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A r ro fSKW IF r q iT < t c l t iiii TIII J IIT = l
A Mill For the Great
Golden Gate
i f An Interesting Talk With
f Captain De Lamar About
f His Mercur Interests
Mining Men Are Pleased With
the Compromise
I i
Jot Stuff From Judge Colliorn
Ii ViaVft Brilliant Representative Re
r turns From HU Eastern Trip and
Talks at the Stock Exchange
With the Hulls and Bears Ajax
I TaUci an AWful Tumble Trouble
at Blnjarham STritclL to the Win
4 namuclc Laid Under Exciting Cir
cumstance TVcxv Jlliiing Compan
ies nnlzedJUnlng IVotcs and
Captain J K Delimar the owner
of the Golden Gate mine when seen
by a Herald representative yesterday
was almost immersed in business af
fairs but he very gladly consented to
a short interview in which he spoke
quite freely regarding the business
then in hand which consisted largely
in perfecting arrangements and plans
for the erection of a mill for the treat
ment of Golden Gate ores
This mill question said the cap
a tain will be definitely settled by
Monday night Of course our oxidized
ores can be treated by the cyanide
process and there are quite a number
of methods of ore extraction in which
cyanide enters as a solvent but I pre
fer the Kendayy process the same
as I am now using at my DeLamar
Nev mines first because it is more
effective and second because it is
much Quicker in its action than the
cyanide process now in use in this
country By the Kendall process the
gold is all taken out in twentyfour
hours while by the other systems the
time required is at least 82
As to our arsenical ores these can
be treated also after the arsenic is dri
ven out of them and we have a process
by which this can be effectually done
and in so doing we expect to make
a marketable product The arsenic in
the form that we shall save it I say
we because in a multitude of council
there is safety is worth 360 a ton
and we can produce a carload and
more of it daily and in so doing we
can kill two birds with one stone as
ve thereby save a valuable commer
cial commodity and also do awaYvith
the deadly fumes that would hover
over the camp of Mercur carrying
death wherever it settled if we re
duced our ores v ithout recourse to the
process already mentioned
We are gong to build the mill but
the Question to be settled is regarding
its capacity
I wish to state said the captain
that there is no truth whatever in the
4 Tribunes statement of yesterday that
Mr George H Robinson had sent in
his resignation and desired to quit my
employ and to assert the he will re
main with me and have personal super
vision of my affairs in Utah Mr Rob
inson is one of the most competent
> mining engineers it was ever my pleas
ure and good fortune to meet The
business here has grown to such an ex
tent that it is imposfble for him to
attend to It in every detail and I will
therefore arovide him with an assist
ant in the person of Mr H A Cocher
who bas been my private secretary
and associated with me in my DeLa
mar Nev enterprises I have tele
graphed for him and expect him to ar
rive tonight
In regard to the Brickyard compro
mise exclusive mention of which was
made in yesterdays Herald Captain
DeLamar stated that it was correct in
particulars and detail
4 The Compromise Strikes the Mining
FuhliK Most Fnvorahl
The compromise effected between the
Brickyard Mining company and the
Viking company concerning the title
to the Brickyard group of claims in
Mercur exclusive mention of which
was made In yesterdays Herald seems
to hae struck the mining public most
favorably and many were the congrat
ulatory remarks expressed in this city
and Mercur yesterday over this most
happy adjustment of affairs and not
only over the compromise but also be
cause of the consolidation and acquisi
tion of other valuable ground in the
deal which consolidation gives the
Brickyard people one of the first
pieces of rich ground to be found in
the camp the value of which has been
practically proven by workings in the
Golden Gate and Geyser mines
In the Golden Gate as we stated yes
terday three drifts are being driven
northward toward the Brickyard
group These drifts are in good ore
and are but 250 feet from the Brick
yard lIne and it is the intention to
push them until they have passed
through the line into the consolidated
I One of the gentlemen who seemed
Jiigbly pleased over the compromise
was S B Milner of the Geyser mine
whose properh adjoins the Protective
Chinaware Crockery
tat Aisricai IiBortii Tea Gos
S4C Main Street Salt Lake City Utah
F I We operate 100 stores and agencies
4 Write for price list
= > j
t i t7 i
Tariff one of the claims now comprised
in the Brickyard group
Why said Mr Milner to a Herald
reporter yesterday in working on the
Geyser ground we worked up to the
Protective Tariff side line and when
we quit work there we left a breast of
exposed which averaged from seven to
ten feet in width and which in value
gives 620 and upwards There
is enough ore in sight in that
place alone to justify the erec
tion of a mill to say nothing
of the promising indications shown in
the three drifts in the Golden Gate
mine as stated by you this morning I
for without doubt this ore body that
the Golden Gate workings are in must
continue on in the Brickyard property
I consider that this compromise and
consolidation is one of the best things
that has happened to Mercur for many
a day
The Herald was informed yesterday
on good authority that Captain J R
DeLamar of the Golden Gate and
Brickyard had secured an interest in
the Gold Belt Water companys sys
tem and that the details of the trans
action were fully arranged which
means that the captain is in the
swim as are also those who are as
sociated with him in Mercur enter
It is hard to estimate the value of
these two companies that will accrue
to them through this acquisition but
it is great and from now on as the
Gilden Gate and Brickyard mills be
come a matter of fact the wisdom of
this move will become more and more
With but one or two exceptions there
is l nothing now in the form of lIt ga
tion that is likely to retard the growth
and progress of the great camp of
lib Address Yesterday to the Mem
bers of the Stock Exchange
Judge E F Colborn who was sent
by the mining stock exchange to rep
resent Utah at the opening of the New
York stock exchange returned home
yesterday after making a most envi
able record for himself and breaking
the ice in the east so that a little of
Utahs glory might shine through upon
the uninformed citizens at the Atlantic
The judge appeared on the floor of
the exchange yesterday where he was
warmlY received by his colleagues and
after the call was over he made a
short talk reciting his experiences
while east in which he said
Mr chairman and members of the
exchange However little I may have
to say I can truly state that I am glad
to be at home again I have been on a
missionone I take it of great im
portance to this the state of Utah and
you know fairly well what I have been
doing as in my absence I have endeav
ored to keep you acquainted with my
labors The same symptoms noticeable
in New York are apparent in Chicago
and it is with some little difficulty that
you can impress upon the mining peo
ple in those cities the magnitude of the
mining resources of the west In St
Louis the mining exchange has died
out but assurance is given of its re
vival in about thirty days Kansas City
opens an exchange on March 16 and I
accompanied a party from that city to
Colorado the visit being made for the
purpose of looking into the way of do
ing mining business in the Centennial
state I urged the party to continue
their journey as far west as this city
but they did not care to do so at pres
ent but gave the assurance that Salt
Lake would be visited by their repre
sentatives in the near future
The press of New York did not give
the opening of the exchange there the
consideration that it i deserved nor did
the opening care to give Utah the
recognition it deserved but despite the
fact that no preparations had been
formally made for the introduction of
a Utah representative Utah got there
and left an Impression which will not
soon be blotted out Utah stocks are
called on the New York exchange but
the great excitement and interest is
centered in Cripple Creek Emblasoned
on every bill board and in every spare I I
window as you go along the streets
are the words Cripple Creek which
words simply haunt the people of the
larger eastern cities both by day and
by night The stocks of Colorado are
not only called on these exchanges but
they are protected by brokers who are
deputized to look after them That is
what Salt Lake wants The mere
calling of stocks will not redound to
any great benefit unless someone is
authorized to push them forward
Utah stocks are called and passed
Colorado stocks are worried by the
bulls and bears and buffeled from one
corner to another Good figures are
placed on them and an interest is
aroused which can only be done by
men who are especially looking after
their welfare The Utah mining men
should see to it that where their stocks
are listed on eastern boards they
should be properly protected and repre
sented by parties authorized to look
after them There should be transfer
offices opened up as > in this way and
in no other will our stocks be attended
to as they should be The Salt Lake
brokers should make associations with
the brokers of New York and Chicago
and be forever singing the praises of
the many valuable stocks that are
listed here
While absent I have had interviews
with the leading papers of the United
Statesthe New York World the New
York Financial News and in the lead
ing dailies of Chicago St Louis and
Kansas City I have been highly sat
isfied with my visit and much encour
aged with my labors at the opening of
the New York exchange Several par
ties told me that my speech there was
the redeeming feature of the occasion
I visited Wall street and in looking
over the figures of the business trans
actions in nearly every state but ours
it almost made me forget that je had
a Horn Silver mine that was pur
chased at one time by eastern parties
at a good round sum and which has
since produced its millions that we
had in our state the great Ontario mine
that has produced over 30000000 and
paid nearly 13500000 in dividends a
mine that has the greatest pump in
the United States that can lift a river
of water at one stroke and that has a
drain tunnel three miles in length I
which is two miles longer than the noted I
Sutro tunnel and it made me almost I
forget that in Utah we had some of I
the greatest mines to be found in the
While in New York I met some of
the biggest capitalists in the country
and they listened with great interest to
my recital of the magnificent wealth of
our new state They are coming out
here ana l on their way they will find
that Colorado is a good place to stop
off for a drink but that Utah Is the
place for safe and legitimate mining
Cheers 3
Switch io the Vlnnnmnclc Laid tin
der Exciting Clrcnmstanccs
Special to The Herald
BINGHAM Utah Feb 7 1896Lower
Bingham has been the scene of con
siderable excitement during the past
few days on account of the laying of a
switch by the Rio Grande Western rail
road from its road to the Winnamuck
When the Winnamuct changed hands
a lew weeks ago the purchasers sup
1 i f A >
fi i
posed that they had secured possession
of the placer ground in the gulch im I
mediately adjoining their lode claims
amd on this supposition they gave the
Rio Grande Western the right of way to
build over it to the Winmamuck mine
but the work of construction had hard
ly I begun before Charles Watson and
Steve Hays appeared on the scene of
action and demanded a stay of pro
ceedings on the ground that they were
the owners of the placer claim in ques
This led to an Investigation the re
sult of which proved the truth of the
assertion made by these gentlemen for
several years ago Mr Watson had se
cured a patent on this tract of land a
fact that the late records at the land
office failed to show
An effort was then made to compro
mise the matter but without avail
The Winnamuck people offered to pur
chase the strip of land about 12x100 I
feet for switching purposes or lease it
but without avail as the opposing par
ties insisted that the railroad should
buy it
Work in the construction of the
switch was vigorously pushed however
and to stop it Messrs Watson ariS
Hays went to Salt Lake and secured a
writ of injunction
All the men at the Winnamuck mine
were employed in the construction of
the switch and also all of the men in
the calm in the employ of the road be
sides which Mr Welby sent out a car
load of graders and track layers and
the work went on without interrup
tion night and day
The officers charged with the serving
of the writ of injunction came out and
asked for Superintendent Logan oif the
Winnamuck but he was not to be
found neither could the officers find
anyone in charge of the railroad men
and as a last resort he tackled the
foreman of the mine but that gentle
man had been discharged from the ser
vice of the company a few minutes be
fore by telephonic orders from Salt
Lake The officer then returned to
Salt Lake without fulfilling his mis
sion and the work of construction went
on right merrily until the switch was
completed and Friday at 3 p m the
engines and cars of the Rio Grande
Western company were running upon
The affair caused more or less fom
motion in this
camp especially as
some trouble was anticipated last
night as it was reported that Messrs
Watson and Hays were going to tear
up the track
To prevent this the Winnamuck and
railroad companies had guards out all
last night thirtyfive in number ready
to resist any such attempt No dis
I turbance occurred however although
it is expected that an effort in this di
rection may be made at any time now
to frustrate which the switch is being
kept under close patrol by alert guards
and loaded cars are kept constantly on
the track THEO
A Herald representative called on
Colonel Sowers of the Winnamuck last
night who stated that the above was
virtually correct but that he had every
reason to hope that the difficulties ex
isting between the Winnamuck com
pany and Messrs Watson and Hays
would soon be satisfactorily adjusted
as he had no desire whatever to dis
possess these gentlemen of an inch of
ground that belong to them
He also stated that the switch was
constructed on land owned by his
company before it touched the small
strip of ground that intervened be
tween the companys holdings and the
Winnamuck mine
When my company gave the rail
road the rightofway to build the
switch he said we had no idea but
that we owned the ground in question
If we cannot get from the mine to the
railroad our business is seriously in
jured and retardedin fact without
being able to make this connection we
might as well close down the mine
as the owners will not allow us to build
a chute over it I do not believe that
they have any design to Injure us as
we hope to do considerable for the
camp but it is evident that they want
the railroad company to pay them a
good price for the rightofway over
their land
The Cliianjco and the Farminprton
Gold Mining Companies
Articles of incorporation of the Chi
cago Gold Mining company were filed
in the office of the county clerk The
capital stock is placed at 1000000 in
a like number of shares of the par
value of 1 each
C D Gardamer W H Crawford J
T Kelly B F Stewart N D Manger
L S Mariger L C Mariger M M
Farnsworth Christena Sjodahl James
Meears Joseph Thorup W T Jack
A H Schulthers J T Thorup and J
R Hay are the incorporators
C D Gardamer is president of the
company Joseph Thorup vicepresi
dent L C Manger secretary and
B F Stewart treasurer
The property of the company consists
of the New State Little Joe Pride
Dandy Mountain View and Fraction
mining claims in the Peepstone mining
The Farmington Gold Mining com
pany is the title of a cocern which
filed its articles of incorporation with
the county clerk at a late hour yester
day afternoon It is capitalized at
1500JDOO in shares of 2 each held as
follows by the Incorporators Le
Grand Young 62500 shares R W
Driggs 100 E L Driggs 62400 L
Dahlquist 100 A J Dahlquist 124000
A Johnson 100 A Johnson as trus
tee for A L Johnson 124900 J R
Matson 125000 William T Gray 125
000 The companys property include
fifteen claims in the Farmington min
ing district known as the Le Grand
group of claims Nos 1 to 5 inclusive the
Gray the Mountain King the Mount
ain Queen the Mountain Lion K of
L 1124 Lithe Flossie Sides Katie Mc
Craig Statehood and the Lucky Five
Le Grand Young is president L Dahl
quist vice president R W Driggs
secretary and J R Matson treasurer
Assays of the ore from these claims
Saved My Life
Several years ago while in Fort
Snelling Minn I caught a severe
cold attended with a terrible cough
that allowed me no rest day or
night The doctors after exhaust
ing their remedies pronounced my
case hopeless say
ing they could do no
more for me At
this time a bottle of
Cherry Pectoral was
sent to me by a
vt 0 4 friend who urged
4 me to take it which
I did and soon after I was greatly
relieved and in a short time was
completely cured I have never had
much of a cough since that time
and I firmly believe Ayers Cherry
Pectoral saved my lie1ST H
WARD 8 Quimby Av Lowell Mass
Cherry Pectoral
Highest Awards at Worlds Fair
AYERS PILLS cure Indigestion and Headache
l < 11 <
were made by MeVicker and show
5727 in gold to the ton I
A Brink Day on the Floor of the
Musing Stock Exchange
The bulls and the bears were ram
pant yesterday on the floor of the
stock exchange and excitement ran
high as they repeatedly charged each
other during the call
It was generally conceded that the
bulls came out victorious in the end
but during the melee the bears made a
vicious attack on Ajax and fairly dis
emboweled thefavorite stock
At the opening this stock was wantd
at 75 cents and offered at 115 but
when Ryan offered to sell 1500 shares
at 1 the bulls fled to the woods the
market flattened and a look of dismay
settled on the faces of the holders of
Ajax stock From this figure the of
ferings dropped rapidly until sales
were consummated at 85 ana 86 cents
Alliance went on record with a sale
at 57V cents being the first transaction
made In this stock for several weeks
CentennialEureka made a most ex
cellent showing and was tossed by the
bulls from 65 to 70 in the bidding
with offerings at 7350
fairly well but no
Daly held its own
trading was done in this stock
In the bidding DalyWest was quite
active with an upward tendency but
the holders were obdurate and would
make no concessions
A transfer was made in Dalton
cent less than the
Lark but at a
treasury stock can be Bought for
from which it is inferred that
broker making the sale threw off his
commission in order to effect the deal
East Golden Gate however made a
sale at a figure 5 cents above its orig
inal selling price
Herschel was strong and exhibited
an upward tendency and was in de
mand at 14 cents offered at 20 cents
Mercur maintained its position at
745 bid 755 asked and no trading
was indulged in but after call a block
of fifty shares sold at 750
Mammoth was in good demand at
yesterdays quotations and 500 shares
changed hands at 210
Ontario Silver King Sunshine and
Utah were firm at the usual figures
but no transfers in these stocks were
The unlisted stocks as a general
thing suffered a bear movement
sales in them were made at declining
figures Especiall was this the case
with Dalton Little Pittsburg Clay
Canyon Park City Morgan and Eagle
The rest of the unlisted stocks were in
The sales for the week were as fol
Monday 6000
Tuesday 12800
Wednesday 9350
Thursday 11500
Friday 12300
Saturday 13400
Total 65350
The transactions of the day were as
follows I
500 Ajax at 86 cents
500 Ajax at 85 cents
100 Alliance at ilh cents
100 Dalton Lark at 49 cents
100 East Golden Gate at 55 cents
500 Morgan at 210
5000 Clay Canyon at 23 cents
1000 Dalton at 3j cents
1000 Dalton at 4 cents
1000 Little Pittsburg at 2V cents
3000 Little Pittsburg at 2 cents
500 Eagle at 10 cents
100 Morgan Park City at 50 cents
Total sales 13100 shares
t1 ii > 0
Name ot Stocks f J t
r Ii rn
Anchor 5225 3 2t
Ajax 1 fG I 85
Alliance S74 bi 2
Annie 1 21 I i
CentennialEureka 1 70 00 73 50
CentennialEureka 171 I 00 73 00
Daly I 723 I 7 f 5
Daly West i G 53 1 6 75
Dalton Lark 41 J I 49
East Golden Gate 1 53 55
Geyser 1 50
Herschel 1 11 20
Mercur i 741 i 7 55
Mammoth I 210 I 2 JO
Sioux Consolidated 1 200
Ontario i 12 M 0 I
Silver King I14z I 35 25
Sunshine i a 22 ½ 1 3 s 30
Utah I 120 I 110
4 fI
E1 r
Name of Stocks I f
Dalton 8 Ot > 0ct
Little PIUsburg i 02I 02
Clay Canyon i 02 Ijl
Natural Gas 104 1 11h
Morgan Park City I fi ro
Cleveland 1 12
Bogan 1 Hi I
Little MereuI 1G
Blue Jay i 14
Phoenix Big Cottonwoort j I U6
Eagle I 11
Tetro 1 031h1 07
Wasatka 1 25
Rover 7 1 i
Ore and Bullion
The ore and bullion receipts yester
day were as follows
Commercial National Bank Ores
McCornick Co Hanauer bullion
4000 ores 4200 gold bars 5825
T R Joneg CoOres 3100 bul
lion 8000
Wells Fargo Co Bullion 3357
Silver and Lend
Bar silver was quoted yesterday at
68 cents lead 305 casting copper
by5 cents
nnnlc Clearings
The clearings of the associated banks
yesterday were 234555 For the same
day last year they were 185872 The
weeks clearings were 1335136 For
the same week last year they were
Mining Notes and PeraonnliS
J A Bard is in from Mercur and has
another string of mining deals to at
tend to
The recent shipment of five cars of
high grade Mammonth ore sold for
over 18000
The Sunshine Mining company is fix
ing UD an elegant office in rooms 408
910 Dooly block
Secretary S P Pearson returned last
night from a flying trip over the San
pete Valley railroad
Thomas Goad general manager of
the McForrestArthur cyanide process
of ore reduction Isat the Knutsford
The assessment of 4 j cent a share
levied by the West Cable Mining com
pany will be delinquent on the 10th
The office of the Old Jordan and
South Galena Mining company has
been moved from the Dooly block to
room 505 McCornick block
The Utah and Galena Mining com
panies will declare a dividendi on the
10th aggregating 5000 Of this the
Utah will pay 2000 and the Galena
An election will be held Monday on
the application of Hon A G Campbell
Nat M Brigham and General W H
Penrose for membership in the Mining
Stock Exchange
A shipment comprising 100 tons of
carbonate ores came in from the Dal
ton and Lark yesterday Manager J
Schenclc of the mine will go out to
Bingham this morning
Mr A Hurlburt of Lincoln Neb
is sojourning in Salt Lake He will
make Mercur a visit tomorrow and it
is more than likely that he may eventu
ally dabble in Mercur real estate
An increased order for fluxing ore
from the Dragon iron mine has been
placed with Manager L C Riter who
goes out to Silver City Tintic this
morning to attend to its shipment
Colonel E G Carter secretary of the
East Golden Gate Mining company
leaves this morning for Mercur to in
spect the companys new hoisting
plant which will be started up some
time this week
The Sheeprock Mining and Milling
company whose property is located in
Newton mining district Beaver county
has levied an assessment of 5 cents a
share The assessment will be delin
quent on April 6 and delinquent stock
will be sold on April 27
J W Neill the originator and inven
tor of the Bingham Pyritical roaster
for the elimination of pyrities from sil
verlead ores announces that he has
made a success of the device and now
he proposes to issue an illustrated cat
alogue descriptive of the merits of the
H V Carter manager of the North
Fork Placer Cos diggings located in
the North Fork of Coffee creek in
Trinity county California expects to
leave for there next week as word
has been received that the season will
be fairly opened by the 15th As soon
as Mr Carter arrives at the mines he
will put on a force of fifteen men
The Geyser mill is running in elegant
shape so says Manager Milner who
came in from Mercur Friday night A
short stoppage occurred Thursday
however on account of the freezing of
the water pipe line The Sacramento
is also starting out in good shape and
G R Bothwell who came in with Mr
Milner informs The Herald that he
expects to make a treat run this spa
In the papers this morning there ap
peared an item stating that a suit had
been brought against the Northern
Light Mining and Milling company but
nothing was said indicating the loca
I tion of the ground owned by the com
pany Investigation however reveals
the fac that i was the Bingham com
pany against whom the suit was insti
tuted and not the Northern Light of
Hon Joseph L Rawlins who is in
terested in the Camp Floyd group of
mines at Five Mile Pass informs The
Herald that there is no truth in the
rumor that a big strike had been made
in this property The Camp Floyd
shaft however is down 135 feet in min
eralized slate which Mr Rawlins con
siders as a most promising indication
11 Rawlins and his partner Mr
Critchlow are interested in the Gladys
property just south of the Badger in
the Sunshine country which is consid
ered as very valuable ground Active
development is going on in both groups
and if there is any virtue in work and
in the claims success is sure to crown
their efforts
HenryJ Deiter of the Gold King will I
go out to the mine this morning for the
purpose of bringing in some ore for a
millrun test This mine shows up a
fine body of ore running a high as
1120 to the ton in gold I is a most
promising proposition and the
proposion com
pany believes that in it there is the
making of a bonanza Mr Deiter is
also associated with the Mercur Gold
Mining company whose property con
sisting of six claims is located in the
western foothills near the Omaha Ce
dar Hills and other promising
HIs proper
ties From this ground surface rock
has been obtained that goes 320 in
gold to the ton The officers of the
Mercur Gold Belt company are F A
Druehl president D H Toomey vice
president A B Miller treasurer and
H J Deiter secretary
Dalton and Lark
Gold Silver and Lead Mining and Mill
ing company is now offering a limited
amount of its stock for sale at 50 cents
per share Stock can be obtained at the
office of the company in the Commercial I
block or at the Bank of Salt Lake
This company has just completed its
capital stock of
organization with a
1000000 shares of the par value of 500
George Q Cannon president
Angus M Cannon vice president
Lewis M Cannon secretary
John W Donnellan treasurer
P J Quealy manager and superin
The properties of the company form
the eastern boundary of De Lamars
Golden Gate group and also lap over
on the eastern line of the Brickyard
group at Mercur and are on the dip
of the great ore shute which has been
developed by about 8000 feet of drifts
on the Golden Gate upon which i is
estimated that at least five millions
of dollars in gold has been already ex
posed and blocked out within a few
hundred feet of this property the
trend of these immense ore bodies be
ing directly towards Wonder group
The Wonder group comprises the fol
lowing claims goup the Wonder
North Side Mary E Mary E
No2 Old Grover and fraction of
the Navigator containing about 70
acres Title perfect
There is one shaft 100 feet deep upon
which a steam hoisting plant is being
now erected A double compartment
working shaft is being started
Three hundred thousand shares of
the stock is reserved for the develop
ment of the property and building a
mill onehalf of which is subscribed
for Mr Quealy the manager is one
of the ablest mining superintendents in
the country He and his associates
have made a large cash investment in
this and he will devote his best en
ergies to the rapid development of this
great mine
L u u I
in aaaiuon 10 me case auvauues uy
Mr Quealy and his friends the man I
agement have deemed I advisable to I
have ample funds on hand to push the I
work as fast as men and means can
accomplish it and have decided to
place on the market limited number
of shares of the treasury stock at the
price of 50c per share but reserve the
right to raise the price at any time
without notice Brokers Kenneth Don
nellan and George Downey have been
appointed as the sore agents for the
sale of this treasury stock
There is but one way to make boiler
compoundsanalyze the water find
out what you have to overcome and
apply the proper remedies Results
clean boilers
Waters analyzed and written analy
sis with instructions mailed free of
charge The only company who do
this is the Dearborn Drug and Chem
ical works 313233 Rialto building
Chicago Ill
NEW YOKK March HIorriiLapp
the conttdential man of K Smith Co
wholesale dealers In cloaks is under ar
rest charged with the embezzlement of
20000 Lapp Is married and had been
in the employ of Smith Co two years
lie confessed to taking 52000
Pr Prices Cream Baking Powder
Asrdd Gold < MlJwiater Fair San Francisco
J W Pierce Republic Ia says I
have used One Minute Cough Cure in
my family and for myself with results
so entirely satisfactory that I can
hardly find words to express myself
as to its merit I will never fail to
recommend it to others on every oc
casion that presents itself For sale
by all druggists NeldenJudson
wholesale dealers
The Herald will print your Brief
With promptness mid accuracy We
solicit your patronage Telephone
us No 857 and TTC Will send for
your manuscript
W a1ker r Bro1 Drf Goods G C COB
Clothing Department
Never before have we had such a complete line of
Olothing for Men Boys and Children
Never before have we been able to offer such Excel
lent Goods for such a low price
The following few items may turn your thoughts to
this department We are anxious to show you the new
Spring Suits I
3 lines of all wool nobby spring
suits In pin checks and hair lines me
dium light and dark colors all go at
8 50 SUIT
6 lines of Cheviots and Worsteds in
the latest styles and finish These
make excellent business suits some
thing we have never before been able
to offer for less than 1350 6 lines to
choose from at the uniform price of
10 00
A magnificent line of 10 different lots
200 suits every size there are sacks I
and frocks worsteds cheviots serges
blues blacks grays tans plaids pin
< Checks solid colors equal to custom
made a perfect fit guaranteed your
12 00
English Clay Worsted frocks and
sacks in blacks blues and dark grays
for fine wear M
15 00
We have finer lines than the above
which we will be pleased to show you
Mens Odd Pants
We carry an excellent line of mens
working pants to sell for I
Mens heavy Cassimere pants patent
buttons and warranted not to rip
1 35
Mens all wool Cassimere pants the
greatest value ever offered for
2 00
We have taken great pains in the
selection of our spring goods to secure
an exceptionally fine line of pants to
sell at 3 Included under this price
will ber found fine all wool ICassimeres
in dark and light colors neat stripes
and fine checks beautiful patterns in
Worsteds and Cheviots
3 00
Our finest trousers are tailor made
and the line contains the very latest
ideas in imported cloths cut in the
new styles of spring 96 They range
in price from
l 1 J l 1 gjtID
Spring Overcoats
A large line of the new things in
Spring Overcoats medium weight light
colors short lengths strap seams box
effects nobby coats for the young men
and a nice line of dark colors in me
cHum lengths for those who do not care
for extreme styles prices range from
8 to 16
A line of stylish Fedoras in black
brown or gray to go for we have
never seen their equal for 2
Mens full shape Fedoras in black
brown or mouse a regular 3 hat for
2 35
Mens Stiff Hats
Black or brown new block L
2 25
The Woodbury
The latest spring block in light
weight a high grade hat for
3 00
We are carrying a larger line of fur
nishing gopds than ever before Last
week we received an enormous line of
colored bosom and negligee shirts
ranging from
60c to 1 50
Anadvance sale on medium weight
Mens Shoes
Our dress shoes formen are made
on the latest painted and square toe
lasts They are worth 4 < but we are
selling them for
For One Dollar and NirietyEight Cents
You can buy a regular 3 shoe Theyare new and fresh and the latest out
Pointed and Square toes only 1 98
Q i < < s c
Co alter
I Snelgrove
And are pleased to announce that they
have just closM arrangements with
the manufacturers of the
By which they have bln appointed
general selling agents for this popular
instrument and extend an invitation
to their friends and the general pub
lic to call and examine their stock
ranging in price from
1050to 150
Everything pertaining to this novel
instrument can be found in their stock
gir U
mE j
iiiII9L1iF t
Sn a
imtni 9150 tr XEW STOCK JIST
Easy to Play Easy to Buy
Every home should have one A3
beautiful instrument for accompani
ment to singing Plays every tune
known to the musical world Can
learn in
In size and shape The Aufoharp re
sembles the Zither font the scale is
similar to the grand harp By press I
ing the bars and running the fingers
across the strings a perfect chord is I
produced Two picks tuning key and
twentyone tunes with every harp sold
Co alter Ii
Snelgrove Co 1
Salt Lako Music Doalofs
74 Main Street

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