < a ball When i
cool dip in egg and bread crumbs and
fry in smoking oil
As oysters are still in their prime
the following recipe as a dinner course
is excellent
Take twentyfive good fat oysters
with one gill of their own liquor one
gill of cream one tablespoonful of bu
tee two tablespoonfuls of flour add
one tablespoonful of chopped parsley
the yolks of two eggs a quarter of a
grated nutmeg with salt and cayenne
to taste Put the oysters on to boil
in their own liquor boil and stir con
stantly for five minutes Take them
from the fire and drain Chop the Oys
ters very fine Now put into a sauce
pan one gill of this liquor and the
cream Put together the butter and
flour Add this and the oysters to the
boiling liquor and cream and stir until
it boils and thickens Then add the
I yolks of the eggs stir over the fire for
one minute take it off add parsley
salt cayenne and nutmeg mix well
and turn out cool When cold form
into cylinders roll first into beaten
egg then in bread crumbs and fry
In boiling oil or fat
A nice dish for Lenten breakfast is
eggs au gratin
Mix together two ounces of bread
crumbs a tablespoonful of grater Par
mesan cheese a tablespoonful of but
ter a pinch each of pepper salt and
nutmeg and the yolks of three eggs
Stir Ill well together and spread over
a wellbuttered Pie plate Set in the
ovenisuyhen it begins to color remove
from tihp oven and carefully break
on top Eight eggs sprinkle over them
some grated Parmesan cheese Return
to the oven just long enough to set
the eggs then serve
Among the harming dishes served
bv Tha rkeray the great author at his
delightful dinners was the
Select a coral lobster of about three I
pounds plunge it into boiling water I
and cool for twenty minutes When
cold remove the meat from the shell I
and cut in small bits Also add aI I
dozen mushrooms cut in bits
Put in a fryingpan three tabl > spoon
fuls of olive oil When hot add three
small onions cut very fine Let the
onions fry until a light brown then
stir in a tablespoonful of flour mix
well then add slowly stirring all the
I while half a pint of soup stock Let
the sauce cool well for five minutes
then remove from the fire and stir in
I the juice of half a lemon and a
claret glass full of white wine Re
turn to the fire and add the lobster
meat Let all cook thoroughly hot
buts do not allow it to boil Serve lori a
hot dish garnished with parsley
Wash and bake three large potatoes
Cut in halves lengthwise and without
breaking the skin scoop out the pota
toes Into a hot bowl Mash and add
one even tablespoonful of butter one
of hot milk and salt and pepper to
taste Beat the whites of two eggs I
stiff and mix with the potato Fill
the skins with the mixture heaping
It lightly on the top Brown slightly
in the oven and serve
I Of all the salads either in or put
I of the Lenten season this is the most I
delicious yet the least known One
trial is sure to lead to more
Select large plump oysters allow six
oysters to each person parboil them in
their own juice and drain quite dry
Cut up the oysters into bits and mix
them with lettuce Stir thoroughly
through the mixture the dressing For
this use one egg for every two Per
sons Boil them twenty minutes and
then peel Separate the whites from
the yolks Cut the whites into bits
and then add the oysters and lettuce
Place the yolks in a flatbottomed pud
ding dish or a soup plate if a small
quantity is to be made To the boiled
yolks add raw ones in the proportion
of one to every six cooked eggs Re
serve the raw white for future use
With a spoon mash together the
cooked and raw eggs then pour in
olive oil slowly stirring vigorously all
the while Continue adding oil and
stirring until a sufficient quantity is
Obtained Then add mustard salt
lemon juice and pepper to taste Last
ly beat the whites of the eggs stiff
and stir into the dressing The ad
dition of the whites of the eggs gives a
creamy quality to the dressing and is a
decided improvement Sometimes the
oil and eggs will curdle In this case
stir in a little mustard If this should
fail then add a little of the beaten
white and the mixture will be smooth
again This dressing is the best known
for all salads
Whoop er up my noble Spaniards but I
tell you once again
Don Quixotes charging windmills on the
sunlit slopes of Spain
Whoop er up my noble FpanSpjrds
make your bluff for thats your biz
But confine yourself to words or you
may get my dander riz
Why I kinder sorter caikerlate it
wouldnt take me long
For to pitch your pesky nation from
Bermuda to HongKong
Though Im bound to say Its natral you
should raise your little whoop
With no money in your strong box and
your Cuba in the soup
Youve quite forget it seems to me
youre not what once you wen
When you owned the larger portion of
this western hemisphere
Youd only unarmed savages to beat and
torture then
Now th Americans youll tackle are a
different sort of men
Theres Bunker Hill an Lexington an
Concord back of us
The Britsh know the sort we are when
we cH in a fuss
Ask the men who faced our balls behind
the bales at New Orleans
If yer average Yankee soldier doesnt
know what flghtin means
The emblem of Castile must go your
uncles said it must
The silken folds of Aragon be humbled
in the dust
The sun that shines on tyrant crowns
must sink to rise no more
And proud Spain can have no foothold
on this free enlightened shore
A scientific exchange remarks that
Nature has armed the walrus with a
growth of whiskers which extend sever
al inches from its chin Nature evi
dently intended the walrus to be the
I Populist of the animal kingdom Chi
cago Dispatch
The Small Boy Raised and Started
the Procession
There was a little snow on the ground
and horses slipped easily on the paving f
stones says the New York Sun A
grocers wagon came out of a side
street and started across Amsterdam
avenue In the middle of the avenue
the horse slipped and fell He lay
across the uptown car track and the
wagon stood on the downtown track
The driver jumped out and stood by
Hold his head down shouted a
man from the sidewalk
Two laborers big strong fellows f
I were passing They sprang forward P
and held the head of the fallen horse
close to the ground Two other men I t
1 came and sat on the animals neck
An uptown car had come up and
stopped A moment later a downtown
i car was stopped and both drivers went
forward to the fallen horse and offered
suggestions The conductor of the
downtown car caught hold of the wa
gon and tried to lift it off the track
He was not strong enough and swore
A policeman came and at his heels av
crowd The horse was still down and
six men were sitting on his neck
I The crowd increased Two more care
came up and the four drivers and con
ductors swore So did the passengers
A policeman from the next postcame
up on a run and attempted to scatter
the crowd That made the crowd larg
er They formed a circle about the
fallen horse
Everybody asked everybody else what
it was all about and the policeman
said Get tell out o here
A small boy with a cloth cap over
his ears and a roller skate on one foot
slipped past the policeman and got in
side the circle
The fallen horse had ceased to strug
gle Nine men were holding him down
Say said the small boy in a pip
ing voice and the crowd glared at him
Why dell dont youse let d hoss
get up
The men got off the horse and looked
foolish The animal was on his feet
in a moment The driver jumped on
his wagon and said Gwan
I The two policemen turned to the van 7
ishing crowd and said Get tell out o
I here
The small roller boy with one skate
I caught the tailboard of a passing car t
and held on for a block before the con
ductor faiflled him J
AM Do orilioil in Early Days by nil
Xj c
This tropical bird seldoms wings his
way so far west as Wyoming He lov s
he sea breezes and humid atmosphere of
the Atlantic ocean and when isolated In
this mountain clime pines for his native
The codfish cannot sing but is priz xl
for his beautiful plumage and seductivo
The codfish of commerce is devoid of
digestive apparatus and is more or less
permeated with salt
Codfish on toast is not as expensive as
quail on toast
The codfish ball is made of the shat
tered remains of the adult codfish mixed
with the tropical Irish potato of com
The codfish has a great wealth of glad
unfettered smile When he laughs at
anything he has that same wide waste
of mirth and back teeth that Mr Tal
mage has The Wyoming codfish Is gen
erally dead Death in most cases Is the
result of exposure and loss of appetite
BucUlens Arnica Salve
The Best Salve in the world for Cuts
Bruises Sores Ulcers Salt Rheum Fe
ver Sores Tetter Chapped Hands Chil
blains rooms and all Skin Eruptions
and positively cures Piles or n6 pay
required It is guaranteed to give per
fect satisfaction or money refunded ro
1 Price 25c per box For sale by Z C
M I Drug dept
m ffSi 4 Ih IJ t bI r 1 f V 5 riof < l1W w 1fi 1 tF m
Z C M I I Z 0 0 M 0 I j Z C M I I Z C M I I Z 0 M I I Z C M I
g 4
t f
l i f r They Are Here sy bra r Qt ° jar
d r
i r a S Y rt
Last week we said that our new Spring i and Summer Goods were arriving daily k rr
1tlHt J They have all arrived and by tomorrow morning everything will be in place and marked r 1
f z t
I ready for you We have promised you something nicer than ever this season and you r kl r
3 i 1I I I will be surprised at the beauty of our Display surpassing anything we ever expected
Iffy yi > > h ourselves Nothing in former years has been anywhere near as beautiful as this seasons
1 i n Goods Tomorrows Dress Goods Exposition will display Mammoth Assortments of the s r = s4 3A A
Fabrics i
r L1 iAli The constantly increasing popularity of this great Dress Goods Room is the 4t > >
merited result of maintaining a hi standard of quality and selling absolutely the >
A V fl v l lowest prices > > t V i I y4
4 i
4id tfy
y t
May be the delight or torment of 3 rrr
A month ago we hurried in a lot of r
every woman of taste when hurried or 4e
1 mixed wool dress goodintended for r
nervous what more exasperating than spring selling You took them and r
to have ones glove to split the seams + another lot until it looked as though
Separate Skirts to grin or the buttons to fly off we would have to plan anew for spring Novelties in
epara Avoid = all such trouble by buying the u But the goods were irresistablly pretty es 1 11
and the price only 50c per yard
best Our glove counter has always no wonder you would not let us keep
How nuch would your dressmaker charge to make been one of the attractions in this them More I have arrived
dress skirt Bore than we charge b Suits
E you fashionable great store s S lIlts
I for these ready made Thats certain But this is a BLACK DRESS prIng
trade incident Ue cannot promise to repeat the offer I
5ng The skirts are full They are erode from the lat T GOODS
est materials in brilliantines Mohairs and striped ef NEW WASH GOODS e THE DRESSIEST WOMAN IN TOWN
fects Some are lined with pcrcoline others merely We never bought so heavily in this make our store their
f ec Or rather all the dressy women
dress disclose greater
Our wash goods line before We have black figured
faced 1 shopping place They know that our buyers use the best
novelties than ever Designers have Mohairs Black Ser es Armures Diag
er 11Io 11 taste in selecting goods They know they can come to
surpassed themselves this year for M sr onals and Crepes us and get the very latest things that therfashion pape rs
r rr v i Y stylish Our buyers got onto some beautiful
iT daintier color combinations patterns i novelties say in spring suits bought them all and we offer
The New Waists I FIGURED spnn
e ew
low prices
and figures werenever woven or print r r Y them this week at very
to 4 lVI 0 fLAIRS
ed Our French Organdies seem t
have caught myriads of flowers in Crisp bright stuffs that bid fair to be
A large assor tment of everything that is new and ther weblikc foundation and there is CAPES driven to higher prices by fashions the Silks
stylish in the beautiful New Dresden Taffeta Silks the bewildering choice among the many While the big sleeves last capes will smile Among 1 e 1 S
exquisite novelty stripes < i and the rich figured China be favorites When the big sleeves are
Silks All dress makermade many with rich lace effect elegant designs Our Irish Dimities only a memory capes will still be fav NEW
Our Corea orites but its likely ito be many a ty
f than ever
fect to induce early buying we have marked them tow are prettier day before varieties will be great Every season some new designs seem almost like
Cloths which were so much sought er or cape cape elegancles more marked EMBROIDERIES I painting the lily but no matter what the variety we
I after last season are handsomer than than now and we have put cape prices mean to keep this Silk Store of ours in the very foremost
g I IT ASK TO SEE THEM IN1 THE II7CE of everything that will tempt discriminating buyers
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4 l
1 t
r j t 0 J 0
b p > c o d t i 0 U L

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